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The Anchor, The Anchor

The Ancient Sunrise, Optimistic Chaos

The Ancient Wild, Gravity

The And Company, Look Up

The Andean Wolf, The Storm

The Anderson Stingrays, I Wanna Be Sedated

The Andersons!, Separated At Birth

The Andes, Vintager

The Andies, Captains of Industry

The Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo, The Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo

The Andrew Kratzat Singers, Greetings from the Andrew Kratzat Singers

The Andrew Mavin Project (AMP), Morning Blues (Radio Edit)

The Andrew Muller Band, Relentless

The Andrew Simmerman Trio, Jive On

The Andrews Sisters Tribute Show, I'll Be Seeing You

The Andy Britton Trio, The Andy Britton Trio

The Andy James Band, In Blues We Trust

The Andy Martin Quartet, Live at Capozzoli's (feat. Dave Pell)

The Andy Sugg Group, The Berlin Session

The Angel Affair, The Devil: Alchemy and Immortality, Act 1

The Angel Affair, The Machine: Alchemy and Immortality, Act 3

The Angel Affair, The Ocean: Alchemy and Immortality, Act 2

The Angel Sluts, Designer Heat

The Angela Williams, Does Jesus Deserve Less (feat. Trice Love)

The Angelaires, Alright

The Angeles Project, New Heart

The Angeles Project, Radio

The Angeles Project, The Angeles Project - EP

The Angeles Project, Your Name in Lights

The Angelic Family Choir, The Angelic Family Choir Christmas, Vol. 1

The Angelo Piano Duo, Helen's Song

The Angeloes, I Once Got a New Haircut (But My Mom Didn't Like It)

The Angelus, On A Dark & Barren Land

The Angie Haze Project, Heat to Cold

The Angry Brigade, War Criminal George, Pt. 1

The Angry Orts, The Angry Orts

The Angry Orts, The Purple Rhino Squad versus The Blue Whale Super Heavy Assault Troops

The Angry Parrots, Disaster

The Animal Band, Animal Rock

The Animal Band, I Love You (feat. Amber Brown)

The Animal Band, The Animal Band Christmas: Jungle All the Way

The Animal Beat, Ambient Jungle Noise

The Animals At Night, Cut to Chase, Chorus and Fade

The Animators, Home By Now

The Animators, How We Fight

The Animators, The Chamber Sessions

The Anix, Demolition City

The Anna Ross Project, Yesterday Comes Again

The Anne Fadale Trio & Elvin Shepherd, That's All

The Annie Johnson Band, Tie Dye Army

The Anointed Poets, Elevation

The Anonymous Pervs, 12 Days of XXX-Mas (Parody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas")

The Anonymous Pervs, Dick the F*gs (Parody Of "Deck the Halls")

The Anonymous Pervs, Silent T**t (Parody of "Silent Night")

The Anselm, White and Blue

The Answer Page, Featureless Beast

The Answer Page, Orca

The Antecedents, Rooster Takes Credit For The Rising Sun

the Antennas, Fax Armada

The Anthem, All In

The Anthem, When Innocence Fails

The Anthony Lai Band, Behind the Sun, Pt.1

The Anthony Smith Vibraphone Quartet, Connections, Vol. One

The Anthony Smith Vibraphone Quartet, Connections, Vol. Two

The Anti-Job, Bloom

The Anti-Job, We Are The Anti-Job

The Anti-Job, You're Not Real

The Antic Romantics, The Antic Romantics

The Antics, Running Faster

The Antics, When I'm Alone

The Antidepressants, Music Migraine

The Antiques, Sewn With Stitches

The Antisocial Butterfly Project, fr(ohm)age

The Antivillains, So Much For Romance

The Antoine Salem Trio, Small Homey Arsenal

The Anunnaki, The Anunnaki

The Any Man Project, Rude Boys, Ball Heads & Rastas

The Apartment Years, In Transit

The Aperturistic Trio, Truth and Actuality

The Apex Collective, Western Eyes

The Apnea Effect, Stay Calm

The Apollos, That Is Rock and Roll

The Apostrophes, Mostly Fiction

The Appeal, The Return EP

The Apple Blossoms, La Paloma E.P.

The Apple Hill String Quartet, Works By Haydn, Schulhoff, Bach and Piazzolla

The Apple Sisters, Happy Holidoozy Merry Christmess

The Apple Sisters, Simple Christmas Rules

The Apple Trio, The Apple Trio

The Apple War, Alarm Bell City

The Applebrown Jazz Ensemble, The Way On Up

The Applejacks, The Hits & More.....

The Appleseed Collective, Baby to Beast

The Appleseed Collective, Live At the Ark

The Appleseed Collective, Young Love

The Appointed Gospel Singers of Miami Florida, Just Shout

The Apprentice, The Apprentice

The April Sessions, The April Sessions (feat. Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser, Zack Page & River Guerguerian)

The April Skies, Flood

The April Skies, The April Skies

The April Skies, The Breathe EP

The April Skies, Yet It Floats

The Arboriginals, Take It to the Big House 2012

The Arbour Men, Copenhagen Girls

The Arc, Don't Let Me Fall

The Arc, It's Okay

The Arc, Long Road

The Arcades, I & II

The Arcades, Live At the Brunny

The Arcane Garden, The Arcane Garden

The Arcanes, In A Dream

The Archimedian Point, A Present Progressive

The Archimedian Point, Disinhibitor

The Archimedian Point, One Giant Ninja

The Architect Sound, Swallow the Key

The Architecture, Begin to Shake

The Arcitype, Evolution (The One Day Beat Tape)

The Arctic Turtles, Far From Popular

The Arctic Turtles, Far From Popular

The Arctic Zone, So Like the Stars

The Arctic Zone, The Analog Kid in the Digital World

The Arctic Zone, The Eighth Wonder

The Arctic Zone, Vas Machst Du Da ?

The Ardent, Soy Feliz

The Ardente Duo, Cassandra Eisenreich & Danielle Woolery, Hep Cats

The Areola Treat, Pleasure Machines

The Areola Treat, Radio On

The Arian Band, V: Goodbye

The Ark Church, Greatest Moments (Live)

The Arkatekt, Building Blocks

The Arkatekt, Elements

The Arma Mirage, When the Quiet Sounds Alarm

The Armchair Sailors, All At Sea

The Armoni'a Band, Family Matters

The Arms Akimbo, The Arms Akimbo

The Arms Akimbo, You Want To

The Arno Marsh Quintet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Ars Supernova, Lumina

The Arson Project, Blood and Locusts

The Art Ghetto, Slow Nights in Straight Places

The Art of Fiction, Arms Like Atlas

The Art of Fiction, The Wise Fool

The Art of Grace, New Wheel - EP

The Art of Grace, Traveller - EP

The Art Of Sound, Noise Sampler!

The Art of Whimsy, Live at Higher Ground

The Art, The Essence (feat. Bob Coyne & Michael Brandson)

The Artesians, Too Good for Words

The Artifact, It Might Not Mean a Thing to You

The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band, Hold Tight

The Artist J, Man of Two Visions

The Artist Known As Ozell Adkins, Destiny

The Artist L.U.V., Love in Techni-color

The Artist One, A Road Less Traveled

The Artist: Joe Jr., Let Me Hear Your Voice (Say!) [feat. Kebin Carr, Arlette Carr, Darryl Parque & Andre Lodree]

The Artist: Joe Jr., Songs of Encouragement Vol. 2 (Lite Edition)

The Arts and the Sciences, Another Stone

The Arts of Life Band, Around and Around

The Ascent 2, Night of Worship

The Ascetic Junkies, This Cage Has No Bottom

The Ash Lovelies, Ode to Arlington

The Ashes, Everything Is Temporary

The Ashkenazy Collective, Playin' Around

The Ashley Lauren Singers, Begin (The Ashley Lauren Foundation Presents...)

The Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet, Live At the Living Room Jazz Festival - Bangkok

The Assasinators, Rumors of Wars

The Assembly Line, Empires

The Assembly Line, The Places We Leave Behind

The Assembly Line, Tonight (There's Only Us)

The Assembly, Commencement

The Assembly, Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

The Assholes, Johnny and the Big Prairie Fire

The Assorted Family Circle, At Home With... EP

The Assorted Family Circle, Off Broadway

The Assorted Family Circle, The Assorted Family Circle

The Asterplace, Michelle

The Asterplace, Moon

The Astral Stereo Project, Cassiopeia

The Astronauts, The Astronauts

The Athenian, Όχι Καριολάκι

The Athenian, Min Patas Sfouggarisa

The Athenian, Oxi Kariolaki (Acoustic Original Version)

The Athletic Sports Band, Midseason Acquisitions

The Athletic Sports Band, Passion Bucket

The Athletic Sports Band, Sports Music Songs

The Athletic Sports Band, Sports Songs for People Who Like Sports Songs

The Athletic Sports Band, Traded!

The Atkins Family, Reunion Day

The Atkins Family, There Is Hope

The Atkinson Band, The Atkinson Band

The Atlanta Sports Band, Braves, Falcons & Hawks

The Atlantas, Lux Speculum

The Atlantas, Metropolypse

The Atlantas, Revelator

The Atlantic Trio, Traces of Brahms

The Atmo, For the Sunsets

The Atomic Kid, Superhero

The Atomic Roots, Popp Roxx

The Atomic Spins, The Atomic Spins

The Atomik Age Project, 4 Ever Fab

The Atomik Age Project, Glasgow Girl

The Atomik Age Project, Old Days

The Attendings (Doctors & Their Guitars), Another Christmas on Call

The Attery Squash, Devo Was Right About Everything

The Attic, Age of Fourteen

The Attitude, Dance Fuck Suicide

The Attractions Band, Show Me

The Atudes, Rumor Has It

The ATX, The Truth Stanks

The Aubrey Drive, Films Write Themselves

The Auburn Mode, The Auburn Mode

The Audience, Ginger Rogers & the Lavender Hill Mob Archives

The Audio Scientists Laboratory, Be My Babe

The Audionics, The Big Note

The Aught-Threes, Bystanders Often Do Nothing

The August & J Band & Olivia Emile, When We Fall Down

The August & J Band, Alive

The August & J Band, Alive (Alternate Mix) [feat. Tori Sloan]

The August & J Band, Friday Night

The August Arrival, Skyline Goodbyes

The August Empire, Before the Hereafter

the August Story, the August Story

The Ault Sisters, Butterflies

The Aum, I Wanna Be Rich (feat. Young Rick & Nancylauren)

The Aunteaters, Marionette

The Aurian Haller Band, Island

The Aurian Haller Band, L'amour Et Ses Couteaux

The Aurian Haller Band, Like This

The Aurian Haller Band, Normal Town

The Aurian Haller Band, The Dark Room

The Aurore Quartet, Le QuecumBar Live in London

The Authority Figures, Somewhere in Between

The Authority, Who Knew?

The Authors, At the Other End of the Spectrum

The Authors, Behind the Stranger

The Authors, Everything Around Me

The Authors, Everything Around Me

The Authors, Hesitation

The Authors, In Conscience

The Authors, Picture

The Auto Body Experience, A Tribute To Carhenge

The Auto Body Experience, Forgotten Lots

The Autopilots, Guardian Angel

The Autors, Proclaim His Greatness

The Autumn City, Chances

The Autumn City, Cities and Secrets

The Autumn City, Hope Ties

The Autumn City, Sleep Away

The Autumn Defense, The Autumn Defense

The Autumn Defense, The Green Hour

The Autumn Leaves, Long Lost Friend

The Autumn Leaves, The Twilight Hours of The Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Stone, Beautiful Freaks

The Avalon Parade, Charades

The Avalon Parade, Nun Yax Ayin

The Avalon Parade, When The Sky Fell

The Avant Gospel Group, Sin Like a Christian

The Avatars, Let Go

The Ave, Lift Off

The Ave, Live It Up

The Avenue, Silently (feat. Shoemansky)

The Aviators, Wolfanizer

The Avid Light, A Christmas Experience

the Avids, above the underground

The Avisi, Alternative Love Song

The Avisi, Hold Me

The Avisi, Take Me Away

The Avoda, Once Upon a Cloud

The Awakening, The Awakening EP

The Awesome Lemon, Golden Showers

The Awesomehots, Nighthorse

the AwesomeHots, the AwesomeHots

The Awful Truth, Birthright

The Awkward Guys, Get Normal

The Awkward Robot, EP

The Ax, Our Queen of Dirt

The Axis of Awesome, Animal Vehicle

The Axis of Awesome, Can You Hear the F***ing Music Coming Out of My Car?

The Axis of Awesome, Christmawesome

The Axis of Awesome, Cry Yourself a River

The Axis of Awesome, Infinity Rock Explosion!

The Axis of Awesome, Phone$

The Axis of Awesome, Scissors, Paper, Rock!

The Axis of Awesome, Sing Along Karaoke

The Axis Worship Band, Hero

The Axis Worship Band, The Power of Your Love

The Axxmann, Life's Not What You Make of It

The Axxmann, My Baby's Town

The Axy Gals, Paranoia Will Destroya

The Aye-Ayes, Bravado

The Aye-Ayes, It's Immediate

The Az-One Project, Bounce

The B Foundation, Souvenirs Novelties and Party Tricks

The B Foundation, Take Some Time

The B Sharps, Comin` At Ya!

The B Sharps, Ska Don't Pay the Bills

The B'Dinas, Homemade Rock & Roll

The B-Attitudes, ...meaning Underneath the Sound

The B-Sharps, Play Cherchez Kahuna

The B.L.T Crew, Sorry, My Bad...

The Baal Shem Tones, Untold Stories

The Baboons, Evolution

The Baby Isaac Crew, Let's Have Fun

The Baby`s Daddy Project, Dante`s Got A Man Too

The Bacchus Brothers, Bacchus Philosophy

The Bacchus Brothers, Funky Alien Booty

The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park & John V. Sinclair, All Is Bright: A Choral Christmas

The Bacillus, I Can't Adapt to This Prison You Call Society

The Bacillus, When Strangers Step In the Bar

The Back Alley Saints, All The Fortune, All The Fame

The Back Chords, Transients, Reprobates and Ingrates

The Back Pack, The Grey Album

The Back Roads, Wintertime

The Back Roads, Wintertime EP

The Backandforths, Jendrassik Maneuver

The Backpeddlers, Songs of Guilt & Revenge

The Backroom Deal, < 3 Strings

The Backroom, Reagan Era Rocketship

The Backs of Trees, Cracks

The Backseat Disciples, I Will Sing Your Praise

The Backseat Disciples, The Backseat Disciples

The BackSeat Pandas, Now More Than Ever

THe BAcksliders, You`re Welcome

The Backstabbers, No Time for Nothin'

The Backup Plan, Eight Equals D

The Backups, (509)

The Backups, Wasting Time

The Backups, Wasting Time - EP

The Backups, Where'd He Go?

The Backward Accelerators, Full Speed Backwards

The Backyard Astronauts, Panda Days (feat. Laura Jansen)

The Backyard Astronauts, The Bullet & The Gun

The Bad Backs, The Bad Backs

The Bad Backs, Tombstone Town 7"

The Bad Boy Blues Band, Temptation's Coming

The Bad Dudes, Mammas Hide Your Daughters

The Bad Light, Marrow of Sound

The Bad Mintons, Cheaper Than A Real Present

The Bad Mitten Orchestre, Baby Gone Broke On Through

The Bad Mitten Orchestre, Garden of Eve

The Bad Monkeys, Coastal Girl

The Bad Parts, The Bad Parts

The Bad Tenants, Eloquent Scoundrels, Vol. 2

The Bad Tenants, When I'm Back

The Bad Things, After the Inferno

The Bad Things, It`ll All Be Over Soon

The Badd Habbits, Creatures of Habbit

The Badlanders, It's Alright

The Badlanders, So Alone

The Badpiper, Burn

The Badpiper, Tradical

The Baerburds, Apartment Sessions

The Bagari-Hayes Project, Chakoufi

The Baghdaddies, Last tango in Babylon

The Bagpipes & Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department

The Baha Men, GO!

The Bailey Bros, How to Write the Wrong

The Bailey Quarters, The Highs and the Lows

The Baker Family, Old Civilizations Put to the Sword

The Baker Suite, A Quartet for Car Horns and Brakes

The Balance of Power, Ominous

The Balance, Rock 'n Roll Exercise #32

The Balboans, We Are Together

The Balcony Players, Balcony Adventures Around the World

The Balcony Scene, Ambitions

The Balcony Shirts Band, Ji-Sung Park

The Balding Hippies, Odd Songs for Even People

The Ball Sisters Band, When Love Comes Calling

The Ballad of Id, Schwasted, Vol. 2 - EP

The Ballast Band, Constellation

The Ballbusters, Screwing With the Illegals

The Balloon Room, Elysium

The Balloon Room, Golden and Prosperity

The Ballroom Catastrophe, Fabulous

The Bally Who?, A Pilferer's Patience

The Baltek, Shaken Inside

The Baltek, There's a Place

The Baltic Sea, Through Scenic Heights and Days Regrets

The Baltimore Sports Band, Orioles and Ravens

The Bama Lamas, 20 Minute Dance Party!

The Bamboo Trading Company, Shrewd Awakening

The Bamboo Trading Company, The Bamboo Trading Company

The Banana Convention, Dirty Negatives

The Banana Convention, LEAP

The Banana Convention, Some Points in Between

The Banana Convention, Taking Back the Fun

The Banana Sessions, Don't Loose Your Mind (It's ChristmasTime!) - Single

The Banana Sessions, Green - EP

The Banana Sessions, Mixtape

The Banana Sessions, Yellow - EP

The Band Apollo, Soldier or a Spy

The Band Benefield, My Last Name

The Band Bueller, The Band Bueller

The Band Concord, Golden Road

The Band Concord, Youth

The Band Dakota, Whoa

The Band Detroit, Dead Mans Hand

The Band for Disease Control and Prevention, The Band for Disease Control and Prevention

The Band Foster, Believe

The Band Holiday, Cards

The Band Hotel!, The World of Hotel!

The Band Justus, My Beloved

The Band Justus, The Band Justus

The Band Ken, This Time Around

The Band Nemesis, For Christmas

The Band of Beards, The Band of Beards

The Band of Jesus, The Band of Jesus

The Band of Life, Somewhere

The Band of Strangers, When the Light Gets In

The Band of the Hawk, Audio Scrolls (The Best Of)

The Band Salem., The Spirit of Christmas Is

The Band Salt, Fits Just Right

The Band Salt, Waiting

The Bandd, Blocked

The Bandettes, Down the Road

The Bandettes, Take Me Home

The Bandettes, The Beard Song

The Bandettes, The Joker

The Bandit Kings, EP

The Bandit Kings, Epic Hello

The Bandit Kings, Precious Stones

The Bang Girl Group Revue, Soul Shangri-La

The Bang, Another Notch On His belt

The Bangum Brigade, Giving You Game in Real Time, Vol.1

The Bangum Brigade, My Camaro

The Bangum Brigade, The Drop

The Bangum Brigade, The Duval Drop

The Bank, England for sale

The Bank, Let Pythons Be Pythons

The Bar and Grill Singers, A Time to Grill

The Bar and Grill Singers, Grilling Me Softly

The Bar and Grill Singers, Licensed to Grill

The Bar Feeders, Vomitorium

The Barbarellatones, Fake English Accents

The Barbarellatones, The Legend of Skunk Ape

The Barbary Ghosts, The Ghost of the William Grey

The Barbed, Banquet for One

The Barber Brothers Jazz Quintet, Twinnovation

The Barbwires, Bliss and Blisters

The Barcode Experiment, Yellow Ball, Glass Wall

The Bards of KeyPoynt, Once a Bard...

The Bards of KeyPoynt, Welcome to KeyPoynt

The Barefoot Movement, Figures of the Year

The Barefoot Nellies, Let Me Down Easy: Live at Amnesia

The Barehand Jugband, Wipe 'Em Off

The Bareroot, Born to Love (feat. Carol Hatchett)

The Baritone, Skyfall

The Barker Band, Lonesome Waltz

The Barker Band, The Night Ain`t Over

The Barking Owls, The Barking Owls

The Barn Owls, Horses in the Canebreak

The Barnacles, CQD

The Barnacles, Wireless

The Barnes Project, The Blessing

The Barnkickers, Up Before Noon

The Baron Von Marlon, Of Flora & Fauna

The Baron Von Marlon, Smoke & Mirrors

The Barows, The Barows EP

The Barrel Boys, Early On

The Barren Spinsters, Audioary

The Barrettes, A Whole Lotta Melodica

The Barrow Boys, The Barrow Boys

The Barrys, Who Else

The Barstool Romeos, Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal

The Bart Walker Band, Who I Am

The Barthelmy Charles Project, When a Loved One Dies (feat. Wilburne Mathurin, Kazia Ferdinand, Marie Ferdinand, Myles Charles, Kizzie Ferdinand & Briana Laurent)

The Bashful, Venture

The Basicks, Take a Ride

the basics, grow

The Basics, Guilty / Baby Bleu

The Bassment, Invasion (Original Mix)

The Bassorcist, Bass from the Krypt

The Basstards, Obsession

The Bastard Son of Charlie Brown, Dynamite

The Bastard Sons, Release the Hounds

The Bastard Sons, Roads EP

The Bastard Suns, A Band for all Seasons, Vol. 4: Summer

The Bastards, Ripping Hot

The Batbombs, Creature

The Batch, Shoot a Hole Through It

The Bates College Deansmen, Cave Life

The Bates College Deansmen, The Deansmen: A Century Half Full

The Battersby Duo, Peace

The Battery Electric, Dead Mans Trunk

The Battery Electric, Ovulator

The Battery Kids, Ouija

The Battery Kids, We're Just Hanging While the Rats All Gather and the Vultures Circle Overhead

The Battlefield, Into the Smoke & Maze

The Battlin' Bluebirds, Dirty Nest

The Bay Area Chamber Works, Performing Works by Michelle Ende'

The Bay Area Chamber Works, The Petite Suite for Strings and Other Works by Michelle Ende'

The Bay Area Philharmonic, Michelle Ende: Symphony Number 3 in G Minor, Op. 10 - The Egostistical

The Bay Area Philharmonic, Simon Parsons Conducts The Bay Area Philharmonic in Michelle Ende`s Symphony No. 8 in A Minor; Opus 41 - The Uplifted

The Bayleys, From The Inside

The Bayonets, Driver

The Bayonne Bleeders, American Chrome

The Baysingers, The Cornerstone

The BC Combo, Live-ly

The BC Dynamics, Never Up

The BDI's, Glorious Return

The BDI`s, The BDI`s

The Be Arthurs, Great World

The Be, Play a Microphone

The Beach Boppers, Instrumental Fun

The Beach Brothers, 6 Pack To Go

The BeachBums, Livin` in Paradise

The BeachBums, Rise and Shine

The Beachers, Africa Caliente

The Beachers, Historia Musical: 1968 - 1975

The Beaches!, Meet the Beaches!

The Beachy Head Team, Paul & Kim

The Beacons, The Man Who Digs the Ditch

The Beams, Another Time and Place

The Bean Pickers Union, Better the Devil

The Beane Family, Christmas Classics With The Beane Family

The Beans, The Beans

The Bear and the Butterfly, One in a Million

The Bear Beats Band, Sharing The Porridge

The Bear Brothers, True Meaning of Christmas

The Bear Coat, The Bear Coat

The Bear Klaw, The Bear Klaw

The Bear Princess, Loved Enough to Hurt

The Bear Princess, Loved Enough to Hurt (Remixed)

The Bear, Jack and Joan

The Bear, The Bear

The Bearatones, Bear Patrol

The Bearded Bard, In Retrospect: Organized Sounds (12/11 - 1/12)

The Bearded Seals, Lover in the Sea

The Beards, Diggin'Fingers


The Beards, Spaghetti Americana

The Bears, Car Caught Fire

The Bears, Eureka!

The Bears, Live

The Beartones, BTZ

The Beartones, Icca (2014)

The Beartones, To the Point

The Beasel, Spring Flowers

The Beasley Brothers, The First One

The Beast and The Priest, The Beast and The Priest

The Beat Club, All the Cowboys

The Beat Club, Pulse

The Beat Daddys, Root Rubbin' Ball

The Beat Gens, Happy New Year (Gung Hay Fat Choy) [feat. Sim-1]

The Beat Horizon, Gotta Come Together

The Beat Horizon, Through the Door

The Beat Vibes, Meet The Beats

The Beat Wizard, Hip Hop Funk Soul Dancehall Instrumentals Vol 1

The Beat, When I Saw You

The Beatards, Big Bad Beat

The Beaten Sea, The Beaten Sea

The Beatenpath, Solace

The Beatles Tribute Project, The Beatles Tribute Project: Volume I

The Beatnik Flies, Drunk On Incense

The Beatrix Girls, Meet the Beatrix

The Beau Alquizola Band, Weddings In Louisville

The Beaudoin Sisters, The Christmas In Me

The Beauregards, Good Try

The Beauticians, Cosmopology

The Beauticians, Imperiale

The Beautiful Few, The Nights You Did Your Hair

The Beautiful Gate, We All Need Jesus

The Beautiful Gorgeous, I Know We've Changed

THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, Peace, Love , and Xmas

The Beautiful Losers, The Beautiful Losers

The Beautiful Spies, Just Fascination

The Beautiful Word, Curvature of Words

The Beauty, Mash Notes EP

The Beaver Street Hat Band, Beaver Street

The Beavers, Helios Omger Oss

The Beavers, Rainbow Blvd.

The Becca Band, Falafel

The BeckTaylor Band, Message of Love

The Bedevilers, Join Us

The Bedlam Brothers String Band, It's Bedlam!

The Bedlam Brothers, Saddle Up - EP

The Bedlams, Did It Feel Like Love (Radio Edit)

The Bedroom Wizard, Embrace Me

The Bedrooms, The Bedrooms

The Bedspins!, Bring On The Endorsements!

The Bedspins!, Oh No, It`s The Bedspins!

The Beekeepers, Hot Air

The Beeliacs, Blue Gold

The BeerMats, Easter Lily

The Beermats, I Have to Leave, I Have to Go

The Beeters, The Shaming

The Beggars, Your Love Will Rot My Brain

The Beggarwoods, Perfumed Garden

The Begowatts, The Begowatts - EP

the beige, 01

The Beige, El Ángel Exterminador

The Belfast Cowboys, Come Running

The Belfast Cowboys, Glad Tidings

The Belgrave Scandal, Brighton Away

The Believers, Lucky You

The Bell Parade, A Shirt That I Once Wore

The Bell Parade, Lets Make 'em Like That Anymore

The Bell Sisters, Rarities

The Bell Tree, Newly Rebuilt from Spare Parts

The Bella Donnas, Man Slaughter

The Belle Islanders, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

The Belle Weather, Hold On.

The Belle-Phonics, Isn't It Funny?

The Bellegards, The Difference Between

The Belleregards, Nothing to Lose

The Bellhops, The Great Con Job

The Bells Project, Christmas

The Bellwethers, Kismet

The Belmonts, The Bell That Couldn't Jingle

The Belmonts, The Eight Days of Hanukkah

The Belmonts, Yesterday Once More

The Belmores, Here and Now

The Beltway Brass Quintet, The Beltway Brass Goes to Church

The Beltways, Stella on Mars

The Beltways, The Beltways

The Belvederes, The Belvederes

The Ben and Drew Ice Cream Band, Laura - Single

The Ben Cipolla Band, Guest House

The Ben Kelly Experience, The Ben Kelly Experience

The Ben Rogers Trio, Windfarms of Your Mind

The Ben Rose Wedding Band, Cowtown

The Benbows, Highlife

The Benchwarmers of the Revolution, Have Toad, Will Travel

The Bend In The River, The Corporation

The Bend, She's Evil

The Bends, Moments

The Beneath, City of Light

The Benedictions, American Wasteland

The Benefit Thieves, Late Night Reminisce

The Benefit Thieves, Walk On Gold

The Benefit, 18, in Love With Me (feat. Levi Driskell)

The Benefit, Bring Me the Beach

The Bengsons, Ashes (As Heard On "So You Think You Can Dance")

The Bengsons, Hundred Days (Ep)

The Bengsons, The Proof

The Benjamin Boone Quartet, Live at Rogue 2008

The Benjamin Boone Quartet, Live With Steve Mitchell

The Benjamin Raubinsons, Go Dutch!

The Benjamins, My Best Mistake

The Benjamins, My Best Mistake

The Benoits, La Farine

The Bent Legs, The Bent Legs

The Bent Lovehandles, Sacred Order of the Broken Hearts

The Bentwood Rockers, Raised in a Lion's Den

The Benvereens, Ready to Go

The Berci Sisters, Your Promises

The Berean Mass Choir, Live In Memphis

The Bereznak Brothers Band, All Things in Time

The Bergamot, Haven

The Bergamot, Smile

The Bergamot, Static Flowers

The Bergamot, Winter Anthem

The Bergamot, Wishing Well

The Beriberi, Fangs

The Beriberi, Fireflies

The Beriberi, Phantom Limb

The Berntson Band, The Berntsons

The Berry & Proulx Project, Christmas

The Berrys, Fairmount Station

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Birthday Songs for Nearly Every Age

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday Songs for Each Day, Vol. 2

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday Songs for Each Day, Vol. 3

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday Songs for Each Day, Vol. 4

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday Vol. 2

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday Vol. 3

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday Vol. 4

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday, Vol. 5

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday, Vol. 6

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday, Vol. 7

The Best Birthday Song Band Ever, Happy Birthday, Vol. 8

The Best Friend Song Fun Band, You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 1

The Best Friend Song Fun Band, You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 2

The Best Friend Song Fun Band, You are my Best Friend in the World, Vol. 3

The Best Friend Song Fun Band, You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 4

The Best Friend Song Fun Band, You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 6

The Best Friend Song Fun Band, You Are My Best Friend in the World, Vol. 8

The Best Relaxation Music, Mozart Effects - Mozart For Babies

The Best, Aww Man (feat. Fly)

The Bet, In Motion

The Betelgeuse Music Project, The Betelgeuse Music Project 1

The Better Fight, Word Gets Around in This Small Town

The Better Halves, Bruce Smith & Rich White, Holiday Haam Jam Benefit Album, Vol. 2 (Bonus Tracks)

The Better Halves, Tête à Tête

The Better Letters, Mixed Feelings

The Better Maker, Wissenschaft

The Better Mousetrap Treatment, Paper and Pictures

The Better Way, Almost

The Better Way, Give A Little More

The Beverages, Movie Soundtrack or Crisp

The Beverly Band, Dirt on My Hands - Single

The Bewitched, The Bewitched

The Bewitched, Without a Net

The Bfe Project, My Getaway

The Bgb, Usa, The Master`s Call

THE BGP, Love & Rent

The Bhadra Collective, Soon Come Shekinah

The Bhajans, Sacred Voices : Throbbing Bass

The Bhakti House Band, Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion, Vol. 1 Merging With the Sound

The Bible Alive, Favorite New Testament Passages Vol 1

The Bible Fire, The Pursuit of Imperfection

The Bible Fire, The Spread of Weakness

The Bickel and Marks Group, The Bickel / Marks Group with Dave Liebman

The Bicycats, How Could You?

The Bicycats, I Love You for Your Mind

The Biddle City Band, Sign of a Circle

The Biddy Bums, On the Verge and In the Moment

The Biddy Bums, Tide Souls

The Big Adventure, Crossing Over

The Big Adventure, Shag City

The Big Adventure, Tan Lines

The Big Band Dude Band, The Big Band Dude Band

The Big Black African, Cracking Pavement

The Big Brown Shoes, Thirty Years Too Late

The Big C, Forever Is the End of the Line

The Big Cheese, Rumble in the Dairy Aisle: It`s All Gouda

The Big Creak, Just Left Town

The Big Dawg Patriots, Get Off the Stage (feat. Jana Seantelle)

The Big Disappointments, The Big Disappointments

The Big Drift, The Big Drift

The Big Easy Playboys, Louisiana Roots

The Big Fat Pet Clams From Outer Space, A Wasted Life... part one (1978-1989)

The Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space, Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams

The Big Fat Pet Clams From Outer space, My Love Becomes

The Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space, Sorry for Us

The Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space, Women in Love

The Big Fat Tree Band, Big Fat Tree

The Big Get Even, Whatever We Were

The Big Green Machine, Heavy Mellow

The Big Group, Blues, Ballads and Boogie

The Big Guy, Winter Sky

The Big Heat, Boogiemen

The Big Nando, Mayombe

The Big Nothing, The Big Nothing

The Big Pink Black, The Big Pink Black

The Big River Bandits, Hello World

The Big River Bandits, The Single Life

The Big Sing, Ooh Child

The Big Surprise, The Big Surprise EP

The Big Sweet, Bicycle Nights

The Big Sweet, Shot of Bliss

The Big Sweet, Ultraviolet Rain

The Big Takeover, Children of the Rhythm

The Big Takeover, Tale of My Life

The Big Tamborski, Radio Primitivo

The Big Valley Light Orchestra, Hoot N' Holler

The Big Wahu Caribbean Band, Fun in D' Sun

The Big, Tears At the Dover

The Bigamy Sisters, Beyond the Ha Ha

The Bigfellas & Charlie Recksieck, Don't Change the Subject Soundtrack

The Bigger Fibbers, Monster Mash

The Bigun Brothers, 12 Cold Beers Ago

The Bigun Brothers, Red Eye Gravy

The Bigwheel Band, American Made

The Bihlman Bros., Big Fat Santa

The Bilge Pumps, A Pirate's Christmas Wish

The Bilge Pumps, A Pirate's Christmas Wish

The Bilge Pumps, Bail Money

The Bilge Pumps, Brigands with Big'uns

The Bilge Pumps, The Idiodyssey

The Bill Alfred Project, First Take

The Bill Harris Quintet, This Time the Dream's On Me

The Bill Miles Band, Peace and Music

The Bill Perkins & Steve Huffsteter Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Billie Burke Estate, Let Your Heart Break

The Billie Davies Trio, All About Love (feat. Tom Bone Ralls, Oliver Steinberg & Billie Davies)

The Billies, Low Country Groove/East of Nashville

The Billies, Song Collection #3

The Billies, The Billies

The Billies, The Music Lounge

The Billion Dollar Jits, School Boy With It

The Billy David Band, Beach In Maui

The Billy David Band, Livin' in California

The Billy David Band, Magic

The Billy David Band, Never Knew Her

The Billy David Band, Till It Rains

The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, Mr. Rock N Roll

The Billy Dechand Band, Hocus Pocus

The Billy Goats, Three Sixty Eight

The Billy Root & Vinnie Tanno Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Binary Marketing Show, Destruction of Your Own Creation

The Binary Marketing Show, Pattern

The Bindle Stiffs, No End in Sight

The Bipolar Bears, Nocturnal Journal

The Bipolar Bears, The Bipolar Bears

The Bipolar Bears, Water Therapy

The Bird Dogs, Fool Hearted Dreams

The Bird Dogs, Our Hope

The Birdman Shepard Orchestra, Clairvoyant: Music Inspired By Video Games

The Birds of Night, Fulton St.

The Birdseed Bandits, Autumn - EP

The Birdsongs, Pieces (Hold On) - Single

The Birdsongs, So Much More - Single

The Birdsongs, The Journey: Act I, the Beginning

The Birmingham Seven, Second Set

The Birmingham Seven, The Birmingham Seven

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old) Vol. 10

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old) Vol. 11

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old) Vol. 7

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old) Vol. 8

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old) Vol. 9

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 1)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 12)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 13)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 14)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 15)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 17)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 2)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 3)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 4)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 5)

The Birthday Band for Old People, Happy Birthday (You're Getting Old, Vol. 6)

The Birthday Kiss, Can You Keep a Secret?

The Biscaynies, Big Silly Goose

The Bisceglia Family, Drive The Cold Winter Away

The Bisceglia Family, Journey Through The Highlands

The Bishop's Choir, Trust Him

The Bishop, Starkiller

The Bishops Quartet, Mary Did You Know

The Bishops, The River North Sessions

The Bitten Word, Don't Hide Your Love

The Bitter Diamonds, Bottles & Hearts

The Bitter Inks, Everyone Has Friends In Chicago

The Bitter Roots, Fast and Slow

The Bitter Roots, Noise Vibrations and Fumes

The Bitter Roots, Victim (Video Remix Version)

The Bitter Sweets, Further Up the Mountain

The Bitterroot Band, Mason Jar - EP

The Bitters, Grudgement Day

The Bittersoundfase, Caught in the cycle

The Bittersweet, Holding On

The Bittersweet, Please Don't

The Bittersweet, That Would Be a Lie

The Bizarre Dwarfs, The Bizarre Dwarfs

The Black & Blue, The Black & Blue / I Want It All

The Black & White, Where Did You Go

The Black Albinos, Escape Goat

The Black and White District, Corner of Love and Third

The Black Ants, Coyonite

The Black Arrows, We've Been Saying So Long For So Long

The Black Bear Band, Dust and Bone

The Black Bows, New York Call

The Black Brians, ART

The Black Dahlias, Do You Wanna

The Black Doves, Moments of Clarity

The Black Family, The Sunny Side of Life

The Black Flies, Road Ahead

The Black Jack Gypsys, The 3:1 - EP

The Black Jetts, Sever The Serpents Head Before It Strikes

The Black Lillies, Runaway Freeway Blues

The Black Lillies, Whiskey Angel

The Black Mamba Tales, The Black Mamba Tales

The Black Market Trust, The Black Market Trust

The Black Marketeers, The Black Marketeers

The Black Math Experiment, All You Need is Blood

The Black Math Experiment, Fake Words and Signs From Space

The Black Math Experiment, Last Transmission From The Blue Room

The Black Math Experiment, Test Results: Anthology 2004 - 2006

The Black Mercy, Burn It Down

The Black Pandas, Ghetto Kool-Aid

The Black Pill, The Black Pill

The Black Pine, Still Life

The Black Pine, The Morning Sun

The Black Plums, The Black Plums

The Black Ride, The Black Ride

The Black River Band, Alcatraz

The Black Rockstar, Thick White Girls

The Black Rose, Solo

The Black Scorpio Underground, Plague Treaties

The Black Sea, The Song of the Nightingale

The Black Sharks, The Black Sharks

The Black Ships, Dead Empires

The Black Sleep, Zombie Box EP

The Black Sox Scandal, 2014

The Black Stagger, Should've Known Better

The Black Swamp, Foulness

The Black Swans Of Trespass, Duttigalla Exile

The Black Swans of Trespass, The Coward's Songbook

The Black Swans, Christmas Alone (feat. Eve Searls)

The Black Tales, The Black Tales

The Black Tibetans, It's Me / Away

The Black Tibetans, The Black Tibetans

The Black Tibetans, The Nashville Session

The Black Veils, Troubadours

The Black Watch, Jiggery-Pokery

The Black Watch, Led Zeppelin Five

The Black Whisky Union, Christmas Time

The Black Whisky Union, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

The Black Whisky Union, The Acid, Pt. 2 of 3

The Black Whisky Union, The Lysergic, Pt. 1 of 3

The Black Widow, Elizabeth

The Black Widows, I Have Flown

The Black Widows, Live on KXLU

The Black Widows, Love & Lust

The Black100s, Fins

The Black100s, The Handschiegel Process

The Blackberries, So Obvious

The Blackberry Belles, The Blackberry Belles

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband, Crow

The Blackboard Nails, She Wants

The Blackbyrds, Gotta Fly

The Blackfires, Woman Walks

The Blackfly Kings, The Blackfly Kings

The Blackjacks, Midnight On The Floor

The Blackketter Brothers Band, Swingin` the Blues

The Blacklight Bassoon Ensemble, Blacklight

The Blacklights, Science Rock (Live At the Blacklight Bar, Salem Oregon)

The Blackout City Kids, Wrong Turn (From "Wrong Turn 4")

The Blackout Nights, Walk the Power Lines

The Blackshirts, The Blackshirts Rise Again

The Blackstones, Wedding Vow

The Blackthorn Project, Reckless

The BladeRunners, Freakit

The Blades, Those Were the Days

The Blah Street Gang, No Regrets

The Blake Roberts Band, 21 Restless Grams

The Blake Scott Band, The Blake Scott Band

The Blake Zabrek Trio, The Gift

The Blakes, A Darker Green

The Blakes, Art of Losses

The Blakes, Dirty Hands

The Blakes, Junko

The Blakes, Lights On

The Blakes, Little Whispers

The Blame, Christmas Eve

The Blameshifters, Disenfranchised Anarchist

The Blank Brothers, The Lost Sessions

The Blarney Rebel Band, Live At Piggy Pat`s

The Blasco Ballroom, Film

The Blast, You I`ve seen

The Blazers, Blazers

The Blazing Elwoods, Don't Sell the Car

The Blazing Elwoods, The Blazing Elwoods, Vol. 1

The Bleach Boys, Deathlist

The Bleach Boys, Guantanamo Baby

The Bleeder Project, Anathema

The Bleeding Feathers, Brown Liquor

The Bleeding Hearts, Nothin On But The Radio

The Bleeding Irish, Àr Díoltas - EP

The Blessed Hope Project, Lead Me to the Rock

The Blessed Ignorance of Men, Priest At Least

The Blessings, Already Been to the Water

The Blessings, Tomahawk Inn

The Blind Catfish, The King of the River

The Blind Eyes, Modernity

The Blind Eyes, With A Bang

The Blind Poets, Into Tomorrow

The Blind Shake, Fly Right

The Blind Spots, Rhizomatic

The Blind, I Will Wait for You

The Blind, Rivers: Three Side Single

The Blinding Lights, The Blinding Lights

The Bliss Merchants, She Said

The Blissetts, Liars, Cheats, Thieves And Politicians

The Blisterz, Rebels Without Applause

The Blondies, Bitter

The Blondies, Daydreams

The Blondies, Sweet Nothings

The Blondies, Where You're Goin'

The Blood Group, Ultimate Solution

The Blood Lines, The Blood Lines

The Blood Pharaoh, Ink of a Scholar

The Blood Rush Hour, And Then… The Unthinkable Happened

The Blood Rush Hour, Shrink

The Bloodpoets, Destroy the Sun

The Bloody Irish Boys, Auld St. Patrick

The Bloody Oranges, Destroyed

The Bloody Oranges, Mars Needs Our Cats

The Bloody Oranges, The Lesser Pumpkin

The Bloody Oranges, The Moon & the Seabeast

The Bloogs, Sideways - EP

the bloom., the moon ep

The Bloomfields, Its Complicated

The Blu J'z, Feeling the Moment

The Blue and the Grey, The Blue and the Grey

The Blue Beat Stompers, Sit tight and listen keenly

The Blue Boot Heelers, self-titled

The Blue Cry, First Light

The Blue Current, Simpatico

The Blue Dolphins, My Favorite Word Is Today

The Blue Dot, Diamond Lite

The Blue Eclipse, Get Inside

The Blue Eyed Bettys, The Blue Eyed Bettys

The Blue Fairy Godmothers, Pretty Much Everything Before

The Blue Fairy Godmothers, Soft Bone

The Blue Heavy, Black

The Blue Hook, Motor Oil and Whiskey

The Blue Hornets, Selekta EP

The Blue Lads, Hero

The Blue Lilies, Shine For Me

The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group, Fooled 'em Again

The Blue MUGs, Call to Arms

The Blue Mules, Blues Aint That Bad

The Blue News Project, The Signs

The Blue News, Wartime Songs

The Blue Notes, Out of the Blue

The Blue Planet Festival Band, The Blue Planet Festival Band

The Blue Rhonda, Black Marigolds

The Blue Rock Boys, Songs of Love and Violence, Vol. 2

The Blue Room, Don't Try This At Home

The Blue Room, Home Is Gone

The Blue Room, Rocket Science!

The Blue Roses, Greatest Hits Volume One

The Blue Ruins, Over the Edge

The Blue Sky Holiday, The Blue Sky Holiday

The Blue Sky Mind, Some Nights, You Don't Want to Go Home

the Blue Stone Society, Our Day Has Yet to Come

The Blue Tuesdays, The Blue Tuesdays

The Blue Veins, The Blue Veins

The Blue Ventures, Eres Mi Padre

The Blue Vipers Of Brooklyn, Forty Days And Forty Nights

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, Good Night Harry

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, Permanent Magic

The Blue, Blue Christmas

The Bluebrass Project, The Same Pocket, Vol. 3: the Maple Leaf Sessions

The Blueflowers, Watercolor Ghost Town

The Bluegrass Meditations, In his Arms I`m Not Afraid

The Bluegrass Meditations, Plays in Nashville

The Bluegrass Meditations, Remember the Cross

The Bluegrass Meditations, Were You There

The Bluegrass Meditations, Where Would I Be?

The Blues Blisters, Broke...but Still Workin`

The Blues Doctors, Roosters Happy Hour (feat. Adam Gussow)

The Blues Doctors, Tequila (feat. Adam Gussow)

The Blues Gangsters, The Perils of Life

The Blues Rebels, Open Road

The Bluesbenders, Mayfield

The BluesBox Bayou Band, Family Bayou

The Bluescasters, LIVE

The Bluesman, Vol. 4

The Blumoon Orchestra, Blumoonmusic: Session 1

The Bluntskins, Cali Ku$h

The Blush Foundation, Pretty Little Heart

The Blushin` Roulettes, March Sketch

The Bo Dukes, All My Fives Are High

The Bo-Stevens, A Little More Road

The Bo-Stevens, Honky Tonk Angel and a Bottle of Wine

The Bo-Stevens, Your Crazy Heart

The Board of Education, Vasimr

the Boasting Weak, Glorify

The Boasting Weak, I Do What I Don't Want to Do

the Boasting Weak, the Boasting Weak

The Boat Drunks, Covering Their Tracks

The Boat Drunks, Long Time No Sea

The Bob Band, Greasy SIde Down

The Bob Brough Quartet, A Decade Of Favorites

The Bob Brough Quartet, Time Away

The Bob Clymers, The Gypsy in Santa Fe

The Bob Enevoldsen Quintet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Bob Hill Band, The Golden Gate

The Bob Holz Band, Split Decision

The Bob Meyer Project, Scabiosa

The Bob Wilber Quintet, Blowin` the Blues Away

The Bobbers, Rockfish

The Bobbleheads, Automatic Fun

The Bobbleheads, Love Is Blue

The Bobbleheads, M Class

The Bobbleheads, Make Yourself Happy

The Bobbleheads, Make Yourself Happy

The Bobbleheads, Two Guitars, Open Fire

The Bobby Freakout Hour, BFH 1/4 Down

The Bobby O Band, Funky Moderns

The Bodarks, The Bodarks

The Bodice Rippers, EP, Vol. II

The Bodice Rippers, EP, Vol. III

The Bodies Obtained, Dead Plans

The Bodies Obtained, From The Top Of My Tree

The Bodies Obtained, I Cry When You Cry

The Bogarts, Better Than Before

The Bogart`s Acoustic Trio, Play It Again

The Bogsiders, Tuesday Night Seisiuns

The Bohemians, Princess Diana Was My Lover

The Boicotts, Let Me Go

The Boise Highlanders, Raise The Pipes!

The Bollands, The Bollands

The Bolsheviks, Action Reaction

The Bolts, Fall - EP

The Bolts, Wait 'til We're Young

The Bolts, Wait 'til We're Young (Limited Access Streaming Version)

The Boltzman Brains, Mirror Mirror

The Boltzman Brains, Star Baby

The Boltzmann Brain Ensemble, Kitty Cat Daydream

The Bombs, Black Butterfly

The Bon Scotts, We Will All Die at the Hands of C​.​G​.​I.

The Bonaventure Quartet, Lost and Found At the Clermont Lounge

the BONE FAGS, Probation Nation

The Bonedaddys, Big Thunder

The Boneless Children Foundation, Stars For Anyone

The Boneman, Storybook Life

The Bones of Griff, Ten Ashes

The Bones of J.R. Jones, The Wildness

The Bones, Down to the Bones

The Bones, What Would Ginger Do?

The Bonfire Choir, The Bonfire Choir

The Bonny Men, Moyne Road

The Bontrager Family Singers, Salt & Light

The Bonus Army, Burn Your World

The Boogie Hustlers, Boogie Hustlers

The Boogie Kings, Never Go Away

The Boogie Kings, Tribute to GG Shinn

The Boogie Kings, Tribute to Jerry Lacroix

The Boogie, Take Me Back to Tulsa

The Boogiemen Inc., Dirty Looks w/ Moving On Down, Easy Action

The Boogiemen Inc., Get a Load of this

The Book of John, The Book of John

The Book of Law, The Book of Law

The Book of Luke, The Book of Luke

The Book of Mark, The Book of Mark

The Book of Matthew, The Book of Matthew

The Book Of Ships, Dark Continent, Cold Century

The Bookdrop Bees, Little Life

The Booked, On the Attack

The Boombachs, We Are Aliens

The BoomBap Cats, Step In the Alley

The Boomerangs, Bridle the Gale

The Boomers, Not Quite Dead Yet

The Boondogglers, Hats Off

The Boorays, Hollow In The Middle

The Boorays, Pumpkin Pie Crustacean

The Boorays, The Boorays

the bootLICKERs, huge

The boots, Long Way To Morning

The Booty Chesterfield Trio, Sellin` Cookies

The Booty Olympics, Boystyle

The Bootyholes, Mustache Rides and Apple Pie

The Boowoops, Motor On (feat. Ben N. Fletcher & Seth Carlson)

The Booze Bros., ... Two Fo' the Show

The Booze Brothers, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (feat. Le Chéile)

The Booze Hounds, Anthems For a Dying Breed

The Bopp, Paisley Underground

The Bopp, Stay Overnight

The Bopp, You're Welcome

The Borderless Puzzle, The Saga Of The Breakdance Fighting Robot Pilot

The Borders Brothers, Gonna Be A Jubilee

The Born Liars, Fast Songs Is All We Know

The Boroimhe Project, Walking With Brian Boru

The Bosch, Hurry Up

The Bosons, The Bosons

The Boss Mustangs, The Boss Mustangs (Expanded Edition)

The Bossfights, The Bossfights

The Bossy Frog Band, Nature Sing Along

The Boston Basketball Band, Go Celtics

The Boston Camerata & Joel Cohen, A Mediterranean Christmas

The Boston Camerata & Joel Cohen, Jewish Baroque Music: Compositions By Salamone Rossi Ebreo, Carlo Grossi, And Louis Saladin

The Boston Camerata & Joel Cohen, Kaddish

The Boston Camerata & Joel Cohen, New Britain: The Roots of American Folksong

The Boston Camerata & Joel Cohen, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Two Christmas Carol Settings)

The Boston Camerata, The Shakers of Sabbathday Lake & Joel Cohen, The Golden Harvest: More Shaker Chants and Spirituals

The Boston Celtics, The end of Mount Pleasant

The Boston Sports Band of New England, Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and the Media

The Boswellians, Hello Hands.

The Boswells, Planet Nine

The Bottle Kids, Such a Thrill

The Bottles Project, 99 Bottles of Beer: The Album

The Bottles, Here`s to Amersterdam

The Bottles, The Bottles

The Bottom Line, Take It From The Top

The Bottom Track Productions, Turnt Up in This Club!

The Bottoms Up Blues Gang, Handle It

The Bouchards, High Water Line

The Boulevard, The Boulevard - EP

The Boulton Brothers Band, Reunion

The Boundary Rider, It's Not Over Till It's Over

The Bourbon Street Stompers, Caution Hot!

The Bourbon Street Stompers, Stompin` Milestones

The Bourbon Street Stompers, Those Struttin` Syncopators

The Bourdons, Search for Solid Ground

The Bowbridge Band, That's as Good as it Gets

The Bowling Alley Sound, Metaphysical You

The Bowls Club, Pretty Rosey

The Bowmans, Far from Home

The Bowmans, Make Sure the Snow Falls

The Bownesians, I Heart Bowness

The Box Jellys, Stings Like a Sea Wasp - Single

The Box Stompers, Bad Day

The Box Stompers, Stomp It Already!

The Box Ticked, Did You Hear the One About...

The Boxcar Gloryholes, In the West, No Means Yes

The Boxers, The Boxers

The Boxfires, Rosie

The Boxtones, Against the Odds

The Boxtones, In the Pockets of Clowns

The Boy & Sister Alma, Lizard Eyes

The Boy & Sister Alma, T B & S A

The Boy & Sister Alma, Tom's Cruise

The Boy Judas, Glenn Adamms' Floating Faces

The Boys 'n' the Barrels, Sow Your Soul

The Boys After, You`ll Be Missing Home

The Boys From Oklahoma, 420 Lake Road

The Boys of County Bucks, PEACE

The Boys, Alone and Happy - Single

The Boys, Cock & Bell Return

The Boys, The Boys EP

The Boys, The Town

The Brad Bietry Jazz Group, Speak Like a Bostonian

The Brad Ellenberg Quintet, Rendezvous

The Bradburys, Don't Pump The Swingset

The Bradford Junction Band, Going Home

The Bradleo Administration, The Bradleo Administration

The Bradshers, Time Trees All Seeds

The Brady Brothers, You + Me

The Braeded Chord, Follow the Cross

The Braeded Chord, Long Awaited King

The Brag Pack, Just Braggin'

The Brahman, Hey You

The Brain Snaps, 'scuse Me While I Fuck the Sky!

The Brakemen, Dancing Down a Fine Line

The Bramblemen, Fast Train to Memphis

The Brambles, Lost Recordings

The Branch Band, Crimson

The Brand, Grenadine

The Branders, The Branders

The Brandon Clark Band, Stars & Stripes

The Brandon Lewis Trials, Declaration

The Brandon Pierce Band, Off-White

The Brandon Salter Band, Better Than I Used To Be

The Brass Band of Central Florida, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Brass Kings, Live Humdinger

The Brat Attack, Those Who Sow Sorrow Shall Reap Rage

The Break Down, The Break Down

The Break Mission, The Prospect

The Breakers, Past and Way Past

The Breakes, Free of Defects

The Breakfast Bunch, (All I Need Is) a Little Shelter

The Breakfast Bunch, (All I Need Is) A Little Shelter [Kyo Bros Remix]

The Breakfast Machine, Electric 2033

The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet, Breaking In

The Breakmen, The Breakmen

The Breaks, New York to London

The Breaks, Odd Man Out

The Breaks, The Breaks

The Breathing Tree, Let Love Grow

The Breathing, Return

The Breed, Regeneration

The Breed, That Life

The Breedings, Laughing at Luck

The Breetles, Don`t Smile

The Breetles, Sound Recordings 2011

The Breetles, Spooj

The Breetles, Writerscramp

The BreezeWay, Believe (feat. I.R)

The Breezeway, Doom and Gloom

The BreezeWay, Hype

The Breezeway, Live At the Side Door

The Breezeway, The Christmas EP II

The Breezeway, The High Life (feat. Ohm)

The Breezeway, Trick or Treat

The Brehms, The Brehms

The Brenan Brothers, The Throw Down

The Brenda & Ellis Band, Passion, Pride, and Joy

The Brendan Hines, Small Mistakes

The Breton Sound, Eudaemonia

The Brett Miller Band, Live & Learn

The Brew Boys, Emulsifier

The Brewer Boys, Christmas Song / Mistletoe

The Brian Bateman Blend, The Brian Bateman Blend

The Brian Bateman Blend, Wedding Gown - Single

The Brian Criner Band, Beauty

The Brian Davis Band, My Offering

The Brian Kinler Band, Not Your Everyday Amateur

The Brian Kinler Band, Stories From The Quarter

The Brian Maes Band, Merry Christmas!

The Brian St. John Quartet, The Brian St. John Quartet

The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, Operation Sun Probe

The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, The Hammer of the Metal Gods

The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, The Secret Power of the Third Eye

The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, We Are

The Bricklayers, Gullible's Travels

The Bricklayers, The Addiction EP

The Bricklayers, The Great Debate

The Bricks, Here We Come

The Bricktops, Stay Home

The Bridesmaids, Here Come the Bridesmaids...

The Bridge & Ken Williamson, Riddle

The Bridge Church of WNC, To God Be the Glory (feat. Maria Anglin & Michael McKinney)

The Bridge Crawl, Roaming

The Bridge Fellowship Worship Team, The Bridge Fellowship Worship Ep

The Bridge Project, Peace By Peace

The Bridge Trio, The Bridge Trio (feat. Donald Harrison & Davell Crawford)

The Bridge, Live Today

The Bridge, No Sleeping On a Bicycle

The Brigadier, Holiday Special

The Brigadier, Rhymes for Rainy Days

The Brigadier, Suburban Incubation

The Brigands, Night Patrol

The Briggs Project, The Briggs Project

The Bright Expression, Gravity

The Bright Road, Norway

The Bright Silence, End of the World

The Bright Wings Chorus, Signs and Wonders

The Brighton Beat, Off We Go

The Brighton Boys, MMXV

The Brights, A Cameo Can't Last Forever

The Brights, A Trivial Pursuit

The Brights, Footsteps

The Brights, London Belongs To Me

The Brightwings, EP

The Brightwings, The Brightwings

The Brilliancy, The Brilliancy EP

The Brilliant Inventions, Exposure

The Brilliant Inventions, Have You Changed

The Brilliant Inventions, Standing Room

The Brilliant Mistakes, All Hands and The Cook

The Brilliant Mistakes, Dumb Luck

The Brilliant Things, Feels Like Summer

The Brilliant Things, Stronger Than Romeo

The Brilliantly Innocent, Fame (feat. Eddie)

The Brink, Ripe

The Brinksmen, Can't Do This

The Brinksmen, Drive

The Brisbanes, Demolutionary

The Briscoe County Vultures, EP

The Brislin Bros., 294 Scott St.

The Bristlecone Pines, For You Always

The Brit Brothers, The Fabulous Brit Brothers: Lost Tapes, Vol. 1 (1962-1963)

The Britannicas, High Tea

The Britannicas, The Britannicas

The Britanys, It's Alright

The Britt Lloyd Band, The Ink

The Britton Brothers Band, Uncertain Living

The Britton Brothers Band, Uncertain Living

The Brix, We Are The Brix

The Brix, White Lines (Rock ReMix)

The Brixton Guns, Hang Man

The Brixton Guns, The Brixton Guns

The Brixton Riot, Sudden Fiction

The Brixtones, The Brixtones EP

The BRJG, "Best Day"

The Brjg, Boomerang

The Broadcast Debut, A Means For Social Commentary

The Broadcasters, The Broadcast EP

The Broadway Flyer, Stone in My Shoe

The Brocket Consort, Christmas Carols With the Brocket Consort

The Broken Places, A Genuine Reason

The Broken Remotes, Terror of the Countryside

The Broken Rhodes, Try Harder

The Broken Spoke, Before There Were Easy Riders

The Broken Spoke, The Broken Spoke

The Broken Sun, The Beginning of the Bitter End

The Broken Sweethearts, Unfinished Song

The Broken, Maeby

The Broken, Take What's Mine

The Brokenmusicbox, A Life Less Underground

The Brokenmusicbox, Waking the Sound

The Brokenmusicbox, We Will

The Bronxlites, What is...

The Bronze Way, Summer Love

The Bronzed Chorus, thurtythurty

The Brooklyn Lullabies, Old Pony

The Brooklyn What, Minor Problems

The Brooklyn What, The Brooklyn What for Borough President

The Broomstars, The Silvermine Sessions

The Bros. Marler, Songs for Pluto

The Brothel Corpse Trio, Death Shop Pit Stop!

The Brothel Corpse Trio, Hanging in the Whore House

The Brothel Sprouts, Good Enough

The Brotherhood, The Brotherhood EP

The Brothers Bogaardt, Brother to Brother

The Brothers Dimm, To Oblivion

The Brothers Dirt, We Got the Night but the Moon is Lost

The Brothers Four, Golden Anniversary

The Brothers Good and an Angel, Jesus Please Remember Me

The Brothers Restaino, Have Issues

The Brothers Yares, The Brothers Yares

The BrotherSisters, You Can't Be Lost

The Browders, The Message

The Brown Derbies, Ridin` Derby

The Brown Edition, Soulpocalypse

The Brown Family, The Brown Family

The Brown Flamingos, The Brown Flamingos

The Brown Sisters, Tis So Sweet

The Brown, Came Hell and High Water

The Browncoats, Drunk

The Browncoats, Sirens` Call

The Brownies, Jacob Graff Presents

The Browns, Christmas Joy

The Browns, Heritage Hymns, Vol. 2

The Brubakers, Second Nature

The Brubakers, The Time Has Come.....Again

The Brubakers, Triple Bypass

The Bruce Baker Trio, Mandarin Blue

The Bruce Swaim Quartet, Greener Pastures

The Bruce Swaim Quartet, My Heart Stood Still

The Bruce Swaim Quartet, Winter's Waltz

The Bruised Hearts Revue, As Bright as It Burns

The Bruises, Connected

The Brummy Brothers, On Our Way

The Brushstrokes, This is How the World Will End

The Brutalist School, Sanctity / Transit

The Bryan Michener Band, Current Emergency

The Bryan's, It's Christmas (Remix)

The Bryant C. Project, Can't Take It

The Brymers, Sunshine

The Buachaills, At Your Call

The Buachaills, Baker Street

The Buachaills, The Boys of Fairhill

The Bubbas, The Winter 3 - EP

The Bubble Project, The Technicolor Dream Machine

The Bubbles, Daydreaming in Technicolor

The Buchanan Boys, Bootleg

The Buckerettes, The Buckerettes

The Buckets, Silo

the Buckets, sod

The Buckets, The Buckets (EP)

The Bucketseats, Beautiful

The Buckeye Politicians, I Like It Baby

The Buckeye Politicians, I'll Be Home

The Buckeye Politicians, Lonely Stranger

The Buckeye Politicians, Look At Me Now

The Buckeye Politicians, My World Is so Empty

The Buckeye Politicians, Sha La La

The Buckeye Politicians, Take My Hand

The Buckfever Underground, Saves

The Buckners, See You in Court

The Bud Brothers, It's Christmastime (Won't You Be My Ho Ho Ho?)

The Buddhahood, Buddhahood (Root)

The Buddies, The Buddies

The Buddies, Wander

The Buddy Scott Trio, Pretty Flowers

The Budrows, The Budrows

The Buffali, Kerfuffle No. 10

The Buffalo Riot, Hands Full of Rain

The Buffalo Skinners, Lost & Gone

The Buffalo Skinners, The Other Nine-to-Five

The Buffalos, Full of Silence and Fury

The Buick 55`s, Thrill Of The Year

The Building Blocks, The E.P.

The Bull and the Bear, Recession Sessions

The Bull Munro, Late November - Single

The Bullet Party, No Future

The Bulletproof Vests, (Don't) Throw My Love Away - Single

The Bullroarer, Scratches

The Bullys, Fist Album

The BUMS, Like This

The Bungalow Ensemble, Lullay My Sweet One

the burdens, uh oh

The Bureau, ...And Another Thing

The Bureau, ...And Another Thing Remix

The Burgess Shale, The Burgess Shale

The Burl, Love Hurts

The Burlesque Orchestra, The Stripper

The Burlesque, Million

The Burlesque, Rebells

The Burlesque, Telephone

The Burlesque, Views

The Burley Griffin, You're Quite A Forest

The Burn Ins, On the Inside

The Burn, The Burn

The Burning Angels, Love & 20 Pesos

The Burning Dirty Band, Tires

The Burning Hotels, Eighty Five Mirrors

The Burning Ponies, Bishnoi

The Burning River Ramblers, To Color a Fool

The Burning Rosettas, Ugly Girls Hardly Get to Mexico

The Burning Sensations, Life`s Little Surprises

The Burnitdowns, The Ugly One

The Burnitdowns, We're Not The Things We've Done

The Burns Sisters, The Hills of Ithaca

The Burnsland Orchestra, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Burress Family, Young Man From The Old School

The Burroughs, The Burroughs

The Burrows Four, A Brighter One

The Bus Driver Bob Band, 20TEN Sessions Pt 1

The Buskers, EP

The Buskers, Every Day We Play a New Song

The Buskers, Ray's Vacation

The Buskers, Spare Change

The Buskers, Who's Gonna Sing About That

The Busking Trail, The Busking Trail

The Buster Cousins Band, Jacksonville

The Butanes, 12 Frozen Favorites from the Upper Bayou

The Butler Brothers, Psychedelic Cowboys

The Butler Family, Big Wheel

The Butter Up Band, Life Under Rocks

The Butterbeer Experience, Love Will Prevail: Songs from the Final Battle

The Buttercream Gang, Drumalley

The Buttercream Gang, Little Ones

The Buttercream Gang, Oh Brother

The Butterflys, Pop R&B Soul Love Songs

The Button Band, The Button Band

The Buttonholes, The Buttonholes

The Buttplugs, Early Recorded Disasters

The Buttplugs, Hitler`s Nipples

The Buttplugs, Nevermind the Buttocks

The Buzz, Feels Like Saturday Night

The Buzz, Got Me Runnin' EP

The Buzz, Skrap Music

The Buzzini', Refuse

The Buzzkills, The Bluebird - EP

The Buzzkills, Which Way Is Down

The by-laws of the crib, Songs for the anemone

The Bye Byes, Binoculars

The Bygones!, Radio, Ready or Not!

The Bylines, The Bylines

The Bylines, The Bylines Live

The Bypass, The Ultimate Answer

The Byplane, The Rest of Us

The Byrd Ensemble & Markdavin Obenza, Arvo Pärt

The Byrd Ensemble & Markdavin Obenza, In the Company of William Byrd

The Byrd Ensemble & Markdavin Obenza, Our Lady: Music from the Peterhouse Partbooks

The Byrd Ensemble & Markdavin Obenza, Peter Hallock: Draw On Sweet Night

The ByrneBand, In These Great Times

The Byzantine Choir of St George Orthodox Cathedral, A Byzantine Christmas Carol: Hymns of the Christian East

The Byzantine Choir of St. George Cathedral, Great and Holy Pascha

The Byzantine Choral, Treasures of Byzantine Music

The Byzantine Chorale, The Divine Liturgy

The C.R. Ecker Band, Charles Ecker: "Speechless"

The C.R. Ecker Band, No Turnin' Back (feat. Michael Stanton)

The Cabin Project, Crows

The Cabin Project, Heliotrope

The Cabin Project, Highways

The Cabin Project, Sine

The Cabin Project, The Cabin Project

The Cabs, When The Shadows Felt The Sun

The Cacho Ensemble, Folklore Argentino

The Cadavor Dog, Tear Your Peace to Pieces

The Cage, Mild Peace

The Cahaba Bend Band, iera

The Cainfields, Waterfall of Love

The Cainfields, Willing to Work for Love

The Caitlin Smith Group, Aurere

The Cajun Aces, Belle De Bayou

The Cajun Strangers, Louisiana Boogie

The Calamari Retribution, A Cappella Jam - Single

The Calamari Retribution, MultiCultural, MultiGenerational

The Calamity, A Ghost of These Moments

The Calamity, Songs From The Gold Coast

The Calder Quartet, Maurice Ravel-Thomas Ada¨s-W.A. Mozart

The Calf Branders, It`s Time to Party

The Cali Soldiers, Cali Soldiers, Vol.1

The California Honeydrops, Soul Tub!

The Call Out, Closer

The Call Out, Keep This Quiet

The Call Out, Take This To Heart

The Call Out, Talk it Off

The Call, Doll's House Demo

The Call, Lucy's Spell

The Callahan, Hardpop

The Callen Sisters, The Callen Sisters

The Callous Stars, Is It Now?

The Calls, Live

The Calum Hughes Collective, One More Day

The Calvert-Turner Duo, El Paño Moruno

The Calvinists, Limited Atonement

The CalypsoNuts, Kiwi

The CalypsoNuts, Orange

The CalypsoNuts, Unplugged

The Cambiata, Into the Night

The Campaign Tail, History Making Music Making History

The Campaign Tail, South Carolina Debate 2012 (Ron Paul, Martin Luther King, Racism)

The Campaign, The Campaign

The Campaign, The Campaign - EP

The Campbell Apartment, In!

The Campbell Apartment, Insomniac`s Almanac

The Campbell Sisters, Complete

The Campbells of Greepe, No. 2 Greepe

The Campbells, Fonn

The Campbells, The inside of out there

The Cams, This Time

The Canadian Beaver Band, A Boot in the Nuts 'n a Bag of Chips

The Canal Street String Band, Introducing The Canal Street String Band

The Candace Brooks Band, Life After Me

The Candace Brooks Band, Selections from the Chase

The Candace Brooks Band, The Chase

The Candi Factory, Clarity

The Candi Factory, It's Real

The Candlelight Guitarist, Beatitude Bridge

The Candlelight Guitarist, Faith Mountain: Instrumentals for Inspiration

The Candlelight Guitarist, Golden Eagle: John Denver Instrumental Tribute

The Candlelight Guitarist, Time of Tranquility (Trios and such, with Pacific Northwest nature sounds)

The Candlelight Service, Rise from the Grave, Vol.1

The Candlelight Service, Speechless

The Candles Flame, I Still Dream

The Candor Campaign, Dear Amy (A Collection of Sappy Love Songs)

The Candor Campaign, Monsters

The Candymakers, The Candymakers

The Canny Brothers Band, One Drop of Whiskey

The Canny Brothers Band, The Guinness Situation

The Canoes, Booze and Canoes

The Canolas, She'll Leave You Behind

The Cans, You No You

The Cansis Kid, Town Square

The Canterbury Singers, Celestial Praises: A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals

The Canvas Waiting, A Season`s Change

The Cao-Tanz, Realize

The Capital, We Are.

The Capitol Heights, Sequestered Together

The Capitol Heights, You and Me

The Capitol Hill Chorale, Paliashvili: Georgian Sacred Chants On the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

The Capitol Hillbillies & E.B. Martin, June 5, 2013

The Capitols, Suburban Boy

The Capitols, The Capitols

The Capitols, Wonderland

The Cappucinno Swagger, The Cappuccino Swagger

The Capricious, Child

The Capricious, My Love for Words

The Capricious, Neurotic

The Capricious, One Step Closer

The Capricious, Rise

The Caps, Heading to the Coast

The Capsules, Home - EP

The Capsules, Long Distance Dedication

The Capsules, Northern Lights & Southern Skies

The Captain & the Mermaid, There Is No Sadness

The Captain Hates the Sea, As You Will

The Captain Lazerblast Band, Wizards of Sonic Space

The Captain Ledge Band, Great White Skunk

The Captain Legendary Band, Tclb Live

The Captain's Crew, The Captain's Crew

The Captains, Last Group Sounds

The Capybaras, Stropicalia

The Caravans, Smashed and Stripped Bare

The Carbon, Liberty From Here

The Cardboard Poets, A Little Love

The Carl Fontana & Andy Martin Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Carl Fontana & John Fedchock Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Carl Fontana - Arno Marsh Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's, Vol. 1 of 3

The Carl Fontana - Arno Marsh Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's, Vol. 2 of 3

The Carl Fontana - Arno Marsh Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's, Vol. 3 of 3

The Carl Fontana Quartet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Carl Saunders - Lanny Morgan Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Carlos Abadie Quintet, Immersed in the Quest, Vol. 1

The Carlos Abadie Quintet, Immersed in the Quest, Vol. 2: Carlito's Way!

The Carnabys, The Carnabys

The Carnaval Guitar Duo, Portrait of the Latin Guitar

The Carnevel Kings, Open Door

The Carnival Steel Drum Band, The Steel Drum Island: Tropical Wedding Collection

The Carnivaleros, Happy Homestead

The Carny, Bestseller

The Carolers, Joshua Cleveland Presents the Carolers

The Carolina Boyz, Let`s Have Church

The Carolinas, Songbook 1: Moonlight or the Ghost

The Caroline Know, Light Flow Days

The Caroline Movement, The Ghost of Just Getting By

The Carolines, Don`t Believe What You Hear

The Carolines, Meet Me At The Marriot

The Carolines, Youth Electronics

The Caroling Collection Singers, The Caroling Collection (クリスマス ソング コレクション)

The Caroling Company, Deck The Halls / The Fa-La-La Song

The Caroling Company, Silent Night

The Carpet Squares, The Carpet Squares

The Carpool Choir, Our Father Gave to Us the Twelve Days of Christmas - Medley

The Carter Burton Trio, Full of Emptiness

The Cartwheels, Sunday

The Casanova Boys, Christmas in Casanova

The Casanova Wave, Joy of Being

The Casanova Wave, Sundown Yellow Moon EP

The Case, The Case

The Cashews, Small Ponds

The Cashmeres, ...Awake O Zion

The Casket Bastards, Hot Rod Ghoul Dance Party

The Cass County Uglies, The Cass County Uglies

The Cassandras, Starter

The Cassidy Brothers, Sweet Spirit

The Cast and Crew, Live On Purpose

The Castanettes, Blank Page

The Castanettes, Vertigo

The Castaway Kids, Ghosts - Single

The Castaway Kids, Mystery Girl - Single

The Castaway Kids, San Francisco - Single

The Castaway Kids, Why Should I Wait - EP

The Castell Brothers, EP

The Castell Brothers, Instrumentals

The Castell Brothers, The Castell Brothers

The Castros, Della-Wayne Ranch

The Castros, My Dear

The Casual Flyze, Word Pictures

The Cat City Glue Sniffers, Runnin' from the Po Po in Indio

The Cat Pack, Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

The Cat's Meow, Out of the Bag

The Catalinas, Anthology

The Catalinas, Live At The Cellar

The Catalyst & Vyda, Global Coalition

The Catching Zs Band, Beware of a Heart Attack

The category Benders, I am leaving! I am leaving!

The Caterpillar Book, Maybe This Summer

The Cates Fomin Project, Journey With Us

The Catfish Project, EP

The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys - Albany, NY - Woodrow Bynum, Director of Music; Jennifer Aylmer, soprano; Kirsten Sollek, contralto; Robert Breault, Tenor; Nathaniel Webster, Baritone, Messiah, G. F. Handel

The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, Woodrow Bynum & L Graham Schultz, "To Thee All Angels Cry Aloud" Sacred Choral Music of Benjamin Brittten

The Cathedral Choir, An American Evening: Music By American Composers

The Cathedral Choir, Let The Children Sing! Volume II

The Cathode Ray, Around

The Cathode Ray, Dispersal

The Cathode Ray, The Cathode Ray

The Cathode Ray, Train

The Catholic Girls, Airplay/Broken Record

The Catholic Girls, Kiss Me One More Time

The Catholic Girls, Make Me Believe

The Catholic Girls, The Catholic Girls Exposed!

The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal, Mood Swing

The Catners, Anhedonia

The Catners, Sweet Petunia

The Catwalk, Set You Free

The Catwalk, Set You Free

The Cauldron Project, 506 Battalion

The Cautions, Proceed With... The Cautions

The Cavaliers, The Cavaliers (1956-2006)

The Cavemen Go, New Lives

The Caving Age, July 4

The CD Hymnal, Music Sampler

The Cedar, I'm Always Explaining to Mom How It's Different Here

The Cedarsqueezers, El Chupacabra

The Ceez, I Have Been Thinkin'

The Ceez, Journey Indeed

The Celebrities, Hotties

The Celebrities, Rockers

The Celebrity Pilots, Hawks of the Lesser Antilles

The Celebrity Pilots, Spooky Action

The Celestial Voices Chorale & GaShon L. Holden, I've Got to Wait

The Cell Phones, Get You Alone

The Celtic Ensemble, Changing Moon

The Celtic Folk, Live on Bourbon Street

The Celtic Folk, Rainbow Flight

The Celtic Folk, Ride the Waves

The Celturian, A Little Folk Tune

The Celturian, Expressions

The Central Bank, All Songs and Remixes

The Century, Oddfellows

The Cha Cha Cha Allstars, The Cha Cha Cha Allstars

The Chad Sipes Stereo, Less Than or Equal To

The Chad Sipes Stereo, The Soft Center Of The City

The Chadimans, Non-Stick Memory

The Chain Men, One More Drink

The Chain of Light, Morning Glory

The Chain, Shine On

The Chairman Dances, A Promise

The Chairman Dances, Long Lost / A History of Iniquity

The Chairman Dances, Michael and the Prophetess

The Chairman Dances, The Death of Samuel Miller

The Chairman, The Gods Bless Taiwan

The Chakalakas, Life a Circle

The Chakalakas, Until the Last Day

The Chakolis Family, ABC Swag

The Challis Effect, Time to Say Goodbye

The Chamber Choir of Grand Rapids, The Chamber Choir Of Grand Rapids Sings The Music of Carl Wiltse and Edith Shaw Butler

The Chambermaids, China Blue

The Chameleon Effect, Sandcastles EP

The Champagne Saints, Sparkle, Darker

The Champagne Saints, Throwing Hail Marys

The Champion and His Burning Flame, Song and Film

The Champion and His Burning Flame, The French - Ep

The Champion and His Burning Flame, The Sower

The Chancellors Quartet, Great Is Thy Faithfulness

The Chancellors Quartet, Happy Rhythm

The Chancellors Quartet, Home For Christmas

The Chancey Brothers, Up Until the Dawn

The Chandeliers, Queen of Hearts

The Change, Dumbfounded

The Change, Lonesome Railway Station Live

The Change, Love is

The Change: Another Teenage Werewolf Musical, Original Cast Recording

The Changeups, Negative Space

The Changing Times, Making New Memories

The Changos, Better Than Nothing

The Channel, Dare 2 Be Great

The Channels, The Channels

The Chant Movement, The Chant Movement

The Chapel Choir of the University of Glasgow, Solstice of Light

The Chapel Choir of the University of Glasgow, Spirits and Souls

The Chapel, Under Burning Stars

The Chapelaires, Christmas with the Chapelaires

The Chapelaires, Legacy of Faith

The Chapelaires, Memories

The Chapelaires, The Journey

The Chapelaires, We Believe

The Chapelaires, What Have I to Lose (45th Anniversary Edition)

The Chapman Swifts, The Chapman Swifts

The Charburgers Band, The Bible's 66

The CharFlies, Blowfish Rodeo

The CharFlies, Linoleum Angel

The Charles Law Band, Santa Paula

The Charles Wesley Project, Prisoners Of Hope

The Charlie Creel Family, The Charlie Creel Family

The Charlie Crowder Project, It's Our Time

The Charlie Crowder Project, Sandi's Sizzling Sampler of the Blues

The Charlie Lucas Band, Which Way To Turn

The Charlie River Band, Bang

The Charlie Souza Band, 9 Ball in the Corner Pocket

The Charlie Tipper Experiment, Mellow On

The Charlie Tipper Experiment, Ride Out

The Charlie Tipper Experiment, You Made Me Homeless

The Charlie Watts Riots, Long Story Short

The Charlottetown Festival, Anne of Green Gables: The Musicalâ„¢

The Charm of Hugo, Such n' Such & So n' So

The Charms, Charmed, I`m Sure

The Chase Scene, Meserole Chronicles

The Chase, It's About You

The Cheap Cassettes, All Anxious, All the Time

The Cheaters, Midnight Run

The Cheating Intention, Badman (The Warhorse Remix)

The Cheats, Hats Off To The Cheats

The Cheats, Long, Long, Journey

The Cheek of Her, Adult Angst Anonymous

The Cheek of Her, Beauty Queen

The Cheek of Her, Guitar Muse

The Cheek of Her, Megaphonic

The Cheek of Her, Passionate Shit - EP

The Cheek of Her, Write Me a Letter

The Cheek of Her, Yes. It's a Love Song

The Cheek of Her, YOLO

The Cheeks, White Wizard

The CheekTones, Second Chance At A First Impression

The Cheeky Peppermint Somersault Gnomes, Cute Songs About Cute Things

The Chelsea Childers Project, Traveling Hearts

The Chelsea Royal, Western Pleasures

The Chelsea Set, The Chelsea Set

The Cherry Action, Dreaming of Sonya

The Cherry Action, Love Tambourine

The Cherry Bluestorms, Bad Penny Opera

The Cherry Flavored Elevator, The Cherry Flavored Elevator

The Cherrybaldies, Are We There Yet?

The Chess Allstars, On the Road Again (Instrumental)

The Chestnut Brothers, RetroSoul

The Chestnut Brothers, Stop the Violence (Dirty South Remix)

The Chestnut Brothers, The People

The Chestnuts, Songs for a Joyous Season (feat. Geri Grayson & Greg Blunt)

The Chevra, The Chevra

The Chevra, The Chevra 2

The Chevra, The Chevra 3

The Chewers, Chuckle Change and Also

The Chewies, Bumble Bee

The Chi-lites, Hold On To Your Dreams Re-Mixs 2 (feat. Marshall Thompson)

The Chicago Chorale & Bruce Tammen, The Sealed Angel: A Russian Liturgy - Rodion Shchedrin

The Chicago Chorale, Rachmaninoff: Vespers - All Night Vigil (op. 37)

The Chicago Sports Band, Cubs, Bears and White Sox

The Chicago Sports Band, Cubs, Bears, Bulls & White Sox

The Chicago Vin Coalition, American Dream

The Chicken Chokers, 07

The Chickpeas, Woe is Me

The Chief Whips, The Cowshed Tapes

The Chilblains, Sounds Like Seconds

The Child, Format Soul:

The Children of Bexhill & Joey Lewis, Happy Christmas to You (May All Your Happy Christmas Dreams Come True)

The Children of St. Joseph`s, The Family Catechism

The Children of Uganda, This Is Our Cry

The Children, The Children

The Chill, Down on My Luck - Single

The China Blue Experiment, Insomnia

The China Blue Experiment, Shades of Night

The Chinch Bugs, Broke

The Chinese Birdwatchers, El Duelo

The Chinese Birdwatchers, The Chinese Birdwatchers

The Chivers Duo, La Oracion del Torero

The Chocolate Robots, Pizza Face

The Chode Fists, Segway Pimpin

The Choir At Your Door, Work Tapes

The Choir of St James & Warren Trevelyan-Jones, Ein Deutsches Requiem

The Choir of St James', Metamorphosis

The Choir of St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Great and Holy Saturday

The Choir of St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Pascha Hymns of the Resurrection

The Cholulas, Live At the Whisky a Cho Cho

The Chop, We Want It All

The Choral Project, Tell the World

The Choral Project, Yuletide

The Choral Scholars, Gaudeamus

The Choral Scholars, Sing Joyfully

The Chorallaries of MIT, Stereophony

The Chord and the Fawn, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

The Chordials, Barton Hollow

The Chordials, Lights

The Chordials, The Shadow Aspect

The Chosen Band, Ready to Live

The Chosen, What Is the Kingdom? (Party Once More)

The Chris and Mark Experiment, The Chris And Mark Experiment

The Chris Anderson Group, Indecision

The Chris Cummings Standards Trio, Alice in Wonderland

The Chris Davidson Trio, From This Moment On

The Chris Estus Band, The Chris Estus Band

The Chris James Trio, Just One More Kiss

The Chris King Maneuver, Rock Harder Than Your Enemies

The Chris McCarty Band, The Next One

The Chris Stephen Project, The Chris Stephen Project

The Chris Welch Band, Lucky to Be Alive

The Chris Welcome Quartet, Refrain

The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra, Amygdala, Pt. I

The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra, Amygdala, Pt. II

The Christine Spero Group, Spero Plays Nyro

The Christines, Here It Comes Again

The Christmas Band, Weihnachtslieder Christmas Album

The Christmas Club, Kringle Jingle

The Christmas Dream, Music For Winter Festivals

The Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Handel's Messiah-Hallelujah Chorus (Rare Live Performance)

The Christmas Git!, Bah Humbug Christmas

The Christmas Lights!, Ghost Twins

The Christmas Piano, Piano Music for Christmas

The Christmas Rockers, Put Some Rockin' in Your Stocking

The Christopher Brothers, Let Me Out

The Christopher Brothers, Meet the Christopher Brothers

The Christopher Brothers, Smile

The Christophers, 7/11

The Christophers, 7/11 - Single

The Christophers, Get Away

The Christophers, Plans - EP

The Christophers, Touch

The Christophers, Vertigo

The Christophers, Whatitism

The Christophers, Wisdom

The Chromatics, Chrome Addict

The Chromes, The Chromes

The Chronicles of Gio & Vee, Running

The Chronicles, Spanning the Gap

The Chronomancer, An Extended Play

The Chubbies, Official Greatest Hits

The Chuck Anderson Trio, Freefall

The Church Keys, Shake Back Shimmy

The Church Organ All Stars, Best of the Church Pipe Organ and the Hammond B-3 Organ for Christmas, Halloween and More!

The Cigarette Widows, Second Chances

The Cinema 16, Thirst

The Circadians, Avocado Igloo

The Circle Ends Here, Where Time Leaves the Rest

The Circle G`z, 4 Star Gangstaz: Still Earning Stripes

The Circle of Friends, A Field of Voices: Hymns for Worship

The Circle of Mogür, The Circle of Mogür

The Circles Quartet, I Understand

The Circus, The Circus EP

The Cisco Fix, Wait and See

The Cisco Kids, Make a Scene EP

The Citadels, Letting Go Holding On

The Citadels, The Eps LP

The City Above, Low Soul

The City and Horses, I Don't Want to Dream

The City Lights Orchestra, Voices of Freedom (feat. Rich Daniels)

The City Lights, Please

The City Lives, American Kids

The City Music Project, The City Music Project - EP

The City Music Project, Visual-Audio

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Book of Mormon Movie

The City Skyscape, The City Skyscape

The City Streets with Myrol, Peacemaker

The City Streets, Pretenders

The City Streets, Sawdust & Rum

The City Streets, The Jazz Age

The City Streets, Winter Lightning

The City, The Fort, the Fire, the Fairs

The Civics, Through the Noise

The Civil Project, The Civil Project

The Cla-Zels, Flower of the Gold Rush

The Cla-Zels, I Own Hawaii

The Clam Tostada, Amusing Neanderthals (Since One Million Years B.C.)

The Clark Family, St. Anthony Home

The Class Machine, Uproot EP + 1

The Class of 98, Heaven

The Class War Kids, Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!

The Classic Illustration, The Good Old Days

The Classic Youth, Priorities

The Classic Youth, The Classic Youth - EP

The Claustrophobes, Underdog Pop

The Claxtons, The Claxtons

The Clay Wilson Band, EP

The Clayton Johnston Expedition, Casbah

The Claytones, Lake in the Night

The Claze, Love Wins

The Cleaners from Venus, Return to Bohemia

The Clear Saint, Mrs Peel

The Clearing, Hold On Tight

The Clearwater Stills Band, Bringin' It Back

The Clergy, All Who Fly

The Clergymen, The Clergymen - EP

The Cleveland Sports Band, Cavaliers, Indians & Browns

The Cleveland Sports Band, Cavaliers, Indians & Browns, Volume 2

The Clever Animals, Glances & Pauses

The Click Beetles, Wake Up to Music!

The Click Beetles, Wonderful Christmas

The Clifford Young Jazz Quintet, Amazing Grace / Journey in Spirit

The Clink, Bad Tempered

The Clinton Administration, Sugar Buzz

The Clintons, Decade

The Clintons, EP

The Clintons, Have Another

The Clintons, Kinky

The Clintons, Not Fighters

The Clintons, Sellout

The Clintons, Strange Day In Mexico

The Clintons, Who Invited Roger

The Clique, Live the Life

The Clixets, Moods, Clocks & Secrets

The Clocktower, Days of Rosey Row

The Clocktower, Skip It Up Fandango

The Clockwork Dolls, Dragonfall

The Clockwork Flowers, Lady Shady

The Clockwork Flowers, Upside Down

The Cloers, The Wanderlust

The Clones, One Hit Wonder

The Close Readers, The Lines Are Open

The Close-Ups, 2am In Flat 3b

The Closer Name, Good Morning

The Cloth Sea, At Last, Awake

The Cloudsmen, The Cloudsmen

The Cloudz, Get Live

The Cloudz, Get Live EP

The Clover Tones, Without Reason

The Clovers, Run Rudolph Run

The Clovers, The Magic of Christmas Eve

The Cloves, Waiting For The World To Be

The Clown, Call It a Kidnap

The Clown, Clownism

The Clown, Don't Swallow

The Clown, Grow Old With You

The Clown, If You're Gonna Leave Me Now

The Clown, My Little Pioneer

The Clown, Nest By the Seaside

The Clown, Tell Her

The Clown, The Only Way

The Club Kidz, Beat Me Up!

The Clubber Lang Gang, Dashboard Horizons

The Clubber Lang Gang, Now Here This

The Clubhouse Boys, Tangotime

The Clubhouse Boys, Triumphant

The Clues, Maybe It`s Time

The Clues, Say You Will

The Clues, What She Wants

The Clutter Family, The Clutter Family

The Clydes, Generator

The Clymer Kurtz Band, Rain

The Clymer Kurtz Band, Statements and Clues

The Co-op, Winter Sun EP

The Co-operative Band Crewe, Valero

The Coals, A Happy Animal

The Coast Collective, Dreamer

The Coast Is Ours, Lighthouse EP

The Coastal Cohorts, King Mackerel & the Blues Are Running (Original Cast Recording)

The Coastal Cohorts, Wild Ponies

The Coastal Cowboys, Ride On!

The Coastals, Stand Up EP

The Coastals, The Coastals

The Coasts, Racilia

The Coasts, Santa Fe

The Coasts, The Coasts

The Coates Brothers Band, Mississippi Hippi

The Coats, The Coats Collection

The Cobra Kings, Cobra Kings

The Cock Blocks, Chokin tha Chicken

The Cocks, Tuesday Morning Hangover

The Cocktails, On the Rocks

The Cockups, Superstars

The Cockups, The Future

The Coconut Boat Band, Sunsettled

The Coda Duo, Sonata Andaluz

The Code Kids, We Sell It Back To You When You Beg

The Codenames, Roboto Diablos

The Cofer Girls, High School Crush

The Coffin Caddies, I Dream of Jack-O-Laterns

The Coffinheads, Time Travel Blues

The Coffinstuffers, Big Hits

The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men, Waiting for You

The Cogburns, Pay Up, Sucker

The Coggs, Mean Dog Howl

The Colbys, Christmas Gumbo (feat. Bev Rohlehr)

The Cold and Lovely, Ellis Bell

The Cold and Lovely, Ellis Bell (Deluxe Edition)

The Cold and Lovely, The Cold and Lovely

The Cold Beat, Dumbwaiter

The Cold Beat, Get Safe

The Cold Goodnight, Werewolves & Red Lights

The Cold Red, New York Taxi and The Death of Music

The Cold Shoulders, I Could've Been Somebody

The Cold Start, Grateful Eyes

The Cold Start, The Cold Start

The Cold War, Resonate

The Cold Wave, The Cold Wave

The Coleman Brothers, Tribute to a Firefighter

The Coles, What Would Jesus Want For Christmas (Featuring Lisa Hentrich)

The Coles, What Would Jesus Want for Christmas Featuring Ronnie Kimball

The Colettines, The Colettines

The Colin Farish Ensemble & Paul McCandles, Acoustic Council

The Colinizers, You Need to Know

The Collaborators, Far and Distant World

The Collective West, Things We Do

The Collector, Kingdom Within

The Collegiates, Heartaches Don't Care

The Collingwood, Yes, Your Tide Is Cold and Dark, Sir. (Soundtrack and Score)

The Collision, The Storm & The Sea

The Colonel's Men, Friends of Mine

The Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Musick, A Delightful Recreation: The Music of Thomas Jefferson

The Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Musick, Christmas Music from Williamsburg

The Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Musick, In Freedom We're Born

The Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Musick, Instrumental Music from the Colonial Williamsburg Collection

The Colonial Williamsburg Madrigal Singers, Songs for a Williamsburg Christmas

The Colonial Williamsburg Musical Performers, A Grand Entertainment: Colonial Williamsburg Celebrates Christmas

The Colonies, A Shipful Of Chandeliers

The Color Bars, Kairos At Infinity

The Color Bars, Mustached Messiah

The Color Bars, Prosopopoeia

The Color Bars, Structupoppie Rally

The Color Industry, Harvestman

The Color Industry, Quotidian

The Color of East, In the House of Endless Light

The Color Truth, The Color Truth

The Color, Eyes Wide Open

The Color, Eyes Wide Open

The Color, Gloria (Angels We Have Heard On High)

The Color, Hark the Herald Angels Sing (He Is My King)

The Color, One Sure Thing

The Color, Sunday Morning

The Color, The Color

The Color, With Outlines

The Colored Parade, And the Walls of the City Will Shake

The Colossal Heads, The Colossal Heads EP

The Colour Code, Alibi

The Colour Negative, The Colour Negative

The Colourcode, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

The Colours of Kings, Up EP

The Colt Walkers, Trail of Blood and Broken Hearts

The Combo Nation, Lucky Dog

The Combovers, Bin Night Anthems

The Combovers, If It Ain`t Baroque, Don`t Fix It

The Combovers, Pasta of Muppets

The Come Arounds, What Goes Around

The Come Ons, Christmas Lights of Blue

The Comeback Season, Timing Is Everything

The Comeback, Shrimp Ep

The ComeUnity Band, SOS Brigade

The Comeuppance, The Comeuppance

The Comforters, Two Piece Orchestra

The Comforters, Winter Light

The Comforts, Come On In!

The Comish, The TakeOver

The Commander-in-Chief & Thomas Valeur, Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20

The Commodes, Hong Kong Chicken

The Commodes, We Have A Single?

The Common and the Ordinary, Blazing

The Common Era, Look Up!

The Common Men, Let It Burn

The Common Thieves, Mind Wide Open

The Common Thieves, The Apocalypse: The Calm Before the Storm

The Communication Corporation, I.P.O.

The Community School of Worship, Songs from the Community, Vol. 1

The Community School of Worship, Songs from the Community, Vol. 2

The Como Brothers Band, Baby Steps

The Como Brothers Band, Still Waters

The Company I Keep, A Few Days Back

The Company Men, After Hours

The Company of Amateur Souls, Turnaround

The Company Store, Don't Work Too Hard

The Complainer and the Complainers, Power Joy Happiness Fame!

The Complainer, The Complainer and the Complainers

The Complainers, Who is it I am?

The Complements, I Fell Asleep In My Clothes / Bob Dylan Dream

The Complements, Something Like Happiness

The Complete, I've Only Got Myself to Blame

The Compline Choir & Peter R. Hallock, Feathers of Green Gold: The Office of Compline and Ten Psalms

The Compline Choir, Carols Old and New

The Components, The Components

The Composer's Choir, The Frostbound Wood

The Composition Lab, Chamber Music 2009

The Compound, The Art Of Spiritual War

The Con & the Liar, Deserters

The Concept, Renaissance

The Conch Fritters, Deep Fried

The Condors, 3 Item Combo

The Condors, Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty

The Condors, Wait For It

The Conductors, Sun, Sun, Sun

The Cone Gatherers, She Who Shall Remain Nameless

The Confidentials, Reflections

The Confidentials, Under the Covers with The Confidentials

The Conga Saints, The Land

The Conglomerate, Hold Your Breath

The Congregation, Garden

The Congress, Whatever You Want

The Conn-Menn, Happy Funny Christmas

The Conn-Menn, Happy Funny Christmas

The Connection, A Christmas Gift For

The Connection, Christmas Time Again

The Connection, Let It Rock

The Conners, Thykerwage Thyre

The Connies, Full Round Roger

The Conniption Fits, A Heaping Helping Of Perspective

The Conniption Fits, Friends With Benefits & Cash

the Conor Gains Band, Run Away With the Night

The Conowingnuts and Friends, Rock the River

The Conscious Groove, Aap Sahaee Hoaa

The Conscious Groove, Gratitude

The Consonance, Come The Day

The Consonance, October

The Consonant C, Capes and Crowns

The Consortium of Genius, Music For Supervillains

The Constant Tourists, Carry On

The Constant Tourists, Postcards

The Constant Tourists, Tourist Information

The Constellation, Time of My Life

The Constellation, World Go Round

The Contagious, Better Than You (feat. Courtney Teixeira)

The Contagious, Waiting for You (feat. Courtney Teixeira)

The Conte Candoli & Med Flory Quintet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Contemporaries, Lose Control

The Contes, Bleed Together

The Contestants, Can Die In A Fire

The Control, Picture Perfect

The Controversy, Neon Sign

The Controversy, Queen of Chinatown

The Controversy, Two Voices

The Controversy, You Know

The Cool and Deadly, Rudeboys Revenge

The Cool Mothers, Fall to Earth

The Cool, Climate Control

The Coolcumbers, Time & Youth

The CooperSonics, Sonic Boom Buffet

The CooperSonics, Sonic Harmonics

The Coosters, Worn Out Libertines

The Copacetics, The Copacetics

The Copper Field, The Standard and Poor's EP

The Copper Ponies, Ring Them Bells

The Copper Street Brass Quintet, Christmas On Copper Street

The Copper Street Brass Quintet, Copper Street Classics

The Copper Street Brass Quintet, Evolution of the Brass Quintet, Vol. 2

The Coralinas, Free Energy

The Corbetts, Alice In Wonderland

The Cord Carpenter Band, Little Suzzie

The Cordells, Still Miss Some Old Things

The Cordials, Not Like Yesterday

The Corduroy Road, Just One Drop

The Corduroy Road, Love Is a War

The Corduroy Suit, Revisions

The Corduroy, Madeleine - EP

THE CORE, Caught in Between

The Corn Gods, The Corn Gods

The Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Corporation, Walk Out Into the Rain (feat. Sandra Mokey Deal)

The Corner Laughers, Matilda Effect

The Corner Laughers, Poppy Seeds

The Corner Laughers, Tomb Of Leopards

The Corner Worship, The Corner Worship

The Corners, Five (A Nerd's Puzzle)

The Cornfields Of Beverly Hills, I Pledge Allegiance(inspired by and written for President George W.Bush)

The Corporate Hacker, Kiss My Workin Class

The Corrections, Easy - Single

The Cortlandt Homes, The Cortlandt Homes

The Cosmic Otters, Indiana Sunrise

The Cosmic Piper, Catwalk On the Cosmos

The Cosmic Piper, Xmas Pipes

The Cosmic Plethora of Doom, Idle Tree

The Cosmic Remedy, The Cosmic Remedy

The Cosmonauts, Mark My Words... Justice!

The Cosmopolites, Dissolution

The Cost, Price Of Life

The Costellos, The Falling Through Summer

The Costellos, This Night

The Costners, Revelation Road

The Cottage Cids, Cottage Life

The Cotter Girls, Rainy Monday

The Cotton Gussets, Creeping Jesus

The Cotton Gussets, Pink Pyromaniac

The Cotton Gussets, Re- stiched

The Cotton Gussets, Taste

The Cottontown Sound Corporation, I Wanna Tell You

The Cottontown Sound Corporation, I'm Sorry

The Cottontown Sound Corporation, Please Please Please (Let Me Find My Self)

The Cottonwood Cutups, The Cottonwood Cutups

The Council, Recover

The Counter Elites, Are You a Counter-Elite?

The Counter Regiment, The Forest It Grows

The Counterfactuals, Might as Well Join In

The Counterfeit Bards, Bard From This Hall

The Countess, Stars Are Falling

The Country Campers, Songs for RVers, Vol. 1

The Country Clarinet, Favorite Christmas Songs

The Country Club, An Idaho Dozen

The Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Choral Groups, Philadelphia

The Country Slashers, Love, Lost and Found

The Country Surfer, Blue Biloxi Skies

The Country Surfer, Thank God for Jesus

The Country Surfer, The Country Surfer Best of, Vol. 2

The County Fair, Revival

The Coupe De Villes, Blues For You

The Couriers, The Final Bow... Live

The Courtney Janes, Keepin` it Reel

The Courtney Janes, Long Season

The Courtyard Kings, The Courtyard Kings

The Cousins Project, Beautiful Blood

The Cousins, Something Simple

The Covered Peters, MoFo

The Cow Pies, Totally Twisted Country

The Cowbelles, The Cowbelles Album I

The Cowell Brotet, Youngstas Playin' Grown Folks Music

The Cowlicks, Hey Hey We`re the Cowlicks

The Coy, Rocket

The Coyote Bandits, Heaven's On the Side of the Revolution

The Coyotes, Out of the Woods

The Cracked Man, Loving the Sun

The Cracked Man, Make Believe

The Cracked Man, Mama's Jig

The Crafty Bastards, Can`t Understand Normal Thinking

The Crags, Long Shadow Day

The Craic, All for Me Grog

The Cramatics, Big Machine

The Crank Brothers, Right By Your Side (feat. Angela Johnson)

The Crank Brothers, White Christmas (feat. Frank Sirius)

The Cranks, Cute Hat

The Cranks, Dirty B-Sides

The Cranks, The Cranks II

The Crash Bandits, Closer

The Crash Poets, Big Bang Theory

The Crash Takeoff, Domestication

The Crash Years, Disposition

The Crash Years, English Eyes

The Crash Years, Sink It. Save It - Single

The Crashing Marbles, Pocket

The Craves, The Craves

The Crawdiddies, Soul of a Man

The Crayons, Get It, Got It, Good.

The Crayons, What Color Are You?

The Crayons, What`s Wrong With You

The Crayonz, Nena

The Crazed Mugs, Find Forbidden Island

The Crazies Will Destroy You, Dazed Happy Happy Mean

The Crazies Will Destroy You, Megafauna

The Crazies Will Destroy You, Yakuza Attack Dog

The Crazy Daysies, Cheers to Gettin' 'Sober'

The Crazy Daysies, Where the Dirt Runs Out of Road

The Crazy Ivans, Go Back to Russia, Sucka

The Crazy Ivans, One More for the Road

The Crazy Mirrors, Strange World

The Crazy Never Die, Release the Ground

The Crb, Disillusion

The Creaking Tree String Quartet, The Soundtrack

The Creamies, Cherry on the Top etc.

The Creater, Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

The Creepin' Charlies, The Creepin' Charlies Deux

The Creeping Ivies, Ghost Train

The Creeping Ivies, Ghost World

The Creeping Ivies, Rock n Roll Party

The Creeps & Fear Of Lipstick, Split 7"

The Creeps, Back To The 'Bin

The Creeps, Gamma Gamma Ray!

The Creeps, These Walls

The Creepy Dolls, Grand Finale

The Creepy Dolls, Spit

The Crescendo Show, Sure As the Ocean Shore

The Crescendo Show, The Crescendo Show

The Crestriders, Cowabunga Christmas

The Cricklewood Cats, Down the Cellar Door

The Cricks, The Cricks

The Crickstones, The Crickstones

The Cries Of, August Holiday's

The Cries Of..., Hide and Seek for Six

The Criminal Kind, The Criminal Kind - EP

The Crimson Curtains, Something to Prove

The Crimson Curtains, The Crimson Curtains

The Cripple and the Tramp, Deep in the Dark

The Crista Carroll Band, Be Do See

The Crista Carroll Band, One World One Nation

The Cristeas, It's Christmas

The Cristeas, Let's Dance

The Cristeas, Let's Dance (Extended Version)

The Cristeas, Young Forever

The Critical Roots, The Critical Roots EP

The Crocuses, Children`s Songs

The Cronies, Sister of the Girl Next Door

The Crooked Fiddle Band, The Butcher of Bessarabia (Butcher of Ribongia MoR remix)

The Crooked Jades, Bright Land (Original Soundtrack to the Kate Weare Company Dance Work)

The Crooked Jades, Shining Darkness

The Crooked Mouth, The Crooked Mouth

The Crooked Mouth, Yes Face

The Crooked Road Ramblers, Lost Train Blues

The Crooks, The Crooks

The Crop Circle Makers, CCM Live in the Studio

The Crossing, All for You

The Crossing, Daisies

The Crossovers, Deep Waters

The Crossroads Band, Eclectic

The Crossroads Band, Heading South

The Crossroads Project, People and Places

The Crosstones, This Is Only a Test

The Crosstown Rivalry, History Is Just His Story

The Crosstown Rivalry, Pull Down The Sky

The Croup, Blueblood

The Crowbard, Seaford Suite

The Crowd Scene, Turn Left at Greenland

The Crowd Scene, With Complete Glossary for Squares

The Crown and Two Chairmen, A Purpose of Human Life

The Crown Moran Allstars, The Crown Moran Allstars

The Crown Officials, Serene

The Crownsmen, The Classic Sounds of the Crownsmen

The Cruise Controls, Star

The Crumb Sullivans, Block Island Recordings

The Crumb Sullivans, Call It What You Want

The Crush, Future.Present.Past

The Crushing Violets, Fade

The Crushing Violets, Shadows of the Sun

The Crushtones, The Crushtones

The Crusty Jugglers, Jesus' Birthday b/w Santa's Boots

The Crutchfield Project, Crutchfield Project

The Crux, Be Merry

The Crux, Now, Ferment

The Crux, The Ratcatcher

The Cruz, (Honestly) What Now?

The CRY!, Live from the Banana Stand

The Cry!, The Cry!

The Cryers, Rock & Roll Holiday

The Crying Gadgets, Overexcitability

The Crystal Bridge, Christmas Carols

The Crystal Bridge, Fallen Towers Arise

The Crystal Bridge, Great Mystery

The Crystal Bridge, Guild and Gemeinhardt

The Crystal Bridge, Heron and Seal

The Crystal Bridge, Love Pour Through

The Crystal Bridge, Nature Brings

The Crystal Bridge, Seaside Harmony

The Crystal Bridge, The Crystal Bridge Story

The Crystal Kage, Scream and Shout

The Cthulhus, Evapr8

The Cuban Heels, The Cuban Heels

The Cuban Masters Ensemble, Del Pasado Al Presente (The Past Meets The Present)

The Cubby Creatures, After the Deprogramming

The Cubby Creatures, The Blessed Invention

The Cubby Preachers, A Series of Narrations, Songs, and Sounds

The Cubby Preachers, CP II

The Cubes, The Cubes

The Cubists, Mechanical Advantage

The Culprits, Alive Enough

The Culprits, Around Around - EP

The Culprits, The Culprits

The Culprits, While the Woods Snooze

The Cultural References, Bubblerapped

The Cumberland Brothers, Gamey

The Cumbieros, Cumbiamericana

The Cupboard Band, Airsac

The Cupboard Band, Earthbound

The Cupcakes, Trouble And Joy

The Cupids, Be My Valentine

The Curbside Choir, Gimme Some Cowbell

The Curious Girl, For Sale

The Curiously Strong Peppermints, Endless Fields of Poppy

The Curly Wolf, Both Barrels

The Currys, Follow

The Currys, The Currys

The Curse of Sorrow, Six Feet South

The Cursing Stone, The Cursing Stone

The Curst Sons, The Original and Genuine

The Curtain Society, Inertia

The Curtain Society, Life Is Long, Still

The Curtain Thieves, Animal

The Curtains, Flybys

The Curtis Mayflower, Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack

The Curtis Mayflower, King of the Fools

The Curve, Part of the Show (Sidewalk Kiss-Off)

The Curve, Tao Baby

The Curve, The Apparatus Demo

The Cuss, We Make EP

The Custodians of Rock 'N Roll, The Custodians of Rock 'N Roll

The Cut-Offs, Do it Yourself

The Cutlers of Cornwall, More Old Songs For Young Heroes Two

The Cutlers Of Cornwall, Old Songs For Young Hero's

The Cutthroats, The Friendly West End EP

The Cutting Room, Divide and Rule

The Cyclops Music Collective, The Cyclops

The Cynz, Five Mortal Cynz

The Cyrus Clarke Band, Sunrise On The Radio

The Czar`s Guitars: Oleg Timofeyev and John Schneiderman, Russian Guitars, Music Of Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857)

The D G R Band, Songs Across the Water

The D'Amore Duo, Yeon-jee Sohn & William Feasley, Under a Southern Sky

The D. Scott Buchanan Project, Follow

The D.A., Thank God For Aluminum

The D.O.K., Field N***a

The Da Rio Rhythm Band, Country Songs from an Old Watering Hole (feat. Slim Rock O. Boy)

The Da Vincis, See You Tonight

The Daae Family, Never Too Far

The Dabbers, And I Was Like, And They Were All

The Dadolescents, Cool Like Me

The Dady Brothers, Let Us Adore Him

The Daffodils, In a Fog

The Daffodils, Renee and Eugene

The Daffodils, Swim to Shore

The Daffy Dave Band, Meet the Daffy Dave Band

The Dagoes, Supreme

The Dagons, Reverse

The Dags, Up In Chalk

The Dahlias, Jangle Twangle

The Dahlmanns, All Dahled Up

The Dahlmanns, Dumb Me Down

The Dahlmanns, He's a Drag

The Dahlmanns, The Dahlmanns

The Dahlmanns, The Dahlmanns

The Dahls, Break Free

The Dahls, The Dahls

The Dahls, Wake Up West

The Daily Afflictions, Dive On In

The Daily News, Antiquated Concepts Like Truth

The Daiquiris, Reschedule Your Riot - EP

The Daisycutters, Lines and Sinkers (The E.P. Years)

The Dajavoo Twins, Christmas Time Is Here

The Dale Bruning Quintet, Classical Connections - Vol. 1

The Dallaz, Dirt Dealer

The Dalles, My Own Private White House

The Dalton Gang, Fear Not the Journey

The Damage Done, Scream All Our Clichés

The Damaged Pies, Popalectric

the dambrots, how to fall in love in 20 minutes

the dambrots, love, delusion, and other things...

the dambrots, this is someone else`s love

The Dammit, Down At the Coleman Bowie

The Damn Automatics, EP

The Damn Truth, Dear in the Headlights

The Damn Well Please Organ Trio, The Strut (Redux)

The Damnits, Greasy Deep Pockets

The Damnits, Songs for Sugarpants

The Damphools, Damn the Hard Times

The Damwell Betters, Coming In Hot

The Damwell Betters, Make Love Not Babies

The Dan Coyle Wonder Thrills, Perfect Word. Perfect Beat.

The Dan Dechellis Trio, My Age of Anxiety

The Dan Kirouac Band, But Still I Pray

The Dan Marshall Band, The Box Set

The Dan McDevitt Band, Wicked Town

The Dan Starr Alignment, Hope and Change

The Dan, Anxiety - Single

The Dan, Thank Your Mommy & Daddy - Single

the danberrys, Company Store

The Danberrys, Don't Drink the Water

The Danberrys, The Danberrys

The Danburrys, All the Good Ones Go For Jerks

The Dance Party, The Dance Party EP

The Dandelion War, Opposite Shores

The Dang-it Bobbys, Big Trouble

The Dangerfields, Born To Rock

The Dangerous Lilos, The Return of the Dangerous Lilos

The Dangerous Lilos, The Shivering Dog

The Dangers, Embrace the Light Outside

The Dangers, Sound of Waves

The Danglers, Ascend - Single

The Daniel Grade, the daniel grade

The Daniel Iorio Group, Hike

The Daniel Joiner Trio, A Different Standard

The Daniel Rosenboom Septet, Fallen Angeles

The Daniels Sisters, Been Washed

The Danish Cartoons, The Danish Cartoons (self-titled)

The Dann Zinn 4, Grace's Song

The Danny Family, Look Away Little Girl

The Danny Kordz Adventure, Groovin' on Planet Earth

The Danny Smith Project, Happy Old Man

The Danvilles, Number One

The Danvilles, The Danvilles Lp

The Danvilles, Women


The Darby and Joan Club, Everything Is Fine

the darby and joan club, the darby and joan club

The Dardys, Perfume & Leather

The Dares, Duped

The Dares, Motown

The Dares, Time Won't Leave Us Alone

The Dares, You Ask Me

The Dark Bob & Jack Skelley, Ha Ha Ha Ha Happy Birthday!

The Dark Bob, Monkey Do

The Dark Brothers, The 7 Steps to Enlightenment (The Dark Brothers Present)

The Dark Clan, Fade / Dance Magic Dance

The Dark Forest, The Dark Forest

The Dark Horse Project, Hollow

The Dark Horses, Come Along

The Dark Hours, I Think of You

The Dark in Here, I'll Get Away! (Hey, Hey, Hey)

The Dark in Here, Insulin

The Dark in Here, Love Is a 4 Letter Word

The Dark in Here, Season of the Witch

The Dark in Here, The Dark in Here

The Dark Inside, I'd Like to Do Your Taxes

The Dark Inside, Wounded Bear Gets Owned

The Dark Lyricist & S.E.P., Rise of the Crow (Netherworld Records Presents)

The Dark Lyricist & S.E.P., Rise Up

The Dark Lyricist & S.E.P., Rise Up (Remix)

The Dark Lyricist, Welcome To The Netherworld

The Dark Marbles, Let`s Go!

The Dark Monk, Real Terror

The Dark Room, Suitcase Money and the Girl

The Dark Shadows, 11:11

The Dark Villager, Another World

The Dark Villager, Caffeine

The Dark Villager, Disconnected

The Dark Villager, System

The Dark Villager, Technological

The Darkest Hearts, Disappear

The Darling DeMaes, A User`s Guide to Raising the Dead (Songs of Spring)

The Darlings, The Darlings

The Darlow Show, Underground

The Darren Johnson Effort, Superhero

The Dartmouth Aires, Black Tie Affaire

The Dartmouth Aires, Dartmouth Undying

The Dartmouth Aires, Extraordinaire

The Dartmouth Aires, Impaired

The Dartmouth Aires, Truth or Daire

The Dartmouth Cords, No Size Fits All

The Dartmouth Decibelles, Belles of the Ball

The Dartmouth Decibelles, Saved By the Belles

The Darvels, My Heart Cries

The Dashburns, Jerk Rock

The Dashing Duo, The Change in Me

The Dashing Suns, The Dashing Suns

The Date, First Date (Room 42)

The Date, Ghost Notes

The Date, Let Me Drive

The Date, Looking Down

The Date, Looking Down

The Date, MPD To Me

The Date, Rare Air

The Date, Rob Bury

The Date, Scarify

The Date, Sedated

The Daughters of Mary, A Day in the Cloister

The Daughters of Mary, A Traditional Christmas

The Daughters of Mary, Ave Regina Caelorum

The Daughters of Mary, De Profundis

The Daughters of Mary, Gregorian Hymns

The Daughters of Mary, I Need Thee

The Daughters of Mary, Mary of Graces

The Daughters of Mary, Mater Plena

The Daughters of Mary, Rorate Caeli

The Daughters of Mary, The Holy Rosary

The Daughters of the Wolf - Ulvens Döttrar, Saga, Scandinavian Ethnic Fairy-tales - Värm ditt blod

The Dave Anderson Trio, Out of Nowhere

The Dave Costa Trio, Impassioned

The Dave Costa Trio, Ten Strings and a Drum

The Dave Creamer Quartet, Live At Yoshi's

The Dave Fleschner Trio, Creepin' Up

The Dave Goldberg/ Duane Allen Quartet, Surreality

The Dave Goldberg/ Duane Allen Quartet, When Time Approaches

The Dave Harris Project, Grandiose Delusions

The Dave Harris Project, Grandiose Delusions (Deluxe Edition) [feat. Michael J. Willett]

The Dave Harris Project, Let You Go (feat. Julian Lennon)

The Dave Harris Project, Songs from the Heart, Vol. 1 (For Kawasaki Disease Awareness & Research)

The Dave Harris Project, Surrender (Beatman Remix) [feat. Michael J. Willett]

The Dave Jones Trio, Journeys

The Dave Kain Group, Kain Is Able

The Dave Kain Group, No Pain, No Kain

The Dave Koenig Band, Anchor

The Dave Morrow Band, Soliloquy

The Dave O Show, All These Me`s

The Dave Pell Octet, Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe

The Dave Rawlinson Band, Holding Momma's Hand

The Dave Seamon Experiment, The Brotherhood of Teenage Haze

The Dave Sterner Quintet, Sidetracked

The Dave-Bruce Alliance, Jersey to California

The Daveys, The Kids Eat Free - EP

The David Abbott Family, Crossin' Over

The David Abbott Family, Incredibly Blessed

The David Anthony Project, Time

The David Armstrong Band, Talking to the Choir

The David Barron Band, Moonshine and Spiders

The David Bond Group, Elegant Sound

The David Dubowski One Man Band, Song Poem Hits of 2007

The David Dubowski One Man Band, Song Poem Hits of 2007 VOL. 2

The David Freeman Project, Behind the Curtain

The David G. Ward Project, The David G. Ward Project

The David Glenney Orchestra, Vamp X (Soundtrack)

The David James Band, Street Performer

The David John, Days After Days

The David Landon Band, This Time

The David Mapp Quintet, On Sex and Suicide

The David Mitton Project, Microcosm

The David Nolf Band, We Say

The David Rubel Quartet, Into the Dark

The David Rutland Band, Man Behind the Wheel

The David Samuel Project, Soulcraft

The David Samuel Project, Vision of Love

The David/Asaph Project, Pastoral Psalms

The Davids, Nottingham Beauties

The Davis Brothers, The Davis Brothers Album

The Davis Solo Project, Despite Myself

The Dawkman, Long Road Travelers

The Day After, Why Are You Still Here?

The day after..., Black Heart Symphony

The Day Dreamers, Goodbye

The Day Everything Became Nothing, Brutal

The Day Everything Became Nothing, Invention : Destruction

The Day Everything Became Nothing, Slow Death By Grinding

The Day Family Band, The Earth Beneath My Feet

The Day Life, Pick Me Up

The Day Of, Undiscovered

The Day Traders, The Day Traders

The Daydreamers, With Your Love

The Dayfade Project, Platform Drowning

The Daylight Agency, Worth The Fight

The Daylight Titans, Boom and Chime

The Daylight Titans, Everybody Loves Music and Snacks

The Days, Situate EP

The Daysleepers, Dream Within a Dreamworld

The Daysleepers, Waves of Creation: Remixes, B-Sides & Demos

The Daystar Project, Christmas -Hope for a Wounded World

The Daystar Project, Holiday Sounds

The Daystar Project, My Redeemer Lives

The Daytime Frequency, Sun Opus Is Upon Us

The Daze, I'll Never Let You Go

The Déconeurs, Under the Moon

The DDs & Steve Fearnley, Dad Dance

The De Lima Ohana, Kupu A`e

The Dead Beetles, Little Monsters

The Dead Beetles, Sending You a Postcard From the Dead Beetles

The Dead Betas, 15 (Edd Van Berg Remix)

The Dead Celebrities, Cleanup On Aisle 3

The Dead Clowns, Thinking of You (feat. Tana Acosta & Gallo Locknez)

The Dead Daddy-O's, Must Be Santa

The Dead Elvi, Pretty Dead

The Dead Elvis, The Twelve Days of My Autopsy

The Dead End Drivers, One Way Out

The Dead End, Everything Wrong with the World

The Dead Girlz, Night of the Living Dead Girlz

The Dead Inklings, Never Meant to Be

The Dead Left, Oh My Heavens

The Dead Magnolias, Terrorphobia

The Dead Morticians, Back to the Grave

The Dead Morticians, Old Dark House

The Dead Pharaohs, The Dead Pharaohs

The Dead Poets, III: Life Is Fine

The Dead Popes, Buried Alive

The Dead Popes, Curse of the Werewolf

The Dead Rangers, The Dead Rangers

The Dead Records, And Now We Dance

The Dead Records, Proud

The Dead Records, Rabbitsfoot

The Dead Records, The Dead Records

The Dead Reds, Last Stand

The Dead Storm, The Best Day

The Dead Tones, Deader Than You

The Dead Tones, Six Feet Down... And Rising

The Dead Tricks, Serf

The Dead Tricks, The Despicable Summer

The Dead Tricks, You Should Have Worried About It

The Dead Victorians, The Dead Victorians

The Dead Waits, Get Gone

The Dead Waits, Michael's Gun

The Dead Waits, To All Those Who Would Love

The Dead XIII, Creatures of the Night

The Deadbeat Poets, Youngstown Vortex Sutra (The British Version)

The DeadBeats Writers Lab, The Grateful Dead

The Deadites, The Big Scary Monster Hunts At Midnight

The Deadly Blank, The Deadly Blank

The Deadly Tremors, The Deadly Tremors

The Deadpans, Ass Over Tea Kettle

The Deadwax Collective, The Elephant in the Room

The Deaf Cats, The Deaf Cats

The Deaf Ears, Live Forever

The Deaf Scene, Looking Down at the Sky

The Dealbreakers, Give Me A Chance

The Dealbreakers, Nothin' On You

The Dean Brothers, Live At the Red House

The Dean Martinis, The Dean Martinis

The Dean's List, All My Troubles

The Dean's List, Caveman (Explicit)

The Dean's List, F*ck It I'm Young

The Dean's List, Kryptonite Sanity Room

The Dean's List, The Drive-in

The Dean's List, Undeclared

The Dearhunters, Red Wine and Blue

The Dearloves, Ghosts

The Death of Me, This Will Be...

The Death of Paris, Maybe You're Right

The Death Rays, Twelve Gauge Blues

The Deathless Dogs, The Deathless Dogs

The Deathray Saints, The Deathray Saints

The Debonaires, Longshout

The Debonaires, Tangerine

The Debonaires, With a Little Help from the Moon

The Debut, Ghost

The Debutante Hour, The Birth and Death of Meaning

The Debutantes, The Man in the Street

The Decadence, So Long Stella

The Decadent Jews, Blues Beat and Blood

The Decatur Fist, Morals and Dogma

The December Drive, Games

The Deceptions, Tall Tales from Green Meadow

The Decoders, Adventures in Paradise (feat. Alice Russell)

The Decoders, Completeness (feat. Divine Brown)

The Decoders, Les Fleurs (feat. Boston Fielder)

The Decoders, Reasons (feat. Jimetta Rose)

The Decoders, Respect (feat. Mara Hruby & Van Hunt)

The Decoders, Strange Fruit (feat. Raul Midon)

The Decoders, What Cha' Gonna Do for Me (feat. Alex Isley)

The Ded Beats, Party Love

The Ded Beats, Starbody

The Deedle Deedle Dees, American History + Rock-n-Roll = The Deedle Deedle Dees

The Deedles, NeveroddoreveN

The Deeds, Mother Nature

The Deep Blue Dream, Intrinsically Intertwined

The Deep Down, Verde

The Deep Eynde, Love in Shadows (The Phantasmix)

The Deep Freeze Mice, I Love You Little Bo Bo With Your Delicate Golden Lions

The Deep Freeze Mice, My Geraniums Are Bulletproof

The Deep Freeze Mice, The Tender Yellow Ponies of Insomnia

The Deep Fried Funk Society, Fried Knuckle Sammich

The Deep North, Sound & Light

The Deep North, The Deep North EP

The Deep North, Waves

The Deer Run Drifters, Appalachian Blues

The Deer Run Drifters, Restless Youth

The Defeated County, Self-Titled EP

The Defendants, The Defendants

The Defeyes, The Golder Years EP

The Defiants, Still Defiant

The Definiens Project, Holidays with The Definiens Project

The Definiens Project, Holidays with The Definiens Project 2

The Defog, Dying In Crosswalks

The Defog, Ebb and Flow

The Defog, Light Bright

The Defog, Sounds from the Stars

The Defog, The Shadow Companion

The DeFused, Autumn Tree

The Dehumanizers, Retro As Hell

The Dejas, Speeding Softly

The Del Satins, Still Wanderin'

The Del Zorros, Downton Abbey: Let's Go!

The Del Zorros, Good Company

The Del Zorros, Slice of Love

The Del Zorros, Summer Fields

The Delaplains, The Other You

The DeLearys, I'm Out

The Delegators, Rocksteady From the Soul

The Delgonives, I've Got You On My Mind

The Delirians, Get Up

The Delivery Boys, Starry Skies And Fire Flies

The Delta Lions, Post Code

The Delta Routine, Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares

The Delta Routine, More About You

The Delta Shamans, French Novel

The Deludes, Sedation Nation

The Delusion, Always Running Always Chasing

The Dementia Cookie Box, Begin to Live

The Dementia Cookie Box, The Truth About Life (As Told By the Dementia Cookie Box)

The Demerits, Dance by the Light of the Moon

The Demerits, Sack of Tunes

The Demigs, Cities Can Wait

The Demigs, Welcome to Hard Times

The Demon Beat, Bullshit Walks

The Demon Returns, Songs of New Albion

The Demonics, Hot Rod Pussy

The Demos, Your Girl Has Fun Without You - Ep

The Dennis Boys Band, Up All Night

The Denominators, Violence & Grief

The Dent, Farewell

The Dent, Neurotica

The Denver Brass, Brass & Organ: Feel the Sound!

The Denver Brass, O Holy Night

The Depaysement, Ipoh Horg Fung

The Deportees, I Lost Her To the Sea

The Dept., Be Your Friend?

The Depths, From...

The Derby Boys, Up to the Bar

The Derek Banach Quintet, Tugende

The Derek Taylor Project, Just Us

The Derelict Kicks, The Derelict Kicks

The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe, A Spirit Speaks

The Desert Line, Heliotropic

The Desert Mothers, Nowhere Motel - Enhanced Audio Single

The Desertseeds, Alive

The Design, Scream - Single

The Design, Young America

The Designer Health Net Talk Show, Lifting The Veil, The Anatomy of Chemical Dependency and Recovery Part 1, Beginnings

The Designer Health Net Talk Show, Lifting The Veil, The Anatomy of Chemical Dependency and Recovery Part 2, Spiraling

The Designer Health Net Talk Show, Lifting The Veil, The Anatomy of Chemical Dependency and Recovery Part 3, Connections

The Designer Health Net Talk Show, Lifting The Veil, The Anatomy of Chemical Dependency and Recovery Part 4, The Depths

The Designer Health Net Talk Show, Lifting The Veil, The Anatomy of Chemical Dependency and Recovery Part 5, Awakening

The DeSotos, Cross Your Heart

The DeSotos, Your Highway For Tonight

The Despicable Little Man, Get This Right

The Despicable Little Man, Gone in the Morning

The Despicable Little Man, I Wanna Make Love to You

The Despicable Little Man, Liar

The Despicable Little Man, Love Goes On

The Despicable Little Man, Love Has New Meaning

The Despicable Little Man, No Easy Road

The Despicable Little Man, Not a Happy Holiday

The Despised, One Punch

The Dessoff Choirs, Glories on Glories

The Destiny Project, A Mother's Prayer

The Desultory Ciphers, Heading West

The Details, Lost Art

The Details, The Original Mark - EP

The Details, The Tuesday Sessions

The Detectives, 4 Kisses

The Detectives, Bad Luck

The Detectives, I'm Just a Man

The Detentions, Rockamole

The Determination & D'nations, Mount Zion (feat. Dj Raggana)

The Determination, Come Let Us Join Hand's

The Detourists, A History of Silence

The Detroit Sports Band, Tigers, Pistons & Lions

The Detroit Sports Band, Tigers, Pistons & Lions, Vol. 2

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Wind Quintet, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Wind Quintet 1977-2007

The Devastators, Better Days

The Devastators, Lights of Tomorrow

The Deviants, Sex, Drugs and Evil

The Devil Killa, Holy War

The Devil's Marmalade, Tell Your Mom I Said Hi

The Devil's Own, Graces & Eights

The Devin Arne Quintet, Songs of the North & There and Back

The Devoted Few, Baby, You`re A Vampire

The Devotions, The Devotions

The Dewars, All a Part of the Show

The Dewdroppers, The Dewdroppers

The Deweys, Ultimate Greatest Hits

The Dharma Bums, Watching the Dark Move

The Dharmatones, Go As A Sangha

The DHC Band, The DHC Band

The Dhoon, Bright in No Light

The Dhoon, Spruce Knob

The Diabolical Mr. Nasty, I Come to Party

The Diamond Center, My Only Companion

The Diamond Girl KB, Meet The Diamond Girl

The Diamond Underground, Back in the Day IV

The Diamond Underground, It's My War

The Diamond Underground, Sick Constitution

The Diane Moser Quintet, Music for the Last Flower

The Diary, Seven Sleepless Nights

The Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Live at Carnegie Hall - The Reunion

The Dibasic, Stars (Radio Mix)

The Dicemen, Burning Down the White House

The Dicemen, Last Throw of the Dice

The Dick & Jane Project, Chronologia

The Dick & Jane Project, Songs of Phoenix Middle (Autumn 2014)

The Dick & Jane Project, This Is Our Time (The Dick & Jane Project and Berwick Alternative K-8 Present)

The Dick Jones Band, Cry For Peace

The Dick Jones Band, The Dick Jones Band

The Dickens Campaign, Oh Lovely Appearance (feat. Deric Dickens, Kirk Knuffke & Jesse Lewis)

The Dickens, The Dickens

The Die Ads, Eighty-Eight Feet High

The Die, Your Gold

The Diealones, The Diealones

The Difference Band, The Difference Band Demo

The Difference, All That You`ve Been (Promo 2008)

The Differentials, The Differentials

The Diffie Sisters, Together Forever

The Digbees, Beat The Meetles; The Stinky Blackwater Tapes

The Digbees, Orphans of Graceland

The Digbees, Sweet Clarity

The Digital Realist, Stranger

The Digital Symphony Orchestra, In Every Life

The Digital Symphony Orchestra, The Promise of the Covenant

The Digitals, The Digitals

The Digits, Homework Hotine

The Dignity of Labour, The Dignity of Labour (Bonus Remixes)

The Dignity of Labour, XRV

The Dijons, Sink Or Swim

The Dik Van Dykes, Nobody Likes

The Dik Van Dykes, Waste Mor Vinyl

The Dillon Brothers, Vintage Voices

The Dillon Street Band, Tequila and Lime

The Dills, Before the Rain

The Dills, Everyday Praise

The Dills, God Is In Control

The Dills, Hymns

The Dills, Preparing The Way

The Dills, Uncommon

The Dills, Worship, Vol. 2

The Dimes, Broadcast

The Dimes, The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry

The Dimes, William Dawes and Other Forgotten Gems

The Dingbots, Kidd Radar, a rock opera

The Dining Dead, The Swings

The Dino Haak Collective, Spiel Ohne Grenzen

The Dino Haak Collective, The Retro Sounds of Tokyo

The Dionysians, Auditory Consumerist Magic

The Dire Honeys, Lawny

The Dire Honeys, Lay Lay

The Dire Honeys, Red Rocking Chair

The Directionals, Serenade of Fire

The Directionals, Shapes and Colors

The Dirges, Sweet Sleep (feat. Melyssa Marie)

The Dirk Etienne Band, Cars, Guitars & Rock and Roll Stars

The Dirt Band, Cabin Fever

The Dirt Floor Band, Live at the Caspar Inn

The Dirt Radicals, Enter Destroyer

The Dirt Radicals, Osaka Sundown Acoustic Version - Single

The Dirt Radicals, The Girls of Duxton

The Dirt Tracks, Never been to Mars

The Dirt Tracks, The Madding Crowd

The Dirty Birds, How the Cause Became the Cure

The Dirty Callahans, Stepping On Toes

The Dirty Christmas Band, XXX Frosty the Snowman (Ass-Man)

The Dirty Christmas Band, XXX Santa Claus Is Coming On Your Face

The Dirty Clergy, Shake, Shake (feat. Johnny Newcomb)

The Dirty Cut, The Dirty Cut

The Dirty Dan Band, The Lost Tapes of The Dirty Dan Band

The Dirty Diamond, Our Divine & Sovereign Mother

The Dirty Dogs, Another Morning

The Dirty Donnas, Hate You Coz I Can

The Dirty Hands Band, Outside the City Limits

The Dirty Hearts, 5 Canciones 5 Pesos

The Dirty Hearts, Pigs

The Dirty Holidays, The Dirty Holidays

The Dirty Hurlers, Old Songs, Fresh Pints

The Dirty Knockouts, Souvenir Scar

The Dirty Mac Blues Band, Victory Bar

The Dirty Moogs, Peter Goes to Law School

The Dirty Pictures, The Motivational Effect of Hope

The Dirty Rags, My Wife Was Pissed

The Dirty River Boys, Train Station

The Dirty Rooks, Sugar Mama

The Dirty Rooks, The Dirty Rooks

The Dirty Royals, Star Burrito

The Dirty Skips, The Dirty Skips

The Dirty Sunshine, Disclaimer

The Dirty Truckers, Tiger Stripes

The Dirty Words, Cain

The Dirty Words, The International Machine

The Disappeared, The Radical Miracle

The Disappointment Choir, A Pretty Good Christmas (2014 Radio Edit)

The Disappointment Choir, Polar Ships

The Disasters 3, Story of a Girl

The Disciples of Rock and Roll, Make Your Selection

The Disco Students, I Met My Girlfriend At A Friars Gig / Fire At Earth Records

The Disconnect, Singularity

The Disconnected Bliss, The Disconnected Bliss

The Discontents, January

The Discontents, My Girl Summer

The Discontents, The Rulebook

The Discontents, Urban Jungle

The Discord Syndicate, Mergers and Acquisitions EP

The Discordian Trio, The Discordian Trio Presents The Discordian Trio

The Discords, I Have Seen the Light

The Discords, Utterly A Cappella

The Discount Heroes, Rock It! Science

The Discover and Learn Singers, All About Geography

The Discover and Learn Singers, Help with Math

The Discover and Learn Singers, Help with Reading

The Discover and Learn Singers, The Math Helper

The Discover Radio, Different and We Know It

The Disfunction, Elektromatic Disorder

The Disgruntled Sherpa Project, Scrambled Eggs

The Disgruntled Sherpa Project, The Wildwoods

The Disguise, Fly Close To The Ground

The Disowned, The Disowned - EP

The Disparities, All`s Well Enough

The Disparities, No More Beautiful Days

The Dispensed, Bury Your Heart

The Disposition, Requiem for the Living

The Disraelis, Demonstration

The DisRespectors, Stimulants

The Distant North, Sol Et Luna

The Distortionists, The Lizard of Oz

The Distortionists, The Mark Side of the Dune

The Distraction Fit, Hints and Guesses

The District, The District Live

The District, Thoughtless and Cruel

The Distrusters, The Distrusters With Leon Dubee

The Ditchflowers, Bird's Eye

The Ditty Bops, Jelly for President: Yes We Jam

The Ditty Bops, Love Letters

The Ditty Bops, Songs For Steve

The Ditty Committee, I Dink, Therefore I Am

The Ditty Committee, Meeting Minuets

The Ditty Committee, Pretty Shitty

The Divas, A Girls' Night Out

The Dive Team, The Masquerade

The Divergence, No Words

The Dives, Magnificent Desolation

The Divettes, Soca Jumbie

The Divide, Land Safely On The Ground

The Divide, The Divide

The Divided, Mixd Feelings

The Diviners, The 13th Generation

The Divorcees, Four Chapters

The Divys, This Is What You Get

The Dixie Bee-Liners, Through My Screen Door: The Final Sessions of the Dixie Bee-Liners

The Dixie Prix, Pronounced Dee Hee Pree

The Dixons, funkyways


The DML Cartel, Word Of Mouth

The DNA Vibrators, From Obscurity To Global Domination In Three EASY Steps

The DNA Vibrators, The Result Of Continuous Exposure To Radiation

The DNB, Fame and Loathing

The Do Right Band, Do Right Rhymes Songs Wacky Children's Songs, Vol. 1

The Do You Want to's, Better Stop

The Do You Want to's, Drunk Dial

The Doc Marshalls, Honest for Once

The Doc Marshalls, Look Out, Compadre

The Doc, The First Cut

The Dock Ellis Band, Bad Songs and Waltzes

The Dockers, 13 Lessons for Losers

The Docs, Ball and Chain

The Doctors and the Lawyers, EP

The Doctors Fox, Plural Non-Possessive

The Doctors Rocksters, It's All About You

The Dodge Convertibles, One Guitar Moon

The Dodo Fightback, Into The Wilderness

The Doeboyz, Stuntin Past Broke

The Dog Spankin Monkeys, DSM

The Dog's, Bitter Truth of Tonight

The Dog's, Cartoons in Blankets

The Dog's, U C Me Dream

The Dog's.., Light It On Fire

The Dog's.., You Want Life

The Dog-Size Raven, Live In Peace

the dogends, howbadjawonit

The Doggett Brothers, Azure Sky

The Doggett Brothers, Tokyo

The Doggett Brothers, Work it Out

The Dogon Duo, The Dogon Duo

The Dogs, Candy From a Smashed Pinata

The Dokteurs, Howling Lightly

The Dolans, Baudelaire

The Doll Sisters, Nick of Time / Carol of the Bells

The Doll Sisters, Off the Edge of the Earth

The Doll Sisters, Off the Edge of the Earth

The Doll Sisters, Simeon's Prayer

The Doll Sisters, The Road

The Doll Test, Mosque Alarm Clock

The Dollendorf Experience, Strange Days

The Dolly Mixxtures, Pieces of My Heart

The Dolmen -Taloch, Crow Dance

The Dolmen, Crabchurch Conspiracy

The Dolmen, Danny Boy

The Dolmen, Rebel Fairy Fling

The Dolmen, Storm

The Dolmen, Whispering Winds

The Dolmen, Wild Mountain Thyme

The Dolmen, Winter Solstice

The Dolmen, Wytchlord

The Domestik Municipal Choir of Ekaterinburg & Valery Kopanev, Pavel Chesnokov: Panikhida 2 (Orthodox Memorial Service)

The Domestik Municipal Choir of Ekaterinburg & Valery Kopanev, Sacred Orthodox Works By Pavel Chesnokov

The Dominant Males, Lunatic (feat. Mark Lancaster)

The Domino Effect, Mystery Muzik Tour

The Don Bradmans, Across the Drewson Sea

The Don Friedman Trio, Straight Ahead

The Don Giovannis, Old Country, New World

The Don Menza Quartet, Live at Capozzoli's

The Don of Division Street, Animals In Love

The Don of Division Street, L'Amourita

The Don't Tell Darlings, Salt for Salt

The Don't Tell Darlings, Sugar for Sugar

The Don'ts and Be Carefuls, Risk Assessment

The DoneFors, Award Winning Album

The Donefors, How to Have Sex With Canadians

The Donkey Voters, Congratulations On Becoming the Leader of Australia

The Donnelly 4, It's a Donnelly Christmas!

The Donuts & Nixon's Head, Pow! / Mod!

The Donuts, 5-4-5

The Donuts, City Girls (Summer Dresses) - Single

The Donuts, Jet Ear

The Doo Wops, The Doo Wops Studio Sessions

The Doodars, Downtown Newyorkers Ruin Everything

The Doodler, Mystery Tuning

The Doom Buggies, The Doom Buggies

The Doom Party, The Last Party

The Doomsday Device, Chicken Chow Mein Kamikaze Pilot

The Doomsday Device, In A Town Called Nowhere

The Doomsday Device, No You No Us No Perfect Circle

The Doomsday Device, Welcome To My World

The Doomsday Project, The Doomsday Project

The Doozer, Radio On

The Dope Ass Kats, Cautious Rocketeer

The Dope Fiends, Wanted : The Dope Fiends

The Dopeness, A Torridded Affair

The Dopies, The Dopies

The Doreens, All in Good Fun

The Dorff Family, Cool Water

The Dorian Rusher Group, The Art of the Groove

The Dorothies, Night Lights

The Dorothy Heralds, 100 Unnamed Things

The Dorothy Heralds, Projections

The Dorsets, Groove - EP

The Dose, Don`t Look Back

The Dose, I Don`t Know Why

The Dose, The Dose

The Dossetts, Mixed Bag

The Dossier, Strange Arrangements

The Dotsons, He's Still Saving Me

The Dotted Eyes, Double Negatives

The Double Digit Hours, Coma - EP

The Double ID, Salvaged - EP

The Double Truth, Unprethinkable

The Double Volume Band, Smoochin

The Doubleclicks, Chainmail and Cello

The Doubleclicks, Christmas Ain't About Me

The Doubleclicks, Dimetrodon

The Doubleclicks, Unstoppable Force

The Doug McFarland One, Trite and True

The Doug Perry Ensemble, Street Stories

The Doughboys, Is It Now?

The Doughboys, Jackie Kringle and The Elves, Let's Have A Rockin' Christmas - Single

The Doughboys, Kitten City

The Doughboys, Now and Then

The Doughboys, Rock N' Raw

The Doughboys, The Tears of a Clown

The Doughboys, Yo Yo

The Douglas Brothers, Stay Up All Night

The Douglas Brothers, The Possibilities of More

The Douglas Fir, When This Wears Off

The Douglas Firs, The Story So Far

The Douglas Firs, This Strange Embrace

The Dovecotes, Humdrum

The Doves, Day (One)

The Doves, Mirage

The Doves, Shut My Mouth

The Doves, Some More Than Others

The Doves, The Fine Line

The Doves, Why Did You Hurt Me?

The Doves, Wild and Strange

The Down Hill Strugglers, Home Recordings: Vol. 1

The Down Hill Strugglers, Show Me the Way to Go Home

The Down Home Blues Band, Ship It On the Frisco

The Down-Fi, America Now

The Downer Party, Ego-Driven Lust Creatures

The Downing Family, The Writing`s On The Wall

The Downriver Rat, Darkness Rising

The Downsetters, Rudolph Was a Rude Boy

The Downsetters, Skanga in Your Djanga!

The Downsetters, The Twilight Zone

The Downstrokes, Nightmare Town

The Downstrokes, Twist 'til Death

The Downtown County Band, The Downtown County Band

The Downwalls, Make Up Your Mind

The Doyle Brothers, Anything Everything

The Doyle Brothers, Coulda Shoulda Woulda

The Doyle Brothers, Ladies in the Know

The Doyle Brothers, Stole It With a Look

The Doyle Brothers, Synapse EP

The Doyle Brothers, Take Two

The Doyle Brothers, You Make Me

The DP3 Trio, D-3PO

The Dr. Izzy Band, Blind and Blues Bound

The Draft Kings, The Draft Kings

The Draft, The Draft

The Dragon Slayer, Spiritual Warfare

The Drakes, Darling Be Home Soon

The Drakes, Lucky

The Drama Dept, The Drama Dept

The Drama Summer, From Poets to Posterboys

The Dramends, Radio Song

The Drastics, 2009 Digital 7-inches, Vol. 1

The Drastics, Love Is War Digital 7-inch

The Drastics, Waiting

The Draw, Angels in the Snow

The Draw, Heart for a Heart

The Draw, Nerve of Steel EP

The Drawn, Ashes

The Drawn, In the Throes

The Drawn, Someotherwhere

The Drawn, Starcross'd Lovers

The Drawn, Unfound Door

The Dread Sky, The Dread Sky

The Dreadful Melodies, White Noise Maker

The Dreadful Melodies, White Noise Maker

The Dreadful Starlings, Murmurations

The Dreadnoughts, Legends Never Die

The Dream Brothers, Full Of Life Now- Love Songs Of Walt Whitman

The Dream Fighters, Flowers (This Too Will Pass)

The Dream Intended, Break-Up At The Movies

The Dream of Being, Light Through Leaves

The Dream Play, May This Life Create You

The Dream Songs Project, Mauro Giuliani: Songs for Voice and Guitar

The Dreamcatchers, Collingwood Tragic

The Dreamer's Brigade, Born in America

The Dreamers, Marat/Sade: Music from the Production

The Dreamers, The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

The Dreamkillers, What Child Is This?

The Dreamscapes Project, Focusing The Madness

The Dreamscapes Project, Pity In A Heartbeat

The Dreamscapes Project, There Are No Safe Words

The Dreamstalks, The Christmas Song (Santa's Not Real)

The Dreamwire, The Dreamwire

The Dredd, Impulse of Life

The Dregs, Are You Gonna Drink That?

The Drendas, Boy Trouble

The Dressed Frets, A Bed and a Blank Amp

The Dressed Frets, The Rock Obstacles

The Drew Davies Rhythm Combo, Ten Days Ten Nights

The Drews, Strategically Interrupted Silence

the drexlers, how to land

the drexlers, social honey

The Driftin' Suns, Seasons I: Spring

The Drifting, The Drifting

The Driftwood Players, Songs From Driftwood the Musical

The Driftwood Singers, I Don't Live Here Anymore

The Driftwood Singers, Look!

The Driftwood Singers, The Driftwood Singers

The Drip Dry Man and His One Man Beat Revolver, This Is Primitive

The Drip NYC, The Beauty of Static

The Drive-In, Galilee

The Drive-In, You Were Gone

The Driven, Drive It Like You Stole It

The Driving Rain, Storm EP

The Droids, The Droids

The Drongos, Small Miracles

The Drongos, The Drongos

The Droogs, Ehh...

The Drop Shadows, Mine to Ours

The Drop, Hey Bulldog

The Drop, I'm So Tired

The Drop, Lovely to See You

The Drop, So What

The Drop, Stay With Me

The Drop-Out Record, To All My Friends (The Wallmart* Album)

The Dropa Stone, The Dropa Stone E.P.

The Dropout, Monster Like Me (feat. Sc)

The Dropper's Neck, Second Coming

The Drops, Breadboy / Roxy

The Dropzines, Between Sheets and Walls

The Droves, Out Of Herself

The Drown, Platinum (Live @ Crash Mansion NYC)

The Drown, September (Live @ CBGBs)

The Drown, Vile Bodies

The Drowners, Cease To Be

The Drownies, The Rules of This Dumb Game (Live)

The Drowning Dreamers Band, The Drowning Dreamers Band

The Drownout, Paper Trails and Binds

The Drowsy Lads, Live At the Shamrock Club

The Drowsy Lads, Wide Awake

The Drug Fux, Suicide Cocktail - EP

The Drug Suburb Nettles, The Cutup Version

The Drugstore Cowboys, All Tooled Up

The Drugstore Cowboys, Dc3

The Drugstore Cowboys, Dc4decades

The Drugstore Cowboys, Shades

The Drumatics featuring Bobby Kay, Ground Floor Groove

The Drumatics, Lessons in Urban Living

The Drummin Cowboy, Win Or Lose, I'm Still a Fan

The Drums, Summertime!

The Drunken Monkeys, The Drunken Monkeys

The Drunx, Give the Masses Beer and Punk! Vol. II

The Dry Season, Sentient Planet

The Dry Town Drifters, The Dry Town Drifters

The Dryer 5, Resolution

The DSC, We Are The Drug Store Cowboys

The DTEASE, The Wall Street Prostitute EP

The Dualities, Ideas for Another Time

The Dub Syndrome, Offerings In Dub

The DuBay Band, Chronology

The DuBay Band, Movinon

The Dubay Band, Soular Fusion

The Dubious Brothers, Antiques - The Best Of The Dubious Brothers

The Dublicators, Alle 13 Goed

The Dubois', Flamingos Look Cool in the Snow

The Dubois', This Is A Recording

The Dubplates & Future Fambo, Good Evening (feat. Daddy Brady, Shawn Legree & Big Hair)

The Dubplates, Live inna Chailcetown

The Dubplates, Very Irie Christmas (feat. Daddy Brady, King Sing, Andy Masker & Big Hair)

The Dubsquad (Deviant and Cold Cody), We Be - Single

The Duchess, It`s My Time Now

The Duchess, Writings On the Wall

The Dudes Abide, Bounce Back

The Dudes Abide, Ins, Outs & What-Have-Yous

The Dudes of America, The Dudes of America Aren't Very Happy With the Way Things Are

The Dudes of Swing, Shake Your Bling

The Dudes, Barbers Thieves and Bartenders

The Dueling Fiddlers, H.I. (Hope & Inspiration) [Live from Carnegie Hall]

The Dueling Fiddlers, Rock Violin

The duet I, ...On the strings and organ

The Dufflefolks, Keep Safe Your Keepsakes

The Dugger Brothers, The Dugger Brothers

The Dugunder Brothers, Can You Dig ?

The Dujka Brothers, 25 Years Making Tracks

The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra, April's Empire

The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra, This Way Up

The Duke Robillard Jazz Trio, Wobble Walkin'

The Dukenfields, You Got It... Just One More Thing

The Dukes of Bevington, Deux

The Dukes of Cymru, Neighbourhood Girl

The Dukez, Give Me My Keys

The Dulcimates, The Green Man

The Dull-Eyed Llamas, If You Wanna Know...

The Dumb Easies, Love! Love! Love!

The Dumbartons, Sad (feat. Ali Poe)

The Dumbo Project, Panacea

The Duncan Fraser Big Band, Dealing in Wheeler

the duncan guy band, Lesbian Karaoke Night

The Dundies, O Come

The Dungarees, Ain't Through Being Happy Yet

The Dunlea-Garcia Duo, Music for Two Guitars

The Dunny Fellow, Friday Night

The Duplets, Leverage

The Duplets, Tree of Strings

The Duppies, Bad Guy

The Duppies, One Thousand Bullets

The Duppies, Throw One Punch

The Duprees, A Duprees Family Christmas

The Duprees, The Duprees Go to the Movies

The Durban, Lo Mismo Que Sentiste

The Durban, Ven Conmigo

The Durgas, Digging in the Fire

The Durocs, The Ranch Archives

The Dusk, Falling EP

The Duskwhales, Cutpurse

The Duskwhales, Martha, Martha

The Duskwhales, The Duskwhales

The Dust Bowl Band, When You Loved Me

The Dust Busters & John Cohen, Prohibition is a Failure

The Dust Busters, The Dust Busters

The Dust Revival Band, Dust Songs

The Dustbin Hoffmans, Dysfunctional

The Dustbowl Daddies, The Longest Day of the Year

The Dustbowl Revival, Carry Me Home

The Dustbowl Revival, Le Batailllon

The Dustbunnies, What Goes Around

The Dusty Buskers, The Life and Times Of...

The Dusty Meadows Band, Believe In Yourself

The Dusty Meadows Band, Tapes in the Addict

The Dusty Meadows Band, The Abominal Bad Seed and Spiritual Companion

The Dusty Smirl Band, Mine for the Mile

The Dustys, Sticky Blood

The Dustys, Sticky Blood

The Dutch Uncles, The Ghost of Everything

The DV Players, Carleton Varney Music With Style

The DV Players, Carleton Varney Music With Style

The Dying Elk Herd, Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!

The Dying Elk Herd, For Real This Time

The Dylan Emmet Band, One Day At A Time

The Dymaxions, How The Sick May Help Themselves

The Dynaflow`s, The Dynaflow`s

The Dynamic Queen City Aires, The Best of Deacon Herman Ellis and the Dynamic Queen City Aires

The Dynamite Pussy Club, Greasy Soul

The Dynamite Pussy Club, The Church of Yeah!

The Dynatones, The Power of Ten

The E Man, Jesus Take the Wheel: 'Cause I'm Trying to Text

The E-Leet, We On the Rise

The E-mics, Mass

The E.D.S., Natural Disaster

The E.Normus Trio, Love and Barbiturates

The E.R.R. Project, The E.R.R. Project

The Eager Beavers, Touched by an Uncle

The Eagle and Child, Untitled

The Eames Era, The Second E.P.

The Earl Sanders Jr. Band, Looking for a Reason

The Earl Sanders Jr. Band, Rhymes and Melodies

The Earl Sanders Jr. Band, The Earl Sanders Jr. Band

The Early Mays, The Early Mays

The Earlylight, The Earlylight

The Earth Turned Over, God of Men

The Earthlings, Earthlings Calling Earthlings

The Earthmen, College Heart

The East Enders, Echoes

The East-side Groove, Fermented

The East-Side Groove, Get Into The Groove

The Easthills, Death of a Salesman

The Easthills, World Class Prick

The Eastridge Band, Still

The Eastside Rebels, The Eastside Rebels

The Easy Brothers, Call to Arms

The Easy Brothers, ST

The Easy Leaves, The Easy Leaves

The Easy Mistakes, Renegades of Punk

The Easy Outs, Come On, Come On - Single

The Easy Tease, Bold Displays of Cowardice

The Easy Tigers, Breathe the Life of Strangers

The Easy-Offs, Life Is a Drone

The Eaters, Are You Ready?

The Ebonys, Christmas Is in the Air

The Echelons, Don`t Kiss Her Face

The Echo and the Sound, EP

The Echo Division, It Was All in Your Mind - EP

The Echo Era, Initium Novum

The Echo Falls, The Echo Falls

The Echo Park Project, El Viernes Social

The Echo Project, Philanthropissed

The Echo Room, Patience

The Echo, Dloc Redluohs

The Echoing Green, The Winter of Our Discontent

The Eclectic Beast Band, 55 Chevy

The Eclectic Beast Band, Beautiful Day

The Eclectic Beast Band, Kill House

The Eclectic Beast Band, Living the Music

The Eclectic, The Eclectic

The Eclipse Trio, The Frailty of Dreams

The Ecological Orchestra, Tones of Nature

The Ed Barrett Jazz Trio, Lunch With Millie

The Ed Teja Group, Downstairs in My Kitchen

The Eddies, Hold Fast

The Eddies, It's Christmas Time Again

The Eddies, Single 2010

The Edenites, Welcome to London

The Edison Project, October Chapters

The Edison Show, As Famous As We Want To Be

The EDISONS, Lost In The Dream

The Edward Ely Ensemble, So She Knows (Asi Que Ella Sabe)

The Effects of Cable Television, EP #001

The Eggplant Casino, Coping with Gravity

The Egyptians, Better Things

The Eight Fifteens, Lost Transmission

The Eisenhowers, Almost half-undressed

The Eisenhowers, Film Your Own Atrocities

The Ejector Seats, Say Sorry

The Ekklesia Band, Stories We Had Forgotten

The El Caminos, Final Phase

The El Caminos, The Trenches of Vaudeville

The El, Astoria Sound; A Sound Story

The Elastic Hoax, It Never Happened Anyway...

The Elastic Hoax, Turn On the Light

The Elated Sob Story, EP

The Elation Churn, The Benefits of Landscaping

The Elation Churn, The Underling in Isolation

The Elder Statesmen, Heal the Land

The Electracons, Ants In Yer Pants

The Electracons, Hand Buzzer

The Electric Blankets, Vehicles

The Electric Crawdads, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler - Single

The Electric Dog Allstars, The Electric Dog Allstars: Live At Blue Monday

The Electric Environment, The Electric Environment

The Electric Era, Sand Dunes (And Bird Song)

The Electric Era, Sand Dunes and Bird Song

The Electric Era, Too Many Damaged Heroes

The Electric Era, Traffic Cones

The Electric Farm, Six

The Electric Farm, The Electric Farm

The Electric Ghost Gypsies, Atomic Vision

The Electric Gypsy, Stay Free

The Electric Lungs, Simplified and Civilized

The Electric Panda, The Electric Panda

The Electric Primadonnas, Subconscious Overdrive

The Electric Primitives, EP's 2007 - 2009

The Electric Rag Band, If You Got Some

The Electric Reeds, Out of Control

The Electric Soul Filters, Turn the World Around

The Electric Sunkings, Edge of Time

The Electric Trains, Put the Track Back

The Electric Trunk, Hanging 10

The Electric Trunk, Solo

The Electrocarpathians, Cafe Bego

The Electrocult, Up to our Knees in Programmed Blood

The Electroliners, The Electroliners

The Electronic Dictionary, For Future Reference

The Electropathics, Batteries not Included

The Electrophonics, Catch That Swingtrain Live, The Moulin Blues 2007 Recordings

The Electrophonics, Feels Like A Million

The Electrophonics, Little A Lot

The Electrophonics, Talkin' About!

The Element Choir, at Rosedale United

The Element, Compounds- Light Side Dark

The Element, E-Motion

The Elements of Style, Take Care Always and Have a Night Ahead

The Elements of Style, The Elements of Style

The Elements, Ang Music Group Presents the Elements, Vol. 1

The Elephant Orchestra, The Elephant Sun

The Elephants, The Elephants

The Elevator Drops, Epidose 1

The Elevator Girls in Bondage Orchestra, Elevator Girls In Bondage (Original Soundtrack)

The Elgins Featuring Sharyn Ginyard and Rapper Damian, The "E" of Everything

The Elguanos, Jimmy Blue

The Eli Story, Average Man

The Eli Story, Eight Planes in Seven Days

The Eli Story, Hear Me

The Eli Story, New Love

The Eli Story, The Eli Story

The Elim Arrival, Rise Waters Rise

The Elim Project, The Elim Project

The Elittez, Oh Yeah (feat. Article)

The Elixirs, Long Gone

The Elizabeth Kill, 1809

The Elizabeth Kill, Building the Automaton

The Elizabeth Kill, Fix Me

The Elizabeth Kill, Loose Cannon

The Elizabeth Kill, Orion

The Elizabeth Kill, Skin

The Elizabeth Kill, Viral

The Elizans, The Elizans

The Elizans, You Lost Me

The Elliots & Camela Leierth, When Evil Happens

The Elliots, Blood Call

The Elliots, Love | Decay

The Eloquent Fish Ensemble, Jazz Meets Hōgaku

The Elsoms, Book of Poetry

The Elsoms, Book of Poetry - Single

The Elwood Band, Saturnalia - EP

The Emaculit 1, Life Experience, Pt. 2

The Emancipated, The Emancipated

The Emberlight, Don`t You Love It

The Emberlight, Sometimes

The Embers / The Ebony Angels, I`m Going To Antler You

The Embers, Collectable Embers

The Embers, I Love Christmas Music

The Embers, Let`s Have a Party

The Embers, Little Mama

The Embers, Lovey Dovey

The Embers, Mission

The Embry Record, The Embry Record

The Embryos, Athens: Atlanta Collection 1987-1991

The Emeralds with Jerry Tempesta, One Summer Night

The Emeralds, Talk About Love

The Emergence, Please Rise

The Emergency Broadcast Players, Only a Test

The Emergency, How Can You Move?

The Emergers, House of Dreams

The Emma Lee Project, Waiting for Javi

The Emma Moseley Band, Face South

The Emmaus Chamber Choir, Thy Kingdom Come

The Empire Associates, The Old Road

The Empire of William Henry Harrison, Setting the World On Fire

The Empire, Now Is Not the End

The Empty Frame, In a Nonthreatening Way

The Empty Handed Painters, Onlooker

The Empty Pockets, A Holiday Staycation

The Empty Pockets, Introducing the Empty Pockets

The En-kata Choir, Hope of the Maasai (Mautmaini Ya WaMaasai)

The En-kata Choir, Sauti Ya WaMaasai (The Sound of the Maasai)

The Enablers & Friends, Enabling Peace On Earth

The Enablers, A Big Pile of Sand

The Enclosures, The Enclosures

The Encounter, You Are God

The Encounters, Things That Aren't Real

The End Men, Odds & Ends

The End Times Spasm Band, High Wire Lover

The End, Shine On Me

The Endeavors, The Fine Art of Persuasion

The Enders, The Enders

The Endless Orchestra, The Nutcracker Suite

the Endless, Somniloquy

The Ends Of The Earth, The Ends Of The Earth

The Enemies, Smile (Single Version)

The Enemy Feathers, A Broken Tone

The Enemy Within, As Long As I Can Walk, I'll Step Out of Line

The Enemy Within, End of an Error

The Energy Commission, 10,000 Hours

The Energy Commission, Call of Duty Christmas

The Energy Commission, Consistently Inconsistent

The Energy Commission, Everything's Fair in Love and Warfare (Modern Warfare)

The Energy Commission, Modern Warfare 3 Some

The Energy Commission, Reach (Halo)

The Energy Commission, Time Is On My Side

The Engineer, Path of the Gaijin (Orignal Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The English Brothers, Cowboy's Night Before Christmas

The English, Havenville

The Enigmatic Foe, Black

The Enigmatic Foe, Daughters & Daggers

The Enigmatic Foe, Light from a Dying Star

The Enlightened Machine, The Enlightened Machine - EP

The Enright House, A Maze and Amazement

The Entertainers, Anthology 1980 - 2008

The Entranced, Nothing Wrong

The Entropic Brothers, This Means War

The Envy League, Sampler

The Enzymes, The Enzymes With the Active Ingredients

The Ephemeral Stringband & Tatiana Hargreaves, Land of Rest

The Ephemerals, Love Songs From The Feral Park

The Epic Prunes, Burgers

The Epidemic, Stuck in My Ways

The Epiphany Orchestra, - One -

The Epiphany Orchestra, Remixes

The Eqsounds, Blank Space (Altpop Instrumental Version)

The Er Brothers, Good Turns

The Erase-Hers, Love Feeling Worthless

The Erase-Hers, Out Of My Mind - EP

The Erebus Ensemble & Thomas Williams, In Quires Or Places Where They Sing

The Erebus Ensemble & Tom Williams, Live In Clifton

The Eric Doney Trio, And Why Not

The Eric Mintel Quartet, Ground-Breaker

The Eric Muhler Quartet, The Jury is Out

The Ericksons, Bring Me Home

The Ericksons, don't be scared, don't be alarmed

The Ericksons, The Wild

The Erik Daab Trio, The Erik Daab Trio

The Erin Hill Band, Don't Mean aThing

The Erin Hill Band, This Time

The Eskelunds, Snapshots

The Eskies, Fever

The Eskies, Jesus Don't Save Me

The Esoterics, Aeonia

The Esoterics, Barber: Samuel Barber's Collected Choral Works

The Esoterics, Haptadama

The Esoterics, Mandala

The Esoterics, Notturna

The Esoterics, Sirene

The Espionne, The Espionne

The Esplanade, The Light Show

The Essential Classical Music Collection, 50 Best Loved Classical, Patriotic, and Christmas Music Titles

The Essentials, Starbucks Queen

The Essentials, Stocking Stuffer

The Essentials, Sunny Day

The Essentials, The Esssentials

The Essex Winds, The Essex Winds

The Estate, Answers

The Estate, Questions

The Estate, Stay With Me

The Estate, Under the Weather

The Eternal Triangle, The Eternal Triangle

The Eternal, Beatnes7 (Theme to The Portable Podcast)

The Eternal, Burlesque (feat. Corey Mast)

The Ethers, Early Winter

The Etiquette, Highly Unstable

The Eugene Smiles Project, My American Radio

The European Ensemble Strings, Pops On Strings

The European Ensemble Strings, Rings & Strings

The Evan D. Williams Band, They Just Kept Finding Empty Bottles

The Evangelists, Groovy Groupie

The Evangelists, White Lines

The Evans Project, Autumn (Bobby Evans Presents)

The Evelyn Room, The Evelyn Room

The Evening Guests, Not in Kansas Anymore - EP

The Evening Rig, Is Doin` Stuff

The Evening Rig, Never Been`er

The Evening Watch, Shout Terpsichore

The Evening Watch, Theatre of War

The Event, Never Good Enough (Radio Edit)

The Event, See the Light

The Eventually Brothers, All Over the Map

The Evergreens, The Evergreens

The Everkings, The Everkings

The Evermore Effect, Alone

The Evermore Effect, Badass

The Evermore Effect, Life Is a Journey

The Evertronic, For Ever More

The Everyday Parade, The Everyday Parade

The Everydays, The Everydays

The Eves, Tides: I & II

The Evidence, Hands Harmony Circus

The Evil Pony's, Klof In Den Trok

The Evil Poor, Into the Light

The Evildoers, Pop Fantasy/Rock Empire

The Evolution of Hiphop (Evoh ), The New Life

The Evolution, 808 Drums

The Evolutionaries, The Shape of the Exterior

The Evolvers, Generate

The Ex, 2255

The Ex-Boogeymen & Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands, Only Darkness Holds the Power

The Ex-Girlfriends Club, Boo Hoo Hoo

The Exception & M.Carter, No Excuses

The Exceptional Gentlemen, State of Grace

The Exchange, It Ain't Over

The Exchange, Tell Me Your Story

The Exchange, The Earth Will Shake

The Exchange, The Exchange

The Excitatones, Sunny Beaches

The Exciting Sounds of Savo, Kingdom of Dumpling

The Excursions, Let's Hang

The Executives, Loose Lips

The Exeter Popes, Deep Sea Treachery

The Exeter Popes, Snow, Mountain, Geisha

The Exile Collection, No Excuses

The Exile of Elgin, Drink Up While You're Here

The Exiles, St. James' Park

The Exiles, Run Geordie Run

The Exits, The Exits

The Exits, The Exits

The Exosphere Project, Floating Above the Earth

The Exotic Ones, Boogeyman

The Exotic Ones, The Ballad of Bob Burns

The Expatriate Game, The Expatriate Game

The Expeditions Band, People Dragons - Reality

The Experience, The Experience

The Experimental Warrior, Visions: Mission Andromeda

The Experimentalist, Romanticism and I

The Exploding Lies, The Exploding Lies

The Exploding Voids, As It Comes

The Exploits, Start Today

The Explore and Learn Series, Addition, Multiplication, Phonics, The Solar System , States and Capitals

The Exposed Blues Duo, Bare

The Extreme Left Wing Liberals, Vote Democrat!

The Ezekiels, Sorry

The Ezra Beats, Tonic & Gin - EP

The F, Closer

The F-Holes, Angel In the Corner

The F3W, The F3W

The Fab Five Band, Ins. Cover Versions Vol. 2 `PLAY THE BEATLES`

The Fab Five Band, Play The Beatles - Instrumental Cover Versions

The Fab Four, The Ultimate Beatles Tribute in Concert - Vol.1

The Fab Rudies, Help Me

The Fabian Fernandez Band, I Welcome You!

The Fabulous Artisans, These Open Arms

The Fabulous Boogienauts, 12" Fully Funktional

The Fabulous Dee Harrell, (You're) Mean to Me

The Fabulous Dee Harrell, Detour Ahead

The Fabulous Dee Harrell, God Bless the Child

The Fabulous Dee Harrell, The Fabulous Dee Harrell Sings

The Fabulous Del Counts, Wonderlove

The Fabulous Entourage, I Smell Danger

The Fabulous Gabriel, Gabriel

The Fabulous Gabriel, Holiday Cheer

The Fabulous Graybeards, The Fabulous Graybeards

The Fabulous Harmonaires, ...Sing from Their Foolish Hearts

The Fabulous HighTops, Going Home

The Fabulous Louis Brothers, Hey

The Fabulous Nu-tones, The Fabulous Nu-Tones Reunion 2010

The Fabulous Rudies, Fallen World

The Fabulous Rudies, It's My Life

The Fabulous Rudies, Just a Girl

The Fabulous Rudies, Labor of Lust

The Fabulous Rudies, Lazy

The Fabulous Shades, The Fabulous Shades

The Fabulous Stroka Band, Compilation Disc

The Fabulous Stroka Band, Tingz Change

The Faceless Orchestra, The Faceless Orchestra

The Faceless Project, Lyrics & Melodies from My Dated Youth

The Faded Age, The Faded Age

The Faded, Breaking Free

The Faded, Scream

The Faded, Three Lost Days

The Fading Point, A Cappella, Vol. 1

The Fading Point, The Fading Point: EP II

The Fags, 5 Years Analverkehr

The Fags, They Suck Like Fucking Fuckers

The Faintest Whisper Is Deafening, The Faintest Whisper Is Deafening

The Fainting Generals, Employee of the Month for Life

The Fainting Generals, Everybody Drinks Kombucha in Hell

The Fair Family Singers, Fair Family Singers

The Fair Saints, Never Hear The End Of It

The Fair Trade, The Fair Trade

The Fair Weathered, Last Year

The Fairfax Street Choir, Train to Glory

The Fairview Union, Bona Fide

The Faith, Chain Of Flowers

The Faithful Servants, Faithful... Over a Few Things

The Faithful, Be Happy

The Faithful, Bearing Good Fruit

The Faithful, I Am Who I Am

The Faithful, Jamie Brown

The Faithful, Spirit , Spirit

The Faithful, This & That

The Faithful, X Marks the Spot

The Fake Boys, This Is Where Our Songs Live

The Falcon of Rock, The Falcon of Rock

The Falcons of Fine Dining, Appetizer

The Falcons of Fine Dining, Entree

The Falderals, Witness

The Fall Line, Original Sin

The Fall of Radio, The Fall of Radio

The Fall Tide, In Slumber

The Fallen Heroes, The Taste of the Chinstrap

The Fallen Idols, Fallen Idols

The Fallen, The Fallen

The Fallen, The Fallen

The Falling Birds, The Falling Birds (Demo)

The Falling Skybirds, Follow the Leader

The Fallmen, Life Is Pain

The Falls, You Are My Voice

The Familia, Not the Only One

The Familiar, All in White

The Family Church Worship, Lets Tell the World

The Family Compact, Uncensored Content

The Family Crest, The Village

The Family Dreams, The Family Dreams

The Family Flaw, Once More

The Family Party Song Singers, Age is Just a Number

The Family Party Song Singers, Another Year Done Gone

The Family Party Song Singers, Birthday Parties Are So Much Fun

The Family Party Song Singers, Birthday Party Fun Time

The Family Party Song Singers, Birthday Songs For Everybody!

The Family Party Song Singers, Cake, Candles and Songs

The Family Party Song Singers, Frosting On the Cake

The Family Party Song Singers, Happy Happy Fun Fun Fun!!!

The Family Party Song Singers, Happy Happy Happy Birthday

The Family Party Song Singers, Hey Kids, It's Birthday Party Time!

The Family Party Song Singers, How Old Are You Now?

The Family Party Song Singers, Let's Sing and Party

The Family Party Song Singers, Sing Sing Sing Sing!!

The Family Party Song Singers, Super Fun Birthday Songs

The Family Party Song Singers, The Super Fun Birthday Song Sensation!

The Family Piano, Lonely Hearts

The Family Piano, Lord I Know

The Family Piano, We're Together

The Family Tree, Oh, The Places You'll Go

The Famous-X, Deal With the Devil

The Fan, Theft Yuck Mess

The Fantastic 5, Dead by Easter

The Fantastic 5, The Revenge of Pancho Villa

The Fantastic 5, Ultrasonic-Explicit

The Fantastic Ooze, Razzle Dazzle

The Fantastic Plastics, Outsiders

The Fantastic Toes, The Fantastic Toes

The Fantasy Defender, Lick the Poison

The Fantasy Defender, Scars

The Fantasy Echoes, The Fantasy Echoes - EP

The Fantasy Four, Getting Fantastic With...

The Fantods, The Fantods

The Far Away Eyes, There's No Such Thing . . .

The Far Country, God Is For Us

The Far Country, Wrecking Ball EP

The Far Removed, What Makes Me Believe

The Farewell Audition, Best Kept Secrets

The Farewells, Easy

The Fargo Brothers, End to This Trouble

The Farley Flower Band, The Flower Song and Tree Song Album

The Farther Shore, Orangutans

The Fast Mothers, The Fast Mothers

The Fast Sails, Something Could Be On Its Way

The Fast Sails, The Wayside - EP

The Fastest Group Alive, Half Fast

The Fat Dukes of Fuck, Honey from the Lips of an Angel

The Fat Dukes of Fuck, You and Your Opinion

The Fat Oples, Just for You!

The Fat Sparrows, Fatalistic

The Fates, To End Is to Begin

The Father Figures, Lesson Number One

The Father Figures, Steps and Processes

The Father Teds, Paddy`s Day Parade - Ep

The Father`s House, All I`m Living For

The Faults, The Faults

The Faux Paus, Basement

The Fauxs, When It's Time

The Fawns, Smiling

The Fax Machine Situation, Breakfast At the Pagan House

The Faz, Fight

The Fcked Five, Va Boobscotch

The Feal, Coming Down

The Fearless, Gyrator

The Feathertops, Meet The Mooks

The Feats of Strength, The Feats of Strength

The February March, City Of Glass

The Federal Hillbillies, Whiskey to Wine

The Federation, Hardcore Styles For Street Rap Preservation

The Fedora Club, A Gypsy Jazz Christmas

The Feebs, My Christmas Disappointments

The Feed, Alpha EP

The Feel Goods, Ostentatious Things in Places

The Feel!, Welcome to Antioch

The Feel, A Digital Release #1

The Feelgoods, Remember the Jam

The Feelgoods, Soap Box Rhymes

The Feeling Friends, The Feeling Friends

The Feeling Machine, The Feeling Machine

The Fehrs, It's Gonna Be Good Day

The Feldons, Goody Hallett and Other Stories

The Feline Dream, Hell and High Water

The Fellas, Wishbone

The Fellow Americans, Debut, No. 3

The Fellow Man, Love Hurts

The Fellow Traveller, Fountayne Blues

The Fellows, The Fellows - EP

The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch, To Know Your Name

The Fells, A Moral There Must Surely Be

The Felons, At Sea

The Felt Hat String Band, A Swinging Christmas

The Felt Hat String Band, Live At Jeffrey's Cafe

The Female Brothers, Do You Really Love Me?

The Female Brothers, Mr Consolidator

The Female Brothers, Nomenclature

The Female Jazz Art, Auf Nach Spitzbergen!

The Female Jazz Art, Moods

The Femme Medea, Brave

The Fenian Sons, 617

The Fens, Schwag or Nothing

The Fenwicks, Begging For the Bullet - Single

The Fenwicks, Member of No Tribe (Acoustic Duo Version)

The Fenwicks, Sleep Tight - Single

The Ferns, Seven

The Ferocious Ladoos, My Love

The Ferocious Ladoos, Undone

The Ferrymen, Ol Suas! - Celtic Sessions

The Ferrymen, The Ferrymen

The Fertilizers, Social Songs

The Festival, Revealed

The Festive Years, Don't Let Me Use You

The Fetishionados, Pantyhose

The Fever Cadence, Behind Closed Eyes (Acoustic)

The Fever Dreams, Tregan of Polycorns

The Few, Love & Whiskey

The Fezz, Era 3

The Fezz, Era 4

The Fezz, Era 6

The Fezz, Era 7

The Fezz, Era 8

The Fezz, Fezz III

The Fezz, Nibiru 2012

The Fezz, Tea Party

The Fezz, The Fezz

The Fezz, The Misses

The Fezz, You`re a Gambler

The Fiasco, P.S.

The Fibs, Showtime

The Fiddle Chicks, Two Little Fish

The Fiddleheads, Goodbye L.A.

The Fiddlesticks, The Fiddlesticks

The Field Auxiliary, Bed Riddance to Rad Garbage - EP

The Field Auxiliary, Calamity City (Quantum Tantrum Version)

The Field Auxiliary, Metaworry - EP

The Field Auxiliary, Nomenclature Fever

The Field Auxiliary, The Mass Ordinary or Don't Come Unwound Windwaker

The Field Mice, Field Mice

The Field Recorders, Creep Back

The Field Recorders, Love Triangle

The Field Recordings, The Elastic Nostalgia

The Field Recordings, The Field Recordings

The Fieldtrippers, Golden Ratio

The Fiend, The Brutal Truth

The Fiendz, Cole

The Fiendz, Commit to Memory

The Fiendz, Dreams

The Fiendz, Redemption

The Fiendz, Wact

The Fifes and Drums of the Fort McHenry Guard, O'er the Ramparts: War of 1812 Fife and Drum Music

The Fifth Estate, It's Not Right

The Fifth Fire, Generation I

The Fifth Service, Room to Breathe

The Figbeats, Reactor Beach!

The Figgs, Other Planes of Here

The Figgs, The Figgs Anthology: 1000 People Grinning

The Figgs, The Man Who Fights Himself

The Fight Night, 9:45pm-Style Points Single

The Fight Night, Last Night...

The Fight Night, Wanna Fight About It?

The Fighting Jamesons, Every Day Above Ground

The Fighting Jamesons, The Fighting Jamesons

The Figments, Where You Go

The Figs, Drew Landry & The Pine Leaf Boys, Bayou Roots

The Figs, What Keeps Me Up At Night

The Figurados, Lesson Two

The Fillers, The Fillers

The Film Dailies, Songs From Alive In Denver

The Film Dailies, Staring Up at Giants Again

The Filmographers, Cinch Marks

The Filmographers, Wild Sound

The Filthy McNastys, Last Stand

The Filthy Souls, Now I'm Gone (EP)

The Filthy Souls, Save Me - Ep

The Filthy Tongues, Crewcut

The Final Edition, The Vinyl Edition (Satire with Teeth)

The Final Escape, Don't Shout

The Final Escape, The Final Escape

The Final Phase, Dreams

The FInal, Music from the movie "The Final"

The Findells, Ecu Boneyard

The Findells, Lost In Paradise

The Fine Tuners, Ceilidh Kitchen Party

The FINE, Come One Come All

The Fine-Tuners, Anchors Aweigh

The Finger Puppets, Hearing Things

The Finks, Valley Girl

The Fire and I, Exiled

The Fire and I, Stampede Finale

The Fire Apes, A Life in Letters

The Fire Brothers, I Know It Was the Blood

The Fire Brothers, If I Had Wings

The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem, The World from the Back Seat

The Fire Thieves, Back to Stereo

The Fire Tonight, How Could Anyone Do This?!

The Fire Tonight, No One Is Fine

The Fire Violets, The Fire Violets

The Fireants, It's Hot (About 3 Weeks a Year)

The Firebird 4000 Project, Trinidad, Vol. 1

The Firebird Suite, The Matador

The Firebombing, Soul. Punk. Union.

The Firegod, A Light

The Firegod, Fever

The Firegod, Let's Ride

The Firegod, Now That She Is Gone

The Firegod, So Its Come to This

The Fireman's Daughter, Road To Tennessee

The Firemen, Ass Dance

The Fires Of, The Fires Of

The Fires Of, The Noise Around the Mean

The First Corinthians, I Am Trying to Eat Your Heart Out

The First Corinthians, We Will Live in Truth

The First Fleet, Clean

The First Ladies, How To Make Old Friends Instantly

The First Lady, Nobody There

The First Part, The First Part

The First Stone, Also That

The First Street Heat, Say What You Wanna Say

The First Times, The First Times

The Fishermen Band, Someday

The Fishermen Band, Vision

The Fishermen, Volumes III and IV

The Fishing Party, Death Row

The Fisticuffs, Neatly Stumblin`

The Fitted Shirt, Hibernation

The Fitzpatrick Incident, A Partisan Effort

The Five and Dimers, Quarter of a Tank

The Five Jacks, California Lite

The Five Jacks, Topanga Days

The Five O'Clock Band, In the Hands of the Maker

The Five Points Band, Family

The Fix Brothers, The Fix Brothers

The Fix, Fix Somebody (Boys Night Out)

The Fix, If I Knew Magic

The Fix, Isang Panaginip

The Fix, What I Gotta Do

The Fixators, Colourblind

The Fixators, Wide Awake

The Fixers, Common Ground

The Fizzies, Contest Popularity

The FKP Project, Pop the Trumpet

The FL Love Song Warriors, Florida Girls are Smokin' Hot, Yo!

The Flag, Unchained

The Flailing Inhalers, Go Heart Yourself

The Flame, Dance With the Flame - Single

The Flamethrowers, Singed

The Flamin' Skulls, Zombie Janitor

The Flamingos', The Christmas Song (feat. Terry Johnson)

The Flamingos, Diamond Anniversary Tour 2013

The Flanks, Field Days

The Flash Gordons, Chemical Diaries

The Flash Gordons, True Lies

The Flash Mob, Common Thread

The Flatland Zingers, The Flatland Zingers

The Flats, Tell Me Something Else

The Flatworms, Rudolph the Reindeer (Sh*t On My Lawn)

The Flavors of New Orleans, The Flavors of New Orleans

The Flea Marketeers, The Flea Marketeers

The Fleas, Every Cloud

The Fledgelings, No Ghosts

The Fledgelings, Strange and Cold

The Fleeting Ends, Can't Say No - Single

The Fleeting Ends, Goldmine In the Gutter - EP

The Fleeting Ends, Our Eyes Are Peeled

The Fleeting Ends, Revival Single

The Fleeting Ends, The Fleeting Ends

The Flemming Fold, If Dreams There Be

The Flesh Hammers, Bullseye

The Flesh, Eternity

The Fleshtones, Solid Gold Sound

The Fletchers, Lights Out Loud

The Fletchers, Reset the Dial

The Flexcats, Fresh

The Flicker Effect, Be Yourself and See What Happens

The Flight Brigade, Help is on The Way!

The Flight Station, Escaping Ourselves EP

The Flight to Light, Fact in Fiction

The Flim-Flams, The Flim-Flams

The Flints, Shutting Down Airports

The Floating Opera Orchestra, American Desert Disco

The Floating Opera Orchestra, Cabiria

The Floating Opera Orchestra, Ginseng: a Soundtrack

The Floating Opera Orchestra, Rosemary Elephant

The Floating Opera Orchestra, The Higgs Boson Bump (Quantum Pop & Lock)

The Flood, Straight and True

The Flood., Something in the Way

The Florestan Duo, Stefan Kartman & Jeannie Yu, Beethoven: The Complete Works for Cello and Piano

The Flow, All Things Flow

The Flow, No Guarantees

The Flow, Spring Wind

The Flowbots, Bring Love

The Flower Singer, Bird Cage

The Flowered Gnomes, The Flowered Gnomes

The Flowing, Garden of England

The Flowtronics, 49th Equation

The Floyd Harvey Robinson Project, Another World

The Flu, It's Been Going Around

The Flumes, Swell

The Fluorescent, Diamonds & Glass

The Fluorescent, The Ocean

The Flushing House Band, The Flushing House Band

The Flutter and Wow, Urban Prairie

The Flutterbies, First Rain of October

The, Janie Jones

The, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Flyin' A's, 'Til They Shut It Down

The Flying Bulgars, Sweet Return

The Flying Change, Pain Is A Reliable Signal

The Flying Dogs of Jupiter, In Cecilia's Garden

The Flying Dogs of Jupiter, So Blue We Just Have Ta Boogie - The EP

The Flying Dutchmen Band, The Other Side

The Flying Electric Candy Stand, but it's Christmas...

The Flying Rashid Brothers, We're a Bunch of Little Elves

The Flying Surgeons, Poor Timothy and His Imaginary Whale

The Flytraps, He's Been Around

The Flytraps, Mystery

The Foamboy Deluxe Arkestra, Go Ahead And Call The Cops. You Don`t Meet Nice Girls In Coffee Shops

The Foggy Few, Four Songs From Hell

The Foggy Few, Hoist Me / Banging On the Gate

The Foggy Notions, Sussed

The Foghorn Stringband, Devil in the Seat

The Foghorns, Lullaby

The Folger Consort, A Medieval Tapestry: Instrumental and Vocal Music from the 12th through 14th Centuries

The Folger Consort, Divisions on an Ayre, Lute Songs and Instrumental Music circa 1600

The Folk Today Project, The Reason for Living

The Folka Dots, E.P.

The Folks Below, The Folks Below

The Follow, From the Clouds Came A Lion (Single Mix)

The Follow, K

The Follow, Mixtures - The Remixes

The Followers, Secret Handshake

The Followers, The Followers

The Folly, Rediscover

The Fonda / Stevens Group, Trio +2

The Fonda Stevens Group, Memphis

The Fonda/Stevens Group, Live from Brugge

The Fontaines, 1984

The Fontaines, Cate Blanchett

The Fontaines, Charlotte Fontaine

The Fontaines, Dustin Hoffman

The Fontaines, Dusty Springfield

The Fontaines, Paul Newman

The Fontaines, Santiago Skyline

The Fontaines, The Fontaines EP

The Fontaines, Velvet

The Fontanelles, Init

The Food Banks, We Hate the Tories

The Fookin Bastards, Strawberry Curls

The Fool, Circus

The Fool, Crazy Frogs Around the World

The Fool, Go Motherfucker

The Fool, Salamander

The Fools, 10

The Footage, The Summit Of Mount Everest Is Marine Limestone

The Footy Freaks, When the Saints Come Marching In (Acapella) [feat. Judd Field & Yuri Worontschak]

The Forbidden 5, The Forbidden 5 Chop You Up!

The Force, Complete

The Fore, I Think You're Pretty - Single

The Fore, Run and Hide

The Foreign Films, Distant Star (Double Album)

The Foreign Films, Fire from Spark

The Foreign, The Name of Jesus Ep

The Forestry, The Forestry EP

The Forge Mountain Diggers, The Forge Mountain Diggers

The Forgiven Trio, We Exalt You Lord

The Forgiveness Band, Glory Be to God

The Forgiveness Band, Glory be To God (Instrumental Version)

The Forgiveness Band, The Cross (feat. Glenn Fudge & Mark Rakes)

The Forgotten 45's, Smooth Operator

The Forgotten Children, Far From Reality

The Forgotten One, Out There Bad

The Fork and Note Ensemble, Space

The Formal Age, 1923-2319

The Formalist Quartet, 100 Cadences

The Forty Nineteens, Spin It

The Forty-Eight, Radio Symmetry

The Forty-Eight, White Christmas

The Fortytwo, Heart On The Road

The Fossil Youth, Empty Handed, Heavy Hearted

The Fosters, Black, White and Blues

The Found, Ascend the Breaking Day

The Foundation Of, On Opposite Ends of the Mountain

The Founders, All You Can Do is Burn

The Four Bitchin' Babes, Mid Life Vices

The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse, Intuitions

The Four O'clocks, Lonely (Digital)

The Four O'clocks, Yellow Baby

The Four Postmen, 5-Pak: Vol. 2

The Four Roses, Goodbye! We're the Four Roses

The Four Skins, Hell of a Night

The Four Step Choir, Pietro Sinigaglia and Gloria Clemente, A Forza Di Essere Vento - 17 Canzoni Dedicate Ad Un Poeta

The Fource, Calling (feat. Carlos Villalobos)

The Fourtet, November Sessions (feat. David Jeffrey, Christopher Gamper, Brendan Buss & Casey Cameron)

The Fourth and King, Collision

The Fourth Contrast, Jane

The Fourth Contrast, Merry Xmas

The Fourth House, The Only Way Out

The Fourth Wall, Elevator Music

The Fourth Wall, Motion and Rest

The Fourth, IV

The Fox & The Hounds, The Fox & The Hounds

The Fox and the Hunter, I'm Dancing Backwards

The Fox Hunt, America`s Working So We Don`t Have To

The Foxglove Hunt, Stop Heartbeat

The Foxy Foxes, Milwaukee`s Only Hitmakers EP

The Foyer, Anticipatory Momentum

The Foyer, Let It Go (Revised)

The Fractals, Miss Kensington

The Fractals, Party On to Me

The Fractals, Sakes Alive

The Fragmented & Complete, The Fragmented & Complete - EP

The Fragments, Stone Boat

The Fragments, The Fragments

The Fraidies, Try Again

The Franchize, Six Vs Six Billion

The Francois', Can't Breathe Without You!

The Frandino Ruggers, Return

The Frank Dibussolo Group, Songs to Write Home About

The Frank Dicker Band, Dreaming My Life Away

The Frank Dicker Band, Hey Girl

The Frank Kohl Quartet, Reform

The Frank Mustard Project, Future Music

The Frank Mustard Project, Jelly Butter

The Frank Wilkins Trio, Steppin' Out (Live at Scullers)

The Franklin Girls, Liberty

The Franklin Girls, Places to Go

The Franklins, The Franklins

The Franklins, You

The Franks, Crying Shame

The Franz Family, Sorrow and Wisdom

The Franzistor, Galattico Robotico

The Fraser Gartshore Trio, Swing, Stride & Boogie

The Fraser MacPherson Trio, Live at the Planetarium

The Frat, The Plague

The Freaks Are Here, The Freaks Are Here

The Fred and Susie Show, Sing With Fred and Susie

The Fred Buda Quintet, It's About Time

The Fred Elias Ensemble, Elegant Music for Belly Dance, Vol. 2

The Fred Elias Ensemble, Elegant Music for Belly Dance, Vol. 3

The Fred Elias Ensemble, Elegant Music for Belly Dance, Vol. 4

The Fred Hughes Trio, In the Mist

The Fred Knapp Trio, More Happy Jazz

The Fred Woodard Trio, Arrival!!

The Freddie Long Band, Shotgun With The Devil

The Freddie Long Band, Strangers and Friends

The Free Raisins, Out of the Box

The Free Whiskey String Band, Tales From the Jug

The Free Whiskey String Band, The Free Whiskey String Band

The Free, Cogs in the Kill Machine

The Freedom Riders Band, From Memphis to Miami

The Freefall, Hang Ten Jack

The Freefall, Why

The Freelife Project, Changes(featuring Judith Hill)

The Freemason, Blood & Wine

The Freezone, Live at Bradford Beach 2008

The Freight Hoppers, Mile Marker

The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band, Klezmer at the Confluence

The French 8083, Is This Bravery?

The French 8083, The Model

The French Horn, Transit Time

The French Kings, Callas

The French Pop Dream, Eurostar, The Musical

The French Pop Dream, Now Would Be a Good Time

The French Prisons, Ramona Lisa

The French Semester, Forces Afield

The French Semester, Good Friends Only I Could See

The French Touch- NZ, Paris-Auckland

The French, Grunt It Out

The French, Nowhere Fast

The Frenge, Fire `Em All

The Freq, You

The Fresh, The Self Titled Debut Album

The Freshman, Sophomore's Dream

The Fret Notz, Notz Fast Enough

The Fretless, The Fretless

The Fretless, Waterbound

The Freys, Here Inner Silence

The Fridays, En El Fin Del Mundo

The Fried Greenz, Christmas Means Jesus (feat. Allen Goff, Jim Green, and Rick Huffman)

The Fried Greenz, One More Summer Day

The Fried Greenz, The Dance of Life

The Fried Greenz, The Fried Greenz

The Friel Brothers, Evergreen Christmas

The Friend, New Berlin Wall

The Friend, Sports - EP

The Friend, This Hour

The Friendly Beasts, Helpless Child

The Friendly Confines, Remember When

The Friendly Man, Signals From Above

The Friesens, Endless Jams

The Friesland Community Men's Chorus, Amazing Grace-The Sweetest Song I Know

The Friggs, Today is Tomorrow`s Yesterday

The Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken, Girl Guides Stole My Grifter

The Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken, Man, Car, Plane

The Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken, Something Always Goes Wrong

The Frighteners, Get Out

The Friskys, Lovely

The Froghollow Band, Days Like These

The Frolics, Bombastic!

The Frolics, Sun Sets

The Front Group, Tunes From The Kitchen

The Front Porch Country Band, Here We Go Again

The Front Porch Country Band, The Christmas Album - Christmas Once Upon A Time

The Fros, The Fros

The Frozen Gringos, Chill Before Use

The Fruitful Earth, The Fruitful Earth

The Fuckies, Fuck It We're Doing It

The Fucking Eagles, A Million Dollars Worth of Music

The Fucking Eagles, Midnight Sour

The Fuel Line, Ashes 2 Ashes

The Fugitives, Sanskara

The Fuglees, F-Bomb

The Fuglees, Go Apesh*t

The Fuglees, Indiana

The Fulcos, Meet the Fulcos

The Full Tank, Since You Been Gone

The Fun MusicMan, Early Ears Live!

The Fun Police, Dumpster Diving

The Fun Police, You Better Run

The Function, Vessels

The Funk Factor & Forte, Classic Detroit Style R&B, Vol. 2 - Singles

The Funk Factory, Snafu

The Funk!, Te Levo ao Céu (feat. MC Sherman & Tchey-Z)

The Funkin Art Souls, We Are...

The FunKrazy Band, Delusional

The Funky Farmer, Sowing the Seed

The Funky Mamas, Pickin' in the Garden

The Funky United, Fivehead

The Funny Valentines, Artaban Days

The Funtime Brigade, Just a Whittle Bit

The Funx, Louder

The Furies, But First

The Furies, Lorena Bobbitt (Lives Inside)

The Furies, The Furies

The Furies, Throat

The Furious 1 Mr Styles, Golden Tickets (Trojan Magnum) [feat. Cory Eaux]

The Furious Haze, Bring Me Up

The Furious Haze, I Remember You

The Furious Seasons, Thank You for Saturday

The Furiousity, All the Rage

The Furors, Completely Furious

The Furors, Ecce Furors

The Furors, Ready Set Furors

The Furors, The Known World

The Furr, The Furr is Murder

The Furrows, August

The Furrows, The Furrows

The Fuse, Black Lion

The Fuse, Different Life EP

The Fuse, Hello

The Fuse, Reload

The Fuse, Runners EP

The Futiles, The Futiles

The Future Capital, Honour Among Thieves

The Future Capital, Little Part of You

The Future Kings of Nowhere, The Future Kings of Nowhere

The Future Laureates, Here and After

The Future Laureates, Rethink the Recession

The Future Laureates, Your Mom Would Like Us

The Future of Color, White Lodge Black Lodge

The Future Strikes, Secondary

The Future Strikes, The Future Strikes

The Future, Grow Young

The Future, Is Now

The Future, The Future Presents the Grape Album

The Futurenows, Stateless State of Mind

The Futures League, The Futures League - EP

The Fuze, Morris and Me

The Fuzz Puppet, As You Can See

The Fuzzrites, Baby Cakes

The Fuzzy Navels, Another Christmas

The Fuzzy Nerds, Killer 13

The G W Pitches, G W Pitches 2013-2014

The G Xperience, I'm Moving On (feat. Alicia Tennant)

The G-man, Don't Give Up

The G-Man, Sounds of the G-Man - EP

The G-Men, New! Improved!

The G..., Armor of God

The G.I. Joe Christmas Show, The Baby in the Bulb

The Gabrieli Brass Ensemble, A Brass Christmas at the National Shrine of The Little Flower

The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour, The Best of the Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour, Vol. 1

The GAG Quartet, le Internet Medley

The Gala Band, Little Revelations

The Gallantiers, Red In Tooth & Claw

The Gallery Choir, Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Toronto, Healey Willan: Missa Brevis X; The Reproaches; Mass XII

The Gallery Church, First Fruits

The Gallery Players of Niagara, Transformation

The Gallinippers, Carve That Possum

The GallopAway Music Company, Good Morning San Juan

The GallopAway Music Company, San Juan Chickens

The Gallow Swings, A Dark Wind Howls

The Galloways, The Times of Our Lives

The Galoots, Ham Days

The Gambling Badgers, Dance

The Gambling Badgers, Kings

The Gambling Badgers, Kings

The Gambling District, Persistency

The Ganges River Band, Self Titled

The Gangsta Players, Da Luv of Money

The Gant Project, It's a Long Way to the Top (But I'm Nearly There)

The Gant Project, Nothing On the Never List

The Garden District, Black Tie Affair

The Garden District, The Truth in You

The Garden Party, Pointed at the Sky

The Garrison Forest School Chamber Choir, A Jubilant Song

The Garry Gust M-Combo, Jazz Variations of Chopin

The Garry Gust M-Combo, Jazz Variations of Mozart

The Garth Alper Trio, Deflection

The Garuud Effekt, The Garuud Effekt

The Gary Kendall Band, This Sacred Ground

The Gas Men, Clement Street

The Gasoline Gypsies, The Gasoline Gypsies

The Gate, Vomit Dreams

The Gated Community, Power to My Friends

The Gatefolds, Overleaf / Gloryhunter

The Gateway Ringers, A Time To Rejoice

The Gathering of Artists, Enter the Mystery

The Gathering, Desert Fairy Princess - Single

The Gathering, Justice - by Abdu Salim

The Gatlin, Kingz & Queenz

The Gatling Gun Revival, The Gatling Gun Revival

The Gattery Brothers, Tha Chronicles of Maul and Mash

The Gavin Lakin Group, Parallel Dreams

The Gazebo, (T)here

The Gazebo, Demo

The Gazetteers, We Are Here

The Gazettiers, So Lost

The Gearians, Hide and Seek

The Ged Trio, +1

The Geek, Chains

The Geert Wilders, His Lamb - EP

The Geese, Small Boat

The Geezinslaws, I Wish I Had A Job To Shove

The Geezinslaws, Randolf the Brown Nose Reindeer

The Geezinslaws, World Tour

The Gefroh Brothers, This Dream

The Gekkos, The Gekkos

The Gemini Projekt, Experiment 17

The Gemini, Back

The Gemini, One of A Kind

The Gemini, The Man

The Gemini, Tremble

The Geminiac, The Geminiac

The Gene Pond, My Epoch-oh-Lipstick

The Gene Pond, Primordial Spawn

The General Da Jamaican Boy, 23 Hours On It

The General Guinness Band, Rocky Road to Dublin

The Generals, Keep Your Light On

The Generals, The Generals

The Generations Band, Tough Guys

The Generic Brand, Clark County Welcomes You

The Generic Tribe, In Guns We Trust

the generic tribe, runaway jesus

The Genre Benders, Budget Crisis

The Gentlemen Gypsies, Daffodils And Other Yellow Things (EP)

The Gentlemen of St John's College, Cambridge, A Gentle Christmas

The Gentlemen of St John's College, Cambridge, Mix Well

The Gentlemen of St John`s College, Cambridge, Gently Does It

The Gentlemen's Agreement, Apocalypse Town

The Gentlemen, Departures

The Gentlemen, Stick To Your Guns

The Gentlemen, This Is Where - Single

The George Miller Band, I'll go Isaiah 6

The George Oakley Group, Blowing Covers

The George W. Bush Cover Band, Hits From The Oval Ranch

The Georgetown Chimes, Three Stripes

The Georgetown Orbits, Super Sonic

The Georgetown Orbits, The Georgetown Orbits

The Georgetown Orbits, Third Rock Steady

The German Art Students, 79 Ad

The German Art Students, The Power and the Trust

The German Art Students, Time Machine

The German Projekt, German Songs from the 20`s and 30`s

The Gerry Beaudoin Trio, Ode to a Summer's Night

The Gery Girls, Rockin' The Garden

The Get Down, Are You Down

The Get Rights, Maggie's Wild and Crazy Nights

The Get, Escape the Scorn

the Get-Rites, Pedal Steel Heaven

The Get-Rites, Tin Roof Sky

The Getaway Car, Maps

The Getaway Drivers, Signs

The Getaway Mile, A Place Called Home

The Getaway, "Everybody Wants Fame EP"

The Getaway, Set the Night On Fire

The Gglitch, Scenes From The Good Life

The Ghetto Penguins, Green Hits

The Ghost Fleet, Embers

The Ghost of Arthur James, Small Target

The Ghost of Paul Revere, North

The Ghost Remains, The Ghost Remains

The Ghost, Wanted Dead and Alive

The Ghost-Town, Work! Ants!

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Scroogeology

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, The Glories of Christmas Past

The Ghosts Project, 06.30.06

The Ghosts Project, Flaming Golden Boar

The Ghosts Windy Town Artists, This Is Your Spooky Scary Halloween Soundtrack

The Giannini Brass, Summertime

The Gibbons, Exuber-Ray

The Gibbons, More Than Air

The Gibsons, Brink of Eternity

The Gibsons, Runnin' Outta Time

The Gibsons, Shine The Light

The Gibsons, Sing For The Lord

The Gibsons, Southern Rock Revival

The Giddyup Jesus, The Giddyup Jesus

The Gift of Christmas Players, Billy the Christmas Pig

The Gift of Christmas Players, Dashing Through the Stores

The Gift of Christmas Players, The Turkey Song (I've Been Invited for Christmas) [Remix]

The Gifted Apes, World Robot Domination

The Gifted Children, Always Stay Sweet

The Gifted Children, Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter Boxed Set

The Gifted Children, Christmas Spirits

The Gifted Children, Christmas, Volume 5

The Gifted Children, My Museum Pieces

The Gifted Children, Please Freeze Me

The Gifted Children, The Commonwealth Squelch

The Gifted Losers, Ice Ice Hockey 2009

The Gifted, Break (I Can't Take This Anymore)

The Giggle Gang, Giggle and Wiggle

The Giggle Gang, Monkey Movers

The Gigis, Peace

The Gil Travis Band, Southern Superhero

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Northwest Louisiana, Sweethearts

The Gilded Bats, The Gilded Bats

The Gilded Lilies, The Gilded Lilies, Vol. One

The Giles Adams Gospel Orchestra, The Wondrous Cross

The Gill Aharon Trio, Chapter 1: The Swamp

The Gillian Grannum Project, Perfect Peace

The Gilligans, As Seen On TV

The Gilligans, My Name Is Willy

The Gilligans, Snoring With An Accent

The Gills, Forget What You See...

The Gimps, EP

The Gimps, Nothing New For Trash Like You

The Gingahbread Man, Bread Make`n 101

The Ginge, Continental Anyone?

the Ginger Lees, only you, mostly me.

The Ginger UPs, The Ginger UPs

The Giordano's, Devotion

The Giraffes, Prime Motivator

The Giraffes, Ruled

The Giranimals, giranimals' second

The Girl Choir of South Florida, Carols and Lullabies

The Girls Against Abuse, Girls Against Abuse (In Boots)

The Girls, Akimbo

The Girls, Barely Know Your Name

The Give Take, The Give Take

The Given & Bobby Rex, The Given Music With Bobby Rex

The Glam, Other Side

The Glamma Rays, Listen to the Birds

The Glamorus Youth, EP

The Glass Cavalry, Five

The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson

The Glass City All-Stars, It Takes One to Know One

The Glass Notes, As The Building Crumbles

The Glass Notes, Dust & Hours

The Glass Plastiks, Time To Exist

The Glass Plastiks, Transit Plaza

The Glass Set, First Image

The Glasses, Dirty Glasses

The Glasses, Love Is Queer

The Glasses, Staring from Behind

The Glasses, Story Problems

The Gleasons, Counting Sheep

The Glenn Mohr Chorale, A Star Still Shines: The Christmas Album

The Glenn Mohr Chorale, Blessed Hope: Songs of Advent

The Glenn Mohr Chorale, City On the Hill

The Glenn Mohr Chorale, Hymns You Know, Songs You Love

The Glenrustles, Brood

The Glickman Ensemble, The Enchanted Bassoon

The Glimmer Stars, Divine and Enshrined

The Glimmer Stars, Lay the Real Thing On Me

The Glimmer Stars, Prettiest One

The Glimpses, What a Day May Bring

The Glo, It's the Glo

The Globeaters, Eye of the Storm

The Globeaters, Salt Lake City

The Globes, The Globes EP

The Globs, Hit You With Your Own Fantastic

The Globs, The Sound and The Fury

The Glombies, Aberzombie & Bitch

The Glorious Basterds, My Own Show

The Glorious Ninth, Shapes and Sizes

The Glory Boys, The Glory Boys

The Glory Gospel Singers, God Is Love

The Glowflies, Birth Of The Glowfly

The Glowstones, The Endermen Are Teleporting (Minecraft Parody of Down Under)

The Gnomi Hendrix Experience, Gnomies World

The Gns Band, The Avocado in the Pawnshop

The Go Set, Rising

The Go Wows, Gimme Some Fun

The Go Wows, The Go Wows

The Go-Katz, Maniac

The Go-Katz, Real Gone Katz

The Go-Sheilas, The EP

The Goaround, Restating the Question

The Goat Family, All We Need

The Gobers, Now & Then -

The Gobers, Still Moving

The Goblin Market, Beyond Far Gondal's Foreign Sky

The God Damns, Thriller

The God Star Social, This Is Our Time To Be Alive

The Goddamns, Wisco Disco

The Goddessey Project, Emergence See

The Godshills, March

The Godz, Last Rites

The Gold & Embassy, The Gold & Embassy

The Gold Magnolias, Sail On Glamdog

The Gold Magnolias, The Gold Magnolias

The Gold Medalists, The City Lights Us on Fire

The Gold State, Whole Wide Whole

The Gold Web, The Gold Web

The Goldblooms, Barrelfire

The Golden Age of Radio, Grow

The Golden Brain, Marroia Atzapar

The Golden Bubbles, A Good Time Was Had By All

The Golden Bubbles, Seventy-Two

The Golden Bubbles, The Last Disco Band in America: Part 1

The Golden Butter Band, Aren't We All

The Golden Butter Band, In a Minute

The Golden Country, Lust and Larceny

The Golden Fang, Nothing Matters

The Golden Greys, Hold Up the Vanguard

The Golden Motors, The Golden Motors

The Golden Nuggets, Christmas Is Coming

The Golden Nuggets, Desire

The Golden Nuggets, Get Up Blues

The Golden Nuggets, Train to Anywhere

The Golden Pastime, 2005 Demo

The Golden Path, The Golden Path

The Golden Rule Band, Golden Rule (feat. Howard Leese) [feat. Howard Leese]

The Golden Rule, The Golden Rule EP

The Golden Seals, Stay Golden

The Golden Seals, Storybook Endings

The Golden Sounds, A Song for Each of Us and an Extra for You

The Golden Sounds, Lo-Fi Sounds for a Hi-Fi Heart

The Golden Sounds, The Bipolar Bear Sessions 1

The Golden Sounds, The Fireflies Were Right

The Golden Sounds, Waiting On the Birds

The Golden Sounds, We Are the Golden Sounds

The Golden Sounds, Wings or Horns: The Astronaut Prophecies

The Golden Ticket Boy, Deflected Negativity

The Goldenlord, Body

The Goldenlord, Evol

The Goldilocks Enigma, All for Nothing

The Goldilocks Enigma, Babylon Is Fallen

The Goldilocks Enigma, Breathe Me New Life

The Goldilocks Enigma, Concrete Jesus

The Goldilocks Enigma, Cut 'n' Dry

The Goldilocks Enigma, Elohim

The Goldilocks Enigma, Enemies of Love

The Goldilocks Enigma, From Belief to Follow

The Goldilocks Enigma, How Dare You

The Goldilocks Enigma, Ocean

The Goldilocks Enigma, Standfast and Hold

The Goldilocks Enigma, Thus Saith the Lord

The Goldilocks Zone, Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Just Right

The Gomers, Gomerica

The Gone, Down Down Below

The Gone, Real Gone

The Goners, The Goners Band EP

The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet, Simplicated

The Goobz, Num Nums for Deadsies

The Gooch Palms, Novo's

The Good Die Young, The Good Die Young

The Good Doctor, Himself, Volume 1: It Begins Where It Ends...

The Good Evil, Love Ate My Brain - Single

The Good Eye Band, The Good Eye Band

The Good Fiction, Blue Sky Money

The Good Fiction, It`s OK to try

The Good Fight, This Is My Nightmare

The Good Hurt, 2 Point Oh!

The Good Hurt, Drongomala, Sinik and Tree

The Good Hurt, You Are Here

The Good in Everyone, The Good in Everyone

The Good Intentions, Join Hands

The Good Intentions, Poor Boy

The Good Intentions, Someone Else's Time

The Good Intentions, Travelling Companion

The Good Johnsons, Christmas Is for Anyone

The Good Listeners, Ojai

The Good Luck Foundation, Oceans Apart

The Good Luck Joes, The Good Luck Joes

The Good Luck Joes, Two Drifters EP

The Good Medicine Band, Trick of the Light

The Good Names Are Taken, The Good Names Are Taken

The Good Ol' Goats, The Train

The Good Pennyworths, Love Lust Longing Loss - an Elizabethan Romp

The Good Rain, Some Other Plan

The Good Scissors, Falling In the Dark - Single

The Good Scissors, Fandangled - EP

The Good Scissors, Yourownaroma

The Good Side, Walk on the Moon

The Good Things, Side 1

The Good, The Bad & Bart, Fly With Me

The Goodbars, The Goodbars

The Goodbye Radio, The Year We Didn't Have

The Goodbye Sound, Summer Demo 2008

The Goodfight, Snapshots

The Goodines, I Will Give You Glory

The Goodnight Fields, Hang On

The Goodnight Fields, Sincerely, Yours

The Goodnight Process, The Way Things Are

The Goodnight, Christmas in California

The Goods, 5 Steps to Getting Signed

The Goods, Mint

The Goodtime Engineers, Patience of the Saints

The Goodtimes, The Goodtimes

The Goodwins, Reflections

The Goose, Yes or No

The Gordons, Carolina - Single

The Gordons, Like You

The Gorgeous Geeks, Do the Mario (feat. BLT)

The Gorilla Press, The Gorilla Press

The Gorskys, Licence to Fish

The Gospel Persuaders, Living for Christ

The Gospel Project, On the Outside

The Gospel Soul Trains & Brotherly Love, God Not Please With That

The Gospel, The Gospel

The Gospelation 5, The Gospelation 5: All Eyes On the Cross

The Gothees, Meet the Gothees

The Gougers, A Long Day for the Weathervane

The Governor Fitzys, Texticle

The Gr8 Shakes, Formerly Great

The Grabs, Political Disco

The Grace Project, The Big Love!

the Grace Worship Band, A Simple Sound

The Graduates, The Bigger Picture

The Gramophone Allstars, Simbiosi

The Gramophones, 45 Blues

The Gramophones, No One Believes You When You Lie

The Grand Finale, Ghost Chapter

The Grand Finale, Split

The Grand Mal Consortium, ...and the night will walk a dead one once again

The Grand Ole Uproar, Good Long Spell

The Grand Skeem, The Grand Skeem

The Grand St. Stompers, Christmas Stomp

The Grandaughters, Amber

The Grandaughters, EP

The Grandaughters, Wooden Floors

The Grande Bois, Apocalypse 2012

The Grandtours, The Grandtours

The Granny Whites, The Granny Whites

The Grape & The Grain, Better Keep Digging

The Grapes, Western Sun

The Grass Gypsys, Lessons From Eden

The Grass is Greener, Farewell, Hello

The Grass Skirts, The Tropidelic Sounds of

The Grass, Report All Ghosts

The Grasshoppers, The Grasshoppers

The Grassroot King, Slither in the Weeds

The Gratitude, Looking in looking out

The Gratitude, The Gratitude (Feat. Bob Bailey, Martin Møller, Dan Rasmussen, Morten Friis, Tine Rehling, Poul Høxbro, & Aage Tanggaard)

The Gratitude, The Sweetest Name

The Grave Jinglers, Don't Waste My Time

The Grave Jinglers, Reign of the West

The Grave Lobby, Singing Pines

the graveblankets, Error Avenue

The Graves of Fairmount, Calendars and Casualties EP

The Graves, The Graves

The Gravesiders, Graveside Manor

The Gravetones, On The Edge of Madness

The Graveyard Boulevard, Rock Scars

The Gravitons, Institutionalism

The Gravitons, Redetermination

The Gravity, The Gravity

The Gravy Boys, Crackerjack Whistle

The Gravy Boys, Dust Bowl Lover

The Grease Traps, Street Sweeper/Burning Bush

The Great Affairs, Dream in Stereo

The Great American Novel, :(

The Great American Novel, Tree - EP

The Great American Robber Barons, Reno Nevada and Other Songs of Gambling, Vice and Betrayal

The Great Bandini, The Great Bandini

The Great Barrier Reefs, Finding Time

The Great Barrier Reefs, Live In Middle Tennessee

The Great Chernesky, Spilled Brews & Busted Stools

The Great Collision, Fine

The Great Collision, Running in Circles

The Great Commission, Prepare For Glory

The Great Crusades, Who's Afraid of Being Lonely?

The Great Disruption, Oxytocin

The Great Divide, Yesterday Road Live

The Great Fools, Behind The Plastic

The Great Hookup, In The Realm Of

The Great Mistake, Wave To the Astronaut

The Great One, 2ndTwoNone

The Great Outdoors, Fall

The Great Outdoors, Food, Booze, and Entertainment

The Great Outdoors, Spring

The Great Outdoors, Summer

The Great Outdoors, Winter

The Great Physician, Overture

The Great Randino, Beginning of My Future

The Great Reversal, Prodigal's Return

The Great Reversal, The Least of These

The Great Romance, Creator

The Great Romance, Our Hearts

The Great Romance, Still Small Voice

The Great Romance, The Great Romance 5 song - EP

The Great Scott, Fire In His Soul

The Great Secret, Ssshh!

The Great Shark Hunt, Equestrian American

The Great Socio, Free Tongues

The Great Socio, The Lioness (The Diamond Tips)

The Great Tribulation, The Flood Brought The Fire

The Great Um, What the People Want

The Great Weather Song Person, Meteorology Music for You to Like

The Great Whiskey Project, Skeletons (Single Mix)

The Great Whiskey Project, There Will Be Music When We're Dead

The Great White Buffalo, Canyon Walls

The Great White Cracker Brown, Hey! It's Cracker Brown and His Magical 4-Track

The Great Wild Stars, Tits and Explosions

The Greatcoats, Find Someone Else

The Greatcoats, The Greatcoats

The Greater Allen Cathedral Of New York, Judah: Live In Concert

The Greater Allen Cathedral Of New York, Worship At The Cathedral

The Greater Refuge Ministries Choir, Bless the Lord... Live

The Greater the Risk, Self-Titled - EP

The Greater U Street Jazz Collective, Ballin' the Jack

The Greatest Beats On Earth, The Hottest Hip Hop Rap Instrumentals On The Internet Vol. 4

The Greatest Bits, 8-Bit Nes Top 50, Vol. 2

The Greatest Bits, 8-Bit NES Top 50, Vol. 3

The Greatest Bits, Bangarang (8-Bit Tribute to Skrillex)

The Greatest Bits, Donkey Kong Country

The Greatest Bits, Duck Tales: Classics

The Greatest Bits, Final Fantasy 7

The Greatest Bits, Mega Man 2

The Greatest Bits, Mega Man 3

The Greatest Bits, Moonwalker 2: 8-Bit Tribute to Michael Jackson

The Greatest Bits, Moonwalker: 8-Bit Tribute to Michael Jackson

The Greatest Bits, Pokemon Red & Blue Game Boy Classics

The Greatest Bits, Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Classics

The Greatest Bits, Sonic the Hedgehog Classics

The Greatest Bits, Sweden (From "Minecraft")

The Greatest Funeral Ever, High Moon Cold Night

The Greatest of These, (2007)

The Greatest of These, Zeroth Law

The Greatest Touchdown Ever Scored, TGTES

The Greek Tycoons, Greek Tycoons Live

The Greek Tycoons, The Greek Tycoons

The Green And Yellow Tv, As Performed By...

The Green Bay & Milwaukee Sports Band, Packers and Brewers Songs

The Green Boys, Oh Delia

The Green Boys, The Green Boys

The Green Brilliance, Dolls and Future Days

The Green Brilliance, Lost Angels

The Green Brothers, Enjoy the Spirit of Detroit - Single

The Green Eyed Machine, The Green Eyed Machine

The Green Flem Band, Gorilla Arms

The Green Jacket, Drop the Dime

The Green Line Cafe, Songs On The Green Line

The Green Raver, Party World

The Green Rovers, Legend

the Green, Emancipation

The Green, Rise

The Green, White Bear Balloon

The Greenbeans, The Greenbeans

The Greenery Academy, Foolery

The Greenes, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

The Greenes, Legacy

The Greenes, Sweet Freedom

The Greenes, The First Christmas Tree

The Greenes, We Need America Again

The Greenes, We Need America Again

The Greenleafs, A Light We Cannot Hide

The Greensleeves, As You Please

The Greenwood Singers & Robert de Frece, Randall Thompson: Ode to the Virginian Voyage/Frostiana

The Greff Band, The Greff Band

The Greg Hopkins Quintet + One, Reality Check

The Greg Lowery Band, Promotional CD

The Greg Morrison Band, The Greg Morrison Band

The Greg Peterson Quartet, Greg, Greg, Greg, and Greg

The Greg Snyder Trio, In the State of Nature

The Grenaders, Between You and Summer

The Gretchens, Cover Your Ears

The Grey Academy, In Stride

The Grey Bloods, The Man in Black Remembered

The Grey Legends, Captured By an Angel

the grey line, Afford the Sunlight

The Grey Picker, Eight and Forty

The Grey Picker, Namaste

The Grey Wharf, Valley of Wolves

The Grey's, Wrong Highway

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