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Eric Pellegrini, Vol. 1
  Debut album by death metal guitarist Eric Pellegrini. Volume I is unrelenting in speed and aggressiveness while maintaining an epic sound. Chock full of great riffs and guitar solos with vocals sounding almost theatrical at times.   Eric Pellegrini, Vol. 1  
  Eric Pellegrini, Vol. 1 (entire CD mp3)   USD $7.92      
  Refuse to Die   USD $0.99    
  Impossible Kill   USD $0.99    
  The Black Feathered Vixen   USD $0.99    
  Discrepancy   USD $0.99    
  System of Power   USD $0.99    
  The Ringmaster   USD $0.99    
  True Karma   USD $0.99    
  The World Is a Stage   USD $0.99    
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