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Mank, Awen
  The ambient electronic artists 10th release is inspired by characters from the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh folk tales recording memories of ancient Celtic mythology. Recorded on a laptop it combine field recordings with virtual and real instruments.   Mank, Awen  
  Mank, Awen (entire CD mp3)   USD $8.91      
  Cerridwen   USD $0.99    
  Math Ap Mathowny   USD $0.99    
  Arianrhod   USD $0.99    
  Gwydion   USD $0.99    
  Dôn   USD $0.99    
  Arawn   USD $0.99    
  C?n Annwn   USD $0.99    
  Blodeuwedd   USD $0.99    
  Cyhyraeth   USD $0.99    
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