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Lady CiCi, Songs from the Heart

Lady D, A New Day

Lady K and The Kings of Swing, Live at BlackHawk

Lady P, Review to Cole Porter

Lady P, Swingin` Christmas Time

Lady P, Ten Years On the Block

Lafayette Harris Jr., Christmastime Is Here

Lai-Si, Two Worlds One Sound

Lala Deaton, Christmas in the Air

Lala Deaton, Dear Mrs. Claus

Lalo Galván, Zero Convencional

Lalo, Half Moon

Lambs Sacrifice, The Past Is Passed

Lament, Sun Soaked

Lament, This Ain`t Rio

Lamont Arthur, The Kaiju Chronicles (Episode One)

Lana Enslin, My Own Shadow

Lana Perry and Nathan Lum Ho, Spirit Of The Soul

Lana Stamen, What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?

Lana, Make Me Feel so Good

Lance Bryant, Count It All Joy

Lance Ellis, Just Curious

Lance Ellis, Thinking Of You

Lance James, Friends And Strangers

Land of Atlantis, Ready For Takeoff

Landon Knoblock, Listening Between

Landon Torbett, Feelin' Good

Lane Stowe, Have Groove, Will Travel

Lanier, I Can't Get Enough

Lanny Sherwin Jazz Project, Songs to Paint By

Lao Tizer, Diversify

Lao Tizer, Golden Soul

Lapis Luna, Snowbound

Lara Biondo, Giostre

Lara Biondo, Lacrime di fate

Lara Jai, Unlock the Mystery

Lara Solnicki, Whose Shadow?

Lara Tupper, Lara Tupper

Larisa Migachyov, A Dream Come True

Larisa Migachyov, A Heap of Rags (100% Pure Rag Content)

Larisa Migachyov, Oh, That Ragtime Chick!

Larisa Montanaro, A New Era

Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe, The Shakti Sessions

Larissa Tormey, Enchanted Night

Laron, Laron / Part II

Larra Skye, World Disappears

Larry Ayres, She Had the Cutest Ankles

Larry Baskett, Chalice

Larry Baskett, Poor Boy Blue

Larry Baskett, Wait `Till Spring

Larry Corban & The Aperturistic Trio, The Corbanator

Larry Coryell, Montgomery

Larry Davis, Steadfast

Larry Dickinson, Cool Sounds

Larry Disalvi, magic lady

Larry Elgart, Let My People Swing

Larry Garlington, Crossing Jordan

Larry Gillespie, Contour

Larry Hall, New Day

Larry Janacek, Desert Dreams

Larry John McNally, The Chet Baker Suite

Larry Johnson, I'm Just Sayin'

Larry King, You're Daddy's Christmas Girl - Single

Larry Klimas, The Ledge

Larry Lagerberg, Daydreams

Larry Lagerberg, On Devil's Lake

Larry Lehmann, Forty Years of Lar's Guitar Passion

Larry Lehmann, Jazzman

Larry Lehmann, L-5 Jazz, Solo Guitar

Larry Lehmann, Pro Player

Larry McKenna, Larry McKenna From All Sides

Larry Morgan, Drifting Through Time

Larry Newcomb Quartet, Live Intentionally!

Larry Randall, NIght

Larry Rauch & Mark Kershner, Home Away from Home

Larry Reedy, Chasing the Flash

Larry Rhymes, In The Pocket

Larry Steen, First Move

Larry Stephens, Little Town Shuffle

Larry Stephens, Offering

Larry Stephens, Run like Crazy

Larry W. White, Classic Hymns II With A Touch of Jazz

Larry Washington, Exploring the Wonders of the Holidays

Larry Washington, Spiritual Conversations

Larry White, Urban Dreams

Larry Williams The LAQT, Arising

Larrybass, Rainforest Go-Go

LaRue Nickelson, Labyrinthitis

Las Manos, Streets of Zanzibar

Lashaj, Up Against the Wall

Lasse Ehn, Sound of Polarity

Lasse Lindgren, Right On Time

Lasse Tvedegaard Group, Fingers Crossed

Lasse Tvedegaard Group, Heartland

Late's Brutal Mono, Live At the Tampere Jazz Happening

Latin Sampling, Secrets

Latitude Experience, Latitude Experience

LaTonya Peoples, The Best of LaTonya Peoples

Latrese Bush, The Best EP

Latrice McGlothin, A Breath of Fresh Air

Laughing Statues, Love: This Whirlwind

Laura Ainsworth, Keep It To Yourself

Laura Ainsworth, Necessary Evil

Laura Airaksinen, Ilman Suuntia

Laura Austin Wiley, They Say It's Wonderful

Laura Botsford, Wishing Wall

Laura Butler, Crushing Blue Cupcakes

Laura Caviani, Angels We Haven't Heard

Laura Caviani, Going There

Laura Coyle, Laura Coyle

Laura Crema, Almost Blue

Laura Crema, Fotografia

Laura Crema, Spring Is Here

Laura Dickinson, One for My Baby (To Frank Sinatra With Love)

Laura Dorais, Here's to Life

Laura Dreyer, Free Flying Bird

Laura Ellis, Femme Fatale

Laura Ellis, Here Lies Love

Laura Evans, My Song to You Is Love

Laura Freeman, Something Cool

Laura Grill, Steve Boudreau & Brad Barrett, Laura Grill / Steve Boudreau / Brad Barrett

Laura Harrison, Now....Here

Laura Hull & Her Jazz Gems, Supper Club - Live!

Laura Hull, Here I Go Again

Laura Hull, Take Me Home

Laura Karst, Little Did I Dream

Laura Landsberg, A Simple Twist

Laura Marks, 57 Minutes

Laura Martinoli, Najate

Laura May, Orgasmic Lullaby

Laura Pursell, It Had To Be Swing

Laura Ridgeway, Laura and the Livewires

Laura Tate, I Must Be Dreaming

Laura Taylor and Joe Lano, Cry Me A River

Laura Taylor and Joe Lano, Songs of the Winter Season

Laura Taylor, CandP Condoli, Red Holloway, Joe Lano, Jack Sheldon, Mountain Greenery

Laura Taylor, Have Mercer On Me

Laura Taylor, Steve Kuhn, Eddie Gomez and Lewis Nash, My Funny Valentine-Memories of Chet Baker

Laura Theodore, Tonight`s the Night (Digital Version)

Laura Tyree, Christmas With a Twist

Laura Underwood, Tell the World I Said So

Laura Wiley Quartet, Close Your Eyes

Laura Wolfe, ...Also Dances (A Tribute to the Great Dancers of Film)

Laura Wolfe, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Laura Zakian, Just One Of Those Things

Laura Zakian, Songs for Modern Lovers

Laure Donnat 5, Straight Ahead

Lauren Barnett, Sweet `N Hot

Lauren Eisenreich & Christopher Rudzinskas, Aspire

Lauren Henderson, Lauren Henderson

Lauren Hooker, All for You / My Heart and Soul

Lauren Hooker, Right Where I Belong

Lauren Meccia, Mike Frost & Donald Vega, Inside Your Eyes

Lauren Shaughnessy, How Little We Know

Lauren Shub, Dream Dancing

Lauren Shub, Dream Dancing

Lauren White, Experiment

Laurence Elder, Surrounded

Laurent Gerard, Laurent Gerard: Image In

Laurie Antonioli, American Dreams

Laurie Bordonaro, A Jazz Songbook

Laurie Bordonaro, The Fine Line

Laurie Dameron, I Can't Wait to See You Again

Laurie Dameron, looking through the blue

Laurie Miller, Inanna`s Dream

Laury Shelley, Pieces of Dreams

Lavelle, I'm Still Here

LaVelle, Soul Piano - Volume 1

LaVelle, Soul Piano - Volume 3

Lavenia Nesmith, Introducing Lavenia Nesmith

Lawless Percussion & Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Behind Bars

lawrence barris, lawrence barris

Lawrence Barris, Love On Me

Lawrence E. Munoz, The Journey Begins

Lawrence E. Munoz, The Journey Begins (Remix)

Lawrence Olds Quartet, A Second Chance

Lawrence Overshown, Patterns of Excellence

Layla Angulo, Mientras...

Lazarus Wolf, Good News Never Comes Knocking - Single

LaZoo, a tear in the fabric

Lazyflames & Shjazz, Slowcookin'

Lè-Triò, The Journey


LC Wells, Paralysis Through Analysis

Le E Brooks, Christmas Joy

Le Zhang, When Will the Moon Be Clear and Bright

Leah Kline, This Precious Life

Leah Natale, Swing Easy

Leah Suárez, Found Freedom

Leah Tussing & Chris Hyde, The Flat Hat Sessions: Christmas Is Here

Leah Tussing & Chris Hyde, The Flat Hat Sessions: Take One

Leah Williams, Opus I: Love is...

Leah Williams, Run On

Leah Williams, Spend My Life

Lean Left, Live At Area Sismica

Lean Left, Live At Cafe Oto

Lean-To, Malarchitecture

Leana Sealy, Undecided

Leann Albrecht, The Greatest Gift

Learn Jazz Standards, What's Goin' On

Leata Galloway, Tenderly

Lee Hartley, Whole Lotta Somethin'

Lee Hogans, The Vibe Orientation

Lee Oskar, The Best of Lee Oskar Vol. 1

Lee Press-on and the Nails, El Bando En Fuego!

Lee Pulliam & Kevin Barnett, Christmas Times Two

Lee Russo, Trading Off

Lee Shanel, Lee Shanel

Lee Shaw Trio, Originals

Lee Shaw, Little Friend

Lee Siegel, Where's the Orchestra

Lee Smith's Hi-Larks, Simply Beautiful

Lee Smith, My Kind of Blues

Lee Starnes, Full Circle

Lee Stewart, Mood Indigo

Lee Venters, Vermillion Sands

Lee Weaver, Go With the Flow

Lee Wiley & Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra, A Touch of the Blues

Lee Wiley, A Touch of the Blues

Lefteris Mikalis, Jazz Cocktails

Legacy, Deep Thought

Leigh Barker & The New Sheiks, Australiana

Leigh Barker & The New Sheiks, The Sales Tax

Leigh Barker, Flow Like Wine

Leigh Barker, The 2004 Sessions

Leigh Wyckoff, Emerald Mountain

Leigh Wyckoff, Moonlight Cafe

Leigh Wyckoff, Spanish Dreams

Leighton Kennedy, My Heart

Leila, I'll Be Home for Christmas (feat. Funkeeboy)

Lekan Agbeniyi, Grace

Lekan Shobiyi, Far From Home

Leland Alexander, Clearwater

Leland Alexander, Full Bloom

Leland Alexander, Leland Plays Guitar Dot Com

Leland Alexander, Phat Meat Is Greazzie

Leland Alexander, Under The Radar

Lele Mico', Il sole sull' onda di un pianoforte

Lemuria, Lemuria

Len Guardino, Red Planet Mars, Sign of Aries - Single

Lena Seikaly, Looking Back

Lena Seikaly, Lovely Changes

Lena Seikaly, Written in the Stars

Lenelle Moïse, The Expatriate Amplification Project

Lenny Carlson, Echolocation: Six Movements for String Quartet

Lenny Carlson, Seat of the Pants

Lenny Keys, Diamonds and Emeralds

Lenny Marcus, In the Middle of the Night

Lenny Marcus, Jazz Time

Lenny Marcus, Twilight Moods

Lenny Robinson, Songs I Like To Play

Lenny Sendersky, FRESH

Lenora Zenzalai Helm, Chronicles of a Butterfly

Lenora Zenzalai Helm, I Love Myself When I'm Laughing

Lenora Zenzalai Helm, I Love Myself When I'm Laughing

Lenora Zenzalai Helm, Voice Paintings

Lenore Raphael, A Beautiful Friendship

Lenore Troia, Symptoms of Love

Leo Cólera, Todasascasas

Leo Chelyapov & Alfredo Cáceres, Enjoy

Leo D'Angelo, After the Sunset

Leo Dale, Midas

Leo Dale, Shade

Leo Finn, Tales From the Mud Room

Leo Hall, Thinking of You

Leo Johnson, It`s About Time

Leo Vigil Band, Diversity

Leon "Foster" Thomas, What You Don't Know

Leon Ayers Jr, Here We Go

Leon Ayers Jr, Island Dance

Leon Edwards, La Grace

Leon Jazzman Hardman, Better Dayz

Leon Pressley, A Love Forevermore

Leon Pressley, Let's Fly Away

Leon Redbone, Flying By

Leon Salem, Stand Up Triple

Leon The Jazzman, It`s All Good

Leon Ware and Don Grusin, Candlelight

Leon Williams-Dave Prieto, Tonight...Live At Bruno`s

Leon, My Soul Speaks

Leonard Brothers, As Time Goes By

Leonard Shaw, Living Room

Leonardo E. M. Cioglia, Contos

Leonid Levin, Ballroom,s Dream:Songs by Leonid Levin for Violin Jazz Quartet

Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio, Another Side Now

Leora Cashe, My Heart Stood Still

Leppinski 3, Home

Leroy Jones & Katja Toivola, Leroy Jones & Katja Toivola

Leroy Jones, Back To My Roots

Leroy Jones, Soft Shoe

Leroy Jones, Sweeter Than A Summer Breeze

Les Blachut and The Jampoles, The Music Of Les Blachut

Les Daniels, Kizuna (The Bond)

Les Fish, Les Fish and the Latin Jazz Cats

Les Fish, Other Spaces

Les Fra¨res Guissa¨ and Paul Van Kemenade Quintet Plus, Fouta

Les Hooper, Out of the Woods

Les Ingénues, standard edge

Les Sabler, Jobim Tribute

Lesentu, Lesentu

Leslie Beukelman, Here I Am

Leslie Bridges, Classic Rags Piano Solos, Vol. 1

Leslie Bridges, Classic Rags Piano Solos, Vol. 2

Leslie Bridges, Classic Rags Piano Solos, Vol. 3

Leslie Bridges, Classic Rags Piano Solos, Vol. 4

Leslie Bridges, Classic Rags Piano Solos, Vol. 5

Leslie Bridges, Classic Rags Piano Solos, Vol. 6

Leslie Hall, Afterthought

Leslie Hyland Rodgers, Just Smile

Leslie Johnson, Bass&beyond

Leslie Johnson, The Leslie Johnson Project

Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen, Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen in New York

Leslie Lewis, Keeper Of The Flame

Leslie Lewis, Midnight Sun (feat. The Gerard Hagen Trio)

Leslie Maclean Trio, That`s Time Enough

Leslie Muradian, Swing 4 Sale

Leslie Odom Jr., Cheer Up Charlie

Leslie Odom Jr., Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Pintchik, So Glad To Be Here

Leslie Simons, Lovers and Fools Revisited

Leslie Spring, Leslie Spring Sings and Swings

Leslie Stevens, My Years in the Outback, Vol. 1: Naked Meditations

Leslie Uggams, Uptown Downtown

Lester Estelle Sr., Seasons

Lesu B, St. Thomas Nights

Letters from Home, Thanks for the Memories

Lev Polyakin, Christmas Kaleidoscope

Lev Polyakin, Russian Blue

Lev Polyakin, The Other Side of the Road

Levi Burkle Music, Live

Levi French, A Room Somewhere

Levitate, Live

Levity, Afternoon Delights

Levon Malkhasyan, Malkhas

Levone, Southern Soul

Lew and Mary Green`s Ragtime Evolution Quartet, Ragtime Evolution Quartet

Lew Del Gatto, Heroes

Lew Del Gatto, In the Middle of a Kiss

Lew Grant, Breathe Easy

Lew Tabackin, Rites of Pan

Lew Woodall Quartet, 2nd Time Around (feat. Hod O'Brien)

Lew Woodall, Simply Cooking (feat. Hod O'Brien, Tod Harbeck & Joel Lubliner)

Lewis and Klark, Lewis and Klark

Lewis Hutcheson, Soundtrack for Wandering Minds

Lewis Hutcheson, Space and Time

Lia Invernizzi, Piera Quirico, Silvia Cucchi, Claudia Natili & Barbara D'Alessio, Nu-Drop

Liam Furey, Liquid Freeway

Liane S, Whatever Happens

Libby McDowell, Watch What Happens

Libby York, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

Licks & Brains, Driving Home (The Christmas Album)

Lida, Boulevard Del Amor

Life in a Blender, We Already Have Birds That Sing

Lifetime Visions Orchestra, Vision Festival 2002

Lil Greenwood and David Amram, Back To My Roots

Lila Ammons, The Nearness of You

Lila, The Blue Violin

Lili Layton, Demo Sessions Plus Two

Lilian Terry and Francesco Crosara, Emotions

Lillian Palmer, Like a Lover

Lilly Abreu, Brasileira

Lily Alunan, After Hours

Limited Edition Big Band, Inc., For Love of the Music

Lin Arison Band, Over the Years

Lin McPhillips, My Shining Hour

Lina Doran, Almeria

Lina Ericson & Andy Fite, Oh, The Pain of It All!

Lincoln Briney, Lincoln Briney's Party

Linda Bianchi, Linda Bianchi

Linda Calise, La Vie

Linda Calise, La Vie My Life

Linda Ciofalo, Dancing With Johnny

Linda Ciofalo, Sun Set

Linda Ciofalo, Take The High Road

Linda Dagnello, Written in the Stars

Linda Edwards, Falling In Love With Love

Linda Felder, Soul of Many Moods (Jack in the Box)

Linda Gentille, Ragtime and Rhythm

Linda Imperial, Destination You

Linda Kosut, Long As You`re Living - the songs and poetry of Oscar Brown Jr.

Linda Lee Michelet, One Kiss

Linda Torchia, The Insightful Linda Torchia

Linda Woodson, Daisies and Butterflies

Linda Woodson, Love Is...

Linda Woodson, Meet Me Half Way

Lindarella and Karmology, Say What??!

Lindarella, Hips, Lips and Fingertips

Lindarella, My Funny Valentine

Lindee Hoshikawa, Mother Miriam

Lindsay Gray, In Progress

Lindsey Benedict, Jazz Is Heaven

Lino, Miami Jam

Lino, Return to Avalon

Linsey Wellman, Ephemera: For Solo Saxophone/Pour Saxophone Solo

Lionel Cole & the Family Business, Chicagoland

Lionel Cole & the Family Business, Live @ 505

Lionel Cole & the Family Business, Somewhere's Last Call

Lionel Hampton featuring Sylvia Bennett, There Will Never Be Another You

Lionelle Hamanaka, Lost Puppy Blues

Liquid Eclipse, A Drift.

Liquid Street, Not Till You Feel It

LISA ADDEO, "Live" at the Kerr


Lisa Aschmann, The Flowers

Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein), Center of the Rhyme

Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein), What`s New, Pussycat?

Lisa Baney, Consider Me Gone

Lisa Baney, Lazy Afternoon

Lisa Baney, The Masquerade Is Over

Lisa Bauer Quartet, Finding a New Way

Lisa Casalino, Christmas Is Still Christmas

Lisa Casalino, I'm Old Fashioned

Lisa Deveaux, Shakin` That Jazz

Lisa Donahey, Takes On Broadway

Lisa Engelken, Caravan

Lisa Forkish, Bridges

Lisa Fox, Watch What Happens

Lisa Hilton, Feeling Good

Lisa Hilton, In the Mood for Jazz

Lisa Hilton, Jazz After Hours

Lisa Hindmarsh, Chamomile Tea and Other Delights

Lisa Hindmarsh, Lost in a Summer Night

Lisa Hindmarsh, Now I Know

Lisa Kirchner, In the Shadow of a Crow

Lisa Kirchner, Something To Sing About

Lisa Kirchner, When Lights Are Low

Lisa Lauren Manor, Timeless

Lisa Lauren, Lisa Lauren Loves the Beatles

Lisa Lindsley, Everytime We Say Goodbye

Lisa Lynn, Ten Cents A Dance

Lisa M. Robbin, Child of God

Lisa Marie, Summer Time Jazz

Lisa Marinacci, Waiting For Spring

Lisa Markley, The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Cries

Lisa Maxwell & Bob Dorough, Give Me the Simple Life

Lisa Maxwell & Bob Dorough, There Will Never Be Another You

Lisa Maxwell, Happy (feat. Keith Ingham Quartet)

Lisa Maxwell, Return to Jazz Standards

Lisa Michel, Shaken and Stirred

Lisa Michelle, Black Coffee (Live)

Lisa Otey, Trio

Lisa Prandstätter, Playground Convention

Lisa Redfern, Once in a While

Lisa Roti, Comes Love

Lisa Sokolov, A Quiet Thing

Lisa Sokolov, Angel Rodeo

Lisa Sokolov, Lazy Afternoon

Lisa Star, Bare Essentials (feat. Charles Davis)

Lisa Thorson, Lisa Thorson Quartet Live

Lisa Young Quartet, Transformation

Lisa Yves & The Young Beboppers, Jazz for Kids, On the Road

Lisa Yves and the Young Beboppers, The Very Best of Jazz for Kids

Lisangaa, Pangea

Lise Vachon, Vocalise

Lissette Christine, A Touch of Broadway and a Whole Lotta Jazz

Lissette Christine, And.....All That Jazz

Lissette Christine, Bossanova Baby

Lissy Walker, Wonderland

Little Big Band, Blue Moon

Little Brown Brother, Soul Shadows

Little Fats and Swingin `Hot Shot Party, Fat Trick

Little Fats and Swingin` Hot Shot Party, Album #2 With Piano

Little Fats and Swingin` Hot Shot Party, Fat a Wonderfull World

Little Piggie and the Mixed Nuts, Bugs: A Deeply Troubling Work

Little Ricky`s House Of Chankletas, 27 New York Antisonnets

Live On, Bosonoga

Liveart, Liquid Stream of Electric Consciousness (feat. Jonathan Townes, Conrad Korsch & Andy Sanesi)

Living Praise Ministries, Merry Christmas... and all that jazz

Living Soul, For My Good

Living the Dream Band, Sway

Livio Lamonea, Modern

Liz Callaway, The Story Goes On: And On (On & Off Broadway)

Liz Childs Quartet, Take Flight (feat. Ed MacEachen, Dan Fabricatore & Anthony Pinciotti)

Liz Clee, Night Fantasy

Liz Conlee Johnson & Wil Houchens, Jazz + Hymns

Liz Fletcher, Blue Afternoons

Liz Gorrill & Charley Krachy, A Jazz Duet

Liz Grace and the Swing Thing, Liz Grace and the Swing Thing

Liz Hanns, No Broken Promises

Liz Kinnon, Ms. Behavin`

Liz O'Dell, Forevermore

Liz Woolley, A Little Bit Romantic

Liz Woolley, Do Love

Liza Albright, Paint Me a Picture

Liza Nevis, Close Without Touching

Liza Regina Mousios, Animal Passion

Lizabeth Flood, Lizabeth Live

Lizzie Scott featuring Lew Hooper, Fine and Mellow

Lizzie Thomas, Easy to Love

Lizzie Thomas, More Than You Know

Lloyd English and Sia Samimi, Dances of the Veils

Lloyd Lewis, Serenity

LM Azpiazu, Footloose & Fancy Free

Lo-Fi, Fortitude

Lodi Carr, LadybirdLodiCarr

Log Rhythm 3, Zettai

Logan Richardson, Cerebral Flow

Logic, Live

Logic?, The Hierarchy

Lois Bright, Miller Bros. & Lois Syncopated Soft Shoe

Lois Deloatch Dawson, Sunrise

Lois Deloatch, Closure

Lois Howell, In a Sentimental Mood

Lois Vaughan, Piano Meditations

Lola Batiste, Body and Soul (Samba)

Lola Danza, The Island

Lola Haag, Heartbeats

Lola Haag, Here I Go Again...

Lola Haag, Love Notes

Lola Halema, Leonard

Lola Youngman, This Can`t Be Love

Lollo Meier, Rosas

Lomo, Fury

Lon Withrow, 7 Dreams

Lon Withrow, Imaginary Zoo

Long Beach Jazz Quartet, A Step Forward In The Wrong Direction

Lonnie Gasperini, Turn Up The Gas

Loomis, Accoustech

Loop Doctors, Entering a Room

Loop Doctors, White Orange Black (feat. Roland Szentpali)

Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra, Elephant Road

Loops, Ek! (double CD)

Loose Wig, Live at the Jazz School

Loose Wig, Velvet Coup

Lora Mahaffey, At Last

Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project, A Bluer Blue

Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project, Big Baby

Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project, The Chrome Penguin

Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project, The Nu Standards

Lords a Leaping, Volume II

Loren Pickford, Arcturus

Loren Pickford, Mid City

Lorena Fontana, Guccini in Jazz

Lorenn Peer, Lost Balloons

Lorenzo Capello Quintet, Dagli Appendini Alle Ante

Lorenzo Feliciati, Live at European BassDay and More

Lorenzo Mondinari, Wordless

Loretta LaRoche, I Concentrate On You

Loretta Lee, Good Bye

Loretta Lee, Stay a While With Me

Loretta McNair, Intimate Portrait

Lori Bell Trio, Higher Standards

Lori Carsillo, Bittersweet

Lori Carsillo, Cole Porter...Old Love, New Love, True Love

Lori Carsillo, Sugar & Smoke

Lori Cullen, Calling for Rain

Lori Derr with the George Turner Trio, ...the way you look tonight...

Lori GWB., Right of Way (Don't Block the Dance Floor, Guv)

Lori Lefevre, The Song Is You (feat. Eric Dickey)

Lori Mechem & Sandra Dudley, All of My Life

Lori Mechem Quartet, April In Paris

Lori Moran, On My Way To you

Lori Perez, I Shall Find

Lori Williams, Healing Within

Lorna MacLachlan, Feet On Ground

Lorne Kellett, Family Treasures

Lorraina Marro, Not the End of Me

Lorraina Marro, You Must Believe in Spring

Lorraine and Bill Liswell - Special Guests Frank Vignola and Rich Zukor, Wisdom`s Pearls

Lorrent Smith, Perfect Peace

Lorri Hafer & The Music of Your Life Quartet, The Very Thought of You

Los Blancos Latin Jazz Band, Receta Original

Los Gatos, Insight

Los Gatos, Los Gatos

Los Hijos De Ismael, En Pie De Paz

Los Mas Valientes, Gira Caribena

Lost Dog Found, The Jump Start Scandal

Lotta Karlstedt Band, A Wish In The Dark

Lotz & Kneer, U-Ex(perimental)

Lou Haskins, CD-blue

Lou Haskins, CD-Boogie

Lou Haskins, Cd-jive

Lou Haskins, Cd-tempo

Lou Armagno, Flyin' High

Lou Beckerman, Into the Blue

Lou Haskins Orchestra, Lou Haskins Orch CD-SWING

Lou Haskins, C D-jazz

Lou Haskins, CD-dance

Lou Haskins, CD-DIXIE

Lou Haskins, CD-groove

Lou Haskins, Cd-hi Hat

Lou Haskins, CD-mood

Lou Haskins, Lou Haskins Orch CD-RIFF

Lou Marini, Starmaker

Lou Moneta & Gayle Scott, Timeless

Lou Rye, Of Love and Light

Lou Tavano, Meets Alexey Asantcheeff

Lou Volpe, Undercovers

Lou Watson, Taking A Chance On Love

Louie Fitzgerald, Palm Beach Coconuts

Louis & Clarke, Three of One

Louis Colaiannia, Obsession

Louis Colaiannia, The Next Stage

Louis Gérin, Le Ragtime de Québec / Quebec City Rag

Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses, Blow

Louis Prima Jr., Return of the Wildest!

Louis Soliano, Improm2

Louise Isackson, Feels Right

Louise M Smith, Night Song

Louise Perryman and Bill Risby, The Painter and The Bird

Louise Phelan, Songs from a Darkened Room

Louise Rogers and Rick Strong, Bass-ically Speaking

Louise Rogers, Come Ready And See Me

Louise Van Aarsen, Herken Je Mij?

Loukas Hadellis, Prespes

Love Notes Special Unit, Love & Light

Love Notes, Quiet Night

Love Suggestions, Guitar Night

Love Tank, Bestial Glow

Lovecoach, What Are You Doing New Year`s Eve?

Lovelyjunk and the Soulmachine, Open Letter to Paul Bley

Lovetrain Ensemble, Lovetrain Ensemble

Lowa Kay, Careful What You Wish For

Lowell Davidson & Richard Poole, Rediscovered Session of 1988

Lowell Hopper, A New Direction

Lowell Hopper, A Touch of Sunshine

Lowell Hopper, I'll Be Around

Lowell Hopper, Point of View

Lowell Hopper, Soulful Feeling

Lower Left, Just Sayin'

Lowlands, Love Etc...

Lowrey Leon, I Am Barbados

Loxford, Zoo Ba De Boom

Loyd Watson, Jr., By Way Of

Loyd Watson, Jr., Multiple Personality

Lr-60 & Mr. Moods, Black and Amber

LR-60 & Elmer's Clue, Schrage Musik

LR-60 & Mr Moods, Cosmic Serenades

Lr-60 & Mr. Moods, Al Maghrib

LST, Bony Man

Lua Hadar with Twist, Lua Hadar with Twist


Luca Donini Quartet, SUN

Luca Lapenna & Giuseppe Emmanuele, Body and Soul

Luca Lapenna & Giuseppe Emmanuele, Deep in a Dream

Luca Lapenna, Barabarca Bay

Luca Poletti Trio, Colors (feat. Paolo Fresu)

Luca Velotti Quartet, Moonray (feat. Michele Ariodante, Gerardo Bartoccini & Carlo Battisti)

Lucas Jiménez, EN SILENCIO

Lucas Lasagna, Music To Eat And Love By

Lucas Lechowski, Hello

Lucas Pickford, Blown Fuse

Luce Black, Solitude

Lucia Newell and Departure Point, Steeped in Strayhorn

Lucille's Mixed Nuts, Free Your Mind

Lucio Sánchez, Una Larga Noche

Lucky 7s, Farragut

Lucky Henry, Musical Chairs

Lucky Henry, Release the Hounds

Lucky Lee, She Moves Like Vegas

Lucky Thompson, Lucky Thompson

Lucy Shropshire, Jazzy Me!

Lucy Smith, Movin` On

Ludosity, Card City Nights

Luggnutt, Pleasing U Pleases Me

Luigi Pignatiello Trio, According to me

Luigi Pignatiello, Snap to Zero Crossing

Luigi Tessarollo & Roberto Taufic, Painting With Strings

Luis Antonio, Koyari

Luis Carrion Trio, Spectrums

Luis Gimenez, Capitulo III

Luis Munoz, Compassion

Luis Munoz, Of Soul and Shadow

Luis Munoz, The Fruit of Eden

Luis Munoz, Vida

Luis Perico Ortíz, Tiempo De Amar

Luis Rodriguez, U-Turn

Luiz Santos, Chamber Jazz

Luiz Simas, Cafuna©

Luka Udjbinac, Now & Beyond (feat. Lee Harper & Michael Erian)

Lukas Hein, Lukas Hein & Dialeto Brasileiro

Lukas Vesely, Peace Prayer

Luke Hill, Russian Lullaby

Luke Stone, Science Friction

Luke Vajsar, Selected Poems By Luke Vajsar

Luke Westbrook Tree+0, (`S)

Luke Whittall, Strandlines

Lulee Fisher, The Great American Songwriters, Vol. 1: Tribute to George and Ira Gershwin

Lullaby North, Forget in Rhymes

Lumina, Project

Lummie Spann, Live and Direct

Luna de Ciegos, Lullajazz

Lupa Santiago & Anders Vestergård Quintet, Lisbon Sessions

Lutfi, Cinta Tiada Lagi

Luther B / Mark Bryant, The Luther B / Mark Bryant Project

LUX, The Left One Alone

Ly Tartell, The Call

Lydia Harrell, The Way

Lydia Liebman & The Dave Liebman Group, Familia

Lydia Martín, Se Apagó la Luz

Lyn Stanley, Lost in Romance

Lyn Stanley, Potions (From the 50s)

Lynda Covello & Her Deep Dark Secrets, Forever Torch

Lynda Lybeck, Behind the Mask

Lynda Reed, Our Tree

Lynn Cannon, P'zazz!

Lynn Cannon, What's Up!

Lynn Cardona, Lovin` You

Lynn Glazer, From The Heart - EP

Lynn Jolicoeur and The Pulse, World Behind Your Eyes

Lynn Lewis, At Long Last Love

Lynn McDonald, It`s High Time

Lynn Randall, Just Friends

Lynn Stein, Softly (feat. John Hart, Matt Ray & Jon Burr)

Lynne & Mike, Christmas in Your Heart

Lynne Bernfield, I Won`t Go With A Whimper

Lynne Hart, Pat Smith & Richard Wagor, Roots of Rhythm

Lynne Music Project, Jazz Lounge Duo

Lynnie Godfrey, Lynnie Godfrey... Doing It Her Way

Lynx Quicksilver, The Wound Heals

L`Imbroglio, Introspettivo

M Squared, Kaleidoscope

M Squared, Under the Balloon

M T Hedz, The Get Out Clause

M-Artel, The Assemblage Point

M.L.Bolton, Minute Minutes

Maaike Den Dunnen, Arrival

Maarten Ligtenberg, Not So High

Maazi Aamir, Brother Anthony

Maïkotron Unit, Effugit

Maïkotron Unit, Ex-Voto

Małgorzata Hutek, Grounded in Love

Mable Lynch, Letting Go

Macaroon, Macaroon

MacCrimmon`s Revenge, Ecstasy

Mace Hibbard, When Last We Met

Maci Miller, A Very Good Night

Maci Miller, Take a Closer Look

Maciej Garbowski, Elements

MacNeil, Another Coffee Morning

Macy Blackman & The Mighty Fines, Friskin' the Whiskers

Macy, Mac335

Macy, Night Crawler

Mad Coat, Space Atmosphere

MAD DOG, Have A Nice Day

Mad Mohikan, 1.1

Mad Romance, Aim High

Mad Theatricals, Clara`s Dream A Jazz Nutcracker

Madame Ur & Sus Hombres, Men and Pearl Necklaces

Madd Flow, Shine(It's Your Time)

Maddy Winer & Cyrus Chestnut, Heart to Heart

Maddy Winer & Vince Lewis, Crossroads

Madelijne Kool En André Pouwer, Nieuw Jaar New York

Madeline Forster, Just You, Just Me

madeline kole, don`cha go `way mad

Madison Brightwell, Chameleon

Madoca, Jasmine

Mads Baerentzen Trio Feat. Vivian Sessoms & Tim Ries, The New York Project

Madukwu, The Christmas Song (feat. Jason Davis)

Mady Kaye, Mady Kaye Goes Cabaret, Volume 2: The Magic of Mercer

Mady Kaye, Mady Kaye Goes Cabaret: A Tribute to Tin Pan Alley

Mady Kaye, Songs For All Seasons

Mae West And Sophie Tucker, The Gaudy Girls

Maestro J, My Take

Maestro J, So Far

Maeve Spain, On The Loose

Magdalena Chovancova, Moving Up Quickly (feat. Threestyle)

Maggie Adams, Merry Christmas

Maggie Adams, Songs for Singers, Vol.3: Jazz

Maggie Adams, White, White Christmas (feat. Mark Gilroy)

Maggie Herron, Good Thing

Maggie Herron, In the Wings

Maggie Scott, Changes

Maggie Scott, This One's for Me

Maggie Scott, Together

Maggie Worsdale, JOY

Maggie Worsdale, The Best is Yet to Come

Magic Connection, Good News

Magical Twilight Orchestra / 摩訶不思議黄昏色楽団, Beautiful Summer Days (美しき夏の日々)

Magical Twilight Orchestra / 摩訶不思議黄昏色楽団, Twilight Bar Original Sound Track / 黄昏色a®BARaŒèªža‚Ša‹a‘a¦aa‚‹ a‚ªaƒªa‚¸aƒŠaƒ«a‚µa‚¦aƒ³aƒ‰aƒˆaƒ©aƒƒa‚¯

Magno Bissoli & Ensemble Bissamblazz, Nativ

Magnolia, Wait a Second

Mahogany The Artist, Jam Box

Mahvash Azhir, Arezu

Mahvash Azhir, Koocheh

Maia Kuze, The City

Maia, Happy Kwanzaa

Main Gazane, Imagine

Main Gazane, Tit For Tat

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke, Jazz Standards Volume One (Karaoke Versions of Classic Jazz Standards in the Style of Various Artists)

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke, Jazz Standards Volume Two (Karaoke Versions of Classic Jazz Standards in the Style of Various Artists)

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke, Jazz Standards, Vol. Three: Karaoke Versions of Classic Jazz Standards in the Style of Various Artists

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke, Mack the Knife (Karaoke Version With Guide Melody in the Style of Bobby Darin)

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke, Mack the Knife (Karaoke Version With Teaching Vocal in the Style of Bobby Darin)

Mainstream Source Pro Karaoke, Mack the Knife (Karaoke Version, Instrumental Only, in the Style of Bobby Darin)

Maja Jaku, The Universe Makes No Mistakes

Majestic Notes, Jump Start

Majic Bullets, A Horse Named Juan

Maki Mototsu, Whisky Me

Maki Watanabe, Composition and Arranging in 2005

Makoto Sawai Msg, Paysage

Makuini, Let it Flow

Mal Barron-Doug Dostal Jazz Duo, Songs and Improvisation

Mala Waldron, Always There

Malajunta, El Dorado

Malcolm Mcneill, I Like to Recognise the Tune

Malele, Rhythm of Life

Malika Zarra, On the ebony road

Malon! Malon!, 2012!

Mama Digdown's Brass Band, We Make 'Em Say Ooh

Mamas, Valori Aggiunti

Mambo Negro, Midnight Mosaic

Mambo Zombies, South Side Christmas

Man Sueto, Otello Happiness (Remastered Includes Remixed Cuts)

Man's an Idiot, A Noseful of Soup

Man's an Idiot, Where a Tree Once Stood

Mandology, White Christmas (feat. Stacie Rose)

Mandy Fox and Hara, First Time Ever

Mandy Gaines & + 2, Have a Seat

Mandy Gaines and Wade Mikkola Quintet, Taking a Chance...

Mandy Gaines, It's Just a Matter of Time

Mandy Harvey, After You've Gone

Mandy Harvey, All of Me

Mandy Harvey, Merry Little Christmas

Mandy Harvey, Smile

Manee Valentine, Happy Valentine

Manee Valentine, The Spirit of Christmas

Manfred Paul Weinberger, Spirit Of Old Europe

Mango Trio, Creencia

Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra, Miles Ahead: Live

Manny Almanza, Tribute to Romance

Manny Braud, The Who Dat Shuffle

Manny Faulkner, Here Goes

Manny Soundz, As Manny Soundz as Possible Deluxe Eddition

Mano Reza & James Reeno, The Acid Jazz Project Remixes, Vol 1

Mano Reza, The Acid Jazz Project, Vol. 1

Mano Reza, The Acid Jazz Project, Vol. I (The Reeno 12" Mixes)

Manoelito Martins, Light and Lively Sounds of Manoelito

Manoelito Martins, Manoelito By Request

Mansfield & Monroe, Somnambulists & Legends

Manuel D. Rodriguez, Happiness

Manuel D. Rodriguez, The Hope of Glory (feat. Nick Cedillo, Denny Jiosa & Pat Carey)

Manuel Linhares, Traces of Cities

Manuel Muzzu-M², The Right Hand's Miracle

Manuel Ochoa Trio, My Kind of Place

Manuel Valera, Vientos feat. Joel Frahm, James Genus and Ernesto Simpson (Reissued)

Manuel Victor, You Drive Me Loco

Many Hats, Chapter 40 (feat. Robin Rorie)

Many Hats, Out of Hand (feat. Alicia Cobb)

Many Hats, School of Hard Knocks (feat. Robin Rorie)

Mao y Su Banda, My Jazz

Mar Salá, Take Me to Bahia

Marbin, The Third Set

Marc A. Medley, Go Up On the Third Limb

Marc A. Medley, The Wrinkled Rag

Marc Alan Michael, I'll Be Home for Christmas

Marc Ashmann & The Cool World, Come On Sissy Fuzz

Marc Atkinson Trio, Marc Atkinson Trio III

Marc Bischoff, Later Is Too Late

Marc Cartwright, In Chicago

Marc Ceccotti, Magnificent Revolt

Marc Cherry, Strings Attached

Marc Dickman, A Weaver of Dreams

Marc Hoffman, Christmas Time

Marc Hutchinson, Bill Mead, Matt Wayne, Ouroborus

Marc Macisso, Continuando "Movin' On"

Marc Macisso, I'm Falling (Instrumental)

Marc Macisso, Never Too Late

Marc Macisso, Smooth Journey

Marc Macisso, Snap

Marc Macisso, Sunrise

Marc Mommaas, Irreversible Momentum

Marc Pompe, Monkʼs Dream

Marc Pratt, Nick Like

Marc Rosen and Sweet Thunder Jazztet, Monsoon

Marc Toussaint, Fly Me to the Moon

Marc Toussaint, More...

Marc Twang, The Orkney Serenade

Marc van Vugt & Ineke van Doorn and the Metropole Orkest, Dawn

Marc Vee, Inspiration

Marc Vee, Magic Moments

Marc Vee, Speaking In Sounds

Marc West, Shockwave

Marcel Anderson, Free in the Garden

Marcel D'olive, Expanding Dots

Marcel D'olive, Tea Time in Neptune

Marcel La¼scher, Bienvenue Les Locos!

Marcella Sloan, Un Sueño

Marcelo Aedo, Polosur Celeste

Marcelo Cardozo Trio, Crossworld

Marcelo Cardozo Trio, Wintertime

Marcelo Cordova, Toc!

Marcelo Maia, Cafunda³ 2

Marcelo Martinez Sueps!, Tres Milenios Después

Marcelo Martins, Do Outro Lado

Marcelo Timbó, Seja Bem-Vindo

Marcelo Torca, Fimt 2013

Marcelo Torca, Saci´s Day (Dia Do Saci)

Marcelo, Mind The Music

Marcelus Leone, Simplesmente Música

Marchan Deshaun, Cajun Moon

Marchan Deshaun, Feeling Good

MarchFourth Marching Band, Rise Up

Marcia Guderian, Mansion On Mars

Marcia Previti, Blues Print

Marcin Nowakowski, Shine

Marcin Nowakowski, Smooth Night

Marcin Witkowski, Bassquarter

Marcio Philomena, A Jornada

Marco Castillo, Brazilian Season

Marco Cortesi, Falzer

Marco De Vita, Mata Paulistana

Marco Detto & Beatrice Zanolini, On the Fly

Marco Giubileo, Dreams Come True

Marco Marchi & the Mojo Workers, Here and Now

Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers, My Old River

Marco Marconi Trio, Keep the Way Clear

Marco Marconi, Mosaico

Marco Marzola, A Jazz Christmas Celebration

Marco Minnemann, Broken Orange

Marco Minnemann, Comfortably Homeless

Marco Pierobon, Solo

Marco Rosadoni, Steel Fingers

Marco Santiago, Rudiments

Marco Spedaliere, Bonjour

Marcos Sacramento & Carlos Fuchs, Fossa Nova

Marcus Adams, Suddenly

Marcus Belgrave, Gemini II

Marcus Belgrave, Live At Kerrytown Concert House

Marcus Belgrave, Working Together

Marcus Belgrave, You Don`t Know Me

Marcus Click, Sunday Drive

Marcus Click, Sunday Drive

Marcus D and Co., The Cool, Vol. 1 (Absolutzero Presents)

Marcus D, Don't Hold Ya Breath

Marcus D, Shoshin

Marcus D, Shoshin

Marcus Duke, Petrichor Dreams

Marcus Elliot, When the City Meets the Sky

Marcus Goldhaber, Almost Love

Marcus Goldhaber, Almost Love

Marcus Goldhaber, Take Me Anywhere

Marcus Goldhaber, The Moment After

Marcus Green Big Band featuring Tim Hughes and Carolyn Turnidge, Every Breath

Marcus Johnson & Young Pulse, Juris Presents FLO Pak No. 1

Marcus Johnson and Matthew Shell, Cherish The Journey (MTS Remix) - Single

Marcus Johnson and Matthew Shell, Chillaxin (MTS Remix) - Single

Marcus Johnson, FLO (For The Love Of) Chill

Marcus Johnson, FLO (For The Love of) Romance

Marcus Johnson, FLO (For The Love Of): Chill Volume 2

Marcus Johnson, Live & Direct

Marcus Johnson, Poetically Justified

Marcus Johnson, The Phoenix

Marcus Johnson, Urban Groove

Marcus Magellan, Let`s Bossa

Marcus Magellan, Miami Nights

Marcus Nance, The Voice Next Door

Marcus Pittman, Exotika

Marcus Rockwell Trio, Simplex

Marcus Sawyer, The Wraith Of Love

Marcus Simeone, At Last

Marcus Singletary, Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Marcus Strickland, Twi-Life (2 CDs)

Marcus Thomas, The Beginning

Marcus Vess, Let's Shag On the Beach

Marcya Daneille, Keeping It Simple

Mardra & Reggie Thomas, Matters of the Heart

Marea Alta, Marea Alta: Live In Buckhead

Margaret Carlson, This favorite things

Margaret Explosion, 1969

Margaret Explosion, Happy Hour

Margaret Explosion, Skyhigh

Margeaux Lampley, Love for Sale

Margery Sauve, Sauve En Jazz

Margie Baker and Friends, Live At Rasselas

Margie Nelson, Hungry Girl

Margie Nelson, So Many Stars

Margie Notte, Just You, Just Me, and Friends; Live At Cecil`s

Margie Ruiz, So This Is Love

Margo Murphy, Chemistry

Margo Murphy, Love You Madly

Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky, Redemption

Margot Roi, A Place For Me

Margret Avery, A Place That`s Make Believe

Margriet Naber Tchicai, Colored Air

Mari Koga, Perfect Blue

Mari L. McCarthy, Lady With a Song

Maria Cavaes, My Self

Maria Chambers, Tell Me Your Dreams

Maria Cueto, Celebrating Love

Maria Damore, Moonglow

Maria De Angelis, Cupid`s Got a Mean Streak

Maria De Angelis, Hot Summer

Maria De Angelis, This One`s For O

Maria Farinha, Kiss of Love

Maria Farinha, Uwattibi

Maria Jacobs, Chasing Dreams

Maria Jacobs, I Wanna Feel Your Body

Maria Logis, Room for Something New

Maria Postell, Maria Postell With Dave McKenna and Don Thompson

Maria Romero & Kiko Aguado, After All We Gave

Maria Ventura and Adventuram Trio, Un Filo Di Pazzia

Maria Woodard, I`ll Be Seeing You

Mariah Hortans & M Sandberg Duo, Another Jazzy Christmas

Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo, Christmas Jazz

Mariah Picot with the Bill Peterson Trio, Notes on the Bridge...

Mariam Nabi, Let It Snow

Mariam Nabi, The Christmas Song

Marian K. Sawyer, Marian K. Sawyer Live

Marianne Bel, Le Balcon

Marianne Matheny-Katz, Somewhere in Paradise

Marianne Solivan, Prisoner of Love

Marianne Solivan, Spark

Marie Alexandre, Yule Fool

Marie Chabot, Classic

Marie Séférian, Timo Vollbrecht & Benjamin Attiche, Gerry getz Chet

Marie-Paule Franke and Her Dreamband, Tales from a Lonely Room

Mariea Antoinette, Sexy Paradise

Mariko Endo, Life in the Sky

Marilyn Berglas, Marilyn Plays Christmas

Marilyn Berglas, Marilyn Plays Marilyn II

Marilyn Holderfield, Legacy

Marilyn Rucker, Interstellar Pirate Queen

Marilyn Zavidow, Safe and Sound

Marina Fiorentini, Unexpected String CD andDVD

Marina Zettl and Michael Kahr, mandm

Marina, High Standards

Mario Cavolo, Sheenah's Samba

Mario Falcao, Amador

Mario Falcao, Mario Falcao

Mario Gordon, Finding My Way

Mario Guarneri, Choices

Mario Pasquali, Wave

Mario Pavone, Street Songs

Mario Smith, Teardrop

Marion CoCo Coleman, Roots In Time

Maris Briezkalns Quintet, Latvian Evergreens

Maris Briezkalns Quintet, Latvian Evergreens, Vol. 2

Marisa Lindsay, Submit To Love

Marisa Malvino, Pocketful of Miracles

Marissa Licata & Mart, Water Level

Marita Brake, Shaken Not Stirred

Marius Pop and The M-Theory, First Step

María Strada, Un Día Hoy Día

Marju Kuut, Raagus Sõnad

Mark & Christi Bovee, Simple

Mark 4man, Groovin' At 2

Mark Adamczyk, Crossing the Shoreline

Mark Adams, Embellishments (The Q &A Project)

Mark Adams, Something's Going On

Mark Adorni, Deja Vu

Mark Adorni, Swing For The Fence

Mark Alder and The Baudelaires, Fiasco

Mark Allaway/Phil Antonia, Samizdat

Mark Allen Felton, On the Prowl (Re-Release)

Mark Anthony Larmand, Going Places

Mark Arvizu, San Gabriel Valley

Mark Arvizu, That's What Makes the Girl Go 'Round

Mark Baker, Silent Night

Mark Barrios, Beach Day

Mark Barrios, West Tampa Style

Mark Berman, Mark Berman`s "The Genesis Project"

Mark Birnbaum and William Schimmel, Weather Watch Free Jazz

Mark Birnbaum, AB OVO Mark Birnbaum Piano

Mark Boling, Tune Me

Mark Bram, Best of Crystal Pick I and II

Mark Bram, Soundtrack of Life: Crystal Pick II

Mark Bransfield, Night Time

Mark Brignone, Kid The Moon

Mark Brignone, One For My Baby

Mark Burdon, ESI

Mark Burdon, Trialogue

Mark Burnell, Christmas Piano

Mark Cally, Somewhereville

Mark Cargill, Fusion Groove

Mark Cargill, Sack Full of Dreams

Mark Carl, Dreamer Awake

Mark Carroll, Moments Like This

Mark Chosak, Perception

Mark Christian Miller, Crazy Moon

Mark Christopher Brandt, In Spirit

Mark Christopher Brandt, Suite for a Fish Out of Water

Mark Crooks, After You've Gone

Mark Denton, Bicycles On Broad Street

Mark Drummond & Grooveometri, chilloutronica

Mark Drummond & Grooveometri, Yuletronica

Mark Duggan`s Vuja da©, Best of Vuja da©

Mark Dunn, Iron Sharpen Iron

Mark Egan, Truth Be Told

Mark Elliott, The Transition

Mark Flugge with Gene Bertoncini and Michael Moore, Familiarity

Mark Flugge, In Love, In Blue

Mark Fulton, Mark Fulton

Mark Gillick, Nighthawk and Sparrow

Mark Grandfield, Talk of the Town

Mark Harper, The Mark Harper Project

Mark Harrison Quintet, The Road Ahead

Mark Hazzard, Marc's Thyme On Paradise Isle

Mark Helias` Open Loose, Atomic Clock

Mark Hennen & Toby Kasavan, Theory of Everything

Mark Hennen, Rashid Bakr & Charles Compo, The Dream Logic

Mark Hershberger, World Of Survivors

Mark Holen`s Zambomba, Noches Flamencas

Mark Hollingsworth, Chasing the Sun

Mark Hollingsworth, On The Mark

Mark Holzinger, Just Thinkin` Out Loud

Mark J, Christmas Joy

Mark J, Reflections

Mark J, Tropicante

Mark Jennett, The Way I Am

Mark Johnson & Edge of Jazz, Mark Johnson & Edge of Jazz

Mark Kelso, Lost Kingdoms

Mark Kennedy, Audrey Does Kennedy

Mark Knox, Places

Mark Lewis, Above The Sky

Mark London Sims, Strange Groove Picnic

Mark Lotz & Islak Köpek, Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th

Mark Luelf, Mark Luelf

Mark Mahar, Blame It On My Youth

Mark Mahar, Careless Moon

Mark McClain, New Jazz

Mark Mollica, Next Time

Mark Moultrup Group, Touch `n Go

Mark Moultrup, Just Suppose

Mark Moultrup, Man of the 00`s

Mark Moultrup, Relaxin' on the Edge

Mark Moyer, Good Tunes On Bad Pianos

Mark Moyer, Martian Safari

Mark Moyer, What Is... Will Not Be

Mark Murdock, Cymbalic Encounters

Mark O'Leary, Şenol Küçükyıldırım, Murat Çopur & Can Ömer Uygan, Snow

Mark Osban, Analog Angels-Digital Devils

Mark Payne & Sharon Montgomery, Isn't It Romantic/My Romance

Mark Pinkus, Romantic Excuse

Mark Portmann, Westside

Mark Quick, Denver Denver

Mark R, Winter Sessions

Mark Richard Wagstaff, My Gang

Mark Rossi, Contrasts

Mark Russo, Instrumental Christmas

Mark Russo, New Affirmation

Mark Russo, Season 's Sillhouette

Mark S. Greer, Boogliography

Mark Sartori, Heaven's Hues

Mark Sartori, Lady Delaney's Lovelace

Mark Schmidt, Battle Worn

Mark Sganga, An Evening in Rio

Mark Sganga, SgangaNova

Mark Shilansky, Join the Club

Mark Shilansky, Ordinary World (feat. David Scott & Sara Caswell)

Mark Starnes, Instrument of Praise

Mark Stevens, Portrait of Smooth Jazz

Mark Steyn, Goldfinger

Mark Sweetman Quartet, All Paths Lead to One

Mark Sweetman Quartet, Inspired

Mark Sweetman Quartet, Mark Sweetman Quartet Live European Landscapes

Mark Sweetman Quartet, Mark Sweetman Quartet Live European Landscapes

Mark Sweetman Quartet, Remembering John Coltrane

Mark T. Bovee, It`s For You He Came

Mark Tavenner, Ragtime, Classical, and Pop Piano Music

Mark Teixeira, Land of Many Waters

Mark Trichka, Mandolin Paradiso

Mark Twigden, Box Of Dreams

Mark W. Curran, Simply Sinatra!

Mark Weinstein, Latin Jazz Underground

Mark Whitecage, BushWacked - A Spoken Opera

Mark Whitfield, Songs Of Wonder

Mark Williams, Winter Night Suite

Mark Wingfield, Guitar Encryptions

Mark Wingfield, Iain Ballamy, Jeremy Stacey, Robert Mitchell & Yaron Stavi, Sleeper Street

Mark Winkler, Ebony Rain

Mark Winkler, Jazz and Other Four Letter Words

Mark Winkler, Sweet Spot

Mark Winkler, The Laura Nyro Project

Mark Winkler, Till I Get It Right

Mark Young, Some Jazz

Mark Zauss, Beyond the Stratosphere

Marko Crncec, Moral Interchange (feat. Jonathan Powell, Lenart Krecic, Armando Gola & Marcus Gilmore)

Markus Miller, Moca Joe

Markus Van Such, Sweet Bites

Marky Quayle, Comfort My People

Marky Quayle, One December Day

Marky Quayle, So Lucky to be Loved by You

Marla Gibbs, Never Too Late (Remastered)

Marleece Barber MD, Gotta Be Good

Marlena, My Heart to Yours

Marlene Arden & Phil Conti, 'S Wonderful

Marlene Del Rosario, Marlene Live (With a Little Help from Her Friends)

Marlene Richards, Sweep Me Off My Feet Again

Marlin McKay, The Look

Marlina Teich Band, My Love Waits There

Marloes Jager, Love Is Rare, Life Is Strange

Marlon Branch, Playground

Marlon Butler, Siren Song

Marlon Wells, Simply Marlo

Marlon Wells, Simply Marlo

Marly Marques Quintet, Só Ar Ser

Marlyn Sanchez, In the Spirit of Christmas

Marmaduke Dando, Heathcliffian Surly

Marnix Busstra, Sync Dreams

Marqueal Jordan & DJ I.N.C, L-O-V-E...

Marquinho Mendona§a, Filosofolia

Mars Lasar, At the End of the Day

Marsha DuPree, Sweet Soul

Marshall Gilkes & The WDR Big Band, Köln

Marshall Gilkes Quartet, Edenderry

Marshall Williams, Ba Rock

Marta Hugon, Story Teller

Marta Hugon, Tender Trap

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat, Dance Your Way To Heaven

Martha Taylor Lacroix, Jazzily Seasoned With Martha Taylor Lacroix

Martha Taylor Lacroix, Santa! I Don't Care What Color You Are!

Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch, Wag Vir Reën (Beautiful Love Songs)

Marti Mendenhall, An Evening of Live Jazz

Martijn Luttmer, La Libelula

Martijn Van Iterson Quartet, Swarms

Martin Beal, Martin Beal with a Touch Of Brass

Martin Beal, Smile

Martin Blockson, When She Smiles...

Martin Breinschmid, Big Noise From Vienna

Martin Breinschmid, On The Swing Shift

Martin Eagle Trio, The Hipster

Martin Headman, Time and Again

Martin Jarrett-Smith, Palinka

Martin Kaye, About You

Martin Kealey, Tales from the Sad

Martin Lund, Best of Lundscapes

Martin Mathelier, Take me back home

Martin Moretto, Martin Moretto Quintet

Martin Rigby, Blueprint

Martin Spitznagel & Bryan Wright, Star Wars: Cantina Band in Ragtime

Martin Spitznagel, Handful of Keys: Face-Melting Ragtime Played by Martin Spitznagel

Martin Spitznagel, Tricky Fingers

Martin Webb, The Journey

Martin, Haynes and Driver, Freedman At Western Front

Martini Kings, Bossa Nova Go!!!

Martini Kings, Lost in Paradise

Martini Kings, Zou Bisou Bisou

Martini Max and the Swing Kats, "What Do You Wanna Drink?"

Marty Bartolomeo, Keys To Survival

Marty Beech, Summer Wind - a tribute to Frank Sinatra

Marty Muse, Wine Bar/Jazz Club

Marty Napoleon, Try This!

Marty Nelson, Ain't Nothin' Sweeter Than Your Love

Marty Nelson, Live! from Asbury Park, N.J.

Marty Nelson, Your Love Is What I Need

Marty Olivas, Being Gemini

Marty Phillips, Somewhere in Time

Marty Q, Lost Singles

Marty Q, Table For 2

Marty Williams, Dig This

Marty Williams, Hidden Treasures

Marty Williams, Long Time Comin'

Marty Williams, The Problem's Here

Marty Williams, Weather Plan

Marty, Groovin 101

Maru Rodriguez, Anhelo

Maruja Muci, My Funny Valentine

Marutyri, The Tribe

Marv Kelley & Soul Fusion, Obscure Crush

Marvin Diz, Habla el Tambor

Marvin Evans, City Rhythms Suite

Marvin F. Cockrell, Heat

Marvin Harley, Just Me

Marvin Parks, The Very Thought Of You

Mary Amanda Fairchild, Language of Love

Mary Ann Douglas, Does Thinking Just Make It That Way?

Mary Ann Douglas, Sensory

Mary Ann Douglas, True Stories

Mary Ann Douglas, Unfinished Business

Mary Ann Hurst, Born Under a Wand'rin' Star

Mary Ann Hurst, Jazzz...d

Mary Ann Hurst, Wishing on a Star

Mary Ann Mangini, Release Me

Mary Anna Gordon, Do You Know What It Means

Mary Anne Anderson, Rendezvous

Mary Anne Driscoll, PASSAGE volume 2

Mary Bea Davis, Speak Softly, Touch Me As I Go

Mary Bogue, Don't Go to Strangers

Mary Boyes, The Waters of March

Mary Buirgy, Beautiful Love

Mary Crowell, Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories

Mary Crowell, Courting My Muse

Mary Ellen Desmond, Comfort & Joy

Mary Ellen Spann, Little Red Robin

Mary Gail, SOLO

Mary Hearts Jazz, Pure Imagination

Mary Jenson, Close Your Eyes

Mary Kadderly & Nancy King, Nancy King and Mary Kadderly

Mary Lou Prince, Light in the Woods

Mary Mac, Life Ain`t Like Hollywood

Mary May, This Is What You Are

Mary Michael Vallei, Looking In

Mary Nelson, The Meadows of My Heart

Mary Panacci, Her Perfume

Mary Rademacher, RadHOT!

Mary Rademacher, You Hit the Spot!

Mary Rose & In the Moment, Straight Ahead

Mary Rose, Jammin' At the Cafés, Vol. One

Mary Rose, Jammin' At the Cafés, Vol. Two

Mary Stahl, Love Noire

Mary Talbot Fee, Midwinter Night`s Dream

Mary Witt, Dance With Me

Maryann Sullivan and Her Sousetet, Coffee Time

Maryann Sullivan and Her Sousetet, Huh Uh Huh!

Marzio Scholten, Motherland

Masa Hatsuda, The Fifth Asian

Masatoshi Sato, Andrew Lessman & Alex Noice, Series I

Masayo Yoshida, To Be With You 2010

Mashine Music, Decades

Mason Razavi & Bennett Roth-Newell, After You

Mason Self, Go Jo

Mastoffa, Life Sounds

Masumi Matsuura, The Moments

Mat Gurman, Journey to the Center of the Groove

Mat Gurman, Somewhere

Mateus Starling, Free Form

Mateus Starling, Kairos

Mateusz Kolakowski, Ad Libitum - 1st Warsaw Jazz Concert

Mateusz Smoczynski Quintet, Expressions

Mateusz Smoczynski Quintet, Inspirations

Math and Science, Listening Party

MathGames!, We R From the Future

Mathias Baumann Quartet, Expectations

Mathias Claus, Ayako Shirasaki & Bob Albanese, Best of 1st International Jazz Solo Piano Festival 2009

Mathias Schabow, Improvisationen

Mathias Schabow, Klavierstücke

Mathias Schabow, Seebrücke

Matt B., Long Way Home

Matt B., Love in All Colors

Matt B., Novembers Memories

Matt B., Safe Here

Matt B., Say It From The Heart

Matt Belzer`s Connections, Matt Belzer`s Connections

Matt Chandler, After Midnight

Matt Clark Trio, New Shades of Jazz: The Matt Clark Trio

Matt Criscuolo, Headin' Out

Matt Criscuolo, Lotus Blossom

Matt Criscuolo, Streets Of New York

Matt Dahan, How Sweet It Is (Original Score from the Motion Picture)

Matt Davis, Matt Davis` Aerial Photograph

Matt Dickey, Try This At Home

Matt Erion Trio, Something From Nothing

Matt Falker, Playpen

Matt Garrison, Patchwork

Matt Harris, Hit and Run

Matt Harris, Reflections

Matt Harris, Spring Season

Matt Jardim, Clarify

Matt Jardim, Decision Precision

Matt Johnson, A Quiet Moment

Matt Johnson, Conversations

Matt Johnson, End Of A Day

Matt Johnson, Something About the Moon

Matt Keegan Trio, Matt Keegan Trio Live

Matt Lavelle and Morcilla, The Manifestation Drama

Matt Lavelle, Goodbye New York,Hello World

Matt MacDougall, Boy Goes to City

Matt Marshak, Colors of Me

Matt Marshak, Family Funktion

Matt Marshak, Lifestyle

Matt Marshak, On The Rocks

Matt Marshak, Urban Folktales

matt marvuglio, Why Cry?

Matt Munhall, Guinea Pigs on a Scaffold

Matt Munisteri, The Lost Music of Willard Robison, Vol. 1: Still Runnin' Round in the Wilderness

Matt Otten, April Song

Matt Otten, Back in Time Blues

Matt Otten, Bianca

Matt Otten, Cruising

Matt Otten, Scenes from Amsterdam

Matt Otten, Secret Combination

Matt Ottewill, Gatefold Covers of the 1970s

Matt Perrine & Sunflower City, Bayou Road Suite

Matt Petrides, Skies of Blue

Matt Ray, Lost In New York

Matt Renzi, Lunch Special

Matt Richard, The Jazz Club

Matt Roberts Group, Faith of My Own

Matt Siffert, Morningside

Matt Skellenger, On My Way Home

Matt Tolentino, Midnight, the Stars, and You

Matt Watson, The Broken & Blind Sessions

Matt Weiner and Del Rey, At the Ukeshack#1

Matt Weston, Seasick Blackout

Matteo Brancaleoni & Gianpaolo Petrini Big Band, Live! (Digital Edition)

Matteo Brancaleoni with Renato Sellani, Just Smile

Matthew and His Dixielanders Traveling Show Band, Baby! It's Cold Outside (feat. Matthew Zimnoch & Chloe Feoranzo)

Matthew C. Weiss, J Balloon

Matthew Dorko, Trio 2008

Matthew Garrison, Matthew Garrison

Matthew Garrison, Matthew Garrison Live CD+DVD

Matthew Garrison, Shapeshifter

Matthew Goodheart, Six

Matthew Goodheart, Sonoluminescence

Matthew Kiernan & G-Bop, First Fruits

Matthew Larkin Cassell, Catnip

Matthew Mars, Night Out

Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy, Genesis

Matthew Skitzki, Skitzki

Matthew, Color My Soul

Matthias Bublath, Matthias Bublath

Matzah Cigar, Imaginary Friends

Maucha Adnet & Helio Alves, Milagre

Maureen Fleming, Dreamers

Maureen Gee, Sweetest Lullaby

Maureen Girard, Portrait in Four Colors

Maureen Kennedy, This Is Always

Maureen McElheron, Wish I Was In Michigan - Single

Mauri Sanchis, Good Vibes!

Mauri Sanchis, Less is More

Maurice Coyle, Ultra Sounds

Maurice Gainen, Global Jazzatronica: Youth Movement

Maurice L Smith-Blaq, Rev. Frank Smith

Maurice Soudre, Desmondism

Mauricio Centeno, Ayer, Hoy y Siempre / Yesterday, Today and Always

Mauricio de Souza, Giant Steps

Mauricio de Souza, Here. There...

Mauricio De Souza, Hindsight

Mauricio Zottarelli, 7 Lives

Maurizio Geri Swingtet, Swing a sud

Maurizio Grondona Group, In My Hands

Maurizio Grondona Group, The Night Vibe

Maurizio Grondona Group, The Sounds of Life

Maurizio Grondona Group, Yearning for Your Love

Maurizio Grondona, Musica Se Vuoi

Maurizio Grondona, With My Soul "music"

Mauro Albert & Dario Napoli, Exchange Gypsy Jazz

Mauro Rolfini & Adriano Brunelli, Odradek

Mauro Sereno, My Jazz, Vol. 2

Maurxce, Changes in Life

Maury Merkin, Ramblings of the morning following a sleepless night

Maury Rosenberg, It's a Beautiful Day for You and Me

Max Fueris, Ô Soleil

Max Leake, Trios

Max Perkoff, Infinite Search

Max Ridgway Trio, Deep Memory Scan

Max Roach, Audio Blues

Max Shumake, Make A Move

Max Valldeneu, It's About Love

Max Wellman, Max Wellman Live w/ His Big Band

Maxfield Gast, Eat Your Beats

Maxfield Gast, Maxfield Gast Trio: Side By Side

Maxine Willan, Touching You

Maxwell Hunter, Attraction

Maxxzee Le President, Somtymes (Instrumental)

Maya Ghost, Hako A Box

Maya Nova, Days

Maya Nova, Open

Maya, In the Spirit

Maydie Myles, The Ones I Love

Mayhayley's Grave, Neither Did His Brethren

Mayito, Agent 86

Maynard Ferguson, Mf Horn VI - Live At Ronnie's

Maynard Ferguson, The One and Only Maynard Ferguson

Mayuka Ezure, More Than You Know

Mayuka Ezure, Orchid's Dream

Ma©lanie E, Le Jazz a  la frana§aise Volume I

Márcio Castro e a generatividade, Money Shines shit

Mélogramme, La Folie

Mölnlycke Storband, Premiere

MC Swingtet, Time's Right

MC2, Blue Monday

McCoy Mrubata, Ashish Joshi & Greg Georgiades, It Used to Be Blue

McKinley & Dan Balmer, Others

McLean/Skelton Project, Jazz/Funk

ME Paige, In This Place (single)

Meadowhawks, Look Atchu Now!!!

Meaghan Murphy, More Modern

Meddy Gerville, Jazz Amwin

Medulla Peltor, Heltor Peltor

Meep!, Los Ritmos

Meet the Seavers, Sugar in the Raw

Meg Anderson, Break of Dawn

Meg Mackay, Legally Blonde

Meg Okura`s Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble, Meg Okura`s Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble

Mega-Mousse, Musical Monogram

Megan Lynch, Songs The Brothers Warner Taught Me

Megon McDonough, Spirits in the Material World

Megumi Kikumoto, Rollick

Meir Ben Michael, Relief

Mekiel Reuben, Cookin in East L.A.

Mekiel Reuben, Hangin in the Moonlight

Mekiel Reuben, If You Were Here Tonight

Mekiel Reuben, Shadows of Love

Mekiel Reuben, Simply Peacful

Mel Brown Quartet, Live: An Evening With The Mel Brown Quartet

Mel Carter, The Heart and Soul of Mel Carter

Mel Collins & D. Ben-Jamin Big Band, A Little Jazz Now & Then

Mel Davis, It's About Time!

Mel Martin, Listen

Mel Nusbaum, Our Love

Mel Rosenberg, The Essential Mel

Mel Searle, Serenade in Blue

Melani L. Skybell, Just A Chase Away

Melani L. Skybell, Through The Years

Melani Skybell, Christmas Toy

Melani Skybell, Life is the Song

Melani Skybell, Too Darn Hot: Live in Addison Circle

Melanie Bonevac, Christmas Time

Melanie Bong, Fanta¡sia

Melanie Bong, Gypsy Dream

Melanie Mitrano, All Things Gold

Melanie O`Reilly, House of the Dolphins

Melanie Saint Cyr, What You Think You Know

Melany Scroggins, Sad Eyes (Melodies Soul Stories)

Melba Joyce, One of Great Concern (feat. Dizzy Gillespie)

Melbreeze, Solitude: A Dream in Green Minor

Meleilani, Without You

Melinda DeRocker, I'll Be Seeing You

MeLinda Ford, My Commitment to You

Melinda Stanford, Off the Cuff

Melinda Whitaker, Lucky So-and-So!

Melinda Whitaker, The Touch of Your Lips

Melissa Dinwiddie, Online Dating Blues

Melissa Elliotte, Sunshine Moonlight

Melissa Galiano, En la Tina

Melissa Marquais, Coffee in Connecticut

Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings, Lucky Girl

Melissa Pace Tanner, Calm and Carefree

Melissa Stylianou, bachelorette*

Melissa Stylianou, It Never Entered My Mind...

Melissa Stylianou, sliding down

Melissa Vardey, Be Strong (feat. Dave Koz & The Int'l Childrens Choir)

Melissa Vardey, Be Strong (Instrumental) [feat. Dave Koz, Jeremy Lubbock, Nigel Clark & Hans Zermuelhen]

Melissa, Matter of Pride

Mellani Day, Mostly True

Melly Mell, Forecast

Melody Anne`s Swing` Experience Featuring Sonny Lewis, Live In North Beach, S.F. Vol. 1

Melody Davis, Perfect Gift

Melody Diachun, LULLABY of the LEAVES

Melody Mendis, Wanderlust

Melphi, Melphi

Melton Mustafa, Melton Mustafa Orchestra "St. Louis Blues"

Melton Mustafa, The Softer Side "Scenes from Miami Vol. 1"

Melton Mustafa, The Traveling Man

Melva Houston and Band, Black Coffee

Melveen Leed, I Wish You Love (feat. Barry Miles)

Melvin E, Soul Connection

Melvin J Murphy Jr, The Melvin Murphy Music Project, Pt. 1

Melvin Smith, Evidence

Melvyn Rodrigues, Dini Dini

Memory Magnetic, Memory Magnetic

Mendism, Fantasmagoric

Mens en van Tongeren, Tastisch

Mercedes Figueras, The Black Butterflies - 1 De Mayo

Mercedes Hall, Pure Emotion

Mercedes Nicole, Beautiful Alignment

Mercedes Nicole, People Are Talking

Meredith Kennedy, Blue Sky

Meredith Patterson, Little Did I Ever Dream

Merel Hutten, Wonderbras and Petticoats

Meridian Voice, Atypical Symmetry

Merlon Devine, Unwrap The Gift

Merrill Collins, I Just Dropped In, piano solo

Meryl Leppard, New York Suite

Meryl Leppard, Origami Man

Meryl Romer, So Sure

Meshe & Moon Circus, Feeling Good

meta4, the davinci mode

Metro Big Band, Metro Big Band

Metropolitan Gospel Big Band, Leaning On the Everlasting Arms

Metropolitan Gospel Big Band, Metropolitan Gospel Big Band

Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Sharks & Manatees

Metrotang, Lights Out

Mews Small, Pearl Street Garage #1

Mia Simanainen & Ahava, Matka

Mic Oechsner, Flying in the Dark

Mica Bethea Big Band, Mica Bethea Big Band

Michał Milczarek Trio, The Big Game

Michael Coppola, Voicings In My Head

Michael A Savage, DA Navigator

Michael A Savage, Da Traveler

Michael Adkins, Infotation

Michael Andrew & Swingerhead, A Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Michael Andrew and Swingerhead, She Could be a Spy

Michael Anthony Trio, Sands Of Time

Michael Anthony, Amor(e)

Michael Anthony, Paradise: The Live Experience At Studio 707

Michael Austin, I Just Want to Love You

Michael B, Dem`s Da Breaks

Michael Barone, Jazz Montage

Michael Barr, Hang in There

Michael Barr, Strut (Remix)

Michael Beese, Profusion

Michael Beese, Violin Ship

Michael Benedict & Bopitude, Five and One (feat. Gary Smulyan)

Michael Berman, One Week

Michael Berman, Sswing Foxx

Michael Bisio, George Muscatello, Dean Sharp, Collar City Createology

Michael Bluestein, Ambient Soul

Michael Bluestein, Wild World

Michael Blum, Commitment

Michael Bocian, Everywhere All the Time

Michael Brandeburg, Midnight

Michael Bruce, Wingin It

Michael Burkart & Les Syncopators De Bayou Jazz Trio, Les Syncopators De Bayou

Michael Burke, Where Ya Goin

Michael C. Lewis, Reflection

Michael Cameron Quartet, Michael Cameron Quartet

Michael Campagna, Passionate Nature

Michael Carter Jr., The Future

Michael Charles Clark, Ragtime!

Michael Cole, Scj05

Michael Cotton and Nikola Monfort, Out Of This World

Michael Creber Trio, Smooth Sailing

Michael Crowther, A Moment In Time

Michael D, Maat Jazz

Michael Danso, Duet Of Solos

Michael Danso, Give Me That Jazz - Recut

Michael Davenport & Al Hood, Friends

Michael Davis, Bone Alone

Michael Davis, Tango Bossa

Michael Dease, Clarity

Michael Dimin and the Big Droppins Ensemble, There Are No Accidents

Michael Dimin, Big Droppins

Michael Donovan, Zephyr

Michael Drake, It`s Nice In Paradise

Michael Drake, Sazzunk

Michael Drake, Two Classic Early Recordings

Michael Dulin, Atmospheres

Michael E.Daniels, Smooth-ology (The Mind of Smooth Thought)

Michael Egbert, The Judy Green Project (2010)

Michael Eldridge, Chiriaco Summit an Original Music CD

Michael Eubanks, On a Day Like This...

Michael Fair, Funk in the Trunk

Michael Fein, Four Flights Up

Michael Fields Jr., Walkin' (feat. Darren Rahn & Dominique Taplin)

Michael Gayle, The Michael Gayle Experience

michael ghegan, michael ghegan

Michael Gibson, Not About Us

Michael Guy, The Broken-Hearted Shuffle, Pt. 1 (Jazz Quartet)

Michael H May, Made in New York

Michael Haggins, Dare to Dream

Michael Haggins, Traffic

Michael Haggins, World of Dreams

Michael Hall, Higher Places

Michael Hawley, Tele Talk

Michael Haynes, Ensight

Michael Haynes, Worship in Play

Michael Heinzelmann & Jack Scannell, New Colors (1)

Michael Heinzelmann, Lady

Michael Heinzelmann, New Colors (2) [feat. Jack Scannell]

Michael Heinzelmann, Techno Jazz No. 2

Michael Heinzelmann, Techno Jazz No.1

Michael Heinzelmann, Theme from Naughty Baby

Michael Heller, Acid Reflex

Michael Herring`s Vertigo featuring David Binney, Coniferous Revenge

Michael Hershman, Undercovers

Michael Higgins, Home Again

Michael Holmes, Let Yourself Go

Michael Houston, Chill 2 This

Michael Houston, Turn It Up

Michael J Parlett, Keep It Movin'

Michael J Thomas, City Beat

Michael J. DiNardo, The Best of Michael J. DiNardo

Michael J. Parlett, Motown Jammin'

Michael J. Thomas, I Think About Amy

Michael J. Thomas, I Think About Amy

Michael James, Instrumental Soda Pop

Michael Jeff, Cool Groove

Michael Jenkins, From Deep Within

Michael K. Jones, Smooth Sailing

Michael Keul & Superfocus, Superfocus (feat. Scott Hamilton)

Michael Kevin Ross, Never Give Up

Michael Knopf, Solo

Michael Kollwitz & Chapman Stick, Memories

Michael Kollwitz, Carnival

Michael Kollwitz, Moments

Michael Kollwitz, Steppin' Out

Michael Kraft, Latin Journey

Michael Lalonde, Ana

Michael LaMacchia, Organic Jive

Michael Lamotte (Formerly Known As KolordPimp), The Urban Jazz Lounge, Vol. 1

Michael Le Van Trio, A Different Shade of Blue

Michael Levanios, Another View

Michael Lewis, Sorry

Michael Lloyd Band, Luckdragon

Michael Lowenstern, Fade

Michael Lowenstern, Spin Cycle

Michael Lydon, Love at First Sight

Michael Lydon, Sing the Song Again!

Michael Manring, The Book of Flame

Michael Martin, Odyssey

Michael Massaro, La Days New York Nights

Michael Mirand, Don`t Worry `Bout Me

Michael Monhart and Gregg Keplinger, Absurd World Country

Michael Moody, Wild Is the Wind

Michael Moody, You've Changed

Michael Moore-Kelly, Piano Without Makeup

Michael Moreland, Flimsy

Michael Moreland, Kansas City's Got Jazz

Michael Morgan Trio, Live @ The Metropolitan Room NYC

Michael Morgan, Take 1

Michael Musillami, Beijing

Michael Musillami, Dachau

Michael Musillami, Fragile Forms

Michael Musillami, From Seeds

Michael Norwood, Heart Beatz

Michael O'Neill & Kenny Washington, New Beginnings

Michael O'Neill, Beans n Grease - Single

Michael O'neill, The String and I

Michael Ortega, Aphrodite's Io

Michael Ortega, Feel the Music

Michael Ortega, It's the Way You Love Me (Remix)

Michael Ortega, Man By the Bay

Michael O`Neill Quintet featuring Kenny Washington with special guest Joe Locke, Still Dancin`

Michael Paulo, Happy

Michael Paulo, My Heart and Soul

Michael Paulo, SaxFor Christmas

Michael Pearman, From My Heart To Your Soul

Michael Pellera, Round Midnight

Michael Pellera, Son Of Sky

Michael Petrovich, Bella Luna

Michael Petrovich, The Train to San Lorenzo

Michael Radliff, Night and Day

Michael Raitzyk, Live At Cafe Hon

Michael Remesnik, Magic Race

Michael Rhoades, Close your eyes

Michael Ross Quartet, Year of the Dog

Michael Ross, A Special Thing

Michael Ross, Reloaded

Michael Ruff, Acoustic Trios

Michael Ruff, Everything

Michael Ruff, Love Never Fades

Michael Scherer, Exceeding Expectations

Michael Scherer, Joyful Harmony

Michael Scherer, Joyful Harmony

Michael Shockley, Let's Dance

Michael Silverman Smooth Jazz Piano Trio, Michael Silverman Smooth Jazz Piano Trio

Michael Silverman, Best of Smooth Jazz: Easy Listening and Lounge Piano Music

Michael Steinman, Current Residence

Michael Strautman, The Key of Me

Michael Stricklin, Michael Stricklin

Michael Suser & The Night & Day Band, They All Laughed

Michael Tenn, Cars, Guitars & Whisky Bars

Michael Tinholme, The House of Jazz

Michael Tinholme, The Lost Christmas Card

Michael Tinholme, The Party's Over

Michael Tinholme, When Winter Falls on New York

Michael Tobian, Good Night, Meg

Michael Veal's Armillary Sphere, Anyscape

Michael Vince, Michael Vince

Michael Vuscan, Dizzytall

Michael Vuscan, Miles Away From Home

Michael Webster, Leading Lines

Michael Weiss, Soul Journey

Michael White, The Return of the White Knight

Michael Whittaker, Modern World

Michael Whittaker, Southern Exposure

Michael Winkle, The Only Dream

Michael XtraSolar, America's Rags to - Michael Plays Joplin Plays Michael

Michaele, Incantation Digital Revised Version

Michal Urbaniak's Fusion, Smiles Ahead

Michal Urbaniak, Eden

Michal Urbaniak, Fusion III

Michal Urbaniak, I Just Love You

Michal Urbaniak, Inactin (Special Edition)

Michal Urbaniak, Miles Of Blue

Michal Urbaniak, Urbaniak

Michalangela, England Swings

Michalangela, Portland Rain

Michale Giovanni, Soul Serenity

Micheal Barr, At Last

Michel F Côté, Alexandre St-Onge & Elwood Epps, Pink Saliva

Michel Gentile/Tony Romano, Flesh and Steel

Michel Lambert, Composition with Three Figures

Michel Rousset, Mysterium

Michel Rousset, Uniquely Michel Rousset (feat. Isabela Fernandes)

Michel Van Der Esch/Mvde, All By Myself

Michele Bensen & the Bob Alberti Trio, Moments Like This

Michele Carletti Quintet, Step Up and Play

Michele Lane, Letting Go

Michele Ramo, Duets with Friends

Michele Santo, So Far

Michele Thomas, I`ll Take Romance

Michelle A. Richard, Michelle A. Richard

Michelle Carr, Change

Michelle Creber, It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)

Michelle Gra©goire, Reaching

Michelle Lordi, Drive

Michelle Marie, Michelle Marie

Michelle Martine, Somewhere in Paris

Michelle Rounds & Cleve Douglass, Coffee Time Jazz

Michelle Walker, Hilary Gardner & Whitney James, You've Got a Friend

Michelle Walker, Slow Down

Michelle Zangara, More Than You Know

Michelle Zangara, Songs Of Blue

Michelly, Love Me, Love Me... Wild is the Wind

Michi, NY to LA

Michiel Cleijne, Mi Duende

Michiyo, Tete

Mick Kinney, Rag Nouveau

Mickey Basil, Just Before Dawn

Mickey Bass and His Manhattan Burn Unit , Another Way Out

Mickey Finn, Just Because (feat. Cathy Reilly)

Mickey Freeman, Livin' The Dream

Micki, Bye Greener Pastures

Micki, Peace and Quiet

Micky B & Carlton D, Jazz Ting

Midnight Friction, Midnight Friction

Midnight Friction, We Can Make It Happen

Midnight Serenaders, A Little Keyhole Business

Midnight Serenaders, Magnolia

Midnight Starlight, Love Being Here

Midnite, Upfull Day

Midori Ikeda, Time He Gave Me

Midori Takamura, Mona Lisa

Midwest Blue, Not My Day to Die

Mieko Miyazaki & Franck Wolf, Dankin

Mighty Good & Strong Band, So Wonderful

Miguel Amado, Story to Be Told

Miguel Gonzalez, Take Five

Miguel Maldonado, The Dreamer and the Dreamed

Miguel Ulisses, Bolivian Jazz

Mihalis Kalkanis, Parking Lot (Studio Version)

Miho Ishibashi, Sing A Rainbow

Miho Nobuzane, Anata Ni Deaeta (I'm So Happy That I Met You)

Miho Nobuzane, Make You Happy

Miho Nobuzane, Simple Words (Jazz Loves Brazil)

Mika Pohjola and Jill Walsh, A First Taste of Honey - Jazz Vocal and Piano Duo, Broadway Musicals

Mika Pohjola and Jill Walsh, Two For The Road - Broadway Classics and American Jazz Vocal Songbook Standards

Mika Pohjola, Chris Cheek, Matt Penman and Roberto Dani, Announcement

Mika Pohjola, Drew Gress and Mark Ferber, Ball Play

Mika Pohjola, Jazz

Mika Pohjola, Miguel Zenon, Ben Monder and Fernando Huergo, Landmark

Mikael Isaksson, Go for It (feat. Hans Backenroth, Joakim Ekberg, & Lennart Simonsson)

Mikael, In Ya Pocket

Mikael, Smooth Love

Mikan Zlatkovich, Come Together

Mike Allen Quartet, Vancouver

Mike Allen, Mike Allen Quartet: Faculty Jazz Collective

Mike Aremu, UNVEILED

Mike Arroyo, CD/DVD Mike Arroyo Live Performing

Mike Arroyo, Transition

Mike Bogle Trio, Albert's Quest Suite

Mike Bogle Trio, Hipness Oasis

Mike Carson, Signature

Mike Caruso Quintet, Song for Amy

Mike Cea, Java Jazz

Mike Claiborne, Grace and Mercy

Mike Claiborne, High Praise

Mike Clifford & PTPOPS, Mack the Knife

Mike Conto Trio, Warrior`s Chapel

Mike Cook & Michael Slaughter, Leftover Dreams

Mike Costley, Mike Costley (Live!)

Mike Cottone, Just Remember

Mike Cross, While We Can

Mike Currao, Banjo Dedications

Mike Davis, Fortunes and Hat-Tricks, Vol. 1

Mike Derose & Jason Weber, 1st Avenue Reunion

Mike Di Lorenzo, Bring It Back

Mike Doolin and David Martin, Reflection

Mike Erickson Band, Mike Erickson Band

Mike Fageros, Booker Ervin Tribute (Jazz Organ Trio)

Mike Fageros, Melange de Jazz

Mike Ferro & Townsound, Mike Ferro and Townsound

Mike Ferro, All Love

Mike Field, Ashes

Mike Fields, Little One (A Song for Noodle)

Mike Fields, Mr. Fields

Mike Fijal, Let Go

Mike Fitzmaurice, The Continuing Adventures of Hajji Baba

Mike Freedman, The Heart of the Night

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe, In The Zone

Mike Freeman, Wiggle Stomp

Mike Frost Band, Live At the Red Pepper

Mike Frost Band, Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise

Mike Frost Jazz, Frosty Christmas

Mike Fuerstein and Mainframe, Mike Fuerstein and Mainframe

Mike Garvan, Havana Nights

Mike Gillie, Loon Soup

Mike Glendinning, Mike Glendinning Demo

Mike Goudreau & Friends, My Favorite Time of the Year

Mike Goudreau Jazz Band, Look For The Sunshine

Mike Greene, 40 Year Retrospective

Mike Greene, Believe

Mike Greensill, Live at the Plush Room

Mike Hamilton, Impianoprov in Folktrancea

Mike Heffley, Piagnosis

Mike Hoffman, North of Now

Mike Hoffman, Translucent

Mike Hoffmann, Wild Rumors

Mike Hutchens, Space Between Whispers

Mike Ian, Big Bang Volume Two

Mike Ian, Big Bang, Vol. One

Mike Janzen Trio, Beginnings

Mike Janzen Trio, Try to Remember

Mike Kennedy Quartet, Idle Afternoon

Mike King, Groove That Foot

Mike Kornrich, Your Daily Ukulele

Mike Laps, Weekend Vibe

Mike Lee, Treesnhorses

Mike Leland, Momentum

Mike Levine, Thinking of You

Mike Levy, Squeaky Wheels

Mike Levy, The Real Book of Love

mike lipskin and Dinah Lee, A Sweet Beginning

Mike Longo and The New York State Of The Art Jazz Ensemble, Aftermath

Mike Longo Trio, The Mike Longo Trio Celebrates Oscar Peterson Live

Mike Longo, Dawn Of A New Day

Mike Lorenz & Friendz, Trudy

Mike MacArthur, Feels Like Home

Mike MacArthur, That`s What I`m Talkin `Bout

Mike MacArthur, This Christmas

Mike Mangan's Moving Parts, Taxman

Mike McCue, Old Shanghai

Mike Melito, John Marshall, Frank Basile, Neal Miner, Bob Sneider & Dino Losito, The Right Time

Mike Merritt and Mharlyn Merritt, Alone Together

Mike Miller, Save the Moon

Mike Moreno, Between The Lines

Mike Murray, Best of Mike Murray

Mike Murray, Canopy

Mike Murray, Downtime

Mike Murray, Elegance

Mike Murray, Groove Tones

Mike Murray, High 5

Mike Murray, Island Breeze

Mike Murray, Journey

Mike Murray, Master Blends

Mike Murray, Non-Stop

Mike Murray, Playtime

Mike Murray, Skyline

Mike Myers, Myriad

Mike Myers, Sonic Frontiers

Mike Myers, The Big Picture

Mike Nelson, Jazz Colored Glasses

Mike Pachelli, électricité

Mike Pardew and John Stowell, Transgression

Mike Petrone Duo, The Reason (feat. Mike Vacante)

Mike Pinto, Prologue

Mike Ponella, G.W.B. Shuffle

Mike Prigodich, A Stitch In Time

Mike Prigodich, Life Upstaged

Mike Prigodich, Melz/Prigodich/Erskine Group (Mpeg) -- Live @ Jimmy Mak's

Mike Prigodich, Variety Pack Live - Ep (feat. John Nastos, Damian Erskine & Reinhardt Melz)

Mike Reed, Running With Vision

Mike Ricchiuti, The Way I See It

Mike Rivett, Digital Seed

Mike Rud, Live From Lotus Land

Mike Schuil, Summer Wind

Mike Sedmak, Guitars & Axes

Mike Sedmak, Sentimental Favorites

Mike Smiarowski, Island Fantasy - Part Two

Mike Smith Quartet, Andy's Live Jazz-Mike Smith -30th Anniversary Featuring the Jordan Baskin Trio

Mike Stone, Summer Wind

Mike Thompson with Ernie Watts, Menagery

Mike Treni, Detour!

Mike Tucker, Collage

Mike Tyler, Can I Be Frank?

Mike Van Liew, Polyglot

Mike Votano, Smile

Mike Walker, Madhouse and the Whole Thing There

Mike Whitebread, Trio

Mike Whitley, Smooth Ride

MIke Willis & The Called, Favor Rain

Mike Wireman, Diversity

Mike Wireman, Relax Attack

Mike Yaw Quartet, Tarantula Dance

Mike Zabrin, Slice

Mikel Paul, It's Raining in New York

Mikelyn Roderick, Copasetic Is

Miki Campins, Les mans plenes d'arena

Miki Hayama, Prelude To A Kiss

Miki Howard, Private Collection

Miki Petkovski, City Settlers

Miki Purnell, Swingin' to the Sea

Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy, In This Moment

Mila Drumke, Hip to Hip: A Collection of Standards

Milan Latin Jazz Quartet, Sentimento Latino

Milana, Endless Night (Piano and Clarinet) [feat. Michel Martineau]

Miles & Miles, Canto Della Terra

Miles Ahead, The Studio Sessions

Miles Brown Trio, Share My Life

Miles Donahue, Miles Donahue Standards Vol. 3 (Someone to Watch Over Me)

Miles Donahue, Miles Donahue Standards, Vol. 1

Miles Donahue, Miles Donahue Standards, Vol. 4 (Embraceable You)

Miles Donahue, Standards, Vol. 2 (Polkadots and Moonbeams)

Miles Jaye, Attenergy

Miles Jaye, Divine Ascension

Miles Jaye, The Truth About Love

Miles Stiebel, No Hassle Miles

Mill City Trio, Solstice

Milla, Prelude

Millard Jackson, Safari Love

Millennium Jazz Orchestra, Pretty Pumps

Millennium Jazz Orchestra, Safety Zone

Miller, Amuso and Duff Jazz Trio, Tripodity Tales- Live

Millicent Terraine, Pillow Talk

Millie Edwards & Michael Pagán, Millie and Mike Live

Milo Lombardi, Going Nowhere (Enjoying the Ride)

Milo Matthews, Tidings of Comfort and Bass

Milo Petersen, Visiting Dignitaries

Milton Johnson, Total Praise

Milton Kerr, Tower of Isolation

Milton Ruffin, Bassic Principal

Milton Suggs & Willie Pickens, Just Like Me: The Music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn

Milton Suggs, Things To Come

Milwaukee Connection, Milwaukee Connection Live (Tribute to Chuck Hedges)

Mimi Seton, Naked (Solo Piano Improvisations)

Mimi Verderame Quartet, Flying Zone

Mimosa, Méli-mélo

Min Xiao-Fen, Dim Sum

Mina Keohane Group, Doppelganger

Mina Yu Project, Papa's Records

Minas, Bossa Nova Day

Minas, Symphony in Bossa

Mindy Johnson, Forever Spoken For

Minejazz Quartet Special, Sky High

Mings and Craig, Day By Day

Minha Lua, O Milagre

Minnalisa, Going Up

Minnie Murphy, The Forbidden Hope Diamond

Minoo Javan, But Beautiful

Minoo Javan, I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart

Minoo Javan, The Nearness of You

Minoo Javan, Why Should I Care

Minoo Javan, You Go to My Head

Minority Report, Classified

Mint Julep Jazz Band, Battle Axe

Mint Julep Jazz Band, Durham On Saturday Night

Mira, Mira

Miranda Sage, Both Sides Now

Miranda Sage, Day Dream

Miranda Sage, Moon Tiger

Mireille Boily, Jardins d'enfance (feat. Alexandre Grogg & Michel Lambert)

Miriam Aida, Frederik Kronkvist with The Monday Night Big Band, Live At The Palladium

Miriam Barab, I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Miriam Jarquin and Blues Latino, Miriam Jarquin and Blues Latino

Miriam Waks, Waksing Lyrical

Misha Piatigorsky, AYA

Misha V. Stefanuk, Free Flight, No End in Sight - Single

Misha, Christmas Jazz - Vom Leuchten der Sterne

Misha, Early Train

Misha, With a Bit of Your Love

Misha, Yesterdays

Misinterprotato, Delay

Miss Georgia Bridgwater, The Sultry Song Stylings Of...

Miss Pelican, A Billion Birds

Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators, Bye Bye Blackbird

Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators, Concentratin' On You

Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators, It's Only a Paper Moon

Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators, Nasty Man

Miss Sophie Lee, Love Street Lullaby

Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade, Live on the Road

Miss Tess, Darling, oh Darling

Miss Tess, Home

Miss Tess, Live Across the Mason Dixon Line

Miss Tess, Modern Vintage

Mississippi Rail Company, Goodnight Moon

Missy Miller, Go All James Bond On Me

Missye, Yellow Album

Mister Bill, Numerology

Mister Myth, Bamboo

Mistura Bela, Mistura Bela

Mitch Paliga, Blithe Moments

Mitch Seidman, Triangulation

Mitchell Butel, Killing Time - Live in Concert

Mitchell Dean, The Cool Bounce

Mitchell Jones, The Pleiades - "The Seven Sisters"

Mitchell Jones, The War Years

Mitchell Lloyd Schechter & New American Quartet, Mystic Autumn

Mitchell Stephens Project, Lights Are Low

Mitchell/McRae, In Times Like These (smooth classics)

Mitchell/McRae, Soon

Mitchsoul, When Morning Comes

Mitsuru Hirayama, Interactive

Mitzi Zilka, Something Good

Mixed Thoughts, A Nation of Fatherless Children

Mixed Thoughts, Insecurities

Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group, Life

Mj Lawrence, Now and Then

MJ Territo, Down With Love

MJ Williams Trio, It's About the Song...

MJ Williams, Trance Atlantic:the MJ Williams Paris Project

MJE Big Band, The Buzz

MJHQ, So What's Up?

Mk 2000, Twilight

MK Groove Orchestra, Greatest Hits

Mo Lefever, Unposed

Mo Millar (featuring Nicola s Wetzell), Goin` Basic

Mocombo, Zubie Zubie

Modal, Modal

Modern Groove Syndicate, Ms. Popular

Modernaires, A Tribute to Glenn Miller, Vol. 1

Modernday Soothsayers, The Temple Gates

Moho Memo, Houseboat Days

Molly Flannery, Riding the Bull

Molly Mitchell, Pretty Bird

Molly Pasutti, Late Night Lemon Drop

Molly Pasutti, Swingin' On a Rainbow

Molly Ryan, Songbird in the Moonlight

Molly Ryan, Swing for Your Supper!

Moment's Notice, Moment's Notice

Momo Trio, Inati

Momoe Sun, My Happiness

Momose, The Cabaret

Mon David, Coming True

Mon Du Woo, The Arch Syndrome

Monday Off (with Bucky Pizzarelli), Christmas Time Is Here

Monet Sabel & The Charlie Rosen Big Band, Monet Sabel With the Charlie Rosen Big Band

Moni.Aray, Ready for the Week

Monica Chapman, But Beautiful

Monica Chapman, Heart's Desire

Monica Chapman, P.S. I Love You

Monica Metzler In the Timbral Hut, Oceanic

Monica Peterson, Dancing andsinging For The Duke

monica peterson, International Chanteuse

Monica Ramey & The Beegie Adair Trio, Monica Ramey and the Beegie Adair Trio

Monica Ramey, Make Someone Happy

Monica Shaka, Monica Shaka (feat. Tony Scott)

Monika Herzig Acoustic Project, Melody With Harmony

Monika Lidke, If I Was to Describe You

Monika Lidke, Waking up to Beauty

Monika Wall, Parallel Mondo

Monique "the Artist", Don`t Be Toying With Me

Monique Danielle, Christmas with Monique Danielle

Monique Danielle, Smile

Monique DeBose, Choose the Experience, vol. 2: Closer

Monique Dimattina, Nola's Ark

Monique, Give It to Me

Monkadelphia, Crepuscule

Monroe Quinn, On Riverside Drive

Monroy Blues, Orquestálmente

Monstep, The what and The Why

Montana Manouche, Montana Manouche

Montana, Remixed

Montclair Women's Big Band & Ellen Seeling, Montclair Women's Big Band

Monte Colter, Christmas Memories vol 1

Monte Colter, Tribe7 Christmas

Montenia, Each And Every Day

Montenia, Love From L.A.

Montgomery Bruce, Bossa Noel: A Chilled Out Christmas

Montgomery Bruce, Closer To Christmas

Montrell Smith, Representatives

Montuno Salad, MontuNotes

Monty Skelton, Skelton's Montourage Live @ Penny Lane

Monvelyno, Ayibobo

Monzell Dunlap, Keynote Speakers

Monzell Dunlap, Roundtable Percussion

Moo'd Swing, It's About Time...

Mood Area 52, Company Town

Mood Indigo, It's Christmas Eve

Mood Indigo, Oh, Solo Duo!

Moodswing, Laughing All the Way (A Jazz Christmas)

Moon Hotel Lounge Project, Into the Ojalá

Moon Pool, Eclipse

Moonlight Saving Time, Moonlight Saving Time EP

Moplen, Mondomoplen

Moqui Lund, Margie Balter and Shea Welsh, Christmas Is Almost Here

Moqui, Sketches

Moraine, Manifest Density

Morayks, Lesotho

More Sundays, Early

Morgan Bouldin, Anthology 1

Morgan Bouldin, Christmas Time Again

Morgan Bouldin, It`s A Mystery To Me

Morgan Bouldin, The World is Mine

Morgan Bouldin, Wide Open Spaces

Morgan!, Morgan!

Morgen Stiegler & Chris Buzzelli, Reaching for the Moon (feat. Chris Buzzelli)

Morley Hayden Haines, Live at the Gresham Metropole for the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival

Mormors Systrar, Tills Döden Skiljer Oss Åt

Mormors visor, Sa¥dan a¤r ka¤rleken

Mornin' Old Sport, Mornin' Old Sport

Mornin' Old Sport, Mornin' Old Sport

Morpheus B, Love After Dark

Morpheus Music, Chicago (Karaoke)

Mort Weiss, A Giant Step Out and Back

Mort Weiss, I'll Be Seeing You

Mort Weiss, The Three of Us

Mosaic, Balance

Mosaic, Mosaic

Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Forty Fort

Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Slippery Rock

Motese', Slow Boat to China

Motiv, Motiv

Motown Moe, Another Level of Smooth

Motown Moe, Escape to the City

Motown Moe, Groovin for the Duke

Motown Moe, Here Comes Funky Santa

Motown Moe, Its Complicated

Motown Moe, Life of Courage Mandela

Motown Moe, Metro Dreams

Motown Moe, Palmer Park in the Summer

Motown Moe, Rhodes to Cool Places

Motown Moe, Riding Into the Sunset

Motown Moe, Soft Touch

Motown Moe, Tropic of Groove

MOTU, Rabid Priest

Mousey McGlynn, Peep EP

Mozayik, Mozayik

Mo` and the Flow, Beatniks and Jazz heads

Mpact, Momentum

Mr Finesse, Time Traveler

Mr Graham Deacon, Almost Midnight

Mr Graham Deacon, Home Blend

Mr Instrumentalist, Galveston Beach

Mr Instrumentalist, Music to Life

Mr. Carroll Hubbard, Jazz Violin for Flying High

Mr. Dean and (the Deficits), Who Took the Dough?

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica, The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel

Mr. Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band, Hometown Favorites

Mr. Joe Jordan and Friends, Let`s Go To That Place

Mr. Majestic, This Is Who I Am

Mr. Marcus Young, Holiday Music, Vol. 1 (Mr. Marcus Young Presents)

Mr. Milton Howard Jr., Rise and Shine

Mr. PC, Mr. PC

Mr. Smooth, Funkin' Me Up

Mr. Something Something, The Edge

Mr. Vegas Man, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Mr.magik, Or Is It Just Untrue

MrR, Always Blue

MrR, Sonoran Sunset

MrRosS, PLaYiT!

Mrs. Fun, No Ennui, They Are Not a Trio

Ms T and Company, White Shirt Black Suit

Ms. Bogie, Poetic Journey

Ms. Dimples, Tempo & Flute (feat. TImothy Tempo Barnes)

Ms. Jaz, Chances

Ms. Jo Thompson & the JC Heard orchestra, Jo Thompson:Forever Fabulous!!!

Mucio Aquino, Search

Mucio Sa, Que Alegria

Mudfoot Jones, Basement Boys Present Mudfoot Jones

Mukhara Jazz Quartett, Time To Leave

Mundell Lowe and Jim Ferguson, Haunted Heart

Muracle, Music Is Miracle

Muriel Grossmann, Awakening

Murray Middleman, Love Songs for the Galaxy

Mushroom, Joint Happening

Music By McIntosh, Smooth Jazz in Motion

Music Practitioners, The Healing Power Of Music

Music Vision Producers, Something To Ride To!!!

Musica Mundi, Musica Mundi

MusicReport, Tribute

Mutts, Fuel Yer Delusion, Vol. 4

Muza, Terciopelo

MVT, Long Drives, Late Nights.

My Linh, Tocngan Acoustic-Mot Ngay

Myanna, One Never Knows, Do One?

Mychael Pollard, Plethora

Mychal Simonz, Acoustic Lady

Mychal Simonz, Nice and Easy

Mychal Simonz, The Best Of Mychal Simonz

Myles Hayes, You Were Mine

Myra Melford and Tanya Kalmanovitch, Heart Mountain

Myra Murphy, Moon and Sand

Mystery Feet, Upstream

Mythias Lee, Babychild@christmas

Mythias Lee, Follow Your Dreams

Mythias Lee, Love 4 Christmas

Mythias Lee, Love Is - Single

Mythias Lee, Man,Myth,Muzk

Mythias Lee, Party Hardy Guy

Mythias Lee, So Bad Im Mad

Mz Goldilocks, I Ain't 2 Old

M`oud Swing, Modal Citizens

M`tafiti Imara, Mwafrika

N-groove, It`s Who We Are

N-Side, the Healer, Living in the Poetry Hotel

N.E. Patton, In the Scheme of Things

Naamleela Free Jones and the John Mackay Trio, Bach in Time

Nabdul, Out Of Nowhere

Nacho Labrada, Desordenes Ordenados

Nada Brahma, Tupendane

Nadale Ravenell, JazzAcation

Nadav Haber, Beautiful

Nadav Haber, Summer Song

Nadia Cancila & Alfredo Paixão, Dois

Nadia Cancila E Robertinho De Paula, Atras Da Porta

Nadine Axisa, Velvet

Nadine Wobus, Positively

NADINE, I Have Arrived

Nagata, The Earth 2

Nagual, Nagual II

Naima Shamborguer, A Blossom Sings

Naima Shamborguer, From My Heart to Yours (George to Alma)

Naimah Mustafaa, Something For Everyone

NaJe, Caravan

NaJe, More Than You Know

NaJe, The Garden

Najuma, Soulmancing The One

Nakayo, The Time Is Now!

Naked Wolf, Naked Wolf

Nan Bostick and Tom Brier, Dualing at the McCoys

Nan Bostick and Tom Brier, Missing You at the McCoys

Nan Bostick, Soloing at the McCoys

Nan O'Malley, Suddenly Quite Sane

Nancie Banks, Bert`s Blues

Nancie Banks, Waves of Peace

Nancy Anderson, Ten Cents A Dance

Nancy Coletti, Black Coffee

Nancy Curtin, Soul Brasileiro

Nancy Donnelly, A Greater Love

Nancy Erickson, Prelude

Nancy Fox Hall, Just Singin

Nancy Goodwin, Once Upon a Time

Nancy Harms, Dreams in Apartments

Nancy Harms, In The Indigo

Nancy Harrow, An Intimate Evening With Nancy Harrow

Nancy Harrow, The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Nancy Hays, Big Band Country

Nancy Kelly, B That Way

Nancy Kelly, Well, Alright!

Nancy Marano, MAGIC

Nancy Marano, You're Nearer

Nancy Newman, You Never Know

Nancy Nolan, Nancy Nolan Sings

Nancy Osborne, Hot Swing, Cool Jazz

Nancy Osborne, Songs in the Key of Love

Nancy Reed & John Coates, Jr., Live At the Deer Head Inn

Nancy Reed & Spencer Reed, Let's Fall in Love

Nancy Rispoli, Santa's Still Coming To Town

Nancy Ruth, Me Quedo

Nancy Sofka, The Song Is You

Nancy Stearns, A Wish

Nancy Stearns, Weather or Not

Nando Michelin, Juana de America

Nandy Pierre-louis and Lucky Pierre, Collaboration 1

Nanette De Laune, Once I Loved

Nannan, I Want To Know

Naoki Iwane, Deserted Island

Naoki Sugou, Little Jack's Rag

Naomi & Her Handsome Devils, Naomi & Her Handsome Devils

naomi.k, True ~World traditional covers~

Naquil, Cosmography

Narainen and Russo, Organic Ep

Nardocole, Hey Ho

Nastazio Gkoumas, A New Day

Nat Adderley, For Duke and Cannon (Sextet Live At Sweet Basil)

Nat Mathis, A NATural Christmas

Natalia Barahona, Voz de Algodón

Natalie Azerad, Pourquoi

Natalie Hart, Natalie Hart: The EP

Natalie John, Natalie John

Natalie Nicole Gilbert, Slip of the Tongue

Natasha Miller, The Season

Natasha Miller, What Christmas Means to Me

Natasza Kurek Group, Incantation

Nate Aronow Nextet, Adding Fuel to the Fire (feat. Frank Withey)

Nate Aronow Nextet, Hearing Things

Nate Benson, Made To Worship

Nate Birkey, Almost Home

Nate Birkey, Christmas

Nate Bray, Christmas with Nate Bray

Nate Brown, North Country Mile

Nate Leath & Leathal Matter, Leathal Matter

Nate Najar & John Lamb, So What's New

Nate Najar, Until Now

Nate West, No Protocol

Nate, Nate N9

Nathalie Brun, Französische Versuchung (Tentation)

Nathalie Maerten & Claude Diallo, New Beginnings

Nathan B, Tel Aviv - Haifa

Nathan Hanson & Brian Roessler, Bellfounding

Nathan Heathman, Right Here Right Now

Nathan Kuruna, Yulenog 2: A Theremin Christmas

Nathan Kuruna, Yulenog: the Nathan Kuruna Holiday Album

Nathan Loggins, Not of This World

Nathan Mitchell, My Angel (A Dedication)

Nathan Phyerstone, Monkey C Monkey Do

Nathan Santino, Service Elevator

Nathan T Duncan, Bridge To Paradise

Nathan Temby, Late Night Piano Bar

Nathaniel Brunson, P.O.V.G.U.G

Nathaniel Kearney, Jr, Back to Bassics

Nathaniel L Cole, Listen

Nathaniel L Cole, Sweet Honey from You

Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr., Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr. Presents!

National Boulevard, Last Cigarette

Native Vibe, In the Land of Muses

Navaraj Gurung, German Velazco & Victor Vidal Paz, Cuba Meets Nepal (Jazz Fusion)

Nayo Jones, Niambi

Naz, Time After

Nádia Figueiredo, Summer Rain

Neal Alger, Here and Now, There and Before

Neal Bowens, I Do Sax: Out Of The Blue

Neal Miner, Sweet Tooth

Neal Smith, Swingin` Is Believin`

Neamen Lyles, Candy

Neamen Lyles, So Free

Neamen, Let's Chill (Radio Edit)

Ned Goold Quartet, Prince Valiant

Neemias Santos, Abide With Me

Nefer Ra, The Next Place

Neha, The Dreamer

Neighty, A Burning Inside

Neil Alexander and Nail, Tugging At The Infinite

Neil Allen (Williams), Invitation To My Confession (Marry Me)

Neil Blumofe, Piety and Desire

Neil C. Young, What's Yours

Neil Edwards, Gotta Get My Groove On

Neil Gordon Trio, It Takes Three

Neil Hogan, Yesterday's News

Neil Lamb, Life Goes On

Neil Rosengarden, Sixteen Tunes and What Do You Get

Neil Seidel, Fakebook Memories

Neil Seidel, Vintage Guitar

Neil Seidel, Vintage Guitar II

Neil Shilansky, Something I Know

Neil Wetzel, Misunderestimated

Neil Whitaker, Day Or Night

Neki Emra, Çift Ty Dua Të Kem (feat. Leonora Jakupi)

Nell, Anderkant Die Stilte

Nell, Boulevard

Nell, Gedigte Maak

Nell, Waar Kry Jy Die Son

Nelly Mauras and Kurt Hawthorne, Traffic Jams

Nelly Maximous, A Heartfelt Christmas

Nelson Rangell, Blue

Nelson Rangell, Red

Nemtom..Soop, Nemtom..Soop

Neni Carolina Chacin, Paris: Summertime in Wintertime

Neo bass ensemble featuring Lisle (lyle) Atkinson, Be Bop meets bass thru the Neo Bass ensemble featuring Lisle Atkinson

Neon Swing X-Perience, Grandpa Tempo: the Chairman of Swing

Neon Swing X-perience, Here To Stay

Neonad, 95

Neptune's Army, Dio Ra's Morning Show: Tune-In

Nerissa Campbell, Powder Burn

Net Qtet, We Are Here?

Neticous, Night Bridge

Neu Abdominaux Dangereux, Dangereuxorcisms

Nevada Wilkens, Reflections

New Black Eagle Jazz Band, Echoes of New Orleans

New Black Eagle Jazz Band, Higher Ground

New Bop Brigade, New Bop Brigade

New Deal Rhythm Band, Hep! Hep!

New Deal Rhythm Band, Swing Out in the Groove

New Deal Rhythm Band, The White Album

New E.S.P., Steps (feat. Jost Edelhoff)

New El Dorado Jazz Band, Live at the Chattanooga Trad Jazz Festival May 1, 2011

New England Jazz Ensemble, ...Wishes you a Cookin' Christmas (feat. Duke Ellington's Nutcraker Suite)

New England Jazz Ensemble, It's A Grand Night for Swinging

New England Jazz Ensemble, Live At the Pittsfield City Jazz Festival

New England Jazz Ensemble, Storm Before the Calm

New England Jazz Ensemble, Version 3.0

New Fusion Orchestra, Evening Celebration

New Generation Big Band, Had Je Wat?!

New Haven Improvisers Collective, X

New Orleans Helsinki Connection, At Last

New Orleans Helsinki Connection, Paradise On Earth

New Orleans Jazzman Band, Jazzin' On The Mississippi

New Orleans North, Born 40 Years Too Late

New Orleans` Own Dukes Of Dixieland and Jazz Master Danny Barker, Salute To Jelly Roll Morton

New Orleans` Own Dukes Of Dixieland, Barnburners

New Orleans` Own The Dukes of Dixieland, Timeless, The Classic Collection

New Project Funk Orchestra & Marco Pierobon, Nano Nano

New Regime, From Scratch

New Standard Quintet, The Many Faces

New Standard Trio, Nightshift Thunder

New Territory, Confessions of a Housewife....Chapter 1: Listen To The Sounds of Your Soul

New Tricks, Alternate Side

New Trio, Mateusz Smoczynski, Jan Smoczynski & Alex Zinger, Perpendicular Realities

New Trombone Collective, 21 Trombones in the 21st Century

New Vintage Big Band, Always and Forever

New World Jazz Project, Limpopo

New York / Koeln Project, Latin Jazz

New York Electric Piano, Black Hole in One

New York Electric Piano, Keys To the City Volumes 1 & 2

New York Electric Piano, King Mystery

New York Electric Piano, War Oracle

New York Trombone Conspiracy, A Matter of Time

New Youth Jazz Movement, Mean St of Lansing

New Zealand Army Band, An Album of Two Halves

New Zealand Army Band, Enchanted

Newfane, Ragtime Hits Vol 1

Newropean Quartet & Danilo Memoli Trio and Steve Grossman, Time on my hands

Newropean Quartet, Amapola

Newton, Fusamagroove

Nexlevel, Midnight Blue

NexLevel, Three Kings

Ney Mello, Elementi Eterni

Ngozi-Y'ileese, Not a Man Eater

Nhojj, Made to Love Him: Celebrating Love

Nhojj, You're A 10!

Niaga, Hitit

Nicholas Bridgman, Evenings On the Coast

Nicholas Cole, A Journey of One

Nicholas Llerandi, Standby

Nick Altieri, Time Flies

Nick Bisesi, Gemini - Digital Download

Nick Dallett, Introspection

Nick Dallett, The Migration of Morningales

Nick Drozdoff & The Variable D Postulate Quartet, Chillin' in New Hampshire

Nick Drozdoff & The Variable D Postulate Quartet, Glad to Be Somewhere

Nick Drozdoff, Collected Works One

Nick D`Egidio, Only In Hollywood

Nick Farr, A View from Within

Nick Fryer/Doug Stone, Quartet

Nick Gomez, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Nick Gomez, Red Vinyl

Nick Gomez, The Third Date

Nick Kepics, Rounding the Bend

Nick La Riviere, Another Time Around

Nick La Riviere, Too Much To Do

Nick Lido, Mantra

Nick Matzke, Physical Proof

Nick Sanborn, Aria

Nick Scheuble, In The Pocket

Nick Scheuble, In the Pocket (Re-Issue)

Nick Smith, It`s Like That

Nick Stefanacci, All for a Reason

Nick Vintskevich, Jay Ashby, Eve Cornelious & Kim Nazarian, Vive L'amour

Nick Ziobro, Sinatra

Nickel and Dime Ops, The Soulygamist

Nicki and Jazziroco, Don`t Just Stand There

Nicki Denner, El Medico de Coqui

Nicki Parrott, Nicki Parrott: The Best of Venus Volume One

Nickolai Smoliyanov, Unusual

Nicky Schrire, To the Spring

Nicky Shane, The Age of Rhythm - Volume 1

Nicola Milan, Forbidden Moments

Nicola Milan, Little Rendezvous

Nicolas Bearde, Visions

Nicolas King, Nineteen

Nicole Dillenberg, The Heart of the Matter Re-Mix

Nicole Dillenberg, The Original Standards Project

Nicole Lvoff, Here's That Rainy Day

Nicole Mitchell`s black earth ensemble, HOPE, FUTURE and DESTINY

Nicole Peyrafitte, La Garbure Transcontinentale / The Bi-continental Chowder

Nicole Ratté, When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful

Nicole Sasser, Showtime!

Nicole Sutka, Nicole Sutka

Nicole Zuraitis, Spread the Word

Niels Rosendahl, Impossibly Simple

Niels Voskuil, On Her Return

Nigel Bellis, The Northern Lights

Nigel Cornwall, Petroglyph Harmonic

Nigel Hall, The Face of Things To Come

Nigel Harpur, Collage

Nigel Williams, Reggae Soul Jazz

Nigel, Come Back to Me

NightFall, Intimate Strangers

Nijel Rawlins, Christmas With Hymn

Nijel Rawlins, The Love Project

Nika Rejto, Bridge Weaver

Nika Rejto, Liquid Love

Nikasteam, Little Boat


Nikkole and Arturo Sandoval, Amazing

Niko Marks, A Little Rain

Niko Marks, Day of Knowing (feat. Carlos Nilmmns)

Niko Marks, Maiden Voyage

Niko Meinhold and Noel Taylor, Border Patrol

Nikolay Moiseenko Project, Far Away Story

Nikos Touliatos and Kyriaki Tsakiridou, See You in Hell

Nikos Touliatos, Rhythmotropies

Nikos Touliatos, Serial numbers

Nils Gessinger, Burning

Nils Gessinger, Pass-ion

Nils Rurack, Slightly Off Center

Nils Rurack, Three of a Kind

Nina Ebbenhout, When We Kiss

Nina Fletcher, Courage

Nina Hennessey, With a Song

Nina Meier Bradlin & Eric Gilson, Sela's Song

Nina Vidal, Love, Pop & Soul (The Cover Sessions, Vol. 1)

Nina Vidal, Silver Lining

Nina Vidal, The Open-Ended Fantasy

Nina Vox, The Shape of You

Ninth and Lincoln, Ninth and Lincoln

Niran Obasa, Favour in the City (feat. Femi Sofela)

Nishlyn Ramanna (feat. Stan Sulzmann), A Thought

Nita Sell and Astrid Cowan, In the Sun

Nita Sell and Astrid Cowan, Inner Pathways

Nita Sinaga, More Than More

Nita Velo, Imagine That

Nitewind, In the Shadows

Nito Pinilla, Tan Imposible Marea

Nivo Deux, Love's No Distance (feat. U-Nam & Shannon Kennedy)

Nivo Deux, Love's No Distance (Radio Edit)

Nivo Deux, Open Beta - EP

Nj Ladyfingers, This Is What It Is

NMB Brass Band, Soixante Huit

Nnenna Freelon & John Brown Big Band, Christmas

No Day Six, Day Eight

No Day Six, No Day Six

No Fear Music, No Fear Music

No Reply, Adicciones

No Strings Attached, Hangin' By a Thread

No Strings Attached, In Sync

Noah Baerman Trio, U-Turn

Noah Baerman with Ron Carter and Ben Riley, Patch Kit

Noah Baerman, Soul Force

Noah Howard, Desert Harmony

Nob Kinukawa, Bass And All That

Nobby Clark, We're Cookin' Up Quite a Storm

Nobuko Miyamoto, To All Relations

Nobuo Funabashi & Kimberly Knox, When You Are With Me

Nobuo Funabashi, Kevyn Lettau & Peter Sprague, In Good Company

Nobuyuki Mizuoka, Yokohama Story (Honmoku Blues Version)

Noel Johnston, Marshmallow

Noel Johnston, Salted Coffee

Noel Lorica & Treebo, Treebo

Noel Lorica, Second Glance

Noel Taylor & Alberto Popolla, All Fall Down

Noggin, Big Band

Noize, Late Night At the Karma Lounge

Nojimen, Rotar Bros.

Nolan Shaheed, Lamentation From The Middle Pa**age

Nolan, My Kind of Right

Nomakosazana and Uli Lenz, Tenderness

None of the Above, Multiple Choice

Nonviolenze, India

Nora McCarthy & Joshua Wolff, A Time for Love

Nora McCarthy, Life Is A Song To Sing

Nora McCarthy, Redandblue

Norbert Fimpel, Norbert Fimpel

Norberto Goldberg, Batida Diferente

Noriko Yamamoto, Anel de Capim

Norine Braun, Kind of Jazz

Norm Kubrin, I Thought About You

Norm Stockton, Pondering the Sushi

Norma Martin, Norma Martin Big Bandit!

Norma Zenteno, Endulzame

Norman Carter, Jazz Tunes

Norman Carter, My Love

Norman Evans, Karma Blush

Norman Evans, Retrospective

Norman Evans, Suspension

Norman Evans, Twilight

Norman Evans, Unspoken

Norman Simmons, The Heat and the Sweet

Norman Weeks and Groove Tyme, The Spirit of Jazz II

North, Perrillo, Binder Trio, Short Meeting

Northern Lights - Altai Khangai, Northern Lights - Altai Khangai

Northwest Passages, Journeys

Norwood Poindexter, Pjq Poindexter Jazz Quartet Live At the Berkshire

Nosh, Nosh EP

Noshir Mody, In This World With You

Nossa Bossa Nova, Beyond Bossa Nova - a Tribute to Elis Regina

Nossa Bossa Nova, Reimagined: Songs of Elis Regina

Nossa Bossa Nova, Standards

Nossa Bossa Nova, Standards, Too

Noteworthy, Ahhh Cappella in the D - EP

Noteworthy, no fella a cappella

Noubarian / Heywood, Believe It

Nouveau Stride, Fourteen (feat. Lorraine Feather & Stephanie Trick)

Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, A Time of Reckoning

NOVA nola, Wetland

Nova Sol & Elena Di Giovanni, Sand Into Stone

Nova, Nova

Novena Boy, Light In The Dark

NOVENA BOY, Under The Turning Sky

Now Orchestra, Animal Tales

Npg, Artifact

Nrg!duo, Unleashed

NSU Jazz Ensemble with Bobby Watson, Appointment in Milano

NSU Jazz Ensemble with Robin Eubanks, Global Citizen

NSU Jazz Ensemble, Seamus Blake & Tommy Poole, On Cue-the Music of Seamus Blake

NSU Jazz Ensemble, The Point

NSU Jazz'tet, Out Front

Nu Day Minstrels, Number 1

Nubim, Yellow woods

Nuclear Jazz Quarktet, Radioactive!

NuDawn, A Nu Day Dawning

Nue-Noize, Nue-Noize

NuJazz, NuJazz

NuQ-Leus, NuQ-Leus `O7

nuSteps, Get the Groove

Nutty, Nutty

Ny Alliance, Ny Alliance

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe, Cry (feat. Chiwoniso Maraire)

Nybakat!, Happy Land

NYC Blues Devils, Hell Yeah!

Nyssa L, Can't Love You

Nyssa L, Over Me

Nysus, Falling 4 U

O Sister!, Crazy People

O'Gorman Music, Bossa Nova Metronome (Play Along)

O'Gorman Music, Jazz 2-5-1 -Vol. 03 Minor

O'Gorman Music, Jazz 2-5-1- Vol 02 Bebop

O'Gorman Music, Jazz Metronome

O'neil, Alone City

O'neil, Dark Side of Love

O'neil, Doing Something Wrong

O-Katte, Warabe Uta: Japanese Children's Songs

Oğuz Büyükberber Trio, Gibi

Oba Ozai, Xalapa

Objects in the Mirror, Drive

Octobop, Very Early

Octopus/Caveman, Fiddlesticks

Octopus/Caveman, Jazz Hammers

Odd.inary, Busy Girl From Bukit Timah

Oddflow Band, Almost Even

Odyssey Bogussevich, Post-Montreux

Of Word and Rhythm, A Global Warning EP

Of Word and Rhythm, Give the People What They Want

Ofelia del Rosal, Entre Pianos

Off Ensemble, Off Ensemble

Offenbach, En Fusion

Ohio Toast Ska Man, The Bitcoin Song

Ojeda Penn & Shazara, Love Storm

Okajimahal, Tales from another universe

Okan Ersan & Istanbul Superband, A Reborn Journey

Okäru Hoshino-Lovelace, Sakura, Home of My Heart

Oko, I Love You Computer Mountain

Oksana Kulakova, It's All Right With Me

Oksana Kulakova, Just Friends

Oksana Kulakova, Misty

Ola Trzaska, All Around

OLAM, Religion, Delusion, Confusion

Olayimika Cole, L'Ife

Oleg Frish, Bring Me Sunshine

Olga Fusion Quartet, Images

Olga Román, Olga Román 2

Olga Román, Vueltas y Vueltas

Oliver Friedli, Three Miles Off

Oliver Kraus, Island of Xo

Oliver Lowe & Friends, Penize nebo Zivot

Oliver Lowe & Friends, Penize nebo Zivot (Instrumentals)

Oliver Miguel, Esperanza

Oliver Sylvester Lane, Who Shall

Olivia and the Plaza Suite, New York Sound

Olivia Beckwith, The Sweetest Thing

Olivia Brownlee, The Second Album

Ollie Collins, A New Direction

Ollie Cram, Rai-Ken

Omar K. Mills, The Carpenter

Omolara Ceasar, My Iphone

On Impulse, 10 Minutes in Paris (feat. Deborah J. Carter)

On Impulse, Dernier Cru

On Impulse, On Impulse (feat. Marc Guillermont, Nigel Hitchcock & Mike Miller)

Onaje Allan Gumbs, Remember Their Innocence

Oncenth Trio & Saga Yuki, Oncenth Trio & Saga Yuki (feat. Honda Kon)

Oncenth Trio, Dharma

Oncenth Trio, Oncenth Trio

One Alternative, Air Sculpture

One Dan Band, Cat and Mouse

One for My Baby, One Destination

One More Language, Letter From Motherland

One Spirit, Go for It!

Oneladyjazz, I've Got a Crush On You

Oneladyjazz, Singing In the Rain

Oneladyjazz, The Girl from Ipanema

Oneness of Juju, African Rhythms

OneUpOneDown, Preface

OneUpOneDown, Straight To Plan B

Oolyakoo, L I V I D

Oorbeek, Etos

Opa Cupa, Hotel Albania

Opcode, System of the World

Open Interest, Open Interest

Opening Night !, Multiple Issues

Openrivers, Instant

Opie Bellas, Faces

Optimystik Visionaries, Optimistic Vision

Orange Lake Drive, Fresh Squeezed

Orange Lake Drive, Transcend

Orbert Davis, DuSable to Obama: Chicago's Black Metropolis (Original Sountrack)

Oregon Valley Boys, Hey, Wait!

Organics, New Light

Organism, Sound Helmet

Organissimo, Dedicated

ORI, That Voice Inside

Original Dixieland Jazz Band, 110 Year Anniversary of A Jazz Legend; Nick LaRocca

Original Dixieland Jazz Band, 80 Years of Jazz

Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Jazz From New Orleans

Orin Jemal, As the World Turns

Orin Siliya, A Day Under the Sun

Orin Siliya, Take "That" Ride

Orkaan Orkestra, No Trespassing

Orkest Polytour, Le Roi des Jongleurs

Orlando Andreucci, La Vita La Morte L'Amore La Sorte

Orlando Gibbons, The Days of Wine and Roses

Orlando Ramos, Take My Hand

Orquestra Grupo Instrumental, Ogi Festival de Composição

Osamu Moriyama, It`s Very Clear...

Oscar Cassanova, Asian Eyes

Oscar Castro-Neves, Live At Blue Note Tokyo

Oscar Fabulous, This Is Oscar Fabulous

Oscar Garvin, Catmouth Island (Extended Beach Party Edition Official Soundtrack)

Oscar Lalo, Monday Night

Oscar Peñas Group, The Return of Astronautus

Oscar Walker, Music in the Key of O

Oscar `The Smooth one` Sheppard, Kiddio

Oswaldo Rodriguez, Latin Jazz Magic

Othello & The Pocket Change Band, Translation Please

Other Mother Brother Band, O M B B

Otis Green, Bad Influence

Otis Green, Can You Feel My Heart Beat

Otis Green, Step To This

Otso Helasvuo trio, Latvusto


Oulu All Star Big Band & J. Ahola, Big Band Goes Heavy

Out of Nowhere, Out of Nowhere

Outhead, Send This Sound to the King

Outside Pedestrian, Reclaimed

Outta Scope, Time Machine

Ovatronics, Project X90

Over Jazz Duo, Beautiful Love

Over the Bridge, Under the Influence

Over Time, Celebrate With Over Time

Overproof, 3 Guys Walk Into A Bar

Overton Berry, to Madron

Owen Clark, Owen Clark Jass Band

Oytun Ersan Project, East Meets West

Ozara Ode`, I Dream

P Double U, No War No Fight

P-1, Power

P.B. & the Jam, Pocket Protectors

P.M. Soul, Call On Me

P.M. Soul, One and Only Love

P.M. Soul, The Little Drummer Boy

P.W.Farrell, The Life Electric

Paaxx, Christmas Feeling

Paaxx, Far Away Christmas

Pablo Benavides, Jennifer's Hill

Pablo Embon, Chronicles Of Tomorrow

Pablo Embon, Late Night

Pablo Embon, Muse Kaleidoscope

Pablo Embon, Musical Instincts

Pablo Embon, Perennial Sounds

Pablo Embon, Second Chances

Pablo Embon, Taking the Unknown Path

Pablo Embon, Tourmaline Slice

Pablo Embon, Tropic Zone

Pablo Embon, Wicked Strings

Pablo Regnando, Alla¡

Pablo Zapata, Dream Come True

Pack Of Six, Cut The Cord

Package, Package

Paco Abaijón, Granada 70

Padrika, Gotta Do Better

Paige Powell, Lift My Heart

Paige Powell, The Sounding Board

Pallaksch!, Pallaksch!

Pallavi, Seven Children

Palomino Duck, Free Flight

Pam Parker, Bread and Roses

Pam Pierce, Believe It

Pam Purvis, I Had A Ball

Pam Saulsby, The Full Measure of a Woman

Pamela Devine, Santa Song

Pamela Hart, May I Come In?

Pamela Hines Trio & April Hall, Lucky's Boy

Pamela Hines Trio, Drop 2

Pamela Hines, New Christmas

Pamela Joy, I Thought About You

Pamela Luss, Bewitched (TV Series Theme Song) & Witchcraft

Pamela Means, Jazz Project, Vol. 1

Pamela Rose, Every Time I`m With You

Pamela Rose, I Get The Blues When It Rains

Pamela Rose, Just For A Thrill

Pamela Rose, On the Jazzy Side of Blue

Pamela Rose, Wild Women Of Song: Great Gal Composers of the Jazz Era

Pamela Wise, Pamela`s Club

Panacea, panacea

Panama Francis & the Savoy Sultans, 75th Birthday Concert (Live)

Panama Francis & the Savoy Sultans, Live At Liberty State Park (Live)

Panama Francis & the Savoy Sultans, Live At Park Avenue Plaza

Panayota Haloulakou & Lefteris Kordis, Standards

Panazz Players, Best of Panazz

Panchito, Las ultimas canciones

Panchito, Resurrección

Pancho Molina & Elias Meister, Open for Business (Feat. George Garzone, Ben Street, Leo Genovese)

Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet, Circuitous

Panorama Brasil, Flor de Pedra

Panorama Jazz Band, Good Music for You

Panorama Jazz Band, Panoramaland

Panorama Jazz Band, Towtruck Chocheck (Live)

Panoramic, Panoramic - Rhythm Through the Unobstructed View

Panthelion, Life After 339

Pantoja, Viarteria

Pao, Alles Im Kasten

PAO, Twisted

Paoli Mejias, Jazzambia

Paolo Angeli / Hamid Drake, Uotha

Paolo Aparicio Caserta, Awaken

Paolo Battaglia - Maurizio Morello, Drops And Silence - Guitar Compositions

Paolo Chiavaroli, Shades

Paolo Rustichelli, Euro Nights

Paolo Sorge, Ringlike

Paolo Zebolino, Weighing the Soul

Papa Bass, 1987

Papa Bass, High Cotton

Papa Bass, The Ides

Papa Bass, What`s All The Racket

Papa Bass, Who Whispers Taboo?

Papa Mambo, Crooked Cha

Papabax, Urban Rituals, Vol. 1

Pappy Jones, Blue Bonnet: Texas Swing

Pappy Jones, Saxy Dreams

Pappy Jones, Sultry Sax (Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 3)

Pappy Jones, Swinging Vibes Two(Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 2)

Pappy Jones, Swinging Vibes(Instrumental Melodies, Vol. 1)

Paradigm, Paradigm

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra & Rick Benjamin, Knockout Drops

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra & Rick Benjamin, Round the Christmas Tree

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, More Candy

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, That Demon Rag!

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra (Finally) [Plays "The Entertainer"]

Paragon, Patience

Paranoa, Merry-Go-Round

Paranoa, Summertime

Paris Bossa Nova, Mon Amour

Park St. Trio, 3 Plus 5

Park St. Trio, Goodnight, Daylight

Parlor Tricks, Was I Drunk? ...and Other Love Songs (EP)

Paroksha, Infinity Calling

Partners in Time, Partners in Time

Pascal Tremblay Jazz Faction, Racolages

Pascale Gautier quartet, Yolané

Pascalito, Citizen Chanteur (Live in New York) [feat. Neostalgia Trio]

Pascalito, Forbidden Colours (Live Bennett Session) [feat. Neostalgia Quartet]

Pasquale Grasso, Reflections of Me

Pastor Bradford and Mary Love Comer, Nothing but the blood

Pastor MP, Pastor MP

Pat Battstone & Richard Poole, Through an Open Door

Pat Braxton, Gee Whiz ( Live ) [Radio Version]

Pat Braxton, Pat Braxton Live At Scullers

Pat Carey`s Jazz Navigators, South by Southeast

Pat Coleman - Bob Murphy Quartet, Come Rain Or Come Shine

Pat Coleman, Blue Comedy

Pat Cuttitta Quintet, Hangin` In

Pat Daugherty, Daughters of the American Revolution

Pat Holley, Invitation

Pat Ireland, I'll Give You Paradise

Pat Kelley, In the Moment

Pat Kelley, Moonlight Dance

Pat Kelley, Overtones 4 Two Guitars

Pat Kinsella, All Those Things That Appear

Pat Kinsella, As The Days of Summer Wane

Pat Kinsella, Tijobtsfmogwsbtstf

Pat Kinsella, Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Pat Kirtley and Pauly Zarb, Contrast

Pat Longo, Extreme Heat (NEW)

Pat Longo`s Super Big Band, Billy May For President

Pat McHenry, Revel in the Echo

Pat Moore, Hymns in a Mellow Tone, Vol. 1

Pat Moran, This is Pat Moran

Pat Murray & Mark Kieswetter, Ticket To Ride - The Beatles Book

Pat O'Brien and the Priests of Love, West Coast Internationals

Pat Palika Enos, Makaha Valley

Pat Vidas, Dreamstates (Re Issue)

Patanjali, Patanjali

Patavinas Jazz Club, Areia

Patrice Fisher and Arpa, Crema De Papaya

Patrice Jégou, From This Moment On (feat. Conrad Herwig)

Patrice Jégou, Speak Low

Patrice Kaluza, At Last

Patrice Mason, Beautiful Day

Patrice Monahan, Going Places

Patrice Villastrigo and Spot Barnett, Clueless In Dallas - Single

Patrice Villastrigo, A Song for You

Patrice Villastrigo, Golden Orchid

Patricia Adams, Ray Santisi, Dave Zox & Gary Johnson, Symbio Obbligato

Patricia Carria³n, Mujer de Luna

Patricia Castillo, Something Blue, Something New

Patricia Clark & Adalberto Cevasco Quintet, Made In Spain

Patricia Dean, Equinox

Patricia Dean, I Thought About You

Patricia Dean, You Go To My Head

Patricia Hall, But Tomorrow Is Sunday / Jazz Is

Patricia Julien Project, Glee

Patricia Julien Project, Still Light At Night

Patricia Julien Project, Swimming in the Sun

Patricia Koepp, MR. Mittens' Dream Song

Patricia Palumbo, I Believe in You

Patricia Snyder, My Father`s Music: A Memoir of WWII

Patricia Snyder, Snowbound

Patrick Basile, You've Changed

Patrick Bradley, Can You Hear Me

Patrick Bradley, Come Rain or Shine

Patrick Bradley, Under The Sun

Patrick Breiner's Double Double, Mileage

Patrick Butler, Primemover

Patrick Butler, Sound Pinnacle

Patrick Butler, Transcender

Patrick Cornelius, Lucid Dream

Patrick Feehan, Learning What I Already Know

Patrick Ferreri, Expressions of Love

Patrick Harison, Streetwalker

Patrick Hutchison, Come With Me Now

Patrick Ki, Sapphire

Patrick Minner, After Hours

Patrick Palomo, Evolutions

Patrick Robinson, Secret Place

Patrick Rydman, I Will Do It

Patrick Sheridan, Tuba, Lollipops

Patrick Stalinski, Patrick Stalinski's What a Wonderful World

Patrick Von Wiegandt, Cotton Club

Patrick Von Wiegandt, Swanky

Patrick Von Wiegandt, Swanky 2

Patrick Woods, Power Fields

Patrick Yandall, A New Day

Patrick Yandall, Acoustic Dreamscape

Patrick Yandall, Blonde Telepathy

Patrick Yandall, My Lady

Patrick Yandall, Soul Grind

Patrick Yandall, The Window

Patrimoniosurgente, Patrimoniosurgente

Patrisha Thomson, That Old Feeling


Patti Lupo, Change Partners

Patti Wicks Trio, Italian Sessions

Pattie Cossentino, Invitation

Patton Leather Rhythm, Patton Leather Rhythm

Patty Ascher, Bossa, Jazz 'n' Samba

Patty Carpenter, This Time It's Love

Patty Cronheim, Days Like These

Paul " SEQUENCE " Ferguson, Quantum-Physics

Paul "Sequence" Ferguson, Survivor

Paul Abler, Fearless featuring Cindy Blackman

Paul Adams, In the Land Where I Come From

Paul Ahlstrand, The Sunday Hang

Paul and Marie Rein, Lite Rosse Här Med Dig - Single

Paul Astin & Charlie Peterson, The Astin Peterson Duo Live in Greece

Paul Astin & Robert Kyle, Symbiosis

Paul Beatty, Bookends

Paul Bisaccia, I Love a Piano

Paul Bisaccia, The Great American Piano Revisted

Paul Brown, The Funky Joint

Paul Brown, Truth B Told

Paul Brusger, GO TO PLAN B

Paul Cacia, Quantum Leap

Paul Carlon, Looking Up

Paul Carr, Standard Domain (feat. Terell Stafford, Joey Caderazzo, Michael Bowie & Lewis Nash)

Paul Cohen & Friends, I Want You Back

Paul CruiZe, CruiZe Control

Paul Cullen, Dreamdance and Paradise

Paul David, Love, Rain Down

Paul De Castro y su Orquesta Dengue, Bueno Pá Gozar

Paul Donat, Rio Bossa

Paul Eichlin, Hit Parade Favorites: Timeless Songs From Yesteryear Still Popular Today!!, Vol. 1 (An Orchestra on a Keyboard!!)

Paul Gadbois, Natures Groove

Paul Gilreath, The Eyes of the Morrow

Paul Gonsalves & Clyde Fats Wright, Sitting In

Paul Gregory, Deleted Scenes

Paul Haynes, Electric Bass Guitar, Vol. 1

Paul Horn & Ralph Dyck, Jupiter 8

Paul Howards, Candlelight Christmas

Paul Jackson, Jr., Lay It Back

Paul James Frantz, Make Like a Prince

Paul Joseph Trio, Yes And No

Paul Jost, Your Own Special Place

Paul Kampen, Your Summer Smile - Single

Paul Kempkes, The Fundus Among Us

Paul Kitlas, Summer in Dana Point

Paul Knopf, Jazz You Can Feel, Vol. 2

Paul Koury, Serendipity

Paul Kramer, Low Budget Christmas

Paul Kramer, Swing Street

Paul Kuhn Big Band, Looking Back

Paul Langford & Glenn Morrison, Just For Christmas

Paul Lieberman, ibeji

Paul Marinaro & Rose Colella, Baby, It's Cold Outside

Paul Marinaro, Without a Song

Paul McDonald Quartet, West View

Paul McMordie, Medina

Paul Metzke, Feeling Mighty Nice

Paul Moran, Blue Note Tribute

Paul Moran, Nu Smooth

Paul Moran, Piano Moods

Paul Musso, Tonescapes

Paul Muzea, Aeolis

Paul Nassar, Midnight Sun (Instrumental)

Paul Needs, Hot and Cool

Paul Painter, In Flight

Paul Powers, Biggie Smalls: A Tribute (Memories and Photographs)

Paul Rhodes, The Singularity

Paul Richardson, What I Do

Paul Richey, Paul Richey and the Fusionauts

Paul Rozmus, On The Funky Side

Paul Russo, Naked in Public

Paul Russo, Paul Russo

Paul Sequence Ferguson, Amazingly Amazing (feat. Najee)

Paul Sequence Ferguson, Amazingly Amazing I Do

Paul Shimomoto, All That Hawaiian Jazz

Paul Slavens, Alphabet Girls, Vol. I

Paul Smail, Lighthouse

Paul Smail, Moon Under Clouds

Paul Stafford, Chill'd

Paul Sullivan, Break Away (feat. Paul Lieberman, Seth Kearns, Bill Friederich & Eliot Wadopian)

Paul Thomas Yoder, Dreamin` (Re-Mix)

Paul Tillotson The Love Trio, Funky Good Time

Paul Tillotson Trio, Duck Callin` Man

Paul Tillotson Trio, Tasty Morsels

Paul Tillotson, Paul Tillotson The Love Trio Tequila Time

Paul Toshner, The Entertainer

Paul Vann, Dedicated to Bobby Darin

Paul Von Thadden, New Day

Paul W. Reeves, Christmas Vibes

Paul W. Reeves, Vibes In The Night

Paul Weitz, The Paul Weitz Trio

Paul Wertico Trio, Don't Be Scared Anymore

Paul Wertico Trio, Live in Warsaw!

Paul Westbrook, Spring

Paul Whiteman, 50 Greatest Hits

Paul Whitley, Come Groove With Me

Paul Whitley, I Trust You (feat. Gabe Bello)

Paul Whitley, Stanky Fusion (feat. Jonathan Fritzen & Elan Trotman)

Paul Whitley, Versatility

Paul Yonemura, Reunion Trios

Paula Alder, How Long Has This Been Going On?

Paula Clare, How Do I Get to the Moon?

Paula Douglas & Nathan Jatcko, Love, Hate &/or Indifference

Paula Gardin, Two of Cups

Paula Johns & The George Mesterhazy Trio, Well... We Did It! (Live)

Paula Lammers, Deep Purple Dreams

Paula Landry, Wanderlust

Paula Larsen, Legacy

Paula Maya, Iluminar

Paula Saunders, Merry Christmas from Paula Saunders

Paulette Dozier, In Walked You

Pauli Saksa, Fragments & Fusion

Pauliina Vuorinen, Aivan hiljaa

Pauliina Vuorinen, Aivan Hiljaa (single)

Pauline Jean, A Musical Offering

Paulo Cardoso, Coisas Gostosas

Paulo Dantas, Nzt-48

Pavel Cal, Atl Skies

PD3 (Pete Downes Trio), Song for Sophia

PD3, with Dick Pearce Live

PDFOP, Pandimensional Federation of Planets

PDG, Less Is More / Trop c`comme pas assez

Peari, Moonlight Sax

Pearly Shells, Surfing The Short Wave

Pecolia, You Just Hypnotize Me

Pedro Bromfman, Pe-de-Moleque

Pedro Cortejosa Cuarteto, Mosaico

Pedro Giraudo, Desconsuelo

Pedro Giraudo, Mr Vivo

Pedro Y Mari, Latino

Peek Sawyer, Love Is Where You Find It

Peg Algar, Stepping Into the Light

Peg Algar, Tired of Your Jive

Peg Carrothers, Blue Skies

Peg Delaney, Hotline

Pegasus and Manticor, Smorgasbord

Peggy Duquesnel, Summertime Lullaby

Peggy Hayes And The Bob Merrill Trio, The Songs That Got Us Through World War II, Swingin Jazz of the 1940's

Peggy Lee. It`s A Good Day

Peggy Stern, Actual Size

Peiffer's Corner & John Peiffer, This Is Peiffer's Corner

Penguin Jazz Quartet, Penguin Jazz Quartet

Penny Buhr Johnson, Growing Deeper

Penny Wells, Close to you "Penny sings Burt"

Penny Wells, My Favorite Holiday

Penny Wells, Shine

Pentagon, 5 Sides

Pentagon, Five Species

Penthouse Playboys, Bourbon Street Burlesque

Penthouse Playboys, In the Bag

Penthouse Playboys, Tiki Exotica

Penumbra, Black Dog At Night

Penumbra, Hooked Like a Fish in Rio

Penumbra, Snow Blowin' Blues

People is Grass, The Old Paths - Single

peppe merolla, peppe merolla and jazz mediterraneo

Pepper & Fine Thyme, Swingin' Over Thyme

pepper williams, I Want Some MO`

Per Boysen, Oooh...

Per Gärdin, in situ

Per Gärdin, loos

Per Sja¶din, Gentle Thoughts

Pere Soto and Django`s Castle, El Caliquenyo Del Califa

Pere Soto, Pere Soto Amb Amics

Perhaps Contraption, Oompa Loompa

Permagrin, Nymphettamine

Permanent Vacation, Live

Permanent Vacation, Permanent Vacation

Perpetua, Meltdown

Perpetua, Stranger Than Fiction

Perpetual Motion, String Theory

Perri & Neil, Then

Perry Beekman, 'S Wonderful

Perry Beekman, Bewitched

Perry Beekman, So in Love

Perry Conticchio, Speak Your Truth

Perry Joslin, It's A Strange Thing

Perry Joslin, Perry Joslin Project

Perry Smith, Stars and Cars

Perry Weissman 3, 3

Perry Weissman 3, Squirting Flower

Perry Weissman 3, The Perry Weissman 3

Perujazz, 25 Años

Perujazz, En el Cinematógrafo 1991


Pete Brady, Swingle Jingle Christmas

Pete Carney, Redline Grooves

Pete Christlieb with the Lori Mechem Quartet, LIVE AT THE JAZZ CAVE

Pete Gitlin, Amplify

Pete Gitlin, Epiphany (For the Children) [feat. Lea Cappelli]

Pete Gitlin, Full Circle and the Great Temptation

Pete Gitlin, Lucky in Love

Pete Gitlin, Summer of Love

Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Radio Revue, I Hear Music

Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Radio Revue, Kiss The Boys Goodbye (2 CD Set)

Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Radio Revue, Would You Like To Dance

Pete Jacobs Quintet, The Rose Room

Pete Levin, Jump!

Pete Marinovich, Sleep Walk

Pete McCann, Extra Mile

Pete Robbins, Waits and Measures

Pete Siers Trio, Krupa

Pete Souders, Echoes of Ortlieb's

Pete Sweeney, Snare Drum Solos and Etudes

Pete Weise Quartet, Salome's Blues

Pete Wernick and FLEXIGRASS, What The

Pete Zimmer Quintet, Common Man

Peter & Will Anderson Trio, Reed Reflections

Peter & Will Anderson, Déjà vu

Peter & Will Anderson, Music of the Soprano Masters

Peter Anastos and Iter, Iternity

Peter Bennborn Project, Hang Up

Peter Bernstein and Joachim Schoenecker, Dialogues

Peter Bouffard and Rusty White, Contrafactum

Peter Callaway, Perfect Peace

Peter Campbell, Street of Tears

Peter Dean, Only Time Will Tell

Peter Dembski, Double Life

Peter Dircks, 2nd Chance

Peter Duffield, Instrumental Journey (feat. Steve Smith)

Peter DuVal Lee, Contemplation

Peter Eldridge, Decorum

Peter Eldridge, Fool No More

Peter Eldridge, Stranger in Town

Peter Engberg, Poems

Peter Engberg, Tori

Peter Evans Quintet, Destination: Void

Peter Fernandes, Heavy-Metal Jazz

Peter Fernandes, Q.E.D.

Peter Fernandes, The New Me

Peter Fernandes, The `F` Word

Peter Fernandes, Your Truth

Peter Fish Group, Numbers (Live In NYC)

Peter Friis Nielsen and Taylor's Free Universe, On-plugged in Elsinore

Peter Gallway, Manhattan Nocturne

Peter Held & Corinne Bahia, Creation

Peter J Martin, Waltz for the Wicked

Peter J Yanowitch, Wendy Pedersen & Jim Gasior, Boy Meets Girl

Peter Jones, The Fifth Movement

Peter Jones, Thin Ice

Peter Kater, Birds Of Prey

Peter Kater, Pursuit Of Happiness

Peter Kenagy, Space Western

Peter Lainson, Instrumental Stories

Peter Lauffer, Keys to the Heart

Peter Lehndorff, Two Cents Worth

Peter Lemer & Billy Thompson, Players of Games

Peter Liu, Bamboo Groove

Peter Marin, Overnight Success (feat. The Frank Unzueta Trio)

Peter Montalbano, Panama

Peter Nordwall Ensemble, Kanon

Peter Nordwall, Jumpy Highway

Peter Oprisko & Sean Baker & His Orchestra, Lost in a Kiss

Peter Paulsen, Tri-cycle

Peter Perry Kostantakos, Break Until Next Time (Instrumental)

Peter Perry Kostantakos, Ligo Ftaime Emeis

Peter Primamore, Grancia

Peter Rutman Blues and Jazz Band, Tiger`s Eye Demo

Peter Sanford, Special Someone

Peter Sciaino, Project

Peter Smith, Blues at Alvas

Peter Smith, Here It Comes (Featuring Molly Ringwald)

Peter Sprague, Calling Me Home

Peter Szendofi, TriAngel

Peter Vlietstra, Keep in Touch

Peter Wetzler, Green

Peters Drury Quartet, Swing Into Christmas

Peters Drury Trio, Backbeat

Peters Drury Trio, When Old Met New

Petersen`s, Petersen`s

Petra van Nuis & Andy Brown, Far Away Places

Petra's Recession Seven, Live in Chicago

Petri Krzywacki, one step out

Petrillio Richardson, Zantae People/jazz


Pfelton Sutton, In Pursuit

Phaeder, Lotus Beat

Phantom Pop, Phantom Pop

Pharaoh`s Dream featuring David Nathan, Wild Is The Wind/Tribute To Nina Simone EP

Pharaoh`s Dream w/David Nathan, Wistful Elegance

Phat Cat Swinger, Phat Cat Swinger

Phat Cat Swinger, Swing in Evolution

Phat Man Dee, Merry ChristmaChannaKwanzaa, Vol 1.1

Phat Man Dee, Torch Of Blue

Phat Phunk Phor, Buskers and Beggars

Phaze II, Backtalk

Phaze II, Options

Phi Yaan-Zek & Marco Minnemann, Dance With the Anima

Phil & Angela Benoit, Golden Sun

Phil Bass, Peter Mazzetti, World Cruise

Phil Blackwell, Ranos

Phil Caggiano, The Music Keeps Me Young

Phil Casagrande, Island Paradise

Phil Casagrande, Manhattan Vibe

Phil Casagrande, Nice N Smooth

Phil Casagrande, Steppin(Partymix)

Phil Cavalieri, The First Third

Phil Coley, Tropical Colors

Phil Crosby Jr., Time For Christmas

Phil Davis, Cape Coast

Phil Davis, Jordan

Phil Davis, Philosophy

Phil DeGreg, Hymnprovisation

Phil Denny, Crossover

Phil Denny, La Coquina

Phil Denny, Milk & Cookies

Phil Denny, Soak It Up

Phil Denny, Sway Back

Phil Denny, The Messenger

Phil Denny, The Messenger

Phil Denny, Upswing

Phil Disera, inside outside

Phil E. Brown & Top Notch Ensemble, I've Been Around All the Time, And Yeah, I'm Still Playing

Phil Fernandez Trio, The pH Factor

Phil French, Everlasting (feat. Terrence Richburg)

Phil Furneaux, A Real Distraction

Phil Henry Jazz Guitarist, Phil Henry Jazz / Blues, Vol. 1

Phil Henry Jazz Guitarist, Precious Time - Christmas Jazz

Phil Ipsan, The Ipsan Collection 1 - Jazz

Phil Kaunesis, Sierra Cruise In Blue

Phil Krawczuk, Living On The Mountain

Phil Maher, Phil Maher

Phil Moreton, Catchin' Up With Time

Phil Ogilvie`s Rhythm Kings, Rhythm Club

Phil Okrend, Dinner Notes

Phil Palonen, The Phil Palonen Project

Phil Person, Personology

Phil Romeo, Guitarcity

Phil Sheeran, Look of Love (Remix)

Phil Smedley II, First Link

Phil Smith, Aloha Y'all

Phil Swann, Stale Scotch and Cheap Cigars

Phil Traynor, Autumn Breeze

Phil Traynor, Still Life

Phil Upchurch and Sonya Maddox- Upchurch, TRULY

Phil Walker, Passion Thing

Phil Woods & John Coates, Giants at Work Set 1

Philadelphia Jazz Tribute, Pianadelphia

Philip Baker, Higher and Higher

Philip Maurice, Overcomer

Philip May Quartet, Sudbury

Philip Michael Davis, Got New Wheels

Philip Shin, Machine Rock

Philipp Van Endert, Ballads and Chills

Philippe Saisse, Storyteller

Philips Westin Orchestra, Pink Panther

Philips Westin Orchestra, Secret Love

Phill Argyris Quartet with Stan Strickland and Phil Grenadier, A Point of Departure

Phill Argyris Quartet, Next Steps

Phill C, Urban Christmas

Phill Fest, Projeto B.F.C.

Phill Fest, Smooth Edges

Phill Fest, That's What She Says

Phill Freeman, It`s Time to Get Ready for Love

Phillip 'Doc' Martin, This Christmas

Phillip Brooks, Smooth Sounds of Christmas

Phillip Doc Martin, Good Day At Work

Phillip Doc Martin, Just the Two of Us (feat. Paul Brown)

Phillip Manuel, Swingin' in the Holidays!

Phillip Martin, Pride and Joy

Phillip Martin, Realization

Phillip Nelson, Since I Fell For You

Phillip Solomon Stewart & King P, Cruisin/ On The Job

Phillip Solomon Stewart & The Palace Band, Come Go With Me (Reprise)

Phillip Solomon Stewart, Cruisin

Phillip Solomon Stewart, I Need You Now

Phillip Solomon Stewart, Stand

Phillip Williams Quartet, Have Yourself a Jazzy, Bluesy, Smooth, Christmas!

Phillip Williams, Just One of Those Things

Philly Fusion Project, Pure

Philly Nouveau, Mesmerized

Philly Nouveau, Slow Down (feat. William Devaughn)

Phishbacher, Froggy Style (feat. Axel Fischbacher)

Phishbacher, Journey to Turtleland

Phishbacher, Mellow Moon (Live)

Phishbacher, Single B

Phisqa, Phisqa

Phlow, Waiting Station

Phoebe and George, Here Comes Mr. Chanukah!

Phoebe Legere & Sinbad Sinatra, I Love Myself When I'm With You

Phoenix Jazz Quartet, Twice Blessed

Phoenix, Fruits and Nuts

Phyllis Causey, I Love You, Too !

Phyllis Chapell & Siora, Summer Magic

Phyllis Chapell & SIORA, The Other Side of the River

Picante, Kohtumine

Pied Piper, Do Your Thing (Extended NuDisco Mix)

Piero Bittolo Bon and His Original Pigneto Stompers, Mucho Acustica (feat. Jamaaladeen Tacuma)

Piero Cozzi, Cristiano Vianna & Rodrigo Balduino, Alma Brasileira

Pierre Copeland, I'm On Fire

Pierre Copeland, Play By Play

Pierre Veniot, Storias

Pierre-Jean Gidon, Quiet days in Tokyo

Pietra Wexstun & Hecate's Angels, Take It Away

Pietro Girardi & Ferruccio Toffoletto, Home

Pietro Girardi, Morning

Pilar, Lavender

Pilsner Jazz Band, Old Jazz With New Face

Pink Monkey, Ink

Pino Fernandez, Oye! At Puerto Galera

Piotr Wójcicki, The Secret World of Numbers

piotrek, My Favorite Street

Pippa Hayes, It Had To Be You

Pippi, Black Coffee

Pittsburgh Musicians for Hunger Relief, Grant St.

PJ Parker, Dreams Are Meant For Two

PJ Parker, It's Christmas


PJ Rasmussen, Another Adventure

Plan (B), If U Only Nu

Plan A, Plan A

Planet Lilu, Cosmik Spread

Play-Rite Boys, Doggone Good Time

Player A, On the Side

Player A, Our Own Devices

PlayGround, What Was Is, Starter Tracks for Drummers, Starter Tracks for Horn Players

Plexophonic, I Wish I Were Twins

Plexophonic, I'll See You in My Dreams

Plexophonic, I'm Pau

Plexophonic, Russian Lullaby

PLUNGE, Plunge

PLUNGE, Plunge With Bobo Stenson

Plunky & Oneness, Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

PMJ feat Roy Ayers, Love Not Truth

Pocket, The Stick Bag

Pocket, The Tone Conservancy

Poet On Watch, Sage At Night: Latin Nu Jazz Soul, Vol. 1

Poetry 'n Lotion, Kentucky Monkey

Point Blank, A Point Of View

Point Blank, Heartbreak Hotel

Point Blank, Soulstream

Point Two, Rain

Polenta, Polenta EP

Polinaj, Brand New Way

Pollyanna Diaries, Won't Bother Me (feat. Becker Waits)

Polo Ortí, Boiling Earth

Poluzjanci, Druga Plyta

Polyhedra, Iridescence

Polyhedra, Technicolour

Poogie Bell Band, Get On The Kit (Euro-Release - includes 2 Exclusive tracks)

Poogie Bell Band, This Sunday

Popcorn Miller & Skip Anderson, A Tribute To Blue Note Records

Poppa Steve, Bassics

Poppa Steve, Horny

Poppa Steve, Mixed Bag

Poppa Steve, Sweet

Portfolio, The Standing Babas

Portia Sumner, One Warm Coat for Christmas

Portland Groove Collective, G-Rad

Portland Jazz Orchestra, Noreaster

Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra, PYJO

Postal, Theory of Chaconne

Postmodern Blues, Electric Vector

Postmodern Blues, The Many Designs

PowerTrump, Twice As Good, For Half As Much

Pp Moran, Pp Moran

Praise Age, Praise Age

Prana-Bindu, Ex Nihilo

Praz Boszanova, Forever Man and Wife

Present Tense, Smooth Talkin`

President`s Breakfast, Iii C

Preston Reed, Handwritten Notes

Preston Reed, Spirit

Preston Tony, Simply About Time

Pretty Young Pimps, PYP Rocks

Prh, Upbeat Time !

Primal Sky, Caballero Del Mar

Primal Swing, Beyond the Horizon

Primal Velvet, Necessary Vibrations

Primitivo, Speed Jazz

Prisca Dávila, Piano Jazz Venezolano II

Prisca y Marieva Dávila, Un Piano, Dos Hermanas

Prisca, Piano En Canto Venezolano

Prisca, Piano en canto venezolano II

Prisca, Piano jazz venezolano

Priscilla Badhwar, Mademoiselle

Priscilla Woodson, Reminiscing

Prisma, Prisma

Pro2call Jazz Band, First Fruit

Professor Gall, The Psychology of Booze & Guilt

Professor Porkchop and the Dirty Dishes, Grits and Graveyards

Prognos, Live At Nsl

Prognos, Reach for Mr. Gezzidi

Project Grapevine, Cruise to Nowhere

Project Grapevine, Waiting for Daybreak

Project Mojo, Lost Lips

Project Vudú, Project Vudú

Proportioned Orchestra, Proportioned Orchestra (feat. Dr. Prof. Leonard King, Rodney Whitaker & Hubie Crawford)

PSI Paul Stranahan's Insomnia, The EP

Psychoyogi, Arts and Farces

PT Gazell and the side effects, Swingin` Easy...Hittin` Hard

Public Domain Music, Christmas Music 1 (Edison Records, 1920's Jazz, Vol.11)

Public Domain Music, Christmas Music 2 (Edison Records, 1920's Jazz Vol.12)

Public Domain Music, Edison Records: Broadway Musical Songs 1 (1920s Music, Vol.14)

Public Domain Music, Karaoke Ukulele Songs: Vintage 1920s Classic Jazz Standards, Vol.1

Public Domain Music, Thomas Edison Records: Patriotic Songs (1920s Music, Vol.13)

Public Domain Music, Thomas Edison Records: Ragtime Songs 1 (1920s Music, Vol.17)

Public Domain Music, Thomas Edison Records: Ragtime Songs 2 (1920s Music, Vol.18)

Public Domain Music, Thomas Edison Records: Vaudeville Songs 2 (1920s Music, Vol.21)

Public Domain Music, Thomas Edison Records: Vaudeville Songs 3 (1920s Music, Vol.22)

Pugs and Crows, Fantastic Pictures

Put Down the Muffin, The Rest Of Right Now

Puttanesca, Puttanesca

Puttin` On the Ritz, Bangin` Your Way Into the Future

PVD, Down for the Get Down

Q, Menos Tiempo

Quamon Fowler, Easy Does It

Quamon Fowler, Introducing Quamon Fowler (Rerelease)

Quamon Fowler, The Reinforcement

Quantum Energy, Laguna Breeze (feat. Eric Byak)

Quantum Jazz, Quantum Jazz

Quantum Quartet, Simple Songs

Quantum Trio, Quantum Trio Live @ Zumix

Quarteck Johnson, Sui Generis

Quarter 2 Four, Quarter 2 Four

Quartet Doloroso, Any Other Time

Quartet of Happiness, Quartet of Happiness

Quartet Supreme, Quality Assured

Quarteto Rio Vermelho, Dois Mundos

Quatre, Submarine

Queen Esther, What Is Love?

Quentin Bush, As a Black Man

Quentin Michael, A Different Sunday Evening (feat. Josh Burns)

Quincy Bullen, On Q

Quincy Smith, Conversations

Quinta Toka, Spring For You

Quinten Hope, Start Of A New Day

Quintet, It's All Right With Me

Quinteto el Quartetazo, Quinteto el Quartetazo

Quintetto Petrov, L'altra Metà

Quintin Gerard W., Before It's Gone

R W Randall, Second Wind

R. Bertrand Ramseur, In the Groove

R. Bertrand Ramseur, Midnight Ride

R. C. Kohl, Rags, Jazz, Bluegrass Y Más

R. J. Morris, I`m Goin` To Walk Away From The Blues

R.A. & de B.V., Waar kom jij Vandaan

R.L Walker, 3rd Time's the Charm

R.L Walker, Heart Strings

R.L Walker, Many Facets

R.L. Walker, In the Cut

Rabih Rihana, The Dream Will Come

Rabiyah, Driven

Rachael Davis, Bandbox Jubilee

Rachael Thoms & Luke Sweeting, The Great Unknown

Rachel Beausoleil, Close To My Heart

Rachel Beausoleil, The Dawning

Rachel Caswell, All I Know

Rachel Caswell, Some Other Time

Rachel Charson, Rachel Charson

Rachel Choe, Après Un Rêve

Rachel Eckroth, MIND

Rachel Ellis, Les Plus Belles Chansons

Rachel Holder and Dan Musselman, Save Your Love for Me

Rachel Lauren & Matt Kap, Baby It's Cold Outside

Rachel Lauren, Away From The Crowd

Rachel Lauren, If Ever

Rachel Patterson, Songs for Friends

Rachel Rodgers, Summer After 7

Rachel Walker Trio, Best of Zest Vol.1

Rachelle Garniez, Serenade City

Rachichi, Hot Seven Seven (feat. Max Kutzman, Eran Schweitzer, Debby Espinor & Roger Espinor)

Rachichi, Rachichi

Racquel Roberts, The Secret of Christmas

Radio '77, 3am

Radio Salamandra, Englantina (Catalan Flower)

Rafa Madagascar Trio, Secret Signals

Rafael Javadov, The Amelia Island Sun

Rafael Weizmann, Never the Same

Rag'n'roll Band, Booze Blues

Ragstretch, Ragstretch

Ragtime Bill Rowland, 30 Years of Ragtime

Ragtime Skedaddlers, Ragtime Skedaddlers

Ragtime Skedaddlers, The Latest Popular Mandolin and Guitar Music

Rahj, Soul of the String

Rahni Song, Breakin' the Rules

Rahsaan Barber, TrioSoul

Rahsan Willis & Alex Sims, Deep Love

Raiff Ellis, A Cony Island of the Mind

Rail, Rail

Raimonds Pauls & Youth Choir Kamer, Bach Kamer Pauls

Raimundo Santos, Blowing My Mind

Raincheck, Raincheck

Raindance, Christmas Northwest - A Holiday Party Sampler

Raisa Swing Collective, Charlie's Tiger

Rajul El Shams, Come In (Groove It)

Rajur, The Select Collection / The Backlash: Tracks from the Library of Flow

Rakeem-Andre, Your Face

Rakkatak, Open

Ralf Bredehorst, Ralf Bredehorst & Friends @ Raffi's

Ralf Buschmeyer, JazzSpeak

Rallidae, Paper Birds

Ralph Brande, One Art

Ralph Conde, Respe

Ralph Diekemper, Debut

Ralph Diekemper, It`s Only Time

Ralph Diekemper, Solo Improvisation

Ralph Morgan, Daily News Blues

Ralph Napolitano, Ralph and Friends

ralph napolitano, the final one!

Ralph T Lofton, Jr., All of Me

Ralph Varcoe & Simon Mulligan, Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Rama³n, Trumpetology

Ramforinkus, The Story of Sir Frederick of Waccabuc

Ramon Flores, Para Ti

Ramon Pineda, Nyc Funk

Rampersaud Shaw Neal Martin Krakowiak, Halcyon Science 130410

Ran Blake & Christine Correa, Down Here Below (Tribute to Abbey Lincoln, Vol. 1)

Ran Blake & Christine Correa, Out Of The Shadows

Ran Blake & Christine Correa, The Road Keeps Winding: Tribute to Abbey Lincoln, Vol. II

Ran Blake, Ghost Tones

Randa, I Belong

Randa, Moon Breeze (feat. Cyrus Chestnut, Michel Donato & Jim Hillman)

Randa, Pillow Talk...

Randa, Subtle Thrills

Randal Carr, Morning in Venice

Randal V. Wilson, A Promise to Myself

Randal V. Wilson, Time Well Spent

Randall Gilbert, Don't Give Up

Randall Gilbert, Love Singles

Randall Haywood, Nickel & Dime

Randall Meyers, Standing Still Like A Hummingbird

Randi Cee, Any Kind of Man

Randy Benson & Keith Terhune, Benson & Terhune Entertainers

Randy Bernsen, Be Still and Know

Randy Bernsen, Calling me Back Home

Randy Bernsen, Come Together

Randy Bernsen, Live @Tavern 213

Randy Bernsen, Live in San Miguel

Randy Bernsen, Music for Planets, People and Washing Machines

Randy Clay, God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (feat. Spencer McGraw, Brant Davis & Ed Austin)

Randy Everett, My Flying Dream

Randy Hebert & Lenny Di Martino, 2biggunz

Randy Heddon & Jimmy Street, L.A. Dialogues

Randy Hoexter Group, Fromage

Randy Hoexter, Radiant

Randy Jacobs, From Me To You

Randy Kaplan, Songs for Old Lovers

Randy Lyght, A Return to Romance

Randy Lyght, Happy Holiday

Randy Lyght, Witchcraft

Randy Maki, Presbuteros

Randy Melick, April Rain

Randy Melick, Third Planet

Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang, Groovin` U

Randy Napoleon, The Jukebox Crowd

Randy Sandke and the Metatonal Big Band, The Subway Ballet

Randy Sarles & Kelly Meashey, The Inner Urge

Randy Singer, Harmonica Dreams (Deluxe Edition)

Randy Skinner, Skintones In Pursuit

Randy Thorderson, Jabbertalky

Randy Thorderson, Smile for Me

Randy Villars, Levels

Randy Vincent, Nisha's Dream

Randy Weston, African Rhythms

Rani Singam, With a Song in My Heart

Ranni Johns, Second Wind

Ransom Moreland Jr, All Of My Days

Ransom Moreland Jr, Chronicles of Life Project

Raoul Van Der Weide, Passages

Rapazzi, Rapazzi

Raphaël Reiter Trio, Lumière Du 06300

Raphael Cruz, Bebop Timba

Raphael Cruz, Time Travel

Raphael DiGiorgio and Friends, The Pure Joy Project

Raphael Wressnig's Organic Trio, In Between

Raphael Wressnig's Organic Trio, Manic Organic

Raphaelgtr, City Lights

Rappermd, September O Nine

Rapster, Rapster Guitars It..

Rapture, Fast Journey

Rara Avis, Rara Avis

Rare Form, Lose Yer Blues with Rocco John Iacovone & Murray Nash

Rare Medium, That Means You

Ras Moshe, Outsight

Ras Ozzie, Ocean Breeze

Rashid Collective, Twenty-Three

Rashid Lanie, Forever Hopeful (feat. Eric Marienthal, Tony Iovino & David Neal)

Rashid Lanie, Love Is All That Matters

Rashied Ali Quintet, Judgment Day Vol. 1

Rated NR, Facets

Raul Rendon, A Christmas Fantasy

Ray Baldwin, R Space

Ray Boyland, Reflections

Ray Brown's Great Big Band, Impressions of Point Lobos

Ray Brown's Great Big Band, Kayak

Ray Butcher, War On the Saints

Ray Dollar, No Life In Sin City

Ray Ferretti, Leaf Juice

Ray Ferretti, Nice View

Ray Garand, Blameless

Ray Garand, Stereo Jackets

Ray Gehring, Ray Gehring Trio

Ray Glover, Layers Of Love

Ray Guntrip And Tina May, Out Of The Blue

Ray Iaea, The Ray Iaea Jazz Project

Ray Jozwiak, Another Shot

Ray Jozwiak, For The Ride

Ray Jozwiak, Put A Finger On It

Ray Kelley & Company, Bass Praise

Ray Kelley, My Choice

Ray Patterson, Sr., 2010 & Lookin' Up

Ray Penfield, What a Miracle

Ray Peterson, Galaxy Club

Ray Piper, Sabor Do Rio

Ray Reach & Friends, Especially for You

Ray Reach & Friends, Have Yourself A Jazzy Little Christmas

Ray Riendeau, Atmospheres

Ray Santisi, piano, Live @ Ryles Jazz Club

Ray Saporita, It`s About Time

Ray Vas, On Its Own

Ray Vega, Chapter Two

Ray West Project, Cruzin by Moonlight

Ray West Project, Pure Factor

Ray West Project, Ray West Project

Rayford Griffin, Rebirth of the Cool

Rayford Griffin, Reflections of Brownie

Raymond Anderson, Year of the Platypus

Raymond Fox, Take It Easy

Raymond Guntrip & Tina May, Where You Belong

Raymond Jones, Naked Soul

Raymond Jones, So Amazing (Songs From the Luther Vandross Songbook)

Raymond Lee Parker, It Ain`t Necessarily So

Raymond Lee Parker, What it is?

Raymond MacDonald, Satoko Fujii, Neil Davidson, Natsuki Tamura and Tom Bancroft, Cities

Raymond Peace, Always My Love

Raymond Towler, This Freedom

Rayziano & Friends, Start of Something New

Rändi Fay, Falling (feat. Limited Edition)

Rändi Fay, That Old Black Magic

RC Marigna, For Thou Oh Lord

RDM, Russian (Folk Song) - Single

Real Dazz, One Love

realm7G, Better

Reb Han, Winter Song

Rebeca Mauleon, Latin Fire

Rebecca Kleinmann, Raio de Sol

Rebecca Bogart, American Retrospective

Rebecca Butterfly Vaughns, Butterfly`s Tribute to Missed Voices

Rebecca Coupe Franks, Exhibition: Tribute to Joe Henderson

Rebecca Hardiman, I'll Remember April

Rebecca Hardiman, My Father's Business

Rebecca Haviland, Taking Advice From Strangers

Rebecca Jenkins, Blue Skies

Rebecca Jenkins, Rebecca Jenkins and Her Trio, Live At the Cellar

Rebecca Kilgore, Christmas at Nick's

Rebecca Kilgore, It's Getting to Be That Time of Year

Rebecca Noelle, A Night At Maggies

Rebecca Olschewski, Irving and Priscilla - Single

Rebecca Parris, You Don`t Know Me

Rebecca Richardson, Stirred, Not Shaken

Rebecca Ungerman, Hopeful Romantic

Rebecca Windham, To A Warmer Heart

Red and the Red Hots, Gettin' Around

Red and the Red Hots, The Boogie Man

Red Bank Jazz Orchestra & Joe Muccioli, Strike Up The Band!

Red Hot Brass Band, Hot Off the Press!

Red Light Symphony, Searching For the Sky - SIngle

Red Lights Trio, Illusion

Red Taurus, The Red Album

Redhot and Blue of Yale University, Amid a Crowd of Stars

Redtenbacher's Funkestra, Boozing Wizards

Reg Length, Electric Cinema

Reg Schwager, Border Town

Reg Schwager, Delphinus

Reg Schwager, Duets

Reg Schwager, Trio Improvisations

Reggie rey Bowen, Panasocalyp Phase I

Reggie Buie Trio, The First Time

Reggie Buie, Mr. Lewis

Reggie Buie, Piano in the Dark

Reggie C., Journey Back Home

Reggie Codrington, Always in Motion

Reggie Codrington, C-Note

Reggie Codrington, Enchanting

Reggie Codrington, Expressions

Reggie Codrington, Journey Back Home

Reggie Codrington, Never Let You Go

Reggie Codrington, Vicarious Experience

Reggie Codrington, Vision of Dreams

Reggie Douglas, Barbara

Reggie Houston, Reggie Houston`s Earth Island Band

Reggie Parker, Snapshots

Reggie Stokes, Grooveline

Reggie Stokes, The New Jazz Cafe

Reggie Stokes, When People Talk

Reggie Ward, Say you will

Reggie Young, The Foundation

Regina Marie Williams, Regina is...the songs of Dinah Washington

Regina Marie Williams, When a Woman Loves a Man

Regina Troupe, Lover 4 Life

Reginald C Harris, Blessings - 11:11

Reginald Clair, Jazz: Original Ballads and Bop

Reginald Dunn, Stringed Instruments & Organs

Reginald Jones, Experiences

Reginald Kurt, Beachwalkers

Reginald T. Mccants, The Journey

Reginald Van Carreker, ALWAYS THERE

Reginald Van Carreker, Xactly What I Need

Reginald Van Carreker, XOTICA

Rei Narita, The Color of Soundscape

Rei Narita, The Color of Soundscape, II

Reid Brothers, Stories from the Vault

Reinaldo Reis, Cordas & Acordes

Reinaldo Reis, Feito à Mão

Reinaldo Rivero & Rayko León, Jazz-Memorandum

Reinhardt Martinho, Latin Moods

Reinhold Schwarzwald, Sunset

Reinier Voet & Pigalle44, Mistral

Reinier Voet & Pigalle44, Swing for Bop

Rekha Ohal, Rekha

Remash Jazz Shamans, Atonal Experiences

Remi Alvarez Quartet, Live at Vision Festival

Remi Álvarez & Pere Soto, Remisotpos

Remi Álvarez and Mark Dresser, Soul to Soul

Renate Reich Fivetett, Devil May Care (feat. Thomas Palme)

Renato Vasconcellos, Piano E Caneta

Rena© Sandoval 4, Action/Reaction

René D´magdala, De Pura Casta

René Von Grünig & Mark Wingfield, Cinema Obscura (feat. Iain Ballamy, Yaron Stavi & Andi Mötz)

Renée Stefanie & Pascal Salé, Hooked

Renée Stefanie, Dance Between Raindrops

Renée Yoxon & René Gely, Let's Call it a Day

Rene Koopman, Rene Koopman

Rene Mayr, Two Souls Have Met

Rene Whitmore, Don't Drive Distracted - Single

Renee Myara, Just One of Those Things EP

Renee Sears & The Jazz Set, Elle est l'étoile

Renee Sears & The Jazz Set, Shoe Shine Boy

Renee Sears & The Jazz Set, These Blues (Guitar & Vocal Version)

Renee Sears & The Jazz Set, You Put the Rhythm in Me

Renee Sears and The Jazz Set, These Blues

Renee Sears and the Jazz Set, You Make Me Shine

Renee Tannenbaum, Sway

Reneé Manning, All Grown Up

Renelle West, I Stand for Canton

Renne, Summer Visits

Rens Newland - the GBD trio, AlgoRhythm

Rens Newland, Scope III (Fusion Xtreme)

Rented Mule, Live

Rented Mule, Rented Mule

Renzo Spiteri, Anima / Animus

Reole, Ya Heard Me

Resonance Project, Rush In

Retro-Blue, Wishes and Dreams

Retta Christie, Retta Christie with David Evans and Dave Frishberg, Volume 2

Return To Tromb, Roads Often Travelled

Reuben Bradley, Cthulhu Rising

Reuben Hoch/ The Chassidic Jazz Project, Live At The Broward Center For The Performing Arts

Reuben Rogers, The Things i am

Rev. David Ausby,Sr., We Made It!

Rev. Lawrence E.Gantt, Go for It (Heaven)

Revensch, Revensch

Reverie, Dream a Little Dream of Me

Reverie, Nobody's Fault but Mine

Revival Trio, Revival Trio

RevRay, Sophisticated Sounds

Rex Bauer, Hidden Charms

Rey, It Could Happen to You

Rey, Panasocalyp II CD 2

Reynaldo Oquendo, Another Night

Reynaldo Oquendo, Expression

Reynaldo Oquendo, Jazzatone

Reynold D. Philipsek , East Side with Clint Hoover

Reynold D. Philipsek, 25

Reynold D. Philipsek, Imagine That

Reynold Philipsek, Artifacts and Curiosities

Rez Abbasi, Modern Memory

Rez Abbasi, Out Of Body

Rez Abbasi, Snake Charmer

Rez Abbasi, Third Ear

Reza Khan, A Simple Plan

Reza Khan, Dreamwalker

Reza Khan, Dreamwalker (feat. Painted Diaries)

Reza Khan, Painted Diaries

Reza Saleh, First Step

Rezonans, In Resonance

RGG, One

RGG, True Story (In Two Acts)

Rhenda Fearrington, This Moment's Sweetness

Rhetoric, Aki Ishiguro Presents Rhetoric

Rhian Ayanna, You're There

RHIANNON with Bowl Full of Sound, Out of the Blue

Rhiannon, Toward Home

Rhonda Benin, A Matter Of The Heart

Rhonda High Browne, My Christmas Room

Rhonda Lehman, On Gossamer Wings

Rhonda Lehman, Standard Faire

Rhonda Lehman, The Hymns Project: Second Line

Rhonda Leis Vuletich, Gifts

Rhonda Redden, Woman in Bloom

Rhonda Ross, Summer Day

Rhonda Sager, Way Back When: The Songs of Doug Arthur

Rhongy Spruill, Musical Journey

Rhydian and the Residuals, Now I See for the First Time

Rhythm 'n' Jazz, Body & Soul

Rhythm 'n' Jazz, Groove Experience

Rhythm 'n' Jazz, Party Nights 2

Rhythm 'n' Jazz, Soulful Jazz Christmas

Rhythm 'n' Jazz, Sultry Soul

Rhythm 'n' Jazz, Timeless Duets

Rhythm and Bluefield Band, ReClassified

Rhythm and Bluefield Band, Rolling Over the Classics

Rhythm Club All Stars, Introducing the Rhythm Club All Stars

Rhythm Makers, Groove to the Funk

Rhythm `n` Jazz, After Dark

Rhythm `n` Jazz, Dance the Night Away

Rhythm `N` Jazz, Party Nights

Rhythm, Sumkyndajazz

Ria Jade, Anywhere But Here (Acoustic Version)

Riani Sovana, Benang Merah

Ric Alexander and Levi Seacer Jr., 2wo 4our 1ne

Ric Cunningham, Adventures in the Modern Lounge

Ric DelNero and 180, 180

Ric Flauding, Jazz Portraits

Ric Flauding, Mercy (Memories of Mom)

Ric Flauding, New Freedom

Ric Flauding, Surrender

Ric Halstead, The Man in Green Shoes

Ric Troll & Randy Marsh, Driving Moab

Ricardo Birtel, Anhana

Ricardo Chiesa, Paso a Paso Entre Amigos

Ricardo Dominguez, This Is Chicago!

Ricardo Frei, Fora da Asa

Ricardo Pons y Causacomun, Segundapiel

Ricardo Strachan, Pretty Brown Eyes

Ricco Milano, White Clouds and Blue Sky

Rich Coleman, Tender Flower

Rich Eckhardt, Soundcheck

Rich Fontana, In Time

Rich Fontana, Torches

Rich Greenblatt, Hot and Dry

Rich Greenblatt, Mooin`

Rich Halley 4, Back from Beyond (feat. Michael Vlatkovich, Clyde Reed & Carson Halley)

Rich Harney, Sessions

Rich Hinrichsen, Midnight Labors

Rich Maraday, The Passage

Rich Maraday, When I Close My Eyes

Rich Martin & Jody Cook, Cookin' With Jody

Rich O'Brien, Frisky E.P.

Rich O'brien, Hot Potato

Rich Peare and Bill Crow, Sunday Session

Rich Scott, True Love Is More (feat. Maria Belle)

Rich Severson Jazz Quartet, Jumpin' Java

Rich Severson Todd Johnson, Wes Side Of Heaven

Rich Siegel, The Way to Peace (feat. Gilad Atzmon, Eugene Moye, Gary Ciuci, Cameron Brown & Anthony Pinciotti)

Rich West, Heavenly Breakfast

Rich Willey, Rich Willey and Boptism

Richard Cookie Thomas, The Pleasure Of Your Company

Richard Ashby Quartet, Richard Ashby Quartet

Richard Ashford, Nothing More (feat. George York)

Richard Banks and David Robinson, A Jar of Clay - Single

Richard Banks and David Robinson, Dream Dance - Single

Richard Banks, Crystal Rain

Richard Benetar, Jazz in the Clouds

Richard Bliwas, Rising Rose Bakery

Richard Bliwas, Uncovered

Richard Bob Greene, Low? Bottom? Me?

Richard Bundy, Essential Stories

Richard Burton, Fat Samba

Richard Burton, Simple Major Simple Minor

Richard Ceasar, Welcome Into My World

Richard Chadwick, Still Dreaming

Richard D Johnson, Here I Am

Richard D. Hegens, Jr., Journey To The Top Begins...

Richard D. Ruttenberg, Atmospheric Refractions

Richard D. Ruttenberg, Deep Space Funk

Richard D. Ruttenberg, Green Flash

Richard D. Ruttenberg, Quasar Adventures

Richard D. Ruttenberg, Storm in the Cosmos

Richard D. Ruttenberg, Time and Space

Richard Derwingson, All About Love

Richard Derwingson, Collaborations

Richard Donald, Elevator Music

Richard Doodkorte Quartet, The Search

Richard Doodkorte, Behind the Fridge

Richard Ducros, Au Bonheur des Dames

Richard Eisenberg, M.A., Song of Healing

Richard Franklin, A Step Along the Way

Richard Franklin, Cursive

Richard Franklin, Drawn Inward

Richard Franklin, Seven Eves

Richard Franklin, Still Hungry

Richard Gardzina, Imaginings

Richard Gardzina, Play This

Richard Gardzina, Where Words Do Not Go

Richard Geere, Vintage Jazz - A Taste of the 20's, 30's and 40's.

Richard Glaser Band & Clarence Webb, The Richard Glaser Trio Meets the Legend Clarence Webb

Richard Glaser Band, It`s Inspiring

Richard Grant, Grant Of Immunity

Richard Hallebeek, Richard Hallebeek Project (2014 Remastered)

Richard Hart, Blue Swing

Richard Holman, Christmas Wishes

Richard J Falcon Jr., A New Age in Jazz

Richard Jackson, Just Doing What I DO

Richard Kahn, Jazz88ist

Richard Katz, Wandering- 10 Rock Etudes

Richard Kelly, Greenwich Village

Richard Kincaid, I Wish That Was Me (Radio Mix) [feat. Dave Koz]

Richard Kincaid, Mosaic

Richard Kincaid, This Christmas(*mistletoe) [feat. Cuba Gooding Sr.]

Richard Lanham, Thou Swell

Richard Leach, Collections

Richard Lee, Sausalito

Richard Leo Johnson, Celeste

Richard Moody, Woodcuts

Richard Morgan, Letting Go

Richard Morgan, The Less You Do

Richard Negri, Meditations on a Downbeat, Words Spoken Through Jazz

Richard Nelson Quintet, Origin Story

Richard Nelson, Figurations

Richard P Jackson, Never to Old to Groove

Richard Poole, Jeff Palmer & George Garzone, Opposite Voltage

Richard Poole, Terrain

Richard Reiter, The Best Of Richard Reiter

Richard Rubin, Rags to Richard

Richard Shapiro, I Can Swing Rap

Richard Simon and Chloe Feoranzo, Poor Richard's All-Man Act, Plus One

Richard Smith, Tangos, Fire and Sea

Richard Tucker, Smooth Guitar Grooves, Vol. Five

Richard Tucker, Smooth Guitar Grooves, Vol. Four

Richard Warren Field, Issa Music

Richard Wheeler, I Remember

Richard Wheeler, JazzBury Park

Richard Winzeler, Soul Expressing

Richard Yost, Dancing On the Bed

Richard Yost, Surprise Me

Richard Young, My Journey On

Richard ``cookie`` Thomas, Live At Soundwaters

Richie Cannata, New York State of Mind (Deluxe Edition)

Richie Cannata, Richie Cannata

Richie Cole, Breakup Madness

Richie Conn, Ultimate Vision

Richie Goods and Nuclear Fusion, Live At the Zinc Bar

Richie Kaye & Tony Lavorgna, A New York City Subway Christmas

Richie Milton and the Lowdown, July in the Sunshine - Single

Richie Pardo Quintet, I Get the Message

Rick Alpers, Jubilant Jazz

Rick Bishop, From The Inside

Rick Bishop, Mister Hide - Single

Rick Bishop, What 4

Rick Blessing, I`m Just The Guy For You!

Rick Bogart, Rick Bogart

Rick Britto, For Your Love

Rick Chavez, Calor

Rick Chavez, You Are Here

Rick Connolly, Boxing Above My Weight

Rick Connolly, Finding Perspective

Rick Cosgrove, Sound the Guitars

Rick Crittenden, Passages

Rick Cucuzza, The Cruise

Rick Drumm & Fatty Necroses, Return from the Unknown

Rick Gallagher, Peace Be Still

Rick Gallagher, Sugar Shack

Rick Galloway, New Plan for Living

Rick Germanson Quintet, Heights

Rick Germanson, You Tell Me

Rick Gibbins, Mother Goose and a Tip Jar

Rick Gravelin, Amore Moments

Rick Helzer and Vinny Golia, Fancy Meeting You Here

Rick Helzer, Face in the Mirror

Rick Hirsch, No Regrets

Rick Holland Evan Dobbins Little Big Band, Trilby

Rick Holland, In Times Shadow

Rick Hollander, The Prestige

Rick Langmaack, Cat Music

Rick Lawn and Third Coast Jazz Orchestra, Unknown Soldiers

Rick McGuire, 2 Weeks in December

Rick McGuire, McGuire Required Jazz

Rick Overton, Tokyo Time Zone

Rick Parma, Just Gettin Started

Rick Parma, The Cool Night Air

Rick Paul, Midnight Caper

Rick Ranum, Echoes of a Dream

Rick Ranum, Resonance

Rick Ranum, Sparks in the Wind

Rick Reuther & The Tom Hagen All Stars, Uptown

Rick Reuther, Mud in Your Eye

Rick Reuther, Night Music

Rick Reuther, This Heart of Mine

Rick Stack, Reconstruction

Rick Stone, Blues for Nobody

Rick Stone, Far East with Kenny Barron

Rick Stone, Fractals

Rick Stone, Samba de Novembro

Rick Stone, Steppin' Back

Rick Street, Improvimental Journey

Rick Udler, Papaya

Rick Waldron, Africa

Rick Zunigar, Rick Zunigar Organ Trio

Rickey Woodard, Pineapple Delight

Ricki Derek, Ricki Derek

Rickie Byars Beckwith, Pray For Me

Ricky Brathwaite, SUNFLOWER

Ricky Cardoso, Introspect

Ricky Kendall, Crayon

Ricky M. Graham, Sandybaby

Ricky Peterson, A Tear Can Tell

Ricky Sims, What a Wonderful World(Vocal Version)

Rico Belled, The Pursuit of Comfort

Rico, Sem Voce

Ridgely Snow, Out of Hand

Riff Raff Jazz Band, Here & Now

Rigel Mitxelena, Bartók´s Room

Rigel Mitxelena, Junta Parroquial, Vol. 1

Rigel Mitxelena, Mitxelena II Atlantique

Rigel Mitxelena, Mitxelena III Nauthiz

Rigmor Gustafsson & Jill Seifers, New York Jazz Vocals (feat. Mika Pohjola)

Rigmor Gustafsson & Mika Pohjola, New York Life

Riikka Elisabet, Kuumieli

Rik Augustin, In My Own Words

Rik Pfenninger, Bustin Out

Rio Bamba, Our Surprise

Rip Snow, El Rio de Dios

Ripplegroove, Under The Microscope

Riq Chiznik, The Captain Vamoose Situation

Rita Bolton, Trio

Rita di Ghent, All Baby Wants is Me

Rita Lim, The Secret of Life

Rita Marie, So Many Stars

Rita Selby, On Earth

River Cow Orchestra, Emerging

River Cow Orchestra, Mother Tongue

River Cow Orchestra, RCO Live at the Farris Theatre

River Cow Orchestra, This Is Not a Bill

River Raisin Ragtime Revue, Animal Fair

Rivers Edge, The Sweet Life

Riverside Rascals, Riverside Rascals (feat. Tricia Boutté)

Riziero Bixio, I Remember GRP

Ríona Sally Hartman, Big Starving Thing

RJ and the Assignment, The Stroke of Midnight

Rj Writer Aka Da Pen-smith, Intergalactic Soap and Soda Experience Instrumentals, Vol. 1

Ro 65, True

Ro Gebhardt, European Jam

Ro Gebhardt, Oasis

Ro Hasegawa, In This Case,,,

Ro Herring, This Is Ro

Roadbed, Represented

Rob Albertson and Lee Spivey, I`ll Be Home Soon

Rob Anthony, Neo-Jasouloetry

Rob Arthur, The Journey

Rob Batie, Jazz Hustler

Rob Batie, LoveX3

Rob Batie, Tunnel Vision

Rob Blaine, It's All Perception

Rob Blaine, South Sea Princess

Rob Carrick, Brubeck's Asteroid (Extended Version) [feat. Chris Woodforde & Kendall Banfield]

Rob Carroll, Grace Sleeps

Rob Christian, Get Real

Rob Cook, Christmas Present

Rob Dame, After Hours

Rob Dame, Talisman (feat. Frank Southecorvo)

Rob Dorn, Wonderland

Rob Espino, Y Sus Amigos de Nueva Orleans

Rob Fontana, You Are Here

Rob Fried, Wind Song

Rob Griffith, Groundation

Rob Hart Trio, Trios of the Past Present and Future

Rob Juice, Tall Glass Of Juice

Rob Lavery, Solo Journey

Rob MacKillop, Recital: The Art of the Banjo 1910 - 1930

Rob Maletick, Back Home

Rob Parissi, Ocean Sunset

Rob Parton Big Band, Christmas Time Is Here

Rob Parton Big Band, We'll Be Together Again

Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band, Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band

Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band, What Are We Here For

Rob Pentheny, Treasure

Rob Perry, Dance Alone

Rob Rasch, Mary Jane - Single

Rob Ratner Jazz Band, Night Lights

Rob Reddy, Bechet: Our Contemporary

Rob Reich, These Moments

Rob Rennie, Free Raw Experiment

Rob Robertson, Satin Jazz

Rob Robinson, You'll Be Sorry

Rob Robinson, You'll Be Sorry (Instrumental)

Rob Schneider, Anja's Theme

Rob Selznick, Jazmine Moon

Rob Silvan, The Breathing of the World

Rob Susman, Tri Boro Trio

Rob Thomsett, The Invisible Empire of the Air

Rob Thorsen Trio, Live!

Rob Trabin, Love Is in the Air

Rob Van Bavel Trio, Anniversary

Rob Van Bavel Trio, Edison (Dutch Grammy Edition)

Rob Wagner Trio, Rob Wagner Trio Featuring Hamid Drake and Nobu Ozaki

Rob White, Just Kickin' It

Rob White, Should've Kissed You

Rob Whitlock, Sketchin` 2

Rob Zappulla, Here`s to Frank

Rob Zappulla, Something Makes Me Want To Dance With You

Rob´s Jazzshop, Pieces of Jazz and Rag

Robbie D, Robbie D's Jazzical Christmas

Robbie King, Jazz In Colours

Robbie Lee, It's Christmas Time of the Year (Instrumental) [feat. Dennis Sindberg]

Robbie Mac, Chilled Out in the Holy Ghost

Robbie Mac, Genesis (feat. Kirby D. Trim)

Robbie Smith, Spanish Mist

Robbins Island Music Group, Instrumental Workout Music: Rhythmic Music for Running, Walking, Spinning Music and Cyclist Music

Robbins Island Music Group, Soft Smooth Jazz Piano: Dinner Party Background Music, Relaxation Jazz, Calming Jazz Piano

Robby Ameen, Days in The Life

Robert Dillon, Been There Done That

Robert (Zwigg) Zwicker, Zwigg Fusion

Robert Aguirre, Winchester Cathedral

Robert Bachner Big Band, Moments of Noise

Robert Baglione/Victor Wooten, Positive Charge

Robert Beatty, Forgotten Summers

Robert Beau Michaels, Uninhibited

Robert Bell, Gypsy Tendercies

Robert Bitte, Second Wind

Robert Bogan, Song of the Balcones

Robert Boogie Bowles, The Best of Boogie

Robert Carr, Finer Moments

Robert Del Buono, Paradise

Robert Dyck, Robert Dyck's Electric Dragon Quintet

Robert E. Person, Someday We'll All Be Free

Robert Earl Longley, Diaspora

Robert Earl Longley, LIVE from Boulevard Music

Robert Elkjer, Clean Lines

Robert Elkjer, Clean Lines

Robert Harris, Miami Sun

Robert Hicks, New Standards

Robert Hicks, Textures in Hi-Fi with Pete Rugolo and his Orchestra

Robert Hrabluk & The East Side Jazz Band, Monk the Bird gets Dizzy

Robert Huntley, Duet

Robert Huntley, Here Now

Robert Irving III, A Star In the East

Robert Irving III, New Momentum

Robert Kramers, On the Block

Robert Kyle, Blue Winds

Robert Kyle, Brazilian Moon

Robert LaCroix, In the Dark

Robert Lee Revue, City of Smooth Jazz

Robert Lee Revue, For the Love of Smooth Jazz

Robert Lee Revue, Happy & Go Lucky

Robert Lee Revue, Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Robert Lewis/Frank Duvall, Fearless Jones

Robert Lewis/Frank Duvall, Swagger

Robert Locke, In A Mellow Tone featuring The Robert Locke Quartet

Robert M Wagner, His Way Volume I

Robert M Wagner, His Way Volume II

Robert M Wagner, His Way Volume III

Robert M Wagner, His Way Volume IV

Robert McCarther, That`s Me

Robert Moore, Karla`s Sermon - Robert Moore and the Wildcats Live at Workplay

Robert Moore, Wildcat

Robert Nilsson, Brazil Mood

Robert Nilsson, Peace

Robert Orr Trio, Alien Jazz

Robert Owens-the Chosen, My Girl

Robert Parks, She's Like That

Robert Payne, Musical Chairs

Robert Prester, Dogtown

Robert Riegler, Rosenrot the Music of Werner Pirchner

Robert Rovina, A New Day

Robert Rovina, Here I Am

Robert Sabin, Humanity, Pt. II

Robert Sabin, Romero

Robert Sanae & The Crater Creek Project, Robert Sanae / The Crater Creek Project

Robert Sanae & The Crater Creek Project, Indigo Blue

Robert Sanders ORGANization, Smokin` on the B-3 with Mike Fageros/guitarist

Robert Spigner, Unlimited Potential

Robert Stewart, The Movement

Robert Strickland, Joyride

Robert Taira Wilson, Nail and Hammer

Robert Taylor, Night and Day

Robert Thomas, Full Circle

Robert Tom, new EP

Robert Troy Cole, Terracoustic (Solo Bass)

Robert Tye, Living

Robert Tye, Virtues of the Well

Robert Vaughn, Back On Track

Roberta Arcoleo Boyle, Skylark

Roberta Duchak, Intersections

Roberta Radley, Swing-a-Jing-a-Lingin' (Feat. Sisters of Swing)

Roberto Badoglio, Re-Evaluation Time

Roberto Magris Trio, One Night in With Hope and More, Vol. 2

Roberto Magris, Aliens in a Bebop Planet

Roberto Magris, Elisa Pruett & Albert Tootie Heath, One Night in With Hope and More, Vol. 1

Roberto Pitre, Vivo En Vida

Roberto Serpas, Morning in Eden

Roberto Somoza, Tempos de Cambio

Roberto Taufic, Eles & Eu

Roberto Vazquez, Between Two Worlds

Robezz, Paradis, Paradise

Robin Adler, It's About Time

Robin Alciatore, Rialto Ripples

Robin Aleman, Tonight

Robin Avery, Rose

Robin Avery, The Way You Hold Me

Robin Bessier, Other Side of Forever

Robin D. Rorie, Art of Bass

Robin Dean, Shadows Need Light

Robin Diioia, Christmas Wish Waltz (feat. Joe McAnally & Rick DiIoia)

Robin Haffley, Impressions

Robin Lahiri, Guitarist, Christmas Guitar Choir

Robin Lee Berry, A Man Like My Guitar

Robin Lukas, Beyond Paradigm`s Edge

Robin Phillips, Sing. Play... for Pleasure

Robin Stine, Daydream

Roby Baresi, Over the Rainbow

Rocco and the Stompers, Rocco and the Stompers

Rocco Carella, I'm So Far from the Crowd

Rocco Ventrella, Give Me The Groove

Rocco Ventrella, Secret Agent

Rocco Ventrella, Sweet Temptation

Rocco Ventrella, Sweet Temptation

Rocco Ventrella, Tres Palabras (Three Words)

Rochelle House, Dreams of Love

Rochelle House, Water

Rochelle Lightfoot, Rochelle Lightfoot Jazzy Classics

Rocio Guitard, JazzDance

Rock Creek Jazz, Head Waters

Rockwell, Grace & Mercy

Rocky Gordon, Alone In The Crowd

Rocky Gordon, Echoes

Rocky Gordon, Perfect World

Rod "Stewbonz" Stewart, Did Somebody Order This Groove?

Rod "Stewbonz" Stewart, Treasure Chest

Rod Fotheringham, Your Head, Their Wall

Rod McGaha, The Black Flower Project


Rod Tate, Groovitis

Rod Tate, Love

Rod Tate, The Emerald Coast

Rod Williams, The Journey

Rod Young, Atlanta Chilled

Roderick Harper, The Essence of...

Rodion Ivanov, Electric Variete

Rodney Booth, Ten and One

Rodney Bowe, Groovàge

Rodney E. Foster,Sr, Madrid

Rodney E. Foster,Sr, Maya

Rodney E. Foster,Sr, Nagoya

Rodney E. Foster,Sr, Sensual Thoughts

Rodney E. Stewart, By Candlelight

Rodney Greene, Meditation of My Heart

Rodney Jones, The Journey of Soul

Rodney Kelley Jr, RKII

Rodney Kelley Jr, So Slick

Rodney Kelley, Mystic Breeze

Rodney McBride, Og Collection

Rodney McBride, Orchestrated Funk

Rodney Mecks, Mecks Jazz

Rodney Taylor, Can I Blow For You

Rodrigo Braga, Between the Waves

Rodrigo J. Gozalbez, Don't Know Why (Smooth Jazz Guitar Version)

Rodrigo Lima, Saga

Rogério Dentello, Luzes and Lendas

Rogelio Diaz, Amores (feat. Pablo Quintero & Tony Martinez)

Rogelio Diaz, Maquetas de un Sueño

Roger Baccus, Stepping Out Of The Box!

Roger Baird`s Black and White Trio, Spirit Door

Roger Bissell, Reflective Trombone

Roger Cairns and Gary Fukushima, The Dream of Olwen

Roger Cairns, Let`s...

Roger Ceresi's Allstarz, On the Right Track

Roger Cicero and After Hours, There I Go

Roger Harrison, Jazz Club Open Late

Roger Humphries, Don`t Give Up

Roger Humphries, Keep the Faith

Roger Ingram, Roger Ingram Live At the College Hideaway

Roger Letson, You Stole My Heart

Roger Smith & Tony Windle, A Capitol Christmas (Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night)

Rogers Brown, The Best of Rogers Brown

Rogue Chimp, Embark

Roland Majeau, Island Paradise

Roland Majeau, JT Project - Single

Rolf Sturm and Rob Henke, Evening Pawn

Rollanda Lee and the Canadian Hot Stars Jazz Band, All That Jazz

Rollanda Lee and the Canadian Hot Stars Jazz Band, Our Kind of Jazz

Roman Miroshnichenko, Quasipsychedelic

Roman Stolyar & Alexey Lapin, Double Sonata

Roman Stolyar & Ed Sarath, Amazing Blue

Romed Hopfgartner, The Dowland Songbook (feat. Deploy)

Romel Pasetes, A Little Closer To You

Ron Allen and Rob Carroll, Travelogue

Ron Barnes, A Matter of Time

Ron Barnes, Long Road Home

Ron Boustead, Mosaic

Ron Bozz, Stevonways

Ron Brendle Trio, Photograph

Ron Brendle, Here

Ron Brickey, Jazz Scapes - Volume 1

Ron Brown, Urban Dreams

Ron Browning, In A Sentimental Mood

Ron Brunk, Grandpa

Ron Burnette, Electrically Speaking

Ron Burnette, Summer Solstice

Ron Cody and Fretwater, Balance

Ron Cooley & Joey Gulizia, Summer Magic

Ron Davis Trio, Mungle Music (feat. Drew Birston & Ted Warren)

ron davis, in between

Ron Davis, Symphronica

Ron Fattorusso, Spirit

Ron Fattorusso, Spirit

Ron Fein, Vesuvio Jazz Trio

Ron Griffin, Es-sentials

Ron Griffin, It`s What It Is

Ron Hawking, The Song Is You

Ron Hayden and Group, IN THE Spirit

Ron Haynes Vic Baker sr., 2 Man Crew

Ron Holloway, Ron Holloway & Friends Live at Montpelier

Ron Hurak, Be Cool

Ron Hutchens, After Eight

Ron Hutchens, Something In Blue

Ron Irving, Jungle Time

Ron Irving, My Island Plane

Ron James, I Feel Ya

Ron James, Simple

Ron Johnson, Back Again

Ron Jones, Come to New Orleans

Ron Kaplan, Blue and Sentimental

Ron Kaplan, New York

Ron Kaplan, Ron Kaplan Retro

Ron Kearns, Ron Kearns and Friends, INTROSPECTIVE

Ron Kischuk & The Masters of Music Big Band, Plays Kenton (Live at the Music Hall)

Ron Kischuk & The Masters of Music Big Band, Smile

Ron Kischuk & The Masters of Music Trombones, Alamode (feat. Curtis Fuller)

Ron Kischuk & The Tartarsauce Traditional Jazz Band, Plays - The Arrangements of Chet Bogan's Wolverine Jass Band

Ron Kischuk and The Masters of Music Big Band (Minus 9), One More Time

Ron Kischuk, Ron Kischuk and The Masters Of Music Big Band Volume 2

Ron Kobayashi Trio, Of Standards, Be-Bop And Swing

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, Funky Fiesta!

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, Greaze Is What's Good

Ron Levy`s Wild Kingdom, Zim Zam Zoom

Ron McMillon, "Celebrating" a King Born to Die

Ron McMillon, It Is Me

Ron Miles, Blossom / Stone

Ron Miles, Heaven

Ron Neilson and John Bellar, Two Guitars One Heart

Ron Odrich, I Remember Buddy: A Remembrance of Buddy Defranco

ron otis, upfront

Ron Pacheco Jr., Seven Below

Ron Pedley, Around

Ron Polson, That Old Feeling

Ron Robbins Ensemble, Promise of Spring

Ron Ross, Ragtime Renaissance

Ron Scott, In the Keys of Love

Ron Selix, Higher Vibes

Ron Sunshine and Full Swing, Straight Up! (and then some)

Ron Sunshine, Candy

Ron Surace, Nearly Blue

Ron Surace, The New Cool

Ron Surace, Trio City

Ron Teixeira, Still The One

Ron Thomas, Cycles

Ronald Anthony, How Have You Been

Ronald Boo Hinkson, Beyond

Ronald Boo Hinkson, Shades

Ronald L.Rages, Original Smooth Inspirational Jazz Sampler

Ronald Lashley, Pineapple Sunset

Ronald Oliver Jr. and Jeremy Brownie, Music Sampler Demo Volume 1

Ronald Simone, Watching the Stars

Ronald Turner and the Fashion Statement, N/A

Ronan Delisle & Jimin Lee, Somewhere Safe

Ronan Guilfoyle, Hands

Ronit Kirchman & Torsten Müller, An Idea to Farewell

Ronnie Burrage & Band Burrage, Heal

Ronnie Crumbly, Like Father, Like Son

Ronnie Dinoto, Arenal

Ronnie E. Thompson & God's Mighty Voices, Send Me

Ronnie Gesser, Throw Caution to the Wind

Ronnie Hibdon, Fireflies

Ronnie James Vadala, Salem Station Boulevard

Ronnie Leigh, Live At Applejazz

Ronnie McNeir, Living My Life

Ronnie Montrose, Music from Here

Ronnie `Sportcoat` Overton, When The Smoke Clears

Ronnie, Indigenous

Ronny Smith, Simply Stated

Ronny Whyte, It's Time for Love

Roosevelt Jazz Band, A Night in Perugia

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Behind the Eight Ball

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Europe Live Montreux '14 (Live)

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Goin' On

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Jazz Nutcracker 2013 (Live)

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Jazz Nutcracker Live

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Jazz Nutcracker Suite 2011

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Live (Umbria 2010)

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Nutcracker III

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Out to Sea

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Rumpus in Roosevelt

Roosevelt Jazz Band, Steppin' Out!

Root Jackson`s UFBI, Funkin` with da blues

Rootblue, Lovin' You

Ropatt, Catching Up to You

Ropatt, Change in Lovers

Ropatt, Cruise Control

Ropatt, Diagnosis Love

Ropatt, Going in Squares

Ropatt, Highland Smooth

Ropatt, Plaid

Rory Clark, Rory Remembers

Rory Partin, The Very Thought Of You

Rory, Chic To Cheek

Ros Kindler, I'm Alright

Ros Kindler, Sugar Blues

Rosalie Genay & Rebecca Nash, Realms

Rosalind Kindler, I'm Alright

Rosana Eckert with Terry Hankins, Two for the Road

Rosana Eckert, Small Hotel

Rosanna Telford, Every Day Is Christmas

Rosïe & The Bees, Rosïe & the Bees

Rose Bartu, Cherchez la Verité

Rose Colella Trio, Small Hours

Rose Colella, Cocktail

rose godfrey, zero gravity

Rose Kingsley, This Is My Life

Rose Sinclair, Lone Star Landing

Rose Tait, The One

Rosemarie, Come Dance With Me

Rosemary Conte, But Beautiful

Rosemary Loar, When Harry Met the Duke

Rosemary Neilson, Tenderly

Rosemary Sweeney, Something Like That

Rosena M. Hill, If You Believe

Rosie and the Riveters, Rosie and the Riveters (Live)

Rosie Carlino, What Matters Most

Rosily, All of You

Rosily, Laura

Ross Hammond Quartet, Cathedrals

Ross Hammond, Duets

Ross Hansen, On Time

Ross Hubbell Trio, Ross Hubbell Trio

Ross MacLachlan, Not Just Ragtime

Ross Milligan, Passing Places

Ross Milligan, What You Wish For

Ross Moore, Too Hot To Sleep

Ross Ramsay, Late September

Ross Walters, Snow on Snow

Rossana Casale, Merry Christmas in Jazz

Rossano Emili, In Limine

Rosy Fusion, Hear Now!

Rough Ramblers, Stiff Upper Lip

Roughandsqueaky, On the Solid Rock I Stand

Round Midnight, We`ll be right back

Rova Saxophone Quartet, Juke Box Suite

Rowan Lynch Quartet, Strange Carp

Roy Brown, Courage

Roy Brown, Jazz Is The Music I Play

Roy Cumming, Edgeless

Roy Dunlap Group, Out of the Way

Roy Dunlap, Big Man Down

Roy Herzer, Courageous Hope: Trumpet and Cinematic Orchestra

Roy Holland, It's Vinny Vella Time!

Roy Meriwether featuring Houston Person, Twilight Blues

Roy Meriwether, Live at Gilly`s

Roy Meriwether, Live At John Word's

Roy Meriwether, Live at The 4 Queens

Roy Meriwether, Opening Night

Roy Meriwether, The Art Of The Groove

Roy Meriwether, This One`s On Me

Roy Patterson, The Coming of Angels

Roy Powell, Peak Experience Trio

Roy Scoutz, Confetti Road

Roya Bahrami, Roya

Royal Punisher, Bullets for Breakfast

Royce Campbell Trio Plus Phil Woods, Movie Songs Project

Royce Campbell Trio, All Standards... and a Blues

Royce Campbell Trio, Make Me Rainbows

Royce Campbell Trio, What Is This Thing Called?

Royce Campbell, Bob Bowen & Ron Free, Concepts

Royce Campbell, Right Now!

Royce Campbell, Vista

Roykeys, Cool Fusion

Roz Corral, Telling Tales

Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes, Monster Man

Rozzano Zamorano, EUDAMONIA

RTB Crew, Meet the Beat

Rubens Salles, Liquid Gravity

Ruby Moon, Vicarious Pleasures

Rubyana, Eucalyptus

Rubyana, Midnight Jam

Rubyana, Sapphire + Red

Rude Duke, Two Hearts

Rudy Casoni, S`no Balls

Rudy Judy, Blue Silk and Black Stockings

Rudy Judy, Cruisin'

Rudy Judy, Enchantment

Rudy Judy, Lover's Lament

Rudy K, Expansion

Rudy K, Free Fall

Rudy K, Mercury Glide

Rudy Rodriguez, Aliento de Adoración (Pistas Originales)

Rudy Rodriguez, El Mejor Regalo: Pistas Originales

Rudy Rodriguez, Memorias Del Alma

Rudy Webb and Heather Bambrick, This Is Love

Rufus McGee Jr, Draw Me Nearer

Rugile, A Promise

Rumba Calzada, Raphael Geronimo`s Rumba Calzada Album 4

Run With the Kittens, Condos and Lofts

Rune-Bertil's, Tjorven

Running Deer, Dearly Beloved

Rupert Leighton, Take the Sidewalk

Rupert Wates & Bartosz Hadala, The Nightwatchers

Rupert Wates, The Rank Outsiders Ball

Rusconi Trio, Scenes and Sceneries

Rush Dance, Balle De Chango Chivo

Rush Merchant 3rd, E-Funk - Single

Russ Brannon, From Here To There

Russ Brannon, Into The Light

Russ Hewitt, Alma Vieja

Russ Hewitt, Bajo El Sol

Russ Hewitt, Bajo El Sol

Russ Johnson, Meeting Point

Russ Lossing & John Hébert, Line Up

Russ Lossing, As It Grows

Russ, Walk the Walk

Russell A. Cardwell, Awakening

Russell Bizzett, Tribute To Tommy Bolin

Russell Faraldi, Scrapes and Abrasions

Russell Gunn Presents...bionic, Krunk Jazz

Russell Kirk and the Path, To Journal Square

Russell Lyles, Sax Life

Russell Miller, Suite Justice - A Jazz Setting of the Beatitudes

Russell Nakaoka, As Long As I'm Singing

Russell Norkin, Gene Fourton & Gene Torres, Out of Nowhere!

Russell Scharf & Jazz Explosion, The Hipness - EP

Russell Thomas, New Age Jazz Healing Guitar

Russell Wilson, Original Jazz Tunes

Russell Wodehouse & Ray Troll, Dancing to the Fossil Record

Russo / Alberts Trio, Rejuvenation

Rustic Materials & Becky Bynum, So Many Stars

Rusty and Friends, Southern Standard Time

Rusty Burge - Michael Sharfe Quartet, Frequency

Rusty Burge, illumination

Rusty Hamilton, The Musician

Rusty Homan, The Dirty Bloomerz

Rusty Mason, I Remember You

Rusty T, Sayzz to Me Street

Ruth Aguilar, An Invitation

Ruth Wallis, Love is for the Birds

Ruth Young, This Is Always

Ruthie Ristich, Carefully Taught

Ruud Cornelissen, Short Tracking

Ruud Roelofsen, Grooovy

Ryan Burns Trio, Live At the Lab

Ryan Burns, Birds

Ryan Burns, Geoff Cooke, Jose Martinez, TREE-O

Ryan Coke, RSVP

Ryan Davis, Brushfire

Ryan Dragon, Kid Songs

Ryan Garfi, The Very Thought of You

Ryan Hanseler, Home Again

Ryan Keberle, The Ryan Keberle Double Quartet

Ryan Middagh, Colorado Brew (feat. Jeff Coffin & Tom Giampietro)

Ryan mids Brown, Chasing the Sun

Ryan Saranich, Story

Ryan Schiedermayer, Sentido

Ryan Shore, Vulgar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ryan Whitehead, Ryan Whitehead

Ryerson and Rudolph, Soul Quest

Ryin Lu, Celebrate

Ryland Talamo, Mary Did You Know

Rynard Brown, Acoustic Soul

Ryo Kawasaki, Sapporo + Hartford Live 1982

Ryosuke Asai Septet, The Alchemist

S. J. Tucker, Stolen Season

S.a.m., Punctualism

S.B.J.B., Music to Love 4 Ever

Saara Soisalo, Second Life (feat. Wade Mikkola, Mikko Heleva, Heikki Sandren)

Sabas Whittaker, Soul Revival

Saber Tooth Trio, Primitive Magic

Sabine Pothier, Sabine

Sabine, Keys to the City of Lost Angels

Sable Winters, Follow That Star

Sabreen Samman, Sweet Old Memories

Sabrina Chap, Oompa!

Sabrina Lemos, Vai Não Vai

Sabrina Silver, Freshman

Sabrina Young, Revolution Devolution

Saburo Murata, Nostalgia

Saburo, It's Spring But...

Sac à Pulses, Les Pulses

Sacbe', Todo Sacbe', Vol. 1

Sacha Boutros, Sacha (Live in Hawaii)

Sacha Boutros, Sacha: NY After Dark

Sacha Boutros, Simply Sacha

Sagy Segal, Quest

Saida Cowels-Watson, Sai`s In The City

Saina and Geo, Songs of Gaia

Sakai, Gradation~Bossa Nova No Kaze

Saki Kono, Idream

Saki Minamimoto, Somewhere

Saki, Dream Forever

Sal Anthony, Talkin' to the Wall

Sal Frank Nemo, Acid Jazz Song

Sala Brothers, Out Of The Blue

Salentin & Scheffler, Music for Domestic Disagreements

Sally Cooper, Perfect Universe (Digital Version)

Sally Jackels, The Promise of Spring

Sally Jo and the Gators, Alligator Circus

Sally Jo and the Gators, Alligator Dreams

Sally Jo and the Gators, Alligator Swing

Sally Sieh, Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Sally Strawberry, Come Back to Bed

Sally Street, I Don't Do Conversation (Live)

Salmagundi, Pilgrimage

Salsa Loca, Watch Out

Saltman/Knowles, Sandcastles

Salty Dogs Jazz Band, Live At Battleground

Salvatore Cirillo, Unpretentious

Sam Barsh Trio, Clydesdales and Castles

Sam Broverman, Dream Maker, Heartbreaker - Sam Broverman Sings Johnny Mercer

Sam Broverman, Leftover Dreams

Sam Crain, Bird`s-Eye View

Sam Crain, Boinnng

Sam Crain, Dance Your Way to Heaven

Sam Crain, Guitar Psychosis

Sam Crain, In Your Dreams

Sam Crain, Jammin` with Sam

Sam Crain, Jazz Guitar

Sam Crain, Jazz Guitar Vol 2

Sam Crain, Jazz Guitar Vol 3

Sam Crain, Medicated Moods

Sam Crain, Oop Bop Sh` Bang

Sam Crain, Rose of Loami and other selections

Sam Crain, Solo Jazz Guitar

Sam Crain, Spring Into Swing Redux

Sam Crain, Sunny Side Up

Sam Crain, The Big Box of Love

Sam Crain, The Sam Crain Trio

Sam Crain, Toasty Relief

Sam Dieago, Today She Cried (feat. Velvet Williams)

Sam Fazio, I Wish You Love

Sam Hankins Feat. David McLorren, Tropical Mist (feat. David McLorren)

Sam Hankins, Are You Serious

Sam Hankins, Nothing Between Us

Sam Howard, Out Tonight

Sam Hughes, Alaskan Smooth Jazz

Sam Hunter, Unfinished Business

Sam Hunter, Westbound

Sam Jacobs, Say What

Sam McNally, Jubilation

Sam Miltich and the Clearwater Hot Club, Just You, Just Me

Sam Miltich, Live At the V.F.W.

Sam Morrison, Dark Matter

Sam Newsome, The Art of the Soprano, Vol. 1

Sam Paglia, The Rare Sam Paglia

Sam Powell, Go to Nineveh

Sam Prather, Split Personalities

Sam Q's Nightpatrol, Samba of Love

Sam Rucker, Tell You Something

Sam Scott, Eleven & Swingin'!

Sam Sherry and Ursa Major, Echoes of the Prophet

Sam Stryke, Brunch

Sam Tobias, Mr. Echols

Sam Trapchak, Land Grab

Sam Walker Trio, Sam Walker Trio Plus One

Samadha, Root System

Samantha Wells, Eternal Child

Samba de Maria, Bossa Nova

Sambeleza, Sambeleza: Live!

Sambosseros, Gabiroba

Sambuca Diaries Big Band, First Shot

Sambuca Diaries Big Band, Served Flaming

Sameer Ramchandran Trio, Roundabout

Sami Scot, Lazy Days

Samille Johnson, "Hot Date"

Samille Johnson, "What You Wont Do for Love" - Single

Samir Fejzić and Karolina Ollinen, Vintage

Samir Fejzic Band, Romantic Soul

Samm & Jamie Ousley, The Unorthodox Duo

Sammie Roberts, My Voice.. Living The Dream

Samoa Wedding Trio, Nice To Meet You

Sampson-Gamma Electric Company, One Below Zero

Samuel Cross, I Need You

Samuel J. Boos, Mitral Afterthoughts

Samuel Lima, Collection

Samuel Martin, Jr., Enchanted Christmas Dreams

Samuel O. Ibeh, Grateful

Samuel Savoirfaire Williams, Ran Out Of Time

Samuel Williams, 2K4

Samuel Yenn-Batah, Rapture's Rhapsody

Samuele Nubile, Where the Music Matters

Samuele Vivian, Dubwise

San Gabriel Seven, Blame It On Trio

San Gabriel Seven, Crazy Notes

Sana Nagano, Inside the Rainbow

Sanda Allyson, As Is

Sandi Bedrosian, There Is Such A Thing

Sandi Blair, No More Blues

Sandnes Storband & Elisabeth R. Fjermestad, Live from Sandnes Brygge

sandra cartolari, twolips

Sandra Day Rossi, Close Enough for Love

Sandra Dedrick, It's a Blue Hill Day: A Tribute to Christopher Dedrick

Sandra Level & Her Sweet Potatoes, Don't Keep Me Blue

Sandra Level, La Desolazione (Justines Jazz)

Sandra Locklear, Girl Gone Jazz

Sandra Marlowe, True Blue.

Sandra Palmer, Be A Fool With Me

Sandra Phillips, Chasing Fireflies

Sandra Y. Johnson, Steppin' Out

Sandro Camerin, Once in a While

Sandro Ferrera, I Sette peccati capitali

Sandy Chochinov, Bubble Walk

Sandy Chochinov, I Wouldn`t Change A Thing

Sandy Chochinov, Swampland

Sandy Chochinov, Walkeem A Leema

Sandy Chochinov, What On Earth!

Sandy Cressman, Brasil-Sempre no Coraça£o

Sandy Cressman, Homenagem Brasileira

Sandy Dennison, Love You Madly

Sandy Dennison, Sandy Dennison Jazzed!

Sandy Foster + the Paper Bag Band, Purplexed

Sandy Foster, Indigo Rain

Sandy Gardner, Everything I Love

Sandy Hill, Tickled Pink

Sandy Kastel, Only In Las Vegas The Event

Sandy Kastel, This Time Around

Sandy Nitch, From Vegas With Love

Sandy Taylor, Standard Deviations

Sandy Zacky, One Olive or Two

Sandy Zacky, Sandy`s Solos

Sani Gamedze, Colourmeover

Santos Bonacci, Amazing Days

Santucci Trio, Bite

Santucci Trio, Hello

Sanya, Sparks

Sara De Ville, Coffee Break

Sara De Ville, Cosy

Sara De Ville, Dinner for One

Sara De Ville, Footprints in the Snow

Sara De Ville, Not That Kind of Girl

Sara De Ville, Paradise Island

Sara De Ville, Samba Nina

Sara De Ville, Stranger in Paradise

Sara Holtzschue, Beneath

Sara Leib, It`s Not the Moon

Sara Oschlag, My Little Boat

Sara Routh, Road(S)

Sara Sabah, Album

Sara Serpa and Ran Blake, Camera Obscura

Sara Serpa, Mobile

Sara Serpa, Sara Serpa

Sara Serpa, Sara Serpa Quintet

Sarah Ann Daniels, Jazzsamba

Sarah Belladae, Love Superhero

Sarah Corman, Happy Little Tune

Sarah Craig, The Threshing Floor

Sarah DeLeo, I`m in Heaven Tonight

Sarah DeLeo, The Nearness of You

Sarah Edmonds, This Time the Dream's On Me

Sarah Gardner, Jazz Pour Le Bebes (Jazz for Babies!)

Sarah Heath, Archeology of Night

Sarah Hommel, A Sarah Hommel Drum All

Sarah J Hyland, A Gambling Girl's Confessions

Sarah James, Eleven Songs

Sarah James, Skylark

Sarah Jerrom, Illuminations

Sarah Maclaine, The Heart of Me

Sarah Maisel, Have Uke Will Travel

Sarah Montes, Long As the Day Is

Sarah Morrau, Here`s to Life

Sarah Morrau, to hold you

Sarah Morris, Grateful Moon

Sarah Moule, A Lazy Kind Of Love

Sarah Partridge, Perspective

Sarah Scharbrough, Sit With Me

Sarah Schrift, Sasha Markovic & Kana Kamitsubo, The Sours

Sarah Shea, The Nearness of You

Sarah Weller Band, Stormy

Sarah`s Swing Set, The Perfect Gift

Sarai Usry & Rod Williams, What You Do to Me

Sarai Usry, Gentleness (feat. Sam Hankins)

Sarantos, Let's Call It Love

Sarel River, Mr. Blue Eyes

Sarp Maden, Engin Recepo?ullar? & Ediz Haf?zo?lu, Soyut Boyut

Saryn L. Hatcher, Fifty Black People That We Should Know

Sasha Masakowski & Musical Playground, Wishes

Sasha Masakowski & the Sidewalk Strutters, Old Green River

Sasha's Bloc, Heart On Fire

Sasha's Bloc, Melancholy

Sasha, Blind Rain

Saskia Bruin, Step Inside Love

Sassy Catch!, Capture the Glamour

Sassy Catch, Gentlemen... Start Your Engines!

Satish, The Soundtrack of My Life

Satoshi Inoue, Melodic Compositions

Sauce, Appreciation

Sauce, Dedication

Sauce, Get Loose

Saukar, Autopilot

Savas X, An Mporeis... (feat. Marina Chaida, Christina, Titos Georgiadis & Konstantinos Papelis)

Savas X., Birthday to Loneliness

Savas X., Cat On The Roof (feat. Christina, Titos Geogriadis, Konstantinos Papelis & Marina Chaida)

Saverio Pepe, Canto male il jazz

Savina and the Alan Hartwell Jazztet, Love Songs

Savo Military Big Band, Live at MILjazz 2009 (feat. Randy Brecker )

Savoy in Color, The World You're in Is Perfect

Savoyd Beard, Full Circle

Sax Man Mike Clark, Summer Bay

Sax O'groove, Sax O'groove

Sax O'Groove, Together

Sax-of-Praise, Quiet Presence

SaxAssault, Bang!

SaxAssault, Sax of Gold

Saxlo, Sailing

Saxman Justyn, We Thank You Lord

Saxophone Cartel, Caught In The Act

Sébastien Champagne, Esquisse

Søren Bebe Trio, A Song for You

Scales & Chords, Mind Music

Scales & Chords, Quiet Noise

Scarlett and the Dr. Bob Finney Jazz Group, Lush Life

Scarlett Parks, Yada

SCAT, Living Room

Scat, Wash Day Miracle

Scat, We Dig Christmas

Schawayna Raie, Remembering Christmas

Schyl Perry, Shark Attack

Scivally/Sills Quintet, Keys Found

Scolari Claudio, The my fourteen songs

Scorzo/Greenfield/Resto, Old Time Violin Jazz

Scot Albertson, With Every Note, A Step...

Scot Crandal, Now & Again

Scot Crandal, Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Scot Lee, My Funny Valentine

Scott Anthony, Ragged Oldies (feat. John Gill)

Scott B Adams, Noel Nouveau

Scott Boni, Mumphrey's Bounce

Scott Bradley, In The AM

Scott Bradley, Incidental Dreams

Scott Bradley, Takedown

Scott Bradley, Your Choice

Scott Bradoka, Pulse

Scott Brookins, Give Thanks

Scott Brookins, Into All The World

Scott Brookins, Java, Jazz and Jesus

Scott Brookins, Praise Him

Scott Charles, Go On Be Strong

Scott Currier, Scott Currier Trio

Scott Dennis, Close Your Eyes

Scott Douglas MacLachlan, California (Impressions of One Native)

Scott Draffin, Somewhere Down the Road

Scott Earl Holman, Don`t Wake The Kids

Scott Gordley Trio, Off the Cuff

Scott Gordon, Busy Bossa

Scott Goudeau, Paint Sky

Scott Goudeau, Passage

Scott Grimaldi, The Color of Midnight

Scott Hamilton & Dusko Goykovich, Tight But Loose

Scott Hamilton, Remembering Billie

Scott Hamilton, Scott Hamilton Plays Jule Styne

Scott Jespersen, Songs Without Words

Scott Joplin, Ragtime

Scott Kirby, Grace And Beauty - Ragtime Classics

Scott Kirby, The Complete Rags Of Scott Joplin Vol. 1

Scott Kirby, The Complete Rags Of Scott Joplin Vol. 2

Scott Marshall Quartet, Nine Moments Of Time

Scott Martin, Voodoo Juice

Scott Mateer, Inspirational Jazz: Make A Joyful Noise

Scott Mayo, Low Angle View

Scott Noble, Passages / Early Morning Dream

Scott Paddock, Another Day

Scott Pellegrom Trio, Supernaturalbang

Scott Peters Quartet, Scott Peters Quartet

Scott Reed & Sam Ocampo, Live from Capitol Studios - In the Morning

Scott Routenberg, Jazztronicus

Scott Turpen Quintet, Dance of the West

Scott Walker, Someone I Don't Even Know

Scott Warner, Mindfield

Scott Warner, Wild Man Blues

Scott Whitfield Jazz Orchestra West, Tristesse in G Minor (Big Band Version)[feat. S. Whitfield]

Scotti Austin, Ashes 2 Songbird

Scotty Hayward, Kalimba A La Carte

Scotty Wright, Treasure Island Collection

Scrambled Ape, Comprehensive Atlas of 21st Century A.M. Radio Classics

Scrote, A Night Of Unknown Death Or Life

Seabreeze, Let's Go See the Moon

Sean Baker, The Perfect "10"

Sean Clapis, The Unseen River

Sean Driscoll Group, Islands

Sean Driscoll Group, Sean Driscoll Group

Sean Grace, New Frontiers

Sean Haefeli, Natural Hunger

Sean Haefeli, Sound Strategy

Sean Hargreaves Trio, Rush Hour

Sean J. Kennedy Quartet, Queen Anne`s Revenge

Sean McGowan, River Coffee

Sean Moyses, Banjo Man

Sean Moyses, Banjo Power !

Sean Moyses, Hot Rhy

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