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Lazlo Bane, All The Time In The World
  L.A. Based pop-rockers Lazlo Bane made their debut in 1997 with 11 Transistor and a cover of Men At Work`s Overkill. The video, with a cameo from Men At Work`s Colin Hay, became a favorite on MTV2. The band describes their follow-up CD, All The Time In The World, as their ode to California - 12 introspective songs on the timeless cycle of allure and despair in the Golden State. Their new single, Superman, attracted the ear of Scrubs star Zach Braff and can now be heard as the theme song of the NBC hit series. In the beginning, there was nothing (and it sucked!). Then, after billions of years, the dinosaurs, early civilizations, wars, Woodstock and the Jeffersons, there was Lazlo Bane. But before the glory and the fury, and long before world domination, Lazlo was merely a splinter in Chad Fischer`s drumstick. I had been touring as a drummer with a band called School of Fish, says Fischer. And after a couple years we kind of stalled in Los Angeles. We had made this difficult record with this mean producer guy who wouldn`t let us play on our own record. Instead he hired so-called professionals. I never really got over that, so when we went our separate ways a few months later, I decided to stay in L.A. and build a recording studio. That way, I could record my own songs in my own studio and no mean producer could fire me! 11 Transistor The result is 11 Transistor. Says Chad of his maiden voyage, I had one bass, a cheap guitar, and a couple of old tube amplifiers. Most of the record was done on 16 tracks with very few effects. The idea was to work with as little as possible and make it sound the best it could, just like those old transistor radios. All the songwriting was done on an acoustic guitar into a little dictaphone.   Lazlo Bane, All The Time In The World  
  Lazlo Bane, All The Time In The World (entire cd mp3 download)   USD$8.99      
  All the Time in the World   USD$0.99      
  Trampoline   USD$0.99      
  Superman   USD$0.99      
  Ship On the Wall   USD$0.99      
  Gold Miner Dream   USD$0.99      
  Carbon Copy   USD$0.99      
  Hold Me   USD$0.99      
  Out of Steam   USD$0.99      
  Are You Talking to Me?   USD$0.99      
  Scene of the Crime   USD$0.99      
  Breathe Me In   USD$0.99      
  Crooked Smile   USD$0.99      
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