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Trisha Leone, Perfect Strangers
  An artist devoted to evolving in her craft, songwriting takes center stage for Trisha Leone. With music that wastes no time picking you up along the side of the road, Trisha takes you on a wonderful journey with elegantly layered melodies, catchy guitar d   Trisha Leone, Perfect Strangers  
  Trisha Leone, Perfect Strangers (entire CD mp3)   USD $8.99      
  Running Away   USD $0.99    
  You Caught Me By Surprise   USD $0.99    
  Perfect Strangers   USD $0.99    
  One Eye Closed   USD $0.99    
  I Don`t Wanna Play   USD $0.99    
  I Can`t Stop   USD $0.99    
  Save It For Later   USD $0.99    
  I Won`t Quit You   USD $0.99    
  Can You Feel My Love   USD $0.99    
  Space Between   USD $0.99    
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