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Selim Aysan, What Happened?

Selka, Transformation

Selka, Xyz

Selma Chekili, Jazz Standards

Sema'j, I'm Good

Sema'j, Just Chill

Sema`j, It Is What It Is

Sema`j, Urban Smooth

Sema`j, Urban Smooth II

Semi-Free, If You Fall

Semilla de Mostaza, Gracias

Sendy Brown, Secrets of the Soul

Senkawos, On the Ground

Senor Al Vaquero, Constellations

Senses, Looking For Your Face

Seo Young Do Trio, Circle

Sepha, Infinite Love

SEPHA, SEPHA Style, Vol.1 : The Androgynous Sound

Serafin, Love's Worst Crime

Serafin, The Cat the Tree and Me

Serafina, Serafina

Serge And Nivo Rahoerson, Tough Choices

Serge Bédrossian, N0 5

Serge Forté Trio, Vaina Latin project : Tribute to Michel Petrucciani

Sergio Gomes, Cidades Imaginarias

Sergio Leal, Rise of the Phoenix

Seth Farber, By Myself Alone

Seth Kibel & Bay Jazz Project, Phonin' It In with Seth Kibel and Bay Jazz Project

Setsuko Kida, Two for the Road

Seung-Hee, Waiting

Seven Year Tango, Hot Tub

Seven Year Tango, Twelve Billion Eyes

Seventh Chapter Ensemble, With Bricks Thrown At Ya

Sevhead, Sneakin' in

Sexto Sentido, Mi Feeling

SF4, 4

Sha Shaty, Come Together

Sha-shaty, From Me To You

Sha-Shaty, It`s My Pleasure

ShadowLand, For The Beauty

Shafton Thomas Group, Get Start!

Shailah "Shayla" Edmonds, Fly Me to the Moon

Shailah Edmonds, Love You Madly

Shailah Edmonds, Moonlight Magic

Shake, Shake

Shaker, Shaker

Shakila, Fall Away

Shakin' Not Stirred, In the Wood

Shaksa, Is It a Crime

Shambhu, Dreaming of Now

Shamus Dark, Skylark

Shane Ashley, My Emotions

Shane Endsley, 2nd Guess

Shanghai Woolies, The Adventures of the Shanghai Woolies, Vol. 1

Shanna Carlson, Lost In Your Eyes

Shanna Carlson, Swing High, Swing Low

Shannon Butcher & Ross MacIntyre, How Sweet It Is

Shannon Butcher, Butcher Sings Baker

Shannon Kennedy, Almost That Time of Year

Shannon Kennedy, Falling Slowly - Single

Shannon Kennedy, Never My Love

Shannon Kennedy, Rolling in the Deep

Shannon Kennedy, Steppin Up

Shanti Om, Rhythm in Search of a Band

Shapiro Project, Open Road

Shards of Reason, The Saturday Bridge

Sharee Lynette, Smiling

Shari Hall, B Side (feat. Marcus Mitchell)


Sharman Duran, Future Echo

Sharman Duran, Postapocalyptic Subterranean Paradise (feat. Melecio Magdaluyo, Aaron Germain & Alan Hall)

Sharman, Unconditionally

Sharnette Hyter, Shar Jazz

Sharny Russell, One Little Baby Could Change the World

Sharon & Shawn, Waters of March

Sharon Bailey, It Never Entered My Mind

Sharon Ben-Shem, The Song in Me

Sharon Bercutt, The Music Of Sharon Bercutt

Sharon Carroll and Amanda Matthews, Tell Me This Day Won`t End

Sharon Carroll, Sharon Carroll & Company: Live at Backstage Pass

Sharon Clark, Do It Again - My Tribute To Shirley Horn

Sharon Clark, Finally

Sharon Dean Presents, Morning Love Song

Sharon Hendrix, Black Is

Sharon Leahy and Rick Good, TrueBlue

Sharon Lee Grace, Here`s To Life

Sharon Lee Grace, Mood Indigo

Sharon Marie Cline, This Is Where I Wanna Be

Sharon Marie Cline, This Is Where I Wanna Be

Sharon Montgomery, I'd Rather Be With You Than Not (feat. Bob Henschen, Brennan Nase & Tim Solook)

Sharon Rae North, Gee Baby

Sharon Raquel, Infinite

Sharon Sable & E. Shawn Qaissaunee, Comfort Me

Sharon Schmidt, Dancing In The Kitchen

Sharp Radway, Hymns and Things (Introspection and Reflection)

Sharp-Nines, Ahead

Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience, Live

Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience, What'll I Do

Shaun LaBelle, Desert Nights

Shaun LaBelle, Down Low Remix

Shaun Labelle, I'm Back

Shauna Antoniuc Anderson, Simple

Shauna Sconce, Fall Back Into Love

Shaundollyn King, Money Matters for Children

Shawn Brock, A 6 String Christmas

Shawn Brock, Sight Unseen

Shawn Glyde, Drumenergy

Shawn Graham Quintet, Redefining The Standards

Shawn Kelley Trio, "Live" At the Living Room

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations (Bella)

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations (Cruise) [feat. Chris Dunn & Kyle Kingsberry]

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations (Motions)

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations (My Imagination)

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations (My Soul Is Yours)

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations (To the Sky)

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations: Girl You Take Me High

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations: Onliest

Shawn Kingsberry, Chill & Lounge Vibrations: Your Eyes (feat. Chris Dunn)

Shawn Kingsberry, Good Cigar (Chill & Lounge Vibrations)

Shawn Lacey, Escape

Shawn Maxwell's Alliance, Bridge

Shawn Maxwell's Alliance, Shawn Maxwell's Alliance

Shawn Megorden, Cover Girl

Shawn Patric Ferguson, The Way Forward

Shawn Wilhite and Bob Schaller, Peace and Joy

Shawn Wilhite, Wave

Shayne Bradley, Don`t Explain

Shaz, Songs in Her Head

She Her & I, Everybody Loves My Baby

She Her & I, Love Ain't Nothin' but the Blues

Shedly Abraham, new attitude

Sheera Ben-David, Sheera Ben-David Sings Jacques Brel

Sheila Cooper, Phoenix Rising

Sheila Cooper, Since You Were Mine

Shelia Kay, In His Presence

Shell Zimet, Now and Forever

Shelley Carrol, I Heard That

Shelley Carrol, With Members of the Duke Ellington Orchestra

Shelley Fisher, Lonesome Traveler (Christmas Version)

Shelley Kutilek, Resolution

Shelley MacArthur, All Jazzed Up! "The Gold Star Sardine Bar Years"

Shelley Neill, Envisioning Blue

Shelley Yoelin's Jazz Workshop Septet, Secret Steps

Shelli LaTorre & The Silver Starlite Orchestra, From the Hudson's Jersey Side

Shelly Williams, Getting To Know You

shelly Berger, Look Up

Shelly Torres, 1000 Nights

Shelly Torres-West, Next Step

Shep Meyers, Solo Thoughts

Shepley Metcalf & Ron Roy, Don't Bother to Knock

Shepley Metcalf, Something Irresistible: Songs of Fran Landesman + Simon Wallace

Sheraton Cadwell Orchestras, I Say a Little Prayer for You

Sherelle Cary Smith, Do What You Love

Sheri Miller, Diamond Christmas

Sherie Marshall, The Sweetest Sounds

Sherisse Rogers`s Project Uprising, Sleight of Hand

Sherman Fowler, Melodic Passion

Sherry Alves, You Can Have Him

Sherry Dyanne, Come-On-a-My-House (feat. Candy Dulfer)

Sherry Petta, Endlessly

Sherry Petta, this is why

Sherry Reeves, 5 A.M.

Sherry Reeves, Sherry Reeves

Sherry St Germain, Change Your Own

Sherry Winston, Do It For Love

Sherry Winston, For Lovers Only

Sherry Winston, For Your Love

Sherry Winston, Life is Love and Love is You

Sherryl Marshall, Black Cohosh

Sheryl Rae, After All These Years

Shez Raja Collective, Magica

Shez Raja Collective, Ten Of Wands

Shigeo Fukuda & Toshiki Nunokawa, Childhood's Dream

Shigeo Tamaru, Orange Day

Shikandaza, Crossroads

Shilpa Natarajan, Dirty Little Secret

Shilts, All Grown Up

Shilts, See What Happens

Shilts, See What Happens (Live)

Shira Myrow, Loose Ends

Shirley Buchan, Standing In The Centre of My Dream

Shirley Nanette, The First Noel

Shirley Stewart, Say Brother (feat. Arturo Tappin)

Shirley, Different-Sized Cages

Shirley, From a Bright Clearing

Shirley, I`m Ready

Shivani Kumar, Where Do We Go from Here

Shivani Kumar, Where Do We Go from Here

Shoaib, Simply Smooth...

Shogun Warrior, Shogun Warrior Plays For Lovers

Short-N-Morton, Short-N-Morton

Shorty Long, Chickenboxer

Shoshana Bush, Shoshana Bush & Friends Live At Catalina Jazz Club

Shotgun Jazz Band, Don't Give Up the Ship

Shout Section Big Band, Favorite Things

Showarama Hot Trio, Showarama Hot Trio

Shu Mei, Jazz Canvas - Asian Memories

Shunya, Selectively...

Shunzo Ohno, Home

Shurdut Cummins, Cannibal Love

Shwart, Cadence

Shy, Somebody's Waiting

Shyrl Tandy Johnson, The Language of Love

Si Hayden, A Fistful of Grooves (Solo Jazz Guitar)

Si Hayden, Ben Haines & Gaz Rollins, Swim On By

Si Hayden, Ben Haines, Mille Miglia

si hayden, NYLON... FOR NOW

Si Hayden, Steel Roots

Si Hayden, The Apparent Rules of Thumb

Sid Cohn, Potpourri

Sid Eden, Sid Eden "Alone"

Sid Eden, Sid Eden Sings and Plays "Then and Now"

Side FX, My Memories of Christmas

Sideways, Sideways

Sidney Bechet, Petite Fleur

SIECOX, Friendly House Favorites

SIECOX, Noisy Folk

Siegfried Van Noten Trio, A Piece of Siegfried

Sietse Huisman, Mindscapes

Sigi Dresen & Friends, A/Part of Me

Signatures, Making Other Arrangements

Signatures, Signatures

Signs of Rain, Landscapes

Silent Presence, What's Beautiful?

Silverdred, No Silver Linings

Silvertoner, Silvertoner

Silvie Rider, Je Te Connais

Simon Allen Quintet, Any Minute Now

Simon Ashton & Silverback, Samurai

Simon Atkinson and The ben Marcato Trio, Fly Me To The Moon

Simon Currie, The Best of Simon Currie

Simon Green & David Shrubsole, Take Me To The World

Simon Salz / Glenn Basham, Blue Bossa

Simon Sammut, Bassic Attitude

Simon, Songs By Simon Forty Years In the Making

Simona Premazzi, Looking For An Exit

Simone Awhina, Born to Love (feat. Pieter Nanne)

Simone Guiducci Gramelot Ensemble, That's All Folks

Simpatico, Resolve

Simply Mike V, Jazz Mode

Simply Swing, Dancing to Simply Swing

Simplybrook, Feelings

Sinfonia Strings & 1898 Jazz Orchestra, 2012 National Convention - Sinfonia Strings & Jazz

Sing Our Song, Sing Our Song

Singing Bear and Aumnibus, Supported

Sinitus Tempo, Koyo (Autumn Leaves)

Sir Edward, Ravenous Ear

Sir Jhon, Go Steelers!

Sir Roland Hanna & Davey Yarborough, Royal Essence: An Evening of Ellington

Siraj Nuri, Hours, Pt. 1

Sirena Riley, the lunatic, the lover, and the poet

Sista Flame, Staletos - Single

Sista Monica Parker, Soul Blues & Ballads

Sister Swing, Going Nowhere Fast

Sister Swing, New Shoes and Old Bags

Sister Swing, Riff Raff and Ruffles

Sister Swing, Southern Fried

Sister Swing, Stocking Stuffers

Sister Swing, Triple Wide

Six36xtacy, We R Here!!!!(yanni Meets Compton)

Sixth Wave, Happy Madness

Sixth Wave, Sixth Wave

Skafish, Tidings Of Comfort And Joy: A Jazz Piano Trio Christmas

Skalle and Sharon, Mainio Matka

Skeye, Bleuphoria

Skeye, Half Full

Skeye, Heavy Game

Skeye, How Long Do We Have?

Skeye, Plenty But Not Enough

Skeye, Sea & the Stars

Skeye, Strange Loop

Skeye, Tree

Skeye, You Take Me There

Ski Johnson, Do Me Right, Do Me Wrong

Skinny Williams, Here2MakeUHappy

Skip Bauchman & B & B Jazz Company, Switch That Groove (Radio Edit) [feat. Rodney Taylor & Skip Bauchman]

Skip Bauchman & the B and B Jazz Company, Universal Vibe

Skip Heller, Glamour Profession: The Ongoing Skip Heller

Skip Heller, Liberal Dose

Skip Martin, Miles High

Skip Morris, Amazing Grace

Skip Morris, Danny Boy

Skip Morris, Song of the Sculpin

Skip Prokop, Smoothside

Skizzo Franick, The Problem Solver

Skool, Skool of Jazz

Skye Cantrell, I Remember You

Skye Steele Quintet, late bloomer.

SkyeLite Jazz Band, Live at the LiteHouse 2006

Skywhale, The World at Minds End

Slajo, Laughing Babies

SLAJO, Wake Up to a Melody

Slammin All-Body Band, Slammin All-Body Band

Slang, Soul Love An` Groove

SLAP, Good Advice For Yesterday

Slau, If Every Day Were Christmas

Slick Side Down, Eat At Joe`s

Slim Man, For Now and Forever

Slim Man, Solstice

Slip Silo, Monsoons

Slo Motive, Arrival

Slow Blind Hill, You Need To Come Back

SLOW, Art of Silence

Small World, Seasons of the Heart

Smartplanet Jazz Collective, Bossa Jazz Flow (feat. Marcos Oliva Trio)

Smidi Beats, Jazz It Up

Smith Productions, Royalty Free Jazz Music (100 Tracks)

Smithology, The Tender Touch

Smoke Rings Sisters, Undo

Smokin' Jazz, Christmas Jazz

Smokin` Jazz, Cigar Jazz

Smoma, Songs To Remember

Smooth Creations, Thumpin

Smooth Edge 2, Secret of Christmas

Smooth Jazz Pianist John Coleman, "Soulful Rest" Smooth Jazz Chill With John Coleman

Smooth Jazz, Smooth Jazz

Smooth Money Mike, New Old School Guitar Classics

Smoothe Attitude, Smoothe Attitude

SmoothHarp, No Movies

Smoothnsaxy, Ear Relevance (feat. R.L. Walker)

Smoothnsaxy, Njeri's Ballad

Smoothnsaxy, Pretend Tonite

SMQ, Reel

snack!, Tenure - DVD / CD

Snafu, Snafu

Snag Rag Dixieland Jazz Band, Doc`s Nite Out

Snaggle, Snaggle

Snake Davis, Human Nature

Snake Davis, Snakebites

Snake Davis, Talking Bird

Snarky Puppy, The World is Getting Smaller

Sneakers Jazz Band, Live at White Crow

Snowblind, Arctic Fury

Snowblind, Taking Shape

Sofia Ribeiro & Bartolomeo Barenghi, Apenas

Soggy Po' Boys, Perhaps It Is Time to Go Home

Solar Plexus, Solar Plexus #5

Solar Quintet, Simply Said

Solar Wind, 2nd Wind

Solid Ground, Attitude (feat. Dennis Bradford)

Solisbravo Band, Wasting the Night Away

Solisbravo Band, You're Not Alone

Solitaire Miles, Born to Be Blue

Solitaire Miles, Lush Life

Solitaire Miles, Melancholy Lullaby

Solitaire Miles, Solitaire Miles

Solomon Roberson, Focal Point

Solstice, Hyperspace Wavelength Travel

Solstice, Live:Beyond The Galaxy

Solterre, Songs of Solstice Vol. 1

Soluz, Lucid Dreams

Soma, Soma

Somebody Else's Nightmare, Strength and Kindness

Somethin' Smoothe, Somethin' Smoothe

Somethin' Smoothe, What About Us

somethingfour, According To The Laws Of Chance

Son Madol, Sly Ranya Loca

Son of Pearl, Cosmic Soul Serenade

Son of Pearl, Promellowisticfunkstacation

Son Of Pearl, Seductive Disguise

Son Of Pearl, The Mellowist

Son of Sekonza, Latter of the Shrew

Sonascribe, I Feel the Earth Move

Song Yi Jeon Quintet, Straight

Songs from a Ledge, Songs from a Ledge

Songs Made for You, Digital Christmas

Songsta, Jazzsta

Sonic Barometer, Finding Wheel Love

Sonic Bodhi, 5 x 5

Sonic Compass, Minor Directions

Sonic Jazz Project, Let There Be Love

Sonido Batido, Journey of The Refugee

Sonido Del Mundo, Changing

Sonja Van Beers, Rebirth!

Sonny Blom Trio, Albedo

Sonny Fortune, Last Night At Sweet Rhythm

Sonny Fortune, Trilogy Collection

Sonoma, New Orleans is the One I Love

Sonora, Brains

Sons of Our Fathers, Bathtub Songs

Sony Holland, On a San Francisco High

Sony Holland, Out Of This World 2009

Sony Holland, Sanssouci

Sony Holland, Swing, Bossas, Ballads and Blues

Sonya Jacobs, Evening Tides

Sonya Lorelle, The Life you Wanted

Sonya Perkins, Bring My Lover Near

Sonya Perkins, Dream a Little Dream

Sonya Robinson, FLY

Soo & Maria, Anthropology

Soo & Maria, Save Your Love for Me

Soon Kim, The Golden Circle

Sophia Perlman & Adrean Farrugia, Alive At Musideum

Sophia Shorai, Wave (Re-Release)

Sophie B Hawkins, Flying At Half Mast

Sophie Bancroft & Tom Lyne, You Turned the Tables On Me

Soren Azorian, The Magic Of Love

Sorita Music, Tell Me

Soul Cafe, The Poetry of Jazz (feat. Lucia Newell)

Soul Cafe`, Unspoken Request

Soul Funk Secret, Bright Sunshine

Soul Scratch, Baby It's Cold Outside

Soul'd, Soul'd

Soul, Never Felt This Way

Soul, Peace Of Your Love

Soul, Soul


Soulful Abstraction, Jazz Acts:2012

Soulfulpsalmist, Come As You Are

Souls of Promise, Ask and It Is Yours

Soultry Sound, Tonite

Sound Assembly, Edge Of The Mind

Sound for the Organization of Society, The Sun Opened Up

Sound Inc, The Sound Inc EP

Sound Of Vision, ...Better Off Live


Soundoctrine, Stop On By (feat. Eric Tyus)

Souptroniz, Not A Clue

South Frisco Jazz Band, Live! Single Cornet Session

South Nine Ensemble, Doing It Augie Style

South Nine Ensemble, The Llama

South Rhythm Project, Not a Single Word

South Side Six, South Side Six

Southern Fried Jazz Band, It's What's Cookin'!

Southern Fried Jazz Band, Second Helping

Southern Nazarene University Singers, By Day or By Night

Southside Aces, A Big Fine Thing

Southside Aces, Santaphone

Southtown Strummers, Vested Interest

Space Cadets, Ready For Take Off

Spacetribez, Same Time Same Space

Spajazzy, Downtown Boston

Spank!, Spank!

Sparkle Nesby, Thinking of You

Sparkplug, The Music of Melvin Sparks

Spartacus Jones, More Like Me

Special Delivery (Bernhard Ullrich and Martin Breinschmid), Swing à La King

Special EFX, Body Language

Special EFX, Catwalk

Special EFX, Play

Special EFX, Slice of Life

Special Venture, Twice

Speed of Sound, Apparition

Speed of Sound, Make No Mistake

Speed Of Sound, Picture This

Spelling Bee, Caterwaul

Spencer Lemann, The Main Event

spencer sherrod, listen with your heart

Spencerworld, Secrets

Spenser Liszt, Until Further Notice

Sperdak, Sperdak

SPF, Another Conversation with Myself

SPF, Another Conversation With Myself

Spf, Eclectic Covers


Spice of Life (Janelle Donovan, Joe Mele, Tony Perrino), Ev`ry Day

Spice of Life (Janelle Donovan, Joe Mele, Tony Perrino), Magnetic Eyes

Spice of Life, Little Black Dress

Spiceman, The Spice Of Life

Spicy Kickin', Spice in Space

Spider Saloff, Deep Inside the Rain (feat. Jeremy Kahn)

Spider Saloff, The Memory of All That

Spider Trio, Permission

Spider Trio, Presences

Spike Jones, Spike Jones goes crazy

Spike Nelson, Blue View

Spike Wilner and Ian Hendrikson-Smith, A New York Noel

Spinrad, Chase the Sun

Spirit of '82, Rio Inferno (42 C)

Spirit of Life Ensemble, That Healin` Feelin`

Spirit of New Orleans & Leroy Jones, Bogalusa Strut

Spirit of New Orleans with special guests Eeppi Ursin, Leroy Jones and Mari Watanabe, Mahogany Hall Stomp

Spirit of New Orleans, Some of These Days

Spirit Session, Spirit Session

SpiritJazz, But Now I See...

Spirojazz, City of Dreams

SPITZNAGEL, sensor blue

Splatter, Music for Misanthropes

Splatter, Scraffiti

Splice, Take Time

Spot 79, Solutions at the Speed of Business: Live at Jimmy Mak`s

Spring Island, Get Movin'

Springdale Quartet, Noisefactory

Spur of the Moment, Out of the Shadows

Spur of the Moment, Spuraddict

Spyro Gyra, Down the Wire

Spyro Gyra, The Rhinebeck Sessions

Spyroll Staircase, Superheroes Supervillians and Supernachos

Sqm Trio, Sqm Trio

Square One Quintet, The Square One Quintet (Tuman Presents )

Squat, Recycled 1994-2004

Squat, Squat

Squeek Steele, Good Old Songs: From Ragime to Wartime, Vol. 2

Squeek Steele, Ragtime, Vol. 1

Squeek Steele, Ragtime, Vol. 2

Squeek Steele, The Good Old Songs:from Ragtime to Wartime, Vol. 1

Squeeze-bot, Squeeze-bot

Squeeze-bot, Sweet Dreams Are Made of Squeeze

Squeezebop, Jazz Is Like One of the Family

SS Puft Quartet with Dave Rempis, Live at Earthshaking Music

SS Puft, Seems Sometimes People Undergo Full Transformation

St-amour, Cafa© Des Solitudes

St. Johns Country Day School Jazz Band, Beginnings

Stacey & Alan, A Love Like Ours

Stacia Kraft, Midnight Sun

Stacy Dillard, cPhyve

Stacy Dillard, Elite State of Mind

Stacy Glen Tibbetts, Out On the Town

Stacy Looman, The Dream`s On Me

Stacy Rush, Voice of a Songful Soul

Stafford Hunter Quartet, Me

Stage Door Canteen, In Dublin

Stageband, Coming About

Stageband, Journey to the Heart

Stagger Back Brass Band, Stagger Back Brass Band

Stan B, Blue Fire

Stan Bann Big Band, Stratford Blue

Stan Berger, Kool Shoes

Stan Breckenridge, Out of Love for Jazz

Stan Breckenridge, Reflections

Stan Breckenridge, Stan Breckenridge: Live in Poland

Stan Johnson, Mr. E Flat Horn

Stan Ridgway, Neon Mirage

Stan Toval, Float Like A Butterfly

Stan Wood, Vibraband Trio

Stanford Green, In the Light

Stanislav Stanchev, Emotions and Motions

Stanley Baird, Stan's Christmas

Stanley Baird, Traffic Jam

Stanley Bryant, Anniversary 31

Stanley Bryant, Invisible People

Stanley Chepaitis, The Art of Reflection

Stanley Dupont, Stantastic

Stanley Dupont, There're No Words

Stanley E Alston, I Will Live Forever

Stanley Reeves, Fingerz Sideways

Stanley Sagov & The Remembering the Future Jazz Band, Fever (Live @ the RegattaBar)

Stanley Sagov & The Remembering the Future Jazz Band, Remembering the Future in 2014

Stanyos Young, Cosmic Jazz

Star In Green, Star In Green

Stardust, Somebody Else

Starfire, The Same as You

Starfish Brother, Introducing ... Brother Starfish

Starke&gorter, The First Time

Starla Angus, Creer En Ti Mismo (Believe In Yourself) - Single

Starlet Knight, Starlet Knight On Christmas Day

Starlight, Just Maybe

Starling, Starling Sounds Vol.1

Starr Kalahiki, Salt

Starritt, The Colour Here To Stay

Steady P, The Artist

Stealth, Keep It Smooth

Steamchicken & Becky Wolff, Steamchicken & Becky Wolff

Steamchicken, Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)

Steel Bridge Trio, Different Clocks

Stef Scaggiari, Our Little Place

Stef Scaggiari, Sing Your Song

Stefan Gaspar, Orange and Blue

Stefan Jansson & Johanna Grüssner, Med Människor

Stefan Jansson, Som Människor

Stefano Marchese, Radici

Stefano Mirandola, My Favorite Tree

Stefanos, Amore

Steffen Goeres, A Dozen One Afternoon

Steffen Kuehn & Steffen Kuehn Nonet, Constantine (feat. Hector Martignon)

Stella Bass, Smoke & Sound: An Evening of Berlin Cabaret - Live at the Cobalt Cafe, Dublin

Stella Bass, Too Darn Hot

Sten Hostfalt, Macroscope

Sten Stinus, Masterplan

Sten Stinus, No Fuzz

Sten Stinus, Zia

Step It Up, Push

Stephan Bormann Band, Songs From A Small Room

Stephan Costa Trio, Tat Twam Asi

Stephan Crump, Poems and Other Things

Stephan Crump, Rosetta

Stephan Crump, Tattoo (feat. Jen Chapin)

Stephan Crump, Tuckahoe

Stephan Dudash, Mango Django

Stephan Patterson, People and Places

Stephane Pilette, Five

Stephanie Browning, Live At The Gold Star

Stephanie Crawford, The Real Thing

Stephanie Davis, I`m Pullin` Through

Stephanie Foos, Dream a Little Dream (feat. the Jazz Collectives)

Stephanie Hancock, The Journey's Just Begun

Stephanie Hancock, This Happy Madness

Stephanie James, The Simple Joy of Christmas

Stephanie Jones Smith, This Christmas

Stephanie Jordan Big Band, Yesterday When I Was Young: A Tribute To Lena Horne

Stephanie Nakasian, Billie Remembered: The Classic Songs of Billie Holiday

Stephanie Nakasian, Dedicated to Lee Wiley

Stephanie Porter, Radio Theatre

Stephanie Rebecca, Deep Inside of Me

Stephanie Renée, Mouth Music

Stephanie Roberts, Waiting `Round The Bend

Stephanie Spruill, It's a Jazz Day

Stephanie Westdal, Sha Booboo Burger

Stephen and Woola (Candy) LaFlora, Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

Stephen Brannen, Fair Winds

Stephen C. Josephs, Fireworks

Stephen Cabot Williams, Virtuoso

Stephen Cabot Willliams, To Me You Are

Stephen Dante, Have a Very Very Merry Merry Christmas

Stephen DiJoseph, Pianopoetry

Stephen Downs, Love & Romance

Stephen Estella, If2

Stephen Ewart, Tell Me

Stephen Ewart, Tell Me

Stephen Foster, Sweet Summer

Stephen Franckevich, The Vocals

Stephen Fuller, Expressions of the Heart

Stephen Guerra Big Band, Namesake

Stephen James Giddings, Athens

Stephen L. Wallace, There'll Be Jazz in Heaven

Stephen McHale, Weird Glitches

Stephen Pender, A Saphisticated Christmas

Stephen Pfister, Coastal Grooves

Stephen R. Duhart, Mid Life Pisces

Stephen Richard, Introducing Stephen Richard Because of You

Stephen Su, City Lights

Stephen Tirpak, Who Cares?

Stephen Wise, You Agree With My Soul

Stephen Wood Ensemble, Inaudible

Stephen Wood Quartet, Chlorophyll

Stephon, Run Around

Sterling G, Simply Sterling

Sterling Silver, Never Too Late

Steve Abbruzzi, Besame Mucho

Steve Abbruzzi, Merry Christmas Baby

Steve Adelson Stick-Tet, Sonic Imagination

Steve August, New Jazz Piano Adventures

Steve Billman, Odd Times For An Odd World

Steve Blane, Kill Me Nice

Steve Bourgeois, Presence

Steve Briody, Steve Briody

Steve Cannon and the Blow Hard Big Band, Full Blown

Steve Carter, Act One

Steve Christofferson, To the Last Holdouts

Steve Clarke, Can U Hear Me Now ?

Steve Clarke, In The Third Lane

Steve Clarke, Kickin `It

Steve Clarke, Precious Joy

Steve Clarke, Sweet Surroundings

Steve Colson & Iqua Colson, The Untarnished Dream

Steve Coronado, Promesa

Steve Creason, Scot-Free

Steve Creason, Uncle John

Steve Cromity, All My Tomorrows

Steve Doman, You Seem to Be a Verb

Steve Dooks, Cocktails, Heartaches And Cigars

Steve Draper Quartet, Have a Very Mellow Christmas

Steve Elson, Smoke and Mirrors

Steve Erwin (featuring Danny Gatton), Was It Like This

Steve Erwin (featuring Danny Gatton), Was It Like This (Re-released with 4 bonus tracks)

Steve Feierabend, Bop Mambo

Steve Gadd, Steve Gadd Drumscores, Vol. 2

Steve Girardi, Within Inside

Steve Greene and Gene Bertoncini, Gene with Greene

Steve Greene Trio, Acoustic Living

Steve Greene Trio, Live in Your Living Room

Steve Hall, Song for Petra

Steve Hall, The Steve Hall Quintet

Steve Hancoff, The Single Petal of a Rose: Duke Ellington for Solo Guitar, Volume 2

Steve Herberman, Action:Reaction

Steve Herberman, Thought Lines

Steve Hulse, Jazzed for the Beatles

Steve Hulse, Jazzed for the Holidays II

Steve Hunt, Steve Hunt Quartet/Live At The PCA

Steve Iuliano, Blue Steel

Steve James, I've Got You Under My Skin

Steve James, Steve James Sings Sinatra

Steve Lallier`s Tuxedo Junction, Up In Harlem on a Saturday Night

Steve Langone, Finders Keepers

Steve Laury, Steve Laury Vol 1

Steve Laury, Steve Laury Vol 2

Steve Laury, Steve Laury Vol 3

Steve Lawson, Not Dancing For Chicken

Steve Levine, Steve Celebrates The Warmth of Christmas

Steve Lewandowski, Familiar Melodies

Steve Lindeman & Byu Synthesis, The Day After Yesterday

Steve Lipman, Ridin' the Beat

Steve Lipman, There's A Song In My Heart

Steve Lippia, In Concert

Steve Little, Jazzin' it Up With The Steve Little Quintet

Steve Little, Make Up Your Mind Jazzin' It Up With Steve Little

steve little, mostly blues jazzin' it up with steve little

Steve Loza, The Unsaid

Steve Luciano, Guitar All The Way

Steve Luciano, Romantic Guitar

Steve Macfarlane, Georgia On My Mind (Live at Parr Street Studios) [feat. Billy Hui]

Steve Maddock, Please Remember Christmas

Steve Masakowski, Things I Like

Steve Mccroskey, Brazilian Textures

Steve Means, Kings of Swings

Steve Million, Truth Is

Steve Morrison, Silently

Steve Nader, September Morn

Steve Oliver, 3D (Re-Release)

Steve Oliver, Global Kiss

Steve Oliver, Global Kiss (Radio Single)

Steve Ono, Fingerpaint and Folksongs

Steve Pardo, Rainer Davies & Dion Kerr, Alligator Skin

Steve Parisien & Laurel Moore, Another Grey Day

Steve Parisien & Laurel Moore, Mango Mango

Steve Parisien & Laurel Moore, Shadows of Light

Steve Parisien, If It Ain't Broke....

Steve Parisien, Smooth Move (Samba)

Steve Parisien, Solitude

Steve Peplin / Kirk Tatnall, H Eadless Jazz

Steve Picataggio, Two Feet On the Ground

Steve Poloni, 3 Windows

Steve Raleigh, Inner Door

Steve Raybine, America, I Love You

Steve Raybine, Bad Kat Karma

Steve Raybine, Balance Act

Steve Raybine, In the Driver's Seat

Steve Rudolph and J.D. Walter, Dedicated To You

Steve Rudolph and Tom Strohman, In Our Prime

Steve Schenkel and Ashley Mason, A Midnight Clear

Steve Schmidt Trio, Red And Orange

Steve Spiegl, Enigma-The Steve Spiegl Big Band

Steve Sullivan and the Factory, Evil Is a Man Made Thing

Steve Talaga, Heartside Sketches

Steve Taylor Big Band Explosion, Explosion (Live in London)

Steve Taylor Big Band Explosion, Good Things Happen

Steve Taylor Big Band Explosion, Live @ Ziggy's

Steve Terwilliger, Troubled Nights

Steve Terwilliger, Two for the Road

Steve Washington, Right to Love

Steve Weakley Group, Everything is Everything

Steve Weakley Group, Everything is Everything

Steve Weiner, Twilight Cruise

Steve Weingart & Renee Jones, Observatory

Steve Wiest, Love Romantic

Steve Wilkerson, Alone Together

Steve Yeager, New Groove Blues

Steve Young, C'mon Now, Listen Up

Steve Young, That's What I'm Saying

Steve, Ella the Cat

Steve, Farmers Market

Steven Anthony Cook, It Always Feels Good

Steven Anthony Cook, It's a Beautiful Day

Steven Bartels, Body Heat / 98 Is Fun

Steven Blane, Taboo

Steven Burkett, Another Life...

Steven Chera, In the Key of Jazz: A Tribute to the Beatles

Steven Chera, New York State of Mind

Steven Cravis, Sax Saxophone

Steven Davis-King, T S Eliot's "Four Preludes"

Steven Feifke, Peace in Time

Steven Gores & Chico Chavez, Around the Sun

Steven Grossman, Something In The Moonlight

Steven King, Classical Swing

Steven King, Soft-Flowing Waters

Steven Louis Cohn, Please Leave a Message

Steven Manikowski, Feelin' Fine

Steven Sim, We Give to You

Steven Springer, Satisfyingly

Steven Starr, Broken Hearts Letting Love Go

Steven Stull, John White & Peter Chwazik, Christmas from the Heart of New York

Steven Wright Clarkson, A Moment in Time

Steven Wright Clarkson, Logan Pass (Reissue)

Steven Wright Clarkson, Twelve - A Devotion

Stevens, Siegel and Ferguson, Get Out of Town

Stevens, Siegel and Ferguson, Panorama (feat. Valery Ponomarev)

Stevko Busch & Paul Van Kemenade, Evermove

Stevo Tha©ard, Stone Cold Player

Stew Cutler, Trio Music (feat. Garry Bruer & Booker King)

Stewart Hodson, Natural Things

Stewart Hodson, New Avenues

Stewart Hodson, Next

Stewart Hodson, Nothing Much

Stewart Hodson, Serendipity

Stewart Hodson, Somemore Hot Stuff

Stewart Hodson, Synergy

Stewart Hodson, Thanks to You

Stig, Raw

Stitch, Stitch

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Today

Stockholm Voices, Come Rain or Come Shine

Stockton Helbing, Battlestations & Escape Plans

Stockton Helbing, For Nothing Is Secret

Stockton Helbing, Lodestar

Stolen Identity, One Thought Away

Stolen Jars, Stolen Jars

Stone Bratt Big Band, Stone Bratt Big Band

Stonelow Fantasy, Broken Dreams Renewed in Twilight

Stop By Fear, Momentum into Nothingness

Stop Control, Stop Control

Story City, Time and Materials

Story of a Life, Story of a Life

Stot Juru, Universal Saxifications

STOUT, Alaska

Straight Ahead Featuring Tina Stefanos, It Just Gets Better

Strange Charm, Waiting for the Sun

Stratos, Sphere

Stratus, Anabolic Live at the Ale House

Stratus, Hyperbole

Stratus, Iconoclast

Strömberg & Granlund, After Flood

Strässle Rainer, Careless Love

Streaming Audio, Radio Show

Streets, Streets

Stretch, Stretch

String of Pearls, It's About Time!

String Theory, Autumn Leaves

String Theory, Black Orpheus

String Theory, Futatsu (feat. Roland Chadwick & Nick Linnik)

String Theory, My Favourite Things

Stripped, Breaking Boundaries

Structure, Amalgamation

Stu Blue, Out of the Blue - EP

Stu Buchanan, Hey! What's the Time?

Stu Gardner / NGFOOT, In The Spirit of Love

Stu Gardner/Nine Guys From Out Of Town, Nine Beautiful Spirits

Stu Goodis & Tom Glenn, Continuum

Stu Goodis & Tom Glenn, New Song

Stuart McCallum, Echo Architect

Studio I Jazz Orchestra, Studio I and Vocal Friends

Studio Stu, Fools In Love

Styrocultural Antidote, Observing Life Through Traffic

Subtle Vibes, Pianophone

Suburban Eyes, Suburban Eyes

Sue Bell, Only Love

SUE BELL, Starry Night

Sue Giles, Black & White (Live Studio Performance DVD)

Sue Hart, Private Book

Sue Keller, A Little Lost Lamb

Sue Keller, Live in Kalamazoo

Sue Keller, Nola Reborn

Sue Keller, Rag Time Sue Reborn

Sue Keller, Ragtime Reflections

Sue Kent & Jazz It Up, Changing Direction

Sue Kent, It's Christmas Time

Sue Kent, Love, Lost and Found

Sue Maskaleris, Bring Nothing but Your Heart

Sue Matsuki, A New Take

Sue Matthews & Camilo Carrara, Foolish Hearts

Sue Nixon and The Leo Raymundo Quartet, Moonglow

Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Orchestra, Bricktop

Sue Pasquale and the Windy City Be-bop Trio, Mostly Bop

Sue Tucker, Back Home

Sue Tucker, May I Come In

Sue Tucker, Meant For You

Sueños Latin-Jazz/Steven Hashimoto, Azul Oscuro

Sufi Moon, Sufi Moon

Sugar, Ode

Suki Rae, Water and Fire

Sulio, Sulio: Mi Musica! - EP

Sultans of Sax, Little Big Horn

Sumanth Swaminathan, Carnatic Saxophone Classics

Summit Express Jazz Band, Lift Off

Sun Ship & Guevara, Sun Ship Meets Guevara in Tottori (feat. Yuji Takenobu)

Sun's Anvil, Glossolalia

Sundar Quartet, What a Dream I had..

Sunday Mitsuru, La Moonshine

Sundown Cafe, Close to Your Heart

Sundown Cafe, Sunset Dreams

Sundown Cafe, Sunset Reverie

Sunesis, Out Of The Blew

Sunna Gunnlaugs, Fagra Verold

Sunna Gunnlaugs, Live In Europe

Sunna Gunnlaugs, Mindful

Sunny Daze, Groove Vultures

Sunny Jain Collective, Avaaz

Sunny Kim & Geoff Cleveland, Hoping

Sunny Knable, David Lincoln Burnam: Complete Piano Works

Sunny, Kind of Smooth

Sunshine Collective, The City That Forgot to Snow

Sunyata Jazz Quartet, Perpetual Search

Sunyata, Salter & Nirta, Silk Road

Superfluous Motor, The Hodgepodge Maneuver

Superior Edwards, Doing Me

Superior Edwards, Trippin'

SuperMayne Productions, Englewood Strut, Music and Vibes

Surinder Sandhu, Cycles and Stories

Surinder Sandhu, The Fictionist

Susan Allen & Roman Stolyar, Together (Improvisations)

Susan and Denny Berthiaume, Love On Track

Susan Anders, Singing With Style CD 1: Jazz Vocal Warm Up and Vocal Style Singing Lessons

Susan Anders, Singing With Style CD 3: Jazz Vocal Warm Up and Vocal Style Singing Lessons

Susan Andrea Warmington, Jazzmaican

Susan Chen, For A While...

Susan Comstock Swingtet, Fly Right

Susan de Jong & Doug Caldwell, I Hear Music

Susan De Jong, It`s About Time

Susan Getz, Jazz Boxx

Susan Jones Jazz Quartet, Exit 19

Susan Jones, Violin Caliente

Susan Kohler, Cocktail Napkins

Susan Kohler, My Favortie Gentlemen

Susan Krebs and the Soaring Sextet, Jazz Aviary

Susan Krebs, Jazz Gardener

Susan Lamb, Some Other Time

Susan Rancourt, Susan Rancourt

Susan Sisko Carter, The Day Little Jimmy Scott Sang Just for Me

Susan Smith, Fine and Mellow

Susan Sutton, Da Me Cinco

Susan Tobocman, Live In Detroit With The Cliff Monear Trio

Susan Tobocman, Watercolor Dream

Susan Winter, Love Rolls On...Live!

Susana Lima, Bossa Fever

Susana Santos Silva, Impermanence

Susanna Bartilla, I Love Lee

Susanna Bartilla, Live au Sunside

Susanna Bartilla, So viel Glück

Susanne Vogt Band, Big Noise

Susie Butler, Susie Sings Sarah

Susie Meissner, I'm Confessin'

Susie Meissner, I`ll Remember April

Susie Meissner, Tea for Two

Susie, Morning Light

Suss Von Ahn, Walk Between the Raindrops

Suss von Ahn, Zeldas Park

Suthikant Music, Pretty Flowers

Suthikant Music, There will be peace

Suthikant Music, We shall be free

Suzanna Sifter, Awakening

Suzanna Sifter, Flowers for You

Suzanna Sifter, The Illumination

Suzanna Smith, Halfway Between Heaven & Love

Suzanne Brooks and Reggie Graham With Sergio Ortuño, Aurora

Suzanne Brooks, The Jazz Generation & Reggie Graham, Lasting Impression

Suzanne Brooks: The Jazz Generation, The Strength To Go On

Suzanne Cabot With, Fine and Mellow (feat. Pamela Hines & Dave Clark)

Suzanne Dean, I Wonder

Suzanne Fiore, Life Relived

Suzanne Frank, First Flight

Suzanne Grzanna, Christmas Night

Suzanne Grzanna, Fly Me to the Moon

Suzanne Grzanna, My Santa Baby

Suzanne Grzanna, Simply Sunday

Suzanne Grzanna, The Cat`s Meow

Suzanne Lukather, So This Is Love

Suzanne Petri, Das Grand Tour

Suzanne Pittson, Out of the Hub: The Music of Freddie Hubbard

Suzanne Pittson, Resolution: A Remembrance of John Coltrane

Suzanne Stewart Mcdowell, Voodoo

Suzanne Tremblay, Beautiful Love

Suzanne Tremblay, So Exciting!

Suzi Stern and George Oldziey, Leap of Heart

Suzi Stern, Romancing the Dark

Suzi Woods, Sizzle

Suzy Cooper, Suzy C

Suzy Joubert, Half Light

Suzy Schwartz, Vento

Sven Bergmann Trio, The Onlyest

Sven Ratzke, Macht Musik At the Bimhuis

Sveti, Kolach

Svetlana Palada, Indigo Child

Svetlin Staikov & Alexander N. Lekov, Morning

SVK + G (Vintage), Reflections

Swamp Cactus, Better Living Through Chemistry

Swamp Cactus, Four Decades

SwampVoodoo, Carnival Came to Town

Swarmius, Dragon

Sweet Lu Quintet, Tribute To Greatness

Sweet Pepprika, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Sweet Sue Terry, Gilly`s Caper

Sweet Sue Terry, Live At the Deer Head Inn (feat. Vic Juris, Ron Thomas, Tony Marino & Bill Goodwin)

Sweetjazz55, Cryogenic, Frozen in Time

Sweetjazz55, Saving the Day

Swimming Uphill, Colourful Tears

Swindler, Brambles

Swing Cats Big Band, These Cats Can Swing!

Swing City Wiseguys, Swing City Wiseguys

Swing Fever with Clark Terry, Reunion

Swing Gitane, Good Old Wagon

Swing Machine Big Band, Mid-Life Crisis

Swing Machine Big Band, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Swing Noir, The New Black

Swingadelic, Another Monday Night

Swingadelic, Boogie Boo!

Swingadelic, The Other Duke - Tribute to Duke Pearson

Swingbooty, Mack the Knife

Swingbooty, Sweet Sue

Swingin' Daddy Dick, Riding Lightning

Swingin´ Fireballs, Swingcredible!

Swinging Wheel, Alla Tiders

Swingnuts Jazz, Wild Dream

Swingology, Taking a Chance

SwingSet, We Got the Goods

Swingtime Bigband, Streamliner

Switters, The Anabaptist Loop

Swizzle Chicks, Shakin', Not Stirred

Swunk Brothers, Green Martini

Syberen Van Munster, Plunge for Distance

Sybil Gage, RED

Sydney Claire, All Ella

Sydney Claire, I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues

Sydney Claire, Killing Me Softly With His Song

Sydney Claire, Rocks in My Bed

Sydney Zenith, Sydney Zenith Highlights

Sylvain Cossette quartet, Another Step

Sylvain Marcotte, The Perfect Moment - Piano Works

Sylvester Harper, I Can`t Hide

Sylvester Hillard, Introspection

Sylvester Hillard, Relax Your Mind

Sylvesterand Cheryl Gough, Sundaze Cool

Sylvia A. Thompson, Musically Yours - A Jazz Tribute

Sylvia Bennett, Another Love Song

Sylvia Bennett, Best Love Songs

Sylvia Bennett, Smile

Sylvia Brooks, Dangerous Liaisons

Sylvia Ferguson, In The Garden, Songs to My Mother

Sylvia Herold & The Rhythm Bugs, The Spider and the Fly

Sylvia Mcnair & David Gulias, Peace

Sylvia Mims, Where Lovers Live

Sylvia Pilar, Seduxion

Sylvia Winsby, Feelin' So Free

Sylvia Winsby, Shades of Green in Blue

Sylvia Woodard Thompson, For the Love of Jazz (Live in Franklin, TN)

Sylvie Bourban, [Ki:r]

Symbiotic Quintet, Symbiotic Quintet

Syncopation, But Not For Me

Syncopation, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Synergy Quartet, Later

Synses, Silky Smooth

Syntheticsax, In Search of Dream

System 99, Soft Fire

T $$, One Love

T-Bass, So Low, Pro

T-Bass, So Low, Pro

T-Mystro, Ear Funk Jazz - Vol. 1

T.B.C., House Music Woman

T.C. Ortberg, Hot Jupiters (feat. Kenni Holmen)

T.C. Ortberg, The Ninth Tide

T.C. Smith, Welcome

T.C. Waters, In the Groove

T.C.Smith, Won't You Say Yes

T.J. Graham, Dreamers and Lovers

T.J. Graham, Small Day Tomorrow

T.L. Robinson, Keymotion

T.L. Robinson, Revealed - Unspoken Revelations

T.W.O., The Whispers Orchestra

Ta**os Spiliotopoulos Quartet, Wait For Dusk

Tabajara Assumpção, Sampa Samba

Tabelonius Monk, Job Application

Table 4 5ive, 2 Hip 2 B Smooth

Table 4 5ive, Table Wine

Tablesalt, Tablesalt

Taconieuwenhuizen Group, Playtime

Tacuma Bradley, The Past Is in the Present

Tad Sisler Orchestra, Waiting in the Wings

Tadao Tsujikawa, Road to Asia

Taeko Fukao, Wonderland

Taeko Kunishima, Space To Be

Tahoma Hauptman, Math of Least Resistance

Tahsili Consort, Tahsili Conosrt III - Forty by Fifty and The Big Five O

Tahsili Consort, Tahsili Consort I - The Adventure Begins

Tahsili Consort, Tahsili Consort II - Journals and Journeys

Tahsili Consort, Tahsili Consort IV - Lusive Tunes

Tahsili Consort, Tahsili Consort V - Freedom : Rules

Tai Cheri, Whisper of Tomorrow

Taijiquan, Taijiquan

Taikonaut, Wound

Tail Out, Tail Out

Taiyo Hatta, Message in a Bottle

Tajci, The Very Thought of You

Takao Iwaki, Introducing

Take 4, Personal Miracle

Take Seven, Sundancer

Take Two Variety Band, Russ Miller & Diana Miller, My Heart's Been Broken Before

Takeda, Poemas

Takis Barberis, Something from July

Tal Babitzky, Internal Voice

Talking Book, Chasing The Green

Tamara Hoekwater & Cees Hamelink, Ik Zei Ja

Tamika J., Queendom (feat. Channing Lamar)

Tammy Hall, Blue Divine

Tammy McCann, Love Stories...

Tamra Hayden, Love Is...

Tamsin Collison, Under Your Spell

Tamuz Nissim, The Music Stays in a Dream

Tan Ping, Paradise

Tan Ping, You Are Always With Me

Tana Santana Project, Otra Cosa

Tandava, Tandava

Tanel Ruben Quintet, Nõiutud Veerandtunnid/Enchanted Hours

Tanja Siebert, Odd Times

Tanja Solnik, Gracias A La Vida

Tanmayo, Lost and Found

Tanya Tarushka, My Elaborate Canvas

Tapestree, Si Se Puede (You Can Make It)

Tara Davidson, View

Tara Hofmann, Almost There

Tara Linda, Torch and Sass

Tara O'Grady, Black Irish

Tarik Banzi & Joe Heinemann, Free Fall

Tarras Band, Tarras Band

Taryn Manning & Michelle Knight, One More Time (From "Cleveland Abduction")

Tasha Wenger, Love Lane

Taslimah Bey Quartet, A Tribute To Ragtime

Taslimah Bey, Taslimah Bey - Live!

Tass Petridis, Tass Petridis

Tassilo Dellers Jazz Quartett, See You

Tassos Spiliotopoulos, New Land

Tatertronix, Beach House

Tatiana Eva-Marie, Moongirl

Tatiana Ladymay Mayfield, A Portrait of Ladymay

Tatiana Mayfield Quintet & The Erskine Hawkins Band, From All Directions

Tatopani, Forbidden Fruit

Tatopani, Themes From Dreams

Tats Ya, Human Nature

Tats Ya, The Long and Winding Road

Tatu Rei, Tatu Rei

Tau Ceti Travelers, The Drive To Tau Ceti

Tavis Minner, Route 66

Tavynho Bonfa & Mark Isbell, Bonfa Toca Bonfa

Tawanna Shaunte, Freedom Agent

Taxband & Helio Santos, Taxband One

Taylor Cook, For Lilia

Taylor Haskins, Metaview

Taylor Haskins, Wake Up Call

Taylor Lonardo, The Low Road

Téka & Paris, Garden Planet

Téka, So Many Stars

Téka, Watercolours of Brazil

TB&J, Think It Not Strange

Tbeats, Dreams

Tbeats, The Sound of My Mind

Tea Cup Gin, Underground Love

Teacher Kiel, Arithmetic Songs for Kids Zero to Ten

Team Hideo, Hideo: An Evening at The Shiny Mug

Team Players, Draft

Teardropcity, Disarray That Pearl and Get Hip Y'all

TeCheetah, So Fine (Spanglish)

Tecora Rogers, Jazzy Lady

Ted Blumenthal, The Adventures in Jazz Orchestra Celebrates Christmas

Ted Brabham, Sunday Evening Jazz

Ted Davis, My Favorite Year

Ted Gioia, The City is a Chinese Vase

Ted Hawkins, Music for 2:47 Am

Ted Hogarth and the Mulligan Mosaics Big Band, Live At The Jazz Showcase

Ted Shinn, In Orbit (With Laura Newman)

Ted Shinn, Summerland

Ted Shumate, A Different Shade of Blue

Ted Shumate, El Toque Del Amor

Ted Sink, Mistaken

Ted Sink, Nothing Changes

Ted Unseth and the Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra, 20th Anniversary Concert with Benny Waters

Tedd Baker, Mugshots

Tedd Turton, Food For Thought

Tedd Turton, Fuchsia

Tedd Turton, Mixed Emotions

Tedd Turton, The Tom and Bone

Teddy Pantelas Trio, It Makes Me Glad

Teddy Presberg, Blueprint of Soul

Teddy Wender & Jazzmatik, I Got Your Back

Teeana, Santa Baby

Tekelia Kelly, Merry Christmas (The Christmas Song)

Tekk Allstarz, Optical Illusion

Tekneek, Joyride

Tekno Flips Again, Secrets of the XYZ Machine

Teleskope Funk, Summer Sun

Tellef Øgrim, Libido

Telma Viale, Reconvexo

Temika Moore, That's Enough (Album Version) - Single

Temple University Jazz Band, Big Swing Face (Live)

Temple University Jazz Band, Dear Dizzy: A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie

Temple University Jazz Band, To Thad, With Love, March 10 2007

Ten 27, Mild Mannered

Tenaj & Anderson, You & I

Tener Duende, King of Fools

Teo Lima, Teo Lima`s quartet

Teraesa Vinson, Next To You

Teralynn Bryant, The Love of My Mother

Terashima, The Glory Day

Terence E Jackson, The Instrument

Terence Elliott, The Professor: the New Jazz Swing

Terence Fisher, 88 Keys to Christmas, Vol. 2

Terence Jones, A Golden Touch

Terence Koo, Lunacity

Terence Young, Christmas Time

Terence Young, Healing For The Soul

Terence Young, Love Stories

Terence Young, The Guitar Diary

Teresa Fischer, Andrew David Sotomayor & Candice Corbin, Christmas Is...

Terese Genecco & Her Little Big Band, Live from the Iridium Nyc

Terese Genecco, Drunk With Love

Teri DeSario & Fred Wulff, Dream Wandering

Teri Roiger, Dear Abbey: the Music of Abbey Lincoln

Teri Roiger, John Menegon, Jack DeJohnette & Kenny Burrell, Misterioso

Terje Lie, Traveler

Terra Hurdle, Bela Vida

Terra Mars, The Troubadours

Terrance Palmer, Love Letter

Terrance Palmer, Transitions

Terrance, Steppin' Out

Terrence Brewer, Setting the Standard

Terrence Brewer, The Calling: Volume One

Terrence Brewer, The Calling: Volume Two

Terrence Hughes, Bossa Blues

Terri Brinegar, Having The Time Of My Life

Terri Cerritto, Last Night When We Were Young

Terri England, Tones Of The Tropics

Terry Blaine & Mark Shane, Lonesome Swallow

Terry Blaine & The Mark Shane Quintet, In Concert

Terry Blaine, Allan Vache & Mark Shane, Swingin' the Benny Goodman Songbook

Terry Blaine, Too Hot for Words

Terry Blaine, Whose Honey Are You?

Terry Blankley, Cold Weather Blues Plus

Terry Cade, All in a Day's Dream

Terry Cade, Sometimes I'm Happy

Terry D Ward, St. Thomas

Terry Fancher, Guitar

Terry Hankins, Solo Guitar

Terry Kinsale Figuera, Fusion

terry lower, Step By Step

Terry Marshall, Arrival

Terry Mitchell, By Reason of Lucidity

Terry Mitchell, Reality Notwithstanding

Terry Mitchell, Reasonable Disarray

Terry Morrison, No Covers

Terry O, How Little We Know

Terry Parran, I'm So Into You

Terry Plumeri, Blue In Green

Terry Plumeri, He Who Lives In Many Places

Terry Reynolds, Terrytoonz: Coast To Coast

Terry Sanders, Place of Peace

Terry Sanders, Reflections

Terry Shaw, Crime Scene

Terry Shaw, JazzLaxx "Conversion"

Terry Silverlight, Diamond In The Riff

Terry Silverlight, In Concert

Terry Silverlight, Smooth

Terry Smith, Stand In Awe Of God

Terry Smith, Such A Time As This

Terry Smith, Terry's Bungalow

Terry Tuck, Desert Wind

Terry Tuck, Undiscovered

Terry Vosbein & The Knoxville Jazz Orchestra, Progressive Jazz 2009

Terry W. Perkins Sr., The Wayfarer Song

Terry Wollman, Say Yes

Terry Woolard, I Know It Feels Good

Terry Woolard, I'm Marrying an Angel

Teryn Ré Big Band, Teryn Ré Big Band

Tet-Quart, Silencio

Tetsuya Nakamura, Walkin` Through the Alley - Ep

Tevet Sela, Tevet Sela

Texas Gypsies, Just Because

Texas Gypsies, Old Is New


Thaiga, Thaiga - EP

Thales Nunes, Cantábile

Thasaint, Bring Back the Night

Thasaint, Forbidden Nights

Thasaint, Tease

Thasaint, Tight

The "Wonder-Fall" Quartet, The "Wonder-Fall" Quartet

The 3rio, We've Got Plans... (feat. Krzysztof "Puma" Piasecki, Stan Michalak & Kenny Martin)

The 420 Cafe, The 420 Cafe

The Aaron Keele Contingent, The Aaron Keele Contingent

The Abigail Payne Band, About a Cake

The Abstract Truth W/ G. Lawrence Francis, All Work, No Play

The Accidental Big Band, The Stinger's Apprentice (feat. Kim May)

The Accidentals, Intermittent Plush

The Adam Douglass Trio, Seersucker

The Adder Band, Stocking Filler

The Adrian Cohen Trio, Standardized

The Afro-Semitic Experience, Plea for Peace

The Aftervibe, The Aftervibe

The Agency, We All Want Santa

The Agents, For All the Massive

The Al Williams Quintet Plus One, Sandance

The Alan Simon Quartet, Without A Song

The All Light Orchestra, Solar Eclipse

The Allen Houser Sextet, Karenji (ars007)

The Alliance Singers, Wayfaring Stranger

The Am Trio, As of Now

The Andrew Allen Trio, Free Play

The Andrew Baham Quintet, ...and They Called It Love

The Andrew Stonerock Quintet, Pavlov's Waterfall

The Andy Pizzo Project, Bouncin`

The Andy Sugg Group, Brunswick Nights

The Anne Fadale Trio, Emily

The Anne Fadale Trio, How the Time Goes By

The Annex Quartet, The Roaring Twenties

The Antonie Swain Quintet, School Daze Live

The Apple Sisters, 1943

The Archrivals, The Archrivals 2

The Atomic Sherpas, Blowin` It At Ya

The Atto Music Project, Lightly Salted

The Au Brothers, The Au Brothers Take Off!

The Auratones, Mazzu Mazzu

The Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra, Clairvoyance - featuring Bob Brookmeyer and George Garzone

The B. Christopher Band, High Tide

The Bad Little Big Band, A Long Way to Go

The Bailsmen, The Bailsmen

The Barbara and Al Boudreau Quartet With Herb Pomeroy, Two Sing Four and More

The Be Bops, A Place Beyond

The Bear Brothers, Rockin' at Mardi Gras Time

The Beastie Bones, The Beastie Bones

The Beat Divas, Dishin' with the Divas: Songs of Food, Love & Mayhem

The Beat Divas, Live at Reed`s

The Beggars Who Give, EP

The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, National Treasure

The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, What a Dixie We Have in Gospel

The Bellinis, Happy Hour

The Bernd Brothers, Permanent Solution

The Beth Custer Ensemble, Roam

The Bevin Boys, The Bevin Boys

The Big Bottom Band, Roodoo Voodoo

The Bill Buchman Trio, Out Of The Blue

The Bill McBirnie Duo/Quartet, Paco Paco

The Bill McBirnie Trio, Find Your Place (feat. Bernie Senensky & Anthony Michelli)

The Black Dogs, Black Dogs on Bourbon

The Blackman, Collectors Edtion

The Blake Callens Trio, The Blake Callens Trio

The Bliss, The New House

The Blue Flagships, Red and Blue (feat. Tommie Harris meet Red Holloway)

The Blue Notes, The Blue Notes

The Blue Planet Sound, Escape to Paradise

The Blue Planet Sound, Sunshine Revolution

The Blue-Hots, Collection One (2012)

The Bob Brough Quartet, Like A Spring Day

The Bob Sterling Band, Essence of Freedom

The Bobby Blackston Band, Elevations

The Bohemians, A Bon Soir At The Cabaret Bob

The Bohemians, Hallelujah and Happy New Year

The Bonner Party, Lights Out

The Bosman Twins, When Lions Roar

The Bossa Nova Hotel, Moon Island

The Boulevard Big Band, Stellar

The Boulevard Big Band, Take Only For Pain

The Bourbon Street Stompers, Men of Steam

The Brad Bietry Jazz Group, Skylark

The Brad Jones Quartet, Pouring My Heart In

The Brand New Life, Coconut Husband

The Brand New Life, The Brand New Life

The Brand New Life, We Made Dogs

The Brandon Bernstein Trio, But Beautiful

The Brazilian Experience, Veronique featuring Paulinho Garcia

The Brehms, Summer Moon

The Brett Michael Experience, << Rewind

The Brew, Rumba Caliente

The Brian Landrus Kaleidoscope, Capsule

The Brian Pastor Big Band, Common Men

The Bridge Trio, The Search: Departure

The BRJG, High Road

The Broken Robots, Love

The Brooklyn Repertory Ensemble, Pragmatic Optimism

The Brothers Goldman, fOnk

The Brothers Goldman, Fonkology

The Brubakers, Forever

The Bruce Arnold Trio, A Few Dozen

the Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra, REGIONS

The Buzz Jones Big Band, What`s Up In The Attic

The Cafa© Ola©, Cuanto Tardara©

The Cafe Con Pan Band, Latin Jazz Philly Style

The Cal State L.A. Jazz Orchestra, Corner Pocket

The Callum Au Big Band, Something's Coming (feat. Nigel Hitchcock, Iain Mackenzie, Gareth Lockrane & Emma Smith)

The Campbell Bros., Project Z

The Campbells, Home for Christmas

The Carl Holmes Experience, Fresh Horizons

The Carl Michel Group, The Carl Michel Group (+)

The Carmelo Project, Joy & Gladness

The Cary Brown Trio, The Cary Brown Trio

The Castle Jazz-Fusion Band, Don't Look Down

The Cates Fomin Project, Music For Your Soul

The Catfish Groove Farm, Here Comes Trouble

The catz in the hatz, Take One

The Catz In The Hatz, Take Two

The Cell Block 7, Framed

the Chad Fisher Group, Dog Parade

The Chance Trio, Marnee Birds

The Charlie Smith Project, On The Double

The Chi-Lites and Friends, Christmas Time AT Mamas House

The Chip Smith Project, Piehole Liars

The Chocolate Fish Band, Live At Vino Vino

The Chocolate Hot Pockets, The Filthy Chapter

The Chris Cummings Standards Trio, Freddie Freeloader

The Chris Kelsey 4, Not Cool ( ... as in, "The Opposite of Paul Desmond")

The Chris Vestre Group, Suburban Life

The Christian Instrumentalists, No. 3

The Christian Instrumentalists, no.1

The Christian Instrumentalists, no.2

The Christine Spero Group, My Spanish Dream

The Christine Spero Group, We Call It Music

The Christopher Lukert Band, Playing in Shadows

The Christy Bennett Casey Nielsen Duo, The Christy Bennett Casey Nielsen Duo

The Chronicle, Makin` Moves

The Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra, Joyful Noise: The Music of Horace Silver

The City of Los Angeles All Stars & Richard Geere, More Vintage Jazz: A Taste of the 20s-50s

The Clare Fischer Big Band, Continuum

The Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band, ¡Ritmo!

The Clare Fischer Voices, ...And Sometimes Instruments

The Classic Jazz Trio, Emily (feat. Joe Delaney, Kevin Mauldin & Phil Tirino)

The Clinical Mops, Why Would the Wall Shift, but Not the Stove?

The Coats, On Christmas Time

The Coats, The Boys Are Back

The Coats, The Caroler: Christmas With The Coats

The Coco Brothers, Aural Tradition

The Code, Figli di Baia

The Code, Mianca

The Code, The Code

The Collective, Going Places

The Combustion Collective, Slick

The Common Denominator, Like This

The Company, Daybreak

The Contemporary Lovers, This Heart Can Be So...

The Continentals, Swing Shift

The Cook Trio, Black Box - Live At the King Center

The Cook Trio, Villa Said

The Cookers, Volume One

The Core Trio, Discontent

The Core Trio, Untitled (feat. Matthew Shipp)

The Crater Creek Project, The Crater Creek Project

The Crawford Jazz Band, It`s About Time

The Cricklewood Cats, Swinging At the Savoy

The Crown Syncopators, Ragtime Dance Party

The Crush, Let's Do It

The Curators, Live At Freddy's

The Curt Sheller Trio, Midnight At the Jazz Cafe

The Cyrus Grape Orchestra, The Dissolution of a Crystal

The Dallas Jazz Orchestra, The Dallas Jazz Orchestra Presents Victor Cager

The Dalton Gang, Last Year`s Waltz

The Dalton Gang, Miami Shadows

The Dalton Gang, Rhythms

The Dalton Gang, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

The Damon Grant Project, Sonidos Nuevos (new Sounds)

The Dan Brubeck Quartet, Celebrating the Music and Lyrics of Dave and Iola Brubeck (feat. Adam Thomas, Steve Kaldestad & Tony Foster)

The Dan DeChellis Trio, Organic Material

The Dan Geisler Group, Under The Sun

The Dan Stein Group, There Goes the Neighborhod

The Dan Tepfer Trio, Before the Storm

The Dangling Success, Down on Houston

The Danny Ess Project, Steamy Nights

The Danny Johnson Trio, Tippin 'N Funkin

The Dara Quinn Project, This Way That Way

The Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra, Blues In Another Minute

The Dave Fox Group, Gatewalk

The Dave Kain Group, Citizen Kain

The Dave Lalama Big Band, The Hofstra Project

The Dave Longfellow Ensemble, The Dave Longfellow Ensemble

The Dave Longfellow Ensemble, The DLE: Vol. 1

The Dave Schiavone & Joe Brancato Quartet, HT: Originals

The Dave Young & Terry Promane Octet, Octet, Vol. 1

The David Berger Jazz Orchestra & Denzal Sinclaire, No Sign of You

The David Berger Jazz Orchestra & Denzal Sinclaire, Those Lips, Those Eyes

The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, Jerome Avenue

The David Boykin Expanse, 47th Street Ghost

The David Brothers Band, Retrospective

The David Bynes Group, The David Bynes Group Live at Ric`s Cafe`

the David Cochrane eXperience, SAXperience #1

The David Mitton Project, Catapult

The David Ricard Big Band, Big Band Remix (Lesterbeat Presents)

The David Ricard Big Band, Hey, I Know This Song! Vol. 1

The David Wells & Chris Geith Project, No Side Effects

The Dawn Osborne Band, The Dawn Osborne Band

The Decoders, I Am the Black Gold of the Sun

The Deli Llama Orchestra, Soul Food

The Deli Llama Orchestra, Soul Food, Vol. 2

The Deltona Transfer, Knee Deep in Doo Wop

The Demand Badger Octet, The Unreliable Narrator

The DeMarjon Trio, Standard Room Only

The Denis Keldie Trio, Northern Hammond

The Denver Brass, Tribute to America's Heroes

The Despicable Little Man, There Ain't No One

The Devil's Horns Kill The Matador, Animate EP (black)

The Devil's Horns Kill The Matador, Animate EP (white)

The Dick Wellstood All-stars, From Dixie to Swing

The Disciples of Ursula Big Band, Blow Them Horns

The Dixie Sizzlers, The Dixie Sizzlers: Live! At the Gandy Dancer Festival

The Doctor Is in the House, Let Us Heal Your Soul

The Don Miller Music Experience, A Christmas Sampler

The Don Miller Music Experience, Christmas Memories

The Don Miller Music Experience, Rhythms Rhymes War and Peace Signs

The Don Miller Music Experience, With You In Mind

The Doppler Trio, Doppler II

The Doppler Trio, The Doppler Trio

The Doug Perry Ensemble, The Doug Perry Ensemble

The DownBeats, DownTime

The Dreamclassics, Reflections

The Drew Davies Rhythm Combo, Wild Man Walk

The Drowning Lovers, Chatham Mills

The Dubious Capture, The Dubious Capture

The Duckstep, Duckstep Trio

The Duo, The Duo

The DW Project, So Many Dreams (So Little Time)

The DW Project, Welcome to the Open Door

The Dynamic Duo, The Dynamic Duo

The Eclectic Jazz Experience, Leave It At That

The Eclectophonics Jazz Ensemble, The Rat On My Piano

The Ed Teja Group, Brazil Blues - Single

The Edward Michaels Trio, Hook, Line & Sinker

The Elec Tet, Shiny Metal Objects

The Elements of Jazz, The Elements of Jazz

The Elevators, Shades of Bossa Nova

The Empire Swings Back, The Empire Swings Back

The End Times Spasm Band, #2

The End Times Spasm Band, Baudelaire

The Equanimous Jones Quartet, Smoother than Chocolate

The Equinox Project, Right Of Ascension

The Eric Byrd Trio, 21st Century Swing (Live)

The Eric Byrd Trio: Brother Ray Band, Further On Up the Road

The Eric Ekstrand Ensemble, I'm Gonna Unwrap My Baby For Christmas

The Eric Evans Project, Waves of Grace

The Eric Mintel Quartet, Eric Mintel Quartet 3 CD Set

The Eric Mintel Quartet, Live at XM

The Eric Mintel Quartet, Times Change

The Eric Plaks Five, Rooftop Reveries

The Estrada Brothers, The Estrada Brothers

The Exchange, The Exchange

The Fabulous Dee Harrell, Just One of Those Things

The Fabulous Red Diesel, We Know It's 43

The Faux Freshmen, Scratchin' the Surface

The Faux Freshmen, Seasons of the Heart

The Felix Swing Band, Swing It Daddy

The Flatlands Collective, Gnomade

The Floating Opera Orchestra, Halloween Tonight (The 47% Stomp)

The Fogcutters, Jingle These Bells

The Follen Angels, I Got Rhythm: In Love With Gershwin and Cole Porter

The Fondue Set, Down to the Rind

The Fonkmasters, Confunkshunal Chill Out

The Forefathers, Manataka

The Former Champions, Now With Atomic Energy!

The Four Freshmen, Freshmas!

The Four Freshmen, Live From Las Vegas

The Four Freshmen, Live in Holland

The Four Freshmen, Love Songs

The Four Freshmen, Snowfall

The Four Freshmen, The Four Freshmen & LIVE Trombones

The Fourth Street Five, Positively Fourth Street

The Frank DiBussolo Trio, And Frank Makes Three

The Frederick Brush Jazz Orchestra & Lynn Nelson, Out of This World

The Free Art Project, Focus

The Freelife Project, Higher Level

The Frisky Frolics, Tin Pan Alley Troubadours

The Funkdawgs, A Dawg`s Life

The G, Flying High

The G..., For The One I Love

The Gadjo Players, Between Two Waters

The Gateways Singers, The Gates 2013

The Gathering, Warriors All - by Horace Tapscott

the gecko island jazz band, darwin`s dance

The Gecko Jazz Project, Midnight Samba

The Gemini Duo, The Fiddlers` Christmas

The Genre Project, Guilty Pleasures

The Gil Gillis Group, Saltwater Home

The Glenn E. Williams Trio, Harp's Revenge

The Glenn Miller Orchestra, In the Christmas Mood

The Glenn Miller Orchestra, In the Christmas Mood II

The Glenn Miller Orchestra, In the Nutcracker Mood

The Gns Band, Broken Radio Machinations

The Golden Project, Seven Sense

The Good Fellas, Olly Meets the Good Fellas

The Gottfried Project, A Mixed Bag

The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra, Puttin' On The Ritz

The Grand St. Stompers, The Grand St. Express

The Grass Straw, Moon Music

The Grautet, The Graushua Tree

The Greg Englert Jazz Band, Wockwongs

The Greg Tivis Trio, I Got It Bad

The Gregg Gelb Swing Band, Too Darn Hot !

The Grey Legends, Children of the World

The Grey Legends, Sunshine

The Grey Legends, When You Love Somebody

The Grim Preachers, Can't Wait to Be Broke

The Groove Avengers, Walking Back to Jazziness

The Groove Bastards, Meet the Groove Bastards

The Groovechasers, Dig A Little Deeper

The Group, The Group (feat. Randy Brecker)

The Gumbo Trio, Our Most Requested

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 14

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 16

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 7

The Gypsy Hombres, Cafe Strut

The Gypsy Hombres, Nouveau

The Haji Ahkba Jazz Assembly, The Rebirth

The Hal Galper Trio with Jerry Bergonzi, Just Us

The Hal Galper Trio with Jerry Bergonzi, Rebop

The Half Of It, Drop

The Half Of It, The Half Of It

The Hank Johnson Trio, The Hank Johnson Trio

The Hank Levy Legacy Band, Whiplash

The Hank Levy Legacy Band, Whiplash (Radio Edit)

The Harmonic Hatchery Band, Leave It All To The Music

The Harmony Theory, The Harmony Theory

The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale, Baobob

The Heartbreaking Twangers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Twang

The Herb Harris Jazz Trio, The Herb Harris Jazz Trio- Live at Island`s End Bistro

The Hifivers, Life Shines

The Highrise Quartet, #prayforbertha

The Hiser Brothers, Baby It's Cold Outside

The Hiser Brothers, What're You Doing New Year's Eve?

The Honeybees, A Sentimental Journey With the Honeybees

The Honeybucket Jazz Band, San Francisco Traditional Jazz

The Hot Club of Philadelphia, Perhaps This Winter Time (feat. Denise King)

The Hot Club of San Francisco, Swing This

The Hot Club Quartette, The Hot Club Quartette Volume Two

The Hot Club, Samois Faire

The Hot Java Band, For the Benefit of Andrew Camerino

The Hot Java Band, Hot Java Dixieland Band, Ten Dollars American

The Hot Java Band, The Hot Java Band

The Hot Jazz Alliance, Bandstand Diplomacy

The Hot Mammas, Hot Mammas, Yeah!

The Hot Mammas, The Hot Mammas

The Hot Sardines, Sardine 3: Frolicking At the Playground

The Hot Sardines, Shanghai'd

The Hotlanta Trio, Keepin` Out Of Mischief

The Hour Trio, Inta` Out

The Howland/Imboden Project, The Howland/Imboden Project

The HR Project, Originals: A Tribute to Howard Roberts

The Hub, Trucker

The Humble Organisms, Humble Beginnings

The Ian Pearce Big Band, Prelude to the Blues

The Illementals, Ecstasy

The ills, The ills

The Illusionists, Masks and Faa§ades

The Imaginary Trio, An Imaginary Christmas Volume 1

The Imaginary Trio, The Imaginary Trio Plays the Cure

The Indie Revenge, Self Titled

The Infinite Ensemble, The Infinite Ensemble

The Intention, The Intention

The Irwell Street String Band, 11:60pm (Feat. Hetty Kate & Sam Lemann)

The Ivory Moans, Case File 666 / Booty Cauldron EP

The J Hatch Trio, The Birmingham Sessions

The J. Davis Trio, Vintage

The J. Michael Day Trio, Maggiano`s Combo

The J. Wes Project, Mystery of Love

The Jae Sinnett Trio, Theatre

The James Benson Quartet, Turning Toward Spring

The James Colah Project, Come With Me

The James Colah Project, Take Me Higher

The James Colah Project, To Be With You

The James Colah Project, Trippin On Your Smile

The Jason Schwartz Project, Green Horizon

The Jay Leonhart Trio, The Jay Leonhart Trio At Birdland

The Jayswami Music Company, Lage Re (feat. Chandana Dixit)

The Jazz Apokalypzz, Alien

The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra, The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra

The Jazz Council, Dawn

The Jazz Factory, field work

The Jazz Jousters, Locations: Brazil

The Jazz Jousters, New Genesis

The Jazz Jousters, Third Pass (Three Years of Jousting)

The Jazz Lag, Ometti de Milan

The Jazz Poets Trio, LIVE on the 3rd. St. Promenade

The Jazz Professors, Do That Again

The Jazz Professors, The Jazz Professors Live from the UCF-Orlando Jazz Festival

The Jazz Subversives, Insomniak

The Jazz Three-O, The Jazz Three-O

The Jazzwriter, A Quiet Shore

The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band, Holmes

The Jeff Goldstein Group, Waltz For Susie

The Jeff Lofton Electric Thang, Chasing the Voodoo Down ( Live at the Cactus Cafe)

The Jeff Perry Quartet, About Time

The Jen Oikawa Trio, Project One

The Jenkins/brown Quintet, Philly Sessions Vol. 1

The Jenny Finn Orchestra, Shadow Over Swingtown

The Jeremy Cubert Project, From A To B

The Jeremy Quick Trio, Live and Uncut

The Jerry Michelsen Trio, Now's the Time

The Jerusalem Jazz Band, Songs My Father Played

The Jessica Stuart Few, Kid Dream

The Jet City Angels, The Story of Mickey Mendone

The Jim Walters Band, Now and Then

The Jim Watson Trio, The Loop

The Jimmy Amadie Trio, Live! At the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Jo Fabro Quintet, Jfq

The Jodi Beach Trio, West of the Moon

The Joe McMahon Trio, The Joe McMahon Trio

The Joesf Glaude Group, Sentimental Blue

The Joey Goldstein Band, Time's Square

The Joey Goldstein Quartet, Thanks Charlie

The John Brown Quintet, Terms of Art - A Tribute to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

The John East Project, Live At the 606

The John Irvine Band, Wait & See

The John Perrine Quartet, Dance Of The Pampanzi

The John Sferra Trio, Infinity Unleashed (feat. Jack Giering & Phil Keaggy)

The Johnson Project, Worth the Weight

The Joker`s Wild, Live in DC!!!

The Jon Fox Quartet, A Single Step Forward

The Jonathan Crossley Electric Band, Funk for the Shaolin Monk

The Jordan Klemons Trio, New Road

The Jose Bowen Quartet, Uncrowded Night

The Josh Russell Quintet, Kakaki Sketch

The Joshua Experience, Day

The JT Jazz Project, Good Times (limited edition)

The Jteam, Introducing the Jteam

The Jubilax, Ignition

The Julie Lyon Quartet, Live - Between Then and Now

The Julius Ancho and Michael Cheatham Project, In The Groove

The Jumpin' Joz Band, Swingin' Radio

The Jumpin` Joz Band, Swing Dance Party

The Justin Lucas Band, Swingin' Into Christmas: Music from St Georges Church

The Justin Rothberg Group, Old Business

The Justin Rothberg Trio, The Justin Rothberg Trio

The JWB, In Perspective

The Karl Sanger Project, Absolute Positivity

The Karl Walters Jr Trio, Can We Go Back Where We Began?

The Kevin Frenette 4, Connections

The Keys Project, Klangbild

The Kim Edmundson/ Alan Oldfield Project, Reality Check

The KM Project, Slices (feat. Tom Keenlyside & Steve Madaio)

The Knights Tempo, Destined For Destiny

The Konrad Paszkudzki Trio, Vol. 2, No Strings (feat. Bridget Davis)

The Kozue Kuriyama, Cold Feet

The Lalama Brothers, The Crepuscule Variations (On Songs Our Parents Gave Us) [feat. Nicole Pasternak-Lalama]

The Lana Hawkins Jazz Quartet, Beyond the Rainbow

The Larry Smith Quartet, The Larry Smith Quartet (feat. Dan Brubeck, Mike DeMicco, and Rob Leon)

The Lascivious Biddies, Biddi-luxe!

The Last Dose, The Last Dose (The Mark Arroyo Trio Presents)

The Lemon Sisters, In My Country - Single

The Len Phillips Big Band, Our Kind of Music

The Leonisa Ardizzone Quartet, Afraid of the Heights

The Leonisa Ardizzone Quintet, The Scent of Bitter Almonds...

The Les Baxter Factor, Elegant Moon

The Levites, God You Are (Re-Mix)

The LGM Music Project, Jazz All Night (feat. Larry Merriweather)

The Lindy Sisters, Definitely in the Mood

The Local Girls, Let yourself Go

The London Experiment, The London Experiment

The Longo Brothers, Manhattan (feat. Moe Koffman)

The Louie Kahns, EP

The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band, Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician (A Tribute to the Mythologist's Musical Side)

The Lovedoctor, Baby Makin Music

The Low Standards, Show Some Leg EP

The Lund McVey Group, The Lund McVey Group

The M Jones Project, The Pleiades

The M Jones Project, Visions and Revisions

The Machiavelvets, Mach 1: Space Jazz Valhalla

The Macpodz, Orcastrate

The Madness of King George, Great White Buffalo

The Mainstream Jazztet, Christmas with the Mainstream Jazztet

The Majestic Jazz Orchestra, Axiom Asunder

The Makalani Movement, Late Nite Sessions : The Makalani Movement Live!

The Mallet Band, How Far Is It

The Manhattan Dolls, From Sea to Swingin' Sea

the manic thematic trio, say yes

The Marc Toussaint Combo, Old Devil Moon

The Marieve Herington Band, Midnight Sessions

The Mark Arroyo Trio, Juliana

The Mark Snyder Quartet, Men Grooving

The Markley Band, New Lines

The Marshalls, Sing Hallelujah!

The Martin Torres Collective, Poem

The Masters of Music, Happy Holidays

The Masters of Music, The Masters of Music Presents: Detroit Jam

The Mauxms, The Mauxms

The McFadden Brothers, Chapter 1

The McKenzie Burns Project, The McKenzie Burns Project

The Mellowtones, The Mellowtones

The Mica-Sev Project, The Mica-Sev Project, Vol. One

The Michael Holmes Trio, If You Were Wonderin`

The Michael O'Neal Singers, Ballads, Blues, and Broadway

The Michael Weizman Project, Zoe

The Mike Glendinning Band, The Mike Glendinning Band

The Mike Relf Trio, Union

The Miles Reed Group, Angels in the Forest

The Milkman & Sons, Trio EP

The Mill Dogs, Bei mir bist du schön

The Mills Brothers, 1931-1934

The Minority Report, The Minority Report

The Modern Kitchen, Volume One

The Modernaires, Come Out Swingin'! (feat. Jimmy Stephens, Scott Whitfield, Julie Dickinson, Ginger Berglund & Joe Croyle)

The Monty Casper Project, Soundbox

The Monty Casper Project, Sunset Smooth

The Moore Twins, Bass-Line and Keys

The Morning Lounge, Friday Feature (feat. Jill and Rich)

The MPS Project, Goes Without Saying

The Mulvey Big Band, Angel Wings (feat. Kevin Mulvey)

The Musician Physician Bert Cody Piggott, Jr., M.D., First Impression

The Musician Physician, All About You...

The Musician Physician, Heat

The Musician Physician, In the Moment

The Musician Physician, Neon Nights

The Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy, Ride the Wave

The Naples Jazz Orchestra, On a Misty Night

The Neo-Jazz Project, TNJP

The Neurons, Dance

The New Bop Brigade, Iron Man

The New Collection, My Romance

The New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits, Georgia Grind (Live At Bradenton))

The New Hot 5, Introducing The New Hot 5 and "Jazz for Cows"

The New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra, Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man

The New Old School Funk Bank, Dance Party (feat. Missy Miller)

The New Orleanians, Jingle Bells

The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, Going, Going, Gone

The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jass Band, Swamp Donkey

The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, Donkey Business

The New Quintet, The Unity of Sound

The New Rob Van Bavel Trio, Dutch Jazz

The New South Wales Machine, Jamming at the Portal: Retrospective 2000-2006

The New Varsity Quartet, 20 Songs of Yale

The New World Jazz Composers Octet, Transitions

The New York Trumpet Ensemble, All Praise Be Thine

The Next Generation Big Band, The Next Generation Big Band (Harold Battiste Presents)

The Ni Project, The Ni Project

The Nicholas Cassarino Ensemble, Live, Raw and Uncut

The Nick Haas Trio, You Gotta Get Out There

The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble, Savanoia

The Now and Then Trio, Christmas Time Is Here

The Now and Then Trio, The Now and Then Trio Plus Friends

The NYC Improv Project, Melting Point (MFA Records Presents)

The Nymphs, The Nymphs

The Oatmeal Jazz Combo, All Stirred Up

The Oatmeal Jazz Combo, Steel-Cut Oats

The Oatmeal Jazz Combo, The Oatmeal Jazz Combo

The Odd Get Even, Objects in Motion

The Odd Get Even, The Odd Get Even

The Odd Trio, Birth of the Minotaur

The Odd Trio, Quitting

The Off-White Set, One for Romanus

The Oikos Ensemble, Dreams and Visions

The Old 78's, The Women Wear No Clothes At All

The Old 78`s, Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic and Minstrel Banjo

The Oldians, Arts Of Seduction

The Oldians, Downtown Rock

The Oldians, Wandering Souls

The Onus, Reoccurring Dream

The Onus, Triphony

The Onus, Y'all Got It

The Original Wildcat Jass Band, Introducing the Original Wildcat Jass Band

The Original Wildcat Jass Band, I`ll Be Glad When You`re Dead

The Original Wildcat Jass band, Live!

The Original Wildcat Jass Band, March of the Wildcats

The Original Wildcat Jass band, Two Deuces

The Orion Saxophone Quartet, Among Friends

The Orphan Sister, One Mile Down

The Outer Rim, Surface Past Reflection

The Outsidemen, Band Overboard

The Outtengrand Orchestra, A Dangerously Groovy Christmas

The Overton Berry Ensemble, TOBE

The OXtet, The OXtet

The Panache Orchestra, 10 Strings, Vol. 2

The Panda Resistance, The Panda Resistance

The Paris Escovedo Project, Hit Them Skins

The Parlett-Colah Project, Cha Cha Chiwawa

The Parlett-Colah Project, Moment In Time

The Party Band, Transcendenta

The Patricia Adams Quartet, First Sundays

The Paul & Sheila Smith Trio with Adam Levy guitar, Life's What You Make It

The Paul Abella Trio, A Change in Plans

The Paul Hemmings Trio, In and Out

The Pearly Shells, Belmar Sessions

The Pearly Shells, The Best Things in Life Are Free (feat. Yvette Johansson)

The Pelotones, This Breakaway

The Performers, Smooooth 1

The Performers, Smooooth 2

The Peter Sprague String Consort, The Wild Blue

The Peter Webster Band, Gold Ring Glinting

The Phil Ware Trio, In Our Own Time

The Phillip Lomax Lackey Project, The Continuation

The Phoenix Jazz Project, When Lights Are Low

The Pink Champagne Sisters, The Live Sessions

The Pink Champagne Sisters, Think Pink!

The Plagued Raven, Virulence

The Poet Essence, 4For Seasons

The Poma-Swank, Red Sky In Brooklyn

The Powerhouse Quintet, Reunion

The Price-Bernstein Project, Philly Nights

The Primate Fiasco, Adventures of the Primate Fiasco, Vol. 1

The Project H, Become Light

The Purdie Groovemaster Project, Modern Jive

The Quicks, Hymns

The Rabid Ostrich Xperiment Band, Pigeon Massiah

The Radio Big Band featuring John Scott, Fascinating City/That Old Forth Bridge and Me

The Ragtime Riverboat Rats, Those Were The Days

The Ragtime Skedaddlers, Mandolins At the Cake Walk

The Rainmakerz, The Rainmakerz

The Rashid Lanie Quintet, Remembrance

The Ray Reed Quintet, Once Upon a Reed

The Raymond Alexander Trio, Searching For Morning

The Raymond Alexander Trio, The Reason for the Season

The Rayvn Project, The Rayvn Project, Vol. I

The Real Deal Big Band, The Real Deal Big Band

The Real Group, The World for Christmas

The Rebecca Kilgore Quartet, Yes, Indeed!

The Rebecca Kilgore Trio, Just Imagine

The Rebecca Ungerman Combo, Spinning Plates f Jazz

The Reckless Coalition, Nobody's Business

The Red Carpet Gypsies, One Day Gitane

The Red Rock Hot Club, Gyptology

The Red Stripe Band, You Got What You Asked For

The Regular Joes, Two Hearts, Two Kisses

The Renegades, Duncannon Shenanigan

The Renegades, Stuffed Animal Baseball

The Reposadists, The Reposadists

The Resole Project, 001

The Respect Sextet, Respect 'n' You: Live At Greenwich House Music School

The Rhonda Robinson & Charlie Sigler Duo, Station North Holiday Jazz Brunch

The Rice Cakes, Feel Like Human

The Rich Severson Jazz Quartet, Blue Christmas

The Richard Sorce Project, A Place I've Never Been

The Ring, 99

The Ring, The Move

The Ring, The Ring

The Rio Fiumara Quartet, Jazz From The Arroyo

The Rising Sun, Mr. A

The Rivington Project, TRiP

The Roaring Forties And Jon Kenny, Oh Marie

The Roaring Forties, Are You Ready to Rock for Christmas

The Rob Shipley Band, "Think Melodically, Feel Rhythmically, Live Musically"

The Robert King Experience, I Can Hear Sinatra Singing

The Roberto Magris Trio & Herb Geller, An Evening With Herb Geller & the Roberto Magris Trio

The Rocco John Group, Don`t Wait Too Long

The Rodney Richardson Trio, 3:45am

The Roger Anderson Consort, Today Is My Dancing Day

The Ron Diehl Quartet, Sambop

The Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra, Transplants

The Russell Sledge Continuum, It's Been a Long Time Coming

The Russell Welch Hot Quartet, Mississippi Gipsy

The Rusty Scott Quartet, Every Time

The Rusty Scott Quartet, Short Bread

The Rusty String Express, Swanky

The Sage Project, Rough Smooth Jazz

The Salty Dogs Jazz Band, Live At The Sabre Room

The Salvagery, Triage

The Sam Crain Quintet, Spring into Swing

The Sam Wooster Quartet, Cap-a-tan

the Same Difference, Expressions (Stepping Into Today)

The Scarlet Dukes, Rogue Escapades

The Scatboys, Since We Said Goodbye

The Scatboys, Waiting for You

The Scott Harlan Group, A Different Stage

The Scoville Unit, Burntime

The Sean+Fred Show, The Sean+Fred Show

The Session 8 Band, Girl in Blue

The Session 8 Band, Mood Swings

The Shabanoff Syndicate Group, High Pressure

The Shabanoff Syndicate Group, Monkey Forest

The Shauna Antoniuc Trio, In the Moonlight

The Shea D Duo with Peter Shea and Juliet Dunn, Christmas in Niagara

The Singapore Slingers, The Frank Skinner Project

The Singapore Slingers, When Summer Is Gone

The Skirtlifters, A Ragtime Episode

The Slush Puppies, Introducing the Slush Puppies

The Smarts, What Was Left

The SMS, A Million Birds One Stone

The Soaked Lamb, Evergreens

The Sobel 4tet, Zoology

The Solomon Douglas Swingtet, Ain’t No School Like the Old School

The Solomon Douglas Swingtet, Live at the Legion

The Sonja Lee Band, Telling It Like It Is

The Sons of Brasil, While You Were Out

The Sparkling Diamonds, Come Fly With Us

The Sparkling Diamonds, Feeling Good

The Speakeasies' Swing Band!, Bathtub Gin

The Sputter, Great Unseen

The Squire Pit Orchestra, I'm Busy (From the Movie "A Sad State of Affairs") [feat. Jeremy Trager]

The Stefan Gaspar Project, The Stefan Gaspar Project

The Steve Bass Big Band, Swan Lake in Blue

The Steve Blair Septet, Momentum

The Steve Elmer Trio, Jazz Life - Live @ Cleopatra's Needle, NYC

The Steve Spiegl Big Band, Perspectives

The Steve Spiegl Big Band, Then and Now

The Steve Thompson Clique, Y' Betcha Bottom Dollar

The Steven Schuetz Group, Floatin' in Space

The Stolen Sweets, Budapest

The Stolen Sweets, Shuffle Off to Buffalo

The Stolen Sweets, Sleepytime in Chinatown

The Stool Pigeons, Them Stoopendous 20s

The Strange-Hutchens Ensemble, Night Dances

The Stray Dogs, Pura Vida

The Stray Dogs, Stray Dogs - Single

The String Jumpers, The String Jumpers

The Strut Tribute, Rappers Today, Vol. 1

The Studebakers, Christmas With the Studebakers

The Studebakers, So in Love With the Studebakers

The Studebakers, The Studebakers Now and Then

The Studebakers, The Studebakers' Greatest Hats

The Super Groovers, Mainline Connection

The Super Groovers, Supergroovin`

The Supplicants, 1st Encounter

The Susan Krebs Band, Everything Must Change

The Susan Krebs Chamber Band, Simple Gifts

The Susan Krebs Group, What Am I Here For?

The Swanns, Jazzrielle (The Jazz)

The Swing Cats Big Band, Just Swingin' Around

The Swing Cats Big Band, Swing Cats Swing

The Swing Kittens, Just "Kitten" Started

The Swing Legacy, Even the Chickens Are Dancing

The Swing Set & Alex Cook, Casino Music

The Swing Set, Bad Things (feat. Alex Cook)

The Swingsations, Swingers and Novelties - Featuring A Tribute To Don Redman

The Swingsetters, The Swingsetters

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra, Future Steps: Live at Jazzaar Festival 2014 (Aarau, Switzerland)

The Tarabini's, Holloway

The Taylor/Fidyk Big Band, `A Perfect Match

The Teddy Lee Orchestra & Peter Oprisko, Sentimental Journey, Vol. 3

The Terrance Hazly Quartet, The First Quartet Vol. I

The Three Belles, Belles Are Swingin' (feat. The Bevin Boys)

The Three Belles, In Full Swing

The Three Jazz Men, A Musical Journey of Christmas Classics

The Three Plectrums - II, Encore

The Thundertones, Out Of Time

The Tim Chokan Quartet, The Fun One

The Tim Cummiskey Trio, Alone Together

The Tom Kubis Big Band, Live and Unleashed

The Toronto Jazz Orchestra, Under A Tree

The Tribattery Pops & Tom Goodkind, Be Flat

The Trio - Orrin Evans, Madison Rast, Byron Landham, Live in Jackson, Mississippi White boy you don`t know nothin` bout no barbeque

The Trio of Stridence, Auditur Periculosum

The Trio of Stridence, Pastrami Standards

The TrisElies Sessions, Volume 1

The True Falsettos, Slummin'

The Twisted Piston Rhythm Riders & Greg Englert, Live from the Mediterranean Market and Grill

The Ty Marquis Smith Experience, The Timeless Album

The Tyler Schwartz Group, The Dives We Performed When We Found The River

The U.B.'S, Monday Monday

The Ukedelics, Doin' the Santa!

The Undigables, This is Livin'

The Unknown Poet and Queen, I Luv Jazz and Jazz Luvs Me

The Unknown, Using The Invisible

The Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra & Jack Walrath, You Got My Wife, But I Got Your Dog

The Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra & Michael Gibbs, Swing and All That Jazz

The Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, Song-Song oder 7 Musen und 4 Laster

The Uptown Band, Heart, Soul, Body & Mind

The Uptown Band, Sj3 (feat. Erich Cawalla & Jenifer Kinder)

The Uptown Band, Waiting for Her ("Radio Edit") [feat. Erich Cawalla & Jenifer Kinder]

The Velox Brothers, Songs for Swinging Lounges

The Velox Brothers, The Dogsville Swing Sessions

The Velvet Smash, Smashing

The Verve Jazz Ensemble, It's About Time

The Vibe Quartet, Bliss

The Vibration Society, Dog Pills

The Village Music Collective Project presents, The New York Jazz Album Vol. 1 - Fusion, Electric Grooves, Jazz Rock and Reggae Influence

The Village Music Collective Project presents, The New York Jazz Album Vol. 5 - Vocals, The American Song Book Standards, New Waves and International Influence

The Vipers, A Time To Swing

The Vipers, Night and Day

The Vnote Ensemble, Urbano

The W.E.S. Group, Ancestors

The Watermelons, Anyway You Like It

The Way Blue Bucket, The Way Blue Bucket

The Way Out, The Way Out

The Wayne James Xperience, Look At Me Now

The Wayne Riker Five, Kindred Souls

The Western Guilford Stinger Jazz Band, The Elm Street Sessions

The Westlake All Stars, Spinach Blossom

The Whammies, Play the Music of Steve Lacy, Vol. 2

The Wheeler Duo, See You Soon

The Wicked Pitches, Think Twice

The Wilder Situation, The Wilder Situation

The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra

The Winstons, Smooth & Easy

The Wishbone Project, Nate Mayland & Kat Gang, The Wishbone Project

The Wishbone Project, Winter Night

The Wonderland Jazz Ensemble, A Wish

The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra & Wil Salden, Christmas: A Sleighride Through Glenn Miller's Winter Wonderland

The World's Finest Apples, The Bunnyfriend Colloquium

The Wright Touch Big Band, Our Way - A Tribute To The Sinatra Swing Era

The Yat Pack, Takin' It to the Max

The Young Brothers, Tales of Time

The Young Lions, Ibrahim`s Dream

The ZMQ, Funky Stuff

Thea Gill, Bramwell Tovey & Richard Bell, In a Heartbeat (from the Motion Picture "Eighteen")

Thea Neumann, Lady and the Tramps

Thea Tippin, My Way

Thelovejoygroup, Spellbound

Theo Klaase, Brash and Sassy

Theo Ross, Cut the Chord

Theodicy Jazz Collective, Canterbury Jazz Mass (feat. Christ Church Cathedral Choir)

Theodicy Jazz Collective, Vespers

Theodore Samuel, Maybe2night

Theowdros Tadesse, Yesterday & Today

Theresa Griffith, I've Been Thinkin

Theresa Morton, "My Friend"

Theta Naught, Naught Christmas

Thiago de Mello, Celebrating Our Time To Remember

Thiago de Mello, Sweet Brasil

Thiago De Mello/dexter Payne, Disk-tum-derrei - Chorando E Sambando

Thin Air Jazz, Sneakin' Up On Spring

Third Rail, Ignition: Live Across Europe

Third Story, Third Story

This Ain't Your Daddy's Jazz..., God Bless the Child (feat. Traci Tota) [Rubyboo Remix] [Rubyboo Records Presents...]

This Gizmo, Enchantment

This Gizmo, Where Is Alice?

Thisbe Vos, Sophistication

Thisbe Vos, Under Your Spell

Thom Douvan, All Over Again

Thom Lourim, A Work in Progress

Thom Lourim, Fractured

Thom Rotella 4-tet, Out of the Blues

Thom Rotella, A Day in the Life

Thomas & Plecker, Come and Go

Thomas Fanto, Science & Fiction (Reissue)

Thomas Fanto, String Theory

Thomas Frykberg, Silent Words

Thomas Frykberg, Sound Stories

Thomas Gunther & Peter Lehel, The Windy City

Thomas Gunther, Swing Fever Song

Thomas Gunther, Thommy Gunther's Taste of Chicago

Thomas Helton, Experimentations In Minimalism

Thomas Kennerk, How Great Thou Art

Thomas Kennerk, Solitude

Thomas Kovacs and Nyanna Parcher, Arms of a Stranger

Thomas Kushin, Aardappeleters

Thomas Kushin, Studies in Futility

Thomas La Velle, Thomas La Velle

Thomas Lorenzo, Spanish Breeze

Thomas Marriott, Rick Mandyck, Greg Keplinger, Orbacron

Thomas Taylor, Introducing Thomas E. Taylor, Jr.

Thomas Tedesco, THOMAS TEDESCO and OCEAN

Thomasina, God Loves a Child

Thomonic, 2011 Solo With Myself EP

Thomonic, 2012/3 Duets & Trios EP

Thornton Jazz Quartet, Child`s Play

Three Bonzos And A Piano, Hair Of The Dog

Three Bonzos and a Piano, Bum Notes

Three Deep, Common Ground

Three Martini Lunch, Swankified

Three Squared, object

Threestyle, Feel the Vibe

Thrice Beckoned, Jazz Song

Thumpa & The Bunch, 2 Steps Forward, 1 Look Back

Thumper & Generation One, 4 U Mom

Thumper & Generation One, Majestic Vibes

Thumper & Generation One, Dreams Do Come True

Thumper & Generation One, My My My

Thumper & Generation One, One

Thumper & Generation One, The Schmoove Groove

Thumper & Generation One, Turn Down the Lights

Thumper and Generation One, Six Education

Thunder O(h)m!, Catuskoti

Thyagi Das, O Chamado (The Call)

Thymeshift, Beyond Horizons

Tia Harris, Fly Away With Me

Tia Knight, Cosmic Love

Tia Rix Trio, Dragonfly

Tianna Hall & The Mexico City Jazz Trio, Two For The Road

Tianna Hall and the Mexico City Jazz Trio, Lost in the Stars

Ticket To Brasil, Songs

Tierra Nueva, Tierra Nueva en Vivo

Tiffani Eckhart, Vintage Originals

Tiffani Michelle, Love Come Find Me...the Hits!

Tiffany Lloyd, Viscosity

Tiger Lilly, Memory Lane

Tigger Benford, Jesse Manno, Peter Jones, Songs From The Second World

Tik Tok, Lo-Tek Rides Again

Tik Tok, Party on Top of the World

Tim & Tito Pascoal, The Sun Stood Still

Tim Anderson, 7 Wonder of the ancient World

Tim Aucoin, Swing First, Think Later

Tim Barnes, Underpass

Tim Barton, Branches

Tim Barton, Turnin`

Tim Branch, Are You Livin Your Life (feat. Rob Funk)

Tim Clukey, Recycled Rags

Tim Coffman, Crossroads

Tim Collins, Radar in the Dark

Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins, Kindred

Tim Cummiskey, Lamentation

Tim Cummiskey, Redeeming The Time

Tim Cunningham, Manchester Rd.

Tim Cunningham, Reflection

Tim Cunningham, Tim Cunningham Live

Tim Darling, I've Got You Under My Skin

Tim Darling, I've Got You Under My Skin

Tim Darling, I've Got You Under My Skin (Remastered)

Tim Darling, Summer Wind

Tim Darling, Swinging On a Star

Tim Davies Big Band, Epic

Tim Davis, Remembering Tim Davis

Tim DeHuff, Big Water Little Boat

Tim Drackert and Julia Yates, Rio

Tim Dueñas Latin Jazz Trio, Originals: 9 + 3

Tim Duffy, Orchestra of Clouds (Portfolio)

Tim Fischer, Due South

Tim Ford, I`m In The Mood For A Classic

Tim Frantz, Guitar Smoothie

Tim Gill & the Tim Gill All-Stars, Bon Appetit!

Tim Gill & The Tim Gill All-Stars, Small Batch Bourbon

Tim Gill's Gin Mill Grifters, The Bootleg

Tim Hamel Quartet, Relapsin` with the Tim Hamel Quartet

Tim Hauser, Love Stories

Tim Hillwood, Venture Out

Tim Hoare, Into the Blue

Tim Hoover, Street of Dreams

Tim Jenkins, Poiema

Tim Kelley, Beauty in the Flaws

Tim Kliphuis and the Clearwater Hot Club, Louisiana Fairy Tale

Tim Lancaster, Tim Lancaster Group Live!

Tim Lesaca, Culto del Sol (feat. Rudy Ramos)

Tim Lesaca, Feels Like Tomorrow

Tim Lesaca, Neptune Rising

Tim Lesaca, Rhodes Royce

Tim Lesaca, Where Do Dreams Go

Tim Lesaca, Wicked Storm (feat. Rudy Ramos)

Tim Louis, Snowflakes in Bloom

Tim Louis, Til it be Tomorrow

Tim Louis, Untrue

Tim Lyddon, I`ve Traveled So Far

Tim Mackey, Smile for Me

Tim May & Robert Bowlin, Flatpick Swing!

Tim Mcdonald, Tim McDonald II (feat. Chester Thompson & Roy Vogt)

Tim McDonald. Tim McDonald

Tim Merritt, Ghetto Groove

Tim Miller, Trio

Tim Moher, Forest Hill: Summer

Tim O'Dell, Tatsu Aoki & Luther Gray, At War's End

Tim O`Dell and Tatsu Aoki, Ancient Pines

Tim O`Dell, Before My Life

Tim Patrick and His Blue Eyes Band, Layin' It Down

Tim Patrick, The Shadow of Your Smile

Tim Pledger's Product, Daylight Came...

Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson, Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson

Tim Price and `Sweet` Sue Terry, The Blue.Seum Project

Tim Riddle, Between the Lines

Tim Riddle, Luna Loca

Tim Sars, On Cue

Tim Schumacher Trio, There

Tim Scott, Bald On The Inside

Tim Solook, Comfortable Blues

Tim Soper, Calm Within The Storms Of Life

Tim Soper, Digital Horizons Smooth Jazz

Tim Sunstrom, Inasmuch

Tim Sykes, Music Cafe

Tim Tamashiro, The Best so Far

Tim Warfield, Tim Warfield's Jazzy Christmas

Tim Watson, A Smooth Christmas Vol I

Tim Watson, Sunday Afternoon

Tim Weston and Shelby Flint, Providence

Tim Ziesmer Trio, Transmissions

Timatha Kasten and Her TKO Orchestra, Timatha Kasten and Her TKO Orchestra

TimBartonMusic, Maple Leaf Rag

TimBo, Circles

Timeless Melodies Collection, Timeless Melodies Collection, Vol. I

Timepiece, Smiling Face

Timmy Foy, Forgotten Memories

Timothy Bryson, Playground

Timothy Curry, Intimate Words of Love

Timothy Curry, Timothy Curry

Timothy Hamp, Lift Me Up

Timothy Minthorn, Visions

Timothy Morrison, keeping it real

Timothy Reed, Together in Peace

Tin Cup Serenade, Tragic Songs of Hope

Tina Latora, Dream a Little

Tina Oldham, Don't Tell the Jazz Police

Tina, Do Not Look Back and Steal My Soul

Tina, It Must Be Christmas

Tinalien, Don't Ever Look Back (feat. Alice Leonz)

Tine Bruhn & Johnny O'Neal, Nearness

Tine Bruhn, Entranced

Tino Aureli, Caramelle

Tino Derado, Aguacero Two

Tino Derado, Tales and Stories

Tish Oney, Sweet Youth

Tish Song Bird, Perfect Imperfections

Title of Five with J.T. Jazz, Livin Large in Hollywood

Tito and the Black Rose Orchestra, Hey Now (I Think I'm in Love)

Tito Cerejo, Cores

Tito Charneco, Blessings

Tito De Gracia y Su Naoka Jam, Atmosphere

Tito De Gracia Y Su Naoka Jam, My Latin Roots

Tito Pascoal, Walk The Walk Digital Version

Titus Nesbitt, The Vocal Jazz Ensemble in Dekalb, IL Part I

Tiya!, Tiya! Close to You

Tizar, My Life My Music

Tizer, Downbeat

TKR, Lienzo EP

Tlas, Heavenly

Tlas, I'm in Love With You

Tlas, Love Never Felt so Good (feat. Michael Tiny Lindsey)

Toast a Ghost, Toast a Ghost

Toast, The Mad Science

Tobaj, Tobaj

Tobi Hofmann Quintett, die kleinen dinge (Digital Edition)

Tobin Mueller, Flow: The Music of J. S. Bach and Tobin Mueller

Tobin Mueller, Hard Place to Find

Tobin Mueller, Song of Myself

Toby Kasavan, Mark Hennen, Daniel Carter & William Parker, Feels Like It

Toby Loveland, Funkarama

Todd Ashley Hodulik, Sedona

Todd Ashley, Funky Nylon

Todd Brunel, The Long Night

Todd Buffa, Curious Orchids

Todd Campbell, From Every Direction

Todd Campbell, Simplicity

Todd Haddad, All About Time

Todd Haddad, To The Bone

Todd Harper, Kim Sueoka & Paul Cantrell, The River Inside of Trees

Todd Harrold/Eric Clancy, Real

Todd Hildreth Trio, From The Hip

Todd Lines, Softly

Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra, Blues for Tahrir

Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra, In Pursuit Of The 9th Man

Todd Milne, Dervish

Todd Natalie, Rhythm In Space

Todd Rice, It's Just a Thought

Todd Wallin, 10 West (feat. David Becker)

Todd Wallin, Spring Fling (feat. David Becker)

Tokeli, Where Do You Start?

Tokiwa Kinoshita, In Ekaterinburg

Tokyo Blue, Monochrome Rainbow

Toledo Jazz Orchestra, Groovin'

Toledo Jazz Orchestra, Out of Nowhere

Tolis Zavaliaris Project, Souds from the past

Tom Adams, Beautiful Love

Tom Alexander, Flying Against The Time Zones

Tom Bancroft Orchestra, Pieology

Tom Barton, Aspirations

Tom Beaulieu, Traveler From Another Zone

Tom Blackmon and George Hickerson, Lost In Space

Tom Braxton, Comfort and Joy

Tom Braxton, Face to Face

Tom Braxton, Katallasso

Tom Braxton, Your Move

Tom Brier, Constellations

Tom Brier, Rewind

Tom Colclough, Heading Home

Tom Conway, Cyber Spy Blues

Tom Conway, No Fixed Address

Tom Conway, Weed & Whiskey

Tom Cox & Bill Huntington, The Journey Home

Tom Crosby & Vance Anderson, Sands of Time

Tom Cunningham Orchestra, Swingin' and Singin'

Tom Custódio da Luz, Fuga

Tom Davis, Piano Reflections

Tom Dempsey & Tim Ferguson Quartet, Beautiful Friendship (feat. Joel Frahm & Eliot Zigmund)

Tom Donald, All in My Head

Tom Fire, Love Electric

Tom Garling, Rain Dance

Tom Gates, Comfort Zone

Tom Gauger, "See You Later"

Tom Gavornik, A Long Time Ago...

Tom Gavornik, Acceleration

Tom Gavornik, Soul Cry

Tom Gilberts and the Sonic Bliss Project, Sigh (432 Hz)

Tom Glenn, Shuffle Time

Tom Graf, Smokin'

Tom Grose, At Bay

Tom Grounds, Love for Sale

Tom Hall, Session III

Tom Hemby, In the Moment

Tom Henninger, On Cloud Nine

Tom Kohl And Stephen Roane, Twain

tom kohl, voice of choice

Tom Kubis, Jazz to the World

Tom Lagana Group, Patuxent

Tom Lagana Group, Vol. 1

Tom Lellis, Skylark

Tom Luther Quintet, Necessity

Tom Mac, Upper Palette

Tom Matta Big Band, Components

Tom McComb Quartet, Tom McComb Quartet - Live At The Chez

Tom McGregor and Frank Clemens, Jammin"

Tom Moore, Restless Journey

Tom Munch, Tribute

Tom Newman, Summer Lounge

Tom O'Brien, I Hope You Like This!!

Tom Randles aka Uptown Player, Urban Escape

Tom Riviere, Black Pearl

Tom Ross, Reach In This Dream

Tom Rust and the Malcolm Edmonstone Trio, Are we there yet?

Tom Rust and the Malcolm Edmonstone Trio, Saints And Singers

Tom Rust, Small Area

Tom Sells, Go!

Tom Shed, Mama's Goin' Out

Tom Smith, Juliet`s Window

Tom St. James, Mae

Tom Stewart, First Time Over

Tom Stewart, Flyer

Tom Swayzee, The Jazz Trumpet of Tom Swayzee

Tom Taylor, Home

Tom Taylor, The Crossing

Tom Teasley, Dreams of India

Tom Tiratto, A Tribute To Frank Sinatra

Tom Tomoser Presents Richie Love., Silky and Sensuous

Tom West, Mixology

Tom Zito, Don't Fight It

Tomas Guzman, Eso que llaman vida

Tomas Ramirez, Tomas Ramirez

Tomazz, Lucid Dream

Tomazz, Winter Chill

Tomkats Jazz Orchestra, Live At the Hideaway Cafe

Tommaso Vespo, Stones of Contention

Tommi Varjola, Trio

Tommie Macon & the Gentle Men of Jazz, I Love Being Here With You

Tommy & the Liebermen, Common Denominator

Tommy Baldwin Trio, Tommy Baldwin Trio

Tommy Deering, At Fellini`s with Tommy Deering

Tommy Deering, The Tommy Deering Big Band

Tommy Dodson, What A Wonderful World

Tommy Gearhart, Autumn Serenade

Tommy Gearhart, I Fall In Love Too Easily

Tommy Hunt, The Electric Liberation Project

Tommy Igoe and the Birdland Big Band, Eleven

Tommy Keenum, Here's to Life

Tommy Keenum, Sentimental Jamboree

Tommy Keenum, You've Got a Friend

Tommy Keenum, You've Got a Friend

Tommy Lathan, The New Event

Tommy Lockett, Jaya

Tommy Lockett, Opus

Tommy Money Orchestra, Unblued

Tommy Pederson & The L.A. Terrible Tempered Trombones, All My Concertos

Tommy Smith, Karma

Tommy Tedesco, The Best for Last (feat. Jennifer Leitham)

Tomoka, Ready to Walk Away

Tomoka, T-Funk

Tomoko Nozawa, Encontro

Tomoko Nozawa, Shiawase no Hana

Tomoko Ohno, Tomoko Ohno in Buenos Aires

Tomoko Ohno/Andres Boiarsky, Shadows of Spring

Tomoko Ozawa, Gentian

Tomomi Takahashi, Toru Anzai & Nozomu Kumagai, Into My Heart

Toney Rhodes, The Buffalo Spell

Toni Carroll, Italian & Spanish Songs

Toni Carroll, Toni Carroll Sings Hits of the Roaring 20's

Toni Zetts, Toni Sings Your Memories

TONIC Vintage Vocals, It Ain`t Over `Til The Fat Man Swings

Tonos Triad, Three

Tony & Michele Burdo, Wayfaring Stranger (Live)

Tony and da Guys, I Forgot That It Was Christmas

Tony Andriacchi, At Long Last

Tony Bragano & Roberto Restuccia, Escape

Tony Bragano, Have I Told You - Single

Tony Bragano, Take It Easy

Tony Branco Trio, Solinda

Tony Campise, Ballads, Blues , Bebop and Beyond

Tony Campise, Ballads, Blues and Bebop

Tony Campise, First Takes

Tony Campise, Once in a Blue Moon

Tony Campise, Strange Beauty

Tony Cimorosi & Saundra Silliman, Duotones

Tony Cimorosi, HORIZON

Tony Cimorosi, NY International

Tony Craddock, Jr., Christmas in the Air

Tony Dagradi, Gemini Rising

Tony Dagradi, Parading

Tony Dancy, Tony Dancy Presents Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz

Tony DiLorenzo, The Sun And The Sea

Tony Easterly, Christmas Is the Time

Tony Elder, Sunday Brunch

Tony Exum Jr., Finally

Tony Exum Jr., She's Bad

Tony Exum, Jr., T-Time (feat. Marcus Anderson)

Tony Farina, Tony's Good Morning

Tony Ferrizzi, Virginity

Tony Francis, Just In Time

Tony Genge, Blues Walk

Tony Guitar Copeland, Waterfalls

Tony Hicks, Two Years

Tony J Dunn, My Reverie

Tony Kadleck Big Band, Around the Horn

Tony Kaldas, Enta fen ( Besame Mucho Tribute)

Tony Lasley, Love Knows What to Do

Tony LaVorgna, NightCrawler

Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation, Goin' to Lunch to Talk About Dinner

Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation, I Saw a Miracle

Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation, If God Could Love Me

Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation, Jesus, My Friend

Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation, Let Me Love You

Tony M and the Jazz Sounds of Salvation, What If You Saw

Tony Malaby Joey Sellers Quartet, Cosas

Tony Marcus, Vanishing Point

Tony Margiotta, After the Storm

Tony Monaco, Egg Nog, Mistletoe, Sugarplum Fairies in a Row

Tony Monaco, If You Were God

Tony Monaco, Thank God for Jazz

Tony Moreno, I Return To Music

Tony Nova, House Music vs Jazz

Tony Nova, Tone's Diner

Tony Perry, Ghost In The Attic

Tony Petrillo, Transition Point

Tony Pulizzi Trio, The Blue Wrinkle

Tony Pulizzi, Pleasantview Place

Tony Purrone, Tony Purrone Live At the Red Door

Tony Q., Jammin` Out West

Tony Rebeiro, Could This Be 50

Tony Rue, I Love You Lord

Tony Russell, Jazz Funnyman - The Many Sides of Tony Russell

Tony Savarino, Guitaresque

Tony Savarino, Guitaring

Tony Simmons, The Master Key

Tony Smith, Loyalty

Tony Smith, The Window

Tony Swingler, Out Of The Office

Tony Thomas Trio, Progreso

Tony Thompson, Forever Charmed

Tony Underwood, They Call Him... Antonio

Tony Underwood, Tone Poems III: Synergy

Tony Vattimo, Can't Let Go

Tony Viviani, Sea Walk

Tony Whitfield, Pleasure Sensitive 2

Tony Williams, In Motion

Tony Wilson Sextet, Lowest Note

Tony Windle, Right There

Tony Windle, Spring's Hope - 2001 Re-Groove Mix

Tony Windle, Unframed Picture

Tony Wynn, A Matter Of Fact

Tony Wynn, A Quiet Time

Tony Ybarra and Ken Ryals, Elements of Sunday Jazz

Tony Yezzo, Loving You Tenderly

Tonya Steiner, Lovesong

Too Human, Blue Moon

Too Human, Standards Live

Top 20 (The Best of Boutique Big Bands), Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra

Top N Bottom, Love Together

Topology, Big Decisions

Torch Ginger, Constellation EP

Torch Ginger, Midnight 2 Midnight

Tore Morten Andreassen, Fusive Illusions

Tori Gee, Getting Sentimental

Toronto Starlight Orchestra, Ballroom Collection

Toronto Starlight Orchestra, Signature Series 2

Toronto Starlight Orchestra, When You Wish Upon A Star ( Best Wishes Fom Leigh Graham, Allison Lynn & The Toronto Starlight Orchestra )

Toru Dodo, 116 West 238 St.

Toru Dodo, DODO 3

Tory Mondragon, Tory Mondragon

Toshi Onizuka, Voy Con Fusia³n

Toshiko Akiyoshi, Solo Live 2004

Toshiko Akiyoshi, Toshiko Akiyoshi Recital

Tossup, Contents Under Pressure

Tour De 4Force, Godsend

Tour De 4force, Quiet Moon

Towner Galaher, Panorama

Toxic Audio, Captive Audience

Tp-Nc-641, EP

Tracey Lyons, Sweet Happy Life

Tracey MacLean, Real

Tracey Whitney, Love... A Fable In 9 Acts

Tracie Robbins, All Night Long

Tracy Jane Comer, In a Sentimental Mood

Tracy Kimbrell & Kevin Schuhmacher, Walk With a Zombie

Tracy Naylor, In the Cool of Day

Tracy Wells and his Big Swing Band, Swing is Here

Trademark Jazz, Somewhere (feat. Kelsey Carey)

Trage&drum, Paintings - Single

Tramane F. Munks, Blue Satin

Tramane F. Munks, Final Chapter (Pre-Release)

Tran Whitley, Black Orpheus

Trance Lucid, Unrevisited Live

TranceFormation, TranceFormation in Concert

Trans-Kalahari Quintet, Re Teng

Transit, Transit Jazz

Transitory Symphony, Modern Music for Voice, Guitar & Keyboard

Trashcan Joe, Real Life

Travis Rogers, For Your Love

Travis Shook Trio, Trio

Travis Sullivan's Björkestra, I Go Humble

Travis Truly, Breeze By Chance

Travis Vega, U

Travis Wesley Meets Ron Jones, The More I See You

Treadway, Aspen

Treadway, Beginnings

Treadway, Somewhere

Treadway, Spur Of The Moment

Treadway, West Coast Breeze

Trek to Trango, Area 51

Trent Austin, Two-Toned


Trevor Anderies, Promise of a Tree

Trevor Warren, Disassembler

Trey Eley, The Beginning

Trey Eley, The Funky Flute - EP

Trey Wright, Where I`m Calling From

Tri-Fi, Postcards

Tri-State Conspiracy, Nuisance

Tria Bascon, Wanderlust

Trial X, Trial X

Tricia Edwards, Joy Spring

Trim-Trimpo, Trim-Trimpo

Trimary, Number 3 - EP

Trini Lopez, Into the Future

Trinity, Get Out

Trinity, Sax for Christmas

trio DEF, Drouin / Eagles / Froman

Trio AAB, Cold Fusion

Trio Aab, Wherever I Lay My Home That`s My Hat

Trio Beats, Downbeat

Trio Del Rio, This Time Around It

Trio Fix, Friends Request

Trio Flux, Möbius

Trio Flux, Trio Flux

Trio Lumimare, Aquilone

Trio Non Grata, Trio Non Grata

Trio Nova, Parallel Lines

Trio Nova, Suspicion Street

Trio of Love, Pinxhur 'n' Pestil

Trio Reenactment, What Once Was...

Trio S, Trio S

Trioizm, Jungle Bop

Triokinesis, Triokinesis

Trionada, Trionada

trioshift, trioshift

Trish Hatley, I Remember

Trish Hatley, I Remember: 2nd Set

Trish Hatley, On The Quiet Side

Trish Hatley, Sing, Ask and It Is Given

Tristan Moore, Circus Smirkus: Frontpage Follies

Tristan, Moontune (Lucas & Steve Remix)

Tristan, River Flow (GMC Remix)

Tritone Asylum, A Life of Signs

Trix, Art

Trix, Fever

Trix, Impact

Trix, Index

Trix, Mode

Trix, Power

Trombone 8, Hairpins & Triggers

Trondheym, Beta

Trondheym, Stay Tuned

Trondheym, Stockholm

Trondheym, Trondheym

Trono, Arubian Nights

Tropic Green, Jazz from the Tropics

Trout Qt, Trout to Lunch

Trova Itinerante Barcelona, Chiringuito

Troy Kline, Crooner

Troy Kline, Please and Thank You

Troy Roberts, Nu-Jive

Troy Roberts, Nu-Jive 5

Troy Valenza Harris, A Mind Blowing Experience

True Mode, Ready for the Call

True Passion Now, "Tonight"

True Spirit, True Spirit

Truisms Disappointed, This Is What We Do

Truists, Borborigmi

Trytone Music, Trytone Music Vocal Warm-Up Instructional CD (Female Voice)

Tsubasa, Goody Goody

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto & Marco Bosco, Live At Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo

Ttechmak, Unnecessary Update, Vol. 1

Tuba4, To the Head

Tucker Rountree Sound, Ideas

Tuke Morgan, Trust

Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch, Come Sunday String Project

Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch, Daughters of the Nile

Tunafish Jones Trio, We Three Kings

Tunk Trio, Summer Baby

Tunto, Huvi

Tunto, Kevyt

Tunto, Lempi

Tunto, Tunto

Turbo 350, Get Lucky

Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band, Live At Simeons

Tuti Fornari, Novina

TV Pow, TV Pow presents michael hartman todd a. carter brent gutzeit as TV Pow

Twelve 20 Six, Twelve 20 Six

Two Al's, And the Cowgirls Kept On Dancing

Two Bob Watch, Hail New Orleans

Two Bob Watch, Mean Thing

TWO COLD, Cityscapes 2010

Two of a Kind, A Tribute to Louis Armstrong

Two Worlds, Stream of Stars

TWT Taucherwendtthier-Trio, Taucherwendtthier-Trio

Ty Bolton, Smooth

Ty Causey, Down 2 Earth

Ty Causey, N-Tysing Rekindled

Ty G, All the Way

Tyler Blanton, Cogs (feat. Donny McCaslin, Nate Wood & Matt Clohesy)

Tyler Combs, Casual Encounters

Tyler Eide, Extinction

Tyler Mire Big Band, Enter the Atmosph-Mire

Tyler Mire Big Band, Movin' Day

Tyler Sullivan, Sounds of Christmas

Tyndra, Not too Late

Typhanie Monique and Neal Alger, In This Room

Typhanie Monique and Neal Alger, Intrinsic

Typhanie Monique, Neal Alger and Friends, Yuletide Groove

Tyrone Jackson, Dedicated

Tyrone Johnson, Heaven and Nature Sing

Tyrone Smith, Ready or Not This Party's Hot

U-Ka- featuring Naomi Louise Warne and Charles Neville, Live at Snug Harbor

U-Nam, Back From the 80's

U-Nam, C'est Le Funk

U-Nam, C'est Le Funk (feat. Nivo Deux)

U-Nam, Give Me the Night E.P

U-Nam, Give Me the Night {feat. Tim "TiO" Owens) [Radio Edit ]

U-Nam, Love X Love

U-Nam, Never Give Up On a Good Thing (feat. Torsten Goods)

U-Nam, Smoovin' (Radio Edit)

U-Nam, Something's Up (Summer Radio Edit)

U-Nam, Something's Up - E.P

U-Nam, The Best Of U

U-Nam, The Early Tapes 94/95

U-Nam, The Past Builds the Future (Deluxe Edition)

U-Nam, Throwback Kid (Remixes) - EP

U-Nam, Unanimity

U-Nam, Weekend in L.A (A Tribute to George Benson )

U4ouria, Revelations

U4ouria, Tj's Groove

Ubaldo Schiavi, Level 1: Beginner

UCF Jazz Ensemble I & UCF Jazz Workshop, The Blues Is Alright

UCF Jazz Ensemble I, Jazz Town

Udi Levy, Smooth Jazz Tales

Ugly Elephant, Ugly Elephant

Ukulele Angel, Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue

Uli Geissendoerfer, Colors

Uli Geissendoerfer, The Extension

Uli Lenz Trio, Good-Bye Venus

Ulrike Westfa, Season of Our Heart

Ultrasound, Grasp

Una May, Pilgrimage

Unclazzified, Unclazzified

Uncle George, Chromonica Jazz

Uncle Los Music, Say Something

Uncle Nooki.e...Featuring D.Womack, A New Mood

Uncle Rex, Fellowship

Uncle Woody Sullender, Nothing is Certain but Death

Under The Lake, Dive In

Under the Lake, People Together

Under The Lake, Up For Air

Under the Moon, Moonlight

Unforgettable Big Band, (Brighten Up Your Day With a Little) Doris Day

Unforgettable Big Band, American Feeling

Unfulfilled Desires, Plugged

UNI Jazz Band One, Strange Wonderful

UNI Jazz Band One, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

UNI Jazz Band One, This Is The Band

Unified Jazz Ensemble, Henry's Sake Martini

Unit7, Pussycat Rag

United Shades of Artistry, United Shades of Artistry

University Big Band, Stompin' At the "University" (feat. Kyle Gregory)

University of Colorado Jazz Ensemble I, CU Over the Rainbow

University of Colorado Jazz Ensemble I, CU `Round Midnight

University of Missouri Concert Jazz Band, Open Window

Unlimited, Unlimited

Uno Mas, Uno Mas

Unpronounceable Surnames, Happiness in Its Denial Phase

Unrehurst, Unrehurst, Vol. 2

Unstuck In Time Band, Timeless

UNT Jazz Singers, Can't Help It

UNT Jazz Singers, New Day

Up Shirt Fridays, The Keys - Single

Upbeat Swing Orchestra, Upbeat Swing Orchestra

Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra, Bongo Universe (10th Anniversary Celebration)

Upstart, Exhibition

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet & Richie Cole, Vocal Madness

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet, Half-Past Swing

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet, Hustlin' for a Gig

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet, When The Sun Goes Down

Urban 805 the Band, Urban 805

Urban Funk, Heroes And Legends

Urban Sons, Oneway Ticket

Urban Soul, Nothing Is Impossible

Urban Survival, Storry Hill

Urbnergy, Three Of A Kind

Uri Bracha, Origins

Uros Spasojevic Project, Story On Bass

Ursel Schlicht Bruce Arnold, String Theory

Ursula Connolly, Devil May Care

Ursula Connolly, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

USA Canteen, Swingin` With the Sisters

USAO Showband, Jazz Standards 101

UT Arlington Jazz, Dream Catcher (Save the Kröver Nacktarsch)

Ute Bonn, Voicedancer, Celebrate Life

Utopian Dreams, From Dreams to You

Utsi Zimring, Zone 23

Uwaga, Sophisticated Hippies

Uwe Gronau, Aerial (feat. Nate Collinsworth)

Uwe Gronau, Aerial (feat. Nate Collinsworth)

Uzeb, Fast emotion

Uzeb, Live In Bracknell

V-A Virginia Schenck, Interior Notions

V-Town Trio, Standard Deviations

Vagelis Kosinas, Oneira

Vahagn Stepanyan, Moonlight

Vaitano, Bahia Berlin

Valaura Arnold, At Last

Valen Rhodes, Cherish

Valen Rhodes, How Can I Say

Valentine Project, Beyond the Milky Way

Valentine Ryder, Love Who You Love

Valenza, Absence

Valenza, Absence

Valerie Andrews, Mindful Music

Valerie Brown, That Girl Named Mary

Valerie Fernandez Featuring Mark Little, Christmas Is Here!

Valerie Giglio, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (2013 Radio Remix)

Valerie Gillespie, It Takes a Village

Vali & Saxolution, Sleeping Giants 2

Valley Christian Hs Jazz Ensemble, Lookin' Up

Valparaiso University Faculty Jazz Trio, For the Moment

Valparaiso University Faculty Jazz Trio, Journey

Valtierra Latin Orchestra, VLO

Van Decker, Natural Processes

Vance Kelly Music, Chasing the Sun

Vance Kelly Music, Down By the Sea

Vandegeer & Koenn, Audio Graffiti

Vandell Andrew, Anniversary

Vandell Andrew, Turn It Up EP

Vandoorn, Four Brothers

Vandoorn, Love Is A Golden Glue

Vandoorn, President For Life (feat. Thomas Chapin)

Vandoorn, The Question Is Me (feat. Kenny Wheeler & Don Thompson)

Vandoorn, Uncovered

Vanessa Trouble, The Summer Sessions

Vanessa Trouble, Too Darn Hot

Vann Burchfield, Par for the Course

Various Artists & Ivan Wainer, Brentwood Beat: The Songs of Ivan Wainer

Various Artists, 33 Smooth Instrumentals to Chill

Various Artists, 907 Central Jazz

Various Artists, A Caring Community Christmas, Vol. 2

Various Artists, Anthology of Soviet Jazz

Various Artists, Avenue Q Swings (feat. Mary Ann McSweeney)

Various Artists, Baltimore Jazz Alliance: Baltimore Jazzscapes II

Various Artists, Bamalovesoul Presents On Deck

Various Artists, Bridging the Gap, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Bringin' Out the Beast: Songs by John Meyer

Various Artists, Broadway Hopes and Dreams, Vol. One & Two

Various Artists, Catalyst

Various Artists, Chip Deffaa's Irving Berlin's America

Various Artists, Christmas Jazz

Various Artists, Christmas On Seaton Street

Various Artists, Club Latino: Jazz Jazz Jazz

Various Artists, Cozumel, Island of the Goddess Soundtrack

Various Artists, Cryptocrystalline

Various Artists, CS2009JZZ

Various Artists, Cult of Diana

Various Artists, Dried Out

Various Artists, Encyclopedia Of Jazz Vol. 2

Various Artists, Encyclopedia Of Jazz Vol. 2

Various Artists, Enzcyclopedia of Jazz Vol. 1

Various Artists, Enzcyclopedia of Jazz Vol. 1

Various Artists, Farewell 274: Winnipeg's Jazz Community Celebrates Aqua Books

Various Artists, Glory Bound

Various Artists, Groove Lounge, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Groove: Lounge / Cafe

Various Artists, Holiday Celebration: A Jazzy Collection Of Seasonal Favorites

Various Artists, Impromptu Sessions 1

Various Artists, Instrumental Collection

Various Artists, Jaguar Harmonics

Various Artists, Jazz of Music City...1

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1931< Vol.1

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1931< Vol.2

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1931< Vol.3

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1931< Vol.4

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1932< Vol.1

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1932< Vol.2

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1932< Vol.3

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1932< Vol.4

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1932< Vol.5

Various Artists, Jazz Sound Lexicon >1933< Vol.1

Various Artists, Kplu School of Jazz: Volume 10

Various Artists, Leading Ladies (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Highlights)

Various Artists, Lekker Sus En Zo

Various Artists, Live On Sonarchy Radio

Various Artists, Lost Found (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various Artists, Love and Demons (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various Artists, Marcus Johnson: Private Stock Volume I

Various Artists, Marprog the Festival: A Work of Art (Extended Release)

Various Artists, Midnight Muse Las Vegas: The Music

Various Artists, Modern Day Psalms: My Heart Is Fixed

Various Artists, Music from The Entertainers

Various Artists, My Garden of Passion

Various Artists, New England Conservatory Jazz 40: Artifacts

Various Artists, Ninho de Vespas

Various Artists, Now You Hear It (New Orchestra Worshop Presents)

Various Artists, On the Shoulders of Giants (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Presents) [Soundtrack]

Various Artists, OSU Tailgate, Vol. 1

Various Artists, OSU Tailgate, Vol. 2 - Saturday Afternoon Fever

Various Artists, OSU Tailgate, Vol. 3 - Go Bucks!

Various Artists, Poetic: Jazz Theater

Various Artists, Say Hello to Anyone I Know

Various Artists, Singing Out My Mind

Various Artists, Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds

Various Artists, Skullgirls (Orginal Soundtrack)

Various Artists, Songs from the Film "Phantom Punch"

Various Artists, Sousa - T Music: Smooth Jazz 2

Various Artists, Sousa - T Music: Smooth Jazz 3

Various Artists, Straight Ahead Soul

Various Artists, Sun Gate

Various Artists, The 40's: A Sentimental Journey

Various Artists, The Best of Sony Jazz Stage

Various Artists, The Bread Winner (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various Artists, The Date Profile: Music from the Motion Picture

Various Artists, The Future Is Now (New Orchestra Workshop Presents)

Various Artists, The Healing Force (Ashe Cultural Arts Center Presents)

Various Artists, The Jazz Allstars

Various Artists, The Juicy Tunes

Various Artists, The Legends of Jazz

Various Artists, The OSU Tailgate Souvenir Collection

Various Artists, The Saturn Session

Various Artists, This and That Jazz 6

Various Artists, This and That Jazz 5

Various Artists, This is Vintage Now

Various Artists, To Every Thing There is a Season

Various Artists, Toronto Sings the Breithaupt Brothers Songbook

Various Artists, Trinijazz Project

Various Artists, Trompeta Tropical: La Trompeta de Puerto Rico

Various Artists, Tropical Jazz Fusion

Various Artists, What Are the Children Worth?

Various Artists, Women in Jazz South Florida, inc. (Music Collection, Vol. II)

Various Artists, YMCA Center for the Creative Arts: Collaborations I Big Easy Connection

Various Artists, YMCA Center for the Creative Arts: Collaborations II Jazz

Various Artists, Yulenog 6: Holiday Whines & Spirits

Various Artists, Yulenog 9: Unplugged

Various, Make Some Noise

Vassilis Papadopoulos & Medlantic Jazz Project, Salty Water

Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra, Herb's Book featuring Herb Harrison

Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra, Herb-al Remedy: Music That's Good For What Ails You featuring Herb Harrison

Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Tempo

Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra, Playin' The Book!

VaVa LaVoom, Modern Music from Outer Space

Váczi Eszter Quartet, Eszter kertje

Váczi Eszter Quartet, Vissza Hozzád

Vcn Dejam, Sub Urban Life

Vead, FootHills Jam am:pm

Vector Trio, Paths Unknown

Vector Trio, Plot Twist

VEEDA, Love`s Anatomy

Vel Lewis, Colors of Soul

Vel Lewis, Maybe So

Vel Lewis, Song for My Love

Vel Lewis, Vitamin D

Velez Brothers, European Seduction

Vellu Halkosalmi and Metropole Orchestra Big Band, Solo Flight

Velocity, Velocity

Velotron Heavy Industries, Welcome to the Knee of the Curve

Velvet Voyage, Dysfunction Junction

Vente Caffeinato, More Caffeinato

Venueconnection, Madrid Boogie

Venus D Minor, Digital Redemption

Venus Dodson, The Nature of Venus

Vera Marijt, Insight Out

Vered Dekel, Live at Shablul Jazz

Verena McBee, Can't Help It!

Verlet, Jazz & Beyond

Vernal Shepherd, Flame

Vernon Carne, Friday`s Child

Vernon Carne, What Touches the Soul

Vernon Ray, Give Me Some Christmas

Veronica Klaus & Tammy L. Hall Quartet, Lee à la V

Veronica Klaus & The Tammy L. Hall Quartet, Something Cool

Veronica Lopez, Steppin

Veronica Martell, Big City Swing

Veronica Nunn, Standard Delivery

Veronica Nunn, The Art of Michael Franks

Veronica Nunn, The Art of Michael Franks W/ Bonus Track

Veronica Vault, Get Knowledge (feat. Veronica Vault)

Veronique Sodano, Zolang Ik Maar Bij Jou Kan Zijn

Veronneau, Jazz Samba Project

Veronneau, Joie De Vivre - Joy of Living

Veronneau, Snow Time

Verónica Ferreiro, Nese Tempo

Vertical Current, Bright Side of Midnight

Vertical Voices, Fourward

Vi Wickam, Long Time Comin'

Via Libre, En El Desvan

Vibes By Ginger, Parallels

Vibes On Velvet, Thirteen Ways To Ecstasy

Vic Cionetti, Simpatico

Vic Robles, Ask For It!

Vic Stevens` Mistaken Identities, If People Could Talk

Vicki Lynn King, I'll Be Seeing You

Vicki Millar, Crystal & Steel

Victor Bailey, Bottom's Up

Victor Bailey, Slippin' N' Trippin'

Victor Cegarra/Gilberto Torres, Venezuela Desde Afuera/Venezuela from the Outside

Victor D`Angelo and Harlem River Jazz, Dance With Us

Victor Fields, The Lou Rawls Project

Victor Fields, Thinking of You

Victor Magnani, A Mess of Pottage

Victor Magnani, Late Nighting

Victor Magnani, Marty Rizek & Mark Banfitch, Three-Fifths (feat. Keith Gurland & George Coleman, Jr.)

Victor McClain, Mystic Journey

Victor McClain, Mystic Journey

Victor Noriega, Alay

Victor Noriega, Stone`s Throw

Victor Paulo, Can't Help Falling in Love

Victor Paulo, L.O.V.E.

Victor Paulo, You Make Me Feel so Young

Victor Prieto, Persistencia

Victor Rasputin, Goodbye

Victor Rasputin, The Journey 2

Victor Y. See Yuen and William Catanzaro, Evolution Suites

Victoria Doyle, A Salute to Cole Porter

Victoria Newton, The Song Is You

Victoria Payton, Electric Pisces

Victoria Rummler, Am I Am

Victoria Urusova, Interlace

Victory Jazz Quartet, Origin

Vienna Symphony Jazz Project, Killing Aida

Vikki J. Myers, I Just Want To Thank You, Lord

Vikki Wright, Tales From the Amazon

Vikram & Pial, Master of Disguise

Viktorija Pilatovic, Nica's Blues

Ville Vokkolainen's Panda Unit, Ville Vokkolainen's Panda Unit

Vin Sincere/john Otto, Look At Me Now

Vince Chapman, Self Portrait

Vince Delgado, Hijaz Trio

Vince di Mura, A Darker Shade of Romance

Vince di Mura, For Lost Words

Vince Ercolamento, Delightful Eyes

Vince Guaraldi Trio, Live On the Air

Vince Guaraldi, North Beach

Vince Lewis & Barbara Martin, Fresh Air

Vince Seneri, Urban Paradise

Vince Tampio, Syzygy

Vince Tampio, Syzygy Remix

Vince Watson, Livin My Dream

Vince Watson, Mellow

Vincent Barracato, Latin Vibes

Vincent Chaintrier, Loveland

Vincent Flores, Silk Road

Vincent Gantt, The Messenger

Vincent Godwin, Soon

Vincent Ingala, Can't Stop Now

Vincent Ingala, North End Soul

Vincent L. Abrams, My Weapon

Vincent Lars, Inner Search

Vincent Lyn, Redemption

Vincent Lyn, Wingsing

Vincent Mallon, Vignettes

Vincent Tyson, About Now

Vincent Wolfe, Weaver of Dreams

Vind Project, Twillight Patterns

Vinnie Cutro and New York City Soundscape, Sakura

Vinnie Zummo, Retro Cool Bossa Nova Christmas, Vol. 2

Vinny Vella Jr., Another Way

Vintage Mandolin Quartet, Back in Time

Violette, Marche Vers La Vie

Virella, Of Sand and Ice

Virella, Unbroken

Virginia Constantine, The Bumpy Road to Love

Virginia Cooke, Four-Tune-Ately

Virginia Mayhew, No Walls

Virginia Schenck, VA

Virtual Jazz Band, The Jazz Club Volume 1

Virtual Jazz Reality, Space & Consequence

Vision Jazz, Distant Visions

Visse Vasse-Filippo Castellazzi/Niels Bjerg Guitar Duo, Visse Vasse

Vission Latina, Sonando como un Cañón

Vital Signs, Persistence Of Vision

Vitali T Project, Fly Away

Viva Patshiva, Reasons To Live

Vivian Buczek, Straight From My Heart

Vivian Lee, Dexter's Tune

Vivian Lee, From Miss Lee to You

Vivian Lee, Have You Met Miss Lee?

Vivian Male, Our Day Will Come

Vivienne Aerts, Polaroid

Vivienne Aerts, Why Do We Play Answers? (feat. Angelo Gregorio)

Vlad West, In My Corner

Vlad West, Say Hello To Russia

Vladan, Ornaments

Vladimír Ondrůšek, Foggy Morning (Mlhave rano)

Vladimir Cetkar, Heavenly

Vladimir Efrashov, Dripped

Vladimir Zinkovsky, Music First

Vocal Visions, O Jesulein Süß

Vocalogy, Distilled

Vocalogy, Over the Rainbow

Vocation, Just Friends

Voce, Shmoove

Voice Trek, An A cappella Trek

Voice Trek, At Last!

Voice Trek, Voice Trek Christmas Live

Voice Trek, Voices of Light


Vojislav Ivanovic, Levantina

Vokalt Selskap, On the sunny side

Volare and the Vendettas, Comet Chaser

Vole, Vole Radio 1 E.p

Von Cleve Lewis, Not My Fault

Voni K, So Nice

Vox One, Out There

Vox One, Vox One

Vue D'ensemble, Everyday Learning

Vyasa & Trades of Art, H Street Funk

VyZ, Freedom

W. Timothy Bailey, Refreshments

W.E.C. Productions, Echoes From the Past: Street Jazz AKA Soul Music

Wabash Jazz-fusion, Groove Station

Wabash, Groovasse Land

Wade Mikkola Quartet, On The Way (featuring Eric Alexander)

Wade Mikkola Quintet, Muistatko... Remember...

Wade Mikkola Trio, Poseidon Rising

Wade Tower, Nice & Easy

Wage, Kids & Cars

Wahoo Do-Re, Greatest Hits That Never Were

Waif, Step That

Wain Jonze, The Associate-Chapter One

Wainscotting, Geography

Wajdi Cherif, Jasmine

Wake Campbell, In My Heart

Wake Campbell, Something For You

Waldino, Stargazing

Waldo Madera, Minus Ones

Waldo Madera, Waldo Madera

Waldo Valenzuela, The Light of the Sixth Sun

Waldron Mahdi Ricks, Waldron Mahdi Ricks

Waleed Mohamed, We Can't Stop Now

Walk East, Walk East

Wall Matthews, The Dance in Your Eye

Walle Larsson, After the Night

Wally Jericho, Stickman

Walt Johnson, Trumpet Scroll

Walt Johnson, Warmth of the Sun

Walt Kuchinski, Guitar Travels - a Musical Journey

Walt Pitts, Keepin' It Real in Lo-Fi

Walter Beasley, I'm Back

Walter Beasley, Live in the Club

Walter Beasley, Sax Meditations II

Walter Beasley, Sax Meditations II: Silver Lining

Walter Beasley, Walter Beasley Live - In the Groove

Walter Bland & Climate Change, Sweet Gumbo

Walter Christopher, Feels so Good

Walter Christopher, Mellisonant - Single

Walter Christopher, The Mellisonant Album

Walter Christopher, You're Beautiful

Walter Donnaruma, Michael Bisio & Adam Siegel, On Track

Walter Galeazzi, Simple

Walter Lakota, Funk Paradise

Walter Morciglio, Aguacero Urbano

Walter Namuth Quintet, Left Bank '66 (feat. Mickey Fields)

Walter Robinson, Cause I Wanna

Walter Rodrigues, Jr, Beyond Words

Walter Thomas, Cruise Control

Wanda Mychele, Ten Years in the Making

Ward Marston & Rosemary Benson, Falling In Love Is Wonderful

Wardell Williams and the J.U.F. Connection, He`s Alright - Live

Warm Earth, Seasons

Warren and Pryor, Queued UP!

Warren Battiste, Street Jazz

Warren Benbow, Warren Benbow's Harmolodic Adventure

Warren Covington, Big Bands Greatest Hits

Warren Jones, Ohrwurm:kopfen musik

Warren L. Jones III, Bridges

Warren Smith, Natural / Cultural Forces

Warren Smith, Old News Borrowed Blues

Waste of Aces, Waste of Aces

Watson Alley, Intertaste 360

Wave Mechanics Union, Further to Fly

Wave Mechanics Union, Second Season: Progressive and Classic Rock as Jazz

Wavelength, Masarap (Delicious)

Way Out of Town Trio, Phraseology

Wayfarers All, Wayfarers All

Wayne Borje, The Genius of Wayne Borje, Vol. 1

Wayne Boyer, The Taste Of You (Sabor a Mi)

Wayne Brasel, Songs from the Icons

Wayne Brasel, The Beatnik Walk

Wayne Brasel, The Note You Left

Wayne Darling/Arni Egilsson/ Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, The Art of the Bass

Wayne Goins, Chronicles of Carmela

Wayne Goins, Smokin` At The Oak Bar

Wayne Horvitz & Pigpen, Live in Poland

Wayne Jones, Saturday Street

Wayne Lovegrove, Into the Night

Wayne Messmer & Judy Roberts, So Lucky to Be Loving You

Wayne Reynolds, 3 A.M. (feat. Keith Carlock, Oz Noy & Sam Reid)

Wayne Riker, Penumbral Sky

Wayne Scott Kermond, Sing Sing Sing

Wayne Takamine, Musical Journey

Wayne Wesley Johnson & Sher Lindsey-Ham, Passion

Wayne Wesley Johnson and Ruben Romero, Hypnotic Safari

Wayne Wesley Johnson, Canciones del alma (Songs from the Soul)

Wayne Wilkinson, Full Circle

Wayne Wilkinson, It's a Lark

Ways and Means Trio, Fire of Dream

Wa¼rzburg Jazz Orchestra cond. by Markus Geiselhart, Artistry in Rhythm - The Music of Stan Kenton - feat. Ed Partyka

We Three Queens, Happy Holiday

Weasel Walter Septet, Invasion

Weasel Walter, Ominous Telepathic Mayhem

WeBe3, Webe3 Live and Improvised

Weird Party, Mellow Funk, Vol. 1

Wendee Glick, Baby, I`m Fine

Wendee Glick, True Colors

Wendell Eugene's New Orleans Jazz Band, If I Had My Life to Live Over

Wendell Harrison, Live In Concert

Wendell Higgs "Chozen", Soul Science

Wendell Holmes Jr., Above it All

Wendell Holmes Jr., Drummerboy

Wendell Holmes Jr., Lewis Ave

Wendell L Spencer, Rural

Wendi Maxwell and Tres Hot Jazz, Help a Good Girl Go Bad

Wendi Maxwell, No More Blues!

Wendolina, Tenderly

Wendy Bawmann, Harvest

Wendy Bradshaw, Evening Interlude

Wendy Jones Quartet, Perfect Dream

Wendy Lands, Mumble

Wendy Leigha, La Rinacita

Wendy Luck & Michael Kraft, Orchids and Moonbeams

Wendy Nottonson, Lover Man

Wendy Pedersen, Under the Influence

Wendy Zoffer, Bird of Beauty

Wenso Ashby, Signature

Wenso Ashby, The Moment of Truth

Wenso Ashby, The Rebirth: Mind, Body & Soul!

Wertico Cain & Gray, Out in Space

Wes Adams, Illusions

Wes Burden, A Christmas Journey

Wes Burden, Brave New World

Wes Burden, Sunshine

Wes Burden, Wes Burden

Wes Funderburk, The Foglifter

Wes Peart, On the Fly: The Music of Wes Peart (feat. The Vintage 15 Big Band)

Wesla Whitfield & The Mike Greensill Trio, Best Things in Life (Live from the Rrazz Room)

Wessell Warmdaddy Anderson, Space

West Coast, Sierra Nights

West Eats Meat, West Eats Meat

West Mainstreet, Raising Our Standards

West River Drive, West River Drive

Westbound, Gone for a walk

Westbound, Miles Away

Westchester Jazz Orchestra, Maiden Voyage Suite

Western Michigan University Gold Company, Thirty

Western Michigan University Jazz Orchestra, Travel Notes

Weston, Majchrzak & Gembalski, Magic Hands

Wet Paint, Headless

Wet Paint, Periphery

Whatclub, Live At Alandica

When the Word Was Sound, Live From the Burning Marshland

Whistling Willie, Alive in L.A.

White Tie Group, Somewhere Over Neverland

Whitney James, The Nature Of Love

Whitney Nichole, Pass Me a Drink (It's Christmas)

Whitney Smith Big Steam Band, Life Drawing

Whitney Smith Big Steam Band, Swing's Mistress

Whitney Walters, Full Circle

Whitny Kapa, EP

Wi Live Artists, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Wilbert T Brown, JOY

Wild Bill Davis, Live At Sonny's Place 1985

Wild Bill Davis, Live At Sonny's Place 1986

wild carrot with Hank Ross, I`ve Heard That Song Before

Wilding and Co, Emeralds (And Other Little Gems)

Will Compton, Will Compton

Will Corujo, Travelfaster

Will Crain, The Eclectic Journey


Will Donato, Best of the Season

Will Donato, Grand Slam (Radio Edit)

Will Donato, Laws of Attraction

Will Donato, Universal Groove

Will Donato, What It Takes

Will Donato, Will Power

Will Harlan, Another Harlan Nite

Will Harlan, Growth (That's What Life's About)

Will Henry, Romantic Love Making Songs & Music Ballads Album

Will Jaxx, Dichotomy

Will Lee and Bill Lee, BirdHouse

Will Melones, My New Thing

Will Patton Ensemble, Time's Arrow

Will Patton, Flow

Will Play Guitar For Food, Will Play Guitar For Food

Will Rast, Impressionable Youth

Will Ray, Happiest Last Christmas

Will Ryan and The Palm Springs Yacht Club, with Rusty Frank, Classic Songs for Leonard Reed`s Shim Sham Shimmy

Will Smith, Will Smith Christmas Joy To The World

Will Taylor & Strings Attached, House of Wills

Will Thompson, Baghdad Music Journal

Will Todd Trio, Sounds of Freedom

Willamette Singers, I'll Sing for You

Willamette Singers, Love, My Old Friend

William "Boots" Vaughn, Butter

William Beatty, Song of Unconditional Love

William Bottin, I Love Me, Vol. I

William C Harrington, G3

William Cepeda`s International Quintet, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

William D. Wolff, Threat Matrix

William Edge, Blind Man Beggar Man

William Edge, Night Comes Downtown

William Edge, No Voodo

William Edge, OverGroove

William Griffith, The Right State of Mind

William H. McIntosh Jr., Split Decision

william herriott, autumn

William Kurk, Super Pop Fusion

William McNally, Chickens 'n' Kittens: A Ragtime Coup

William Michael Maisel, Lulubelle and Other Sweet Songs

William Ogmundson, Ragtime

William Prince, A Father's Love

William Rippey, Fantasia Plus Two

William Sanchez, B Side Logic

William Staggers, Searchin`

William Stiger, Funkytown Blvd

William Woods, Every Part of Me

William Woods, The Hear and Now

Willie 'Jazzanova' Davis, Saxual Therapy

Willie Bricio, Raices Hispanas

willie hill, May I

willie hill, natural evolution

Willie Wilson, Keys to the Kingdom

Willie Woods, Feelin' the Spirit

Willis Hickerson, Soul Searching

Willis Wilson & Traci Tota, Rubyboo Records Presents... This Ain't Your Daddy's Jazz...

Willis Wilson, Revelations

Willonna, So Special

Willow Quig, You Still Do

Wilson & Kaminsky, Standards in the Buff

Wilson and Kerr, Crying Game

Wiltrud Weber, Global Acoustic Project

Wily Bo Walker Quintet, You Don't Know What Love Is (feat. Danny Flam & Teddy Charles)

Wily Bo Walker, Appointment in Samarra (feat. The Danny Flam Big Band)

Wily Bo Walker, Jawbreaker (feat. The Danny Flam Big Band)

Wind Machine, Change of Face

Wind Machine, Distant Shores

Wind Machine, Rain Maiden

Wind Machine, Road to Freedom

Wind Machine, The Way Back Home

Wind Machine, Timeline

Wind Machine, Voices in the Wind

Wind Machine, Wind Machine (feat. Steve Mesplé)

Windows, Blue September

Windows, From The Asylum

Windows, Live Laundry

Windows, My Red Jacket

Windows, The French Laundry

Windy"GODDESS" Barnes, Them There Eyes

Winky Thompson, Katrina 2011 (The True Story)

Winston Stewart, Praying Through My Fingertips

Winston Stewart, The Multitude of Thy Mercy

Winston Stewart, The Noel Project

With Snack, Love Don't Stop

Wits of Cynics, Wits of Cynics

Wiz, Straight Up

Wk.end Band, How `Bout Us

WMU Gold Company & Dr. Steve Zegree, Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Wolfe and Powell, Cappuccino Music

Wolfgang Schalk Bandet, The Second Third Man (feat. Michael Brecker) [Remixed & Remastered in 2012]

Wolfgang Schalk quartet, Rainbows in the Night

Wolfgang Schalk quartet, Space Messengers

Wolfgang Schalk quintet, The Be Hop Hip Bop

Wolfgang Schalk, Wanted

Wonka, Wonka

Woody Woods, So Smooth

Workshy, Bewitched 2012

World On Fire, World On Fire With Katalin Kiss - Single

World On Fire, World On Fire with Sean Barker - 2 Song EP

World Runners, Hurricane

World Soul Project, the World Soul Project

Wren Marie Harrington, Light Travels

Wurli Trio, Non Functionals

Wycliffe Gordon & Marty Erickson, You And I

Wycliffe Gordon & Niki Haris, I'm Glad There Is You

Wycliffe Gordon & The Dimartino Osland Jazz Orchestra, Somebody New

Wycliffe Gordon, BloozBluzeBlues

Wycliffe Gordon, BloozBluzeBlues, Vol. One

Wycliffe Gordon, Jay Leonhart, This Rhythm On My Mind

Wynlyn Jazz Ensemble, Good Company

Wynn Erickson, Jazz for a New Age, Vol. 1

Xander Nichting, Auld Lang Sine

Xavi Reija Electric Quintet, Dream Land

Xavier Gordon, Timeline

Xavier Scott, A Different View

Xavier Scott, My Perfect Imperfections

XD 7, Get!

XD 7, XD 7

Xeno Giraffe, Fractal Pterodactyls

Xevi Gata Quartet, Com Ahir

xica, Braziliansoul [cool bossa blues collection]

Xiong, Xiong

Xpress Quartet, Don't Wake Up The Volcano

Xpress, Brothers from Other Mothers

Xpresshunz, Euphoric

Yaala Ballin, Live Session

Yaşam Hancılar Band, Here's to Life

Yacazu, Coollikamoddafokka (Rens Newland and Flip Philipp)

YaDonna West, Living Ain`t Easy

Yak Attack, Real World Conditions

Yamomanem, Yamomanem

Yang-Mills Quartet, Yang-Mills Quartet

Yaniel Matos, En Movimiento

Yaniv Nachum, Fragments of Before

Yank Se Mao, Za Po Doma

Yannis Arzimanoglou, Gagabunga

Yaron Gershovsky, Personal Notes

Yashmin Charnet-Abler, Jobim, etc. featuring David Kikoski

Yashmin Charnet-Abler, Remember Me

Yasuhisa Kogawa, Angel Halo

Yasuhisa Kogawa, Down at the Dinghy

Yasuhisa Kogawa, Foxhole - Single

Yasuhisa Kogawa, Tune3

Yasumasa Kumagai, J-Straight Ahead

Yayoi, Introducing Yayoi

Yedveta, On the Coastline

Yehonatan Elazar, Nostaljia

Yeray Jiménez, En Silencio

YERLOW, Yerlow On Fire

Yiannis Karadimos, A New Experience

Ying-ying Shih, Someone Is Praying for You

Yinka Davies, Black Chiffon

Yinka Sax, Limitless

Yiorgos Fakanas, Domino

Yiorgos Fakanas, Echoes

Yiorgos Fakanas, Maestro (feat. Alex Acuna, Bireli Lagrene, Eric Marienthal & Scott Kinsey)

Yiorgos Zikoyiannis, Portrait

Yiorgos Zikoyiannis, Saturday's Sun

Yisrael Trio, Genesis

Yissakar, It's Hard To Let Go

YMCA Center for the Creative Arts, Collaborations II Jazz

YMCA Center For the Creative Arts, Mission Driven

Ymistye (Misty) White, The Extended Dimensions Collection

yoav zohar, trio

Yogurtbox, Tree of Knowledge (~知恵の樹~)

Yoko Kawaguchi, Before It`s Too Late

Yoko Miwa, Canopy of Stars

Yoko Miwa,In the Mist of Time

Yolanda Foxx, Over Rated

Yolanda Rabun, So Real (Enhanced CD)

Yolanda Rabun, So Real - Single

Yolande Strauss, I Love Love Loved You So

Yong Jin Kim, blue_collar_images

Yoonchan Kwak, 49 (Forty Nine)

Yoron Israel, A Gift for You

Yoron Israel, Basic Traneing

Yoshiaki Shigehisa / 重久義明, Night Music

Yoshie Sakamoto, Someday

Yoshii, Wanna Ride..?

Yoshiko Matsui, Aozora - The Heavens

Yoshiko Matsui, Time Alone

Yossarian Malewski, Portrait In Reverse & 4.08 am

Yotam Rosenbaum, Balance

You Bred Raptors?, Muldoon

Young-Ae Jung, The Man I Love

YoYo-Zenpho, Emergency Love Radiation

Yuichiro Oda, Power Message

Yukino Omomo 大桃ゆきの, Don't Talk to Me Now ドント・トーク・トゥ・ミー・ナウ - Single

Yukino Omomo 大桃ゆきの, I Wonder Why - Single

Yukino Omomo 大桃ゆきの, Spectacle スペクタクル - Single

Yuko Hoshi Group, Morning Serenade

Yuko Ito, Mania De Voce

Yuko Ito, O Cantador

Yuko Kimura, Bridges

Yuko Kimura, Nexus

Yuko Miyamoto & Keishi Matsumoto, Duet

Yuko Usui, Summer Me

Yulia Musayelyan, Fernando Huergo, Vardan Ovsepian and Franco Pinna, Caminos

Yuriko Kodama & Phillip Strange, Music of the Hours

Yves Nadeau Expression, Tableaux

Yvetta Uustalu & Gourmet Music Group, Uued Tuuled

Yvette Tollar, Cactus Flowers

Yvette Tollar, Ima

Yvonne J, Hold Me in Your Arms (feat. David Clay)

Yvonne J, I Miss You

Yvonne J, It's All About Love

Yvonne J, Moonlight (feat. Rod Williams)

Yvonne Monnett, Thanks For The Memory

Yvonne Smeets, Under a Cloud

Yvonne Washington, Trust in Me (feat. Gary Norian)

Yvonnick Prené, Body and Soul (feat. Pasquale Grasso)

Z Quartet, Four By Sea

Zach Bandolin, Pages From My Book

Zach Lucas, It's Not About You

Zach Lucas, Orange

Zachary Biggus, Jusqu'à Présent

Zachary Bornheimer, Color Shift (feat. Dominic Walker, Chris Rottmayer, Alex DeLeon & Richard Jimenez)

Zamir Chorale of Boston, JaZZamir

Zandy Alexander, Anima Mundi

Zandy Alexander, Little Miss Tao

Zane Rudolph, Hot Club Camano

Zang Tang, The House of Zang

Zanter Trio, Strawberry Sunday

Zara Tellander, Alex Clements and John Abraham, Between Stops

Zaub, I Am the Breakfast

Zaza Marjanishvili, One Pacific Album

Zaza Marjanishvili, Zazanova

Zazou City, "Liar's Moon"

Zazou, Djangolotry

Zdany Chisholm, Genesis

Zeb Cruikshank, Long Time Coming

Zed, You Are Here

Zeek Duff, Midnight Roses

Zen Bastards, April Fool

Zen Groove Arkest, An Ending

Zen Widow, Zen Widow

Zermos, The Last Night of August

Zero Orbit and the Rocket Booster Kit Club, Beautiful Birds (Extended Instrumental Version) [2012]

Zero Ted, Sacred Cow

Zhirtz N Zkinz, Zhirtz N Zkinz

ziba shirazi, fresh breeze

Ziba Shirazi, My Man

Zig Noda and Brian Tracy Evans, In This Moment

Ziggyblue, Island Princess

Zina, Zina

Zipflo Weinrich, Zipflo Weinrich in Los Angeles

Zircon, The World Circuit

Ziza Muftic, Ziza Muftic Quartet: Silver Moonbeams

Zoccola, Your Rape Baby Is a Gift from God

Zodia, Unconditional Harmony

Zoe Chilco, Warm in a Cool Place

Zoe Gilby, Looking Glass

Zoe Gilby, Twelve Stories

ZOE', Unstoppable

Zoe, Zoe Live

ZOE`, Let`s Fly

zolace, in the shade

Zoot Sims, Zoot Sims with Bucky Pizzarelli

Zosja, Around the Sun

Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment, Biserka!

Zrazy, Dream On

Zrazy, Private Wars

Zubatto Syndicate, Zubatto Syndicate

Zufolo, Special Sphere

Zupe and Nichols, Speechless

Zvonimir Tot, Blue Quest

Zvonimir Tot, Travels and Dreams

Zvonimir Tot, Unspoken Desire

Zzaj, In A Lifetime

[Peach], I Would Rather Dream

[Peach], What's On Your Mind Sunshine

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