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Auld Lang Syne, There Are Roots Below

Aunt Betty, Cock Blocker

Aunt Hildegard, Sweet Secret Love

Aunt Polly's Revenge, Revival

Aunty Nancy, Coming Back For Moore

Aura Bakker, Desert Sea

AURA, Between Reality and a Dream

Aura, Fall of `08

Aura, I Give Myself To You

Aura, Running Yourself Against Nothing

Aura, Sativa

Aura, Shine

Aura, Si Avvicina Lunedì

Aural Sect, Aural Sect

Aural Window, Candlelight EP

Aural Window, Cocoon and Epitropos

Aural Window, Stones & Sounds

Aural Window, Till The World Ends

Auralift, Something to Cry About

Auramancer, Golconda

Aurasónica, Uno

Auratrona, Auratrona

Aurelia, 少女ノ匣

Aurelio Voltaire, Raised By Bats

Aurelio Voltaire, Raised By Bats Instrumentals

Aureon, Into the Light

Aurin, The Pre-Inspired Symphony

Auro & Clemt, Llamado Violeta

Aurophobia, My Test

Aurora Del Sole, Whatever Happened to the Sunshine Boys?

Aurora, Aurora

Aurora, Aurora EP

Aurum Chase, Avenue of Freedom

Aurum Recording, [Aurum] Recording

Auryn, Alright/Ok

Auryn, In the absence of you...

Auset, AUSET

Auslander, Auslander

Austerity Measures, Austerity Measures

Austin Atteberry and Friends, Clothes Minded Folk

Austin Band, Still Kickin`

Austin Bird, ¡ajortion!

Austin Bridges, Awake The Day

Austin Collins & The Rainbirds, Wrong Control

Austin Gilliam, Sunshine

Austin Gould & The Lonestar Stubble Band, Sounds of Dirty 6th

Austin Hale, Progression

Austin Hanks, Salt of the Earth

Austin Jenckes, Coming of Age

Austin Jones, On Sin and Cynicism

Austin Kolbe, Lips

Austin Leonard Jones, Utah Jazz

Austin Meade, Chief of the Sinners

Austin Meade, Long Ways to Go

Austin Nash Park, Guess I'm Going Down

Austin Nash Park, Take Me in Your Arms

Austin O'Brien High School, AOB - Play Art Loud

Austin Paruch, Give it Time

Austin Poole, Synesthesia

Austin Scott & Testify, Let It Rise

Austin Stewart, Shake It Out

Austin Taft, War of the Songs of Light Against the Songs of Darkness

Austin Tyler, Marine's Hymn!

Austin Wender, You Can Find Me

austin willacy, 9 impossible proofs

Austin Wilson, Off the Hinge

Austinn, Galaxy

Austn, E~TER~NI~TY

Austn, Face The Music

Austn, Grey


Auternus, Changing Seasons - EP

Authentic U, Learn

Authmentis, House of Shadows

Authorities, Puppy Love

Authors & Audio, Authors & Audio

Auto Escape, Turn It Off EP

Auto Winder, Analog Inn

AutoDefe, When the War is Over EP

Autoerotica, Burning Skies

Autolite Strike, Hit the Deck

Automatic Animal, Automatic Animal

Automatic Animal, In the Shadow of Sound

Automatic Animal, Modern Alchemy

Automatic Animal, The Black Rose of Cairo - Single

automatic arms, home

Automatic Black, Crash and Burn

Automatic Children, New Is Beautiful

Automatic Erasers, Automatic Erasers

Automatic Hotel, Firefly

Automatic Rival, Automatic Rival

Automatic Self Destruct, Deceleration Trauma

Automatic Slim, Automatic Slim

Automatic Slim, Daisy Cutter

Automatics, Britannia

Automne Vein, Lily of the Desert

Autonomadic, Gift of the Sun

autonomadic, Lies, Fear, and Hate

Autonomadic, The Missionary

Autonomous, No One`s Listening

Autonomy, Autonomy

Autophobia, Stay Awake

Autopilot, Desert Dreams

Autopilot, The all divided

Autopista 61, Autopista 61 / 1er Álbum

Autopunch, Autopunch

Autopunch, Songs

autoReverse, Countless Monsters

Autostereo, Esperanza Llamada Guerra

Autotoxin, Autotoxin

Autotuna, Autotuna

Autovator, Drive-in Revolution

Autoverse, The Magic . . . Neverhasbeen

Autumn Above, Blessed You're Still

Autumn Above, Prologue

Autumn After Dark, Changing The Tide

Autumn and the Fall Guys, Witch of November

Autumn Attic, Lessons In Loss

Autumn Attics, 18 and Jaded

Autumn Attics, Kill the .45

Autumn Burning, Autumn Burning

Autumn Burning, Episode 1

Autumn Eve, Songs Like Letters

Autumn Fire, Amends

Autumn Fire, Endless

Autumn Gray, Foam Covered Chairs / We'll Never Give Your Heart Away

Autumn High, Tabula Rasa

Autumn Hollow, Autumn Hollow

Autumn In Your Arms, Autumn In Your Arms

Autumn Jamboree, The Whole Wide World

Autumn K. Dial, Wanted: the Infamous Autumn K. Dial and Her Guitar

Autumn Kills, Get Back Then Attack

Autumn Kills, The Devil On My Shoulder

Autumn Kills, When Pigs Wear Ties

Autumn Lords, Celebrity Destroyer

Autumn Lords, Truckstop Seduction

Autumn Moonlight, Alter Reality

Autumn Moonlight, The Sky Over Your Shoulders

Autumn of Aeons, Eve of Evolution

Autumn of Aeons, Festival of the Flesh

Autumn Reds, If You Don't Say...

Autumn River, Nobody`s Angel - EP

Autumn Thief, Autumn Thief

Autumn Whispers, Cry of Dereliction, Vol. I

Autumn's Low Water, Private Lies

Autumn's Pain, Madness

Autumn's Rain, Autumn's Rain

Autumn's Rain, Om

autumn, return to the breath

autumn, the hating tree

Autumnal Blood Moon, Alone In Darkness

Autumnal Blood Moon, Darker Than Thou

Autumnal Blossom, Against the Fear of Death

autumnred, autumnred

Autumn`s Descent, Character Assassination

Autumn`s Descent, PRIMER

Autumn`s Grey Solace, Within The Depths Of A Darkened Forest

Auzman Propaganda, Man, Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 & 4

Av Young Blaze, The Humble Villain

AV, BeLIEve Me

Ava Black, Ava Black

Ava Luna, Lemming

Ava, History of Flight

ava, She`s Out For Blood

ava, wait, Forget The Weekend

Avacost, A Peace of the Sky

Avalanch, El Ángel Caído

Avalanch, El Hijo Pra³digo - special edition

Avalanche, Restless Hearts

Avalanche, Will There Be Tomorrow?

Avalon Legend, Avalon Legend II - Un Sogno Per Cambiare

Avalon Usa, Once Stood a Band - the Studio Sessions

Avalon, Avalon II

Avant Garden, Apollo

Avant Strangel, Too out there?

AvantGuarde, Out Of The Darkness

Avapor, Love Has Brought a Change

Avard Woolaver, Black Train

Avard Woolaver, Haligonia

Avard Woolaver, Touch the Sky

Avareous, Avareous - EP

Avareous, Damn Ugly

Avarp, Avarp

Avast, The Heights EP

Avatar, The Cosmic Hand

Ave Maria, Marigold

Ave Maria, Under the Sun

Avely, Shatter

Avelyn Waldman, Insubordinate

Avenge Vulture Attack, Renew

Avenpitch, Butterfly Radio

Avenue of Embers, Paint Me Red

Avenue Sky, A Hope in Exile

Avenue Sky, Decades

Avenue, Answer My Call

Avenues End, Chimera

Average Joe, Average Joe

Average Joe, Just Average

Average, Revolution By Evolution

Averice, Pig in the Python

Averix, Double Bluff

Avers, Empty Light

Avery Plains, Smells Like Trombone

Avery, There was a time, my darling

Avi and Celia, Off the Floor

Avi Bortnick, Clean Slate

Avi Colon & Christina Colon, Love At First Sight

Avi Ghosh, All That's Left Of Us

Avi Ghosh, Watch the World Burn

Avi Katz, Ground Level Portraits

Avi Wisnia, Avi Wisnia Presents:

Avian Sunrise, Memories and Melodies

Avianstone, Avianstone

Aviary, Ambition

Aviary, Aviary


Aviatik, Reconstruction / Deconstruction

Aviator, This Side of Suburbia

Avid Indifference, Hymns of Reflection

Avin Loki Baird, Crow Shooter

Avindale, Cycles

Avindale, Lost In A Place Some Call Home

Avion Cross, Fear No Evil

Avitus, Bruises

AVMâ„¢, A Matter of Time (Deluxe Edition)

Avmâ„¢, Hush

AVMâ„¢, Maxi-Single

Avner, Daddy Blue

Avon Dale, Dress It Up

Avondale, Enormous Black Power Gift

Avra, In Other People's Eyes

Await Rescue, Await Rescue

Awake and Alert, Awake and Alert

Awake and Alert, Weight

Awake At Last, King of the World - EP

Awake O Sleeper, A River Wild

Awake the Fire, Awake the Fire

Awake to a Dream, No Mistakes

awakebeyondknowing, songs to ruin your day

Awaken the Giant, 2pumpchump

Awaken the Giant, I Fooled You

Awaken the Kraken!, Awaken the Kraken!

Awakening Stick, Awakening Stick

Awaking Mercury, Dear Benjamin

Awaking Mercury, Ghost

Awaking Mercury, Head for the Indies

Awaking Mercury, If It's Maria EP

Awaking Mercury, Picture of My Confusion

Aware of the Bear, These Good Days Last

Away Minerva, My Only Radio

Awesome Gary, Awesome Gary

AweStricken, be determined...

Awfully Sudden, These Two Eyes

Awkward Beaker, Caught in NYC

Awkward Hure, Man's Ruin

Awkward Hure, Sweet Scream

Awkward Lemon, It's a Good Thing

Awkward Morning, An Awkward Morning Is Better Than A Borring Night

Awkward Silence, Break

Awkward Terrible, I Feel Asleep


Awry, Awry

Ax For Max, Ax For Max

Axe Shredder, Destructive Angels

Axe Shredder, Gas Mask

Axe Wielding E da Pia da Cozinha do Brasil, Mas Que Nada

Axe Wielding, Blues Rocks

Axecatcher, Sparks and Spears

Axel Mundi, All

Axel Mundi, Bhagavad Symphony

Axel Mundi, Camp Meeting

Axel Mundi, Childhood's End

Axel Mundi, Cloud of Light

Axel Mundi, Escape from Xan

Axel Mundi, Gnosis

Axel Mundi, Kali And Shiva Give A Party

Axel Mundi, Northwest Passage

Axel Mundi, Raccoon Dinner

Axel Mundi, The Poodle Album

Axel Mundi, Two Way Hay

Axel Mundi, Variations On A Drone

Axel Mundi, Waveform

Axel Schmidt D.Y., Topp Jobb

Axel Wolph, Poet With A Punk`s Heart

Axel Wolph, The Weekend Starts On Wednesday

AxeS Mundi, SO LA CE

Axfixia, Voices

AXIA, Another Life

AXIA, Any Day Now

Axiomatik, Eviscerate

Axiomatik, Fresh Cut Flowers

Axiomatik, Ripped Apart... Or So She Seems

Axis Five, Memory Maker, Pt. 1

Axis Mundi, A Quiet Day Among The Penguins

Axis Mundi, Chapel Perilous

Axis of Four, Flintstoned

Axis Salvation, Collage

Axis Y, dream quietly

Axis, Revolve

Axium, Axium

Axon, Haunted Headphones

Axon-Neuron, Brain Songs

Axon-Neuron, Brain Songs 2.0

Axon-Neuron, Dreamstate

Axon-Neuron, Dreamstate

Axum, Like So Much Therapy

Axxed Asylum, Afterlife

Axxed Asylum, Fireball

Axxed Asylum, Into the Fire

Axxed Asylum, Welcome to the Asylum

Axxicorn, Cosmonauts

Axxicorn, Marauders

Ay-Music, I Don't Want to Be

Ayahuasca, Plato's Dark Horse

AYANO, Breath / Dawn Is Soon

Aycee-Jay, Highlander

Aydin, Space Affects the Spectator

Aye Mammoth, Aye Mammoth

Aye, Sweet Life (acoustic soul rock world ambient)

Ayemo, Falling Star

Ayin, The Persistent Divide

Aylius, Rationally Explicit

Aylius, Wearing Dead Faces


Aymeric Silvert, Guilty

Aymeric Silvert, I'm Back

Ayo, Suffocate

Ayron, Ultra State

Aysedeniz Gokcin, Pink Floyd Classical Concept

AZ IZ, Reunion `91

Azalea City Penis Club, The Coffin Years

Azero, Manos Arriba

AZFAULT, Persona

Azigza, Azigza

Azimyth, Azimyth

Aziola Cry, Ellipsis

Azitis, Help

Azitis, Window Into In

Aziza, Bridge of Dreams

Azmyth, Revolution

Azrael, Azrael

Azreal, The Phoenix

Azriahl, Azriahl

Aztec Skulls, Watching The World

Aztec, Stitches

Aztlan Underground, Aztlan Underground

Azul Yael, Twenties

Azumuth, Azumuth

Azure, Insane

Azure, Paper Boy

Azureth, The Promethean Syndrome

Azureth, Yesterday`s Future, Tomorrow`s Past

Azuri, Azuri

aƒa‚¯ (Haku), æ`»å‹•è¨˜éŒ²a€€ä¸€ (Katsuduo Kiroku Iti)

aƒaƒ³a‚µaƒ å…„弟 (Handsome Brothers), 人類aš†aƒaƒ³a‚µaƒ å…„弟 (All Human Race Is United Through Handsome Kyodai!)

a…lushus, a…lushus - EP

¡Aparato!, ¡Aparato!

Ángel Antonio, Ego Trip

Ángel Antonio, The Ego Trip

アブラジョー, チンドン Rolling

アブラジョー, 爆音十年の刑に処す!

クオリア, ゴルゴダの丘

ジーナ × 1769, 夜明け吠え

トゥラリカ, 苔の祭典

ナルシストザムライ (Narushisuto Zamurai), 生きること (Ikirukoto)

ハウシンカ (Haushinka), Wayah!!

ミサルカ, L'oiseau Blue (New Mix)

メタボリックブラザーズ, メタボリックブラザーズ

ルシュカ, Sheltered and Abandoned

Älk, EP

Ã…smund Nesse, Sweet Affection Blue

Æshtree, "I Am Beauty Itself, Among All Beautiful Things."

Övrdrve, Mas Grande

Ãœberkill, Sex On a Leash

Ãœnderbelly, Critical Mass

Þeyr, Blood

古庄a†aœŸona‚«aƒ©a‚¯aƒªä¿å¥å®¤, aƒ€aƒ¡a€æ‰‹è£å‰£a€‚

岸田教団&the明星ロケッツ, セブンスワールド

Ætlas, Athid Lavo

李志, Three and Four (勾三搭四) [Live Album]

B F A, Sculptures in Smoke 2

B Forrest, Back to Bodhi

B Forrest, Can't Force a Fire

B Forrest, Jack Gautama

B K Andrews, The Edge of Reason (feat. Greg Hicks)

B Radicals, Free Your Imagination: A Sonifesto

B Side Band, Breathlessly

B-Band, Otaghe Shenavar (The Floating Room)

B-Dab, Beady Eye

B-Movie Bad Guy, B-Movie Bad Guy

B-movies, B-movies

B-Rad & The Best of the West Playas, Down Along the Tracks

B-Side Band, Down Under & Blues

B-Side Vandals, Final Stand

B-Team Blues Band, 8-Track Mind

B. Keith Williams, Presence

B. Keyler, Organic

B. Keyler, Seven Stars

B. Lawrence Keys, Look In The Heart

B. Satinover, The Satinover Archives

B. Sterling Band, Time Has Come

B. Sterling, Searching Through the Changes

B. Sterling, Vein Full of Gold

B.A.T, Kool Kat

B.B.M.T. / Big Bang Music Theory, Big Bang Music Theory

B.C. & CO., The Transient Line

B.C., Evolution

B.C., Map Of The Muddled Mind

B.D. Willoughby and the Lazy MKs, Forget About Me

B.E., The Fire I Breathe: Chapter III

B.E.A.R, Stand for the Bear

B.F.G., Fathoms

B.F.H.A.T., All Mine

B.F.H.A.T., Train

B.I.C., One Death For Life

B.J. Andersen, Surfing Songs

B.j.bruce, The Vission

B.O.Ther, Just 15 Seconds - Single

B.O.Ther, Where You Are

B.O.X., Volume II

B.T.R., Deja Vu

B.U.D., Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Quaaludes

B.V. Love & the Back Shop Boys, The Biggest Drive

B.Wilks, Sonically Inviting

B969S(Bic Rocks), 10-4

B969S(Bic Rocks), B1

Baba Beck, Baba Beck

Baba G`nush, Baba G`nush EP

Baba Salah, Dangay (The North)

Babayaga Ojo, Siła

Babel Echo, The Molting

Babelshack, Return of the Bottomfeeder

Baboon, A Bum Note And A Bead Of Sweat

Baboon, Something Good is Going to Happen to You

Baby Anacondas, Live Birth

Baby B Strings, Smells Like Teen Spirit

baby boy h, the imaginary dream

Baby Brings Bad News, Baby Brings Bad News

Baby in the 90s, An Honest Notice

Baby Kage, Tempted

Baby Omega, Baby Omega

Baby Ray, Low Rises

Baby Strange, Put Out

Babyfat, No Charge For Cheese

Babyjane, Are You Listening

Babylon A.D., American Blitzkrieg

Babylon A.D., Bang Go the Bells

Babylon A.D., Desperate (feat. Derek Davis)

Babylon A.D., In the Beginning

Babylon A.D., Live At XXV

Babylon A.D., Lost Sessions / Fresno Ca 93

Babylon Bastards, We're the Rats in the City Streets

Babylon Has Fallen, Hallelujah

Babylon Mystery Orchestra, Poinum Cherem

Babylon Mystery Orchestra, The Godless The Godforsaken and the God Damned

Babylon, Babylon

BabyLotion, 9

Babyoil, The Invisible House

BabyPinkStar, Poseur / I Don`t Care

Babyshaker, Legendary

Babyshaker, The Best of

Bacbruce, Cassette

Bacchanal, Bacchanal

Bacchus and the Demonsluts, The Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Grossly Underestimated

BACCHUS, Revisited

Bacco, El Día Después del Rapto Alienígena

Bachelor Party, A Second Chance

Bachelor Party, Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party, I Want You To Be My Woman

Bachelor Party, Married Again

Bachelor Party, Married Again

Bacino, Bacino 1

Back Alley Barbers, Memento Mori

Back Alley Barbers, Psycho Sonatas

Back Alley Buzzards, Sons of Bitches

Back Before Dawn, Letters to Alley

Back by October, The Other Side Is You

Back Down South, Babylonian Key

Back Forty, Down Home Funkgrass

Back Forty, Live in Grand Rapids 2-14-2007

Back Forty, Play A Little Music & Drink A Little Booze

Back Forty, Play a Little Music and Drink a Little Booze

Back Forty, Yax Trax Vol. 1

Back from Ashes, Point of No Return

Back from Ashes, Rizen

Back Home, Back Home

Back of a Car, Neverending

Back on the Train, Instantly Stronger

Back One Out, Swallowed By Future

Back Pocket Memory, Back Pocket Memory

Back Pocket Memory, Beneath the Trees

Back Porch Mary, Back Porch Mary

Back Porch Mary, The Last Rock Show

Back to Basics, Hold Us Down

Back to Blonde, Swim West

Back To Blue, Songs For Conjuring, Vol. 1: The Delicate Plague

Back to Earth, Back to Earth

Back to Normal, The Let Down

Back to the Caverns, Lost in Time

Back Up Jackson, Conquers the World

Back Water Saint, I'll Never Know

Back, Might of Dreams

Backbone Drums & Dan Wright, Backbone Drums, Vol 1: Backing Tracks for Applied Drumming Practice (feat. Dave Hazlewood & Dan Wright)

Backbone, Rising Underground

Backbone, Still Nowhere

Backhand, Through the Turbulence

Backhouse Lily, Discoma

Backhouse Lily, Stand the Rain

Backlash, Tears of Our Mothers

Backline Revival, Smile

Backline Revival, Soul to Sell

Backline, Full Frontal Assault

Backroads, In a Moment

Backroads, Precious Things

Backseat Action, Feast or Famine

Backseat Driver, Blueberry + 9volt } Music

Backside Slappy, No More Sad Songs

Backside Slappy, With This Blade

Backslider, A Box Full of Stones

Backstage Royalty, Backstage Royalty

Backstage Royalty, The Indestructibles

Backstreet Law, 1997 - 2001

Backstreet Law, Frustrated

Backstreet Law, Hollow

Backup Johnny, Dive

Backward Collective, Cimarron Plaza

Backwards Shaka, Punching Clown - EP

Backwards Shaka, Stranger

Backwash, Kick Ass!

Backwoods Blackout, Self Destruct

Backwoods Payback, In the Ditch

Backwoods, Water`s Edge

Backwoods, Words Can Burn

Backwords, By the Neck

Backyard Superheroes, Backyard Superheroes

Backyard Superheroes, Let's Get Dangerous

Backyard, American Dream

Bacon and Egg, ...Are Fanduvo

Bacon Bowl, Bacon Bowl

Bad Acid, If Tomorrow Comes Today

Bad Action, #Tag

Bad Action, #Tag

Bad Action, Alone

Bad Action, Inner Voices

Bad Action, The Monster from the Id

Bad Alchemy, Rorschach`s Conundrum

Bad Apples, Devil's Advocate

Bad Apples, Left Standing

Bad Bad Meow, Drink and Regret EP

Bad Barber, Burn to Shine / Magical Wonder

Bad Barber, Closer to the Sun

Bad Barber, Courteney Cox & Rock N' Roll

Bad Barber, Gotta Get It On (feat. Lagaylia Frazier)

Bad Barber, Joni Me & Willie D

Bad Baxter, Bad Baxter

Bad Biscut, Shag Abbey

Bad Blonde, Caffeine Daze

Bad Bob Bates, Come Home

Bad Bonz, Full Circle

Bad Boy, Best of Bad Boy

Bad Brad, Bad Decisions

Bad Brad, Goodbye Music Row

Bad Breaks, Bad Breaks

Bad Cadillac, Dance The Night Away

Bad Captain, Where We Belong

Bad Captain, You're Not One of Us

Bad Cats, In the Dog House

Bad Cats, Within the Pale of Black Rapids

Bad Chapters, Edge of Collapse

Bad Communicators, Bad Communicators

Bad Credentials, Bad Credentials EP

Bad Credit No Credit, The Whole Buffalo

Bad Daddy, You Let the Devil in to Play

Bad Day, Bleed

Bad Dc, Ashes

Bad Decision, Living the Dream

Bad Design, Bad Design

Bad Dog U, Bad Dog U

Bad Dog, Sounds Like Humans

Bad Elastic, Unicorn Piss

Bad Flirt, Head On

Bad Gass, Forefathers

Bad Grid, The War on Huh?

Bad Idea, Bad Idea

Bad Influence, The Ride

bad jamie, bad jamie

Bad Jamie, Not Going Anywhere

Bad January, Independence

Bad Lieutenants, Every Time I Come Around

Bad Lieutenants, For A Fatter America

Bad Love Junkie, A Place Called Nowhere

Bad Love Junkie, I Know How to Break a Heart

Bad Maps, Better Weather

Bad Maps, Dead Languages

Bad Math Band, Bad Math Live

Bad Mathematics, Everything Falls Apart

Bad Memories, Forced to Be a Stranger

Bad Men, Deus Ex Machina

Bad Moto City, Worlds Apart

Bad Motor, When I Hear Your Name.

Bad Neighbors, Life's No Cakewalk, But We'll Have a Slice

Bad Neighborz, Bad Neighborz

Bad News Bears, Battle Scars

Bad News Bears, Prospects

Bad News Bros, Barrelhouse Rock N' Roll

Bad News Bros, Introducin' the Bad News Punnkin'

Bad Remedy, Whiskey Runnin' EP

Bad Sandwich, Negative Breaded Snack

Bad Santa & the Angry Elves, As Naughty as We Wanna Be

Bad Science, Chaos to Cosmos

Bad Seed Rising, 606 - EP

Bad Sellin´ Record, cock rocks

Bad Sellin´ Record, No Panic

Bad Side of Holland, The EP

Bad Side, Bad Side

Bad Side, Bad Side II

Bad Side, Bad Things Come In Threes

Bad Spectrum, Bad Spectrum Travels To The Sun

Bad Suit, Bad Suit

Bad Summer, Back to Seventeen

Bad Surfer Podsters, A Monster Surf Bikini Babes Sunny Beaches

Bad Temper, Enemies for Good

Bad Things, Age of Wisdom

Bad Timing, Bad Timing's Greatest Hits

Bad Valet, Tear It Down

Bad Vic & the Good Intentions, Greatest Hits

Bad Way, Dead Letters

Bad Way, From Zero to Hero

Bad Wiring, Good Medicine

Bad Wolf, Addiction To Fiction / Hot Lunch

Bad Wolf, False Conscience

BadDogs, Live and Loose

Baddseed, Baddseed

Badgemen, Mosaic

Badger, Time Will Tell

Badhoven, I Will Be There - Single

Badhoven, Obsession

Badlands Trio, Badlands Trio

Badmagick, Fallen

Badmagick, Never Broken

BadMonkey, BadMonkey

Badmouth, Badmouth

Badmouth, Rivethead - EP

Badomen, Falls Apart

Badomen, Weather the Storm

Badrock City Council, The Floodlights and the Bonfires

Badversion, Badversion

Badvibes, You Know The Deal - Live

Badwater Fire Company, Badwater Fire Company

Badwithnames, Badwithnames

Badwolf, Sleeping Dogs Lie

Bady, Man or Machine

Baffdecks, Zerreißprobe

Bafoodus, Letter From Ted

Bafoodus, Secrets

Bafoodus, Sunshine Ladies

Bafoodus, The Aftermath

Bag Of Junk, Bag Of Junk

Bag of Nickels, Amen

Bag of Toys, Nooner

Bag100, Everywhere, Everything, Everytime

Bagatelle, Power and Influence

Bagatelle, Unsolved Sex

Bagg of Pennies, Full Circle

Baghdad Scuba Review, Breathe

Baghdad SCUBA Review, Testing The Waters

Bagley, Cross & Dobson, The Tris Sessions

Bahapki, Big Chico Rock and Soul Revival

Bahttsi, Zig Zag 1 - It Doesn`t Have To Be That

Bahttsi, Zig Zag 2 - Pigs On the Run

Baildsa, United States Of Balkans

Bailer, Running

Bailey Records, Music For Martha

Bailey Williams & The Cherannes, Emerson

Bailout Blues Band, Give Us All Your Money

Baishui 白水, City of Lost 遺落之城

Bakaneko Project, Love Cat First Sight

Bake West, Ghost of John

Baked Goods, Chocolate-EP

Baked Goods, Fresh Out of the Oven

Baker Island, Bobby Hundreds

Baker Thomas Band, BTB

Baker, Prologue: The Farmer's Daughter

Bakerstreet 966, Alien World

Bakerstreet 966, Losing My Soul

Bakkus, Seventyonesix

Baku's Bag, Baku's Bag 04-06

Balaam's Ass, Atheismus Est Stultus Idea Iesuita

Balaam's Ass, Homo De Peccato

Balaam's Ass, Illuminati

Balaam's Ass, Mysterium

Balaam's Ass, Principia Mathematica

Balaam's Ass, Sacerdos Praecantatio

Balaam's Ass, Vaticanus Alienati

Balance II, Balance II

Balance We've Kept, Dreams

Balantz, Truth -N- Justice

Bald Eagle Mountain, Shredder

Balderdash!, Introducing Adriana

BaldLucy, Munnch For President

Bale & Smyth Company, Bale & Smyth Company

Baleia Mutante, Aloha Lotta Love

Baleia Mutante, Confusão Sonora Organizada

Balero, One Planet Short Of The Sun

Balkun Brothers, God Bless Our Fallout Shelter

Ball & Chain, Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain, The Appalachian Hammer

Ball and Pivot, PopGun

Ball of Mayhem, Clear Skies

Ball, Just a Hobby

Ballard Train Wreck!, 10 Inch Nails

Ballast, Encounter

Ballast, When All The World Has Failed You

Ballerine Box, Freak

Ballet Mecanique, Paradigm Suite

Ballgard, Rajazzalin

Ballhog!, 2

Ballistic Cats, Ride That Rocket

Ballistic Cats, Studebaker Love Story

Ballistic Edna, The Jungle or the Stars

Ballistico, Live from the Whisky

Ballistico, Welcome to The Western Carpet World

Balloo, Breaking Waves

Balloon Assembly Line, Aerosol Fumes EP

Balloon Astronomy, Balloon Astronomy

Balloonatic, Balloonatic

Ballotbox, Barack Obama! A Celebration of Our 44th President

Ballroom Spies, Ballroom Spies

Ballyrag, Waxing Poetic

Ballyrag, Where the Ocean Meets the 10

Ballz Deluxe, Volume II

Balthazaar St Bartram Experience, Pears

Balthazars Machine, Reconstruct me

Balthazars Machine, Robotica

Balthrop, Alabama, Cowboy Songs

Balthrop, Alabama, Subway Songs

Baltimoore, 1.1

Baltimore Songwriters Association, From Our Circle, 4

Balto, Call It By Its Name

Balto, Monuments

Balto, Saints & Crows

Baluja, Baluja IX: The System

Bam Powell, Bam Powell&The Troublemakers

BAM, Charlie Talks to Walls

BAM, Locrian Motion

Bambaji, Just One Chance

Bambara, Dog Ear Days

Bambara, Dreamviolence

Bambi Lee Savage, Matter of Time

Bambi, Complicated

Bambina J, N/A

Bamblusion, Bamblusion

Bamboo Diet, DSM-VI

Bamboojuice, Nightsong

BamBooligans, Beyond Greener Grass Chapter 1

BamBooligans, Wish You Were Here

Banana Blonde, Banana Blonde

Banana Bread, Banana Bread

Banana Fish Zero, Greatest Hits

Banana Hammock, Pinche Ritmo

Bananafish Dance Orchestra, Bananafish Dance Orchestra

Bananafish Dance Orchestra, Rampage

Banastre Tarleton, Walking Amongst The Ashes

Bancroft, The Melophobic Solution

Band 13, Signal Shift

Band Called Anonymous, Easy Does It

Band Called Anonymous, Fake It Till Ya Make It

Band Called Anonymous, First Things First

Band Called Anonymous, Just for Today

Band Called Anonymous, Keep Comin' Back

Band Called Anonymous, Let Go and Let God

Band Called Anonymous, Live and Let Live

Band Called Anonymous, One Day At a Time

Band Called Anonymous, People Places and Things

Band Called Anonymous, This Too Shall Pass

Band Called Catch, ...this

Band Camp Geeks, It`s all about the...

Band LeGrand, Band LeGrand

Band Moto, Voltronic

Band Name, Rocket Science (feat. Tyler Eads)

Band of a Thousand, Deep unto Deep

Band of Angels, Days Like These

Band of Annuals, Let Me Live

Band of Asians, IN CONCERT - Band of Asians

Band of Beards, Fuerteventura

Band of Bonesmen, Lights Out

Band of Bonesmen, March of the Bonesmen

Band of Brothers, Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers, Green Man

Band of Frequencies, All I've Found - Single

Band of Frequencies, Free Again

Band of Frequencies, Rise Like the Sun

Band of Moose, Genesis

Band of Outsiders, Sound Beach Time

Band of Rain, Arts and Allurements

Band of Rain, Deep Space

Band of Rain, Garlands

Band of the Free & Mike Talanca, Band of the Free

Band Of Tribes, Fire and Brimstone: A Tribute To Link Wray

Band of Vipers, My Half Burnt Heart

Band of Vipers, Opposites

Band of Volunteers, A Rock Romanticism

Band That Never Was, Life`s Little Lessons

Band66, Chic a Boom

Banda Alternativa, Yavavenir

Banda Família, Vou Te Honrar

Banda Gulirox, Ciudad Derrumbe (Bartolomé Mitre al 1200)

Banda Merce, Fôlego

Banda Preservativo, Romances Clichês

Banda Programados, O Risco

Banda Programados, Programado

Banda Programados, Solidão

Banda Século I, Eu, Simão

Bandallamas, Eye to Eye

Bandam, Bandam

Bandamariù, Miscia Lay

Bandazian, Crocodile Tears EP

Bandazian, In Vacant Fields

Bandenberg, Bandenberg

Banders Row, Incognito

Bandidos Cerveza, Riders On the Storm

BANDINI, The End or The Beginning

BANDINI, The Landlord´s Wife

Bandless Abandon, End of the End

Bandmates, The Buddha and the Alien

Bandway, Buddies

Bandzandt, No Coal Train!

Bane Shaman, Jesus Freaks

bane shaman, Less Than Zero

Bane Shaman, M.D.J.

Bane Shaman, Rock

Bane Shaman, Sensitive

Baneful Storm, Down With The Blues

Banff, Changes in the Weather

Banff, Lavastorm

Bang Bang Bang, I SHot The King

Bang Bang Bazooka, Redhot & Horny

Bang Bang Boom, 2012

Bang Bang Piñata, Es una Bomba

Bang Bang Rock N Roll, You're the One That I Want

Bang Bang Vegas, L.A. Times

Bang Bang, Punch Drunk Lover (feat. Slash)

Bang Feather Bang, War Cry - EP

Bang Ok Bang, Chemicals

Bang Pow, Talk in Technicolor

BANG sugar BANG, Greatest Hits

BANG sugar BANG, Thwak Thwak Go Crazy!!

Bang Tango, Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt

Bang!Bang!, Do You Like It?

Bangladesh, Certain Illusions

Bangtower, This Is My Town

Bangups, Ten Dollars An Hour

Banjo Bones, Failed Ambitions

Banjo Bones, New Kind of Fight (feat. Annie Eldorado)

Banjo Bones, Snowy Mountain (feat. Annie Eldorado)

Banjo Bones, That Poor Little Pig (Ese pobre lechón)

Banjo Bones, The Place of Dead Roads

Banjo Goiter, No Comprende

Bankrupt and the Borrowers, Beers on the Bible

Bankrupt District, Everyday These Streets Will Kill You

Banks, Teoria de Inverno

Banner Fair, Fall With the Fearless

Banner Pilot, Monikers Split

Banner Pilot, Pass the Poison

Bannister White, Bannister White

Banooba, Banooba`s Travels

Banshee Bones, Birds of Prey

Banshee Bones, Life & Limb

Bantam, Bantam

Bantam, Suicide Tourist

Bantercut, leave the bodies that you buried

Bar 61, Berlin Heights

Bar 61, Bonus Room

Bar 61, Lost Voices

Bar Code Born, A Siren's Siren

Bar Room Heroes, Prize Fighter

Bar Scott, The Hanging Tree (feat. Mike Marble & Paul Opalach)

Bara Flokkurinn, Bara Flokkurinn

Barabajagal, Marmite

Barak Hill, The Winter EP

Barak Moffitt, Consumers All

Barakus, EP

Baranga, O 5o Dos Infernos

Barath Badri, Auditum Ad Limina

Barath Badri, Chromesthesia

Barb Wire Dolls, Slit

Barbacoa, The Juice

Barbara Brunette, Barbara Brunette

Barbara Clifford, Introducing

Barbara Cue, Louisiana Truckstop

Barbara Hall, Handsome

Barbara Ireland, Red

Barbara Meyer, Barbara Meyer

Barbara Morillo and Shrine, Barbara Morillo and Shrine

Barbara Nesbitt, A Million Stories

Barbara Way, Mouthful of Rain

Barbarella, Quid Pro Quo

Barbarian Overlords, Barbarian Overlords

Barbarian Overlords, Rise Up

Barbarian Twins, Won't Bow Down

Barbarossa Accolade, Sunset Justice

Barbed Wire, Downtown

Barbed Wire, Fire It Up

Barberini, Little Wing (feat. Cicognani, Capiozzo, Gambarini & Sapio)

Barbers & Bishops, Dancin' Fool

Barbers & Bishops, Rikki Don't Lose That Number

Barbudos, Barbudos

BarC, Living Room

Barcode Channel, A Ticket Out

Barcode Channel, Change Your Mind

Barcode Channel, Sleepless

Bare Bones NH, Ain't No Finer Kind of Blue

Bare Bones, Bare Bones

Bare Bones, Elusive

Bare Bones, Life Sentence

Bare Bones, The Last Schmaltz

Bare Skin Rugs, Feel Free

Bare the Traveler, Show Yourself

Bare Walls, Clarity

barefoot BUSHMEN, Lonely Man

Barefoot Jones, Gimme Five

Barefoot Mark, Let the Beast Run

Barefoot Prophets, Grounded

Barefoot Souls, Barefoot Souls

Barefoot Tramps, Wheels on Fire

Barefoot Truth, All Good Reasons - Single

Barefoot Truth, Changes in the Weather

Barefoot Truth, Club House Sessions

Barefoot Truth, Life Is Calling

Barefoot Truth, Live at Higher Ground

Barefoot Truth, Walk Softly...

Barefoot Walking, Running Through Sprinklers

Barefoot, Barefoot, Changes in the Weather

Barefootim, Skyhigh

Barely White, Eyes Wide Open

Barely2Much, Guapolinda

Baretrees, Customer Service Blues

Baretrees, The Complete Anthology

Baretta May, Signals, Vol. 1

Barfire, Barfire

Barfly, Chemical

Barfly, Fool Killers

Barfly, Getting the Fear

Barika, Remember

Bark Hide and Horn, Animal Mind

Bark Hide and Horn, Bark Hide and Horn

Bark Hide and Horn, National Road

Bark of Eden, Don't Bring Me Down

Bark of Eden, Mr. Pretender

Bark of Eden, What's On Her Mind

Bark, Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way

Barkalounger, and for what?

Barketta, Barketta

Barking at flies, Barking at flies

Barky, A Study In Rocking

Barky, Top Flight

Barley Bouffler, Born to Ride

Barley Bouffler, Mysterious Man

Barley Bouffler, Pride of Place

Barley Legal, All Your Stories

Barley Legal, Live At Brixton South Bay

Barley Legal, Waking Up Again

Barley Station, Damaged Goods

Barley Station, Medusa

Barlow Gin and the Hatchetmen, Poison

Barlume, Semplicemente (Radio Edit)

Barn Dawgs, Off The Leash

Barn Hill Station, Eden`s Highway

Barnacle Bill, Towards The Pebbled Shore

Barnida, Highways and Graveyards

Barnstorm, Barnstorm

Barnyard Stompers, Outlaws With Chainsaws

Baron Samadhi, On the S.S Anytime

Barracuda, Open Fire

BARRACUDA, Unacceptable Practices

Barrelbright, The New West

Barrelhouse, Barrelhouse

Barrellfish, Six Degrees

Barren, Like a River

Barrett Baber, Fratbar Superstar

Barrett Tagliarino, Moe`s Art

Barrio Populo, Désordre

Barrio Tiger, Laugh Now, Cry Later

Barris, Mengejar Mimpi

Barris, Sebatas Pandangan

Barron S, Mixtape

Barroom Heroes, Leaving

Barrow, Transition

Barrows Bush, People Don't Understand

Barrows Bush, Secret Smiles

Barrows ~ Bush, Golden Dreams

Barry and Michelle Patterson, Odds and Ends

Barry and Michelle Patterson, So High

Barry and the Penetrators, Addicted

Barry Arvin Young, A Minor Second

Barry Arvin Young, Barry Arvin Young

Barry Arvin Young, Peasant Under Glass

Barry Bender, Life (and Jade)

Barry Bilderback, Patrick

Barry Bozz, In the Ocean of His Mercy

Barry Bynum, Stickin Your Neck Out/To You

Barry Callister, But Ya Get No...

Barry Cleveland, Hologramatron

Barry Crompton, Dangerous Acquaintances

Barry Dunaway, Sin

Barry Dunaway, Someday

Barry Dunn & The 26th Street Band, Requiem for a Hooker

Barry Gibson and Carter Cantrell, Songs From the Tunnel

Barry Gibson, A Collection Part 1

Barry Gibson, A Collection Part 2

Barry Gibson, The Barry Gibson Story

barry greenfield, cold water cure

barry greenfield, king of the wolves

Barry J Gillis, American Justice

Barry Jacobson, Small Songs for a Small Heart

Barry Jmccormack, Finally

Barry Jmccormack, Solo

Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls, Shakin` from the Trees

Barry Kingston, Nothing But Real

Barry Lawton, Brown Lipstick

Barry Lee Harwood, The Southern Part of Heaven

Barry Marine, Maybe This Time

Barry McGuire, Eve 2012

Barry Ray Heflick, *Wait*

Barry Richman, Blues From Mars, Vol. 1

Barry Sides, Broken Hearts Broken Strings

Barry Sparks, Can`t Look Back

Barry Tavlin, Family Album

Barry Thomas Goldberg & Hwy 52, Live 1978

Barry Thomas Goldberg, Hey, George Orwell!

Barry Waller, Side One

Bart Brugman, Kaos

Bart Brugman, Strange Days

Bart Bryant, Back

Bart Caruso, Now and Then

Bart Ferguson, Salvation Road

Bart Hafeman, Fly

Bart Hafeman, Rewind

Bart Hafeman, Zero Gravity

Bart Ryan, Bart Ryan

Bartek Dzikowski, Blue Sky

Barton Caplan, Hearts and Stones

Bartosz, Make a Move

Bartron Tyler Group, Fillmore Street

Bartron Tyler Group, Just About Almost There

Bas Clas, Big Oak Tree

Bas Clas, Love Food Sex Peace

Bascom Hill, Maybe


Based On a True Story, The Preface

Basement (N), From Where I Stand

basement 3, rising

Basement Alchemy, Burn It Down

Basement Alchemy, Covers from the Basement II

Basement Baby, Basement Baby

Basement Banshees, Why Can't We Watch More Tv?

Basement Floor, Basement Floor Greatest Hits Vol One

Basement Generals, Of Worthy Intentions

Basement Mania, Basement Mania

Basement Tape, II

Basement What?, Basement What?

Bash and Luxe, Sex For The Jaded

Bash, On Air

Bash, Predicted

Bash, Trapped In

Bashe, Open Up

Basia Lyjak, Never Wanted Anything single

Basia Lyjak, Sick N' Tired

Basia Lyjak, What It Feels Like single

Basic Cable Preachers, Ma

Basic Luther, Lion In Winter

basic, Come As You Are

Basic, Command of Execution

basic, God Came

basic, Lord, Hear My Voice

basic, PCTC 2005: Live at the Forum

Basic, Presenting e.p.

Basick Sickness, Before Its Too Late

Basilwink, Basilwink

Basilwink, Suicide Shrimp

Basket Eddy, Basket Eddy

Basketball Jones, Countrysaurus

Basketball Jones, Glam Dunk

Basketball, Maw

Basler, Alone

Basmajian, My Dear

Basment Sessions, Vol. 1 & 2

Basque, Radiate

Bass Ackwards, Bass Ackwards Nation

Bass Drum, Demons

Bass Line Bums, All Alright

Bass Reeves, If You Ignore The Truth

Bassboards of Ancient Desert Ritual, Splices 2: Synth Hole

Bassett, Vanishing

bassment breaks, the mothership left us behind

Basta!, Oggetto Di Studio

Bastard Saint, Homewrecker

Bastard Squad, People Like You

Bastardogs, No Pain No Gain

Bastards of Melody, Hurry Up and Wait

Bastards of Young & Success, Bastards of Young / Success (Split 7")

Basti Artadi, Everybody Knows That the Dice Are Loaded

Bastian Lee Jones, Sweet Imperfections III (Live)

Bastion, The Honey Sacrifice

Bat Country, Love's the Only Engine of Survival

Bat Country, Recognize

BAT, All This Time

BAT, Songs from the Dark Wood

Bat, The Best of Bat: A Free Spirit

Batabeat, Le Projet Senécal

Bated Breath, Whiskey and Other Assorted Love Songs

Bateleurs, All in the Past (Extended Edition)

BATH, Arches

Bathtub Mary, The Change They Want to See

Bathtub Mary, The ubiquitous demo

Batmobile, Amazons from Outer Space

Batmobile, Hard Hammer Hits

Batmobile, Sex Starved

Batmobile, The First Demo Recordings 1984

Batmobile, Welcome to Planet Cheese

Baton Rogue Morgue, Usa

Batracers, Big Cash

BATS, Red In Tooth & Claw

Batsbrew, The Time Is Magic

Batten Down the Hatches & Random Holiday, Batten Down the Hatches & Random Holiday

Batterbee, Batterbee

Battery Alley, Atomic Ballroom

Battery Park, Scattered Pictures

Battery, Out the Trap Door

Battle Ave., War Paint

Battle Ave., Year of Nod

Battle Between, So the Story Goes

Battle Bratt, Battle Bratt

Battle Bratt, The Anthology

Battle Circus, The Half-Light Symphony (US Version)

Battle House, Full Normal

Battle No More, The Antimagician

Battle of York, Junior

Battle Toys, Disposable

Battle-Ska Galactica, Everybody's Got an Opinion

Battlechurch, Battlechurch

BattleCry Melody, Vanquish

Battlefingers, Pick Up the Pieces

Battleground Road, The Addiction

Battling Giants, Birth / Death / Reckoning

Batworth Stone, Strange Hours

Batzz In the Belfry and Clint, G

Batzz in the Belfry, Batzz in the Belfry

Batzz in the Belfry, Pendulum

BATZZ in the belfry, Sparks Fly Upward

Bauner Chafin, Crazy

Bauner, Bauner

Bawn in the Mash, Welcome to the Atomic City

Baxter and the Basics, And so Are You

BAXTER HOUSE, Please Baxter Don`t Hurt `Em

Baxter United, Analysis Paralysis

baxter, swell

Baxter, Wine and Spirits

Bay Chandler, While You Wait

Bay of Pigs, Surfin' Missle Crisis

Bay of Pigs, The Harvest

Bayadera, 90 Million Miles

Bayat Pour, In This Very Lack of You

Bayless, Sabotage - EP

Bayless, Within My Reach

Baylock, One Good to be Told

Bayriders, Rhythm and Western

Bayta Darell, Write Me In Metal/Make Me Forever

Baytown, Island

Baytown, Two Places

Baz Mantis and the D-Day Saints, Final Call (feat. Jasson Borgueta)

Bazalgette, Sound Fish

Bazement Pooperz, Rockdungeon Music

Bazile Mills, Burnt Red Sun - EP

Bazooka, Bazooka

Bazungu, Now with a dot

Ba©la, ...The Death Of GypsyX

Ba¶ss, An Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove

Bárbara Rocha, Don't Bother Me

Bárður Johannesen, Stars and Oceans

BB Cane, BB Cane and BC Band Rock n Blues

BB's Blowdown, Truth And Lies

Bb4562, Be Now

Bbew, Chicho Dear Cat

BBG, Proximity Alert

BBG, Wings of Sound

bcmost and the band Revm, Great Saddlebags

BD Mooney, If You Need a Friend

Bd Mooney, Sunshine When It Rains

Bdab, Mark of the Bead

Be Astronaut, Bronco

Be Astronaut, The Empire

Be Brave Bold Robot, Be Brave Bold Robot

Be My Doppelganger, Artless

Be the Ant, Breathe Deeply Stomata

Be the Ant, Veinte Diez

Be, Be

Bea Ba, Con Las Manos Abiertas

Bea Ba, Skull Shining

Beach Arabs, Wild Movement

Beach Avenue, Something To Believe In

Beach Club Crashers, Bcc

Beach Patrol, It`s Only Greener Til You Get There

Beachbombsaints, Attack of the Blonde Bombshell! (California Girl)

Beacon Drive, Barracuda

Beacon Drive, People Get Ready

Beads, Thin Air

Bean Bag Apostles, Bean Bag Apostles

Bear & Moose, Bear & Moose

Bear & Moose, Inside the Eyewall

Bear and Porch, Great Escape

Bear Antler, Bear Antler

Bear Ghost, Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed in Your Musical Taste

Bear Hive, All in Real Time

Bear Lincoln, Bare Lincoln

Bear Lincoln, Bear Lincoln

Bear Lincoln, The News

Bear Proof Suit, A Suit To Alter Fate 2005-2008

Bear Success, Brevira

Bear, Wherever You Go ... Bear You Are

Bearbonez, Bearbonez

Bearcat, Bearcat

Bearcat, Soul Train - Single

Bearcats, This Wildfire Magic

Bearcoon, El Guapo

Bearcubbin'!, Destroyer Collection

Bearcubbin'!, Girls With Fun Haircuts

Beard Valley, This Is Not for You

Beard, Black Unicorn

Bearhunter, Still Life Terrarium

Bearings & Pswingset, Split

Bearpit Brothers, Bearpit Brothers

Bearquarium, Bearquarium

Bears and Other Carnivores, Old Lost Feelings

Bearsnail, Imperfect Goodbyes

Bearwoods, Released!

Beast Four, King Stick

Beasts Without Biomes, Beasts Without Biomes

Beastwith2Backs, God Is An Alleycat Gambling Fiend

Beat Assassins, Far Away From Home...The E.P.

Beat Brigade, Kings

Beat Chamber, Cryptic

Beat Maker Pros, Rock Band Guitar FX (Hot Guitar Riffs and Solos)

Beat Noir, Ecotone

Beat the Drag, Beat the Drag EP

Beat the Drag, Mistakes Were Made - Single

Beat the Drag, What's Your Damage?

Beat4people, White Man Burning (feat. Ballad of Sam)

Beaten by Them, Steam

Beaten By Yuri, Gerta

Beating Hearts, To The Middle Of What Matters

Beating Wooly Bully, Battle Cry

beatinpath, 3

Beatinpath, Ghosts

beatinpath, Ground

beatinpath, Jezebel

Beatlegras, In a Perfect World

Beatless, Beatless Together Again

Beatlestone, Behold

Beatlestone, Live from Jupiter

Beatlestone, Parallel World

Beatnik Brown, Five Of Us Here For The Jam...

Beatnik, Warming

Beatnikparty, Mike & Jenyr's Beatnikparty: The Bass Diaries, Vol. 12:21

Beatnikparty, Rx Writing History

BeatRed, BeatRed

Beats Master, Hard Rock Instrumentals

beats the hell out of me, revising history

Beats Working, Calm

Beats Working, Electroman

Beats Working, Exaggerate

Beats Working, Live At The Drome

Beats Working, Putting It About

Beats Working, The Singles

Beau & the Burners, Love Cup

Beau + Luci, Rules of Society

Beau Badrick, BIGS

Beau Basement & the Razorblades, Hopewell

Beau Beats, Beau Beats Now and Then

Beau Brickston, Pretty Little Angel

Beau Bristow, Coffee Not Included

Beau Bristow, From The Front Seat

Beau Crummer, Adrenaline

Beau Crummer, Tall Poppy Syndrome 2

Beau Elliott, The Lines Drawn Down

Beau Haddock, The Windingest River Finds The Sea

Beau Jennings & the Tigers, Sweet Action

Beau Jennings, The Verdigris

Beau Johnson, Beau Johnson

Beau Rox, This One

Beaucoup Blue, Free To Fall (Download Version)

Beaujolais, Moeurs

Beaulieu Porch, Simon Christmas

Beaut, coke

Beautiful Beast, Adult Oriented Candy

Beautiful Beast, California Suntan

Beautiful Beast, Kick Down the Barricades

Beautiful Criminal, In The Absence of Clarity

Beautiful Disaster, Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster, ^This Side Up^

Beautiful Disease, Beautiful Disease

Beautiful Disturbance, Deadly Devotion

Beautiful Feet, Passing Through

Beautiful Gambler, Love Where

Beautiful Gambler, Tread the Maze

Beautiful Midnight, Go!

Beautiful Nothing, Beautiful Nothing

Beautiful Something, Black Hole In A Can

Beautiful Trouble, EP

Beautiful Wreckage, Beautiful Wreckage

Beautiful Wrecks, On Demand

Beautiful Wrecks, Turquoise

Beauxregard, Ghosts Of The Gaslamp

Beav, Have You Reached Your Peak?

Beaver Fuel, Eurovision Political Favour Contest - Single

Beaver Nelson, Macro / Micro

Beaverhog, Keep Austin Douchebag

Beavershot, Live in Bochum

Beaverteeth, Jimmy Ellis & Jimmy Louis, Georgia Pines

Because Because Because, Because Because Because

Becca Ayers, Simple Wish

Becca Darling, Sweet Frequencies & Pulp Fantasies

Becca Marlee, Just a Few Bruises

Becca Sutlive, One bedroom apartment

Beck Goldsmith, Purely Second Guesses

Beck Hall, Roots: EP #1

Beckerjim, Attack Of The Panic Button

Becki diGregorio, god`s empty chair

Becki diGregorio, seven worthies... of the bamboo grove

Becky Barksdale, Silent Night / Amazing Grace - Christmas Single

Becky Barksdale, The 2120 Sessions

Becky Chace, The Best of Me

Becky Sappington and the Bitter Road, She Needs to Fly

Becky, Take It On The Chin

Bedcrumbs, The Pomona Kid

Beddy Ford, Hollywood Ending

Bedford Ave., 143

Bedford Davis, The Puzzle Is so Hard

Bedford Drive, Bearsuit EP

Bedford Drive, The In-Between

Bedford Drive, The Last Time I Saw the Stars

Bedhed and Blondy and the Sleepwalkers, Nuthin'...

Bedhed and Blondy, Down South

Bedhed and Blondy, Live

Bedrock (The Band In The Sand), Simplicity

BEDROCK (The Band In The Sand), So, Where`s The Party?

Bedrock Radio, Wide Open

Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Red Over Red

Bedroom Shrine, No Deja Vu

Bedroomtalk, The Spaces Between Us - EP

Bedtime Story, Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story, Dream Therapy

Beebs and Her Money Makers, BaHMM: Welcome to Barter Town

Beebs and Her Money Makers, No Sleep Tonight!

Beebs and Her Money Makers, No Sleep Tonight!

Beef Jerky, Can We Still Be Friends?

Beef Jerky, The Wind Cries Larry

Beefus, The Itching Down Below

Beehive, I Can't Hold On (feat. John Idan & Lord Dome)

Beejae, It Was What It Was

Beekeeper, Be Kept

Beemo, Fold Out Couch

Beer and Pretzels, Bird in a Beehive

Beer Dawgs, Voodoo and Tattoo

Beer Pong Ninjas, Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Beer Pong Ninjas

Bees in a Bottle, Heartsleeve EP

Beeskral, Terug In Die Kraal

Beesly, Feel Good

Beezieon6, Tele Romp

Before Braille, Balance And Timing (Christmas EP)

Before Braille, Cattle Punching On A Jack Rabbit

Before Braille, Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message

Before Braille, Spring Cleaning

Before Braille, The Rumor

Before Braille, Tired Of Not Being Away From Here

Before Cars, Fin

Before Clear Skies, The Colours Wake the Birds

Before Cowboys, The History

Before Day, Enjoy the Show

Before Springbreak, Call Me, I Am Famous

Before Springbreak, Rough Draft

Before The City Sleeps, Before The City Sleeps

Before the Fire, Burn

Before the Satellites, Evolve

Before the Solstice, Before the Solstice

Before the Storm, Bound

Befreeyourself, Eyes Lit

Beggar's Farm Reunion, Greatest Hits, Vol. I

Beggars Ball, Fight This Town

Beggars Can`t Be Choosers, Beggars Can`t Be Choosers

Beggars Farm, Medieval Muse

Beggars Farm, The Christmas Song (feat. Melissa Bastrani)

Beggars St. Inn, Money for the Dead

Beggars Street Inn, Probably the Best Record in the World

Beggars' Caravan, If the Sky Is Falling

Beggars, Beggars

Beggar`s Deceiver, Whisper Shout Scream

Begging Pardon, Narcisystem

Behind Babylon, She Still Believes (Pastel)

Behind Bars, Trust No One

behind the couch, hurricane

Behind the Scars, Behold, The Frogbeast Cometh

Behind the Scars, Glory (Aiden's Song)

Behind the Silence, T.Y.L.A

Behind the Smokescreen, Age of Corruption

Behind The Stars, Before You Live

Behold the Wolf, Behold the Wolf (Demo)

Behold!, The Alpha and the Omega

Behold, Light

Beholder, The Awakening

Beidelschies, If I`m What You Want

Beight, B8

Beija Flor, the quiet one and the lonely one

Beijing Chicago Brothers, Second Ring Road

being only you, 1999

Bek-Jean Stewart, Junior Years

Beka Osepaishvili, Settle Around

Bekah, Bekah - Just Me!

Bekken, Mess Me Up - EP

Bel Air, Fortuna

Bel Air, Seasons

bel riose, moving targets

Bel Riose, These Are the Rules

Bel Stuart, Tiny Doors and Windows

Bela Selendy, Iceberg

Belfast, Dream Machine

Belhome, A View Of The Woods

Believe, Hope To See Another Day

Believing In June, Brer Rabbit

Believing In June, Hope is a Sound

Belikose, Eruption

Belinda Fielding, Wake Up

Belizer, Catharsis Gallery

Belizer, Pictures

Bell Jar, Nightlight

Bell Jar, On The Outside Looking In

bell the cat, Songs From The Wild

Bell Tower Sniper, Devils Daughter

Bella Ciao, Legends of the Italian Lounge

Bella Donna, A Live Tribute To Stevie Nicks

Bella Lune, Ophelia Maxi-Single

Bella Lune, Secrets

Bella Morte, Rare and Unreleased, Vol. 1

Bella Morte, Remains

Bella Morte, The Death Rock EP

Bella Morte, Where Shadows Lie

Bella Novela, The Archeress

Bella Rumore, Bella Rumore

Bella's Bartok, At The Kingmakers Ball

Bella's Bartok, Don't Be Yourself

Bellabeth, Pretty Lady in Black (feat. Holfix)

Belladonic Haze, Belladonic Haze

Belladonic Haze, There's a Girl in My Soup

Belladonna & Pasquale Catalano, Undress Your Soul

Belladonna, And There Was Light

Belladonna, Artifacts 1

Belladonna, Artifacts 2

Belladonna, Belladonna

Belladonna, Metaphysical Attraction

Belladonna, Night Regulation

Belladonna, Shooting Dice With God

Belladonna, Sweet Child O' Mine

Belladonna, The God Below

Belladonna, Years Apart

Bellavia Sewell, Our Journey

Bellavista, Always Oneness

Bellavista, Under the Walls

BelleEve, Lovesick (Ambient Mix)

BelleEve, Not in Love

Beller, Watertower

Bellerophon, The Next Level...and Beyond

Bellevue Jubilee, The Deep, Dark South

Bellevue Suite, The Broken Hope Show

Bellevue Suite, The Dark Side of Enlightenment

Bellevue Suite, This Far From Sanity

Bellfield, Up And Rise

bellflur, bellflur

Bellhammer, Bellhammer

Belligerator, Next Year's Music

Bellmouth Chrome, Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Bellow, Look Out!

Bellow, Ride the Monkey

Bells and Hunters, The Static Sea - EP

Bellwether, The Elephant in the Room

belly of the boom, belly of the boom

Bellyfire, Feed

bellylove, bellylove

bellylove, High on the Wagon

Belmez, Make Way For Tomorrow

Beloved Dead, In Memoriam...

Beloved, Promises and Lies EP

Below Average Productions, Incomplete Thoughts

Below Me, Below Me EP

Below The Stitch, Never Walk Alone

Below, Demo EP

Belpop Bastards, You/Toi

Belta 53, För Mej Själv

Belta 53, Hösten

Belter, Poison

Belter, TV Junkie

Beluga, Architecture of the Absurd

Belzebluesband, Candy Addiction

Ben Abney, Adopted Seeds

Ben Arnold, Almost Speechless

Ben Averch, Fortune Cookie

Ben Averch, Start at the Beginning

Ben Averch, Washington State

Ben B Beckendorf, Presidio Blue

Ben Babylon, Burning Man

Ben Babylon, Contradiction

Ben Baldwin, For the Dreams

Ben Baxter Band, Give Me Love

Ben Baxter Band, Illume

Ben Baxter, Ben Baxter - EP

Ben BC Contwor, The Blue Sky

Ben Bell and the Stardust Boys, The Matador

Ben Bell, Patchwork Cacophony

Ben Bernstein, Petting Zoo

Ben Blankenship, Armed With Decoder Ring

Ben Bleecker, Eight Songs

Ben Brittsan, Said And Done

Ben Brittsan, Who We Are

Ben Bryan Band, Ben Bryan Band

Ben Burns, Strange Promises

Ben Cardenas, Primordial Soup

Ben Chapman, Drive Me Home

Ben Chapman, From a Heartbreak Campaign

Ben Cripps, Radio

Ben Daniels Band, Untitled EP 1

Ben Disaster, Demo

Ben Disaster, One Fist Pounding Against the Stage

Ben Dumm and the Deviants, Ben Dumm and the Deviants

Ben Eder, Once Upon a Barn Dance

Ben Edwards presents BYG, Before it`s too late

Ben Edwards, Obvious Illusion

Ben Eyler, Good Luck Places


Ben Farrant, Outlawed Music Part 2

Ben Fraser, My Refuge

Ben Gilmer and The Sidearms, Heart That Burns

Ben Gilmer, Juxtaposed

Ben Godwin, Lighter Than The Atom/=shinyshiny=

Ben Graves duo, Live

Ben Graves trio, Crazy Italians

Ben Graves, Memphis

Ben Hall, Move

Ben Hanvy, The Meeting

Ben Hollis, Live Your Life

Ben Hoppes, Umbra Penumbra

Ben Joseph, Solace

Ben Justus, ....based on a true story

Ben Lapps, The New Color

Ben Levin Group, Freak Machine

Ben Levin, Sea Stories

Ben Lewis, Blackbeard's Dream

Ben Livingston, Trust Your Equipment

Ben London, Hearsay

Ben Marshall Band, Let the Rain

Ben Mason, Loveland

Ben Mauro, This Crazy Love

ben mead, response

Ben Miller, Alakazam

Ben Miller, Farther Than The Eye Can Stare

Ben Miller, Strumming With The King

Ben Miller, The Fire Next Time

Ben Minnotte, Minn-Knot

Ben Neumann, You Gave Me

Ben New, Ultraviolet Catastrophes

Ben Nugent, Moving Targets

Ben Pagano, I'm a Hipster, Baby (Williamsburg Wetdream)

Ben Pagano, Robot Jazz

Ben Pasley, Residue

Ben Phelps, New Ghost Town

Ben Popp, Big Brother

Ben Popp, Même pas peur

Ben Potter, Flyin' Fast

Ben Quick, Russian Real Estate

Ben Randall, Love Finds A Way

Ben Ratliff, Misplaced Desire

Ben Ratliff, Songs for the New Depression

Ben Reel Band, New Horizon

Ben Reel Band, Sweet Victory

Ben Reel, 7th

Ben Reel, Darkness & the Light

Ben Reel, Time To Get Real

Ben Ripani Music Co., Maladies

Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum, Get Lost

Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum, Instrumentally Disturbed

Ben Rogers` Instrumental Asylum, Reverb Rehab

Ben Rose, The Cost

Ben Schane, Antique Noises

Ben Seawell, South Winds Jostle

Ben Segev, Night Burn

Ben Shannon, Move On

Ben Sherman, First Light

Ben Stokes, The Fire

Ben Sures, Gone To Bolivia

Ben Sutton, Comin' Up High

Ben Swift Band, Chimpanzee

Ben Swift Band, Cud

Ben Swift, PULL

Ben Thomas, The Recovery

Ben Union, I Got Mine (feat. Shazam Watkins & Guy Keltner)

Ben Union, The Light

Ben Union, This Blessed Union, Vol. I

Ben van Essen, Dreams & Destiny

Ben Vandergaast, Out Of The Dark

Ben Vega, Bury the Times

Ben Vermeulen, If Not for You

Ben Wakeman, Two Shadows

ben walker radio, better places to go

Ben Walther, Everything Can Change

Ben Williams, Let It Rain

Ben Wilson & The Kimberlies, My Good Side

Ben Wilson, Strange Dogs

Ben Woods, Surf Flamingo

Ben Zephyr, Ben Zephyr EP

Ben Zephyr, Red Means Go

Ben, Bath

BEN.BEN., New Stone Works

Benbori, Love It Up (feat. Jeff Frankenstein)

BENBORI, Not Bowing Down

Bench Grinder, Bright Lights and Shiny Things

Bench Grinder, Turn Me On

Bench Grinder, You`ll Barely Regret This

Bend Sinister, Another Man's Smile

Bend the River, Revolt of Angels

Bend, Carpooltunnel

Bending Spoon, The List

Bending Steel, Firesong

Bendy, Shoot a Hole in Your Soul

Beneath Me, Wish I Wouldn't Care

Beneath the Fallen, No Pity For Self Infliction - EP

benedicteyeball, imperfectionist collectionist (ep)

benedicteyeball, orphans volume one

Benign, Common Language

Benign, Diaries of Love and War

BeniKings, Maggie May

BeniKings, Sympathy for the Devil

Beninghove's Hangmen, Beninghove's Hangmen

Beninghove's Hangmen, Rattlesnake Chopper EP

Benito De Luca & Robert Neil Ryan, Her Name Is Jim

Benj-O-Matic, benj-o-matic

Benj-O-Matic, Hi-Test Vol. 1: the Infinite Amplification of Silence

Benj-O-Matic, New Tales for the Broken Radio

Benjamin A. Filpi, Life Through Hues of Blue

Benjamin Akira Tallamy, Christmas is a sham (Elegy for Aled Jones)

Benjamin Burgess, Skeleton Forms

Benjamin Carr, Tundah!

Benjamin E. Rios, Benjamin E. Rios

Benjamin E. Rios, Emotional Heights

Benjamin E. Rios, Smokehouse

Benjamin E. Rios, Summer`s Kiss

Benjamin Emory Larson & Reed Reimer, Cassie's Song - Curtain Call

Benjamin Franklin Freeman, Killyourselfishness

Benjamin Franklin Freeman, Pro Attitude Pro Gear Pro Choice

Benjamin Franklin, Gimme Wings

Benjamin Gadd, Look At the Cross

Benjamin K Bachman, The River

Benjamin K. Bachman, The River

Benjamin Kenon, Illinois Skies & January Stars

Benjamin Olson, Sun Will Shine

Benjamin Payne, Gallery of Eden

Benjamin Payne, Released: Songs of Faith and Fury

Benjamin R. Faust, Walls Fall Down

Benjamin Rader, Plum Tree

Benjamin Roberts, All Our Fears: Thoughts from Our Collective Neon Brain

Benjamin Russell, Wheels of Change

Benjamin Samuel, We Enter the Dark Room, Alone

Benjamin Simpson, Apathy of Blue

Benjamin Tissell, The Sunrise Series, Vol. 3: Fire in the Sky

Benjamin Vincent Cook, Expect Something Different

Benjamin Wagner, Almost Home

Benjamin Wagner, Live At Rockwood Music Hall

Benjamin Wagner, The Desert Star

Benjamin, The EP

Benjamun, Road Songs

Benkirkland, Benkirkland

BenLaVain, Come On People

Bennett and the CBF`s, Potato Man

Bennett Ross, Unseen Distances

Bennett/Morris, Mothership

Bennie, L'aube De Demain

Benny & the Mid-Knights, Last Run / Tsunami

Benny and the Healers, Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Benny and the Jets, Hey Rock and Roll

Benny and the Sunders, Benny and the Sunders

Benny DeLuca, Out of the Blue

Benny Friedman, Fulfill Your Tefilah (Karaoke Version)

Benny Jansson, Flume Ride

Benny Jansson, Virtual Humanity

Benny K, 10,000 Saints

Benny Mardones, Turning Stone 2009

Bennymiramare, Sei Bellissima

Bens Jazz Kit, Dizzy Minds

Bens Jazz Kit, Nothing Else Matters

Bent Eye Bolt, Unknown Artist

Bent Left, Faberge

Bent Left, The I Hate Punk Rock Anthology

Bent Mind Productions, Two Red Suns of Exodus Night

Bent Not Broken, Same Planet Different World

Bent Not Broken, To Whom It May Concern

Bent to Break, Pranic

Bent to Break, Scarecrows in the Field

Bent, Unbreakable

Bentley Fallon, Enemy (My Own Worst)

Bentmen, Immaculate Contraption

Bentmen, Live at the Lobster Bib

Bento, Absent Without Leave

Bento, Last Chance EP

Bentt, Bentt

Bentt, No Red Ink

Benyahu, Benyahu Nation

benyahu, musical tears

Benyahu, Songs of Deliverance - New Constitution

Benzalá, X Ti

Benzene, Electric DNA

Benzla, Dusk

Bepi & The Prismas, 4el? (Quat Érel?)

Bepi & The Prismas, 5ar! (Si' Car!)

Beretta Sun, How to Reach

Berg, Believing and Being

Bergbusch, ImpossibleBeautiful

Bergtäkt, Bergtäkt

Berischa, My Old Guitar

Berkley Hart, Something to Fall Back On

Berkley Hart, Wreck `N Sow

Berkowitz, Self-titled - EP

Berlin Brats, Believe It Or Rot: 1973 - 1976

Berlin Breaks, Berlin Breaks

Berlin Breaks, One Last Time

Berlin Breaks, Spotlight

Berman, For the Better

Berman, Life in the Stars

Berman, Send Me to the End

Bermuda County, Grave Concern

Bern and the Brights, Wartime Lullaby

Bern, It`s not you, it`s me

Bernadett York, Daylight Savings Time

Bernadette Munn, Good Friend

Bernadette, Burnin'

Bernard Chadwick, Stolen Hymnal

Bernard Christen Madsen, Bernie 2

bernard edwards` project homicide, bernard edwards` project homicide

Bernard Foonman, Storyboard

Bernard Marshall, Tell Me

Bernardo Pla, Wizard Pla Project

Bernardo, Outside Looking In

Bernhard Drax, Rejected

Berni Seever, Better Days

Bernie Ball Band, B3 I

Bernie Bernie Headflap, 1st 15

Bernie Bernie Headflap, Cheese On Wry: 1992 - 1996 Demos and Debut

Bernie Chiaravalle w Silent Partner, Weddington Street

Bernie Chiaravalle, All or Nothing

Bernie Chiaravalle, Hideaway Tales

Bernie Chiaravalle, Mystery of Love

Bernie Doucette, Alberta Dust (Stories from the Small White)

Bernie Jellema, Lions and Clowns

Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures, Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures

Bernie King, KING

Bernie Reilly, No Place To Hide

Bernie Shanahan, You

Bernie Winchell, Unveiled Entry

Berrett Elmore, Woodlands

Berry Quincy, Berry Quincy

Berry Quincy, Tuesday

Berry, Empathy EP

Berry, Sunday Morning Radio EP

Berry, The Manor EP

Berserkers, Whiskey & Leather

Bert Hadders En De Nozems & Gerrit Claus, De Bosklopper Tapes

Bert Hadders en de Nozems, Elvis, Keuning Van De Bunermond

Bert Lopez, Right Now

Bert Marshall, Prairie Child

Bert O, And Love

Bert Sperling & Ezra Meredith, The Deer Lodge

Bertie Page Clinic, Too Loud Too Naked

Bertil, Smile On Your Face

Bertokia, Rites Of Passage

Bertokia, We Love You

Beru`s Ash, Beru`s Ash

Beru`s Ash, On the Way

Beryl Beloved, Count the Days

Beryl Beloved, Dressed for Burial - EP

Bes, Superficial

Beside Nothing, Everything Else EP

Beskraj, Beskraj I

Best Day Ever, The Race

Best Laid Plans, End of a Daydream

Best of Seven, Turn It On Again

Best Solution, One Step

Bestfriend., The. Bestfriend. E.P.

Bestfriendmike, Lying Awake

Bet Williams, Rose Tattoo

Beta Case, Beta Case - EP

Betashelter, Welcome Home - Single

Beth Ballinger, What Kind of Fool

Beth Bell, Love Sublime / Hey Humboldt! - Single

Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation, Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation

Beth Bombara, Beth Bombara

Beth Champion Mason, All I Have

Beth Champion Mason, Postcards

Beth Davis, Savage House

Beth Ellen, One

Beth Kille & Erik Kjelland, North Star Sessions

Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters, More Songs About Robots and Death

Beth McKee, Sugarcane Revival

Beth Raebeck Hall, Live at Caffe Milano

Beth Rinaldo & Scott Holland, Edge of the World

Beth Thornley, Beth Thornley

Beth Thornley, My Glass Eye

Beth White, Goodbye Eve

Beth Wimmer, Ghosts & Men

beth wimmer, Live Within Live Without

beth wimmer, Lover from Last Summer

Bethany Raybourn, Bethany Raybourn - EP

Bethesda, Home Sweet Home

BeThisBell, We Are the Gods!

BeThisBell, Work It Out

Bethyl, Whatever Lies Ahead EP

Beto Hale, American Mythology

Beto Heigold, Bananas and Other Things

Betsy Dis, Rock And...

Betsy Harris, Traveling Mother India

Betsy Listenfelt, Be Alive

Better Angels, Battle Babylon

Better Angels, One Human Race

Better Angels, Rock and Roll Rebel

Better By Morning, Sell

Better By Morning, The Way We Breathe

Better Chemistry, 6 Foot Shorty

Better Chemistry, True Chemistry

Better Chemistry, Undiscovered Elements

Better Day Parade, Better Day Parade

Better Days, Good Luck Tonight

Better Late, The Sound

Better Looking People With Superior Ideas, Where the Lights Meet

Better Off Red, Better Off Red

Better Promises, Hap - EP

Better Promises, I'm Not Okay

Better Than a Thousand, Value Driven

Better Than Bad, Better Than Bad

Better Than Lahar, Bench Seats Are For Lovers

Better Things, Hindsight 20/20

Better Things, Killing Ghosts

Better Things, These Roads Lead to Nowhere

Betterman`s Rule, The Paper Anniversary

Bettie After Midnight, Exploits of a Girl Gang

Betting Men, Betting Men

Betty & The Bops, Pin-Up Confidential

Betty Already, Amerimaniacs

Betty and the Bops, Betty and the Bops

Betty Blanchard, World War II Songs You Never Heard

Betty in Black, Cool Breeze and the Cadillac Fish-Heads

Betty Iron Thumbs, Sit and Wait

Betty Iron Thumbs, Under the Night

Betty Johnson, In Her Own Words

Betty Johnson, In Her Own Words

Betty Johnson, Selected Songs From "In Her Own Words"

Betty Johnson, The Best Things in Life Are Free

Betty Johnson, The Touch (Le grisbi)

Betty Moon, Stir

Betty Nickell, Dec, 3 1975

Betty Trap, Day of the King

Betty White, Nosebleed

BettyJean and the Free Radicals, Love like the Summer

BettySoo, Little Tiny Secrets

Betty`s Not A Vitamin, Betty`s Not A Vitamin

Between Falls, Intimate Getaway

Between The Pine, Between The Pine

Between The Rivers, Converge - EP

Between the Wars, The Aces Are Coming/I Forget What I'm Doing Here

Between the Wars, Won't Go Quietly

Between Two Lions, Between Two Lions (EP)

Between Two Lions, Put This City On My Shoulders

Betweens, Betweens

Beukes & Delaney, Good to Be Alive

Beverley Skeete, 'Personal'

Beverly Adams & Steven Adams, Ablaze With the Love of God

Beverly Adams with James Jurado, By Your Blood

Beverly and the Rockabillys, dark side of the barn


beverly graham, behind the door where i live

Beverly Graham, Guardian

beverly graham, messenger

beverly graham, singer

Beware of Safety, It Is Curtains

Beware the Haberdash, Sewingbox

Bewildermen, Not Unforgiven

Beyond 7, Here and Now

Beyond 7, Smoke

Beyond 9/11, The War Front (Overture)

Beyond A Doubt, Who`s The Gnome King?

Beyond All Lies, Trust No One

Beyond Atlantic, Under the Surface

Beyond Blonde, Purple Rose

Beyond Boundaries, "Dammit Killian!" (EP)

Beyond Doubt, Don't Fall

Beyond Doubt, On My Own

Beyond Eden, Rosebud War

Beyond Further, Beyond Further

Beyond Gravity, Natural Machines

Beyond Jordan, Never Alone

Beyond Melroze, Messages From Afar

Beyond Pluck, Baba O'Riley

Beyond Pluck, Barracuda

Beyond Reason, Sit In Silence

Beyond Reason, The Blue Room

Beyond Salem, Fallen Angels

Beyond the Boundary, Sons of Sun

Beyond the Element, Resolute Sorrow

Beyond the Eyes of Men, Unlock the Mirror

Beyond the Firewall, Beyond the Firewall

Beyond the Now, Subject to Change

Beyond the Rim, The Left Lane of Life

Beyond the Skylight, Set Fire

Beyond Your Eyes, Foreshadows of the Past

Beyond-O-Matic, Relations in the Border Between

Beyondomatic, Time to Get Up

Beyondthispoint, Where Are We Now

Bezel, Bezel

BFA, I think it's better to call this number

BFC Family Band, Music for Jesus Freaks

BFC Family, More Music for Jesus Freaks

BFO, Deconstruction

Bfo, Laserhound

BFO, Maximalism

BFO, The Recoil Properties

BG Perkins, TRACKS

BG Perkins, Writing On The Wall

Bhajan Band, Bhajans In Rock

Bhi Bhiman, Substitute Preacher

Bhi Bhiman, The Cookbook

bhoss, Trust Me

Bi-Level, The Songbird

Bi-Level, Welcome to the Midwestern Front

bi-phonic, rockaholic

Biala, Rocket Engines

Bianca Jane, Kids Without a Cause

BiaXident, BiaXident Scenario

Bibi & Da Funk Productions, Hang Out

Bibi Farber, Firepop

Bible Belt Sinners, Sunday Best

Bible Camp Sleepovers, Bible Camp Sleepovers - EP

biblical proof of UFOs, Interstellar Messages

Bibowats, Breakup No. 2

BiCoastal, Perception

Bicycle Thieves, The Second Place Confession

Bicycle, Tricycle, 10111

Bicycle, Tricycle, Hate Quietly

Bicycle, Tricycle, Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry

bicycle, tricycle, The Law of Fives

bicycle, tricycle, The Principle Induction

Biddadat, Ragtag Rhythm

Biddlewood, Biddlewood

Biff Bam Boom, Blast Off!

Biff Scarborough, Santa Monica Bay

Biff Steel, Denyalator

Biffoz, Rough

Big Al & the Heavyweights, Sunshine On Me

Big and the Bangs, The Big, The Bang, The Boom

Big Apple, Rock Area

Big Attack!, Big Attack!

Big Baby Ernie, Song for the Locals

Big Bach, Air in Zeppelin (After Suite 3 in D Major, BWV 1068)

Big Backyard, Self Titled - EP

Big Bad Buffalo, American

Big Bad Gina, Lake of Dreams

Big Bad Shakin`, Bad At Being Good

Big Bad Zero, Imagination America

Big Bad Zero, Your Beautiful Mistake

Big Bam Boo, The New York Tapes

Big Bang Babies, 3 Chords and The Truth

Big Bang Black Hole, Big Bang Black Hole

Big Bang Black Hole, Far Out in Space

Big Bang Method, Boom!

Big Bang, Rockin' the Galaxy

Big Big Train, English Boy Wonders

Big Big Train, English Electric (Part One)

Big Big Train, English Electric: Full Power

Big Big Train, Far Skies Deep Time

Big Big Train, Gathering Speed

Big Big Train, Gathering Speed (Remastered)

Big Big Train, Goodbye to the Age of Steam (2011 re-issue)

Big Big Train, Make Some Noise EP

Big Big Train, The Difference Machine

Big Big Train, The Difference Machine (2010 reissue)

Big Big Train, The Underfall Yard

Big Big Train, Wassail

Big Blind, Comin` Across the River

big blue, nothing good happens after midnight

Big Bopper & J.P. Richardson Jr., The Legacy Continues: Like Father Like Son

Big Box Builder, Baby Take a Number

Big Box of Paints, Songs to Work By

Big Boy Pete and the Squire, Hitmen

Big Brass Bed, Dylan Jam + 2

Big Breakfast, Stripper Music

Big Breakfast, This Kind

Big Brother Smokes, Ep One

Big Brother Smokes, Waves

Big Bucket, Nine bucks a day

Big Buildings, Water Everywhere

Big Bus Dream, Big Dream Baby

Big Chum Louie, Chum One...Chum All

Big City Circus, Built On the Bluff (feat. Tom Skeemask)

Big City Circus, Change Anything

Big City Sunrise, Bring It Back

Big City Supreme, Super Deluxe

Big Cock, Year of the Cock

Big Coffin Hunters, Platinum Hinges for Pine Boxes

Big Daddy Chrome, Bad Timing

Big Daddy Drive, Long Road

Big Daddy Loud, Synapse

Big Daddy Project, Wojtek

Big Dammit, Astroworld / Astrodome

Big Dammit, Musicians

Big Delusion, Pimp My Amp

Big Delusion, Rock Bottom

Big Dez, Wet Paint

Big Dirt, Big Dirt

Big Dirty Red, The Solution

Big Dixon, Big Dixon

Big East, Blue Monday

Big Ed and the Cartoon Mafia, Living Large in Lombard

Big Enjoyers, Buterite

Big Enjoyers, Shaf De Pleu

Big Fat Buddha, Big Fat Buddha

Big Fat Hen, Medicine

Big Fat Hen, Polyphase

Big Fat Hen, Small

Big Fat Hen, Uptown

Big Fat Pet Clams From Outer Space, The Pet Clams

Big Fish Ensemble, Field Trip

Big Fish Ensemble, I Hate Parties

Big Fish Ensemble, Lucky

Big Fish Ensemble, State Bird of Big Fish Ensemble

Big Fish Radio, The 1

Big fu**in Skull, Six Skulls Against The World

Big Game, A Scale of Chords

Big Game, Look Outside

Big Generator, On the Line

Big Generator, The Unreleased

Big Gilson, Aqui, Pra Você!

Big Green Tanks, A Pretty Mechanical Toy

Big Gun, You Shook Me All Night Long

Big Guns, Down but Not Out

Big Happy Face, Manic

Big Head Todd and the Monsters, All the Love You Need

Big Head Todd and The Monsters, From the Archives - Volume 1

Big Heater, Home Made Jam

Big Hoke, top

Big Island Shindig, High Five

Big Island Shindig, Living Like We Love It

Big J. Rock, L~City Sugar Hill Anthem

Big Jack Earl, Peppercorn Rent

big japan, untitled

Big Jim and the Twins, Damaged Goods

Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz, Flamethrower

Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz, Mystiki

Big John Bates, Battered Bones

Big John Bates, Headless Fowl

Big John Bates, The Headless Fowl Lp

Big Leaf Linden, Like Home

Big Leaf Linden, Whiskey Don't Lie

Big Leg Emma, Revival

Big Lou`s Polka Casserole, Dogs Playing Polka

Big Magic & Ernest D'Alessio, Big Magic

Big Mama Scandal, By You

Big Mama Shakes, As She Does

Big Mean, Big Mean

Big Medicine Head, Big Medicine City

Big Medicine Head, Loretta from Laredo

Big Medicine Head, Prayer Shack

Big Medicine Head, The Handsome Years

Big Medicine Head, The Handsome Years

Big Medicine Head, The Queen of the Western Hemisphere

Big Milk, Big Milk

Big Money Gators, Treat Me Bad

Big Moon, Last Night On Earth

Big Mosey, Homeward At Daybreak

Big Moustache Bandits, Duty Free Man/Dirty Female

Big Newton, More Than Adequate Groove

Big Okie Doom, Oklahomegrown

Big Okie Doom, The Trail

Big Ol' Dirty Bucket, Big Ol' Dirty Bucket

Big Organ Trio, Big Organ Trio

Big Pants, aka Pantalones Grandes

Big Pay, Step Up

Big Pearl, Double Faces

Big Poet Keats, The Origin of Coloration

Big Pretty and the Red Rockets, See What You Can Find

Big Red Affliction, Relapse in Rehab

Big Red Beaver, The Hunted

Big Red Button, Based on True Events

Big Red Panda, Big Red Panda

Big Red Panda, High Ride

Big Red Rawkit Riot, Big Red Rawkit Riot

Big Red Switch, Another Dollar for Another Day - EP

Big Remote, Jenkins.

Big Rhythm Wine, Uncorked

Big Rock Candy Mountain, Brother Moon

Big Room, a hand of four aces

Big Rumble, How Come It

Big Sam's Funky Nation, Evolution

Big Sam's Funky Nation, King of the Party

Big Self, Stateless

Big September, Ballroom Addicts

Big September, Moneyman

Big September, Tear It All Up

Big September, The Righteous Way

Big Sky, Standing on This Earth

Big Smack, Grin & Bear It !

Big Something, Stories from the Middle of Nowhere

Big Something, Truth Serum

Big Soy, Part of You

Big Soy, Putting the ______ in ______

Big Soy, Unplugged and Barefoot Live

Big Star Baby, Big Star Baby

Big Star Baby, Big Star Baby

Big Stereo, Something Real

Big Stick Friday, Nice Guy Convention

Big Stone IV, Big Stone IV II

Big Sur, Women

Big Surf, Hang Eleven!

Big Surf, Probability Wave

Big Terrible, Face The Stone

Big Terrible, Rotten City

Big Time, Perpetual Dreams

Big Toe Band, Healing Waters

Big Top Vertigo, Balancing Act

Big Tree Road, Love's Like That

Big Trouble!!, Big Trouble

Big Valley Grace Worship, Shining Like the Stars

Big Vinegar Jr., Chopper Queen

Big Vinny and the Cattle Thieves, Addiction and Subtraction

Big Volcano, Intercom / Innercalm

Big Volcano, The Future

Big Volcano, What Are You?

Big Wake, Big Wake

Big Wheel Stunt Show, Cheetah Milque

Big Wheel Stunt Show, Fireball

Big Wheel, Big Wheel

Big Witch, Nipple Hammer - Single

Big Witch, Spank Mumma

Big Wolf Pappa, My Survival

Big Wolf Pappa, My Wicked Life

Big Wolf Pappa, Shine

Big Wolf Pappa, Wasteland Days

Big Wolf Pappa, Your Blood and Mine

Big Wolf Pappa, Your Blood and Mine

Big-Eyed Bees, Buzz

Big. Fast. Easy., Can't Talk, Won't Work

BigBoned, Jeckyl and Hyde

Bigelow's Treehouse, Mr. Leonard

Bigelow's Treehouse, Road Rage

Bigelow's Treehouse, The Herd

Bigfoot Accelerator, Rat Race

Bigfoot Wallace & His Wicked Sons, Smell the Light

Bigfoot, God Damn P*ssy Gettin Machine

Bigfoot, Ride With Me

Bigfoot, Sign It in Blood

Bigg Mouth, Bigg Mouth

Bigger than a Breadbox, Dark

Bigger Than Bliss, Fading Into View

Bigger Than Dallas, Hard floors and thoughts of Sin and Grace...

Bigger Than Dallas, When The Blood and The Dust Settles

Bigger Thomas, Bigger Thomas (CD/DVD)

Bigger Thomas, Resisting Success

Biggy Stardust and his Wretched Hive, Bad Excuse for Bad Manners

Biggy Stardust and his Wretched Hive, Never Met A Guitar I Didn't Wanna Destroy

BIGIDEAS, The Great Escape


BigMuff, Rock Lock

Bigstake, Speed, Noise & Woman Love

Bigtalkahh, Bootleg

Bigtalkahh, Waiting for Your Call

Bigtone, Bigtone

Bigtone, Saad Ave.

Bigwood, Psycho Bitch

Bigwood, Saint

Bigwood, The Way

Bigwood, You Know You Want It

Bigyuyu & The Hot Nite Band, Burnin'up

Biirdie, Morning Kills The Dark

Bikini Hunters, Bikini Hunters

Bikini Test Failure, Another Day, Another Fat Pile Of Cash

Bil, My Grandchildren's Eyes

Bil, Our Universal Young

Bill Akin, Foolish Or Wise

Bill Andrews, Frank's Coffee

Bill Bell, Cruel Or Unaware

Bill Bennett, Shakedown St

Bill Black`s Combo, Bill Black`s Combo

Bill Blomquist, In the Courts of the King

Bill Blomquist, Through the Ages

Bill Bonk, Eveningshade

Bill Bothwell, Bandit Soup

Bill Boyd, Greatest Hits

Bill Camp, Drag Me Down

Bill Campton, Billy

Bill Christman, Turn On The Word

Bill Coleman, A Long Time Coming

Bill Coleman, Rockabilly Woody

Bill Colgate and the Urbane Guerillas, Boomer Bust

Bill Colgate, waiting for simon

Bill Cruz, Broken Line

Bill Cruz, Old is new, recorded live at EPS

Bill Culp, Roots'N'Roll Christmas

Bill Dant, Body Of Work: Volume One

Bill Dant, BODY OF WORK: Volume Two: The Bible-Study Years

Bill Deasy, Being Normal

Bill Dees, Castin` My Spell On You

Bill Dees, Saturday Night At The Movies

Bill Dees, Where Does The Time Go

Bill DeTucci, Rippin`

Bill Ely and the Catnips, Three Coils Around the Rat

Bill Ely and the Catnips, Wings To The Bird, Fangs To The Beast

Bill Ely Band, The Go Between

Bill Evans, Bill Evans Dragonfly

Bill Fagley, You Don`t Care

Bill Ferrell, Biker`s Prayer

Bill Foreman, Begging Bowl

Bill Foreman, Chevy w/Balding Tires

Bill Foreman, Seventeen Miles Past Indio

Bill Foreman, The Duck Hunter

Bill Gaunce, Sex, Junkfood, and Low Fidelity

Bill Gaunce, Songs From Old Kirkwood

Bill Golden, Riding the Wave

Bill Golden, The Vacation State

Bill Griese, Dig Deeper

Bill Griese, Too Long Coming

Bill Haas, Mystery Song

Bill Haley and the Satellites, Already Here

Bill Haley Jr. and the Comets, Bill Haley Jr. and the Comets

Bill Haley`s Comets, Rock and Roll Survivors Feat. Al Rappa and Joey Welz

Bill Heck, Calm Before The Storm

Bill Holland and The Rent`s Due Band, Way Overdue -- The Best of

Bill House, All I Wanna Do Is You

Bill Hudson, Liberty Street

Bill Jackson, Diggin` the Roots

Bill James, The Love Doctor

Bill James, Turn the Dice

Bill Jehle, control FREAK

Bill Jerram Band, Bill Jerram Band

Bill Kilander, Bloodhound Outtakes

Bill Klemm, Letting Go

Bill Klemm, Tell It to the Wind

Bill Kurzenberger, Resonate

Bill Leverty, Ace Bandage

Bill Leverty, Drive

Bill Leverty, Strong

Bill Leverty, The Bloom Is Off the Rose

Bill Littleford Trio, Bill Littleford Trio

Bill Lubera, Global Warning

Bill Mabrey, An American Love Story

Bill Mabrey, Naughty Things

Bill Madison, Baker Street

Bill Majoros, Dead Men Tell No Tales

Bill Majoros, Redshift

Bill Martin, I Shall Not Be Moved

Bill Masters, Rain

Bill McGarvey, Tell Your Mother

Bill McKay, Bill McKay

Bill McLean, Man In the Hole

Bill McLees, Hot Hands

Bill McLees, I'm Coming Home (Revised Version 2012)

Bill McLees, Problems Fade Away

Bill Mello, Kauai

Bill Mike band, Better News

Bill Mike Band, Truce

Bill Mumy, The Landlord or the Guest

Bill Nelson Band, Don't Talk to Strange Dogs

Bill Noonan Band, Catawba City

Bill Opland, Soaring on the Edge

Bill Owens Five, Foundry Street

Bill O`Meara, Still Water

Bill Palmer's TV Killers, The Mines

Bill Passalacqua, Long Way Home

Bill Pierce, Mirrors

Bill Pierce, Ripped

Bill Rhynes, He Who Walks With Us - Single

Bill Ring, Beneath a Violet Sun

Bill Rogers, Can You See?

Bill Roller, Circles 2015

Bill Roller, Free Flow

Bill Roller, Hard Latin Funk

Bill Rose, Moon Over Burbon Street

Bill Schoen, Psonyq-mzjf (Sonic Mischief)

Bill Schulz, Bill Schulz

Bill Sharp, Back in Memphis

Bill Sharp, She Knows

Bill Sibley, Barefoot Boogie

Bill Sibley, Crazy Ass U

Bill Slater, That's Crazy Talk!

Bill Steely & Where's Dave, Jane

Bill Themelaras, Hijacked

Bill Tiberio Band, Thanksgiving

Bill Toms and Hard Rain, Live at Moondogs: Another Moonlight Mystery

Bill Williams, Handful

Bill Wood and the Woodies, Bill Wood and the Woodies

Bill Wright, If I Only Had A Brain

Bill Yackey, 86

Bill Zagorski, Lakeside I

Bill Zanni, Screamin Red to Silent Blue

Billeon Groove, Island Funk Experience

Billhouse, Welcome To The Smalltime

Billie Joyce, One Willing Heart

Billie Lynn, Ain't Your Sometimes

Billie Rainbird, Deep Blue (Experience)

Billie Vegas, One Hit Wonder

Billionaire Boys Club, What Happened Last Night

BillKidney and Complete Control, Perception

Billt, Dive In

Billy "The Bat" Clements, Accidental Soldier: An Accidental Album

Billy "the Bat" Clements, My Soliloquoy - the Album

Billy "the Bat" Clements, My Soliloquoy-the Sound of Revolution Ep

Billy & The Essentials, Christmas Album

Billy + the Lost Boys, Breaking Down the Barriers That Break Down Your Music

Billy and Dave, The Wheel Still Spins

Billy and the Buttons, Billy and the Buttons

Billy and the Essentials, Original Master Recordings

Billy and the Fid, TERRY`S LODGE

Billy and the Jets, Invisible Forcefields

Billy and the Jets, On Borrowed Time

Billy and the Jets, Play the Chords

Billy Barman, Nocni Jazdci

Billy Barnett Band, Brand new Boogie

Billy Bauer Band, Another Day Is Coming

Billy Bauer, The Best of Both Worlds

Billy Beheler, No Man`s Land

Billy Boaz, Liberatio

Billy Bogges, Post Traumatic Kid Syndrome

Billy Boone, The Catalyst

Billy Boscoe Bone, Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's the Bollocks

Billy Bourbon, Neverchange

Billy Bowers, Avocado Sunburst

Billy Boy, The Good Stuff

Billy Boyd aka William Boyd, Jr, Telephones & Souls & Crosses & Poles

Billy Boyle, Hail The Dream

Billy Brandt and the Sugarees, The Time Is Now

Billy Bruce, Caxambas Pass

Billy Bruce, Future Comes Early

Billy Bruce, One Lane Bridge

Billy Coleman, Movin' to Outer Space

Billy Coulter, Back and Fourth

Billy Coulter, How to Break a Heart

Billy Coulter, Trace: Live at Goose Creek

Billy Cox, Unfiltered Billy Cox

Billy Craig, An Epic Tale

Billy Crain, Creole Shoes

Billy D & The Hoodoos, Somethin's Wrong

Billy Dare & the Pumps, P.M.S.

Billy David Band, All I See Is Hate

Billy Davidson, Bakers Dozen

Billy Davidson, Family Tree

Billy Davidson, No Place On Earth

Billy Davis, Said 'n' Done

Billy Dechand Band, World Famous in Chapel Hill

Billy DenMead, Me

Billy Donnelly, The Billy Project

Billy Dwayne and the Creepers, Damn That Lincoln

Billy Dwayne and the Creepers, She Ain't No Angel

Billy Eli & Lost in America, Something's Going On

Billy Engel, October

Billy G., Free Soul

Billy G., Stones to Throw

Billy Gale, In Lieu of Flowers

Billy Gill, From the Woods...

Billy Goerdt, Dance Across The Planet

Billy Goerdt, Porch Songs

Billy Goodman, Dark Horses

Billy Goodman, South Philly 1986

Billy Grind, I Don't Mind

Billy Hancock, Anthology, Vol. Two

Billy Hector, Choice Cuts

Billy Hector, Old School Thang

Billy Hector, The Fire Within

Billy Holiday, You Can`t Kill Rock N Roll

Billy Hough & The X-Loves, Venice

Billy Iuso & Restless Natives, Live from the Sandpiper

Billy Iuso, Naked

Billy Iuso, Overstanding

Billy Iuso, Restless Natives

Billy Iuso, Trippin'

Billy J Bryan & the Ax Grinders, Rest in Peace

Billy Jay, Bluesabilly Bustin Out

Billy Jeffords, Gilbert Drive

Billy Joe and The Dusty 45s, Billy Joe and The Dusty 45s Live

Billy Joe Trio, Pure Addiction

Billy Keane And The Misdemeanor Outlaws, Going Home

Billy Lewis Jr, Jealousy

Billy Lewis Jr., History in the Making

Billy Lewis Jr., Miles Away

Billy Lewis Jr., The Flood

Billy Love Band, Au-Delà Du Pain Aux Bananes?

Billy Max Ferg, Stepping Out of the Boat

Billy Mitchel, Around To Me

Billy North, Broken

Billy North, Show Your Work

Billy North, Under a Big Sky

Billy One Move, Reflections EP

Billy Parish & Philippe Willems, Can't Help Falling in Love

Billy Paulsen, What Would I Really Do? (feat. Brock Bowers)

Billy Peek, Tribute to a Poet

Billy Pommer Jr and the Guilty Plea, The Guilty Plea

Billy Price, Burning a Hole in My Heart (feat. Joe Grushecky)

Billy Quach, Blank Space

Billy Rader, Monkey Shines

Billy RAY, W@nted

Billy Riggs Band, Billy Riggs Band

Billy Riggs, Billy Riggs

Billy Schools, The Drummer Who Wanted To Sing

Billy Sedlmayr, Charmed Life

Billy Skinner, Tomorrow`s Sun

Billy Smith, Brass Knuckle Blues

Billy Smith, Welcome to Akron

Billy Stoops, Dirt Angel

Billy Suede, Rock-A-Billy Boys

Billy Sugarfix, Don't Turn Your Back On Rock and Roll

Billy Sullivan, Billy Sullivan Does the Beatles

Billy Sullivan, Love Hurts

Billy Sullivan, Paintin the Town (feat. Brent Warren)

Billy Sullivan, Passing Strangers

Billy Sullivan, Raining in My Heart

Billy Sullivan, She Doesn't Need the Sunshine

Billy Sullivan, There's a Fire

Billy the Bat Clements, Accidental Soldier: An Accidental EP

Billy Thompson, Friend

Billy Thomson Band, Live At Tyson's Tavern

Billy Valentine, The Night I Fell for You

Billy Vanilli and the Pine Mountain Boys, Drinkin` Through the Alphabet

Billy Walker, Billy Walker

Billy Wall, Momentos

Billy Wall, Something Real

Billy Webster, Eschaton

Billy Webster, Wicker Pants

Billy White Trio, Illusionation

Billy Wylder, Sand & Gold

Billy Z Duke, Songbird Sounds - EP

Billy Zack, Big Dreams

Billy Zack, Booby Trap

Billy, Yesterday`s America

Billy-N.O.W, Sold The Farm

Billyâ„¢ and the Floating Eyeball of DOOM, Mosquito Joe`s Alien Abduction Blues

Billyblues, Blind Date

Bimach, Absentee Husband

Bimbo, The Beauty Lies Within

Bimini Rd., No Frustrations

Bimini Rd., Photos

Bimm Dublin, Songbook, Vol. Two

Bina Band, As Sure As The Sun

Binary Dolls, Too Much Thinking Sinks Ships

Binaural, Last Reaction

Bind, For your heavy days

Bindlestiff Studios Benefit Album, Sinag Sining

Bing Futch, Dive!

Binge, Anna Kournikova

Bingewood, Silver Lake Debutants

Biography of Ferns, Merchants of Sleep and Purpose

Biogrove, County Line Tavern

Biogrove, Undermind

Biology Bob, Nature's Wild Dance

bionic brit, lautspeaker

Biorn Borg, Todo se Destroza

bipednoiz, let`s eat the aliens

Bipolar Explorer, Go Negative

Bipolar Star, Bipolar Star

Bipolaroid, E(i)ther Or

Bipolaroid, Illusion Fields

Bipolaroid, Transparent Make-believe

Birch Riley, 3

Birch Riley, Scattered

Birch-N-Slade, Second Chance Meeting

Bird Bath, Line & Hook

Bird Dog, Bon Bon Voyage

Bird Gets the Smile., Bird Gets the Smile

Bird Gets the Smile., You Never Knew Whitey Glew?

Bird Mancini, Funny Day

Bird Mancini, Tuning In / Tuning Out

Bird Rock, Flip

Bird Screaming Planet, Bird Screaming Planet

Bird Screaming Planet, Don't Go To Sleep

Bird Show of North America, Murder Over Moscow

Bird St. Players, Flood

Bird Street Players, Blind

Bird Street Players, Exit 32

Bird Street Players, Flood

Bird York, Bird York

Bird York, Blissed Out Records

Bird York, Go With It - songs from "Sublime"

Birddog, Open Air

Birdface, Birdface

Birdie Black, Tore Me Up

Birdie Busch, Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night

Birdie Num Num and the Spirit Squad, A Universal Pact

Birdmonster, Birdmonster

Birdog, Home

Birds and Arrows, We're Gonna Run

Birds and Buildings, Multipurpose Trap

Birds of Chicago, Birds of Chicago

Birds of Chicago, Live from Space

Birds Of Prey, Birds Of Prey

Birdwatchers of America, There Have Been Sightings

birdWire, I`ll Take It With Me

Birdy Bardot, Birdy Bardot

Birdy Richman, All Songs 2009 - 2012

Biriba, Biriba

Birmingham Six, Move On

Birmingham Sunday, Prevalent Visionaries: the History of Birmingham Sunday - Vol. 2

Birmingham Sunday, Prevalent Visionaries: The History of Birmingham Sunday, Vol. 1

Birth of a Catastrophe, Short Stories - EP

Birthday Suits, Six 7

Birthday Suits, The Minnesota : Mouth To Mouth

Birushanah, Touta

Biscuit Kings, Hambones & Trombones

Biscuit Mouth, Captain Gregs, Wrapped in Legs

Biscuit Mouth, Doing It Right and Doing It Well

Biscuit Mouth, Roll Into the Dancer

Biscuit Mouth, That's Some Cool Change Sonny, For Sure

Bishop Allen, EP Collection Vol. 1

Bishop Allen, EP Collection Vol. 2

Bishop Black, Scraping Through the South

Bishop Black, The Best Of

Bishop Lake, Bishop Lake

Bishop v. Spy, 14" - E.P.

Bishops Green, A Chance to Change

Bison Bone, Bison Bone

Bison, Herd Mentality

Bison, The Beast With Nine Backs

Bit Beat Bite Bright, Get What You Want (Live)

bitch and animal, what`s that smell?

Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion, B+TEC

Bitch Cassidy, The Gift and The Sickness

Bitch Face, Mrs. Pride & Mr. Fear

Bitch N' Brown, Bitch N' Brown

Bitch Queens, Female Shotgun

Bitch Queens, Gimme a Kiss

Bitch Queens, High Strung

Bitch Queens, Kill Your Friends

Bitch Queens, So Fucking Bored (feat. The Hip Priests)

Bitch Queens, Suck It Up!

Bitches Sin, Definitive Invaders

Bitches Sin, Strangers and Sinners

Bitches Sin, The Rapture

Bitches Sin, The Sound of Silence

Bitchfire, Bitchfire

Bitchwax, Ride With Bitchwax

Bitchy Boy, Time Thief EP

Bite the Shark, First Blood

Bite, How Come

BITE, Leave 'Em To Bleed

Bite, Off the Hook

Biteboy, The S&M Song

Bitter Allegiance, Bitter Allegiance

Bitter Canon, BC:01

Bitter Divide, Out of Reach

Bitter Edge, Bitter Edge

Bitter Grace, ... God and the Abyss

Bitter Grace, ... Shimmer

Bitter Grace, The Burning Sun

Bitter Grace, The Deeper Singles

Bitter Sea, Sadist's Love

Bitter, Falling Asunder

Bitterbox, Hero

Bitterlouie, Stand up !!!

Bittersweet Collapse, Burn

Bittersweet Collapse, Synthetic

Bittersweet Collapse, Traffic

Bittersweet Manics, Bittersweet Manics

Bittersweet, Balance

Bittersweet, Bittersweet

Bix Weir, Players In The Night

Bixby Lane, For a Change

Bixby Lane, Us

Bixby, Bixby

Bixby, Juice

Bixby, Tsarina

Bixy Lutz, The Thread

Bizarre Ending, Gestört

Bizarre Noir, Into the Sunset

Bizzy Gruntry, Getting to Know You

BJ Arthur, Gospel Song (Freedom)

Bj Dubin, Mystery

Bj Holland, Tao of the Beej

BJ Stricker, Middle of the City - EP

Bjarni Þór, Ánþínlegt

Björn Karlsson & Caisa Band, Next Door

Björn Karlsson, Afton I Kåtebol

Bjørn Langseth, When I'm Going to the Ocean

Bjerke & The Ripsters, Live Music Is Dead

BK Blues & Hickory Stick, Essence of Rock

Blabpipe, 6 Pack

Black Market III, Songs That Shake the Cage

Black & Blue, Black & Blue

Black & Grey, Goodbye Misery

Black 47, Elvis Murphy`s Green Suede Shoes

Black 47, New York Town

Black Agnes, Mason Jar of Home

Black Ambient Manifesto, Removing the Silence

Black and White Rewrite, Keepsakes

Black and White, So Much For The Classics - Vol. 1

Black Angel Down, Black Angel Down

Black Angel Down, Pretty Face

Black Angel Down, Wind

Black Angel, 13 Stories

Black Angel, Hard Livin', Hard Times

Black Angel, O' Los Angeles

Black Angel, O' Santa Barbara

Black Angel, O` California

Black Angel, Pleasuredome

Black Angel, Pleasuredome

Black Angel, Real Music for Real People

Black Apples, Cover Up

Black Arrow, Blood Calls

Black Aura, The Winter Carnival

Black Babylon, Strawberry Lights

Black Balled, Jolt

Black Bear Combo & Wild Jesus and the Devil's Lettuce, Split Lp

Black Bear Tribe, City Girl

Black Bear Tribe, Spin Measure Cut

Black Beast Revival, Volume 1

Black Bell, The Inevitable Decline

Black Belt Theatre, Hibernation Termination

Black Betty and The Bad Habits, Voodoo Man

Black Betty, Hollow Eye Alibi

Black Biscuit, Up All Night

Black Blank, Live at Skunkworks

Black Bones, Pirates of the Coast

Black Bonnet Ballyhoo, Dallas

Black Bonzo, Guilotine Drama

Black Bottom Lighters, Astronauts - Single

Black Bottom Lighters, Black Bottom Lighters - EP

Black Bottom Lighters, How Good

Black Box Burning, Everybody Crashes

Black Boy Rockin It, Three the Hard Way

Black Bridge Manifesto, The Black Bridge Manifesto

Black Bridge, Black Bridge

Black Bunny, Chasing the Ghost

Black Canvas, Black Canvas

Black Cat Barons, Black Cat Barons

Black Cat Rebellion, Lovers of the Bizarre

Black Cat, Black Cat

Black Cat, Real World

Black Cat, The Brutality of Reality

Black City Avenger, Black City Avenger - EP

Black City Avenger, Fire to Gasoline

Black Cloud, The Sneeze

Black Coyote, Cigarettes and Dust

Black Crash, Red Lights

Black Daniels and the Bears, Copasetic

Black Days Down, Beyond the Threshold

Black Diamond, Black Diamond

Black Diamond, Black Diamond

Black Diamond, Live2001

Black Diamonds, Black Thunder

Black Diamonds, Jumpin' Jack Flash

Black Diamonds, Perfect Sin

Black Diamonds, The Black Diamonds

Black Dog Prowl, Half Truths & Lies

Black Dog Prowl, No Robots

Black Dog Prowl, Vapor

Black Dog Prowl, Vapor EP

Black Dog, Heather Again

Black Dove Quartet, Fine Lines Exotic Places

Black Dragon Orchestra, Invisible World

Black Dragon River, Black Dragon River

Black Dream, Smart Bomb

Black Endorphine, Cold Sand

Black Endorphine, Hopeful Tree

Black Endorphine, Hopeful Tree (Progressive Goth Core Version)

Black Endorphine, Prayers of War

Black Endorphine, Prayers of War (Progressive Goth Core Version)

Black Endorphine, Shades of Grey

Black Eyed Betty, Take it All

Black Eyed Blonde, All in Time

black eyed soul, Sentimental Junk

Black Eyed Susan, Back Stabbers & Money Grabbers

Black Eyed Susan, Songs From the Bottom

Black Eyed Susan, Step Inside

Black Finger, Blackfinger

Black Finger, Tokyo

Black Finger, Where`s My Parade

Black Flamingo, *** 5 Songz***

Black Flamingo, Black Flamingo

Black for a Second, About the West

Black Forest, 夕

Black Fortress of Opium, Stratospherical

Black Friday Death Count, Front Toward Enemy

Black Friday Death Count, Rocket to King of Prussia

Black Friday, 4

Black Friday, Redux

Black Friday, Tom's Back

Black Furies, Black Furies

Black Giraffe, Demo

Black Gravity, The Singularity

Black Hat, Hooray for Love

Black Heart Fire, Take the Money and Run

Black Heart Kings, Delayed

Black Henbane, Picturesque Ruins

Black Hole Alien, Enter Through Me

Black Hole Alien, Gunz and Alcohol

Black Hole Gypsy, Black Hole Gypsy

Black Hole Oscillators, Black Hole Oscillators

Black Hole Trio, Black Hole Trio

Black Honey, 13 Arrows

Black Horse Motel, Red Summer Spirit

Black Hundreds, Two EP`s

Black Infinity, The Illuminati of Love and Death, Vol. 1

Black Infinity, The Illuminati of Love and Death, Vol. 2

Black Ink, Black Ink

Black Irish NJ, Black Irish

Black Jacket, Resurrection

Black Janet, She

Black Jet Radio, Black Jet Radio

Black Jet Radio, Dead Wine

Black Jet Radio, Sex Sex Riot

Black Jet Radio, Soft Burning Light

Black Jet Radio, Ugly

Black Kat Benders, Black Kat Benders

Black King Crow, Longshaw

Black Kiss Superstar, Time for Rock 'n' Roll

Black Kites, Loki

Black Lab, Passion Leaves A Trace

Black Lab, See The Sun

Black Lab, Technologie

Black Lab, Two Strangers

Black Lagoon, The Ruthless Workings of Nature

Black Leaf Clover, Black Leaf Clover

Black Leather, Homomensura

Black Light White Light, Gold Into Dreams

Black Light White Light, High Like a Hurricane

Black Light White Light, Infrared Daylight

Black Light, Green Gloves

Black Light, Selector Sound

Black Lili, Gate Hours

Black Lili, Welcome to Planet Zero

Black Lily Orchard, Barbie's Letter

Black Lily, Black Lily EP

Black Lung Bandits, Bandaids on Bullet Wounds

Black Lung, Black Lung

Black Magdalene, The Double

Black Magic Darkness, Cosmic Empire

Black Magick, Cold Day In Hell

Black Magick, Ghost Town


Black Mali, 4

Black Mamba, Therapillusion

Black Marmot, Words of Engagement

Black Masala, Black Masala

Black Masheeen, Palindrome Time

Black Mercies, Lover's Leap - EP

Black Merda!, The Folks From Mother`s Mixer

Black Merda, Cynthy-Ruth 2008

Black Mesa, E.P.

Black Metal Box, Black Metal Box

Black Mojo, Black Mojo

BLACK MOON, Black Moon

Black Moses, Emperor Deb

Black Mother Jones, Prepared For Nasty Weather

Black Mountain Prophet, Notorious Sinner

Black Mustang, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Black Noise Cannon, Unsaved: The reality of the silent war

Black Note Graffiti, Volume I

Black Number Nine, Black Number Nine

Black Oak Hymnal, Hand Drawn Map Through A Killer's Heart

Black On High, The First Seal

Black Owls, Black Owls EP

Black Owls, Gasoline

Black Owls, Glorious In Black - Her Normal Courtesy

Black Owls, June '71

Black Owls, Money On the Girl

Black Owls, Rook

Black Pearl, Six Song Sampler

Black Pearl, Today Is Yesterday`s Tomorrow

Black Pearl, Waiting for Me

Black Pig, It Is What It Is

Black Pines, Tears of Yesterday

Black Plastic Clouds, Electroplate

Black Plastic Clouds, The Duelist

Black Powder County, The Bpc Syndicate

Black Powder Legend, Black Powder Legend

Black Powder Legend, Lady Liberty

Black Powder Legend, Offended

Black Powder Revival, Six Feet on the Floor

Black Pus, Black Pus 0, Ultimate Beat Off

Black Pus, Black Pus 3, Metamorpus

Black Pus, Black Pus 4, All Aboard the Magic Pus

Black Pus, Pus Mortem

Black Rabbit's Dream, Acid

Black Rain, After the Storm

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Specter At the Feast

Black Road Home, Of All Enemies

Black Rock Revival, Keep It Together

Black Rock Revival, Mission Control

Black Rock, Izitaladi Zobumnyama

Black Rocks, I'd Rather Be Alone

Black Roof Country, People Like Us

Black Rope, Heartbeat

Black Rose Mansion, Quiet Down Now

Black Rose Radio, Wholehearted

Black Rose, Rainbow in your eyes

Black Rose, Time Doesn´t Matter At All

Black Sails, Minotaur

Black Sand Sprint, Sunset Pictures & Lightning

Black Sea Storm, Onca Onsuz

Black Seal, Pyre

Black Shag, Raise the Flag

Black Shep, Johnny On The Corner

Black Sixteen, Black Sixteen

Black Smoke Snakes, War of the Squirrels and Crows (Demo)

Black Snake Halo, Children of the Snake

Black Snakes, If You Can't Do the Mamba, Don't Dance!

Black Sonic Prophets, Out Of The Light - Into The Night

Black Sparrow, Black Sparrow

Black Spot, Satellite Transmission

Black Square, Black Square

Black Squares / White Islands, Black Squares / White Islands

Black Star Electra, Black Star Electra

Black Star Inc., ...Out Of Nowhere

Black Statues, Gloss Cannon

Black Steel, Relentless Force

Black Stone Kings, The Third Rail

Black Stone Kings, Turn You On

Black Stoned Maggots, Distance Falls

Black Storm, Auditory Images

Black Storm, Black Storm

Black Sun Ensemble, Hymn of the Master

Black Sun, Break Me (feat. Tracy G)

Black Sun, Edge of Darkness

Black Sun, Take Me Higher

Black Sunday, A Ghost in the City

Black Swan Green, The Ruin Gaze...

Black Swedes, Phase

Black Tangerine, Black Tangerine

Black Tar Heroines, Purely Hypothetical EP

Black Taxis, Pretty Money Envy, an EP

Black Throat Wind, Between White Worlds

Black Tie Affair, Chasing The Moon

Black Tie Dynasty, Down Like Anyone

Black Tie Event, Nothing in Life Is Free

Black Tie Event, One Night Live

Black Tie Event, You Mean Nothing to Me

Black Tie Rebels, The Odd Man Out

Black Tie Stereo, Electric Allie

Black Tie, At Dawn

Black Train, Busted Blues

Black Train, Escape Song

Black Train, Solo

Black Valentine, Polygamy Is Alright By Me

Black Valentine, Rehab Is For Quitters

Black Valentine, Show the World

Black Valentine, World Gone Wrong

Black Veil, Half a Heart

Black Velvet Express, All Stood Still

Black Water Greed, Walk Away

Black Water Swim, Easier Said Than Done

Black Water, Disasters

Black Whales, Vietnam

Black Wild, One Against the Other

Black Wolf Howl, Black Wolf Howl

Black Wolf Red, Black Wolf Red

Black Zornitak, The Other Side

Black$heep, Undying Denial

Black$Hide & Turner, Light at the Door

Black*kiss, Christmas Cancelled / White Elephants

Black*kiss, Horses / Flame #1

Black, Black

Black, Lift

BLACK, Straight Away

Black-Tape, Trash

Black4, The Tales of Cuatro Negro

Blackalexxx, Underground

Blackball, Blackball

Blackbeard rock, Rock and Revolution

Blackberry Jam, Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Tongues, We Are Open Mouths

Blackberry, Blackberry

Blackbird Bullet, Bloodrush

Blackbird Bullet, Goodbye

Blackbird Bullet, Severed

Blackbird Cemetery, Dont Remember

Blackbird Cemetery, Southern Justice

Blackbird Hour, Ghost Money

Blackbird Orchestra, Fables and Fields Green

Blackbird Pond, Blackbird Pond Dot Com

Blackbird, Modern Day Saints

Blackbirdz, Blackbirdz

Blackboard Jungle, I Like It Alot

Blackbone, Homegrown

Blackburn X, All or Nothing

Blackburn, Nequam

Blackburst, A Slight Change in Pressure

Blackbutton, Gun Shot Lover

Blackbutton, That Thing That You Want to Put a Finger to is Because

Blackbyrd McKnight, 'Bout Funkin' Time

Blackcast, Anywhere

Blackcat Elliot, Never Come Clean

Blackcat Elliot, Threads Tearing From The Inside

Blackcat Revival, Eleventy Billion

Blackcoin, Showdown at the Copa Corral

Blackdog and the Rainmakers, Washington Apple

Blackdog Blue, 3

Blacked Out World, Red White and Black

Blacken'd Red, Blacken'd Red

Blacken'd Red, Drive

Blackened Blue, A Brief Moment of Clarity

Blackest Little Heart, Soul

Blackeyed Katy, Dealin`

Blackfarinas, She'sbleeding

Blackfire Poet-Tree, Cash Turn Ash (feat. Tokio Fujiyama)

Blackfire, One Nation Under

Blackfire, [Silence] Is A Weapon (double disc album)

Blackfractal, Excuse me, pussy

Blackgrass, 13

Blackgrass, Hope

Blackhearts, Ladder Lady

Blackhearts, Three

Blackherry, Hari Georgeson

Blackjack Symphony, Blackjack Symphony

blacklight chameleons, A Field Guide To Blacklight Chameleons

BlackLight Prophet, BlackLight Prophet

Blacklily Orchard Project, Tinderpick

Blackline, Blackline

Blacklist Union, After The Mourning

Blackmail Honeymoon, Great Unknown Classic Rock

Blackmail, Sonic Rendezvous

Blackmail, The Hard Groove

Blackmaker, Staggering To The Surface

Blackmarket Syndicate, And the Peasants Rejoiced

Blackmore, Law of Time

Blackout Angels, How Does It Feel

Blackout Angels, Never Give You Away

Blackout Angels, That Dress

Blackout Jack, What Happened Last Night

Blackout Stereo, Blackout Stereo

Blackout Stereo, Cold Hearts and Broken Starts

Blackout Stereo, Down so Long It Looks Like Up

Blackout, Away From Home EP

Blackout, Forever And A Day

Blackpoint, Let Us Make A Scene

Blackpool, Suspend Belief

Blackquestion, 27

Blackquestion, Human Element

Blackquestion, Life Is a Beauty

Blackquestion, Offbeat

Blackquestion, The Diary of Kenny

Blackrain, Into the Black

Blackrobe, Don't Care

Blackrue, The Likelihood of Confusion

Blacksnake, Mind Over Matter

Blackstar Burning, Fire in the Sky

Blackstar, Big Song

Blackstone, On the Line

Blackstrap, Media Slut

Blacktask, Polaris - Single

Blackthorn, Ratty Shoes

Blacktimes, Rock for You

Blacktimes, You Are Free

Blacktop Badge, Blacktop Badge

Blacktop Burners, Blacktop Burners

Blacktop Deceiver, Monster On the Street

Blacktop Deluxe, Dark Horses

Blacktop Harrison, Adjust Your Radar

Blacktop Harrison, Sunshine, Dark Eyes

Blacktop Mojo, I Am

Blackwater Noise, For Never and Ever

BlackWater Noise, Twisted Trees

Blackwater Rebellion, Blackwater Rebellion

Blackwater Ridge, Feel Good Fever

Blackwell, Manufactured Paradise

BlackWire, BlackWire

Blackwolf, Mr Maker - Single

Blackwood Article, Blackwood Article

Blackwood Company, Forbidden Fruit

Blacky Sheridan, Gimme 5 - EP

Blade of Grass, She Was

Blade Perry, Trop Knockers

Blaggards, Live in Texas

Blaggards, Standards

Blague Et Hale, Rocher d'île

Blah Blah Blah, Charm

Blah Blah Blah, Thank You Thank You

Blaine Duncan & the Lookers, When She Dies

Blaine Duncan and the Lookers, Blaine Duncan and the Lookers

Blaine Elderton, Are You Sitting Comfortably

Blaine Long, Rey

Blaine Long, Slip 250

Blaine, O Poder

Blair Bodine, Blair Bodine

Blair Collins, Mindskating

Blair Hansen, Blair Hansen

Blair Hansen, Smile

Blair Lott, Rooms and Boxes

Blair Packham, Could`ve Been King

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells, EP

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells, Run & Hide

Blaire Reinhard Band, Concert For Lauren

Blaise, Songs by Blaise

Blak Lyons, Blak Lyons Ep

Blak Lyons, Bygones

Blak, Frankenstein Valentine

Blak, My Darling (Why Aren't You Dead?)

Blak, Zombie Mamma

Blakalaska, Machine


Blakats, Monster Love

Blake Aaron, Stranded ep

Blake Aaron, Two

Blake Allen, Leaning Tree

Blake and The Family Dog, Stolen Days

Blake Andrew, Runaway

Blake Bollinger, No Holiday

Blake Chen, Shadow

Blake Fowler, Back Road Lost

Blake Fowler, Five Miles

Blake Fowler, The Star That Stands Alone

Blake Gardner & the Farmers, Cricked Roots

Blake Guthrie and Getaway Car, Til I Reach the Light

Blake Havard, Come Back Home for Christmas

Blake Ian, Helpless (Live At the Bowery Electric) [feat. Lee Diamond & Larry Hess]

Blake Kwitco, My Blue Moon

Blake Olvera, Wonder

Blake Russell Band, O My Soul

Blake Whitworth, AO! featuring Tiffany Milagro as the girl

Blake, Piscean

Blake, Solomon`s Tump

Blaknote, Conflict And Compromise

Blakshine, Blakshine

Blame Bertsch, Blame Bertsch

Blame it on the Girl, Dismember

Blame it on the Girl, Vaya Con Dios

Blame The Rain, Blame The Rain

Blame Zeus, Identity

Blameless, Action-ville

Blamhoney, Providence of Decadence

Blanc Noise, Mar Dei Mai

Blanca Cepa, Brotes

Blanche Davidian, Attack of the Killer

Blanche Fury, Lost In Eve`s Garden

Blank Bullets, Blank Bullets EP

Blank Frank, Dark Ages

Blank Institute, Orientation

Blank Labels, City to City

Blank Slate, Blank Slate

Blank Slate, Blank Slate (Red Ep)

Blank White Page, Opening Statement

Blanketship, Music with A Message

Blaq Lily, Dream Walk

Blaq Lily, Still Waters

Blas Vox, I Don't Know Why

Blasé Splee, Et Cetera

Blase Debris, Creep Cool

Blastar, Blastar

Blaster, Blaster

Blasternaut, Overload

Blasting Echo, The End Is Still so Far

Blatant Finger, Full-On Empty

Blatant, Boy In The Mirror

Blaudo, B L A U D I O

Blaxeed, Broken Down and Dirty

Blaze the Nation, Habitual Ritual

Blaze, Blaze

Blaze, Heroes

Blaze, Rock Gods

Blazing Surfboards, Lone Star

Blazing Surfboards, Sea Turtle

Bläck Gläss, The Magic Mushroom / Jellyfish

Bläck Gläss, What's With the Ant?

Blästerorkester, You Are My Friend

Blånæggel, Swan

Bleach Bloodz, LIVE and RAW!

Bleak Flesh, Transcendence

Bleak, Drinking Song

Bleaker Street Cowboys, Bleaker Street Cowboys

Bleat, Tough Crowd

Bleat, Unsolved Mysteries

Bled Life, Shining Armor

Bledsoe, Things You Need to Know

Bleed The Day, Bleed The Day

Bleed the Freaks, All Is Lost

Bleed the Freaks, Eat the Sun

Bleeding Dix, Bleeding Bones (Secret Villains Presents)

Bleeding Harp, Breakin' Me Down

Bleeding Harp, Live to Ride

Bleeding Soul, Working Class Re-Run

Blei, in day as dark

Blekbox, Blekbox

Blend, Deadlines

Blender, Reloaded

BlenderFish, BlenderFish

Blendre, Fingers Crossed For Fuses

Blendt, ... or something like that

Blendy Legend, Carnets D'un Naufragé

Blesk, Rest

Bless the Broken, Make Me The Martyr

Bless You Boys, Armed to the Teeth

Bless, Without a Sound

Blessid Union of Souls, Perception

Blessing a Curse, Coffin City

Blest Mess, The Album

Blest Mess, The Demo

Bletchley Park Project, Bletchley Park Project

Bletchley Park Project, Mirror Root

Bleu Echo, Onto the Z Axis

Bleu Edmondson, The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

Bleu Lane, Just Livin My Rock and Roll Life

Bleu, Man in the Sky

Bleucatz, The Blue Report

Blick Van Glory, The Search for Quest

Blick Van Glory, The Sophomores (single)

Bliley, The Bliley EP

Blim, Zero / No Frills

Blin-Stoyle & Stan, The Wonderful Years of Rock

Blind Acceptance, Emotions Inside

Blind Alley, Destination Destiny

Blind Archer, For Aoede

Blind Army, Blind Army

Blind Bird, Bienvenidos to California

Blind Boris, Blind Boris

blind boy blue, waiting for you

Blind Carbon Copy, Black and White

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, Anywhere Else?

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, Myths & Routines

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

Blind Curve, Blind Curve

Blind Date, Blind Date

Blind Date, Can You Feel It

Blind Dog Otis, Blind Dog Otis

Blind Fold, Walking the Plank

Blind Fret, Dream Catcher (Slaggmix)

Blind Fret, Fire & Honey

Blind Fret, Voodoo Bad (feat. Shawn Helm)

Blind Fret, Wild Wing

Blind friday, Wake Up

Blind Id, Two Shots Two Beers

Blind Iris, Blind Iris

Blind Leading Blind, Living Proof

Blind Lemon Cucumber, Cinco De Mayo

Blind Lemon Cucumber, It's All About Love

Blind Lemon Pledge, Against the Grain

Blind Luck Combo, Blind Luck Combo

Blind Man Cain, See No Evil

Blind Man Leading, Fire Escape

Blind on Bourbon, 120 Proof

Blind Pig Julep, Over the Top

Blind Pig Julep, Shorty

Blind Race, Lost

Blind Race, Seeing Red

Blind Rafferty, Blind Rafferty

Blind Rage and Violence, The End of Rock and Roll

Blind Reign, Disregard

Blind Robbery, Ante Up

Blind Season, This Won't Be Easy

Blind Shame, All N Compass

Blind the Sky, Blind the Sky

Blind to Reason, Another Bad Day

Blind to Reason, Blind to Reason

Blind Tomorrow, Let Me Be

Blind Willies, Every Day Is Judgment Day

Blind Willies, Needle, Feather, and a Rope

Blinded Passenger, The Electric

Blinded Passenger, The Man in the Cannon

Blinded Passenger, The Wheels

Blinded, Picking up the Pieces

Blinded, Seconds From Reality

Blinder, Calamity A Foot Behind

Blinder, Glorifying Mediocrity to the Point of Insanity

Blinderman & Freeman, Music for the Sunrise

Blindfire, Blindfire

Blinding Edge, Fulcrum

Blinding Eye Dog, Shadow Over Baltimore

Blindman, Benevolent Beggar

Blindside Blues Band, Raised On Rock

Blindside Blues Band, Rare Tracks

Blindside Blues Band, Smokehouse Sessions, Vol. Two

Blindside Drop, Liar

Blindside Thunder, 100 Proof

Blindside Thunder, Human Race

Blindside Thunder, Tequila

BlindSide Thunder, The Storm

Blindside Thunder, The Truth Hurts

BlindSight, Caution Devil

Blindstone, Freedom`s Calling

Blindstone, Greetings from the Karma Factory

Blindstone, Live in Denmark

Blindstone, Manifesto

Blindstone, Rare Tracks

Blindstone, Rise Above


Blink of an eye, Anomia

Blink of an eye, Until Then

Blinktooth, Kid

Bliss Bomb, Ethereality

Bliss Bomb, Run Away

Bliss Bomb, Trouble

Bliss Point, Forget About Gravity

Bliss(This), Chasing the Mad Rabbit

Bliss, Flux

Bliss, Get Me Out / Shame On Me

Bliss, Industrial Bright and Tragic

Bliss, Shooting Starz

Bliss, Uphill Battle

Bliss53, 12 Days After Youth

Bliss53, Iconoclast

Blissard, Blissard

Blisses B, Thirty Days, Sixty Years

Blisses B, You Should

Blissiplin, Your Brain's so Sexy

Blisstripp, Forever`s not to Long

Blistur, Fear Itself

Blitch Bango, Space Time

Blitch Bango, Twilight

Blitch, Rebuilt

Blithehound, Hound It

Blitzkriegbliss, Every Day is Marked

Blivit, The Beginning

Blivit, Unhand the World

Blk Galaga, Something for Everyone, Nothing for You.

blkvampires, blkvampires

Blkvampires, Eric Garner

BLML, The Gift

Block of Flats, Ashes

Blocks of Seven, Familiar Face

Blocks of Seven, Flying Free

Blonde Blues, Envision Nu Blues

Blondes Pass Out, Blondes Pass Out

Blood and Sunshine, Change Is In the Weather

Blood Corps, Evolution

Blood Corps, Hollow Point

Blood Dead Sky, The End of Days (I Will Follow You)

Blood Hot Beat, Blood Hot Beat

Blood Knife & Ray Dollar, Fuckin' Punk

Blood of the Sun, Blood of the sun

Blood of the Sun, Death Ride

Blood of the Sun, In Blood We Rock

Blood of Vangogh, Blood of Vangogh

Blood On a Twenty, The Eastern Edge of the West

Blood or Whiskey, No Time to Explain

Blood Owl, Hello Scarecrow

Blood Owl, Raised Like Wolves / Released Like Whales

Blood Owl, Swimming With Swords

Blood Red Boots, Countless Nights

Blood Red Boots, Love + Destruction

Blood Red Sun, A Nation Of Saviors

Blood Relatives, Real Time Record

Blood Root Mother, Mystic Machine

Blood Runners, Objective #1

Blood Sugar, Crack Smack Sugar sh** Pop

Blood Vessels, Blood Vessels

Blood Will Tell, Whichever Comes Last

Blood, Lost Sky

Blood, Vengeance for Blood Integral Editon

Bloodbird Harrington, Scorcher

Bloodcocks UK, Bloodcocks UK

Bloodcow, Bloodcow III: Hail Xenu

Bloodcow, Kill Bodies

Bloodcow, Railroad City

Bloodletters and Badmen, Bloodletters and Badmen

Bloodletting, The Ever After

Bloodline Riot, Keys and Clockwork

Bloodline Riot, Letting Go

Bloodparade, Euforia

Bloodrock, The Bloodrock Reunion Concert

Bloodroot, Bloodroot EP

Bloodroot, Broken Twisted World

Bloodroot, Deep

Bloods, Into My Arms

Bloodshot Taffeta, Graveyard Gavotte

Bloodwater, Dreams of Change

Bloody Hammers, Bloody Hammers

Bloody Mary Rocks, My Mary

Bloody Mary Rocks, Switch

Bloody Mary, Anno Zero

Bloody Mary, Party Music for Graveyards

Bloody Red Hearts, Bloody Red Hearts

Bloody Stiletto, Bloody Stiletto

Bloody Stinking Bastards, Fit for Fight

Bloody Sunshine Band, Dead Marten At the Pond Hut

Bloody Wall Of Gore, Greetings From Planet BWOG

Bloody Your Hands, Paper Cuts

Bloom Session, things you hear while you sleep

Bloom Street, Keep On...

Bloom Underground, Not Afraid

Bloom, When We Were Young

Bloomfield, Adversity

Blooming Bairds, The Right Kind of Wrong

Bloomsbury People, Bloomsbury People

Blooom, The Beat Orphanage

Blose-Eckhart Project, ReCreated Christmas

Blotto, Collected Works

Blotto, Then More Than Ever

Blow Up Daisy, Stungun Sweetheart

blow up hollywood, blow up hollywood

blow up hollywood, fake

blow up hollywood, The Diaries of Private Henry Hill

Blow-Up, Boom!

Blowback, Greed Runs the Clock

Blowback, Lies

Blowback, Track III

Blowgun, Tales from the Dume Room

Blown Stiff, Passion and Desire

Blu Simon, The American Dream

Blubird, We Are Birds

Bludd, The Dysfunctional Life Of A Cowboy In Black

Blue 'chaos' Light, Hymn to Death (feat. Dax)

blue 'chaos' light, Memories

Blue Acid Grass Band, Cave Man (feat. Kevin Vilen)

Blue Axis, Ashes to Ashes-Dust to Dust

Blue Axis, The Axis Is Blue

Blue Bang Theory, Asphalt Road (feat. Paul Kingery)

Blue Bolt, Of Angels

Blue Canoe, Blue Canoe II

Blue Carpet Corner, All I See

Blue Cartoon, Are You Getting On?

Blue Chandelier, Crash and Boom

Blue Cheese, confusedfishdeathart

Blue Cloud Ruffians, Belleview

Blue Cloud Ruffians, Wisteria King

Blue Collar Combo, Introducing Blue Collar Combo

Blue Collar Criminals, Warrior Poets

Blue Coraline, Hell Would Be a Welcome Reprieve

Blue Corduroy, Iconic

Blue County Line, Don't Happen Twice

Blue Coupe, Hallow's Grave (feat. Alice Cooper)

Blue Coupe, Million Miles More

Blue Coupe, More Cowbell (Gotta Fever)

Blue Coupe, You (Like Vampires)

Blue Coyote, Thrown to the Skull and Bones

Blue Daze, Angels

Blue Diamond Shine, Shrimp Boat Town

Blue Embrace, Bleeding Blue

Blue Eyed Christ, A Rush and a Thrill

Blue Eyed Christ, American Whore

Blue Eyed Jesus, And Now the Good News

Blue Eyed Jesus, Velvet Years EP

Blue Factory, California

Blue Factory, Limekiln

Blue Factory, Primates, Drunks and Cowboys

Blue Falcon, First Flight

Blue Fantasy Angels, Distorted Power

Blue Fantasy Angels, Early Years

Blue Fantasy Angels, Greatest Hits

Blue Fantasy Angels, Sculptures in Smoke - Complete

Blue Fantasy Angels, The Inner War of Children

Blue Flames, Juke

Blue Flux, Don't Let Go

Blue Flux, Just Dreams

Blue Flux, Shooting Star

Blue Flux, The Beach

Blue Food, Engines

Blue Friday, Maybe

Blue Fruit Snacks, No Artificial Flavors

Blue Fur, Cage Free

Blue Genes, Blink, Debris!

Blue Hail, Blue Hail

Blue Hand Recital, 5 Ways to Thursday

Blue Healers, Shake You Down

Blue Helix, Coda

Blue Helix, Light The Wick - EP

Blue Helix, Tale of Two Halves

Blue Highways, Never Again Until Next Time

Blue Honey, Wherever You Are Tonight (Downtown Dancin')

Blue Horizon, Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon, Rainbows

Blue Horizon, Shapeshifter

Blue House Union, 6 Million Hours

Blue Ice, Legends in Our Mind

Blue in the Face, Collision of Memories

Blue Iris, Blue Iris

Blue Is Cold, Don`t Mess With My Peg-Legged Baby

Blue Island Beer Club, Have You a Taste

Blue J's, Bad Bones

Blue J's, Sold Your Soul

Blue James Band, Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight

Blue Jays Band, The Bigger Picture EP

Blue Jean Harmonica, Under the Salty Sky - EP

Blue Jimmy, Blue Jimmy

Blue Jimmy, Live

Blue Jimmy, South Ave. Sessions

Blue Jimmy, The Good Old Days

Blue Judy, The Common and Continual Mischiefs

Blue Judy, Well Versed in Nothing

blue kite, aleatoric

blue kite, mobile

Blue Kite, Resolution

Blue Labeled, Strings

Blue Light Bandits, The B.L.B Demo

Blue Light Curtain, Clouds in Our Hair

Blue Light Curtain, EP

Blue Lightning, Maestro In the Jam

Blue Limbo, Blue Limbo

Blue Line Highway, A Perfect Curve

Blue Line Highway, East Coast City

Blue Line Highway, Life in a Minor Key

Blue Line Highway, Morning Glory

Blue Lotus, Blue Lotus

Blue Love Monkey, I Ain`t Got Time To Die

Blue Love Monkey, Kissin` Booth

Blue Luster, Blue Luster

Blue Macaw, Interludes By the Sea

Blue Mama, 1...2...3: Go!

Blue Marvin, Blue Marvin

Blue Mercury Coupe & Big Rude Jake, Band of the Future

Blue Meridian, Bleeding On the Guardrail

Blue Meridian, Skint & Shattered

Blue Miller, Blue

BLUE MIRE, Stuck in the Mire

Blue Moon Bombers, Bombs Away!

Blue Moon Bombers, South Paw

Blue Moon Harem, Blue Moon Harem

Blue Moon Harem, Finland

Blue Morning, Any Day Now

Blue Mother Tupelo, Delta Low ~ Mountain High

Blue Mother Tupelo, Heaven and Earth

Blue Mother Tupelo, My Side Of The Road

Blue Mountain Bustdown, Paper War

Blue Movie & Black Film, Synthetic III

Blue Movie, 8MM Lovesongs

Blue Movie, Dancing in Oblivion (Live)

Blue Movie, Delusions in Technicolor

Blue Murder, Blue Murder Live (Screaming Blue Murder)

Blue Muse, 4 Pm

Blue Muse, Break It Apart

Blue Muse, Will I be Free

Blue Nation, Rise and Shine

Blue News, Blue News

Blue On Green, Roots

Blue Orange, Blue Orange

Blue Panel, Feedback - EP

Blue Panther, I hang from the branch of a gravity tree

Blue Period, Nightlife Casualties

Blue Planet Festival, Bonnaroo

Blue Plasma Orb, Blue Plasma Orb

Blue Ravine, Leap of Faith

Blue Room Conspiracy, Blue Room Conspiracy

Blue Room Hero, Manning The Spotlight

Blue Room Hero, Off the Click

Blue Room, Private Stuff

Blue Rose Liar, Sycamore

Blue Ruin Trio, Colour Blind

Blue Ruin, Blue Ruin

Blue Sage, Here I Come

Blue Sage, Lifeforce

Blue Sage, What Makes The World Go Round

Blue Score, Blue Score

Blue Shivers, Misadventures of the Dancing Bug

Blue Sinatra, Velvet Gold

Blue Sky Canopy, Blue Sky Canopy

Blue Sky Down, Radio Songs

Blue Sky Falling, Blue Sky Falling

Blue Sky Foundry, Chiko`s Records and Wigs

Blue Sky Foundry, Harbinger

blue sky foundry, haymaker

Blue Sky Hour, Hot Sun and Short Shorts

Blue Sky Invention, Blue Sky Invention

Blue Sky Steep, Blue Sky Steep

Blue Snaggletooth, Dimension Thule

Blue Soul, Blue Soul

Blue Soul, Blue Soul Live

Blue Soulstace, Let It Go

Blue Soulstace, Out of the Blue

Blue Spirit, A Voyage Through My History

Blue Star Burns Red, Primoris

Blue Star Creeper, If Nothing Else Shimmers

Blue Star Creeper, Spoil A Perfect Ending

Blue Star Creeper, White Hot Starlight

Blue State Band, Blue State Band

Blue Statue, World Gone Solo

Blue Steel 44, Recluse: Expanded Edition

Blue Suede Buick, Detour

Blue Tarp, Demo Man

Blue Torpedoes, The Other Side

Blue Truth, Prozac In The Park

Blue Veil, Leap Of Faith

Blue Velvet Highway, No Cover

Blue Velvet, Out to Lunch

Blue Water Band, Live at Union

Blue Water Band, Together

Blue Water Boy, Blue Water Boy

Blue Water Highway Band, Blue Water Highway Band EP

Blue Wave Theory, Blue Wave Theory

Blue Wave Theory, Superstorm

Blue Yard Garden, No Good Sundays

Blue Yard Garden, on the galaxy

Blue Yard Garden, The Land Of Pink Flamingos

Blue, Voice of Reason

Blue-a-Fuse, Dark Horse

Blue2Noise, Shapes and Lines

Bluebeard, Port of Sorts

Bluebeats, The, Respect Due

Bluebone, We The People

Bluebook Addiction, Bluebook Addiction

Bluecollar Suicide, Dirt Inside of Me

Blued, Bright and Certain

Bluedog, Here I Am

Bluedog, I`m so In Love

Bluedog, River Song

Bluedog, Son of a Beach

Bluedog, Wish You Were Here

Bluefire, Pain, Promises and Principles

Bluefish, Live At the Coachhouse

Blueganu, A Wink In The Eye Of Time

Blueganu, Running with the Herd

Bluegrazer, The Bluegrazer Album

Blueheels, The Only Dance You Know (Live)

Blueheels, Weather Machine

Bluekarma, The Friction, The Pain

Bluemel, From Bliss to Revolution

Bluemel, Yankee, Go Home!

Bluemolly, Waited So Long

Bluenevada, Are You Gonna Come to Me

Bluenevada, Feel Good

Bluenevada, Shmoke It If You Got It

bluenevada, the day be you

Bluenevada, The Dream

bluepoint, Thanks for not asking

Blueprint, Maybe Wednesday

Bluerock, Bluerock

Blues Brother Castro, Fun

Blues Brother Castro, Money Maker Me

Blues Condition, Swingin` Blues and Rockin` Roots Music

Blues Dog, Tasty Licks

Blues Mafia, On the Shoulders of Giants

Blues Martin, Songs for Kelly

Blues Trackers, Smells Like Trouble

Blues2, Coming Home

Bluesnake Project, Father, Don't Bother Me

Bluesteele, Electric Blue

Bluetonevibe, Out Of Nowhere

Bluff, Never Again

Blufins, Downtown LA

Bluish, The Likelihood of Storms

Blukomet, A Proper Funeral Song (Make it Last )

Blukomet, Tel Aviv, '11

blumen, blumen

Blunder, Alienation

bLUNDER, blunder

bLUNDER, MUTE (lmtd ed. CD+DVD)

Blunderbus, Blunderbus

Blunt Force, Waiting for Death

Blunt Truth, Cactus Town

Blupaint, High

Blupaint, Save Me

Blupaint, Wounds

Blurrd Vision, seeing clearly

Blurred Fixation, Blurred Fixation

Blutos Revenge, Use Once and Destroy

Bluto`s Revenge, When obsession leads to unemployment

BLVD, A View of the Park

BM and the Voids, Making Light

BM Linx, The Portable Genius

BMZ, 6 Pack

BMZ, Live at the Winchester


BNZ, Tricky Damn Road

bo blider, first solo flight

Bo Carter, Reality

Bo Deadlys, Bo Deadlys, Vol. 1

Bo Lozoff and Friends, Stumbling Toward The Light

Bo Lozoff and Friends, Whatever It Takes

Bo Mc$, Secret Weapon

Bo Peep and the Funk Sheep, P.E. E.P.

Bo Phillips Band, Nashville Checklist

Bo Porter, Bo Porter and The Dixie Rockits

Bo Walton, Lonely Weekend

Bo Walton, Only a Dream

Bo Warren, Dreams And Circumstances

Boa Constrictors, Anomic

BOA, Get There

Boardman, Unborn Nation

Boardwalk, Take You Away

Boardwalkers, Careless Nympho

Boardwalkers, Must Go Down

boatclub, boatclub

Boatel, By The Shores Of Silver Lake

Bob and the Hobbits, Damn the Machine

Bob Andrews & RKR-CB, Set The Hammond On Fire

Bob Angus, From the Heart

Bob Arroway, Bittersweet, Vol. 1

Bob Baker, Talking to the Ball: 7 Rock `N` Roll Ballads About the Idiocies of Golf

Bob Benjamin, Do You Know?

Bob Bert, The Worst Poetry of 1986-1993 (Bob Bert Presents: Bewitched )

Bob Book, Love Songs from a Divine Romance

Bob Boyle Band, American Airwave Expedition

Bob Boyle, Hidden Drive

Bob Burger, Cymbals At Dawn

Bob Burger, Surprise Party

Bob Burns and the Breakups, Frustration

Bob Burns, Self Titled

Bob Carboni, Another Life

Bob Chance, My Dreams Came True

Bob Charles Band, Blue Sky Black

Bob Collum and the Welfare Mothers, Boy Most LIkely To..

Bob Collum and the Welfare Mothers, Set the Stupid Free

Bob Collum, Low Rent Romeo

Bob Collum, The New Old Thing

Bob Collum, The Ungrateful Depression

Bob Comtois, Don't You Be Sad On Christmas

Bob Comtois, Fontella Bass Sang

Bob Comtois, Four Trackin'

Bob Corbin, I'm the Hero, I'm the Villain

Bob Corriveau & Hot Under the Hood, Future in the Blues

Bob Couchenour, I Am The Lord`s

Bob Crespo & Company, The Dave Sessions

Bob Crews, Crews Lefty

Bob Cushing and Chris Goins, Still Alive!

Bob Cushing, Now That We`ve Met

Bob Cushing, Step Aside

bob cushing, story of my life

Bob Cutler, Moments To Remember

Bob Dean, Volcanic Music

Bob Dee With Petro, Bullets and Bandaids LP

Bob Dee With Petro, Romeo

Bob Eddy and the Ballpeen Hammers, Absolute Elsewhere

bob egan, the glorious decline

Bob Ernest, Iceberg in London

Bob Eschenbrenner, Bob`s Book Club

Bob Eschenbrenner, Greetings from the Library

Bob Gerics, Something to be Said

Bob Gerig, Unravel This

Bob Goldstick, Classic Rock Piano

Bob Greco Band, On the Run

Bob Greenspan, Rock-A-Billy Blues

Bob Halley, lifetime love companion

Bob Harp, Collecting Dust

Bob Harp, Good Misery


Bob Hate, Bitter Solo Album

Bob Hate, I Was the Big Train (Unplugged)

Bob Hate, Like a King

Bob Helfant, Moorpark and Whitsett

Bob Heym, On TV

Bob Hillman, If You Lived Here, You`d Be Home

Bob Hillman, Playing God

Bob Hillman, Welcome to My Century

Bob Jones and the Drive, Michael and Me

Bob Jr and the Martini Gardeners, Not Like Myself

Bob Keefe, Surfin' With Santa

Bob Kendall, Bob Kendall

Bob Kendall, Enough Is Enough

Bob Kendall, Midnight Flower

Bob Kerr, Simple Life

Bob Kuhn, Squishy

Bob Lazo and John Lazo, Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Bob Manor Band, Blue Sky Falling

Bob Martin, Workin` Man

Bob Massey, Poison Kissed Mind

Bob McCall and the Keys Cruisers, Gotta Have A Cruiser Blues the original PT Cruiser Tune!

Bob McCallum, Bob & Walter 1st Shot

Bob McParland, Unresolved

Bob Mervak, Bob Mervak

Bob Mogan, Bob Mogan And Seabreeze

Bob Music, Energy

Bob of the Shirts, Townie

Bob Oister, Face the Fire

Bob Oister, Light and Shadows

Bob Parduhn, King of the County

Bob Parduhn, Lost in the Times

Bob Patin, Remembering the Beatles

Bob Pepek, From the Let Go

Bob Polding Band, My Streets

Bob Putt , Bob Putt

Bob Ricchio, Crossroads

Bob Rice, Everybody's Got a Song to Sing

Bob Ross, In History

Bob Ryan, A Prison in the Heart

Bob Ryan, I Will Not See the Spring

Bob Ryan, New World Order Blues

Bob Ryan, The Spirit of Andy Devine

Bob Rylett, Bullies

Bob Rynerson, Bob Rynerson

Bob Sandford, Many Rooms

Bob Savage, Retrofitted

Bob Scott and the Putters, Ball Talk

Bob Searles, Halloween Night On the Beach

Bob Searles, Playing With Myself

Bob Shane, Honey

Bob Smallwood, Mother Goose On the Loose (feat. Marc Kriewaldt)

Bob Smithson, Beyond Obsession

Bob Snelling, All Of Me

Bob Steeno, I Just Want To Be In the Band

Bob Streit & The Damage Done, For My Better Angels, Part 1

Bob Suter, Higher and Higher

Bob Suter, Principle & Perception

Bob Webb, Constellation

Bob Williams, Lonely Colors

Bob Wire & Chip Whitson, Off White Christmas

Bob Young Band, Mission:Live

Bob Young Band, New Each Day

Bob, The Adventures Of Agent L

Bobbie Adair, End Of Me

Bobbie Peru, Bobbie Peru

Bobbie Townsend, Liquid Emotion

Bobbo Bråkar, Hunden

Bobby Beausoleil, Ghost Highway (Jammin' in the Big House With Chad Hamlin and Timothy Hill)

Bobby Beausoleil, Red House

Bobby BeauSoleil, The Orkustra: Experiments in Electric Orchestra

Bobby Beausoleil, Who Do You Love (feat. Shawn A. Harris, Jon Rhoads & David Michael)

Bobby Blair - Eda and friends.., Lost Soul Mountain

Bobby Breaux, Tarantella

Bobby C, CUSP

Bobby Cadmus Band, Burning in the Dark

Bobby Cameron, Bobby Cameron

Bobby Cameron, Drowning on Dry Land

Bobby Carson, The Other Side of Midnight

Bobby Cole, Dear John

Bobby Cole, Sunlit Place

Bobby Cole, Sunlit Place

Bobby Covenant, And now my love

Bobby Darling, The Cure Of Folly

Bobby Day, New Wings

Bobby Dazzler, Bobby Dazzler`s Different Guns

Bobby Denton, Rock'n Old

Bobby Dorman, The Wall (A Vietnam Tribute Song)

Bobby Earthman, Mystic Cowboy

Bobby Fuller Drive, Breakin Rocks

Bobby Fuqua, Fallen Son Of Tennessee - CD Single

Bobby G Berney, Gee-Tar Picker

Bobby G Berney, The Galloping Goose (feat. Howard J Bush)

Bobby G, Samo Ljubav / Simply Love

Bobby Gee, Looking Good

Bobby Greenshoes Parker, Keep Cool Little Baby

Bobby Helms, Christmas

Bobby Jealousy, The Importance of Being Jealous

Bobby Lebel, Purple Heart

Bobby Lee Murphy & Stph, Changin' Thyme

Bobby Lindstrom, Waiting For The Bus

Bobby Livingston, High & Away

Bobby Llama, Dyskonesia - EP

Bobby Loveless, Night Owl

Bobby Lynn, Five Bar Romp

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, Friends in Low Places

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, The Outskirts

Bobby Manriquez, Jump Start / How We Start - Single

Bobby Mason, Find My Way Back Home

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, Boom Dude

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, Crescendo

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, Instant Classics

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, Kitty Litter

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, Knights of the Octagon

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, Little Pedestals

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, One Spicey Meatball

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, The Big Ordeals

Bobby Midnight & The Big Ordeals, User Friendly

Bobby Midnight, The Path

Bobby Moon, Koreatown

Bobby Moon, Raw & Rawkin

Bobby Olander and the Narcoleptic Spiders, Girls

Bobby Paltauf Band, Lost and Found

Bobby Quick and the Speeds of Sound, Bobby Quick and the Speeds of Sound

Bobby Raikes, Straight Street

Bobby Raikes, You Are Not Alone

Bobby Rivers Live, Alive Tonight

Bobby Robinson, Greed Kills

Bobby Rydell, Now and Then

Bobby Sanchez Combo, Hey Little Girlie

Bobby Smith, Coming of Age

Bobby Smith, It's Summertime!

Bobby Stewart, Before Now

Bobby Tait, Drift Apart

Bobby Taylor, Route 66 Revisited

Bobby Trates, Talk To Me Guitar

Bobby Van Dylan, Hunt

Bobby Vee, The Adobe Sessions

Bobby Weinberg, Moonlight Bay

Bobby Weinberg, Walk the Dog

Bobby Weinberg, Will You Marry Me

Bobby Whitlock & Coco Carmel, Carnival (Live in Austin)

Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel, Esoteric

Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel, Metamorphosis

Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Carmel, Lovers The Master Demos

Bobby Whitlock, My Time

Bobby Whitlock, Vintage Bobby Whitlock

Bobby Wood, Nott

Bobhowla, 14 Track Demo

Bobhowla, It`s All In The Letter That Broke You Down

Bobnoxious, Cocktales

Bobnoxious, E.O.A.

Bobomagic, lveo

Bobot Adrenaline, Unfurled

Bobshaw Band, Higher

Bobtail Yearlings, Yearling`s Bobtail

Boca Abajo, Boca Abajo

Boca Chica, Lace Up Your Work Boots

Boca Do Rio, The Dam Is Breaking

Bocardi Solo, Lift These Chains

Bocardi Solo, Lift These Chains (Soundtrack Version)

Boccigalupe and The Badboys, It`s My Turn, Now (Independent Version)

Boccigalupe and The Badboys, Nothing But Trouble

Bockman`s Euphio, gorjus: fighting Bockman`s euphio

Bodeco, Bone, Hair & Hide Re-Mastered

Bodeco, Crazy Wild

Bodeco, Wrath of the Path

Bodega Dragons, Unfinished Business

Bodega Dragons, Unfinished Business

bodega, seven hands

Bodegas, Always Open

Bodhi, Bodhi

Bodhisattva, Swim

Bodies Awake, The Great Renovation

Bodies, 30th Anniversary 1982 - 2012

Bodisartha, Find Yourself Getting Lost

Body Blow, Going Down

Body Found, Body Found Studio

Body, thethinhour

Bodybox, Giraffe


Boechat, Para o Tempo

Boetz, Call to Arms

Bofus, Get Some

Bofus, Motif

Bogart, Ock

Bogenville, Favors for Small Gods

Bogstomp, Night Surfing

Bohagey Bowes, Tourist on the Run

bohb, Raining In Discordia

Boheme `66, Rough Demonstration

Bohemian, Bohemian

Boho Zen, Release Me

Bojj Kvartett, Anne Franks Nattbok

BOJJ Kvartett, Kjenner En Jon I En Dal

Bollywood, All Blurred Out - Single

Boloccos, Boloccos

Bolonium, Bolonium

Bolskan & Bolskan, Casi Sin Ruido

Bolt, Betrayed

Bolt, Flaming Youth

Boltt, Meltdown

Bolus, Delayed Reaction

Bolus, Mechanoid Vocation

Bolus, Triangulate

Bomar, Maladies of Love

Bomb Break, Bomb Break EP

Bomb Squad, Bomb Squad II

Bomb Town, ?!Interrobang?!

Bombasticide, Evolution

Bombasticide, Lucky 21

Bombay Black, Love You To Death

Bombeck, Jai Guru Deva

Bombenkinder, Scumrise (Mindless Faith Remix)

BomberMan Awesome, Fantastica

BomberMan Awesome, No More Monsters

BomberMan Awesome, The Modern Day

Bombshell Crush, Bombshell Crush

Bombshell Crush, Neverbeanother

Bombshell, Spectrum

Bomfog, Send Me Out Again

Bommerillo, Ten Thousand Reasons

Bomrani, Common Vent

Bon Tweedle, Met You At the Party

Bona Roba, Reach In And Get Her

Bonanza Town, Bonanza Town EP

Bonaparte, Bonaparte

Bonaroo II, Children Of The Stars

Bonaroo, Bonaroo

Bonazzoli, Faith and Aberration

Bond & Bentley, Bond & Bentley At Ram's Head Live

Bond & Bentley, Complicated

Bondless, Get Up On Your Feet

Bondless, Missing Piece

Bondless, Shipwreck

Bondurant, Hurricane

Bone & Co., Galilee

Bone Cave Ballet, The Echo of Entropy

Bone Cootes, Blow Out the Curses

Bone Cootes, Mock Piehole

Bone Daddie, Bone Daddie

Bone Daddy, Everybody`s Got One

Bone Daddy, Fresh Tracks

Bone Daddy, I

Bone Daddy, What You Wanted

Bone Deep, Snap

Bone of Contention, Bone of Contention

Bone Oil, The Mist of Lust

Bone Orchard, A Romance of Ghosts

Bone Poets Orchestra, Atheist Anthems

Bone Poets Orchestra, Belladonna Smiles

Bone Poets Orchestra, Ecstasy in the Ruins

Bone Poets Orchestra, Sex Change Ray Gun

Bone Poets Orchestra, Strange World (Make It Up As We Go)

Bone Poets Orchestra, Vitus Dance

Bone Poets Orchestra, Why Can't We Just

Bone Rattlers, 13 to Life

Bone Shakers, Cold Coffee

Bone Trigger, Who's On Top!

Bone, Heart of the Rose

BoneDaddy, And The Journey Begins

Bonedog, Gone Fishing

Bonedome, Thinktankubator

Bonelle, Control Room EP

Bonemachine, Disappearing Inc.

Bonerama, Bringing It Home

Bonerama, Shake It Baby

Boneriver, Coming Down

Boneriver, This Black Door

Boners And Airplanes, Cafe Dysthymia - EP

Bones of Contention, In the Sun

Bones of Contention, train of thought

Bones, 10 Days

Bones, Demons Queen

Bones, Who Stole Fun?

Bonesetters, Figure It Out

Boneshakers, Oh, So Black

Boneslaw, Durty

Boneslinger, Boneless Cuts

Bonewater, In The Blue

Boney Fingers, Boney Fingers (Live @ the Miramar Theatre 11/11/11)

BoneYard & the Elegant Skulls, Gravest Hits

Boneyard Daisies, Boneyard Daisies

Boneyard Daisies, The Greatest Generation

Bonfire John, Gather 'round

Bonfire Night, Blood & Thunder

Bonfire Nights, Ego Death

Bonfire Nights, Own Worst Enemy

bongo jones, hook to the head

Bonifyed, Bonifyed

Bonifyed, Struck By Lightning

Bonne Aventure, Et si tu m'aimes pas (feat. Graciellita)

Bonnie & the Bang Bang, The Dark Dream

Bonnie Bramlett, Roots, Blues and Jazz

Bonnie Hayes, Love In the Ruins

Bonniwells, Sneeze Weed

Bonny Andrews, Breakfree

Bonny Holmes, Going Down Fighting

Bonobo, Silent Conflict (Live @ The Hard Rock Cafe)

Bonobos Convergence, Who`s Chuck Fimp?

Bonrud, Bonrud

Bonrud, Bullet in the Back - Single

Bonsai Trees, Minimalist

Bonton Baya, Bonton Baya

BonuStrike, Fantasy Impromptu

Bonzini Latini, Past Due

Boo Radley's House, Eye to I

Boobie Trap, Hidden Agenda

Boobie Trap, Look Inside

Booby Trap, Hands On Experience

Boochie Shepherd, Boochie Shepherd

Boodie Hester, Hanta Virus

Boodie Hester, Raining Hell

Boog, Boog

Boogie Boys, Made in Cali

Boogie Monster, Lost in Bollywood

Boogie Monster, Zechimechi

Boogro and the Boogronauts, Zangano

Boojitsu21, Traverse Demo

Book Club, Fighting, We Were

Book Club, Wash Away - EP

Book of Judas, Book of Judas

Book of Maps, Book of Maps

Book Of Maps, II

Book of Shadows, Magic

Booker Lee & The County Fair, For The Commonwealth

BooKooFly, BooKooFly

Bool, The Mooké World

Boom City, Boom City - EP

Boom City, Heard, Not Scene


Boombazi, Boombazi

Boomchick, Joyland

Boomchick, Joyland

Boomchix, Surprise Surprize

Boomer Castleman, Stolen Identity

Boomerang, Balance of Hate

Boomerang, Weave8

Boomshadow, The Midlife Crisis - EP

Boon, Healing the Heart

Boon, Pretend

Boondock Squad, When Monkeys Make Music

Boondoggle, Barfly

boondok saints, boondok saints

Boone Barnes, Perhaps

Boone, You Have This

Boone...Songs from B.F.E., Songs from BFE

Boot Heel, Salvage

Boot, Steel Toed Clown Boot

Bootcamp, Back to the Shack

Booth Jewett, Just Plant the Seed EP

Bootleg Mercy, Pictures EP

Bootleg, No Reprise

Bootleg, Speakeasy

Bootlegg Shaman, Bootlegg Shaman

Bootload Of Boogie, Dig It

Boots & Braces, Wahnsinn!

Booze Monkey, Cocktail Nation

Boozed, One Mile

Boozehounds of Hell, Anti-Sober

Boozemoney, Booze for Allah

Bop (Harvey), The Monster Butt Beat Dance Test

Bop Skizzum, Propeller E.P.

Bop Skizzum, Waiting For

Bop Tweedie, Touch It Up

Bopaphonics, Channeling Langston

Borax, Kinky Krunchy Porno Monkey

Bordello, Bordello

Borderland All-Stars, It Ain`t That Type Of Party

Borderland All-Stars, One Spore for the Road

Borderline Bitches, 17 Fillers

Borderline Bitches, Born to Live Like a Living Dead

Borderline Bitches, Oi! Jul Med Din Vrede EP

Borderline Bitches, Oslo 'til the Day I Die

Borderline, Correnti Insabili

Borderline, Insana Chimica

Borderville, Joy Through Work

Borditional, Colorful Images

Bored Gordon, Lie If You Have To

Bored Gordon, Lie If You Have To (DIGITAL VERSION)

Bored Superheroes, Exit EP

Bored Youth 2012, Ghosts Scars & Dreams

Bori Afolabi, Hollywoods

Bori Afolabi, To Make It Right

Boris Budd & The Waterboarders, Capitalism-Capitalize

Boris Davids, I´m Free: You Can't Catch Me

Boris Garcia, Mother`s Finest

Boris McCutcheon, When We Were Big

Boris Potskov, Compilation +

Boris Tedeborg, Mycket Väsen För Ingenting

Boris Van Luger, Innerland

Born Again Floozies, Novelties, Addenda, and Ephemera

Born From Ruins, Daddy's Little Whore

Born from Ruins, Falling from Grace

Born Hammers, Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Born in the Attic, Born in the Attic

Born In The Flood, The Fear That We May Not Be

Born In Winter, Dreaming In Seasons

Born in Winter, Waiting in the Dark

Born In Winter, Wasted Life

Born Liars, Exit Smiling

Born of Scars, Last Breath

Born of Scars, Minor to Major

Born to Oblivion, Born to Oblivion

Born Under Punches, Born Under Punches

Born Under Punches, Hubkenipkenap

Boroko, Almost Human

Borracho, King's Disease

Borrison Ivy, Just Another Office Job

Borrowed Beams of Light, On the Wings of a Bug

Borrowed Bones, American Garage

Borrowed Time, This Old Dirt Road

Bosc, Bosc

Boscoden, Boscoden

Boscoe`s Brood, Boscoe`s Brood

Bosola, RE:EP

Boss and Over, Preludio En Funk Menor

Boss and Over, Ultrarrealidad

Boss Fink, Finksville EP

Boss Jim Gettys, Boss Jim Gettys

Boss Jim Gettys, Tigrebeat (Special Edition)

Boss Moxi, Caught Up in Neverland

Boss Moxi, Home

Boss Moxi, Nymphomaniac

Boss Moxi, Oddball

Boss Moxi, Song of Joan

Boss Moxi, Your Mouth

Boss Parker, Everyman

Boss Rebel, Dirty

Boss Rebel, Gettin' Down On the Upstroke

Boss Rebel, Heavybad

Boss Tweeter, I was the Motive

Boss Universal, The Fun Gun Album

Bossa Nova Beatniks, End Civil Twilight

Bossa Nova Beatniks, Flyboy and the Rhythm Bandits

Bossa Nova Beatniks, Got Them Ray Guns

Bossa Nova Beatniks, LIVE @ CBGB 9-26-05

BossCats, Rude Party

Bosswood, Galaxy Girl

Boston and Bosco, Firestarter

Boswell, Beryllium

Botox Betty, Good Old Days

Bottle Breakers, Weigh Anchor

Bottle Shock, Edge of the Crowd

bottleblue, Pick 2

bottleblue, Trimalchio

Bottled By Fools, But Where WIll I Sleep?

Bottled, Songs From The River

Bottom Feeders, The Liquor Store

Bottom Line, In And Out Of Luck

Bottomside, The Element Man

Boud Deun, A General Observation

Bought and Sold, It's the New Year...of the Punk!

Bought By Blood, Let There Be Life

Boukabou, Century

Bouldercrest Singing Group, Louise

Boulevard Assassins, Echo

BoundAlive, Esprit De Corps

Boundary Lines, To Prove We're Not the Same

Boundary Waters, Boundary Waters

Boundless, Crea Live

Bounty, Cerebellum

Bourbon & Branch, Good Time Man

Bourbon Democracy, Echo Reaction

Bourbon, Can`t get enough

Bourbon, Just People

Bourdon Willie, Southbound Train

Bourdon Willie, What You Hear Is What You Get

Bourgeois Heroes, Fleur De Lys & Me

Bourgeois Heroes, Musical Postcards

Bourke & the Revolving Door, Bourke & the Revolving Door

Bourke and the Revolving Door, Bourke and the Revolving Door

Bourne, The Change

bousfield, the seed

Bouski, Songs From the VF16

Bovalexia, When Good Went Bad

Bow Jenkins, Innocence and Experience

Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck, Bottom of the Sky

Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck, Eden

Bow Thayer featuring Levon Helm, Spend It All

Bow Thayer, Spend It All (feat. Levon Helm)

Bow Thayer, Sundowser

Bowdy Brown, Chaos & Beauty

Bowe, Pretty Plain (Holger Schwedt Radio Remix)

Bowen and the Lucky Dutchmen, Like a Queen - EP

Bowen, An Audience of One

Bowen, Arrow

Bowen, The Consequence

Bowen, Woodward Ave.

Bowery Beasts, Friendship

Bowery Boy Blue, Dying Waves

Bowker, Sail to the Deep

Bowman / Lisa, Fears and Accusations

Bowman, B-Sides

Bowman, Believe

Bowman, Living to Dream

Bowser, Night Is Now

Box 13, Death and Texas

Box Camera, Box camera

Box Full Of Cash, Money Talks

Box of Baby Birds, Arboreal

Box of Baby Birds, Box of Baby Birds

Box of Joy, Paleontology, Vol. 1

Box Set, 27

Box Set, Lemonade

Box Set, Live Duo

Box Set, Live Duo 2

Box Set, Mean Time

Box Set, Thread

BOX, Just A Phase

Box37, Reservation for One

Boxcar Chief, Vagabond

Boxcar Nancy, Turning `Round

Boxcar Saints, Last Things

Boxcar Saints, No Water

Boxcartel, Shutdown

Boxcutter, Boxcutter

Boxelder, Live - Under The Sun

Boxer the Horse, Would You Please

Boxford, Old Songs EP

Boxkar, Boxkar

Boxstep, Backroads

Boxstep, By Now Even Trees

Boy & Bear, My Darkest Days

Boy in the Bubble, Songs from the City on the Sun

Boy in the Shadows, A Day Before Tomorrow

Boy in the Shadows, Cold Black Storms

Boy in the Shadows, Grey Morning

Boy in the Shadows, Not Worth Anything

Boy in the Shadows, Overcome

Boy in the Shadows, The Flow

Boy in the Shadows, White Mountains, Black Roads

Boy Jumps Ship, Boy Jumps Ship

Boy Jumps Ship, Chivalry

Boy Jumps Ship, Engines

Boy On Guitar, We Wait

Boy Rambler, Electric Dynamo

Boy Rambler, Hotter Than Hell

Boy Unknown, After All I`ve Seen

Boy with a Fish, Birds Fly Backwards

Boy With An Atlas, A Night in the City

Boy With Pigtails, Tears of Love

Boy Wonder, Break the Spell, Etc. EP

Boy=Girl, Boy=Girl

Boyce Callahan, Rollin' Up the Streets

Boyd Broz, Teen Idol (Punk Rocker)

Boyd Perttu, Deerzilla

Boyd Perttu, Give the Women What They Want

Boyfriends, Boyfriends

Boymeetsworld, Become Someone

Boymeetsworld, Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal...

Boys Bad News, Take One

Boys Beware, Testimony

Boys From Oklahoma, Fishin and Dog Songs

Boys from Recreation Park, A Good Time Had By All

Boys in the Attic, Break Into

Boys Off the Bench, When Nothing Else Matters

Boys On Trial, ¡Guantanamo Boy!

Boys Without Toys, It's Raining

Boys' Entrance, Democrat, Vol. 1 - Songs from Tunnelvision

Boys' Entrance, Give 'Em Hope - Single

Boys'n'barry, You Make Me Melt

Boysin, Siding

Boystown, The Orchard Grove Years

boywonder, No Spittin` In Church

Boyz Nite Out, American Vinyl - Red

Boyz Nite Out, American Vinyl - White

Bozque, La Sed Que Expande

Bozwell, Bozwell

Bozwell, The Bozwell Incident

BP, Burning Paris

Bp-r, Its Different 2 And Bp-8 Jam Night

BP-R, Its Different-4 Stringing It

Braam Brothers, Hail Violet

braam, Gravity and the right to fly

Braam, Kings I and II

braam, Madelaine

Braceface, Braceface

Brack, Greatest Hits Vol I

Brad Alden, Day After Yesterday

Brad Allen, Solo-Volume I

Brad Bailey, Connection I

Brad Bailey, Events of the Morning

Brad Bailey, That Wasn't Its Name

Brad Benson, Attitude

brad benson, eternal life

Brad bichsel, Brad bichsel

Brad Birkedahl, Movin' On

Brad Black, Just Leave

Brad Brubaker & The Crowd Goes Wild, Foster Ave

Brad Brunswick, Pipe Full-O-Fun Kit Number 7

Brad Byrd, The Ever Changing Picture

Brad Coder, The Code1 - EP

Brad Cohen, Zoological Park

Brad Cole, Down the Line

Brad Cole, Highway 200

Brad Curtis & The Some X 6 Band, Dodging Raindrops

Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band, The Devil's in My Pocket

Brad Dison, Louisiana Sweat

Brad Downs and the Poor Bastard Souls, Winter Breathing

Brad Good & 27 Ends, 'Round Here

Brad Good, Third Generation Only Son

Brad Gunson, Man Versus Band

Brad Gunson, Right Away (Rock Edit)

Brad Haugen, Its Your Life

Brad Heller and the Fustics, American Burden

Brad Heller And The Fustics, Beyond This Life

Brad Heller and the Fustics, The Conscience of Sins

Brad Hopkins, World`s Biggest Fan

Brad Hoshaw & the Seven Deadlies, Funeral Guns

Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies, Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies

Brad Jendza and the Androids, Brad Jendza and the Androids

Brad Jendza and the Androids, Sketchbook

Brad Layher, Shut That Boy Up

Brad Loomis and the Resonance, Under the August Sky

Brad Love, Soaring Solo

Brad Lyons, Ten Steps

Brad McKelvey, In Your Hands

Brad Moses, Are You Watching the Stars Tonight?

Brad Moses, Elsewhere

Brad Moses, One Heart

Brad Moses, Peace on Earth

Brad Newsom, Til Today

Brad Oliver, Life to Lyrics

Brad Parker, A Few Tunes

Brad Pearsall, Under Her Spell

Brad Peterson, The Ductape Album

Brad Peterson, The Red Album

Brad Rice, Karma Bed

Brad Ross, Falling Up

Brad Rounds, Lights

Brad Rounds, Lines Blurred and Confused

Brad Simmons Band, Mundane Existence

Brad Smith, Simply Put

Brad Standley & The Foxflies, The EP

Brad Standley & The Foxflies, The Hybrid

Brad Sucks, Guess Who's a Mess

Brad Sweitzer, Talk Radio

Brad Thompson and His Undulating Band, Brad Thompson and His Undulating Band

Brad Thompson and the Undulating Band, 9,000,000 beats per minute

Brad Walk, Tethered and Unfussable

Brad William Cox, Leaving Tonight

Brad Yaeger & the Night Terrors, Just One Man

brad, Ameruka

BRAD, Perspectives

Braddigan, Watchfires

Braddock Station Garrison, A Hint of Recognition

Braden Blake, A Year In Pajamas

Braden Harwood, Bring Me Home

Braden Land, Stumble and Glow

Braden, As I Look Into the Mirror

Bradford and Lasso, Me and the Howling Wind

Bradford and Lasso, Truth (Tell Me No Lies)

Bradford and Lasso, Words Unspoken

Bradford Kerr, Our Life

Bradford Kid, Oscar Wilde

Bradford Kid, Sometimes

Bradford Kid, Spirit of De Punto

Bradford Rogers, Jihaad

Bradley Cole, A Human Thing

Bradley Cooper's Left Arm, 22

Bradley Dean Whyte and the Perfectly Violent Dream, Emperor's New Tea

Bradley Dean, When The Smoke Clears

Bradley Gailey, I Pick You

Bradley Gailey, I Pick You

Bradley Gailey, You`re Gonna Like It

Bradley Rapo, Love Lost Love Found

Bradley Tatum, Collection II

bradley vail, Decloaked

Bradley Weaver, Think

Bradley Wik and The Charlatans, The Winners and the Losers

Bradshaw Brothers, I Want

bradsmith, MOON8

Brady Cohan, Don't Miss A Thing

Brady Harris Band, NoHo Confidential

Brady Harris, Cover Charge

Brady Harris, Good Luck Stranger

Brady Harris, Lone Star

Brady Harris, North Hollywood Skyline

Brady Harris, Year of the Pug

Brady Hogan, Wholly Spirit

Brady White, Acoustical Jargon

Brady White, Take Me Home

Brady, Against My Will

Braeden Marshal, Don't Cry

bragdaddy, bragdaddy

Brahms' Third Racket, Fantastic Shadows

Brahms' Third Racket, Out of Order

Brahms` 3rd Racket, Highlights from the Peloponnesian Wars

Braidwood, Almost Lost My Nerve

Brain Buckit, Brain Buckit


Brain Drainers, Demons Stay

Brain Grenade, Brain Grenade

Brain Rash, Forced Underground

Brainard and Russell, Red Rock Canyon

Brainbell Janglers, Just Before Dawn

Brainbogs, Marvin

Brainchild, Bound and Determined

Braincontrol, Hey Mr. President..don't Drive the World to Accident..

Brainfck, PDP-1

Brainforce V, Here Where I Stand

Brainforce V, I'm in Love With a Creeper

Brainfreeze, A Love in Motion

Brainmess, Brainmess

Brainpool, Junk - A Rock Opera

Brains for Breakfast, Work. Rest. Play - EP

Brains ON tap, Brains ON tap

Braintree, fabricate

Braintree, Tsicavo

brainwashaudio, Soaked

Brainwashed Proper Citizens, Apart

Brainwashed Proper Citizens, Street Lights in Stereo

Brake for Wilson, On We Burn

Brakelazy, The Wasteland

Branch Avenue, East Coast Fires

Branch Avenue, East Coast Fires

Branch Ricky, Tangled Roots

Branch Water, Branch Water

Brancunians, For My Future Self, To Remember

Brand Inc, Off the Grid (feat. Larry Larocco)

Brand New Brain, Asfixia

Brand New Brain, Cicatrices

Brand New Brain, Degeneración Espontánea

Brand New Brain, Impuntual (feat. Tutto Vale)

Brand New Brain, Respira

Brand New Brain, Virulento

Brand New Day, Rise Up and Live

Brand New Machine, The Devil Made Me Do It

Brand Violet, Akathisia

Brand Violet, Alien Hive Theme (single)

Brand Violet, Head (single)

Brand Violet, Retrovision Coma USA

Brand Violet, Short-Playing Pornograph

Brand Violet, Sputnik Bride (EP)

Brand Violet, The Legend of Ladybeard (ep)

Brand Violet, Voodoo (single)

Branda F2, Impulsionado

Branded, Better Deal

Branded, Jump Start

Branden Alexander, Survivor

Branden Alexander, The Ampers& (feat. Michael Preston & Samantha Zettler)

Branden C. Oliver, My Day in Stereo

Branden Mann and the Reprimand, The Chemicals Won't Balance

Brandon Abbott, Live At Graeters 01.06.06

Brandon Abbott, Shades of Grey EP

Brandon Adamson, Apricots and Afterthoughts

Brandon Adamson, Moving Day

Brandon Beckner and Andrew Pawlek, Cadix - Music from the Motion Picture FALL and SPRING

Brandon Bee, This Is The Revolution

Brandon Blume, Uncontrolled Reentry

Brandon Calhoon, Park Avenue

Brandon Carmody & Savageland, Deflater (feat. Casey Stratton)

Brandon Carmody & Savageland, Lonely Dream (feat. Casey Stratton)

Brandon Carmody, Deflater 2001 (feat. Matt Seaton & Brian Ray)

Brandon Carmody, Take Me In (feat. Ben Harp & David Moore)

Brandon Clark, Burn

Brandon Colao, Daydream EP

Brandon DiCamillo, Gnarkall Prank Calls, Vol. 1

Brandon Dykstra, The Smoke Has Cleared

Brandon Ethridge, Thirteen Useless Songs For Sale

Brandon Garcia, I'm so Happy

Brandon Garcia, The Abc's of Love

Brandon Harvey, Lava

Brandon Harvey, Po-Boy

Brandon Harvey, The Garden

Brandon Harvey, The Tower

Brandon Heisler, do me in

Brandon Henderson, Autumn

Brandon Henderson, Best Left Sketches

Brandon Henderson, Something True

Brandon Jackson, The Good Times

Brandon Johnson, Scream

Brandon Kirchgasler & the Indestructible Band, Not a Problem

Brandon Krueger, Sense of Direction

Brandon Langer, Smile

Brandon McDermott Band, Mile Marker Zero

Brandon McHose, Life Eclipse

Brandon Michael Williams, A Good Balance

Brandon Michael Williams, The Pride of Titanic

Brandon Rain, Bring Back the 90's

Brandon Reeves, A Decent Melody

Brandon Reynolds, Lunch in Lisbon

Brandon Rice, The Middle Man

Brandon Rockx, Keep Dreaming

Brandon Russell Jay, Brandon Russell Jay - EP

Brandon S. Hire, Thoughtless

Brandon Sampson, Brokenness is beautiful

Brandon Scott, Waiting for You

Brandon Seyferth & Provinces, White Light Night

Brandon Strickland, There`s Still Time

Brandon Taylor, It Is What It Is

Brandon Thomas, The Dizzy Spin

Brandon Wilde, Songs From The Deep Sleep

Brandon, Strickland & Mesropian, Falling Apart

Brandowl, Lost at Sea

Brandy Johnson, worried/well

Brandy Lindsey and the Punch, The Likes of You

Brandy Lyn, Here I Stand (Changing)

Brandy Rich, I`ll Take My Chances

Brandy Robinson, Beautiful Graffiti

Brandy Robinson, Gypsy Queen

Brandyn Hazelton, Blackened Heart

Branjae, Powersource

Branson Skinner, one more thing

Branson Skinner, Table for One

Brant Buckley, My Life

Brantli, I Am Brantli

Braquet, Braquet

Brasi, Covered in Dirt: 1999-2012

Braska' Ska Band, Do colpi a la mòra...

Brass Knuckle Voodoo, Cradle the Daylight

Brass Knuckle Voodoo, Lets Start a Riot

Brass Knuckle Voodoo, Live At Alex's Bar

Brass Knuckle Voodoo, Love and Destruction

Brass Knuckle Voodoo, March of the Voodoo Knuckle

Brass Tacks, Strumbler

Brass Transit, Hand Me Down World

Brass Uncle Band, Three Mobtown Gallons

Brat Curse, Brat Curse

Bratzillaz, Glam Gets Wicked (Tonight)

Braunsolo, Walk About

Bravado, Euphoria

Brave as Titan, The Silence Is Like a Cancer

Brave Bird, Maybe You, No One Else Worth It

Brave Bones, Death Ranch Casino

Brave Dragonfly, Spinning

Brave Monster, EP

Brave New World, EP

Brave New World, Monsters

Brave Ones, Open- Single

Brave Season, Foreigners

Brave the Pain, Love Is A Battlefield

Brave the Storm, My Mind is Elsewhere - EP

Brave the Third, ...and the Infection Spreads

Brave, Lost in Retrospect

Brave, Surrounds Me

Braveface, Braveface

Braveface, Jilted Navigation

Braveheart, Braveheart's Collection

Bravenoise, Everything Was and Everything Will Be

braver by the 2nd, Your Posture Gives Away the Position of Your Heart

Bravo Armada, Black And White

Bravo Brave Bats, Green

Bravo Brave Bats, Purple

Bravo Brave Bats, Red

Bravo Delta, Shutdown Sequence

Bravo Johnson, Come Taste the Sun

Bravo Johnson, The Crooked and the Straight

Brax, March

Brax, The Length of the Day

Brax, Thru

Bray Ghiglia, Soulsounding

BRAY, pins and needles

Bray, Wired

Brayline, Brayline

Brazen Angel, Confederate Soldier

Brazen Angel, Southern Water

Brazen Angelz, Whiskey in the Jar

Brazen Lungs, You, Disassembled

Brazenface, Bleed

Brazos Brothers Band, Harmony Road

Brazzaville, 2002

Brazzaville, Jetlag Poetry

Brazzaville, Rouge On Pockmarked Cheeks

Brazzaville, Somnambulista

Brújula, Glamour (Versión Electroacústica)

Brüder, It's in the Blood

Bråk, Spotta Eller Svälj

Brændte Børn, Øjeblikket

Brea, The Immense Design of Things

Breach the Silence, Evolution

Breach the Silence, One War At a Time

Breaching Vista, Vera City

Bread and Circus, Born Again Again

Bread and Circus, Spare Me Over

Bread of Stone, Letting Go

Breadwinner, Breadwinner

Break Maiden, Break Maiden

Break Point, First Serving

Break the Hero, Circle of Life

Break Zero, Words Can Always Change

Breakage Rising, Phoenix Ashes

Breakaway Patriot, Strong

Breakaway, Invincible

Breakdances With Wolves, Blue Eyes

Breakdown, Songs From The Early Years

Breaker one-9, define

Breaker! Breaker!, El Chupacabra

Breaker, Breaker

Breaker, The More I Want, The More I Get

Breakeven, Heart of the Sun

Breakfast At Night, A Journey Back in Time

Breakfast in Bed, Australian Coffee

Breakfast in Bed, Lust Drive

Breakfast in the Evening, Breakfast in the Evening

Breakhouse, Virusaur

Breaking Aim and the Rhythm, We Want Something More

Breaking Custom, Migraines

Breaking Even, Before the Story Ends

Breaking Even, Transform

Breaking Falls, Redemption

Breaking Grace, Redemption Road

Breaking Laces, Lemonade

Breaking Laces, Sohcahtoa

Breaking Midway, Live in Dallas

Breaking Silence, Breaking Silence

Breaking Silence, We Are

Breaking Sorrow, Breaking Sorrow - EP

Breaking the Darkness, Defaced

Breaking Through, Escape Plan

Breaking Through, Mayday - Single

Breaking Through, The Scarlet Letters

breakmyfall, Jupiter Beach

Breakneck, Hysteria: The traveling uterus

Breakthrough, The Eve of War

Breakwater II, And it Goes

Breath After Coma, Breath After Coma

Breath Øf Grey, Instinct

Breath!, The Forest Said

Breathe in the Silence, Feathers

Breathe Machine, Crimson Sky

Breathe, Songs To Live And Die For

Breathe., Unsure Matters of an Impure Love Disorder

Breathing Diesel, Fragile Reality

Breathing Diesel, Greasy

Breathout, Beauty & Love

BreathOut, Breathing Again - Single

BreathOut, Stop! - Single

Breathout, Till Death & Beyond

BreathOut, World

Breaux Gargano, Just Your Way

Breck Alan, I'm Gonna Take This Town

Breck Alan, Kissing Rockstars LP

Breck Alan, why can`t i

Breck Lee Durham, A Whisper or A Roar

Bred 2b Broken, Rehearsal Space

Breech, Apron Strings

Breech, Tarnish and undress

Breed Society, New Blood

Breed, Walk On Water

Breeding Amies, Passing the Virus

Breeding Amies, Perfecting the Art of Depression

Breeze & the Bayou Blasters, Swamp Groovin'

Breezeway, Clockwork

BreezeWood, Heart Of Stone

Bren Harris, Real Good News

Bren Piranio, The Stilletto Project

Bren, Brenstorm

Brena, This Is the Sound

Brena, Told You Twice

Brenan, The Promise, Post Comma

Brenda Bennett, Private Party

Brenda Carol & ClaireVoyance, Live At Hothouse Cafe

Brenda Elthon, My Love

Brenda Harp, At The Water`s Edge

Brenda Harp, Sky

Brenda Harp, The Road Home

Brenda Janz, You Carry Me

Brenda Marie Rose, To the Misty Waters

Brendan Asquith, Gracie`s Last Night

Brendan Debonis, Don't Block the Way

Brendan Debonis, Heading Away

Brendan Debonis, Originally

Brendan Debonis, The Beat of You, Rock 'n' Roll

Brendan Debonis, Tip Jar

Brendan Debonis, Wish That You Would Stay

Brendan Devitt, Desperate Acres (+ bonus 6-song cd ep)

Brendan Devitt, Kalorama

Brendan Dwyer, Faces and Hands

Brendan Dwyer, Rendez-vous

Brendan Gallagher, Wine Island (Bianco)

Brendan James Donahue & the Guilty Party, Check Please

Brendan Kelly, Love Is My Disease

Brendan Mc Kinney and the 99 Brown Dogs, Right where I came in

Brendan Murphy, Jumped The Shark

Brendan O`Hara and the Humble Ones, Perceptive Inception

Brenn, Come Back To Aria

Brennan Dignan, Idaho

Brent Bennett & Randy "Ranch" Wuertz, American Stories

Brent Bennett, A Ghost in Indiana

Brent Bennett, Deep Blue and Underground

Brent Bly's Dark Ambition, 2011-2013

Brent Bly's Dark Ambition, Venom

Brent Bly, Generate Madness

Brent Bly, Naked to the World

Brent Bly, The Closer You Live to the Truth

Brent Borrelli, We Are the Night

Brent Bowers, Faster

Brent Buckley, Dream Girl

Brent Cates, Wasted Words

Brent Daniel, Thank You, Goodnight

Brent David Fraser & Will, How It Killed You

Brent Doerner`s Decibel, Brent Doerner`s Decibel

Brent Enman, "Wildman"

Brent Eresman, Jubilee!

Brent Evans, 24 Hour Dream

Brent Evans, Unexpected Angels

Brent Floren, Fortune

Brent Floren, High Horse

Brent Heath, Boog

Brent Heath, Time To Begin

Brent Hubbard, She's Only Make Believe

Brent James & the Vintage Youth, In the Way I Bleed

Brent Jordan, All The Kings Horses

Brent Jordan, Hilltop Stella

Brent Kirby and The Flashing 12`s, The Mean Days

Brent McDonald, Breaking Ground

Brent McIntosh, Abundance of Rain

Brent Randall and His Pinecones, We Were Strangers in Paddington Green

Brent Reed Band, Falling a Mess

Brent Reed, All That We're Made Of

Brent Seifert, The Struggle

Brent Shuttleworth, Witness

Brent Steed, Horror Avenue N. 7

Brent Thompson, Groovin'

Brent Vallefuoco, Higher

Brent White, Brent White - The Early Tracks (demo)

Brent Williams, Bush the War is not Over Yet!

Brent Williams, State of the Union

Brenyama, Inhuman

Bress, Crossing

Bress, In the Dark

Bret Coats, Music for the People

Bret Domrose, Rough Around The Edges

Bret Helm, A Song for the Winner

Bret Helm, I've Wasted So Much Time

Bret Jensen, White Girl

Bret L Thompson, The Furry Vulture

Bret L. Thompson, Generation Landslide

Bret Mosley, X-Ing

Bret Vidrine, Again

Brethren and the Evil Empire, Brethren and the Evil Empire

Brethren and the Evil Empire, The Plastic Factory

Brethren and the Evil Empire, The Too Much Fun Club Rides Again

Brethren Fast, 500 Laps of Beer Drinking Fun

Brethren Fast, Sideburns From Hell

Brethren Fast, What In The Hell?

Brett Alan Rouse, Princeville

Brett Basil, Debut

Brett Basil, Melt

Brett Basil, Twisted

Brett Bigelow, Brett Bigelow

Brett Bixby, City Lights

Brett Deptula, Portal

Brett Ellis Band, Zero

Brett Ellis, Pain

Brett Fenex, Brett Fenex and friends

Brett Garsed, Big Sky

Brett Gleason, Brett Gleason

Brett Hale, The Colourful Sounds of Brokeness

Brett Harris, Man of Few Words

Brett Hauser, A Little More Time

Brett Hite, Beyond Myself

Brett Huus, The Many Disguises of Zero

Brett Izsa, Over Again

Brett Lee, For the Taking

Brett Marvin Presents Keef Trouble, Kix 4 U

Brett Maybee, Bones of the Ghosts

Brett McKean Anderson, Getting There, From Here

Brett Mikels, Deep Enough

Brett Milan Gajda, Twenty Love

Brett Mitchell, Stereo

Brett Newski, Dirt

Brett Rosenberg, Born Twice

Brett Rush, Everything I Am

Brett Rush, Invitation

Brett Rush, Power in Praise

Brett Rush, We Believe

brett schieber, Life From Generation XS

Brett Schulz & Katrina, Redeem Me

Brett Smiley, Breathlessly Brett

Brett Staska, No Worries

Brett Terry, You and Your Tribe

Brett Thomas, Angel Dust

Brett Thomas, Still Love You

Brett Tubbs, Set Me Free

Brett Tyler, Bittersweet

Brett Walker & The Railbirds, Brett Walker & The Railbirds

Brett Wildeman, Mother Earth

Brett Wilson, Intoxicating Potion of Reality - Single

Brett Wiscons, 33

Brett Wiscons, Sophia's Winery

Brew, Anomaly

Brewchad, You That I Lost

Brewer and Chase, Brewer and Chase

Brewer`s Row, The Jaw for the Job, the Heart for the Sin...

Brewfish, 20,000 Deep

Brews Willis, Great Energy

Brews Willis, Nerped By a Zircon

Brews Willis, Party's Over

Brewster and The Roosters, Better Laid Than Never

Brewster, Always

Brewster, Evolution

Bri Arden, All the Above

Bri Hart, Tears

Bri Ray, Hipster

Bria Kam, A Long Time Coming

Brian Adam Ant, Separation Celebration

Brian and Gardner Murphy, Another Hit (Live)

Brian Anderson, Work We Do Sounds We Hear

Brian Autumn, Eight Equals Equals D

Brian Bailey, Morningstar Sessions

Brian Baker and the Memphis Knights, Rollerskate Baby

Brian Baker, 53

Brian Bartholow, Mistaken

Brian Bassett, Nothing To Lose

Brian Bassett, Rock and Roll

Brian Bateman, White Lie

Brian Bauers and WMD, WMD

Brian Beeler, Chris Houston, Beeler Houston

Brian Bethke, The River

Brian Bettencourt, My Fellow Americans

Brian Blommer, Live: An Audience Of One

Brian Bonet, Brian Bonet

Brian Bonz, Susan the Boy Scout

Brian Brooks, Everything Takes Forever

Brian Burgess Soulo, Blossom 'n' Bloom

Brian Burn, Heart Is a Ghost Town

Brian Buta, Life Underneath

Brian Butler, Axuality Volume I

Brian Butler, Axuality Volume II

Brian Butler, Axuality Volume III

Brian Cabral, In Awe of Your Glory

Brian Cannon, Just so You Know

Brian Cannon/ Upper Crust Crew/compilation, Local Bands From Yonkers And Elsewhere

Brian Cassidy, Volume 1: The Bonfire Series

Brian Catanzaro, Classic Rock Romantic

Brian Chartrand, Live At the MIM Theater

Brian Chartrand, Out of the Ether

Brian Chartrand, Worth the Fight

Brian Chris Rogers, Single

Brian Chris, Fight For The Cause

Brian Cincotta, In The First Place

Brian Cincotta, Wanna Race?

Brian Clifton, Bobby En De Geestenjagers (Soundtrack)

Brian Cline Band, Got it Covered

Brian Cline Band, Hold The Keys

Brian Cline Band, Within Without

Brian Colburn, Better Days - EP

Brian Colburn, Enjoy the Ride

Brian Colburn, Forever Was Worth the Wait

Brian Colburn, Literal Fiction (Revisited)

Brian Colburn, Perfected Imperfections

Brian Colburn, Something Like That (Revisited)

Brian Coleman, Picture Show

Brian Copeland Band, Born

Brian D, Songs of Brian D

Brian D. Wilson, A Grand Fathers Song of High Hopes!

Brian D. Wilson, Do U Remember...When?

Brian D. Wilson, Live Free!

Brian Dale, Sticks and Stones

Brian David Melnyk, Wake Up

Brian Deer, Found Objects EP

Brian Doherty, Keep It Simple, Vol. 1

Brian Dolzani, Compass

Brian Dolzani, Wake

Brian Donahue, Strangest Love

Brian Dorn, A Story (Lost Session)

Brian Dorn, Little Sister

Brian Dorn, Super Holly (Lost Birthday Session)

Brian Dorn, Unstoppable

Brian Dorn, Will

Brian Edward Bailey, Lines To Stand In

Brian Elder, Breaking These Chains

Brian Elder, Preservation Hall

Brian Elkington, A Mark In Time

Brian Estey, Historically Temporary

Brian Fitzgerald Project, A Pirate`s Dream

Brian Fitzpatrick and the Band of Brothers, The Northern Lights E.P.

Brian Flanagan and Sarah Thorne, Two or Three Authentic Portraits: Demo EP

Brian Fowler, Solar Girl

Brian Fraaza, I Love

Brian Francis Baudoin, One Man One Guitar

Brian Franklin, Desert Farmer

Brian Gadson, Whole New World

Brian Gari, previously unreleased

Brian Gomez, Gun Inside My Brain

Brian Goss, Flowers Disappear

Brian Goss, What Do You Want From Life

Brian Gottesman, Pardon My Mess

Brian Graney, One Day We'll Meet Again

Brian Greenwood, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Brian Greenwood, The Proposal

Brian Griffin, HomeFront

Brian Grissom, Caroline

Brian Grissom, The Charlotte Sessions

Brian Grissom, The Places I Go

Brian Hamilton, High School Years

Brian Hamilton, Runaway

Brian Hamlin, Lies That Lead Me Here

Brian Harnick, Don't Call Me

Brian Hartzog, One-Way Ticket

Brian Hartzog, The Smashing of Pictures

Brian Hazzard, Ellipsis

Brian Hester and the Borrowed Band, Battles Lost

Brian Hibbert, Kids These Days

Brian Highley, All We Ever Do Is Fight

Brian Hogan, Brian Hogan

Brian Houston, Sugar Queen

Brian Houston, thirteen days in August

Brian Howe, Diversity

Brian Howell, Battle Cry

Brian Hugh O'Neill, Free World

Brian Irby, Eternal Redemption

Brian Irwin, Lies & Love

Brian J Rill, Waterflow

Brian James, Brian James & the Revival

Brian Jay and the Last Call Boys, 50 Miles From Nowhere

Brian Joens, Quarter Moon View

Brian Joens, Touchdown Iowa

Brian Johnson & The Acquitted, Wasteland Radio

Brian Johnson and the Acquitted, Cold Friday

Brian Jones, Don't Lose Your Love

Brian Jones, So Much To Tell You

Brian Jones, Something More

Brian Jordan, Your Kisses (Golden Gate Mix)

Brian Kahanek, One True Thing

Brian Kahanek, Suicide King

Brian Keenan, Today This Year

Brian Kellogg, Criminal In Disguise - Single

Brian Kelly, Each Day Blues

Brian Laidlaw, Wolf Wolf Wolf

Brian Lauri, Train Of Thought

Brian Ledford and the Cadillac Desert, From Sunlight Into Shadow

Brian Ledford, Truth and Love

Brian Lee & His Orchestra, Milk & Honey

Brian Lindsay, Esperanza

Brian Lindsay, The Crossing

Brian Lisik, Happiness Is Boring

Brian Lovely and The Secret, Brian Lovely and The Secret

Brian Lusky, Who Can Stand

Brian Maes, 13

Brian Maes, Friends With The King

Brian Maes, The Great Symphony

Brian Maillard, Melody in Captivity

Brian Maillard, Reincarnation (Album Backings)

Brian Maloney, Lua De Pescadero

Brian Marshall Band, Vampire Happy Hour

Brian Marshall, Stand On Your Own

Brian McGee, The Taking Or the Leaving

Brian McKenzie, Resolution

Brian Meads, Show Me the Way

Brian Michael Roff and the Deer, Inventory

Brian Miller, Faith and Love

Brian Molnar and the Naked Hearts, Miss You

Brian Morrison, Complete Hard Drive Failure

Brian Muench, Acting on Impulse

Brian Newark, Tangled Branches

Brian Nicolini, Fairy Tale Love

Brian Oaks, There Still Is Room

Brian Oh'Brien, Oh Brian

Brian Osbment, Your Lies

Brian O`Blivion, The Flash Before The Crash

Brian P. Rickard, Looking Through Warped Glasses At Earth Dust With a Hint of Saffron

Brian Patrick, Nowhere Left to Fall

Brian Peters And Paul Wertico, Ampersand

Brian Phelps, Gone Too Far?

Brian Press, The Peace of God

Brian Price, Sunlight from You

Brian Ray Stearns, The Darkstar Saint Valentine's Day Parade

Brian Reed, Transparent

Brian Robbins Band, On

Brian Robbins, Banned in the State of Utah

Brian Rosen & the Whatnow, Choose Your Choice

Brian Russell Cook, Food Chain

Brian Saint and the Sinners, Live at the Moon Rock

Brian Saunders, (It's About) Time

Brian Seymour, Perfectly Wrong

Brian Seymour, When I Was Blonde

Brian Sharpe, Scheduled Till Eleven

Brian Sharpe, She Drives Me Crazy

Brian Sharpe, The Usual Stories and Usual Lies

Brian Sharpe, Too Late to Be Sure

Brian Shirk, On the Inside

Brian Shultz Band, Should've Been Done

Brian Simpson, Postcard From LA

Brian Simpson, Vanishing Point

Brian Smoot, Reality

Brian Speaker, revolution of one

Brian Spence, On the Mend

Brian Stella Band, Red, White, And Blue

Brian Stoltz, God, Guns and Money

Brian Straub, Pilate Fish

Brian Sullivan, 10 Earth Days

Brian Sultzman, Never Knew

Brian Taguchi, Songs for the Lone Adelie

Brian Talenti, Phases

Brian Travis Band, Past The Breakers

Brian Travis, There from Here

Brian Tulk, Paperweight

BRIAN VAHAN, Concrete Playground

Brian Walsh and the League of Discovery, Lean to the Heroic

Brian Walton, What the Hell!?!?!

Brian Wier, Love & War

Brian Wilson, Addiction

Brian Wiltsey, Lucky Ones

Brian Wiltsey, Mind`s Made Up

Brian Wiltsey, Rain and Flies

Brian Woodbury, All White People Look Alike

Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies, Bluebird

Brian Wright and The Waco Tragedies, DOG EARS

Brian Wroten, Tasman

Brian Zilm, Ferdinand

Brianna Lea Pruett, The Stars, The Moon, The Owl, The Cougar, and You

Brianna Sage, In My Hands

Brianna Sage, In My Hands

Briarhill, For the World to See

Bribe the Ghost, Identity

Bric Repult and `69 Model, Kickin` Asphalt

Brice Clark, Left to Write

Brice Woodall, Feathery Trigger

Brick Briscoe, Speed Kills, Jesus Saves and Other Missed Opportunities

Brick, Soundview Drive

Brickfoot, All the Broken Pieces

Brickfoot, Head

Brickhouse, Walk of Shame

Bricktop, Broken Bottles and Suicide Throttles

Bricktown Station, Are We There Yet?

Bricktown Station, Home

Brickwall Vultures, Vultures Rule O.K.!

Bride, I

Brides of Jesus, Saints & Sinners

Bridge and Tunnel, Hand Me Down

Bridge Club, The Scorched Capsule

Bridge Construction, Beyond the Blue

Bridge Creek, Bridge Creek

Bridge Underwater, Be Loved

Bridge Underwater, Say It's All Right

Bridge, Ten and One

Bridgefield, Another Day

Bridgefield, Get There

Bridgefield, Give You More

Bridger, Bridger

Bridges Burnt, Border Trash

Bridges Out Of Eden, Break Me Down

Bridges to Royal, Bridges to Royal

Bridges Will Break, Galvanize

Bridges Will Break, Only Tomorrow

Bridget Brigitte, Where Birds Meet in the Rain

Bridget Kelly, Unclassifiable

Bridget Willard, Come Away

Bridgework, Every Now and Then

Bridging Division, Bridging Division

Brief Candles, Fractured Days

Brief Candles, Newhouse

Bright Beast, Bright Beast (2)

Bright Black, More Hole Than Donut

Bright Channel, Bright Channel

Bright Channel, Self-Propelled

Bright Echo, Eliza Howell

Bright Giant, Kings & Queens of Air

Bright Giant, Live At Gas Lamp

Bright Kind, Bright Kind

Bright Lights, Big Zombie, Bright Lights, Big Zombie

Bright Men of Learning, Bright Men of Learning

Bright Morning, Search

Bright Red Day, Fell Man Rise

Bright Shade, Mixed Signals

Bright Shadows, Palia Photografia (feat. Panos Galinos)

Bright Star Catalogue, Disappears Slowly

Bright Stone, Bright Stone

Brighter Fires, Brighter Fires

Brighter Shade, Brighter Shade

Brighter Shade, Divine Ignorance

Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, Flux

Brightnight, Colderaire

Brighton Rock, EP

Brightstorm, Past in Flames

Brigitte DeMeyer, Nothing Comes Free

Brigitte Pace, Away

Brigitte Pace, I Defied

Briley, Thanks for the Time

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