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Patria, Reflections

Patrice Parker, God Bless America

Patrice Clark Parker, Fishers of Men

Patrice E. Turner, Introducing Patrice E. Turner

Patrice Monigan, Can You Stand 2 B Blessed

Patrice Parker, Down On My Knees

Patrice Parker, How Great Thou Art (Guitar and Harmonica Instrumental)

Patrice Perry, Life Like This

Patrice Reynolds, Never Thirst

Patrice Smith, High Above All

Patrice Wilson, Sacrifice

Patricia Aviles, Life o Sentido da Vida

Patricia Blount, Praise - Single

Patricia Cooper, Being Myself

Patricia Cooper, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Patricia Edwards, Only You Can

Patricia Edwards, Only You Can

Patricia Hairston, Masterpiece

Patricia Hamilton and Elizabeth Girvan, House of Mercy

Patricia Harlow, We Are the Branches - Single

Patricia Hunter, There's A Purpose!

Patricia Leigh, The L.I.F.E. Project

Patricia Mathison, I'm Not Ashamed

Patricia Stuart, Change Is Coming

Patricia Taylor, Surrender

Patricia Yancy, Morning Praise

Patrick C. Siokwu, The Living God

Patrick Clark, Alleluia (feat. St. Alphonsus Ligouri Rock Church Choir)

Patrick D. Williams & Unity in Praise, We Worship You (feat. Martha Buries)

Patrick D. Williams and Unity in Praise, Reverence

Patrick Duncan, Burn

Patrick Duncan, Mercy

Patrick Jones, Rescue Me

Patrick Luyeye, Enjoy Every Moment

Patrick Mendes, Pode Confiar

Patrick Orianus, Have a Lil' Faith

Patrick Parker Jr., Waiting (feat. Darius Green)

Patrick Preston & Living Sacrifice, You Are God Alone

Patrick Riddick & D'vyne Worship, Without You (feat. Tamayya J)

Patrizia Dilorenzo, I Believe It

Patryce Williams, A Green Piece of Wood

Patryce Williams, He Is

Patryce Williams, Heaven's Keep

Patt'e Williams, Lord I Will Never Say Good-Bye

Patterson Twins, Take Us Higher

Patti Jo Roth-Edwards, Build a Bridge

Patti Thomas, Dance in the Rain

Patty Ann Smith, Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Patty Denny, Everybody Pray

Patty Dorsch, Waterfall (feat. John Shaw)

Patty George, Nick Fiore & Bud Carney, Golden Oldies Number Seven

Patty Layne, Keep the Faith

Paul " Sequence " Ferguson, The Rocks Cry Out

Paul - Abram, My Life

Paul Alexander, Christmas Journey With Paul Alexander

Paul Alonzo, All Of The Glory

Paul and Candi Reimer, Shouts of Joy

Paul Baskin, Always

Paul Bradley Sr, Talkin' 'Bout Jesus

Paul Chisom, Triple G: Good Great God

Paul Cowell, Created

Paul Cowell, Within Me Dwells the Power and Glory

Paul Ellingsen, Live in Paradise

Paul Estro, City of Holy Light

Paul French, Journey To Bethlehem

Paul Genesis, All My Soldiers (single)

Paul Gibbs, Hymns Of Faith And Hope

Paul Halley and Theresa Thomason with Keramion, Sound Over All Waters

Paul Holmes, Anthony Williams & Daryl Steele, Jobless Preacher

Paul Irabor, Paul Irabor: Greatest Hits

Paul J. Jones, Crossroads

Paul Jones, My Kind of Gospel

Paul Lule, Going All the Way to Heaven

Paul Martin, It Was I

Paul Martin, Together in Heaven II

Paul Park, He Is

Paul Parnell, Make a Difference

Paul Paulson, His Name Is Jesus

Paul Roberts Association & Lori Onachuk, Home, I Want to Go Home

Paul Sandberg, Steve Ragsdale & Truitt Ford, Solo Celebration

Paul Swain, Church in the Wildwood

Paul T, The Grace of God featuring come on let's praise the Lord in an african way

Paul Thomas, Tell the World (A Time to Worship)

Paul Turner & CMI, A Singer's Point of View

Paul, If You Let Me In

Paula Hunter, Never Thirst Again

Paula Reed Wines, Call Him Up

Paula Reed Wines, Jesus Did It for Me

Paula Stefanovich, Graced

Paula Stefanovich, Jerusalem

Paula Waters, Doin My Blessed Girl Thang

Paula Waters, The Best Thing

Paula, Paula

Paulette Ashe and Holy Vessels, Christmas Reflections

Paulette Denise Martin, Praise On Purpose

Paulette Morris, You'll Never Stand Alone

Paulette Triplett, Daddy God

Paulette Triplett, Do You Really Know What Time It Is?

Paulette Triplett, Kingdom Ways

Pauline Brash, Transition

Pauline Chukwuma, Beauty for Ashes

Pauline Musonda, Calm in the Storm

Paulis Sanchez, My Soul Mi Alma

Paulis Sanchez, Seguro En Ti

Paulo Cesar da Silva, Tributo

Paulo Ricardo, Meu Viver

Paul`s Anointed Mission, Goin` thru..... and comin` out on top!

PawnShop Kings, Pawnshop Kings

Paxson And Allison Jeancake, Ascension

Pc, True Love (feat. Tim Godfrey)

Peace of Mind Movement, Jesus Did It

Pearl Jackson, Sweet Is His Love

Pearlz Thompson & Darnell Norman, Live Right

Peculiar People: We Are, My Everything (feat. Ryan Booker)

Peculiar People: We Are, The Peculiar Experience: Vol. 1 (Deluxe Version)

Pedro Abiú, Su Gloria Me Mueve

Pedro Abiú, Tengo Sed (Radio Version) [feat. Carmen Gloria]

Pedro Abiú, Ven Espíritu

Pedro M Trinidad, Si Tu Vienes a El

Pedro Moreira, Dialogue

Pedzai Chikavanga, Faithful Promises

Pedzai Chikavanga, Mwari Vatsvene

Peg D`Amato, Your Voice

Peggy Chioma Otis, I Will Testify

Peggy Chioma Otis, My Offering

Peggy Colbert, Learning to Let Go

Peggy Conner, From the Inside Out

Peggy Davis, The Power of the Cross

Peggy Hustad, Pilgrimage

Peggy Mira, Christmas Songs

Peggy Otis, I Stand In Awe

Peggy Otis, You Are God

Peggy Rowe McKay, God of the Breakthrough

Peggy Rumer, Jesus Loves Me

Pekints, My Best Friend

Pekints, Party for Eternity

PeleJA, Signs

Penitent Thieves, I'll Fly Away

Penitent Thieves, Softly and Tenderly

Penny DeHaven, A Penny Saved

Penny Rodriguez, Images

Pentecostal Gospel, Pentecostal Gospel

Pentecostal Music, Pentecostal Music

Percy Bergman, Sånger om tro och tröst

Percy Gray Jr. and The Chapter Ministry Singers, Put It All In His Hands

Peregrinos y Extranjeros, Qué Grandioso Día

Perfect Anointing, Jubilee

Perfection, God's On Your Side

Perimeter Church, Worship Well

Pernoler, No Looking Back

Perry and Cathy, Who Else but God?

Perry Parker & the Jubalaires, Psalms

Personalkey, Holy Is the Lamb

Perspective, Dreams Reality

Pervis Evans, Forever Worship

Pete Bergen, Sands Of Time

Pete Banda, Someone Is Praying for Me

Pete Church, Comeback

Pete Church, Missionary

Pete Etterman, I Gotta Be Me

Pete Huttlinger, Hymns For Guitar

Peter & Valerie Oliva, History

Peter Aston, Name in the Sand

Peter Christie, Take Some Time

Peter Cole, Just a Closer Walk

Peter Kayode(Pastor), Good News

Peter Meerwarth, We Came to Believe

Peter Michael Richardson, Never Let Me Go

Peter Moncrieffe, I'm Yours

Peter Morgan, So It Is

Peter Vantine, Prayerful Improvisations 2

Peter, Message To the Church

Peter`s Voice, Bricks Upon the Sand

Peter`s Voice, David`s Song

Peter`s Voice, Pelican Moment

Petra Rose, Come Away

Petri Nauha, Never Fade Away

Petronia Belmar, Emotions

Petula Beckles, My Song Of Jesus

Petula Beckles, Today I Will Shout

Peyton Bailey, Supernatural God

PGF, A Cry From the East

Phalishia Johnson, Do God

Pham Tuan Hung, A Wonderful Dream Giac Mo Nhiem Mau

Pham Tuan Hung, Gio Da Den - Now It's Time

Phase One, Phase One

Phenomenal Few, Many Will Enter, Few Will Win

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, A Love Like This

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Breakthrough

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Dedicated

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Every Day (I Put My Trust in You)

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, He's Been Good

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Just Dance

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Just Dance

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Our Love (Marriage Enrichment)

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, The Inspirational Sounds of Nicholas, Vol. 1

Phil & Pam Morgan, Favorites... From the Early Years

Phil and Brenda Nicholas, Come Together (He'll Never Let You Down)

Phil Green, Testimony

Phil Green, You're the Best Daddy

Phil Griffin, Walk This Road

Phil Inman, Initially

Phil Palma, Warrior

Phil Perry, Fix It Jesus

Phil Rose, Straight from the Heart

Phil Zimmerman, Come All Ye Faithful

Philemon, Jesus Loves Me

Philip Bardowell, Fall To Rise

Philip Drake, All Creation Bows Down (Hymns Old and New)

Philip Renner, Your Glory Is Here

Philip Sohan, Philip Sohan

Philip Stanley Klein, NewHeart

Philis Evett Williams, C.O.M.E. Christ Offers Mankind Eternity

Philis Evett Williams, One Holy Night

PhilJoy, It`s Over

Phillip Carter & S.O.V, Songs From The Storm

Phillip Carter & The Sounds of Victory, Confession

Phillip Carter and SOV, A Friend Unfailing

Phillip Carter and SOV, Songs From the Storm

Phillip Ferrell, I Need You (Lord, I'm Sorry)

Phillip Ferrell, The Freedom Project: Unplugged - Live at 7x

Phillip Ferrell, You're All I Want

Phillip James, Shine

Phillip Jay, Change of Plans

Phillip K Jones II and the Fellow Worshipers, Circle Love

Phillip K Jones, II & Fellow Worshippers, Celebrates Christmas: Come Let Us Adore Him

Phillip K. Jones, II & The PK Jones Ensemble, I Was Glad (Choir Remix)

Phillip K. Jones,II, I Was Glad

Phillip Keveren, Reflections

Phillip Lauth, (In Jesus Christ) I Do Believe: Larry Webb presents

Phillip O'zell Jordan, The Will

Phillip Paris, Free To Live

Phy-Turs For Christ!, OH FOOL!

Phyllis Gillespie, He`s the King

Phyllis Graffuis Murray, Songs of Restoration

Phyllis Graves, Free to Change

Phyllis Johnson, He Lives

Pia Angela Taylor, God`s Way is Perfect

Pickin' Up the Pieces, Bent, Not Broken

Picnic in the Meadow, Livin' in me

Pierc'd, From Babylon

Pierfrancesco Maria Rovere, Apocalypse in Love - Abbà

Pierre Belony, The Testimony of Pierre Belony

Pierre G., Surprise I'm Still Alive (feat. Jonathan Dunn)

Pierre Walker and John Goldman, Higher Faith

Pierre Wright, Purpose

Pine Forge Academy Choir, Rock In A Weary Land

Pinto Bennett, Echoes from Paradise

Pit Mumssen, Kirche goes Gospel 2

Pita Lalahi, God Knows

PJ Owens and Beyond Prayze, Kingdom Business, Kingdom Authority

Pjae, Elevated

Platinum Plus, Ultimate Gospel Hits, Vol. III

Pleze Raybon, Pleze Jaz-spel, Vol. I: the Comforter

Pleze Raybon, Pleze Jaz-spel, Vol. II: Amalgamated Love

PNC, I Made It

Pochy Garcia, Cristo Viene

Point Loma Nazarene Voices In Praise Gospel Choir, The VIP Project

Pomnisa Tillerson, Reflections

Pony Express Ministry, Heart of God

Pony Express Ministry, Reality

Poppy Duverne & Reskape, Kache mwen "Reloaded"

Porch Light, Running From Gomorrah

Porschia, Introducing...Porschia

Portia Sumner, More Than Enough

Portia Young, Christmas, A Very Special Time of the Year

Portia Young, I`M READY NOW

Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir, I Choose to Rejoice (feat. Londa Larmond)

Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir, It's Not Over - EP

PowerPraise! Hawaii, PowerPraise! Hawaii

Praise Groove, Praise Like A Levite

Praise Groove, Tending To The Least Of Them

Praise Master C, Jesus & Jazz

Praise Pickers, Praise Pickers (Isaiah 38:20)

Praise Project, Still Amazing

Praise Report, He Still Saves

Praise Report, Spiritual Rehabilitation

Praise2life, Praisebusiness

Praise2life, Receive My Praise

Praisewarrior Stephen, You Are the Sunshine

Praiseworthy & Rachelle Bleakley, I Find Grace

Praiseworthy & Rachelle Bleakley, I Don't Know Why

Praiseworthy & Rachelle Bleakley, Let My Heart Be Fixed On Your Name

Praiseworthy, God Do You Hear Me Crying

Praiseworthy, Lean On the Faith

Praiseworthy, Let Me Be Jesus to Someone Today

Praiseworthy, Living

Pray, My Love - SIngle

PRAZ, Heaven`s Kingdom or BUST!

PRAZ, Stand and Believe

Preachers Music Group, Pmg Live

Precious Hannah, Awurade Maba

Preciso Falar Com Deus, Raio de Luz

Prentiss Anderson, Deep On the Inside

Prestigious 1, Living the Life

Preston Brown, How To Find The Keys To Your Dreams

Preston, Better With You

Pretina, Redeemer

PreZ Blackmon II, I Don't Look Like

Prez Blackmon, Won't Be Like This Always

Pride and Joy, Gospel Music From The South

Primrose Solomon, Theophony

Princípio Celestial, Vamos Além

Prince Amos, Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary (Collection)

Prince Johnny, Separation Gospel

Prince Kaywood, Back To Love

Prince Luc, Jabulani Africa 2010

Prince Ogbonna, Enjoy Your Christmas with Prince Ogbonna

Prince Ogbonna, Ojurum Onu

Prince Segun Adebayo, Endless

Prince Segun Adebayo, Eunice

Prince Yelder, I'm Grateful (feat. Rayshun Walker & Colorado Movement Choir)

Princess Africa, Wonder

Princess Lady Chang, Jesus Is Always Near

Princess Nora Okoro & Angelic Praise, Chim-Oma (My Good God)

Priscilla Berry, The Journey

Priscilla Sapp, God Is Enough


Prisma Brasil, Indo Pra Casa

Prisma Brasil, Luz

Prisma, Minha Paixão

Prisminha, O Aniversário de Jesus

Prizm, God`s Real

Prodigal Son, The Remains

Professor Latonya Wrenn & The Bowie State Gospel Choir, The Live Experience

Professor Wilbur Belton and The LADWEC MUSIC Mass CHOIR, Come Bless His Name

Project Life, Project Life

Project Foundations, Project Foundations

Project Purpose, Gotta Get It Right

Project Purpose, Justified

Project: Sanctified, Reunion Communion featuring Pierre Walker

Project:Praise, Jesus, My Hero!

Promise Communications Presents, New Wineskins

Promise Seed & Fresh Anointed, Who's The Boss

Prophecy Fulfilled, Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophet Fred Estell and the True Visionaires, Another Level

Prophet Michael, God's Place-Revised

Prophet Michael, Just Believe (feat. Tim Bishop Brown & Chris Bolton)

Prophet Ramon, A Call To Arms

Prophet Simuel Nathan, It's That Time

Prophetess Barbara Thomas Reddick, Prophetess Barbara Thomas Reddick

Prophetess Chiffon R. Foster, Teaching Series: Warfare

Prophetess Danielle Jean, I Live To Worship

Prophetess Febe & the Chosen Ones, In His Presence - Single

Prophetess Jennifer D. Long, On the Road 2 Recover

Prophetess Maxine Hopkins, It`s Already Done! Project One

Prophetess Sandra Marie Wilson, Break Open In Case of Emergency

Prosper Mateva, Genesis (The Beginning)

Protestant Gospel, Protestant Gospel

Protestant Music, Protestant Music

Proverbs 31, Proverbs 31

Providence Mass Choir, Lord You're My Everything (feat. William Perry Jr)

Provision, Devotion

Ps. Kwame Frimpong, Healing Rain

Psalm 100, Someone Like You

Psalm 63, A Worship and Praise Affair

Psalm Project Africa, Sing Psalms

Psalmist Doris Stokes, Blow Me Away - The Single

Psalmist Dorlisa A. Gales, Simply Dorlisa

Psalmist Henry Blair, Alone In The Desert

Psalmist Janicka Newbill, Endure

Psalmist Lois, Liberty to worship

Psalmist Shelly Barber, Look To The Hills

Pslm. Mark C. Benjamin, Shades of Praise Volume I

Puchi Colon, Salsa Praise

Pure-N-Heart Kids & Teen Pure-N-Heart, The Best of Pure-N-Heart Kids & Teens and Introducing Pure-N-Heart Movement (Alphaeus Anderson Presents)

Pure.Love.Music, At the Cross

Purity, Pure Level 1

Purpose With a Destiny, A Gift

Purpose, Bring Me to the Cross

PURPOSE, Lifeline

Purpose, Put Your Trust

Purpose, The Album

Purposed By Design, You Alone Are God

Q.S. Bullock & Sacrifice, Nation of Praise

QSD, The QSD Project

Quarteto Alfa, A História Não Acabou

Queen "Lady Mae", Lord, We Need Change

Queen City Messengers, Lord Save A Seat for Me

Queen Elizabeth, Rock My Style

Queen LaKesia, We Gotta Learn To Fight

Queen Makedah, Blessed (Lonely Girl Riddim)

QueLinda, Praise Me Now

Quennel Gaskin, Cut a Rug

Quennel Gaskin, Thankful Praise

Quest, Introducing Quest

Queyonoh, Tears 4 Fears (Kindred Music Presents)

Quiana and Quinton Davis, From the Heart

Quiet Fire, God`s Love Never Fails

Quincy L Osborne, Music Made For Jesus

Quincy Wiley, 25 Years of Gospel Music

Quinton Rayford, Arise

Quinton Rayford, New Creature

Qwan Tisdale, Never Alone

R David Cash, Spirit of Hope

R James, Precious Name (feat. God Life)

R Patryce Bryant, I'll Trust

R Q Jones, Gospel Dobro

R. Cobb Hawkins, Purpose

R. E. Love Sr. Traveling Choir, Bishop Ralph E. Love Sr. Presents: Gregory Whitaker And The R.e. Love Sr. Traveling Choir

R. Greene, Kronkron

R. Todd Webb, Near to the Heart of God - Meditations for Piano

Rabbi Jan, Cincopated Heart

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler & The Woodstock Jewish Congregation, Come, My Friend: Songs And Blessings For Shabbat

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, On Holy Ground: Music of the High Holy Days at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation

Rachael Gillis, Rachael Gillis

Racheal Ariwei, Open Up

Racheal, Nu Chapter

Racheal, Ulukuta

Rachel Armstrong, Passion

Rachel Hale, Love Runs Out

Rachel Hale, Nothing But the Water

Rachel Kurtz, Come Ye Sinners

Rachel Kurtz, for crying out loud

Rachel Lee Achatz, God's Magic

Rachel Louissaint, Didn't Mean To

Rachel Lyons, Spacious Place

Rachel Reid, There was My King

Rachel Washington, Pages of My Life

Rachel Washington, Warrior Princess

Rachel Watkins, Anchored

Rachel Watkins, Whatever

Rachella Parks Washington, Meditative Inspirational Suite

Rachelle Bleakley, Let The Glory Fall

Rachelle Bleakley, You Are My Everything

Rachelle Garçon, Here I Am Lord

Rachelle Hope, Rachelle Hope

Radical, He's Alright

Radical, Say Yea

Rae Ellis, The Diary of Rae Ellis

Rae Marie, Fleet of Dreams

Raemont Pinkney, A Transparent Heart of Worship

Raenell Jones, You Don't Want None of This

Raenell, Theme of a Survivor

Rafael Cameron, Right Off The Pages Vol.1

Raggs, The View

Raggy Farmer, Praise the Lord for Christmas

Raging Storm, I Want To Serve You Lord

Raine Manning, Love Guaranteed

Rainey, Be Satisfied

Rainford Lachman, Oh Lord Not Unto Us

Raise the Praise, Live in Concert

Raishein, Believe

Raishein, My Everything

Rakel Valle, No Me Dejaste Morir

Ralph and Renee Payne, Until I Found the Lord

Ralph Ford, Coming Again

Ralph Johnson, "I'm Still Here"

Ralph Moore, A Call to Worship

Ramiro Salas, Eres Fiel

Ramona J. Sanders, Beginning With Me

Ramona J. Sanders, Lost Without You

Ramona Lewis, This Is Love

Ramona Moore, Console My Soul

Ramond Yzer, The Best of Ramond Yzer

Ramone, Livin On the Edge!

Ramsey, Can't Breathe

Ramsey, Conversations (We Need a Word)

Rana Prathap, Oliyin Osai

Randal Dunkle, Jesus Is the Only Hope I See

Randall Conner, I Love to Bless Your Name

Randall Conner, Meditations in Faith

Randall Conner, Songs from the Word

Randall Fears and Blessed Through Christ, Christmas Praise

Randall Fears and Blessed Through Christ, I Have Christ

Randall John Forbes, Mercy Now

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, Adam's Song

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, Family

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, Leaning On the Everlasting Arms (What a Fellowship)

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, This Light I Must Reveal

Randolph Bush, It`s a Long Way Back

Randolph Bush, Living in a Place (Where There Is No Sin)

Randy Agyemang, Grateful

Randy and Cheryl Henderson, Songs and Words of Encouragement

Randy Brooks, Lord Save Us

Randy Brooks, Señor Salvanos

Randy Cobb, Heavenly Reign

Randy Cotton, "Bloodstain Banner"

Randy Cruz, Forgive Me

Randy Davenport, Fathers Business

Randy Duck, The Higher the Mountain

Randy Garcia, Galatians 2:20

Randy Gonsalves & Ronnell Gonsalves, Stand Tall

Randy Key, Key to You (Coming Home)

Randy Key, Key To You-Heart to Heart

Randy Mayfield, A Heart for the Nations

Randy Mayfield, Go the Distance

Randy Mayfield, The Collection

Randy Mayfield, When Answers Aren`t Enough

Randy Millet, Dreamer

Randy Piscione, Hymns for Him

Randy Porter, Kelly Eisenhour, John Fluker, One Believing Man

Randy Seale and b.a.s.i.c. Information, Pray

Randy Simmons & Rapture Ministries, God Commands a Blessing (Upon Your Life)

Randy Sitz, Hymns Renewed

Randy Sitz, Perspective

Randy Southard, He Sees It All

Randy Southard, Somebody's Prayin

Randy Weldemere, Even If It Takes a Lifetime

Ransomed, What Would You Do

Rapheal Robinson, Rain

Rapsody, Troubadours

Rapture 7, Security

Rapture, Can I Walk With You?

Rapturous, Rhyt-Hymns

Raqell, Oxygen

Raquel McQueen, A Servant`s Heart

Raquel Valle, Confía en Tu Salvador

Rare Gems Odyssey's Charles & Sandy Givings, Holiday Blessings 2010

Rashad McPherson & Divine Purpose, Better Things, Brighter Days

Rashad McPherson & Divinepurpose, Reign in Majesty

Rashid Hughes, Take Courage

Rashida Johnson, Path of Life

Rated PG 11, Bless the Lord - Single

Ray Braswell, Jr, A Raymarkable Project, Vol. 1

Ray Crawford and June Crawford, Are You Sure?

Ray Crawford, Butterfly Wings

Ray Greene, Heaven Bound

Ray Hughes & The Selah Project, Heavens Are Open

Ray Hughes, One Note

Ray Kiker, Gold in Turner Fall River (Music Only)

Ray Macklin, Redemption/Let It Go

Ray Melograne, Brighter Day

Ray Owens, Songs That Lift Up Jesus

Ray Owens, The Best of Ray Owens / Songs the Lord Gave to Me

Ray Sanders, Slidin' into Heaven - Single

Ray Thigpen, On That Day of Rapture

Ray Tierney, Worship Simply

Ray Walker, The Gospel Story In Song

Ray Watson, The Secret Place 2 - Passionate Pursuit

Rayburn Anthony, Glory Bound

Rayd Lewis & True Praise!, One True God

Raydioo, Just as Soon

Raydioo, Only One

Raydioo, Ready 4 War

Raymond & Kim, Love Defined

Raymond Boyce, Anyway You Bless Me

Raymond Cottman, My Praise - His Presence

Raymond D Hollis Jr, Not A Word

Raymond Labadie Sr., Locked In

Raymond Labadie Sr., Rekindle the Fire

Raymond Sams and Spirit of Praise, Never Alone

Raymond Silver, Use Me

Rayna Brown, Worship You

Rayre Mota, Serei Fiel

Ray`mond, The Words The Pen Didn`t Write

Razz Taylor, His Mercy

Razz Taylor, River of Life

RBLC Mass Choir, One Voice One God

RC Hodge, You're Why I Sing

RC Marigna, God is worth Praising

RC Miller a.k.a The Real Crusader, Living for Christ

Re-Union, Our ReUNION

reba praise, GOSPEL JOURNEY

Rebeca Breder, Em Meu Coração

Rebecca Arthur, Take It Back By Force

Rebecca Eaglin, Faithful

Rebecca Eaglin, God Says You Can

Rebecca Fair, Send Them Out With Jesus

Rebecca Griffis, Clean Slate

Rebecca Harper, A Merry Little Christmas

Rebecca Hawkins, Beyond the Blue

Rebecca Holden, None - Single

Rebecca Kramer, The Lion Has Triumphed

Rebecca Linda Smith, Jesus Lord of My Life - Single

Rebecca Miller, Dare to Begin

Rebecca, Fishing With the Best

Rebirth & Royal, Exodite Prayer

Reclamation, A Gerald Price/Ted Gary Production, First Fruits

Reconciliation, Time

Red Dog, The Testament

Red Suspect, Retaliate

Redeem'd Singers, Come In This House

Redeemed, The Journey Begins

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City, Christmas of Hope

Redemption Students, We Are Alive

Redemption's Cry, Battle Cry (Acoustic Version)

REDEMPTION, 10th Anniversary

Redemption, Visions of Home

Redman Caldwell, Touch My Life

Reece, The Prophet Sees

Refined313, Refined313

Refining Faith, God Is So Good

Reflect, Reflect

Refuge Temple Cogic Sanctuary Choir, The Worship Experience... Live

Regal Music Group, Regal Tracks, Vol. Four

Regeneration, I Am Regeneration - EP

Reggie Graham, We Must Have Faith

Reggie Hicks, Hold It Up!

Reggie Hicks, Miracles

Reggie Hicks, Shout Amen (feat. 13th Desciple)

Reggie James Pace, The Good Life

Reggie MaGee, Pressing On

Reggie Vanderbilt, None Like You

Reggie Vanderbilt, True Love (feat. The Grace Band)

Reggie Young and Gospel Park, The Grounds We Play On

Regiane Barros, Não Nego Sou Servo

Regina Courtney, Obedience

Regina Duvall, Hide Me in Your Word

Regina Lane, Running

Regina Manning, Bow to Worship Thee

Regina Moore, Season Of Favour

Regina Peten, The Anointing

Regina Skeeters, Breathe on Me

Regina Whitten, It`s Gonna Be Alright

Reginald Lowe, Unto the Lord

Reginald Robinson, I Will Obey

Reginald Van Carreker, THE AWAKENING

Reginald Williams & Joseph Stephens, I Shall Have What I Say

Reh Dogg, Power In Jesus

Rehoboth, Rejoice

Rekoncyle, Against All Odds

Release, No One Compares

Relentless Warrior, I Believe

Remnants of Fire, Remnants of Fire

Ren & "T", Live In My Words

Ren & "T", Live In My Words

Rena Hayes, I Believe

Renae Marie, Gospelicious (A Closer Walk Ministries Presents)

Renae Wooldridge, No Limits No Turning Back

Renata Trindade, Um Milagre

Renay Lee, Butterbeans

Renée Johnson, Just As I Am

Rene' Herbert, This Is

Renea Taylor, Fired Up On Jesus!

Renea Taylor, Renea Taylor

Renecia Scruggs-Smith, At Last

Renee Branch Canady, Love Always Wins

Renee Credle, Grateful For Your Love

Renee Pugh Hickman, Always There

Renee' Craig, Been so Good (Full Version)

Renee' Craig, Been so Good (Radio Version)

Renee, See You At the Altar

Renegade of the king, 1000 Miles~EP

Renegade of the king, Preparation EP

Rener Mae Mcfadden, "I'm Nothin"

Renew, Redeemed

Renew, Set for Life

Renewed Fuel of Life, Got to Move On - And Stay Strong

Renewed Trio, Make It

Reni, Dependable

Renita Dorsey, Elevate Your Faith

Renso Jimenez, Yo Tengo un Dios

Restine Jackson & Grace, Nobody

Restine Jackson, Created to Praise

Restine Jackson, I'm Free

Restoration, Go Forth

Restore Worship, The Word Is Alive

Restored Praise, Our God Is Here

Resurgent Fire, Ignite the Flame - EP

Resurrected, Don`t Be Left Behind

Resurrection Life Church, For You I Live

Resurrection, Triumph

Reszound, Selah

Reuben Baker, All The Praises

Reuben Lael, Introducing Reuben Lael

Reunited, Give Me a New Heart

Rev Andrew Cheairs and the Gospel SongBirds, Goin Home

Rev Carolyn E. Brailsford, All This Time

Rev Clarence Elebee,Jr., In The Making

Rev David Ausby Sr. & Unity, The Lord Has Done So Much

Rev David Ausby,Sr and Bro. Donnie Plum and Company, Prayer Will Fix It For You

Rev Delbert Spriggs, Un-Rehearsed Praise

Rev Igho & the Glorious Fountain Choir, Glory in the House

Rev Igho & the Glorious Fountain Choir, I Want to See Your Glory (Live) [feat. Nathaniel Bassey]

Rev Igho & The Glorious Fountain Choir, Lion of Judah (Live at the City of Refuge)

Rev Igho & the Glorious Fountain Choir, Worship in the Glory

Rev James M Bollin, Do You Know Him

Rev Jerry Montgomery, A Done Deal

Rev Matthew Mickens and The New Highway Travelers, Just Having Church

Rev Monty B Sharpton & the Anointed Oreos, Lets Pray Together

Rev Regan Fennell, When Jesus Comes

Rev Reggie Sconiers, Back to the Basics of Life

Rev Richard McKenzie Sr, Morning Prayer

Rev Spig Davis, First Things 1st

Rev Spig Davis, Matter of the Heart

Rev Stanley Amos & The Joyful Heirs, Let Jesus Fix It

Rev Tina L. Redden, The Holy Trinity Box Set

Rev Tina Redden, ComeTo Jesus

Rev Tommycct, Harvest of Plenty

Rev Tony White, Come Go With Me

Rev Wade Scott and ORWS Singers, Just Beyond Calvary

Rev-P, Under the Influence

Rev. Angela Williams & Jesse Ryan, Life

Rev. Arthur T. Jones, The Legacy Continues

Rev. Ben Wilson & The Second Chance Band, Guide Me, Oh Lord

Rev. Bernard Hayes, Let the Healing Begin

Rev. Billy Smith and The Radio Angels of Johnston, SC, Children Obey

Rev. Bradford Hopkins, Nothing I`ve Done

Rev. C.E. Hodges, God He's Able

Rev. Carl Bentley and the Carl Bentley Singers, Victory

Rev. Cherif, Holy Jehovah God

Rev. Clay Evans and AARC Mass Choir, Constantly

Rev. Clay Evans, It`s Me Again

Rev. Daniel Moses, Levian 2

Rev. Danny Wright, Look Down In Love

Rev. Depayne Middleton Doctor & The SC Baptist E&M Convention Choir, That's Who You Are to Me

Rev. DeWayne Rap` GoLightly, Rev. Rap` Rappin` 4 JESUS

Rev. Dr. Emory Andrews & The Oxon Hill High School Choir, Rev. Dr. Emory Andrews and the Oxon Hill High School Choir

Rev. Dr. Emory Andrews and The Oxon Hill High School Choir, Amazing

Rev. Dr. Isaiah Jones Jr, Everlasting God Be Blessed

Rev. Dr. James Mable Jr., Dream the Impossible Dream

Rev. Dr. Ruth Singletary, Don't Faint

Rev. Dr. Seth Baah, Wake Up Call 2

Rev. Dr. Wendell M. Tackett, Totally New Gospel Songs

Rev. Dwayne Mason, Leonard Maddox, Willie Jones, and Curtis Fond, Heavenly Keys - Gospel Keyboard Trio

Rev. Ed Wilson and the Rising Stars, Dreams Do Come True

Rev. Greg Carswell, I Have the Favor of God

Rev. Howard Wilks & The Original Voices of Nashville, There Is A Man

Rev. Huden Roberts, Millennium Collection

Rev. Igho & The Glorious Fountain Choir, Come Holy Ghost Come

Rev. Isaac Aryee, A Child Is Born

Rev. Isaac Aryee, RISE UP IT`S NOT OVER

Rev. J.L. Smith, Songs From the Heart

Rev. James Matthews, I'll Make It Somehow

Rev. Jimmie L. Banks, Songs that Strengthen and Soothe

Rev. Jules Barry Jones, I've Been Bought and Paid For

Rev. Kofi Labi, Kokromotie Nyame

Rev. L. Brayboy & Chicago's Mount Zion Inspirational Choir, Lord Increase My Faith

Rev. Lawrence K. Thomas & the Voices of Faith Community Choir, Thank God I'm Saved (Live)

Rev. Lemont Mables, Song Collection

Rev. Melvis Purvis & the Singing Shepherd Sisters, Mary, Push That Baby

Rev. Nana Banyin Thomford, Tumi Biara Nnyi Ho

Rev. Percell Perkins, Don`t Forget About Me

Rev. Prentiss Lewis, Songs In the Key of Salvation

Rev. R.V. Robinson, I`ve Got a Friend in Jesus

Rev. Ray-Ray, 2 Blessed to Be Stressed

Rev. Reggie Sconiers, Dear Lord

Rev. Reggie Sconiers, I Told You So

Rev. Reggie Sconiers, My Wife

Rev. Reggie Sconiers, Testify

Rev. Stanley Holbrook, Brand New Heart

Rev. Steve Daniels, Jr., God Is Everything

Rev. Terri Strong, It Was His Heart

Rev. Thomas L. Walker & Totally Committed, I'm Blessed

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr, Old Time Camp Meeting Songs, Vol.5

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., A Charge to Keep I Have

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Didn't It Rain "I Sure Do Love the Lord"

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Go Tell the Mountain

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Got the Devil Under My Feet

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Old Time Camp Meeting Songs, Vol. 4

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Old Time Camp Meeting Songs, Vol. One

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Old Time Camp Meeting Songs, Vol. Two

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Old Time Camp Meeting, Vol. 3

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Something New

Rev. Timothy Flemming Sr., Soul of the Spirituals

Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr., Greatest Hits

Rev. Tina Redden, Glory To God Box Set

Rev. Tina Redden, His Majesty On High

Rev. Tina Redden, Jesus Your My King Of Kings

Rev. Tina Redden, My Wonderful God

Rev. Tina Redden, Praise the Lord, Hosanna

Rev. Tina Redden, Something Wonderful

Rev. Tina Redden, Who Do You Seek

Rev. Yolanda, Reverend Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour Live

Rev.A.L.Lewter, Remembering Yesterday

Rev.Dr.Joan J.Brightharp, Beyond Blessed

Rev7, The One

Revelation Express, One Flight Out (feat. Delores Harris)

Revelation of Selma, Be Ready

Revelation Voices, It's All in You

Revelation, This Is Personal

Reverend Mal Williams, I Need A Breakthrough

Reverend David Rosby, I Won`t Complain

Reverend Dwayne Mason with Sydne Evans and Kendrick M. Jackson, Glory! Glory!

Reverend James Cleveland, Gospel Roots Rev. James Cleveland

Reverend Joseph Fisher, Sr, Hope

Reverend Lawrence Thomison, Gospel Hymns Everyone Can Feel

Reverend Milton Salmon, In Everything, Thank God

Reverend Phillip E. Knight, Sr., Save A Seat For Me

Reverend Rodney C Griffin Jr, It's All Good

Reverend Simon Dingle, Celebration Time

Reverend Steven E. Chadwick, Call Call On Jesus

Reverend Steven E. Chadwick, I Hear the Lord Calling My Name

Reverend Steven E. Chadwick, Love Lives in Me

Reverend Steven E. Chadwick, Praise the Lord

Reverend Steven E. Chadwick, Spirit of Love Comes from Above

Reverend Steven E. Chadwick, Take a Step With Jesus, for He Is the Lord

Reverend Tony White, Come Go With Me

Revised, Another Version

Revival Train, Christmas Love

Revolution Worship, Awaken

Revolution Worship, Breathe You In

Rey Lugo, Bendiceme

Reyes Revere, God's House

RGP, He`s Been Good To Me

Rhea Mosley & Ordained, It's Already Done

RheaKesha Vaughn & The 23rd Psalms, Overflow

Rhena Vaughns, Rhena Vaughns, Contralto (A Collection of Gospel Favorites)

Rhonda Christopher & Mission 2 Praise, Establish Me

Rhonda Hanks and The Anointed, Lord I Need You

Rhonda Hanks and The Anointed, Praise Him

Rhonda Head, Nikumoon

Rhonda Hodges, Undeniable Love

Rhonda Johnson, Special Day

Rhonda McCoy, Into His Presence

Rhyze, God Is On Call

Ric Sandler, 1 GOD 1 PLANET

Ricardo Escobedo, El Es Jehova

Ricardo Escobedo, Soy Feliz

Ricardo Holloway, Always There

Ricardo Lambert, Hands Raised

Ricardo, We Call On You

Ricco McAdory, I Believe

Rich Abante Moats, Lord, I'm Yours

Rich Fyhr, Rich Fyhr

Rich Gomez, Praise & Worship

Rich Parr, Headed Home

Rich Stevens, Quiet Keyboards, Vol. 1

Richard A. Anderson, Holy Spirit

Richard and Martha Parker, Walk By Faith

Richard Argonza, Let Us Sing Psalms, Vol.1: His Mercy Is Forever

Richard Braithwaite w/Joseph Roberts, The Jazz Hymnal,Volume One:The Duets

Richard Brown, Call Jesus

Richard Chief, Charged

Richard Davis & Spirit in Truth, I Am Redeemed

Richard Davis & Spirit in Truth, Purity

Richard Davis & Spirit in Truth, Purity

Richard Escobedo, I'll Rise Again

Richard Evans, Jesus Is Real

Richard Evans, Lord I Give You the Glory

Richard Hall, It's Time for a Change

Richard Hollis, Brighter Days EP

Richard Hollis, Can't Wait Until Sunday

Richard Hollis, Celebrity (feat. A. Silous & Von Won)

Richard Hollis, You Will Never Find

Richard Kiser, Upon This Rock

Richard Lambert Jr, Reflections

Richard McKenzie, True Love

Richard Preval, Adorasyon

Richard Preval, Jezi Bon Zanmi-m

Richard Preval, Pa Pe Don't Be Afraid

Richard Swan, Clean Hands

Richard Toadie Todd, Because You Love Me

Richard Tomas & Nu Destini, Beyond the Experience

Richie Works, The Dream

Rick Agron, Gracias Senor

rick and karen david, Time Within

Rick Anthony, I Am At Peace

Rick Cameron, Rick Cameron todays the day

Rick Daniels, Only a Sinner... Saved By Grace

Rick Fair, Surge (feat. Phil Tarver)

Rick James, Workin` On Commission

Rick Moore, Memories of Galilee

Rick Moreland, Real Friend

Rick Paul, The Lord's Prayer

Rick Paul, There's a Chair

Rick Pfleegor, Weeping Praise

Ricke "Bless" Jones, The Reason

Rickey Goldsmith and Latter Rain, After The Storm

Rickey Grundy & The Rickey Grundy Chorale, Spirit Come Down

Rickey Grundy, Get Ready (feat. The Rickey Grundy Chorale, The Kingdom Building Crew, Chystal Holly-Matthews & James Woodert)

Rickey Grundy, I Give You My All (feat. The Rickey Grundy Chorale, Laniece McKay, Brianna Hollier & The Kingdom Building Crew)

Rickey Grundy, Take You All the Way (He'll Lead You) [feat. Beverly Dangerfield Witherspoon & Voices of Los Angeles]

Rickey Grundy, The Rickey Grundy Chorale

Ricky Justice, Unity2U

Ricky Lee Phelps, Full Access

Ricky McDuffie & the Family, He Keeps Making a Way

Ricky Van Johnson, I Made It

Ricky Warren, I Am Blessed

Ridgley Makins, Watched Over Me

Riffi Wacho, Full Circle EP

Righteous, Soldier For Christ

Rihki Kennebrew, Billionaire Believer

RIKA, Near The Cross

Riley Dakota, Where the Best Begins

Rise, Stand The Line

Risen From the Ashes, Redefined

Risen Gospel Band, By The Grace Of GOD

Risen Gospel Singers, The Heart of Grandma`s Inspiration

Rit Black & Co, Out of the Depths of Blind Anabaptist Blues

Rita Drake, Look What God Can Do

Rita L. Twiggs, I Surrender All

Rita Marie Valle, Delight

Rita Pugh, What We Are

River of Life, Upon the Sands of Doom

Riviere, Silent Night

Rizm, Bigger Than

RJ Chesney, Prayers Of A Wayward Son

RL Manaway Ensemble, Get Over It

Roadside Revival, Lead Me Through Darkness

Rob Barrett, Jr., Worship, hymns for the contemporary church

Rob Clay, Heir Born

Rob Costelow, Lord I believe

Rob Culver and The Band of Believers, The Missionary

Rob J & J Factor, Krazy Praise

Rob J, Introducing Rob J Crucified

Rob Kirby, Grace, Love and Mercy

Rob Mercer, The Photo Album

Rob Scott, Anthology

Rob Smith, Straight from God

Rob Whitlow, Season of Praise: Sacrifice

Robbi Warren, Lord, I Love You

Robbie Cade, Sound of a Warrior

robbie cunningham, Songs Nana Used To Sing

Robbie Gregg, "It's Your Season"

Robbie Lewis presents HERE II PRAISE, The Xperience- The Life and Trials of Here II Praise


robbie taylor, white album

Robbin Gordon-Cartier, Just As I Am

Robby Cummings, Story of a King

Robby Watkins, By Jesus Side

Robby Watkins, How Much You Care for Me

Robby Watkins, Run Through a Troop

Robby Watkins, Wonderful

Robert Ware, EPHESIANS

Robert & James, Robert & James III

Robert and Laura Nance, Jesus Only You

Robert and Rainy, Getting Ready

Robert Betzer, Worthy Is the Lamb

Robert Blake aka/"Dr. Bob" (The Music Doctor), TRADITIONAL SACRED SONGS Volume Two

Robert Boscarato, Everyday

Robert Bourne, Moola Mantra

Robert Boyle, Your Hand

Robert Brown, Anybody

Robert C Jamerson, Wait on the Lord

Robert Caldeira Jr, The Shores of New England

Robert Christopher, Hymns - Then and Now

Robert Cummings Jr., Get It Right

Robert E. Lee, Unforgettable

Robert E. Person, Carol of the Drum (feat. Allyn Johnson)

Robert E. Person, Love Divine

Robert E. Person, Next Level

Robert E. Person, Soul Sanctuary

Robert E. Person, Testify

Robert Earl Craig, Talk To Him

Robert Earl Dean, Holy Ghost

Robert Earl Dean, I Can't Tell It All

Robert Earl Dean, It's Not Over

Robert G Sneeze, I've Got Jesus On My Side

Robert Holmes, Make It Right

Robert Houston And True Dedication, Never Forget

Robert Jamison and Victory, Speak Myself Free

Robert K Boscarato, Hello! Hello!

Robert Kayanja, Faithful to Me (Live)

Robert L. Jefferson, The Love of God: Songs of Healing and Deliverance

Robert L. Wilburn, Ooo Wee - single

Robert Lyles, High Time

Robert M. Smith, The Sunshine

Robert Manns, Im Getting Ready for the Kingdom

Robert Moe, Calling You

Robert O'Connor, Mixing Beats

Robert Owens, So Much Better

Robert Robinson and Henry Wiens, Christmas From the Heart

Robert Robinson, Inspiration

Robert Robinson, Signature

Robert Robinson, Songs for the Season

Robert Robinson, Spirit of the Season

Robert Romero, Yo Soy de Cristo

Robert Ryans, I Need Your Love

Robert S. Nakamoto, Here or There

Robert Scott, I Got A Friend

Robert Scott, My Father's Business

Robert Shipp, Happy Birthday Jesus

Robert T. Cummings Jr., That`s The Way It Is

Robert Turner, Soul Piano

Robert Weaver and the Weaver Chorale, God Change Me

Robert Weaver and The Weaver Chorale, Live In Oakland

Robert Weaver and The Weaver chorale, Live in Oakland...It`s My time

Robert Wee, 2nd Chronicles

Robert Young & Misha Young, The Son Do Shine

Robert, Robert Sing Praise

Roberta B Middleton, The Second Great Advent

Roberta Lynn, Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Roberta Marshall, Communicating

Roberta Penny Moore, The Journey Contiues

Roberto Stuart, A Christmas Gift

Roberto Stuart, Modern Gospel

Robin Alexis, Still At Last

Robin Harris, Simply Gospel

Robin Harris, Simply Gospel 2

Robin Hibschman, Only By Prayer

Robin Hibschman, Willin' to Wait in His Grace

Robin Hodge Williams, For You

Robin Hodge Williams, Purpose

Robin Hodge-Williams, Trust God

Robin Hodge-Williams, Victory

Robin Patrick, You Believed in Me

Robin Small, You're the Reason

Robin Small, You're the Reason

Robin Thomas, Hosanna: A Gospel Song (feat. Vickie)

Robin Zaruba, I Choose Jesus

Robin, Crying Holy

Roby Duke, Relaxed Fits

Robyn Hinds, This Could Be It

Robyn Hinds, This Is Who I Am

Rochelle Bates, His Spirit

Rochelle LaTrice, Will You Trust (Trust in Me) Matt. 16

Rochelle Streeter-Jackson, God Knows I've Tried

Rock My Soul, Rock My Soul

Rock of Ages, The Road Less Traveled

Rockpointe Community Church, Noel

Rocksteady, Fire!

Rocky Crook, Favorite Gospel Songs

Rocky Flatts, Rocky Flatts Hymns

Rocky Flatts, The Road Home


RocSaltJohn, Fear Not

Rod and Kathi Simpson, The Road To Forgiveness

Rod Burton, The Difference

Rod Dowling, Hooray for the Lord

Rod Holmes, Those Who Wait

Rod N Staff, Moving On

Rod Phillips, Morning Has Broken

Rod Saunders, First in My Life

Rod Saunders, First in My Life

Roderick L Hennings & Zion Dominion Global Ministries, The Zion Experience

Roderick Newport, Hey Night!

Roderick Pearson, I`m Not The Same

Roderick Stanley & the Holy Spirit Believers, H.A.P.P.Y.

Rodger Roberts, Finally

Rodican Rose, Listen to the Quiet

Rodney Bradley and Friends, One Step

Rodney L. Coleman, I Am Somebody

Rodney Lewis Durst, Door Man To The King

Rodney McBride, Soul Gospel

Rodney Morss, Rodney Morss

Rodney Noble Jr, The Light

Rodney Raines & Emmanuel Fellowship Chorale, Jesus Your Name

Rodney Stewart, The Best of Me - Elements of Worship

Rodney Talley, Revelation

Rodrick Donald, The Common Thread

Rodrick Donald, There's Something Within Me

Rodrick Windham, Blow Upon The Coals Of My Heart

Rodrigo Soeiro, Não Vivo Mais

Rodrigo Wegner, Realidade

Rodrigo Wegner, Realidade (Playback)

Rogério Luiz, Aviva-Nos

Roger Barkley Jr, Pour Down Your Blessin'

Roger Barkley Jr., Good Ole Days

Roger Coleman and Danny Cox, Zacchaeus and the Rattlesnake Church

Roger Curley, Sweet Hour of Prayer

Roger Davidson, Missa Universalis

Roger Ferguson, The Mercy Beat

Roger Jones, The Roger Jones Hymn Collection, Vol. 3

Roger Prillhart, You're Real to Me

Roger Smith, The Idaho Kid, Sings Sacred Music

Roger Zuraw, Songs of Faith

Rohn Bailey, Fire Water

RoJean Loucks, Alleluia

Roland Pollard and Friends, Message To The Enemy (I won`t let go)

Roland Suggs, Jesus Is Patiently Waiting

Roland Treaudo, Brand New World

Roland Zimmerman Family, Down Home Pickin' & Singin'

Roland Zimmerman Family, Faith of Our Forebears

Roland, Send Me, I´ll Go

Rolando Ruiz, El Hijo del Dios Viviente

Romaine Jones, I Found A Love

Romane Cherestal, Le Bouclier

Romy Elim Visalia, No Me Dejaras

Ron Alan, Into the Spirit

Ron Allen, The Master's Blues Band

Ron Barnes, The Best Thing (feat. Cashyra)

Ron Barrett, It's the Grace of God Keeping Me

Ron Bishop & the Judah First Chorale, More of You

Ron Bishop and the Judah First Chorale, Exalted Praise

Ron Brown, Restored

Ron Brown, Sweet Spirit

Ron DePuy, Overflow

Ron Dinkins, Saturate Us (Live Version)

Ron Druck & Eileen Druck, God's in Control

Ron Druck & Eileen Druck, Still Small Voice

Ron Dupuis, Holy Stripes

Ron Dupuis, The Man From Gallilee

Ron E. Parker, Ron E. Parker Project and Jazz Hymns For Piano

Ron Gehring, Robins Favorites

Ron Grimes, Acoustic Guitar Hymns

Ron Harrington, Lively Stones

Ron j. Brown, GODality - "Live and Prophetic"

Ron Jones & Perfect Praise, Lord I Trust You

Ron Kassen, You Have Your Reasons

Ron Kronz and Traffic Jam, Who Are We Anyway? - Eph 2:10

Ron Li, Amazing Grace (Backing Track)

Ron Marlow, Lord, Be My G.P.S.

Ron McMillon, Talkin' About Jesus

Ron Miller, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Ron Pitts & George Pitts, Creative Thought

Ron Shepard, Crossroads Of Inspiration Vol II

Ron Stanley, Forgiven

Ron Surrey, Mr. Pearly Brown: Kinfolks

Ron Taylor, We Declare Your Worth

Ron Todd, With All My Might

Ron Tolson, Oh Holy Night

Ron Vanover, Gospel Arrangements Inspired by Chet

Ron White, I`m Not Afraid - Single

Ron Woods, I'm Blessed

Ronald Dorsey, Sista So N' So

Ronald Dupuis, I Bow Down

Ronald Flores, Más Que Vencedor

Ronald Haynes, At Calvary

Ronald Haynes, Because of You

Ronald Julian, Going Through

Ronald Julian, Love Notes (Mixtape)

Ronald Julian, WWJD

Ronald Karle, Tranquility

Ronald M. Taylor, I Have An Inheritance

Ronald Nard, My Reward - Single

Ronald Nicholson, I'm Running

Ronald Phillips, Heaven

Ronald Ross Drumgo, I'm Going Away

Ronald Washington, Jesus I Love You

Rondalla Bautista la Gran Comision, Pronto Volvera, Vol. 9

Roney, Ineffable

Ronlyn & TCS, Thats Church

Ronnette Harrison, Journey

Ronnette Harrison, Vessel

Ronney Person, At the Cross

Ronnie Bond, Songs in the Key of F

Ronnie Gene Bryant, Father One More Day - Single

Ronnie Gene Bryant, Lord Shine Your Light

Ronnie J Cameron, Because He Cares

Ronnie Mays, Have a Little Faith

Ronnie Peterson, A Fireman's Prayer, Tribute to 9/11

Ronnie Peterson, Almost Home

Ronnie R. Riles Sr., Bad Boys Need God Too

Ronnie Robertson, Be My Covering

Ronnie Williams, Resurrection - Songs of Faith and Salvation

Ronniejcameron, Make Me Your Servant, Lord

Ronny Redd, Sonshine

Ronny Redd, You Alone Are Worthy God

Rony Janvier, Lavi-M Se Nan Ou

Room202, Grateful

Roosevelt Baskin, Heaven

Roosevelt Baskin, I Can`t Stop

Roosevelt Boles, Mirror, Mirror

Roosevelt Boles, Show Me

Roosevelt Forehand & Oneness, I Give My Praise

Roosevelt Forehand & Oneness, In the Presence

Roosevelt Gibson Jr, You Brought Me

Roosevelt Gibson Jr., Take Me Dear Lord By the Hand

Roosevelt Jones Jr. & Determined, Still Here

Root 66, Be a Bridge

Root 66, Shoes

Rory Green & Kingdom Cry, Heaven's Release

Rosa Banks, Royalty

Rosa Kelly Clay, Turn U Around

Rosalie Glemann, Guitar Hymns

Rosalin Pugh, Again and Again

Rosalin Pugh, O` What A Friend

Rosalind Reece, Hold On

Rosalind Sample-Mosley, I Am Accepted

Rosanna Fiorazo, HAVEN`T YOU HEARD

Rosanna, Won't Let Go

Rosanne McGough, Overcomer

Roscoe Robinson & The Birmingham Blind Boys, God's Love Lifted Me Higher

Roscoe Robinson, Oh What A Joyous Day

Rose Adebusoye, Lord I Need You

Rose Belk, Simply Rose - Nothing But Praise

Rose Boyd, He's Coming for You One Day

Rosephanye Powell, Motherless Child

Rosetta Mines, Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Rosetta Perry, It's All About Love, Vol. 1

Rosetta Walker, It's Time

Roshanna Mitchell, Surrender

Roshunda Dorris, Grab Hold

Rosie Clarke, Show Me the Way

Roslyn, On This Journey

Ross Major, Everlasting

Ross Major, Friends Are Friends Forever

Ross Walters, After the Rain Prerelease EP

Rotouel Tigues, Can I See Your Face

Rotoya Williams & The True Worship Experience Movement, Make Me Who I Am Live

Roxana Tazifor, Forgive Us Lord

Roxana Tazifor, Ndem a Bong

Roy C. Burrow, Bridge of Faith

Roy Hibbs, Except for Grace

Roy Roberson, It's A Boy It's A Boy

Roy Webb, You Raise Me Up

Roy Williams, You Are God

Royal Fountain Choir, Possible

Royal Holloway Gospel Choir, Stand Strong

Royal J.Priesthood, Celebrate Jesus

Royal, Stay Pure

Royce Duke, Music In Black and White Vol.2

Royce F. Robinson, Holy, Holy Is He

Royce F. Robinson, Now Unto Him

Rozie Turner, Another Chance

RR Manns, God Gave Me A Blessing

Ruach City Church, Ruach Worship Experience: Live & Uncut

Ruach City Youth, It's in You

Ruben Birle, Domnul Domnilor

Ruben Birle, Domnul Domnilor (Playbacks Or Negative)

Ruben Birle, Rascumparat

Rubén Albert, Cerca de Ti

Ruby Collins, Sunshine

Ruby Cook, I Have The Victory

Ruby Mahone, It's My Time Now

Ruby Wallace Tiggs, What A Friend

Ruby Ward, Orchestrate Me (feat. Maurice Griffin)

Rudo Zamchiya, Covenant Keeping God

Rue Davis, Forgive Them

Rufus R Spencer Jr, The Spencer Project (feat. Jan Fleming & Prophecy)

Rumbi Mushosho, Naishe

Rushing Wind, Can You See Past A Lifetime

Russ Coates, The Plainfield Old Camp Meeting

Russ McDaniel, Seek Peace (Love Jesus: A Letter to World Evil)

Russell & Kristi, All Things New

Russell Coates, The Plainfield Old Camp Meeting

Russell Léonce, Culture of Love

Russell Ryker, Muddy Water

Russell Ryker, Wanted Man

Rusty Gilliam, Country Gospel Gold

Rusty Mills, The Gospel Truth

Rusty West, The King Is Here!

Rusty, Because of You

Ruth Carter, Lost Forever in You

Ruth Chai, Arise & Shine

Ruth Chai-Njiino, I Miss You

Ruth Dente, Grace- Sounds of Africa

Ruth Dente, He's Calling Me

Ruth Dente, The Call

Ruth Dickson, My Jesus You Reign

Ruth Howell, Heaven Bound Road

Ruth J, Coming Back To You

Ruth King, Amazed

Ruth McGillivray, Abide With Me

Ruth Robinson Weston, Enter In

Ruth Sharp Lee, Hallelujah

Ryan & Bekah, You Are

Ryan and Christina Souza, Only Love

Ryan Barnett, Shine Away the Dark

Ryan Baxter, Colours

Ryan Booker, We the People

Ryan Bunbury, Just Me and You

Ryan Carty, Journey to Purpose

Ryan Carty, Sweeter Than (feat. Patrice Copeland)

Ryan Crossette, Hope

Ryan D. Rutley, B.A. & Tim Slaughter, Come Home

Ryan D. Rutley, B.A., My Everything (feat. Chiffon McNeal)

Ryan David Cole, Where Would I Be?

Ryan Davis, Better Day

Ryan Davis, Shine On Me

Ryan Davis, Thank You

Ryan Day, The Sending

Ryan Hunt, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

Ryan Johnston, Good Morning Father

Ryan Kirkland, Wanderer

Ryan Stevenson, DiMunStraYshuN

Ryan Stevenson, Running to You

S J Woo, Let Your Freedom Ring

S-Dee, Season of Change

S. Ashton Adams, S. Ashton Adams Collection, Vol. 1: I Cry Holy

S. Elaine Phipps, For Your Glory


S.O.C.O.M. (Soldier Of Christ On a Mission), Tha Arrival

S.O.G., Old Skool Rapper

S.O.G., Thing Called Love

S.O.S. Renewal, Faith

S4J, Testimony

Sabaa, El precio de mi Adoracion

Sabastian Magacha, Mapostori

Sabina Umoren & Perfect Realm, Beautiful

Sabina, He Reigns!

Sabina, Mekoso

Sabrina Cowans, Because He Loved Me

Sabrina Cowans, He Will See You Through

Sabrina Cowans, He Will See You Through

Sabrina Cowans, Rain It Down

Sabrina Cowans, Rain It Down Ringtone

Sabrina D. Walker, Virtuous Woman

Sabrina Denmark Walker, Walker For Christ

Sabrina Dennard, My Soul

Sabrina Ne'Chelle, Be Made Whole

Sacred Bar, The Time

Sacred Ground, In the Eye of the Storm

Sacred Love Woman, Breathing

Sacred Sons of Zion, Good News

Sacred Sons Of Zion, On One Accord

Sacred, Sacred

Sada K., Long Story Short

Sade Ajai, Unchangeable God

Sadra Madonna Lindsay, I Love Me

Saemi, Light On My Path

SAGA T.C., All I Got

Sage Melodee, In the Key of G

Sail Music, The Sound of Your Name (feat. Blake Sutton)

Sal Solo, Teen Ma** for the Millennium

Salette Ferreira, Deus Sabe o Que É Melhor

Sally Fletcher, Hymns for Healing

Salvador & the Anointed Ones, Greater Is He

Salvation Music Ministry, Personal Expressions

Sam Bailey, Mark of the Beast

Sam Bigby, Have Faith in Jesus

Sam Craig, My Chains Are Gone

Sam Dennis, It's a Blessing

Sam Dennis, Silent Night (feat. Javetta Campbell)

Sam Dumesle & Dedication, 4 You (For You)

Sam Dumesle & Dedication, Come And Bless The Lord With Me

Sam Green, Jesus Is the Best Thing In My Life

Sam Moore, Splendid Isolation

Sam Ocampo, Florecillas (feat. Brian Costa)

Sam Ocampo, Homecoming

Sam Opeche, We Enter In: The Journey in Worship

Sam Powell, To Our Knees

Sam Smith, Master`s Butterfly

Sam Thomas, Created Me

Samantha Cardwell, The Way You Love Me

Samaritan Revival, Who Am I - Quien Soy Yo

Sami D, Sami D

Samie Bisaso, Already Better

Samie Bisaso, I Didn't Know

Samie Bisaso, Live for You

Samie Bisaso, Lost Without You

Samie Bisaso, Million Pieces

Sammie & Melinda Thompson, Let Go - Let God

Sammie Thompson & Melinda Thompson, Close to You

Sammie Thompson, Cold As Ice - The Best of Sammie Thompson & Friends

Sammie Thompson, Faith Is - The Best of Sammie Thompson & Friends

Sammie Thompson, Hallelujah the Best of Sammie Thompson and Friends

Sammie Thompson, Praise Me

Sammy Dee, Free (feat. Ezekiel)

Sammy Dee, He Knows My Name

Sammy Hall Singers, Redemption Draweth Nigh

Sammy Hall, Live

Sammy Kennedy, Invite Him In

Samoan Gospel Heralds, Through the Years

Samona J, Fear

Samsoft & Keisha Dreams, Holy Spirit

Samsoft, Dunamis

Samsoft, L.O.V.E

Samsoft, New Selections

Samsoft, Soar Like An Eagle

Samuel Aldana, Al Dios Altisimo

Samuel Araujo, Solicitude

Samuel Fleming, For Me He Bled

Samuel Fleming, Tranquil Hymns, Vol. One

Samuel Garcia & Aliento de Vida, Tu Eres Santo

Samuel Ham and M.O.G., A Message To Deliver

Samuel Harrell, Before You Called

Samuel Harrell, How Great

Samuel Harrell, Man of God (feat. Christopher B. Spence)

Samuel Hernandez, Dios Siempre tiene el Control pista

Samuel Hernandez, Jesús siempre llega a tiempo

Samuel Kelly, Waiting

Samuel Lattimore, Love Somebody Different

Samuel Medas, Heart to Heart

Samuel Medas, In the Fire

Samuel Tolbert, Blessed Assurance (Remix)

Samuel Wallace, IV, I Can Go On

San Mi, Tranquility

Sanctuary Evangelistic Church, The Next Level

Sand Sheff, Lion on a White Horse (Sand`s Gospel Record)

Sandra Benítez, Tu Me Rodeas

Sandra Blythe, My Season

Sandra Blythe, Through the Pain

Sandra Candy Morgan, Dear Lord

Sandra Candy Morgan, My Praise

Sandra Candy Morgan, Your Grace

Sandra Edmonds, Can't Take It With You

Sandra G Hammer and Diane M Gillaspy, Northern Gospel Music This Song

Sandra Godley, One Thing

Sandra Godley, Sweet Surrender

Sandra Keyes, God Is My Refuge

Sandra Lee Burdick, I Believe in Miracles

Sandra Moon Johnson, You Are My Music

Sandra Onal, Lavished By Grace

Sandrarae Hyatt, A Song In The Night

Sandrel, Jazzi Musiq Productions presents Sandrel

Sandrel, Thank You For Your Love

Sandy Adler, The Lord's Prayer

Sandy Quintero, Más de Ti

Sani Tait, Angels

Sanny, Com os Olhos da Fé

Santiago Bernate, SBR

Sapo, Notas Que Curam

Sara Aten, Sing Over Me

Sara Farrar, Grant Us Peace

Sara Renner, Elements of the Journey

Sara Renner, Savior of All

Sarah Barintine, Children of the Light

Sarah Barintine, Children of the Light (Acoustic)

Sarah Capeles, Donde Estoy, Alli Estas Tu

Sarah Dash, I'm Still Here

Sarah Holthusen, Angels Standing Guard

Sarah Kariuki, Ndombirwo Ngocage Mwathani

Sarah Kim, How Deep the Father's Love

Sarah McGibbon, Awestruck

Sarah Nicole, Betta Not Give Up Live

Sarah Njoroge & The Lifters, It Shall Be Well, Vol. 1

Sarah Olliver, Mais Que Vencedor

Sarah Paulino, Padre Bueno

Sarah Walker, Overflow

Sarah Weiser, Take Me to Your Throne

Sarah Wood, Sarah Wood EP

Sarah, When You've Had Enough

Sarella A. Johnson, We Need Jesus

Sascha & Ella Bramao, Come and Sit A While

Sasha Doble, Holy/Santo

Saul2Paul Project, Justified

Saved By Grace, Amazing Grace

Saved2go, All of My Heart

Savor, Soo... Good!

Sax-of-praise, Leap`n 4 Change

Saylor Wellman, Take Up Your Cross

Sílvio e César Os Irmãos Lombas, Páginas da Minha História

Scatter17, Let It Be Revealed

Schantel Thomas, Yes

Schawayna Raie, How Many Ways

Schawayna Raie, How Many Ways

Schawayna Raie, Through It All

Schawayna Raie, Through It All (Remastered)

Schevette Gill, Rejoice

Schuyler Johnson, The Best Is yet to Come (feat. Company)

Scilla, way Out

Scott & Christine Lovett, Back To The Altar

Scott & Christine Lovett, He Is The King

Scott and Kathy Kral, Always Home

Scott Barton, "Borrowed Time" - Single

Scott Brooks, Lost in Worship

Scott Brown, Hold On

Scott Brown, Let's Talk About Forever

Scott Brown, No Fences

Scott Campbell, The TurnAround

Scott Conner and God's Positive Minds, Never Let You Go

Scott Dobbs, Train to Glory Land (The Trinity Express)

Scott M. binkley, Jesus No Equal

Scott McGregor, Holy, Holy, Holy

Scott Michael Bennett, Itestify

Scott Neff, God Is Good

Scott Snyder, Songs for the Ages

Scottie Willis & R.E.A.P, I Am (feat. Ladeshia Lonie)

Scottie3, Gate of Beautiful

Scotty Mayhaw & The Deepwater Believers, If I Had My Life to Live Over

Sean Clive, Amazed

Sean Clive, Peace On Earth (songs for Advent and Christmas)

Sean D Lewis, Help Me - Single

Sean D Lewis, How Great Thou Art

Sean Fortenberry, The Best Gift

Sean Fury, Jesus Made Me Do It

Sean Hardin, Been Good

Sean McDougal, Weatherall

Sean Reed, Oxygen

Sean Reed, The Next Dimension of Worship

Sean Sobers & Fresh Soundz, Realm of Grace - EP

Sean Tillery & Changed, Joy to the World

Sean Tillery & Changed, The Live Experience

Seattle Artists United, He Reigns Over All the Earth

Second Chance, Get Right

Second Mile, Vertical

Second Nazareth Baptist Church & Friends, Love Letter

Second Nazareth Baptist Church & Friends, Second Nazareth Baptist Church & Friends

See The Light, Spirit and Truth

Seed of Righteous, The Seed

Segments of the SOUL, Segments of the SOUL

Seiyéfa, Ignite 0.5 EP

Seiyéfa, New Beginnings

Seiyéfa, Our God Is Here

Seiyéfa, Who Will Go

Selah Muzik Family, Holy City Riddim, Vol. 1

Selected Voices, Sebenza Kuz'ukuhlwa

Selections, Keep the Faith

Selina R. Wellons, Reflections of Your Works

Seminole String Band, Lord, I'll Wait

Seminole String Band, The Preacher's Warning

Sensational Southern Nightingales, God`s Given Touch

Sensational Wonders, Thank You

Sent Forth, Unclear Intersection

Seon Smith & The One Band, Let It Be Known (feat. Mahdea & Cant2)

Seon Smith & The One, Stand for This Genration Give Love Away

Seon Smith, He's Coming Again

Sequoya, Bold Faced Truth

Serafin Evora, Glorify His Name Jesus

Serenity of Nashville, Lord I Thank You

Serenity of Nashville, Lord I Thank You

Serenity, I Get Joy

Serenity, Ready to Go

Serenity, Ready to Go -EP

Serge Perrin, I Believe

Sergio Pacheco Jr, Lord You Surround Me - Single

Serrano Hills, Off The Fence

Servant Lady David, Let It Be Me

Servant` (god Giveth), For Your Mercy`

Serviam, Serviré

Servola, Nature Of God

Seth and Cassy Weil, Beyond the Great Divide

Seth and the Intervention Band, reach for the son

Seth Baah, Worship Mantle

Seth Dunnington, Inside Your Hands

Seth Martin, The Iraqistan War and Other Stories

Seth Nix & Genuine Praise, The Letter

Seth Porras, Estas Conmigo

Seychelle Elise, Stand My Ground

SFEL Choir, Father

Sha'viel, Stand Still

Shaddai, Wait On Jesus

Shadrach And Family, Ameshinda Kifo

Shadrach Robinson, Grace Instead

Shadrach, Alter Ego

Shadrach, Legacy

Shaina Sammone, I Am Ready

Shakara Monique, Give You Praise (Remix) [feat. Scope]

Shakara Monique, Un4got10 Destiny

Shakara Monique, You!

Shakeilla "Co-Co" Allen, Coming Out of the Wilderness

Shalom Singers, Victory Sounds Of Heaven

Shalonda McFarland, You're Glorious Project

Shameless Plug, God Our King - EP

Shammah, Come a Little Closer Lord

Shammah, The Temple

Shammah, Working Out Some Wrinkles

Shampa Barua & Nitya Bernard Parker, Filling My Heart, Quenching My Thirst

Shana Saint, The Promise

Shanae St.Louis, Can't Let Go

Shanae St.Louis, Higher

Shanaillion Hutcherson, Heart of God

Shanda Smallwood, No Longer Searching

Shandra, For My Good (Live)

Shane And Natalie Brown, We Believe - Rom 4-18

Shane Begley, Declaration

Shane Dunlap, Love so Amazing

Shane Gray, Revival Fire

Shane Harvey, Son

Shane Roark, Racing With Jesus

Shane Sawyer, God Country And Roses

Shane Tecza, Heart and Soul

Shane Tecza, Mama Kept Praying

Shane Tecza, Reflections

Shane Wall, Conversations with God

Shaneiker Andrews, La force de la résistance

Shaneiker Andrews, The Power of Resistance

Shanell Bush, My Dream of Worship

Shanetria Peterson, The Transformation

Shani Womack, No Turning Back

Shanika Anderson, Rest On My Promises

Shannae' Lennore, Church Competition

Shannon Bunch, My Sunday Best

Shannon Bunch, Take Me There

Shannon Mchenry, Prodigal Son The Untold Story

Shannon Nicole, King of My Heart

Shanrae Cheree Price, How I Praise

Shanta Gray, Make A Way

Shantee Lewis, Verstyle

Shantelle Hawkins, In Pursuit of His Presence

Shara, Shara: Don't Look Back (feat. Pony Express Ministry)

Sharee Lynette, Being Blue

Shareiff Robinson, Not the Same

Shari Thomas & NC3, Chosen for Favor

Sharikov Family Band, ??? ???? ?????

Sharisse Verser & Getrightrh, Yes

Sharlene Simmons, Get Ready

Sharmane, Prayerful Hearts

Sharnette Hyter, Keep The Faith

Sharny Russell, Not My Own

Sharon Anderson, Morning Song

Sharon Anderson, To See You Smile

Sharon D Henderson, Think On These Things (Phil 4:8)

Sharon D Henderson, Through It All

Sharon D Smith, Redeemed

Sharon Davis and the Faithful Doves, A Heart for Praise and Worship

Sharon Dean, More of You (feat. Darion Ja'von)

Sharon Dean, My Morning Song

Sharon Dean, Restored

Sharon Dean, Soul Cries

Sharon Donaldson, He's Done Enough

Sharon Hock, Who Is This King

Sharon Huckel, Courts of Praise

Sharon Lawrence-Taylor, Sharon Lawrence-Taylor

Sharon Leighton Joyner, Against All Odds

Sharon Leighton Joyner, It`s Never Too Late

Sharon Leighton Joyner, No More Hurtin' Songs

Sharon Liner, Secret Sacrifice

Sharon Manyonganise, Rudo Rwajesu

Sharon MaRee, God Is Real

Sharon Moore, Glory To Your Name

Sharon Moore, The Power, The Blood, The Word, The Name Jesus

Sharon Roshell, God Is Bigger

Sharon Thompson nee Peregrine, Visions of Hymn

Sharon, Silent Night Holy Night

Sharonejadiamond, Purpose Diary

Sharrod Coleman, Let It Shine

Sharron Nyarambi, Self Titled

Sharron Thompson, Anointed Vessel

Sharvis Whitted, Let it Flow

Shattock & Rust, Forgiven Like This

Shaun Millz, In His Hands

Shaun Saunders, Songs in the Night

Shaundollyn King, Miracle of a Miracle

Shauntae "Shaun Ali" Suttle, Nicole Jackson & George Nelson, Enough is Enough EP Soundtrack

Shauntey Jonell, All In

Shawana Roach, I`m Taking It Back

Shawana Troutman, I'll Still Be Standing

Shawanda, My Turn

Shawanna Kennedy, Give You Praise

Shawanna Kennedy, Made to Worship

Shawn "Pocket" Evans, Contemporary Praise

Shawn & the Collective, Let Your Rain Come Down

Shawn & the Collective, Seek Your Face

Shawn Bigby, Your Way Is Better

Shawn Brooks, Make Me Again

Shawn Brown, Psalms In The Key Of David

Shawn Christopher, Drink From the Fountain (remix)

Shawn Coker, An American Sunday

Shawn Davis, Rock Jesus Live!!!

Shawn Everette, Answers

Shawn Heckstall, It`s All About God

Shawn Lewis, Wait on You

Shawn Logan, Walk On By Faith

Shawn Rhoades, Prayer Life

Shawn Smith, Res-to-ra-tion

Shawna Harris, God Is Able

Shawna Harris, Praise Your Way Out!

Shawna Marie, The Lord Is Close

Shawntae Jackson, Steal Away

Shawntae, Steal Away

Shawnte`, So Faithful

Shay Harris, Lost

Shaykh Hassan Saleh, The Qur'an: Recited in the Style of Hafs 'An Asim

Shayla Hollins, Transformed

Shayna Melody, Shayna Melody

Shealeshea & Sound of Saints, Cry Out

Shearill, Be With You

Sheba the Mississippi Queen, Detour Road

Sheena Williams, Personal Praise

Sheila Dobbs, Close to Thee

Sheila Ingram, Time to Praise the Lord

Sheila Kay, Breaking Free

Sheila Smith Trio, Grace

Sheila Zellers, Arms of Grace

Sheka Brooks, Make Me Over

Shelby Hurns, Over Come

Shelby Williams, Shelby Sings a Word From the Lord

Sheldon Baylor, The Impossible It Can Done

Sheldon Isaac, Hold On

Sheldon Neil, In God We Trust

Sheldon Rhoden, Stand

Shelene Huey-Booker, You Satisfy

Shelia Slappy, Grace

Shelia Times, I'm Going All the Way

Shelia Tucker, God's Word

Shelia Tucker, It's in Jesus Name

Shelina Baxter, Joy Cometh

Shelion Hinds, Chapters Of Life

Shelley Kristen, Consider

Shellie René, In All Things Give Him the Praise

Shelly Gibson, Troubled Times

Shelly Jonez, I Choose Life

Shelly Massey, You're All I Need

Shelly Torres-West, My Heart To Yours

Shelton Dowd, Okay

Shelton Lamar, Better Man (The Mix Cd)

Shelton Richardson & UV, At Thy Word

Shelton Richardson & UV, Exalted

Shelton Richardson & Uv, Shine - Single (feat. Robbie Cade Furdge)

Shelton Richardson & UV, So Great

Shelton Richardson & Uv, Yodo

Shelton Richardson & UV, You're Amazing - Single

Shep Eppinger and Friends, Never Give Up

Shepherd Boy, Who Knows the single

Shepherdess, Purity

Shepherdess, The Purity Song

Sheree Amore, Never

Shereka McGrew, Can't Let You Go

Shereka McGrew, Shereka McGrew

Sherfey, Spirit

Sheri Lowe, Momma Prays

Sheri Williams, Move Into Your Destiny

Sheril Moffett, I Love to Tell the Story

Sherl Burke, Faithful God

Sherlanda Fulks, Capacity

Sherman Andrus, I've Got Confidence (Remastered)

Sherman Andrus, Soon Coming (Remastered)

Sherman Raney, God's Rainbow

Sherman Raney, Lord, Please Let Your Wrath Fall On America

Sherman Raney, Message in Songs

Sherman, You Can Make It

Shermanda Ramsay, I've Been Broken

Sherree Brown, A Sherree Brown Christmas

Sherri Bryant, Made II Praise

Sherri Hicks, Promise Keeper

Sherri Mayo, You Are Here

Sherrie Lyn Crisp, Songs For Mama

Sherrie Simpson, Don't Let Him Ride (feat. Hermanj)

Sherry Easter, You Did It

Sherry Lynn Clark & Pamela Jo, Fabric Of Our Faith

Sherry Moses, Do It Again

Sherry Moses, Standing On Victory

Sherry Peals, Forever Grateful

Sherry Songbird, Made for You

Sherry Veronica Graham, Brand New Day

Sherry W. and Go Y`all, I Hear You Calling Me

Sherwin Linton, This is My Story

Sheryll Mitchell, A Vessel of Your Will

Sheryll Mitchell, Take It Out

Shikoh, Wanandongoria

Shiloh Mountain Trio, Burnin'

Shinita Wright, Come Fill This Room

Shirlandria Enoch, Unbroken

Shirlandria, Victory

Shirlene Jackson, He's Bigger Than That

Shirlene Jackson, WOW

Shirley Ables and The Joy Gospel Singers, The Best of Shirley Ables

Shirley Bell, God Can Do Anything

Shirley Caesar, Gospel Roots

Shirley Goss, Two of a Kind

Shirley Hall Milkoff, New Jerusalem`s Coming Down

Shirley Hardwick, God Has a Purpose

Shirley Hardwick, Hear My Spirit Sing

Shirley Hardwick, I Love You Anyway

Shirley Lange, Lead Me Back Home

Shirley Lorene, Banana Moon

Shirley Miller, I Must Go On

Shirley Provost, I Made It

Shirley Simpson, Draw Me Close

Shirley Smith, In Hymn I Trust

Shirley Wills, Yah Yah Yah

Shloimy Bluth & the Next Generation, Can You Hear Us

Shola Victor-Sajowa, As Love Demands

Shon Murray, Ready

Shonda English, No Worries

Shonda English, No Worries (Radio Edit)

Shonda English, There Wouldn't Be a Me

Shondolyn Young Richardson, All You Need

Shonna Bonds, Under Grace

Shonna Stallworth, Butterfly

Shontae Hill, By This Time Tomorrow

Shonya Crumble, He Loves Me - EP

Shout! Koinonia, Canterò nella casa di preghiera - 1

Shout!Koinonia, Canterò nella casa di preghiera 2

Shout!Koinonia, Voglio lodarti

Shout!koinonia, We want to praise You

Shree Newman-Isabell, Life Of A Worshipper

Shunamyte, Gonna Live

Shunice Hill-Sullivan, Breakthrough

Shuntavia, Oh Lord I'm Thankful

Shyrita Washington, Only Believe

Shyrita Washington, Summer Rain

Shyrone Brooks, Celebrate You

Shyrone Brooks, Lift the Praises Up

Sidd Jay, Higher

Sidney Buckner & Youth in Unity, Somebody Prayed for Me

Sienna, Unbelievable

Sila Rood, Different Kind of Green

Silivea Johnson, Cast Aside

Silivea Johnson, Legacy of Christ

Silvana Armentano, Confiare

Silver State Trio, I Will Praise Him Forever

Silver Swan, Silver Swan

Silverado All Stars, Lift Me Up High (feat. Terry Bradford)

Silvertones Of Barbados, Live In Concert

Silvia Rodríguez, 12 Canciones de Navidad (Acústico)

Silvia Rodríguez, Al Esplendor de Tu Luz (Acústico)

Silvia Rodríguez, Detrás de la Lluvia (Acústico)

Silvia Rodríguez, Tiempo de Gloria

Silvia Rodríguez, Y el Reloj Marca las Tres

Simeon's Promise, Keepin' On

Simeons Promise, Redemption

Simmons & Hurst, Shades of Grace

Simon & Elvis, Canción de Fe

Simon Jungari Dixon, Yiwarra Palya

Simon Phillip, I Wanna Go Home

Simone Waddell, See Her Again

Simone Waddell, Surely You Know

Simonia E. Milton, Faith Through the Storm

Simonia E. Milton, Inspirations

Simonia E. Milton, I`ve Got Joy

Simply Carlotta, My Testimony:No Pain, No Gain

Simply Crystal, Amazing

Simply Dre, The True Story

Simply Kim, Take Me As I Am

Simply Tracy, He's Been Good to Me

Simplyrena, Worthy of All Our Praise

Sinach, Chapter One

Sinach, From Glory to Glory

Sinach, I'm Blessed

Sinai Records Presents, Manifest Destiny

Sindacato, The Gospel Plow

Singelmar, Prepará p'e goso

Singing Echoes, Our Heritage

Singing Echoes, Vision

Singnpraises Muzik, Sixty-60-Twenty-Four-3-6-5

Siphiwe Wright, Mpeni Umutima

Sir James, It`s Time

Sis. Dell, He'll Guide Thee

Sis. Patricia Lundy and the Wings Of Angels, Jesus Said

Sis. Peggie, Behind the Veil

Sista Kee, Represent

Sista Monica Parker, Singin' In The Spirit

Sista Monica Parker, Sweet Inspirations

Sista O & D'vine Praize, Meditation

Sista O & D'vine Praize, Meditation

Sista Philo, Nzambe Kumama Libela

Sista Praise, He Reigns (My Soul)

Sistah Peaches, For Him: The Collection

Sister Bonita, Simply Sister Bonita

Sister Cantaloupe, Com'muzic, Vol. 1: Don't Want 2 Turn 2 My Neighbor No Mo!

Sister Novell, Songs Of Deliverance

Sister Rebecca Shinas, OP, Let`s Talk, Let`s Rock!

Sisters Fulfilling Purpose, Just Favored

Sisters of Faith, For By Grace

Sisters of Soul, Becoming Free from the Killer

Sisters Philip Marie Burle, C.PP.S., Praying the Scriptures of the Rosary for Family Healing

Sisters Under The Anointing, Sisters Under The Anointing

Sisters United, Don't Quit

Sjuwana Byers & Children of God, Just Havin' Church

Sjuwana Byers and Children of God, Alive In Cincinnati "After The Storm"

Sjuwana Byers and Children of God, Alive In Greenville

Skinshout, Caribbean Songs

Skip Van Lenten, Amazing Grace (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals)

Sky Blue, What Would Jesus Drive

Skyla Calwell, Hear from You

Skyward Bound, Brand New Man

Skyway Rec, Believe (Bonus Track)

Skyway Rec, Resurface

Sly Vann and Heaven`s Octave, Better Days

Small Town Heroes, Lil Soldiers in a BIG WORLD

Smalltown Productions, Divine Worship

Smith Family Singers, Yes We Can Official Obama Campaign - Single

Smith Family, Time is Winding Up

Smoky Mountain Jubilee Choir, Revival in God's Country w/ Ernie Haase

Smooth Perry, Saturate Me

SniderBand, Hello Sunshine

Socky Torres, Alabanzas De Siempre y Para Siempre

SOFFC Worship Team and Band, Worthy Is the Lamb

Sofia Hartley, Meu Diário

Soft Spoken Prophet, The Perfect Gospel Inside The Imperfect Man Vol. 1

Soggydawgs, Songs For The Soul

Sojo Ministries, Rejoice!!

Sol de Jesus, Imensa Graça

Solange Amanthéa, Deus Cuida de Mim e de Você

Solaris Ichell Ayala, Atada a Una Palabra

Solfrid Gavang & Robert Alan Morley, Pie Jesu

Solomon Bozeman, Songs of Solomon Featuring: Seraphim Worship and Praise

Solomon Chinnery, Dedicated To (The Second Release)

Solomon Chinnery, His Return

Solomon Roberson, Love Is What We Need

Som do Monte, Salvos pela Cruz

Son'Jae', Praise Dont Cost A Thang

Sonday, Sonday

SongDriven, Pieces of Jesus (SongDriven)

Songs From The Abiding Place, Journey Songs Vol.1

Songs In His Presence, Held by Love, ONE

Sonia Lee, Shoebox Man

Sonicflood, Are We There Yet

Sonja G. Whitmore and The High Praise Chorale Ensemble, Praise On My Lips

Sonja S. Key, Mighty One

Sonja van Beers, Divine!

Sonjae, Mission Possible

Sonnie Day, Jesus A Bad Dude

Sonnie Day, You Visit Me Not

Sonny "Black Gold" Fishback & Jackie "Awesome" Booker, Turn Right / Keep Straight

Sonny Burgess & Rebecca Lynn Howard, It's Ok

Sonny Byers, Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Sonny Mclaughlin, Bring It to Pass My God - Single

Sonny Pearson, Singing for the Lord! Vol. 1

Sonoros, Rendido a Ti

Sonrize, A Good Place to Fish

Sons of Abraham, Try Everyday

Sons of Judah, A Judah Experience

Sons Of The Soul Revivers, I`m A New Creature

Sons of the Soul Revivers, Live In Fairfield

Sonya Chittum, Livin' on the Edge

Sonya Chittum, So Glad

Sonya Emm, Stand Up

Sonya Knight, D`Zin`R Original

Sonya LaChelle, With You

Sonya Lachelle, You Ain`t Got Nothin`

Sonya McGuire, The Next Chapter

Sonya McKinley Sharp, Mama's Strength

Sonya, Everlasting Life (International)

Sonya, Full Circle Glory

Sooter Nomhwange, You Call Me Friend

Sophia Messado, Internal Change Original

Sophia, Reflection

SOS (Source of Strength), Transformed New Way

SOS Inc, Hallelujah

Sote, Try Jesus

Soul Inspiration, God`s Perfect Time

Soul Mckenzie, Butterfly

soul mckenzie, Can't Make It Without You

Soul Mckenzie, Just For You

Soul Purpose, Heaven Is Mine

Soul Purposed, Hear Me

Soul Purposed, Next Chapter

Soul Support, 2ep

Soul Support, Strength Beyond Your Fears

Soul Suvivaz, Suviva Tacktickz Mixtape Vol.1

Soul Vision, I Know Who the Lord Is

Soul Vision, When We Step Inside the Gates

Soul Winner and Jubilee, Christ Ryders

Soul'd Out Quartet, Soulace

Soul-O Performance Tracks, God Knows Best (In the Style of Shirley Miller) [Performance Track]

Soulaviv, Bridge Across Our Fears

Souldirection1, To the Least of These

SoulDirection1, To The Least Of These

Soulfruit, Homegrown

Soulful Praise, This Journey

Soulja4Christ, My Salvation

Souls of Unity, I Put the Devil Out

Souls of Unity, Lord, I Have No Friend Like You

Sound of Africa, Sound of Africa

Sounds Of Faith, In The Eye Of The Storm

Sounds of Grace and Glory, Do You Believe It Was the Cross

Sounds of Grace, His Story Goes On

Sounds of Heaven, The Well

Sounds of Jericho, The Story of His Grace

Sounds of Joy, Drinking at the Springs

Sounds of Life, Work While We Wait

Sounds of Life, Your Change Is On The Way

Sounds of the Southern District, Sounds of the Southern District

SoundsOfSunrise, I Believe

SoundsOfSunrise, I Made It

Southern Baptist Church Mass Choir, Come Into The House

Southern Grace, Children of The Light

Southern Hospitality, For the Good Times

Southern Raised Bluegrass, A Soul Going Somewhere

SouthStar Band, A Better Tomorrow

Spaniard, Miracles Vol. 2

Spanky Williams, Personal Testimony

Spark Da` Flame, I`ll Go Up

Spark in the Dark, Brush Arbor Meeting

Speak Life, Exposed

Speak Life, I'm An EX

Special Forces, A Mother's Cry

Spellman, Vandhidaayo

Spellman, Vandhidaayo

Spencer Happoldt, Sincerely Yours Spencer

Spihunt, California Beach Praise

Spihunt, Grace and Mercy

Spirit & Truth, O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Spirit & Truth, Praize Party (Urban Mix)

Spirit & Truth, We Are Soldiers

Spirit 'n' Truth, Kingdom of Heaven

Spirit 2 Spirit, Messages

Spirit and Truth, D.L.O.W. Different Level of Worship

Spirit and Truth, Praiseology

Spirit and Truth, Worthy Praise II

Spirit Driven 2, Spirit Driven 2

Spiritlink, Kingdom

SpiriTrio, The Soprano Experience

Spirits of Love, Be Saved

Spiritual Faith, Who`ll Be A Witness

Spiritual Harmony, Bethany Ministries Presents Spiritual Harmony (feat. Robin Phifer)

Spiritual Harmony, That's Where I Want to Be

Spiritual Juice, Gods Gift

Spiritual Revelators, He's Alright

Spiritual Revelators, I'm Going Up To Glory

Spiritual Soldier, Heavenbound Spiritual Soldier

Spiritual Wings of Joy, Jesus, Keep Me

Spiritually Anointed, Life

Spiritually Holy, Jesus

Spradlee, Who The Son Set`s Free

Spydaman, Prayer (feat. C-Mion)

Squire Parsons & Samuel Parsons, Father & Son

Squire Parsons Trio, He Found Me

Squire Parsons Trio, Jesus Gave Me a Song

Squire Parsons, Christmas At Calvary/Christmas With Squir

Squire Parsons, Gospel Selections I

Squire Parsons, Heavenly Country/Wind, Rain & Fire

Squire Parsons, High Country/He Came To Me

Squire Parsons, I'm Still Singing

Squire Parsons, More Than I Ever Asked For and It Is the King of Kings

Squire Parsons, Morning Light / Going Home

Squire Parsons, Rise & Shine

Squire Parsons, The Broken Rose

Sr. Pastor Christopher Shipp & Bald Rock Baptist Church Gospel Choir, Sr. Pastor Christopher Shipp presents the Bald Rock Baptist Church Gospel Choir - Hallelujah, Praise the Lord

St Francis Confirmation Teens, Teen Rosary and Reflections

St Hilaire Brothers & Family, Wherever You Go

St Hilaire Brothers, Giving You My All

St Joseph Missionary Baptist Church, One Touch!

St Paul Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir, Celebrate His Presence - Live

St. James Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir, The Sunday Morning Experience

ST. Joseph, Raw Praise

St. Mary Student Parish Triduum Choir, Out of Darkness

St. Paul the Prince of Gospel, Hot and Poppinn for Jesus House Music

Stacey Aasiya-Bey, My Help

Stacey Aasiya-Bey, Where Would I Be

Stacey Blake, Joyful (Hymns)

Stacey Harcum, Soul Exposed

Stacey Mathers, It's About Love

Staci Smith, Whisper to My Heart

Stacie Yvette Brown, Live At Linconia

Stacy George, You Paid It

Stacy James Mayo, This Side of Heaven

Stacy Lugo, For You

Stacy Lugo, Seasons

Stacy Weaver, I Repent

Stacy Yvonne, Know & Trust

Stacye Cranford, Be Lord Of My Life

Stainless, Relentless

Stairway To Heaven, Sang To the Tune of...

Stan Collins & friends, Hallelujah is the Highest Praise

Stan Dailey, Pick It Up

Stan Hitchcock, Softly and Tenderly at The Old Country Church

Stan Riley, Second Chances

Stan Spottswood, Hallelujah to the King

Stan Torain & Continual Praise, Great God

Stan Wilkerson, Secret Place

Stan Wilkerson, Speak To My Soul

Stand, Breakthrough: Live In East London

Stanley D. Stewart, Right By My Side

Stanley Derrico, Pray

Stanley Dupont, Jesus Loves Me

Stanley Johnson, There He Was

Stanley Philips, One More Chance

Stanley Porter, All to You

Stanley Porter, Grace Amazing

Stanley Porter, Square One

Stanley Ratliff and the Voices of Lawndale, Choose Christ

Stanley Watson, Jr., I Am A New Creature

Starlett Brown, Your Majesty

Starling Bailey, Time to Be Blessed

Starling, More Than A Conqueror

Starr Neal, Jump (For the Lord)

Stars for Christ Gospel Singers, It's Amazing

Stars of Heaven, I'm Holding On

State Elder Carolyn H. Glenn & True Vision in Christ Mass Choir, Lord, I Need a Miracle

Steel City Quartet, Together Again

Stella Bass, The Glory Train

Stella Bobian, Gospel at it`s best

Stella Parton, Appalachian Gospel

Stella Parton, Testimony

Stemme, Die Kruis Is Altyd Voor My

Stephanie Aiken-Cummings, My God Is Bigger

Stephanie Best, The Time Is Now

Stephanie Boyd, Live for This

Stephanie Brinson Nugent, Joy in the City (I Got the Victory)

Stephanie Condon Hearnsberger, Higher - Single

Stephanie Condon Hearnsberger, I Have A Future

Stephanie E. Farmer, Vocal Thought

Stephanie J., Voice of Triumph

Stephanie Jackson, One Desire

Stephanie Jackson, You Are Holy

Stephanie K., Majestic

Stephanie Redd Johnson, It's a New Day!

Stephanie Samuels, More Like You

Stephanie Simpson, Inhabit

Stephanie Turner, Because You Love Me

Stephanie Turner, Because You Love Me

Stephanie, He's Got It

Stephanie, No Guts No Glory

Stephen and Lori Ward, Ignite

Stephen and Woola (Candy) LaFlora, Ministering To The Lord

Stephen Anderson & Resolved, Conquer All (feat. Izzy)

Stephen Anderson, How Excellent (Psalm8) [Radio Edit] [feat. M.I.A 3]

Stephen Anderson, The Affirmation Of Stephen

Stephen Anthony Ray, Faithful

Stephen Anthony, Undeserved Mercy

Stephen B. Steward & Joe Rozum, Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth

Stephen B. Steward, With My Whole Heart

Stephen Bautista, A Childlike Faith

Stephen Castaneda, My Journey: The Introduction EP

Stephen Charles, Quiet Time Series: Hymns to Heal Broken Hearts

Stephen Duster, Marriage Supper of The Lamb

Stephen Hackley & Life of Worship, Boldly EP


Stephen Johnson, Now I Know Why

Stephen L. Bigger, A Heart For Worship

Stephen L. Williams, City Upon A Hill

Stephen McNeil Linen & Friends, I Can Feel Him Movin

Stephen McNeil Linen, All On Calvary

Stephen Newby, We Have A Home

Stephen Nutt, Just Believe

Stephen O. Goodson, A Long Time Coming

Stephen Pree, Teach Me How to Love

Stephen Skelton, Divine Mother Guan Yin (feat. Chloe)

Stephen Springfield, Stephen Springfield

Stephen Witt, Burn the Ships

Stephen Worthen, Trophy of Grace

Stephon Dixon, My Beginning

Steps Ordered, Mighty God Working


Steve "Rabbit" Easter, Mixin It Up

Steve Adams, The Way of the World - Wow

Steve Adams, You`re All I Need--My Magnum Vocal Opus

Steve and Dave Mason, My Creator

Steve Betz, Hope

Steve Carter Jr., The Need For Jesus

Steve Crawford, I'm a Believer

Steve Crawford, Steve Crawford

Steve Darmody, Constant Refuge

Steve Darmody, Hymns on Heaven

Steve Darmody, Shall We Learn To Be Friends

Steve Eulberg and friends, Christ Is Our Peace

Steve Gilmour, All for Love

Steve Gray, Hymns My Mom and Dad Taught Me

Steve Harris, Overflow

Steve Hornbeak, Hear My Prayer

Steve Hughes, There You Were

Steve James, Home Tonight

Steve Jasper & Royal Bloodline, Believe

Steve Kelly, Revival Waves of Glory

Steve Key & Company, Go Tell It

Steve Key & Company, Go Tell It

Steve Key & Company, Let Your Light Shine

Steve Key & Company, Praise & Worship You

Steve Key & Company, Wonderful God

Steve Key & Company, You Are My God

Steve Key and Company, Peaceful Inspiration

Steve Key and Company, We Worship You

Steve Kirtley, I'll Go Up Shouting

Steve Kirtley, Master of the Storm

Steve Kropp, Peaks and Valleys

Steve Lang/Mark Biech, Take Off Your Shoes

Steve Lowndes, Design For Life

Steve McCoy, RENEWED

Steve McCuin, Transition

Steve Miller, His Will Is Coming

Steve Redig, Before Today

Steve Sawyer, Bless the Red, White, And Blue

Steve Sleeper, Jesus I Come

Steve Wulfeck, Free

Steven Almodovar, En Tu Barca Estoy Yo

Steven Barr, Santuario

Steven Cox, Give God the Glory

Steven D. Edmonds, God Is All U Need

Steven D. Edmonds, Take God's Hand

Steven Daniels and Shiloh Gospel Choir, God Is Real

Steven Davenport, Electric Exalter

Steven Fletcher, Ancient Breeze

Steven Foster, Wonderful Peace

Steven Jones, The Apology (Sorry)

Steven Lambert, Choices

Steven M. Bell, Portrait Of A Minstrel

Steven Marking, Grandma's Favorite Gospel Hymns

Steven Michael Johnson, For God and Country

Steven Millhorn, It's My Desire to Bring You Up (feat. Grace Maker & Hannah Maker)

Steven Natwan, I want 2 B Saved

Steven Oudean, Billy

Steven Padilla, Let Me Sing, Let Me Dance

Steven Padilla, Sailing to the Lighthouse (Favorite Hymns, Vol. 1)

Steven Padilla, Walk With Him

Steven Parent, That Name

Steven Rivenbark, Mercy Rain

Steven Scott, Bible Totin Preacher Man

Steven Seminara, Twelve Twenty-Five O Seven

Steven Sherwood Jr., Lost in Your Presence

Steven Spalding, Your Song Lord

Steven Whitson, I'm Believin'

Stevens Creek Church, Alive

Stéfanno Dias, Deus Vivo

Stéfanno Dias, Deus Vivo

Still Point, Praise Him

Still Point, Witnesses

Still Waters, Tapestry of Love

Sto Flowers, No Crying

Stone Thug, God's Money Is the Best Money

Stone Thug, Man vs Tornado

Stone Thug, Too Many Christians Are Going to Hell

Stone Unturned, Stone Unturned

StoneShadows, StoneShadows

Stoney Rhodes, Be Encouraged

Stoney Rhodes, Going Throught A Storm

Storm Walker, Prayer

Story of Today, Restoration

Straight Avenue Band, Journals - The Wilderness Sessions

Straight is the Way, Press N

Strellie, Strong in Faith

Strings of Victory, There's a Land

Strive, Blessings in the Air

Strive, Stairway to Heaven

Strive, The Old Man

Stronghold, When We Finally Reach Heaven

Stuart Matthews, Gospel Favorites, Vol. 1

Stubborn Love, You Might Have Heard of Me

Studebee & Michelle, Classical Meets Country

Studio Players, My Quiet Time: Hymns of Restoration and Reflection

Studio Players, Top 20 Christmas Hymns for Bluegrass Lovers

Stutzman Family Singers, Rock of Ages

Sue Duffield, Sweet Life

Sue Reddin and Friends, The Right Direction

Sue Roseberry, He's Very Much Alive

Sue Schmidt, Chillax-Mediations for Health and Happiness

Sue Trimble, God`s Glory

Suellen Lima, Impacto

Sueno De Un Heroe, Sueno De Un Heroe

Suhail Patel, Words of Peace

Sujatha Selwyn, Nenjamae

Sujatha Selwyn, Nenjamae, Vol. 2

Sujatha Selwyn, Nenjamae, Vol. 3

Sula Maia, Promessa

Sula Maia, Promessa (Play Back Version)

Summit Ensemble, Change in the Makin'

Sun Hill, Choices

Sunday Eromosele, Jehovah...The Most High Remix

Sunday Eromosele, Shine On Me

Sunday Jolayemi, Gospel CD Compilation

Sunday Jolayemi, It's Only You (Remix)

Sunday Jolayemi, Ore Iyebiye (Medley)

Sunny Tranca, Leul Din Iuda

Sunshine and Bergey, SAGA

Sunshine, Sunshine Sings

Sunshine, They Are Pure Light

Sunshine, You Taught Me How To Love

Super Truth, Jesus Territory

Superchick Life, Powfirmations: Guided Power Affirmations

Superhero, Burn and Dazzle

SuperNatural, You and Me Against the World

Supreme Harmonettes, He's a Keeper

Supreme Sons, Let It Go

Surely 1, Nana Nyame

Surrender, I Just Wanna Love Him

Surrender, Sacrificed

Surround Sound, Diary Of A Church Band

Surrounding Jericho, The Flow


Susan Best, A Voice...

Susan Buckley Cumbie, Never Too Late

Susan Chiat, From the Heart

Susan Coe, Hope

Susan Earle, No Vacancy

Susan Funk, Here In My Room (Unplugged)

Susan Grace, Think Again

Susan Quintyne, Worthy Of Worship

Susan Solomon Edeh, My Hiding Place

Susan Waite, Goin' Through A Time

Susan Whisnant, For the Life of Me

Susana Allen, Los Muros Caen

Susie and Jim Mertz, Blessed!

Susie Brenner, The Journey

Suzann Smiley, Climbing That Mountain

Suzanne Balcom, Amazing Grace

Suzanne, Suzanne

Suzie Moon Publications, Bring Out the Fire

Suzie Moon, Can't Just Pass the Time

Sw Washington, I'll Do It

Swami Gurusharanananda & The Boys of Ma Sharanam, Ma Sharanam

Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, Bliss of Consciousness: Ananda

Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, Embodied Infinity

Swan Silvertones, Need More Love

Swapna Abraham, Flashback: The Best of Swapna

Swapna Abraham, Lessons in the Wilderness

Sweet Daddy BC, Show Us Your Glory

Sweet Deliverance, Let It Flow

Sweet Deliverance, Sweet Sweet Spirit

Sweet Deliverance, Take His Hand

Sweet Deliverance, Walk On

Sweet Spirit, He Is Love

Sweet Symphony, Love Everlasting

Swindon Gospel Choir, You Are the Same

Sydney & Paige Henry, He Washed Me

Sydney & Paige Henry, Whatever

Sydney Hill, God's Devine Will

Sydney Staff Songsters, The Voice of a Saviour

Sylvee, Declaration of Love

Sylvester and Cheryl Gough, Come Into This Place

Sylvia Benford, It's In The Praise

Sylvia Asamoah, Halelujah

Sylvia Fedrick, A Celebration

Sylvia Fedrick, Keep Holding On

Sylvia Harris, Saints in Praise (For Your Glory Lord)

Sylvia Howard, It's In My Praise

Sylvia Jones, A Reason

Sylvia Jones, Miracle (Remix)

Syncere Praze, Intimate Praise


Synethia Burgess-Hill, I'M IN AWE OF YOU

Synethia Burgess-Hill, Lord Make Me Whiter Than Snow

Syte Unseen, Choices

Syvia Ajayi, Here I Am Use Me

Syvia Ajayi, The God of Love & Wonders

Syvia Ajayi, Your Ways Are True

T & I, Vessel

T & I, With God's Love

T Bryant, A Change Is Gonna Come

T M O C, The Blessing

T&E Gospel Music, Heaven Is : 1916

T, Glorious

T-Jay, Worthy

T. Arlington, The Redeem of the Lord

t. david, t. david

T. Lynn, Just Praise and Worship

T. Pete Etterman, Latitude and Altitude

T. Pete Etterman, Songs That Grandma Used to Sing

T. West And The West Wind Singers, All Creatures

T.A.G. Praise, My Redeemer Lives

T.D. Oakes, You

T.D. Trice, You Are Blessed

T.J. & the Bridge, The Freedom Project

T.J. Herrick, Out of the Box

T.L. Gathen, A Songwriter`s Heart

T.L. Robinson, Revealed Spoken Revelations

T.O.U.C.H.E.D, Not Alone

T.R.A.P.P., Pain Medicine

T3g, Christmas With T3g

Ta'carr Omega Freeman, My Breakthough

Tabernacle Voices Of Praise, Times of Refreshing

Tabita Loya, Mi Felicidad

Taco and Jac, We Welcome You

Tade Ogidan, OGD all Stars Jamz

Tahirih, Uncovered

Tahleho Nkalai, Khalemela Mmolai

Tahleho Nkalai, Ntlohelleng Ke Tsamaye

Tai Jay, Do Your Dance

TAJ, Speak On It

Take Two Variety Band, Make My Eyes to See

Take Two Variety Band, Take that Train to Glory

Takeyla Taylor, Dwell in Me

Takeyla Taylor, Until You Bless Me

Takim, I Can`t Go Back

Talegrand Noel, Sa Se Pen Lavi A

Talein, Don`t Turn Your Back On God

Talitha, Healer

Tallie Rogers, Try Jesus

Tamaleah Everette, Converted

Tamara Coleman, Free 2b Me

Tamara F. Halyard, Righteous

Tamara F. Halyard, Wait On You

Tamara R. Davis, God Made Me

Tamara Smith, I'm Changing

Tamara Smith, Instrument of Praise

Tamerick Brazzell, Hello (We Are Here)

Tamesha Pruett, Always Watching Over

Tamesha Pruett, He Reigns Forever

Tami Rose, My Hope Is in You

Tamika Brown, On A Mission

Tamika Craig, Extra Ordinary

Tamika Jones, It Is Finished

Tammaca Bevis, Sweet Lullaby

Tammy Caesar, FaithFul

Tammy Dixon, Perfect Love (feat. J. Nathan)

Tammy Jennings, The God of Another Chance

Tammy Jones, Blank Canvas

Tammy Rodgers, Two-Minute Town

Tammy Shay, Jesus You're Worthy

Tammy Terrell, If It Had Not Been

Tammy Trout, Heartset

Tammy Trout, Tammy Trout (Live Worship)

Tammy Trout, You Are Jehovah (Live)

Tammy Tyree, The Anchor

Tammy Ware, Unashamed

Tammy Warren, Heaven

Tammyc, Divinity

Tangelia Brown, I Want to Know Jesus (Rereleased)

Tangina, My Destiny

Tania Levy, Estações

Tanja Nachtigall (T Nacht Trio), Love You Forever

Tanja Solnik, Lullabies And Love Songs

Tanner C Winchester, There Is a River

Tanner Gary, Great God

Tanner Gary, You Been Good

Tanya Anisimova, Cello Suites by J.S. Bach, Volume 2

Tanya Bennett, You Are

Tanya Dallas Lewis, Miracles

Tanya Dallas-Lewis, Miracles

Tanya Geffrard, I'm Running to Win (feat. Lanette Hester, Jonathan Lawrence, Michael Bell & Gloria Jones)

Tanya McMurray, King of Creation

Tara Williams, Touch Of Love

Taree, Cliff Duncan Luv & Q, The Wonderful World of Love Compilation

Tareka Lofton, The Live Experience

TariQue Cooper, I'm Crying Call Me

Taronish Outlaw, Shine On Me

Tarra F. Jones, Wrapped In Worship...The Prelude

Tarralyn Ramsey, 'Tis the Season for Miracles

Taryn Johnson, Great & Mighty

Tash Nicole, God's Child II

Tasha Turner, Hey, It's A Beautiful Day

Tashai Houston, I Give You the Glory Lord

Tashana Perry, Tashana Perry Second Chance

Tashika Benson, Unconditional Love

Tate Moore, Sunday Service

Tatenda Mahachi, Declarations

Tati Ferreira, Vivo Está

Tatsuya Shioya & Miwa Shioya, You Set Me Free

Taundra, R & B (Reality & Blessings)

Taurus McClendon, Gotta Wait (feat. Lowell Pye)

Taurus McClendon, Something For The Soul

Taveem J. Gibson, I Present

Tavis Minner, Amen (The Extended Version) [feat. Mitchel Minner]

Tavis Minner, Angels We Have Heard On High

Tavis Minner, Christmas With Tavis

Tawan E. Bailey, A Love

Tawan E. Bailey, My Hero

Tawinika McKoy, Made Over

Tawinika McKoy, Made Over

Tay Clemons, Journey to Love

Taye Prodigal, Se Bebe

Taylor & Chad, Let It Go

Taylor, Soulrious

Taylor-Made, I'll Go

Taylorhyll, From Far Away

Taylorhyll, Heal Our Land

Tayme' Tee, Gonna Be O.K.

Tayme` Tee, So Good

TB II, Fresh Start

TBC, Não Temas, Eu Sou Teu Deus

TBG Productions, Artists Compilation

TC Bereal, Through It All

TCT, We`ll Never Be The Same

Teco Trent, Are & Be

Tecora Rogers and the Chicago Spirituals, Christmas With the Spirituals

Ted Brabham and Stephanie Casteel, Hymns of Faith. . . Songs of Hope

Ted Brabham, By Request, A Long Journey Home

Ted Brabham, The Prayer

Ted Krehbiel, Help Me Say Goodbye

Ted Roberson, Jesus Said (I Love You)

Ted Roberson, My Last Mile

Ted Schempp, Walk Worthy

Ted Wizard Mills, Show Me (Remix)

Ted Wizard Mills, Still Standing

Tedd Fish, Celebrate Hope

Tedd Fish, One More Song For You

Tedd Graves, Homecoming

Teddy Cross, Family Healing, Vol. I

Tee Triiumph, Watch & Pray

Tee Tunnell Harris, Secrets in the Sanctuary (feat. Tamika Hall, Dion LeMon, A Jermaine Nixon, Joy Grimmage & Chase Lamar Smith)

Teejaysoul, Tokoni (Praise)

Teira, God Made Us All

Tekoa T.K. Christopher, Favor of the Lord

Tele, At Your Feet

Telma Ellos, Telma Ellos

Tembalami, Brighter Day

Temika Moore, Every Word (Single)

Tempero do Céu, Tempero do Céu

Temple University Concert Choir Conducted By Paul Rardin, Waken the Dawn

Temple University Concert Choir, Northern Lights

Tempo de Adorar, Tu Es

Tempus Dei, Tempo de Deus

Ten Trillion Lights, The Cleansing Project

Tendai Nelson, Amazed

Tenin, More & More

Tennishia King, No Exit

Teofania, Teofania

Tere'sa, Celebrate

Terea', It's Up 2 You

Terence Buttons Burton Jr., Lord Jesus, Thanks for Saving Me

Terence Clayton, Nobody Like Our God

Teresa Bender & The Faith Walkers, Don't Take Me Yet

Teresa Bender, Blessed

Teresa Bender, Peace and Happiness

Teresa Carol, On the Wings of an Eagle

Teresa Haynes, Inseparable Love

Teresa Murray, Hold On

Teresa Murray, I AM..Teresa Murray (A Hidden Jewel)

Teresa Pressley, Genesis

Teresa Taylor, Purple Heart

Teresa Taylor, With These Hands

Teresa Tedder, Precious Memories

Teresa Teri & Unique, Crush On You

Teresa Teri, Never Stop Prazin

Teresa Yager, Inside Out

Teressa Devine, Go B-4 Me

Teri Merliss, Be Strong Wise Women, You Are Stronger Than You Think

Teri Simmons With Renewed Faith, 2005 Live

Teri Simmons With Renewed Faith, Use Me Your Way

Ternae Jordan, Miraclechild Media Group Presents "Help"

Ternae Jordan, Transparent 27:93

Terneille (TaDa), Sanctigroove

Terrance & Avis Turner, Daily Living

Terrance Cheatham & Agape, Meet the Lord

Terrance Daye and Christian Music Ministries, We Need Your Presence

Terrance Frederick, Illuminated

Terrance J, Must B Love

Terrance McDonald, My Life Belongs to You

Terrell Brown, My Praise Is for You

Terrell Henderson, Worthy O Lord

Terrell Hunt, My Gift To You

Terrell L. Taylor, I See Nations

Terrell Q Lane, Thank You

Terrell Steven, Answer the Call

Terrell Walker & True Warriors, Jeremiah

Terrence Cotton, Worthy

Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony, Freedom

Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony, Step Aside

Terrence Mackey and NU Restoration, Restoration Vol. 1

Terrence Muse, Beautiful Day

Terrence Robinson, Heaven's Calling

Terrence T-Bone Frierson, Taste n See

Terrence Williams, My Praise

Terrence Williams, You Reign

Terri B., Jehovah God

Terri Cann, And to You (feat. Chanese Elife)

Terri Cann, Way of Escape

Terri Corker, Walkin' in the Light

Terri Davis, This Time

Terri G. Simmons, Praise the Lord - Single

Terri Gibbs, Comfort the People

Terri Gibbs, No Doubt About It

Terri Gibbs, Turnaround

Terri Gibbs, What a Great Day

Terri Gibbs, Your Grace Still Amazes Me

Terri McConnell, He Worked It Out

Terri McConnell, Speak the Word

Terri McFarland, O Holy Night

Terrie Rimson, Zion

Terrill and Company, Tell It Like It Is

Terry & Debra Luna, I Know

Terry & Debra Luna, We Are a Family

Terry Blackwood, From The Heart

Terry Bone, The Way of an Eagle

Terry Davis, "A Songwriter`s Dream" - CD Single

Terry Davis, A Songwriter`s Dream

Terry Davis, Yes He Can! (feat. A. C. Collins)

Terry Dember, Chill'n In Heaven

Terry Greene, Missing You - Single

Terry Hamilton, Ashcamp Roots of My Faith

Terry Hamilton, Bless the Children

Terry Hamilton, Life's Railway

Terry M Davis, Healing Rain

Terry MacAlmon, Everlasting Love (Live Worship from South Africa)

Terry MacAlmon, For God and the Nations

Terry Myrick Sophomore project, Show Me The Way

Terry Newsome, Fear No 1 (Double Album)

Terry Newsome, Mo Soul Music With Praiz People

Terry Newsome, Soul Music

Terry Newsome, Soul'D Out

Terry Reynolds, Seeking You Father

Terry Strom, Let Him Set You Free

Terry Sue Crawford, Deeper

Terry Sue Crawford, Heart for the Broken

Terry Symonds, The Spirit Beckons

Terry Terrell, Back On My Feet

Terry Terrell, The Door

Terry Townsend, Whitney Jones & Chris Joel, Get What U Want Outta Life

Terry Zylman, Moods Of Inspiration

Terryln Small, Victory in My Praise

Testify, 10th Anniversary

Testify, Rhythm Of Grace

Testify, The Highest Call

Testimony Joe, Reliable God

Testimony Sings, Lift Him Up (Extended)

Testimony Sings, The Lord's Prayer

Tetyana Cope, Journey to the Third Heaven

Tetyana Cope, Thinking of Your Eyes

Tewaine Wicks, My Commitment

Texas Bible College, Called To Be

Tha Dex, Forgiveness

ThaGodseed, Single Eyed

Thalita Barros, Não Fique Triste

That Rida`s Clique (TRC), Let Me Hear Ya Holla

The 3 Wise Guys, An Instrumental Christmas

The A.R.C. Singers, It Turned Out Right (feat. Bille Stylings & Charles Champion)

The Aaron/day Project, Christ In Me!

The Abrams of Sumter, Sc, Jesus You Been Good to Me

The Akins, Vintage

The Alabama Gurlz, Everyday Life

The Allen Family, Songs of Yesterday

The Amundruds, That`s Love

The Andrews Gospel Singers, Open Your Heart

The Angela Williams, Monroe Patterson & D'aven French, Finally

The Angelaires, You Can Make It With Jesus

The Angelic Shaw Sisters, Starting All Over

The Angelico, Loving Lord/Dark To Light [CD Single]

The Anointed Band, Seeking Jesus

The Anointed Brothers of Flint, Michigan, Introducing The Anointed Brothers of Flint,Michigan

The Anointed Brothers, Tell Jesus

The Anointed Brown Gospel Singers, I Know My Name Is Written in the Lamb Book of Life

The Anointed Ones Tao, Im On the Verge

The Anointed Ones, The Anointed Ones

The Anointed Straughter Sisters, Lord You Brought Me

The Anointed Uk, Hayo Mathata

The Anointed UK, Intando

The Anointed Vessels, He Changed Me

The Anointed Voices of Praise, A Gift of Chances

The Anointed Voices of Praise, Anointed With a Purpose

The Anointed Voices of Praise, He Will Provide

The Anointed Voices of Praise, Look At What The Lord Has Done

The Anointed Voices of Praise, The Chosen Ones

The Anointed Voicez, Sweet Old Spirit

the Anselm, The Anselm

The Appointed, Dominique M. Dunbar & The Appointed

The Archipelagian Heritage Band, The Bible

The Atkins Family, A Touch Of Grace

The Atkins Family, He Is God

The Atkins Family, Making It Home

The Atlanta Travelers, Signs of God's Love

The Austin Singers, Jesus You're All I Need to Get By!

The AXIS Worship Band, i believe: the album

The Babcocks, Journey

The Baggy Bottom Boys, Heaven Bound

The Baggy Bottom Boys, It's a Cowboy Church

The Baggy Bottom Boys, Rest Area

The Baggy Bottom Boys, W W J D

The Bailey Family, A Bailey Family Christmas: Emmanuel

The Baldwins, I Still Believe

The Balos Family, Press Toward the Mark

The Banks Family, Lover of My Soul

The Banks Family, Mama Keep On Praying

The Banks Family, Walking By Faith

The Barkley Family, 30 Years and Looking Back

The Barkleys And Company, None But The Righteous

The Barnes Project, Everything

The Barnes Project, Get Back

The Barnes Project, Get Back (Remix) (feat. Da Prinz)

The Barnes Project, Verse II: The Awakening

The Barr`s, Destiny

The Bartons, Family

The Bass Brothers, Call Me Back

The Bateman Family, Give God The Glory

The Benton Brothers, Take Care Of Momma

The Beulah Baptist Church Choir and Jas. Funk, Take It To The Streets!

The Bishop's Choir, Be Steadfast

The Bishops Quartet, Heaven is Too Far for You to Walk

The Bishops Quartet, I Know What Prayer Can Do

The Black Academy Choir, Medicine: Live At the Black Academy

The Blackwood Quartet, The Legend Lives On

The Blessed Ones, Truth Is The Light

The Blood Washed Band of South Dakota, #7 Bucket List

The Blythe Family, Making Me Stronger

The Bol Worship Center, Excellence: a Praise and Worship Experience

The Bordens, Hope

The Bournés, Darling

The Boyette Family, Forever in His Light

The Boys and Girls Choir Of Harlem, God`s By Design

The Boys Choir of Harlem, Precious Lord....take my hand

The Boys Choir of Harlem, We Shall Overcome

The Bridge, Have A Little Talk With Jesus

The Brotherhood Singers, 20 years, and Just Gettin' Started

The Brotherhood Singers, One Purpose Only

The Brotherhood Singers, One Purpose Only

The Brothers in Christ, Transition

The Brown Band, Foundations

The Brown Boyz, Jump for Joy

The Brown Sisters, Rainbow in the Clouds

The Browns, A New Day

The Browns, Heritage Hymn Collection. Vol. 1

The Browns, Now

The Bryant Family, New Walk

The Burch Family, Jesus Is With Me

The Buyck Brothers, The Cross Is the Difference

The C.O.H.S. Group, Themes of Power & Praise

The Campbell Sisters, Still Standing

The Cargils, New

The Carlton Singers, On Fire

The Carr Family, Finish Well

The Carson Gospel Singers, Give Him Praise

The Carter-Robertson Band, Someday Soon

The Cary Lawson Family, In Jesus' Hands

The Cause Church, Ten: 10

The Cephus Sisters, Generations

The Chancellors Quartet, Hide Thou Me

The Chancellors Quartet, Let Us All Go Back

The Chancellors Quartet, One Way Ticket

The Chestnut Brothers, Peace Suite

The Chestnut Brothers, Travelin` On

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. I, The Great Beyond

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. II, What Love

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. III, The Light On The River

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. IV, The Little Old Church By the Road

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. IX, We've Traveled A Long Way.....Singing For the Lord

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. V, When I Shall Ride the Clouds

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. VI, The Amazing...

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. VII, Another Friend Is Gone

The Chestnut Grove Quartet Collection, Vol. VIII, Where No Cabins Fall

The Chief, Bitter Warfare

The Chimes of Canaan, Galilee

The Choirs of First Presbyterian Church, Clarks Summit, PA, With Joy: The Choral Music of Daniel Kallman

The Chosen Ones, Let It Be Real

The Christ in Me Youth and Young Adult Choir, I Know a Man Name Jesus

The Christian Brothers, All the Way With Jesus

The Christian Brothers, Restoration

The Christian Brothers, Speak to Me

The Christian Souls, Don`t Give Up

The Church of the Living God, COTLG Total Worship Experience

The Clark Brothers, Take Care of Me

The Cockman Family, All About Love

The Coffmans, Unconditional

The Cokers, For the Lord Is Good

The Cokers, Through the Veil

The College Choir & Rejoice, How Great Thou Art: The Music of Welch College

The Columbus Metro Mass Choir, Spend Time With Me (feat. Charles Johnson)

The Company, The Lost Code

The Compilation, O Come Let Us Adore Him

The Concert Supremes, We Got A Message

The Cork Singers, Keep Moving Forward

The Corpus Christi Male Chorale, Let The Nations Sing

The Coulee Gospel Cats, Beautiful Dreamer

The Coulters, Staying In The Battle

The Covenant Messengers, He`s Comin` Back

The Covenant Project, so they can ..."Dream"

The Crew, Total Praise

The Crowe Family, Unashamed

The Crownsmen, Heartfelt

The Cruzarz, Trilogy

The Damascus Experie, Conversion

The Damascus Experience, Conversion

The Damascus Experience, Sword Of The Spirit

The Daniels, After All

The Dartts, Down To The Sea In Ships

The Dartts, Get Up and Get Your Shoes On

The Dartts, Pointless

The Daughters of Mary, The Angel of the Lord

The Dave Melton Family Singers, We Choose to Praise

The DeFinitive Soul of Angie, Must Love

The Deliverance Singers, God Is so Good

The Dills, The Story of a Lifetime

The Disciples, Change

The Discovery Mass Band, Discovery in the Chapel

The Divine Souls, Serve

The Divine Spirituals, We've Come This Far By Faith

The DMB Project, You Are (Live) [feat. LaRue Howard]

The DOC Band, The DOC Band - Matt Ross

The Dotsons, Still Small Voice

The Doves, That's Family

The Downs Family, Cover Me

The Drummond Family, Hope in the Valley

The Drummond Family, Mama's Favorite Hymns

The Drummond Family, Walk On

The Drury Family, Hear My Cry

The Drury Family, Memories

The Dunaways, Church in the Kitchen

The Dunaways, It's A God Thing

The Dwayne Cook Band, It's a God Thing

The Dynamic Rugged Cross Singers, Not Alone

The Easter Family, There's a Better Life

The Eddie Cole Band, The Rise and Fall of Babylon

The Edwards Brothers of Morven, GA, Be Patient (Wait On The Lord)

The Edwards Brothers, Presents The Greatest Hits

The Edwards Family, All That Matters

The Edwards Family, Because of Him

The Edwards Family, I'd Tell the World

The Edwards Family, Just Passing Thru

The Elders, Elders - EP

The Electrifying United Mass Choir, All About a Prayz

The Emmanuels, Don't You Move

The English Brothers, Range In the Sky

The Erwins, It Was His Love (Radio Recut)

The Evangelaires of Lexington, N. C., Nothing But The Blood

The Evangelist, All I Want is You - Single

The Exciting Spiritual Echoes, Get Ready It's Time!

The Fairfield Four, Revival

The Family of God Singers, Tell Me That Story Again

The Family Trio, Mary, What You Gonna Call Yo` Baby

The Fantastic Bibletones, I've Got to Tell It

The Fantastic Bibletones, Just as I Am

The Fantastic Gospel Sons, Jesus Is Knocking

The Fantastic Mississippi Nightingales, A New Dawning

The Fantastic Mississippi Nightingales, Message To Jesus

The Fantastic Vocalaires, Eternal Life

The Far City Boys, Live Again

The Finneys, Christmas With the Finneys

The Finneys, On the Right Track

The Finneys, You Asked for It

The Fire Brothers, By and By

The Fire Brothers, God Brought Me Through the Storm

The Fire Brothers, Midnight Train

The Fire Brothers, The Fire Brothers Live

The Firmamentation, Great Things

The Foster Family, A Higher Call

The Fountain City Spiritualaires, Running for Jesus

The Four O'clocks, No Presents Just Love

The Four Stars, With the Lord in Mind

The Fowler Family, God Knows the Reason Why

The Fraser Family, Christ Is King

The Freemans, Voice in the Desert

The Friendly Five, Hold to God's Unchanging Hand

The Frierson Brothers, I Trust in God

The Frierson Brothers, Since I Been Born Again

The Frierson Brothers, We Need Love

The Gambia Evangelical Voices (E.C.G Bundungkakunda), "Kisso Naata"(Salvations Has Come)

The Gann Brothers, Revived

The Garretts, Best of the Garretts, Vol 1

The Garretts, The Best of the Garretts, Vol. Two

The Glory E.P., The Glory E.P.

The Gobers, Hymns Collection

The Gobers, I'm Gonna Stand

The Gobers, What a Day

The Golatt Links of Harmony, The Golatt Experience

The Golden Bells, Journey

The Golden Crowns, The Golden Crowns-2

The Golden Gospel Pearls feat LaToya Cathey, Happy Day - Maxi Single (single with 4 mixes)

The Golden Lambs, Born Again

The Golden Tone Quartet, Iam A Changed Man

The Goldengates of Eastern North Carolina, Live And More

The Good Deeds, Songs From Marilyn`s Heart

The Goodwill Trio, The Goodwill Trio-From The Old Country Church

The Gospel Blenders, The Gospel Blenders

The Gospel Cavaliers, Lord I Give My Life

The Gospel Connection Project, The Gospel Connection Project Vol. #1

The Gospel Crusaders, Christian Race

The Gospel Crusaders, He's All I Need

The Gospel Crusaders, Pressin On (feat. Cly Graham)

The Gospel Disciples, God Is Real

The Gospel Five, Cover Me

The Gospel Girlz, Change

The Gospel Hummingbirds, Life Songs

The Gospel Inspirations, Featured at The Boyd Chapel, Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C.

The Gospel Lights, Got Heaven On My Mind

The Gospel Messengers Of Crescent, Set My Soul Free

The Gospel Messengers of Faith, I Praise God!

The Gospel Paraders, My Name Has Been signed

The Gospel Paraders, Paraders 3

The Gospel Roadhouse Radio Hour, Episode One: The Wayfaring Stranger

The Gospel Saxophone of Reggie Houston, Wordless Praise

The Gospel Sensations, The Midnight Cry

The Gospel Sonz of Pine Bluff, There is no Limit

The Gospel Souls of Flint, Lifting Up the Name of Jesus

The Gospel Stars, Bound For Glory

The Gospel Storytellers, The Sand House Collection

The Gospel Uniques, I've Been Changed

The Gossman Passion, The Gossman Passion

The Grigsby Sisters, Remembering Christmas With the Grigsby Sisters

The Grigsby Sisters, Shine Through Me (Remastered)

The Group Fire, Right Now

The Guardians, Let My Heart Sing

The Gunters, Jesus I'll Never Forget

The Gunters, More Than Conquerors

The Gyft, It's Official: Jude 24

The Hackett`s, Our Father`s Songs

The Hall Bros., River of Life

The Hall Family, Touring That City

The Hambys, Expressions Of Hope

The Hammers, Yes I Know - Single

The Harlem GospeLive Revue, The Style Of Gospel

The Harmonic Bells, He Keeps On Blessing Me

the hartfield family, paradise in the valley

The Haworths, We're Gonna Raise the Roof

The Haymons, Speak Your Peace

The Haymons, Speak Your Peace (Performance Tracks)

The Heavenly Heirs, Heaven Is My Goal

The Heavenlyetts, Overflow

The Hebrew Boys, Rescue Me

The Hebrew Boys, The Realization

The HeBrewBoyz, David's Dance

The HeBrewBoyz, On a Mission

The Hedges and Highways Gospel Singers, Show Me the Way

The Henley Family Gospel Singers, Done Deal

The Hensley Ensemble, Christmas With the Hensley's

The Heralds, Be Still My Soul

The Heralds, Christmas

The Heralds, En La Mansion Gloriosa

The Heralds, Morning Has Broken

The Heralds, The Way We Were

The Heralds, Try a Little Kindness

The Heralds, Un Dia a La Vez

The Heralds, Volvemos a Cantar

The Hi-Lite Juniors, Songs From The Heart

The High Road, Give Thanks

The High Road, The High Road

The Hildegard Singers, O Greenest Branch: Songs of St. Hildegard of Bingen

The Hoehns, The Hoehns Sing Out for Jesus

The Horton Family, The Journey

The House of Joy Praise Team, Lord I Surrender


The Hunter Brothers, Ship of Salvation

The Hunter Family and Friends, All Our Best Bluegrass... To You!

The Hyssongs, Believe

The I.E. Generation, Shout Oh Zion

The Impact Nation Choir, The in Times

The Imperials, No Shortage

The Incandescent, Glory & Fire

The Inspired Catholic Voices, Can`t Stop Serving The Lord!

The Inspired Catholic Voices, Praise Him Forever

The Inspired Catholic Voices, Praise Him Forever

The Inspired Catholic Voices, We Come in the Name of Jesus

The Jackson Family, One Prayer Away

The Jacksonaires of Star City, Ar., Grace

The Jacksonaires, The Jacksonaires

The James Brothers & Sister Caroline, Riding With Jesus

The James', Rescue Me

The Jefferson Sisters, I Can`t Make It (Without You Lord)

The Jesus Project, Sing For Jesus

The Johnson Family Singers/Betty Johnson, Singing On The Mountain

The Johnson Family, Ride Of Your Life

The Johnson Family, Walk On

The Johnson Strings, Classified

The Johnson Temple Cogic Mass Choir, Wonderful Is What You Are to Me

The Jones Boys of North Carolina, You Gave Me Another Chance / This Joy That I Have

The Jones Family Singers, We Made It

The Jones Family, What A Privilege

The Jones Sisters, Too Young

The Joslin Grove Choral Society, 50 Hymns and Praise Favorites

The Joslin Grove Choral Society, 50 Hymns and Praise Favorites Vol 2

The Josties, Jesus Free Us

The Josties, Story of My Life

The Junior Angels, Changed

The Keller Brothers, Sing the Gospel

The Kenny Coen Project, Who Is He?

The Kenny Smith Project, The Key of G

The Keplingers, I Believe in Miracles

The Kevin Sharpe Group, Introducing The Kevin Sharpe Group

The Kilgore Family & Friends Choir, All Praise to Jesus

The Kings 4, Christening

The King`s Heralds, Songs for Kids

The Kitsons, The Kitsons

The Knight Family, Armed & Ready

The Knight Family, Burning Bush Moments

The Kommitted Music Group, Masterpiece

The Kommitted Music Group, Nothing Too Hard

The Ladd Family, Unleash

The Ladd Family/ Da Rocwildas, Unleash (Da UK Remix)

The Lamar Sisters, Love is Calling

The Lamar Sisters, Open the Eyes of My Heart

The Leak Brothers AKA the Stars Of Joy, Down Not Out

The Lebeaus, Vintage

The Lee Singers, In the Presence of the Lord

The Legacy, He Gave It All

The Legendary Shortman Hardy, Sweet Home

The Legendary Soul Stirrers, The Legend Continues

The Leggett Brothers, I'm Going Home Another Way

The Lehman Family, When the Angels Carry Me Home

The Lewis Singers, Redeemed

The Lifters, Pentecost, Vo. II

The Lighthouse Singers, Reaching Higher Heights - Live in Baton Rouge

The Living Word C.O.G.I.C Mass Choir, Live in Waco

The Lord's Anointed, The Lord's Anointed

The Lore Family, Mount Testimony

The Loving Sisters, Take It To Jesus

The Lower Lights, A Hymn Revival

The Lower Lights, A Hymn Revival: Vol. 2

The Lower Lights, Come Let Us Adore Him

The LP Music Project, We Have Come

The Manifested Sons of God, The Lord Of The Rhyme

The Manning Brothers, Continue to Pray

The Maracle Family, Karonyakdadeh (Hymns of the Mohawk Elders)

The Master`s Pen, Listen To The Songs

The Matthews Family, I Want to See Jesus for Myself

The Matthews Family, I'm Trusting You

The McClanahans, Here We Go Again

The McGhie Family, Must Jesus Bear the Cross

The McIntyre Family, Our Daddy Our praise

The McKains, Language of Liberation

The McKains, My Life...No Strings Attached

The McKains, Praise the Lamb

The McKains, Unfailing Love - EP

The McKeltons, Return 2 Love

The McMillans, Heaven's Getting Nearer

The Mcmillans, Thankful

The Melodic Guitars, All Time Gospel Favorites

The Men's Ensemble, All Glory to Jesus

The Messenger, Elder John Thomas, Jesus is Worthy To Be Praised

The Messenger, Pray Everyday

The Messengers, Outlaws Set Free

The Mighty Gospel Warriors, A Warriors Journey Continues

The Mighty Aires, Can't Give Up Now

The Mighty Gospel Imperials, After All This Time

The Mighty Linder Singers, Lord, We Honor You

The Mighty Men of Brown, More Than A Conqueror

The Mighty Sensational of Lake Charles, LA, Look Where He Brought Me From

The Mighty Sons Of Zion, Jesus Loves Me

The Mighty Sons Of Zion, The Live Concert

The Mighty Supremes, Saved Right Now

The Mighty Voices of Praise, The Best Friend I've Got

The Milroys, Hallelujah Time (feat. Jerry Lawson)

the mingymings, The Sessions Off the Church Floor

The Minister John Butler, Between Phases

The Minister John Butler, The Tribute Phase Ii

The Minstrel, Latter Rain

The Miracle Lights, My Right

The Moore Trilogy, U Got Me

The Morgan Sisters, I`ll Be With You Always

The Murk Family, The Heritage Collection 1963-1982

The Music Ministry of St. Paul Cme Church, Spirit of Praise, Songs for the Church to Sing, Vol. II

The Musical Disciples, Sad Thing

The Mustard Procedure, The Art of Losing

The Needhams, Be the One

The Needhams, Saved to Serve

The Needhams, What a Difference

The Nelsons, Past To Present

The Nevels Sisters, Christmas with The Nevels Sisters

The New Briscoe Brothers, Stay On the Right Side

The New Converted Voices, A New Beginning

The New Converted Voices, New Day (Live in Tupelo, Ms)

The New Covenant Ensemble, Genesis

The New Creation Church Mass Choir, The New Creation Church Mass Choir (Michael Sanders Presents)

The New Dawn, Rekindled

The New Earth Band & "Little Buford", The Last Kamikaze

The New Gospel Saints, Forever Mine Lord

The New Gospel Spirituals, Thank You

The New Gospel Spirituals, You Can't Hide

The New Gospel Times, I Can't Tarry

The New Gospel Times, Send Me, I'll Go

The New Gospel Truth, In a Time Like This

The New Legendary Cisrow Family, We're Still Standing

The New Magnolia Jubilees, Serving the Lord

The New Orleans Spiritualettes, Bonded

The New Pearly Gates of Suffolk Va., Through It All

The New Pearly Gates of Suffolk, Va., Friend in Jesus

The New Pearly Gates, I'm Still Here

The New Prodigal Sons, Pray for Me

The New Recovery In Motion, The Great Commission

The New Spiritual Reflections', R.ejoicing A.nd W.orshiping

The New Spiritualires, The New Spiritualires

The New Vision Band, The New Vision Band

The New York Family, Gospel Hurricane Relief

The New York Songwriters Collective, We Are All Trayvon

The New Young Christian Travelers, Win the Race

The Newjack Preacher, Be Encouraged

The Next Generation of Soul, This Ain't No Big Bang

The Next Generation, Doros

The Next Generation, The Iron Butterfly

The North Carolina A&T Alumni Fellowship Gospel Choir, Celebrate

The Nortons, Home of the Soul

The Olivetians, New Heights: God is Working

The Olsons, Speed the Word

The Original Fantastic Heirs & Rev Charlie Brown, Dr. Jesus

The Original Legendary Goldenaires, Standing the Test of Time

The Pace Brothers, The Old Path

The Pace Family, Well Known Favorites, Vol. 2

The Palace Flophouse Players, Dig That Merry Virgin

The Palmers & Rev. Norah Banks Jr., I Can't Go Back

The Parmleys, All For His Glory

The Pastors' Chours, Praze

The Patrick Bros., Life Is but a Moment

The Patrick Bros., The Iron Cross

The Patrick Brothers, I Will Sing the Praises of My Lord

The Peacemakers, Standing Here Waiting

The Pearl of Gospel Dr. Betty J. Haynes, I'll Take You There

the perfect cry, Touching Stars

The Perry`s, Come With Me

The Pfeifers, Fighting On

The Pfeifers, Tune My Heart

The Phantum Presents, Nacio | The Christmas Album

The Philip David Hill Singers, Lovely

The Phillips Family, Because I Said So

The Phillips Family, I Can't Quit

The Phillips Family, More Grace

The Phillips Family, The Cup

The Phillips Family, This Same Jesus

The Pinckney Sisters, Here I Am

The Pitts Sisters, Trust Him

The Porter Brothers & Genesis, All the Way: The Tribute

The Porter Brothers & Genesis, Together

The Power Coachâ„¢ Madeline Alexander, Release the Power

The Praise & Worship Chorale, Loved By Thee (Ernest 'ernmill' Miller Presents)

The Praising Project Gospel Ensemble, He Is

The Preacher's Kids, It's Personal

The Preacher, Keys to the Kingdom

The Prestonwood Choir, All Things New

The Prestonwood Choir, Be Magnified

The Prestonwood Choir, Faithful

The Prestonwood Choir, Gloria!

The Prestonwood Choir, God Is Here

The Prestonwood Choir, Hymns of Prestonwood

The Prestonwood Choir, Power In The Name

The Prestonwood Choir, Soli Deo Gloria

The Prestonwood Choir, Symphony of Carols

The Prestonwood Choir, We Believe

The Prestonwood Choir, We're Here to Worship

The Prestonwood Choir, You Are Holy

The Priest The Prophet and The Poet, The Vision

The Priest, The Prophet and The Poet, The Priest, The Prophet and The Poet

The Procession, The Procession

The Prodigal Son, Home Where I Belong

The Promise Trio, I Go to the Rock

The Promise Trio, The Promise Trio

The Promise, Repair the Old Altar

The Promise, Shout Before the Walls Come Down

The Prophet X, Street Corner Redemption

The Prophit, Bringing Out Destiny

The Proverbs, Christmas - Our Favourite Time of Year

The Proverbs, Say Amen

The Pruitt Family, Sweet Southern Joy

The Psalmist Anthony Q, Heaven, Don`t You Wanna Go

The Puffers, Rescued

The Puffers, Seasons

The Purple Doors, The Purple Doors

The Quintons, Always There

The Racy Brothers, Heal Our Land

The Rahming Brothers, God Specializes

The Rahming Brothers, Keep On Walking

The Rahming Brothers, What will I Leave Behind

The Real Crusader, Show Me the Way

The Redeem'd Singers, Clap Your Hands

The Rehab Fellowship Choir, He's Mighty

the REIGN, Where Jesus Touches The Earth

The Relatives, Move Mountains

The Reminders, Mystical Magical Magi

The Reminders, This Night

The Reminders, What Was That Thing Called Sorrow

The Remnant Project, Im Not Afraid Anymore

The Rev. Theodis Horton, I`ll Be Damned If I Go To Hell

The Revelators, In His Presence

The Reverend, Death

The Reverend, Satan's Dark Love

The Reverend, Songs of Blood

The Reverend, There's a Day When We Walk

The Ric Blair Band, Break the Walls

The Rice Brothers, You Gotta Believe in Him

The Richard Curtis Singers, Brand New

The Richardson Starlights, The Starlights Prayer

The Richardson Starlights, Traveling Shoes

The River City Christianettes, The River City Christianettes

The River Mountain Band, Lay Down Your Trouble

The Roarks, Believe

The Robby K Band, His Burden Is Light

The Roberson Brothers, But I'm Still Around (feat. Pastor Van D. Roberson. Pastor Melvin Von Wade, Sr, Pastor Calvin Bernard Rhone & Rev. Wayne Anthony Roach))

The Roberson Brothers, Over In Zion (feat. Pastor Van D. Roberson)

The Robins Road Band, Almost Taken

The Rock Christian City Church, Shifting The Atmosphere

The Rock Church Temecula Valley, Rock Worship: Battle Stations

The Rock Creek Whistlers, The Rock Creek Whistlers

The Rock, You Fill My Heart

The Royal Travelers, He Cares - EP

The Rutherfords, One Life to Live

The Ryan Robertson Family, Little Yellow Seeds

The Sacred Voices, Lessons Learned

The Saint Augustine Gospel Choir, The Victory Is in the Praise

The Salem Harmonizers, Have a Good Tyme

The Salem Harmonizers, Paul Porter Presents The Salem Harmonizers

The Sammy Hall Singers, Power

The Samples Family, It's Christmas Time

The Sanctuary Singers, Listen with Love

The Sanctuary Singers, On Our Journey

The Sanctuary Singers, The Little Country Church

The Schwartz Family, One Heart At A Time

The Scott Singers, Trust in the Lord

The Self Sisters, Grace

The Sensational Crowns of Joy, Willing

The Sensational Friendly 5, Miracles

The Sensational McMillan Singers, Holy Step

The Sensationals, Spread The News

The Sent Forth, The Rest of My Life

The Shalom Singers, Se Bondye Ki Mèt Nou - Live

The Shaw Boyz, God Will Step In

The Shepherds, New Beginnings

The Shepherds, Tribute

The Shiloh Emmanuel Singers, New Horizon

The Shuler Family Band, He Watches Over Me

The Simpson Family, Everything's Gonna Turn Out Right

The Simpsons, Fill Us

The Singing Apostles, We Need the Lord

The Singing Company, II

The Singing Southern Jubilee`s, I`m On My Way to Heaven

The Singing Tornadoes, God Will Bring You Through It

The Singing Tornadoes, God's Prevailing Spirit

The Singletons Family, The Power of Love (Single)

The Slouch In The Couch Children`s Corner Band, PRAISE TOWN

The Smith Brothers, You Can Make It, Vol. 1

The Songbird Robin E. Gant, You Don`t Have To Leave Here The Same

The Sons of Harmony, Working On a Building

The Sons of the Soul Revivers, Golden Nuggets

The Sons of Wonder, Out of the Storm

The Sons of Wonder, Train Ride

The Sons of Zion of Newport News, Va, A New Beginning

The Sons of Zion of Newport News, Va, Nick of Time

The Sonz of God, Showtime

The Soul Consolators, God Is Good All The Time

The Soul Stirrers, The Soul Stirrers In Concert/Live From Chicago, IL

The Soul Superiors, A Masterplan

The Soulful Seeds, Send It

The Sound of Living Waters, The Releasing of Many Waters

The Sound of the Northwest, Faith

The Sounds of Pentecost, Faith, Faith, Faith

The Sounds Of Reezon, The Promise

The South Carolina Broadcasters, Diamonds in the Rough

The Southern Sons, By And By

The Spirit of Waynesboro, Let`s Have Church

The Spiritual Lyricist, Not Perfect (feat. J Purpose)

The Spiritual Voices of Washington, Dc, Satisfied

The Spiritualettes, 'The Journey Continues'...

The Starlights, Did U Stop 2 Pray

The Stars of Heaven, Wait On the Lord

The Steeles, But God

The Stevens Family, Can't Thank You Enough

The Stevens Family, Time Rewind

The Stevenson Family, On A Day Like Today

The Stewart Family, Satisfied

The Stewarts, Presenting the Stewarts

The Stringer Singers, I Can't Make It On My Own

The Stringer Singers, The Reason for Christmas

The Stringer Singers, Who Can Take My Pain Away

The Stutzman Sisters, It's Raining

The Stutzman Sisters, The Road Less Travelled

The Sunday Threads, Standing On The Edge Of Time

The Supreme Angels, The Next Level of the Legacy

The Supreme Voices of St.Luke, Personal Praise

The Swarn Sisters, Hold On

The Sweet Singing Harmonettes, God Will See You Through

The Sweet Singing Harmonettes, Right By My Side

The Taylor Crew, I Am

The Tennessee Gospel Society, Gospel Highlights - Amazing Grace !

The Tennessee Gospel Society, Gospel Highlights - Glory Halleluia !

The Tennessee Gospel Society, Gospel Highlights - O Happy Day !

The Texans, God's Been Good to Me

The Tharp Brothers, I Will Serve Thee

The Thornes Trio of Baltimore, MD, Authentic

The Tim Frierson Project, Going to the City

The Tony Jackson Project, Joy In The City

The Tony Jackson Project, You Are To Me (UR2me)

The Townley's, Lord You Are

The Trantham Family, How Can I Keep From Singing

The Tree, The Tree

The Trinity Heirs, It's What's Inside That Counts

The True Tone Gospel Singers, Time Will Tell

The Trumpets of Joy, Come On Here!

The Turner Sisters, This Is Just the Beginning... (Live)

The United Gospel Artists of Nashville, Flood Relief 2010 - Keep Your Head Up

The Unknown Child, Oh! Angels in Heaven

The Unlimited Brothers, Spiritual Fortitude

The Upafter, Save Me a Seat

The Urquhart's, Amazing Grace

The Velazquez Family Singers, Family and Friends

The Victorian Gospel Singers, Keeping Tradition Alive

The Voices of Calvary, Robi Rivers Presents the Voices of Calvary (Live)

The Voices of Clouds, Everywhere I Go

The Voices of Clouds, I Love the Lord

The Voices of Clouds, Someone To Care

The Voices of Harmony, The Best of the Voices of Harmony

The Voices of Heaven, "Don't Judge Me"

The Voices of Heaven, Set Apart

The Voices of Morning Star, 23rd Psalm

The Voices Of Morning Star, Here We Come Again

The Voices of Mountaintop Faith Ministries, Walking In the Favor of God

The Voices of Pentab Records, Messiah

The Voices of Promise, Live in New York

The Voices of True Vine, Lift the Savior Up

The Waldner Messengers, Down Every Road

The Walker Brothers, Restore

The Watchmen Society, War Cry

The Watsons, Face to Face

The Weaver Believer Survival Revival, Sunday Singin' On the Radio

The Wedgwood Trio, Mountain Christmas (feat. Dick Walker)

The Wedgwood Trio, The Forgiveness Concert: Camp Meeting Live

The Westbrook Singers, The Promise

The Whisnants, A Collection of Favorites

The Whisnants, Heritage of Hits

The Whisnants, More Than Enough

The Whisnants, Promises (Performance Tracks)

The Whitemans, Blessed, Oh Yes! (feat. Violet Whiteman)

The Whitemans, God Is Watching

The Whitemans, Help Me Lord - Single

The Whitemans, Just a Reminder (feat. Violet Whiteman)

The Whitemans, On a Mission (I Call On You)

The Wiebes, Arise O Sleeper

The Wilbanks, Fresh Anointing

The Wilbanks, He Reigns

The Wilbanks, I`ll Be Praisin` You

The Wilkerson Brothers, All the Home I Need

The Williams Brothers Sr, I'm Free

The Williams Singers, A Williams Singers Christmas

The Williams Singers, Been Good

The Williams Singers, Experiences

The Williams Singers, Letting it all out

The Williamsons, Saved

The Williiams Singers, Destined

The Willing Four, Nearer to Thee

The Wings of Joy, Sunshine

The Winstons, Let Him Take Control

The Wisemen Ministry, Light in a Dark Place

The Worthing10s Family Bluegrass Band, Remember the Cross

The Worthing10s Family Bluegrass Band, The Old Fashioned Preacher

The Wright Solutions, Lord We Love You

The Wright`s, Great Day

The Yancey Brothers, Get Your Praise On

The Youthful Spirits, The Music The Ministry The Mission Special Edition

The Youthful Spirits, YS 4:17

The Zebos, At the Mention of His Name

Thea Harris, Intimacy (Into-Me-See)

Thea Harris, Live Right Single

Theda Brown Polly, Theda and the Brown Generation Sings Daddy`s Way

Theefalcon, I Can't Come Down

Thelma J. Robinson, Pressing On

Thelma Ledford, Thelma Ledford Sings: Just for You

Themis, Almost Country

Thenji, For Your Good

Theo Bessem, This Far By Faith

Theo Soul, the life, the walk, the music

Theodis Ealey, Someone is Praying for You

Theodora Gospel, You Reign

Theodora, Before I Formed Thee

Theodora, Have Your Way

Theodore A Henning II, Train Is A Comin'

Theodore Chestnutt, Spiritual Beginnings

Theola Booker, Theola Booker and Friends with the Greater St. Matthew Choir

Theophilus J. Stanford & Word of Life, Not Your Battle

THERE IS A WAY !!, Dave Walton and Friends..

Theresa Griffin, Thanking an Awesome God

Theresa Pinkney, Introducing Theresa Pinkney (Gospel Sunshine)

Theresa Pinkney, Me Against the World

Theresa Pinkney, You Are

Thiago Makie, Tá Pegando Fogo (feat. André e Felipe)

Thibodaux Family Church, TFC Praise 2

Thierry Musantu, Tongosa

Third Culture Worship, Invade: Third Culture Worship, Vol. 2

Third Culture Worship, You Love Me Still

Thirty Three I.N.C., Shine On Me

This Gizmo, Dis Road

This is it, Give You My Hand

This Side of Sunday, Crazy World

This Side of Sunday, Right Here Right Now

Thom Eversole, God's Country

Thom Stolar Band, Once Upon a Time

Thomas Bady, I Thank God

Thomas Clay, Blind Man

Thomas Dickerson, Calling All The Nations

Thomas Jenkins, Honor & Praise

Thomas Jones, Peaceful Music For Prayers Of The Heart

Thomas L Walker & Totally Committed, Kep Me In Your Will

Thomas Lowry Taylor, Sweet Hour of Prayer

Thomas Mann, He On Calvary

Thomas P. Edgar, Eyes of the Lord

Thomas Patterson Jr., He Loved the World

Thomas Prislac Jr., Head Space

Thomas Sligh and Treasures of the Heart and Dr. Cassandra Sligh-Conway, The Healing Process

Thomas Sligh and Treasures of the Heart Ministries, Live At Maranatha CD/DVD

Thomas Van Dyke, Van Dyke Forever Called

Thomas Von Ohlen, Truth Be Told

Thomas Warren Jr., Good Love

Thomas Williams, Thomas Williams

Thomas Wright, No More Problems

Those Poor Bastards, Gospel Haunted

Those Trib Boys, Strong (feat. Mechelle Chiney, Piaget Long & Kamille Jefferson)

Those Trib Boys, Won't Let Nothing (feat. Pamela Tribitt-Kalu)

Three 5 and 6, Urban a Cappella

Three Campbell Girls, Show Me The Love

Three Keys Choice, Livin` the Dream

Three Winans Brothers, If God Be for Us

Three-R-One, The Cure

Through Hymn, It's Still Jesus

Thumbpeople, Inc. and Associates, Alone With God

Thumbpeople, Inc. and Associates, Words of Love (Female Voice)

Thumbpeople, Inc. and Associates, Words of Love (Male Voice)

Thurston Daniel O'Neal, Shout for Glory

Thurston Daniel O'Neal, The iThurst Worship Experience

Tia Pittman, Awesome God

Tia, Boy On - Single

Tiana McKelvy, Brand New

Tiana Miti, My Mummy Has Gone to Heaven

Tibob pour Nazareth, 77x7 fwa

Tibob pour Nazareth, Ban m Fòs

Tibob Pour Nazareth, Istwa Damou (Love Story)

Tibob pour Nazareth, Kretyen Boutlèg

Tierra J. Clements & Chosen2bLuvd, Get Your Life Right

Tierra J. Clements, Destiny

Tierra Washington, Who He Is

Tiffani Marie, Exposed

Tiffani Michelle, Walk With Me Lord

Tiffany Anderson, Forever Oh Lord

Tiffany Ann Lewis, Transcendant Beauty

Tiffany D Orum, Serving the Lord

Tiffany Faison, Surrender

Tiffany Stone Richter, Dawning of a New Day

Tiffany Terry, I Need the Lord

Tigershark, Surrender

Tim and Bonnie Hawkins, Church Songs Volume One

Tim Anderson, Refuge

Tim Bailey & Judah Camp, I Believe God

Tim Baker, Hymns And Spiritual Songs Vol 2

Tim Banks, Proclamation

Tim Butler, Born Blessed

Tim Cantwell, Grace

Tim Caraway, Love Came Down

Tim Clifton & Purpose, In Him We Live (Live CCM Project)

Tim Clifton with PURPOSE, My Life is Available to You

Tim Clifton, Nobody (feat. Purpose)

Tim Dillinger, The Baton: 1985

Tim Eggebraaten, Amazing Grace

Tim Eggebraaten, From Within

Tim Eldridge, Turning the Soil

Tim Fitzpatrick, Gospel Favorites

Tim Greene, In His Eyes

Tim Greene, The Rocks Cry Out

Tim Johnson, American Gospel: Songs of My Father

Tim Johnson, It's in You

Tim Johnson, You Can't Hurry God

Tim Joye, Restored

Tim Livingston, Here's a Miracle

Tim Livingston, I Just Miss You

Tim Lovell, Burning Candles

Tim Lovell, Coming Out of Egypt

Tim Lovell, Masterpieces

Tim McDuffie, He Reigns

Tim Norris, Gospel Grab Bag

Tim Peterson, Angels Watching Over You

Tim Peterson, Choices

Tim Rogers & The Fellas, I Love to Praise Him

Tim Rowley & Kelly Grocholski, The Message

Tim Sampson, Fisher of Men

Tim Searcy, Right Here, Right Now

Tim Settle, The Only Explanation

Tim Sims, More Than a Conqueror

Tim Southerland, You Need To Know

Tim Spady & Inspiration, I'll Forever Praise Him

Tim Spady & Inspiration, Just Believe

Tim Spady & Inspiration, Songs From My Heart

Tim Spady, Just for Me (feat. Jeff Murrell)

Tim Washington, I Worship You

Tim White, I'm Trusting

Tim Woodson & The Heirs of Harmony, Millionaire

Tim Woodson and The Heirs of Harmony, In His Hands - Live

Timaa, Nothing Else Matters

Time Edition, Run This Race

Time2getbusy, It`s All in Black and White

Times Square Church, Live Worship 2 with Gregory Thomas

Times Square Church, Live Worship With Gregory Thomas

Timi-D, I Am Free

Timothy Brinson, King of Glory

Timothy Broege, A Closer Walk

Timothy Flemming Sr, Just Old Meter Hymns

Timothy McDonald, 3 Miles Left

Timothy McNealy, Timothy McNealy Sings Contemporary Gospel

Timothy Oyewale, He Will Make a Way

Timothy Oyewale, Testimony

Timothy Paul Phelps, SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS

Timothy Perryman, Don't Worry About It

Timothy Strong, The Real Hero

Timothy Wells, Man Worshipping God

Timothy Whitley, A Work in Progress.........

Timoti Pekamu, One Direction: One Solution

Tina Brown, Warrior

Tina Burchette, Yes There is Hope

Tina Celeste, Keep the Faith

Tina Cernero, Free

Tina Coleman, What Do I Do

Tina Dickson, Silver Sandals

Tina Glenn, You Can Make It

Tina Hunt & Family Devotion, Family Devotion

Tina Jenkins Crawley, The Longest Journey

Tina Marie, Cross Roads

Tina Sadler, Wind and Fire

Tina Sanchez, Beyond Me

Tingle the Singer, Silent Night

Tinman Jones, Poetic

Tinna James, Tinna James

Tisa Willis, Joy Comes in the Morning

Tisa, Awesome

Tisa, Tisa- Chapter II

Titus Jackson, Changed

Titus Justus, Come Back To Me

Titus Nesbitt, The Undergraduate Experience

Tiwanna Herring, Sacrifice of Praise

TJ Goff, TJ Goff

TJ Wilkins & Complete Deliverance, Never Failed Me

Tjdaprayingman, Ministry in Melody

TK, Get Up!

TL Dirden & Pure Divine, Prayer Is the Key

TL, You Can Make It

Tm Wright, Life Related

Tobbi & Tommi, Light

Tobias Rosa, La Promesa

Tobin Roach, New Creation

Toby Douthit, Your Grace

Toby Glenn and Saved By Grace, The E28 Gospel Project

Todd and Melanie Toews, Into the Holy

Todd Beaney & John M. Dolan, Facets

Todd Beaney & Yoshiko Maruyama, Higher Ground

Todd Bell, Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow

Todd Dulaney, Simply Amazing (feat. Michelle Williams)

Todd Dulaney, Trusting in You

Todd E. Hill, The Brown-Back Hymnal

Todd Galberth, Private Chambers

Todd Gholar and Unconditional Praise, Unconditionally

Todd Williams and The Sword, Work it Out!

Together We Stand, Make Me New (feat. Mali Music & Together We Stand Community Choir)

Tolu Hillystar, Beyond a Dream

Tolu Hillystar, Promo Releases 2010

TolumiDE, My Love

TolumiDE, My Love - Single

Tom Arts, The Garbage Man

Tom Blackmon, Firstfruits

Tom Cohenour, Step On Out

Tom Cunningham, If I Could Hear from Heaven

Tom Dorff, Here I Am

Tom Edwards, The Things I Would Be

Tom Eggleston, Where is His Love Taking Us Now?

Tom Hipps, Then Went the Demons

Tom Kennerk, That Old Time Religion

Tom King, Salt and Light

Tom Rasely, Bending Hearts

Tom Rea, Praise and WARship

Tom Stokes, The Power Is In His Hands

Tom Thayer, Come Walk on The Water

Tom Thornton, Faith

Tom Volpe, Restore

Tom Willett, Silent Night

Tomar Jackson, From the Secret Place, Vol. 1

Tomas Mora Lamperein, Cubreme

Tomeca Marsden, Crazy to Believe

Tomeka Tiller, High Praise

Tomeka Tiller, I Am Tomeka Tiller

Tomi Favored, All of Me

Tommie Johnson, Rekindle

Tommy Bowman, Live My Worship EP

Tommy Brandt, Acoustic Christmas

Tommy Brandt, Praise Hymn

Tommy Davis, My Wait Is Over

Tommy Davis, The Truth About Love

Tommy Dodson, Follow Me

Tommy Dodson, Lord Work On Me

Tommy Griffith, Gospel from the Heart

Tommy Job, Stand Upon The Rock

Tommy O, Stronger Than U Are

Tommy Rynick, Old Traditions: New Horizons

Tommy Walker and the C.A. Worship Band, Live at Home

Tommy Ward, The Garden

Tommycct, So Much to Be Thankful For

Tomomi McDowell, Trails

Tonality Acappella, Tonic-Appella: The Journey

Tonee Tone, Saved Me

Tonette, Epistles of Tonette

Tongela Smith, The Way Out (feat. Jesse Ray Miller)

Toni & Grateful 4U, It Was U Jesus

Toni Henson Slade, Given Away

Toni Henson Slade, Given Away (Accompaniment Tracks)

Toni Henson Slade, Whatever It Takes

Toni Henson Slade, You'll Never Walk Alone

Toni Hicks, As We Get Ready For Christmas

Toni Hicks, The Word

Toni Hutchinson, I Got Your Back

Tonia Hughes, Celebrate

Tonia Hughes, I'm Ready Now

Tonja Klein, Dancin On the Wind

Tonja Klein, My Captain (Radio Version)

Tony & Company, A New Beginning

Tony Amey, Witness

Tony and Ellen Mason, Songs From Above

Tony and Julie Griffith, Under God

Tony and The Magnificent Voices, He`s Been Good

Tony B. Dickerson, I Need Him featuring Perfection and Darrel Petties

Tony Brown, Tony Brown Project

Tony C Berry, Lord We Thank You

Tony C Berry, Love God and Live

Tony Corrigan, Thank You for Forever

Tony Edmonson, He Can Make It Right

Tony Faison, Greatest Gift Of All

Tony Faison, Testimony

Tony Frost, As Long As I Live

Tony Harris, All I

Tony Hebson, Arise, My Love

Tony Hebson, Inescapable Day

Tony Hebson, No More Night

Tony Hebson, The Day He Wore My Crown

Tony Lee Frost, I'm Crying Too

Tony Lee Frost, Not Like These

Tony Lee, If This Breath Were My Last

Tony Lee, Speak Life

Tony Louis, Portrait of a Man

Tony Martinez, A Walk In Faith

Tony McLendon, Alright

Tony Mclendon, I'm a Winner

Tony Metcalfe, More Than Life

Tony Metcalfe, Shout!

Tony Moore & Jehovah's Chosen, Love Lifted Me

Tony P, God's Way (New digital master and 16 tracks)

Tony Polite, Keep Prayin (feat. Jay Mack)

Tony Polite, Spirit of a Carpenter

Tony Polite, The Humble Servant

Tony Tatum, Never Turn Away

Tony Tidwell & Uncommon favor, You're Amazing (Bishop Larry D.Trotter Presents)

Tony Vicks, Testify

Tony Weeks, Baptist Hymnal -- Volume 1

Tony Wilkins, He's Great

Tony Wilkins, Reign Jesus Reign

Tony Zino & the Ark Bearers, Your Mercy

Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Rise My Child

Tonya Fields-Brooks, No Turning Back

Tonya Gipson, Praise Him

Tonya Gipson, What He`s Done for Me

Tonya L. Knight, Love Letters for My King

Tonya Merriweather Gipson, Gotta Have Faith

Tonya Turner Jackson, Sweet Surrender

Tonya Ware, Mary, Did You Know?

TonyJ, Songs For End-Time Worshippers

TOP Youth Workshop Choir, I've Got A Praise

Tope Alabi, Angeli Mi

Toren Mozingo, Paid It All

Toronto Mass Choir, 25

Torrance Bennett, Higher (We've Come to Lift Your Name)

Torre Fuerte, Bueno Es

Torrence Nelson, A Heart of Praise

Torrence Nelson, A Heart of Praise

Torrey Johnson, Running Back to You

Tory Slade, Change Me (feat. T.O.Z)

Tosha Freeman, Begin Again

Tosha Freeman, Lessons Learned

Totally Committed, The Time Has Come

Totally Committed, The Time Has Come

Touch, Lets Get This Party Started

Towanna Charles, None Like You

Toy Heard, I Surrender

Toya Jones, The Light (feat. Angie Rose)

Toya Jones, Victorious

Toyebi, Seasons

Toyin Dada, Love Letters

Tr Remsen, From Heaven

Tracee Lee, So Amazing

Traces, Traces

Tracey Barbour, Thank You Lord

Tracey McFadden, I Still Believe

traci marshall, I Stand Amazed

Tracii Chinwah, This Is the Day

Tracy Barfield, If I Only Believe

Tracy Barns & Maria Weir Werth, Grace Angel Band II (Where Is God?)

Tracy Barrow, Jesus Loves Me

Tracy Bell, He Reigns

Tracy Carter, My Confidence

Tracy Clark, Champion

Tracy Forte, All I Care About (I Found U)

Tracy Forte, I Can't Live Without You

Tracy Forte, Praise in Me

Tracy Forte, The Journey

Tracy J, Please You

Tracy Lynn Cox, Hear My Prayer

Tracy Messias, 40 Days

Tracy Powell, Just Jesus

Tracy Rae Elliott, Beautiful Journey

Tracy Rae Elliott, Praise Him

Tracy Randall, Done It All

Tracy Randall, Sinners Have Souls Too

Tracy Roberson, What Do You Believe

Tracy Shy, So Much More

Tracy Tolota, My God Is Able

Tracy Tolota, You Are Wonderful

Tracy Tolota, You Be Baba

Tracy Washington, Higher In The Lord

Tramaine Duffie, Living the Life

Transformation Church, We Are Free

transMission, Unfailing Love

Travelettes and Company, Christ Is The One

Travis Cleaves, Speak These Things

Travis Douglas & Determined, God Will Medley: God Said It / God Will Take Care of You

Travis Douglas & Determined, God's Will

Travis Douglas and Determined, Determined Yet Again

Travis Jackson, Jr., Songs of Hope

Travis Malloy, Travis Malloy

Travis Speaks, A Change Is Coming

Travis Speaks, Travis Speaks Again

Travis Taylor, For You

Travis Wayne Deal, He Died For Us To Love

Travis Wayne Deal, Life Eternally

Travius Smith, Holy

Travius Smith, Never Letting Go

Trayce Carter Russell, It's My Season

Trayce Carter Russell, Make Me an Instrument for You

Trayce Carter Russell, You Are Good to Me

Trayce Carter-Russell, You Are Good to Me (Radio Edit)

Tra`vaness, Tra`vaness Greatest Hits!

Tre Alexandria, The More I Seek You

Tre' Pennington, Psalms

Treasure Laditi, Breaking Through

Treblez, Deeper (feat. Dee Moore)

Treblez, T.B.C.

Trellanie, Godformer

Trellanie, Godformer

Tremendous, Chosen 2 Live And Not Die

Trence, A Happy Song (feat. N-Touch)

Trent DeLong, Great Is The Lord

Trent Walker, The Life That Never Ends

Trenton Cokley, Heal Our Hearts EP

Tres Fogos, Paraiso

Tresey, Full of Worship

Tresey, I am yours

Tressa Rudd, Be Glorified

Treva Jones, I Am Praise

Trevon, Stand

Trey Gandy, Restoration (Chapter1)

Trey McLaughlin & The Sounds of Zamar, I Will Praise

Trey McLaughlin & the Sounds of Zamar, Limitless

Tribe For Christ, Oh` Taste And See

Tricey Lee, Until U Say Move

Tricia Hankins, I'm Not My Own

Tricia Walker, Farther Along

Tricray, Let Judah Reign

Trillium and Serenity Musician, Yuletide Blessings

Trina Davis, My Turn

Trina T, His Love Heals

Trinity Baptist Jubilee Choir, The Champion

Trinity Dawson, Just Be With Me

Trinity Dawson, Not That Easy

Trinity, God, Gospel & Girlfriends

Trinity, Hit Him Back

Trio Hiero, Tu Es Senhor

Trio, Champion

Triple L Band, Are You Ready

Triple P, Oh Lamb of God (feat. Jocelyn Buchanan & Mike Owens)

Trish Standley, I'll Make It All Right

Trish Standley, My God (feat. Carlton C-Dub Whitfield)

Trish Standley, Redemption

Trish, Introducing...Trish

Trish, Jesus Praise

Trish, Jokes on You (Remix)

Triumphant Quartet, Decade

Triumphant Quartet, Hymns Collection

Triumphant Quartet, Songs from the Heart

Triumphant Quartet, Take It from Me, Meshach

Triumphant, Windows Back Up

Trooper Keeton, Be Not Afraid

Trooper Keeton, The Connection

Troy Damo, I Love the Lord

Troy Law, Repent

Troy Martin, Troy Martin. Good Seed. Good Soil. Good Harvest

Troy McIntosh & Joshua Jeneration, Psalms in the Key of Christ

Troy Taylor, Dr. Bobby Jones Presentz: Troy Taylor "Relentless"

Troy Taylor, Involved

Troy Young, Adopted Twice

Tru-Way, No Greater Love

Trubeauty, One Life

Truckin' Troubadors for Christ, Movin' On

Truckin` Troubadors For Christ, Hammer Down To Heaven

Trudy Andes, Always on My Mind

True Dedication, The Best of True Dedication

True Harmony, Rejoicing in Jesus

True Harmony, This Glad Hour

True Heart, Down This Road

True Life Travelers, Life Goes On

True Praise, Here I Am

True Praise, I Believe

True Sons of Atlanta, Choice

True-Faith, Uniquely Defined Part 2 - Spiritual Warfare

Truly Bless, Gods Love Is What It Is

Truly Bless, Mama Said Pray On

Truly Bless, My Life Has Changed

Truly Bless, Prayer Brought Me Through

Truth N Life, Christ Runs da Streets: The Assignment, Vol. 2

TruTh, Now Today I Decide

Truthful Justice, Let There Be

Tryenyse Jones, Resilient

TSC Music, Christmas in Times Square

Tshepo Lesole, Use Me

Tsitsi Kudita, Mufaro Wangu

Tsitsi Kudita, Mufaro Wangu

Tsitsi Kudita, Ndinovaka

Tsitsi, I Love Jesus

Tsitsi, Reaching Out

Tuffy, If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Tunde Alaoye, Good Tidings (Irohin Rere)

Tunesha Crispell, Just As I Am

Tunji Dairo, Excellent Creator

Tunji Dairo, I Worship You

Turkessa Mais, I Am Praise

Turner Crossing, Love Will Bring You Home

Turning Point Family Worship Center, Night of Praise

Tuta Moraes, Da Montanha

TuTu, Cry

Twana Linn, A Walk In My Shoes

Twelve Stories, Be Transformed

Twins of Thunder, Clarion Call

Twyla Eddins, In His Garden

Ty Berkeley, Transition

Ty Bolden, Heaven On My Mind

Ty Bolden, Without Your Love

Ty Snow & Xtreme Purpose, He Got Up

Ty Turley-Trejo, A Privilege

Ty Webb & A City On a Hill, Show Me the Way

Tycey, Fight

Tycin, Soar Above It All

Tye Husbands, Faith!

Tyka Nelson, Hustler

Tykelia Waddell, Lord I Thank You

Tyler Andrews, Christmas with Tyler Andrews

Tyler Andrews, Foundation

Tyler Andrews, Remember When

Tyler Little, Amen

Tyler P. Dora, He Did It for Me

Tyler Stannard, Forever (feat. Kevin Gray)

Tymara, My Prayer - Single

Tyron McAllister, Free

Tyrone "Kwyre Boy" Sullivan, Muzik For Mature Soulz (The Remix)

Tyrone Abercrombie & the Men of Valor, I Know Somebody

Tyrone Bowers, Jesus I Worship Your Name

Tyrone Burwell, Heaven Bound

Tyrone Inge, Spread The Word

Tyrone Johnson, Never Alone

Tyrone K Sullivan (The Muzik Director), Lord You Are... Everything To Me

Tyrone K Sullivan, Mr Muzik Machine(The Best of the Muzik Director)

Tyrone K. Sullivan, Film SoundTrax

Tyrone Molden, He Died For Me

Tyrone Powell, Alive 2 Worship

Tyrone Powell, Tyrone Powell (20 Anniversary Edition)

Tyrone S. Snowden, Gospel Collections of Tyrone S. Snowden

Tyrone Uhlir, Stride for Stride (Acoustic)

Tyroneshia, Do It Again Lord

Tyronn Wilkins, Tyronn Wilkins and Fav'r

Tyshan Knight, Fallen Angel

Tyshan Knight, I Need a Word

Tzumo Arpad, Pictures of Notes

U.F.O.S., Think Outside the Box

U4ouria, Love Song

U4ouria, Sunset

Uab Gospel Choir, Go Dominate!

Uab Gospel Choir, Nu-Soul City

UCOG Choir Band, Hot Praises

Ulla Darni & Thom Desisto, Thank You Saint Germain

Ulrike Westfa, Nine

Ulus Dye Jr, Something About Him

Ulysses Brown, Amazing Grace

Ulysses Brown, Come Unto Me (Remix)

Ulysses Brown, Come Unto Me..."I Will Give You Rest"

Ulysses Brown, I Love to Worship You "Abba Father (He Is Lord)"

Ulysses Brown, Love Lifted Me

Ulysses Grant Salett, Secret Place

Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival, Kickin' the devil in the balls

Undeserving, Of His Grace

Undivided, A Story to Tell

Undivided, Never Apart

Uni-SON, Purpose

Uniekgrace, Let Your Will

Union Gospel Mission's Changed Lives Choir , The Heart of the City Band & Dan Adler, God Is so Good

Unique and Darius Dennis, The Trinity Compilation CD

Unique Authority, Momentum

Unique Authority, Set Aside

Unique Sons of Faith, Justified

Unique Sons of Faith, The Blueprint (Psalms 119:105)

Uniquely Lawander, Amazing

Uniquely Lawander, When I'm a Child

Uniquely Monique & Sherri M. Purcell, The Price of a Yes

United For A Purpose, Sacrifice of Praise

United Voices, All Glory to God

United Voices, UV

Unity of Praise, I Command My Spirit!

Unity Of Praize, Against All Odds

Unity, Rescued

Unity, Seeds of Prosperity

Unkept Band, Gather Us Into One

Unkle Jr., Got My Mind On Jesus

Unkle Matt & The Shitbirdz, Shitbird Serenade

Unpainted Souls, Songs of Worship and Wonder

Unytee, It Is You

Upward Music, You Reign

Urban Ministries, Inc., Chosen Champions for Jesus

Urban Ministries, Inc., Fishin' On a Mission With Jesus

Urban Ministries, Inc., Go Global With Jesus: The Music (feat. The Sandtown Children's Choir)

Urban Ministries, Inc., Graduate to Great... the Jesus Way!

Urban Ministries, Inc., Jesus Truth Seekers: Mission Possible

Urban Ministries, Inc., Spotlight On Jesus! (feat. Sandtown Children's Choir)

Urban Ministries, Inc., Step Up and Go Green for Jesus

Urban Ministries, Inc., The Jesus Chronicles: A Life-Changing Encounter

Urban Ministries, Inc., The Jesus Family Reunion

Urban Street Level, Live

Urban Street Level, Live & Uncut Worship - Studio 51

Uros Markovic Gospel Jazz Trio, Jesus Saves

Ursula Brown, Jesus Is All You Need

Ursula Maxangale, The Throne

Ursula T. Wright, Saturated Live, Vol. 1

Utica Southern Aires, Old Time Gospel

Uzo Ezeagwula, I'm Grateful Lord

V and Frank Gray, God Wants What He Paid For

V-Real, Come 2 Jesus

V. George Smith, I Love You (feat. Doobie Powell & Karyn Porter)

V. George Smith, My Joy (feat. Claude Deuce & Denise Powell)

V. George Smith, My Whole Life

V. George Smith, Worship You (feat. Thomas Tc Clay & Ashley Merrell)

V. George Smith, You Hold My Heart (feat. Josiah Martin)

V. Michael McKay, God Talk: Sounds of a Sanctuary

V. Sue Looney & Bernette Williams, WindingRoad2 "Don't Give Up"

V.O.I.C.E, Move Forward

Vadia, Exodus

Vahid Qualls, Impressions

Val Marie, I Believe

Valarie Grace, Kept By Grace

Valdiceia Santos, Eu Vejo Deus

Valencia Bey, He'll Make A Way

Valencia Edner, Fortaste

Valentino, Rescue Me (feat. Rakia)

Valeria Long, Come Home

Valeria Veras, Sete Cartas

Valerie Jolivet, Songs Of The Heart To The Lord

Valerie Ransom, By Faith

Valerie Smith, Break Free

Valerie Smith-Giles, Your Grace

Valerie Woodard, Mighty God

Valerie Woodard, Psalm 150

Valerie Woodard, Relationship

Valerie Woodard, Relationship II: Closer

Valetta Cheathon, I Surrender Completely

Valetta Cheathon, Sweet Peace

Valissa Moore, I Need A Word

Valley Forge Christian College Concert Choir, It Is Well With My Soul

Valley Forge Christian College Concert Choir, Statement of Faith

Valyncia Jennings, Without You

Van Frazier, He Is The One

Van Goss, Preacher`s Daughter

Van Williams Jr., The Beginning

Vanda Guzman, Never Give in, Never Give Up

Vanda Mathis, Jesus Divine, Greatest Hero

Vandarray, I Made It

Vandell Middlebrook, Praising Him On The Throne

Vanessa & Siry, Trigo & Miel

Vanessa Dale Coleman, Deliverance - Set the Captives Free

Vanessa Fitzgerald, This Day Let Jesus In

Vanessa Murphy, Singing the Old Time Way

Vanessa Murphy, Singing the Old Time Way, Vol. 2

Vanessa Ontiveros, Only the Love of God

Vanessa Ontiveros, Solo el Amor de Dios

Vanessa Willis, Altar of Praise

Vaneta Thompson, Garden Party

Vanguard, Acappella

Vania Levans, As You Walk

VanSwan, My Story (Special Edition)

Various Artists, Geechee

Various Artist, Songs the Lord Gave Me

Various Artists Of Malak Christian Productions, Using The Gifts Ii

Various Artists, ! Tu Palabra !

Various Artists, ????? 1

various artists, A Better Day

Various Artists, A New Day Quartet Compilation Volume 1

Various Artists, Affinity Live

Various Artists, Ain`t Letting Go

Various Artists, AM:PM: 4 Seven Music Group - EP

Various Artists, Anointed Revelation

Various Artists, Array of Hope

Various Artists, Because of Calvary

Various Artists, Bigger Than Me

Various Artists, Bless the Lord

Various Artists, Bloomfest: The Music and Message

Various Artists, Born Again Recording Artists: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

Various Artists, C.D.W. Entertainment Group: Introducing..The Family 2009 Compilation

Various Artists, Can You Feel the Spirit?

Various Artists, Chelsea Schofield... and Friends

Various Artists, Christmas Joy

Various Artists, Creator God

Various Artists, Crimson Flow Records: Acapella Praise Compilation

Various Artists, Denner Martins & Friends

Various Artists, DJ Production, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Eat `Em Up Records

Various Artists, Eternity Gospel Singers: Make Me Real

Various Artists, Exalted

Various Artists, Family & Friends Praising God (Ronnie R Riles Sr. Presents)

Various Artists, FBCC Music Ministry Presents: It's A Family Affair

Various Artists, Flint Southernaires: Trusting in Jesus

Various Artists, Fly Away (Songs for Southeast Asia) [Montrose Baptist Church]

Various Artists, Forever Praise: Sing a New Song

Various Artists, Friends: James "Bishop" Tudman Presents

Various Artists, G Side Oldies

Various Artists, Gary S. Paxton & Friends, Vol. 2 - (The Power Of) "Repentance"

Various Artists, Goin' Home (On Heaven and Beyond)

Various Artists, Gospel Celebration 2: A Family Affair (So so Blessed Entertainment Presents)

Various Artists, Gospel Golden Millennium:Story Book Volume One

Various Artists, I Did It Just for You

Various Artists, I'm Your Child

Various Artists, Impacto Uncion & Poder: Despierta el Guerrero

Various Artists, In Spirito E Verita

Various Artists, In the Palm of Your Hand

Various Artists, Israel's Salvation

Various Artists, Jehovah Is King

Various Artists, John 3:16

Various Artists, Journey to Experience the Album

Various Artists, Kingdom Group Presents: Jesus the Healer

Various Artists, Legacy of Quartet Still Lives, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Lift 3

Various Artists, Lift J 3:14

Various Artists, LPK: The Tri-Fector

Various Artists, Lynda Lynn Songs: Reach Out For Him

Various Artists, M25: El Amor Esta en Movimiento

Various Artists, Maradha Nesarae

Various Artists, Mark Rogers presents The 2010 Rhythm Of Gospel Top Tunez: The Very Best Independent Gospel Artist In The Nation

Various Artists, Melodies of My Heart

Various Artists, Melody Shelton Firestone, Ladye Love Smith, John Lomacang, Yvonne Lewis & Reggie Smith, Hallelujah We're Home At Last

Various Artists, Militant For Christ

Various Artists, Ministry @ The Campus, Vol. 1

Various Artists, MIRACLE: Live in Charleston

Various Artists, Music of My Soul

Various Artists, My Inspiration

Various Artists, New Day

Various Artists, No Better Place

Various Artists, Nova Criação

Various Artists, Now Or Never

Various Artists, Ollie On The Beat

Various Artists, One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus

Various Artists, One Found Worthy

Various Artists, Only Believe

Various Artists, Oparedawuro Sda Compilation Beyond 125

Various Artists, Overcoming Believers Church: The Kingdom Revealed

Various Artists, Overflow Urban Gospel (Micah Records Presents)

Various Artists, Power in Unity (Live and Unplugged At the Experience)

Various Artists, Power in Unity: Twenty Thirteen

Various Artists, Power Purpose Praise

Various Artists, Praises From Da House

Various Artists, Proyecto Viviré

Various Artists, Psalm 119

Various Artists, Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs

Various Artists, Rabboni (Original Cast Recording)

Various Artists, RECREATION: Anatomy of the Remix

Various Artists, Relationships - The Prelude

Various Artists, Revealing Secrets Through Worship

Various Artists, Righteous Compilation (On Stage for Christ)

Various Artists, Sheryan Records Llc Presents, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Six

Various Artists, So Faithful

Various Artists, Songs for the Soul: All in Harmony

Various Artists, Songs in the Spirit: The Texas Collection

Various Artists, Songs of Praise and Pray

Various Artists, Songs of the Righteous

Various Artists, Southern Gospel Gold

Various Artists, Spirit & Life Music Group: Vol. One

Various Artists, Spirit Of New Orleans, Vol. One

Various Artists, Srastha

Various Artists, Stepping Out On Faith

Various Artists, Still, You Satisfy

Various Artists, Take No Thought (Rose M. Cooley-Shuman Presents)

Various Artists, Tamil Dhayaabaran Yesu by Greta Roberts

Various Artists, Tempting Fate (Movie Soundtrack)

Various Artists, The 2011 Rhythm of Gospel Top Tunez, Vol. II (Mark Rogers Presents)

Various Artists, The Best of Sharp Male Gospel Artists, Vol. 4

Various Artists, The Edge Compilation

Various Artists, The Father & the Son

Various Artists, The Gospel

Various Artists, The Most Glorious Birth

Various Artists, THE NEW SOUL

Various Artists, The Tennessee Gospel Society: A Gospel Christmas - Joy To The World !

Various Artists, The Vision, Vol. 1

Various Artists, The Voices 4 Hope, Vol. 1

Various Artists, This Our Time

Various Artists, Thrahimam

Various Artists, Time to Worship

Various Artists, Together in Unity (DC Gospel Artists United Presents)

Various Artists, Together in Worship

Various Artists, Toni Gooden: Commissioned

Various Artists, True Paradox

Various Artists, Uche Favour Medley

Various Artists, Uncle Donald's Niagra Brand Tonic and Elixer

Various Artists, Unison Gospel Revolution Volume 1

Various Artists, Volume 1 How to: A9

Various Artists, Walk By Faith

Various Artists, We Hail You (Songs of Koinmus, Chapter 1)

Various Artists, With Hearts as One Studios, Vol. 1

Various Artists, Without Walls (United Worship Presents)

Various Artists, Yachad (Yerachmiel Begun Presents)

Various Artists, Your Grace

Various Artists: Darryl Simons, Jacqueline Simons, Clive Francis, Sheila Smith, Sia Spence, A Bermuda-ful Christmas

Vasa Gospel, Close to Your Heart

Vasu, Ramana Jyoti

Vaughan Penn, Renew the Power (Radio Edit)

Vaughn Thompson Jr., Third Culture Worship

Vaunda, Blessed!

Veilleur, I'm Surprised

Veilleur, Look At Me

Velisha Thompson, To Know You More

Vencedores por Cristo, Dois Caminhos

Venson D. Moore Sr., D4D: Destined 4 Destiny

Venus and Donette, My Miracle

Venus Laney, God Most High (El Elyon)

Verge of Life, You Don`t Have To Cry

Vergie Iglus, Shelter From the Storms

Verify, Livin Here Ain't Easy - Single

Verner C Smith, What Is Man?

Vernida Marie, Restored

Vernita Dunbar, All You Need

Vernita W. Dunbar, Recieve Our Praise

Vernita, Vision

Vernon Oliver Price, Thank You Lord

Vernon Rust, A Lot More Jesus

Vernon Ward, Amazing Grace

Verolga Nix, HOLY

Veronica G. Agyemang, In His Presence

Veronica Hayes, I Turn to You

Veronica Hickman, Better Get Ready - Single

Veronica Hood, God's Lay-A-Way Plan

Veronica Love, Because I'm Happy (Gospel Version)

Veronica Love, I Can't Forget

veronica love, touch

Veronica Love, Yes I Can

Veronica Morgan, Glory in the Rainbow

Veronica Morgan, Only Believe

Veronica Smith, Remember

Veronica Talton, Believe

Veronica Talton, End Time Warrior

Veronica Talton, When We Worship You

Verse in Motion, Always

Vessels of Hope, You Are

Vibes, Foi no Calvário

Vicki Britton, We Need Love

Vicki Farrie, Hallelujah Anyhow

Vicki Farrie, Jesus Held Me

Vicki Flamma Sherman, If I Sing a Song

Vicki Lynn, Hannah's Prayer

Vicki McDermitt, Blessed

Vickia Brinkley, Walk With Me

Vickie Butler Daniels, I Am Not Ashamed

Vickie Butler Daniels, Start a Party

Vickie Stanford, Fulfilled

Vickie T. Stanford & Grady L. Walston, He Was Born

Vickram Lalljee, Life

Victor Butler, Call On the Name

Victor Castillo, Mi Cafe Con Dios

Victor Ezell, Dance Like David/ single

Victor Ezell, Love Song to God

Victor G, Legacy

Victor M. Font Jr., Only Trust Him

Victor Singh, Fallen

Victor, Victor's Christmas - EP with the Lopez Studios Youth Choir

Victoria Adexa, Gospel Blues

Victoria Adexa, Take Not

Victoria Dunston, NuSound

Victoria Lockhart, In His Time

Victoria Lockridge, OMG

Victoria Michaels, Simply Worship

Victoria Vargas, Me Levantaré

Victoria Wood, Victoria Wood

Victory Christian Centre, Where I Want To Be

Victory Road Quartet, Praise You With My Life

Victory Song, Get Glad

Victory Worship, Say What God Says

Victory Worship, Victory Worship Five (Studio Album)

Victory Worship, Victory Worship IV: Make Way for the King (Live)

Vida Real Worship, Cordero Fiel

Vida, The Sinner That I Am

Viju Jeremiah Traven, എൻറെ യേശുവിൻ ഓർമ്മക്കായ് (Ente Yeshuvin Ormakkay)

Viju Jeremiah Traven, യേശുവേ കരുണാമയനേ (Yeshuve Karunamayane)

Viju Jeremiah Traven, വാഴ്ത്തുന്നെ എൻ യേശു രാജനേ (Vazthunne En Yeshu Rajane)

Vilhauer Family Gospel, Walk On

Vilikia Dyer, Always There

Villain, The Battle Between The Flesh And The Spirit: The Spirit- The Soul Is A Battle Field

Vince Hatfield, Don`t Look Back Unless You`re Going That Way

Vincent Bates, No Better Way

Vincent Bohanan & The C.E.W Youth Choir, Heaven

Vincent Bohanan & The Sound of Victory Fellowship Choir, Only God

Vincent Carr, True Worship Volume 1

Vincent Charlow, Endure

Vincent Dodd, Have Thine Own Way (feat. Laveda Lark)

Vincent Dodd, Your Search Is Over (feat. Kim Sims)

Vincent L. Abrams, Everything Is Gonna Be Ok

Vincent Layne, Little Christian Woman

Vincent Raven, The Vincent Raven Project

Vincent Walker and Testimonies of Joy, The Book of Testimonies Chapter 1

Viney Williams, New Identity

Viney Williams, New Identity: Original Performance Tracks

Vini Contreas, Kingdom of Conscience

Vino Del Ultimo Tiempo, Primicias

Vintage, Thank You God

Vintage21 Church, All Things Praise

Violet Maynard, My Refuge

Viqui, Ogyefo

Virginia Killingsworth, Breathe in Heaven - EP

Virginia Taylor, When Angels Fly

Virginia, Trust God

Virtud Dc, Como la Primera Vez

Visible Worship, Oasis

Vision of Hope, Timeless Classics

Vision of Unity, Order My Life

Vision To Victory Music Seminar, Songs and Sermonettes, Vol. 1 (Minister Ceddy P presents... Vision To Victory Music Seminar)

Vision, In Bonds of Love

Visionary, Visionary

Vital, Simplesmente Sei

Vitam Venturi, Power Of Faith

Vitam Venturi, Power Of Hope

Vitam Venturi, Power Of Love

Viva Adoração, Eu Sei Que o Meu Redentor Vive

Vivaz, Meu Sonho

Viva`J, Mercifulove

Vivian Murray, I Believe It

Viviani Dias, Salve Jesus

Vizhion, I Made It

Vizhion, Pressin' On

Vocalz, Deep Surface

Vocalz, Gods Music

Voces de Suprema Alabanza, Manifiesta tu Poder

Voice of Maasai, Voice of Maasai

Voice Of Masaai-Remiti Choir, Voice Of Masaai Remiti Moshi Tanzania

Voice of Melody, The Beginning

Voice of the Cross, Gospel High Life, Vol. 2

Voicebox, Privilege and Honor

Voices for Christ, By Faith

Voices of Distinction, Don't Leave Me Now

Voices Of Distinction, What You Gonna Do With Me?

Voices of Faith, A Song for You

Voices of Fellowship, Make His Name Great

Voices of Glory, Awana

Voices of Holy Ground, Divine Intervention

Voices of Hope, "Dont You Give Up"

Voices of Light, LOVE

Voices of Love, The Best of HL Buckley

Voices Of Praise, Faithful and True

Voices of Praise, I Give My All

Voices of Praise, Your Way

Voices of Triumph, Lord Use Me

Voices of Triumph, Truly Free: Live

Voices of Zion, I Feel Like Praising God

Volney Morgan & New-Ye, A Lion That Stoops in the Presence of God

Volney Morgan & New-Ye, I Need You

Volunteer State Mass Choir, Jesus Is Real

Volunteer State Mass Choir, The Gospel of Tennessee

Von Matthews and Proclaim, Who Can Doubt?

Vonda Beerman, Quiet Moments for the Heart

Vondelle, Words Turned To Water

Vonetta Richards, I am Available

Vonetta Richards, To God be the Glory

Vonnie Blackshear, Battle Cry

Vonnie Blackshear, Total Praise

Voz de Muitas Águas, Pai

Vy Higginsen Presents, Gospel Is . . . Original Cast Recording

W. B. The Coach, The Gift

W. C. Taylor Jr., Best of W. C. Taylor Jr, Vol. 1

W. C. Taylor Jr., Best of W. C. Taylor Jr., Vol. 2

W. C. Taylor Jr., God, Family & Friends

W. C. Taylor Jr., He Is There

W. C. Taylor Jr., Songs of Hope

W. C. Taylor Jr., Take Me As I Am

W. C. Taylor Jr., Wayfaring Stranger

W. C. Taylor Jr., You Better Be Still

W.O.W., I Am A Star

Waddell, Jesus Is All Of That

Wade Williams, The Very First Time

wahba, live @ GJ`s

Wahday Juaquee, Heavenly Grace Singer

Waiting for the Flood, Brighter Still

Waldron Brown, The Take Over

Waldron Brown, Unstoppable

Wale Adebanjo, Thankful (Live)

Wale Adebanjo, The Living One

Walking in Obedience, Seeking Repentance

Wallace Gunn, My Declaration

Wallace Rahming, Poems

Wallace Smith, The Chronicles of Wallace Smith

Walt Hutchins, He`s Calling

Walt P the Producer, Walt P's Sounds Of Music Presents: Gotta Go

Walt Wagner, SPIRIT - cherished carols of Christmas

Walta Blackson, Brighter Day

Walter E.L. Scrutchings and Company, Just Call On Jesus

Walter Gordon, I Want My Destiny (Pre-Release)

Walter Smith & Tru Praize, He Reigns

Walworth and Howell, The Choice

Wanda DP, getting down with the praise

Wanda Barnes & Mauranda Lynn Morgan, Created to Worship

Wanda Cork, Stand Fast In Your Faith

Wanda Cornelius, Gospel Blues

Wanda Fairman, Path of Love

Wanda Holloway, I'll Never Turn My Back On Jesus

Wanda Jackson, Songs Are Moments

Wanda Luz Law, There Is Hope In the Lord

Wanda Nash, I Want To Be Made Whole

Wanda Nash, Marpe - Let the Healing Begin

Wanda Osborne, I Believe

Wanda Osborne, Just Keep Walking

Wanda Osborne, Latter Glory

Wanda Perry-Josephs, Conquering The Giants In Our Lives

Wanda Viola, His Healing Love #1 Jesus Hears Your Cry

Wanda Viola, His Healing Love #5 Amazing Love

Wanda Wortham, A Heavenly Touch

Wanda, The Only One

Wandering Shepherds, Unbroken Circle: Songs from the Fold

Ward Darby, He Made It for You

Ward L. Ellis, Good Time Praisin`

Wardean Cole, It Me Again

Warren O. & Mpactful Praise, Save Me from Myself

Warrior Worship, Warrior Worship, Vol. 1

Warriors2forchrist, After You

Wasaimo, Ithagu Ini

Wayne Bucknor, 40 Years: God Is Good

Wayne Dickens, Broken English

Wayne Erbsen, Old-Time Gospel Favorites

Wayne Hager, Different

Wayne Hager, Showers of Blessing

Wayne Haught, The Crying Kind

Wayne Marshall, The Living Word (feat. The Jericho Riders)

Wayne Pascall Acappella, Beulah Land

Wayne Pascall Acappella, Here I Raise My Ebenezer

Wayne Pascall Acappella, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Wayne Pascall Acappella, In His Hands

Wayne Pascall Acappella, Living 4 Him

Wayne Pascall Acappella, My Scripture Song Fix

Wayne Pascall Acappella, New Paradigm

Wayne Pascall Acappella, Satisfy

Wayne Pascall Acappella, Text Messages From God

Wayne Pascall, Acappella Ecclesiastes

Wayne Pascall, Acappella Gospel Classics

Wayne Pascall, Acappella Gospel Classics 2

Wayne Powell, Purpose

Wayne Powell, Purpose

Wayne Todd, Blood of Life

Wayne Tolbert, Dependence

Wayne Tolbert, Why Can't They See

Wayne Tolbert, With All Our Hearts

Wayne Valentine, I Need You

We Sing U Sing, Beauty in Me

Weaver Believer Survival Revival, Don't Tell Him Where It's Tied (Radio Edit)

Weaver Creek, Send Me

Weazy Walker, Make Me Whole

Webster Trio, When I See the Cross

Wellington Kwenda, Tinodiwa Medley

WellTunes Music, Hope: In All Things

Welmyr Jean-Pierre, Mèsi

Wendell and Albertina, God`s Love

Wendell and Denise, All of Me

Wendell M. Tackett, Without Jesus There'd Be No Christmas

Wendell Morrison, Call On Him

Wendell Musicman Moore, What's Really Going On

Wendell S. Johnson, Above The Hills

Wendi Godley, Speak Clearly

Wendy Bower, Rhythm of Hope

Wendy Brown-Rashad, Order My Steps

Wendy D. Boone, Good Morning Jesus

Wendy John, Thank You (Lord)

Wendy Lopez, A su imagen

Wendy Lopez, Entre cielo y tierra

Wendy Lynn Snider, Wendy Lynn Snider

Wendy Ross, All I Am

Wendysue, Everyday Christian

Werley Nortreus, Can't Let You Go Away

Werner Frey, Cantemos Todos 1

Wes Fowler, The First Christmas Gift

Wes Homner, Remembrance

Wes Hotchkiss, Oh America

Wes Joseph, Fly Without Wings

Wes Michael Gorospe, Nikki's Song

Wesley Bray & The Disciples of Joy, Working in the Vineyard

Wesley Gaines, Songs of Endless Praise

Wesley Hudson, Salvation Song

Wesley Johnson, Bless the Lord

West Coast Baptist College Quartets, Faithful

West Coast Baptist College, Crown Him

West Coast Baptist College, I Stand Amazed

West Coast Baptist College, Our Great Saviour

West Coast Baptist College, Redemption Trio

West Coast Baptist College, Stand

West Coast Baptist College, The Joy of Christmas

West Coast Baptist College, The Wondrous Cross

West Coast Christian Tabernacle, Our Journey; An Album Of Memories

West Heaven, beyond

Westmont College Worship Team, In the Sanctuary

Where Were You? (I Was There) Track - Ellen Fitzgerald Cherry, A Woman`s Journey

Whisnants, Hymns & Harmony

Whisnants, Life Worth Living

Whitney Mitchell, My Heart Cries Out for You

Wil Allen, God`s Wil

Wil E. Coleman, We Cry Out

Wilbert Reaves, Restored

Wilkins Reyes, Dios Te Dice Calma

Will 2 Will & Cmd & Friends, Another Sunday Morning

Will Andrews, Second Chance

Will B, In the Beginning

Will Bassett, Hold On

Will Collens, You Reign

Will Cox, Family Christmas Favorites

Will Cox, Gospel Favorites

Will Green Jr. & Wil Lewis, The Will Green Jr. & Wil Lewis Project

Will Harris, Dream Again

Will Harris, He Knows My Name

Will Innocent, Going Home

Will James, He's Alright

Will James, Road to Redemption

Will James, Songs for the Journey

Will James, The Name

Will James, The Progression

Will Labrenz, Redemption The Acoustic Session

Will McGowan, Peace Be Still

Will Stevens, I've Got to Press

Willc, Footprints in the Sand

WIlliam "Redd" Crook, Possessed By His Love

William Alexander, Ask Him and See

William Arevalo, Muestra Tu Gloria

William Bokhout, Aparche

William Boyd Chisum, Chasing the Wind

William Boyd, Every Day I Need the Lord

William C. Belton Jr., Things Ain`t Like It Seems

William C. Calloway, The Beginning

William Collins, I've Been Criticized

William Collins, Lord, Call Me First

William Davies, His Love for Me

William Entzminger Jr, Mic From Heaven

William Ferrarini, Jesus We Trust in You

William Gonnsen, Boston

William Jackson and Radical Praise, A Live Worship Experience

William James, Light Shines

William Joshua Triplett, Wounded Man: A Song of Testimony

William McMillan, Follow You EP

William McMillan, Good Morning Joy

William Myles & Ypop, Chapter 1

William N. Heard, Songs from the Sanctuary: Hymns Spirituals & Classic Gospels, Vol. II

William N. Heard, Songs from the Sanctuary: Hymns Spirituals & Classic Gospels, Vol. III

William Richardson, Hand of the Lord

William Tolson, Jr., It's My Prayer

William's Boys, Get Ready Children

Willie A. Taylor, God Is Thinking About You

Willie Baldwin Ll/true Witness, Help Me To Make It

Willie Barthel Jr, Awesome

Willie Blount, New Beginning (EP)

Willie Cameron, Who You Gonna Call

Willie J. Harris, No Turning Back

Willie Jazzanova Davis, God is Life

Willie Jones, Magnify the Lord

Willie Jones, My Story Is

Willie Lawrence and the Spiritual 5, Higher In the Lord

Willie Lawrence and The Spiritual 5, Standing In The Need Of Prayer

Willie Lawrence and The Spiritual Five, Another Step Forward

Willie Lee Henderson, Beautiful Entry

Willie Mae Sharpe, Higher, Going To The Next Level

Willie Marshall & 1accord, Journey to Greatness

Willie Moore, It's My Season

Willie Norwood, I Believe

Willie O., In His Word

Willie Odom Sr, Please Don't Quit

Willie Stewart, God Can (There is Hope)[feat. Lisa Brookins & William Thompson Jr.]

Willie Thomas, Jesus Loves Me

Willie Ward, We Welcome You to the House of the Lord

Willie Wilson, Love Thy Neighbor

Willinda Franklin, Callin'

Willmband, Never Get Tired (Running)

Willy Blessing Lelo, Faveur

Wilma Ann, Under the Surface

Wilma Bivens, God Will Do It

Wilmer Herrera, Mujer de Fe

Wilner Cacoq And Sheila Merisier, Tu Es Incomparable

Win Thompkins & The Stompers, I May Be Hoppin

Wincey, Time to Say

Wincey, Wannabe

Winfield Parker and Praise, Give The Credit Where It`s Due

Winfield Parker, Oh How I Love Him

Winfield Parker, Without God I Could Do Nothing

Wings of Grace Music, Wings of Grace: Songs by Karen Robertson

Wings Of Heaven, Upper Room Experience

Wings of Inspiration, 20 Year Reunion Project

Winston W. Rhodes, Thank You

Winton Ray Fenner, Old School Gospel

Witherspoon !!!!, Love Again

Witness - Pastor Rick and Rita, When I Call Him

Witness, Witness-Live!

Witness2, All You

Wjohnson II, "Speak to Me" featuring The Followers of Christ

Wjohnsonii, The Language of Freedom: Let the Music Play

WOGM Worship, Refuge

Wole Awolola, You Are Faithful (Deluxe Edition)

Women of Grace, Ex-story ``Walking in the Newness of Life!``

WONDER, Down By The Riverside

Woodard Sisters, Come Follow Me

Woodland Telegraph, From the Fields

Woody Wright, Brand New Song

Woody Wright, Turn From The Darkness

Woody Wright, Woodrow Wilson Wright

Word of Faith Worship, Breakout

Word of Faith Worship, Breakthrough

Word of Faith Worship, That's a Win

Worlds Apart, Playing On Bridges

Worship Addicts, Worship Addicts Devotional, Vol. 4

Worship Alliance, American Worship Gathering

Worship Mill, Deixa Fluir

Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel, Praise Unusual

Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel, Psalmbook

Wouter Seinen, Paraplu

Wretch, Each One Reach One Each One Teach One

Wyatt & Shari Knapp, When God Dips His Love in My Heart

Wyatt & Shari Knapp, When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart

Wyatt Nations, If It Satisfies You Lord

Wydell Croom, Seasons

Wyleaner, All Because Of You!

Wylie & the Wild West, Glory Trail

Wynand Hansen, Restoration

Wyndie Oh!, I Will Always Praise You

Wyndie Oh!, Songs From My Heart

Wynn Samuels Jr., Savior

Wynueco Washington, Speechless Moments

X-Alt! Rhythm and Praise, X-Alt! Rhythm and Praise

Xample, Hold On To Your Dreams

Xample, Only Your Love

Xavier Eskridge, 2 Weeks

Xavier Eskridge, Hard 2 Love

Xavier Eskridge, Hard 2 Love (Remix)

Xavier Eskridge, Mommy's Song

Xavier Eskridge, Perfect Peace (Remix)

Xavier Eskridge, Saying Goodbye

Xavier Eskridge, The King of Petty (Theme Song)

Xavier Eskridge, The Vault

Xavier O`Connor, The Pilgrimage

Xavier T-Musgrove, I See My Blessing Coming

Xavier T-Musgrove, Musical Concierge

Xavier T-Musgrove, Run to You

Xavier T-Musgrove, That's Me

Xavier T-Musgrove, True Gospel

Xodus the Soul Searcher, Winners (feat. Sam Kiles)

Yaa Harriott, Divine Inspirations

Yahweh`s Tribe, Harmony

Yaileen Vega, Te Alabo

Yale Cullings, The Journey: Step One

Yalonda L. Johnson, Don't Give Up

Yana Blaise, The Samaritan

Yankee B, He's Coming Back

Yankee B, Shelly Thunder, Sistah Roze, Souljahs For Christ

Yarbrough & Peoples, I'm In...I'm All the Way In!

Yash Paul Soi, Song of Peace (International Anthem for Peace in the World)

Yasmeen Williams, Miraculous (Original Songs of Christmas & Easter By Yasmeen)

Yasmeen, Live Life

Yasmeen, There Is a River

Yatara Reed, Just Sing

Yaw Gyasi Jr, Adom

Yazmin Reyes, Al Creador

Ydave, I Confess

Yemi Ayeni, Halleluyah Praise Him

Yemi-O, The Introduction of Yemi-O

Yemiko, Broken

Yemiko, God Is Watchin' U

Yemiko, Let It Go

Yemisi Agbebi, Our God Reigns

Yemisi, I Can Count On You

Yemisi, Turn It Over

Yemisi, We Are Blessed

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, ?????? ?????

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, Around the Campfire: The Acapella Album

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, Chanukah: Light Up the Nights

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, It's ?? ?????

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, Miami ???

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, The 5th Annual Miami Experience

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, The First Annual Miami Experience: Korov Hashem

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, The Second Annual Miami Experience

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, The Third Annual Miami Experience

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, Torah Today

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, Ultimate Miami: The English Collection

Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir, We Will Prevail

Yerachmiel Begun & the Miami Boys Choir, When the Siyum Calls

Yerachmiel Begun, The Miami Boys Choir & The Horowitz Twins, ???????

Yerachmiel Begun, The Miami Boys Choir & Yisroel Williger, The Voice of a New Generation

Yettyin7, Eye of the Storm

Yielded 2 Him, No One Can Compare

Yielded 2 Him, Pure and Holy

Yielded 2 Him, Romans 8:18

Yielded Vessels, So Good

Yielded Vessels, Time

Yishay Zimrah, Dabranch

Yisroel Adler, Oiros

Yobo, Money Ain`t Everything

Yolanda Black-Dean, Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Yolanda Everett, Yolanda Everett

Yolanda Harris, Healed! Mind, Body & Soul!

Yolanda Harris, Healed: Mind, Body, & Soul

Yolanda Henderson, Older Now

Yolanda Jarmon, I'm Better Than That

Yolanda Jarmon, Stand

Yolanda Westinghouse, I Run to You

Yolé, Shine

Yolé, Tio

Yolonda Ford, It's All About Jesus

Yolonda Ford, Without You

Yolonda Michelle, He's Always There (feat. Hiram L. Swain, Joseph Willett, Myer McCoy, Jeffrey Owens & Marcus Gray)

Yomayra, Outspoken-Valiente

Yomon Mingia, Worship God

Yoshin, May It Be So

You Have the Power to Share the Light, Various Artists (Compilation)

Young and Godly, The Young and Godly Movement

Young Men 4 Christ, Saved By Grace - Single

Young Men 4 Christ, Why Not Jesus??? Fully Introduced

Young Neighborhood, Jesus, He Lives

Yours Alone, Mark Reynolds

Youth Alive WA, All of the Above

Youth Alive, Shout Your Glory

Youth America & Church of the Harvest, I Believe

Youth ANCOP, The Answer

youth explosion, youth explosion the concert..the story

Youth Gospel Explosion 2009 Workshop Choir, Youth Gospel Explosion 2009- Live

Youth in Unity, Youth in Unity Project

Youthblaze, Kingdom Hearted (Bishop George W. Brooks Presents)

YPJ and Flesh Versus Christ, Unison

Yundrae, It Feels Good to Be Back, Vol. 5

Yung B.E., Blood Bought M.U.S.I.C.

Yuri Beltrán, Sobre Todo

Yvette E and Inner-Faith Chorale, Caught Up

Yvette Johansson & The Belmar Hummingbirds, Jesus Hits Like an Atomic Bomb

Yvette Medina, All I Want for Christmas

Yvonne Blake, Hold On

Yvonne Burgess, A Crown Of Thorns

Yvonne C. Cobbs-Bey, God`s Always There

Yvonne Cobbs, You Can't Have It

Yvonne Cobbs-bey, Stand Still

Yvonne Cobbs-Bey, Worship With Me

Yvonne George, Garment of Praise

Yvonne Marie, Changed

Yvonne Marie, Out of the Ashes


Yvonne Perkins, For This Glory Two

Yvonne Perkins, New Vision

Yvonne Perkins, Worship Warfare

Yvonne Porter Young, Passion of Praise

Yvonne R. Johnson, He Will Make A Way

Yvonne Ruff, In Worship

Yvonne St. Germaine, City of Gold

Yvonne St. Germaine, If You See My Savior

Yvonne St. Germaine, On My Way To Heaven

Yvonne St. Germaine, Tennessee Sky

Yvonne St. Germaine, Turning My Day Around

Yvonne, Never Fail

Yvoughn, What I Say

Z-Lous, Blessed Child

Zac Taylor, He That Promised...

Zaccariah, Trusting

Zach Thomas, Welcome to the Table

Zach Vestnys, Carry Me Away

Zack Landry & Phaze, Come On Praise Him

Zack Shelton and 64 to Grayson, Zack Shelton and 64 to Grayson

Zak Williams 1 and Akord, Things Are Gonna Get Better

Zak Williams and 1Akord, The Declaration Live From Philly

Zalman Goldstein & Yaron Gershovsky, Yom Tov Farbrengen

Zamar 92:1, When We Pray

Zamar, Reggae Praise

Zamarising, Rad1ca7 (Studio Cut)

ZAn, No Longer The Same

Zanders Family & Friends, Happy Birthday (Zanders Style)

Zandra Zmuzik Morrow, Step Out EP

Zanetta Wingfield, Get Up

Zarwardee, Mighty Warrior

Zavette Gibson, First Love

Zeal, A Lighted Path

Zechariah's Song, Gems of Wisdom

Zedjah 528, Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Zen Dadio, Crux of Praise

Zenobia Dewely, He's Always There (That's Why I Praise Him)

Zenobia Smith, An Invitation To Sing

Zenzo and TW, Boston Night of Worship

Zephaniah Roberts, Ready to Go

Zepporia Perdue, Jesus Is Calling

zerrissen era, Quilts, Tapestries and Woodcuts

Zezinho Tony, Filho Pródigo

ziggie, The Music of My Life

Zimpraise, Its Still About Jesus the Revelation

Zimpraise, The Covenant Live

Zion Harmonizers, Bringing in the Sheaves

Zion Hill Sanctuary Choir, Psalms Of Zion

Zion Jubilees, One More River To Cross

Zion Singers, In a Moment

Zion's Melody, Strong Wind

Zion, He's All Around

Zita Ortiz, Not Your Average Journey

Ziyon, Journey to the Prize

Zoaris Ortiz, Deseo Amarte Más

Zondre & Unstoppable Praise, Get Right Church

Zondre' & Unstoppable Praise, Today Is the Day (Deluxe Edition)

Zone of the Trinity, The Call My Answer

Zulma Cantora, Deus Assina Embaixo

Zylphia McAllister, Zylphia: God's Princess Warrior

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