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Joe Purdy, Julie Blue
  Julie Blue , the strongly anticipated release from singer/songwriter Joe Purdy is a must have for more reasons than one. The most popular reason is that it carries the first release of the song Wash Away as heard on the ABC show LOST. But there are plenty of reasons to own this river record. The record Julie Blue is a story of an artist inspired by a moment in time. This collection of memoirs was made in upstate NY, on a river island barely big enough for the house that stands on it. It was written and recorded in less than a week`s time, and its spontaneity is evident through and through. From the simple rough nature of its recording, to the sound of water hitting the docks that can be heard in the background, this record tells the tale of an escape to a beautiful place, and the amazing experiences that were found there. Julie Blue is a daydream put to music, and a truly unique record that you don`t want to miss.   Joe Purdy, Julie Blue  
  Joe Purdy, Julie Blue (entire cd mp3 download)   USD$8.99      
  Wash Away   USD$0.99      
  Skinny Dippin Girl   USD$0.99      
  Mary   USD$0.99      
  St. Lawrence Spits   USD$0.99      
  Far Away Blues   USD$0.99      
  Riverboat Captain   USD$0.99      
  Whiskey and Fish   USD$0.99      
  Abbie`s Song   USD$0.99      
  I Love the Rain the Most   USD$0.99      
  Julie Blue   USD$0.99      
  Wash Away (reprise)   USD$0.99      
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