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The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, Pennsylvania Songs: PA Exciting

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, Texas City & Town Song Fun, Tx

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, These Australia Places Deserve These Nice Songs

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, These Songs Are About Canada Places

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, Virginia Is Good and Yes, Va

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 1

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 11

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 12

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 13

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 15

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 17

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 2

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 4

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 5

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 8

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 9

The Guys & Dolls, Don't Worry About Presents This Christmas (Just Give Me Your Time)

The GW Troubadours, Troubs

The GW Vibes, FoBo Soul

The Gypsy Mechanics, The Gypsy Mechanics

The Gypsy Prophets, Juxtapose

The Gypsy Ramblers, The Gypsy Ramblers

The Gyrlz, Songs for the Seasoned Soul

The H Street Band, Angels Are All Around You

The H, Leave Me Alone

The H.M.G, Light It Up

The H2o Project, Highlight Fire (Original Mix) [feat. The Grunge Revenge]

The H2o Project, Osiris

The Habit, Lincoln Has Won

The Habit, Safe House

The Habit, The Sacred and The Profane

The Habits, We Own the Night

The Haddonfields, The Skin is the Best Part

The Haddonfields, We Are Not Alone

The Hadron Collider, A.L.I.C.E.

The Hague Idiots, Christmas Time On Mars

The Hague Idiots, Rockin' Town

The Hague Idiots, School's Out

The Hague Idiots, Weekend

The Hague, Black Rabbit

The Haints Old Time Stringband, Shout Monah

The Hair Thieves, Ep 5

The Hair Thieves, EP3

The Hair Thieves, EP6

The Halamays, This Boring Party

The Halcyon Brothers, Whisper the Moon and the Stars Will Revolt

The Haley Sisters, Over the Rainbow

The Haley Sisters, Sweet Music Man

The Half Brothers, Half and Half and Half

The Half Dead Darlings, Too Long Song

The Half Hearts, Uptown Sound

The Half Light, Clapham - EP

The Half Light, Friday Night - EP

The Half Light, Moscow

The Halfways, Exit

The Hallelujah Blues Band, Cause I Love You

The Hallelujah Crowd, Retrospectres

The Hallelujah Trails, Guts

The Halls of Jupiter, Launching the Sun

The Halls, Dancing On Your Grave

The Halve Two, Afterglow (feat. Sly)

The Ham Council, You Need to Work On You Character Flaws.

The Hamburglars, The Hamburglars

The Hammers, There's No Telling - Single

The Hand in the Ocean, Tree / Forts

The Hands of Eve, Rough as guts

The Hands of the Wrong People, Proportions

The Handshake, The Handshake

The Handsome Bandit, Sneaky - EP

The Handsome Geniuses, Kill Yourself 4 Xmas

The Handsome Geniuses, You Play Like Steve McQueen

The Handsomes, The Handsomes

The Handsomes, Time to Let Go

The Haneps, Day View

The Hangabouts, Illustrated Bird (Definitive Edition)

The Hangdog Hearts, Austin Stirling: Mouth of the Cave (Good Ol' Fashioned Gentleman's Music)

The Hangman`s Beautiful Daughter, if I should stumble

The Hangovers, Final Draught

The Hank Cooper Band, Best Foot Forward E.P.

The Hank Dupree Experiment, None

The Hank Hirsh Quintet, Seekin` and Speakin`

The Hanley Sisters, I Will Believe

The Hanley Sisters, Middle of the Night

The Hanna Boys, Welcome Hanna Claus

The Hannah May Mindset, The Little Things (Chloe's Song)

The Hansens, Lure of the Lights

The Hanshaws, If You Leave It to Me

The Hanukkah Jones Band, Rodent Rage

The Hanuman Sextet, 9 Meals from Anarchy

The Hapa Hillbillies, I've Never Been To Hawaii

The Haphazards, The Haphazards

The Happies, Flowers Are Dying, By the Way

The Happies, If We Were Really Here

The Happies, Meet the Happies

The Happners, One Degree of Shade

The Happy Alright, Esperando

The Happy Alright, The Happy Alright

The Happy Analogues, School Tales

The Happy Casualties, Too Much Joy Turns Back The Fingernails

The Happy Chipmunks, Happy Anniversary

The Happy Chipmunks, I Will Always Love You

The Happy Chipmunks, Multiplication Times Tables: Learning To Multiply

The Happy Clams, I`m All Steamed Up, Baby!

The Happy Clams, Santa's Package

The Happy Ending, Where Words Leave Off...

The Happy Hands Band, Happy Hands

The Happy Hands Band, My Favorite

The Happy Maladies, New Again

The Happy Maladies, Sun Shines The Little Children

The Happy Problem, Head Case

The Happy Problem, The Happy Problem - EP

The Happy Vanishing, Where Rails Meet Sails

The Hard Chihuahuas, "Deetroit City"

The Hard Chihuahuas, "Warts and All"

The Hard Chihuahuas, Woodward Avenue

The Hard Goodbye, East Nashville Sessions

The Hard Ground, Pawn

The Hard Ground, Pucker

The Hard Lessons, Start What You Finished You Finished

The Hard Ponys, The Hard Ponys

The Hard Reality, A Reason For Everything

The Hard Richards, Nu Derection

The Hard Riders, Ride Hard!

The Hard Way, Only If... and Even Then

The Hard Way, Tell me when you can't breath

The Hard, The Hard

The Hardchargers, Fine and Filthy / Just Somebody's Friend

The Hardchargers, Little Too Late / No Stone Unturned

The Hardchargers, Spanner in Your Works / Jo-Jo

The Hardcount, All I Want for Christmas (Is Booze)

The Hardheads, The Long Goodbye

The Hardmans, Journey

The Hardtackers, Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates

The Hardways, Crazy Miles

The Hardways, White Trash Christmas

The Harkenbacks, A Treasury of the Familiar

The Harlequins, Baron von Headless

The Harmaleighs, People Line Up

The Harmonica Lewinskies, Jesus Christ Is Just Rock and Roll

The Harmonica Lewinskies, Octopus Wall Street

The Harmonica Pocket, Birds Falling From The Sky

The Harmonica Pocket, Underneath Your Umbrella

The Harmony Rebels, The Golden Arches of Love

The Harmony Rebels, Time Is-a-Wastin'

The Harp Guitar Collective, Further Beyond Six Strings

The Harper and the Minstrel, Wynter Wakeneth

The Harpeth Trace, On Disappearing

The Harpoons, Christmas Songs

The Harris Family, One, Two, Three

The Harrow Family, Sing the Word From A to Z

The Harrow Family, Sing the Word: A New Commandment

The Harrow Family, Sing the Word: God Our Provider

The Harrow Family, Sing the Word: Credo

The Harrow Family, Sing the Word: Great in Counsel and Mighty in Deed

The Harrow Family, Sing the Word: The Heavens Declare

The Hart Brothers, You're on My Mind

The Hartfield Brothers, It's Christmas Once Again

the hartley c. white project, face the music

The Hartley C. White Project, Under the Radar

The Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones, XXV

The Harvest Ministers, You Can See Everything From Here

The Harvest Tabernacle Choir, The Release Live

The Harvest Thieves, Lightning in a Bottle

The Harvest, Bumper Crop

The Harvest, Harvest Live

The Harvest, The Harvest

The Harwell Grice Band, A Million Miles

The Has Beens, Procrasturbate

The Hash, Conflicted

The Hash, Just a Little More Time

The Hashishans, The Hashishans - EP

The Hat Madder, Friend of the Devil

The Hat Madder, Rogue Notes & Phones

The Hate My Day Jobs, Mouth On Fire

The Hate My Day Jobs, Out of Control

The Hates, Forbidden Existence

The Hates, New World Oi!

The Hates, Texas Insanity

The Hathaways, Let's Go

The Hatters Mad, A Change In Color

The Haven Quartet, Awesome God

The Haven Quartet, Be Ye Holy

The Haven Quartet, Everything 's Gonna Be Alright In Christ

The Haven Quartet, Heritage of Hymns

The Haven Quartet, Land of Pure Delight

The Haven Quartet, Not Just Any Night

The Haven Quartet, So Many Ways To Praise

The Haven Quartet, Worship The Lord

The Havenites, Spearmint

The Havenites, Sultry..Sexy..Smooth..

The Hawkeyes, Goodbye Americana

The Hawkins Family, Eternal Life

The Haworths, Reflections

The Hawthorne Effect, Extended Play

The Hawthorns, Music, Magic, Madrigal-Man & Machine "

The Haxans, Black Cat Bone

The Haxans, Cold Blood

The Hayes Incident, 3 For All

The Haynes Sisters, Grace Leads Us Home

The Hazy Souls, Shout, Stomp & Hope for the Best

The Head, Garage Funk

The Headboys, The Lost Album

The Headhunters, High Fly

The Headhunters, Platinum

The Headlocks, Cuckoobird

The Headroom Project, Apa Ya

The Healing, bigEndings

The Health Club, The Good the Bad the Health Club

The Hearing, The Trees, The Forest - EP

The Heart Machine, Love Is Home

The Heart Pills, Gunfighter

The Heart Pills, To Paul, From Dad 1951

The Heartbeats, Super Party Shakedown

The Heartical Crew (T.H.C.), Jah Music

The Heartlanders, On the Roam

The Heartless Devils, El Diablo Sin Corazon

The Heartless, Never Say Never

The Heartless, One Night Stanza

The Hearts Band, Make My Heart Your Home

The Hearts Center, Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy

The Hearts Center, Vesta's Solar Rosary

The Hearts in Light, Ascend

The Hearts in Light, Mystical Marriage

The Hearts In Light, Summer Hearts and Dolphin Death Dreams

The Heartshakes, Bitter Refrain (Remixed & Remastered 2011)

The Heartshakes, For You & Me

The Heartstring Band, Aurora Songs Vol. 1

The Heartwicks, The Heartwicks Black

The Heat Exchange, Progress Ruins Everything, But What Else Is There?

The Heatbunnies, Plasmic Organic

The Heated, The Projector

The Heathen Kings, Good At the Bad Things

The Heathen Kings, Not in Service

The Heathens, Splittin' Lanes, Takin' Names

The Heaths, On Christmas Day

The Heatroxxx, Beats, Rhymes, and Remixes

The Heatroxxx, The Gift of Life

The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles, The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles

The Heavies, Boogie & Jayne

the Heavy Blinkers, Better Weather

The Heavy Blinkers, The Heavy Blinkers

The Heavy Blinkers/Orwell, Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 3

The Heavy Chevy Band, Open Up

The Heavy Cowboys, Roan

The Heavy Dream, Hold

The Heavy Sandwich, Songs About Stuff Sometimes

The Heavyweights Brass Band, Brasstronomical

The Heavyweights Brass Band, Brasstronomical Extended Play

The Heavyweights Brass Band, Don't Bring Me Down

The Hecklers, Dew On the Grass in the Morning

The Hedgehog's Dilemma, The Shallows

The Hedgerow Folk, Come Close

The Hedges And Highways Gospel Singers, Better Get Ready

The Hedges and Highways Gospel Singers, What About You

The Hedlunds, Wherever I Go

The Heebie Jeebie's Band, I Wanna Dance With Somebody

The Heebie Jeebies, Westerly Direction

The Heffners, The Heffners - A Family Christmas Portrait

The Hei$t, Get Hei$ted

The Heights, Drag Race On the Moon

The Heights, The Heights EP

The Heise Bros., III: The Return of The Heise Bros.

The Heise Bros., Listen & Learn with The Heise Bros.

The Heisman Hopefuls, Thirsty For Blood

The Helios Choir, Songs for Summer, Volume One "Forward Again"

The Heliotrope Project, Disregard the Fish

The Helium Tapes, The Helium Tapes

The Hellboys, A Young Person`s Guide to Hell

The Hellfish, Big Gulp

The Hellfish, Laughing with the Sinners

The Hellfish, Straight from the Bottle

The Hellhound Junkies, The Hellhound Junkies

The Help Desk, Peel the Sun

The Help, Keep the Beat

the Help, the Help

The Helping Hands, Get Helpt!

The Hempsteadys, Couldn't Get It Up

The Henderson Shatners, Henderson

The Hendersongs, Down & Dirty

The Henhouse Prowlers, A Dark Rumor

The Henry B. Herron Project, Visions

The Henry Brothers, Death Is Only A Dream

The Henry Brothers, Sing Popular Favourites E.P.

The Herald Beat, Awakening

The Herald Beat, Hollow Head

The Heralds, For All Us Kids

The Heralds, Git On Board

The Heralds, I Need Thee Every Hour

The Heralds, Our Brand of Country

The Herb Henry Family, A New Chapter

The Herb Henry Family, Looking Toward Home

The Herbert Bail Orchestra, The Future's in the Past

The Herberts, Love Is On the Run (Live)

The Herbs, Could Have Been Mine

The Herbs, Jane

The Herbs, These Are the Days My Friend

The Herd Brothers, The North Shore

The Herd of Main Street, Seven Dollar Grave

The Hereafter, Before We Fall

The Hereafter, It Doesn`t Matter Why It Is, It Doesn`t Matter If It`s Wrong

The Heritage Boys, Sunday Drive

The Heritage, Beautiful Surrender

The Heritage, The Golden Age

The Hermit Tree, The Hermit Tree

The Heroes Are Horses, Vacancy

The Herotwinz, The Herotwinz

The Herricks, EP -THE DEMOS

The Herrold/Gordon Small Band, Think BIG

The Hershey Handbell Ensemble, Music of the Nativity Season

The Hesh Inc., Boardwalk Mystic

The Hextalls, Call It a Comeback

The Heymakers, Everything...

The Hi-Fi Horizon, Synchronizing Our Hearts

The Hi-Fi Nomads, Rumors of War

The Hi-Fi Quintet, This Is the Hi-Fi Quintet

The Hi-Fi, Coffee and Candy

The Hi-Life Companion, Our Years in the Wilderness

The Hi-Res Quartet, Hi-Res

The Hibernia Consort, Crossing the Line

The Hibernian Festival Singers Under the Direction of Christopher Bilella, A Choral Fantasia

The Hibernian Festival Singers Under The Direction Of Christopher Bilella, Christmas Is...

The Hick-Ups, Ten Miles from Hell

The Hickorytown Ruckus, Sweet Annie

The Hickups, The Hickups

The Hidden Choir, Hymns, Vol. 1

The Hidden ONE, Sweet Nothing

The Hidden Wool, EP

The Hide And Seek Effect, Ready or Not - EP

The Hideout, Now Tom. Now!

The Higgins Brothers, Pop Coloured Funshine

The High and Mighties, The Evolution - Ep

The High Cascades, Songbird

The High Council, Across the World

The High Crimes, Once Around the Barrel

The High Grade, No Settlin' Down

The High King, The Suburban Coronation

The High Pink Clouds, Sabkha Remix

The High Rollers, Kick It Boy

The High Score, The High Score

The High Violets, Carry On, Gravity

The High Violets, Cinéma

The High Violets, Satellite Remixes

The High Violets, To Where You Are

The High Voltage Band, Freshman Year

The High Voltage Band, High Voltage

The Higher Choir, Half-Way Home

The Higher Choir, Steeped in Southern Tradition

The Highlife Band, What's to Come

The Highway Beautiful, Love Letters, Soapboxes and Dirty Laundry

The Highway Beautiful, The Things That Lights Can Hide

The Highway Murderers, Kicking Fucking Ass

The Highway Robbers, Peace, Freedom, and Rock n Roll

The Hilarious Posters, Cats II

The Hill and Wood, Opener

The Hill and Wood, The Hill and Wood

The Hill Country Gentlemen, The Hill Country Gentlemen

The Hill, Marijuna Manual (Medical)

The HillBenders, Down To My Last Dollar

The Hillbilly Jones, Keepin` Up With The Jones

The Hillbilly Sins, Dirt Road Gospels: In the Beginning

The Hinckley Brothers, Hands in the Air

The Hine Brothers, C'mon Summer

The Hint, Change Your Mind

The Hint, Consider This a Sign

The Hint, Plus One Minus One

The Hinton Hart Band, Let's Get Together

The Hip Abduction, The Hip Abduction

The Hip Hop DJ Booth, 46 Electro Break Beats and Download Loops - 120 BPM

The Hip Hop Dj Booth, 50 Vocal Sound Effects and Chants for Mixing and Sampling

The Hip Hop Jazz Junkies, Energy Drink

The Hip Hop Jazz Junkies, Memories of the Future

The Hip Hop Jazz Junkies, No War Day

The Hip Hop Jazz Junkies, Planet Earth, Closed for Repair

The Hip Hop Jazz Junkies, Social Misfits

The Hippy Nuts, Before the Fall of Onions or Tales...

The Hippy Nuts, Hardcore Mellowdriven

The Hippy Nuts, I Feel Lucky Tonight

The Hipstones, Dreamers

The His Hop Crew, Club His Hop Lv

The Hiser Brothers, Remember

The Historic St. James Mass Choir, He Brought Me

The Histrioniks, Camouflage Baby

The Hit & Mrs., 100under60

The Hit & Mrs., Mind Split Apart

The Hit and Mrs., Buried in the Backyard of My Heart

The Hit Squad Songwriting Team, The Hit Squad Songwriting Team

The Hit Ups, Creep It Real

The Hititz, Neck Manuals

The Hitlist, Asylum

The Hitmaker, I Can't Hold Back

The Hitmaker, Strange Animal (feat. Gowan) - Remix

The Hitmaker, Welcome to Hollywood (feat. Glen Burtnik)

The Hitmen Trio, Galway Girl

The Hittites, Disco Classics Vol. 1

The Hoa Hoa`s, Sonic Bloom

The Hobby, Push & Pull (Single)

The Hobliminal Ibloid, Action at a Distance

The Hohohos!, It's the Hohohos!

The Holdup, H.A.G.S.

The Holdup, Have a Good Summer

The Holdup, Let's Get High

The Holdup, Stay Gold

The Holdup, Wish I


The Hole in the Wall Gang, Never Really Thought About It

The Holiday Band, Got It Bad For You (+ Bonus Cuts)

The Holiday Band, Sweet Love

The Holiday Mallet Choir, A Merry Mallet Christmas

The Holiday, Innocence

The Holidaze Dancing Band, Be My Valentine (feat. Matt Heart & Jhuryll Phoenix)

The Holidaze Dancing Band, Halloween

The Holidaze Dancing Band, This Is Christmas: Christmas Time (feat. Stacie Foster)

The Holland Dutch, punch & pie

The Hollands!, ashes to beauty

The Hollands!, To Holland, With Love

The Hollerers, Black Dog

The Hollerers, White Dog

The Hollering Pines, Long Nights, Short Lives and Spilled Chances

The Holligans, Pare - Olhe - Escute

The Hollow Axe, The Unspoken Truth

The Hollowhearted, Tweak

The Holly Shawver Project, The Holly Shawver Project

The Hollyfelds, Title Stealers

The Hollypops, Father Christmas (Is On His Way) [feat. Lola Warlow & Ed Neeson]

The Hollytones, Gridlock Christmas

The Hollywood Darlings, I'm On the Dance Floor

The Hollywood Kills, An Idiot's Guide to Desertion

The Hollywood Kills, Coming of Age

The Hollywood Project, No One Like U

The Holmes-Shea Band, One By One

The Holophonics, Maskarades, Vol. 3

The Holstered, Go Go Juice

The Holy Angel Fire, Wolves

The Holy Cats Band, Spirit`s Got Me

The Holy Fire, In the Name of the world

The Holy Goats, 't Zunke Van De Vastelaovend - Single

The Holy Goats, Braekbaar

The Holy Goats, Goddelik

The Holy Goats, Onbraekbaar: Zuch

The Holy Goats, Wasse Zuus Bösse Zelf - Single

The Holy Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug

The Holy Smokes, Never Give It Up

The Holywalk, Of All the Nights

The Home Guard, A Head of Steam

The Home Office, It's Not Over

The Home Team, Black Sheep

The Homebillies, Live at Home

The Homecoming, A Highschool Legacy

The Homeless Gospel Choir, Luxury Problems

The Homelys, All Our Lives

The Homemakers, I Want You to Want Me

The Homestories, click-click clack-clack

The Hometown Band, Flying

The Hometown Band, The Hometown Band

The Homie Triple, She Don't Know She Ratchet (feat. Tazh)

The Honest Guys, 1 Hour Om Chant (432hz) [With Harmonic Accompaniment]

The Honest Mistakes, Break Up

The Honest Mistakes, Get It Right

The Honest Mistakes, The Sundowning EP

The Honey Ants, Give Me Arms

The Honey Ants, The Devil Told Me Lies

The Honey Brothers, Honey 4 U

The Honey Dewdrops, These Old Roots

The Honey Pies, Carpe Carp

The Honey Pies, Think of England

The Honey Trees, Wake the Earth

The Honeybees, Bee Merry

The Honeycutters, When Bitter Met Sweet

The Honeyflowers, Desperate Measures

The Honeyflowers, Sunshine Alley

The Honeyflowers, Trouble

The Honeymoon Stallions, Moonlighting

The Honeysuckle Blues Band, The Dreamers Dream

The Honky Tonk Playboys, Do You Remember?

The Honorable D.H.C., Welcome to Wonder Valley

The Honorable Hustlers (NapoleonSolo & Claire Daly), Out of Compliance

The Honorable South, Dirty In the Light EP 2009

The Honored Guests, Please Try Again

The Honorifics, !yay!

The Honus Huffhines, A Brief History Of...

The Hoo Haas, Snakejuice

The Hoo-hah Conspiracy, Who Pushed Barry Off The Edge?

The Hoochy Girls, Greatest Hits

The Hooded Ones, Bring Back the Night

The Hooded Ones, Contented

The Hooks, Accidentally on Purpose

The Hooks, Everything Is Golden

The Hooligans, The Ferryman

The Hooliganz & The What, Way That I Be

The Hoolinettes, Hoolinettes

The Hoop, John Pilat & Our Mutual Friend, Hinterland

The Hooplechauns, Grazie Trapattoni

The Hooplechauns, Praise Shamrock Rovers

The Hooplechauns, We Are the Shamrock Rovers

The Hoot Hoots, Appetite for Distraction

The Hoot Hoots, Feel the Cosmos

The Hoot Hoots, Missile Teeth - EP

The Hoot Hoots, Silly Lecture Series

The Hooten Hallers, Greetings from Welp City!

The Hoovers, Live @ the Temple

The Hoovers, Sooty, Jimmy & Carl

The Hoox, Adelita

The Hoox, Adelita (Disco Remix) [feat. Anna Federici & L. Hazlewood]

The Hoox, Bumper to Bumper (feat. Anna Federici & Ola Mats Nilsson)

The Hoox, Heading for a Heartache

The Hoox, How Long (feat. André)

The Hoox, No Good Lover

The Hope Child Project, Absence of Time

The Hope Effect, Move

The Hope Effect, Say Yes to Taking It Slow

The Hope Movement, Homecoming

The Hope Movement, Signals Through Your Stereo

The Hope Slide, The Hope Slide

The Hope Street Steppers, Black Lightning

The Hope, In The Deep

The Hopeful Monsters, Inexhaustible West

the hopefuls, prypee

The Hopkins Family, Hopkins Family In Worship, Vol. 1 (John Hopkins Presents:)

The Hopscotch Rebellion, Shuffle Your Zeros - EP

The Horde & The Harem, A Long Midwinter

The Horde and the Harem, Fairweather Friends

The Horde and the Harem, Harvest

The Horns, Play With Fire

The Horror Show, Shorts.

The Horse Soldiers, Singing in the Valley

The Horse Thieves, Outlaw Ballads

The Horse Thieves, The Devil Told Me So

The Horse, Frostbite

The Hosepipe Band, Hell`s Bells

The Hosepipe Band, Kettleburgh Fete

The Hot Buttered Elves, 2012: Planet X-mas

The Hot Buttered Elves, A Very Lo-fi Christmas

The Hot Buttered Elves, Coal

The Hot Buttered Elves, Dark Jollies

The Hot Buttered Elves, Hypothermia

The Hot Buttered Elves, Unwrapped

The Hot Club of San Francisco, Postcards from Gypsyland

The Hot Frittatas, What's Next?

The Hot Java Band, Misfits

The Hot Magic, EP

The Hot Mammas, Christmas With the Hot Mammas

The Hot Moonbeams, The Hot Moonbeams Break Even

The Hot Nothing, The Hot Nothing

The Hot Pants, The Hot Pants

The Hot Rods, Super Sport

The Hot Seats, Retreat to Camp Candy Temptation Island

The Hot Sprockets, Country Dirt - EP

The Hot Sprockets, Homeslice

The Hot Sprockets, Honey Skippin

The Hot Sprockets, Shake Me Off

The Hot Sprockets, Soul Brother

The Hot Wires, Phantom Fire

The Hotcakes, The Hotcakes

The Hotdamns, ...And Justice For Y`all

The Hotheads, Gun Culture (feat. Winston Irie)

The Hotheads, Landmines

The Hotheads, Things My Baby Did for Me

The Hotheads, You Can't Hustle This

The Hotness, Hi-Life

The Hottest Year On Record, The Little Electro Boy

The Hotwalls, Everybody Here

The Hotwalls, The Hotwalls

The Hound Dog Hill & Hound Dog Hill, High & Happy

The Hound Dog King, The Problem Of Pain

The Hounds, The Deuce

The Hourglass Cats, 432

The House - Technician, Techno, House, Club, Dance Mixed Cd

The House Devils, Crossing the Ocean

The House Harkonnen, Vol. 6

The House of Levi, Healer's Dream

The House of Levi, Uke Love

The House of Quist, The House of Quist

The House of Refuge Music Group, I'm Prepared to Praise Him

The House of Summer Nights, The House of Summer Nights

The House the Old, Missing

The House United, Emergency

The House United, Made of Matches

The Houseband, Huge

The Houseband, Yeah, Right

The Householders, Stand Up

The Houston Bros., Empty Spaces

The Hovering Spooks, Streets of the City

The Howards, Farm Fresh

The Howdies, Never Outgunned

The Howl, 900 Feet Beneath

The Howlin Tumbleweeds, Trouble With the Man Downstairs

The Howlin' Wolves, Bring It....

The Howling Desperados, Unwanted Dead or Alive

The Hoy Polloy, Dancing With the Panther

The Hoy Polloy, On the Way to Rome

The Hoyle Brothers, Don`t Leave Yet

The Hoyle Brothers, Home For The Holidays

The Hsu-Nami, Entering The Mandala

The Hu$tle Gang, Mic Ro$e and Kevlar Are the Hu$tle Gang

The Hub Kings, This Way!

The Huckleberrys, Rose Tattoo

The Hucksters, To Be as Gods

The Hudu Engineers, Rollin` In Rhythm

The Huge Hefners, The Huge Hefners

The Huge, Before Then Was Now

The Huge, Different Enough But Not The Same

The Huge, Knee Deep In Groove

The Hugs, The Hugs

The Hukilau Hotshots, The Hukilau Hotshots

The Hula Honeys, A Hui Hou

The Hula Honeys, Girl Talk

The Hula Honeys, Girl Talk

The Hula Honeys, Life Just Got Sweeter

The Hula Honeys, Life Just Got Sweeter

The Hulks, Perfect Temptation

The Hulks, Rules for Flying

The Hulks, Sawin' Logs

The Hulks, Undercover

The Human Condition, Walker's Pure Extract

The Human Era, Modern Mirage

The Human Factory, The Human Factory

The Human Funk Brigade, Button

The Human Maze, Just for the Record

The Human Operators, Bursting Into Song

The Human Statues, The Human Statues

The Human Statues, Vinyl Heart

The Humans, It's Only Make Believe

The Humble Bold, What Do You Want? 9 Lessons & Carols for Advent

The Humbletones, Humble Beginnings

The Humbugs, Hey, That's My Bike

The Humbugs, On The Up Side

The Humbugs, Stereo Types

The Humbugs, Twist The Truth

The Hummingbird, Sweet Talkin' New York Man

The Hummingbird, The Lucky Country vs Poverty

The Hummingbirds, Doesn't Really Matter EP

The Hummingbirds, Lonesome

The Hummingbirds, The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbyrds, The Hummingbyrds

The Humms, Lemonland

The Hunger Mountain Boys, Volume 2: 2004-2005 Blue Ribbon Waltz

The Hunger, Grip

The Hunger, Leave Me Alone

The Hungry Food Band, Delicious Songs About Yummy Food

The Hungry Food Band, Food Song Central: A Lot of Songs About Food

The Hungry Food Band, Singing About Food

The Hungry Monks & Thomas McGregor, Set the Hall On Fire

The Huns, Old Abilene Blues

The Hunt Club UK, Torture Chamber Music EP

The Hunting Party, North

The Hupman Brothers Band, Loveseat, Vol. 2

The Hurricanes, Risque De Choc

The Hush Now, Memos

The Hush Now, Sparkle Drive

The Hush Now, The Hush Now

The Hush, Chase Away the Past

The Hushes, Cold River Blues

The Hushtones, Fruit

The Hushtones, HOME

The Hustlers, The Hustlers

The Hustlers, Why Can't We Get Along

The Hutchinsons, Blown Away - Single

The Hutchinsons, Everlution 1

The Hutchinsons, Everlution 2

The Hutchinsons, Plastic Fruit and Popcorn

The Hutchinsons, Terrible Man - Single

The Hutspot, On the Move

The Hyacinths, By the Pearly Lights

The Hydrothermal Vents, Secrets of the Deep!

The Hyenas, Chelsea Boots - Single

The Hyenas, Under Ultra-Violet Lights - Single

The Hymnuts, Live at BVBC

The Hyperjax, Generation X-Rated

The Hyperjax, The Bottom Line

The Hypnotist`s Passion, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Hypnotix State, Open Hand

The Hypnotizer D, The Blitzkrieg

The Hyssongs, Blessed

The Hyssongs, Christmas

The Hyssongs, Expecting Miracles

The Hyssongs, God Still Can

The Hyssongs, Hyssong Brass a Collection of Praise

The Hyssongs, The Hyssongs Favorite Hymns

The Hyssongs, Trusting

The I Drive, The I Drive

The I Love Myselfs, Show Stopper

The I's, Herbivore Blues

The I-Foundation, Lovers Renaissance

The I.M.F., The I.M.F. Begins

The I.Z.A., Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

The I.Z.A., Lick It Or Ticket

The Iambic Dream Project, Identity Crisis: Aliens, Beduins, And Leos

The Ian Carey Quintet, Contextualizin'

The Ian Fays, Dylan's Lost Days

The Ian Fays, The Damon Lessons (U.S. Edition With Unreleased Tracks)

The Ian McDougall Sextet, Dry With a Twist

The Ian Torres Big Band, January

the ians, the ians

The Icarus Machine, A World Of Saints And Sorrows

The Icicles, Renegade Parade

The Icy Hot Club of California, The Icy Hot Club - EP

The Idaho Falls, The Spark

The Identity, Fight For Your Life

The Identity, Temptation

the Idgets, New Is The New Old

The Idiot, Juvenal!a

The Idle Gossip, On My Way

The Idle Hands, Dark Rooms

The Idle Hours, The Idle Hours - EP

The Idle Statues, Brits On Holiday

The Idle Statues, Crazy About You (Doo Doo Doo)

The Idle Statues, Exuvia

The Idle Statues, Miss Power Dresser

The Idle Statues, Tonight

The Idle Threats, Fix My Head

The Idol Club, One More Reason

The Idol Club, The Idol Club

The Idol Club, The Idol Club (Deluxe Edition)

The Ignatian Schola, Love's Pure Light

The Igniters, Bang

The Igniters, You Suck

The Ignorist, There Is No Vacancy

The ILL Genius, Yum Yum (feat. Juney Boomdata)

The Illegal Trading Federation, Eternity Saturday

The Illicit Sextet, Chapter Eleven

The Illiterati, Oh Flaming Sword! Oh Tree Of Life!

The Illness Project, The Illness Project

The Illumination Band, Let Beauty Now Be

The Imaginary Suitcase, Full Moon Fever

The Imaginary Suitcase, Putting Things On Top of Other Things

The Imagineers, See As I Say

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Quartet, Rene Leclaire & Theresa Coggeshall, Holy Ground

The Immortal Hardface, Niggamuzik

The Immortals, Here We Go Again

The Impatient Sisters, Sister Don't Cry

The Impatient Sisters, The Impatient Sisters

The Imperator, Cuthbert Calculas

The Imperial Rooster, Decent People

The Imperial Rooster, Old Good Poor Crazy Dead

The Imperial Wonders, The Original Imperial Wonders

The Imperials, Follow the Man With the Music

The Imports, Red Is Black

The Imports, Rhythm And Madness

The Imprint, Starlight

The In & Outs, Zero Gravity

The In-Decisions, Yet to Be Decided

The Inactivists, Disappointing Follow-up

The Inactivists, Dreaded Concept Album

The Inactivists, Self-Titled Debut

The Inactivists, The War On Jazz Hands

The Inactivists, You're so Kingin' It!

The Inanimate Objects, Not My Problem

The Incandescent, Planting Bulbs - EP

The Incandescent, The Incandescent

The Incantations, Juliet in Paris

The Incongruence, Song for Birdie (A.K.A. Bye-Bye Birdy)

The Inconsiderate Few, We Ruined It For Everyone

The Inconvenience, Crackpot

The Incorrect Band, Livin' On Beans

The Incredible Dollface, Radio Freakshow

The Incredible Jeff Jordan, Listen to my Demo

The Incredible Jeff Jordan, That's the Way It Go

The Incredible Strand, Prove Yourself

The Incredible Strand, The Girl Who Wants to Be With the Girls

The Incredible Zig, Underground Icon

The Incurables, Bottom of Love

The Incureables, No Sky

The Indebtors, Nothing Matters Anymore - Single

The Indeepandas, Sochny

The Indelible Project, James (feat. Taylor McCall)

The Independents, Back From the Grave

The Independents, Do It Again

The Independents, Live From Murder Beach

The Independents, The Early Years Demos (1993-1997)

The Indigo Pianist, The Indigo Music

The Indigo Shift, Whisperously

The Ineloquent, E Is for Emergency

The Ineloquent, Seeing Things Your Way

The Ineloquent, The Process EP

The Inertia Case, Between Love & Goodbye EP

The Infamous They, History of the Future

The Infamous Underdogs, Higher Ground

The Infamous Unknowns, Last Week's Trash

The Infant Cycle, Plays Fender Bass Guitars And Bird Cages Of Unknown Origin, Exclusively.

The Infidels, The Sharkman Cometh

The Infinite Affinity, Prayer of the Prey (feat. Silentphobia)

The Infinite Affinity, Remember You

The Infinite Three, Bone Star

The Infinite Three, Crust of Utopia

The Infinite Three, Rattle Belly - EP

The Infinite Three, Songs of the Breather

The Infinite Three, Winter Solstice XXI-XII-MMX

The Infinite Three, Winter Solstice XXI-XII-MMXII

The Infinite Three, Winter Solstice XXI-XII-MMXIII

The Infinity Ball, Undressed for Success

The Infinity Kids, This'll Have to Do for Now

The Influencers, Deepwater Horizon

The Influencers, Running in Circles

The Influencers, Valhalla

The Informative History Man & Jah Mason, Earth Fire

The Informative History Man, One God Almighty

The Informative Historyman, Canadian Prime Ministers

The Infrared Experience, The Dirty Drones of Thrones

The Ingalloids, A Lonely Call for Allies

The Ingrid Rachel Project, I Ain't Mad

The Initiative, 100% Pretty Cool

The Initiative, Light the Fuse

The Injustice League, Skeleton Mane

The Injustice League, Talkin' Bout Eggs

The Inkhearts, Animal

The Inkhearts, Keeping Up

The Inner Fight, I Know What's Safe

The Inner Party, Makes a Mess

The Inner Party, Untouchable

The Innercore Project, Synaptogenesis

The Innocence Mission, Street Map

The Innocents, The Innocents:Midnight Snack

The Innocents, The Innocents:The Complete Indigo Recordings

The Insects, Wild Ride - EP

The Insecure, We Are Lost

The Insecurities, Ban the Kiss Hello: A Social Commentary

The Insecurities, Show Your Teeth

The Insomniacs, Just Enjoy It!

The Insomniaddicts, Case of the Mundanes (The Single)

The Inspirational Gal, A Strong Wall Against Violence

The Inspirations, The Inspirations Then and Now

The Instants, The Instants EP

The Instigations, Soundtracks for Alternate Realities

The Instigators, Livin' On the Run

The Instrumentist, Memories

The Intenders, Wasted On the Masses

The Interchangable Hearts, Perfect Life

The Intercontinental Jazz Trio, Live At the Bimhuis

The Intergalactrix, Bottles Poppin'

The Intergalactrix, Bottles Poppin' (Dr. Drop Trap Remix)

The Interior Castle, Amen

The Interior Castle, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

The Interlopers, Better Days

The International Male, Eurobeast

The International Pop Assassins, Death, Divorce and The Prison Yard

The Interns, We Know Way Too Much About You (The Secret Show Song)

The Interns, Where We Belong

The Interstellars, Firefly in a Headlight

The Intracoasters, Santa Went Down to Florida

The Intrinsics, Off the Record

The Intrinsics, Shoulda Known Better

The Invalids, Still Sick

The Inversions, The Inversions - EP

the inversions, What`s the Cannon For?

The Invincible Gods, Slighty More Ballsy Than Pretentious

The Invincible Kids, The Invincible Kids - EP

The Invisible Band, It`s Music, Jim. But Not As We Know It

The Invisible Cities, Houses Shine Like Teeth

The Invisible Kid, We Disappear for Hours

The Invisible Kids, The Changes Lp

The Invisible Man, The Invisible Man

The Invisible Mind Circus, Look Inside

the Invisibles, Silent Weapons for Quiet War

The Invitations Band, Heaven Sent

The Invitations Band, Musica

The Invite, A World Outside

The Invocation, Night & Day

The iOs, Victory By Attrition

The Ipsan Project, Life

The Irie Lions, The Irie Lions

The Irises, Not Good In Bed

The Irish Rovers, 40 Years A-Rovin'

The Irish Rovers, Still Rovin'

The Iron City Soul Shakers, Shake Me Up, Judy

The Ironclads, The Space Between the Maps

The Ironweeds, Did You Ever See An Angel

The Irregular Orchestra, Inspired Insanity Presents

The Irrelevants, Dialogues

The Irresponsibles, Beginnings

The Irresponsibles, Black Sun

The Irresponsibles, Let It Out

The Irritants, Brick

The Irritants, Harsh

The Iry, Beladona

The Iry, Dinner For Two On The Moon

The Is, The Is

The Iscariots, Act of Treason

The Ishmael Reed Quintet, For All We Know

The Island Castaways Band, Lost N Loving It

The Island of Misfit Toys, Bear Hair

The Island, Journey & Drum Fiesta, Journey

The Isles of Rhythm, Merry Christmas Tonight

The Isles, Outside Beauty

The Isles, Troika

The Isolites, Shake It Up!

The Israelites, Anthology Vol II (2000-2010)

The Israelites, Anthology, Vol. I (1990-2000)

The Israelites, Holy of Holies

The Israelites, Jamaican Revelations, Vol. I (Live)

The Israelites, Montego Bay (The Jamaican Persussion)

The Israelites, The 7" Sessions, Vol. I

The It, The Page of Your Story

The Its!, Mistakes

The Iveys, The Iveys

The Ivory Bills, Rhythmic Jet Ear Games

The Ivory Consort, Music in the Land of Three Faiths

The Ivory Consort, The Ivory Consort - Live!

The Ivy Walls, Dirty Passionate Daydreaming

The Ivys, Requiem

The Iz, Spontaneous

The J Rods, The Government Is Telling the Truth (Everything Is Fine)

The J Ski Set, Funk Technique

The J Stang Project, Paradizee

The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Computer Savvy

The J. Arthur Keenes Band, The World's Smallest Violin

The J. Wesley Haynes Trio, Volume 1

The J.B.'s, Groove Machine

The J.Hexx Project, 25 to Life

The J.Hexx Project, Mountain of the Cannibal God

The J.Hexx Project, Mountain of the Cannibal God (2nd Edition)

The J.Hexx Project, Music To Die For (Instrumental Album)

The J.Hexx Project, The Devil's Pain

The J.J. Lang Band, Whiskey Sky

The J.Miller Band, One More High One More Low

The J.Miller Band, Road to Elvado

The J.O.B., Red Eye

The J.S.X., Leaves from the Shade Tree

The Jacets, Spotlights

The Jack Caldwell Band & Danielle Greenwood, The Jack Caldwell Band

The Jack Conway Trio, Like We Rehearsed

The Jack Furlong Quartet, A Jazzebration!

The Jack Furlong Quartet, And That Happened

The Jack Furlong Quartet, Bunnies In Limbo

The Jack Lords Orchestra, Rides

The Jack Lords, The Jack Lords

The Jack Mason Band, Against the Grain

The Jack Montrose Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's (feat. Ron Stout, Ross Tompkins, Richard Simon & Paul Kreibich)

The Jack Nimitz - Bill Berry Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Jack Nimitz Quintet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Jack Sheldon Quintet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Jack Sidway Project, From the Royal Court

The Jackals, Ghost Soul Traffic (Album Preview) E.P

The Jackdaws, I'm an England Fan

The Jackson Pike Skifflers, Keepin` on the Sunny Side

The Jackson Sisters, Purpose - Single

The Jacksonaires, Reason for the Season

The Jacob Conspiracy, Colourful Crime

The Jade, You Got That Snapper!

The Jaded, Infatuation

The Jaded, Wafflebox (My Girl)

The Jades, Amber Skies

The Jag, Mississippi Acid Pine Highway Tour

The Jaggerz, The Walk

The JaJa's, You Just Got to Believe

The JaJa`s, Pieces of Life

The JaJa`s, Shift the Drift

The Jake Levinson Band, Burnin' Daylight

The Jake Paul Band, The Providence EP

The Jakeman, Milk and Cereal Killers

The Jam Messengers, Kick Out!

The Jamerikan, A While

The Jamerikan, Drunk all Nite

The James Clark Institute, I Don't Leave the Radio On Anymore

The James Clark Institute, Son Of A Sideshow

The James Israel Band, Good Enough

The James James Show, Zero Credibility

The James Low Western Front, Whiskey Farmer

The James Madison Quartet, 1812

The James Rocket, Launch

The James Tunes Choir, It's Christmas Time (Happy Birthday Jesus)

The James Tunes Choir, Let Your Faith

The James Warner Prophecies, Sing

The James-Lange Theory, The James-Lange Theory

The Jamie Mitges Group, Density

The Jammin Divas, Across the Stony Ridges

The Janelle Shae, The Janelle Shae

The Janglemen, 5 By the Janglemen

The Janitors, Talkin` Trash

The Jank, Manning Her Ladyship

The Jans Project, The Jans Project (EP)

The Janzen Boys, Roads

The Japan Lovers, The Swimming Pool

The Jardines, Someone's Stolen Tuesday

The Jardines, The Jardines

The Jared Grimes Feel, PB&J

The Jared Grimes Feel, So in Love

The Jared Project, The Battle: B-Sides

The Jared Project, Wolfpack

The Jasmine Dragons, New Electric Dream

The Jasmine Minks, You Broke More Than Just Your Mother's Heart

The Jason James Band, Outlaw State of Mind

The Jason Klobnak Quintet, Mountain, Move

The Jason Morris Project, Volume 1

The Jason Raso Trio, Groovespeak

The Jawbone Band, The Jawbone - EP

The Jay Danley Ethiojazz Project, Mulatu

The Jay Lichty Band, It`s A Dog`s Life

The Jays, Medical Marijuana

The Jayswami Music Company, Megam Pole (Extended Internet Single Edit) [feat. Harish Raghavendra]

The Jazz Butchers, Florence and Normandie

The Jazz Factory, tranquility

The Jazz Orgy & Bob Levy, The Jazz Orgy

The Jazzfakers, Here Is Now

The Jazzfakers, Jazzfakers

The Jazztime Starlight Christmastime Orchestra Ensemble, Everybody Shake Your Hands (It's Time for Christmas)

The Jdk'z, Complex Town

The Jeans, The Jeans

The Jedis, The~Jedis

The Jeff Curry Trio, The Beauty Fool (feat. Simon Cosgrove & Shingo Yamaguchi)

The Jeff Newell Quartet, Jack the Ripper

The Jeff Presslaff Trio, Red Goddess

The Jeff Pryor Band, Loverland

The Jefferson Coker Band, What Were You Expecting

The Jeffersons, It's Cold Outside

The Jeffrey Allens, Taking Shape EP

The Jelly Rollers, The Jelly Rollers

The Jellybeans, Look At Us Now

The Jellybottys, Autumn

The Jellybottys, Hector McKaskel McJelly

The Jellybottys, Jeff's Got a Jelly On His Head

The Jellybottys, Jelly Blue

The Jellybottys, Jelly Gran

The Jellybottys, Jelly Mama

The Jellybottys, Jelly Priest

The Jellybottys, Jelly Warriors

The Jellybottys, Jellycon

The Jellybottys, Me & Dr King

The Jellybottys, Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable

The Jellybottys, Welcome to Jellobia

The Jellybricks, Goodnight to Everyone

The Jellybricks, Youngstown Tune-Up

The Jellydots, Hey You Kids!

The Jellyheads, Filthy Mechanoid

The Jenkins Brothers, Country Treats

The Jenkins Twins, Wrong Side of Town

The Jennifers, Colors From the Future

The Jennifers, Well Intentioned World

The Jenny Thing, Closer and Closer to Less

The Jens Wendelboe Big Band, Fresh Heat

The Jeremiahs, The Jeremiahs

The Jeremiahs, The Jeremiahs

The Jeremy Jackson Band, The Basement EP

The Jeremy Lyons Quartet, Vestige

The Jericho Machine, Educated Donkeys

The Jerms, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

The Jerry Cans, Aakuluk

The Jerrys, Be Yourself

The Jerrys, New Day

The Jerrys, What the World Could Use a Lot More Of

The Jersey Syndicate, The Jersey Syndicate

The Jesse Greene Band, The Jesse Greene Band

The Jesse Owens School, Friends for Life

The Jessica Stuart Few, Two Sides to Every Story

The Jesus Chords, Kelp Bong

The Jesus Rehab, Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar

The Jesus Rehab, The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows

The Jesus Rehab, The Zoo At Night

The Jesus Twins, Resurrection

The JesusRiders, Absolute Truth

The Jetbeats, Sonic Boom Boom

The Jethros, Love Is Everything

The Jets, Crush On You

The Jets, The Jets Reunited

The Jetsetting, The Jetsetting

The Jett Blackk Heart Attack, Hell Or High Water

The Jett Blackk Heart Attack, Needle To the Groove

The Jeunes, Strangers in the Night

The Jewelzzz, The Jewelzzz (Demo)

The Jezebelles Girl Rock Choir, The Jezebelles Girl Rock Choir

The JFK Ultranaughty, The Newness You Were Looking For (Is Already Here)... Singles in Emotion, Emotions in Music: A Retrospective, Vol. 1, 2001 - 2009

The Jigawatt Trio, Scenes

The Jigsaw Jam, Night Vision / Jump Before You Fall

The Jigsaw Jam, There Was a Time

The Jigsaw Jam, We Have Done

The Jill Sissel Band, Haunted Highway

The Jilly Rizzo, 3 Strike Mooser

The Jilly Rizzo, The Evolution of the Temple Garment

The Jilted Brides, Larceny of Love

The Jim Brenan Quartet, January

The Jim Cummings Band, Basically

The Jim Cummings Band, Grind

The Jim O`Ferrell Band, Back to the World

The Jim Pullman Band, The End of the Beginning

The Jim Walsh Band, In the Short Time

The Jimdangles, The Jimdangles

The Jimi Homeless Experience, Are You Homeless?

The Jimi Newton Project, Hukilau

The Jimi Newton Project, Humuhumu

The Jimi Newton Project, That's It

The Jimi Vincent Band, Horse Play

The Jimmy & Greg Show, Come On! (My Face)

The Jimmy Bowskill Band, Live

The Jimmy Mundanes, American Mongrel

The Jimmy Swift Band, Weight of the World

The Jimmy Swift Band, When All Is Said and Done... There'll Be a Lot More Said Than Done...

The Jimmy Watts Band, Dig, Dig... Dig

The Jimmy Weeks Project, Donʻt Go Away

The Jingle Kings, Kinky Dreams

The Jinkz, Hello! Hello!

The Jinkz, I Know the Way!

The Jinkz, I'll Come Back To You!

The Jinkz, S U P E R H E R O !

The Jinkz, Stiletto Heels

The Jinkz, Wounded

The Jinxes, Send Me a Sign

The Jinxes, We Create

The Jitz, For Love of Thunder

The JKLOL, For the Win

The Joans, We Are The Joans

The JOB - The Jim O'Ferrell Band, Chance

The Jock, Don8 2Haiti Song

The Jockey Anderson Project, Everybody's Talking Bout It

The Joe Blobs, Stoned in a Traffic Jam

The Joe Blobs, Weed Like to Have 1 Hit Song

The Joe Brooks Quartet, She's Funny That Way

The Joe Cooper Project, A New Day

The Joe Cooper Project, Cool Vibes

The Joe Cooper Project, Keeping It Real: The Future is Now

The Joe Grease Band, "Los Cajones" (Lee Cook Presents: The Joe Grease Band)

The Joe Hurt Trio, The In Crowd

The Joe Hurt Trio, The Joe Hurt Trio Live

The Joe Lindsay Project, Livin' (feat. Carey Sims)

The Joe Mullen Quartet, Lost World Tango

The Joe Wilson Transmission, New Life Forms

The Joey Harlow Project, Mad About You

The Joey O Band, Bad Habit

The Joey O Band, Still Dreaming

The John Brothers Piano Company, 5

The John Brown Quintet, Merry Christmas, Baby

The John Byrne Band, After The Wake

The John Carver Band, The John Carver Band

The John Davies Problem, Hungover in Royal Oak Michigan

The John Davies Problem, Royal Oak Michigan Hangover

The John Davies Problem, This Is What I Like to Do

The John Kirby Sextet, Biggest Little Band in the Land

The John Lake Trio, Up On the Downs

The John Lennon Song Project, Imagined: The John Lennon Song Project

The John Lewis Sound With the Magical Rahied Ali, Get to This Y`all

The John Lockett Band, This Old Town

The John Oakes Band, Cruisin' Around the Christmas Tree

The John Oakes Band, John Oakes and The Groomsmen

The John Pippus Band, Howl At the Moon

The John Sosebee Band, Jukehouse Shakedown

The John Sosebee Band, Number 3

The John Stanley King Band, Dem Bouletts

The John Temmerman Quartet, Live in Evanston - John`s Mixed Bag

the John Toomey Trio, Refraction

The John Whites, A Light Will Be Thrown

The John Whites, A Sphere Needs a Square

The John Whites, The Complete First Season

The John Whites, Unweaving the Apocalypse

The John Zedd Band, In This Together

The Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra, Sweepin' the Clouds Away (Remastered)

The Johnny Max Band, A Lesson I`ve Learned

The Johnny Max Band, It's A Long Road

The Johnny Possum Band, Love and Truth

The Johnny Starlings, Be My Baby Bright

The Johnny Walker Experience, Black Light (feat. Jesse Evans)

The Johnson Report, Hi

The Johnson Sisters, Believe in a Better Day

The Johnson Twins, Mississippi Monster

The Johnssons, What If..

The Joiner Inners, All-Star Traction

The Joiner Inners, The Time is Now

The Joint Compound, Please Don't Leave Get Out

The Joint Ventures, The Joint Ventures

The Joints, Ink Freethinker

The Jokers, I Walk the Line

The Jolly Rogers, Beg, Borrow and Steal

The Jolly Rogers, Loose Cannons (Remixed)

The Jolly Rogers, Score

The Jon Hines Show, Gary the Bus Driver

The Jon Lloyd Band, This Place

The Jona Band, Only Love

The Jonah Kit, American Songbag

The Jondo Trio, Troubled Mind

The Jones Sisters, Glory to the King

The Jones, Hello

The Jones, Session One

The Jongens Quartet, Jongens

The Jongleurs, Absence

The Jonny 3, All Alone With You (feat. Kenny Vaughan & Leroy X)

The Jonny Monster Band, Bad Times Before

The Jooks of Kent, Demon Stink

The Jooks of Kent, The Sun Shines on the Righteous

The Jordan Years, Homemade Hustler

The Jordan Years, See the Light / Warm Me Up

The Jordanaires, He Is My Everything

The Josephine Knot, Home

The Josh Garrett Band, String of Problems

The Josh Harris Project, Time Won't Wait for Me

The Josh Helms Project, The Very First Christmas

The Joshua Club, Take Note

The Joshua Incident, Red

The Journeymen, Dog Days

The Journeymen, Mount Us More

The Joy Brigade, Counting Days

The Joy Bus, Loves You the Most

The Joy Kills, Danced To Death

The Joykiller, Music for Break-Ups

The Joyous Kaput, Tense Hearts - Single

The JoyRyders, Enjoy the Ryde

The JoyRyders, See the Good Things

The Joys, Unfold

The JT Lockwood Band, Pick Up

The JT Lockwood Band, The JT Lockwood Band

The Jubilee Trio, Let`s Have a Union

The Jubilee Year, And You Falter

The Judah Project, Love Like a Child

The Jude Music Singers, He Wraps His Arms Round Me

The Judge and The Jury, The Legend of Jim Collins

The Judgementals, The Judgementals

The Jug Huffers, Bad. Ass.

The Jug That Made Me Piss Blood, Bring Me Her Eyes in a Paper Bag

The Jugbusters, No Easier Way

The Juice, Magnum

The Juicy Grapes, For Sale

The Julian Trio +1, Expectations (feat. Julian McClanahan-Calvert, Brad McClanahan, Michael Charnes & Darin Smith)

The Julian Trio, Lighthouse on a Cliff

The Julian Trio, Mango!

The Julie Puppets, Codes and Signals

The Julie Puppets, Wasting Away

The Juliets, The Juliets

The July Week, The World Is Waiting

The Julys, The Julys EP

The Jump, Brave New World

The Jumpitz, Celebrate Animals!

The June Gloom, Foreword

The June Gloom, This Road

The June Gloom, Wonderland

The Junes, Country Con Queso

The Junior League, Smile Shoot Smile

The Junior League, You Should Be Happy

The Junipers, Paint the Ground

The Junipers, The Junipers' Euphonious Trolley - EP (One)

the JUNK, Novus Ordo Seclorum

The Junk, Problem. Reaction. Solution.

The Junkies, Anthem Style Punk Kids - the black album

The Junkyard Academy, Class Is in Session!

The Just Us Click, Made N Oregon

The Just-Us League, Pop Punk, No Junk

The Justin Riner Project, Save Me Some Time

The Justin Robert Trio, Just a Taste

The Justin Teseniar Band, For Your Glory

The Juzu Kings, Destiny

The Kadima Band, B'tikvah (With Hope)

The KADT, Dawn Of The Shred

The KADT, Voluntary Lobotomy

The Kagools, Red

The Kagools, Ridiculous Lizard

The Kal Bergendahl Project, Life & Soul

The Kalamazoo Ringers, Simply Sacred

The Kale, Locking Rock

The Kali Co., Feather - EP

The Kalifornia Krauts, Octoberfest With the Kalifornia Krauts

The Kaliwan Project, The Kaliwan Project

The Kamin Project, This Side Up

The Kamkars, Kamkars and Khayyam

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs April.2015

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs February.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs February.2015

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs January.2015

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs June.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs June.2015

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs March.2015

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs May.2015

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The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs October.2012

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs October.2013

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs September.2012

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs: September 2013

The Karen Andrews Band, Steppin Into Forever With You

The Karen Lo Project, All Nite Danzin'

The Karen Lo Project, And They Say

The Karg Bros., The Karg Bros.

The Karlbauers, Fool's Island Project (feat. Markus Moser)

The Karma Bandit, Howdy Cloud

The Karma Party, Illumination

The Karmic Repair Company, Manual

The Karmistry Project, Ice Craft

The Karpinka Brothers, One Brick At A Time

The Karpinka Brothers, There's a Light

The Karvasales, The Karvasales Together

The Katch, Love Is the Reason

The Kate Dunphy Band, Outside Up and Inside Down

The Kates, Hey Friend

The Kates, Wishy Washy One

The Katie Letts Band, The Katie Letts Band

The Katie Stodder Band, A Million Pieces

The Kazzrie Jaxen Quartet, Quaternity

The KBC, On the Beat!

The KD Project, She's Home Alone

The Kealakehe Project, Let's Make Music!

The Keatings... A Father and Son Musical Experience, Because We Believe

The Keep Calm, The Keep Calm EP

The Keepsakes, Crocodile Onesie

The Keith Price Trio / Quintet, Gaia/Goya

The Keith Walsh Experience, Back to the Pyramids

The Keller Brothers, Crystal Serenity

The Keller Sisters, House of Cards

The Keller Sisters, Shine

The Kelly Quinn Band, Fuddruckus

The Kellys, Opus

The Kellys, Overture

The Ken Silverman Septet, From Emptiness (feat. Roy Campbell)

The Ken Spivey Band, Day of the Doctor

The Ken Spivey Band, Memoirs of the Time War

The Ken Spivey Band, The Universe Yields

The Kendra Gale Band, Carousel

The Kendrick Family, Address Change: A Tribute to Elder Randy Kendrick

The Kendrick Family, Address Change: A Tribute to Elder Randy Kendrick

The Kenny Drew, Jr. Trio, The Music of Tom Becker (feat. John Jenkins & Joe Porter)

The Kenny H Project, Christmas Time Is Here

The Kenny Robot Experience, Magical Message of Mechanics for Modern Machine Manufacturation

The Kenny Robot Experience, The Kenny Robot Experience

The Kentucky Hellbenders & Amos Hopkins, Straightnin' the Curves Flattnin' the Hills

The Kentucky Linemen, Outlaw Country Revival

The Kenyan Boys Choir, Furahia

The Kenzos, The Kenzos

The Kerlin Syndrome, The Strings of Men

The Kevin Brady Trio, Zeitgeist (feat. Bill Carrothers)

The Kevin Derryberry Band, MATT 25

The Kevin Halstead Jazz Quartet, 'Sonny Knows'

The Kevin McNeal Organ Project, A Matter of Time

The Kevin Sharpe Group, God Songs

The Kevins, Do You Understand?

The Keynes, Puzzled by the World

the Keynesians, Jane's Kidney

The Keys Project, Live At Loft

The Keystone Ska Exchange, Have a Good Time

The Kez, Ready to Roll

The Kez, Rock 'n' Roll Circus (feat. Pete Trewavas, Chrissie Hammond & Robin Boult)

The Kez, Table for Three

The Kharmacists, Schizophonic

The Kickaways, Show Yr Teeth

The Kickbacks, Even the Blues

The Kicks, Searching for Signatures

The Kid and Nic Show, Swingin' the Blues since 1997!

The Kid Bre, Gwolla Is My Word

The Kid Can Drive, Plain Crash

The Kid Has Heart, Two Sides to Every Story

The Kid Is Hope, Young At Heart (feat. Seany Jakes)

The Kid Kapichi, Gin & Chronic

The Kid, Going Cray (feat. 2 Chainz)

The Kid, Going Cray (feat. 2 Chainz)

The Kidney Stones, Tales & Anecdotes for the Slightly Deranged

The Kids in Detention, Home to Change

The Kids of Widney High, LIVE at the Key Club

The Kids Outside, N01535

The Kiffness, Mr. Kiffness

The Kiffness, Voetsek

The Kilkennys, Chandler Shop

The Kilkennys, Go Lassie Go (Studio)

The Kilkennys, Keep Your Fires Burning

The Kilkennys, Meet the Kilkennys

The Kilkennys, Shine On Kilkenny

The Kill Screens, Science Fiction Movie

The Killbillys, Tornado Trailer Park

The Killer Tomato, La Gran Mudanza

The Killigans, Live at The Zoo Bar

The Killin' Time Band, Corner of Queen

The Kilmer Brothers, Journey

The Kilts, Surrounded By This Whole Huge World

The Kimballs, Great Face For Radio

The Kimballs, The Kimballs

The Kimberlies, Somedays

The Kimberly Trip, Generation Stereotype

The Kimberly Trip, Hold Up the Sky

The Kimberly Trip, Popularity Contest

The Kimbles, Meet the Kimbles

The Kincaids, Cookin' the Books

The Kincaids, Paranormal Cave

The Kind, I Wanna Cry

The Kindling, Half Light

The Kindly Ones, The Record

The Kindness of Strangers, There Somewhere

The Kindred, Made for Maine

The Kindreds, Checkin` Out

The Kinetiks, Science is Magic

The King Bees, Love Hasn't Killed Me Yet

The King Canutes, Last Callers and Losers

The King in Yellow, Don't Take This to Heart

The King in Yellow, Good Ghosts

The King in Yellow, Quarrel With Sleep

The King Left, Homemade Machines

The King Left, Perfect Without People

The King of Herrings, The King of Herrings

The King Stones, A Team (Live)

The King Stones, Royals (Live)

The King's Consort, Monteverdi - Famous Madrigals

The King's Court, His Name Is Jesus

The King's Court, Old Testament Bible Heroes

The King's Court, The King Is Here

The King's English, Feel Me

The King's Heartbeat, The King's Heartbeat

The King's Heralds, Hymn Sessions

The King's Men, Before the Throne

The King's Men, Christmas

The King's Men, No Turning Back

The King, Introducing Sir Mercy (Shake Your Ass)

The Kingmixers, Flyboy

The Kingmixers, Riding With Mr. Blues

The Kings County, The Bushwick EP

The Kings Dead, Ruby Red

The Kings Kids, Harvest: The Live Sessions

The Kings of Babylon, The Kings of Babylon

The Kings of Christmas, 365 Days a Year

The Kings of Crownsville, Waiting There for Me

The Kings of Rock`n`Roll, News From the Fifties and Sixties

The Kings Rising, The Kings Rising

The Kings, This Christmas

The Kingston Ca©ila­ Band, Slaa­nte

The Kingston Trio, Above the Purple Onion

The Kingston Trio, Born At the Right Time

The Kingston Trio, The Kingston Trio Live At The Historic Yuma Theatre

The King`s Heralds, Delivered

The King`s Heralds, Encores

The King`s Heralds, I Just Can`t Wait

The Kinky Coo Coo's, Sweet, Fun & Ready

The Kinky Coo Coo's, Tons of Fun (feat. Alex Desert & Greg Lee)

The Kinky Coo Coo`s, The Mean Machine - EP

The Kinneys, Santa Baby

The Kinsey Sicks, Bedroom Ants

The Kinsey Sicks, BP is Creepy

The Kinsey Sicks, Christmas Medley

The Kinsey Sicks, Dragapella

The Kinsey Sicks, Electile Dysfunction

The Kinsey Sicks, I Wanna Be a Republican

The Kinsey Sicks, Oy Vey In A Manger

The Kinsey Sicks, Sicks In The City

The Kinsey Sicks, Sicks! Sicks! Sicks! Full Frontal New Ditties

The Kirkpatrick Project, Opportunity

The Kirtaniyas, Heart & Soul

The Kish Down, Another You

The Kish Down, He Goes Nowhere

The Kish Down, Inside of Me

The Kish Down, Untitled

The Kissers, Good Fight!

The Kitchen Party, Knights At 12 Oaklea

The Kitchen Party, Live At Failte

The Kiwis, Shangri-La

The Klark Parkers, A Little Something for Everyone

The Klein Family, Having the Best Time

The Klez Dispensers, Say You`ll Understand

The Klezmakers, Garage Waltz

The Klezmer Connection, B.O.R.D.E.R. - dance

The Klezmer Connection, Klezman!a

The Klezmer Connection, Meschúge

The Klingon Pop Warrior, Warrior Woman

The KLLB Band, Tales of Diaspora

The Knackers, Where We Are

The Knarly Project, Kiss and Tell - Single

The Kneads, Deus Ex Machina

The Kneads, Jaded and Rejuvenated

The Kneads, Toto Recall

The Knees, Sexual Radio

The Knewz, Got Knewz?

The Knewz, Got Knewz?

The Knickels, Seven Strange Angels

The Knight Owls, The Google Doodle Song (feat. ProducerBenFord)

The Knights of Mentis, New Pound Coin

The Knitted Cap Club, The Antidote EP

The Knitts, She Likes the Idea of Gold

The Knobs, The Knobs Breakup and Die

The Know Nothings, For All We Know

The Knowhow, The Knowhow EP

The Known Pleasures, Let the Old Dreams Die

The Knox Cherry Street Combo, A Dedication

The Knuckle Knockers, The Knuckle Knockers

The Koast Train Krew, Lets Skank for England (feat. Andy Keys Clark)

The Kodiacs, the salmon run

The Koerner Quartet, Koerner Quartet: Ravel Quartet in F & Bartok First Quartet

The Kogz, I'm Just Wait'in

The Kohavi's, Will You Fall In Love

The Koles, Odds & Ends

The Kolour Kult, Run Down

The Kolour Kult, Shift + Ctrl + Esc

The Koniac Net, One Last Monsoon

The Kons, 2-Day Special

The Kons, Konalog

The Kons, Manbos

The Kons, Prosperity Is Just Around the Corner

The Kons, Wunderkon, The Rise and Fall of a Political Superstar

The Kool Katz Band, Me Gusta Como Bailas (I Like The Way You Dance)

The Kool Katz, Turn It Up

The Koozies, Powderkeg

The Korger, Butterfly

The Korger, Moments

The Korger, Nights

The Kosmic Kin, 12 Songs

The Kosmic Kin, Blue Mountain Bridge

The Kosmic Kin, Limo 45

The Kota Oe Band, Every Man EP

The Koves, Big Bad World

the KOZ, Lost and Found

The Kraig Greff Group, Hammond` Eggs

The Kraken Quartet, The Kraken Quartet

The Krankies, Olympic Scottish Heroes

The Krayons, Hind Sight Is 20-20

The Krayons, Ready, Steady, Nuke!

The Kreeks, Lights

The Kreeks, People EP

The Kreellers, Saints & Sinners

The Kreellers, Six 7

The Kreellers, Sixth and Porter

The Kreellers, This Changes Everything

The Krinkles, 3 - The Mordorlorff Collection

The Krinkles, Dusty Ribbons

The Kris Heaton Band, We R Strong

The Kris Johnson Group, Odd Expressions

The Krista Parrish Trio, Playing With Pendulums

The Kristoffer Carter Show, Season II

The Kropotkins, Five Points Crawl

The Krunchy Kracker Company, Krackas Gone Krunk

The Krupa Case, Erase and Rewind

The Kry, You Shine

The Kryptones, Right to Life (feat. Dan De Lion)

The Kryptonite Sparks, The Kryptonite Sparks

The Ks, Cant Get It Together

The Kuban Katz, Como Baila Marieta

The Kubricks, Ghosts

The Kubricks, Self-Help Wannabe (Single Edition)

The Kuhn Brothers, Ironhead (Full Length Version)

The Kuhrn, My Own Wonderland

The Kurt Henry Band, Heart, Mind and All

The Kut, Alekhine's Gun

The Kut, I Don't Need Therapy

The Kyd J Band, No Experience Needed

The Kyle & Karl Band, Live With the Family

The L. A. Studio Band, Boyfriend Remix (Tribute to Justin Bieber)

The L. A. Studio Band, Drowning - Tribute to Conor Maynard

The L.G.'s, Want Too Much

The La Els, The La Els

The Lab, The Colours (Remix)

The Labeled Nothings, Kill List

The LaBiancas, Charles in Charge

The Labor That Kills, It's Occupational

The Laborforce, Music For The Middle Classes

The Labrets, Format

The Lackey, The Lackey

The Ladies Toyz, The Body Roll Song

The Lady Crooners, Remember Me

The Lady Crooners, Sweetheart

The Lady Crooners, The Lady Crooners

The Lady Crooners, The Surface

The Lady Lovers, The Lost Hippo

The Lady Upstairs, Coming Home

The Ladybirds, Shimmy Shimmy Dang!

The Ladybirds, Whiskey & Wine

The Ladybugs, Broken Tiaras

The Ladybugs, Bullies

The LadyBugs, Sugar is Poison

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Something Old-Sumthin' New

The Lafayette Band, Live at Lafayette: New York Greek and Middle Eastern Dance Music

The Lagan, Work Away

The Laganband, Napoleons Nose

The Lake Effect, First Person Stories

The Lake Junaluska Singers, Search Me, O God

The Lake Vernon Drowning, Man of Leisure, Man of War

The Lake, Nothing Ever Happens and It's Happening Right Now!

The Lakes, You and I

The Lakeside Singers, A Christmas World

The Lalama Brothers, Erie Avenue

The Lambsbread, Right Ting

The Lambsbread, Rise

The Lambsbread, Stand Firm (feat. Prezident Brown)

The Lamms, Take It On the Chin

The Lamplights, The Lamplights

The Lamposts, Adolt Cartoon

The Lampshades, Are Alright

The Lancashire Hustlers, Sing Walter De La Mare

The Lancasters, There's a Little Bit of Heaven

The Lance and Gary Show, The Cowboy Rap Song

The Lance Houston Quintet, Footprints

The Lance Martin Band, Physical Jazz

The Land of Deborah, In

The Land of Deborah, Pocket of Heaven (Pre-Release)

The Land of Dreams, The Land of Dreams

The Land, The Land

The Landons, Remember the Baby

The Lane Project, Any News for Me? (feat. Kevin Campos)

The Lane Project, Moments of Mercy (Acoustic Version) [feat. Kevin Campos]

The Lane Project, Moments of Mercy (feat. Kevin Campos)

The Lane Project, Without You (feat. Vanessa Bryan)

The Langer's Ball, 1913 Massacre

The Langer's Ball, A Christmas Lullaby

The Langer's Ball, Auld Lang Syne

The Langer`s Ball, As I Roved Out

The Lantern Slides, Stringfellow

The Laplante Brothers, Living in a Reverie

The LaPlante Brothers, The Essential LP

The Larch, Bat Boy Signs Up

The Larch, Larix Americana

The Largent Brothers, Home Studio Collection-Pop, Vol. I "The Analog Years"

The Largent Brothers, Home Studio Collection-Pop, Vol. II "The Analog Years"

The Lark, Pines

The Larks, Wrap Me Up in Love (This Christmas)

The Larry Adams Band, How Do I Get Out of This Mess?

The Larry and Adrienne Project, American Dream

The Larry Keel Experience, The Sound

The Larry Stevens Band, Heart On Fire

The Larry Thomas Project, A Shade of Soul

The Larry Thomas Project, I'm Dreaming

The Larson Brothers Band, Framed

The Lascivious Biddies, A Very Biddy Christmas

The Lascivious Biddies, Get Lucky

The Last Ambassadors, The Last Ambassadors

The Last Army, Dark EP

The Last Army, Light Ep

The Last Barbarians, Madness Never Sleep

The Last Call Casualties, First to Come, Last to Leave

The Last Chalaron, The Last Chalaron

The Last Chalaron, The Machismo of the Deep South

The Last Concorde, Come Back Tomorrow

The Last Creation, The Last Creation

The Last Dark Show, True Love Maze

The Last Drummers, And There Was Light

The Last Epic, The Last Epic

The Last Flight Out, Blues and Shoes

The Last Front, Being Human

The Last Ghost, Everything Is Ending

The Last Glimpse, Empty Rooms

The Last Gonzo, Pirates, Outlaws, Sheriffs, & Thieves, Vol. 1

The Last Great Bridge Jumper, Strange Loop

The Last Internationale, Choose Your Killer

The Last Internationale, New York, I Do Mind Dying

The Last Internationale, The Last Internationale

The Last Lions, The Last Lions

The Last Names, Wilderness

The Last Ones On Earth, Sleep Beneath the Snow

The Last Party, A Thousand Smiles

The Last Party, Bonnie & Clyde

The Last Party, Devil's Lips

The Last Phantom, Lunar Eclipse EP

The Last Raft, The Writings On the Wall

The Last Revel, Uprooted

The Last Reverie, The Last Reverie

The Last Rock Band, I Want You Back Again!

The Last Secret Society, Crystal Skies of Serenity

The Last September, As the Crow Flies

The Last Skyline, My Dream's Divorce

The Last Slice, Underground

The Last Stand, Obamination - Single

The Last Straw, Brought To Life

The Last Town Chorus, Keep Burnin' (Headgear Session)

The Last Town Chorus, Wire Waltz

The Last Tycoons, The Dry Law

The Last Waltz Ensemble, Easy Chair

The Lasting Hope, Records

The Lasting Hope, Something New

The Lasting Hope, Something New

The Lasting Hope, Sunsets & Second Chances

The Lasting, Home

The Late '80s, Checkmate

The Late Jimmy Marvelous, 75% Catholic

The Late Joys, Everybody's Going Away

The Late `94s, s/t

The Lately, Dirty Magazines

The Lately, The Lately

The Latenight Callers, Easy Virtues

The Later Dates, All Along

The Lateral Masses, Red Murder

The Latin Sun (Pete Surdoval Productions), Top Hits - Latin Style 2009

The Laughing Dogs, Band From Brooklyn

The Laughing Dogs, Great Italian Love Songs of the '50s

The Laughing Dogs, Hidden Bones

The Laughing Dogs, Hot Negro Feet

The Laughing Dogs, Scungilli

The Laughing Man, Walking Evil

The Laundronauts, The Laundronauts Come Clean

The Laura Caviani Trio, Holly, Jolly and Jazzy

The Laura Dugmore Band, Cardigans & Woollen Things

the lava province, strangeway

The Lavens, Live At The Cove

The LaVerne Christie Trio, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

The Lawn Darts, Still Hitting the Mark

The Laws, Another Road

The Laws, Ride It Out

The Laws, Two

The Lawsons, Shout It From The Highest Hill

The Lay Awakes, Great Divide

The Lay Awakes, The Lay Awakes

The Lay Down Sister, After the Red Giant

The Lay Jains, The Lay Jains

The Layaways, Maybe Next Year

The Lazy Dogs, Yours to Lose

The Lazy Kids, Tunnel Visions

The Lazy MKs, Where We Bin

The Lazy Stars, All Of the Difference

The Lazzari Experiment, A Break from the Norm

The LBC Collective, Bad Ladder

The League of Existence, The Ween of Hallo

The League, Alter Ego (Deluxe Edition)

The Leans, The Leans

The Leap Years, Just Some Things

The Learning Station, 12 Months of the Year

The Learning Station, Abc Phonics Song

The Learning Station, Animal Sounds

The Learning Station, Autumn Leaves

The Learning Station, Bingo

The Learning Station, Colors

The Learning Station, Counting to 10

The Learning Station, Listening Song

The Learning Station, Literacy in Motion

The Learning Station, Little Pilgrim

The Learning Station, Opposites

The Learning Station, Orange, Yellow, Red and Brown

The Learning Station, Scarecrow

The Learning Station, Shapes Song

The Least of These, Love Messages to Soul

The Least of Your Worries, Introducing The Least of Your Worries

The Least, Strong Like You

The Leavelles, Xs & Os

The LeBeaus, Christmas with The LeBeaus

The LeBeaus, Sittin On Go

The Lebeaus, The Bridge

The LeBeaus, The LeBeaus

The Led Snail, Lonely Revolution Star

The Lee's, 白色太陽槍 (Blanc, Le Soleil, Le Pistolet)

The Leechmen, Johnny

The LeeDing Zeros, Ear Candy

The Leeves, Monaural Vision

The Left Behinds, Alone On Prom Night

The Left Foot of Dumitrescu, Dumitrescu

The Left Hand Side, The Left Hand Side

The Left Hand Side, The Left Hand Side II

The Leftovers, Heart of Buffalo

The Leftovers, Live At the Buffalo Irish Center

The Legacy Committee, Good Luv Pt.II (feat. A.Dunn & GQ)

The Legacy Committee, The Legacy Continues

The Legend Lives, The Preface

The Legend of Xero, Better Off - Single

The Legend of Xero, Damsel

The Legend Singers, My Soul Is a Witness

The Legendary Barney Miller, Heart On A Plate

The Legendary Clampetts, Keep the Faith Ya Filthy Animals

The Legendary Escorts, Winter Time

The Legendary Goodtimes, Die a Happy Man

The Legendary Goodtimes, The Legendary Goodtimes

The Legendary Hood Bosses, Hood Bosses 2

The Legendary Kid Combo, viva la muerte

The Legendary RT, Potpourri

The Legendary Swagger, Sinners, Harlots and Hooligans

The Legendary Willymac, I'm Going Home

The Legendeers, Antibodies Are so Cool

The Legendeers, Pipettes of Fury (Original Soundtrack)

The Leggomen, The Leggomen

The Lemmings, Imperceptible Shift in the Light

The Lemon Saints, Spiral Eyed

The Len Brown Society, Pioneer Day

The Lennie Niehaus Octet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Lennie Niehaus Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Lennings, Big Beige Car

The Lennings, Geographic Tongue

The Leonard Bros., So Many Stars (Celestial Fantasy Remix)

The Lepers, Feels So Good

The Lespaunts, Blue Bonnet - EP

The Lespaunts, Haunt

The Lesser Ghost, Fallin

The Lesser Light Collective, The Lamb Wins (Narrated Version)

The Let Up, Illustrate My Character

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Big Birthday Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Birthday Blues Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Double Rainbow Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Happy Birthday Mom Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Happy Birthday to Ya Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Hip Hop Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Party Call for You Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Letter Jackets, The Letter Jackets

The Letter K, K

The Letterpress, Input / Output

The Levee Singers, "America!!"

The Levee Singers, The Best Thing...

The Level Heads, Reinvent

The Levendes, Belly Dance Workout

The Levendes, Greek Dance

The Levins, Barely Contained

The Levins, My Friend Hafiz

The Levins, Raise Your Glass to Charles Dickens

The Levins, Trust

The Lew Jones Act, A Chelsea Soliloquy

The Lew Jones Act, Apple River Diaries 2

The Lexicons, Move the Dancehall

The Lezbnrocker Chicks, Lesbian National Anthem

The LGM Music Project, Jazz All Day

The Liabilities, Failure Is Not an Option

The Liabilities, Malignant Humour

The Liabilities, The Liabilities

The Liaisons, Rendezvous EP

The Liam Gallagher, The Poet & the Muse

The Liarbirds, Allegedly

The Liarbirds, Second Quartet - EP

The Libbys, Written in the Scars

The Libertine Belles, The Libertine Belles

The Libertine, Incomplete (Without You)

the Libertines US, Greatest Hits

The Library, The Life and Times of Rosa Lee

The Licensing Division, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

The Lie, The Lie - Expanded Edition

The Life Ballet, The Life Ballet (Soundtrack)

The Lifetime Guarantee, The Lifetime Guarantee

The Light Brights, The World's a Changin'

The Light Footwork, Early Worm

The Light Footwork, Melville

The Light Footwork, National Historic Landmarks

The Light Footwork, Rebellion Time

The Light Friday, Records, CD`s and Coffee Beans

The Lightfighters, Take Me Back

The Lighthearted, Sugarcoated Poison

The Lightning Bug Situation, A Leaf; A Stream

The Lightning Bug Situation, Call

The Lightning Bug Situation, The Lightning Bug Situation

The Lightningbolts, Dear Audrey

The Lights Out, Edgar Allen Mexico

The Lights, No Match For Genevieve

The Lightwings, Fallen

The Lightwings, Who Pulled the Trigger?

The Lightyears, London, England (US Version)

The Likely Hoods, Hop On (The Punk Rope Song)

The Likes of Us, Time Traveler

The Lilly Kills, The Lilly Kills

The Lilos, Number 37

The Limes, Limetime

The Limestones, Down to Earth

The Limestones, Jingle Bell Rock

The Limeybirds, All We Want For Christmas

The Limeybirds, Live At the Limey Lounge!

The Limeybirds, The Naked Album

The Limeybirds, Three Little Sisters

The Limeybirds, Time For Bed

The Limeybirds, Yo-Ho! Pirate Album

The Limits of Reason, Last Chance

The Limns, The Limns

The Lindbergh Babies, Who Loves the Sun

The Lindells, Roam

The Lindsey Family, What I Have

The Linfords, Cowboys are Dreamers

The Linnie Hice Band, Stand

The Lion and the Rabbit, On the Shore With the Leaves

The Lion Engineer, Carousel

The Lion Faced Boy, Suspended Disbelief

The Lion Story, The Lion Story EP

The Lion Tamers, Lost Translation

The Lionel Cole Quintet, One.2

The Lionel Lyles Quintet, At the Precipice

The Lions, Groove

The Lions, Iconoclastic (Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Pub Songs & Sing-a-longs!]

The Lions, Live Love Laugh

The Lions, New Rise Of The Footsoldier

The Lippars, Confidance

The Lippars, Same As Love

The Lippars, Wire

The Lipstick Device, You Can't Destroy the World without a Soundtrack

The Liquidizer, The Burek Song

The Lisps, the vain, the modest, and the dead

The Lispy Little Kissers, Don't Forget the Mistletoe

The List, By the Time You Read This

The Listener's Job, No Vacancies

The Listening Party, Casting Stones

The Listening Wall, The Listening Wall Christmas

The Listening Wall, The Listening Wall Live

The Lite Fingers, One Man's Trash

The Litmans, Joy to the World

The Litmans, Joy to the World

The Little Bear, Heaven

The Little Brother Band, Reflections

The Little Brother Band, Thicker Than Water

The Little Brothers, Mama's Angel Child

The Little Brothers, Walked All the Way Back Home

The Little Children's Choir & The Broadway Chamber Orchestra, Classical Music for Preschoolers

The Little Connies, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The Little People, Christmas Time

The Little People, Open Fire

The Little Stinkers, I Farted on Santa`s Lap (Now Christmas is Gonna Stink for Me)

The Little Twins, Trinity

The Littlest Birds, Live & Lucky

The Littlest Fox, I Already Know

The Littlest Man Band, Better Book Ends

The Litwin-Markiw Duo, The Litwin-Markiw Duo

The Live Cultures, The Live Cultures

The Live Debate!, The Live Debate!

The Live Lights, Two

The Livelies, Solatic

The Lively Stones, The Stone

The Lives of the Monster Dogs, The Lives of the Monster Dogs

The Livesays, Faith, Hope & Love

The Living and The Dead, El Santisima Muerte

The Living Eyes, The Living Eyes

The Living Praise, Jesus, The Reason

The Living Sample, The Living Sample

The Living Sea, Madeline - EP

The Living Sea, You've Returned, Like A Season, All Around Me

The Living Strings and Voices, Chimes (Christmas Time)

The Living Strings, Christmas Eve in My Home Town

The LivingStones, Glow

The LivingStones, The Worship - EP

The Livingstons (So Cal), Queen of the Tweekers

The Liz Borden Band, Another Holiday Song

The Liz Borden Band, Beautiful

The Liz O Show, Mule Named Sal!

The LMNtlyst, The Birth of Jerry Gruvis

The Lo and Beholds, Lo and Behold!

The Lo-Lites, One More Christmas

The Lo-Lites, The Lo-Lites

The Load Levelers, America, Fuck Yeah

The Loading Zone, Blue Flame

The Lobbyists, Our Home - EP

The Lobbyists, Songs from Seawife

The Loblolly Boy, The Selfish Years

The Local Saints, The Local Saints

The Local Skank, Collect All Five!

The Local Skank, Yeah Brad

The Local Strangers, Devils & Ghosts

The Local Strangers, Left for Better

The Local Strangers, Letter to My Lover (feat. Andrew Joslyn)

The Local Strangers, The Local Strangers

The Locals, SALT

The Loch, February

The Loch, Leap Year: A Supplement to February

The Lockhearts, Low

The Lockout Original Cast & Mopak, The Lockout: A Musical (Original Cast Recording)

The Loco Husla, I Got Base

The Locomotive Espada, Heroes And Villains Of San Antonio

The Locozeros, New Love

The Loft Party, "Showing Signs"

The Log Drivers, The Log Drivers

The Logic, Runes

the Logic, Theory of Experience

The Logical Hairs, Is This Your Life?

The Logoz, The Logoz

The Logues, Fly Free

The Logues, Tough at the Bottom

The Lohengrins, Jag längtar för det gör alla andra

The Lolos, Nightbird

The Lomax, The Lomax Album

The London Community Gospel Choir, Live At Abbey Road

The London Experimental Jazz Quartet, Invisible Roots

The London Lucumi Choir, Un Solo Palo, No Hace Monte; A Single Tree Does Not a Forest Make; Igi Kan Ko Si Igbo

The London School of Jewish Song, The London School of Jewish Song

The London Symphony Orchestra & The London Pop Choir, Pop meets Classic - A Tribute to ABBA

The London Symphony Orchestra & The London Pop Choir, Pop meets Classic - a tribute to The Beatles

The London Symphony Orchestra, Famous Piano Masterworks, Vol. 1

The London Symphony Orchestra, Famous Piano Masterworks, Vol. 2

The London Symphony Orchestra, Famous Piano Masterworks, Vol. 3

The London Symphony Orchestra, Verdi: The Greatest Composers

The London Welsh Rugby Club Choir, Swn Y Ddraig (Sound of the Dragon)

The Lonely Brothers, The Lonely Brothers

The Lonely Cool, By Summer's End

The Lonely Friends, Super Sloppy Janice

The Lonely Heart Show, Hope In Shadows

The Lonely Heart Show, What Lies Around the Bend

The Lonely Hearts, Born In The Dark

The Lonely I, Queen of Hearts

The Lonely Keys, A Long Way from Home

The Lonely Kids Club, Paper Heart

The Lonely Pirate, Sailin' the Dream

The Lonely Wild, Holidays

The Loners, The Loners

The Lonesome Ace Stringband, Old Time

The Lonesome Georges, Simple Harmonic Motion

The Lonesome Heroes, Crooked Highway

The Lonesome Heroes, Daydream Western

The Lonesome High, The Lonesome High

The Lonesome Sisters, Deep Water

The Lonesome Sisters, The Lonesome Sisters with Rayna Gellert: Follow Me Down

The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company, Lonesome Southern Comfort Company

The Lonetones, Canaries

The Long Afternoon, An Index of Maladjustments

The Long Afternoon, Signifying Nothing

The Long Afternoon, The Luxury Problem

The Long and Short of It, CAW: An Unkindness of Ravens

The Long Goodbyes, 1+1=11

The Long Lots, In the Valleys of Our Hearts

The Long Wait, Christmas Carousel

The Longbox, Doll

The Longbox, That's It

The Longbox, The Crash

The Longbox, Vol. 1: I Fell in Love With a Girl Named Rock N. Roll

The Longest Night, Fall

The Longest Night, Keep With Me

The Longfellow 3, Linger Longer

The Longfellow Chorus, A Day of Sunshine

The Longfellow Chorus, The Black Knight

The Longfellow Street Music Collective, Longfellow St

The Longo Brothers, Alone in the Morning Light (feat. Jeff Brewer)

The Longo Brothers, City Motions (feat. Moe Koffman)

The Longo Brothers, Coast to Coast

The Longo Brothers, Easy Life (feat. Jim Mancel)

The Longo Brothers, In the Middle of the Night (feat. Jill Vogel)

The Longo Brothers, Nightlife (feat. Wayne St. John)

The Longo Brothers, Nyc Delight (Manhattan) [From "Cyrus"] [feat. Moe Koffman]

The Longwalls, Careers in Science

The Longwalls, Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist

The Longwalls, Kowloon

The Loo, The Loo

The Looking Glass, Goodbye. Hello. - EP

The Looking, Songs for a Traveler

The Lookout, EP

The Lookout, Self Titled

The Lookouts, Hwy 97

The Lookouts, Out of Town

The Lookouts, The Lookouts

The Loomers, Reeling Down A Road

The Loons, Crazy Good

The Loose Canyons, Strivers' Row

The Loose Change Gospel Band, Across the Great Divide

The Loose Handle Band, The Loose Handle Band - EP

The Loose Hinges, The Loose Hinges

The Lorde Alive, Saxobeat

The Lorde Alive, The Killers

The Lords of Chicken Hill, Bok Bok Bok

The Lords of Chicken Hill, Melody Rotisserie

The Lords of Liechtenstein, Girlz (With a 'z')

The Lords of Liechtenstein, Siberia

The Lore Family, Reflections, Vol. 1: The First Five Years

The Los Angeles Collaboration, At Home

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Trombones, Abide With Me

The Los Angeles Sports Band, Clippers, Lakers, Angels & Dodgers

The Los Angeles Sports Band, Dodgers, Angels, Lakers and Clippers

The Loss, Everything You Ever Wanted

The Lost & Nameless Orchestra, The Lost & Nameless Orchestra

The Lost Astronots, Glad You Made It

The Lost Boys, The Ballad of Moll Cutpurse

The Lost Boys, We Are But Players

The Lost Captains, Introducing The Lost Captains

The Lost Crew, Make it - Single

The Lost Eskimos, Say Goodbye

The Lost Gospel Ensemble, The Meal

The Lost Highwaymen, A Rover of High Degree

The Lost in Sin Singers, Live from your living room

The Lost in Sin Singers, Southwestern Christmas

The Lost Libraries, Safety In Slumber

The Lost Maples, Cumberland

The Lost Maples, Fortune's Cheshire Grin

The Lost Maples, The Lost Maples - EP

The Lost Patrol, Chasing Shadows

The Lost Patrol, Dark Matter

The Lost Patrol, Driven

The Lost Patrol, Midnight Matinee

The Lost Patrol, Rocket Surgery

The Lost Project, All in Time

The Lost Project, Where It Begins

The Lost Revival, To Hell With Them All

The Lost River Cavemen, Taste of Life

The Lost River Cavemen, The Lost River Cavemen

The Lost Star, Red Is Not a Safe Color

The Lost Wayne, Summer and Smoke - EP

The Lost Wheels, Chipper

The Lost Woods, Mountainside

The Lost Zoyd, Death/Rebirth

The Lottery Show Theme Song All-Star Band, The Lottery Show Theme Song

The Lotus Eaters, You're Different and That's Bad

The Lotus Fire, Come Out Swinging

The Loudhorns, One for Maynard

The Loudmouths, Get Lit!

The Louisiana Blues Brothas, Love On the Bayou

The Louisiana G-Funk Family (feat. Stanley Robinson, Gerard Johnson, and Ron Hardy), Louisiana Says Welcome

The Louisville Chorus & Daniel Spurlock, Christmas from the Heart

The Louisville Chorus, The Art of Christmas

The Love 'n' Bless Band, Sweet Jamaica

The Love and Stress Compound, Sore Eyes EP

The Love and Terror Cult, s/t

The Love and Terror Cult, We Are You On Fire

The Love Atomic, Burn

The Love Atomic, The Falling Stars - EP

The Love Atoms, Point A to Point B

The Love Club, Behold the Night

The Love Compartment, New Amerika

The Love Doctor, At His Best

The Love Drums, Dance Wild!

The Love Drums, The Love Drums

The Love Lights, Problems and Solutions

The Love Lights, Young Lions

The Love Load, The Human Resourceful

The Love Machine, If You`re A Bird, I`m A Bird

The Love Machine, The Good Life

The Love Markets, World of Your Dreams

The Love Movement 4:16, Living Out Love

The Love Movement 4:16, We Belong

The Love Movement, Faith, Love & Hip-Hop

The Love Revolt, Disco for the Dead - EP

The Love Revolt, loners/swingers

The Love Revolt, Moonlight City Burning

The Love Shots, Crooner

The Love Story, flight of myself EP

The Love Story, Mink

THE LOVE STORY, the love story

The Love Vibration, What'll I Do (Dub Version)

The Lovebombs, Love and Peace

The Lovegods, Audience of One

The Lovegods, Between Dogs and Wolves

The Lovelace Brothers, Jah Will

The Lovely And Talented, The New American Fable

The Lovely Dreggs, Attack of the Drones

The Lovely Dreggs, Dreggs Rehearsal

The Lovely Dreggs, External Memory

The Lovely Dreggs, Give Me a Piece

The Lovely Dreggs, I Can't Be Bothered

The Lovely Dreggs, Ideal Clone Exhibition

The Lovely Dreggs, Jobsworth Nation

The Lovely Dreggs, Lonesome Parking Meter

The Lovely Dreggs, Serious Geezers Are Well Agreed

The Lovely Dreggs, Stripey Dracula Fish

The Lovely Dreggs, Tales from Niddynuddyland

The Lovely Dreggs, The Big Wide World Awaits

The Lovely Dreggs, The Filth Expert

The Lovely Dreggs, The Glory Undisturbed

The Lovely Dreggs, Those Most Loveliest of Lovables

The Lovely Dreggs, Tomorrow's Always Gone

The Lovely Dreggs, We Are Lovely Dreggs

The Lovely Dreggs, Would But I Could

The Lovely in-Betweens, Renegade Heart

The Lovely Intangibles, Tomorrow Is Never

The Lovemakers, The Lovemakers - Australian Edition

The Lovemonkeys, I Believe in Christmas (feat. Jd Rankin)

The Lovemonkeys, Things Are Different Now

The Lovenow Band, Calvary

The Loverboi, On Top

The Lovers, The Lovers

The Loves, The Loves

The Lovesound, The Lovesound

The Lovestrange, I Liked It, No I Didn't

The Lovetowners, Bright

The Loveumentary, Marriage Is Not for You (feat. Seth and Kim Smith)

The Loving Curmudgeon, A Hip Hop Lover's Partially Paranoid Lament

The Loving Curmudgeon, My Big Fat Tribute to Katy Perry

The Loving Curmudgeon, The 99% (Recession Induced Depression)

The Loving Curmudgeon, What Happened to My 401k?

The Low Branches, Rain Song

The Low Maintenance Folkies, Pleased With Punch

The Low Men, What Would You Do?

The Low Stars, Low Stars

The Low-Fi Cowboys, Atmosphere

The Low-Flow Playaz, Still Here

The Lowbots, The Lowbots

The Lowbred Watts, This American Hide

The Lower Eastside Connection, The Lower Eastside Connection

The Lower Grounds Advantage Band, Highway 32

The Lower Lakes, The Lower Lakes

The Lower West, Only the Dead Know Brooklyn

The Lowes, Casual Classics

The Lowes, We Will Go On

The Lowkeys, The Wake Up!

The Lowlander Highlanders, The Miner`s Jig

The Lowlands, Bark and Twine

The Loyal Opposition, Why I Drink

The Loyal Order, The Loyal Order

The LSD Enigma, S/T

The Lucas Cates Band, All The Pieces

The Lucas Cates Band, Good Folks

The Lucas Cates Band, Shoestring Fox

The Lucid Dream Masters, Star Wars Is Nothing Without Harrison Ford

The Lucid Subconscious, Photons from Paradise

The Luck, EOS: A New Beginning

The Lucknow Project, Lift Up Your Heart

The Luckouts, The Luckouts

The Lucky Charms, The Lucky charms

The Lucky One, The Lucky One

The Luddites, Me No Want No Twitter

The Ludvico Treatment, Romanticism

The Lugosi's, Bela Lives!

The Luke Austin Band, Long Road Home

The Lulu Raes, Reputation

The Lulu Raes, Swing Me On a Vine of Sunshine

The Lulu Raes, The Way Life Runs

The Lumber Company, Bucco Fever

The Lumbrosos, Chag Sameach

The Lumbrosos, Day of Messiah

The Luminous World Orchestra (conducted By Steven Chesne), Muses Of Aqua

The Luminous World Orchestra, Threading the Ether

The Luna Blues Machine, The Luna Blues Machine

The Luna Sequence, Underneath

The Lunatic Fringe, Rising of the Fall

The Lunch Funks, Remix For Peace

The Lunchbox Band, How Much Is That Hotdog in the Lunchroom?

The Lurkers, Padlock and Chain

The Lurks!, Avoid Lurks

The Lusties, Cocks and Monsters

The Luvine Elias Jr. Jazz Trio, Songs For The Dinner Hour

The Lux, A Century's Work

The Lux, Usual Habit

The Luxury Liners, Overbored

The Luxury of Time, The Luxury of Time E.P.

The Luxury Spirit, Mackey Tapes

The Luxury, Why Don't You Cry Anymore (Like You Used To)?

The Lve, Bags

The Lying Cheats, Dirty Look, Dirty Face

The Lyle Machine, Man Made Mountains

The Lyman Woodard Trio, 74/93 Live - At Last!!

The Lyon Crowns, The Lyon Crowns

The Lyons, More Than Conquerors

The Lyons, Stand

The Lyons, Written in His Hand

The Lyrical, If I Was Earth

The Lyrical, The Lyrical

The Lyricists, Transmittin` Live! The Radio EP

The M-Humm, ii!!

The M.C.O.`s, Killer Pizza

The M.U.S.I.C, Lord's Prayer

The M2M Band, St-Martini

The MA Love Song Warriors, We Love Massachusetts Girls! Mass Girls are Wicked Awesome!

The MacGregors, Dark Beauty

The MacGregors, Keep It Simple Series, Vol. 1

The Machetes, Last Train Home - Ep

The MacKenzie Blues Band, Slam! Bam!

The MacMammals, Keeping Up With the Heard

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, The House of Delight (A Halloween Tale)

The Mad Maggies, Flashbacks - the Mad Maggies play vintage hits

The Mad Maggies, Skull and Magpies

The Mad Murdocks, 125 Years E.P.

The Mad Science Bros, Project X

The Mad Skeleton, New Highway

The Mad Sugars, Save Your Breath / Scene of the Crime

The Madding Crowd, A Bagful of Kisses

The Maddy Lane Project, Answer Quickly

The Maddy Lane Project, You Changed Me

The MadHatters, Red, White & Blazers: The Gameday Collection

The Madison Project, The Madison Project

The Madisons, Good Time and Money

The Madisons, Greener

The Madness Method, Better Without You

The Madness, Rays of the Sun

The Madrigal Choir of Binghamton, Gifts of the Spirit

The Maggie Valley Band, Bring Us Back

The Magic Crayons, Disco Yeah!

The Magic Crayons, Robots and Rainbows

The Magic Touch, Welcome To The Party

The Magician & The Gates of Love, I Want it All

The Magnificent 7, Secrets 5

The Magnolias, Better Late Than Never

The Magnolias, Pop the Lock

The Magnumb Opus, The Magnumb Opus

The Magnums, Midnight Stealth

The Mags, Banshee

The Maguires, The Original Carter Family+jimmy Rogers Remembered By The Maguires

The Mah/Goodman Quartet, Convergence

The Mahoney Brothers, Runnin' Too Long (30th Anniversary Special Edition)

The Mahoots, Between the Gluttons

The Mahoots, Resurrection Lily

The Mahoots, Sweet Suburban Mothers

The Maids of Honor, The Maids of Honor

The Mailboxes, Red Flags

The Main Guy & The Other Guys, Partyhard

The Main Guy & the Other Guys, The Main Guy & the Other Guys

The Main Street Players, Melody and Movement

The Mainland, Last Call EP

The Major Minus, The Major Minus - EP

The Major Sevens, Goodbye Baby

The Major, The Town Is Talking - EP

The Make Believe, Is

The Make, Kindness and Love By the Hour

The Make, Rendered Elsewhere and Otherwise

The Makem and Spain Brothers, Home Away From Home (Live From the Mother Lode Theatre in Butte, MT)

The Makem and Spain Brothers, I Heard the Bells

The Makeshift Temporaries, The Makeshift Temporaries

The Makeshift, We Are Young and Running Out of Time

The Making Butterflies, Sweet Revenge

The Malach Brothers, Hot Pretzels

The Malakas, You're Welcome

The Malamondos, It`s a Bad World, Baby!

The Malarians, In the Cool Room

The Malibooz, Queen's English

The Malkin-Trybek Duo, Iris Malkin & Edward Trybek, Cadencia

The Mallet Band, Phone Call From Barcelona

The Mallett Brothers Band, Low Down

The Mallett Brothers Band, The Mallett Brothers Band

The Malls, The Malls

The Mallstars, Studio Outtakes and Other Nonsense

The Mallstars, The Mallstars

The Malones, Self Titled

The Mambo Brothers, Night Owl

The Mambo Brothers, We Got It Goin' On

The Mambo Surfers, The PTSD Songbook

The Mams, Wam Bam!

The Man Band, Pabstronauts

The Man Gabriel, Death in Jamrock

The Man in the Moon, Judges` Hill

The Man Who Bleeds Music, The Director's Cut

The Man Who, Via Carolina

The Man Whom, Call All the People

The Man Whom, The Greatest Event

The Mana'o Company, A 20 Year Collection of the Mana'o Company

The Mana'o Company, I Gotta Know

The Manbo, Someday Baby!

The Manchurian Incident, 1931

The Manchurian Incident, Hungry Hungry Hippocampus

The Manchvegas Outlaw Society (M. O. S.), Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas

The Mandala Virus, The Mandala Virus

The Mandarins, 15

The Mandolas, Marianne

The Mandolas, My Greatest Day

The Mandolin Wind Project, Second Wind

The Manganiyar Seduction - by Roysten Abel, The Manganiyar Seduction - by Roysten Abel

The Mangledwurzels, Get Orf My Land!

The Mangledwurzels, Wurz `Ee II

The Mango Men, Everyday`s A Saturday

The Mangoes, The Mangoes

The Manhattan Mob, Damn Straight

The Manly Deeds, The Manly Deeds

The Manner Born, Urgency

The Mansfields, The Crusher

The Mansfields, The Way I Walk

The Manson Family Reunion, The Biodegradable Machine

The Mansters, EP

The Manta Rays, Jekyll Island Matinee

The Manta Rays, Spiders Don't Talk

The Manticores, Petaltails

The Mantons, Squeeze the Fish

The Manvils, Strange Disaster

The Manx, Storms Thrashing Our Vessel

The Manxx, Hot Singles Ready for Love

The Many Men, The Many Men

The Map, Rain Song

The Maple Days, Nocna

The Maple Days, Predohra

The Maple Days, Santa Claus and Little Sister

The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra, The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra

The Maple Trio, Samara

The Maplerooms, Paddy's Day (feat. Michael O'Connor)

The Mar-Tans, Repurpose

The Marabi band, Mama

The Marble Choir, It's About Love

The Marble Choir, Sweet Hour

The Marble Tea, Fantastic Day EP

The Marble Tea, The Dali Whisper

The Marc Atkinson Trio, The Marc Atkinson Trio II

The Marc Joseph Band, Breathe

The Marc Joseph Band, Breathe

The Marc Joseph Band, City Lights

The Marc Toussaint Combo, A Swingin' Singin'christmas

The March Divide, Billions

The March Hare, Mister Nimbus

The Marches, Director of Photography - EP

The Mare, A Life in Solitude

The Mare, I'm So Happy

The Mare, Time To

The Margaret Slovak Quartet, For the Moment

The Margarets, His Mercy Lasts Forever

The Margie Trick, Can't Wait for the Summer

The Margie Trick, Date Night

The Margins, Anger Management

The Margo Macero Project, It Is What It Is

The Mari On the Beach, Get Out of Making Music

The Mari On the Beach, Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy

The Mari On the Beach, Play Music, Sing a Song

The Marianne Pillsburys, The Hot EP

The Mariannes, Lost With All Hands

The Marimba Belles, Mamma Mia! It`s the Marimba Belles

The Marimba Duo, Riverdance

The Marimba Duo, Tatsuo Sasaki & Michiko Noguchi, Tempest

The Marin Project, The Marin Project

The Marina Beat, Ready, Set, Beat!

The Marini Consort , Secrets of the Heavens With Mark Rylance, Mark Tucker and Catherine King

The Marionettes Chorale, Landmarks: The 50th Anniversary Commemorative Album

The Marius Band, Forever Fandango

The Mark Alberici Music Co., Hold On to Love

The Mark Buza Orchestra, A Christmas Celebration

The Mark Chapman Band, Where Would You Go (If You Couldn't Go Home)?

The Mark Monty Band, Nothing To Lose

The Mark Smallman Band, Who Cares? (Remastered)

The Mark Sterbank Group, Hymns & Spirituals 2

The Mark Weliky Trio, The Mark Weliky Trio

The Mark Zaleski Band, The Mark Zaleski Band

The Marksman, The Reason I Put This Together

The Marlboro Chorus, The Broken Kid

The Marlowes, Nuclear Suitcase

The Maroons, You`re Gonna Ruin Everything

The Marrieds, Let's Have an Old-Fashioned Christmas

The Marrieds, Snow Song Trilogy

The Marrying Type, Until Death

The Marshalls, Give It To Jesus

The Marshalls, I Can Tell the World

The Marshalls, I'll Walk With God

The Marshalls, Lead Me Home

The Marshalls, This World Is Not My Home

The Marshalls, What Can I Give Him

The Marta Complex, The Truth, The Laughter And The Living

The Marty Ford Experience, Show Me the Way

The Martyr Ballad, This Aint My First Rodeo

The Martyrs Return, With Her hands

The Martyrs, Redemption Hall

The Martyrs, The Martyrs Remixed and Remastered

The Marvelous Beauhunks, Do Not Resuscitate

The Marvelous Beauhunks, Scud

The Marvelous Beauhunks, Who Said the Kids Are Alright?

The Marvin Jones Trio, Seven Days

The Marvins, Lucky Stone

The Marvins, The Demos

The Marvins, Waves of Strange

The Mary Dream, This Kind of Life

The Mary Jane Jones, Shake

The Mary Pitchford Band, Mary Pitchford Song Sampler

The Mary Rocket, Ray of Hope

The Mascot Theory, Under the Borrowed Moon

The Mash Potangos, Nightshades

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, A Comedy of Terrors

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, About Farce

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, All's Fair

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, Beautopia: A Face Odyssey

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, Quick, Before It's Written

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, Wishful Sinking (Original Soundtrack)

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, Wrought Irony (Original Cast Recording)

The Masked Ass, Frak You

The Masons, Brick and Mortar

The Masons, Change Me Back

The Mass Magicians, A Ghost at the End of the World

The Massacoustics, The Banjo E.P.

The Masta`s Rapper, Don`t Get Left Behind

The Master Chaynjis, Only Death Can Save Us

The Master's Men of FBC Silsbee, Celebrating Christmas

The Master's Men of FBC Silsbee, Headin' Home

The Master's Men of FBC Silsbee, Road to Glory

The Master's Men, Convention and Quartet Classics

The Master's Men, Faithful All Along

The Master's Men, Songs of Faith

The Master's Men, Traditional Christmas

The Master's Own, According To His Mercy

The Master's Peace, We're Celebrating

The Masters Men of FBC Silsbee, Songs That Keep Us Singing Hymns of the Church

The Masters Of Music Big Band, Ron Kischuk and The Masters of Music Big Band

The Masterwork Chorus, To Hear The Angels Sing

The Master`s Men of FBC-, Singin` The House Down

The Matador, Death Country

The Matador, Destroyer

The Matador, Once Upon a Sinking Ship

The Mates, Future Junk

The Mates, Leaving Yesterday Behind

The Math-amphetamines, Routine Maneuvers

The Mathemagicians, 225 Digits of Pi

The Mathieu Family, In His Hands

The Mathletes, Excalibur

The Matinee, Swagger Back

The Matinees, All These Days

The Matinees, Make The Leap

The Matinees, Sleepy Seeds

The Matt DeVita Project, Insamnia Cafe

The Matt Burke Band, End of Time

The Matt Burke Band, Pretty Close to Very Good

The Matt Burke Band, The City

The Matt Estrin Collective, All for Your Glory (Live)

The Matt Fuller Group, Waiting for Violet

The Matt Hoffmann Quintet, Communion

The Matt Lloyd Project, You Against Yourself Ep

The Matt Van Winkle Band, Sunshine National Dust

The Matthew Finck Jonathan Ball Project, It's Not That Far

The Matthew Show, A Brighter Place in the Sun

The Matthew Show, All My Life

The Matthew Show, Crackertoa (Am 820)

the matthew show, february

The Matthew Show, Little Town

The Matthew Show, Memphis

The Matthew Show, Poison Picking Time

The Matthew Show, Square (The Nerd Song)

The Matthew Show, When the Night Comes

The Matthew Yeakley Group, Dirty Words

The Matthews Family, Original Worship

The Matthias Sisters, O Holy Night

The Mattoid, Glory Holy The Ep

The Maui Wowees, All My Lovin'

The Maureens, Heartbreak

The Mavens, The Mavens

The Mavis Seed, Caravan

The Max, Wasted Love - Single

The Maxes, The Maxes

The Maxies, Greenland is Melting

The May Bees, Drop Little Boy

The May North, By a String

The May North, Interstate Lives

The Mayan Factor, Yesterday's Son

The Maybe Somedays, All We Have Is Everything

The Maybe Somedays, The Maybe Somedays

The Maybellenes, Let's Go On a Date This Christmas

The Maybenauts, Big Bang

The Mayfair Classics, Would Not Survive The Capture

The Mayhaws, Lonely Places

The Maykit, Over Water

The Maynards, Songs From The Heart

The Mazloom Empire, The Mazloom Empire

The Máirtín de Cógáin Project, From Cork with Love

The MC-1, Crash Like Thunder

The McAllisters, Once Upon A December's Eve

The McCain Brothers, Dirt Roads and Freeways

The McCain Brothers, The Legend of Guan-Di

The McCain Brothers, The McCain Brothers

The McCarthy-Young Experience, Nothing Gold Stays

The McCarthys, The Way Life Is

The McCormick Brothers, Bluegrass Invasion

The McCoy Tyler Band, Time Machine

The McDonald-Bianculli Flute and Guitar Duo, Hill of Slane: Psalms, Sonatas and Sojourns

The McDowell Family, He`ll Make a Way

The McGillicuddys, Sin Lane

The McGrath Project, Love Is a 4-Letter Word, Vol. 2

The McGrath Project, Tarantino Girl/Casey's Last Chance

The McGrath Project, The McGrath Project

The McGunks, Here Comes the Shame

The McGunks, Live Trash

The McHugh Boys, Take It in Today

The Mclaughlins, Blackberry Wine

The McLaughlins, Fade Away

The Mclaughlins, I'm Doing All Right Without You

The Mclaughlins, Lingers On

The McLaughlins, Little By Little

The Mclaughlins, Something Inside

The Mclaughlins, What You Choose

The Mclaughlins, When I Can't Sleep

The McNifficent 7, Outlaw Soul

The MDP, Teamwork (Cheerleader's Theme)

The MDP, Teamwork (Cheerleader's Theme) [instrumental]

The MDP, The Mark D. Twist

The Me Band, The Me Band

The Me in You, Forgotten Clothes

The Me Monster, Metro

The Me Monster, The Me Monster

The Me Toos, All My Creatures

The Meaning of Life, Kinky

The Means, You Were Right

The Meantime, The Meantime

The Meathooks, No End in Sight...

The Meänland, Sole mikhään (feat. Jope Ruonansuu)

The Mecca, Zoom Zoom (feat. Dupes & Shepp Dawg)

The Mechanical Cat, Nine Stars

The Mechanical Cat, The Mechanical Cat

The Mechanical Migraines, Tapes

The Med Flory Quintet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Meddling Kids, The Meddling Kids

The Media, Believe in Santa Claus

The Medieval Jazz Quartet, Plus Three

The Medium, The Roaring Twenties

The Meeks Family, 31 Years of Lullaby

The Meelkman, Meelk

The Megas, Get Equipped

The Megas, Get Equipped (remastered)

The Meharis, Adorable

The Meharis, Blow You Away

The Meharis, Ladypool Lover Boy

The Meharis, The Day I Fell in Love With Patti Bell

The Melatones, Go Like So

The Melillo Brothers, Something In Between

The Melismatics, Halo

The Mellon Bank, Who Cares About Rock and Roll?

The Mellow SpaceShips, Attack!! - EP

The Melobellies, Plymouth Rock

The Melodeez, Going Shopping - EP

The Melodeez, My World

The Melodious, Rock Me The Way

The Melodious, Thru Your Eyes

The Melody of the Heart, Music to Support Sleep, Relaxation and Meditation

The Mels Motel, Gone for Christmas (Ep)

The Meltdowns, Critical Mass

The Melvinator, The Circus

The Membranes, There`s No Place Like Home

The Memphis Sheiks, Up to No Good Again

The Memphis Strange, Birth of the Strange

The Men of Chor Anno, Howard Meharg, Frank Wildhorn, Reginald Unterseher, Steve Meharg, Sharon Bolster & Jack Murphy, Tell My Father (From "The Civil War")

The Men, Return

The Menace, 1up

The Menace, Get Ready

The Menace, Lauderdale Mint

The Menace, Rappa Turnt Slanga

The Menace, Trillionaire

The Mending Seed, Before You Came Along - Single

The Mending Seed, Broken Souls

The Mending Seed, Don't Walk Away - Single

The Mending Seed, Heavenly Peace

The Mentionables, Talk of the House

The Meow Meow Meows, A Meowry Catmas

The Mercantiles, The Door Is Open

The Mercenaries, Addicted to Applause.

The Mercenaries, Cursed Blessings

The Mercenaries, Some Sorta Salvation.

The Mercenaries, The Sound of Ourselves.

The Mercenaries, Tiime Takes Everything Away

The Mercies, Save Me

The Mercies, The Mercies Tx

The Mercurial Two, Painted Soul

The Mercuries, Science Park

The Mercuriis, The Album

The Mercury Dimes, Dime-o-Mite! 2 - Old-Time Boogaloo

The Mercury Seven, Century 21

The Mercury Seven, mcmlvii

The Mercury Tree, The Mercury Tree

The Mere Mortals, Dreams Are for Sailors

The Mere, Greetings from a one horse town

The Mere, Straight to Heligoland

The Merkins, Wango Bango (you know you want it)

The Merry Chords, Quizzical Seasons Tunes

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Bottoms Up

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Gloucestershire Wassail

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Winter Winds

The Mervyns, From Darkness

The Mescal Canyon Troubadours, Chattahoochee Coochee Man (feat. Danny Flam's New York Brass)

The Mesmerines, The Mesmerines - EP

The Message Ensemble, Eric`s House

The Message Ensemble, Walking With Jim

The Messenger, Get On the Train

The Messenger, Road to Damascus

The Messenger, The Love Angel Trilogy, Pt. I

The Messenger, The Love Angel Trilogy, Pt. II (The Ladies Remix) [feat. Rosy Donovan]

The Messenger, The Love Angel Trilogy, Pt. III (The Duet Remix) [feat. Rosy Donovan]

The Messengers, Clear the Confusion

The Messer, Tweedledum And Tweedledee

The Messiah, Red's Lullaby

The Messiah, There's Some Days

The Metal Babies, Ghostly

The Metal Babies, Great

The Method, Whip Around

The Methodaires, Gospel Revival

The Metric System, Watchdog

The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Brass Section, Metropolitan Opera Brass

The Metroschifter, Carbonistas

The Mhurs, In Another Tongue

The Miami Sports Band, Dolphins and Heat

The Miamis, The Miamis

The Miasmics, Let`s Go Get `em!

The Micah Walk Band, Bright Side Fantasy

The Micah Walk Band, Goodbye Austin

The Mice, Sorry

The Mice, The Sex Shop

The Mice, Volume 1

The Michael Blum Quartet, Initiation

The Michael Cearns Group, The Michael Cearns Group

The Michael Clem Trio, The Michael Clem Trio - EP

The Michael Fore Project, Got Swing?

The Michael Frost Trio, After God's Own Heart

The Michael Hitchcock Trio, Five By Three

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Faith in Free

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, TEDxSomerville Speaker Songs 2012​-​14

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Volume One

The Michael LaMacchia Group, The Adventures of Franz & Bonaventure

The Michael Louis Band, South New York

The Michael O'Neal Singers, A Choral Tribute to The Beatles

The Michael O'Neal Singers, Carols of Christmas

The Michael O'Neal Singers, Sing We Now of Christmas

The Michael O'Neal Singers, Songs of the South

The Michael O'Neal Singers, The Music of Ireland

The Michael Ponti Project/tWalla band, Kiss Me Baby

The Michael Rambo Project, Everything

The Michael Rambo Project, Things Within

The Michael Rambo Project, Touch

The Michael Ray Little Band, Star Crossed and All That Jazz

The Michael Simmons Project, Time Will Tell

The Michael Smith Band, Days Of Wonder

The Michael Stegner Trio, The Fantastic Adventures of an Amphibian Named Jamal

The Michael Weber Show, Speck in Time

The Michael Weizman Project, Kvetch

The Mick Austin Band, Drake Blake Returns

The Mickeys, Finding Our Way

the Mickeys, Walk Along

The Mickie Slippers, Open Up and Say, What?

The Microphone Misfitz, Escape from Babylon

The Microphone, Solo: Memoirs of a Home Studio

The Middle Eight, The Middle Eight - EP

The Middle Ground, The Middle Ground

The Middle Rats, The Middle Rats

The Midgetmen, Loud Enough.

The Midnight Antics, Cragsford

The Midnight Boogaloo, A Rival´s Departure

The Midnight Candy, Am I On Mars

The Midnight Candy, Waiting On the Sun

The Midnight Jezebels, The Midnight Jezebels

The Midnight Kicks, So Pretty - EP

The Midnight Kites, The Color of Light

The Midnight Pine, Awake Now

The Midnight Pine, Buried

The Midnight Rumble, The Midnight Rumble

The Midnight Snackers, Foul Weather Friends

The Midtown Men, All Alone On Christmas

The Midtown Men, Sixties Hits

The Midway Delta, Morse Code Over Land Lines

The Midway Delta, Sending Out Tendrils

The Midwest Indies, Voyager

The Midwest Quiet, Houses

The Midwest Quiet, The Midwest Quiet

The Midwestern Charm, The Midwestern Charm

The Midwinters, Hinges - EP

The Miffed, Down the Hall

The Mighty Chipman, Coconut Jam

The Mighty Diamonds, Evening News

The Mighty Fine, Brothers and Smugglers

The Mighty Goldantones, Tru Honours (feat. BT)

The Mighty Greegor, One Mang Bang

The Mighty Hellbenderz Band, Forced Absence Original Soundtrack

The Mighty Moon Men, Hey Lonely Soldier

The Mighty Moon Men, The Money Vise

The Mighty Moon Men, Via Satellite

The Mighty Mulligans, Music To Shank By

The Mighty O.V., Ov

The Mighty Offbeats, Don't Judge Me

The Mighty One, Bring It On (feat. Daniel Moir)

The Mighty Others, EP

The Mighty Q.C. 5, The Ego Demo, V.1

The Mighty Regis, Another Nickel For The Pope

The Mighty Soul Drivers, Qualified!

The Mighty Spiritualaires, Where Ever I Go

The Mighty Stef, Death Threats - EP

The Mighty Stef, The Sins Of Sainte Catherine

The Mighty Voice Cultural Choir, We Praise You Lord (Rea Ho Boka)

The Mighty Weaklings, Keep It Weak

The Mighty Weaklings, Medicine Brain

The Mighty Yachtie, Hurricane

The Mighty Yachtie, Santa's Moving South

The Mighty Yachtie, Sitting in the Cockpit

The Mighty Yachtie, Three Wishes

The Mighty Yachtie, Trini Christmas

The Mighty Yachtie, Welcome Aboard

The Mighty, The Mighty

The Migrators, Goodbye Uncle

The Mike and Duane Show, The Mike and Duane Show

The Mike Benign Compulsion, Haley Daley

The Mike Benign Compulsion, Here's How It Works

The Mike Benign Compulsion, Martha

The Mike Benign Compulsion, My Michelle

The Mike Benign Compulsion, Rollicking Musical

The Mike Block Band, After the Factory Closes

The Mike Block Band, Words R Words

The Mike Bono Group, From Where You Are

The Mike Cado Tentet, Nimmons `N`

The Mike Essoudry Octet, Passage

The Mike Greene Band, A Loss for Words

The Mike Hadge Trio, Conda Lisa

The Mike Justis Band, Barroom Philosopher

The Mike Kearney Ka-tet, Leitmotif Man

The Mike Petrone Trio, Blue

The Mike Petrone Trio, Mediterranean Jazz

The Mike V Band, What's Cookin'

The Mikey Needleman Band, Waiting for You

The Mildtones, Christmas My Way (feat. Karlsson)

The Mile Markers, For the Madness

The Mile Markers, Take To the Road

The Miles Box, Fumble Fumble

The Miles Donahue Quintet, In the Pocket

The Miles, Blood On My Blazer

The Militia, Davinci's Milvan

The Milk Race, EPO

The Milk Race, Rope Trick

The Milkman & Sons, Drownin'

The Milkman's Union, Apple

The Milkman's Union, Texas Hold Me (feat. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper)

The Milkmen, The Man with the plan

The Milky Whites, Theres Always Something Wrong with Everything

The Mill City Grinders, No Corn in the Crib

The Miller Effect, Ghost of You

The Miller Effect, Waiting for a Sign

The Millers, This Side of the Sun

The Milling Gowns, Diving Bell Shallows

The Milling Gowns, Light of the World Shine on Me

The Mind Reels, Unearthed

The Minders, Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends

The Minders, Down in Fall

The Minders, Hooray for Tuesday

The Minders, It's a Bright and Guilty World

The Minders, It's Gonna Break Out

The Minders, The Stolen Boy

The Mindless, Survivalesque

The Minnesota Sports Band, Brett Favre is Back with the Vikings! (Let's Do This Every Year!)

The Minnesota Sports Band, Twins, Timberwolves & Vikings

The Minnows, Leonard Cohen`s Happy Compared To Me

The Minor Adjustments, Minor Adjustments

The Minor Canon, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The Minor League, A Complete Work of Fiction

The Minor Melodies, Last Mountain Lake

The Minor Melodies, On the Edge of Right Now

The Minor Planets, Shadow in the Water

The Mint Exchange, T M E

The Mint, Love is Vapor

The Minute Hand Ballet, Brighten Up, B-Sides!

The Minute Hand Ballet, Humannequin!

The Minxspots, Paper Doll

The Miracals, Hermosa

The Miracle Jazz Masters, The Miracle Providers

The Miracle Machine, Pull Me Home

The Miracle Machine, The Hovering

The Miracle Mile, Every Reader Writes His Own Book

The Miracle of Healing Project, The Miracle of Healing

The Mirandola Ensemble, Nymphs and Angels

The Miserable Offenders, God Help Us

The Miserable Offenders, Keepin' the Baby Awake: Music for Advent and Christmas

The Mishaps, Summer of Love

The Mishaps, The Mishaps

The Mispent, Windows and Walls

The Misplaced Comedy Group, Original Podcast, Vol 1.

The Misprintz, Songs That Girls Like

The Miss Bennets, Ballads From the Boudoir

The Missing Link, Dance To Rok N Rol

The Missing Lynx, Uncovered

The Missing Parts, Folk Music from an Undiscovered Country

The Missing Piece, พักรัก

The Missing Teens, Music For Young Adults

The Mission Three, Big Time

The Mission, Seasons

The Mississippi Angelus, Songs from the Swamp

The Mississippi Boychoir, Joy to the World (Remix)

The Mississippi Boychoir, O Starry Night! The Mississippi Boychoir Sings at Christmas

The Mistaeks, Interrobang

The Mistaeks, Noob

The Mistaken, Andrea 51 (feat. Steve Sadd)

The Mistaken, Calliope Sound

The Mistaken, Voyager

The Misters, Fantastatron

The MIT Logarhythms, Give Us Back Our Spyplane!

The Mitchell Ruff Duo, Breaking the Silence - Standards, Strayhorn & Lullabies

The Mitchells, Bird Feather EP

The Mitchells, Family Tradition, Vol. 2

The Mitchells, Slow Gears

The Mitchells, The Secret Sounds

The Mittens, Here and Hereafter

The Mixed Emotions, On That Carolina Sand

The Mixtape, Headlines - EP

The Mizzerables, Every Last Stitch

The MLMs, The Corduroy Pants - EP

The MLMs, The MLMs

The Mnemonic Devices, 100,000 Lightning Bugs

The Mob Law, Hold Us Down

The Mob, The Mob

The Mobglomerate, Extinction Is Inevitable

The Mobglomerate, The KIll Formation

The Moccasins, Weathered Faces

The Mockers, (There's No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is in Your Heart

The Mockers, (What's a Better Present) At Christmas Time

The Mockers, Eres Tú

The Mockingbirds, Uneasy Stoner

The Mockingbirds, What You On?

The Model Rockets, Hilux

The Model Shop, A Walk Round the Estate

The Model Shop, This Is the Model Shop

The Model, Physical

The Modern Airline, The Modern Airline

The Modern Congress, The Hidden Soul of Harmony

The Modern Congress, The Protagonist

The Modern Day Rippers, Rip It Up!

The Modern Eldorados, The Rockmart Demos

The Modern Electric & Clem Snide, Slow-Motion Jeans - Single

The Modern Electric, All We Have Is Now - Single

The Modern Electric, Great Expectations

The Modern Electric, Northcoast Christmas

The Modern Electric, The Wait - Single

The Modern Grass Quintet, Bellwether

The Modern Grass, City Ghosts

The Modern Grass, High On the Mountain

The Modern Jazz Pilgrims, A Song from My Heart

The Modern Man, All Dressed Up

THE MODERN MEN, The Sensual Sounds Of

The Modern Nomads, All the Night

The Modern Prosthetix, Facebook Christmas

The Modern Ruins, Three Tracks from the Four Track

The Modern Savage, Subtle Advances

The Modest Proposal, The Modest Proposal

The Modest Proposal, The Modest Proposal - EP

The Modulators, Tomorrow's Coming

The Moetones, Lowbrow

The Mohican Scouts, Flat-Footed Ghost

The Moho Memo, Moving Pictures

The Moist Towelettes, Get Moist!

The Moist Towelettes, Girl Revolution

The Moist Towelettes, The Moist EP

The Mojave Collective, Rust and Dust

The Mojo Daddies, A Different Way

The Mojo Daddies, A Long Road

The Mojo Daddies, Back To Champaign

The Mojo Gurus, Santa Won't You Please Bring Me Some Beer

The Molecules, No-Fi

The Molehill Orkestrah, TranScenic

The Molehill Orkestrah, Tu Anima Mundi

The Molenes, Good Times Comin'

The Moleni Brothers, Always There

The Moleni Brothers, The Bridge Builder

The Moleni Brothers, The Gathering

The Moleni Brothers, The Mission (feat. Natalia)

The Mollies, Dragonslayer

The Mollies, Yours Around the Rosies

The Molotov Cocktails, Do You Think You Can Save Me

The Moment, When All Doors Are Closed

The Moments of Clarity, Its a Black and White World

The Mommyheads, Acorn

The Monaros, Family Album

The Monday Life, Can't Beat Me

The Monday Mornings, Fireweed Parade

The Monday Mornings, Swallow Down the Days

The Mondays, Push

The Mondo Tones, Cartoon Violence

The Money Millionairez Club, Blessed wit badd luck

The Mong Cowboy, Tseg Tau 30 Xyoo

The Mongol Beach Party, Toast: reburn

The Monitors, The Monet Shot

The Monitors, The Monitors

The Monitors, Three Way Disco

The Monk is Mad, The Monk is Mad

The Monkey Face, The Monkey Face

The Monks Of Belmont Abbey & Alan Rees, In the Presence of the Angels

The Monobloggers, Nod My Head

The Monobloggers, Time Stands Still

The MonoMyth Inception, MonoMyth

The Monotremes, Phantasmagorganism EP

The Monsieurs, The Monsieurs

The Monster Fool, All I Got

The Monster Show, And In Our Final Days As Archipelago

The Monster Show, Superheroes

The Montague Love Experience, Little Baby

The Montana Acoustic Project, Glacier National Park

The Montana ShamRockers, Just Plain Lucky

The Montana Shamrockers, New and Used

The Monte Vista, Money Makes You Boring

The Monterey Jacks, Deep In the Woods

The Monterey Jacks, The Monterey Jacks

The Monteurs, The Monteurs

The Monthlies, Hip Girl - Single

The Monthlies, Monthlies, Assemble!

The Montucky Cropdusters, With All Due Respect

The Montville Project, The Montville Project, Vol. 2

The Monty Casper Project, Orbitsphere

The Mood Doctors, Out Break

The Mood Ratio, Sharp Shadows

The Mood, From the Well

The Mood, Pillow Talk

The Mood, Seven Days

The MoodieVeto, Say Goodnight, Lost Love

The Moody Jews, The Moody Jews

The Mooks, Side 1

The Moon, Good and Evil

The Moonband, Denavigation

The Moonband, Songs We Like to Listen to While Traveling Through Open Space

The Moondogs, Red Fish

The Moondogs, The Moondogs

The Moonlight Cowboys, The Moonlight Cowboys

The Moore Family, Tazaely Entertainment Presents: The Moore Family Project

The Moorelands Project, Set It Off, Johnny McEnroe

The Moorelands Project, Set It Off, Johnny McEnroe

The Moorelands Project, The Trip

The Moores, None Too Ready

The Moorlands, Open Road

The Mop Tops, Inside

The Mop Tops, Love Potion

The Moral Hazards, Jobless Recovery

The Moral Hazards, Too Big To Fail

The Morals, Live from the Banana Stand

The Morals, Sleeping in a Hammock

The Morals, Summastorms

The Morays, Everything Will Be Alright

The Morbid Fascinators, Just Once a While

the more, waiting to burn

The Moreira Project, Citizen of the World, Vol. 2

The Morels, Suspicion

The Moreno Twins, Let's Play With Fire

The Moreno Twins, Magic

The Morganville Four, Alone With My Dream

The Mormon Christmas Ensemble, Bethlehem

The Morning After, Tonight

The Morning Life, Bootleg: Series 3

The Morning Life, Old Hymns of a New Age

The Morning Sins, Hard Case

The Morning Stares, See the Bright Lights

The Morning Stars, Radiation

The Morning Tree, The Morning Tree

The Morning West, Derailed

The Morning, Praise the One

The Morningsides, Get Sick

The Morris Brothers, Bullybusters

The Morrison Brothers Band, Ice On Fire

The Morrison Brothers Band, Midnight in Virginia

The Morrisons, Electricar

The Morrisons, Morrisons Brew

The Morse Codes, All the Right Reasons

The Morse Codes, Just a Ghost

The Morsures, Morsure

The Mortaholics, No Valentine Bomb (Valentine's Day Rap)

The Mortified After School Orchestra, Thriller

The Mortimer, Palatinate

The Mosaics, The Mosaics

The Mosquitoes, African Beauty

The Mosquitoes, Chocolata (Remix)

The Mosquitos, Time for Me

The Mosquitoz, Drenched

The Mosquitoz, When the Wolves Cry

The Moss Brothers Band, Royal Orleans

The Mossgatherers, Uzbek Cybercrime

The Mosstins, The Mosstins

The Most Amazing Century of Science, Voice Actors, Vol. 1

The Most Beautiful Losers, Midnight Piranha Brothers

The Most Beautiful Losers, Sometimes It's Messy

The Most Beautiful Losers, Wreckage

The Most Best, Gold / Bitchy Beats

The Most Best, Trouble

The Most Best, Watch Out

The Most Dangerous Man in America, Got'm

The Most Hated, Most Hated Militia

The Most Powerful Weapon, What It's Like to Live EP

The Most, The Most

The Motern Media Holiday Singers, We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Updated for Modern Food)

The Motes, History Missed

The Mother Z's, 'tis the Z's-Son!

The Mother Z's, A Nice, Robust EP

The Mother Z's, Finally

The Mother Z's, Permanent Collection

The Mother Z's, Singles

The Mother Z's, The Campfire EP

The Mother Z's, The Mother Z's

The Mother, Lost Shadows in the Dark

The Mothership Commandos, We Are Here. We Are Listening.

The Moths, Where You Find Peace

The Motion Census, For Those Who Didn`t...

The Motion Sick, Novelty Songs: Volume One

The Motion Sick, The truth will catch you, just wait...

The Motion, Whatever Pleases You

The Motions, The Motions

The Motions, The Opposite of Everything

The Motivators, Yes We Can

The Motives, We Are the Motives - EP

The Motor City Brass Quintet, Christmas Vespers

The Motor City Sound Machine, Electronic Music Therapy Vol 1

The Motor City Squares, Distant Eyes

The Mountain Firework Company, The Lonesome Losing Blues

The Mountain Park Old Time Band, Dancing With Sally Goodin

The Mourning Sickness, Gets in a Ruction

The Mousai Singers & Daniel Cook, The Welsh Connection

The Moustache, The Moustache Wasn't There

The Move Band, Make You Loud

The Move Band, Make You Loud (GFC Presents)

The Move Band, Make You Loud (Grace Family Church Presents)

The Move'd Band, Latin Dance Music, Vol. 2

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 70s: Disco, Vol. 1

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 80's Pop, Vol. 1

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 80s: Pop, Vol. 2

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 80s: Soul, Vol. 2

The Movement, One More Night

The Movers and The Shakers, The Nitty Gritty

The Movies, Based On a True Story

The Movies, Meet The Movies

The Moving Parts, State Lines

The Moving Violations, Faster Than a Walk

The Mower Men, Mower

The Moxie Band, Someday At Christmas

The Moxy, EP Volume 2

The Moxy, Save You (Ocean Studios Sessions)

The Moxy, Step Down

The Moxy, The Fires

The Moxy, The Moxy

The Moyses Family Band, Home grown music 1980.

The Mr., The True Evolution

The Mrs., Erogenous Ringtones for Your Man (British Babe Accent, Vol. 2)

The Mrs., Mastive Help for Truck Drivers: Sexy Audio to Pound It Out On Long Hauls

The Mrs., More Sex Bites, Sound Bytes & Naughty Words for All Occasions

The Mrs., Sex Bites, Sound Bytes & Naughty Words for All Occasions

The Ms80, Better Days

The Mudders, Jeep Safari

The Mudders, Super Apple - EP

The Muddy Basin Ramblers, Formosa Medicine Show

The Mudsharks 3, Squeeze It

The Muellers, The Muellers

The Muggies, First Album

The Muhlenberg AcaFellas, Members Only

The Mujicians, Feel Good Mugik (Full of Cliches and Replays)

The Mulberry Purple, Crash the Line

The Mule Newman Band, Somethin' On My Mind

The Mulligan Brothers, Via Portland

The Mullins Family, When the Ol' Preacher Sang

The Multiple Cat, "Territory" Shall Mean the Universe

The Multiple Cat, The Golden Apple Hits

The Mumbles, Muddy Mantras

The Mumbles, Once Eponymous

The Mumbles, Syncopatience

The Mundaze, Far From OK

The Mundaze, Love This Life

The Mung Brothers, Honey, grab your coat!

The Municipal, This Is The Municipal

The Munitionettes, Fast Jurassic

The Munks, Sing Dirty Songs

The Munsick Boys, The Munsick Boys

The Mural and the Mint, As The Eyes of the Seahorse

The Mural and the Mint, Private Pockets

The Murder Plans, The Murder Plans EP

The Murphy Brothers, Peace On Earth

The Murphy Brothers, Rubies

The Murphy Family, The Murphy Family - Revived!

The Murrays, The Ghost of Abner Peeler

The Muse Maker, How to Love Yourself

The Muse, Electrified Currents

The Musettes, September

The Musettes, Wanderlust

The Music Boat with Angie and Unc, Orange

The Music of Rick Britto, The Music of Rick Britto

The Musical Scientist, Fall Line

The Musician Physician, Blind

The Musician Physician, Twice the Love

The Musicians from the Church At New York City, All About You

The Musicians of Melodious Accord conducted by Alice Parker, Saints Bound for Heaven

The Mustachios, Ride

The Mustangs, Highway of Life

The Mutes, EP 001

The Mutineers, From the Dirge to the Dance

The Mutineers, Nihilisteria

The Muttering Guppies, Slippery Day

The Muttering Sickness, The Last Days of Radio

The Muzaholics, Lady (feat. Skip Pruitt & Jeff Murrell)

The MVM Depot, Send Me Back

The Mvmnt Band, Mvmnt Band - Ep

The Mvmnt Band, Mvmnt Live

The MVMNT Band, Spontanious Worship 2 (Live)

The Myconid, Myconid Madness

The Mynks, First Four

The Myriad Trio, The Eye of Night

The Mystery Keys, Dance Big People!

The Mystery Tent, Out of Control

The Mystery, Bad Years

The Mystic Cowboys, Dakota Folk Blues

The Mystic Philosopher, Too Much Control

The Mystic Truebudoors, Mother Nature's Children

The Mystiqueros, Agave

The Mystix, Blue Morning

The Mystix, Down to the Shore

The Mystix, Mighty Tone

The Mystrals, Another Time Blues Redux

The Myth, One More Chance

The N Result, Lines

The Na-Na's, It's Not You, It's Me.

The Naam Music Project, The Naam Music Project

The Nace Brothers Band, Trouble On the Hill

The Nachos, Stinky Fingaz

The Naddiks, 21cb

The Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific, Star of Wonder

The Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy, Live At Christmas

The Nails, Hotel for Women (Radio Edits)

The Naked Cowboy, What The Naked Cowboy Wants To Hear

The Naked Hearts, These Knees

The Naked Lunch, The Naked Lunch - EP

The Naked Orchestra, From Pandemonium To A View Of Eidolons

The Naked, Motorcycle Boy

The Naked, Teardrop Flower

The Namaquas, Starover Blues

The Name Project, Girls Volume Two

The Nameless Girl, Bipolar

The Nameless Girl, Love Is a Word - EP

The Nameless Three, The Nameless Three

The Nameless, N ep

The Names That Spell, Aandr

The Names That Spell, Accumulation Strategies

The Namesake Band, A Group Called

The Nancy Ray-Guns, All Those Years of Heart

The Nanker Phelge, Semi-Live and Well

The Nanker Phelge, The Empire Bank Incident

The Nanker Phelge, Thru Thick and Thin

The Nantucket Return, One Wish

The Naomi Star, Sunshine Girl

The Naomi Star, Through the Eyes


The Nappy Whigs, We About to Kill the Gym (Like It's January 1st)

The Narps, We Are the Narps

The Narropera Trio & Dorothee Jansen, G.F. Handel: Neun Deutsche Arien (Nine German Arias)

The Narropera Trio, W.A. Mozart: La Clemenza Di Tito

The Narrowbacks, Prodigal Son (I'll Be Home for Christmas)

The Nashville Natives, The Nashville Natives

The Nasty, Graves

The Nat Franklin Trio, Pillarless Coupe

The Nathan Allen Project, Friends Alone

The Nathan Allen Project, Life!

The Nathan McLeod Quartet, The Winter Months

The National Convention, The Sexy Sound of The National Convention

The National Cynical Network, The Best of Midnight Voicejail Vol. 1: What Is Voicejail?

The National Debonaires, Words Are Like Bullets

The National Flute Choir & Amy Rice Blumenthal, Breathless

The National Flute Choir & Amy Rice Blumenthal, Christmas Flutes

The National Flute Choir & Amy Rice Blumenthal, Christmas Flutes Encore!

The National Flute Choir & Amy Rice Blumenthal, Romancing the Flute

The National Flute Choir & Amy Rice Blumenthal, Special Occasions

The National Flute Choir, Here We Come A'fluting

The National Flute Choir, Over the Edge

The National Parks, Young

The National Pep, Citizen Gomez

The National Pep, Love Punks Want To Make You Cry

The National Pool, Better

The National Pool, Distractions

The National Pool, Hold Back (feat. Daj)

The National Pool, Home

The National Pool, In My Arms

The National Pool, Light the Way

The National Pool, The National Pool

The National Pool, We've Arrived

The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain, Sax Circus

The Native Bear, All Over - Single

The Native Howl, Death Jam

The Natives, Yma Jam Yma

The Nators, You Make Me Weak

The Natty Bros., Platonic Plankton From Pluto

The Natural History, People That I Meet

The Natural Mystics, I Still Hear Him Singing

The Natural Mystics, Love, Reign O'er Me

The Natural Mystics, The Natural Mystics

The Natural Way of Farming, Give or Get

The Nature Strip, Stars Turn Inside Out

The Navins, The Navins

The Navins, Time to Go

The Naysayers, Dee Eye Why: Or How We Lost All Our Money and Decided to Record It Oursleves

The Naysayers, Fools Gold Rush

The NaySayers, Headphone Food

The Nazarene, He Shall Be Called a Nazarene

The Nazarene, Nazarene in Dubb Revival, Vol. 2

The NBC Gang, D-Boy Status Vol.1 We Eating Money`` Nothing But Cash

The Ne're Do Wells, The Ne're Do Wells

The Nebblett Family, I Cannot Tell

The Nebraska Masque, The Nebraska Masquerade

The Nebulas, Life Is Short

The Necessary Band, Start to Back - Front to Finish

The Nechung Monks, The Nechung Monks Traditional Chants of Tibet

The Neckers, In A Whole Mess O` Trouble

The Neckers, Love and Infection

The Neckers, The Neckers

The Neckties, Chop and Change

The Ned Devines, Live At Finnegan's Wake

The Need, Wish

The Needables, Rainy Day Blues (In Aid of the Laura Brennan Charitable Trust)

The Needhams, Acoustic

The Needhams, The Needhams

The Negative Power, Muhje Jeene Do

The Nehemiah Band, Morning Came to Me

The Neighborhood Bullys, What?

The Neighborhood Trio, The Neighborhood Trio

The Neighbors & Greg Camp, Sessions from the Curve

The Neighbors, One Life

The Neighbors, Welcome the Neighbors

The Neon Ambience, A

The Neon Ambience, B

The Neon Desire, Chinooks (Deon Remix)

The Neon Desire, Force of Nature (Deon Remix)

The Neon Desire, Home (Deon Mix)

The Neon Desire, Let Loose

The Neon Desire, Radiate (Deon Remix)

The Neon Desire, Rage On

The Neon Desire, The Last Migration

The Neon Desire, X

The Neon Romeoz, Feed the Kitty

The Nephews, Young Hollow

The Neptune Power Federation, Mano a Satano

The Nerd Parade, A Delicate Bashing

The Nerds, In a War

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 100: Arthur Goes to Hollywood (5 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 100: Atomic Bass Drum (2 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 100: Beat Da Bum Bum (6 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 100: The Battle of the Kings (8 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 90: The Booty Shop (1 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 90: The Wobble Bass (7 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 90: To Da Vietnam Soldiers (3 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 90: We Do It Like Dat (9 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 93: Take the Money and Run (10 Out of 10)

The Nerdy Black Dued, Tempo 95: She Make Dat Booty Go (4 Out of 10)

The Nerve, Alien Scene

The Nervure Factory, Solare

The Neutron Drivers, The Neutron Drivers

The Never Never, Every Story Has A Thief

The Never Setting Suns, The Never Setting Suns

The Never Surprise, The Never Surprise

The Neverbells, Dreamland

The Neverclaim, I Become Low

The Neverhawks, The Neverhawks

The Neverines, Polarize

The Neverleaves, The Neverleaves

The Nevers, Lost in Neverland

The Neverwills, Up

The New 76ers, Superhighway

The New Ancients, Glory & Dismay

The New and Slightly Used, Delta Stone

The New Archaic, Movers and Fakers

The New Archaic, Outlined - EP

The New Assembly, Clouds and Waves

The New Assembly, Variable

The New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters, Bogtrotter Blues

The New Beans, The New Beans

The New Benjamin Britton, Raise a Glass Broken Land

The New Birthday Song, Your Trip Around the Sun

The New Blue, Joyride

The New Calvary Echoes, What Would You Give

The New Christianaires, Remember Me (Live in Concert)

The New Comers, The New Comers

The New Constituents, Dictated, Not Read

The New Digital Sound, Species Protector Volume Two

The New Divide, Created for His Praise

The New Divide, Destroyer and King

The New Divide, Greater Than Life

The New Divide, The Dark Side

The New Division, Night Escape

The New Earth Band, Gospel Truth

The New Earth Band, The New Earth Band

The New England Football Band, Still Recovering From That Loss on 2/3/08

The New England Football Band, The Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Song

The New Englanders, Shotgun Hill

The New English Music Ensemble, Magic Wood (notes from a composer's journal)

The New Era, And Then, Winter Came...

The New Era, Loch Lomond Suite (I. Loch Lomond, II. The Enchanted Lake, III. A Walk in the Park)

The New Era, Mid-December

The New Era, The Long Lonely Road

The New Familiars, Mill`s River/My Girl - Single

The New Fidelity, All Here Now

The New Fidelity, California Summer

The New Fidelity, Tiny Slivers

The New Gallery Band of York, Gallery Slaves

The New Geezers, Loved Ones

The New Governors, Make Your Move

The New Green, Easily Made, Easily Broken

The New Green, Elaborate Maps

The New Hot Club of America, The New Hot Club of America

The New Humans, Avalanche - EP

The New Iberians Zydeco Blues Band, Stumptown Zydeco

The New Iberians, Bon Temps Rouge

The New Iberians, Pingaddamidy

The New Inertia, Will Die!

The New Kinetics, Contact

The New Kingston Trio, The Best of the New Kingston Trio

The New Life, Old Dirt Road

The New Lightweights, Demo

The New Lightweights, Waiting

The New Lightweights, What Keeps Us Together

The New Line, Can't Hold the Wheel

The New Love Express, The New Love Express

The New Machine featuring MC Coleman, Another Brick In The Wall (Rap Version)

The New Media, The Electric Light - EP

The New Mexican Revolution, Black Mesa Songs

The New Minstrel Revue, Far and Away

The New Monastics, God Is in Love

The New Monastics, Om Mani Padme Hum (The Universe Dance)

The New Monastics, Shanghai Sadness

The New Monastics, The Quan Yin Power

The New Mountain Kickers, Two Days in August

The New Mules, Pride of America

The New North Carolina Ramblers, The New North Carolina Ramblers at Four and a Half

The New Occupants, Remastered

The New Old-Fashioned, The New Old-Fashioned

The New Olds, Fool for the Girl

The New Orleans Bingo! Show, Volume III: Memory Parade

The New Orleans Jazz Ramblers, It's Our Turn To Celebrate

The New Orleans Sports Band, Saints & Hornets

The New Peter Gabrielz, Care Free

The New Plastic Machine, TNPM

The New Queen's Ha'Penny Consort, An It Please Your Grace

The New Queen's Ha'penny Consort, In Timely Measure Move

The New Quintet, Diversity

The New Riddim, Kidnapped!

The New River Boys, Candor

The New Rome, Enfant Roi

The New Room, Only World We Know

The New Room, The New Room

The New Royal Travelers, Persevere

The New Siberians, The New Siberians

The New Snot Nosed Bastids, The Kinks Rare and Well Done

The New South Brass, For God and Country

The New Southern Ramblers, Old-Time Mountain Music

The New Students, When the West Wind Blows

The New Thoreaus, Sinners On the Take

The New Trocaderos, Luckiest Man in the World (feat. Kurt Baker & The Connection)

The New Trust, Get Vulnerable

The New Trust, We are fast-moving motherfuckers. We are women and men of action.

The New Twenty Two, Acoustic EP

The New Twenty, Collaboration Nation

The New Twilights, You`re Never Alone

The New Velvet & Caroline Glaser, The New Velvet & Caroline Glaser

The New Velvet & Esmee Denters, From Holland to Hillside

The New Velvet & Esmee Denters, Mirrors

The New Velvet, Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1

The New Velvet, Cover Sessions: Vol. 1

The New Velvet, Cover Sessions: Vol. 2

The New Velvet, Gone (Remix)

The New Velvet, Parachute

The New Velvet, Peaches and Coffee (feat. Alyssa Bernal)

The New Velvet, Rain Check

The New Velvet, The New Velvet

The New Weather Machine, The New Weather Machine

The New World Jazz Composers Octet, Breaking News

The New World Jazz Composers Octet, No Place To Hide

The New World Side Order, New World Side Order - Ep/dvd

The New York Acoustic Christmas Project, Acoustic Guitar Christmas

The New York Cowboys, Dreams Come True

The New York Madrigal Singers, A Treasury of English Madrigals

The New York Madrigal Singers, Erik-Peter Mortensen & David Schofield, A Gallery of Italian Madrigals & Motets

The New York Room, Dead of Winter (10 Wispy December Noels)

The New York Sports Band, Yankees, Giants & Knicks, Vol. 2

The New York Sports Band, Yankees, Mets, Giants, Knicks, Jets, Nets, Rangers, Yeah!

The New York Sports Fan, Mets, Jets & Nets

The New York Stage Orchestra, Belgium - Most famous TV Tunes

The New York Theatre Orchestra - The Broadway Choir, Musicals top 30

The New, The New

The Newbees, Goodbye Dove

The Newbees, Live at the Southgate House

The Newbees, Live On Wnku Studio 89

The Newfanglers, Blood in the Pines: The Story of Hollis Sheppard

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, Be With Me Lord

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, Born This Night

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, Come Be the Song

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, Every Age

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, No One But God

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, Send Out Your Spirit

The Newman Singers and Ensemble, The Chosen People

The Newman Singers, Awakenings

The Newman Singers, Hymn of Creation

The Newman Singers, Walk In The Land

The Newsom Brothers Band, Looking Back

The Newsong Group, Gracenotes - Songs of Peace and Love (feat. Arlie Scott & Andrew D. Brewis)

The Newsong Group, Songburst - Hymns with A Beat

The Newsong Group, Upbeats! - Songs with Spirit

The Newstead Trio, Mozart

The Nexion-Project, Voices of the Ascension

The Next Great American Novelist, NGAN

The Next Step, Honesty and Happiness

The Next Step, Love & Fear

The Next Step, Something Old, Something New

The Nextdoor Neighbors, Magic Vs the Machine

The Neymans, Embrace

The NH Love Song Warriors, New Hampshire Girl Songs

The Niall McCabe Band, Part of the Light

The Niall McCabe Band, Part of the Light (Single Edit)

The Nice Outfit, Kissing Jocelyn

The Nichols Sisters, A Prayful Christmas

The Nick Haas Trio, Another Dream

The Nicole Ensing Band, Riddles and Creeds

The Nields, The Full Catastrophe

The Niemis, Fresh Meat for All

The Nigel Bird Trio, Maybe This Time...

The Night & Day Duo, Over the Rainbow

The Night Ablaze, In My World

The Night Animal, The Night Animal

The Night Cart, Same Daydream

The Night Nights, Tucked In

The Night Terrors, Monster / Lasers for Eyes

The Night Travelers, Campfire

the Night Watchmen, Rain Come Down

The Nightingale, The Nightingale in the Trees

The Nightwork Band, Harmony Road

The Nihilist Assault Group, I Cannot Feel You As the Dogs Are Laughing & I Am Blind

The Nim Nims, Patten Towers

The Nimoys, Jijiji

The Nina Repeta Band, Good to Me

The Nine, There Is Hope EP

The Nines, Gran Jukle`s Field

The Nines, Nine Lives

The Nines, Properties of Sound

The Nines, The Nines

The Nines, Winter Snow and Icicles

The Ninjaviduals, Ninjaphobia!

The Ninth Move, The Ninth Move

The Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band, The Best of Klez!

The Nite Lights, Tumbling Hearts - EP

The Nix, Contact

The No Bozo Liars Club, E.P. (feat. Mati Mat & Rev. Digg Dawn Yonder)

The No Longer, All the Colours of Love - Single

The No Longer, I N R I

The No Name Band, Christmas, the Roaring Twenties

The No One Faction, Musings EP

The No One Faction, The Echo and Narcissus

The Nobility, I've Got A Present For You

The Nobility, The Mezzanine

The Noble Hearts, Salvation Station

The Noble Hearts, Song from the Cadillac Jukebox

The Noble Savages, The Noble Savages

The Nobodies, I'm Like That

The Nobody, My Myth, Your Märchen

The Nobody, Underneath the Earth

The Nobodys, Sidewalk Prophet

The Nobodys, The Nobodys

The Nocturnal Tomatoes, Crescendo

The Nocturnes, A Year of Spring

The Nod, Shoddy Heart - EP

The Nods, Static Pop

The Noel Chorale and Orchestra, Andrew Joseph Koslosky & Director Rev. Robert G, Sonnenberg, Noel, The Story of Christmas

The Noel Prior Band, Hazards

The Noise Chapter, Bleaching the Ghost

The Noise Monkey, The Noise Monkey

The Noise, Cold Memories

The Noise, Moths

The Nomad Birds, Amazónia

The Nomad Nipples, December

The Nomad Nipples, Septiculture, Pt. I

The Nomads and Friends, Evolution

The Nomads, The 7th Day

The Noms, Queen

The Non-Domestiks, Happy Defiant

The Non-Domestiks, Try

The Non-Filters, Dos

The Non-Filters, Northpoint Training Center Breakout Blues

The Non-Filters, Twin Hills

The Non-Toxic Band, It's a Good Day

The Nonparell, Anthem of Your Name - EP

The Nonrefundables, As You Like It

The Nonrefundables, Nothing to Be Done

The Nonsense Music Band, Autobiophony

The Noox & Jean Aita, Eternity (feat. Rose Marriot)

The Normal Living, A TNL Christmas

The Normans, Stereo Savant [EP]

The Normans, Transistor Sister

The Norris Brothers Band, Ride On Route 66

The Norris Brothers Band, Route 66 Is Alive Again!

The North & South Dakotas, Honey

The North & South Dakotas, Long Time Coming

The North 17th Street Band, Dirt on the Tires

The North Atlantic Jazz Alliance, Naja

The North End, The North End - EP

The North Gate, The North Gate EP

The North Pole Chimney Shakers, Mrs. Claus's Blues

The North Pole, No One`s Home

The North Side Billy Goat Loving! Believers, Bleeding Cubby Blue

The North Star Jazz Ensemble, Like Someone in Love

The North Star Jazz Ensemble, The Very Thought of You

The North Star Jazz Ensemble, The Way You Look Tonight

The North Valley, Patterns in Retrospect

The Northbrooks, Yes, Yes

The Northerlies, The Great Escape

The Northern Drones, Enemy

The Northern Drones, High Sky

The Northern Early Music Collective , Shona Mooney & Andy Watt, Northumbrian Exchanges

The Northern Lights, Heartbeat (feat. D_blank)

The Northern Pikes, It's a Good Life

The Northern Pikes, Live 2000

The Northern Pikes, Scene in North America

The Northern Pikes, The Northern Pikes

The Northern Pikes, Truest Inspiration

The Northern Soul, The Northern Soul

The Northern Way, Never be the Same - Single

The Northern Way, Starting Line (Remix)

The Northern Way, Starting Line - EP

The Northern Way, Throwing Rocks - Single

The Northernness, The Northernness

The Northlake Movement, The Observer

The Northshore, The Northshore

The Northstar Session, Late Bloomer

The Northwest Mission, Ceramic/Darkbird

The Northwoods, Morning, Noon, and Night

The Norton's Project, Happiness Love and Despair

The Norwood Twins, Feels Like December

The Not Mikes, Electric Schmucks

The Notes from Underground, Out On the Town

The Nothing Company, History Repeats Itself

The Notwist, Shrink

The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble, Transcendental Blues

The Nouveau, Visitors

The Nouvelles, Rising

The Nova Echo, The Nova Echo

The Nova Heat, The Nova Heat

The Novastars, The Novastars

The Novelist, Spoken Word

The Novelists, Book One

The Novels, Paper Cliché

The Novenas, This Gift

The Novenas, Two Stones

The Now People, The Last Great 20th Century Love Affair

The Nows, Jeoirn

The Nows, Solar Plane

The Nth Degree, Perfect [Radio Edit]

The Nu-Sonics, The Eureka EP

The Nu-Sonics, We're Not Happy 'til You're Not Happy

The Nu-Tones, Presenting The Nu-Tones

The Nuance, Intricate Simplicity

The Nubiles, Mindblender (Extended Edition)

The Nucleus, Love and Gold

The NuCorp Band, Tonight's For You

The Nudes, Boomerang

The Nudes, The Nudes

The Nudes, Velvet Sofa

The Nugget, We Are the Nugget

The Nuggs, Santa Claus Attacks

The Nukes, Debut EP 2011

The Nukes, Stable People

The Nukes, Vibrant Dreams

The Number Line, Aught Zero - EP

The Nutopians, Lennon Re-Imagined

The Nxt Level, Back to Intimacy

The O'Brien's, The O'Brien's Live in Concert

The O'Farrill Brothers Band, Sensing Flight

The O'Farrill Brothers, Giant Peach

The O'My's, Potty Mouth EP

The O'Needers, Everybody Talks

The O'Neill Sisters, Hello World

The O'Neill Sisters, Japan Tribute-Aka Tombo

The O'Neill Sisters, No Place Like Home

The O'Neils, Ode to Fresno (feat. Jackie O'Neil Kelley, Janice Stain & JoAnn O'Neil)

The O-Line, Autumn

The O-Men & Their Luv', Ghost Band On The Quad

The O.B.E., Onward Outward Upward

The O.P.L. Original Paper Lions, Female Advantages - Single

The O.P.L. Original Paper Lions, Love Lies - Single

The Oarsman, Writing House

The Oates Field, Wild Oates

The Oatmeal Jazz Combo, Whole-Wheat Oats

The Obituaries, The Obituaries

The Obsessions, Everything Is Happening

The Obvious, Duress

The Occasional Flickers, Home Is A Four-Letter Word

The Occasions, Fool

The Occasions, Nothin' Better

The Occasions, Nothin' Better

The Occasions, You and Your Lovin'

The Ocean Blvd Band, Set Sail

The Ocean Blvd. Band, Ain't Nothing Better

The Ocean Blvd. Band, Gettin' Caught

The Ocean Blvd. Band, Lake Shag

The Ocean Floor, Falling Star Castle

The Ocean Floor, Pop Quiz

The Ocean Man, 57 Minutes of Genius

The Ocean Party, Deadbeat

The Ocean Party, In a Knot

The Ocean Party, Social Clubs

The Ocean Party, The Dogs

The Ocean Party, The Sun Rolled Off the Hills

The Oceanic Movement, Don't Wake Me EP

The Oceanographers, Submarine EP

The Oceans Club, Seagull's Song

The Octavators, Octa-Mentals: The Freestyle Instrumental Album

The Ocular Concern, Sister Cities

The OD101 Project, Life in London

The Odd Bit, The Odd Bit

The Odd Lamb, Multi-Mouth Runner

The Odd Numbers, A Guide to Modern Living

The Odd Numbers, Retrofitted for Today

The Odd Numbers, The Trials and Tribulations Of

The Odd Sox, The Word That Isn't There

The Odd Trio, A Merry Odd Xmas

The Odd Wedding, The Odd Wedding

The Oddities, Dangit Bobby

The Odyssey Favor, Chinese Monster

The Odyssey Favor, The Odyssey Favor

The Offbeat, In Love Field

The Offbeat, The Offbeat

The Offbeat, We Are The Offbeat

The Offbeats, Lights Out In the City

The Offbeats, Standards

The Offsets, Los Angeles

The Offshore Rivers, The Offshore Rivers

The Oh My Mys, On This Road

The Oh So Serious, Lo Fi Hoax

The Oh Wells, Not That Girl from Transformers

The Oh Wells, Roll With the Punches

The Oh! Sullivans, Going Home

The Ohio City Singers, A Town Called Christmas

The Ohio City Singers, Love and Hope

The Ohio City Singers, Snow Days

The Ohm, Essence

The Oi! Scouts, Boots For The Beatdown

The Okapis, The Chronicles of Scarlett pt 1

The Oklahoma City Sports Band, Kevin Durant (Go Thunder Go!)

The Okratones, The Okratones

The Oktober 4, Liverpool Daydream

The Old Adage, Matches

The Old Country, Geese

The Old Faces, De Poes Met Een Kater

The Old Faces, Veel Liefs Uit Wolluk

The Old Familiar, The Old Familiar

The Old Flames, Eskimo Roll

The Old Fourth, Dogs and Hens

The Old Lumps, Getting Intimate With The Old Lumps

The Old Main, The Old Main

The Old Man and his Po' Buckra, Taxes.

The Old One-Two, Foxbones

The Old One-Two, Soulful and Small

The Old Paints, First Ten Songs

The Old Salute, In Common

The Old School Swing Band, Swing On By

The Old Stoic, The Old Stoic

The Old Style Sextet, Old Style Sextet

The Olde Souls & the Makeshift Band, Welcome Home

The Olde West, The Olde West

The Oldest Profession, 1208 N. Parkway

The Oldians, Old Secrets

The Olive Branch for Children Choir, Malaika (Angel) [feat. Jec]

The Olive Grove, Here's A Letter

The Oliver Southgate Band, High With You

The Ollards, The Walk

The Olympics, Young Braves

The Omega Gathering, Get On Board

The Omen, You Bitch

The Omni Galore, The Omni Galore

The On Fires, Betrayer

The Once Was, Post-War Parade

The Oncomings, Swingin' to Hurt

The One & the Many, This Is Our God

The One AM Radio, A Name Writ In Water

The One AM Radio, Accidents & Good Intentions

The One AM Radio, The Hum of the Electric Air!

The One and Only Bill Davis, Boogie, Man!

The One and Only Bill Davis, Once Upon a Time, in Nashville...

The One and Only Bill Davis, Very Entertaining!

The One and Onlys, The One and Onlys

The One and the Other, Front Running

The One And The Other, Montreal MM:0110

The One Chosen, The Creation

The One Direction Unicorn Riding Club, I'm a Directioner

The One With No Name, Brother Sister Day Anthem (Raksha Bandhan Day) [feat. Myssah & Ryaan]

the one, the dog and pony show

The Oneflower Tribe, The Oneflower Tribe

The Ones to Blame, The Ones to Blame

The Ongoing, Scarlet

The Onion Band, Grasp of Your Attraction

The Onlies, Long Before Light

The Onlies, Open Road

The Onlies, Setting Out to Sea

The Onlies, The Day That Never Was

The Onliners, Google Man

The Only Hip Hop Beats, Hip Hop Beats

The Only Michael James, The Digital

The Only Michael James, The Fraud

The Only Way, Dejalo Ir

The Onlys, Limbic System

The Onset, The Onset

The Oolong Gurus, Bangin' Stone

The Oolong Gurus, Sonic Debris

The Oompah Roundabout, Breed With You

The Oompah Roundabout, The Wibble Wobble

The Opera Clown, Heaven & Hell

The Opera Clown, Hero (Electro)

The Opera Clown, Wings

The Operanauts, Real Big Shark

The Opiate Mass, From The Belly of A Woman, Vol. 3

The Opiate Mass, Thou/Art

The Opiate Mass, Volume 1: Make A Sound

The Opiate Mass, Volume 2: Albatross

The Opposite of a Train, The Opposite of a Train

The Opposite, Intertwined

The Opposition, The Class of 66

The Optimum Pleasure, Voyager Returns

The Oracle Project, Five Mile Drive

The Oracle Project, Shine a Light (On You)

The Orange Curtains, The Anthropomorphist's Cat

The Orange Ocean, Caught In The Air

The Orange Roughies, Detroit

The OrangeTree EP, The OrangeTree EP

The Orbitsuns, Drunk in the Pew

The Orbitsuns, First Drink of the Day

The Orbitsuns, Go Get Em Tigers

The Orchard, The Orchard

The Orchestra of Angels, A Music Box Christmas

The Orchestra of the Longfellow Chorus, Lydia Forbes & Charles Kaufmann, Keep Me from Sinkin' Down, for Solo Violin and Orchestra

The Orchestrion, Hustle & Swagger

The Orchid Highway, Fourplay

The Orchid Riot, In This Run-down Town With Gangs, and Corperate-Vampires, With Fangs; We Played With Trashcans.

The Orderves, Let Me Borrow Your Wife

The Orderves, Valentine (I Want You to Be My Valentine)

The Ordinary, Deep Calls Out

The Organ Beats, Sleep When We Are Dead

The Organ Beats, This Christmas

The Original Cast of the Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Real Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Original Cast Recording)

The Original Coasters, He's in the Mix (A Tribute to Carl Gardner)

The Original Coasters, The Bumblebee

The Original Couriers, Changing World, Unchanging Chirst, Changeless Sound

The Original Couriers, One Nation Over God

The Original Crooks and Nannies, Soup for My Girlfriend

The Original Duplicates, This Is My Cry

The Original Karaoke Songs Maker, Karaoke Songs Music Original Karaoke Tracks For Singers

The Original Man, I Miss Your Smile

The Original Man, The Charm

The Original Milk Bottle, Milk

The Original Pinettes Brass Band, Finally

The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, Year of the Rabbit

The Original Room, From Here To The Moon

The Original Roseland Band, Sometimes I Wonder

The Original Snakeskins, Along for the ride

The Original StyLis, Where`ve You Been?

The Original Unit, Present Day

The Orion Experience, Children of the Stars

The Orion Experience, Cosmicandy

The Orion Experience, Heartbreaker EP

The Orion Experience, Nippon Ga Dai Suki (Japan We Love You)

The Orkids, Paper Dolls EP

The Ormidales, Bijou Blue

The Ormidales, These Little Dreams

The Ornaments, A Vince Guaraldi Christmas, Live at Middletree

The Orphan Trains, On The Night You Were Born

The Orphan Tunes, Imanrkist

The Orphics, Egypt

The Orphics, Purity

The Ortiz Band, Givin' It All

The Ortiz Band, I Vow

The Oscillators, Beat Tectonics

The Osian Roberts & Steve Fishwick Quintet, '...Meets Cedar Walton!'

The Osmosis Experience, Osmosis 1

The Other 3 Tenors & Celeste Rue, The Other 3 Tenors Live in Concert

The Other Also, Broken Clocks

THE Other Band, Next

The Other Chris Hardy, Insanity Begins in the Home

The Other Chris Hardy, Plinko

The Other Dramas, The Noisy Star EP

The Other Europeans, Splendor

The Other Guys (Feat. Oscar Foxley), I Only Bought You Flowers Because I Love You So

The Other Guys, Run to You

The Other Morning Call, Fakeurban

The Other, Legs Up

The Other, Pray - Single

The OtherHalf, Drug

The OtherTet, The OtherTet

The Otherwise, She Doesn't Care, She Wants to Dance

The Otteys, Heaven Is Calling

The Ottomen, Horses don't Have Lungs

The Ottomen, Mr. October

The Ourz, Dirty Tracks

The Out of Kilters, Get Yer Irish Up!

The Outback Gypsies, Beautiful Soul

The Outback Gypsies, You Call It War

The Outcast, LifeSigns

The Outcast, Locked In The Basement

The Outcasts, Route 1966

The Outer Toons, Volume I

The Outer Vibe, Hoka Hey

The Outer Vibe, Pass It On

The Outfit, Station Wagon Apocalypse

The Outfit, Tough Kids

The Outhouse, Thunder

The Outlanders, ...and this is how his story goes

The Outlaw Bob Walsh, Moonset

The Outlaw Paul Francis, Simply Outlaw

The Outlets, The Outlets

The Outlets, The Outlets Rock 1980

The Outliers, Late Out of the Gate

The Outrights, The Outrights

The Outside Alliance, No Regrets - EP

The Outside Track, Get Me Through December

The Outsiders, Acoustic Sessions (Live)- EP

The Outsiders, Family First / Battle Within

The Outsiders, Steadfast

The Ov Sound Lab, Overvogue

The Ovaltines, Here She Comes Now

The Ovaltines, I'd Love to Touch the Sky - EP

The Ovaltines, Inside Our Heads

The Ovaltines, Inside Our Heads

The Ovaltines, Inside Our Heads / I'd Love to Touch the Sky

The Oven Fresh, The Oven Fresh

The Overcoming, New Wings

The Overdrive Superthruster, Stay Gold Sessions-Live

The Overdubs, Go There With You

the overdubs, here is where we are

The Overeasy, Audible Candy

The Overflow Band, Beautiful the Blood

The Overlooked, The Broken Sessions

The Oversight, Far from Gone

The Oversized Groove, The Waterman - Single

The Overviews, Paranoija

The Ovnis, 100 Policías en la Disco!

The Ovoids, Fate of the Country

The Owner`s Daughter, Steve Baughman and Valerie Price, The Owner`s Daughter

The Oxygen Ponies, Harmony Handgrenade

The Oxymorons!, Dancing On Billy's Grave

The Oyster Murders, Disaster Flower Bloom

The Oyster Murders, It Might Be Real

The Oyster Murders, Lovers Who Drink the Sea

The Oyster Murders, The Sleeper's Heart

The Oyster Murders, Winter of the Electric Sun

The O`Combo, ...Back To The Sensitive Ground

The P.E.T.R.O.S. Project, Bluze Violin Sessions 2013

The P.O. Box Project, Maru

The Pace Brothers Organ Trio, Shazam

The Pace, Silent Friend

The Pace, The Good Life

The Pace, The Sane Society

The Pacific Brass Ensemble, The Pacific Brass Ensemble

The Pacifics, Pacifically...

The Pacifist, Alpacaswag

The Pacifists of Fury, Battle Hymns, Vol. One

The Package, Best New Artist

The Package, This End Up

The Paddle Boat, I Wonder if the Water Ever Tires of the Sea

The Paddle Boat, The Paddle Boat - EP

The Pagliarini Family, One Heart, One Voice

The Pah, All the Little Things

The Pain Relievaz, Awesomeness = Yes (The very best of the Pain Relievaz)

The Painted Birds, So Much for the Rain

The Painted Ladies, The Painted Ladies

The Painted Rocks, Fight Song

The Painted Rocks, Going to the Sun

The Palace Ballroom, Descender

The Palace Ballroom, This Is the Plan

The Pale Corners, Fireflies

The Pale Corners, REM

The Pale Figures, Memphis and Chicago

The Pale Pacific, Another Innovative Idea For The People On The Go

The Pale Pacific, Rules Are Predictable

The Pale Pacific, There Is A Song Headed Straight For Your Face

The Palette, Colorful Life

The Pallet Jacks, Fairy in a Bottle

The Pallet Jacks, I Wanna Be Your American Idol

The Pallet Jacks, Preguntas

The Palmetto Camerata, James Ackley & Tina Milhorn Stallard, Plastic: The Death of Beauty

The Pamela Hines Trio, Moon Germs

The Pan-Metropolitan Trio, Isolation

The Panamericans, Panamericans II

The Pandas, Solutions

The Pandolfos, Jingle, Jingle, Jangle, Jingle!

The Pangean Orchestra, Tinsagu Nu Hana - Japan Relief

The Panocha Commando, Sweet Loaf

The Pantomime Horses, We Are the Pantomime Horses!

The Pantones, Inside The Sun's Wild Flame

The Papa GG Band, Skipping Through Multiplication

The papa GG Band, Songs for a Practical Day

The Paparazzi Kids, The Paparazzi Kids

The Paper and the Plane, An Introduction

The Paper Bag Players, Christmas All Over The Place

The Paper Chain Gang, The La La Song (It's a Beautiful Day)

The Paper Crowns, See You Tonight

The Paper Janes, Shadowboxing

The Paper Jets, Almost Nine

The Paper Jets, Cooking Up an Accident

The Paper Jets, Elizabeth Distressed

The Paper Jets, Face Forward

The Paper Jets, Set of Rules

The Paper Jets, Sorta Bored

The Paper Jets, We Are All Strange Friends

The Paper Melody, Conducting the Motion

The Paper Shapes, Be Vigilant

The Paper Sons, Fine Line

The Paper Sound, The Paper Sound

The Paper Trains, The Mule

The Paperboy Today & diegoandrés, Kámara-Kamara

The Paperboys, Callithump

The Paperboys, Dilapidated Beauty

The Paperboys, Postcards

The Paperboys, The Road to Ellenside

The Paperclips, Cabin Sessions

The Papers, The Papers

The Paquette~Preston Project, Discover Me

The Paradise Band, Above All Else

The Paradise Band, One Heart

The Paradise Band, Paradise

The Paradise Band, The Collection

The Paradocs, Raindrops From Heaven

The Parallel, Starfucker

The Parallelograms, Adult Contemporary

The Parameters, Concrete Swamp

The Paranoid Critical Revolution, Death of the Cool

The Paranoid Critical Revolution, Euphobia

The Paranormal Song Warrior, Believe: Exciting Songs About Shockingly Mysterious Stuff

The Paranormals, Tomahawk

The Parents, British Swingers

The Parents, Come On England (Give It Some Welly)

The Paris Strings, Zabka's Themes from Television

The Paris-Manhattan Trio, Interplay

The Park Avenue Dregs, Haunted

The Parkbenchers, Peaks & Valleys

The Parker Brothers, Closer to Home

The Parker Sisters, Side By Side

The Parkers, Safe Camp

The Parkers, Skinny Girls

The Parlez, Glisten

The Parson Red Heads, Field Mouse Carnival

The Parson Red Heads, King Giraffe

The Parsons Affayre & Dan Walker, Songs of Earth & Heaven -French Choral Music Through the Ages

The Parsons Affayre & Warren Trevelyan-Jones, Membra Jesu Nostri - Dietrich Buxtehude

The Parsons Affayre & Warren Trevelyan-Jones, O Gladsome Light - Russian Sacred Music Through The Ages

The Parsons Affayre & Warren Trevelyan-Jones, Via Dolorosa - Music From The Italian Baroque To Uplift And Inspire. Lotti: Crucifixus A8 - D. Scarlatti:Stabat Mater - Lotti: Credo - Lotti: Miserere - Caldara: Stabat Mater

The Parsons Affayre, Magnificat - The Latin works of Robert Parsons (1535 - 1572)

The Parsons Affayre, Stabat Mater - A journey through the English Renaissance

The Particle Project, Valhalla

The Partisan Seed, SpiritWalking

The Parts of Speech, Michigander

The Party Faithful, Seven Cycles

The Party, The Party

The Passenger Pigeons, So Far...So Ok.

The Passenger, A Dog Named Bear

The Passenger, Slow Attack

The Passing Tones, Open Door Policy

The Passion, All My Life

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Good Songs About People Who Make Good Songs Always

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Here's Another Brilliant Album for You to Misunderstand

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Intensely Personal Songs

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, More Songs About Singers

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Nice Man Sings Song for the People Songs Yes Now Cover Up!

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Not Sure What to Make of This

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, People Who Like These Songs Are Correct

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Songs About Albums: Record Reviews and Ruminations

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Songs, Singers, Goats, Writers, Critics...all Sorts of Stuff!

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, The People Love This Guy Because He Makes Great Songs Like These Ones

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Unexpected Songs of Joy, and Celebrations of Music Stars

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Unofficial Tributes to Officially Awesome Music People

The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan, Songs About Singers

The Passive Aggressives, Conflict Resolution

The Past, Higher Than the Sun

The Pat Sheridan Band, The Love Remains

The Pat Williams Group, Around 7ish

The Path of Least Resistance, America One

The Path, In My World (Matthew's Song) - Single

The Pathetics, Mistletoe Belt Buckle

The Patient Patient, The Blood Drive EP

The Patrick Swift Experience, American Man

The Patriot Brass Ensemble, Honoring Veterans

The Patron Saints, Fohhoh Bohob-Deluxe Edition

The Patsies, Falling Day

The Patty Zumpe McGarrigle Band, Heart of Man- Blood of Your Mother

The Paucity, Good for you.

The Paul Abella Trio, Mainstreamism

The Paul Bomar Trio, Getting the Ball Rolling

The Paul Carlon Octet, Roots Propaganda

The Paul Dunlea Group, Bi-Polar

The Paul Hemmings Trio with John Tchicai, Letter From America

The Paul Hemmings Uketet, Introducing...The Paul Hemmings Uketet

The Paul Speidel Band, Gratitude

The Paul Speidel Band, Playing Stages

The Paul Victor Project, Time Machine

The Paula Franceschi Band, Tpfb

The Paula Kelley Orchestra (The PKO), Airports EP

The Pauses, Christmas Time Is Here

The Pawnshop Manual, Inside, There Was More

The Pawnshop Manual, Parcels & Polaroids

The Paynes, The Ultimate Collection Vol. 3

The Paynes, The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1

The Paynes, The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2

The PBJs, I Wonder If This Is How Dogs Feel

The Pea-Shooters, Future Renaissance

The Peace Boyz, Fruition

The Peace Creeps, Autumn Of Love

The Peacemaker, In The Beginning

The Peaceniks, Here Come the Peaceniks

The Peaks, Out Of The Box

The Peanuts, 10

the Pear Ratz, Rat Now

The Pear Republic, Middle

The Pearly Shells, Flip!

The Pearly Snaps, The Pearly Snaps

The Pears, Flavors

The Pearsons, Completely

The Pearsons, God Loves You

The Pearsons, The Gift

The Pearsons, The Healer of Our Hearts

The Pearsons, There She Goes

The Peartree, Something Like This Never Happens

The Peasants, Big Sunny Day!

The Peculiar Pretzelmen, Uncanny Eyes

The Pedal Stills, Night & Day

The Pedal Stills, SpeakEasy

The Peder Hedman Quartet, Don`t Fall Down

The Peds, All We Need Are Guns

The Peeces, Baby

The Peeces, Down Deep

The Peelers, Boots and Suits

The Peelers, Liquordale

The Peeping Toms, Maximum Rhythm and Reggae

The Peezies, Let's Make It Easy Peezy

The Pendel Brass & Singers, We've Come This Far By Faith

The Pendrakes, Sunday Punch

The Penetrators, I Painted Lips On My Vacuum Cleaner

The Penetrators, She's the Kind of Girl

The Penguin Party, Mesherlek

The Penguin Party, Sex Furniture Warehouse and other stories

The Penguin Society, Dominoes EP

The Penguin Society, Made to Break

The Pengwins, Naive

The Pengwins, Vol. 1

The Pengwins, Vol. 2

The Pengwins, Vol. 3

The Penn Pipers, Pipin' Hot 2

The Pennies, This World Unknown

The Penny Arcade, The Summersongs EP

The Penny Ballads, Flowers of Romance and Drunkenness

The Penny Merchants, Mobility

The Penny Merchants, Surrounded

The Penny Red, Where Butterflies Dance

The Penny Regime, Mystery Plan X

The Penultimate Truth, Flashback

The Penultimate Truth, Flashback 1.1

The Penultimate Truth, Urban Chaos

The People Brothers Band, Live

The People People, Primpin'

The People People, The Sound of Now for Tomorrow

The People People, We Are People People

The People Say Fox, Glowcap

The People Upstairs, Take It How You Want

The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City, The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City

The People's Majestic, The People's Majestic

The People, Beautiful Underground

The People, Round Round

The Peoples Republic of Europe, Reign of Terror

The People`s Band and Congress of Musicians, B.J. Levy Presents, The People`s Band and Congress of Musicians

The Pepper Pots, Waiting For The Chistmas Light

The Pepper Tones, Murphy's Garage

The Peppermoths, Head Full of Summer

The Peptides, I'm in Love

The Peptides, Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe

The Percussion House, Elements in Rhythm : Organic Music for Body, Mind and Soul

The Perennials, The Perennials

The Perfect Children, Get Me Mine

The Perfect Gentleman, Live to Love

The Perfect Gentleman, More Than Words

The Perfect Hours, Orphan Planet

The Perfect Nines, Heartbreaker

The Perfect Nines, Someday

The Perfect Pill, The Wake & the Wolf

The Perfect Poor, The Devil Made Me Who I Am

The Perfect Scoundrels, Deaf in one Ear

The Perfect Victim, One Against the Odds

The Perfectly Violent Dream With Becca Ayers, Spazcandy

The Pergantis Trio, Mind At Large

The Perilous Tide, Nights With You

The Peripherals, Declarations

The Perks, At the Docks

The Perms, Give Me All Your Lovin`

The Perms, High School High

The Perms, Keeps You Up When You're Down

The Perms, Sofia Nights

The Perms, The Aberdeen EP

The Perms, Tight Perm

The Pernell Reichert Band, Highway of Tears

The Pernell Reichert Band, Pernell Reichert and the Hard Drinkers

The Pernell Reichert Band, The Pernell Reichert Band EP

The Perpetrators, Live At The High And Lonesome Club

The Perry Case Band, You Are the Song

The Perry Twins & Cameron E Neilson, #allequalonthedancefloor

The Persian Leaps, Drive Drive Delay

The Person & the People, Big Whoop

The Persuaders, Ghost Ship Sailors

The Perugini Sisters, The Perugini Sisters

The Peruvian Flute Band, Peruvian Gold: the Hits

The Pet Ghost Project, Cheer Up~it`s Raining

The Pet Ghost Project, The Great Satisfactory

The Pete Christlieb - Andy Martin Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Peter Foret Project, Color Me Gone

The Peter Foret Project, N'importe Quoi (No Matter What)

The Peter Mayer Group, Under Your Spell (Live)

The Peter Mazza Trio, Circles and Lines

The Peter Ras Band, Just Cuz

The Peter Ras Band, Just Unwind

The Peter Ras Band, The Next In Line

The Peter Stott Band, Rig-Ma-Role

The Peterson Family, Blessings

The Pettyfords, Domesticated

The Pfeifers, An Instrumental Collection

The Phage, Princess Magma

The Phantom Broadcast, Dissolve

The Phantom Broadcast, Orphic Hymns

The Phantom Hours, The Birds Say Names

The Phantom Six, Plastic Rain

The Pharmacists Band, Tangerine

The Pharmacists Band, The Genesis of Agoraphobia

The Phase Sisters, Neighborhood Kids

The Phil & Pam Morgan Family, Amen

The Phil Chester Group, Open Door Samba

The Philadelphia Sports Band, Phillies & Eagles

The Philadelphia Sports Band, Phillies, Eagles and 76ers

The Philadelphia Sports Band, The Phillies are Great!

The Phill Botting Band, Weekend Train

The Philly Flavor, In the Zone

The Philly Flavor, The Captain

The Philly Joes, Spilled Milk

the philomankind, ask

The Phlegmatics, Alumnus

The Phlegmatics, Billy the Starfighter Pilot vs. The Phlegmatics

The Phlegmatics, Life Is Better With a Soundtrack

The Phobiacs, World Out of Control

The Phoenix Departure, On the Level

The Phoenix Within, Sharks!

The Phoids, Marianne Doesn't Know Yet

The Phoids, Mushyheadedgoogoomouth

The Phoney Man, Fabasay / Junk Music / New Times / De Peininch

The Phormula, No Formula

The Phranklyn Project, Turn the Radio Up!

The Physical Things, lullabye - Single

The Physics, Digital Wildlife

The Physics, Love is a Business

The Piano Gal, Joy to the World

The Pick Brothers Band, Pink Lemonade

The Pickle Of Love, The Untold Story Of

The Pickpockets, By the Time We're Through

The Picture and the Frame, Sounds Like Sex

The Pierre Hurel Trio, Portrait

The Pig Merchants, On We Go

The Pigott Brothers, Alien Like You

The Pigott Brothers, Crazy in Your Heart

The Pigott Brothers, Hard To Go

The Pigott Brothers, Mama Ain't Down

The Pigott Brothers, The Age of Peace

The Pigott Brothers, The Age of Peace, Pt. 2

The Pigott Brothers, The Beautiful's Gone

The Pigskins, Monsters of the Midway

The Pilgrims, Bu$$

The Pilgrims, It's Not Pretty

The Pillagers, Extended Play

The Pillars Project, The Pillars Project

The Pills, Mushroom

The Pimps, Fuck This Shit We're Outta Here

The Pin Up Girls, Pretty Things

The Pin-Up Girls, Take On The Weakened Sky

The Pinch, Shameless Dogs

The Pindrop Band, Take A Walk On the Wildside

The Pine Beetles, Celtic Heartland

The Pine Hearts, Winter On Orcas

The Pine Needles, The Pine Needles

The Pink Delicates, Who Stole the Quiet Day

The Pink Dust, The Pink Dust

The Pink Leopards, Dont Wanna Do That

The Pink Leopards, Pink Leopards

The Pink Leopards, So Cumon

The Pink Leopards, Twisting and Turning

The Pink Lights, Assembly

The Pink Spiders, Are Taking Over!!!

The Pink Spiders, Cherry Chapstick

The Pink Spiders, Sad Style

The Pink Widower, The Enchanted Realm of The Pink Widower

The Pinkerton Raid, A Beautiful World

The Pinkham Brothers, Welcome To Maine

The Pins, Discography

The Pinx, Look What You Made Me Do

The Pioneers, Got to Come Back

The Piper Downs, Mindset

The Pipes and Drums of the New York City Police Department Emerald Society, Out Of The Blue

The Piranesi String Quartet, A Truly Classic Christmas

The Pirate Flags, Songs of the Seas

The Piss Shivers, Cedric Crouch & King Kobras, Invasion of the Reptoids: Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Piss Shivers, Hepped Up On Goofballs

The Pistol Whippin Party Penguins, The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven

The Pit, Double Dutch Boy

The Pitch Invasion, Russian Roulette

The Pittsburgh Camerata, A Pittsburgh Wassail

The Pittsburgh Compline Choir, Blessed, Heavenly Light

The Pittsburgh Sports Band, Steelers & Pirates

The Pivot Foots, Wingless Birds of Flight

The Pj Grand Band, Mother Nature Needs Us (Karaoke Version)

The Place, The Place

The Place, The Place

The Plague Doctors, On the Moon

The Plaid Dragonflies, The Plaid Dragonflies (feat. Val & Tess Duo)

The Plaid Jackets, The New Adventures of The Plaid Jackets

The Plain Truth, A Christmas EP

The Plain Truth, A Christmas EP, Vol. 2

The Plain Truth, All In (Live Praise & Worship from South Africa)

The Plainsmen, Genevieve

The Plaka Band, A Time to Sing, A Time to Dance

The Plaka Band, New Songs of Old Athens

The Plan, The Plan

The Planet Pluto, Lights In the Sky

The Planet Riders, HomeGrown

The Planeteers, Crossing Shadows

The Planets, I Guess I'll Date Her Mom

The Plankerdown Band, The Jig Is Up

The Plant, The Plant

The Plastic Bastards, Bieber Loves Wiener

The Plastic Fruit, The Plastic Fruit Number 4

The Plastic Pals, Good Karma Café

The Plastic Pals, Riding With Elvis

The Plastic Soy Sauce, Kind of Yellow

The Plastic Teen, Flthy Thngs

The Plastics Revolution, Amor Fantasma

The Plates, Punky Reggae

The Play Along Jam Band, Pro Blues Backing Tracks (Chicago Blues in G) [For Trumpet]

The Play, The Sound of Pause

The Playdate Kids - Tim Friedlander, Island Potty Party

The Playground Ensemble, Dreams Go Through Me

The Playgrounders, Chasing Clouds

The Playoffs, Spotlight

The Plea, Nothin' But Trouble

The Pleasant Street Mafia, Black Market Sperm

The Pleasure Kills, Bring Me A Match

The Pleasure Kills, Dancing On My Bed

The Pleasure, The New Monarchy

The Plebeians, The Plebeians

The Pledge, The Pledge

The Plenty, The Plenty EP

The Plexikill, Three Things That Don't Exist

The Plimptons, 00s Nostalgia with the Plimptons

The Plimptons, The Life and Death of Colonel Plimp

The Plimptons, The Plimptons Are Cynical and Bloated

The Plot Twist, You've Gotta Start Somewhere

The Plucksters, A Child Has Been Born

The Plucksters, The Plucksters

The Plugin, Cliché

The Plugs, Extended Play (EP)

The Plum Pluckers, The Plum Pluckers

The Plumlees, We`re Headed for Barack Bottom

The Pluralistic Society, Ephemeral World

The Pluralistic Society, Lament

The Plurals, Whatevers Forever

The Pneurotics, Second Skin

The Poa Porch Band, Hammer in the Valley

The Podunk Poets, Studio Sessions: Volume I

The Poet Essence, Krooked Change Smeered

The Poetic Prophetess, Time Is a Space

The Poetrish, Don't Beat the Love Out of Me (feat. Vincent Corey Walker)

The Poets of Caterwaul, To the Ones My Ears Love

The Poikonen Dynamic, Like Brushing Your Teeth Naked

The Point Blank Band, Sad Songs and Whiskey

The Poison Oaks, Pine

The Poison Sisters, Keelhauling With....

The Poison Sisters, Tarantula Rising

The Poison, 1951

The Poison, Girlfriends

The Poland Brothers, First To Fight

The Polish Ambassador, Ecozoic

The Polish Ambassador, First Words

The Polish Ambassador, Future, Sex, Computers (Remixes and B-Sides)

The Polish Ambassador, I Found Him Now I Must Kill Him

The Polish Ambassador, The Phantasmal Farm

The Political Assasin, Built From Struggle

The Political Blockheads, Help! I`m Stalin... and I Can`t Get Up!

The Political Blockheads, Rhymes Against Humanity

The Political Scientists, America's Bank

The Political Scientists, The Political Scientists

The Politician and the Pr¡3st, Like a Circle

The Politician and the Pr¡3st, We All the Way Live

The Politician and the Pr¡3st, Who Loves the Girlz (feat. Ynot & Johnny Rock'it)

The Polka Dots, How It Used to Be

The Polka Dots, Knee-Deep

The Pollock Brothers, Shake

The Pollocks, French Girl

The Pollocks, Life of the Stars

The Pollocks, Wine Diamonds

The Polyamorous Affair, Bolshevik Disco

The Polyamorous Affair, The Polyamorous Affair

The Polyamorous Affair, White Hot Magic - single

The Pom Poms, Stranger Danger

The Pondhawks, Dreaming Over Ireland

The PondHawks, The PondHawks Have Landed

The Pons, In the Belly of a Giant

The Pons, The Blackest Shine

The Pontchartrain Wrecks, The Pontchartrain Wrecks

The Poor Clares, Resurrected Lover

The Poor Nobodys, Ink No Ink

The Poor Nobodys, Who Is Vermin Supreme?

The Poorlaw & Jordan Trask, Surrender

The Pop Quiz, 1996-1999

The Pop Stars, The Blue Album

The Pop Stars, The Pink Album

The Popest & K.O., Don't Let the Door Hit You

The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago, Serbian Tamburitza Favorites

The Popper, Er'body Da Police

The Popravinas, Wow

The Popsicle EP

The Popstar, The Popstar (feat. Emily WIlliams) [Spotlight Remixes]

The Porcelain Doll Collection, Grade One

The Porchistas & Ali Bang, Caramel

The Porchistas, Save the Earth

The Porridgeface, C`mon Everybody

The Porridgeface, Human Shapes

The Port Arthur Playboys, Live At Pine Tree Lodge

The Porter Draw, California Widow

The Porter Draw, More Trouble

The Porter Draw, Trouble

The Portraits, Timescape


The Positions, Tonight

The Positronic Cats, Love Is Impossible

The Possessed, American Hero

The Possessed, Beautiful White Moon

The Possessed, Cat's Life

The Possessed, That Was Then...This Is Now

The Possessions, Carousel

The Possum Posse, Let's Ride, Boys!

The Post Revivals, Gammaldans

The Post Revivals, Harald Rosenløw Eeg

The Postponers, The Concept

The Potato Pirates, Potato Pirates

The Potato Pirates, Williams Street

The Potholes Brass Band, The Potholes Brass Band (Rob Espino Presents)

The Potsdam Pitches, The Potsdam Pitches

The Power Cords, Modern Day Noise

The Power of Suggestion, Sleeping Past the Decades

The Powerchords, Think I`m Gonna

The Powerknobs, Tomorrow`s Never Going to Come

The Powerknobs, Turn On

The Poxy Boggards, Anchor Management - Digital Edition

The Poxy Boggards, Bitter and Stout

The Poxy Boggards, I Wear No Pants: The EP

The Poxy Boggards, Live in Consort

The Poxy Boggards, Wish You Were Beer

The Pozers, The Sun's Going Down

The PR Experience, Take a Walk With Me

The Prairie Acre, Jaybird and the Sparrow-hawk

The Prairie Acre, Roll Up Your Sleeves

The Prairie Acre, Who`ll Rock the Cradle?

The Prairie Dogs, Tested By Fire

The Prairie Scholars, Live Wires

The Prairie Scholars, Strangers in the Modern Era

The Prairie Scholars, The Wasteland Ramble

The Prairie Song Project, The Prairie Song Project

The Praise Ensemble, Psalms of Everlasting Joy (with Chamber Choir)

The Praise Ensemble, Scripture Greetings: a Gift of Comfort & Healing

The Prannies, Did You Mean: Panties

The Prannies, Songs To Date

The Pratt Avenue Singers, I Can Fly

The Preachers Blues Band, Yeah Baby

The PreCambrian Rabbits, Digging Deep

The Precious Few, New Waves

The Predicates, Let Me Carry Your Books

The Predicates, Wicked Smart

The Predicates, Words Teeth Sleep

The Prefab Messiahs, Devolver

The Prefab Messiahs, Franz Kafka / Prefab Sun

The Prefab Messiahs, Peace Love & Alienation

The Prelude., Parables & Promises

The Prescription, Selsey Green

The Preserves, How Excellent and Civilized Are We

The Presidents of Rock, All You Have to Say

The Presinators, The Presinators

The Press and the President & Alive Again, Roadtrips and Campfires

The Press and the President, Stay Out of the Papers

The Press and the President, The Passage of the Iron Rod Through the Head

The Press Gang, An Old Fashioned Christmas

The Press Gang, Paint It Green

The Press Gang, Pressed Into Service

The Press Gang, Shanghaied

The Press Gang, The Holy and the Ivy

The Press Gang, The Press Gang

The Press Gang, Uncorked

The Press War, I'm So Bored With Us

The Press War, New Again

The Pressure Tones, Pressurized

The Prestonwood Choir & Singers & The London Symphonica, The Nativity Symphony

The Prestonwood Choir, Tell the Story

The Prestonwood Choir, The Best of the Prestonwood Choir

The Prestonwood Choir, The Gift of Christmas

The Prestonwood Choir, Threshold of Glory

The Prestonwood Choir, You Reign

The Pretty Corpses, Fix of Six - EP

The Pretty Corpses, Second Fiddle

The Pretty Faces, Another Sound

The Pretty Faces, Lipstick Kiss

The Pretty Stars, The Pretty Stars EP

The Previous, UnPop...

The Price Is Rice, With Eagles Might

The Prids, Chronosynclastic

The Primate Fiasco, Geek Dreams

The Primate Five, 1234567APE!

The Prime Force, The First

The Prime Ministers, Efficiently Yours

The Prime Ministers, Magazine / V.l.p.

The Prime Ministers, Youngstown Milk Run

The Prince Brothers, Every Time I Turn Around

The Prince Brothers, From This Place (Special Edition)

The Princes Of Hollywood, A Change Of Venue

The Princes of Serendip, What She Said

The Princess of Parodies, Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

The Princetones, After the Rain - Soundtrack

The Priscillas, Searching for Simon

The Prisoners, Prisoners

The Privates International Band, The Privates

The Prizefighters & Charley Organaire, Charley Organaire Meets the Prizefighters

The Prizefighters, Follow My Sound

The Prizefighters, Follow My Sound (Special Edition)

The Pro, Considered Ruthless

The Pro, My Birds Fly Whole

The Pro, Truth Hurts

The Problems, Stand Up Straight

The Process Meets Ghetto Priest, The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed

The Process of Elimination, Ocean By Surprise

The Process, Fire Is Burning

The Process, Gypsy Wind

The Procrastinitas, Procrastinistas

The Prodigal 1, The Parables

The Prodigal 1, With Authority

The Product, My Life The Struggles of A Changed Man

The Professional Guests, I Miss the 90's

The Professor Amsterdam, From the Same Brain

The Professor, 2nd Semester

The Progect, Goodbye (feat. Carter & Victoria Marie)

The Programaddicts, Technology Baby

The Project & Leo Deleon, I Should of Said

The Project H, Welcome To April

The Project Matter, Do The Good

The Project Young Adult Ministries, The Evolution of Ordinary

The Project, Climbing Uphill

The Project, Popular Wobbly

The Project, The Project

The Project, Your the Only One

The Projection, While You Were Out

The Prolz, Worker`s Meeting

The Prom Song Singers, Play This Song for Her, Vol. 1

The Prom Song Singers, Play This Song For Her, Vol. 2

The Prom Song Singers, Play This Song For Her, Vol. 3

The Prom Song Singers, Play This Song For Her, Vol. 4

The Prom Song Singers, Play This Song For Her, Vol. 5

The Prom Song Singers, Play This Song For Her, Vol. 6

The Prom Song Singers, Promposal Songs for Him, Vol. 1

The Prom Song Singers, Promposal Songs for Him, Vol. 2

The Promise Drive, The Promise Drive

The Promise, Intoxicating

The Promise, I`ll Come on Home

The Proper Crooks, The Proper Crooks

The Prophet Hens, Popular People Do Popular People

The Prophet's Worship, The Pattern of Worship

The Prophet, Today Is Your Day

The Prophets, Bigger Than Elvis

The Prostitutes, Hometown Zombies

The Protectors of the Wood Band, Spoken Word... Unplugged!

The Proud Naturals, The Proud Naturals

The Proverbs, Distracted

The Provocative Whites, Evolym

The Provocative Whites, The Provocative Whites

The Prowl, Defiant

The Proxy, The Future of Folly

The Proxy, The Future of Folly (Remastered)

The Psalmist, Grace

The Pseudo Superheroes, TPS Reports

The Psyatics, Oderint Dum Metuant

The Psychedelic Psychonauts, Sunrise - EP

The Psychic Cowboy, Under the Influence

The Psychic Fiend Network, Psychic Phone Line Prank Calls

The Psycho Kid, Hypocrite Land

The Psycho Realm, Unreleased

The Psycho Skeletons, Watch the Eyes

The Psychobilly Cadillacs, Psychobilly Cadillacs

The Psychobilly Kadillaks, Down Inside the Bottle

The Psychobilly Kadillaks, Pity the Shape I`m In

The Psychogeographical Commission, Genius Loci

The Psychogeographical Commission, Genius Loci (Reissue)

The Psychotic Reaction, I See Lights When I Close My Eyes

The Psychotic Reaction, Rumble

The Psyde Projects, Welcome to Boomtown

The Pub Boys, The Pub Boys

The Pubcrawlers, Rogues, Outlaws & Drunks

The Pubes, Peat Sounds;

The Public Good, A Varied Program of Stereo Dynamics For Your Wild Nights Alone

The Public Good, No. 1

The Public Horses, The Public Horses

The Public Library, Folkrecorder

The Public Library, It Never Snows Around Here

The Public Library, The Dark Birds

The Public Review, The Public Review

The Public, A Night Of Stone

The Public`s Fool, The Vicissitudes of Ups and Downs

The Pucci Band, Time Capsule

The Puddle, No Love - No Hate

The Puffers, Whispering Through the Blue

The Puffins, Edge of the World

The Pugs and Crows Band, Slum Towers

The Pugs, Loathsome Logan and Other Merry Tales

The Pulltops, The Pulltops

The Pulsators, The Pulsators

The Pumpkin King, We're All Mad Here

The Pumps, Cover To Cover

The Pumps, The Pumps

THE PUNCH LINE, get to the other side

The Pundits, Echo Chamber

The Punk Group, Difficult Listening

The Punk Group, International Rock Stars/Tour de Force

The Punk Group, Make a Rainbow With your Hands

The Punk Group, Pink Foam

The Punk Group, Rock Off and Fuck On

The Punk Group, Self Titled

The Punk Group, Sex, Drum Machines and Rock `N` Roll

The Punk Group, Video Games

The Punkabillys, The Punkabillys

The Punters, Beautiful Star

The Puppeteers, Nightlife

The Pure Pinks, La La Famous

The Purple Panthers, Feelin Me

The Purple Song Project, Out of the Shadows (Now I Feel Safe)

The Purple Villian, The Poems for You

The Purrs, Tearing Down Paisley Garden

The Purrs, The Chemistry That Keeps Us Together

The Pushovers, Falling for It

The Pushpins, Silence of a New Year

The Pussy Touch, Greatest Hits

The Pussycatchers, Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The Puzzle House, Life in the bus lane

The Pvt. Terra Band, Ain't Too Old to Rock & Roll

The Pwells, Pubescence

The Pws, To the Sun

The Pyknic, The Flying Saucers EP

The Pytons, The Pytons

The Q!, Come a Little Closer

The Q-Club, Land of Cockaigne

The Quags, Priceless Grains Of Sand

The Quahaugs, Venus Mercenaria

The Quailes, From The Beginning

The Quaint, Tales of the Newborn Flamingo

The Quarantined, Point the Finger

The Quarrel, Strange Weather

The Quarrymen, No. 6

The Quartertons, Graveyard Frame

The Que, Beatboys

The Queen's Guard, Limelight Single

The Queens College Vocal Ensemble, Selected Partsongs of Hamish MacCunn

The Quelle Source, Enjoy The Ridge

The Quelle Source, The French Rapture

The Query, Of Winds & Waves

The Quest, Place of Solitude

The Questions, The Questions

The Queues, Noisemaker

The Quick & Easy Boys, Make It Easy

The Quick & the Dead, Hunger

The Quick & the Dead, War

The Quicks, Midnight to Morning

The Quiet American, The Quiet American, Vol II

The Quiet American, The Quiet American, Vol. I

The Quiet American, Wild Bill Jones

The Quiet Boy, Don't Want to Go Home

The Quiet Boy, Ghost Train

The Quiet City Screams, Better Days

The Quiet Room, All the Frozen Horses

The Quiet Truth, Legacy of the Great Red Giant

The Quiktones, Will You Rescue Me

The Quincy Blaque Trio, Uneasy Listening Music

The Quintessential Octopus, Mother

The Quintons, The First Noël

The Quirky, Fresh Lies

The Quivers, Freak Out

The Quivers, Hip On Ya

The Quivers, Keep Your Socks On

The Quivers, Shake Me

The Quixote Project, Earn Your Keep

The Quons, Quiet Room

The Quotes, Mass Produced / Quality of Armor

The Rabid Ostrich Xperiment Band, Origins

The Rabid Ostrich Xperiment Band, Pot Smoking Deer

The Rabid Ostrich Xperiment Band, Starfish Killers

The Racket, The Racket

The Racket, The Racket 89

The Rad Trads, Self Help EP

The Radar Rangers, The Elbow Mambo

The Radical, I Am Forever Darker Than Black

The Radicalled Movement, Coronado

The Radicalled Movement, Movimiento de Amor

The Radio Boys, The Radio Boys

The Radio Hour, Incidental Service

The Radio Hour, Radio Power

The Radio, Satellite

The Radionics, Doubt, Pain and Rock and Roll

The Raes, Two Left Feet

The Rafael Jerjen Concept, Chrysanthemum

The Rafters, Departing

The Rafters, The Rafters

The Rafters, With the Sun

The Rag Tag Scoobie Doobie Good Time Band, Sunshine Holiday!

The Ragamuffins of Love (Featuring Eff Dupp), Wise Up!

The Ragbirds, Travelin' Machine

The Ragbirds, We Belong to the Love (Live)

The Rage, Big Spill

The Ragged Orchids, A Ragged Christmas

The Ragged Orchids, The Ragged Orchids

The Raggies, Raggies III: Madre De Dios

The Raggies, Tallapoosa Woman

The Raghat Band, Movin' On

The Raging Peanuts, Ginga Ninja, Foo!

The Rah Band, Vapour Trails

The Railflowers, Lament to Death

The Rails, 2

The Rails, Parallel Movements

The Railsplitters, The Faster It Goes

The Railway Children, Dream Arcade

The Railway Children, Reunion Wilderness

The Rain Crows, Dream of Flying Dream

The Rain Crows, Looks Like Rain

The Rain Within, Stay

The Rainbow Bozo, Gotta Play Minecraft

The Raining Frogs, Waltzing Into Infinity...

The Rainpals, Far Distant Silver Clouds

The Rainpals, Velocity

The Rainy States, New Castle

The Rainy States, The Push and the Plan

The Raise Kids, A Raise Kids Christmas

The Raised By Wolves, Sadie Hawkins

The Raj, The Raj

The RakerShine Band, RakerShine

The Raleigh Ringers, A Wintry Mix

The Ralph Peterson Fo'tet Augmented, Alive At Firehouse, Vol. 2: Fo' N Mo'

The Ramey Memo, Forget It

The Rampage Trio, Sound Gadget

The Ranchhands, Driven

The Randall Willis Trio, Walk the Talk

The RandB Free-Jazz Gospel Supreme 80, I Am a Gorgeous Wife

The Randees, A Really Weird Christmas

The Random Concept, The Random Concept

The Random Hubiak Band, Sad Sack: The Random Hubiak Band (feat. Adam Silverstein)

The Random Hubiak, Anchors Aweigh - EP

The Random Hubiak, Memoirs of a Manwhore: The Reeling Waltz of a Drunken Lothario

The Random Ten, Take Off

The Random Theory, The Riveter

The Randumbs, It's About Time...Again

The Randumbs, The Triumphant Return Of...

The Randy Hawks, Detroit Transit Railroad

The Randy Hawks, Meridian

The Randy Hawks, Small Town Country Restaurants

The Randy Oxford Band, Teach You A Lesson

The Randy Oxford Band, Teach You A Lesson

The Randy Weber Ref-U-Gee Project, Under the Radar

The Rane Brothers, Take A Break !!!

The Range Lights, Your Daily Commute

The Ransom Dance, Ghostalgia - EP

The Ransom Project, How Would I Live - Ep

The Ranting Ravers, Never Too Late?

The Rape of the Lock, The Rape of the Lock

The Raptor Project, All ALong the Watershed

The Raptor Project, Save the Future

The Raptors, Christmas

The Rare Occasions, Applefork

The Rare Occasions, Feelers

The Rarely Herd, Fields of the Harvest

The Ras General, One Love

The Rascal Theorist, New Frequency

The Rascal Theory, Away

The Raskol Khan, Money Theory

The Rationales, Dream of Fire

The Rationales, Radio

The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra, Revue Songs

The Rats and People, The City Of Passersby

The Rattle, 22

The Rattlesnake Aces, Black Pegasus

The Rattlesnake Aces, Watch It Go - Dimebag Darrell Tribute

The Ravelers, Ravel On

The Raven & the Writing Desk, Bonedale

The Raven and the Writing Desk, Recidivist

The Raven Watch, The Sun Touched Earth

The Raven, The Raven

The Raven, The Raven and Other Songs

The Ravenous, EP

The Raves, The Raves

The Ravines, Everything's Fine

The Ravish Phone, The Ravish Phone

The Ravyns, 1980 - EP

The Ravyns, The Ravyns

The Raw Men Empire, Elodie

The Ray Anderson Quartet, Bonemeal

The Ray Brothers, Christmas Collection

The Ray Brothers, This Time Through

The Ray Jones Band, The Live Way

The Ray Martians & Tony Brennan, Nature Study Project

The Raydios, Brand New Kid / My Way Back Home

The Raynes Family, Confidence

The Rayo Brothers, Gunslinger

The Rayo Brothers, Reaux

The Razorbills, Like Everybody Else

The Razorbills, To Hell With Youth and Beauty

The Razorblade Dolls, The Razorblade Dolls

The Ready Aim Fire!, Atheist Grief

The Ready Aim Fire!, Strong Enough

The Readymades, Hook, Sinker and Line

The Reagan Eighties, Say No To This Drug

The Real Adonis, Your Love Is a Drug (Lets Try It Again)

The Real Apple Bottom, Mr.CharlieBrown

The Real Chaos, Alien-Hated:The 13th Hour

The Real Chaos, Area 51:Sex, Drugz, and Horrorcore

The Real Chaos, Broken Bones 3

The Real Chaos, Broken Bonez 2

The Real Crusader, He 's the Reason For the Season

The Real Danger, Down and Out

The Real dublinerz, The Lakes of Coolfin

The Real Group, Live in Japan

The Real Group, The World for Christmas (Radio Edit)

The Real Hooks, Everybody Up!

The Real J. Walker!, 2 Weeks Notice!!!

The Real Jersey Gina, Not Alone

The Real Jimmy Young, Let`s Go Back

The Real King David, Dream

The Real Kings of Spain, The Future of Mass Hysteria

The Real Macaws, Standing Alone

The Real Matt Jones, Better Transitions

The Real Matt Jones, History

The Real Mr. Homicide, Resurrection of Death

The Real Phuz, Merkin (A Void Revisited)

The Real Puppets, Christmas On the Radio

The Real Quaid, Thank God It's Christmas

The Real Quaid, The Real Quaid

The Real True Stories, Concrete

The Real Truth, Damage Control

The Real, One Generation

The Reaper King, Improv Nightmare

The Reason Why, Live @ The Virtually Acoustic Club, London

The Reason Why, Live And Pushing String @ The Virtually Acoustic Club, London

The Reason Your Listening, Grammatically Correc't

The Reasonable Men, The Reasonable Men

The Reaston/Kay Effect, The Reaston/Kay Effect

The ReBeats, Doctor Strangemind

The ReBeats, The ReBeats 1st

The Rebecca Riots, He Her Here Hereafter

The Rebel Set, Teenage Killer

The Rebel Ship, Make You My Girl

The Rebirth, Love Issue - EP

The Recipe, Ready 2 Serve

The Reckless Abandoned, The Reckless Abandoned

the Reckless Hearts, Get Up and Run

The Reckless Pursuit, Overtaken

The Recliners, Get Up!!

The Reconciled, Miracle Mountain

The Record Holder, To Sea

The Recorder Club, Stand Clear

The Records, Works in Progress (feat. John Wicks)

The Recovery!, Wherever Nowhere Takes Us

The Recreationals, Christmas Lights On

The Recreationals, It's Halloween

The Recreationals, Soldier On

The Recreationals, Thanksgiving Day

The Recruits, Just Pick It

The Recruits, Raze the Rails

The Recruits, The Recruits

The Rectifier's, By His Hand

The Rectifier's, Down in Gethsemane

The Rectifier's, I Am the Way

The Red Alert, Audible Frequency

The Red Army, Tomorrow`s Unforgiving Sun

The Red Briar, The Red Briar, Vol.1

The Red Chair Collective, All the Lights

The Red Chair Collective, All the Lights (Acoustic Version)

The Red Channels, Elated

The Red Channels, Forever

The Red Channels, Ghetto Cooking

The Red Channels, Lonely Melting Iceberg (Remastered)

The Red Coterie, Vast

The Red Fox Tails, Aloha

The Red Fox, Waking Dreams

The Red Giants, Supercharged

The Red Herring, Chasing Windmills

The Red Herring, The Red Herring

The Red Hotz, Feel the Burn

The Red Letter Rising, Living Water

The Red Liners, Rocking Like a Hurricane

The Red Microphone, The Red Microphone Speaks!

The Red On Black, Drive

The Red Orchestra, Streetlamps and Starlight

The Red Phone, Sonny Boy

The Red Propellers, Shatter the Glass

The Red Rails, A Living Fiction

The Red Rails, On the Line

The Red Rails, The Red Rails

The Red Revolution, The Red Coats Are Coming

The Red Romance, Breakup Anthem

The Red Sea Pedestrians, A Lesson In Cartography

The Red Steps, Blind to Darkness

The Red Steps, The Red Steps

The Red Stripe Band, Live In Soho

The Red Swill, Brutal Bliss

The Red Telephone, Cellar Songs

The Red Telephone, Places You Return

The Red Threat, A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats

The Red Threat, Trees

The Red Tyger Church, Magic

The Red Wellies, The Red Wellies

The Red Western, Loves You

The Red Western, There's a Fire

The Red Wigglers, Absolutely Western Avenue

The Red Wigglers, Bucktown Spring

The Red Wine Effect, Afternoon Cab

The Red Wine Effect, Red Wine Revelation

The Red X Project, Where Will It End?

The Red-Hot Red-Hots, The Astoria Sessions

The Redaction, When I`m Through Making Peace

The Redbird Duo, Treasures from the Closet (Feat. Red Gallagher & Lorraine Gallagher)

The Redbucks, All That Glitters

The Redbuds, The Redbuds

The Redcoat Band, This Kitchen of Distinction

The Reddies, Cultivation

The Redding Brothers, The Physics of Immortality

The Redeemed, Overwhelming Joy

The Redeemed, So Far

The Redeemers, The Redeemers

The Redfelts, The Redfelts

The Redfords, Miracle at Sunrise

The Redfords, Ride in Your Future

The Redneck Boys, Long Hard Road

The Redstone Project, Mountains

The Redwood, Megalomaniac! (Deluxe Edition)

The Redwoods, Hungry Pack of Wolves

The Redwoods, The Weather Is Better

The Redwoods, Vuori

The Reed Family, The Greatest of These Is Love

The Reeds, Let This Begin

The Reefermen, Sunday Morning Smoke

The Reese Project, Comin' Home Baby

The Reese Project, This Just In

The Reflection A.O.B., The Complete Collection (1985-87)

The Refuge, You Are My Hope [Live]

The Refusers, NSA KGB

The Refusers, The Gold's All Gone

The Regal Peaches, The Regal Peaches

The Reggae Bubblers, Heart So Cold

The Reggae Bubblers, Livin Up

The Reggae Whistler, This Time and Beyond

The Reggie Pittman & Loren Daniels Quartet, Point A to Point A

The Reggie Saddler Family, Welcome Home Soldier

The Reggie Saddler Famly, Have a Blessed Day in the U.S.A

The Regimental Pipes and Drums of the Calgary Highlanders, Airaghard:Onward

The Regulars Band, Spectacle

The Regulars!, Too Many Hits

The Regulars, Songs from the Basement

The Reign, Killing an Arab

The Reign, The Long Wait

The Reigning Daze, And Other Love / Hate Spectrum Disorders

The Reinvention of Mr Babatola, Brothers

The Relations, Keep Pushing

The Relationships, Scene

The Relatively Calm, Pre-emptive Strike

The Relay, Free to Roam

The Relay, Its Gonna Be Alright

The Release, Whole Night Through

The Relentless Band, Endangered Worship

The Relentless Broadcast, Everyone Is Lying

The Relentless Project, Live Acoustic EP

The Relentless Project, The Relentless Project

The Relics Kick Ass, Dig It

The Reliques, Christmas Sampler I

The Reliques, To Feel and Be Loved

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