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Jubal Lee Young, Jubal Lee Young
  Americana and Alt country in perfect combination. His songs are reckless, deep and spiritual - meticulously crafted, delivered by an amazing voice that can go in a heartbeat from a falsetto whisper to a lions roar.   Jubal Lee Young, Jubal Lee Young  
  Jubal Lee Young, Jubal Lee Young (entire CD mp3)   USD $8.99      
  I Don`t Know What I Want   USD $0.99    
  Greed Is The Creed   USD $0.99    
  She Don`t Like Clowns   USD $0.99    
  Things You Only Wonder When It`s Raining   USD $0.99    
  More Than Anything   USD $0.99    
  Deep South Blues   USD $0.99    
  Greedy Old Men With Fountain Pens   USD $0.99    
  As I Lay Dying   USD $0.99    
  Peanut Butter and Daisy Cutters   USD $0.99    
  Just Passing Through Your World   USD $0.99    
  Streets of Caen   USD $0.99    
  The Window Song   USD $0.99    
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