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Donna Deussen, High Wire

Donna French, Cool Baby

Donna Greenberg, Stranger

Donna Hay, Here's to Life

Donna Hay, Torch Songs

Donna Lewis & Mark Mollica, On Jordans Stormy Banks

Donna McElroy, Fly to Forever

Donna Ruzicka, Season`s Greetings

Donna Singer & Doug Richards, Take the Day Off: Escape With Jazz

Donna Singer & The Doug Richards Trio, Destiny, Moment of Jazz

Donna Smith And The Junkmen, Habit Breaks Habit

Donna Tucker, "Round Midnight

Donna Tucker, Right As the Rain

Donna Venardi, I Thought About You

Dony Adair, The Making (feat. Chris Godber)

Donyea, Christmas With Donyea

Doremi, I'll Be Home

Dori Caymmi, Inner World

Dori Levine and Ed Littman, Click

Dori Levine and Michael Levy, Koo-Koo

Dorian Devins, Goodbye

Dorian Devins, If You Never Come to Me

Dorian Devins, The Procrastinator

Dorian Devins, This Is the Moment

Dorine E. Thompson, New Things

Doris Spears, The Duchess

Doron Zor, Look Here

Dorothy C. Leblanc, Reminiscent

Dorothy Collins, Jazz Hymns

Dorothy Cowfield, Cows in the Sky

Dorothy Cowfield, I`m A Cowgirl

Dorothy Cowfield, No Broken Dreams

Dorothy Doring & Phil Mattson, Compositions

Dorothy Lefkovits, It's Wonderful

Dorothy Leigh, Intimate Moments

Dot Wilder, Dot Wilder, Live from the Warehouse

Dotsero, Fresh Pants

Dotsero, Live at Jazz@Jack`s

Dotsero, Telltale

Dottie Warner, A Serenade in Blue

Double Down, All In

Double Down, Hit Me!

Double Down, Make Your Move

Double Exposure, Always

DoublePlay, Just Listen

Doug Adams & Janelle Sadler, Still Believe in Love

Doug Adams, Hawaii Funk Five O

Doug Brockie's Alpha & Omega Orchestra, Alpha Omega Orchestra

Doug Clarke, Beware of Doug

Doug de Vries & Diana Clark, Three Shadows of Blue

Doug Dragon, The Propheteer

Doug Earley, Plays for Someone You Love

Doug Ebert, Times Change

Doug Ellington and New Urban Groove, Life

Doug Ferony, Doug Ferony: In Concert

Doug Ferony, I Ain`t Got You

Doug Ferony, It Had To Be You

Doug Ferony, The Best of Doug Ferony, Vol. 1

Doug Ferony, This One's for You

Doug Ferony, You Will Be My Music

Doug Gately Quartet, E & S

Doug Gazlay, I Love Atlanta

Doug Gillory, Good Times Do Happen

Doug Gilmour/ Hubba Hubba, Well, What Ever

Doug Hall, Jihi

Doug Hall, Three Wishes

Doug Helm, Doug Sings Frank and Two More

Doug Johns, Blomp

Doug Johns, Doug Johns

Doug Johns, Pocket Fulla Nasty

Doug Johns, Stank

Doug Jones, Heart and Soul

Doug Jones, Jazz Fusion

Doug Jones, Shades Of Gray

Doug Jones, Top Down

Doug Markley, 90 Degrees

Doug Martin, Good 2B Home

Doug Martin, Just Kickin' It

Doug Munro, The Blue lady

Doug Naarup, Live At the Standard 10.14

Doug Naarup, Summertime

Doug Perkins, Gardens of Gizsh

Doug Richards Trio & Donna Singer, Jazz in the Living Room

Doug Robinson, Love All Ways

Doug Rosenberg, Better Than TV

Doug Sertl, Joy Spring

Doug Smith, Hope

Doug Strock, Piano Dreams

Douglas Halladay, Serenity

Douglas Howell, When I Fall in Love

Douglas Little Quartet, The Phoenix

Dowhower, Microstories, Vol. III

Down 4 The Count, Down 4 The Count

Down 4 the Count, Tin Foil Fedora

Doxter S, Awhile

dp3, Live at Eyedrum

dp3, Live at the Five Spot

Dr B & Mr D, Dr B & Mr D 1

Dr Fidgety Dixieland Jazz Band, Shake Your Butt!

Dr John Hair and New Connections, When The Spirit Gets You

Dr Ratliff, My Thoughts

Dr Remix, Phorfun

Dr Zoot, Best of Dr Zoot

Dr Zoot, Selections from "How The Groove Stole Christmas"

Dr. Alexander Nicolas, The Groove

Dr. Alexander Nicolas, There Are Moments

Dr. Bob Finney Jazz Group, The Sax Doctor

Dr. Bob, My Latin Lady

Dr. Bobby Rodriguez, Celebration!

Dr. David klee, Mi Bonita

Dr. Ernst, The Daily

Dr. Guy`s MusiQology, Y the Q?

Dr. Jackie Gardner, Blu Blu Blues Iv

Dr. Kickbutt`s Orchestra of DEATH!, Grandpa`s Wiggletown Stomp

Dr. Leroy Henry, Day Waves

Dr. Leroy Henry, Meditation

Dr. Otto, Pulse

Dr. Prof. Leonard King Orchestra, Oopapada Expanded

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, Stroni: What Eveybody Else?

Dr. Rhonda E. Carroll, Simply Rhonda

Dr. Richard Allen Williams, A Soulful Jazz Tribute to President Barack Obama

Dr. V Shawn, That's What's Up

Dr. X, Paradigm

Draco Dwarf, Dark Matter

Drake Colley, I Hear You Bro

Dream Door, Dream Door

Dream Electrik, Fingerprints

Dream Electrik, Transcendental

Dream, Dream

Dreaming in Colour, The Dream Merchant

Dred "Perky" Scott and the Steve Rudolph Trio, Nine

Dreemtime, Drive Away~The Gentleman Players Retro Re Mix

Drene Ivy, Paradise


Drew Davidsen, Around (Again)

Drew Davidsen, Astro

Drew Davidsen, Spin Cycle

Drew Davidsen, This Journey

Drew Fase, Tonight the Moon Belongs to You

Drew Paralic, Down in Soho

Drew Paralic, How Bill's Heart Sings

Drew Rich, Drew Rich 2

Drew Sullivan, Dedham Square Roots

Drew Sullivan, Strollin`

Dre` Barnes, The Enchanted One

Dre` Pauls, Moody Grooves

Drinking with Clowns, Mind Your Head

Drivetime, Ignition

Drop Trio, Big Dipper

Drop Trio, Cezanne

Drop Trio, Leap, I.M.C. VOL.4

Drummertracks, Big Band Vol 1

drumplay, beachland

Drumplay, Pyramid People

Dry Speed, Under a Stream of Nitrogen

Dturner, Fresh Love

DU UY Quintet, DU UY Quintet

Dual, A Fortunate Time

Duane La'mont, Risen Death

Duane Parham featuring The Four Tops, Motor City Sax Appeal - Single

Duane Vincent, Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Duane Vincent, Dream About

Duane Vincent, Hold On

Duane Vincent, My Somebody

Duane Vincent, Silent Night

Duane Vincent, Simple Love

Duane Vincent, UnSaid

Duane Vincent, Wave (feat. Keyan Williams)

Duarte, Diamante

DubbleStuff, This is What You Need (Oh Yes it is)

Dudley Brown, Evocation

Dudley Brown, Mind Therapy

Dudli & Herring's Soul Jazz Alliance, True Paradise

Duduka da Fonseca Trio, Jive Samba

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio, New Samba Jazz Directions

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio, Plays Toninho Horta

Duffy King, Solo Guitar Christmas

Duke Bannister, Duke Is Back

Duke Ellington, Contrapuntal Riposte

Duke Ellington, Last Trip to Paris

Duke Ellington, Live At Cabaret L'alcazar

Duke Ellington, Mara Gold

Duke Ellington, Second Sacred Concert (Live)

Duke Guilllaume, Power of Praise

Duke Robillard & Sunny Crownover, Tales From The Tiki Lounge

Duke Seidmann, Subtonic

Duke Sharp, Yucca Pie

Dukes of Dixieland, Celebrating Satchmo

dukew, zazz

Dulce Resillas & Fabiola Franyutti, Hilando Lunas

Dulie, Joyous Ride

Duly Noted, Christmas Eve With Duly Noted

Dummie, Un Jardinero en la Antartida

Duncan Haynes & Matthew Mitchell, biathanatos

Dunham Music Group, Red Strings

Duo Backer, Cantiga

Duo Blå, Mean to Me

DUO DUO, We See, ...

Duo Gadjo and their Hot Friends, Meet me in Paris

Duo Tyto Alba, Tyto Alba

Duo Vibrato, Watch What Happens (Live 2015) [feat. Michael Moynihan]

Duology Band, One and One Makes One

Duot, Duot

Dustin White and the Jeff Jones Trio, Love's Never Been So Nice

Dusty Limits, Grin

Dusty York Trio with Michael York, A State Of Secession Volume One

Dusty York Trio, Cinema 57

Dusty York Trio, June Diva

Dutch Concert Big Band, Dutch Concert Big Band Plays Dutch Originals

Dwayna Litz, First Take Musical Theater

Dwayne "DW" Wright, Dear Betty - Single

Dwayne "DW" Wright, Unbreakable

Dwayne "Smitty" Smith, This Is Me

Dwayne Dolphin, 4 Robin

Dwayne Estes, Blind Ambition

Dwayne Johnson, The Gospel Jazz Evolution Volume 1

Dwayne Kerr, Flutation

Dwayne Kerr, Higher Calling

Dwayne Russell, Elevator Grooves

Dwayne Russell, Let It Funk

Dwayne Russell, Silk

Dwayne Russell, Slanky

Dwayne Smitty Smith, Stories

Dwayne Taylor Jr, My Praise to You

Dwight Houston and On Purpose, The Purpose

Dwight Sirls, Paradigm Shift

Dwight Sirls, Purpose

Dwight Sirls, The Human Complexity

Dwight Sirls, When the Music Stops

Dwight Williams, Caroline

Dwyn, Blue Bossa

Dwyn, E.S.

Dyan Kane, Eleanor Rigby

Dyanne, Love Is Here To Stay

Dylan Taylor, Sweeter for the Struggle

Dynamic, Photosynthesis

Dynamo, Live At Ocean Way

D`Jazz, Steps

E, Life`s Story

E-Life 7, Miked Up (feat. Michael Pennick)

E-Squared, The Headchange - EP

E-Von and the Time Minister, Dually Noted

E. J. Decker, A Job of Work (Tales of the Great Recession)

E. L. James, Take The Money And Run

E. L. Mahon, Pink Moon

E. Shawn Qaissaunee, Painting Pictures

E. Shawn Qaissaunee, Passing Through

E. Shawn Qaissaunee, Tell A Story 2003

E.B. King, Healing the Broken Heart

E.E. Pointer, The Playah

E.G.Holmes, Wonderful You

E.J. Gold, Blues on Foggy Mountain

E.J. Gold, Teahouse of Tranquility

E.J. Gold, The Deepest Well

E.J. Gold, Woodland Spirits

E.J. Gold, Zen of Gorebagg

E.L. Mahon, 2009 - Single

E.L. Mahon, Another Day

E.L. Mahon, I Found Love (Vocal Version)

E.melody, Midnight Love

E.S.P., Uptown Express

Eardrumz, Almost Seven

Eardrumz, Bassment

Eardrumz, C B Sandwich

Eardrumz, Call It What It Is

Eardrumz, Crisis of Faith

Eardrumz, Dancing Fingers

Eardrumz, Dazz It Up

Eardrumz, Desire

Eardrumz, In the Lane

Eardrumz, Lemon Smoothie

Eardrumz, Off the Top

Eardrumz, Perfect Plan

Eardrumz, Roll Call

Eardrumz, S K & K

Eardrumz, Synchronicity

Eardrumz, Tentatively Yours

Eardrumz, Way Down North

Earl Carter, 495

Earl Carter, No Frettin`

Earl Carter, The Christmas Song

Earl Harville, For the Longest Time

Earl Macdonald, Echoes in the Night

Earl R. Johnson, Jr., Inside Myself

Earl Rose, Down to Rio

Earl Rose, Leggy Linda

Earl Vaults, I Told You So

Earl Williams, Falling in Love Again

Earla Porch, Satin and smoke

Earlene Davis, Heart Whispers

Earles of Newtown, Earles of Newtown

Earnest Walker, Jr., Raindrops In The Sun

Earnest Walker, Jr., Variations On A Groove

Earnest Woodall, Live @ Benson Hall Cafe

Earth Jazz Agents, Plan A

Earth People, BANG! from New York City

Earth People, Now Is Rising

Earth People, Simple ... Isn`t It??

Earth People, Sky Readers

Earth People, Waking the Living

Eartha Kitt, Patti LaBelle, Vanessa Williams & Gregory Hines, Santa Baby: Songs From The Original Soundtrack

Earthship, The Groove Starts Here

Earwax Control, Earwax Control

Earwax Control, Number Two Live

East Bay Banjo Club, Hey, Mr. Banjo!

East Coast Standards Time, East Coast Standards Time

East Coast Standards Time, Impressions

East of West, Crossing Borders

East Side Singers & The Chris McDonald Jazz Orchestra, Snowed in for Christmas

East West Quintet, The Brooklyn EP

East West, East West

Eastern Blok, Folk Tales

Eban Brown, Master Suite

Ebnicher-Tutzer Project, Nice to Have Met You

Eboni Skye, What I Wanna Do

Eboniramm, The Look of Love

Ecclectic Soul, The Groove Sessions, Vol. 1

Echo Jazz Trio, Echo Jazz Trio

Echo Orbiter, The Smoke Endures All Around the Lights (Unreleased Tracks, Vol. 8)

Eclectic Cafe, Sol

Eclectic Vision, Monkey Cats

Ecstasy In Numbers, Spellbound

Ecstasy in Numbers, TechNoir

Ecstasy In Numbers, The Search

ECUMENICS,Loren Stillman,Kate McGarry,Aaron Goldberg,Ali Jackson, Jazz Psalms

Ed and Carol Nicodemi, Songs For A Christmas Night

Ed Baran, Four Guitar Lovers

Ed Barker, 'sup Baby?

Ed Barker, Simple Truth

Ed Barker, Three Way

Ed Barker, We Jus' Bimblin'

Ed Barker, Your Secret

Ed Barrett Trio, Trio De Joie

Ed Battle and His Trio, Live Standards

Ed Bennett, En Route

Ed Blackley Protocol, Songs from the Light of Love

Ed Bowes & Jason Labrador Trio, The Beverly Waltz and Wedding Suite

Ed Corey Trio, Modal Citizen

Ed Cuneo, Plays Outside of the Box

Ed DeGenaro, Dog House

Ed Degenaro, Less Is Seldom More

Ed DeGenaro, Live At The Knit

Ed DeGenaro, Nylon `N` Steel

Ed Fast and Conga-Bop, Straight Shot

Ed Fisher, Funk Bass Mama

Ed Harlow, First Encounter

Ed Harlow, Two Views


Ed Kashmarek, Breakin' the Ice

Ed Knoeckel, All About Hymn

Ed Laub, Soft Guitar

Ed Ledwith, Find Me

Ed Littman, My Window

Ed Littman, Splatt

Ed Maron, The Right One

Ed Neal, Contiguous

Ed Nuccilli & Plural Circle, Ed Nuccilli & Plural Circle

Ed Peffer, Ed Peffer and Express

Ed Quintana, Like You

Ed Reed, Born To Be Blue

Ed Reed, I'm a Shy Guy

Ed Ridley and Serious Business, Mystique

Ed Roth, Summertime

Ed Sarath and the London Jazz Orchestra, New Beginnings


Ed Schaefer, Frame of Mind

Ed Spargo, Ed Spargo

Ed Spargo, Playroom

Ed Spargo, Too Much TV

Ed Stone, In The Morning Light

Ed Stone, Magic Rhythm

Ed Stoute, The Ed Stoute Experience

Ed Strauman, Listen With Your Feet

Ed Taylor, Here I Am, Baby

Ed Taylor, Songs From A Taylor

Ed Taylor, TaylorMade

Ed Vezinho and Jim Ward Big Band, With Friends Like These

Ed Vezinho/Jim Ward Big Band, Blue Haired Mama

Eddie Akhmetchine, Look Within

Eddie Baccus & Will Downing, Love Is Possible

Eddie Berg, Carston Street

Eddie Berg, Chillin'

Eddie Berg, Cruisin' On Empty

Eddie Berg, Generations from the Heart

Eddie Berg, Generations from the Heart

Eddie Berg, So Into You

Eddie Berg, Solaris

Eddie Berg, When We Get Together

Eddie Bullen and Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo, Havana Nights

Eddie Bullen, Make It Real

Eddie Edwards, formerly known as Snakepit, Outside Da` Edge

Eddie Evans, Be With You Tonight

Eddie Fields, Up Late

Eddie Gale, Eddie Gale Now Band Live at Vision Festival X

Eddie Gatlin, Instant Light

Eddie Gip Noble, In the Lite of Things

Eddie GM, The Best (In You)

Eddie Hall, Eddie's Jam

Eddie Harris / Wendell Harrison, The Battle Of The Tenors

Eddie Hermosa, Surrealism

Eddie Kohen, Pulp Fusion

Eddie Lewis, Extra Credit

Eddie Lopez, Just for Tonight

Eddie Lopez, Ocean Breezes

Eddie Parente, Touraco

Eddie Peabody, King of the Banjo: Original 1920's & 30's Recordings, Vol. 1

Eddie Peabody, Original Recordings from the 1920's & 30's, Vol. 2

Eddie Reyes, Lost World

Eddie Sanabria, Simply U (feat. Mothers Favorite Child & Paris Toon)

Eddie Sessa, Here's to the Man

Eddie Shaw & the Hydraulic Pigeons, Jass in Six Pieces

Eddie Thrash, Familiar Places

Eddie Trujillo, Under the Influence

Eddy Davis & Frank Vignola, That's The Samba, It's the Dance of Love

Eddy Davis & Frank Vignola, The New York Samba

Eddy Davis & The Brazil Connection, The Brazil Connection, Vol. 1 & 2

Eddy Davis, The Blind Man on the Corner Singin' The Beale St Blues

Eddy Nubine, Put Your Trust In Him

Eddy Slap, Bassab (Eddy Slap Project): Sketches

Eden Philarmonic Orchestra, Himnos Jazz

Eden Rabin, Story Playing

Edgar Abraham, Atmosfehra

Edgar Abraham, Latino Jazz

Edgar Abraham, Saturno Latin Jazz Project

Edgar De Almeida, Full Bloom

Edgar Wallace Jr., Groove With Me

Edgar Wallace Jr., I Can't Go for That

Edge City Collective, Kosmischstrasse

Edie Daponte & John MacArthur, Edie & John: Love Bossa

Edith Crash & Alex Augé, Inonde

Edith Van Den Heuvel & Frank Harrison, Beneath the Blue

Edmar castaneda, cuarto de colores

Edmund Simental, Midnight Rendezvous

Edmund Welles, Agrippa`s 3 Books

Edna Thomas/ Ron Granger, Art for Art

Edo Castro, Edo

Edo Castro, Phoenix

Edo Castro, Sacred Graffiti

Edolutionary, Epic Film Music Edolution

Edolutionary, One Step Ahead

EDolutionary, The Soundtrack

Eduard de Lange, Not so Quiet

Eduardo and His Brazilian Aeroplane, Se Você Não Chama

Eduardo and His Brazilian Aeroplane, Simetria: Bo Kasper in Brazil

Eduardo and His Brazilian Aeroplane, Zero e um (Ett och noll) - Single

Eduardo Mendonça, Brazil and Me

Eduardo Ramos, Jazz Fusion

Edward A. Thomas, In HIS Will

Edward Archibald, Smoove Grooves

Edward Arrington Jr., African Sunset

Edward Jenny, Emerald Forest Rhythms

Edward Moore, Reaching For The Box

Edward Powell, Bluesand

Edward Powell, Spiritdance

Edward Simon, Edward Simon

Edward Simon, La Bikina

Edwin Paris, Manos de Adorador

Edwin Williams, Chill With Me

Edye Evans Hyde, Magic In His Eyes

Eel House, Eel House

Egg Yolk Jubilee, Brunch With Rocco Fancypants

Egheosa, Sunday Drive

Ego, Still At Your Side

Ehdra, My Love Prayer

Eichholz and Schiffgen, Latin Bombers

Eight 02, Drive

Eight 02, Eight 02

Eight to the Bar, Bring It & Swing It!

Eight to the Bar, Swingin` School

Eight To the Bar, The Romper Room

Eiichiro Arasaki, Introducing

Eijiro Nakagawa & Jim Pugh, Legend and Lion

Eijiro Nakagawa & Funk '55, Eijiro Nakagawa & Funk '55

Eijiro Nakagawa & Jim Pugh, E2 and J2

Eijiro Nakagawa & Jim Pugh, Just Us

Eijiro Nakagawa, Babe

Eijiro Nakagawa, Peace

Eiko Solaris, Peaceful Moments

Eileen Howard, All Kinds of Weather

Eileen Howard, MakeOver

Eileen Howard, Street of Dreams

Either Or, Port Royal

EJ Bisiar, Please Be My Valentine - Single

EJ Miller, At It Again

Ekah Hyunjoong Kim, Ekahsonic

Ekah Hyunjoong Kim, New Ground

Ekah Hyunjoong Kim, Under the Sun

Ekemed, Cadillac

El Arca, Buen Viaje

El Chikaly, Smooth Waves

El Dúo Oddone-Concetti, Cuando el silencio aturda

El Desayuno, Get Yer Cha-chas Out

El Desayuno, LIVE

El nino project, Dew Drop Inn

EL's Mystery, Inertial Confusion

Elaine Dame, You're My Thrill

Elaine Lam, A Little Blue Jazz

elaine lucia, A Sonny Day

Elaine Lucia, Let`s Live Again

Elaine Miles with Loyal McAvoy, Why Shouldn`t I?

Elaine St. George, That Old-Fashioned Love

Elaine St. George, with you

Elam, Escape Velocity

Eléni, Familiar Places

Elchemistjazz, Quantum Reach

Eldad Tarmu, Cengiz Yaltkaya, Visits

Elder, Thurston A. Hill, Epouranios Oan (Heavenly Being)

Eldredge Jackson, Listening Pleasure

Eldsken, i stjärntimman

Electric Barbarian, a©L

Electric Barbarian, Minirock From The Sun

Electric Blue Sun, Electric Blue Sun

Electric Kif, Take Your Time

Electric Nhic, Ground Waves

Electric Soul Parade, Sunrise From Outer Space

Elegance Music, A Taste of Elegance

Elements of Jazz, Upward Bound

Elements, Blown Away

Elements, Elements Forward Motion

Elements, Illumination

Elements, Love Light

Elements, Mark Egan & Danny Gottlieb, Elements

Elements, Mark Egan & Danny Gottlieb, Liberal Arts

Elen Lara, Mulher

Elena Martynova & Fabio Mignola, Povernys' Do Dushi

Elena Martynova & Fabio Mignola, Turn to Your Soul

Elena Orlowa, Semilla De Vid

Elena Poletti and Band, Beyond The Time

Elena Sonenshine, Dream a Little Dream of Me

Elena Welch, Catnip Cafe

Elena Welch, Talk to Me

Elena, You Go To My Head

Eleonora Bianchini, Eleonora Como Un Aguila En Lo Alto

Elester Steele, Safe Landing1

Eli B, I`m All Yours

Eli Brueggemann, La Story - EP

Eli Brueggemann, Launchpad

Eli Eisenberg, The Iceberg Project

Eli Hendel, Memories of Tomorrow

Eli Marcus, Resolution

Eli Yamin & Clifford Carlson, Holding the Torch for Liberty

Eli, My Own Stuff

eliane, eliane

Elias Haslanger, Dream Story

Elias Negash, Saba (Sheba)

Elias Negash, Summer Time

Elias Santos Celpa Jazz Group, Antología

Eliel Bueno, Mi Mejor Regalo

Elifantree, Love & Trees

Elijah Jamal Balbed, Lessons from the Streets (feat. Warren Wolf, Alex Norris & Paul Bollenback)

Elijah Rock, Elijah Rock (Live in Hollywood)

Elijah Rock, That First Time

Eliki, Destination Unknown (Kafele Bossa Dub) [feat. Kafele]

Elio Villafranca, Incantation/Encantaciones

Eliot Slaughter, Reinventment

Elis Casado, Ripples

Elis Pethke, Fly With Me

Elisa Fiorillo, Labor Of Love

Elisa Fiorillo, Peanuts & Toffee

Elisa Krijgsman & Dennis Tielkes, Breeze of Healing Love

Elisa Marangon, Elisa nel paese delle meraviglie

Elisabeth Blin, Lifetime Too, Soul to Soul

Elisabeth Blin, Therapie Bossa-Nova!

Elisabeth Lohninger & Walter Fischbacher, Ballads in Blue

Elisabeth Lohninger Band, Christmas In July (feat. Axel Fischbacher & Walter Fischbacher)

Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet, Beneath Your Surface

Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet, Live

Elisabeth Lohninger, Songs of Love and Destruction

Elisabeth Lohninger, The Only Way Out Is Up

Elise Solberg, Frank Lloyd Wright

Eliza and Vince, Eliza and Vince Play Variety Music

Eliza Jhay, Phoenix Rizing

Elizabeth Brown, Extraordinary Weddings

Elizabeth Carpenter, Flirting...

Elizabeth Doyle, Time Flies

Elizabeth Fields, The Colour of My Dreams

Elizabeth Hayes, Touché

Elizabeth Rose, Still Pretending

Elizabeth Soychak, Behave Yourself

Elizabeth Steagall & Nate Campbell, That Jazz Thing

Elizabeth Steagall, Elizabeth Steagall

Elizabeth Up de Graff, Livin` and Loving It

Elizabeth!, Brainchildren

Elizabeth, Hot and Silver

Elkano Browning Cream, 2

Ella Chadwell, A Night To Remember

Ella Mae Morse, Ella Mae Morse On Broadway

Ella Woods, Ella Sing's Ella

Ellen Burr & Michael Unruh, Where Am I From, Where Am I Going

Ellen Burr, Duos

Ellen D., Love At First Sight

Ellen Demos, Osmosis

Ellen Edwards, Through the Fields of Home

Ellen Hoffman, Difficult to Say Good-Bye

Ellen Honert, Breath of the Soul

Ellen Johnson, Form & Formless

Ellen Johnson, Too Good To Title

Ellen Kaye, 3am...The Dogs, The Milkman & Me

Ellen LaFurn, C'est LaFurn

Ellen Lippman Finn, Matzo Balls and Chitlins - A Tzimmes of Jewish/Jazz and Blues

Ellen Martin, Fly Like This

Ellen Martinez, Mixed Emotions

Ellen Murray, So Nice

Ellen O`Brien, Ellen O`Brien

Ellen Robinson, Don't Wait Too Long

Ellen Robinson, Mercy! Ellen Robinson Live

Ellen Robinson, On My Way to You

Ellen Starr, Lucky People

Ellen Sturm, Don't Take It Hard

Ellen Sturm, Lillian

Ellen Sturm, Missing You

Ellen Sturm, Womanizer

Ellen Vanderslice & Marilyn Keller, Marilyn Keller Sings from the Ellen Vanderslice Songbook

Ellen Vanderslice, Let's Pretend

Ellen Vanderslice, Once in a Blue Moon

Ellen Vanderslice, One Minute More

Ellen Vanderslice, Rebecca Kilgore Sings from the Ellen Vanderslice Songbook

Elli Fordyce, Something STILL Cool with Jim Malloy

Elli Fordyce, Songs Spun of Gold

Ellie Arave, I Wanna Date Your Neighbor (Acoustic Version)

Ellie Malick and Eyran Katsenelenbogen, Just For Fun

Ellingtonality, Ellingtonality Vol. 1 (feat. Christoph Grab, Alessandro d’Episcopo, Hämi Hämmerli, & Elmar Frey)

Elliot Dyson and "Buncha Cool Cats", Live at CityJazz

Elliot Elliot, Yeah Low!

Elliot Levine & Urban Grooves, 347 Live!

Elliot Levine, From Da Top

Elliot Levine, Smash

Elliot Steger, Joyful Blue

Elliot Steger, Making Time

Elliot Steger, One Red Rose

Elliot Steger, Transition

Elliott Caine Sextet, Hippie Chicks On Acid / Live At Alvas

Elliott Caine, Le Supercool

Elliott Ranney, Bellevue Shuffle

Elliott Sharp & Boodlers, Boodlers

Elliott Sharp & Boodlers, Counter Fit

Elliott Sharp, Tectonics: Abstraction Distraction

Elliott Small, This Season's Collection

Ellis Jones, Fingertalking

Ellis Jones, Self Explanation

Ellis Jones, The Christmas Song

Ellis Phelps, Sedona Crusin`

Elly Hoyt, Oranges & Sunshine

Elly Kouri, I Love You Too Much

Ellynne Plotnick, I Walk Alone

Ellynne Plotnick, I Will

Ellynne Rey, A Little Bit of Moonlight

Elmer Ferrer Band, No Guitars Allowed

Elmer Gibson, Generation Dance

Elmer Gibson, Jazz Ornaments

Elmer Gibson, The Elmer Gibson Trio Live

Elmer Gibson, The Loner Hexilogy

Elmo Aardvark, Elmo Aardvark: Outer Space Detective!

Elmo Hope, Elmo Hope Last Sessions, Vol. 2

eloah, ample jazz - mondstein 2

Eloisa Atti Marco Bovi, Love Signs

Eloquent Edge, The November Sessions

Elsa Nilsson Quintet, Already There Yet

Elsie Parker and The Poor People of Paris, Elle se Souvient

Elsie Parker and the Poor People of Paris, Entre Nous

Eluard and Co., Gumbolia

Elvira Barjau, So This Is Love

Emanuel Whittington, God With Us

Emer Fox, Mr. Dream Maker

Emerson Pirot, A Felicidade

Emi Takada, I'm All Smiles

Emiel van Egdom, Clues

Emiel van Egdom, Hybrid Groove

Emiel van Egdom, This Is for You

Emiko Voice & Suga Dairo, Phase2 ~Twist & Shout~

Emil Mijares, Reflections

Emil Richards, Calamari Live At Rocco`s

Emil Richards, Emil Richards With The Jazz Knights

Emil Richards, Maui Jazz Quartet

Emil Richards, Wonderful World Of Percussion

Emilia Vancini, Whatever Possessed Me

Emiliano Loconsolo, Prelude

Emilie Chytraeus, Your Sin of Indie

Emilie Mover, Sings Peggy Lee

Emilio Verdugo Romero-DOS, Amor, Mi Amor (Love, My Love)-Swing

Emily Bezar, Moon in Grenadine

Emily Drennan, Two-Way Street

Emily Fennell & Vocal Harem, Little Wonder

Emir Ersoy, Cuban Portrait

Emma Cantons, Songs of Experience

Emma Denward, Cirklar

Emma Harris, Lovelife

Emma Hutchinson, Hummingbirds

Emma Klein, Chocolate Covered Glasses

Emma Wilson, Rhythm Of The Heart

Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim, Harlem

Emmanuel Rivera, Amazing Grace

Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen, Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen

Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen, I'd Like You for Christmas

Emmeline Darko, Utopia

Emmet Cohen, In the Element

Emmlyn, Someone New

Emphasis On Jazz, Emphasis On Jazz

Emy Tseng, Sonho

Enchanted Duo, The Words Keep Changing

Encompass, Broken Wing

Encompass, Jagged Edge

Energy 2000, Zanzibar Special

Ennio Righetti Quartet, Plays Jobim

Enoch Lee, Finish Line

Enok, Electric No Ordinary Kitchen

Enoo, Matrimony and more

Enrico Bassi, Libera Muziko Viro Potenco

Enrico Cervi, Happy Frog Blues

Enrico Granafei, Nothing But The Truth

Enrique Corro, Feels so Right

Enrique Ponticas, Winter Is Here

Enrique Toussaint, Comunidad

Ensemble 303, Cardew`s Treatise

Ensemble Abstract, Mutually Cognizant

Ensemble Abstract, Stendhal's Syndrome

Enzo Crotti, Wondorian Dance

Enzo Rocco & Pablo Ledesma, Seis episodios en busca de autor

Enzo Rocco, Spaghetti Jazz (Live in Buenos Aires) [feat. Rodrigo Dominguez & Hernan Mandelman]

Ephod, Watch

Epic Movement, Project One: Dreamer

Epic Movement, Sway

Epicenter, In Search of Blue


EQ, To Speak

Equilateral, Also Not Pictured...

Erbium, Solstice Bells Jam

Ercole Di Berardo, Childhood Memories

erftones, dispatch

Erftones, Record

Erftones, Stand

Ergo, Quality Anatomechanical Music Since 2005

Eric Allen, You Are the One

Eric and Judd, guitar duets

Eric Bascom Trio, Trio

Eric Baskin, A Song For You

Eric Baskin, Interludes

Eric Bolvin, Feels A Little Like Christmas

Eric Bolvin, No Boundaries

Eric Bolvin, Rain Walk

Eric Bolvin, Side Street Strut

Eric Brazier, Guitology

Eric Chase & Amy Ayers, Smile for Me

Eric Copeland Jazz, The Jazz in Me

Eric Cordova Maroscher, Vibes

Eric Elias, Footprints

Eric Essix and the Night Flight Big Band, Superblue

Eric Essix, Abide With Me

Eric Essix, Blue

Eric Essix, Retrospective, Vol. 2: Ballads

Eric Essix, The Isley Sessions

Eric Essix, The Modern Man Recordings

Eric Frazier, From My Soul

Eric Gilbert, Christmas Time is Here

Eric Harding Quartet, Fortune Calls

Eric Harding, Capelton Road

Eric Hofbauer Quintet, Prehistoric Jazz, Vol. 1: The Rite of Spring

Eric Hofbauer Quintet, Prehistoric Jazz, Vol. 2: Quintet for the End of Time

Eric J. Lewis, Drive Time

Eric J. Smith, Come In From The Cold

Eric Jacobson, Inspiration

Eric Kurimski, Rãopyright plica

Eric L Porter, Light so Shine

Eric Leonard, Breakin` the Rules

Eric Leone, Cruisin

Eric Leone, Eric Leone Outstanding

Eric Letta, Say

Eric Michael Gillett, Careless Rhapsody: The Heart of Lorenz Hart

Eric Miller, It's Time to Live Again

Eric Mintel Quartet, Dynamo

Eric Mintel Quartet, Hopscotch

Eric Muhler Trio, Live At The Jazz School

Eric Parada, For This Night

Eric Parada, The Shapes of the Dreams

Eric Parker, A New Beginning

eric parker, Best of Eric Parker

Eric Person, Reflections

Eric Person, Rhythm Edge

Eric Person, The Grand Illusion

Eric Person, Thoughts On God

Eric Plaks, The Witch Man

Eric Przedpelski, Wild Goose Chase

Eric Roberts, My Brazilian Heart

Eric Sanders, Esoteric Music

Eric Sanders, Percussion Discussion

Eric Sempe & Synopsis, Rebirth

Eric Smith, The Next Boss

Eric Starr Group, Such Is Life

Eric Starr, She

Eric Thomas & Elevate The Quest, Take It Easy

Eric Ulreich, Rue Royale

Eric Van Aro, Desert Motel

Eric Van Aro, Friends

Eric Van Aro, I'm Not Anyone (feat. Fabio Gianni)

Eric Van Aro, Obsession

Eric van de Kerkhof, Perfect Lives

Eric Verlinde, Firewalker

Eric Wangensteen, Street of Dreams

Eric Weinstein, Since I Fell For You

Eric Wollman, East Coast Shoes

Eric, True Lights

Erica Holloway, Piano Magic

Erica Miller, A Brief Episode - The Guitar Lover's Sampler Volume I

Erica von Kleist, Project E

Erick Storckman, Scrapbook

Erik Jekabson, Crescent Boulevard

Erik Lawrence and Hipmotism, HIPMOTISM

Erik Lundmark, Canadian Impressions

Erik MacPherson, Broken Coffee Cup

Erik Paulsen, Spies Girls

Erik Telford, Kinetic

Erik van der Luijt, Express Yourself

Erik Weissglas, Stoneheater

Erika Flaskamp, The Headless Horseman

Erika May, Miao Miao, cat in a hat

Erika, Obsession

Erin Elisabeth Aubrey, All These Ours

Erin Parra, Lullaby of Birdland

Erin Shields, I'd Rather Be Lonely

Erin Strickland, Erin Strickland and the World At Large

Erin Williams, Satisfy My Soul

Ernest B. Newsom, Sounds of Christmas

Ernest Brownie Brown, Buck Dance for Brownie's Copasetic Chair Dance

Ernest Dayce, Heaven

Ernesto Cortazar Lara, You Are Welcome

Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Chris Forsyth, (as is stated...before known)

Ernie Hawkins, Whinin' Boy

Ernie Kalwa Quartet, The Autumn Leaves

Ernie Mansfield with Juan Bibiloni, Color Drops

Ernie Mansfield, Windsailor

Ernie Nelson, Just For The Beauty

Ernie Savage, Swing This

Ernie Slaughter, Chillin

Ernie Urban, Free Will - EP

Ernie Watts Quartet, A Simple Truth

Ernie Watts Quartet, Oasis

Ernie Zee, No Clue

Errick Lewis, Where Musician Ends & Instrument Begins

Ervin Pope, With These Hands

Erwin Farias, Affinities

ES2, Algorhythms

Esa Pietilä, Direct

Eseldee, Evening Chill

Esp Vocal Trio, They All Laughed

Essential Hazard, Essential Hazard

Essex Improviser's Collective, Lifting The Light (feat. Bob Ackerman, Chris Lough, Herb Robertson, Fred Taylor, Adrian Valosin)

Esteban Figueroa, Calma

Esther Haynes, Approach Note

Esther Haynes, Corcovado

Esther Haynes, Esther Haynes

Esther Haynes, Moon Country

Esther Miller, A Place in the Sunlight

Esther Valentine, Go Where the Love Is

Esther Williams & Davey Yarborough, All I Want for Christmas

Estrada Brothers, Two For The Road

Ethan Fein and the M57 Band, I'm Gonna Rob a Bank for Christmas

Ethan Gutzeit, Ethan Gutzeit Trio Live

Ethan Helm, The Spoon

Ethan Uslan, The Apple Lassie Rag and other Ragtime Hits

Ethel Ennis, Ennis Anyone? Ethel Ennis, Live at Montpelier

Ethel Ennis, Ethel Ennis

Ethereal Spectrum, Ethereal Spectrum

Etheritch, Peritrope

Etowah Jazz Society, Big Band Jazz & Romance (In No Particular Order...)

Eudora Price, An Evening of Romantic Jazz Live at Cafe Concerto

Eugen Botos Project, My Space

Eugene Albulescu, Reverie

EUGENE CHADBOURNE, G.O.I.N. "Get Out of Iraq Now" - DVD - featuring: Brian Ritchie, Brian Jackson, Victor DeLorenzo and Molly Chadbourne

Eugene Grey, Authentic

Eugene K, Just A Hint

Eugene K, Magenta Green

Eugene K, Wonder Groove

Eugene Marlow, Making the Music Our Own: Eugene Marlow`s Heritage Ensemble Interprets Melodies from the Hebraic Songbook

Eugene Marlow, Wonderful Discovery

Eugenia Fernandez, Piano / Vocal Collaborations Vol.1

Eugenia Fernandez/ Isaac Chris Robinson, "What a Wonderful World" (Single)

Eugenio Colombo, Racconto Flautato

Eula Lawrence & The John Pierce Trio, Eula!

Euphonasia, Dark Blue Hair

EuropArt quartet, Part of the Art

Eva George, An Afternoon With Ella

Evan Garr, The Chill Out Album

Evan Parker & Konstrukt, Live At Akbank Jazz Festival

Evan Parker & Peter Jacquemyn, Marsyas Suite

Evan Parker, Joe Sorbara & Wes Neal, At Somewhere There

Evan Silva, Out Of The Shadows

Evan Stone, Sticks and Stone, Vol. 1

Evan Tate, Spherical

Evans and Coppola, Flamingo

Eve Cornelious and the Chip Crawford group, Faces of Eve

Eve Cornelious and the Chip Crawford trio, I Feel Like Some Jazz Today

Eve Haslam, A Thousand Years Ago

Eve Haslam, Beautiful Love

Eve Packer & Noah Howard, First and Last

EvenSanne, Something so Sweet

Everett B Walters, Catching the H Train

Everett B Walters, Ferry Ride

Everett Greene, I`ve Got Love

Everett Haughton, Beyond Words

Evil Teeth, Throwing Shapes

Evita and the SIRs, Sweet Caramel

Evita Cobo, Invitation

Evripides Evripidou, Emotions

Ewan Svensson Quartet feat. Linda Pettersson, LightandShade

Exegesis, The Harmony of the Anomaly

Exegesis, The Order of Chaos

Existence, Gone

EXP, Can You Hear Me Now?

Expozae, Unconditional

Expresso, 2nd Wind

Expresso, First Cup

Extreme Flute (Bill McBirnie), Scratch It!

Eyal Vilner Big Band, Almost Sunrise

Eyes Like Mars, Act III, Iv.

Eyran Katsenelenbogen, I Love a Piano (Live)

Eyran Katsenelenbogen, It`s Reigning Kats and Dogs and Bogen

Eyran Katsenelenbogen, Solotude

Ezekiel Victor, Color Picture

Ezequiel Calvo, Extranjero Programador

Ezra Weiss, Alice in Wonderland

Ezra Weiss, Our Path to This Moment: The Rob Scheps Big Band Plays The Music of Ezra Weiss (feat. Greg Gisbert)

Ezra Weiss, Persephone

Ezra Weiss, The Five A.M. Strut

Ezra Weiss, The Shirley Horn Suite

野沢知子, フクラムタイム

風 Fuo, 一陣a®é¢¨

馬馬馬, Make Before Think

馬馬馬, Make Before Think 2

馳見"Ace"大地 (Hasemi"Ace"Daichi), Jinguji Song Chronicle Vol.2 :DS Selection

Fabian Daurat, Made of Dust

Fabian Fiorini, De Papillons Noirs.

Fabiana Passoni, a‰ Minha Vez

Fabiana Passoni, Dim the Lights

Fabiana Passoni, Inner Bossa

Fabiana Passoni, Let Your Love Rise

Fabiana Passoni, Rock With You

Fabianno, Inspiration

Fabie Anstee Trio, Home (feat. Rob McDougle)

Fabio Lombardi, La Matricola (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Fabio, High above The Clouds

Fabrice Eulry & The Rolling Twisters, Twistin' At Ray's

Fabrizio Furci, Alone in Central Park

Faheez, The Rising

Fahima, In the Light

Faith Amour, Bright Eyes

Faith Gibson Quartet, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Faith Gibson Quartet, Just One of Those Things

Faith Gibson, Big Moon

Faith Gibson, You Don`t Know Me

Faith Lyn, U and I

Faith Winthrop, Havin` Myself a Time!

Faldo`s Toy, Twisted Pea Soup

Falken, Black Wish

Falken, Kokamuffin

Falken, Mad About You

Falken, Spanish Twist

Falken, Vital Signs

Fango, Fango

Far East Jazz Ensemble, Live at Star Eyes

Farron Frazier, Just Good Karma

Farzad, Mirror Of Emotions

Fat-Suit, Jugaad

Fat-Suit, The First Man On the Sun

Father Figure, Heavy Meddlers

Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra, Here to Say!

Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra, Live in Chicago

Faustina, Faustina

Faustina, Nothing Can Help Me

Fawn Fritzen, Bedroom Voice

Faxl, Big Breaths

Faxl, I'm With the Band

Faxl, Live At the Barn

Fay Victor, Lazy Old Sun (Live/Life in the Low Lands)

Faye Capers, First Fruits of Worship

Faye Carol, Carolizing Christmas

Faye Carol, Faye Sings Lady Day

Faye L. Reis, Simply Faye

Faye Miravite, La Brezza

Faye Patton, Going Solo

Faye Reis, In A Mellow Tone

Fazzz, Volume 1

Fábio Costa, Refúgio

Félix Júnior, Quando as Cordas Choram

FC Walvisch Sessions, Whatever Lola Wants

Fear & Desire, Never Been Here Again

Feather and Flower, Summer

Fedayien, Fedayiena€€â… 

Fedayien, Fedayiena€€â…¡

Fedayien, Fedayiena€€â…¢

Federation of the Disco Pimp, More Than Dancing

Federica Baccaglini Quartet, Daydreams

Federico Miranda, Baula Project

Federico Ughi, Federico Ughi Quartet

Federico, A Return To Love

Federico, Blue Rico

Federico, Choose Peace

Federico, Falling Into Love

Federico, Federico 6 Go In Peace

Federico, Federico 8: Peace Love Happiness

Federico, Yo Peace

Feels RIGHT/Charles Matthews, Feels Right

Felice, IME

Felicia Carter & Amy Shook, Nothing to Do

FELICIA CARTER, Feather / Step Lightly

Felix & The Cats, Performing Live At Swing 46 NYC

Felix Langford, 'N Your Eye

Felix Langford, Can We Dance?

Felix Langford, Can We Dance?

Felix Maria Woschek and Ustad Sultan Khan, Blessings

Felix Marin Jr., First Solo Flight

Felix Swing Band, Downtown Goes Uptown

Ferdinand Bannister, On the serious side

Ferdinando Argenti Trio, Live At the Sahara

Ferdinando Argenti, Look for the Silver Lining

Ferenzik, Wild Man Of Borneo

Fern Ellis, In and Out of Love

Fern Lindzon, Like a Circle in a Spiral

Fern Lindzon, Two Kites

Fernanda Cunha, O tempo e o lugar

Fernanda Cunha, Zingaro

Fernando Fonseca, Beyond the Ceiling

Fernando Huergo, Luciana Souza, Grazyna Auguscik, Living These Times - Latin-brazilian Jazz

Fernando Knopf, Fernando Knopf Latin Jazz Band

Fernando Petry, Mother Nature

Fertile Ground, Black Is....

Festivo, Chips and Salsa

Fhaze1, Party Favor

Fieldtrip, Fieldtrip

Filip Jelínek, Back to Love

Fillis Killer, Grooves on the Fly

Fin Johnston, Let Every Note

Fine Noise, Live at Step

Fine Tunes, The Complete Fine Tunes CFT4

Fine Wine Trio, Fine Wine Trio

Fine Wine Trio, Mexico Express

Fingerprints, Dream Life

Finn Silver, Live in Japan

Fiona Dell, Come Home

Fiona Tyndall, Moonglow

Fiorisi, (Self Titled)

Firebird, Bonds of Life

Firecracker Jazz Band, Firecracker Jazz Band Explodes

Firecracker Jazz Band, Hot Vintage Jazz

Firecracker Jazz Band, Red Hot Band

Firecracker Jazz Band, The Firecracker Jazz Band Meets the Wild Man

Firelucy, Puppet

First Steps, First Steps

Fishbelly Black, Get Up Get Down (feat. Roy Ayers)

Fishel, Sax Paradise

Fishel, Sax Voyage

Fishinabox, Sold

Fissio, I`mpossible

Five By Design, Club Swing

Five Men No Dog, You Shot Me Down

Five Plus Six, Such Sweet Thunder

Flamingo Sketch, Flamingo Sketch

Flavour, Food for Thought

Flávio Guimarães & Prado Blues Band, Flávio Guimarães & Prado Blues Band

Fleming Robinson, Back in Love

Fletch Towell Band, Jangala

Fletch Towell, Continuum

Fletchman, InSPIRITation

Flextacy, Daisy

Flick, One Love

Flight 108, Circuits

Flight 108, Flight 108

Flight 108, Vertigo

Flight 108, Zero Gravity

Flight 407, Metro to Sky Harbor

Flip and Fly, Incredible Edibles

Flip Philipp & Oliver Kent, Place and Time

Flip Philipp & Renato Chicco, Face to Face

flip philipp/ed partyka dectet, something wrong with you?

Flipside, Hi-Fi Phono Boy

Flo Dreyer, Flo Dreyer Her Trumpet and International Quartet

Flohism, Gale Force Winds

Flora Ware, Insight

Florence Tu Hong, The Trees Of May

Florence Tu Hong, Twelve Bars After

Florencia Dávalos, Memoria de la Semilla

Florian Dreams, Glitterbox

Floss, Vitamin A

Flowtilla, Out of the Inside

Flowtilla, Waves and Particles

Fluid City, Travelution

Flunkout, Coffee Break

Flunkout, Flunk Out!

Fly Fingers Duo, Spleen

Flying Horse Big Band, Into the Mystic

FM Acoustic, FM Acoustic

FMR, Ciel Variable

Fmrje, Live on 11.11.11

Focus, Focus

Fog, The Antidote

Foolish Hearts, New Definition

Foothill Jazz Collective, Wildflower

Footnote, Common Ground

ForeCast, ForeCast featuring J. S. Floyd

Foreign Motion, In Flight

Forest G, Cool Summer Days (Jazz Instrumentals)

Forman-Finley Band & Cherrie Adams, Only Trust Your Heart

Formation -In-, The Colours and the Shapes

Forte, Midnight Drive

Four Corners, Four Corners

Four Freshmen, Fresh!

Four Other Brothers, With Respect to Our Fathers

Four Star Brass Band, Get Your Four Star On!

Fourth Street Five, Hittin' On All Five

Fourword Quartet, Money

Fowler & Branca, If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride

FPR, All At Once

Fractal Quintet, Precipieces

Fragile Zoe, Frame Problem

Fragment37, Kitchen Sink

Fragments, Fragments

Fran Asher, Stop Drop and Swing

Fran Clark, To Fly

Fran Dominguez & The Smooth Fran, As the Phoenix Bird

Fran Hartshorn, Introducing Fran Hartshorn

Frances Busby, Far Away From You

Frances Busby, Shattered Dreams

Frances Coche', I'll Remember Wig

Frances Coche`, To You, With Love

Frances Nero, Frances Nero salutes Dinah Washington

Francesca Ancarola, Lonquen

Francesca Ancarola, Sons of the Same Sun

Francesca Esmé, Three Days That Come Too Slow

Francesca M., After the Storm

Francesca M., Back to Love

Francesca M., Just the Way You Are

Francesca Nagle, Everything Must Change

Francesco Buzzurro Quartet, NAXOS

Francesco Carpena, The Niche

Francesco Crosara, Colors

Francesco Fabbri Dynamictio, Follow The Doctor

Francesco Fabbri, Davide Faraghini & Samuele Martinelli, Cats

Francesco Guaiana Trio, Nojaz

Francesco Lo Castro, Chasing Beauty

Francesco Mauro, Pian Piano

Francie Zucco, Enero

Francine Greshler Feldmann, LeClub Metropole

Francis Jacob, Side-by-Side

Franco De Domenico & Omar Nasr, Rhythm With Sax (Ritmo Con Sax)

Frank A. Wechsler, Sessions

Frank and John Cocuzzi, John and Frank Cocuzzi TOGETHER

Frank and Steve, Jazzville

Frank Ball & Jon R Smith, Frank Ball and Jon Smith Live At Vino!

Frank Basile 12tet, Steppin' Up

Frank Basile, Modern Inventions

Frank Bennett, Bulls in a Bop Shop

Frank Bright, On the Wings of a Song

Frank Calvagna, A Journey Through Castolon

Frank Carlberg, Uncivilized Ruminations

Frank Cassara, Apparition

Frank Cheatham Jr., Illusions

Frank Colon, Frank Colon - Live at Vartan Jazz

Frank Colon, Latin Wonder

Frank Danna, Dimensional Visions

Frank DiBussolo, Average White Cats

Frank Fata, No Strings Attached

Frank Ferrucci, Jewel Eyes

Frank Ferrucci, Music of the Americas Ensemble

Frank Fiore, Mello

Frank French, Odeon - Tango Brasileiro

Frank Gambale, Best Of The Acoustic Side

Frank Gambale, Best of the Smooth Jazz Side

Frank Gambale, Natural Selection

Frank Gambale, Note Worker

Frank Gambale, Passages

Frank Gambale, Raison D'etre

Frank Gambale, Thunder From Down Under

Frank Gratkowski & Hamid Drake, Frank Gratkowski & Hamid Drake

Frank Holder & Shane Hill, Interpretations

Frank J. Jackson, What Do I Want For Christmas?

Frank Lamphere, Frank Swings

Frank Leister, Pendulum

Frank Leister, Timepieces

Frank Macchia, Frank Macchia's Booga-Booga

Frank Macchia, Frankie Maximum Goes Way-er Out West

Frank Macchia, Grease Mechanix

Frank Macchia, Mo` Animals

Frank Main, Swinging Live in Vienna

Frank Maraday, Reflections

Frank Meyskens, Ron Kobayashi & Andrea Miller, Don't Ever Say Goodbye

Frank Noviello, Frank Noviello Quartet

Frank Noviello, Jilted

Frank Odendall, Goodbye

Frank Odendall, Spring

Frank Odendall, Spring (instrumental version)

Frank Okoren, From the Soul

Frank Piombo, Dusk to Dawn

Frank Piombo, Italia

Frank Piombo, Moonlite Vibe

Frank Piombo, Nightfalls

Frank Piombo, Pay It Forward

Frank Piombo, Starry Night

Frank Piombo, Starry Night 2

Frank Piombo, Sunset Beach (The Cape)

Frank Piombo, The Flight

Frank Piombo, The Night Speaks (A Smooth Jazz Journey)

Frank Scheele, It´s You

Frank Senior, Let Me Be Frank

Frank Smith, Chasing Chances

Frank Sutton, Rain

FRANK TARANTINO JR., Let me be Frank

Frank Thompson Jr, The Sound of One

Frank Thompson, Island Man

Frank Tuma, Island Birth

Frank Tuma, Island Living

Frank Velardo, The Ardvark Felon

Frank Vignola Trio, Franklynn Swing (WIth Lynn Clapp)

Frank Villafañe, South Beach

Frank Zona & Urban Edge, Over the Edge

Franki Bayzar, Franki Bayzar

Frankie and Rosemary Chavez, Sweet Jazz a  la mode

Frankie Lynne, Sleigh Ride

Frankie Wants Out, The Melbourne Way

Franklin Lounge, Early Times

Franklin Penny, The Very Thought of You

Frankye Kelly, Live at Yoshi`s, Frankye Kelly Sings Songs for my Father

Frankye Kelly, My Life More Than It Is, Not Just The Blues

Frankye Kelly, The Night Is Young

Franny McCartney, Franny McCartney "As Is" (feat. Howlett "Smitty" Smith)

Frans Van Der Hoeven, First Flight

Frans Vollink - Sebastiaan Cornelissen, One Spirit

Franz Roehmann/Concert Jazz Orchestra, Gettin` Together

Fraser Gartshore & Donald Mackenzie, Jazz auf der Möller-Kinoorgel

Fred Bogert, Jazz Atmospheres

Fred Bogert, Life in the Briarpatch

Fred Caporale, Homecoming

Fred Caruso, Reminiscence

Fred Christoffer, Smoothelocity

Fred Et Sa Grosse Bande D'improvisateux, Live En Studio

Fred Fried, The Wisdom of Notes

Fred Haywood, The Fred Haywood Project - Volume 1 Hymns Recorded In A Creative Style

Fred Hess Big Band, Hold On

Fred Hess Big Band, Into the Open

Fred Hess Big Band, Speak

Fred Hess, Single Moment

Fred Jacobs, Jacobs' Ladder

Fred Kaz & George Marsh, Free For Two

Fred Lee, Rhythm and Smooth (Instrumental)

Fred Lipsius, Rhythm, Catch 4

Fred Lipsius, That Inside Feeling

Fred Randolph, NEW DAY

Fred Sturm, American Rags, Brazilian Tangos, Afrocuban Dances

Fred Taylor and Inquest, Processional

Fred Taylor, Court of Circe

Fred Walker, Ten Plus

Freda Payne & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, At Last

Freda Payne, Live in Concert

Freda Payne, On the Inside

Freda, Turquoise

Fredbergs Orkester, Lägg dig ned

Freddie B., Heres' to Life

Freddie Barnes, Foreplay

Freddie Beyah, A new Begining

Freddie Bryant, Dreamscape: Solo, Duo, Trio

Freddie Bryant, Neruda

Freddie Burgos, Inspiracion

Freddie Fox, Feelin` It

Freddie Fox, Freddie Fox

Freddie Ravel, Sol to Soul

Freddie Terrell, Old School Groovin with Freddie Terrell

Freddie Weber, Bright Yellow Jazz

Freddie Weber, Chocolate Taught Me How to Love

Freddie Weber, Red: Original Jazz Love Songs

Freddie White, Do You Do

Freddy Greene (Street Genie), Solo Dancer

Freddy K, Wednesday Afternoon in the Park

Freddy V, Easier Than It Looks

Frederick Davis, I Can't Help but Love You

Frederick Douglas With the "Chicago Carl" Quintet & Quartet, In Good Company

Frederick Hodges & Adam Swanson, Double Trouble: Hot Piano Duets

Frederick Hodges, Kitten On The Keys

Frederick Hodges, Manhattan Serenade: Piano Masterpieces Of The Jazz Age

Frederick Hodges, Racing Down The Black and Whites: Frederick Hodges plays the music of George Gershwin, Billy Mayerl, and Others

Frederick Hodges, Turn On the Heat

Frederick Hodges, Up And Down The Keys: Ragtime and Novelty Piano solos by Phil Ohman, George L. Cobb, and others

Frederick McLean, Just Play

Frederick W Doerr IV, Smell My Feet

Frederico Bc, Vagueando Só

Frederik Kronkvist Trio, 3 / In The Raw (MP3 Album)

Frederik Kronkvist, Ignition

Fredonia Jazz Ensemble, Still Kickin'

Fredric Zimmerman, Trio Music Volume 1: Standards

Fredric Zimmerman/Alex Zepeda, Duets volume I: standards and Volume II: improvisations

Fredrick Hoffer, CD #29 Piano Music From The Summer of `01, Part One-Piano Suite #12

Fredrick Hoffer, CD 27 Piano Suite Number Ten

Fredrick Hoffer, CD 35 Piano Suite # Sixteen

Fredrick Hoffer, CD 6 Piano Suite Number Five

Fredrick Hoffer, CD# 25 The Double Piano; P.S. 9

Fredrick Jackson, The Birth of Derf

Fredrick Kronkvist, Altitude

Fredrick Lamar Tippins, Lovers Take Over

Free Sax, Sun Fog

Free-D!, Zipper

Freejazzt, Orange Sunset

Freeport, After the Rain (Radio Version)

Freeport, Live At the 2012 Hillsborough Jazz Festival

Freetango, Freetango

Freeway Musicals, What Now?

Fremont John, Guitar Songs

Frenchise, Jazz Hop

Frenchy Burrito, As Time Goes By

Frequency Response, Love Space

Frequency, Fields Of Gold (The Music Of Greg Jasperse)

Friedsitar, Fresh

Friskey Brown, Sweet & Slow

Frisky London, Stop On By

Fristad, Fristad

Frits Landesbergen & Jeroen de Rijk, More Moves

Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz Band, Volume 2

Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz Band, Volume 3

Frixos, Being Near the Sea

Frixos, Dance of the Samba Night

Frixos, Feel the Magic

Fro, On Your Mark, Get Set... Fro!

Fro, Surprise Music

FRO, The Paisley Album

Fuggel, Birds

Fulani, Muziki FULANI/ FULANI Music

Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, Fmrje Sextet Live (feat. Forbes Graham, Hilary Noble, David Warren, Dennis Warren & Jose Arroyo)

Fumi Okiji's Old Time Jazz Band, Old Fashion

Funcoolio, Vol.1

Fundamental, Hemandhere

Funk Elastic, Soul Face

Funk Nutz, May Day in June

Funkedope, Everything in Context

Funkee Boy, New Day (feat. Najee)

Funkee Boy, Philosoulphy

Funkee Boy, Soul Purpose

Funky Armpits, Hands of the Cool

Funky Brain, Funky Brain

furious, [r=lm]

Further, Destination Unknown

Fusio Group, Stickman

Fusion Hackers, Bass Slapper

Fusion Orchestra, Apocrypha

Fusion Orchestra, Octagon

Fuzz Nasty, Greasy All Over

Fuzz, B'gock!

Fuzzy Logic Ensemble, New Hat

G Craig & Overhead, Swing Thang

G-Soul, The Fire

G. Calvin Weston, Cosmic Miles

G. Calvin Weston, Play Out Loud (feat. John Medeski, Elliot Garland & Marina Vishnyakova)

G. F. Mlely & Katie Campbell, "We Be"

G. F. Mlely Trio, A Little Night Waltz

G. F. Mlely, Re-Entry

G. Fuston, The Best Of G. FUSTON

G. Science, Smooth Jazz Collection, Vol. 1

G. Science, Smooth Jazz Collection, Vol. 2

G.C.O., Yellow, A New Kind of Blue

Ga-bla!, Edition One

Gabe Evens Quartet, Mobius

Gabriel Amato, Behind the Clouds

Gabriel Bolkosky, This and That

Gabriel Espinosa & Hendrik Meurkens, Samba Little Samba

Gabriel Puentes, Simple

Gabriel Rondon, Orekagua

Gabriel, Selah

Gabriele Bolcato Quartet, November in Verona

Gabriele Tranchina, The Old Country

Gabrielle & Green, Hue

Gabrielle Goodman, Spiritual Tapesty

Gabrielle Goodman, Steal Away

Gabriole Sinclaire, Too Damn Bad

Gadget, Nightfall

Gadiz V and Bass G, Sax Chemistry

Gadu Gadu, Live At The Yard

Gail and the Guys, Gail and the Guys Celebrate the Ladies and Remember Bernie

Gail Dobson, How Fragile We Are

Gail Jhonson, American Boy (feat. Jazz in P!nk)

Gail Jhonson, Herstory

Gail Kingston's Hot Foot Jazz, Can You Tame Wild Wimmen?

Gail Marten and The Clem Ehoff Trio, Beyond the Rainbow

Gail Marten and The Clem Ehoff Trio, Is It Love

Gail Marten and The Clem Ehoff Trio, Pure Joy

Gail Marten, In Love Again

Gail Rodgers, Winterhymn

Gail Weisman, See Myself Again

Gaishi Ishizaka & Teruhiro Shiojima, Susanoo

Galaxy Lounge, Welcome to the Party

Gale Cruz, Hello, It's Me

Galileo, Earthbound

Galt MacDermot, Billy Butler Plays Via Galactica

Galt MacDermot, Reflections of a Radically Right Wing Composer

Games, Sugar Mountain

Gamma Like Very Ultra, Gamma Like Very Ultra

Gamma Rosa, Queerful

Gapcage, Loser

Garden District Trio, Back In New Orleans

Garden District Trio, Live Sessions Volume 05-12-10

Garden District Trio, Live Sessions Volume 05-13-10

Garden District Trio, Live Sessions Volume 07-27-2013

Garden State Gents, GSG

Garner and Gina Pruitt, Bop Space

Garner Thomas, When You Hold Me

Garnette, 1st Lady of Bossatino

Garon Richey, Tablets of My Heart

Garrett Body Jr, Body Way

Garrison Elliott, I`ve Got My Fingers Crossed

Garrison Fewell, Red Door Number 11

Garry Moore & Aaron Aranita, Sounds Like Christmas

Garth and Maud Hudson, LIVE at the WOLF

Garth Gayle, Jamboree

Garth, Homeward Bound

Gary B Miller, Off Key Bossa Nova

gary bamford, jadj

Gary Brown, A Dream For Christmas

Gary Brown, Ms. Magic

Gary Brunotte, Smile

Gary Brunotte, Yesterday`s Dream

Gary Calvin, Universal Language

Gary Cardile, Better Late Than Never

Gary Carpenter and Tribal Heat, Tierra Madre

Gary Cooper, Coopers Cookin Jazz

Gary Daley, Sanctuary

Gary Danielson, Vienna Nocturne

Gary David, Never Laugh At Stars

Gary David, Thanks For You: Gary David Sings A Tribute To Frankie Laine

Gary Davis, Don`t Wait For Spring Remix

Gary Davis, Playing My Dues

Gary Denbow II, Gary Denbow

Gary Denbow Quartet, Jacket 1

Gary E, Change Comin' On

Gary Farr, Waves of Love

Gary Fogel Trio, Sensory Perception

Gary Fuston, Unwind

Gary Gibson, CounterMelodies

Gary Gibson, My Two Cents

Gary Gibson, Yahboy!

Gary Gould, Excursions

Gary Greene, Esq. and His Big Band of Barristers, The Chicago Album

Gary Guthman, Love Talk

Gary Guthman, Triubte to Harry James

Gary Guttman, Bettie Page Reveals All! (Main Theme)

Gary Guzio, I Got A Secret

Gary Heatwole, Variations From G

Gary Joseph Hassay & Tatsuya Nakatani, Live At Connexions Gallery, Vol.3

Gary Larson, Where I've Been

Gary Lee Fladmark, Gary Lee Fladmark Sessions '76 (Demo)


Gary M. Gorman, Ns14

Gary Motley, Renaissance- A Tribute to Oscar Peterson

Gary Motley, Seasoning

Gary Muhammad, Bean Soup Days

Gary Norman, Outside In

Gary Palmer, Love Me Again

Gary Palmer, Stay With Me

Gary Reems, Measureless

Gary Rowe, Soundscapes

Gary Seber, Candle Power

Gary Smejkal, A Local Anesthetic (Theme Song from the TV Show)

Gary Smejkal, Like A Moth To The Flame

Gary Spell, Ella: The Life and Music of Ella Fitzgerald

Gary Stanionis, Hey Lady (feat. Will Donato & Jay Gore)

Gary Thomas, A New Beginning

Gary Tu, Look East

Gary Umberto Scapellati, Cosmic Ritual

Gary Willner, Is It Sinatra?

Gary Wittner, Did I Say That Out Loud?

Gary Wolfe, Sun Up

Gaspare De Vito, Passing Notes

Gato Loco, Coconino

Gaudencio Thiago de Mello, Amor Mais-Que-Perfeito

Gaudencio Thiago De Mello, Bem Brasileiro

Gaudencio Thiago De Mello, Sharp Edges

Gavin Ahearn Trio, Flight Of The Arctic Tern

Gavin Minter & Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, I'll Be Seeing You

Gavin Minter, A Beautiful Friendship

Gay Pearson, Nature Girl

Gaye Klopack, Small Day Tomorrow

Gaye Tolan Hatfield, Smooth Around the Edges

Gaye Tolan Hatfield, Yesterday Once More: A Tribute to the Music of the Carpenters

Gayelynn McKinney, It`s About Time

Geanie Stout and Friends, A Life of Its Own

Geanie Stout and Friends, Lost Coast Recordings

Ged Brockie, The Last View From Mary`s Place

Gee Mojina, A Trip Around the World

Gee Mojina, My Man

Gee Ray, Aquarian 2001

Gee Ray, Deep Thoughts

Geibral Elisha, The Next Dimension

Gelber & Manning, Gin Town (Soundtrack)

Gelber & Manning, Moonlight Picnic

Gemini Soul feat. Ajamu Akinyele, Dark Skin Babies : The Movement

Gene Cannon, Soul Dances

Gene Cook & The Bradley Young Trio, Skylark

Gene Ess, A Thousand Summers (feat. Nicki Parrott)

Gene Ess, Sandbox and Sanctum - Song Cycle for Quartet

Gene Ess, Sunrise Falling

Gene Hyden, Moving On

Gene Jack Russell Quartet, Thanks To You

Gene Mayl`s Dixieland Rhythm Kings, Jazz Concert

Gene Mitchell, Greetings From Florida

Gene North, A Letter to Crystal

Gene North, Oh to Be in London

Gene Rezentes, Contemplation

Gene Stone and the Jazz Brigade, City By the Bay

gene walker, gene walker / Friends

Gene Walker, Last Night in Manhattan

Gene Wang, Colors of Jazz

Gene Wang, Fun With Christmas

Gene Williams, Heroes!

Gene Williams, Welcome 2 My World

Generimisti, Singing Dunes

Genie Walker, Not From Concentrate

Genie Wong, Castle in the Sky

Genie Wong, Only You

Genie, L.O.V.E.

Genie, Liar Liar

Gennaro Pastore, Happiness Is Hidden

Genre Jazz, Monday Morning Melody

Genre Jazz, Sticking With You

Genre Jazz, Up for the Fight

Gentlemen of Grace, The Jazzy Side

Gentrifuge, Gentrifuge

Genzo Okabe, Okabe Family

Genzo Okabe, Second Line

Geo Beat, Duo

Geoff Aymar, Can`t Stop Now

Geoff Kluke and The Changes, Like It Is - 'A Dedication'

Geoff Lapp, Stained Glass

Geoffrey Gee and Russ Gold, Excursions

Geoffrey Gee, Discoveries

Geoffrey Keane, Lucky Seven

Geordie F.O. Kelly, Triple Play

Georgann Low, Les Progres de L'Amour

Georgann Low, Time Means Nothing

George A. Santino, Come Fly With Me

George A. Santino, Get Back Up

George A. Santino, That's Life

George A. Santino, The Magic of Christmas

George Akinkuoye, Christmas Vibes and Classics

George Alexander, Blowin Thru The City

George Barron, Emanations

George Bohanon, Blue Phase

George Bohanon, Elation

George Bohanon, Tribute

George Bouchard, Don't Rush the Dawn

George Bouchard, Mellow Lane

George Brooks, Summit

George Caldwell, Tears Of The City

George Caldwell, Waiting on You

George Chenault, This One`s For You

George Christian, Coming Up

George Cole Quintet, Riverside Drive

George Colligan & Mad Science, Pride and Joy

George Colligan, Mad Science

George Essihos, Live at Hermann's Jazz Club

George Evans, Live at the Cellar

George Freeman & Chico Freeman, All in the Family

George Freeman, Make It Happen

George Furlow, Go Tell It On The Mountain

George Gee And The Jump Jivin` Wailers, If Dreams Come True

George Gee Big Band, Buddha Boogie

George Gee Big Band, Settin` the Pace

George Gee Big Band, Swingin` Live

George Gee Swing Orchestra, Baby It's Cold Outside

George Gee Swing Orchestra, Cool Yule

George Gee Swing Orchestra, Hellzapoppin'

George Gee Swing Orchestra, Run Rudolph Run

George Golla Leonie Smith, Never The Less....

George Golla & Jacki Cooper, Tea for Two

George Ides, Ol' Brown Eyes Is Here, Vol 1

George Jacobs, Under The Influence

George John Larson, And Also

George Leonard, Elvis Sinatra: (Mostly) Live!

George Leonard, Elvis Sinatra: East Village Vegas!

George Lesiw, Clarity

George Matoian, If You See a Skirt

George Matoian, Let's Groove

George Matoian, The Scatterbrain

George Matoian, Up and Down

George Matoian, Yes, I Shouldn't

George Matoian, You and Me

George McRae, Being Here

George McRae, Solitary Persuasions

George Middleton, I Love This Time Of The Year

George Middleton, That Special Place

George Middleton, What You`ve Given Me

George Mitchell, Ballads

George Mitchell, Dream Garden

George Mitchell, Perspectives

George Mitchell, Play Zone

George Mourtos, G's Groove

George Nardello, Pure Sax

George Patrick Gillen, December Rain

George Scott, Power Of Seven

George Scott, Where Are You Now

George Shaw, Textreme!

George Spanos, Dreams Beyond

George Stone, The Real Deal

George T. Emerson, Loving Life

George Tassara, Liquid Language

George W. Russell, Jr., George W. Russell, Jr.

George W. Russell, Jr., Sandra Dowe and The George W. Russell, Jr. Trio, Live in Concert

George W. Russell, Jr., Schlickness

George Walker Petit, End of August

George Wolbers & Hooleymanger, Temple Mountain Rag

Georgene Fountain, Happy Jazzy Birthday - Single

Georgene Fountain, Jazz `N and Blues `N

Georgia Anne Muldrow, Owed to Mama Rickie

Georgia Ensemble Theatre Cast, Glimpses of the Moon Original Cast Recording

Georgia Mancio, Nigel Price & Julie Walkington, Come Rain or Come Shine

Georgia Mancio, Silhouette

Georgina Jackson, Change Partners

Georgina Jackson, Watch What Happens

Georgios Tsolis Trio, On the Way

GEQ, Here Put This On - Plus Two Bonus Tracks

GEQ, Here. . . Put This On

Gerald Cannon, Gerald Cannon

Gerald Chavis, It's A 'G' Thang

Gerald Holden, Fearless

Gerald Lee Baldwin JR., Strutting

Gerald Ross, Absolute Uke

Gerald Stephens, Cycles

Gerald Veasley, Haitian Fight Song (Mind of "K" Remix)

Gerard Gibbs and ORGANized Crime, To Be Or Not To B-3

Gerard Gibbs and ReORGAN`YZ, Livin` and Learnin`

Gerard, The Rest

Gerhard Graml`s Lunapark, Homemoviescores

Gerluz, Gerluz plays Lost Ragtime Masters

Gerluz, Gerluz Plays Scott Joplin

Gerluz, Indian Summer

Germaine Bazzle, Standing Ovation

Gerri DiMaggio, It's Coming On Christmas

Gerrie van der Klei, Lovers & Friends

Gerry Beaudoin & Teddy Lavash, Saturday Night At Main Street

Gerry Beaudoin & The Boston Jazz Ensemble, A Sentimental Christmas

Gerry Beaudoin Trio with David Grisman and Bucky Pizzarelli, Just Among Friends

Gerry Mulligan, Gold Rush

Gerry Smoot, Just for You

Gerry Weil, Free Play & Love Songs (Live, Vol.1)

Gé Titulaer, Mijn Kleine Komedie

Ghost In A Shell, A New Evolution

Ghosts Along the Brazos, When It Rains It Pours

Gia Notte, Shades

Giacomo Aula, The Looking Glass Session

Giada Valenti, Italian Signorina

Gian Tornatore, Fall

Gian Tornatore, The Heights

Gian Wiegner, Hangin` with M

Giana Cervi, Casa

Gianfranco Continenza, The past inside the present

Gianluca Lusi, Andrea Rea, Reuben Rogers & Gregory Hutchinson, Never Fault Behind the Scenes

Gianni Bardaro Sinestetic Jazz, Overflow

Gianni Bredice, Half Time

Gianni Gebbia, Mluk - EP

Gianni Gebbia, Peter Kowald & Gunther Baby Sommer, Cappucini Klang 2

Gideon King, 2:14 AM

Gideon King, Gentrification (feat. Willard Dyson, Mike Moreno, Donny Mccaslin & James Genus)

Gideon King, My Funny Valentine

Gideon King, Revisiting Spaces

Gideon King, Stella By Starlight

Gideon Vaudca, Gideon Vaudca

Gigi Di Gregorio & Tiziana Cappellino, Colors in Mainstream

Gijs Batelaan, Emotional Orbit

Gil Benman, City Lights

Gil Evans, Tokyo Concert

Gil Gardner, Pangaea's Dream

Gil Parris, A Certain Beauty

Gil Piger, Jazzy Flamenco

Gil Piger, Spanish Classics With A Twist

Gil Piger, Two Sides Of Gil Piger

Gilbert Baskerville, All For You

Gilbert Castellanos, Federal Jazz Project

Gilberto Gonzalez, Equilibrio

Gilberto Gonzalez, Sonidos Sobre El Lienzo (Sounds On Canvas)

Gilberto Hildavio, Jazz Exotica

Gilda Elise Cooper, Santa Baby

Giles Thomas, Patries Wichers, Piek and Flap

Gill Poitras, Fantastic!

Gillian Harwin, Whiskey Sandwich

Gillis, The Tree

Gin, Trio Elektronika

Gina Biver, Gina Biver (from where I sit)

Gina Carey, Love Me Too

Gina Eckstine, Everything I Have Is Yours

Gina Hayes, Montage

Gina Leishman, IN MY SKIN

Gina Lenee, Under the Same Sky

Gina Lorenzo, In the Mood

Gina Mclaughlin, Dreamer

Gina Riggio, Ultraviolet Catastrophe

Gina Roche, Thankfully

Ginai, Jazz Island

Ginetta's Vendetta, La Dolce Vita

Ginger & The Hoosier Daddys, That's Why I'm Happy

Ginger Berglund & Scott Whitfield, Solitary Moon: Ginger Berglund and Scott Whitfield Sing the Johnny Mandel Songbook

Ginger Bess, Give Me the Simple Life

Ginger Commodore, Merry Christmas... With Love

Gingko Trio, Room to Breathe

Gini Wilson, Left Coast Local Time

Gini Wilson, The Crossing Point

Gini Wilson, The San Francisco ChamberJazz Quartet/SFCJQ

Ginny Carr, After All These Years

Ginny Snowe and John Miller, You Fascinate Me So

Gino Foti, Sphere Of Influence

Gino Goss & Gary Fuston, Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart

Gino Goss, Kalimba Dreaming

Gino Goss, Shake Your Boom Boom

Gino Rosaria, Joy Peace Christmas (feat. Chris Godber)

Gino, Xmas Soul

Gintautas Abarius, Gates of Joy

Giorgia Barosso, Stories yet to Tell

Giorgio Di Tullio, Groove Loboratory

Giorgio Rossini, About Yeats

Giorgos Tabakis Trio, Inter Mundos

Gioron T. Wilkins Sr., I Can Do All Things

Giovanna Joyce Imbesi, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (feat. Miguelli)

Giovanni Maier, The Talking Bass

Gippa, Ain't We Got Fun? (Karaoke Version)

Gippa, Silent Night (Karaoke Version)

Giraffe, Frizzy

Giraffe, Mr. Fong Goes to Lunch

Giraffe, No Nonsense - Single

Girl Talk, It Feels Like This

Girl Talk, Nickey Loves To Drive

Gitana, Electric-eclectic

Giuliano Perin, Pezzi di luna

Giulio Visibelli, Regina Elba

Giuseppe De Gregorio, In His Presence

Giuseppe Deliso, Rebirth

Giuseppe Milici, Amarsi un po'

Giuseppe Mirabella, Moods

Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71, Otherness Collection

Glacier Blue, Glacier Blue

Glass Brick Boulevard, A Ride Up the Mountain where miracles live

Glass Slipper Flight Plan, If the Shoe Fits...

Glassbrick Boulevard, A Simple Dream

Glen Charles Halls & Mark Hundevad, Visions of the Bear

Glen Charles Halls & Snehasish Mozumder, Tribal Serenade

Glen Fisher Con Alma, Gomango Groovin` On The Mainland

Glen Fisher Con Alma, The Widow of Romero

Glen Fisher, Con Alma As Is

Glen Helgeson, Distant Borders (revisited)

Glen helgeson, Spirit of the Wood

Glen Simpson, The Fabrics

Glen Simpson, The Jolly Gentle Giant`s `Jazz Party`

Glen Simpson, `LIVE` featuring Joe Henderson

Glen Strickey, Roots for Rudy

Glenda Rae, Another Day with bonus track

Glenn Alves, Shine On

Glenn and Lisa Ginn, Swing Street

Glenn Cannon, Clockwork

Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators, Harlem Mad

Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators, Skinny Minne (Live)

Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven, A Little Love This Christmas

Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven, Focus Pocus

Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven, Uptown Jump

Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven, Uptown Jump (Bonus Tracks)

Glenn Cutler, Back to the Basic

Glenn DeLaune, Play On Words

Glenn Makos Group, Now And Again

Glenn Makos Quintet, Lapses In Synapsis

Glenn McNulty, Manhã de Carnaval

Glenn McNulty, Raw Silk

Glenn Miller Orchestra & Nick Hilscher, Timeless

Glenn Miller Orchestra, In the Mood

Glenn Miller, The Final - His Last Recordings

glenn rexach, living joe to joe

Glenn W. Jones, Positively

Glenn W. Jones, Something New

Glenn W. Jones, Soul Searching

Glenn W. Jones, View the New

Glenn Weyant, Red Coffee/ Black Wine

Glenn Weyant, Seven Transharmonic Explorations in Multitonal Omnivibrationalism, Vol. Six (Nice Squid Electric SOund and Industrial Transmorgification Presents)

Glenn Wheeler, Autumn Kisses

Glenn Williams, It's About Dat Thyme: Blues 101

Glenn Zottola, A Jazz Life: Glenn Zottola's Story

Glenn Zottola, Clifford Brown Remembered

Glenn Zottola, Mark Shane & Mark Maniatt, Jazz Titans: The Classic Jazz Trio

Glenn Zottola, Reflections of Charlie Parker

Glenn Zottola, The Bossa Nova Story: Glenn Zottola Salutes Stan Getz

Glennis Houston, I'll Reminisce You

Glennis Houston, Lies of Handsome Men

Glenroy Charles, In the City

Glitz, Kaleidoscope

Glitz, Off The Beat'n Path

Global Grooves, On the Move

Global Illage, Sushilove Sessions

Global Jazz Project, Tour of The Planet

Global Jazz Trio, Live in Detroit

Gloria Allende, Feel Good

Gloria Anderson, Our Love Is Here to Stay (feat. Mel Davis)

Gloria D'Arezzo & Friends, Lil' Bit O' Jazz

Gloria Miller, Let Go

Gloria Waldman, Gypsy in My Soul

Glyn MacDonald, Glyn MacDonald Trio

Gnappy, this a machine?

Gneiss Work, On Holiday

Gnomen, Last Caravan to the Stars

Go By Train, Go By Train

Go By Train, Transmission

Go Shlomo!, Go Shlomo!

Goat Magnet, Magic Journey

Godson & Martinz Jr., Confam

Goez Quartet, Blue

Goin Public, Free Exchange

Gold Sparkle Band, Downsizing

Golden Jazz Group, Al Atardecer

Golden Monkeys / Yusuke Yamamoto, Golden Monkeys

Gondwana, Drew Plays Drew

Gondwana, Is It

Gondwana, Time To Move

Gong Qian Yang, Sonic Spring by Gong Qian Yang

Good Book, Rogue Moon

Good Company, Live at the Center

Goosebumps, Ride Daddy Ride

Goran Delac, My Music

Gordon Grdina`s Boxcutter, New Rules For Noise

Gordon James, A New Kind of Love

Gordon James, After Hours

Gordon James, Gordon James

Gordon Towell and Steven Snyder, Sketch Pad

Gordon Uchima, The Fountain

Gordon Webster & Hetty Kate, Gordon Webster Meets Hetty Kate

Gordon Webster, Happy When I'm With You

Gordon Webster, Live At Boston Swing Central

Goske Omori, Fingerstyle EP

Gospel Street Jazz, The Jazz Hymns

Gospelchops, Drum Shed (feat. Thomas Pridgen & Tony Royster Jr)

Gospelchops, Gospelchops Presents: Bass Sessionz, Vol. 2

Gourmet Duo Plus, Live in Tallinn (Jazzkaar Festival 2011)

Gourmet, Glamour and Decadence

Gourmet, Six Acres of Broken Hearts

GQ Nyce, Filalang

Grace Four Women Singing A Cappella, At Last

Grace Kelly, Man With the Hat

Grace Kelly, Mood Changes

Grace Kelly, Sweet Sweet Baby

Grace Testani, Catchin the Fever Bebop Love Blues

Grady Nichols, In the Fullness of Time

Grady Nichols, Mysterious Intentions

Grady Nichols, Sophistication

Graeme Taylor Quartet, Memories of Byrd

Grafitti, Grafitti

Graham Dorsey, Jam Du Jour

Grainger, Phase 1

Grand Papa Donks, KTK

Grandpa Mojo, Grandpa Mojo

Grandpa Musselman & His Syncopators, Stomps, Shimmies, Rags

Granite Street, At the Moment

Grant Calvin Weston & Kevin Barbour, Modern Day Stories

Grant Calvin Weston, Nassira

Grant Clarkson, Contingencies

Grant Hodkinson, Grant Hodkinson

Grant Johnson, Lightflyte (Grant Johnson Is Captainfogg)

Grant Nicholas, Cherry Lane

Grant Richards, Extra Step

Grant Richards, Numinous

Grant Simpson, I'm Gonna Get Me Some Viagra (Book a Room on the Niagara and Try to Have a Second Honeymoon)

Grant Simpson, Stride and True

Grant Van Ioha, Molten Diamonds and The Damning Lust

Grant Van Ioha, Sandstone Cactus-Brow

Graus & Bronzwaer, Storytelling

Graus & Bronzwaer, Talk to Me

Graus & Bronzwaer, Trust

GravyBrain, Free Range Asylum

Grüvoria, Dirty Fuel

Grüvoria, Grüvoria

Great American Music Experience, Nights On Broadway

Great Blue Heron, Feeling Good

Great Scott!, Giants of Ragtime

Greg "Vibrations" Williams, Unite With Vibrations

Greg Abate Quartet, Time for Dave

Greg Adams, Cool To The Touch

Greg Bowden, Easy Street

Greg Bowden, Table for Two

Greg Bush Quintet, Cause and Effect

Greg Caldarone, Greg Caldarone and Lou Pallo

Greg Caldarone, Should've Never Let You Go

Greg Chambers, After Hours

Greg Chambers, Can't Help Myself

Greg Chambers, Greg Chambers

Greg Clinton, Essays and Contemplations

Greg Cooper, En Transit

Greg Diamond, Dancando Com Ale

Greg Ellis, Chase At 196

Greg Englert - Ozz Jazz, Iluka Days

Greg Englert, Collection 1. 1990 - 2005

Greg Englert, In Tribute To Louis Armstrong

Greg Englert, Narooma Suite

Greg Englert, The Melvin Jackson story

Greg Federico, Live To Love, Love To Live

Greg Fishman, Jazz Phrasing for Beginners

Greg Fishman, Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone - Volume 2

Greg Fishman, Jazz Saxophone Duets

Greg Fishman, Jazz Saxophone Etudes

Greg Fishman, Jazz Saxophone Etudes, Vol. 2

Greg Fishman, Jazz Saxophone Etudes, Vol. 3

Greg Fishman, Jazz Saxophone Masterclass (feat. Greg Fishman)

Greg Fishman, Tasting Harmony - A New Approach to Ear Training

Greg George, Remembrance

Greg Glassman Quartet, Into the Wild

Greg Glassman Quartet, Onward and Upward

Greg Glienna, Some Songs

Greg Grant, Bisbe Street

Greg Haage, Fusion

Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, Frames Live

Greg Harris Vibe Quintet, Open Space

Greg Holloway, Full Circle

Greg Holloway, Play Therapy

Greg Holloway, Turns

Greg Johnson and Glass Brick Boulevard, Life as Essential Experience

Greg Lamy Quartet, What Are You Afraid Of?

Greg Lewis, Organ Monk

Greg Lewis, Organ Monk: American Standard

Greg Lyons, Island To Island

Greg Martin, The Chalice

Greg Meckes, Mission

Greg Murphy, Let`s Get Started

Greg Murphy, Orientation

Greg Nolan & Chas Eller, Every Dog Has Its Day - Single

Greg Osby, Nine Levels

Greg Otterholt (Greg O), Stevens Pass (Single)

Greg Pagel, Plastic Machine Music

Greg Poppleton, The Phantom Dancer: 14 Swing Era Songs of 1926 - 1939 in Radio Review!

Greg Pora©e, Inventions Pre-Release

Greg Porée, Vertical Motion

Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners, Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners (feat. Gordon Au, Dennis Lichtman, Charlie Halloran & Cassidy Holden)

Greg S Austin, Caribbean Sunset

Greg S Austin, Light of the Trinity

Greg S Austin, Zoom to the Moon

Greg Satterthwaite, Who I Am

Greg Searvance, Para Mi Madre

Greg Smith, Above The Clouds

Greg Spero, Electric

Greg Tivis Trio, Beginning to See the Light featuring Kelsey Taylor

Greg Utech, Concrete Jungles

Greg Utech, Spank

Greg Walker, Never Better

Greg Walker, Straight From The Source 1

Greg Walker, Straight From The Source 2

Greg Wimmer, Strange Visions

Greg Witt, It Was You

Greg Witt, Jazz Blues

Gregg Arthur, One Romantic Night

Gregg August, Late August

Grego, Mazja

Gregorie Howard, Gregorie Howard

Gregorie Howard, Silent Night (feat. Les Sabler)

Gregorie Howard, White Christmas

Gregory Brown, Songs Of My Father

Gregory E, Fortress

Gregory E, I`m Coming Home 2 U

Gregory Gage, Dispensations End

Gregory Generet, (re) Generet-ion

Gregory Goodloe, IT'S All Good

Gregory Hickman-Williams, Passages

Gregory Holland, Chasing Summer

Gregory Holland, String of Changes

Gregory James, Cult of Beauty

Gregory Q. Jenkins, Julie`s Song (CD-Single) (Enhanced)

Gregory Simmons, Signs of Life

Gregory T. Currence & Calivin Washington, 7 Days

Gregory Telfort, Ou ka viv anko

Gregory, The Journey

Greta Matassa, Got A Song That I Sing

Greta Matassa, If The Moon Turns Green

Greta Panettieri, Brazilian Nights-Live at ZincBar

Greta Panettieri, C'est irreparable

Greta Panettieri, Non gioco più

Greta Panettieri, View From the Moon

Greta, Fruit Of The Spirit Vol 2

Gretchen Lieberum, When This Kiss Is Over It Will Start Again

Gretchen McMahon, In Like French

Griffin, A Taste of Autumn

Griffith/Stevens Quartet, Only Love

Griffith/Stevens Quartet, Songbook

Grilled, Deelcie

Grimace Federation, On Velvet

Groove 2 This, Just a Little Bit (of Love)

Groove 2 This, One True Love

Groove 8, Debut

Groove : Lounge, Fly (feat. Rayel)

Groove Apparatus, The Enlightened Ones

Groove Apparatus, The Mists of Distant Time

Groove Assault, The Good the Bad and the Filthy

Groove for Thought, Inspired

Groove for Thought, Songs of Good Cheer

Groove for Thought, Strangers of the Heart

Groove for Thought, Unnecessary Dissonance

Groove Ltd., Shannon Kennedy & U-Nam, It's Only Love (Radio Edit)

Groove Market, Keep It Comin'

Groove Masters, Elements of Groove

Groove Preemies, Inconsolable Days

Groove Preemies, Obsolete

Groove Razors, Groove Razors

Groove Revelation, Grindin`

Groove Skool Band, Limited Edition

Groove Society, Groove Society

Groove Symphony, Embers

Groove Weaver, Long Way Around

Groove55, À la carte

Groove55, En Route

Groove55, Voyage

Grooveatech Orchestra, One More Time: Smooth Jazz

GrooveHub, Enter the Hub

GrooveJet, Takes Off

Groovline, Song for the Motherland

Group 'N' Swing, Retikül

Group'n'swing, Ridikül

GRProject, Sculptures In Time

Gruvdisciples, Move It On

Gruvtherapy, Just 4 You

Grzegorz Karnas, Ballads For The End Of The World

Gsmooth, Still Catching Feelings

GTF, Always...

Guagua, pan frito

Guagua, Psychotropical

Guido Freddi, Taranta Steps

Guido Guidoboni Quintet, Free Fly

Guido Posani & Massimo Deangelis, Viaggiando & Immaginando

Guido Sosi, Smooth and Sometimes Bluesy

Guillermo Bordarampe, Espacios

Guillermo Gergorio, Steve Swell & Pandelis Karayorgis, Window and Doorway

Guillermo Serpas, Guitarra Bohemia

Guitar 1 USA, Earthrise

Guitar Backing Tracks, Guitar Modes

Guitar Romantica, Along the Way

Guitar Wars Project, Guitar Wars Project: The Imperial March (From "The Empire Strikes Back")

Guitarist Jerry Knight, Smooth Jams

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Chilled Jazz Grooves (Backing Tracks)

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Jazz, Vol. 1

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Smooth & Soulful (Backing Tracks)

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Smooth, Vol. 1

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Smooth, Vol. 2

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Smooth, Vol. 3

Guitarworks, Curanderos - Single

Gull Lake Jazz Orchestra, Timeless

Gummy Boys, Gummy Boys

Gunnar Biggs, Footprint

Gunnar K. A. Njalsson, Novela Policial

Gunnar Lettow & Umut Caglar, Tactic

Gunnar Mossblad, Convergence

Gurley/Gilmore, Champagne, Champagne

Gurley/Gilmore, Euphoria

Gus Sandberg, I Just Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Michael Bland, Adam Rossmiller, Scott Agster & Yohannes Tona)

Gustavo Assis Brasil and Guilherme Barros, Bichofolha

Gustavo Assis-Brasil, In Concert

Gustavo Casenave, Lola

Gustavo Casenave, The Music of Asta Hairston

Gustavo Eraso, Just for You

Gustavo Oliveira, Funky Black Orpheus

Gustavo Oliveira, Fuzion Brasil II, A New Concept

Gut, Le Chien Du Jazz

Gut, Nerd Alert

Guy "Pop Du" Johnson, Life is Good

guy hall`s peripherie, ardour

Guymon Ensley, meet . . . Guymon Ensley

Gwen D'vyne, When I Fall in Love

Gwen Howard, Bathe Me in Candlelight

Gwen Scott, It`s All About Love

Gwen Shroyer, Hymnology I

Gwen Shroyer, Hymnology II

Gyan Riley, Melismantra

Gyant, If I Were Your "G" for a Day

Gyle Waddy, Tell Me the Meaning (The Eclectic Album, Vol. I)

H. Blair, In The Midst Of The Storm

H. Mack, Getting Ready

Ha HA Potato, Exalted Ruler

Hackdaddy, Reflections

Hacke Björksten, Ulf Johansson Werre & Hans Backenroth, Top Three

Haia, Bossa Nova with Haia

Haim Cotton, 100% Cotton

Hajo Sanders, Married Horses

Hal Cragin, Immaculate Contraption

Hal Galper, Dreamsville

Hal Galper, Emergence

Hal Galper, Ivory Forest

Hal Galper, Live At Vartan Jazz

Hal Galper, Naturally

Hal Roland, Conversions

Hal Stein Quartet, Spirit!

Hal Stephens, Blue Room

Half-pint Jones, Single File

Halley Elwell, Last Spring

Hamada Takasi, Akaiwa: Suite for Guitar

Hamada Takasi, Echoes From Otarunay, Vol. 1 - Ragtime guitar solo works by HAMADA Takasi - (2CDs)

Hamada Takasi, Echoes from Otarunay, Vol.2 (Free Style Guitar Solo Works by Hamada Takasi)

Hamada Takasi, Ragtimer, the Cat Star / Moon Shadow March

Hamasaki vs Hamasaki, Bossa After the Rain: Background Music for Work, Studying, Relaxing (Remix)

Hamlet and His Latin Jazz Experience, Descarumbiando

Hampton Avenue, Everybody Sing

Han Reiziger, Han speelt Reiziger (feat. Frits Landesbergen, Leonardo Amuedo, Edwin Corzilius & Jeroen De Rijk)

Handmade Moments, Handmade Moments

Hands Up Band, Dawn of the Train (曙光列車)

Hani Stempler, Hani Live! I Believe in Love

Hanjin 陳奐仁, Raw Jazz

Hank and Jed & Battlefield Friends, Battleloggers Outro (Trumpet Gold)

Hank Bilal, Eastman Street

Hank C. Feldman, Tubesia

Hank Donahue, NEXT LEVEL Vol. 2

Hank Donahue, Next Level Vol. 3

Hank Easton, Nylon And Steel

Hank Francis, Uploading

Hank Hirsh, Around and Back

Hanna Elmquist, Ferry Yard Road

Hanna Madbak, Fuego

Hanna Richardson and Phil Flanigan, Things Are Looking Up

Hannes De Kassian Quartet, Sensa

Hannes De Kassian Trio, 3

Hans Josefsson, Ernst Rolf Lykkeland

Hans Loelv, When Dark Meets Light

Hans Ottsen, Music for Mind Movies

Hans Peter Salentin & Tato Gomez, Once Del Once

Hans Peter Salentin, 20 Jazz Duetts

Hans Peter Salentin, All John

Hans Peter Salentin, Walerie Kühl, Rainer Wind & Stefan Schneider, Run 4 Miles (feat. Walerie Kühl, Rainer Wind & Stefan Schneider)

Hansson Ivarsson Project, All That Ends

Happy for No Reason, Happy for No Reason

Harald Weinkum, A Bass Bolero

Hard Logic, The Other Side

Hari Karaoke Trio of Doom, Escape Velocity

Harlan G Bodden, Tribute

Harley Magsino Trio, HM3

Harley White Sr., Harley and Friends

Harley White Sr., Harley White - EP "No One Matches Up To You and Milestones"

Harley, From Me To You

Harmonious Monk, Harmonious Monk

Harmonious Wail, Airborne

Harmonious Wail, Gypsy Swing

Harmonious Wail, Live at the Zelt Music Festival

Harmonious Wail, Nonchalant

Harmonious Wail, Vintage Jazz

Harmony Keeney, I Was Wrong About You

Harmony Keeney, My Baby Just Cares for Me

Harmony Keeney, This Time It's Love

Harold Battiste, Next Generation

Harold Berghuis New Hot Trio, Voor Ada

Harold Haity, Rest Your Love On Me

Harold Morrison, Harold & Friends Live!

Harold Sanditen, Taking Flight

Harold Wiebe, Naiad

Haroldo Mauro Jr, Bossa na Pressao

Harriet Goldberg, Bring Back the Moonlight

Harriet Goldberg, My Time to Fly

Harriet Goldberg, Ocean of Dreams

Harris Bros, Horns

Harry Allen / Joe Cohn, The Harry Allen and Joe Cohn Quartet

Harry Allen, For George, Cole and Duke

Harry Allen, Jazz For The Soul

Harry Austin, Easylike

Harry Austin, Mojaezz

Harry Brown, The Right Amount of Friendly

Harry Fisher, Kiss Me Again

Harry Fisher, Manifested Love

Harry Fisher, New Direction

Harry Fisher, Oceans Of Time

Harry Hunt, Dochunt

Harry Joling, Full Sail

Harry Joling, Hero

Harry Joling, On Solid Ground

Harry Joling, On Solid Ground

Harry Kapeliaris, Journey To Light

Harry Kapeliaris, Return

Harry Miller and the Satisfied Souls, Jazz Beauty Supply

Harry Miller Trio, Live at the Museum

Harry Miller, Just for a Thrill (feat. Rick Bruner & Gerald Spaits)

Harry Pickens, Harry Pickens Trio Live at the Annenebrg Theater, Palm Springs with special guest artist Yve Evans

Harry Salotti, Full Swing Ahead

Harry Whitney Trio, Far Yet Near

Harry Zeitlin, Book of Dreams, Vol. 1

Harry Zeitlin, Book of Dreams, Vol. 2 (the Sonarchy Sessions)

Harry, Harry sings classics

Hartmut Hillmann and Illicit Poetry, Uncivilized

Hartmut Kracht Trio, Hommage

Haru Takauchi & Gaku Takanashi, Haruaco

Harve Mann, I Just Love to Entertain

Harvest Sound, Foundry Live Vol. 2 - Jazz

Harvey Arden, My Life Is My Sun Dance

Harvie Swartz and Eye Contact, Havana Maa±ana

Hate Camels, Kurt Vonnegut (single)

Hattie Simon, La Vie En Jazz

Havana Swing, Django`s Lion

Hayden Lynch, This One Is It

Hayes Greenfield, Light Shade Shadow

Hayes Greenfield, Peace of Mind

Haywood Gregory, The Haywood Gregory Collection

Hazardous Funk, Chasing Oblivion

Hazel Miller, ICONS

HÃ¥kan Wikell, Lazy

Héctor Aponte & Orquesta Harlem Riverside, Tres Generaciones De Nuestra Música

Hd Fusion, Blue Skies

HDP (Higgy Diggy Productions), Tomorrow's Dream

HDS-hijos de sancho, HDS-hijos de sancho

Head Project Trio, Head Project Trio

Headless Household, Basemento

Headless Household, Blur Joan

Headless Household, Inside/Outside USA

Headless Household, ITEMS

Headless Household, post-Polka

Heads South, Record Flight

Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Encounters

Heated Pool, Steps

Heath Allen, Red/Blue... Shift

Heath Walton, Heath Walton`s High Life

Heather Antonissen, Loungeware, Vol.1 (feat. Omar Rane)

Heather Bennett, All Through The Night

Heather Bennett, Suite Talk

Heather Bishop, A Tribute to Peggy Lee

Heather Burns, Child`s Play

Heather Davis, Heather Report Bahia, Vol. 1

Heather Doiron, After Midnight

Heather Keizur, J'ai Deux Amours

Heather Keizur, Under My Skin

Heather Laveaux, The Lounge of Laveaux

Heather Moran, Heatherland

Heather Pierson, Motherless Child

Heather Simmons, I`m Old Fashioned

Heather Thornton, Working for a Living Ain't What It Used to Be

Heather Whaley, Life Is a Fast Track

Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts, Heavy Was A Sweater

Heavyconfetti, The State of Things Without and Around Us

Hector Agosto, Always Be Your Guide

Hector Contreras, Hector Contreras and his Latin Jazz Ensemble

Hedvig Hanson, First Moments

Hedvig Hanson, Kohtumistund

Hedvig Hanson, Tants kestab veel

Heidi Burgermaster, Heidi Burgermaster

Heikatsu, Take Me Away

Heillig Manoeuvre, Wait, There's More!

Heinrich Frans, Life Stories the EP

Heinz Affolter, Acoustic Adventure

Heinz Affolter, Realities

Heinz Affolter, Seascape

Heinz von Hermann, Lucky Thompson & Me

heir, heir

Heitor Castro, Spiritual Jazz

Helen Abbey, Second Time Around

Helen Abbey, Simply Me

Helen Gelzer, Take a Chance

Helen Mandlin, Love and Again

Helen Merrill, American Songbook Series : Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hammerstein

Helen Merrill, American Songbook Series: Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern

Helen Merrill, Christmas Song Book

Helen Slater, Crossword

Helen Sung, Helenistique

Helen Welch with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, One Dream

Helios Jive, Heliosentric

Helsdinski, We Welcome You

Hemsley - Foster Project, Believer

Hemsley - Foster Project, Jazzamatazz

Hemsley - Foster Project, Premier Collection

Hendrik Meurkens & Gabriel Espinosa, Celebrando

Hendrik Meurkens, Live at Bird's Eye

Hendrik Meurkens, Samba to Go!

Henri Gerrits & Millennium Jazz Orchestra, Distrust All Rules

Henrietta Defreitas, I Wanna Know

Henry & Reinhardt, Blue Firefly

Henry Allen, Step Into My Life

Henry Arthur, Swinging Christmas

Henry B. Kativu, I'm Dancing

Henry Buff Dillard, Awaken

Henry Darragh, Tell Her For Me

Henry kaleialoha Allen, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Henry Karis, Praise

Henry Kuntz, Wayang Saxophony Shadow Saxophone

Henry Taylor Jr., Phases Of Life

Henry Veloso, Miles from Oz

Henryk De Rewenda, Friday Nite In The Big City

Hep deHopcat, Hep deHopcat @ the Hep Hop

Herb Harris Jazz Trio, Relaxin` And Groovin` Volume 2

Herb Jones, Promises

Herb McCullum Jr., First Time Out

Herb Ohta, Jr. & Ohta-San, 'Ukulele Legacy

Herb Smith, Ol Heads, Do It Better

Herbert Moore, Let Herb Be Heard

Herbert Noord, Explosion Extra Ordinaire (feat. Rinus Groeneveld, Pierre Van Der Linden)

Herc, Sons of Sun

Herman Burney, Offering

Herman Lee, The Good Life

Hermann Buhler, Alto Solo

Hermes, Sending A Message

Hermit Thrushes, Benaki

Hetty Kate & Sam Lemann, A Late Brunch On Irwell Street

Hetty Kate, Kissing Bug

Hey Rim Jeon, Hey Rim Jeon and Friends

Hey Rim Jeon, Mona Lisa Puzzle

Hideaki Tokunaga, Live at Plaza de la Raza

Hideko Takada, Both Sides Now

Hideko Takada, Old Devil Moon

Hideyuki Ishii Trio, Mizu Toe Whisky

Hideyuki Ishii, Red Wine Lovers

High Five, Moondance

High Maintenance, We Are Four

Hikari, Praise the Lord

Hilary Burt, North Beach

Hilary Kole, A Self-Portrait

Hilary Kole, Over the Rainbow

Hildebrando Brasil, Momento Presente

Hildegunn Gjedrem, The End of the Beginning

Hill Briggs, Hill Briggs Solo Album

Hill Greene, Alone

Hillary Capps, Playlist

Hillmen, The Whiskey Mountain Sessions

Hilton Ruiz, Hilton Ruiz Songbook

Hiltzik-Buscema-Pora©e, Thoughts Of Home

Hinano Reia, Blue Room Sessions

Hinton Battle, All Blues

Hinton Battle, On Broadway

Hinton Battle, Something New

Hinton Battle, Sophisticated Ladies

Hip Bones, 4

Hip Graffiti, This Is

Hip Pockets, Hip Pockets

Hiro Kawashima & Ohta-San, Wave

Hiroi, Hiroi

Hiromi Kanda, Days of Yesterday

Hiromi Kanda, Days of Yesterday

Hiroshi Murayama Trio, Ballad of Lyrics

Hiroshi Sammy Kubo & New York Trio, Healing With Love

Hisaka, Higher Sky

Hitch Hikers, Hitch_hikers

HL Sutton, Christmas With Spankey and Some Friends (feat. The Rax Pack)

HLMP B, Won't Give Up

Hoai Phuong, The Sounds of Love

Hoard, Rogers, Lassiter, The Land Outside

Hoggtoven, Visual Music

Holland Albright, Just to Be Near You

Hollie Baines, A Little Bit Blue

Hollis Gentry III, For the Record

Hollis L. Sumo, "I Can Hear My Savior Calling"

Holly Hanoyan, Say I'm the One

Holly Hanoyan, So Many Stars

Holly Holmes, the Climb

Holly Yarbrough, Mister Rogers Swings!

Hollywood, Island Life

hologramª, hologramª

Hombre de Maíz, Después del Invierno

HomeGrownFluidity, HomeGrownFluidity

Homer T. Williams, Jr., Soulful Holiday

Homiopathy, Homiopathy

Honey Circle, The Feel

Hong Kong Silicon Orchestra, Tasty Tunes for Trying Times

Honky Tonk Henry, Chinatown, My Chinatown

Honolulu Jazz Quartet, Remembrance / Live at The Triple Door

Honolulu Jazz Quartet, Sounds of the City

Honolulu Jazz Quartet, Tenacity

Hoot, Hoot

Hop's Trio, Swing Up

Hope and Serenity, Jesus You're Beautiful

Hope Morgan, It's About Time

Hopscotch, Hopscotch

Hora do Rush, Live at Rain Forest (1984-1999) [feat. Alex Saba, Beto Frega, Paulo Bergo & Julio Gamarra]

Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights, Fabulous Fifties

Horacio Franco, Adrián Oropeza, Abraham Barrera & Aarón Cruz, H3a

Horatio Clam, Blood Meridian

Horizen, Big Bang

Horoscop-Music, Capricorne: Capricorn: Capricornio

Hot Buttered Rhythm, Hot Buttered Rhythm

Hot Chamber Music Society, Hot Chamber Music Society

Hot Club of Flatbush, Love Songs and Other Fairy Tales

Hot Club Quartette, Hot Club Quartette Volume One

Hot Club Sandwich, Live At Old St Paul`s

Hot Club Sandwich, Ridin` With Bob

Hot House Big Band, Wind Machine (Live at Beechpark Studio)

Hot String Trio, Atomic Bar and Grill

Hot Waffle Big Band, White Sand

Hotel Bossa Nova, Ao Vivo - EP

Hotel Bossa Nova, Supresa

House Brew, Wishful Thinkin`

House of Stairs, Step One

House of Trees, Where's the Butcher, Where's the Baker?

Housetop, Two Foot Jumpin'

Houzmon, Teshannie (feat. Cei Bei)

Howard Anton Duncan, Missing U

Howard Britz, Made In Brooklyn

Howard Britz, The Future, The Past


Howard Fishman, Howard Fishman Quartet Vol.II

Howard Fishman, The Howard Fishman Quartet

Howard Jones Jazz, Dr. London Branch & Heather Clancy, You're Invited: Come On In

Howard Leshaw, Shadow Song

Howard Northrup, Out of Time

Howard Peach, Howard Peach

Howard Perry, Santa Fe

Howard Ray, Feelin It

Howard Ware, Hot Lava (Let It Flow!) - Single

Howard Wiley, The Angola Project

Howard Wiley, Twenty First Century Negro

Howland, Laug, Morrison & Pinnick, Howland, Laug, Morrison & Pinnick

Hoyt Binder, Prayrie Go Round

Hsia, Island of Love

Hsia-Jung Chang, Inside the Piano - 21st Century Improvisations

Huanchaco, Huanchaco

Hudis James, The Magic Of Hudis James

HuDost, Archive Anomalies Volume One- Unfinished

Hudson Jazz Ensemble, The Consequences

Hudson On Bass, Bassically Yours

Hugh Burns, Synchromatic

Hugh Ferguson, A-D-D

Hugh Ferguson, The Jungle

Hugh Fraser & Vancouver Ensemble of Jazz Improvisation, "V"

Hugh Fraser Quintet, Concerto

Hugh Fraser, Big Works

Hugh Fraser, Bonehenge!

Hugh Huggins, Forever Love

Hugues Sanon, Ayiti Nan Kè-m

Human Equivalent, Future Pop

Human Motion, Human Motion

Humberto Rama­rez and Giovanni Hidalgo, Best Friends

Humberto Ramírez, The Original Recordings

Humble Grumble, Dreamwavepatterns

Humboldt Lagoon, Kid Glove Care

Humboldt Squad, Duck Music

Hungry March Band, Critical Brass

Hunterlloyd, Pleased to Meet You (Sunny Day)

Hutch Jones!, All This Love

Hutch Jones, EARCANDY

Hutchins Consort, The Hutchins Consort

Hybrid, Hybrid

Hypaspace, 4004

Hyungmi Kim, The Nearness of You

I Conti Ruggeri quintet, Cabosong

I, the Burden, A City Called Home

I.M.Seay, Pre Novella

I.P. Network, Switched On (feat. Inge Wenzel)

Iam Thebassman, Anywhere You Wanna Be (feat. Larrythebassman`)

Ian Argys, Shift

Ian Ballantine, Alone

Ian Ballantine, Stephanie's Song

Ian Beddows, You and the Universe

Ian Charleton Big Band, Brain Chatter

Ian Cooper, Big Band

Ian Dogole, Night Harvest

Ian Gordon, 1215

Ian Kasarjian, Maple Leaf Rag

Ian Kay, Ian Kay (Sings the American Songbook)

Ian MacGillivray, Ian MacGillivray

Ian McDougall, The Ian McDougall 12-Tet Live

Ian McGregor Smith, Freedom

Ian Pearce, Retrospection

Ian Rapien, Spectrums

Ian Smith, 9250 Island Groove

Ian Toms Trio, Playbook

Ian Toms, Open

Ian Underwood, Help I Lost My Body

Ian Vidal, Let's See What Happens

Ian Villafana, Epiphany

Ian Whitcomb, Adam Swanson & Danny Coots, I Love a Piano

IAN, Believe the magic of IAN

IAN, Believe the Magic of IAN: Addendum

Ibrahim Jaber - Gros Bras, Faces

Ice Stoudemire, All About You

Ice Stoudemire, Playing Games

Iced Ink, There`s A Bee In Here

Ida Karlsson Quartet, Turns

Idelide, Horizon Bound

Idris Ackamoor, Centurian

Idris Ackamoor, Homage to Cuba

Idris Ackamoor, Portrait

Idun & Arne Duo, To stemmer og en gitar

Ieshia Le, X-Citing

Ifa Y Xango, Abraham

Ignatius Perry, Are You The One

Ignatius Perry, Ignatius Perry`s Smooth Instrumental Grooves of "Are You the One"

Igor Butman Big Band, Moscow @ 3 A.M.

Igor Butman Big Band, The Eternal Triangle

Igor Gerzina, Metropolis

Igor Gerzina, One Click World

Igor Gerzina, Stay Cool & Play Sax

Igor Gerzina, Suburban Soul (feat. Frank Folgmann)

Igor Gerzina, Summer Breeze (feat. Valerija)

Igor Prado Band, Instrumentals, Vol.1

Igor Prado Band, Upsidedown

Igor Rybnikov, Black and White

Igor Schiele, Not For Sale

IGOR, Prince Igor

Igor, Timeless

Igor, You and I

Iguazu, Iguazu

Ike Moriz, Angel Eyes

Ike Moriz, Body and Soul

Ike Moriz, Stardust

Ike Moriz, To Cape Town

Ike Sturm, Spirit

Ilan Kwittken, Summertime - Single

Ilana Waldston, I Could Laugh Out Loud

Ilario Schanzer, Rosso

ILAS, Cockpit Hills

Ilia Ivantchev, Masterpiece

Ilia Ivantchev, Revealer

iliana Rose, Light Of The Sun

Iliki Williams, At Midnight With You

Iliya Ivantchev, Score

Ilker Akman, Saxophonic Lady

Ilkin Deniz, Good Fellas

Illinois Jacquet Big Band, Live in Burghausen 1996

Illinois Jacquet, Big Band Live in Berlin, 1987

Illy, Friend of Mine

Ilona Kudina Quintet, Nothing But Illusion (feat. Ilona Kudina, Billy Hart, Greg Hopkins, Vardan Ovsepian & Akili Jamal Haynes)

Ilse Huizinga, Beyond Broadway

Ilya Sergienko, Neos Groove

Ilya Serov, September in the Rain

Imago Dei, Vision

Imani Zubeh, From This Moment On

Imani, Calling You

Imani, Mon Homme Mon Homme (feat. Felix Van Dijk, Will Lee & Andy Mac)

Imanol Gallarzagoitia, Electric Hentaigrama

Imperial Brass, Papa John

Impressions Quintet, No Moon At All

ImprovMusicWorkshop, Chai and Ho Sai Gai

Improvvirusoundexperience, Supercoclea for new apes

Impulss, Music Inspired By Timecode:Nola

In Full Swing, Well Swung

In the Moment & Mike Armando - Guitar, Andy Golba - Bass, Rakalam Bob Moses - Drums, In the Moment

In the Moment, Belly Dancer Gone Funky

In The Tradition, In The Tradition

In2deep, Just for the Heaven of It

Inaia, Duality

Incense Merchants, Discovery

Incense Merchants, Insect Orchestra

Incense Merchants, SuperCollider and Other Early Experiments

Incense Merchants, Sweeping with Larry

India Taylor, Mosaic

Indian Summer, Crossroads

Indianapolis Youth Chorale, What a Wonderful World

Indie Knight, Heaven Drummer

Indie Knight, In My Dreams

Indie Knight, The Getaway

Indigo Sunset, Indigo Sunset

Indigo, Stay together

Indofunk, Live at the Bitter End

Indofunk, The Basement Sessions

Indy Jazzmen, Tell Somebody

Ineke Vandoorn & Jeroen van Vliet, Low Tide

Ineke Vandoorn & Marc Van Vugt, White

Inertia Trio, Better Than Blood

Ines Reiger, Live At Jazzland

Infantry Rockers, Boombala

Infinita, Time Continuum

Infinite Loop, Across The Ocean

Infinite Sunday, Infinite Sunday

InFlyte, Shores of Heaven

Inga McDaniel, Funkey Jazz

Inga McDaniel, Musical Ebonics

Inga McDaniel, The Business

Inga McDaniel, What`s Up

Inga Swearingen, First Rain

Inga Swearingen, Learning How To Fly

Inger Marie Gundersen, Make this moment

Ingram Washington, Sweet `n` Low

Ingrid Lucia and The Flying Neutrinos, Don`t Stop

Inheriting the Kingdom Ministries, To the Chief Musician

Ink On Paper, Ink On Paper

Inner Gypsy, Gypsychology

Inner Limits, The Sound

Inner Orchestra, All At Once

InnerEar Brigade, Belly Brain

Innerscape, The Barabas Project

Innertwyned, The Takeover

Innertwyned, Who Is She

inside/out trio, soulight

Insout, Acoustic Privacy

Inspector Gadjo Trio, Samba 48

Inspired Jazz, A Christmas Celebration

inSpirit Quartet, Contrast to the Madness

Instruments of Worship, We Praise You

Integrative Concepts, First Contact

Integriti Reeves, Stairway to the Stars

Intercontinental Jazz Trio, Evidence

Intermezzo, German-Japanese Fusion Jazz

International Patdown, First Flight

Interplay, First Time

Interplay, Opus De Funk (feat. Robert Hamaker, Ben Barron, Bob Brumbeloe & Randy Hunt)

InterPlay, Pick Up The Pieces

Intrada Brass of Oakville & Bram Gregson, The Stardust Ballroom

Inverse, Forever One

Invitation, Live at the Cafe

Ioan Harea, Alegria

Ioannis Papaspyrou, Blue Lullaby for Nefeli (for Alto Saxophone and Piano) [feat. Caleb J. Deas & Kyung-Mi Kim]

Ion Zoo, Set Free At the Cellar

Ion Zoo, Venus Looks Good

iordache, dissipatin`

Iordache, One Life Left

Iordache, The Lazy Prince

Ira and Peter Duo, A Rose

Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine, It's About Time

Ira Kaspi & Peter Engberg, Mustavalkoisia sävyjä

Ira Kaspi, Monrepos in my heritage

Ira Wilkes, Latino Nights

Irene and Her Latin Jazz Band, A Song of You

Irene Atman, Irene Atman

Irene Atman, Long Distance

Irene Atman, New York Rendezvous

Irene Frezzato, Jazzando Viaggiando

Irina Zemtsova, If I Could

Irina Zemtsova, O Grande Amor

Irina Zemtsova, Where Are You

Iris Festenstein, Twelve O'Clock Tales

Iris Lord and Charles Patty, Do I Belong Somewhere

Iris Lord, A Rose in a Garbage Can

Irma Collins, Freedom for Free

Irresonance, Crossmodal Perception

Irresonance, Elusive Elation

Irresonance, Inner Vibes

Irresonance, Intersection of Lucidity

Irresonance, Irresonance

Irresonance, Subsonic Express

Irvin Foster, Creepin Out

Irvin Foster, Ifoster Someday

Irving Cancel, Colour

Isaac Agyeman, Begin Again

Isaac Agyeman, I`m On My Way

Isaac Bunn, Tonite (feat. Pamela Williams)

Isaac Byrd Jr. & Tribe Judah, Beginnings

Isaac Byrd Jr., Beginnings- The Singles

Isaac Byrd Jr., Meek (feat. Nils)

Isaac Ehresman, From the Soul to the People

Isaac Evans, My Journey

Isaac Gill, Meanwhile

Isaac Hernandez Quintet, Perspectiva

Isaac Norris, Something to Say

Isaac Stevenson, Isaac Stevenson

Isaac Valenzuela, Hush Little Baby

Isaac Valenzuela, Hush Little Baby

Isab, Keys

Isabel Santol & Julian Joseph, London Affairs

Isabel Santol, The Love Recordings

Isabel Stover, Her Own Sweet World

Isaiah Stewart, Thrill Ride

Isaiah Williams Iii, Colorsandthings

Isaiah Williams III, Coming Out Of The Rain

Isaiah Williams III, Something Lovely

Isaiah Williams III, Step Above

Isaiah Williams III, Straight from the Heart

Isaiah Williams III, Two of Hearts

Isaiah Williams III, Way She Moves

Isis Giraldo Poetry Project, Padre

Isla Eckinger/Riner Scivally, Duets

Issa Molina, Agua que fluye

Isto, Slackjaw Dr. Straw

Itai Dattner, Tranquilo en Cuba

Itsik Shetrit, Do`t Fret

IV the Polymath, The Mono EP

IV the Polymath, When & Where

Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley, iBOD

Ivan Barasnevicius Trio, Continuum

Ivan Barasnevicius Trio, Síntese

Ivan Benning, In Spirit In Truth

Ivan Clay, From The Soul

Ivan Ilic Tetra Pack, Paranoic

Ivan Ilic Trio, Platonic

Ivan Najera, Jungle

Ivan Najera, On Top Of The Rain

Ivan Verrastro, Sentience

Ivan W. Taylor, Be Yourself (Stop Trying To Be Like Everyone Else)

Ivan W. Taylor, Cool and Smooth Jazz

Iván Ceja, Secret Investigator (Remastered)

Ivo Antognini Jazz Project, Feggàri mou

Ivo Antognini Jazz Project, Inspiration

Ivo Lille Group, Ivo Lille Group

IvoryWinds, Eterno

Ivy Katz, Stages


IX, I Think You'll Find It's A Bit More Complicated Than That

Izio Gross, Noa Noa

Iztok Vrhovec, Blue Horse

Izzy Chait & The Bill Keis Quartet, N.Y.E. (Live At Beverly Hilton)

Izzy Chait, For Your Love

Izzy Chait, Straight from the Heart

J Grace, Christmas Eve

J Holland Albright, This Life

J Kyle Gregory, Tongues of Fire

J London, It's Summertime

J London, Stop On By

J P Ellis, It's About Time !

J R Davison, Westcoast Trax: Dreamsome

J Session, Chocolate Flower Oil Vol:1 the Lay Back Theory

J V Millet & E Millet, Big Minutes (More Minutes)

J. A. Granelli and Mr. Lucky, Homing

J. Boykin, My name is J

J. Croker, My Baby Just Cares for Me (Fuzz Remix)

J. Greyson, The Architect

J. Jay Berthume & Brett Ensley, Hark the Herald Angels Swing

J. LaRoi, Drive

J. LaRoi, Ear Candy

J. Michael Reeds, 8th and Mona Lisa

J. Michael Reeds, Under An Urban Moon

J. Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project, Tribute to Troy / So Fly

J. Sean Elliott, At Least I`ve Got My Looks

J. Staton, This Mind of Mine

J.A. Carter, Forever and a Day

J.A.E. Trio, Push Pull

J.B. Tenney, Far From Home

J.C. Heard, Some of This, Some of That

J.C. Heard, This is Me, J.C. Heard

J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm, Near Journey`s End

J.d. And The Sons Of Rhythm, Smoke Shadows

J.E. Chapman, 364 Days

J.G. Boccella & The Modo Mio Band, Live from the Guild!

J.Geils, Jay Geils Toe Tapping Jazz

J.J. Johnson and Milt Jackson, A Date in New York

J.LaRoi, West End of the Sky

J.R. Monterose Quartet, My Old Flame: Live At the Gemini Jazz Cafe, Vol. 5

J.Thompson, Inside World

J.V. Dixon, Peace of Mind

J2K, Like Your Face

J4F, 42º N

Jaafar, House Of Dreams featuring Jeff Sipe

Jaafar, Justice Does Not Exist, But What We Desire

Jace Bersin Trio, Sunnier Days Ahead

Jace Fogleman, It's Alright With Me

Jace Fogleman, The Curtain Falls

Jacek Korohoda, If It Happens

Jacek Korohoda, Window to the Backyard

Jacinta Pinheiro, Herança

Jack Bradshaw & Chris Bradshaw, A Rousing Good Time

Jack Brass Band, You Don`t Know Me

Jack Broad, Current

Jack Convery, Banjotime

Jack Convery, San Francisco Medicine Ball

Jack Donahue, A Small Blue Thing

Jack Donahue, Parade - Live In New York City

Jack Doyle, This Heart of Mine

Jack Giering Trio, Cosmic Rumpus

Jack Grassel, 10

Jack Grassel, Christmas Presence

Jack Grassel, Kirk Tatnall, Dane Richeson, Ghost Ridge

Jack Grassel, Kirk Tatnall, Ernie Adams, Live at the Uptowner

Jack Grassel, Matrix

Jack Grassel, Thunder Stones

Jack Gunderson, After Hours

Jack Hemming, Politician`s Dozen

Jack Henry Quintet, Nothin' But Swing

Jack Hoban, BellaMar

Jack Jezzro, One Way

Jack Lee Gates, Lovers Key Rendezvous

jack pezanelli, Pleasured Hands

Jack Poley, Dedicated Lines

Jack Prather, Shades

Jack Prybylski, Out of the Box

Jack Reilly, Live in Poland

Jack Ruvio, First Flight

Jack Scarangella, The Hero In Us All

Jack Senier, A Senier Moment

Jack Sheldon, Ho Ho Ho

Jack Turner, I Got Next

Jack Versus the Crab, Jack Versus the Crab

Jack Versus the Crab, Your Smiles

Jack Waltrip, Monoceros

Jack Weston, Easy To Remember

Jack Wood, A Time For Love

Jack Wood, Baby, Baby, All the Time

Jack Wood, Gypsy In My Soul

Jack Wood, Jazz and the Movies

Jack Wood, Mr. Lucky

Jack Wyles, Just_ Seein _Whats_ Up

Jack Wyles, Nightcrawler

Jack Zorawski, First Train

Jack's Cats, Low Down Dirty Swing, Live

Jacki Cooper & George Golla, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Jackie Allen, My Favorite Color

Jackie Jones, Can You Live This Life

Jackie Jones, Over and Over Again

Jackie Messina, Necessary Arrangements (feat. Bruce Barth)

Jackie Warren, Near You

Jackson Blue, Life`s Beat

Jackson Garrett, Cool and Easy

Jackson Garrett, Speechless

Jackson Krall & The Secret Music Society, Girl Crazy

Jackson Rice, The Firefly

Jackson Rice, Winter Wonderland

Jaclyn Guillou, The Lover's Walk

Jaclyn Guillou, To the City

Jacnique, Is It Ever

Jacnique, Rise In Love (Deluxe EP)

Jacob Miller and The Bridge City Crooners, A Love Like This

Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners, Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners

Jacque Harenberg, Silent Night

Jacquelene Ambrose, Mellow

Jacqueline D. Tabor, What A Wonderful World

Jacqueline Francis, Summertime

Jacqueline Tabor, The Jazz in You

Jacques Johnson Sr. & Jr., Nasty and Smooth

Jacques Lesure, Camaraderie

Jacqui Noble, Releasing Expressions

Jacqui Sutton, Billie & Dolly

Jacqui Wicks, Vintage

Jade Leonard, Jade Leonard (Acoustic Releases)

Jade Mayjean Peters, What I'm Made Of

Jade Maze, Relax

Jade Synstelien Quartet, Mysterious By All Means

Jade, Azul Melancolía

Jae Sinnett, It`s Telling...A Drummer`s Perspective

Jae Sinnett, Still Standing

JAE, The Music of my Heart - Single

Jaga Glassman, Jaga's Jazz

Jaidene Veda, Wanderlust

Jaime Taylor, Old Soul, New Generation

Jaimee Paul & Leif Shires, My Favorite Things

Jaimie Roberts, Red Hot from the Attic Door

Jaine Rogers, Merry Christmas

Jairo Hernandez, Sunset On the Beach

Jairus Daigle, Roam Around the City

Jairus Mozee, The Elevator Album

Jake Bergevin, Holding Back the Dawn

Jake Glasgow, Keepin' On

Jake Koffman, The Jake Koffman Quartet

Jake Taylor Smith, Because...

Jake Wilkinson, This Time

Jakub Nowak, Nakumo

Jam Band, If Loving You Is Right, I Don't Want to Be Wrong (Instrumental)

Jam Band, Saturday Night's Kisses (Instrumental)

Jam-Lab, Extended_Play

Jam-Lab, Gain

Jamaaladeen Tacuma, For the Love of Ornette

Jamal Mathis & Estrella Delgadillo, That Man

Jamal, Follow Your Bliss

Jamba Oj, Story of J

Jameela, Inspirationally Yours

Jameela, Soul Medication

Jameri, Gone but Still Here

James 'PJ' Spraggins, Pure Logic

James 'PJ' Spraggins, Pure Logic

James Andrews, Expressions

James Anthony, Shades of Blue

James Armani, Gelato Dreams

James Bowman III, Experience: My Perspective

James Bowman III, She's An Original

James Britton, Stone Collective

James Brown, Endless Summer Breeze

James Brown, Rhythm of Life (A Saxual Experience)

James Burgess, All that Praise for Jazz

James Cammack, Both Sides of the Coin Pt 1

James Christopher Band, Bring It Home

James Cole III, Smoother Than Ever

James Connell & Martin Lund, Early Lessons

James Coston, Sway

James Darren, It's Nice to Go Trav'ling

James Day, Natural Things - US Digital Edition

James Dean Claitor, Allegedly in Love

James Dean Claitor, Catalina

James Dean Claitor, Cloudy

James Dean Claitor, Easily (feat. Saul Lubaroff)

James Dean Claitor, Let Me Down Easy

James Dean Claitor, Repose

James Dean Claitor, Running to Love

James Dean Claitor, You Are My Utopia

James Divine, America

James Divine, As the Deer/There Is None Like You

James Divine, Flowing Water at Sunset

James Divine, Give Me Jesus

James Divine, Kumbaya

James Divine, Over the Rainbow

James Divine, Thai Love Song

James Divine, What A Wonderful World

James Divine, What a Wonderful World

James Edward Cole III, Beyond Expectations

James Edward Cole III, Cruise Control

James Edward Cole III, The Jam Session

James Evans, Blues and Grooves

James Falzone & The Renga Ensemble, The Room Is

James Falzone, Klang: Brooklyn Lines . . . Chicago Spaces

James Gabriano, Riviera Sunrise

James Geralden, Tender And Blue

James Gibbs Iii, Relaxin`

James Gilbert, Music Straight From The Box

James Gilyard, New Moon

James Goldapp, Going Up?

James Goldapp, Moonglow

James Greene, Counting the Hours

James Greene, We've Got a Real Love

James Halifko, Tropical Nights

James Halifko, You Have to Believe in Love Again - Single

James Hughes & Jimmy Smith Quintet, Ever Up & Onward (Feat. Phil Kelly, Takashi Iio & Nate Winn)

James Hurley, Voice and Guitar

James Ingenito, Follow the Dream

James Johnson III, Between

James L. Hosay, Chocolate Before Noon

James Lloyd Bates, This Way Now

James M. Gregg, Another Bridge Born

James Madison Thomas, Another Girl - Single

James Malone, Reflections

James McRae, Slow Down

James Morris, Laidback

James Moseley, James Moseley (With Roger Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra)

James Porter, The James Porter Songbook

James R. Iafrati, Original Journey

James Ragar, Blue September

James Ranka, "Pocket Aces"

James Sanders & the Kevin O'Conell Trio, Blue Violin: A Jazz Legacy

James Saxsmo Gates, Detailed (feat. Walter Beasley)

James Saxsmo Gates, Gates Wide Open

James Saxsmo Gates, It`s Time

James Sherlock, Watermark

James South, Beautiful Place to Be

James Trotter Jr., Everlasting

James Trotter Jr., Everlasting (Parallel)

James Uhart, Sous Le Lampadaire

James W. Dowe, Sing, Dance, Shout!

James Westfall, Independent

James Williams & Bobby Watson, Soulful Serendipity

James Wirth & Mary Wirth, Heaven Speaks

James Witherite, +17: Digital EP Edition (feat. Zeropoint Big Band)

James Witherite, Modern Organ Trio

James Witherite-Rieg, West by Northwest

James Zollar, Zollar Systems

James `PJ` Spraggins, The Light of Day

Jamesdorsey Music Group, Your Breath Stinks

Jamey Allen, Revisitations (Instrumentals)

Jamhunters, Driftin'

Jamhunters, Under the Palm Tree

Jami Gee, Infinity of Parallel Lines

Jamie Begian Big Band, Trance

Jamie Bond, Tenderly

Jamie Bonk, Good to Be

Jamie Bonk, Necessity

Jamie Bonk, The First Noël

Jamie Breiwick, Song To a Rose

Jamie Broumas, Blue in Green

Jamie Broumas, Wild Is Love

Jamie Dech, Then Comes The Night

Jamie Fox, When I Get Home

Jamie Gatti's Riot Squad, Warped

Jamie Holka, Git in Where You Fit In

Jamie Lynn Fletcher, My Desire of You

Jamie Mitges, Jamie Mitges and the Jazz Legends

Jamie Ousley, A Sea of Voices

Jamie Reid, INSTRUMENTAL: Songs of Worship

Jamie Ruben, Groove.O.Ly.O.Scene

Jamie Shew, A Place for Me

Jamila Ford, Traces of the Day Special Edition

Jamille Jam Hunter, Blue Moon

Jamset, Live and Jazzin' It Up

Jan Carden, Free and Easy


Jan Johansson, 300000

Jan Johansson, Folkvisor - Jazz PÃ¥ Svenska

Jan Johansson, Jazz PÃ¥ Ryska

Jan Johansson, Musik Genom Fyra Sekler/New Version

Jan Jungden Trio, Smooth Ride

Jan Leder, Nonchalant

Jan Shapiro, Back to Basics

Jan Shapiro, Piano Bar After Hours

Jan Stirling Trio, Prisms of Light

Jan Verwey & Bert van den Brink, Standards & Other Pieces

Jan Verwey, The Miles Davis Project

Jane Duboc & Jeff Gardner, Home Is a River

Jane Fuller, You're Coming Back Again

Jane Getz, No Relation Remastered

Jane Hart, Sunny Side of the Street

Jane Harvey Brown & Trad Jazz Stars, Live from New Orleans At the Old U.S. Mint

Jane O`Brien, jane o`brien

Jane Parker Quartet, A Whisper Of Love A Whisper Of Hate

Jane Potter Trio, Now I Know

Jane Ralston Pahr, Yoga and All That Jazz (feat. Carlo Urizio)

Jane Roman Pitt, Peace of the River

Jane Scatena, Jane Scatena & the Big Band: Strictly Taboo

Jane Stuart, Don't Look Back

Janek Gwizdala, Mystery To Me - Live in New York

Janelle Donovan, Saratoga Swings (feat. Mark Cargill & Gregory Cook)

Janelle Donovan, Valentine Special

Janelle Sadler, Don`t Make Me Laugh

Janet Forney, The Art of You

Janet Hammer, Never Let Me Go

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys, It's the Girl!

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys, Put a Flavor to Love

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys, Whoopee Hey! Hey!

Janet Klein, Come Into My Parlor

Janet MacEwen, Back Where I Belong

Janet Macklin, I Think of You

Janet Metzger, Small Day Tomorrow: Janet Metzger Live At Churchill Grounds

Janet Planet, Janet Planet Sings The Bob Dylan Songbook Vol. 1

Janet Planet, Love Letters from Cary Bluff (The Music of Chris Swansen)

Janet Planet, Of Thee I Sing

Janet Sadler, Outside of Time

Janet Sanzo, More Than Ever

Janet Stevenson, Believe In Spring

Janet Stevenson, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Janey Clewer and Randy Waldman, Your Favorite Christmas Cd

Janey Clewer, Fallen for Brazil

Janey Hall, Last Call

Janice & Vinnie Zummo, Jazz Album

Janice Anderson, The Sweetest Sounds

Janice Borla Group, Promises to Burn

Janice Borla, Agents of Change

Janice Borla, From Every Angle

Janice Borla, Lunar Octave

Janice Finlay, She's Hip

Janice Friedman Trio, Swingin` For The Ride

Janice Garner, Jazz Prequel

Janice Jarrett, Blue Nights & Sunshower

Janice Lynn, Crazy In Love

Janice Marie Robinson and Friends, Janice Marie Robinson By Request

Janice Maxie Reid, Afternoon Delight

Janice Maxie Reid, Love at Christmas

Janice Price, Priceless

Janine Gilbert-Carter, A Song For You

Janine Gilbert-Carter, At Last

Janine Gilbert-Carter, In the Moment

Janine Gilbert-Carter, Inside A Silent Tear

Janis Mann & Kenny Werner, Celestial Anomaly

Janis Mann, A Perfect Time - Drummers and Other Friends

Janis Mann, Blow Away

Janis Steprans Quartet, La petite forêt enchantée

Janna Morrell, Blue Without You

Janneh, Transitions

Jannine, Strength, Wisdom and Growth

Janny Haalboom, All of Me

Janusz Supernak, I Found My Perfect City

Japhlet Bire Attias, Japhlet Bire Attias

Japhy Ryder, In Session

Jar, Scene 29

Jared Wilson and The Vibe, Worry No More

Jarez, Can't Let Go (Radio Version)

Jarez, Hold On Tight (feat. Vandell Andrew)

Jarez, No Pressure

Jarez, On Top of the World

Jarez, Saxoholic

Jarez, Sexy Saxy, Vol. 1

Jarez, Take My Time

Jaron Eames, Romantic Classics (Remastered)

Jarrett Cherner Trio, Burgeoning

Jas Miller, Come and Get It

Jas Miller, That's Just Fan Funking Tastic (Deluxe Edition)

Jasmin Bailey, T0 The Change In You

Jason Malletman Taylor, Live at Mallet`s Place

Jason Malletman Taylor, Xmas Jam

Jason Bodlovich Quartet, The Culprit

Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony, 2 Smooth

Jason Carroll And The Smooth Jazz Symphony, Cool

Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony, Let It Flow

Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony, Special Memories

Jason Dennis, Quiet Storm

Jason Goldman, The Definitive Standard

Jason Hagen, Devil's Mandolin Band

Jason Hagen, Leopards in the Sand

Jason Hainsworth, Kaleidoscope

Jason Henson, Jason Henson Plays Wes and Benson

Jason Jenkins Group, Scenic Roots

Jason Jenkins Quartet, Cole Porter Songbook

Jason Kendall, Traditions

Jason Lee Bruns & Kevin Bachelder, Cherry Avenue

Jason Myers, Sentimental Journey

Jason Passmore, Jody's Theme

Jason Paul Curtis, Faux Bourgeois Café

Jason Paul Curtis, Lovers Holiday (feat. Swinglab & Swing Machine)

Jason Raso, Detour

Jason Raso, Timepiece

Jason Roseman, Steel Drum Planet

Jason Smith, Blue Moon

Jason Waltony Berg, Letter Back Home

Jason Wanner, Just You, Just Me

Jason Weber, Five

Jason Weber, In Too Deep (The Baritone Sessions)

Jaspects, Broadcasting The Definition

Jaspects, Double Consciousness

Jasper Kump, Starfish + Coffee LIVE

Jasper Kump, Sunday in New York

Jasper le Clercq Quartet, Man met de Hond met de Hoed

Java Men, A Letter To St. Paul

Java Men, VOID

Javier Bori, Siete suspiros

Javier Montero, Ondas

Jay Anderson, Local Color

Jay C. Burns, Bluejay and The Sky

Jay D. Luis, Rhythm Gypsy

Jay Daversa, Jay Daversa

Jay EuDaly, Channeling Harold

Jay Flippin and Gordon Towell Jazz Duo, Still Friends

Jay Harmon, Jay Harmon

Jay Hodges, Solitude

Jay Hoggard, Swing Em Gates

Jay Hungerford, The Keys To The City

Jay Kim, Perfect Experience

Jay Kim, Returning Back

Jay Lineberry, Stardreams-Trumpet Classics

Jay McShann, Michael T. White, Tommy Ruskin & Milt Abel, Warm

Jay Messer, Sly Exit

Jay Nya Sol, Afternoon Delight

Jay Ong Minzhi & Urban Chameleons, Heaven

Jay P, Rather Be in the Rolls (feat. Miz Lopez & Jasmine S.)

Jay Patten, Crystal Nights

Jay Patten, Night Blue

Jay Patten, Oh Tannenbaum - Single

Jay Rowe, Live At Daniel Street

Jay Smith Group, Too Many Notes

Jay Soto, Long Time Coming

Jay Soto, The Best of Jay Soto

Jay Sweet Trio, Jay Sweet Trio

Jay Thomas, Happy & You Know It

Jay Willis Quartet, Quietude

Jaymes Bullet, New Orleans Sky

Jaymes Bullet, When You've Got Love

Jayne Manning, A Sophisticated Lady

Jayne Manning, After Hours... Late Night Jazz at the Manor

JayR, Holiday Of Love

Jaz Smulski, I Am Blue

Jazmin Ghent, Boss

Jazmin Ghent, Boss

Jazmin Ghent, Eyo

Jazz Around Brasil, Due Mani

Jazz Avenue, Bridging the Gap

Jazz Banditz, Getaway

Jazz Brasileiro, Jazz Brasileiro

Jazz By Heart, Amalgamating

Jazz Company, Jazz Company

Jazz Conspiracy, Up To Get Down

Jazz Explorers, Jazz My Soul

Jazz Explorers, Strength To Climb

Jazz Fizz, Channel 2

Jazz Fizz, That Would Have Saved My Day

Jazz for Beginners, Jazz For Beginners

Jazz Forever, Mardi Gras Legends, Vol. 3

Jazz Forever, Spiked Eggnog

Jazz Frost, The Presence of Christmas

Jazz Hamilton, Jingle Jazz

Jazz Hamilton, Jingle Jazz

Jazz Holdouts, Intuition

Jazz Holdouts, Smooth One (Radio Edit)

Jazz in P!nk, On This Christmas Day

Jazz in Pink, 1st Collection

Jazz Leon, Jazz Leon: A Wine, a Melody

Jazz Mind Duo & Meditation Circle, Relaxe

Jazz Music, Jazz Music

Jazz On The Vine, A Jazz On The Vine Christmas

Jazz On The Vine, Jazz On The Vine 2: Private Reserve

Jazz Organizer, Internos

Jazz Patrol, Leeward Motion

Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra, Letter to a Friend

Jazz Philosophy, Electric Philosophy

Jazz Pistols, live

Jazz Pistols, Special Treatment

Jazz Pistols, Superstring

Jazz Pistols, Three on the floor

Jazz Pistols, Three on the moon

Jazz Revival, Jazz Revival 2014-2015

Jazz Salvation Company, Greatest Hits (So Far)

Jazz Spectrum, It`s Christmas

Jazz Spectrum, Live in July

Jazz Suite, Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own

Jazz Suite, Take the Time for Love

Jazz Suite, Trump Delight

Jazz Vibes, Best of Jazz Vibes: Music of the Jazz Vibraphone, Marimba, and Mallet Kings

Jazz Xperiment, An Early Clue To A New Direction

Jazz, Jazz

Jazzage, Choose Love

Jazzelation, Spring is Such a Beautiful Thing

JazZen, Bounce off the Moon

JazzHappensBand, Turn Up the Volume

Jazzholic, Fall in Jazz

Jazzie Jam, Miss You

Jazzie Jam, Nuclear Fission Insanity

Jazzimatronix, Without Sayin' a Word

Jazzjet, Birth Of The Lowdown

Jazzmanflutist, Artfully Written

JazzMates Feat. Patti Wicks and Claudio Chiara, Basic Feeling

Jazzmatic, Virtual Drive

Jazzmosis, Sky Chaser

Jazzmoss, Jazzmoss

Jazzou Jones, Hot Fingers - The Best of Jazzou Jones

Jazzover Hybrid Project, Hybrid

JazzPals, One Way or Another

Jazzposteao, Jazzposteao, Get Out! Reloaded

Jazzric, Daze

Jazzy Ash, Bon Voyage

Jazzyfrank, Moving Along

Jazzyfrank, Sundance

Jd and the Sons of Rhythm, Colors of Tyme

JD Daniel, Back To The Groove

JD Walter, 2bass a Face and a Little Skin

Jd Walter, Live in Portugal, Vol. 1

JD Walter, Live in Portugal, Vol. 2

JD Walter, Sirens in the C-House

Jdorsey, Finally 2012

JDVtheBassist, The Journey of Pop

Je Renee Band, Mosaic

Jean Calvert & Joe Di Prima, Kiss My Fanny, Santy!

Jean Caze, Miami Jazz Scene

Jean Laughlin, Confessions of a Woman

Jean Laughlin, I'm Glad There Is You

Jean Laughlin, Miracle of Life

Jean Laughlin, Who Am I?

Jean Mancini Gough, With Friends

Jean Prosper, In The Moment

Jean Shy & Jbbo, The Other Side of Blue

Jean Thervens, Mr. Port De Paix

Jean Youn, Something Good

Jean Youn, TIme to Be With You

Jean-Baptiste Hardy, Ekin Bilgin & Riccardo Marenghi, On Verra

Jean-Marc Belkadi, Check Point

Jean-Marc Belkadi, It's Not Difficult

Jean-Marc Belkadi, Just For the Fun of It - Single

Jean-Marc Belkadi, Mission Possible

Jean-Marc Belkadi, Stopover

Jean-Marc Belkadi, The Sniper

Jeanette Harris Band & Jeanette Harris, Reflections

Jeanette Harris Band, Reflections

Jeanette Harris, Summer Rain

Jeanette McKee, Strictly Sentimental

Jeanie Barton, Jazz and Cocktails

Jeanie Barton, Jeanie Barton EP

Jeanie Barton, The Magical Mirror

Jeanie Brandes, Kisses You Awake

Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit, Loaded - Sample Pack

Jeanne O`Connor, Something`s Coming

Jeanne Ricks, Listening Room (Re-mastered)

Jeannette d'Armand, Stage Road

Jeannette Lambert, Bebop for Babies

Jeannette Lambert, Born to be Blue

Jeannette Lambert, Jeannettically Modified Christmas Songs

Jeannie Tanner, You Can Kiss Me Into Anything

Jeannine and Russ Miller, Two for the Road

Jeb Bishop Trio, 2009

Jeb Patton, A Lovesome Thing

Jef Kearns, Jazz Addiction

Jeff Albert Quartet, Similar in the Opposite Way

Jeff Alkire, One Summer in Winters

Jeff Allison, Free Agent

Jeff Arnal & Gordon Beeferman, Bodies of Water

Jeff Arnal And Gordon Beeferman, Rogue States

Jeff Aycock, A.M. Love

Jeff Aycock, Excalade

Jeff Aycock, Ocean Breeze

Jeff Barash Quartet, Bouncin` on 160th Avenue

Jeff Barnhart, Doorways

Jeff Basile, Alterations Garden

Jeff Benedict, Castle Creek Shuffle

Jeff Berlin, Aneurythms

Jeff Berlin, In Harmony`s Way

Jeff Berlin, In Harmony`s Way (Euro-release)

Jeff Berlin, Lumpy Jazz

Jeff Burton, Plainsong

Jeff Carver & Rahjta Ren, The Merry Christmas Sessions

Jeff Cosgrove, Frank Kimbrough & Martin Wind, Conversations With Owls

Jeff Curry, In Pieces

Jeff Davis & Café Bossa, Cosmos

Jeff Dawson, Jazz Songbook

Jeff Dawson, Sometimes Paradise

Jeff DeHerdt, The Autumn House

Jeff Dwyer, Let's Send the Old World Spinning

Jeff Erdmann, Sunrise Highway

Jeff Gaeth, Portrait

Jeff Gaeth, Shoestrings

Jeff Gardner Trio, Breath

Jeff Gustafson, Christmas Through the Eyes of the Children

Jeff Gustafson, Mellow Cabernet

Jeff Gustafson, To: Mr. Sinatra

Jeff Hackworth, The Heart of the Matter

Jeff Hall, Get Out of Town

Jeff Hamilton Green's International Jazz & Ragtime All-Stars, Live At the Elkhart Jazz Festival

Jeff Hedberg & C11, Nice Work...if You Can Get It (Pages of Paich, Vol. 2)

Jeff Hedberg & C11, Too Darn Hot

Jeff Janke and The Neoteric Swing Orchestra, Loose Change

Jeff Kievit, For Once

Jeff Lawrence and Warhorse, Into the Now (Part One)

Jeff Lehman's City Lights, Obscured by Light - Single

Jeff Leibow, Let's See What Love's Gonna Say

Jeff Lisenby, Walkin' the Winter Wonderland

Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jazz to the People

Jeff Logan, Black Tie Affair

Jeff Martini & the One Two Soul Revue, Rain

Jeff Massanari, Groovework

Jeff Medina, You Got It

Jeff Meegan, Season Of Love

Jeff Neves, Sketches in Bass and Guitar

Jeff Neves, Stone Soup

Jeff Newell - Free Thinkers Union, Trumpet Worlds 1

Jeff Novotny Jazzprjkt, Incontinental Breakfast

Jeff Novotny Jazzprjkt, Whacked!

Jeff Oster, Next

Jeff Palmer & Devin Garramone, Epistemology

Jeff Perry, Sweepin' the Clouds - Single

Jeff Perry, Wonderful World

Jeff Reeks, The Back Rhode home

Jeff Riley, Jeff Riley Jazz Suite

Jeff Rowan, Don't Blame Me

Jeff Rowan, Jamaican Nights

Jeff Rowan, New Guy

Jeff Rowan, Revel

Jeff Sanford's Cartoon Jazz Band, More Cartoon Logic!

Jeff Saxon, Blujanova

Jeff Saxon, Riders On the Storm

Jeff Silverbush, Grandma Mickey

Jeff Taylor Featuring Shelley Carrol, Old School

Jeff Todd, Season`s Greetings

Jeff Toyne, Maxwell's Demon: Original Score

Jeff Uban, Shift in Times

Jeff Wahl, Guitarscapes

Jeff Wooldridge, Andalusia

Jeff Younger's Sandbox, The Nudger

Jefferson Newman, Jeff Our Son

Jeffery B. Suttles, Time To Suttledown

Jeffery Smith, Covers 1

Jeffery Smith, Fan Favorites

Jeffery Smith, Rhythm Of Life Series (Part 1)

Jeffery Smith, Smooth Creations the Album, Pt. 1

Jeffrey Althouse and Lowell Lawson, Enchantment

Jeffrey Gimble, Beyond Up High

Jeffrey Joe, Big Ol' Heart

Jeffrey Meyer, Christmas

Jeffrey Scott Lawrence, Blues for Erica

Jen Shyu, For Now

Jen Zias, Take Me With You

Jeni Fleming, December

Jenn Green, It Had to Be You

Jenn Green, Jenn Green - EP

Jenn Jade, Truth

Jenna McSwain, Wax and Wane: Songs Without Seasons

Jennica Smith, Sun Don't Shine!

Jennifer Antkowiak & The Tom Lamark Orchestra, Here to Stay

Jennifer Barnes, You Taught My Heart

Jennifer Brennan-Hondorp, All Will Be Well

Jennifer Grimm, After Noon

Jennifer Hall, Jennifer Hall Meets.....A West Coast Tribute to Gerry Mulligan

Jennifer Kirkland and Bert Carlson, Alone Together

Jennifer Lee, Quiet Joy

Jennifer Leitham, Left Coast Story

Jennifer Leitham, Mood(S)wings

Jennifer Leitham, The Real Me

Jennifer Leitham, The Real Me Live

Jennifer Porter, Easy Living

Jennifer Porter, Hyacinth Boy Blue

Jennifer Porter, The Way You Look Tonight

Jennifer Robin, Lemonade

Jennifer Robin, The Bird and the Beatles

Jennifer Scott Quartet, Live at the Cellar

Jennifer Scott Trio, Dream a Little Dream

Jennifer Scott, Mile 41

Jennifer Sheehan, You Made Me Love You

Jennifer Trainor, Let`s Get Away From It All

Jennifer Wrobleski, Jennifer Wrobleski

Jennifer Zarine, Fresh Made Cuppa Tea

Jenny Davis, Inside You

Jenny Davis, It Amazes Me

Jenny Ferris, Day In Day Out

Jenny Green, Caught a Touch of Your Love

Jenny James, Must Be Love

Jenny James, Pag-Ibig Na Nga

Jenny Menna, The River Is Moving

Jenny Wilson Trio, Willow

Jens and Anders Johansson, Live in Sweden

Jens Johansson, Fission

Jens Loden, Automatismism

Jens Lysdal, Keep the Light in Your Eyes

Jens Wendelboe's Big Crazy Energy New York Band, Inspirations, Vol.1

Jens Wendelboe, Big Crazy Energy Band, Vol.1

Jens Wendelboe, Big Crazy Energy Band, Vol.2

Jens Wendelboe, Letter From New York

Jeon Jeduk, Jeon Jeduk, 1st

Jeon Jeduk, What Is Cool Change

Jeramzee (led by Jeremy Monteiro), Faces and Places

Jeremy Benoit "JB SAAX", Jeremy Jazz

Jeremy Benoit, Moods of Smooth

Jeremy Coates, Notes By Coates

Jeremy Frantz, My Funny Valentine

Jeremy Kahn Quartet, Pepper Adams: Complete Compositions Volume 1

Jeremy Kahn Trio, Pepper Adams: Complete Compositions Volume 2

Jeremy Kahn, The Jitterbug Waltz

Jeremy Monteiro, Homecoming

Jeremy Monteiro, My Foolish Heart

Jeremy Nathan Tisser, Zombiesc (Original Soundtrack)

Jeremy Scott & Higher Groove, Alive

Jeremy Sherman, Music of the Prohibition Era (1920-1940)

Jeremy Shrader & Ed Finney, The Moon Is in Love

Jeremy Siskind Trio, Prophecy

Jeremy Walker, 7 Psalms

Jeremy Zmuda, End Of An Era

Jeri, Life's Picture Postcard

Jermaine English Quintet, Mrs. Claus

Jermaine Hall, Ideology

Jermaine Jackson, I Wish You Love (feat. David Serero)

Jermaine Morgan, Life

Jerome Dawson, Romey's Return

Jerome Epps, Eclectic Fusion

Jerome Flood II, Time Out

Jerome Jackson,, Love's Gotta Hold On Me

Jerry Costanzo, Can I Steal a Little Love

Jerry Costanzo, Don't Cha Go Away Mad

Jerry Costanzo, Invitation

Jerry Drake, Tonight

Jerry Evangelist, One Heart

Jerry Evangelist, Steppin` Out

Jerry Fretto, Fret to Fusion Jazz

Jerry Grillo, Fever.....and other symptoms

Jerry Horton Jr, Meditations

Jerry Jennings, Shortcut to the Center

Jerry Jennings, Signs of Humanity

Jerry Kalaf, Just Like Old Times

Jerry Kalaf, Trio Music

Jerry O'Hagan & His Orchestra, Dance Time, Vol. 1 (feat. Charmin Michelle)

Jerry Peterson, Steppin' Out

Jerry Stenger, Blessings

Jerry Tilitz & Joe Gallardo, Jerry Tilitz Meets Joe Gallardo

Jerry Tolson Quintet, Back At The Track

Jerry Tolson Quintet, Nu View

Jerry Topinka, Summer Nights

Jerry Velona, Dream Girl

Jerry Vezza, You Are There

Jerry Weldon, 3 O`Clock in the Morning- Live At Smoke

Jerseyband, Christmasband

Jerseyband, Jerseyband Live: Lung Punch Fantasy

Jerusha White, I'm Crazy

Jesaºs (Jesse) Rivera, Postrado Ante Ti

Jesper Buhl, Trust the Pie

Jess Korman, Let's Rob a Liquor Store . . . and Other Inspirational Songs

Jesse Adams Jr, I Get Lifted

Jesse Adams Jr., Peripheral Vision

Jesse B, Another Masqurade

Jesse B, I Can See the Light

Jesse B, July Is for Lovers

Jesse B, Modest Success

Jesse Cloninger, Slider

Jesse Collins, New York By Night

Jesse Dean, Heart & Sax

Jesse Jones Jr., Soul Serenade

Jesse Kramer, Acacia

Jesse Pitts, Genesis

Jesse X-Ro Pinkney, All That Neo Jazz

Jessica Elbert, A Moment in Jazz

Jessica Elbert, Anlage

Jessica Galliker & Claude Diallo, Fly Me to the Moon

Jessica Johnson, Till It Happens To You

Jessica Lee & Anthony Janflone, From a Silent Heart

Jessica Lee & Mark Strickland, Silver Days Charcoal Nights

Jessica Lee, Rhythms of Anyway

Jessica Martin & Mark Steyn, Gingerbread And Eggnog

Jessica Martin & Mark Steyn, Making Spirits Bright

Jessica Schultz, Home

Jessica Weidman, Unforgettable

Jessica Williams, Orgonomic Music

Jessie Allen Cooper, Let's Connect

Jessie Allen Cooper, Moment in Time

Jessie Allen Cooper, Sound Travels

Jessie Caraballo, Where Are U ?

Jessie Davis, Halfway Between Here and the Middle of Nowhere

Jessie Turner, Jazz International

Jestin Jay Trio, Where the Old School Meets the New School

Jesus Bachiller, Bachi Reunion

Jesus Burger, Our World Bank Is Your New Savior

Jesus Wayne Project, 99%

Jewel Turner, On Holiday

JGM Projects, Because It's Christmas

Jhai Signature, Afterwards

Jheno, Keep Smiling

Jigu, I Will

Jill Conner, Make That Journey

Jill Ledet, Land of Nowhere

Jill Mann, Standard Mixx

Jill On Keys, Piano & Beats

Jill Player & Steve Flack, Tuesdays

Jill Salkin, The Very Thought of You

Jill Salkin, What the World Needs Now

Jill Seifers & Mika Pohjola, Two for the Road: The Complete Duo Recordings

Jill Switzer, Its You I Like

Jilla Webb, That Old Black Magic Called Love

Jillian Lebeck, Living in Pieces

Jillian Lebeck, Songs and Melodies

Jillienne Cherie, Radiant With Joy

Jillienne Cherie, Streams in the Desert

Jim Adams, Jazz Between Sets

Jim Adkins, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Jim Adkins, The Journey

Jim Altamore, License to Swing

Jim Balagurchik, Free At Last

Jim Bennett, Prayer

Jim Boston, There`ll Be a Bunch of New Tunes on This Old Piano

Jim Bransky and Andy Rockwood, The Fifth Street Sessions

Jim Bugg, White Christmas

Jim Butler Quartet, Live in Tokyo!

Jim Carr, The Acoustic Legacy Sessions

Jim Carr, The Green Room

Jim Carr, The Space Below

Jim Clayton's Greenhouse, Muskoka

Jim Cohen, Finally Here

Jim Cooper, Chi-Town Sessions

Jim Couchenour, Living Colour

Jim Cutler, JCQ - The Jim Cutler Quartet

Jim De Julio, Take It From the Bottom

Jim Gailloreto, Jazz String Quintet

Jim Gailloreto, Jazzformation

Jim Gailloreto, The Insider

Jim Gailloreto`s Split Decision, Shadow Puppets

Jim Golden, After Hours

Jim Grant, You Go to My Head

Jim Head, Mind`s Eye

Jim Hendricks, Jazz Soup for the Soul

Jim Horn, Northern Reflections

Jim Jag, Open Road

Jim Kerl's Swing Session Big Band, Celebrating Sinatra and Basie

Jim Kerl`s Swing Session Big Band, With Thanks To My Friends

Jim Loessberg, Bebop, etc.

Jim Love, The Way of the Drum

Jim Malcolm, Disaster for Scotland

Jim Manley, Funk Factory

Jim Martinez, Good Grief! It's Still Jim Martinez: A Tribute to Guaraldi, Schulz and Peanuts

Jim Masters Quartet, Live At Spagio (Feat. Jim Masters, Dave Powers, Jim Powell & Joe Ong)

Jim Meyer, Searching

Jim Morris, Encore

Jim O'Halloran, Virgo A (Messier 87) [feat. Dean Schmidt & Jose Martinez)

Jim Olsen/Oregon Jazz Workshop, Fragments

Jim Payne, Energie (feat. Bill Bickford, Jerry Z., John Scofield & Mike Clark)

Jim Pearce, I'm in the Twilight of a Mediocre Career

Jim Pearce, Prairie Dog Ballet

Jim Pearce, Thirty Year Waltz

Jim Pearce, You Are an Edgy Visionary Seer

Jim Samuel, Christmas

Jim Samuel, My Valentine

Jim Samuel, My Valentine (feat. Vicky Blacker & Steve Rosch)

Jim Samuel, Now

Jim Self & Hollywood Tuba 12, 'Tis The Season TUBA Jolly!

Jim Sellers, House Hour

Jim Shannon, Fast Company

Jim Shannon, Out of the Blue

Jim Shannon, Silent Voices

Jim Soloway, Bare Handed

Jim Steele, Neptune Rising

Jim Stewart, Overtime

Jim Stinnett / Rob Gourlay, Two Low Featuring LIONEL LOUEKE

Jim Stricklan, Composure

Jim Sunseri, Once Again, For the First Time

Jim Thompson, East West

Jim Zimmerman Quartet, Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Jim-B-Sid, incontri di bugiardi

Jimena Bautista, My Swing Moods

Jimin Lee, Lasting Fragments

Jimmer Bolden, I`m Glad I Thought About You

Jimmie Highsmith Jr, Awakening

Jimmie Highsmith Jr., The Anthology of Sound

JimmieJazz, Detour Ahead

Jimmy Amadie Trio, Kindred Spirits

Jimmy Amadie, A Tribute To Tony Bennett

Jimmy Amadie, Always With Me

Jimmy Amadie, Let`s Groove Tribute To Mel Torme

Jimmy Amadie, Savoring Every Note

Jimmy Amadie, The Philadelphia Story

Jimmy Bennington, Jazz Kaleidoscope

Jimmy Borges and the Meerkats, Christmas Is Here Again

Jimmy Calire piano trio, Spirited Christmas

Jimmy Cicero, Touch Me

Jimmy Coe & The Jimmy Coe Big Band, Jimmy Coe & the Big Band

Jimmy Cooper, Love Dance

Jimmy Cooper, To Far Away

Jimmy Crank, Crank It Up!

Jimmy Duran, Dreams Do Come True

Jimmy Kansau, Swinging The Latin American Songbook, Vol. 1

Jimmy Kraft, Time to Fly

Jimmy Kuncoro, Brighter Day

Jimmy LaRocca, Jimmy LaRocca

Jimmy Layton and His All-American Not-Your-Daddy's-Jazz Band, Just Another Kid from Red Bank

Jimmy Lohman, Dedicated to You

Jimmy Lopez, My Babe Is All I Need (feat. Tony White)

Jimmy Mac, Life Is Good

Jimmy Owens, Peaceful Walking

Jimmy Reid, For The Family

Jimmy Spencer,

Jimmy Weinstein, This Ocean

Jimmy Whisper, 50ft Woman

Jimmy's Bavarians, Swingin' Chicago Style

Jitterbug Vipers, Phoebe's Dream

Jivecity, Bad Romance

Jivecity, Mentir

Jiyoung Lee, Confession

Jj Sansaverino, Back Talk

JJ Sansaverino, Gravy Train - Single

JJ Sansaverino, Waiting for You

JJB Music, JJB Music 5 Disc Set

JLB Jazz Collective, with Jason Gamer

Jo D. Jonz, Tday (A Thanksgiving Song)

Jo Dread Daniels, Break in the Action (Remix)

Jo Lawry, I Want to Be Happy

Jo Martins, Sem Ataduras

Jo Sallins, Artistic Expressions CD-DVD

Jo Sallins, Gold Collection

Jo West, XOXO

Joachim Schoenecker Trio and Sextet, Blunatic

Joan Belgrave, Excitable

Joan Bow-Belgrave, Variations

Joan Clarke, Thirsty

Joan Crowe, Bird On The Wire

Joan Crowe, In The Key of Comedy

Joan Curto, Joan Curto Sings Cole Porter

Joan Griffith, Sambanova

Joan Torralba & Elbee Bad, Be Free

Joan Torres's All Is Fused, Before

Joan Torres's All Is Fused, The Beginning

Joan Watson-Jones, I Thought About You

Joan Wildman & Joe Fonda, Conversations

Joana Machado, A Casa Do Oscar

Joani Taylor, In My Own Voice

Joani Taylor, The Art Of The Jazz Ballad

Joanie Pallatto & Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Days With Joanie & Sparrow

Joanie Pallatto & Marshall Vente, Two Again

Joanie Pallatto, As You Spend Your Life

JoAnn Funk, Jazz in The Lobby Bar

Joanna Chapman-Smith, Love Me Deeply

Joanna Higgins, A Hundred Reasons

Joanna Higgins, Happy Ever After

Joanna Melas, A Natural Selection

Joanna Pascale, Play the Great American Songbook

Joanna Pascale, Wildflower

Joanne Bolles, The Art of Love

Joanne Carole, Tropicool

Joanne Carole, Tropicoool

Joanne Tatham, Out of My Dreams

Joanne Tatham, The Merriest

Joao Erbetta and Regis Damasceno, Guitar Bizarre, Vol. 2

Joao Ferraz, Mineiro Bao

Joao Ferraz, SAPO

Joao Senise, Just in Time

João Castilho, Equilibrium

Joëlle Léandre & Phillip Greenlief, That Overt Desire of Object

Job Creators, NSFW

Jobo Shakins, Jobo Shakins

Jocelyn Medina, The Journey Begun

Jocelyn Medina, We Are Water

Jocelyn Swigger, Troublesome Moon

Jodi Jean & Aylon, Bobfest

Jodi Jean Band, Jodi Jean Band - EP

Jodi Krangle, Time Will Tell

Jodie Borle, Snow

Jody Albright, An Intimate Evening (Live)

Jody Fisher, Wistful Thinking

Jody Jaress, Whisper Low

Jody Kidwell, My Funny Valentine

Jody Mayfield, Soul Sanctuary

Jody Sandhaus, Afterglow

Jody Sandhaus, I Think Of You

Joe Alterman, Piano Tracks, Vol. One

Joe Amplo, Guinnevere

Joe Baer Magnant Group, Traces

Joe Battaglia, Freehand

Joe Battaglia, Of Space And Time

Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful, That Text

Joe Berger, Impromptu Outtakes Vol 1-2

Joe Blessett, Changing Everything

Joe Blessett, I'm Sorry

Joe Bucher, Cool Customer

Joe Buonanno, It`s About Time

Joe Byrd, The Power of Touch

Joe Caploe, Hearsay

Joe Carter, Both Sides of the Equator

Joe Carter, The Samba Rio Trio

Joe Carter, Two For Two

Joe Carter, Um Abraco No Rio (An Embrace Of Rio)

Joe Davidian Trio, Jd3: Live

Joe Davidian Trio, Silent Fire

Joe DeRose and Amici, Peace Streets

Joe DeRose and Amici, Sounds for the Soul

Joe Dinkelbach, Red Pepper

Joe Diorio & Joe Giglio, Rainbow Shards

Joe Edmonds, Reflection

Joe Edwards, Git-Fiddle Review, Vol. 3

Joe Elefante Big Band, Vanity Fair

Joe Escobar, It's My Turn

Joe Escobar, Love Those Giants 2013

Joe Escobar, Love Those Giants!

Joe Ferrara, The Tiger Walks Through My Dreams

Joe Giglio, Flashback Premonition

Joe Gransden & Kenny Banks, Dichotomy

Joe Gransden & The Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra, I Wish You Love

Joe Gransden, Close to My Heart

Joe Gransden, It's A Beautiful Thing!

Joe Gransden, Songs of Sinatra & Friends

Joe Herbek, Sambossa

Joe Jewell Quartet, Every Note Counts

Joe Kondziella, Right As Rain

Joe Lavelle's Brandy Sidecar, The Christmas 3

Joe Lindsay, I Wanna Groove

Joe Mag, I Won't Dance

Joe Marcinek Band, Both Sides

Joe Olnick, Live At the Candy Factory

Joe Ottavi-Perez, Somewhere

Joe Parillo, Almost Carefree

Joe Parillo, Block Island Summer

Joe Parillo, Segments

Joe Parillo, Songbook

Joe Parillo, Steve Skop & Brendan Brynes, Nightfall

Joe Plass, After Hours

Joe Plass, Jingle All the Way (feat. Andy Warr)

Joe Posada, Sweet Smoke

Joe Procopio, Making Sense With Music

Joe Romano, One Romantic Night

Joe Rubenstein, Cat Show Samba

Joe Santerre, The Scenic Route

Joe Santora & Emily Kirchoff, Joe and Em Jazz Duo

Joe Settlemires, Canadian Sunset and Other Jazz Standards

Joe Settlemires, Sugarfoot Rag

Joe Sierra, Latin Soul

Joe Sierra, Sparkled Nights

Joe Spinaci and The Brookolino Orchestra featuring Miriam Aida, Too Darn Hot

Joe Strouse, Ten Pieces of Light

Joe Sullivan Big Band, Northern Ontario Suite

Joe Thayer, Me & George

Joe Thayer, Travelin' With Me & George

Joe Traina, Tea For Two

Joe Troup, Sunrise

Joe Wilder, Alone With Just My Dreams

Joe Wilson, Black Tie Affair

Joe Yander & Sher Lindsey-Ham, Jus a Chillin Feat. Sher Lindsey-Ham

Joe Yazbeck, Jazz'd About Christmas

Joe Zapata LIsa Mills Laurin Munsch Brandie Spradley, New Orleans Jazz, Big and Easy

Joel August, Distant Shores

Joel Clemons and The Lemons, Christmas Is Cool

Joel Clemons and The Lemons, CHRISTMAS TRIM

Joel Clemons and The Lemons, Fade To Blue

Joel Clemons and The Lemons, Fresh Squeezed

Joel Clemons and The Lemons, JAZZ ON THE ROCKS

Joel Del Rosario & Surewill, Side By Side

Joel Del Rosario, Coast to Coast

Joel Del Rosario, Side by Side (feat. Will Clark)

Joel Dilley, River of Hope

Joel Dilley, The Window

Joel Evans & Adryan Russ, Changing My Tune

Joel Evans & David Sparkman, That's When I'll Stop Loving You

Joel Evans, As Heard On Film & TV

Joel Forrester & Phillip Johnston, Live At the Hillside Club

Joel Futterman & Ike Levin, Dialogues and Connections

Joel Futterman, Alvin Fielder & Ike Levin, Through the Mirror

Joel Grundahl Trio, Small Grey

Joel Hoekstra, The Moon is Falling

Joel Holmes, Eternal Vision

Joel Katz, Adventures in Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Joel Katz, Hawaiian Steel Guitar: Hawaiian to Jazz

Joel Keller, Joel Sings Joel

Joel McCray, New Beginnings

Joel McCray, Song for You

Joel Moore Quartet, Joel Moore Quartet

Joel Morris, GrooveEtudes Swing

Joel Newton Situation, Crying and Laughing

Joel Newton Situation, One

Joel Oslund, Just Bass EP

Joel Pelsue & Brad Pelsue, Windsome Thirst

Joel Rodney Siemion, Cayman Moon

Joel Rodney Siemion, Charlotte

Joel Rodney Siemion, Riding High

Joey G-Clef Cavaseno, Live With Bobby Forrester

Joey Goldstein, A Strange Little Tune

Joey Green Quartett, Live on Ö1

Joey Miskulin, The Other Side of the Fence

Joey Sellers` Jazz Aggregation, El Payaso

Joey Smith, Missing You

Joey Sommerville, Ride To This

Joey Stuckey, Fall (2014 Special Remastered Edition)

Joey Stuckey, Mixture

Joey Stuckey, We'll See (2014 Special Remastered Edition)

Joey Thomas Big Band, In the Mood

Joey Vera, jvera concepts

Joey Williams, Journey

Joeysbrain, Aurally Yours

Johann Bernard, Soul Massage

Johanna Grüssner, Johanna Grüssner Band

Johanna Grussner, Live At Hubbard Hall

Johanna Grüssner & Stefan Jansson Kvartett, Sång över vita skogar

Johanna Romin Band, When Lights Are Low (feat. Karin Hammar)

Johanne Cantara, C'est merveilleux

Johanne Cantara, Jazz | Bossa Nova (Pierre Cote & Daniel Hubert)

Johanne Desforges, Quiet Times

Johanne Desforges, White Lights

Johannes Wallmann & The Sweet Minute Big Band, Always Something

Johannes Zetterberg, Equanimity

Johannes Zetterberg, Painter's Portrait

John "Buddy" Connors, Can't Hide Love

John "J T" Thompson, This Way That Way

John A. Lewis Trio Quartet Quintet, To You Miss M

John Adams, Black Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Single

John Adams, Fly By Night

John Adams, Jump Shot

John Adams, Live!

John Adams, Love for Sale (Radio Edit) - Single

John Adams, Trios

John Adams, With You In Mind

John Alcorn & Michael Massaro, Beatitude in Blue

John Allred & Charlie Bertini, Live & Unplugged

John and Ross Pederson, Darn That Dream

John Basile, It Was A Very Good Year

John Basile, Time Will Reveal

John Basile-John Abercrombie, Animations

John Berndt, Jack Wright, Michael Zerang & Bob Marsh, That Nothing Is Known

John Bisignano, The House On Chapel Street

John Blake Jr, Motherless Child

John Boutte, Jambalaya

John Bowden, Two Guitars At Once

John Bringetto Bill Hartsell Quintet, Sapphire

John Broomhall, Blues for Wiswell

John Broomhall, Cut to the Chase

John Bruschini, As You Were

John Butcher & Andy Moor, Experiments With a Leaf

John Cain, Life`s A Good Gig

John Calzavara, Cosmic Wave

John Capo, A Little Sugar for the Devils

John Capo, Dream On The Outside

John Carey, Family

John Carey, Out On the Town

John Carey, Smooth Soulful & Funky

John Carey, undefined psycho-chromatic G.R.I.D.

John Carlini, Kook Kitsch

John Carlson, Expressions Of Instrumental Worship

John Carney & Daniel Blanchard, Forever Christmas

John Carr, Johnny's World

John Cassel, Dinner Music At The Trapp Family Lodge

John Catney, Daywalker

John Catney, Strada!

John Charles, Jill's Song - Single

John Clacher, Old Corn Cob Pipe

John Coleman, "Only With You" Smooth Jazz Romance

John Coleman, "You Don't Have A Clue" Smooth Jazz R&B Vocal Version (feat. John Coleman)

John Coleman, Just One More Time

John Colianni Quintet, On Target

John Cooper, The Baecker Jazz Worship Service

John Coulton, Jazz Standards

John Creech, Remember

John Curry, Fresh Every Morning

John Curtis, Day for a Dream

John Cutrone, Bucky Pizzarelli, Carmen Leggio and Jerry Bruno, Four x Four

John Daniel Winters, Delirium Road

John Danser, The Danser Revolution

John Daversa Big Band, Live At Catalina's

John Davey, Sound Bites

John Davis, SOARING

John Dearth, Brian Caputo & Greg Howard, Azul

John Dennis, First to Last

John Devin Bates, Odyssey

John Devitt, Out of the Box


John di Martino, birds of the heart

John Di Martino, Turnaround

John Dillard, Cruise Control (feat. Marcus Anderson)

John Dillard, Let's Ride

John Dirac and Andy McWain, Prism: Resemblance

John Donegan, Song For Ciara

John Dubiel & Combat Fusion jazz band, Day To Night

John Dubiel & Combat Fusion Jazz Band, Pure Imagination-Close Your Eyes

John Dubiel & Combat Fusion Jazz Band, Song for My Sisters

John Dubiel, Night Flight

John E, A Different Life

John E. Taylor, Full Circle

John Eaton, John Eaton Presents the American Popular Song, Vol. 7: The Music of Irving Berlin

John Eaton, Two Sides -Jazz Duets from the Great American Song Book (John Eaton Presents The American Popular Song) [feat. Jay Leonhart & Tommy Cecil]

John Elliott, Soaring

John Ellis, Language of Love

John Emil Augustine, Postcards from the Abyss

John Epp, Nebulae

John Ettinger, August Rain

John Ettinger, Kissinger in Space

John Evans & Dream, Night Flower

John Evans & Dream, Postcard From the Moon

John Evans & Dream, The Winding Road

John Favicchia, World Time

John Fifield, It Is What It Is...

John Findlay, In2 the Spirit

John Flanders and Double Helix, In The Sky Tonight

John Flanders, A Prehensile Tale

John Francis, My Funny Valentine

John Fumasoli and the Jones Factor, Blast From the Past

John Fumasoli and the Jones Factor, Collective Jazz

John G McLane, The Atlanta Years (1991-2002)

John G McLane, Tropicizer

John Gannon, Someone Like You

John Garr, Solitude

John Gatti, Destinations

John Gould, The Idea of South

John Gould, Wouldwinds

John Gray Band, Black Pants, Black Shirt, Grappler Gun

John Gruntfest, Ritual Band Live at Komotion

John Hefter, After Carefree Consideration

John Heussenstamm, Guitar Talkin`

John Hines, You & I

John Hopkins Jr., With Love At Christmas

John Hopkins Jr., With Love At Christmas (Extended Version)

John Howard Schilling, Midiman

John Howard Schilling, Reaching for Solitude

John Hyde Group, Song of Seaview

John Isley, Hark the Herald Angels Sing

John Jay Martyn, Everyone`s A Kid On Christmas Morning

John Joseph, "Do It Amore"

John Kaizan Neptune, Steps in Time

John Kameel Farah, Unfolding

John King, Just Another Day

John Kirby Sextet,

John Lamar, Revival

John Lamb former Bass Player with Duke Ellington, Conversations North of the Border

John Law, Law Street

John Lester Quartet, Jazz?

John Lewis, Back to the Beginning Again

John Lewis, Just Chillin'

John Lumpkin, The Devotion

John Mackay, Peaced Heart And Often Grin

John Maione, The Kind of Gray Project

John Malino Band, Live At Feinstein's

John Mark Behm, Destiny

John Marshall Quintet, Tail Wind

John Marshall Sextet, Marshall Plays Hazeltine (feat. Louis Hayes) [Live]

John Mattern Quartet, Afrosano

John McMahon & The Barkers, The Price Is Right (a cappella)

John Menegon, Soul Advice

John Mills Times Ten, Caffeine Dreams

John Monllos, Pop the Cork (Joanne's Song)

John Monllos, Shadow`s Dance

John Montesante Quintet, JMQ -Live @ Atlantis

John Morrison & Jacki Cooper, Mood Swings

John Morrison and Jacki Cooper with New Generation, Live in Concert

John Morrison and Jacki Cooper, John Morrison Autumn Jazz 2008

John Nagle, EP

John Nazarenko Trio, Darn That Dream (feat. Eric Harland & Matt Penman)

John Novello, Threshold

John Nowak, Don't Hold Back

John Nowak, Once More With Feeling

John Paris, Joy of Jazz

John Pascarelli, Abstract Road

John Pascarelli, Longing for the 20th Century

John Patton, Green 14

John Paul, Weaveworld

John Paulson, John Paulson Big Band Project

John Pedersen, Groovemaster - Single

John Pedersen, Groovidi

John Pedersen, Paradise

John Pedre, Love and Music by Johnny

John Petters Gatsby Five, The Charleston

John Petters Kitchener 5, It's a Long Way to Tipperary / Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag

John Petters Swing Band, Sing Sing Sing (feat. John Petters, James Evans, David Blenkhorn, Charles Condy & Heather Birt)

John Polito, Crossing the Line

John Rafferty, Future More Vivid

John Rangel, Pages

John Raymond, The John Raymond Project

John Reece Project, Caribbean Solitude

John Reed Austin, Feeling Your Presence

John Richard, Coming Of Age

John Robinson & PVD, Modern Vintage Instrumentals

John S. Dubiel & Combat Fusion Jazz Band, Gotta Say Goodbye

John Samorian, Out On A Limb

John Schilling, Layers

John Schilling, Personal Storm

John Schilling, Soon to Be

John Schilling, Travel Bug

John Schott, Typical Orchestra

John Schuller / Phil Petrocelli, Creepy Little Anthems

John Shapley, Jazz Ensembles

John Shaughnessy, All That Was Left Behind

John Sinclair & Hollow Bones, Honoring The Local Gods

John Sinclair and the Planet D Nonet, Viper Madness

John Sinclair, Mohawk

John Skinner Big Band, John Skinner`s Big Band Ballroom Dance

John Stowell w/ Chuck Marohnic Trio, White Men Can`t Monk

John Swanson, Let's Keep in Touch

John Swanson, We Can't Party Like We Used To

John Tavano, Alfred Nicol & Ann Harter, The Subtle Thread

John Taylor, Little Wave

John Taylor, We Live and Love

John Tchicai, Garrison Fewell & Alex Weiss, John Tchicai's Five Points: One Long MInute

John Thomson & Martin Bowie, Conversations

John Valenti, Passive Aggressives Anonymous

John Valerio Tom Hildreth, The Altoona Sessions

John Vance, Dreamsville

John Waynelovich, A Year From Now

John Westmoreland, Hand Picked

John Wheeler, Big Orange

John Wichman, Leap of Faith

John Wilkins, Time Off For Good Behavior

John William Gordon, John William Gordon

John Williams, Turn Point/Quiet Guitar

John Wubbenhorst, Facing East

John Young, Cool Jazz

John Zappa, Moon and Shadow

John-Eric Booth, Alive & Swinging!

John4Tune, Thunder and Rain

Johnaye Kendrick, Here

JohnFavicchia, Dharma

JohnL, True To Yourself

Johnny 'Amazing' Meza, The New Standard

Johnny Bayless, Guitar Magick

Johnny Boyd, Last Word In

Johnny Boyd, Never Been Blue

Johnny Boyd, Starlight

Johnny Brooks, My Music - Single

Johnny Butterworth, Baby Come On Back

Johnny Carr, California Lady

Johnny Colon, Keeping It Real

Johnny Graham, The Inspiration

Johnny Hartman, Johnny Hartman Live At Town Hall

Johnny Holiday, A Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim

Johnny Holliday, In the Light

Johnny Holliday, Shine In Me

Johnny Holliday, The Standard

Johnny Hyatt, Comfort Zone

Johnny James Dr. J, The Cure

Johnny James, New Joint

Johnny Maddox, Dixieland Blues

Johnny Maddox, Kisses

Johnny Maddox, Sunflower Slow Drag

Johnny Martin, Shaken Awake

Johnny Menzano, Thumbs Up!!

Johnny P. and The Wiseguys, Feelin' Alright!

Johnny Scat, Portrait

Johnny Scott, My Signature

Johnny Smith with friends Mark Holzinger and Chris Justin, San Francisco Bay Jazz

Johnny Souza, Meet Me in the City

Johnny Souza, My Shining Hour

Johnny Summers & Chris Andrew, Winter Wonderland

Johnny Summers, Piano Sessions, Vol. 1

Johnny Thompson, Oldsmophelia Volume I

Johnny Todd, Spider Walk

Johnny Todd, The Trio

Johnny Tran, Being and Time

Johnston and Lear, In A Heartbeat

Joie Tet, All Structures Unstable

Jolie Goodnight, Say Goodnight Gracey

Jon & Lynn, A Little Bit More: The Songs of Bob Levy & Jon Burr

Jon and Lynn, Jon and Lynn

Jon Ballantyne, Avenue Standard

Jon Ballantyne, Ever Since Now

Jon Ballantyne, Jon Ballantyne 4tets+Dewey Redman

Jon Beedle, Long Time Coming

Jon Brosseau, Some Ragtime, Blues, Boogie and More

Jon Burr Quintet, Very Good Year

Jon Dalton Trio, Warm Ghosts (in a) Cold World

Jon Dalton, Imagine

Jon Di Fiore, Patience

Jon Di Fiore, Yellow Petals

Jon Durant, Dance of the Shadow PlanetS

Jon English, Jim Kerwin, George Marsh, Jon Raskin, Edges

Jon Gold, Aqua Regia

Jon Greeno, Catharsis

Jon Hamar, Basso Profundo

Jon Hammond, Ndr Sessions Projekt

Jon Hasz, In Advance

Jon Hébert & Dan Rivers, Brr Brr Bourbon Street

Jon Herington, Pulse and Cadence

Jon Irabagon, Outright! Unhinged

Jon Kelly, Love Collection: Vol. One

Jon Lawson, Always Remember

Jon Lawson, Forever

Jon Lawson, Jbop

Jon Lawson, The Calling

Jon Lumsden, Me and Francine

Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord, Accomplish Jazz

Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord, Jeremiah

Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord, No New Tunes

Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord, Quavers! Quavers! Quavers! Quavers!

Jon Lundbom and Big Five Chord, All the Pretty Ponies

Jon Lundbom, Big Five Chord

Jon Marable, It Must Be Love

Jon Mayer, The Art of the Ballad (Live)

Jon McCullough Band, Merengue Moon Dance

Jon Mutchler, Incarnation: Nativity Reflections

Jon Mutchler, La Place Sur La Mer (The Place by the Sea)

Jon Mutchler, Still Prone to Wander: An Interpretation of Hymns

Jon Naberezny & The Westside Trio, Concentric Hearts

Jon O'Bergh, Skin Deep

Jon R Smith, Jon R Smith

Jon Raney, Waltz For Talia

Jon Raskin and Myles Boisen, Music + One

Jon Robert Quinn, Jerq This 3

Jon Roberts, Back In The Day Volume 1

Jon Seigel, Release

Jon Von Boehm, Jon Von Boehm

Jon Weaver III, Ride The Marathon Of Ragtime Piano

Jon Weaver III, Those Long Gone Dog Gone Nashville Rags

Jon Wheatley, Angel

Jon Wheatley, I Adore You

JON-PAUL, Innerstandings

jonae`, into the blue

Jonas Aras & Jim Lownes, Late Bloomers

Jonathan Batiste, Live In New York: At The Rubin Museum Of Art

Jonathan Crayford & Terry Crayford, Duel Pianos

Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band, Carousel

Jonathan Dane, Very Life

Jonathan Dimond, Journeys: People, Places

Jonathan Faiman, Hie Up The Mountain

Jonathan Fritzen, Friday Night

Jonathan Horenstein, All Dressed Up

Jonathan Karrant, Lady in Red

Jonathan Karrant, On and On

Jonathan Martin, Standard Jazz

Jonathan Moreno, Blue Heaven

Jonathan Price, Film Music

Jonathan Rooke, Jonathan Rooke

Jonathan Scales, Character Farm & Other Short Stories

Jonathan Sigel, Hard Water

Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander, Crazy Rhythm

Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander, Jammin` the Blues

Jonathan Stout And His Campus Five, Featuring Hilary Alexander, Moppin` And Boppin`

Joni Janak and Centerpiece Jazz, Get Outta Here!

Joni Wilm, A Sleepin' Bee

Jonno, Collection

Jonno, Love Somebody

Jonny Akamu, Flood The Brim

Jonny Blu, The Best of Blu

Jonny Boston, Boston Manor

Jonny Hepbir & Dan Teper, Dirty Swing

Jonny Hepbir Quartet, Get Rich or Die Swingin'

Jonthony, Serendipity

Jontue Elan, What Child Is This

Jordan C Thomas, Jordan C Thomas

Jordan E. Spivack, My Provincetown

Jordan Faith, Almost Fooled Myself

Jordan Klapman & Mick Lewis, SHINE

Jordan Oliver, Costa Rican Nights

Jordan Oliver, Purely Piano

Jordana Talsky, An Invitation

Jordi Alca¡zar, Chromatik Colors

Jordi Vilà, Present

Jordyn & EB Hawkins, I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire

Jorge Continentino, Portrait

Jorge L. Sosa, "Moodswings"

Jorge Lopez, Listen

Jorge Vizcarrondo, A Solas

Jorge Vizcarrondo, Descansaré en Tí

Jorge Vizcarrondo, Siempre Estas

Jorian Clair, I'm Too Much Woman for You

Josax Tapper, Jazzy Christmas

Josa© Hernandez, Psalm To Jabez

Joschi Schneeberger, Crazy Year

Jose Angel Navarro, A test for the Soul

Jose Angel Navarro, Heavenly Dreams

Jose Angel Navarro, My Childhood

Jose Angel Navarro, My Metal Heart

Jose Duque's Zumbtres, A Live Story

Jose Garcia, Songs for a Lifetime (Live)

Jose Medeles, Random Underdog Stories

Jose Medeles, Solo Drum: Tale of a Dysfunctional Drummer

Jose Nelson Ramirez, Imported From Paradise

Jose Suicidio, Holy Guacamole!

Jose Travieso, Música para una Guitarra Sin Voz (Ep)

Jose-Miguel Yamal, Evolucion: Points of Convergence

Josee Koning, É Luxo Só

Josef Soul, Eyes of Europa

Josefina Mendez, TODO LLEGA

Joseph "Redbone" Holloway, Walk on Water

Joseph Cirill, VooDoo

Joseph Derteano Quintet, Bocetos

Joseph Garner, Soothing Sounds

Joseph Kenner, I Give My All to You

Joseph Laya, Fantasy

Joseph Robidoux, Funk 'til Yer Drunk

Joseph Toliver, Little Drummer Boy

Joseph Vincelli, Cocktail Mix

Joseph Vincelli, The Night Is Ours

Joseph Vincelli, This Life

Joseph Vincelli, Touche`

Joseph, Every Thing Must Change

Josh & Larkin, Josh & Larkin

Josh & Larkin, Josh & Larkin EP

Josh Bedell, Becuzuvu

Josh Bradford, Never Look Back

Josh Brown, The Feeling of Jazz

Josh DiStefano, Baghdad Blues

Josh Hickman & The Hickmen, A Handful of Love

Josh Irving Quintet, A Common Thread

Josh Klipp & The Klipptones, Josh Klipp & The Klipptones, Live at Enrico's

Josh Madruga, A Quick Lesson In Swing

Josh Nelson and Ludvig Girdland, Friends...Forever

Josh Nelson Group, First Stories

Josh Rosen & Stan Strickland, Instinct

Josh Sheiman Group, 21st Century

Josh Shpak Band, Astatic

Josh Tuttle, A Song For You

Joshua Bayer, New Voice : Old Voice

Joshua Edelman, Manhattan Bilbao Jazz-Zubia

Joshua Goodman, Arrival

Joshua Jern and His Orchestra, Cook Then Chill

Joshua Jern and His Orchestra, Secret Love (feat. Tim Reid Jr.)

Josie Courreges, Since You

Josie Falbo, Taylor St.

Joss Tellier & Basement Buddies, Soft Porn

Josy Latorre, Sylvia Rexach En Jazz

Jotham David Parker, Stream Theme (My Love)

Journey, Sweet Melodies

Journeying On, Journeying On Live

Joy Bellis, Coming Alive

Joy Eden Harrison, Blue Venus

Joyce Grant, In The Morning

Joyce Griffen / Howard Post, Alone Together

Joyce Spencer, Sweet Dreams

Joyce Vetter & Linda Dufurrena, Home Means Nevada

Joyce-byers-hines, `` I`m Coming Out``

JP Cousineau, In Your Arms

JP Nadeau, Moonglow

JPEK, The Long Goodbye

Jr Volcano Choy, Lava Flow

JSFA, Jazz Snobs, Funk Addicts

JT Fedrick, Just Give Me The Groove

Jt Nation, Infinity

Jua, Colors of Life

Juan Alzate, Minnewanka

Juan Alzate, Minnewanka

Juan Andrãopyright s Ospina, BBB- Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston

Juan Carlos Restrepo & Maká, Cuenta Conmigo

Juan Carlos Restrepo, Renacer

Juan Cummings, Suede The Remix

Juan San Martin, Línea de Flotación

Juan San Martin, Take One

Juanita Williams, It`s Who I Am

Judd Watkins, The Other Side

Jude Charles, My Guitar

Jude Gwynaire, Don't Ever Love Me, Ginger

Jude Gwynaire, Night Flight from Electro City

Judex Rose, Afro Soul Power

Judi Brown, Uptown With Judi Brown

Judi D., Nightshade

Judie Cochill, The Masters of Music Presents The Best of Judie Cochill

Judith Tinsley, Memorial Song Collection

Judson Green, It's Just Me...

Judson Green, Jazmin

Judy Argo, True Love Ways

Judy Blair, Colors of Black and White

Judy Blair, Sunshine

Judy Carmichael, Come and Get It

Judy Carmichael, I Love Being Here With You

Judy Chamberlain, Road Trip

Judy Clark, Jazz & Jingles

Judy Lewis and Orr Didi, Two On the Horizon

Judy Milton, Second Chance

Judy Milton, Your Smile

Judy Niemack, Blue Nights

Judy Niemack, Jazz Singers` Practice Session

Judy Philbin & Adam Levine, Keeping It Simple

Judy Tan, Judy Tan

Juggle Jam, Juggle Jam

Juggular, Balls!

Juju, A Message From Mozambique

Jukkis Uotila & The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, The Music of Jukkis Uotila

Jules Day, Jules Day

Julesmyth, Love And Jazz And Alcohol

Julestone, Anyway

Juli Wood, 5 4 3 2 1

Julia Boman, My Favourite Things

Julia Breanetta Simpson, Here`s To Life!

Julia Dollison, Observatory

Julia Donnaruma Trio, Bewitched

Julia Donnaruma, For Heaven's Sake

Julia Goryuchkina, Little Martha Did It Again

Julia Lashae, Eadem Mutato Resurgo

Julia Olivarez, Famous Criminals I Have Known: The Demos

Julia Rich, As Long as There's a Morning

Julia Rich, If I Spoke French

Julia Rich, I`ll Take Romance

Julia Rich, Moonshine in Nashville

Julia Rich, The Way You Make Me Feel

Julia Rich, Witch Hazel

Julia, No place like here

Julian Meyers, Emergence

Julian Ray, Seashell Stories

Julian Vaughn, Behind the Scenes

Julian Vaughn, The Purpose Project

Julian Wild, The Wildest

Julian Wild, Wild About Jobim

Julian Yeo, Deep Purple Dreams

Julian Yeo, You and the Night/ Night and the Music (2 CD Set)

Juliana Areias, Bossa Nova Baby

Juliann Kuchocki, Broken Compass

Juliann Kuchocki, Don't Explain

Julie Anne, Hey, Daddy!

Julie Anne, With a Twist

Julie Bond Rhyne, Here's That Rainy Day

Julie Capili, Round Midnight

Julie Charnet, Is You Is

Julie Dexter & Thehc3, The Smiling Hour

Julie Dexter, Dexterity

Julie Hamelin, Smooth Road

Julie Hardy, The Wish

Julie Jaine, I Wish You Love

Julie Kelly, Into the Light

Julie Kelly, Kelly Sings Christy (Thou Swell)

Julie Kelly, Stories to Tell

Julie Kinscheck & Liflight, Let My Light Shine

Julie Lavender, Interior Design

Julie Lendon Stone, Snazzy Jazz

Julie Lyon Quintet, Julie

Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett, Live at Statler's

Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett, She Sings He Plays

Julie Silvera & Jorge Garcia, Because There Is You

Julie Stirman, A Flash of Light EP

Julien Kasper Band, The New Imperial

Juliet Annerino, Crushed Velvet

Juliet Green, Simple

Juliet Green, Think About That

Juliet Kelly, Licorice Kiss

JuliEttE, Marry Me, My Love

Julio Garcia, Chegará

Julio Valdés, I Feel Good

Julio Zelaya, Ecos de Sirenas

Juls K, By Inspiration Only

Jumi, IMOLE, Jumi`s Spoken Cabaret

Jumpin' Jimes, They Rock! They Roll! They Swing!

Jumpin' Joz, Swing Dance Party Live

Jun Bustamante, Mi Casa Es Su Casa

June Bisantz Evans, That Was Then

June Bisantz, It's Always You: June Bisantz Sings Chet Baker, Vol. 2

June Caravel, The A Cappella Sessions

Junei', Junei'

Junior Bazile, Sansibilizasyon

Junk Function, Cardinal Directions

Junk Fusion, Junk Fusion

JunkieRush, JunkieRush

Junko Sumi & Steve Whipple, Teach Me Tonight

Juno Wilson, Come Fly With Me

Juraj Griglak, Time to Fly

Jus' Cynthia, Thailand Blues (Live in Bangkok)

Just 4 Kicks, Kick In The Pants

Just 4 Kicks, Side By Side

Just Cause, Standards

Just Friends, Since You Went Away

Just Like T.H.A.T.!, Like a String of Pearls

Just n Theory, Just Arrived

Just Released, The Grease

Just Think, Haunted By Waters

Justin Klein, Vora

Justin Miller, Selections (Digital Download)

Justin Millot Trio, N1

Justin Ray, Justin Ray

Justin Robinson, In the Spur of the Moment

Justin Thompson, Brand New Same Old Obsessions

Justin Young, Nothin' But Love

Justin Young, On The Way

Justine Hopkins, A Justine Holiday

Justyn Philips, Apartment

Justyn Philips, Born to Die

Justyn Tyme, Lifetyme

Jus` Cynthia, Love Glow

Jutta Deichmann, Many Things to Say

Juxtensemble, Love and Water

JV & ED Millet, Big Minutes - 3

Jv & Ed Millet, Big Minutes 4

Jznick, Egalite

K Fingers, Echoes from the Past, Vol. 2: Explorations

K Tríó, Vindstig

k-shan, memory and dust

K. Scott Mapes, Scott's Scottish Swing

K.b., It.s Your World

K.I.T Caribbean Connection, Pan Theme

k3, geschuettelt...nicht geruehrt

Kadi Quartet, Stories

Kafele, Acid Reign

Kafi, Now Is the Time

Kafka Pony, Music Of Mastaneh Nazarian

Kagero, Red And Black

Kai Big Band, Projections

Kai Brant, The Way You Look Tonight

Kait Dunton, trioKAIT

Kaizen, First Impressions

Kaj Genell, Gettin' More Kicks

Kaj Genell, Red Hot Fry

Kalani Trinidad, Crossing Bridges

Kale Scherler, Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Kalei Gamiao, Kalei Gamiao Contemporary Ukulele

Kali, Meet Me On the Other Side

Kali. Z. Fasteau, Piano Rapture

Kalila Foy, Finally Free... Loving Me


Kalya, The Best Is Yet to Come

Kama Ruby, Rock Dreams in Jazz

Kamal Abdul-Alim, Dance

Kamal Abdul-Alim, Kani Mambo

Kamal Musallam, Out of My City

Kamau Kenyatta, Destiny

Kamikaze Ground Crew, Postcards From The Highwire

Kamshron, Ennoia

Kangwonkim, A Change of Heart, Vol. 2

Kanji Ohta, This Is No Laughing Matter

Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, Live On the Plaza

Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, Take One

Kaoru Azuma, Footprints In New York

Kaoru Azuma, Wonderlands (feat. Phillip Strange)

Kaoruko Pilkington, Bright Side of My Life

Kaoruko, Joy Spring

Kara Johnstad, Blame Game

Kara Johnstad, You Got Mail

Karel Roessingh Trio, kr3+

Karen Bernod, Inspire

Karen Bernod, Soul Pioneer (Single Edit)

Karen Cobb, When I Look At You

Karen Crowe, Gush Gush

Karen Devroop, Reminiscing

Karen Egert, Let's Get Lost

Karen Egert, That Thing Called Love

Karen Elaine, Viola Works

Karen Emerson, From the Depths

Karen Francis, Better Days

Karen Gallinger, Kinda Blues

Karen Gallinger, Live at the Jazz Bakery

Karen Gallinger, My Foolish Heart

Karen Gallinger, Remembering Bill Evans

Karen Gruber, Into My Own

Karen Hammack /Paul kriebibch Quartet, Lonesome Tree

Karen Johns & Company, Peach

Karen Jones, A New York Vibe in Tokyo

Karen Jones, My Romance

Karen Jordan, I Give You Me: The Wedding Song

Karen Kohler, Jam and Spice: The Songs of Kurt Weill

Karen Lyu & Fresh Jazz, Karen Lyu & Fresh Jazz

Karen Manion Quintet, Live at the Montreal Bistro

Karen Manion, Yours in Song

Karen Marguth, A Way With Words

Karen Marguth, Just You, Just Me

Karen Marguth, Karen Marguth

Karen Maynard, Dream

Karen Murphy, Torch Goddess

Karen Oberlin & Sean Harkness, A Wish

Karen Porkka, Butterfly Bridge

Karen Richards, It's in the Air Spring!

Karen Robinson, Karen Robinson With (feat. Mike Cowie, Larry Bjornson, David Burton & Holly Arsenault)

Karen Robinson, Torch

Karen Segal, In The Moment

Karen Taborn, Singin' A Sonny Song

Karen Woods, Songs of the Heart

Karena Mendoza and Bobby Schiff, Intimate Gershwin

Karenna Lee, When October Goes

Kari Gaffney, Satin Doll

Kari Heinilä, Antiqua

Karin Carson, The Time Is Now

Karin Mast, Incurably Romantic

Karin Melchert, Sometimes

Karin Plato, Blue Again

Karin Plato, Downward Dancing

Karin Plato, Snowflake Season

Karin Plato, The State Of Bliss

Karin Plato, There`s Beauty In The Rain

Karina Nuvo, NuvoSoul

KarismaKatz, Jazz

Karl Jannuska, Streaming

Karl Jannuska, The Halfway Tree

Karl KC Cousin, Wine n Women

Karl Ratzer, Vou've Changed

Karl Roth, Almost Behavin'

Karl Watson, Soul Journey

Karl-Erik Tallmo, This Is Not a Pipe

Karla Harris and Tom Kennedy, Twice as Nice

Karnatriix, Namaste

Karolina Naziemiec, Introduction

Karrien, Exodus 15

Karyn Elyse, Matters of the Heart

Karyn Morgan, Let Love Reign

Kase87, Fashionable feat. U-Nam & Shannon Kennedy

Kasia Rokicka, Violet River

Kasino Brown, Private Thoughts

Kat Calvosa, Chrysalis

Kat Edmonson, Take To The Sky

Kat Gang, Duet (feat. Tedd Firth)

Kat Gang, The Kat Gang Jazz Band

Kat Parra, Azucar De Amor

Kat Parra, Birds In Flight

Kat Reinhert, Spark

Kat Walker, Jazz Skat Gumbo

Katarina Kacunkovic, Tribute to Mirko Souc

Katchie & Le Monde Caché, Tales & Tongues

Kate Chaston, Kate Chaston

Kate Comstock, Up!

Kate Dams, Tes mots

Kate Fuller, Gig & Dawn

Kate Fuller, Tipsy

Kate Gibson, `My Real Job`

Kate Hammett-Vaughan and Bill Coon, Imagination: Live at the Cellar

Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Conspiracy: Art Songs for Improvisers

Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Devil May Care

Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Eclipse

Kate Hammett-Vaughan, How My Heart Sings

Kate Hammett-Vaughan, So Lucky To Be Me

Kate Jackson, No Trouble

Kate Michaels, Just Marilyn

Kate Michaels, The Best Things in Life

Kate Reid, Sentimental Mood

Kate Reid, The Love I'm in

Kate Vikstrom & David Rhys-Johnson, Grown-Up Lullabies

Katerina Polemi, Spread the Music, Not the Name

Katharine Key, Intone

Katherine Abbot, Love Goes On Forever (Wedding Duet) [Based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8]

Katherine Abbot, Love Goes on Forever: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (Performance Track)

Katherine Stewart, After Midnight

Kathleen Bertrand, Katharsis

Kathleen Bertrand, New Standards

Kathleen Gorman, Brand New Day

Kathleen Grace, Songbird

Kathleen Holeman, Don`t You Wonder?

Kathleen Holeman, I`m All Smiles

Kathleen Stewart, Take Back America

Kathleen Stewart, Taking Out the Trash

Kathryn Farmer, Moondance

Kathryn Hettel, Jazz from the Heart

Kathryn Taubert, Somewhere In Time

Kathryn Taubert, Where Can I Go Without You?

Kathy Craig, Fine Rags

Kathy Morrow, It Had To Be You

Kathy Morrow, Little Black Dress

Kathy Moxham and Doug Logan, Little Fling

Kathy Sanborn, Fantasy (feat. Ricky Kej)

Kathy Tugman & The David Walters Quartet, Robin on the Frost

Kathy Williams, John Brainard, Embraceable You

Katia Labozzetta, A Little Somthin' Somethin'

Katie Brooks, Sentimental Journey

Katie Campbell, Oh Darling Unplugged

Katie Cavera, Who`s Foolin` Who?

Katie DuTemple, Give & Grow

Katie Eagleson, In My Fashion

Katie Eagleson, On The Other Hand

Katie Glassman, Snapshot

Katie King, Mostly Ballads

Katie King, One For My Baby

Katisse, Lyrical Worker

Katja Toivola & New Orleans Helsinki Connection, Paradise On Earth

Katja Toivola & New Orleans Helsinki Connection, The Sea Horse

Katrina Krimsky, Four Moons

Katrine Madsen, Katrine

Katy Ely, Me & the Wind

Kaveh Sarvarian, Sonido del Oriente

Kavita Shah, Visions

Kay Kyser Orchestra, Kay Kyser - The Ol' Professor of Swing! Live

Kay Martin Band, Four Sweets

Kaye Berigan and Friends, From The Curve

Kayla & Steve, The Christmas Album

Kayla Taylor Jazz, A Night At Pacific and Vine

Kayla Taylor Jazz, Someone to Watch Over Me

Kayla Taylor Jazz, The Big Big Show

Kayla Taylor Jazz, You'd Be Surprised

Kayle Clements, Bright Holidays

Kayle Clements, XI

Kaylene Peoples, All Jazzed Up!

Kaylene Peoples, My Man

Kaylene Peoples, The Meaning of Christmas

Kaze, Tornado (feat. Christian Pruvost, Natsuki Tamura, Satoko Fujii & Peter Orins)

Kazue Patton, Dream Flight

Kazuki, Ring the king

KölnMusik Big Band, 3rd Edition

KölnMusik Big Band, in concert

Køgging, Sketches of Ordinary Life (feat. Michael Moore)

KC Nwokoye, Shine

Ke'Erron Sims, Prophetic & Unplugged, Vol. 1: Pouring Out

Kebomusic, The Experience (Kebomusic Presents)

Keco Brandão, Jazz 'n' Bossa

Keefe Marzell, Drawn Windows

Keenlyside Madaio, Theme From A Summer Place

Keenroh, Keenroh

Keeper Of The Vibe, Bugged

Kei Sugiyama, Voyage

Keiji Matsumoto, Reminiscence

Keiko and Lillian, Tenderly

Keiko Ito, The Trio

Keiko Iwasaki, California Dream With Eijirou Mine

Keith Ailer, Duets

Keith Anderson & Kiki Baba, Boyz of Summer

Keith Anderson & Kiki Baba, I Can Dream

keith anderson, diversity

Keith Anderson, Let`s Roll 07`

Keith Andrew, Contemplation

Keith Bubby Webb, Groove Station Cafe

Keith Burton Orchestra, Passing Wind

Keith Carter, New Shoes

Keith Carter, Playing for You

Keith Crawford, And the Day Begins

Keith Crawford, The Storm

Keith Felch, Mirrored Response

Keith Jacobson, I Wanna Be With You

Keith Jacobson, Turn On The Charm

Keith Javors Quartet, From Here To The Street

Keith Javors/Dane Bays, Mantra

Keith Karns Big Band, Thought and Memory

Keith Killgo, Mood for Love

Keith Killgo, This World

Keith Malonson, Heavenly Christmas

Keith Maples, Swing Gypsy Swing

Keith Marks, Keith Marks Foreign Funk

Keith Marlo, Odyssey

Keith Mason, Hangin With J.C.

Keith Mason, King of the Most High

Keith Mason, Prazin

Keith Pray, One Last Stop

Keith Roberts, A New Day, A New Sound

Keith Scott, The Best Of Keith Scott

Keith Stead, Sometime Somewhere...

Keith Wallace, Seasons a time to…

Keith Wesby, Blue Flowers

Keith Wilson, Call His Name - The Single

Keith Yanes, Gadget Of Four

Kejam, Radian (feat. James Colah)

Keli Vale, Christmas Time Is Here

Keli Vale, Sleigh Ride

Keli Vale, Whose Life Is This?

Kelle Jolly and Will Boyd, Dreams Of Muroran

Kelley Shannon, Temptation

Kellie Cadogan, Don't Panic

Kellie Cadogan, The Nearness of You

Kelly Athena, Amazing (feat. Alice Tatum)

Kelly Bedwell, KBR (The Kelly Bedwell Record)

Kelly Dowhower, Microstories, Vol. IV

Kelly Dowhower, Microstories, Vol. V

Kelly Eisenhour, Now You Know

Kelly Eisenhour, Seek and Find featuring Bob Mintzer

Kelly Ford & Donald Ryan, Rhythms & Rhymes

Kelly Jefferson Quartet, Spark

Kelly M. Smith, Where Do I Begin?

Kelly McCarty 3, Rouxsteady (feat. John A. Díaz-Cortés & A.J. Hall)

Kelly Mccarty Trio, Common Anomaly

Kelly McCarty, A Periapsis Suite

Kelly Mittleman, Kelly

Kelly Powers, Kelly Powers Trio

Kelly Rossum & Phil Hey, Conflict!

Kelly Rossum, Party`s Over/Begun

Kelly Rossum, Renovation

Kellye Gray, Blue and Pink, The Blue Songs

Kellye Gray, KG3 Live! at the Bugle Boy

Kellye Gray, Live at the Jazzschool

Keltik Kharma, Green Jazz

Kelton Young, Solo Improvisation

Kelvin Benion, Blessings Flow (feat. Kim Scott & Joe Fox)

Kelvin Benion, Got to Get It

Kelvin Degrees, Chilli Willie

Kem Karmel, Kem Karmel

Kemba A. Cofield, Shades of Kemba

Kemba Cofield, The Dual

Ken Arconti, Samsara Blues

Ken Ard, Ballads, Blues and Cocktails

Ken Arlen Orchestra, A Jazz Soul Tribute to Stevie Wonder

Ken Battista, Foolish Dreams

Ken Childers, I'll Tell You Why

Ken Cicerale, Soliloquies

Ken Cole, Illumini

Ken Elkinson, 7890

Ken Feliciano & Analicia, Bringin' It Together

Ken Feliciano, Bringin' It Together

Ken Feliciano, Simple But Profound Conversations

Ken Ford, Burnt Toast

Ken Ford, Chevelle Lane

Ken Ford, State Of Mind

Ken Gioffre, Tiger On A Leash

Ken Givens, Friday Nite

Ken Givens, Storm

Ken Greene, Staying Cool

Ken Greene, Walk on by - Single

Ken Greves, Night People

Ken Greves, Songs of Harold Arlen, Vol. 1

Ken Halford and Christian Hutton, Christmas Reflections

Ken Halford, God's Greatest Gift

Ken Hymes, Inside Voice

Ken Karlson, Cross the Line

Ken Kimura, Everyone Says I Love You

Ken Massey, Autumn In Baltimore

Ken Mondshine, Brotherhood

Ken Navarro, Dreaming of Trains

Ken Navarro, Hope, Joy, Strength

Ken Navarro, Ken Navarro, Love Coloured Soul 718257779128

Ken Navarro, Ruby Lane

Ken Navarro, Unbreakable Heart

Ken Powe, Nightlife

Ken Sebesky, Hero`s Highway

Ken Serio, Through The Gate

Ken Sifford, Animation

Ken Slavin, I`ll Take Romance

Ken Slavin, The Song is You

Ken Slavin, You Gotta Have Heart (Ken Slavin Live At the Metropolitan Room in New York)

Ken Sparks, A Capital Celebration

Ken Stephenson, Hoops

Ken Suzuki, Electro Symphony â…¡

Kendall Parcs, Our Time for Love

Kendrick, White|Black

Kenee Maree, Airstream

Kenia, Kenia Celebrates Dorival Caymmi

Kenia, Love Lives On

Kenif, Destiny

Kenif, Laize Groove

Kenif, Mister Cool

Kenif, Twenty-Four Seven

Kenjamin McDougal, Our Love

Kenji Komatsuzaki & Takashi Hamada, Canal Crow

Kenji Komatsuzaki & Takashi Hamada, Seagulls in the Canal

Kenji Komatsuzaki & Takashi Hamada, The Amur Adonis (Music for Hammer Dulcimer and Guitar)

Kenji Nishii, Seeking

Kenné, Favorite Spaces

Kenneth Hagans, A New Day

Kenneth Jones, Reflections

Kenneth V. Johnson, Anger Management

Kenneth V. Johnson, Arab Spring

Kenneth V. Johnson, Climate Change

Kenneth V. Johnson, Evolution

Kenneth V. Johnson, Look Up

Kenneth V. Johnson, Truth and Consequences

Kennetic Pleasures, Kennetic Pleasures

Kenny and Leah Soderblom, You and the Night and the Music

Kenny and Leah, April In Paris

Kenny B, Your're Mine Tonite

Kenny Banks, Truly Free

Kenny Brooks, My One and Only - Single

Kenny Brooks, Omoi - Single

Kenny Brooks, One Summer Night - Single

Kenny Brooks, Solace at Sunset

Kenny Carr, Changing Tide

Kenny Carr, Turn the Page

Kenny Feinberg, Peopling

Kenny Hollins & Paula Hollins, A Hollins Holiday

Kenny James, Tree of Life

Kenny Klein, Black Cat Blues

Kenny Kotwitz, The Moon Is Blue

Kenny Kunifuji / ケニー國藤, The Red Shoes / 赤い靴

Kenny Lee Lewis, New Vintage Preview

Kenny Love, Premonition

Kenny Love, Seasons of Change

Kenny Love, Voyage To Serenity

Kenny Martin Jr., Soulworshiper | Christmas

Kenny McCorvey, How It Feels

Kenny McCorvey, Legacy

Kenny Rittenhouse Septet, New York Suite

Kenny Rittenhouse, The Francis Suite

Kenny Weiland, Chase Away The Blues

Kenny Wright Experience, Comin at Ya

Kenny Wright Experience, Herbie,Miles and me

Kenny Wright Experience, My Roots

Kenny Wright, Bottle of Wine

Kent Glenn and Richard Cooper, Jazz From The Headlands

Kent Parkstreet, Warm Up - Single

Kent Welton, Cool Jazz

Kent Welton, Lone Stranger

Kent Welton, Lost... And Found

Kent Z, Moonlight Romance

Kentauros, Kentauros & Eros

Kenton Noel, Seasons change

Kenwood Anderson, Handful of Grooves

Kenya King, Shine(Let your light...) - Single

Kenyetta Chinwe, Seasons

Kenyon Carter, Game On

Kenyon Carter, Jammin' On Juniper

Kenyon Carter, Right By My Side

Kere Buchanan, Happy When I'm Sad

Kerensa Gray, Bliss

Kerensa Gray, Let me be me

Keri Chryst, The French Connection, Vol. 1

Keri Johnson, Philadelphia

Keri Johnsrud, All Blue

Keri Johnsrud, This Side of Morning

Kerry Wilkins, Follow My Lead

Kerstin Stilling, Much More Less

Kerwin Alexander, It's Alright Now

Kerygma Fire, Exodus

Keven Eknes, Fifths

Kevin B. Selby, I`ll be Home for Christmas

Kevin B. Selby, Palouse

Kevin Brown, Like Yahwehs Heart

Kevin Burroughs Neeley, Fingers of Fire, Vol. 1

Kevin Clark, Zahara

Kevin Conlon & The Groove Rebellion, In Transit

Kevin Dorsey Collective, A Collective Christmas

Kevin Dorsey Collective, Certitude

Kevin Dozier, Love's Never Lost

Kevin F. Montague, Fur Elise's Wild Party

Kevin Farrell and Devin Maxwell, Four Trio

Kevin Farrell, The Brooklyn Label Sessions

Kevin Fitzgerald Burke, Diamonds in the Rain

Kevin Fitzsimmons, Show Me the Way

Kevin Flatt, Dreams of Flying

Kevin Fort, Red Gold

Kevin Hart, The Road to Everywhere

Kevin Hayden Trio, Paris

Kevin Hayden Trio, The Winter Project

Kevin Hayden, Awaken (feat. Phillip Smedley II)

Kevin Hayden, Delegations and Assignments

Kevin Howard, In Motion

Kevin Hubbard, Avenues

Kevin Jackson, Stories in Color

Kevin Jones, From Me, To You

Kevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Shades of Rio

Kevin Kooyumjian, Monterey Breeze!

Kevin Kooyumjian, Monterey Cool!

Kevin Kooyumjian, Monterey Groove!

Kevin Kooyumjian, Monterey Wave!

Kevin MacKenzie & Loren Stillman, Revenge of the Hammer Ladies

Kevin MacKenzie & Steve Hamilton, Undertime

Kevin Moore, Love in the Key of E-Flat EP

Kevin Morgan, Off The Beaten Tracks

Kevin Morrissette, Christmas List

Kevin Morrissette, Conversations

Kevin O'Neal Group & Patrice Quinn, When Love Was You & Me a.k.a. Summery - Single

Kevin Pace Trio, First Step

Kevin Parlor, Confirmation (feat. Benny Barksdale, Jr.)

Kevin Peter Jones, Magnetic Journey

Kevin Pike & John Kotchian, Pulse / Flow

Kevin Pike and John Kotchian, Fractured Intuition

Kevin Pike, so se kwa (clube da esquina tributo)

Kevin Russell, My Generation

Kevin Stixx Marshall, Caribbean Love (feat. Suttle Thoughts)

Kevin Stout & Brian Booth 5, Good Pals

Kevin Stout & Brian Booth 5, Up Jazz Creek

Kevin T Norris, Donna's Song & Other Love Tales Vol. 1

Kevin Timm, Droplets, Stories and Splashes

Kevin Timm, Perfect Imperfect

Kevin Townson, Between the Lines

Kevin Townson, Pictures From Spain

Kevin Whalum, Timetable

Kevin Woods, Ballad of the West

Kevin Wyglad, Reflections

Kevyn Lettau, Walking In Your Footsteps

Key Elements, Agua De Beber / Favela

Key J Kev, Jazz Passion & Soul

Key J Kev, Keyology

Key of Dreams, Unlocked

Keya Kyea, Only Love Is Real

Keyan Williams and T.U.S.P, The Art of Living

Keyan Williams, Art of Living

Keyko Nimsay, Keyko`s Dream/Jazz`aarya Project

Khadijah Moon, Free Falling

Khadijo, Journey Through


Khalida, Sahara Jazz

Khani Cole, Places

Khat Phud, Protect The Innocent

Khay Jhay, My Spirit

Khristian Dentley, Khristian 3.0

Kidymizik, Blue Sky

Kieron Garrett Quartet, It's Time (feat. Dave O'higgins)

Kike Perdomo, "Ac&Funk"

Kiku Collins, Red Light

Killer Sized Whale, A12345andB12345 (2CD Set)

Kim Buehler, Pieces of Me

Kim Costanza, Draw Me Close...

Kim Fast, Missing the Mistletoe

Kim Hale, Do You Hear What I Hear

Kim Lawson Trio, Alive and Kicking

Kim Miller, In Your Presence

Kim Nalley, She Put A Spell On Me

Kim Pacheco, The Beginning-Live

Kim Prevost & Bill Solley, Just in Time

Kim Torrance Fusion Band, Nexus

Kimba & Ryan, Rhapsody

Kimba & Ryan, The Leaves Stay Green

Kimberley Longstreth, A Kind Of LoveChild

Kimberly Allison, Beyond Blue

Kimberly Boyce, Rise Above

Kimberly Carper, Quarter `til three

Kimberly Ford, Songs In The Key Of Sea

Kimberly Forness Wilson, Butterfly Soul

Kimberly Gordon Organ Trio, Sunday (feat. Chris Foreman & Andy Brown)

Kimmie Horne, Sleepless Nights

Kin Trio, Breathe

Kinderjazz, Gazooba

Kinderjazz, Teddy Bear's Picnic

Kinderjazz, The One For Me

Kinderjazz, Tu-baba-luma

King G Sauce, Twisted Ground

King Kooper, Rekooperated

King Rawzky, Da Real, Da Fake, Da Kream Tween Dat Make Da Kake

Kinky Mink, Kinky Mink

Kino Haitsma, My Touch

Kinue Shima, Alhambra

Kiosk, Natijeh e Mozakerat (Outcome of Negotiations)

Kip Williams, Time

Kipple, Flashes of Irrational Happiness

Kirby Shaw & Phil Mattson, It's About Time

Kirby Shaw, The Other Side...

Kirk Danielson, Ebb and Flow

Kirk Hutchinson & Jeff Nathanson, Planet Heaven

Kirpal Gordon with the Claire Daly Band, Speak-Spake-Spoke

Kirsten Carey, The Ulysses Project

Kirsten Mackenzie, Fragments of the Blues

Kirsten Rian, My Mother's Songs

Kirstin Nusser, Cabin in the Sky

Kiss the Bride, Subway

Kitt Lough, A Blossom Fell

kitt lough, Orange Colored View

Kitt Weagant, Night Life Live(A Tribute to Julie London)

Kitty Allen, Bend & a Banana

Kitty Allen, Flora Flirt

Kitty Allen, Red Rug Rag

Kitty Cleveland, Blue Skies

KJ, Life Line

KJ, This Could Be the Start of Something

KKSBAF, Magic for Fabulous Beasts and Musical Animals

Klara Kazmi, Nice

klarcnova, (II)

Klarcnova, Klarcnova

Klas Lindquist, The Song Is You

Klaus Bellavitis, Jazz for Sale

Klaus-Werner Pusch and Mauro Senise, April in Rio

Klay D-C, Ritmo

Klezmania!, Sanctuary Grooves

Klyntel, Red Wine

Klyntel, Whether or Not

KMG, The Hip Jazz Movement

Knoxville Jazz Orchestra, Christmas Time Is Here (feat. Tim Green, Gregory Tardy & Dan Trudell)

Knundrum, World Fusion Live Volume 1

Kolaberate, Kolaberate

Koller Michels, Bass and Voice

Kombu Combo, Descent

Konecs, Take My Hand (feat. Lion Rezz)

Konrad Kono, Hand In Hand

Konrad Kono, Piano Solos

Konstantin Klashtorni, Smooth Jazz I

Konstantin Klashtorni, Smooth Jazz II

KonstruKt & Peter Brötzmann, Dolunay

Konverge, Backyard Inspirations

KonVerge, Menagerie

Kooj, Glorious

Kool&Klean, Volume II

Kool&Klean, Volume III

Kool's Bazaar, The Kool's Bazaar Experience

Kooper & Schimscheimer, Sensimilla

Kooper & Schimscheimer, Summertime (Brasil 2014)

Koos Wiltenburg Group, Hands On

Koos Wiltenburg, Worth a Journey

Kosi, One More Cup of Coffee

Kosi, Pictures of Us

Krachy, Jazzman's Serenade

Krackedlenz Project, Krackedlenz Project

Kraig Kilby, Satori

Krank Da Krunk 1, Dedicated (feat. Mario Gordon)

Kreowski, On The Right Track

Kris Adams, Longing

Kris Daniel, When Jesus Came to Us as Man

Kris Grayson Berry, Real Time Fable

Kris Hithgoda, I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time

Kris Wanders, Yusuke Akai & Shoji Hano, Spontaneous Acts of Provocation

Krisanthi Pappas, A Centennial Tribute to George and Ira Gershwin

Krisanthi Pappas, And the Sun Will Shine

Krisanthi Pappas, Broadway Favorites ...and All That Jazz!

Krisanthi Pappas, Move On - Single

Krisanthi Pappas, The Voice - Single

Krisanthi Pappas, You and Me by the Christmas Tree

Krista Parrish, Half Myself

Kristen J. Lloyd, My Favorite Song

Kristen J. Lloyd, My Favorite Song

Kristen Miranda, Double Time

Kristen Shiner Mcguire, Kristen Sings and Plays and Rings

Krister Jonsson Trio and Svante Henryson, Waiting for Atonesjka

Kristi King & The Hans Brehmer Quartet, Que Sera! Celebrating Doris Day

Kristi Lynn Quartet, Kristi Lynn Quartet

Kristi Roosmaa, Muinaslugu Muusikas

Kristin Callahan, A New Love

Kristin Callahan, One Magic Day

Kristin Korb, In the Meantime

Kristin Korb, What's Your Story

Kristin Korb, Where You`ll Find Me

Kristin Korb, Why Can`t You Behave

Kristina Fuchs, Im Röseligarte

Kristina Pruitt, Between Vintage and Soul

Kristine Key, Can Be

Kristine Mills, bossanovafied

Kristine Mills, Collector's Waltz: Original Soundtrack

Kristine Theurer, Yellow Moon

Kristjan Randalu Quartet, tidbits

Kristy White, Dancin' on the Wind

Kronomorfic, Micro Temporal Infundibula

Krsna Prema das, Pure Magic - Radical Raga Volume 2

Krystle Simmons, Standards to Cover

Krzysztof "Puma" Piasecki, The Collection

Krzysztof Herdzin, Dancing Flowers

KT, Megablast-soundtracks For Your Life

Kubikmaggi, Kubikmaggi, #euphoria

Kuni Mikami & Hamp's Boogie band, Hamp's Boogie

Kunle Ayo, Its about time

Kunle Ayo, Taste of Home

Kurita Taeko (栗田妙子), Mihashi

Kurt Brunus, Horny and Saxy

Kurt Flavin, Don`t Care About Time

Kurt Lund, Kurt Lund Meets the Rhythm Section

Kurt Maloo, Summer of Better Times

Kwame Prince Kese, Lady Marva

Kwame Prince Kese, Moving Forward

Kwortet, A Kwortet Christmas

Kybalion, Kybalion

Kye Marshall Jazz Quartet, Pencil Blues

Kyle Coughlin, In the Shadow of Palms

Kyle Davids, Lefty`s Hip Pocket

Kyle Krysa, Distant Conversation

Kyle Rowland, Dissonant Details

Kyle Swan and the Honeybrew, Propolis

Kyle Turner, Collection

Kylie Castro, I Wish You Love

Kymi, Bound By Love

Kyoko Oyobe Quartet, Happy Silence (feat. Steve Wilson, Matt Wilson, Michael O'Brien)

Kyoko Saegusa, Bobby Porcelli & Keith Ingham Quartet, Elemental

Kyoko Saegusa, Keith Ingham Trio & Bobby Porcelli, We Are Love

Kyoko Saegusa, Keith Ingham, Arnold Wise & Saadi Zain, Touching Your Soul

Kyoko Saegusa, Keith Ingham, Murray Wall and Steve Little, Life Is Wonderful!

Kyoko Saegusa, Touching Your Soul Remixed & Remastered (feat. Keith Ingham, Arnold Wise, & Saadi Zain)

Kyoko Saegusa, Trust Your Heart

L M Azpiazu, It's Gonna Rain (feat. Starr Kalahiki)

L. Poushinsky, Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

L. Steve Stillwell, Sonic Adventures in Paradise

L.A. Caribbean Ensemble, Lace

L.A. Jenkins & Monique Mitchell, Stop By Fear: See You Funny

L.A. Jenkins, Intrusion

L.A. Jenkins, Man Danced Funny

L.A. Love Band, Songs You Love

La Big Landin Orquesta, SKAterriza

La Boheme, Foolish Heart

La Choy, Kaze Hakase

La Comodidad del Anillo, La Comodidad del Anillo

La Dee Streeter, Songs

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