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Jamstar, What Did I Do


Jamstar, What Did I Do
“This Artist in the right hands/Mangement could potentially be Huge in the world of music! He sounds like he has the right mentallity and motivation to break in to the charts, thumbs up from me JamstaR you are the British Drake .”
—  Dj Cameo 1Extra

Jermaine Micheal Graham Jones (born 10 July 1985) known by his stage name JamstaR, He is an English hip hop rapper/Singer and songwriter from Blackthorn, Northampton but now resides in Leicester.

In 2008 he Finished his First Mixtape Entiled " Tell it like it is " which went on to sell just over 3,000 copies. He had gone on to win numerous Emcee Battles up and down the country and started to shape himself into the future him but is still looking for his place in the Market of music!

After his Solo mixtape he wanted try for a group experience, and by thinking like this he decided to teach his Fiancés little brother how to rap, after only a couple of sessions they knew the sound they was creating was unique yet strangely catchy, they then


Jamstar, What Did I Do (entire CD mp3)
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What Did I Do
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