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The Mad Poet, The Death Sonnets

The Magnetic Pull, Anhedonia

The Maier Project, Crossroads

The Makai, Embracing the Shroud of a Blackened Sky

The Makai, The End Of All You Know

The Makkabees, Vol. Aleph

The Man From RavCon, Night of the Beast

The Man from Ravcon, The Traveler

The Man from Ravcon, Zombie Pimp Cowboys from Outer Space

The Mantors, Lust Muscle

The Marauders, Tonight We Dine in Hell

The Mark Donaldson Group, Tomorrow We Will Run Faster

The Mark of Man, Exeunt

The Masquerade, Redemption

The Mass, Holocene #6

The Matador, Bad Day for a Snake

The Matador, Descent Into the Maelstrom

The Maw, Shark Attack

The McLovins, Who Knows

The Meads of Asphodel, The Middle Ages

The Merciless Concept, Armageddon

The Metal Band Crow, Kingdom of the Fly

The Mezmerist, The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty

The Midas Touch, Alone In The Light

The Midland Band, Reflections

The Mighty Swine, Last Man Standing

The Moai Men, Pearls Before Swine

The Model Citizen, The Model Citizen

The Moho Collective, Annica

The Moho Collective, The Moho Collective

The Monster Addict, Fat Swan

The Mood, Moldy Tacos

The Moonstone Express, Expresso

The Moor, The Castaway

The Moor, The Moor

The Moor, Year of the Hunger

The Morningside, Letters from the Empty Towns

The Moshketeers, The Downward Spiral

The Moto-Gators, Do the Sneak

The Mound Builders, Wabash War Machine

The Mourning After, Animal Farm

The Movie Theater, Evil Twin

The Muertones, Self Titled

The Music Therapy Experiment, Thanks!

The Mystery, Apocalypse 666

The Nevergrin, At Last Alone

The New Breed, Evolution

The New Dominion, Procreating the Undivine

The Nicholas Matz Sociopathy Machine, If That Mocking Bird...

The Nightmare Stage, Free Admission For the Damned

The Nightmare Trio, The Nightmare Trio

The Nihilist Assault Group, The Tumultuous Upsurge of Lasting Hatred

The Nobody, Nobody Loves You

The Nolan Gate, Alchemy

The Nolan Gate, Oceanlord

The Nolan Gate, Sent By Rays

The Notes, The Notes

The Odd Get Even, Happy Critters

The Odious, Joint Ventures

The Odious, That Night a Forest Grew

The Odyssey Project, The Odyssey Project

The Old Ones, Cthulhu´s Coming

The Old Ones, Qliphobos

The Old Ones, The Rats In the Walls

The One Man Electrical Band, Diary of a Mad OMEB

The Opening, Closing Arguments

The Pagan Dead, The One of the Black Goatskin

The Panamericans, Panamericans

The Panda Resistance, Oh, Helen!

The Paradox, Bleeding by Example

The Paranoid Critical Revolution, Crimson Canvas

The Pat Archer Band, One Step Beyond The Blues

The Pat Sajak Assassins, Soundtracks for Superheroes

The Pat Sajak Assassins, Thigh Master

The Peds, In the Dark

The Pen and the Pendulum, The Possibilities EP

The People Now, One By One

The Pestilence Choir, Gravity Hits

The Pharaohs, The Black Throne

The Phonetiks, The Phonetiks

The Pick Up, Shapes - EP

The Picture of Dorian Gray, American Christianity

The Picture of Dorian Gray, No Honor Among Thieves

The Pit Master, Bbq Picken

The Pitts Minnemann Project, 2 L 8 2 B Normal

The Plagued, Apex Predator

The Player Piano, Satellite (Bonus Tracks)

The Pleasure Elite, Arise Awake Destroy

The Polar Dream, Follow Me to the Forest

The Polar Dream, Kiev

The Pope of Dope and the Ministers of Mayhem, The Pope of Dope and the Ministers of Mayhem

The Porridgeface, Bleed for Speed

The Porridgeface, Canon of Ugliness

The Porridgeface, Eyes On the Betrayer

The Porridgeface, Infinite Screams

The Porridgeface, Lifestream

The Porridgeface, The Porridgeface

The Povjet Union, 15 Minutes

The Power Squids, Toxic Quixotic Legion

The Power, The Nature of Man

The Prelude, Go - EP

The Prep School Tragedy, It's All a Show

The Prime Force, Riding the Wave

The Project Hate Mcmxcix, The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda

The Projectors, Slow motion

The Proselyte, The Proselyte

The Prowlers, Point of No Return

The Prowlers, Re-Evolution

The Pseudo Philosophers, Novus Orsa

The Psyched, The Psyched

The Pumpkin King, Forever Halloween

The Quad Theory, Perceptions

The Quarry, We, the Disease

The Rabid Ostrich Xperiment Band, Punk Rock Safari

The Raining Blooddrops, Crying Like Rain: Five Years of Melancholia (2000-2005)

The Rakehells, Please Yourself; Or the Devil in the Flesh

The Raptorsandrockets, Raptor in the sky

The Raptorsandrockets, Wheel Erect

The Razorblade Dolls, A Name for Evil

The Reanimated, Reanimated

The Red Planets, Chases Lead To Crashes

The Reeds Mill Investigation, Support Your Local Gunfighters

The Requiem, Ashen Grave

The Restitution, Waves

The Results, The Results EP

The Resurrection Sorrow, Hour of the Wolf

The Retaliation For What They Have Done To Us, The Retaliation For What They Have Done To Us

The Reticent, Le Temps Detruit Tout

The Retroliners, Character Club

The Retroliners, Lucifer's Lounge

The Revenant, Terrorizifying (The Rapture)

The Revenge Project, Through Blood And Ashes

The Reverend Jonny Flash, The Untimely End of the Reverend Jonny Flash

The Reverends, The Reverends

The Rikk Beatty Band, Endless Summer

The Rikk Beatty Band, No Vocals Allowed

The River Neva, Chemistry of Holocaust

The Road Vikings, Lucky To Be Alive

The Road Vikings, Racing Heart

The Road Vikings, Requiem of an Outlaw Biker

The Road Vikings, The Road Vikings

The Rock of Travolta, Fine Lines

The Rock of Travolta, My Band's Better Than Yours (Bonus)

The Rock of Travolta, Uluru (Bonus)

The Rods, Great Big Fake Ones

The Rods, Hollywood

The Rods, In the Raw

The Rods, Let Them Eat Metal

The Rods, Live

The Rods, Smoke On the Horizon (feat. Veronica Freeman)

The Room Colored Charlatan, Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality

The Roseto Uprising, Empty Ever After

The Roseto Uprising, Pain and Protest

The Rotted, Rotted Fucking Earth

The Roxx, IRONic TRUTH

The Roxx, To Heaven With Hell

The Royal, Blind Eye

The Royal, Dreamcatchers

The Royal, Origins

The Russian Sleep Experiment, An End Reborn

The Sacred Eternal, Dead To Sin

The Sacrificed, III

The Scarlet 581486956803, Film.6 Mercury Lamp

The Scarlet Son, Consumed

The Science of Sleep, All We Have

The Screaming Skulls, The Single

The Sean Baker Orchestra, Baker's Dozen

The Sean Baker Orchestra, Game On!!

The Second Phase, The Epidemic - EP

The Secret of Esrever, Cryptozoic

The Seer, Prologue EP

The Senseless, The Floating World

The Sequence of Prime, Inter-

The Sequence of Prime, Virion

The Sermon, The Sermon!

The Seven Mile Journey, Notes for the Synthesis

The Seventh Aura, Lazarus Taxon

The Seventh Exile, Catalyst

The Shadow Darner Opus, Prelude

The Shadow Embrace, Jealousy

The Shadow Ensemble, Somewhere to the West of Here

The Shadows Smile, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors

The Shakin Jamaican, Spaceman Bubble

The Shanklin Freak Show, American Horror Story

The Shanklin Freak Show, The Last Show On Earth

The Sheik Al Beli Movement, The Analog Years

The Sheiks of Arabi, Suspense Theme (End Credits)

The Shellback Brigade, The Pollywog's Lament

The Sheltered, Shadow Plan

The Silencer, In Waiting

The Silent Senders, A More Perfect You

The Silent Senders, Boxing

The Silent Senders, My life as Minimalist

The Silent Wedding, Livin' Experiments

The Silver Tongued, Calling All Warriors

The Silver Tongued, Sex Addict

The Silver Tongued, Techno.whore

The Skabs, Revenge of the Skabs

The Skychurch Experience, New Rising Sun

The Skyline, Encounters

The Slipstream, Slipthology

The Smoove Sailors, Smoovachrome

The Snakes The Fire, Seas of Alluvium

The Sonic Revolution, Dystopia

The Sonic Revolution, Fiction

The Sonic Revolution, Power Failure

The Sound Bee Hd, Cross


The Sound Bee HD, 艶

The Sound Bee Hd, 葬

The Sound Bee HD, Ghost Worst Forest

The Sound Bee HD, Hachi

The Sound Bee HD, Hana

THE SOUND BEE HD, Mutation + 2

The Soundmen, Creature Comforts

The Spectacle, Burn the Evidence

The Spectacle, Dedicated to Fashion

The Spectacle, Learned Helplessness

The Spectacle, Traitors

The Spider Bombs, Rochambeau

The Spill of Infinity, Truth Unleashed

The Squawk, We're All Fighting For Democracy

the Star Junction, Euphemic

The Starlight Echo, The Starlight Echo

The Stillborn Poet, Flatline

The Stillborn Poet, Fork in the Road

The Straight and Narrow, Same Smooth Taste

The Stranded, Survivalism Boulevard

The Strigas, A Poisoned Kiss to Reality

The Subtle Machete, The Subtle Machete

The Sue Orfield Band, Nobody's Lookin'

The Suffering, Dead in the Heart of Winter

The Sugar Factory, Galaxy Rain

The Summoned, Harvest

The Summoned, If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures

The Sun Through a Telescope, I Die Smiling

The Sun Through a Telescope, Orange

The Surf Zombies, It's a... Thing!

The Survivors of Camp Crystal Lake, Rated M for Murder

The Sutton Street Massacre, Set Your Goats On Fire!

The Swagmen, The Swagmen

The Swiv-o-matics, Charm City Surfer

The Swiv-o-matics, She Walks On Bars

The Synics Awakening, The Dawn of Vengeance

The System After, Thrill or Be Killed

The Tanks, Keep Breaking Down

The Taste of Blood, In Response To Affection

The Tears They Fall, The Year Of Lovelorn Ones

The Third Grade, Breathe Away

The Third Grade, Orion

The Thorn and Tear, From Ashes

The Thorn and Tear, Midwinter

The Tilt Room, Achilles High Heels

The Time We're Given, The Time We're Given

The Touch, Tomorrow's Reality

The Toxik Idols, Death Pop Electric

The Tri-Star Embodiment, Songs of Groove, Power and Domination

The True Phasmatis, 2012

The True Phasmatis, Gateway to Perdition

The True Phasmatis, Olde Wraith

The Tug Fork River Band, Catch For Us the Metal

The Tug Fork River Band, No Hope for Man

The Tug Fork River Band, Vulture

The Turner Project, The Turner Project

The Twang-O-Matics, Get Hip With...

The Twin, Victims

The Two, 10+3-8

The Two, Triangle

The Ultra Siberian Pant Factory, OmniumgatheruM

The Unabomber Files, The Unabomber Files

The Unconscious Mind, Where Philosophers Fall

The Under, Mercurial

The Under, The Under

The Underwear Serpents, Offensive to All 5 Senses

The Unhaligäst, (We Are) The Unholy Ghosts

The Unhaligäst, Outbursting Rock ´n´Hell (Revisited)

The Union, Hul2h

The Unliving, Facing a Demon

The Unravelling, 13 Arcane Hymns

The Unravelling, Master Drone

The Unravelling, Revolt

The Unrest, Bloodhammer

The Vacant Eyes, Technoir

The Valley, Times of War

The Veil Between, Disclosure

The Veil, Vestige

The Venom Cure, Losing Serenity

The Venom Cure, My Lament

The Venom Cure, Orphan Song

The Venting Machine, A Death to Your Scene

The Vivid Twisted, Terror Violence Technology

The Voice of Hayden, The Things We Dare Not Tell

The Voltage Collective, Edge of Sanity

The Vonsydow Institute, The Reluctant Messiah: A Heavy Metal Opera

The Voodoo Hawks, Surf Baby (Live)

The Vostok Programme, Vulgar Latin

The Waldenburg, 1

The Wandering Ascetic, Manifest Destiny

The War I Survived, The Great Expanse

The Water, Scandals and Animals

The Waterboarders, Songs of Love and Torture

The Way Of All Flesh, Condemned At Our Creation

The Weather Gods, Learning from Behaviors

The Wee Trio, Capitol Diner, Vol. 2, Animal Style

The Weisstronauts, Control Is in Your Command: The Best of 1999-2012

The Weisstronauts, Featuring "Jaunty"

The Weisstronauts, In Memphis

The Weisstronauts, In Memphis 2

The Weisstronauts, Instro-tainment!

The Weisstronauts, Nineteen Something Nine

The Willet Lussenden Group, Pushing 60 "No Guitar For Old Men"

The Winners Circle, I`ll Take the Blame

The Winslow Family Band, The Winslow Family Band

The Wise Man's Fear, Castle in the Clouds

The Wise Man's Fear, The Sea At Storm

The Wolverines, This Is America

The Wolves of Avalon, Boudicca's Last Stand

The Wolves, Digital Sky

The Woods Themselves, I Can Hear You Through the Walls EP

The Workmen, Bring Cake

The Workout, Sounds Like A Blast

The Worshyp, Evil Abounds

The Worshyp, Kingdom Earth

The Worst Of, Noise so Deafening

The Wrath of Vesuvius, Portals Through Ophiuchus

The Wretched Heat of Winter, Hypnosis Through Substandard Music

The Xiphoid Process, The Xiphoid Process

The Xit Wounds, Texas Burning

The Yes Go's, Mesquite

The Zak Band, Hearts of Coal (War Games)

The Zenith Passage, Cosmic Dissonance

The Zygoma Disposal, The Forgotten

theAMBULANCE, removals

Theandric, Up the Irons

Theater of the Absurd, The Myth of Sisyphus

Theatre Nocturne, Depictions of Life and Death

Theatrum Mundi, The Eyes of the Realm

Thelmo Rego, Instrumetal

Themiddlefork, Paint By Numbers

Then Tragedy Struck, Requiem For the Hopeless

Theodore Ziras, Monster 5

Theodore Ziras, Territory 4

Theodore Ziras, Trained to Play the Reincarnation

Theodore Ziras, Virtual Virtuosity the Reincarnation

Theophagy, Theophagy

Theories Divide, Reborn

Theories Divide, Revolutions

Theory Astray, Order Within Chaos

Theory of Thieves, Theory of Thieves

Theraphosa, Hung Like Mussolini E.P.

Therhythmisodd, Ozone

Therobglass, Vampires

These Mountains Are Ghosts, Legacy of War

They Came Bearing Arms, Shadows in the Shapes of Men

They Came Bearing Arms, The Return

They Came Bearing Arms, They Came Bearing Arms

They Charge Like Warriors, Abaddon

They Charge Like Warriors, Harvested

They Charge Like Warriors, They Charge Like Warriors - EP

They Dead, Lizards All

They Mean Us, Friendship Lottery

They Were All Goliaths, Whores of Misfortune

They Will Fall, Disrupt the World

They Will Fall, Misconceptions - EP

They Will Fall, On the Depths of Depravity

They Wither, They Wither

Thicket, Tales from the Tomb

Thickskind, Superior Temporal Gyrus Stimulation

Thieves by the Code, My Mojo Is Dead

Thin Wire Unlaced, Season

Think Like The Enemy, Redemption Factor

Third Dynasty, Third Dynasty

Third Eye, Recipe For Disaster

Third Ion, Capitol Spill

Thirst Things First, Enjoy the Silence

Thirteen Autumn Rituals, Dominion

Thirteen Autumn Rituals, Scarred

Thirteen Over Eight, Thirteen Over Eight

Thirteenth Sign, Rise of the Black Angel

thirty seconds of shame, the subtle art of deception

This Belief, Reputation for Nothing

This Broken Machine, Songs About Chaos

This Broken Machine, The Inhuman Use of Human Beings

This Burns Through, In Stone

This Endless Ocean, Fall of Mankind

This Gizmo, 6 Minutes with Marisa Tomei

This Is Divine, These Human Ruins

This Is the Giant, Speak Every Word (Deluxe Edition)

This Kid, Stitches EP

This Life We Live, Novena

This Life We Live, This Life We Live

This Means You, Reviving the Apparently Dead

This Noise Inside My Head, Sun Sheds Light

This Patch of Sky, Heroes and Ghosts

This Patch of Sky, Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine

This Patch of Sky, The Immortal, The Invisible

This Patch of Sky, This Patch of Sky

This Place Is a Zoo, A Good Time

This Place Is a Zoo, People Movers

This Place Is a Zoo, Strangers

This Place Is a Zoo, Super Devil Juice

This Place is Haunted, Remastered

This Ship Will Sink, Aperture

This Soil Is Diseased, The Nohari Window

This Solemn Vow, Behind the Second Curtain

This Time Stars Fall, Premonition

This Town Is On Fire, The Big Smoke

This Town, Going Under, Speaking the Unknown

This White Mountain, Spanning the Void

Thistle-Stalk, Scary Emotions

Thobbe Englund, From the Wilderness

Thomas Anthony, The Beginning of the End

Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk, Yumaflex

Thomas Lang, Something Along Those Lines

Thomas Paul Murphy, Speed Boat Captain Rb Rough

Thomas-Hoppler-Band, Home

Thommy Nekro the Solanum, Digging Inside Myself

Thorazine, Geneticide

Thorazine, Seed the Black Sky

Thorazine, The Day the Ash Blacked Out the Sun

Thorazine, Thorazine

Thorn Constellation, Birth Rite

Thornfields, The Desert

Thorns of Creation, Continuum

Thorns of Sin, Destroy the Light

Thorr-Axe, Wall of Spears

Those Fine Strangers, Getting Away With It

Those Left Behind, Horror Classics And Other Tributes To the Darkside

Those Manic Seas, Headache / Heartache

Those Who Bring the Torture, Piling Up

Thou Art King, A Recent Reflection

Though He Slay Me, Your Music Is Murder, Revival At Hand

Thought Crime Collective, Love & Rage

Thoughts of Ionesco, Abnormalities

Thoughts Of Ionesco, The Scar Is Our Watermark (CD/DVD)

Thousand Oxen Fury, Path of the Warrior

Thousand Pound Destruction, Thousand Pound Destruction

Thousand Year Rain, Book of Revelation

Thousand Year Rain, Prelude to the End Time

Thousand Year Rain, Witchery and Bloodshed

Thousandfold, Thirst

Thrash Bombz, Mission of Blood

Thrash Or Die, Poser Holocaust

Thrash Ratchet, Big Boss Is Pissed

Thrashall, Imposição

Thrashole, Blasphemy

Thrashomatic, Unexpected

Thrashsteel, Thoughtcrime

Thrawtle, Rock Hard

Threatenol, Certain Shadows

Threatpoint, Careful What You Wish For

Threatpoint, Dead to Rise

Three Hour Ceasefire, Cry Havoc

Three Man, Harm`s Way

Three Man, The Numbered Days

Three Wise Monkeys, Acid 15

Three Wise Monkeys, Choke

Three Wise Monkeys, EP no.1 and No.2

Three Wise Monkeys, Evolutions

Three Wise Monkeys, False Flag

Three Wise Monkeys, Perihelion

Three Wise Monkeys, Perihelion (Re-Release)

Three Wise Monkeys, Pwnagetool

Three Wise Monkeys, Shamozal

Three Wise Monkeys, Sol Invictus

Three Wise Monkeys, Spiderfingers

Three Wise Monkeys, The Red Album

Three Wise Monkeys, Zeitgeist

Threepeace, Hockeytown - Lets Go Red Wings

Threnody, Control

Threscher, Last Breath

Threshold, Concert In Paris

Threshold, Decadent

Threshold, Paradox (The Singles Collection)

Threshold, Replica

Throatpunch, Can't Understand Normal Thinking

Throatpunch, Throatpunch

ThrodL, A Bullet Shy of Freedom

Throdl, Razorwire Finish Line

Throne of Anguish, A Dead Day Will Dawn

Throne of Anguish, Defiant Gifts of Torment

Throne of Decay, The Blessing of Disease

Throne of Serpents, Baptized in Blood

Throttle Z, Beyond the Zone

Throttle Z, Brain

Throttle Z, Take That

Throttlegod, Inner Demon

Throttlegod, Underlord

Through Fallen Skies, Through Fallen Skies

Through My Eyes, Victoria

Through Sunken Eyes, Fried Brains And Pearl Champagne

Through the Darkness, Into the Unknown

Through the Darkness, Our Darkest Days

Through the Darkness, The Falling of a Dream

Through the Eyes of Carrion, Exoculation

Through the Relay, Abandoned EP

Through The Void, Through The Void

Through These Gates, Church of A Thousand Sorrows

Through Tragedy, EP

Throwaway, Thrown Off Track

Throwdown Syndicate, Discontent

Thrown to the Sun, Of Oceans and Raindrops

Thrown to the Sun, Out of Themselves Things Will Come

Thrust n Thrive, A Reason to Believe

Thrust n Thrive, What We Went Through

Thruster, Back In Time / Excellorater

Thug Boots, The Justice (Ep)

THUG, Benevolence

Thuggs Von Trogg, The Killer Rock

Thumbscrew, Within Hearts of Redemption

Thumpermonkey Lives!, Bring Me Sun For Breakfast

Thunder Lord, End of Time

Thunder Lord, Heavy Metal Rage

Thunder Lord, Hymns of Wrath in This Metal Age

Thunder Lord, Thunder Storm

Thunderblast, Invaders from Another World

Thunderbrew, Hell`s Too Full

Thunderbrew, Misery

Thunderkrotch, Mezmerator

Thwomp, Epic RPG

Thy Bleeding Skies, Seconds of Immortality

Thy Fallen Kingdom, All That Is Left

Thymo, Panorama

Thyresis, Thyresis

Ti22, 47.867

Tibu, Trip to Earth

Tide, Seven Days

Tidemouth, What I Meant to Say

Tides Within, Worship

Tierramystica, A New Horizon

Tierramystica, Heirs of the Sun

Tigershark, From Darkness to Beautiful Memories

Tight Fit, The Fine Line

Tijad, Orpheus

Til Our Collapse, Structures//Remolded

Till Flames Fall, When The Best Isn't Enough

Till the Day I Die, Metamorphosis

Till They Rise, Dark World

Till They Rise, Sirens

Till They Rise, Timmy the Turtle

Tim Jordan, Solar Wind

Tim Medrek, Finding Yes III (Reprise) [Jazz Guitar Version]

Tim Mielak, Convergent Strings

Tim Scott, 4:AM

Tim Scott, Angel Dust

Tim Scott, Cataclysmic Pink

Tim Scott, Dirty Mule

Tim Scott, Harmonic Elevator

Tim Scott, Magnesium Black

Tim Scott, Skye Surfing

Tim Soucy, Metalogic 2

Time Ally', The Prism Aura

Time Grid, Life

Time of Cholera, Collapse of the Forsaken

Time of Orchids, Melonwhisper

Time of the Wolf, Time of the Wolf

Time Symmetry, Fate in Gray

Time Symmetry, Tetraktys

Time to Bleed, Necroscience

Time to Kill, Ashes to Ashes

Timehusk, Continuum

Timeless Memory, Sealed With A Fist

Timeless, Dawning Light

Timesailor, Once Upon a Time

Timescape, Until Then

Timmy, Milk Crate

Tin Idols, Jesus Christ Supernova: The Heavy Metal Soundtrack

Tin Idols, Metal Kalikimaka, Vol. 1

Tina Guo, Cello Metal

Tintasmen, Epic Agent

Tired of Dreaming, Lost Sessions

Titan Steele, The Force

Titanic, Maiden Voyage (featuring Robert Sweet of Stryper on drums)(Collector's Edition)

Titanic, Screaming In Silence (featuring Robert Sweet of Stryper on drums) (Collector's Edition)

Titans Eve, Chasing the Devil

Titans Eve, Life Apocalypse

Titans Eve, The Divine Equal

Titans of Punk, Pre-Workout Motivation 2

Tiwanaku, Today In Battle

Tj Hitt & Spyderwulf, Spyderwulf

TJ Lensing, Blue World

Tj Whitelaw, Electric Echoes

Tjr, Batman (Original TV Theme)

TJR, The TJR Christmas Card

TK-Σ, Hero of Heracules

Tkg, Parallels (feat. Irene Ketikidi)

Tkg, Pattern Partner

TLC Trio, Bad Romance

To Burn a Rose, Green Eyes

To Cast A Shadow, All Alone

To Cross an Angel, This World Is Not Ours

To Crown a King, Pretender

To Die Once More, Such Is Life

To Die This Night, And the Heavens Fall

To Die This Night, Iconoclast

To Die This Night, In Depths Below

To Die This Night, Spite

To Each His Own, The Affliction Of Hope

To Eight Tonight, Hook

To Live as Wolves, The Changing Tide

To Our Forefathers, Crossroads

To Paint With Fire, Stepping Stones

To the Pain, To the Pain

Toby Knapp, Archives of Magick

Toby Knapp, The Campaign

Today I Caught the Plague, Lore

Today I Caught the Plague, Ms. Mary Mallon

Today We Rise, Fractures

Todd Barriage, Depression Is a Hell of a Drug

Todd Duane, Eccentricity

Todd Duane, Omnipresent

Todd Duane, Tangled

Todd Ferguson, Todd Ferguson

Todd Gencarella, T G P

Todd Grubbs, Return of the Worm

Todd Grubbs, Toddities Vol.2

Todd Kelley, Dark Cloud

Todd M. Miller, Heterogenous

Todd Merrill, Phoenix Rising

Todd Nelson, Here

Todd Norcross, The Key of Life

Todd Robinson, Ambivalence

Todd Woolsey, Todd Woolsey

Todd Zombie, Todd Damn You

Todeshuhn, Maladaptive Expressive Suppression

Tokami, Liberador

Tokami, Luminescence

Tokami, Resurrection

Tokami, Schwarz Kain (Best Collection of Tokami)

Tokami, Synchronicity

Tokio Tribute Sessions, Angry Birds

Tokio Tribute Sessions, Final Fantasy X

Tokio Tribute Sessions, Megaman 2

Tokio Tribute Sessions, Metal Gear Solid

Tokyo Blade, Burning Down Paradise

Tokyo Blade, Live In Germany

Tokyo Blade, Night of the Blade ...The Night Before

Tokyo Blade, No Remorse

Tokyo Blade, Warrior Of The Rising Sun

Tokyo Blue, The Naked Soul

Toltec, Bidar Show

Tom Beaulieu, Space Bus to Pluto

Tom Beaulieu, Space Invaders

Tom Beaulieu, Still Out There

Tom Bisbano, The Human Condition

Tom Burns, Voices in My Head

Tom Danto, Rock Co Co

Tom Foster, Pepper 's take

Tom Frelek, Moment Of Certainty

Tom Holland, Tom Holland`s Cardio Workouts To Go

Tom Key, Dedication

Tom Massari, Adrenaline

Tom Mody, Resonant Aggressor

Tom Richardson, In Motion

Tom Riepl, Radio Moonlight

Tom Yoder, Pieces of Christmas: A Pause for the Claus

Tom Yoder, Tomfoolery

Tombstone, Made In Metal

Tombthroat, Eden Apocalypse

Tome, Inevitable

Tommy Carter, Nancy White - Single

Tommy Ermolli, Step Ahead

Tommy Vitaly, Hanging Rock

Tommy West, Frequencies of the Sun

Tomorrow Brings Giants, A Fraction

Tomorrow Brings New Blood, Tomorrow Brings New Blood

Tomorrow Will Fall, Charlatan

Tomorrows Dream, Tortured Soul

Tomorrows Suspect, Tomorrows Suspect

Tomorrow`s Eve, Tales from Serpentia

Tomydeepestego, Nero

Tonic Breed, Death in Small Doses (Put to Death)

Tonic Breed, Impossible Is Nothing

Tonic Breed, On the Brink of Destruction

Tonic Breed, Outsold

Tonight We Feed, Monstrosity

Tony Baloney and the Hot Dogs, 41 Years

Tony Baloney and the Hot Dogs, Tony Baloney and the Hot Dogs (Remastered)

Tony Barba, Facetime

Tony Cacciutti, Plastic Rock

Tony Carroll, No P.O.W.'s

Tony CC, Tony CC

Tony Colaizzi, 2114

Tony Flores, Maximum Shred

Tony Gabriele's Orbynot, Try to Stop Me

Tony Gabriele's Orbynot, Without a Trace

Tony Gestone, Instrumentals

Tony Hernando, Actual Events

Tony Hernando, TH III Live!

Tony KÃ¥reid, Intensutopia

Tony Muschamp, More Bass Please feat. Frank Gambale

Tony Rohrbough, The Work

Tony Smith, Face Off

Tony Smith, No Way Back

Tony Spada, Balance of Power

Tony Suazo & Masaya, Peace By Piece

Too Close for Comfort, Save Me (Single)

Too Many Toys, Simple Works

Top Critters, Dropping the Torch - EP

Top Dead Celebrity, Self Title

Top Dead Center, Living the Scream

Topmodel Sxx Slv, Pantomime Whores

Tor Marrock, Destroy the Soul

Torben Enevoldsen, Above and Beyond

Torcherror, Sanctuary At Epidaurus: Act I

Tore Morten Andreassen Figenschow, Neo Digital Mindscapes

Torino, The Cable Telegraph - EP

Torman Maxt, The Foolishness of God

Torman Maxt, The Problem of Pain: Part 1

Torment ID, The Shadow of Satan - EP

Torment Leaves Scars, Isle of the Damned

Torn the Fuck Apart, ...the Dissection of Christ

Torn the Fuck Apart, Sexually Transmitted Torture

Torn, The Path Less Traveled

Torpedoes, Dark Times

Torque Order, Trust No One

Torrential Downpour, Connected Through

Torrential Downpour, Torrential Downpour

Tortorum, Extinctionist

Torture Ascendancy 1307, Torture Ascendancy

Toshi Iseda, Full On!

Toshi Yanagi, Buzz Wizards

Total Death, Inmerso en la Sangre(Special Edition)

Total Death, Nunca (Jacko's Zombiefied Version)

Total Eclipse, Ashes of Eden

Total Eclipse, Guardians of Metal

Total Eclipse, Kukulcan

Total Eclipse, Spellcaster

Totality, Death Metal Friday

Totem, Голоса

Tothem, Beyond the Sea

Touch of Rage, Life On the Inside

Touch_the_Sky, Miskatony

Tour Déforce, Live and Let Live - EP

Tourniquet, Acoustic Archives

Tourniquet, Antiseptic Bloodbath

Tourniquet, Antiseptic Bloodbath: Voiceless (Instrumental)

Tourniquet, Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm

Tourniquet, Onward to Freedom

Tourniquet, Psychosurgery

Tourniquet, Stop the Bleeding

Tourniquet, The Collected Works

Tourniquet, The Live EP

Tourniquet, Vanishing Lessons

Tourniquet, Where Moth and Rust Destroy

Towards Global Holocaust, Ever Onwards...

Towards Global Holocaust, Feuersturm

Tower St Magnet Addict, Beneath the Rubbish

Towers of Theron, Nightmares of Never

Toxic Grind Machine, Embryonic Emission

Toxic Shock, What Is Your Pleasure

Toxxic Toyz, Mutation

Trace the Follower, Aspects

Tracks in Motion, Release the Kraken

Tracktomotor, El Dios De Las Makinas

Tracy G, The Tracy G Group

Tracy Story, Oh Brother

Tragedy Awaits Us, Deep Rest

Tragik, Hunger

Tragodia, Theomachy

Train Bigger Monkeys, Divergence

Train Bigger Monkeys, The Human Disgrace

Training Icarus, Stand Aside

Trainwreck Architect, Traits of the Sick

Traitor, Delaware Destroyers

Traitor, Shadowheart

Traitors Curse, Part of All

Tramp Stamper, Between Rock and a Hard Place

Tramp Stamper, Life Begins At Redline

Trance Fury, Yet Unknown (Weeping Guitar Mix) - Single

Trance Lucid, Palace of Ether

Tranquil Echo, As It Should Be

Tranquilizer, Disillusioned Rebels

Transcend the Fallen, Between Perception and Regret

Transcending Bizarre?, The Misanthrope's Fable

Transcending Fate, Posthumously

Transcends, Hollow Eyes

TransDevotion, Evolution 777

Transdusk, Transdusk (Physical Release Edition)

Transfixed, The Abyss Calls

Transgression, Communion of Blood

Transhuman, The Fall of Man. (Re)Creation. Uprising

Transient, Recordings From The First Year

Transient, Split 10" with The Communion

Transient, Split 7" with Superbad

Transient, Split 7" with This Runs on Blood

Transluce, Scimachy

Transluce, The Labyrinth

Transnight, The Dark Half

Transpose, A Delicate Impact

Transpose, Retribution

Tranzi3nt, Kemp3r

Tranzi3nt, Reapers...and Rippers

Trapperdorsals, Flowersongs

Trash Monroe, Addiction of Duplicities, Pt. 2

Trauma, Rapture and Wrath

Traumatize, Their Own Private Neurosis

Travia, Last Man Standing

Travis Bowman, Warmth and Green Paper

Travis Gamberger, The Power of Loud

Travis Henson, Blood Brothers

Travis Henson, Shadows

Travis Larson Band, Rate of Change LIVE

Travis Larson Band, Shift

Travis Larson Band, Soundmind

Travma, Travma

Treachery, Treachery

Treble Makers, Treble Makers

Treeburning, After The Fall

Treefingers, Shooting Star

Trees, When the Three Beggars Arrive

Tremor, The Lipsynced with Satan - EP

Tremor, This Is Primitive Hate

Trending Now, Sold Out On Itunes!

Trendy Hooliguns, Rise Of The Hooliguns

Trent Tranzik, Hustle Town

Trent Tranzik, Noon On Neptune

Trevor Sewell, Surf, Spies and Film Noir

Trey Gunn, Modulator

Trey Gunn, The Third Star (Re-Mastered)

Trey Vaughn Ozinga, Surfing On Oil

Trey Vaughn Ozinga, XTC

Triaca, Triaca

Trial Run, The Rooftop Garage

Triangle Exception, F. Cotton's Shenanigans (Red Room Mix)

Triangra, Crushed

Triaxis, Zero Hour

Triaxx, Wreak Havoc

Tribal Lust and the Horny Natives, 56 Times in 81 Seconds

Tribal Scar, Countdown To Zero

Tribe Alive, Volume 1

Tribe, Atlas

Tribe, Helix

Tribe, Metamorphosis

Tribulation, The Formulas of Death

Tribune, Rotting Core

Tribus, Condenados a Morir

Trick Grenade, The Shadow Gathering

Trifathom, Trifathom

Trifixion, A Utopia for the Damned

Trigger Zone, Bone Crusher

Trigger, Apocalypse Tomorrow

Trigger, Machina

Triggered Impulse, Wake Up To Reality

Trigon, 2011

Trinatyde, Rising Tyde

Trip9, Against

Tripping the Mechanism, Potestas Virtus

Tripping the Mechanism, Start the Evolution

Trippo Marx, Blustering Tunnel Puppets

Triptaka, Second War

Tristan Klein, Universal Mojo

Tristan Moore, Circus Smirkus: Oz Incorporated

Tritton, 33 Degrees North

Tritton, Face of Madness

Triumph Over Shipwreck, Forever Ending

Triumph Over Tyranny, Triumph Over Tyranny - EP

Trivalve, The Leona Sessions

Trivax, Set the Torch EP

Trivax, The World Is Dead

Trocaria, The Dark Nears

Troglodyte Dawn, Troglodyte Dawn

Troglodyte, Don't Go in the Woods

Troglodyte, Welcome to Boggy Creek

Troka, I Am Nothing But Disease

Troka, Walking Into The Shadows

Troldhaugen, Obzkure Anekdotez for Maniakal Massez

Troldhaugen, Ramshackle

Trophy Wife, Trophy Wife

Trophyknife, Trapped in the Gradge

Trouble, Trouble Live in LA

Trout, Seasoned With Hunger

Troy Neu, Last Chance

Trs, Incarcerated

Tru-Burn, Black Van

True Identity, Sound, silence and other distractions

True Strength, The Cross Will Always Prevail

Trumpet Solo, 2010

Trumpet the Harlot, Visceral

Trust No More, Imprisoned Ghost

Trust Obey, Hands of Ash

Truth and the Steel Expansion, God Accept Storm

Truth and the Steel Expansion, God Accept Storm (feat. Matthew Walker and Frank Frombach)

Truth Behold, Freed

Truth Behold, Maieutic

Truth in Theory, Between the Machines

Truth in Theory, Tales from Patmos

Truth, Given Eyes

Try Redemption, Confessions of a Tortured Soul

Try Redemption, Hollow Be Thy Name

Try Redemption, Prey for Us Sinners

Try Redemption, Resurrection Of Reason

Tryke, rYde

Tsars, Jaan Pehechaan Ho/Mudslide

Tsuyoshi.O, Chaos

Tula, Stuck

Tunghook, Life In Black

Tungsten, The Reservoir

Turbo Lovers, Hopelessly Addicted

Turkestan Road, Sometimes... Distance

Turned to Stone, The Memory I've Become

Turrigenous, A Slight Amplification

Turrigenous, Black Stone Opus

Turrigenous, The Dream and the Resonance LIVE

Turvo, Turvo

Tusk, Misdirected Mayhem

Tuurd, I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty

Tvangeste, FireStorm

Tvsboh, Short Theme (Instrumental)

Twang It All, Big Hits from 250

TWANG, TWANG the Halls

Tween, Cosmopolitan

Twelve Gauge Facelift, Lion Weight

Twelve Twenty Four, Miracle on Rock St.

Twenty Ripped Angel, Sincerely Yours

Twenty Ripped Angel, Threads

Twin Grizzly, Twin Grizzly

Twin Speak, Twin Speak

Twins Crew, Judgement Night

Twins Crew, Twin Demon

Twinspirits, Legacy

Twinspirits, The Forbidden City

Twintail, ????

Twintail, Gray Marker

Twintail, Guess Spiral

Twintera, Lines

Twisted Legacy, Insult to Injury

Twisted Tower Dire, The Curse of Twisted Tower

Twisted Tower Dire, The Isle Of Hydra

Twistortion, Premonition

Two Bob Watch, Sweet n Sour

Two Fist, Walking Through Walls

Two Fisted Law, Brother's Keeper

Two Forward, Tungsten Grey

Two From Evil, 664

Two Guitars Telling a Story, As You Go

Two Guitars Telling a Story, Classical Gas

Two Gunned Gabriel, Hymns for the Proletariat

Two Heads Is Twice as Many Teeth, Fire Breathing Horses, Vol. 1: Rise of the Nebularmy

Two Minutes Hate, Tyrant

Two Neck Noose, Two Neck Noose

Ty Oglesby, Demons Within

Tyburn Tree, Parliament Of Trees

Tyler Dale Edgar, Searching for Something

Tym Morrison, Solo Project

Type 14, Type 14

Tyranny, Manipulation Continues

Tyranny, Redemption or Peace

Tyrian, Seek Medical Advice

Tyson Graf, Clear

Tyson Graf, Rehearsals

Tyson Wright, The Difference Engine

Tytus, New Dawn's Eve

Tytus, White Lines

TZAR, Players of the game

U.S. Christmas, Bad Heart Bull

Udi Levy, Together Alone

Ufoian Ufar, We Are the Anonymous

Uganga, Opressor

Ugli Dawg, Ugli Dawg

Ugly Mus-tard, Ugly Mus-tard

Uglyhead, The Garden

Uigg, Of Moose and Men

Ulph, Ace of Spades (feat. Ziggy)

Ulrich Ellison, Tales From the Kingdom Electric

Ultimate Drum Loops, 99+ Huge Rock Drum Loops and Beats

Ultimate Drum Loops, Drum Loops & Phat Beats

Ultimate Drum Loops, Rock Drum Loops, Vol. 1: 99 Huge Rock Drum Loops

Ultimatum, Heart of Metal: 20 Years of Ultimatum

Ultimatum, Lex Metalis

Ultimatum, Puppet of Destruction 'Remastered and Expanded'

Ultra Sound, Warpaint

Ultrageist, Ultrageist

Ulysses Siren, Justifiable Homicide

Umbra, Catania's March (instrumental)

Umbrälia, Portrait Fate

Umi, Ping Ball - EP

Umi, Umi

Umlaut, Umlaut: ültimate über death metal (CD and DVD)

Umpfel, Cactus

Unangel, Amongst Cowards

Unangel, Drunk On Hate

Unbecoming You, Defcon 5

Unblackpulse, Rise

Unblessed, Unblessed

Uncertainties, Introspect

Unchained Beast, Guiding the Lamb

Unchained Beast, Hostility

Uncle Pooch, Untitled Aka Sonarchy

Uncle Scam, (R.A.T.L.D.K.B.) Rage Against the Limp Def Korn Biscuit

Uncooperative Death, Uncooperative Death

Undead Process, When the Horde Arrived

Undead, Blood Enemy

Undead, Evil Spirits

Undecimber, Dead Inside

Undecimber, Seven Nights Of Sin

Under a Dead Sky, Blood On the Sidewalk

Under a Dead Sky, Paying Dues

Under a Dead Sky, So Far So Hood

Under a Dead Sky, Wycwdgd(and Who Will Host the Wolly Bear Festival?)

Under Aspect, Became Mechanical

Under Aspect, Invisible Knowledge

Under Aspect, The Things You Should Not See

Under Cities, Untitled

Under Eden, The Science of Self-Defeat

Under Falling Skies, Stories Untold

Under the Given, Self Titled

Under The Given, Under The Given

Under The Given, Wake

Under the Mountain, Under the Mountain

Under the Number, New Born

Under the Ocean, Dark Waters

Under the Rose, Under the Rose

Under the Sun, Man of Sorrow

Undercover Slut, Communism Is Fascism

Underground Dream, Set Me Up

Underhate, Between War and Death

Underland, Hatewater

Underlion, Mane and Hastings

Underneath Her Smile, Drown in Lovesongs

Underneath It All, Underneath It All

Underside, Welcome to the Underside

Underthreat, Deathmosphere

Undisclosed, Because She Said So

Undisclosed, Overdressed

Undisidid, The Art of Truth

Undone, The Other Side

Undun, Purifacation of Sin

Undying Will, The Abbey - EP

Unearthed, Imposition Of Faith

Uneven, Instrument of Revenge

Unfair Fight, A Constant Struggle

Unfaith, When an Angel Falls

Unhuman, Unhuman

Uniontown Electric, Uniontown Electric

Unit 21, BrainShred

United Dictators of Mars, Questions for God

United Highlights, Dr. John, Shadows

United Highlights, The House of Eve

Unity, Reborn

Universal Choke Sign, Last Breath

Universal Measure, Time Bomb

Universal Theory, Mystery Timeline

Universe217, Never

Unkempt, Unkempt

Unknown Addiction, Leave Destruction in Your Wake

Unknown Connection Failure, Arms to Work Legs to Run

Unknown Species, Come To Nothing

Unknown, Lost in Time

Unleash the Archers, Defy the Skies

Unleash The Archers, Demons of the AstroWaste

Unleash the Pain, Isolated

Unlit Face, Your Truth Lies

Unmaskd, Mask of Me (Radio Edit)

Unmaskd, Mask of Me (Scream Edit)

Unmothered, Unmothered

Unowned, Diseased Thoughts

Unparalleled Height, Rise of the Voiceless

Unparalleled Height, Spare This Soul

Unranked, Revelation

Unrivaled, Es Muas Hoid Erst Gscheid Weh Doa

Unsanctified, Banished from Heaven

Unscarred, Brutality 14

Unseen Mechanism, Kill...Mutilate...Consume

Unspoken Sense, Path of Burden

Unsworn, The System

Untaymed, 2


UNTAYMED, On The Prowl

Unteachers, A Human Comedy

Untergrund, Ich bin der Teufel

Until Chaos, Together We Rise

Until Dawn, Horizon

Until Dawn, Sampler

Until Dawn, Until Dawn

Until Death, Parasites

Until Extinction, Lament

Until Extinction, Malice

Until Holy, Nothing Left But the World in Our Hands

Until Rain, Anthem to Creation

Until Rain, Pandemic

Until Rain, The Reign of Dreams

Until the Moment Comes, Inkwell

Until This Day, These Streets Are Fiction

Until This Sunrise, Revision

Untimely Demise, Systematic Eradication

Unto the Beast, Pridelands

Unveil, Codex Noctem

Unveiled, Unveiled - EP

Unwelcome, Independent Worm Songs

Unwritten Pages, Fringe Kitchen

Unwritten Truth, Better Place

UNZANE, Justice Is Our Cradle

Upfront, Killing Time

Uplift, Growth

Upon a Broken Throne, You and What Army

Upon Descent, Demigod

Upon Our Rise, The Humanity Defect

Upon the Shores, Forever Sailing

Upon the Water, Rise

Upon the Water, Rise

Upperclass Lumberjacks, Upperclass Lumberjacks

Uranium Belt, Uranium Belt

Uranium Sunrise, ...End of Days

Urban Aliens, 7 tounes d'ÉPais

Urban Aliens, Corporate Punk for Rich People

Urban Aliens, Perdition

Urban Aliens, TRUI3

Urban Descent, Two Years Later

Urban War, Reborn

Urheimat, The Gates to An Elder Constellation

Uriah, Letters in Blood

Uriah, Love. Death. Vengeance.

Urica Rose, Aint No

Urizen, autocratopolis

Urizen, Universe

Urlicht, The Given

URN (U.S.), Scribings of a Forgotten Soul

Urojem, Jungle Crisis

Urojem, The Last Night

Ursus, Fuerza Metal

Urvalic, For Every Breathe

Us Versus Them, Duology

Us Versus Them, Seven Stations

Usnea, S/T

Usurpress & Bent Sea, Usurpress / Animalist

Usurpress, In Permanent Twilight

Usurpress, Trenches of the Netherworld

Usynlig Tumult, Voices of the Winds

Utopia, Ice and knives

Utopian Trap, Fiction Fades Into Reality

Uvall, Obsidian Torment

Uvall, October Turns ... Ruined

V Prime, V Prime

V-Hajd, Face the Facts

V-Hajd, I Don't Need

V-Hajd, War of the World

Vacant Grave, Life Or Death

Vacant Throne, Fall of the Feathered King

Vacis, Ihayteu

Vacuus, Prosody

Vade, Schumacher

Vagh, Into the Future Zone

Vagrant God, Vagrant God

Vain & Valor, Prelude

Vaindustry, All For Pain

Vains of Jenna, Lit Up/Let Down

Val Staccato, Hold Your Ground!

Val Staccato, Live Your Own Story!

Val Staccato, Long Way from Home

Val Staccato, The Big Day

Vale Tudo, Hardcore Heavyweights

Valente, Pardon the Singing!

Valentin the Mad, Apocalyptic Visions

Valentin the Mad, Insomnia

Valentin the Mad, Sandstorm

Valentin the Mad, The Return

Valentine Wolfe, Musick Most Dark

Valentine Wolfe, Once Upon a Midnight

Valentine Wolfe, The Nightingale: A Gothic Fairytale

Valerie, Valerie

Valerio Vetere, Acqua E Sapone

Valfreya, First Chronicles

Valfreya, Path to Eternity

Valhalla, Deathless

Valkyrie's Cry, Valkyrie's Cry

Valkyrja, The Antagonist's Fire

Valladares, Bicicleta

Valleys, Lost in Translation

Valleys, Mountains Meet Oceans

Valleys, Reborn

Valour, The Long Road

Valtari, Fragments of a Nightmare

Valtari, Hunter's Pride

Valve, Into This World

Vampire Choir, Vampire Choir

Vampire Hookers, Suck This!

Van Cruz, Love Me Back

Vandermast, Elemental

Vangough, Between the Madness

Vangough, Kingdom of Ruin

Vangough, Living Madness

Vanities, Everything to Nothing

Vanity Riots, Ambulance

Vanja, The Awakening

Vanja, Vision

Vanmakt, Vredskapta Ma¶rkersagor

Vanya Merc, This Lousy T-Shirt

Vardegrav, Begravd i en varde

Vargton Projekt, Mats Hedberg, Morgan Ågren & Björn Jansson, ProgXprimetal

Variform, In Ashes

Various Artists, 1332 Records Presents... Flesheaters!

Various Artists, A Salute to World-Class Rock!

Various Artists, Anthology: A Tribute to Sewer Music

Various Artists, Apparatus Revolution Presents: The Comp

Various Artists, Apparatus Revolution Presents: the Comp 2

Various Artists, Auditory Assault

Various Artists, Check-Up Ya Bum

Various Artists, Cuckoo Recordings, Vol. I

Various Artists, Dead Games Records Compilation, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Destination Twelve

Various Artists, Escape from the Planet of the Gapes

Various Artists, Fully Loaded, Vol. 1

Various Artists, G.O.D. (Guitarists On Demand)

Various Artists, G.o.d.II

Various Artists, G5 2007

Various Artists, G5 2010

Various Artists, G5 Project

Various Artists, Gods of Indie Guitar - 2011

Various Artists, Greek Guitar Power, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Greetings from Spektor Island: Music from the Film Ten

Various Artists, Guitar Idol 2008

Various Artists, Hair Apparent - The Main Man Records Tribute to Hair Bands

Various Artists, Halcyon Dawn

Various Artists, Headbangin` 201

Various Artists, Hitwall Studios Compilation, Vol. 2

Various Artists, Hitwall Studios Compilation, Vol. 3

Various Artists, Horrorcore Underground Compilation: SKR The Mixtape Vol.1

Various Artists, Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet! (Live in Haarlem)

Various Artists, Karthago Records: Metal Armada of Karthagos Dragons

Various Artists, Kaught At the Kampus

Various Artists, Krachnacht 1

Various Artists, Krachnacht 2, Vol. 2

Various Artists, Last Minute Jam, Vol. 2(Minutes to Millennium)

Various Artists, Lehigh Valley Rocks! The Best of 1984-1994

Various Artists, Leoþhord I: Hƿit Ƿyrm Ariseeþ Ofer Angelcynne

Various Artists, Melodic Soloists

Various Artists, Mind Prison: A Tribute to Iron Maiden

Various Artists, Music To Make Your Ears Hurt

Various Artists, Operation: Music Storm

Various Artists, Peacecreature

Various Artists, Perseverance 2013 (Malevolence Records Presents)

Various Artists, Primer Acoplado Devastación

Various Artists, Rising Stars, Vol.1 (Elite Guitar Coaching Presents)

Various Artists, Sanctions

Various Artists, Sounds For A Jilted Generation, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Stonefellowship Recordings (Unreleased, Rarities and Odd Tune Out)

Various Artists, The Final Resistance: a Tribute to Dark Tranquillity

Various Artists, The Gathering

Various Artists, The Harder, The Better: Volume Seven

Various Artists, The Killing Fields (Warclub Records Presents:)

Various Artists, The Underground #3 Life After Roots - Rock Beyond

Various Artists, The Uprising (Metal Alliance)

Various Artists, The Writer's Ghost Movie Soundtrack

Various Artists, Tune in to Mind Radio: A Tribute to Multi-Talented Vocalist Kelly Keeling

Various Artists, Union of Opposites

Various Artists, Unleash the Power, Vol. 2

Various Artists, Unsigned 3: Killing Time

Various Artists, Via Crucis: The Way of the Cross

Various Artists, Virgines Metallium: A Tribute to the New Maidens of Metal

Various Artists, Vixens, Vol. 1

Various Artists, W.A. Mozart: Reincarnated (Lion Music Presents)

Various Artists, We Bring Death

Various, Runnin` with the Devil: Tribute to Van Halen

Various, The Loudest Times: An 80`s Metal Tribute

Vascular Symphony, Dark Energy

Vascular Symphony, Japanese Riot

Vasoline Tuner, More Religion More Money More Sex

Vasomortus, Instrument Torture of Pyramid

Vastator, Machine Hell

Vaughn Anderson, Eden

Vector of Underground & ?????????, ????? ??? ?????

Vector of underground, Dno Oceana Dushi

Vector of Underground, Дальше Ориона

Vector of Underground, Дерзкий и резкий

Vector of underground, Тюрьма сознания

Vector of Underground, I Will Wake Orion

Vector of Underground, In the Ocean of My Soul

Vector of Underground, Original

Vector of Underground, Prison of Consciousness

Vector Selvan, From the Shoulders of a Giant

Vederkast, Malison

Vegan Salad, Vegan Salad

Veilburner, The Three Lightbearers

Vein Cage, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Vel Crowe Johnson, The White Devil Volume 1

Vela, Garanhuns (Cannibal Liberation)

Veligore, Veligore

Velocirapture, Paleogene

Velocity Drone, Eminent Demise

Velonnic Sin, Ophidious

Velonnic Sin, Ritual

Velvetron, Faust (Main Theme)

Vena Amoris, Descent Into Darkness

Vendetta Red, Light Year Anniversary

Vendetta Red, Scripture

Vendetta, Heretic Nation

Vendetta, World Under Fire

Venejer, The Fourth Prime

Vengeance of Mine, Abnormal Condition of the Mind

Vengeance Within, Deifying the Human Intellect

Vengeance, Den of Demons

Vengeance, In the Face of Defeat

Vengeful Ghoul, Ruthless Crow

Vengeful Ghoul, Timeless Warfare

Vengince, A Turn for the Worst

Vengince, Vengince

Venomin James, 33rd Degree

Venomin James, Crowe Valley Blues

Venomin James, Left Hand Man

Venomin James, Sailor's Grave

Venomin James, Wake the Dead

Venomous Walrus, Venomous Walrus

Venturia, Dawn of a New Era

Venturia, Hybrid

Venturian Space Neighbors, || Vertical Parallel Lines

Verah Falls, Pariah

Verde, Ominous One

Verena Serene, God of Undoing

Verge of Submission, A New Beginning

Verisimilitude, Hippy Eyes

Verismo, City of Kings

Veritas Infinita, Essence of Life

Veritas, Give Me Silence

Vermin, Define : Divine

Vermörd, Dawn of the Black Harvest

Vernie H., Ultra Mega Super

Versed In Grey, Asides To My Demons

Versed In Grey, Burning The Circuit Tree

VersiVari, Basta

VersiVari, Paltascienza

VersiVari, Un'altra volta sera

Verstecktengang, Mooncult

Versus Me, (A)tension

Versus Me, An American Tale (feat. Josh Napert)

Versus, Mision Ancestral

Vertigo Steps, The Melancholy Hour

Vertigo Steps, Vertigo Steps

Very Bad Things, Unimaginable Consequences

Vesperia, An Olden Tale

Vessel Decimal, To Be and Not to Be

Vessel, Introspective

Vessel, Vessel

Vessels Of Wrath, And We Shall Take Up Serpents

Vessels Of Wrath, `Tis Now Struck Twelve: The Shape 0f Goth To Come

Vessels Out to Sea, Blind Beggars

Vestige of Virtue, Sophia

Vetra Miga, Vetra Miga

Veveritse Brass Band, Veveritse Brass Band

Vex, Memorious

Vex, Thanatopsis

Vexen, The Meek

Vexing Souls, Another Nail in the Coffin

Vexing Souls, Epic Conflict

Vexing Souls, Shadows of the Past

Vhod, One Fallen (Instrumental Version)

Vhod, The Scornful Winter

Vhod, Tor I: Behind the Shroud of Mist

VHS, Hi - Fi Horror (Uncut Edition)

Via Vengeance, Dieography

Vial...Experiment, Shutter - Single

Vials of Wrath, Seeking Refuge

Viathyn, Cynosure

Viathyn, The Peregrine Way

Viben Oodle, Soaked in Antimatter

Vibratacore, Good Morning Pain

Vic Dean, Safety Dance

Vicar Mortis, Logo

Vice, No One Gets Buried With You

Vicious Crusade, Forbidden Tunes

Vicious Disorder, Life Is Chance

Vicious Divine, Loathe - EP

Victimizer, Tales of Loss And New Found Serenity

Victor Gann, The Devil`s Been Busy

Victor Gann, Victor Gann

Victor Lafuente, Inside

Victor McClain, Turn Dat Music Down

Victory for a Day, The Act of Casting Shadows (Part One)

Videoword, Platypus

Vielikan, A Trapped Way For Wisdom

Vietnom, Death Is the Outcome / Thru My Eyes

Vigil-Ante, The Minotaur

Vigil-Ante, Vigil-Ante

Vigilance, Vigilance

Vihaan, Invicta

Vii Gates, In Hoc Signo Vinces

Viking Funeral, Viking Funeral

Viking, No Child Left Behind

Vikramjit Banerjee, Space Guitar

Viktar Vault Band, The Green Manalishi

Vile a Sin, Rot in Peace

Vile Descent, Dead On Arrival

Vile Indignation, 2012 Demo

Vile Vindiction, Moments of Feeble

Vile Vindiction, Vile Vindiction E.P. (limited Edition)

Vileborn, Vileated EP

ViliFi, Common Eyes

Vilis, Vilis

Villain's Lament, It Won't Rain For You

Villainess Ambition, A Change of Flesh

Villainess Ambition, A Lullaby for Goblins (Abbreviated)

Villainess Ambition, Aeon of the Conquering Child

Villainess Ambition, An Autumn Exercise

Villainess Ambition, Malleus Maleficarum

Villainess Ambition, Massive Violence Overload

Villainess Ambition, Midnight Awakens

Villainess Ambition, Project Bluebird

Villainess Ambition, Spoil the Rod, Spare the Child

Villainess Ambition, Undying

Villainizer, I Bomb New York

Villainizer, Reign in Terror

Villainizer, Terrorist Metal

Villainizer, True Me(N)tal

Vince Carpentieri, No Words

Vince LuPone, Embers of Ares

Vince LuPone, Screaming into the Abyss

Vince Pastano & Marc Urselli, Past the Mark

Vincent Price Is Right, Hessian

Vincent Price...The Vice President, Athena

Vincent's Betrayal, Deconstructing the Machine

Vincenzo Avallone, Escape Velocity

Vincenzo Grieco, City Dawn

Vincenzo Grieco, Remembering Giorgio

Vindensång, Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts...

Vindicator and Metal Witch, Outbreak of Metal, Vol. I

Vindicator, Sleeping With Evil

Vindicator, There Will Be Blood

Vindicator, United We Fall

Vindictiv, Ground Zero

Vinnie Jonez Band, Supernothing

Vintage, Efxor

Vintegaas, Living Nightmare EP

Vio System Divide, Reason

Vio System Divide, Vio System Divide

Violence From Within, Reminiscence

Violentor, Violentor

Violentory, Theory of Life

Violet Fusion, Electrified

Violet Natroon, Shadow Valley

Violeth, Violeth

Violette, A Taste of Violette, Vol. 1

Viper, Strike of the Viper

Viraemia, EP

Viral Millennium, Vomitosis

Viralate, Watch It Burn

Vircolac, Codex Perfida

Virginia Creeper, Legion's Mark

Virginia Creeper, Many Are Called (The Gospel Of)

Virginia Creeper, Mystery

Virginia Creeper, The Unveiling


Virtual Alien, King of the World

Virtue Lost, A Life We've Left

Virus in the Machine, Virus in the Machine

Viscosity, Hour Of Reckoning

Vise, Masters of Reality

Vise, Mile High

Vision of a Child, Pretending

Vision of Hate, Damaged Goods

Vision, Hope & Fear

Vision, The Other Side of Grey

Visioni Gotiche, Cancellata Dal Tempo

Visions of an Empire, Moving Forward

Visions of Scion, Second Chance

Visions of Scion, Veneration

Visions of the Night, Guerrillas Within Their Midst

Visitör, Visitör

Visualise Random, Chaos Theory

Vita de Vie, Fetish

Vitali T Project, Sides

Vitali T, Sometime Tomorrow

Vitalism, Causa

Viter, Dzherelo

Viter, Springtime

Viter, Vesna

Vito A. Galati I, Let It Rock

Vitor de Almeida, Quartetos, Trios e Canto

Vitreous, Vitrectomy

Vitriolic, Reflection of a dead man`s soul

Vitriolised, Rise of the Octopig

Vitutus, Vitutus

Viuda Negra, La Voz de los Bosques

Vivid Peace, Terraplane

Vixenta, A Moment in Solace

Vladez, Vladez

Vlök, Vlök

Vohnegut, Vohnegut

Voices and Vessels, Those Who Deceive

Voices of Decay, Nocturnal Domain

Voices of the Dead, Death. Rebirth

Voices of the Shameless, Perception

Voices, The Device // The Fallout

Voicians, A Matter of Time

Void New World, Visionaries and Vandals

Volharding, Ascension

Volkswiderstand, Junge

Voltar, Black Mamba

Vomitile, Igniting Chaos

Vomitron, No NES for the Wicked

Vomitron, Vomitron

Von Allen, Zombie Attack

Von Goat, Disappear

Von Knasick, The Faustian Pact

Von Skeletor, Injection Of Death featuring John Gumby Goodwin

Vond, Green Eyed Demon

Voodoo Gods, Shrunken Head

Voodoo Toys, House of pain

Voodoopriest, Mandu

Voragan, Chaos Dreams - EP

Vorcha, Vorcha - EP

Vordan Karmir, Vordan Karmir

Vore, Lord of Storms/Dead Kings Eyes

Vore, Maleficus

Voron, Propaganda

Vorvon, Bass Mountain

Vougan, Mind Exceeding

Vow of Hatred & Steel City Firm, Urban Purge

Vow, In the Blood of Beasts

Vow, On The Tarantulas

Vow, Pennsylvanian Hunger

Voyager Project, Can You Hear Me?

Voyager, Breaking Down

Voyager, Hyperventilating

Voz Propia, The Game Is Over

Voz, Shadows of Death

Voz, Wacken

Vrawsche, Entrance

VRSA, Galaxia

VTT, Symptoms Of Sin

Vukari, Matriarch

Vulcan, Strapped Into Reality

Vulgar Sense, Vulgar Sense

Vulgar Village, A Better World

Vulgar, Vulgar!

Vulgarizer, Anodyne

Vultress, Distance

Vulture, Destructive Creation

Vulture, Oblivious to Ruin

Vulture, Test of Fire

Vultures are Wolves, Vultures are Wolves

Vultures At Arms Reach, Colossus

Vultures of Cult, Fathoms

Vygr, At Our Heels & Griever, 3 Way Split


Vyndykator, Heaven Sent From Hell

Vyrion, Vyrion

Vyrju, Black

W.O.R.M, The Singularity

W.T. Jeffrey, Funk - N - A Jam

W.T. Jeffrey, Requiem for an Urchin

Wafflebarrel, Wafflebarrel

Wagasani, Waiting

Wagner, Glam

Waiting for Sunday, Dead Ended

Waiting for Tomorrow, For the Love of Pain

Wake of Confusion, Changing Times

Wake of Redemption, Break Free

Wake of Redemption, Earthshaker

Wake of Redemption, Oh, Yeah!

Wake the Colossus, Dreamality

Wake the Colossus, Mantis

Wakeham's Terrortory, Keep Off The Stage:Live At Finns

Waking Moments, Waking Moments

Waking Myth, Echoes of the Past

Waking Tera, Miss Demise

Waking Wander, Shell Shock/Rushes Through My Veins

Walking Corpse Syndrome, Alive in Desolation

Walking Corpse Syndrome, Angel Flesh

Walking Corpse Syndrome, Apocalypse

Walking Corpse Syndrome, Narcissist

Walking Empty, Dying Contradictions

Walkways, Safe in Sound

Walmartians, Series 7.1

Walsuan Miterran, Feelings of the Soul

Walt 912 Dragonfingers, Vavooom!

Walter Monsanto, The Master Key

Wang Wen, 0.7

Wanman & Floyd, Dark Side of the Night

War By Ares, Secrets

War Faction, War Faction

War Graves, Mediocracy

War Syntaire, Instrumental Battlefield

War Within, War Within

War-Time Manner, Victory Demands Sacrifice

Warblade, Seize the Fire

Warcall, III

Warchest, Aftershock

Warclown, Devastation With a Smile

Warcrux, Warcrux (Self-titled)

Warcry, Revenge in Blood

WARCRY_STL, Not Your Zombie

Warcursed, Escape from Nightmare

Warcursed, The Last March

Ward XVI, Ward XVI

Wardrum, Circle of Hate

Wardrum, Desolation

Wardrum, In Dependence

Wardrum, Messenger

Warlord, An Old and Angry God Awakes

Warnerbeast, Fatal Memories

Warnot, His Blood Is Yours

Warp Prism, The Infinite II

Warren Appleby, Appleby Castle

Warren Appleby, Face It

Warren Appleby, Snowbound

Warren Appleby, Treacherous

Warren Appleby, Wire and Wood

Warren O. Williams, Wake Up

Warren Robert, Mysteries Of The Invisible

Warren Robert, Thoughts and Realities

Warrick, Beyond Diplomacy

Warrick, Metal As fu**

Warrion, Awakening the Hydra

Warscythe, Elemental Fusion

Wartex, When It All Fades to Black

Warthrone, Ghoststorm Eulogy

Warthrone, Venomassacre

Wartime, Against Destiny

Wartime, Solar Messiah

Waste Head, Waste Head

Wasted Bullet, Arrogance. Ignorance.

Wasted Elegance, Wasted Elegance

Watch Husky Burn, Garnet

Watcher's Eye, Dying in Slow Motion

Watcher's Eye, In a Passing Moment

Watcher, Watcher

Watchfire, Two Years in the Valley

Waterblack, Orem

Watts & Delzer, The Fable

Wax 78, Let's Smoke

WaxDart, Enemy Combatant

Way of Changes, Honesty

Wayde Cooper, Diabolicus

Wayde Cooper, Heavy Machinery

Wayde Cooper, Human Death Machine

Wayde Cooper, In the Shadows

Wayde Cooper, Salem Witch

Wayde Cooper, Voiceless

Wayland Pickard and Deborah Johnson, The Classics Rock

Wayne Calford, The Journey Never Ends

Wayne Gacy Trio, Who Wants Candy?

Wayne Mcgee, Splash Log

Wayne Mitchell, Requitement

Wayne Ray, Purple Sunrise

Waysted Sylence, Waysted Sylence

We All Fall, Miasmatic

We All Fall, Paradise Paradox

We Are Building Ruins, Where the Sun Sets

We Are Legend, Rise of the Legend

We Are Reason, Entity

We Are Reason, Wasteland - EP

We Are Rebellious, Snapper Farm

We Are Warwick Davis, Storming the Castle

We Fall as Heroes, Survival

We Fall as Heroes, Thank You Confucius

We Fall as Heroes, Tranquility With a Cup of Coffee

We Have Guns, We Have Guns

We Made Steel, When Lungs Meet Ocean

We Paint the Sky, Lightbringer

We Rise the Tides, Rests At Sea

We Stand in Awe, The Beginning of the End

We Survived the Maya, We Survived the Maya

We the Collectors, Our Lives & Bodies

We the Machine, Dissenter

We the Machine, Seasons

We the Pandemic, The Fall of Race Bannon

We Were Pirates, Dear Mr. Watterson (Original Film Score)

We Will Kill Again, Edge of the Earth

We Will Kill Again, Ladies Last

We Will Kill Again, The Light Within

Weapon By Choice, Weapon By Choice

Weapon of Choice, The Rebellion - EP

Web, World Wild Web

Weed Is Weed, Blunt Force Trauma

Weed out the Weak, You've Gotta Weed Em Out

Weekend Revolutionaries, Boxes and Boomgates

Weeping Silence, For the Unsung

Weeping Silence, Theatre of Life

Weeping The Black, Dimora

Weesp, Murderers

Weesp, The Void

Weight of the Sun, Commons

Weightless In Waiting, Sentenced to Death

Weil, Invasia

Weird Bugger, Pretty Cool Stuff for Beginners

Weird Decibels, Weird Decibels 1

Welcome to My Dreams, The Angel Who Is...

Welkin, Traces

Well of Hope, Bubba's New Groove

Well of Hope, Taters Dream

Well of Souls, Sorrow My Name

Wellborn Road, The Mirror

Wenda Zonnefeld, Agiliste Theme

Wendigo, Anthropophagist

Werwolf Ensemble, Ultima Cthulhu - The Ghost Of Erich Zann

West Memphis Suicide, Songo Hollow

West of Hell, Demon Sent

West of Hell, Singularity

West of Hell, Spiral Empire

West of Hell, Water of Sorcery

West Wall, Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor

West Wall, Reconquest or Death

Westbound, Before Us, There Was

Wet 10, Wet 10

Wet Radio, Tread Heavily

Weverin, the skeletons of fallen angels

Wez Woodward, Inception

Whale, Dark Shapes

What a Confusion, Repollution

What Matters Most, The Emergent Property

What Wings Once Held, Asherah

What Wings Once Held, If Leaves Could Speak, Vol. 1

What's Left of Nowhere, With Clean Hands

Wheeliebar, 2012

When All Else Fails, Stepping Stones

When Darkness Falls, A New Defense

When Dreams Become Nightmares, Lucid

When They All Fell, Emergency Broadcast

When We Buried the Ringmaster, The Face of a Clown

Where Forever Dies, I Love This One

Where the Sidewalk Ends, Blame the West Coast - EP

Where There's a Will, Machine Minds

While Heaven Wept, Lovesongs of the Forsaken

While Heaven Wept, Of Empires Forlorn

While Heaven Wept, Sorrow Of The Angels

While Heaven Wept, The Arcane Unearthed

While Heaven Wept, Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence

While Heaven Wept, Vast Oceans Lachrymose

While the Buried Sleep, Blackbird

WhipKraft, Twilight Holocaust

Whipping Post, Psycho Stripper Girlfriend

Whirlwind Storm, Inside the Dark Void

Whirlwind Storm, Kingdom of Nonsense

Whiskey and The Kidney Stones, Gruesome Awesome Spectacle

Whisper Dying, Terror in the Eyes of the Villain

Whisper to the Deaf, Winter's Tale

Whispers in Crimson, Suicide in B Minor

Whistle for Swift, Textures

White Boy Mafia, Just Say No to Drugs

White Coast Rebels, Hangin' With the Bad Boys

White Coast Rebels, No Cliché Left Behind

White Collar Sideshow, The Witchunt

White Diamond, The Reaper

White House Burning, American Christ

White House Burning, Dead Man's Son

White House Burning, Here I Am Free

White House Burning, I Am Hatred

White House Burning, Run Hide Coward Die

White House Burning, Stay the Course

White House Burning, White House Burning

White House Burning, Your Pain (Is All I Need)

White Knuckle Trip, Refusing Places Seen

White Knuckle Trip, When Translation Becomes Automation

White Light Cemetery, White Light Cemetery

White Minorities, White Minorities

White Shadow, Panopticon

White Shadow, White Shadow EP

White Stone, Days To Remember

White Trash Retards, Reopening Wounds

Whitemouth, Whitemouth

Who is God?, Pawn

Who is God?, Who is God?

Whoremonger, Fury Tales

Whores Of Tijuana, Whores of Tijuana

WHORRID, Infecting the Soul

Whorrid, Time Heals Nothing

Whut?, Laughing with the Sinners

Whythre, Hel's Hollows

Wick, La Da Da

Wick, New Year

Wicked Angel, The Remastered Collection - Volume 2

Wicked Angel, The Remastered Collection 2009

Wicked King Wicker, Borne Black

Wicked King Wicker, Flydust

Wicked King Wicker, The Serpent's Psalm - LP vinyl

Wicked Waltz, Perseverance

Wide Lightning, Fossil-Fueled Apocalypse

Wide Open Throttle, Verdict

Widow, Life's Blood

Wild Animal, Wild Animal

Wild Demise, Wild Demise (EP 2009)

Wild Dogs, Burnin' Rain

Wild Dogs, Live At Headbangers Open Air

Wild Dogs, Live in San Francisco Aug 20 1982

Wild Dogs, Man`s Best Friend Final Edition

Wild Dogs, Man`s Best Friend PLUS S/T

Wild Dogs, Wild Dogs Final Edition plus 7 bonus tracks

Wildcat, Rockin

Wildebeest, Satan's Keass

Wilder Stallions, Don't Let Your Meatloaf

Wilder, Instrument Classic Metal

Wilderness Dream, Wilderness Dream

Wildness, Dollburner

Wildness, Dreams

Wildworks, The Landing

Will Barbero, Chicken Supreme

Will Beavis, So Much Hair

Will Haven, Will Haven

Will Killmore, Oh The Humanity

Will Killmore, Will Killmore

Will Landrum, Shredded Christmas Card

Will of Hatred, Infinite Triumph's Preface

Will Ray & Sieg Pedde, Corkscrewed

William Barbero, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

William Barbero, Strings Attached

William Caballero, The Inspiragenesis

William Hopson, Apparition: You Thought You Knew Me

William Tait, Purple Skies

William Wolff, Waves of Influence

Willis Clow, Willis Clow

Wilson Arms, Throwing Wrenches

Wiltman, Lo-Files 01

Wiltman, Lo-Files 02

Wiltman, Lydia

Wim, Skinny Ghost

Windfaerer, Solar

Windfaerer, Tribus

Winds of Arcadia, Off Stream

Windy City Slaughter, Alpha

Wine of Nails, Wonk Thyself

Winter Bestowed, Within My Labyrinthine Heart

Winter Crescent, Battle of Egos

Winter Haven, Godslayer

Winter Nights, An Endless Apocalypse

Winter Will Follow, ... And It Gets Worse

Winter's Eve, Shards

Winter's Thrall, Anomie

Winter's Thrall, Superman

Winterborn, Into the Shades of Gray

Winterfell, Winter is Coming

Winterlock, Release the Scream

Winters Iris, IV

Winters Veil, The Storm Awakens

Wintersoul, Frozen Storm Apocalypse

Winterthrall, Nightmares for The Sleepless

Winterthrall, Stormraven

Winter`s Thrall, In:Through:Out

Wire C, Adrift

Wire C, Time Marches On

Wire to Wire, The Weapon - Single

Wire_C, Adrift Without a Voice

Wire_C, Adrift Without a Voice

Wire_C, Climbing Clouds

Wire_C, Midway

Wire_C, Shattered Shell

Wire_c, Solar Wave

Wis(h)key, Manifesto of New Standards

Wisdom, Judas +1 (U.S. Limited Edition) 2011

Wisdom, Rain dream

Wishdoom, Helepolis

Wiszdomstone, Rise

Witch Meadow, When Midnight Calls

Witch Mountain, South of Salem

Witch, The Hex Is On ... And Then Some

Witchburn, Bathed in Blood

Witchburn, This Is How We Slay Our Demons...

Witchden, Consulting the Bones

Witches Mark, A Grim Apparition

Witchking, Hands of Justice

Witchking, Witchking

With Crown and Tail, Europa

With Daggers Drawn, Heart of the Universe

With No Remorse, Requiem

With No Remorse, Retribution

With No Remorse, Welcome to Hell

With Our Arms to the Sun, Ep001

With Teeth, Captives

Withering Soul, Apparitions of the Surreal

Withershin, Ashen Banners

Withershin, The Hungering Void

Within Sight, Casting Shadows

Within the Fire, Godless World

Within the Fire, Within the Fire

Within the Outbreak, Remember Me

Within Vast Forms, Prospects

Within Wolves, Within Wolves - EP

Without End, Disease Is Man

Without Mercy, All Else Fails

Without Mercy, Without Mercy

Without Sacrifice, We the People

Wixor, Red Noise

Wixor, These Walls

Wizardry, Wizardry

Wizard`s Promiss, The Shroud

Wo Fat, Live Juju: Wo Fat At Freak Valley

Wo Fat, Noche del Chupacabra

Wolf System, Centaur's Fire

Wolfbait, Warrior Kings

Wolfbait, Wolfbait Lives

Wolfbane, Wolfbane

WolfeBlitzer, Lonely World

WolfeBlitzer, My Tears Don't Lie

Wolfen, Chapter IV

Wolfen, Evilution

Wolfgate, Howling Lament

Wolfmare, The Sacred Mushroom and the Crows

Wolfmaster, Ghosts and Death

Wolfmaster, The Essence of Evil

Wolfpunch, Fuck the Valium

Wolfs Moon, Curse the Cult of Chaos

Wolfshead, Wolfshead

Wolven, In the Mist They Wait

Wolvengard, The Beckoning Darkness

Wolves of Hate, To Victory

Wolves With Guns, Wolves With Guns

Wolvetang, Concerto delle Pinze Lupo

WOM, Future Never Comes

Wombler, Behind the Lights

Wonderland Syndrome, Flake EP

Wonderland Syndrome, Prelude I: The Great Infestation

Wonderland Syndrome, Wonderland Syndrome EP

Wonrowe Vision, 2 Headed Monster

Wonrowe Vision, Mission Invincible

wooDLawn, sliver

Woodscream, ????? ?????? ?????

Woodscream, Octastorium

Woodscream, Pentadrama

Woodscream, Svartedauen

Words Escape Me, Elevated

Workhorse, Fire Before All

Working Poor USA, Working Poor USA

Working Progress, My First Monster EP

Workout Muse, MMA Rockout

Workshop, Khooni Murga

Workshop, Made Love to the Dragon

World In Arms, In Hopes That The Past Will Fade

World in Arms, Strong at Heart

World is Static, World is Static

World of Lies, Living Under Drones EP

World War Ten Thousand, World War Ten Thousand

Worlds Divide, Worlds Divide

Worldtime, Petrodollar Connection - Single

Worldtime, Piehole

Wormfood, Cthulhu Rising

Wormhole, Longing for darkness

Wormhole, The String Theory

Wormhole, Time & Space

Worms of the Birth, Dawn of the Parasite

Worms of the Birth, Harlequin Birth

Worms of the Birth, Squirming Beneath Your Skin

Wormsblood, Mastery of Creation

Wormwood, Buried Alive

Worth Every Scar, Worth Every Scar (EP)

Worth The Fight, Conflict

Worwyk, Decapitator

Worwyk, In Solitude

Worwyk, Malignant

Worwyk, Shadows Black

Woslom, Evolustruction

Woslom, Time to Rise

Would, Would

Wounded City, Train Smoke

Wovoka, Saros

Wrath Attack, Drowning In Beer

Wrath Of Killenstein, St 7000

Wrath of Killenstein, Ugly EP

Wrath of Killenstein, Wrath of Killenstein Featuring Igniisis Dance From Brutal Legend

Wrath, Stark Raving Mad

Wrath, Wrath - EP

Wrathful Plague, The Frostbitten Path

Wreaking Havoc, Wreaking Havoc

Wrecker, Wreckage Day

Wrench, Dry Heaves & Tears

Wrenchneck, Wrenchneck

Wretch, Make This Garden Burn

Wretch, Rise to Power

Wretch, Warriors

Wretched Beast, Theme for a Lost Soul - Single

Wretchedpain, Congregation

Wretchedpain, The Hell You Seek

Writhing, Indomitable

Writhing, Writhing

Writing the Future, Lay Your Feet to the Ground

Writing the Future, Lets Go Objective

Wrong Ways to Pass Through, Heart's Questions

Wrong, Wrong (Self- Titled)

Wrought Iron, Rejoice and Transcend

Wrought, Hand Crafted Metal


Wykked Wytch, Bring Me to Life

Wykked Wytch, Memories Of A Dying Whore

Wynken Delirium, Old Man Spicy

Wynken Delirium, Opinions

Wynterborne, Dreams and Disposition

X-Empire, End of Times

X-ENGINE-X, Distortia / Inner Demons

X-Engine-X, Vol.iv

X-Legacy, Shifting Through Existence

X-Mann, Turning Point

X-Method, Marimacha

X-Method, Out of Control

X-Method, X-Method

X-Piral, Grave New World

X-Terra, The Red Album

X-Vivo, Catharsis

X-Vivo, Egophobia

X-Vivo, Last Drop (Forsaken Remix)

X-Vivo, Out of the Smell of Decay

X-Vivo, Reflection (Digital Pain Remix) [Radio Version]

Xainiax, Point of Aggression

Xakestar, Countdown

Xander Demos, Guitarcadia

Xanthochroid, Blessed He With Boils

Xanthochroid, Incultus

Xavier Xerxes, Back to the Basics

Xavier Xerxes, Xavier Xerxes

Xenn, Proud of This?

Xenolyth, Filtered Reality

Xenon, America`s New Design

Xenosis, Sowing the Seeds of Destruction

Xeroderma, The Reckoning

Xes_1, InSaneVoice

Xex, Vier

Xhana, Aqua

Xkeban, Xkeban

Xmafax, 7 Sins

Xpirimint, Lucid Dreams

Xpress 12-25, Searching For Substance

Xray, First Exposure

Xray, Vision

Xstrophy, ...Of My Entire Soul

Xstrophy, My Tortured Past

Xur/Mich!gan, By The Beard Of Zeus

XVI Eyes, Building Eden From Embers

XVI Eyes, The Grey

XVI Eyes, The Last Migration of the Hammerheads

Xvii, From the Ashes


Xylaruus, Velocity

Xzibit-A, Waiting For Yesterday

Y Zone, Meanwhile in My Heart

Yaşru, Öz

Yaj Sri Lam, Media Circus

Yankee Doodle Blitzkrieg, Sick Puppy

Yaq Cuartz, I Felt a Funeral in My Brain

Yardelm, Planted Firmly

Yasha, Reborn

Yasutoyo, Expression

Yatzek, Twisted Minds

Ydinlataaja, Novgorod

Year of the Dragon, A Time To Love Is A Time To Bleed

Yeehaw Jihad, Songs About Rough Sex and Violent Deaths

Yellowtooth, Crushed By the Wheels of Progress

Yellowtooth, Disgust

Yesterday as Today, Conviction

Yesterday I Had Roadkill, Age of Distrust

Yidorah, El Origen

Yigga Digga, 222x3

Yigga Digga, When the Man Comes Around

Yigga Digga, Yigga Digga

Yiorgos Karagioules, Tabula Rasa

Yiv, Breath the Hate

Ynzir, Am I Dead?

Yonder Realm, The Old Ways

Yonder, Your Style EP

Yonsen Maia, Across The Universe

Yonsen Maia, Bahia

Yoshiaki Imahori, Mani-Rhythm

Yossarian Malewski, Z12H7801050702/Posen

Yosuke Miyake's Strange, Beautiful & Loud, Lotus and Visceral Songs

You Betray Me, You Betray Me

You Bred Raptors?, Grant

You Handsome Devil, The Hell, You Say

You May Die in the Desert, International Waters

You-Suke, Def Providence

Young Sahng, Inspirational Stories

Your Anguish, Heroes & Zeroes

Your Last Memory, Dismantle the Architecture

Your Last Wish, Desolation

Your Pain is Endearing, Fall of An Empire

Your Pain Is Endearing, The Turning of Tides

Your Pain Is Endearing, Upon a Throne of Hate

Youri Stoykov, WIP. (Wide Instrumental Project)

Ypotrill, Prehistorical Errors

Yucca, Our Journey (To Any Where We Want)

Yuck Fou, System In Effect

Yugen, Mirrors

Yuki Yuki Yasumi, Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls

Yuppie Monk, The Armchair Tour Supplemental

Yuppie Monk, Twelve Days Gone

Yuri Isobe, Re: First Of All

Yurikud, Elusive Dream

Yurikud, Night Highway

Yurikud, Production Music: Punk Rock and Ska

Yurikud, The Day of Deliverance

Yurikud, Where Is Freedom?

Yurikud, World Trip

Yusa Windveil, Prussian Blue (Into the Lake)

Yzhood, Let's Party

Z3r0c00l, The Console Wars

Zac Kurth, The Beginning

Zach Defosse, Night Slayer

Zach E. West, Ain't Nobody Riff No More (Hang the Rope)

Zach Sutton, Here's What's Going On

Zach Sutton, The Gathering

Zadur, What Are These?

Zafakon, War as a Drug

Zaibatsu, All the Things I Don't Want To Be

Zaius, Harvest Moon Overdrive

Zak Kerrison, Window of Opportunity

Zallen, Zallen Instrumentals, Vol. 1

Zallen, Zallen Instrumentals, Vol. 2

Zaltana, Zaltana

Zandelle, Flames of Rage

Zander Zon, Sonorous

Zardens, Blackness Unfolds

Zarpa, Iberia

Zaub Nasty, Cigarettes & Baklava

Zaz Carbolic, Meantime Girl

Zópilot!, Lot!

Zdaldo, Grasping Victory

Zdaldo, Steel Wheel Thunder

Zebeck, Emancipation

Zebras, Zebras

Zebulon Pike, And Blood Was Passion

Zebulon Pike, Intranscience

Zebulon Pike, Zebulon Pike II - The Deafening Twilight

Zeitgeist Zero, The Blackout EP

Zen Conspiracy, Zentropy

Zen Fuse Box, Old Ed's Eye (Are You Representing Beyonce?)

Zen Fuse Box, Old Ed's Other Eye (For Team Jay-Z)

Zen Kura, Zen Kura

Zenfin, The Journey Within

Zeni Danussi, After Shock

Zeni Danussi, Highspeed Rider - EP

Zeni Danussi, My Guitar Bleeds - EP

Zeni Danussi, Powerbolt

Zeno Morf, Wings of madness

Zeno Morf, Zeno Morf

Zergoth, Psychological Defense

Zero By None, Impressions

Zero Cipher, 45 Minutes of Fairytale Endings / 45rpm / Acoustic Sessions

Zero Cipher, Diary of a Sadist 3rd Edition

Zero Down, Looking to Start a Riot

Zero Mercury, The Genesis - EP

Zero To Ballistic, 1776 v2.0

Zero To Ballistic, Idiom

Zeroasis, X-Factor

ZeroGravity, Misplaced Moments

Zerotheist, Recession

Zerotheist, Usurp the Crown

Zfl, Rumors of War

Zia, 2004

Zilch, Shot Glass Therapy

Zinumm, Zinumm

Zion, Drakula

Zircon, Vastlands

Zirrus, Garden City

Zirrus, Kulm

Zlatko Brodaric, Going West, Looking East

Zlatko Brodaric, It`s Chemical (Digital E.P.)

Zmilodon, Essence

Zoltan, First Fantasy

Zom, Flesh Assimilation

Zombie Apocalypse Defense Squad, Big Booty

Zombie Cookbook, Cinetrash

Zombie Cookbook, Motel Hell

Zombie Cookbook, Outside the Grave

Zombie Death Stench, Infected

Zombie Fighter, Run for Your Life

Zombie Lake, Plague of the Undead

Zombie Outlawz, Wanted

Zombie Sam, Self Conscious Insanity

Zombie Sam, Zombie Sam

Zombie Scars, Revenant

Zombie Western, The End... And the Aftermath

Zombie Western, The Great Migration

Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Powerslop's Greatest Hits

Zombified, Outbreak

Zonder, Maybe You Can Live On The Moon In Next Century

Zone Zero, The Lost Legacy

Zophrenia, Satyriasis

Zophrenia, Sofreni

Zorakarer, Clarion Call of Destiny

Zorg, Hüperborea

Zosimos, Zosimos

Zygnema, Born of Unity

Zymphonek, Choir of Cyborgs

Zync, Bring Forth The Element

[Axel Harvey], Approaching the Empty

[Axel Harvey], Fortitude

[Axel Harvey], Reverted State

[Axel Harvey], The Distance Between

[Sic], [Sic]

[trap], Drop The Weapon

`63 Burnout, Trouble at the Speedway

{Else}, Who Will Cry

{Pic}, Genesis

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