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Hirank1, Thank You Lord

Hirank1, You Are Everything

Hirank1, You Know What I'm About

His Beloved, Come

His Beloved, Everything is Beautiful

His Deliverance, A Glimpse of Glory

His Devoted, Adoration

His Devoted, Prisoner

His Divine Creation, God is Love

His Envoys, Daystar

His Envoys, Grace Notes

His Heir, The Journal

His House Band, All About You

His Loving Kindness Voices, Inspirational Melody

His Own, Hello After Goodbye

His Refuge, Livin` In You

His Resonance, Wherever This Road Goes

His Voice, God Can

Hiz Will, I'll Trust You

Hiz Will, Soulmate

Hiz Will, Temptation

HjayH, "A Christian Woman"(is all I need)

HjayH, Expressions of Praise

HjayH, Just Haughton: HjayH (feat. Harold J. Haughton Sr.)

Hoggtoven, seven talents

Hoi, Convinced

Hoi, God is Good

Holloway Sisters, Prasies

Holly Alejo, Free To Be

Holly Brelia, I Believe

Holly Cross Vagley, NAKED (Job 1:21)

Holly Gotfredson, Heal

Hollywood Logan, Christmas

Holy Ghost Party, Holy Ghost Party: Power & Victory

Holy Vessels, Awesome, Powerful, Mine

Holy Vessels, The Only Way

Homemadesoul, Inspirations

Honey Azul, Godlike (feat. Mike Body)

HoneyChile, Songs from Balance

Honnys, Fluya como un Rio

Honorable Voices of Praise, Medley: We Three Kings/O Come All Ye Faithful/Jingle Bells

Hope and Life Worship, I Will Be theOne

Hope Askew, Always Hope

Hope Askew, Life, Love, and Music

Hope Askew, Release Me

Hope Askew, Take This Love

Hope Askew, Try Jesus

Hope Askew, You're the One

Hope Carr, Hope

Hope Carr, The Journey

Hope Chapel Mass Choir, No Mountain Too High For Him

Hope College Chapel Worship, Morning & Evening

Hope Gatling, A Story of a Girl

Hope House Men`s Choir, I Will Ever Sing Your Praise

Hope Inspirators, When Jesus Comes

Hope Victoria, The Seasons of Hope

Hope, Alabaster Box

Hope, Yesterday

Hopesong, A Reflection

Hopeton Lewis, This Gift of Life

Horace Jones & The Original Mighty Jubilaires, Jesus Bless Me

Horace Whittaker & The Cross, Walk Cross

Hosanna, Hosanna

Hosea Redditt, Bringing It ''All'' Together

HOURI: angels of GOD, Fire

House of Mercy Band, Blesses Curses

House of Mercy Band, Satan and the Saint

House of Mercy Band, Too Many Treasures

House of the Heavenly Host, The Gospel According to the Heavenly Host

Houzmon & Deejay Sound, I Need U Lord (feat. Cei Bei)

Howard & Hines, Anointed Praise

Howard Baker, Tree of Life

Howard Harris, Be Blessed

Howard Smith, Seasons Change

Howard Wiley & The Angola Project, 12 Gates To the City (feat. Faye Carol)

Huey Smith, Praise-an Instrument of War.

Hugs For Children, 16 New Christian Songs For Kids

Hunter De'Mae, This is the Day

Hunter Hayes, Grandma's Song

Hunter Street Choir and Orchestra, How Great - Live Worship at Hunter Street

Hype Nation, Hyperactivity

I.W.I, Patrick L Simpson & Cynthia Stevens, He Won't Leave You

I5 Worship, 5 Anthem

Ian Anderson, In Every Room

Ian Erickson, I Will Live

Ian Holmes, II, Changes

Ian Holmes, II, More Than Just This Time

Ian Woods, Sundays Best

Ian, Matt and Greg, The Search

Iasis, Daddy

Ida Kaemmerling, Your Plan (feat. Julia Martin)

Identity Network, Captured by His Presence (feat. David Baroni)

Identity Network, The Sounds of Now

Idowu Ogundipe, Holy Ghost Party

Iisam, I'm Alive

Ijele, My God

Ike & Linda, Everybody

Ike & Linda, Love

Ike & Linda, Seek Your Face

Ike & Linda, What Can I Give?

Ike Mbamali, Songs of Praises

Ikiri Lawrence, Reason for Life

Ileidth Carter, To Live Is Christ

Illuminator, Gospel Swagger

Image, Amazing Love

Imago Dei, Divine Embrace

Iminista, I'm Prayin Wit Cha

Immanuël Versteegh, The Father's Heart

Immeasurable, My Worship Is for Real, Vol. 1

Immensus8, Immeasurable

Imperials, Imperials Live

Imprinted Worship, Obedience Project

In Gods Hands, Pray About It

In His Name, The Joy That Floods My Soul

In His Name, Til the Storm Passes By

In His Will, Invite Him In

In Perfect Harmony, Open Your Heart

In Perfect Harmony, We Worship Christ

In-A-Way, Friend 18:24

Indiana Norfleet, The Cries of A Sinner

Indigo Inspires, It's God

Infinite Praise, Tell It Live!!!!!

Inger Reid, He`s My Everything

Ingrid Guilharde, Tudo Novo Se Fez

Inner Peace Light House, Planets in Harmony the Frequency of God

Inri Dúo, Cree en Él

InsideGrace, Spiritual Warrior

Insomnia, Schlaflosigkeit

Inspirational Choral Ensemble, Consecration

Inspired Life, Now God

Inspired78, The Best Of Larry Gibson and Company / Inspired

Instrumental Voices Of Praise, Deliverance

Instruments of Praise, Praise Unleashed

Intense Praise, Umhlaba Yakudumisa

Intense, Heart to Heart

Intentional Worship, Thank U

Intentional Worship, The Single

Intercession, Only A Prayer Away

International Fellowship Gospel Choir, Trusting in You

International House of Prayer, Cleveland, Harp and Bowl Hymns

Intown, Psalms

Intune, He Cares

Int`l. House of Prayer, Cleveland, Gazing

Iona Locke, Kingdom Victory Live

Ira Watson, Shining Star

Ira White, Road To Holiness

Irène Bapile, Baragumu (The Celestial Trumpet)

Irene Boyd, A New Heart

Irene Boyd, Sin Will Make You Lose Your Soul

Irene Day, Touch Somebody`s Life

Irene Goodnight, Sweet Jesus

Irene Porter, Thanks for the Loan

Iris Green, Wait for the Promise

Iris Green, We Honor Your Name

Iris Walters, My God

Irma Young, God Took A Chance On Me

Iron For Clay, Last Breath

Irvin Evans, Jonathan Factor

Isaac Cates & Ordained, Joy

Isaac Cates & Ordained, Joy (Extended Version)

Isaac Cates & Ordained, Strong Tower (Full Version)

Isaac Jones, I call you Lord

Isaac Kariuki, Listen To Me

Isaac Odeniran, Christmas With Isaac Odeniran

Isaac Odeniran, Marriage Is of God

Isaac Quaye, My Secret Place

Isaac Red Boy, Solo Tienes Que Adorarle

Isaac Robinson, Love Found Me

Isaac Robinson, Stronger

Isaías Márquez, Yo Te Creo

Isabella Bare, Mary Did You Know

Isabella, Heaven's Anthem

Isabella, Lost Without You

Isabella, My Tori Don Change

Isaiah 54: Seventeen, Still Working On Me

Isaiah Templeton, I Can Do Anything

Isekhua Evborokhai, All About You

Isiah Baldwin, The Music of Isiah Baldwin Vol. I

Isiah Brooks & Randy Vertin, Fill My Soul

Islia Liz Arroyo, Verme en Ti

Israel Cátala, Dominio

Israel Martin & G.U.P., Get Up

Israel Martin & G.U.P., Grace & Mercy

Israel Martin & Gods Ultimate Praise, We Bless Your Name (Promo)

Israel Tutson, Motivation

Israel Tutson, Ready2fly

Italya Potts, I Owe You

IV Christ, IV Christ

IV Christ, Transitions

IV Taste, This Is the Way

Ivalani, GIve Me Jesus 'Aku 'a Sisu (Tongan)

Ivan Adams & Jeremy Lee, Ivan and Friends

Ivan Jerome Hunter, God's Way

Ivan, It's Just God (feat. Janet Williams)

Ivan, Psalms 95 (feat. Jade Hall)

Ivy Soul, My Heart

Iza Hannemann, My God

Izetta, Long Time Commin

J and J for Christ, Musical praise

J and J for Christ, On A Mission

J Asheley & Damien Marshall, Reason 2 Live

J Craig Fowler, God's Preparing Me

J D C, Deliverance Prayer

J D C, Suspended

J Lizette, Walk In Freedom

J M J, Walk, Talk, Live!

J Mac And The Innerfaith Chorale, If There`s No Rain In Your Life

J Michael, The Process

J Myles, Sr., The Next Level Prayer Will See You Through

J Parker Scott, Steppin' In

J Thomas, Fragrance Of A Rose

J'Mael and the Churchboyz, It's Personal

J'mar, Step Aside

J, H, and M, MY TRUE LOVE, CD Single with Instrumental Bonus Track

J- Blake White, Doing Well (feat. Terence June Gray)

J-Arthurman, I Bow to You

J-Bethea, An Intimate Worship Experience

J-Me Brown, True & Dedicated

J-Rodriguez, Redemption

J. Adam Broome, Make You Smile (Acoustic)

J. Baker, The Answer

J. Bellamy, Highly Favored

J. Bellamy, Walk By Faith

J. Bethel & Spoken For, All In

J. Bethel & Spoken For, You're God (Radio Version)

J. Brian Hill, I Have Hope

J. Brian Hill, Within Your Wings

J. E. White, Thaslove

J. Genesis, Victory

J. Harris, No Greater Joy

J. Harris, No Spots No Blemish

J. HInes & Redeemed, Joy

J. K. Coltrain, A Broken Heart

J. L. Washington, Introducing J. L. Washington

J. Michael, The Way

J. Nichole, Confidence

J. Nichole, Get Your Spirit Up

J. Nicole, Holy

J. P. Mayton, I Am Satisfied

J. Pierre, Choose

J. Ryan Garber, A Mighty Fortress

J.C. & Company, He's So Wonderful

J.C. & Company, If You Confess

J.C. White, The Best of J.C. White: Old Roots, New Fruit, Vol. 1

J.C., I Gotta Get Back In

J.K.Allen, Perfect Sacrifice

J.Kingdom, Champion

J.Lynn Wolfe, Keep Me Up

J.R. Hood, Your Hiding Place

J.T. Fuller & Gracenote, P.D.A. for Jesus

J.T. Fuller, Meantime (feat. Gracenote)

J.U.S.T. B, We Won't Stop

J.W. Biddy, Angel In Disguise

Ja' Van Johnson, Eternal Example

Ja'Sonique, Energy

Jabar Declares!, I'm On My Way

Jabari Wade & On 1 Accord Ministries, I Claim My Destiny

Jabez, Just Another Worship Song

Jack Bradshaw, From the Barstool to the Cross

Jack Burton, Soul

Jack Cassidy, Be Still My Soul

Jack Gafford, Sinner to Sinner

Jack Hill, In the Garden

Jack M. Lane, The Dwelling Place of God - Single

Jack Quest, Brand New Beginning

Jackee Turks, I`m Not The Same

Jacki Mayfield, Highest Praise

Jacki Mayfield, If I Had to Do It Again... I Would Still Choose Jesus

Jackie Downs and Joy, God I`m Sorry

Jackie Dyles, No Limit

Jackie Potter, Timeless

Jackie Smith and YDM, This Is MySpace

Jackie Tucker, New Life

Jackie Waters, Christ Passion

Jackie, Live at Vine Life Christian Fellowship

Jaco Wilson, Conqueror

Jacob and the Believers, Praise and Worship

Jacob Brown, Adding 2 the Good News

Jacob Brown, Oh Lord We Praise You

Jacob Elijah, Home

Jacque Darragh, Companions On The Way

Jacque Darragh, Oh God, If I Had Radishes

Jacque Darragh, Only Those Who Walk In Darkness See The Stars

Jacque Darragh, You Are My Beloved

Jacqueline Brown, For Your Glory

Jacqueline Hunt, I Ask the Lord for Someone to Love

Jacqueline Johnson-Lee, Let God Handle It

Jacqueline M. Cameron, Blessed Be His Name

Jacqueline M. Cameron, Call His Name

Jacqueline Ray, Stop the Spread of Aids and Stds 2

Jacqueline Reddick, Step Out On Faith

Jacqueline T Powell, Wonderful

Jacqueline T. Powell, Christ in Me

Jacquelyn Glover, It`s Over Now

Jacquelyn Knight Simmons, Follow You

Jacqui, Heritage

Jacquie Brown-Hadnot, His Mercy Endures Forever

Jacquie Brown-Hadnot, The Extravagant Love of God

Jacquie Brown-Hadnot, The Spoken Word of Love

Jada Hite King, Walk On

Jada Mayson, Remember The Blood

Jada Mayson, When the Trumpet Shall Sound

Jaddua Family, Just One More Time

Jade J, Stories Untold

Jade Sholty, One Breath at a Time

Jah Pierce, Paper Heart

Jahbarri "The Gospel Prince", Praise Inside

Jahbarri the Gospel Prince, Kingdom Party!

Jahbarri, Dreams

Jahmain King, Hold On

Jahmika Morgan, New Leaf

Jahmika Morgan, The Lord Is My Strength

Jahstix, Song of Glory (feat. Bashiri Johnson)

Jai Reed, Center of My Heart

Jai Reed, Press, Pray, Prevail

Jai Reed, Songs from My Heart

Jai, Focus - EP

Jai, Thats the Ticket ( Prayed Up )

Jaia, Just As I Am

Jaime Lee, Jaime Lee

Jaimee Paul Shires, I'm Alive to Praise His Holy Name

Jake Doby Band, Man on a Mission

Jake Greene & One Voice, Saturate Us

Jake Greene and One Voice, Arise

Jake Trevisan, Fé Na Vida

Jalisa Faye, All I Need

Jalisa Faye, The Prologue EP

Jamaal Morse, Make Me Whole

Jamaal Newton, Already Done

Jamal Freeman, Can't Live Without You

Jamal Freeman, David's Anthem - Single

Jamal Freeman, SuperMan - Single

Jamal, End Times

Jamar Carter, My Gratitude

Jamar Herron, We Decide Love

Jamar Scott, Free to Love God

Jamarien Moore, I'll Go

Jambalaya Records, Radio Singles

Jambalaya, A Jambalaya Christmas Carol

Jamdoc and Operation Destiny, Praise Your Way Out

Jameel McCants, I'm in Need

Jamelle Jones & Freed, From a Redeemed Heart

Jamera McQueen, Stretching out on Faith

James Bishop Tudman presents, Rose

James Hatcher, I`ll continue

James "Kelly Fox!" Davis & A.B.F., You're So Amazing (feat. Matt G)

James & Pat German, Favorite Hymns No. 2

James (AJ) Ward, Thank You

James A. Pollard Jr. Presents: The Anointed Spirit, God Is Real

James A. Willis & Nu Praze, I'll Praise Him Live

James A. Woodley, Swinging from the Cross

James Accardi, His Name Is Jesus

James AJ Ward, Get Your Praise Up

James and Dena Pomeroy, An Open Heaven

James and James, Coming Home

James Anthony & Melek Gc, Worshipper

James Anthony featuring the Melek Gospel Choir, The Journey, Vol. 1

James Basnet, Brand New Day

James Bellamy and Tc, All For Him

James Bellamy and TC, Triumphant - Live!

James Bowman and the Sound of Contemporary Worship, Transparency My Heart Toward God

James Breeden, Not This Time

James Burgess, God's Love Is In This Place

James Byrd & T.O.P., The Psalm of James

James Carrington & the Virginia Mass Choir, Thankful

James Castro, Remnant

James Chandler, The Collection

James Chappell III, Center of Your Love (Ep)

James Chappell III, The Joy of Christmas

James Cockerham, BASIC/Cockerham: Nobody Like Jesus

James Cockerham, Reflections of the Heart

James Craig, Everybody Needs to Know (Jesus)

James Crowley and the Top Hat Orchestra, Inspire

James D Hutton, We Walk By Faith

James Dalton Brown Jr, 500 Boys & 500 Girls

James Davilmar, Lanmou Bondye (God's Love)

James Davis, All Things in Time

James Dixon & The Outreach Community Choir, Reach For Joy

James Douglas, Thank You

James E. Chandler, Sr., Show Me

James E. Chandler, Sr., Wait

James Ferguson, At Your Throne

James Fortune & Fiya, The Experience

James Franklin, Purpose (feat. Sheree' Evans)

James Frazier, If I Could Hear (My Mother Pray Again)

James Gibbs Jr, Worthy

James Gibbs, Jr., Worthy

James Hightower, Living On Purpose

James Hillian Jr & H.E., Souls Tattoo iLuv Him

James Jr. Hairston, Stomp The Devil Out

James Kilbane, Glory and Grace

James Kilbane, Let Us Shine. (Song for the Year of Faith)

James Kilbane, The Songs of Faith Collection

James Lee & the Voices of Triumph, Lord You Are My King

James Lewis & Promise, A New Me

James Lewis and The Unik Voices of Faith, Just For Me

James M. German, Favorite Hymns

James M. Robinson, Sr., Jesus Will Say "Well Done"

James Mannie Shuler, In Angels Hands With You

James McCoy, After the Storm

James McMickin, Faith That Pays Off

James Merriner, WWGD

James N. Davis III, Seasons of Praise

James Nabors, Nashville Style Country Gospel

James Ogden, Can I Get a Witness?

James Owens, From My Heart

James P., Journey

James Pinkney, Lord You Lifted Me

James PJ Spraggins, Come to Jesus

James Powell, Recover

James Powell, Speak Again

James Rainwater, The Gallery

James Riley, God Is Able

James Roberts, Be Magnified

James Roots, You`re Everything

James Schindler, Martin Luther's Mighty Fortress

James Short, I've Got a Song

James Simpson / Greg McKoy, Never Alone

James Smith & Nubirth, L.E.T.I.T.G.O.

James Spears, Let's Compel Them

James Stephenson, Beyond the Skies

James T Freeman and Tru Worship, Can`t Give Up!

James T. Davis, A Peaceful Afternoon

James Todd Johnson, The Solid Rock

James Van Nostrand, Jesus Loves Me - Single

James Ward and New City, I`ll Be More Like Jesus

James Willis & Nu Praze, I'll Praise Him - Single

James Woodley and Upperroom, Made A Way For Me

James Wright Gospel Inspiration, Going Home

James Yancey, Anyone Hear Me Pray

Jamia Lynn Miles, Great and Mighty is Our God

Jamie Ballard, Forgive Me Father

Jamie Biller, Amazing Grace

Jamie Biller, Give Me Jesus

Jamie Biller, How Great Thou Art

Jamie Blahun, Released

Jamie Coulter, I Couldn't Live

Jamie Coulter, The Difference

Jamie E. Parker, The Call

Jamie Leigh, Just Keep Singing

Jamila Odom, A New Beginning

Jamila Silvera, Jamila Silvera - EP

Jammal Graham and Blessed, Strike Back

Jammi J., The Introduction of Jammi J.

Jammie Jolly, Awesome Is

Jammie Jolly, Faithfulness Is the Key

Jammie Jolly, Joy Comes in the Morning

Jammie Jolly, Life Not Offering Much

Jammie Jolly, Rainbows Remind Me

Jammie Jolly, So Strong

Jammie Jolly, The Enemy Meant for Bad

Jammie Jolly, This Too Shall Pass

Jamonne Driver and Eternal Vision, Great Things

Jan Shima, Who Is to Come

Jana Allard, He's Gonna Listen

Jandra Alexandra, Janice Robinson, Alisia Chery & Janelle Lee, Psalm 91

Jane Chifley, Heartbeats

Jane Foster, soprano, Candlelight Silent Night

Jane Irene Farley, New Beginnings

Jane Siberry, Shushan the Palace (Hymns of Earth)

Janelle, New Day

Janet Allyn, New Testament Songs

Janet Bosshart, Servant of God

Janet Johnson, Songs of Praise, Vol. I

Janet L. Freeman, No Restrictions, No Restraints

Janet Manyowa, Tarisa


Janet S. Wilkins, Made A Vow

Janet Sutton and The Voices of Acme, "Tis so Sweet"

Janet Taylor, A New Beginning

Janet Tronstad & David White, Denim Sky (Montana Quilting Song & Dry Creek tribute)

Janette Everett-Morgan, Patiently Waiting

Janice Charles, Nobody But Jesus

Janice Green Cooper, I Choose You

Janice Kapp Perry & Lynne Perry Christofferson, Ao Sentir Seu Amor

Janice Montgomery, Momma I Miss You

Janice Pimentel, Libre para Adorarte

Janice Priest, What Love

Janice Stain, More Than the Stars

Janice Stain, Take Me to a Place

Janice Wilson, Walk By Faith

Janie M. Jernigan, O The Grace Of God

Janine Price, Intimate Worship: Here With You

Janna and Danielle, Out of the Mouth of Babes...

Janusz Supernak, Moja Modlitwa (My Prayer)

Japhet Ruiz, Ciudad de Oro

Japhet Ruiz, Dia De Restauración

jaqi, just jaqi

Jaqueline Hunt, Song of Praise for President Obama's Victory

Jared Freeman, Gospel Train

Jaris and Colleen Cawthon, On the Edge of Something New

Jaron Heim, My 1 Desire

Jaron Heim, Saturate

Jarrell Hosley & Perpetual Prayze, Audience of One

Jarrod Church, What Was That You Said Lord

Jarrod McNaughton, You Raise Me Up

Jarron Taylor & Cross Bearing Nation, What Kind of Man

Jasmien, Due Season

Jasmin Bailey, Songs From My Hymnal

Jasmin Gibb, All Things Are Possible

Jasmine Assamoi, He Cares

Jasmine Burch, Declaration

Jasmine Perkins, Are U Ready?

Jasmine, You Satisfy Me

Jason Alvarez, Jason Alvarez All Yours Live Worship

Jason C. Brown, Everything to Me

Jason Cole, Sometimes It Snows In April

Jason Dionne, Created Anew

Jason Durrant, Love Between Us

Jason Edmond, My Prayer to You

Jason Fields, I'm Here

Jason Heilman, The Do You See Project

Jason Hendrickson & Nusoundz, Great Things (feat. Mike Willis)

Jason Hendrickson , Kenny Black & Shakira Jones, 5 for 5 Volume 1

Jason Hendrickson, Let Your Mercies

Jason Hendrickson, Move of God

Jason Hendrickson, Sovereign God

Jason Holdridge, Pursue Me

Jason Hubbard Sr. & Generation Next, Unleash Your Praise

Jason L. Johnson and Family, Living In The Overflow

Jason Nelson, Brand New Day

Jason Parten, 41 Days

Jason Petrosky, Best Of Jason Petrosky

Jason Providence, Hosanna


Jason Rutley, Always There

Jason Schuster, I Believe

Jason Scott, O God of Our Fathers- Vol. 1

Jason Sims, Enter In

Jason Thomas, The Dream

Jason Washington, Your Love

Jason Watson, Flood My Soul

Jason Williams, The Testimony of a Young Preacher

Jasper, Warrior

Jassette Haughton, Take the Limits Off

Javen, Free

Javetta Campbell, This Far… The Praise Anthem

Javier Dykes and Fellowship of Praz, Hallelujah Praise

Javier Maldonado, Dios Conmigo

Javon Inman, Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song)

Javon Inman, Come Home

Javon Inman, Heart of a Worshiper

Javon Inman, Joy (Radio Edit)

Javon Inman, Redeemer (Radio Edit)

Javon Inman, Rest (Radio Edit)

Jay Alexander, Here With Me - Single (feat. Aaron Thomas)

Jay Alexander, Wanna Be - Single

Jay Bratten, Hymns My Way

Jay Caldwell and The Gospel Ambassadors, Victory

Jay DeVaughn, Awake!!!

Jay Devaughn, I Place All of My Trust in Thee

Jay Hornz, Love On Top (feat. Lisa Knowles & Shontelle Norman)

Jay Hornz, Speak to My Heart (feat. Courtney Franklin)

Jay Hurt, Angel

Jay McGee, I Hear Foot Steps

Jay McGee, No Walls

Jay McGee, Reflections

Jay McGee, Testimony!!

Jay Paul Roy, Winds of Change

Jay T Hairston and Friends, I Won`t Forget

Jay Wade & 1achord, Conquerors

Jay Wade & 1achord, We Have Overcome

Jay Williamson & Onevoice, Birthing an Unprecendented Beginning

Jay-D, Hope

Jay-Rod:"God`s Rod of Korrection", I Won`t Be Silent Anymore

Jayc Harold, Hooked On You

Jayden Arnold, Hit the Floor

Jaye Mains, Running For Christ

Jaymes Felix, White as Snow

Jaynelle', So Amazing: My Life...My Story...The Truth

Jayson Lamb, Take the Time to Pray

Jazmin, Finally Free

Jazz Digga, Next Level

Jazz'a4christ, Don't Give Up On God

Jazzwizzardreggiehall, Door One

JB Spiritual Singers, This Is The Day

JB, Stand Special Edition Version

JBC Quartet, Just Brothers in Christ

JC & Help from God, Nobody Wants You

JC Thompson and Beyond Blessed, Born To Praise

JD Colt & Linda Mae Burns, On a Winding Road

JD Colt, God Writes the Song

JD Hurt, Psalm 139 Gospel

JDV, Joven de Valor/ Youth of Value

Jean "Enlightened" Thelemaque Jr., Be Enlightened (The Demo)

Jean Beaudelaire, Brand New Day

Jean Beaudelaire, God`s Painting

Jean Chamblee, Closer

Jean Chamblee, Closer 2 You

Jean Chamblee, Destiny

Jean Jean, Jean Jean Live À Montréal

Jean Shy, One Day

Jean Watson, Unveiled

Jeanette Arsenault, Arise

Jeanette Harris, He Cares

Jeanita Outlaw, Another Level

Jeanne Ryan, Jehovah Jireh - Single

Jeanne Ryan, Jesus Loved Me

Jeanne Ryan, Vine of Life

Jeanne Sheffield, Make Me Your Instrument

Jeanne Williams, I Love To Tell The Story

Jeannette Bayardelle, Praise Report

Jeannette Harvey, You Can Always Come Back Home

Jeannette Petkau, Beyond Reason

Jeannette Petkau, Break-Thru

Jeannine O`Neal, I Know That I Know

Jearl, Jearl (Lets Go to Church)

Jed Marum, Rejoice! A Christmas Album

Jedi, D' G-Pikin Project

Jeff Barnes, Go It Alone

Jeff Carnie & Spectrum, Come Down

Jeff Carnie & Spectrum, God Is Holy

Jeff Galmore, Now We Worship

Jeff Grinstead, Rough Sketches

Jeff Martin, Gospel Favorites

Jeff Martin, Gospel Favorites Volume 2

Jeff Martin, Precious Memories

Jeff Murrah, Glorify

Jeff Murrah, Prime Minister V

Jeff Noble, In His Service

Jeff Parnell, Heritage

Jeff Patterson and Company, Time Ain't Long

Jeff Roberson & Nulife, Awareness

Jeff Roberson and LIFE, Chosen Generation

Jeff Roberson, Friends Project 2010

Jeff Stanley, Salvation

Jeff Wardlow, My Life Is in the Lords Hands

Jeffery Schofield, He Kept Me

Jeffrey Althouse, Church Hymns of Worship Piano Accompaniments Volume I

Jeffrey Robert Smith, First Things First

Jeffrey Valantine, Hurry Don`t Wait!

Jehovah Praise, I Know A Man

Jemi'Noel, Jemi'Noel

Jen Handy & Darren Major, A Song of Hope for America

Jenaa© Paden, Jenae So In Love

Jenahl Alexander, Heart Music

Jeniqua, Change Me (2012)

Jenise La Vonne, Do What Jesus Says

Jenise La Vonne, The Call

Jenna Notar, Live for You

Jennifer Allen, I Surrender

Jennifer Alvarado, Hello Life

Jennifer Angle, A Broken Vessel

Jennifer Baggett, This God of Mine

Jennifer Douglas, Love Away the Hate

Jennifer Ebanks, Jennifer Ebanks

Jennifer Ebanks, My Praise

Jennifer Evans, Delayed But Not Denied

Jennifer Evans, Just Your Name

Jennifer Holliday, God Is Faithful

Jennifer LaMountain, Abundantly

Jennifer Matthews-Colter, Victory

Jennifer Price, All Praise & Glory

Jennifer Shaw, Be Still

Jennifer Sides, This Side Of Heaven

Jennifer Webb, Your Voice

Jenny Burton, I Think On These Things

Jenny, This Way

Jerahmy Kellen, Our Relationship

Jerald Dorsett, Does Jesus Care

Jered Lyle Wilson, Going Home

Jered Lyle Wilson, Jesus, You're a Real Friend to Me

Jerel Williams & Levitical Praise, So Good

Jeremiah Semien, Tears from Heaven / The Way Is the Light

Jeremy Bright, The Lucky One

Jeremy Hart, Come Find

Jeremy James Bonner, Raging River

Jeremy Lamar London, Healed By Prayer

Jeremy Ricks & Heart of Worship, Love Changes

Jeremy Scott, In Hymn(s) We Move, Vol. 1

Jeremy Scott, Salvation

Jeremy Simpson, I Receive Your Love

Jeremy Wallace & Elevated Praise, Press Through

Jeremy Wallace & Elevated Praise, You're All I Need

Jeri, Wake UP

Jerial M. Dingle, The Dream Lives On

Jermaine A. Walker, God's Got a Better Way

Jermaine Bolton, Jermaine Bolton

Jermaine Bowleg, The Measure of God's Love

Jermaine Faber, All Of Me

Jermaine Mickey, I Can't Forget

Jermaine Mickey, I Got a Feeling (feat. Jeremiah Hicks)

Jermaine Morgan, I'm Not Afraid - EP

Jermaine Taylor, Come Down

Jermia, From the Soul

Jermia, It`s My Time Now

Jermyn Big Poole, In You (Live)

Jerome Alexander, Sacred Doo-Wop

Jerome Andre, Possessed In The Spirit (Remix)

Jerome Brandon & HD Music Group, Happy Days Are Here

Jerome C. Alexander & New Praise, The Preview "EP"

Jerome Childers, God's Big Picture

Jerome Clark, We Are Victorious

Jerome Greene & Voices of Triumph, Rock the House

Jerome Greene & Voices of Triumph, Round II

Jerome Greene & Voices of Triumph, When the Holy Ghost Moves - Single

Jerome Lorde and One Love, LIFT THIS PRAISE

Jerome Mondy, It's Time to Praise Him

Jerome Paden Jr, Just Jerome - aka ''JP''

Jerome Waller and Anointed Praise, I Live For Your Love

Jerrail Jones, Dance Like David

Jerri Little, Help Somebody Today-Live

Jerry and Ruby Cranmer, Winter Snow

Jerry Blackwell, I Come To the Stream

Jerry Bolton, He'll Do It Again

Jerry Bonsu & L.A, It All Belongs to You

Jerry Bonsu & Levitical Anointing, Free to Worship

Jerry Cockrum, Letter to Jesus

Jerry Corelli, Righteous Man

Jerry Corelli, With the Sword Held High

Jerry Deer, Life's Railway

Jerry Deewood, Reborn

Jerry Fretto, The Joy Ahead

Jerry Fulton, What's Happened to America

Jerry Harrell, Love To My Savior

Jerry Jc Calvin, Thank You Jesus (My Testimony )

Jerry Johnson, Whole Man

Jerry Lambert, What a Day That Will Be

Jerry Thomas, Songs from the Flood Until the Return

Jerry W. Carter, I Cried Jesus

Jerusha Lee, Mechanic's Daughter

Jesse B, Closer Walk

Jesse Butterworth and Overlake Christian Church, Homecoming: Worship from Overlake Christian Church

Jesse Campbell, Hymns From the Heart, Vol. 1 *Bonus* 3 Brand New Songs

Jesse Cann, Turn Homeward: a Jesse Cann Collection

Jesse Dean Stanford and Grace, Consecrate Me

Jesse Hamble, Today

Jesse Lyons, Mechanic Jesus

Jesse Mitchell, Stronger

Jesse Morgan, Ma Ba

Jesse O. Johnson, A Man Named Jesse

Jesse O. Johnson, Never Give Up

Jesse Raiford, God Is The Boss

Jesse Wortham, I Am Jesus

Jesse Young, Abba

Jessica Benson, Tender Mercy

Jessica Dudley, Still Saved Me

Jessica Hawkins, No Weapon

Jessica Lynn, Its All For You

Jessica Mata, Espiritu de Dios

Jessica Meshell, Worship

Jessica Pitts, Nourishment 4 the Soul

Jessica Rogers & Demarcus Webb, What a Friend‏

Jessica Rogers, Inspired

Jessica Shepherd, Jesus

Jessica Smith-Wright, The Unseen

Jessica, Winner (feat. Jeremiah)

Jessie Jray Bolton, I Could Never Be Me Without You (Remix)

Jessup Music, Christmas

Jessy Dixon, Get Away Jordan

Jessy Dixon, Heavenly News

Jessy DIxon, Home Coming Classics Volume 2

Jessy Dixon, Homecoming Classics

Jessy Dixon, Sanctuary

Jessy Dixon, Touch Me Lord Jesus

Jessy Dixon, We Give You Praise

Jessy Vera, A Thousand Tongues

Jesus Music, Jesus Music

Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church Worship Service, End of the World Sermon 3/31/2007 Pastor Steve Winter

Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church Worship Service, Music and preaching Trinity Heresy Sermon 4/07/2007 Pastor Steve Winter

Jesus Name Players, New Wine

Jethro Auguste, Kle Kou Bondye

Jevon D. Brock & Kingdom Citizens, Jevon D. Brock and Kingdom Citizens Music Series 1

Jevon D. Brock & Kingdom Citizens, Say What God Said

Jevon D. Brock and Restoration, Urgent Messages

Jevon D.Brock and Restoration, Another Opportunity

Jevon Goode, Unstoppable

Jewel Lucien, Grace

Jewel Lucien, Spirit Driven

Jewel Osbourne, Jesus Has Done the Rest

Jewel Osbourne, Keeper

Jewel Osbourne, Love Song for Jesus

Jewel Wall, Transformation of a Christian

Jewel With Love, Jesus Is Everything To Me

Jewell Booker, Love Notes (Live)

Jewell Booker, No One Compares

Jewish Gospel, Jewish Gospel

Jeyreal, Heaven Calling

Jfiggers, The One

Jhardine, Water & Thunder

Jhon Zorrilla, Proclamo Libertad

Jide Akintayo, Apata Aiyeraiye (Rock of Ages!)

Jide Akintayo, In God's Economy

Jide Arowolo, Dreams

Jill Hamilton, Back Home

Jim and Cookie, Hard to Believe

Jim and Cookie, Heart Of Judah

Jim and Jean Strathdee, Stand For What Is Right

Jim and Jo Ann Wells & The New Covenant Gospel Ensemble, It Is No Secret

Jim and Joann Wells with Family and Friends, To God Be The Glory

Jim Bennett & Junior Marshall, Collective Praise 2010

Jim Davis, Your Time Has Come

Jim Dilley, Traditional Gospel Favorites

Jim Granauro, Until that day

Jim Keohan, Wings of Love

Jim Kitson, Turn a Life Around

Jim Lowe & Whitney Mitchell, My Heart Cries Out for You

Jim Lusk & Kate Sharpe, Chart Toppers

Jim Murphy, Our Father - Single

Jim Radford, Bound to Be Free

Jim Radford, Who Says?

Jim Rayburn, It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)

Jim Staats, For God & Country

Jim Wellborn, Special Delivery

Jim Wells, Angels from the Realms of Glory (feat. Harold Pittman)

Jim Wilkinson, Gospel Collection by Jim Wilkinson

Jimmie Nettles, Songs From the Front Porch

Jimmie Parker, Gotta Say Thank You

Jimmy Allen Smith, The Message

Jimmy and Debora, Would You Be Ready

Jimmy and Numa, Awesome Wonder

Jimmy Bolding, Mellow Moods Of Gospel

Jimmy Dooley, The Voice Of My Soul

Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise, Tabernacle Worship, Vol. I

Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise, Wait On The Lord

Jimmy Hicks and the Voices of Integrity, Born Blessed

Jimmy Jackson Atlanta and Joseph E. Reed, O My God!

Jimmy June Bess and the Gospel Revelation, Get Ready

Jimmy Lalla, Blazin' for Jesus

Jimmy O, Only By Your Grace

Jimmy R Price, Road To Success

Jimmy R Price, Welcome Home

Jimmy R. Price, Eye of the Storm

Jimmy Russell and BOC, Live

Jimmy Young, Lord Lifts Me High

Jireh Gospel Choir, Jireh Gospel Choir

Jita, Sweet Lyric

Jj Sylvain & Higher Standard, Text Messages

JJ's Tunes & Tales, Songs from Great Bible Moments

Jmonroe, Walking Along

JMP, A Place For Everyone - Dedicated to Karol Wojtyla

Jo Ann Jones, Richly Blessed

Jo Ann Travis-Clark, I Will Survive

Jo Ann Travis-Clark, I'm Not Afraid

Jo Ann Travis-Clark, One Day At a Time

Jo Ras, Real with You

Jo Vogels, Compendium

Jo, The Portrait of Worship

Joada Joissim, Dios Nunca Falla

Joan E. Smith, Hope For Tomorrow

Joan N. Muwanguzi, Still Here

Joan Onwodi, Blessed

Joan Whitaker, When I Pray

Joanna Williams, Love to Worship You

Joanne Marie Bolles, How Can I Keep from Singing?

Jocelyn Kelly, Sonido de Amor

Jodi Litmon, Experience

Jodi Litmon, Happy Song

Jody Courville, At Your feet

Jody Courville, Writing on the Wall

Joe & Jan Edwards, Me & Jesus (Soundtracks) [Backing Tracks]

Joe & Rosa Hopkins, Children Are Precious

Joe Alega, This Is Christmas

Joe and Rochelle Anderson, God`s Own

Joe and Rosa Hopkins, Christmas Song

Joe Anfuso, Meet His Gaze

Joe Byrd, The Heart Speaks

Joe Fonte, Deus Falou Está Falado

Joe Hand, Everything and Nothing

Joe Hand, PSALMS

Joe Herran & Steve Yantis, Hymns & Guitars

Joe Jr., Songs of Encouragement Vol. 1

Joe Lawyer III & Newsound Ministries, Purify My Heart Lord

Joe Lawyer III, Make Me Your Home

Joe Lawyer III, Ministry @ the Campus, Vol. 3

Joe Ludwig, Crimson Creek

Joe Merrick, We Are One

Joe Montiel, New Man

Joe Pierre, You`ve Been Good

Joe Robinson & the Gospel Revelations, Joe Robinson & the Gospel Revelations

Joe Russell, God Has Smiled On Me

Joe Russell, I Give Him All The Praise

Joe Russell, In the Midst of the Storm

Joe Saint Michael, Sunshine Of My Heart

Joe Simpson, Teach Me Lord

Joe Snell, More And More Like Jesus

Joe W. Sharkey, Be In Prayer For Me

Joe Wesley & Kristen Jolie, I'm Longing to See That Day

Joel Bogar, Fearless

Joel Rosenberger, Fresh Hymns: Contemporary Piano Interpretations

Joel T Lester, I Boast in You

Joey & Abby, Establece El Reino

Joey & Jeanie, I Grew Up On Gospel

Joey and Jeanie, Joey and Jeanie

Joey and Veronica Woolfalk, Introducing Joey and Veronica Woolfalk

Joey Holiday, God & Me, God in Me

Joey Holiday, Highway to Glory

Joey Holiday, Seven For Heaven

Joey Holiday, To God Be the Glory

Joey Tolbert, I Know Love

Joey Tolbert, Parables

Johari and the Family, Single

John & William Adams, The John & Will Project

John and Julie Spencer, Songs and Hymns

John April and Tim Moody, Little Girls Dancing

John Barnett, Never Look Back

John Barron, For You

John Bauer, Be Not Afraid

John Bauer, My Gift... My Lord

John Bidden, Dry Bones

John Bisset, Truly Saved

John Blackwell, Pure Heart

John Boutwell, Remember Me

John C. Mcmahan, Just A Man (Remixed)

John Calhoun, I Reallly Love You Mama

John Caranicas, Coming Home

John Childress, The John Childress Project

John Clark and Earl Pittman, Thanksgiving Live at Pastor John`s House, Volume 2, with Earl Pittman - 2 DISCS!

John Coleman & The Messengers!, "Silly"Man!

John Coss, Come Up

John Coss, Do You Know Him

John Coss, The Little Blue Church

John D'Amato, Walk With Me Lord

John Daniels & Curtis Eubanks, Immanuel (Unplugged)

John David Michaels, Old Fashioned Christmas (feat. The Swamp Coolers)

john desorbo, the call

John Dreher, Real to Me

John Edmonds, A Word from Heaven

John Featherstone, Chemin de Pâques

John Featherstone, Voici Noël

John Francis and The Ruach Choir, Welcome In This Place

John G. Elliott, A Christmas Heart

John G. Elliott, Finally Home

John G. Elliott, Here I Stand

John G. Elliott, In the Quiet

John G. Elliott, Let All the Thirsty Come

John G. Elliott, The Praise Goes On and On

John G. Elliott, When God is Praised

John Gerighty, A Still Small Voice

John Grassadonia, God`s Great Universe

John Grassadonia, Live Like Saints

John Grassadonia, Pray On

John Grassadonia, Show Me The Way

John Gray, Journey

John Gray, Journey Pre-release

John Hardesty, Living in the Light

John Hendricks, For God and Country

John High, Going Up Yonder

John High, Great Is Thy Faithfulness

John Hirt, Simple Faith


John Howard, All the Way

John Howard, Relationship

John Howard, When I Became A Man

John Innes, My Favorite Hymns

John Jay, My Good

John Jay, The Secret To Life

John K Brown, No Nobody (Like Jesus)

John K Brown, Unplugged

John K. Amoah, Ebenezer (Reflections II)

John K. Brown, A Just Play It Christmas: An a Capella Recording

John K. Thorpe, "In His Name" (DVD included)

John Kendall Jr., Without You

John Kessler, Walk With God

John Keys, Take My Life

John L. Ritter, God Showed Up

John Lamar, Old Time Religion

John M East, I'll Wear Your Name

John Mark Anthony, Enuf is Enuf

John Mark Howard, What They Say

John Mark, Audience of One

John McClure Jr., We Acknowledge You

John Neumann, Dreamer: The Story of Joseph and the Living God

John Norwood, One Big Family

John P Kee & New Life, Life & Favor (You Don't Know My Story)

John P. Kee, It Could've Been My Son

John P. Puleo, An Offering: For the Child Jesus

John Paul Curnutt, Minute By Minute

John Paul Lemery, Crossword

John Penney, Gone but Not Forgotten

John Penney, Power Praise

John Penney, The Devil Took Him

John R Wallace, How Amazing You Are

John R Wallace, My Love Song

John R. Brusseau, The Best of John R. Brusseau Volume # 5

John Randolph, A Star Is Born

John Randolph, Soakin' Up the Son

John Redmon, You Made the Difference (Remix) - Single [feat. Philip Nicholas]

John Rimel, John Rimel

John Robb, Mercy

John Rulapaugh, By Request (Special Pre-Release)

John Slattery, Unrest

John Smiley & The Spiritual Voices, Blessed to Be a Blessing

John Smiley & The Spirtual, We Shall Reap

John Stevens, Steps to Destiny, Vol. 1

John Stoddart, Faces

John Stoddart, Sweet

John Swaim, Adoration

John Swaim, Real Life

John Swaim, Upside Down

John Taylor, Prince of Peace

John Tillery & Living Sacrifice, Romans 12:1

John Tillery & Living Sacrifice, Faith Is the Key

John Tillery & Living Sacrifice, John Tillery & Living Sacrifice - Transformation

John Tillery & Living Sacrifice, Miracles

John Tillery & The CUC Mass Choir, New Testament

John Tillery, The Next Level

John W. Stevenson and Christ Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, Nation of Praise

John W. Stevenson and Friends, Hear My Heart

John Waldon and Company, He Will Make a Way

John Weaver, What About Me

John White, Gather at the River

John White, Hymns of My Youth

John White, Just a Little Talk With Jesus

John White, The Gospel Touch

John Winskell, Thy Word Is Truth

Johnathan Williams & The Rize Above, The Live Project

Johnathan Willis & Ryan Hooper, So That All Can Hear

Johnell Nicholas & ISM (InSPIRIT Ministries), Celebrate the King

Johnetta Bush and The New York Hallelujah Company, Holy Spirit

Johnie Blunt, The Heart of Praise

Johnmark Brown Sr., True Love

Johnnie Foster Jr, Testimony

Johnnie Horne, I'm Not That Man - Single

Johnnie Robinson, Just The Way I Am

Johnnie Williams, Here 4 U

Johnny and Praise Chicago Style, Free At Last

Johnny B. Williams, Generation 2 Generation: Hymns to Pass On

Johnny B. Williams, Songs for the World to Sing

Johnny Bodley, The Guitar Man

Johnny Clifton, Jr., Praise Him

Johnny Cook, Full Circle

Johnny Counterfit, Send God An Instant Message, Everyday

Johnny Curtis, Native American Country Gospel

Johnny Dodd, Witnessing in the Uttermost, Vol. 1

Johnny Gidley, A Life of Endurance

Johnny Hatton, Johnny Hatton's Gospel Bop

Johnny Hostick, He Won't Leave You

Johnny Jones, Garden of Love

Johnny Jones, The Stimulus Package

Johnny Kee & D.A.G. III, There Is Help

Johnny Ljones, The Blessing

Johnny Marks, Born to Sing

Johnny Mo, A New Direction

Johnny Mo, Spiritually Intimate

Johnny Mo, Tribute To African American Women: Gospel Inspirations

Johnny Paycheck, Gospel

Johnny Payne & TCO, Count It All Joy

Johnny Payne, I'm Re-Writing My Story

Johnny Rooks, Hold On

Johnny Ruffin, Jr, Used By You

Johnny Ruffin, Jr., The Last Mile

Johnny Sizemore & One Accord, Wait

Johnny Sizemore & One Accord, We Are One

Johnny Tyrone Stringfield, I Got Away

Johnnyboy & True Blessings, Miracle Man

Johnson Nwaubani, Well Done (feat. Brain Erdhardt)

Johnson Nwaubani, Your Love

Johnson, Cone and Ryan, Just What I Need

Johny Castor, The Cross of Christ - My Only Hope

Joi Marshall, Testimony and Praise - Digital

Joint Heirs, The Solution

Joint Heirs, Until the Album Drops

Jojo Ambion, Great Are Your Ways

JojoIII, Let Me ReIntroduce Myself

Joke Buis, Sing Over Me

Jolanda Green, Sacred Serenade

Joleen Billingham, Little Flowers

Joli Scanlan, Christ Is Lord

Jolie Marie, God Is Great

Jolisa Singletary, You Said It...

Jollee Abraham, Gospel Hits 1

Jollee Abraham, Gospel Hits 2

Jollee Abraham, Hosanna 14

Jollee Abraham, Hosanna 15

Jollee Abraham, Hosanna 16

Jollee Abraham, Hosanna 17

Jollee Abraham, Hosanna 18

Jollee Abraham, Mishiha 6

Jollee Abraham, Mishiha, Vol. 7

Jon Almosara, Thankful

Jon Banks, "Let's Worship"

Jon Buller, Best of Jon Buller - Worship

Jon Buller, Broken Drum

Jon Buller, Sinner and the Saint

Jon D Jon, Gospel Songs

Jon Dameron, Without the Cross

Jon Eric, In Heaven Tonight

Jon Gaugert, Acoustic Worship Project

Jon Groves, Strong Where It's Broken

Jon Lett, Do It For Me

Jon Miller, Songs and Stories: Unplugged at Camp Whispering Pines

Jon Murphy, Draw Near

Jon Mutchler, Prone To Wander: An Interpretation of Hymns

Jon Owens, The Fall - EP

Jon Owens, The Rise - EP

Jon Shabaglian, Blow On These Embers

Jon Sherwood, The Unseen Hand

Jon Williams, A Time to Build

Jonah, A Better Understanding

Jonah, Blessed Day

Jonathan Baker, Live

Jonathan Blanchard, Freedom's Soul... The Revolution

Jonathan Brown, Victory

Jonathan Buckner & Chosen Road, Expectations

Jonathan Coleman, Saved the Day

Jonathan Curtis, Long Overdue EP

Jonathan David, Song of the Rescued

Jonathan Ensey, Set Me On Fire

Jonathan Ensey, Set Me On Fire

Jonathan Ford, One of Those Lost (The Prophecy Soundtrack)

Jonathan Grier & Tribe of Judah, So Glad

Jonathan Hall, Wonderful

Jonathan Hambrick & Unity, Praise Your Way Through

Jonathan Hanks, Counting on Mercy

Jonathan Jefferson, The One With the Issue

Jonathan Jenkins, God's Gift

Jonathan Jenkins, Speak to Me

Jonathan Kilgore, Be Glorified Volume II

Jonathan Lowder, The Experience

Jonathan Millner, Transparency: Praise and Worship from the Producer's Desk

Jonathan Phillips and the ALIVE Praise Band, With You Tonight

Jonathan Phillips, By My Side

Jonathan Powell, Come Alive

Jonathan Reed, All Hail the Power

Jonathan Rice, Consecration

Jonathan Sarty, This Road

Jonathan Willis & Unity, The Zion City Experience

Jonathon Earl & the Great News, The Light

Jonathon Earl & the Great News, Waymaker

Jonathon Earl, Amazing Grace

Jonathon Earl, Trusting in God

Jones Sisters, Not Ashamed

Jonez Cain, Covered (feat. Marquise Lewis)

Joni Tindall, How You Live

Jonica Castleberry Jones, He Brought Me Through

Jonykaro, Seras Admirada

Jor'dan Armstrong, Champion

Jor'dan Armstrong, Stronger

Jorad L. Holmes, Just for You

Jordan Bradford & Isaac Bradford, I Am Free

Jordan Cozart, New Beginnings

Jordan G. Welch, Obedience

Jorge Luis Nieves, Confia En El

Jorge Morel, Lo Mejor De Mis 10 Anos

Jorge Suarez, Just to Think of You

Jorge Suarez, Soy Libre

Jose Santos Gonzalez, Te Voy a Seguir

Josee Vachon, Inspiration

Josef, Love

Joselin St.Aimee, Love Sacrifice

Joseph Anthony, This Is the Day

Joseph Beggs, Age of Grace

Joseph Beggs, Here We Stand

Joseph Beggs, Jigsaw

Joseph Beggs, Monday Morning Blues

Joseph Buchanan, Walk With Me

Joseph Burrel, Your Will

Joseph Caprietta, Laborers

Joseph Duncan, It's Prayin' Time

Joseph Duncan, The New Born King

Joseph F. Robinson, Jr. & The Chosen Aggregation, How I Got Over

Joseph Frech, Grace Found Me

Joseph Henry Cortese, The Psalter: Remixed, Vol. 1

Joseph Hurst Sr., It Was You Lord (feat. Wilmonie Page)

Joseph Kouri, True Gospel Music Vol.1

Joseph Loewen, The Greatest Gift of All

Joseph Loewen, This Is Me… The Journal Entries

Joseph Lorenzo Wise & Kevin Toney, Jesus Done Got Me

Joseph S. Alexander, Tell Me Why

Joseph Schultz, How Sweet the Sound

Joseph Taylor Fields, My Heart Yearns for You

Joseph Trotman, Dreams

Joseph Trotman, Selling the Gospel

Joseph Vernon Duncan, Face to Face Encounters

Joseph, Spencer

Josh Baker, Fly Away

Josh Miller, Beautifully Broken

Josh Neyman, Through the Storm

Josh Neyman, Unworthy

Josh Thompson, In The Spirit

Joshua Alfred, Fighting With My Praise

Joshua Alfred, Heart of Christmas

Joshua Alfred, You Made a Way

Joshua Hayes Ethridge, The Tree

Joshua Hermina, Inmenso Poder

Joshua Israel the Praising 1, Show Up Show Out

Joshua Mcclain, Just Do It

Joshua Moore, So Glad To Be Here

Joshua Pantuso, Prodigal

Joshua Rios, Brand New - Single

Joshua Stokes, Work Things Out for Me

Joshua, More Than

Joshua`s Vision, Waiting for You

Josiah Ruff, Let Me Be

Josie Dorlus, It's All About You

Josilyn Drake, Keep Us Lord

Josue Lopez, Evolução

Jourdan Myers, Chasing the Sunset

Jovonta Patton & Deliverance For Youth (DFY), There is DFY (Live)

Jovonta Patton & Deliverance For Youth(DFY), Let's Make A Change

Jovonta Patton, I Am... A Winner

Jovonta Patton, It's My Time (feat. Deliverance for Youth)

Joy Creed, Scarlet Thread

Joy Normand, Restored Again

Joy Omega, Oh, What a Joy!

Joy Phillips, Catch Me When I Fall

Joy Unlimited Movement, That's What He's Done

Joy, Standing On His Word

Joy, Standing On His Word

Joyce Dozier McNichols, The More I Seek You

Joyce Glenn Wagster, A Voice For Our Kids!

Joyce Lynn Price, Counting My Blessings

Joyce Omondi, Conquerer

Joyce Pierce, 24/7 Intimate Praise

Joyce Shaffer, "Re-Joyce!"

Joyce Shaffer, Rockin' With Jesus

Joyce Shaffer, The Gift

Joyce Shaffer, The Old Man

Joyce Sorrell, Lord I'm Into You

Joyce Yuille & Gospel Times, Blues 2 Jazz 2 Gospel 2...

Joyceland McCaster & Victorious Soul, I'll Give You Praise

Joycelyn Baddoo, Keep On Singing

Joycelyn Baddoo, Me Wo Gyedi (I Have Faith)

Joyful Gospel & Volker Dymel, Because of you

Joyful Gospel, 9th Ward Revival

Joyful Noise, Whosoever Will

Joyful, Caught In The Middle

Joyful, Let My People Go

JP, I Rock With One Name

Jr, My Everything

Jr. Gaiter, You Are My Light

Jr. Woodroffe, Life is Nice

Juan Camilo Borja, Si Acaso Se Me Olvida

Juan Carlos Barahona, Acústico

Juan Padin, Te Amo

Juan Santiago & Uninhibited Praise, Takin' it to The Streetz

Juanita Craft, God has a plan for you

Juanita Fletcher, Turning Point

Juanita, Give God The Glory

Jubba, Preach Christ

Jubilate Deo Chorale & Orchestra, Inc., The Wondrous Cross: A Live Performance

Jubilate Deo Chorale & Orchestra, Through His Mother's Eyes

Judah Music, Praise Him to God Be the Glory - Single (feat. The Conquering Power Choir, Apostle Ivory Jenkins & Dr. Hayward Hamilton)

Judah Praise, The Fullness of Praise

Judah Tabernacle Choir, For Our God Is Good

Jude Amalraj, Abundant Grace

Judith Baker, In Spirit and Truth

Judith Gayle, Designed To Worship

Judith Gayle, The Sun Shines Again

Judy Chastain, Keep On Your Journey

Judy Cheeks, Happy

Judy Cheeks, Happy: The Remixes

Judy Cheeks, True Love Is Free

Judy Clark, Pitch Voice Exercises, Vol. 1

Judy Jacobs, Above and Beyond

Judy Jacobs, No God Like Jehovah

Judy Lombardi, Beautiful Lady America That's You

Judy Welden & Phil Coley, The Lesson From Noah

Judy Wood, My Lord, My Family, My Life

Juicy Just United In Christ Y`all, Nu Type Of Praise Music

Juiette Z. Payne, Who Am I? - Single

Julia Doe, Light My Way

Julia Hooper, Shake It Off

Julia Johnson, Anna's Song

Julia Royston, For Your Glory Lord

Julia Sharpe, Rescued

Julian Awari, Identity

Julian Binns, All I Need

Julian George & Bonnie George, Foot of the Cross

Julie Ann, Todo de Mí

Julie Baker & The Timeout Music Team, Because We're Sisters

Julie Baker, Attitude of Praise

Julie Baker, Faithful

Julie Baker, Never Say Goodbye

Julie Baker, Pricesless

Julie Baker, Take Time Out to Sing

Julie Carmona Young, I Can`t Lose Heart

Julie Hufstetler, Storm of Glory

Julie Jacobs, Revelation 4 and 5

Julie Thomas, Sweet Romance

Julie Turner, Never Alone

Julie, Test of Time

Julien Janvier, Best of Julien Janvier

Julio Elias, Me Liberto, Vol. 38

Julius Petty, You Never Know

Julius Witherspoon, Son of David


Jumelles - The Johnson Sisters, Refuge - Compilation

Juneann, Holy Holy

Junior Angels, Psalm 100

Junior Osbourne, Rooted & Grounded

Junko, Live in Harmony

Juochi Okuwa, Hallelujah Victory, Victory

Juochi, Heavens Hallelujah

Jurada Fuqua, Set Me Free

Jus English, Flashback

Just Forgiven, Jesus Jesus

Just 4 Kicks, Joyful Noise

Just 6, Kuzolunga

Just Byron, Overcomer

Just Forgiven, Jesus Jesus

Just Keith and Evelyn, Favorite Hymns and Spirituals

Just One, What I Was Made For

Just Ordinary People, Tell Somebody

Justified, Restáurame

Justin Davis, My Everything

Justin Foley, Unfailing Love (One of Us)

Justin Francis, Move In Power

Justin Hill, The Hymn Project

Justin Parker & Friends, I Still Praise You

Justin Spann, Better Than Life

Justin Whittington, ILoveU

Justine Hoyle-Sharpley, The Heart of Love

Justonfriday, Jesus Is Knocking

J`Lee, God Said So

J`mael, From The Heart

K Joy Ann, I Believe

K Niran, Kiran & Vj Traven, Dust to Destiny

K W A, A New Heart

K-Lyte, On the Journey Home

K. A. Atta, Kept By the Power of God

K. G. Griffin, God Will See You Through

K. Hill, My Songbook

K. Montez, Hallelujah (To God Be The Glory)

K.J. Scriven, O Come All Ye Faithful

K.Miles & RP, All of the Glory (feat. Kenneth Young)

Kacey, Wind From Heaven...

Kae`, Urban Praise-The Collectible

KAIRA, My Everything

Kairos, Something New EP

Kalledout, Parables

Kallee Rhodes, I Will

Kalob Cox, Never Alone

Kalyx Ballestero, Everyday

Kamah Thoronka, My Testimony

Kamal Emanuel, I Got Jesus (Gospel House Remix)

Kamal Emanuel, I Got Jesus!

Kamal Emanuel, The Saints Can Party Too (Live Mix)

Kamal Imani Amen, Keep On Believing

Kamal Imani, The Revival Remix-You Gotta Praise Him!

Kamal Imani, You Gotta Praise Him

Kamal Imani, You're The Reason Why I Fly

Kamal Victorious, You Got the Victory

Kamecia Tutt, White Robe

Kansas East State Sunshine Band, I Got Joy

Kara Montanez, The Way That He Loves

Karan, I Just Want to Thank You

Karan, Love Lifted Me

Karaoke Time, Let Down Your Net (Example Track)

Karaoke Time, Let Down Your Net (Keys in Bb,C,A)

Karaoke Time, Southern Gospel Style, Vol. 1

Kareemah El-Amin, I Have No Tears for Me

Karen Burkhart, Consider the Source

Karen Burkhart, Finders Weepers - Single

Karen Burkhart, God's Got My Back

Karen Burkhart, Never Mistake (feat. Kevin Pauls)

Karen Burkhart, The Bridegroom - Single

Karen deAguero, How Great Thou Art

Karen Dowdell, Undeserved

Karen Froude, Grace for the Journey

Karen Grant, Perfect Bliss

Karen Holder, Conquering Your Giants

Karen Hornsby, Karen Hornsby

Karen Hypolite, Complete

Karen Jewels, Final Showdown

Karen Jones, Born for a Purpose

Karen Jones, Born to Worship

Karen King, Absolutely

Karen Lafferty, Multitudes: The Sound of Many Nations

Karen Meeks Johnson, Will Somebody Pray?

Karen Montgomery, Secret Place

Karen Montgomery, The Anointing (feat. Awp)

Karen Montgomery, The Prayer (Bless Me)

Karen Montgomery, You Don't Have to Worry

Karen Montgomery, You Don't Have to Worry (Remix) [Radio Version]

Karen Showell, Greatest Gospel Hits

Karen Showell, Jesus: Is More Than Enough

Karen Showell, Take These Burdens

Karen Tucker, Power

Karen Wagner, Lead The Way

Karen Williams, I Surrender

Karen Y Yancey, Fatal Attraction

Karen Y. Yancey, A Work In Progress

Karen Y. Yancey, He Reigns

Karin Paparelli, Crimson Red

Karina Zilberman and Alan Mason, Drawing Close

Karlene Bartolo, Father of Light

Karllos Eduardo, Esperança do Cristão

Karmageddon, I'm Still Alive (feat. Sam Strong & Leticia)

Karrie Gabay, Shine

Karriem Muhammad, Just A Prayer Away

Kasia, Zbawiciel Mojej Duszy: The Savior of My Soul

Kassandra McGhee, Completely

Katalys Crew, Christmas Inna Jamdown

Katalys Crew, Open Your Eyes

Kate Conlon, Do You Believe

Kate Schettler, Kate Schettler

Katee Gadette, Amazing Grace - Single

Katee Gadette, Broken Man - Single

Katee Gadette, Do The Math - Single

Katee Gadette, Miracle in Me - Single

Katee Gadette, Through the Fire - Single

Katee Gadette, Time - Single

Katee Gadette, Use Me - Single

Katherine Abbot, Blessed Assurance

Katherine Abbot, Go Tell It on the Mountain (Performance Track)

Katherine Abbot, He's Coming Soon (Performance Track)

Katherine Abbot, Standing On the Promises (Instrumental)

Katherine Abbot, The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power

Katherine Abbot, We Shall Overcome (Performance Track)

Katherine Burton, I`ll Fly Away

Katherine Howell, Just The Way I Am

Kathleen Mikkelsen, Rest

Kathryn Carpenter, Heaven

Kathryn Koehler Harryman, Mi Ofrenda

Kathy A. E. Jones, Everybody's Got A Daddy

Kathy and David, A Christmas Celebration With Kathy And David

Kathy Duke, Purpose

Kathy Golden, God Heard It

Kathy Horry, The Gift

Kathy Johnson, He Cares

Kathy Kanewske, Heavenwards, Always (The Childlike Spirit of Father Joseph Kentenich in Dachau)

Kathy Kent, Still in Love

Kathy McCracken, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Kathy Mullins, Ride That Train

Kathy Snow, Country Gospel

Kathy Snow, Who At My Door Is Standing

Kathy Taylor, The Classic Praise of Kathy Taylor

Kathy Yolanda Rice, Flesh of My Flesh (feat. Philip Michael Thomas)

Katie Brown, Jesus Is a Real Man

Katie Deal, With a Servant's Heart

Katie Oates, Going Over Home

Katina R. Clay, Hymns of Praise

Katina, In the Beginning

Katina, The Good Shepherd

Katrice Cornett and Highest Praise, Brand New Day LIVE

Katrina Asaredumfeh, I'm Still Looking Up to You

Katrina Darlene, Conversations With the Father

Katrina Morris, Renewal

Katuv, Silent Screams

Kavahna Webb, Power of Freedom

Kavahna Webb, So Amazing

Kay Dekalb Smith, Quiet Time Series: Hymns of Restoration

Kay Frances, Man Name Jesus

Kayla Evans, Kaylligraphy Vol. 1

Kayode & Friends, I Will Worship (Live in NYC)

KC & Company, Jehovah

Kc Fitch, Changing Locations

Kebra, Beautiful

Kebra, Kingdom Understanding

Kebra, Under the Influence

Kechia Jenkins, In God`s Own Time

Keen Mountain Brothers, Classic Favorites

Keen Mountain Brothers, I Am so Blessed

Keenan, I Wanna Live

Keep-it Real, Yesterday, today and Forever".

Keesha Rainey, Breakthrough

Keesha Rainey, Lord You

Keesha Rainey, Stand By Me

Keesha Sheffey, Inside of You

Keisha Dream, The Promise

Keisha Dreams, Martay, Disciple & Mak, Don't Stop

Keisha Dreams, Promise Fulfilled

Keisha Mayo, I Believe God

Keisha Natalee Cole, Why?

Keisha Thomas, Im All In

Keith Wonderboy Johnson and The Spiritual Voices, The Best of The Early Years

Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson andThe Spiritual Voices, The Greatest Hits

Keith Andrew Grim, Christmas Celebration!

Keith Armstead, He Looked Beyond My Faults

Keith Armstead, Reign Jesus Reign

Keith Armstead, You Can Count On Jesus

Keith Bondley, It's My Gift to You

Keith Branch, Heaven

Keith Brannon and the Fellowship of Praise, The Holy One

Keith Duncan, Live from the Throne Zone

Keith Irwin, Turn Around

Keith Johnson, Crossroad

Keith Kniles, Reflections

Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Only God: A Cappella Worship: CD

Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company, Reigning God: Praise & Harmony A Cappella Worship

Keith Lancaster and the Acappella Company, Acappella Ladies

Keith Lancaster and The Acappella Company, Awesome God: A Cappella Worship

Keith Leak & DWC, Thou Shalt Not Die

Keith Marcum, Christ Is All

Keith Mckinney, Nobody's Child

Keith Plott, He Pilots My Ship

Keith Plott, Love Flowed

Keith Reed Jr. & New Sound of Worship, We've Come to Worship

Keith Ruegsegger & Kevin Grindell, What Happend to America

Kelechi Ify, Global Praise

Kelica, With All My Heart

Kelita, Spirit and Truth

Kellen Brooks, Free for All

Kelley Hill, The River

Kelli Rae, Love. Freedom. Healing.

Kelli, A Heart of Worship

Kelly Chapman, Real

Kelly Downing, Greater Faith In You

Kelly Ferrari, Comfort, Comfort My People

Kelly James and the Pathway of Life Choir, Created to Praise

Kelly McClain w/Carla Taylor, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Kelly Rene`, Going That Extra Mile

Kelly Shannon, Rescue Me

Kellye Cash, Real Life

Kelontae Gavin, Higher

Kelton French, I'm Gonna Fly Away

Kelton French, Melodies of Heaven

Kelvin Parker Sr., Surrender

Kelvin Pitts, Last Chance

Kelvin Pitts, We're Not Ashamed

Kemi-Bukky, Higher Ground

Ken Ballard, Amazing Grace, That Saved The Drunk Called Ken

Ken Ballard, Ken`s Country

Ken Cruz, Gates of Hell (Fall Down)

Ken Gayle, Revealed

Ken Gober, Soul of a Man: The Journey

Ken Orr, House Of Jacob

Ken Rondell, Meet My Friend

Ken Ryce, A Caribbean Sabbath

Ken Stevenson, Prophetic Worship Vol.1

Ken Travis, Worship from My Perspective

Ken Walston, Messiah`s Minstrel

Ken Whisler, Adoration

Kena Young, Hear My Prayer

Kenajiyo, I Chose Life

Kendall Anders, Second Chance

Kendall King, Faithful

Kendall McDowell & R.A.W., That Name

Kendall Payne, That`s Why There`s Grace

Kendra Carr, Unexpected Judah

Kendra Smith, Deep Down

Kendra Smith, Something New

Kenekie Williams, Faithful

Keni J/Godbrothaz, I Give You The Highest Praise

Kenn Orr, Get Ready

Kenn Orr, I`ll Be Tha One

Kenneth "Da Preacher" Stanfield, My Testimony

Kenneth "KT" Thomas, Vessel

Kenneth B. Moore, God Has Smiled On Me

Kenneth Cole, I So Blessed

Kenneth Cole, Praying In The Moonlight

Kenneth Gainey, Nigerian Chant (Holy Spirit)[Live] [feat. Gregory Hopkins & The Harlem Jubilee SIngers]

Kenneth Jordan, I See God

Kenneth Lowe, All to the Glory of God

Kenneth M. Aiolupotea, Until Then

Kenneth M. Plaisance, Arden Jones, Biff, Ms. Kinney, Big Nasty, Black Hole

Kenneth Martin and the Voices In Praise, Season of Worship

Kenneth McEastland, Faith Experience

Kenneth Mosley, I Made A Decision

Kenneth Mosley, NOW

Kenneth Pierce, The Bible

Kenneth T. Jackson, Sr., Kenthomja`s Sunrise

Kenneth W. Anderson, You Gave Amazing Grace

Kenneth W. Hammond, Walk With Me

Kenny Andrews, New Creature

Kenny Andrews, Real Special Love

Kenny Andrews, So Amazing

Kenny Carter, Glory to You

Kenny Evans, Grace

Kenny Gardner, Hold On

Kenny Gardner, I've Got Confidence

Kenny Gardner, Satan You're a Liar

Kenny Hamber, Falling in Love With Jesus

Kenny Hamber, Truly Blessed

Kenny Keyes, Recovery: God, Jesus and 12 Steps

Kenny Lewis and One Voice, The Mission

Kenny Maines, Out of Control

Kenny Morgan, Jesus the Way

Kenny Pugh, Change the World

Kenny Smith, Amazing

Kenny Springs, On My Knees

Kenny Springs, The Kenny Springs Project

Kenny Swindell & Family and Friends, Signs of the Times

Kenny Thacker, Dancin' With the Angels

Kenny Wallace, The Lord Stands By Your Side

Kenny, Prodigal

Kenosis Dean, Final Search

Kent Gill, One Sunday Long Ago

Kent Miller, The Anchor Holds

Kentwood Community Church, Night of Worship - n.o.w.

Kenya Neal, Your Love Remains the Same

Kenya, I Have You

Kenyatta Bryant, B-I-B-L-E

Kenyetta Drain, Streets Don't Play - Single

Kenyon Dudley, Kenyon Dudley

Keren Hapuque, Promessas

Keri Grace MacInnis, Your Grace

Kerri Crocker, Reason to Be

Kerri Gordon, No Worries

Kerry Belcher and Company, Over the Ridgeline

Kerry Joe Allen, Pressing Towards The Higher Life

Kerry Thomas, Come Back Home

Kerryann McLean, Son of David

Kersten Stevens, Inspire Me

Kersten Stevens, Inspire Me: Preview

Keshia Mcfarland, Covergirl

Kev Dog, Heaven Seems So Right

Kevin Archie, Time With You

Kevin B. Selby, An Orchestral Christmas

Kevin Broughm, Quite Enough

Kevin Burroughs Neeley, A Perfect Praise, Vol. II

Kevin Burroughs Neeley, Born Again

Kevin Carter & Full Assurance, Not Looking Back

Kevin Chalfant, Back To Square One

Kevin Cloud and the Delegation, Hold On

Kevin Davidson & the UCICC Fellowship Choir, The Declaration

Kevin Deal, There Goes the Neighborhood

Kevin Desire & Cholinga Praise, Today, We Represent Change

Kevin Desire, Lord Please Touch Where I`m Empty Inside

Kevin Edwards, The Favor Of God

Kevin Flint Jackson, Personal Praise

Kevin Gaffney, Trumpet - Patriotic Songs Volume 1

Kevin Gregory, Electric Praise, Vol. 1

Kevin Jarido & Nu Virtu, Time to Get Up

Kevin Jarvis, Amazing Grace

Kevin Lyn Brockway, Tell Them About Me

Kevin Manning, Amazed

Kevin Mcfadden, Dance With The Father

Kevin Mills, Kevin Mills Debut

Kevin Mills, Kevin Mills II

Kevin Mills, Travelin' Through

Kevin Moore, Every Breath We Take

Kevin Nash, Home Again

Kevin Nash, Prayer

Kevin O. Davis & the FBC Unified Choir, Spread God's Word

Kevin P. Myles, In His Presence

Kevin Porter, My Destiny

Kevin Riley, How Can I

Kevin Sharpe, Songs of Fellowship

Kevin Stewart, Yes

Kevin Styles & Psalms, I Surrender

Kevin Styles & Psalms, The Sacrifice

Kevin Styles and Psalms, Bless Your Name

Kevin Terry & Predestined, Live

Kevin Turner, HIM

Kevin Wyglad, Free My Soul

Kevina Love, Go Hard for God

Kevina Love, Love

Kevon Carter, Makin' a Way

Kevon Carter, Philippians 4:13

Kevon Carter, Say So

Kevorg Hadjian, Bless You

Keynote, Ask For The Nations

Keynote, Grace Like Rain

Keynote, Great God

Keyo, Worship You Always (Instrumental)

Keysha, R U Ready

Keziah Wangui Watatua, Steadfast Love

KG Bailey, Safe in the Master's Keep

Ki Johnson, Butterfly Notes

Kiara Johnson, My Simple Worship

Kibibi, The Heart of God

Kiesa Bulambo, The Lord Reigns

Kiesha Covington, I Found You - Single

Kim Arthur, Voice of Deliverance(Come Unto Me)

Kim Ballestero, Hallelujah

Kim Brooks, How to Date and Stay Saved

Kim Brooks, Who Am I to Say

Kim Coleman, One life to love

Kim Freeman, Been So Good

Kim K. Sanders, Prophetically Speaking Volume 1

Kim Lumzy & Chosen Generation, Victory

Kim McLean, Camp Meeting Hymns From The Little White Church

Kim Person, Sincerely Yours

Kim Person, Speak Life

Kim Ruff, Ready to Live

Kim Simpson, Can't Wait

Kim Walling, Where Do We Go From Here

Kim Williams, I Carry My Cross (I Surrender) [feat. Kamal]

Kim Williams, In Spirit and in Truth

Kima Charysse, Heaven

Kimberle, My Story

Kimberley Mullin, A Star

Kimberly Bohanon, Growing Strong

Kimberly Brown, Color of a Soul

Kimberly Brown, On My Knees

Kimberly Bulgin, God Chose Me

Kimberly Bulgin, Wilderness Experience

Kimberly Faith, Kimberly Faith

Kimberly Gunn, Desires

Kimberly Kay, Tree of Life

Kimberly Michelle Edwards, Keep the Faith (Don't Worry)

Kimberly Palmer Washington, Somebody Prayed For Me

Kimberly Palmer, That's Why I Love Him

Kimberly Palmer, The Willow Tree

Kimberly Tucker, Heirloom

Kimberly Williams, Introducing Kimberly Williams/Set The Tone

Kimian Music, Walk in the Spirit

KimiGrace Fliegel, Rise Up

Kimise Lee, I Choose You

Kimla Beasley, Confessions of Faith

Kimla Y. Beasley, Faith, Hope and Love

Kimla Y. Beasley, The Way, The Truth, The Life (Confessions of Faith)

Kimoney Grandison, Seasons

Kindred Nation, Nothing Weak

Kinfolk, Kinfolk featuring Dorian Holley

King Howard, A Word 2 My People

King Jaymes and Chosen, Lord I Thank You

King Jaymes, Praising You For Everything

King Joseph, You Can Make It

King Paul, The Reign of King Paul

Kingdom Bound Quartet, Call Jesus

Kingdom Builders, Can I Count On You

Kingdom Come, For the Love of God

Kingdom for Us, When We Pray: the Global Prayer Project (feat. Reggie Ross)

Kingdom Generation Community, Level Up

Kingdom Heirs, Out Of The Mouth Of Babes II

Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church, Overflow: Worship At Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church

Kingdom Project, Like Fire

Kingdom Seekers, Times of Mother

Kingdom Singers, Don`t Let The Devil Fool You

Kingsley Malcolm and friends, Your Perfect Way

Kingsley, Praise and Worship Collection 1: Holy

Kingz Kidz, Can`t Stop What God Started

King`s Child, L.I.G.H.T.

Kira, Empty Road

Kira, Shades of Grace

Kirby D. Trim, Changed Man

Kiri Ridley, Unbreakable Bones

Kirisma Evans, God Is Faithful

Kirk and Joni Bovill, Are You Ready?

Kirk Bell, Holy Child

Kirk James Hall, Falling in Love With Jesus

Kirk James Hall, Let Me See Lord

Kirk Talley, Beyond Words

Kirk Talley, Hymns of Hope

Kirk Talley, Live At the River (My Story, My Song)

Kirsten Ascio, Acts

Kisha Reynolds and Annointed Vessels, Stand in His Presence

Kiss the King, Gone Too Long

Kiss the King, Jesus I Love You!

Kist By Grace, (Do You Still Believe) There's No God

Kist By Grace, Just Three Nails

Kitana Janee, Give God Praise

Kitty Gleason, Christmas Favorites

Kiwana, Praise in Song and Dance, Vol. 2

Kiyamma, Consummation

Kiyamma, Intimacy, Vol. 2

Kizie Bent, Adoration

Kizzy Walker, Release It!

Kjerstin Michaela, Lord, I Turn to You!

Kle, Metamorphosis

Klint McCown, Rise Up

Knee-C, Jesus Said it - Testimony Service

Knights of Levi, I Believe

Know Greater Love, Know Greater Love

Koa, Thirsty Life

Kodiac, Get Your Soul Ready

Koffey, Ghetto Life

Kofi C Osafo, Edifying Songs Series Vol.1

Kofi C Osafo, Edifying Songs Series, Vol. 2

Kojo Davis, The Davis Project

Konsoule Praise Collective, Volume 1

KoRae'jus, I Remember

Korey Bowie, Life and Love, Vol 1 - Songs of the Heart

Korey Eagleton, Heart Cries

Kory, Divinity

Koshka Raenelle, Love Ya

Koywan Keyes, I Can Imagine (feat. Jessica Ross)

Kris Dillard, Im Yours EP

Kris Sonny, The Life House Church & Pastor Mauricio Sonny, Hello My Name Is Change

Krishna Swamy, Listen to the Gospel

Krissy Gordon, Windows to the Soul

Kristal Neuble, It Should've Been Me

Kristen Baker and Perfect'd Praize Chorale, I Long To Know You - EP

Kristen Clark, The Message

Kristi Sayles, Dare to Believe

Kristi Sayles, God's Got This

kristi, Doesn`t Matter Who You Are

Kristin Smith, Expecting

Kristle Murden, Turn It Over

Kristy Jordan, Going Back Better

Kristy Jordan, Going Back Better

Krystal A. Livingston, My Journey, His Glory

Krystal Williams, Can't Let Go

Krystle Laughter-Parker, All Things New

Kse Sunshine Band, Children in Perfected Praise (Live from Kansas City)

Kudzie G Phiri & The New Wind, I Am Kingdom

Kunle Alaba, It's a Good Day

Kunle Alaba, Ololufe

Kunta Kente, Smile A While

Kwatasian Hunt, What Gain

Kyeric Powell & United-N-Worship, Great God

Kyesha Horton, Ill Trust You

Kyle Dillingham, The Gospel Fiddler

Kyle Lewis, High Upon a Rock

Kyle T. Miller, The Best Thing that Happened to Me Original Soundtrack

Kynne, Last Days (Special Edition)

Kyp Harness, Fugitives

L Bushiri, Bouleversé

L&L Williams, Do You Know the Man

L'Ensemble Gospel de Québec, Chants de coton

L'Ensemble Gospel de Québec, Christmas Spirit

L'Ensemble Gospel de Québec, Show Me

L. T. Patterson, Gratitude

L.A. McCall, I'm A Trying Child

L.A. Samuel, His Presence, His Glory

L.I.G.H.T., Nothing Without You

L.J. Williams, God Is Real

L.P. Reynolds, L.P. Reynolds & the Argonauts

L.P., Keep Your Head 2 The Sky

L.Y.R.I.C., The Spoken Word...Poetically Speaking...

L.Y.S.A., Call Him Up

La Donna Brewer Capps, Jesus Loves Me

La La Jones, Speak Lord

La Shawn (Joseph) Hollingsworth, The Words of Truth #2

La Tonya Jackson, For the Audience of One

La Vetta Coleman, Min. La Vetta Coleman

La'Nita, Regeneration

Labranza, Horizontes

LaCarol Miles, "Lord I Worship You"

Lace Tomus, My Mansion

Lacey Hight, I Surrender All

Lacie Kirk, Did You Think to Pray?

Lacy B, Interpretations - EP

Ladell Cole, Born Again

LaDelle Walker, Never Give Up

Ladelle Walker, The Gift

Ladelle Walker, The Greatest Gift Is Christ

Laderria Williams, He Gave Me Water

Ladie Smith, This Is My War Cry

Ladi` Sabria, Testimony

LaDonna Hite, Endure Hardship

LaDonna Hite, Endure Hardship: 2 Timothy 2:3

Lady Angie, Me Hia Wo (I Need You)

Lady Beatrice Ward & Angelic Voices, He'll Make a Way

Lady Beatrice Ward and Angelic Voices, Gospel Experience

Lady C, Like He Sees Me

Lady C, My Life Is Beautiful

Lady Carmen The Psalmist, Lord You`re So Wonderful

Lady Cassaundra Webb, Miracles

Lady Cynthia Adams, Come Into His Presence

Lady Engleman; Al Morton 2, One Mind Ministries Promo Release

Lady J, How Dare I

Lady Joan Vaughan, Be Still

Lady Joan Vaughan, Don't Forget About Me

Lady Kathi, How Great Thou Art

Lady La Varnga Hubbard, Royalty

Lady Media Cole, Higher Place of Praise

Lady Peachena, Divine Restoration

Lady Renee, Healer

Lady Tawanda Jefferson, Hold to His Hand

Lady-A and Consecrated Praise, Don`t Give Up

Lady-K da Prophetess, Confession Music

Ladyfee, He Chose Me

Ladyverne, Liberty

Laia Jones, Unkunventional

Laird Sillimon & Covenant, The One God

Lakeisha Wingate, Grateful

Lakeside Originals- Various Artists, Lakeside Originals

Laketha, Unconditional Love

Lamanuel Boykin & Company, Livin for the Lord

Lamar C. Horne and The Gospel Serenadors, SINNER MAN

Lamar, Lamar

Lamar, Under Construction

Lambert Wilson, Hold On to Jesus: Our Savior

Lamont Hill, Reality Show (feat. Charde Jones)

Lamont J, Church Therapy

Lamont J., God Is Doing A New Thing

Lamont J., Religion/Relationship

Lamont Johnson, Praise the Lord

Lamont Keels, The Lord Made a Way (feat. Dag3)

Lamont McCoy, I Wont Forget

Lamont Sanders & One Way, If I Only Knew Then

LaNardo Butler, Praize

LaNardo Butler, See Your Face

Lanarr, In the Midst of It All

Lance Ellis & Love Enlightenment, Release Your Spirit

Lance Ellis & Love Enlightenment, Rise

Lance Palmer & R.W.Schambach, R.W. Schambach presents "Live in Brooklyn" featuring Lance Palmer

Lance Palmer, Bring Back Your Glory

Lance Palmer, Bring Back Your Glory (Accompaniment Tracks) [feat. BGV's]

Land Richards, Somethin` Happens Everytime You Praise

Landa Loring, Unbreakable

Landa, My Blessings

Laneé Battle, Life of Worship

Laneé Battle, This Is My Story

Lanee', A Precious Gift

LaNette Hester, Favor

Laniece Mayfield, Overcome

Lanisa Keith, Greater Mystery

Lanorris McFadden, Christmas With P.R.O.O.F.

Lara Royal, Ọpẹ L'onjẹ Baba (Praise Is God's Food)

Lara Shomoye, I'm a Beacon

Laricka Rayford, Infinity

Larnell Starkey & the Spiritual Seven Gospel Singers, Hymn Time (Where We'll Never Grow Old)

LaRon Moore, Wilderness

Larron Yancey, Not Forgotten

Larry & Alesia Shaw, God Is

Larry Ayres, Gold Plated Bible - Single

Larry Balderston, Have You Heard About Lord Jesus

Larry Banks and Friends, Common Man

Larry Banks and Friends, Keep Going

Larry Bland, Bland New

Larry Broadway, Run to the Cross

Larry Callahan & Selected Of God, Lift the Savior Up Special Edition

Larry Callahan & Selected of God, The Evolution (live)

Larry Carter, When I Found Jesus (I Lost the Blues)

Larry Cochran, The Final Altar Call

Larry Conrad, Grace Covered

Larry Cunningham, The Essence of Grace

Larry Davis, It Comes From the Heart

Larry Hilton & Friends IV, O, What A Love Affair

Larry Hilton, B-n-couraged

Larry Jensen, Hear Me

Larry Keith, Travelin` Angel

Larry Kinsler, Don't Take for Granted

Larry L Lambert, All Things New

Larry L Lambert, Because of Love

Larry L Lambert, Crossroad of Life

Larry L Lambert, God's Pathway of Love

Larry L Lambert, God's Wonderful Love

Larry L Lambert, I've Got to Sing

Larry L Lambert, If You Know Jesus

Larry L Lambert, Leaving Footprints (Of Songs Along the Way)

Larry L Lambert, Lord, Send Me

Larry L Lambert, Love in My Heart

Larry L Lambert, Love One Another

Larry L Lambert, Never Letting Go

Larry L Lambert, Nothing's Impossible

Larry L Lambert, Pass Love Along

Larry L Lambert, Piece of Clay

Larry L Lambert, Today's a New Day: Songs for a New Day

Larry L Lambert, Words of... Life

Larry McCullough & Chosen Generation, Holy & Righteous

Larry Mitchell, Burn, Oh Fire

Larry R. Bond, Check One

Larry Sanger, A Little Bit of Everything

Larry Stephenson Band, Pull Your Savior In

Larry Walton, Brother Larry Walton & The Spiritual Heirs

Larry Watlington & G.E.T.L., Awaken!

Larry Watlington & G.E.T.L., Cover Me

Larry Watlington & G.E.T.L., Fly Away

Larry Wood, Refections (From The Trail Of Life)

Larry Woosley, Guitars In Heaven

Larry Yancey, Flow Through Me

Las Vegas Mass Choir, Hold On!

Lashanda McCadney, Contagious

Lashanda McCadney, Contagious

Lashanda McCadney, Your Glory

Lashaunda Antionette, Thank You

LaShawna Moore, In Your Will

Lashawna Moore, The Storm Is Over Now

Lashon, Say Yeah

Last Day Outlaws, Last Day Outlaws

LaTanya Jones, Breaking Before Blessing

Latasha Michelle, Still Michelle

Latillia J, Depending On You

Latitude Life Center, Amazed

Latonya Mcintosh, My Soul Cries Out

LaTonya Peoples, Spirituals

LaTonya Peoples, Wade in the Water (Remix)

LaToya M. Turrentine, I Am Favor's Voice

Latoya Newland, Chapter One of the Truth

Latoya Newland, The Best Is Yet To Come

LaToya Pennington, Heart of A Worshipper

Latrel Maloy, The Best of Latrel Maloy, Vol. One

Latrese, Only Believe

Latresha Wilson, A Women After God's Own Heart

Latresha Wilson, Stretch Your Faith

LaTron Lester, Rising From The Ashes

Latter Rain, Experience The Latter Rain

Laughing Sally, Wide-Eyed Worship

Laura Allen, Standing

Laura Hall, A Woman of Faith

Laura Kline, Fourth Watch

Laura Principato, Songs in the Night

Laural Bills, Whispers of Faith

Laure Manda, Let Them Know

Lauren Durham, Just Between You and Me

Lauren Jordan, O Holy Night

Lauri G., Whatever You Want

Laurie Beebe Lewis, Restoration

Laurie Hanson Roberts & the Grace Avenue Band, Silent Night

Laurie M Tomlin & Total Praise, Mighty God

Laurie Pipkins, He Keeps Me Singing

Laurra Fitzgerald, You`re Not an Orphan

Lauryn Arrington, Stripes

Lava Ministries, This Is My Story

Laval Belle, Laval Belle From This Moment On

Lavee, Don't Judge Me (feat. Cy2dark)

Lavee, Try Jesus - Single

Lavel, Melodies for Heaven

Lavel, Watching Over Me

Lavern Stewart, My Steps Are Ordered

LaVert, Chosen

LaVonda Harris, Chosen

Lavoria Reese & Manifest, Praise Him While I Wait

Lavoris, Soulful Inspirations

LaWanda Martin, On The Water

Lawrence Beamen, ANCESTORS

Lawrence Beamen, He Didn't Cry for Mercy

Lawrence C. McFall & Triumphal Voices, Reflections of a Journey Unfinished

Lawrence Flowers & Intercession, Shadow Worshiper

Lawrence Flowers & Intercession, Major in Ministry, Minor in Music: "The Experience" Live!

Lawrence Flowers & Intercession, More

Lawrence Flowers & Intercession, Still Believe

Lawrence Haynes, I Will Say Yes

Lawrence J. Clark, Amazing!

Lawrence Matthews, Jesus How I Love You

Lawrence Mazalan, Songs for the 2 Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Lawrence Walton, Grace

Lawrence, Jesus That's Who

Lawrence, Thou Art God Alone

Laymetha Guy, Cornerstone

Laymetha Reed, From My Heart

Lazete Yasmun Moore, God Never Fail Me Yet (feat. Kerry Markeith Moore)

La`Nay, Grateful

LD Frazier, Just Believe It

LD Johnson III & The Way, Revive Me Again

Lea Mack, Since There Was You

Leaf James, Already Done

Leah Faith, Color of Glory

Leah Shafer, You're My Everything

Leanne Faine & Favor, Serve the Lord

Learmy, Have You Ever Hurt the Lord?

Led By The Spirit featuring Terry Walker, A True Vision

Ledger and Voices of Remnant, Deliverance - EP

Lee & Beverly Williams & New Birth Gospel Singers, Thanks For Your Many Blessings

Lee Behnken and Friends, On Earth as it is in Heaven...

Lee Behnken, Remember and Return

Lee E. Etta Robinson, Crucify Him

Lee Jones, Strongtower

Lee Keazy, Incredible

Lee Marshall, Anchored

Lee Mims, Gospel Guitars

Lee Mims, Just As I Am

Lee Mims, See The Signs Of The Judgement

Lee Moore, Yes Lord

Lee Nicholson and The Sensational Spiritualizers, He`s Jesus

Lee Robinson & Michael Robinson, Man of God

Lee Robinson, God's In Charge

Lee Robinson, GODS IN CHARGE

Lee Rugless, Time

Lee Turner, Destiny

Lee Walker & Spirit, Reminisce

Lee Williams, Prayer For Healing

Lefamu, Hold On

Legacy of Faith, All That I Am

Legacy Of Faith, His Love Is Forever

Legacy, Legacy

Leif Horrell, Leif Horrell EP

Leigh Lanier, Esther's Theme - For Such A Time As This (feat. Virgil Williams)

Leighton Kennedy, My Heart

Lejay Styles, Just Reaching Out

Lemmonstine Poindexter, Dancing in the Rain

Lemmonstine Poindexter, One Step At a Time

Lemmonstine Poindexter, The Devil Is a Liar

LeMont Mears, The Answer

Lemuel C. Venable III, Get Connected (feat. Anointed Seven)

Lena D. Holt, It`s Personal

Lena James, Safety in Your Arms

Lena, Some Day

Lenard Hinds, No In Between

LeNaSa, Caged Bird... Flying

Lenasa, I Owe It All to You

Lennox, My Father`s House

Lenord Washington, Come Out of the Wilderness

Lenore M. Hunte, Rejoice In The Lord

Leomia Boyd, On Time - Full Project

Leomia Boyd, Sweeter In the Light

Leon Durham, 9/11 Tribute

Leon Durham, Will You Be My Valentine

Leon Patillo, Souly For Him

Leon Perry, Strings Of David

Leona Daniels Marsh, Chosen

Leona Daniels, Free To Be Me

Leonard Palmer, I Believe in Your Promises

Leonard Sanders, I Love the Lord

Leonardo Mendes, Mais Que o Sol

Lequita Hoffpauir, My Only Consolation - Single

Leroy A. Rasberry, To God Be The Glory

Leroy Crayton, A Christian (feat. Chanel Alford & Mobc Inspirational Ensemble)

Leroy Crayton, Come to Jesus (feat. Mobc Inspirational Ensemble)

Leroy Crayton, Do This for Me (feat. Joyce Williams & Mobc Inspirational Ensemble)

Leroy Crayton, God's Tomorrow (feat. Noreen Crayton & Jewelbeat)

Leroy Crayton, I'll Never Go Back (feat. Mobc Inspirational Ensemble)

Leroy Crayton, If You Can Take It, You Can Make It (feat. The M.O.B.C Inspirational Ensemble)

Leroy Crayton, When Jesus Comes (feat. The M.O.B.C Inspirational Ensemble & Joyce Williams)

Leroy Johnson, Let the Son Shine

Les SaintSulne, Pa Bliye Jezi Ap Tounen

Lesley Shannelle, Just Can't Stop

Lesley Shannelle, Use Me

Leslie Dupree, Full Circle

Leslie Nettleford, A Place Called Home

Lessette, After the Storm

Lester D. Clayton, Sr., The Lord Is My Rock

Lester V. Coombs, Jesus Came to Emerald

Letha Jones, Get Ready

Letisha Den'ee, Symphony of Worship (The Prelude)

Letra Davis, Sweet & Strong

Lettrice Lawrence, Never Alone

Level 8, Higher

Level8, The One

Levi Cobb, Keep On Keeping On

Levi Ministries, Streams In The Desert

Levi Stewart, Tell God Yes

Levi, Walk Ahead of Me Father

Levite Camp, Hallelujah

Levite Music, Thank You (feat. TJ Reddick)

Levite, Kingdom Thing

Levitical Priesthood, It's Now or Never

Leviticus Singers of Charlotte, Address Change: God`s Great Relocation Music Project- Part 1

Leviticus, Don't Let Go

Levorn & Tyrus Spencer, Look to the Heavens

Levy Q, No One Else

Lewis Dudley II, Liberated

Lewis H. Morris, There`s Ah Man

Leye Oladipupo, Number One

Leye Oladipupo, You Too Much

Le`troy Bridges, Maybe

Libby L. Allen, Don't Cry For Me

Liberty Quartet, Old Time Gospel Songs, Vol. 1

Liberty Quartet, Say It Again

Liberty Under Grace, Lord We Give You All the Glory

Liberty Under Grace, Unity Strong (Wedding Song)

Liberty, Change the World

Lifechanging, Makomborero Hobho

Light Hill Baptist Church Worship and the Arts Ministry, We Bless Your Name

Light of Love, Live From Norway

Lighthouse, Lighthouse

Lightnin' Charlie, Trust In God - Family Album Volume One

Lights of Day, Shine Like the Morning (Radio Edit)

like isaiah, agianst the ground

Lil Jay & the Spiritual Boys, Jesus Was Right There

Lil Redhead Somi, Rich Girl

Lil Rev, Good To Be Here

Lil Ricky & The Mighty Golden Stars, We Need The Lord

Lil Shaw Boyz, I`m Not Too Young

Lil' Will, Nunca Te He Dejado

Lili and Walter, Who Drinks From the Lilies

Lilian Odera, My Everything

Liliani Williams, Reach Out

Lilit Grigoryan, Spirit Music

Lillian Anderson, Out Of The Pain

Lillie Mae Dickerson, The Bible

Lily Cruz, You're My Song

Lily Mutamz, God Protected

Lily Mutamz, You Are

Lily R. Richardson, Look Up for the Rain

Lily, Ask Him (To Be Your Guide)

LIL` AYO, 2nd Chance At Life

Lincoln Ross, He Keeps On Blessing Me

Lincoln Ross, Rough Side of the Mountain

Linda Agosto, Because You Love Me (Porque Me Amas)

Linda Agosto, In The Fire

Linda Agosto, InThe Fire

Linda Benjamin and the Messengers, Let's Have Church

Linda Boston, Permission: The Power of Being

Linda Cates, The Greatest of These

Linda Clark, New Beginnings

Linda Clark, New Beginnings - Single

Linda D. O`Cain, This Is The Way

Linda D. Williams, Magnify The Lord

Linda Dummars, Linda Dummars

Linda Fletcher, Yes

Linda Gentille "Princess of the Piano", A Gentille Christmas

Linda Gentille "Princess of the Piano", Joyful Hymns by the Sea

Linda J. Kemp Revis, The Wonder of His Miracle

Linda Jones-Prince, Thou Art My God

Linda Kristy, Hope

Linda Lanier, Shes America

Linda Mallory, Nowhere but Certain

Linda Martin, Still Standing

Linda McKenzie, Melody

Linda McKenzie, Wash Over Me

Linda Mintonye, Come Away

Linda Ordaz, Celebrad

Linda Roberts, My Blessings

Linda Ross Brown, Bread of Heaven

Linda Ross Brown, He's Faithful (Remix)

Linda Ross Brown, Linda Ross Brown At Christmas

Linda Rushin, Believe

Linda Weber, Apple Tree Song

Linda, Alzo Mi Voz

Linden Jones & Nusound, Be Strong and Courageous

Lindley Creek Bluegrass, Jesus Loves Me

Lindley Creek, The Cross

Lindsay (Gissendaner) Gilreath, It is Well

Lindsay Slaton, Call On Jesus

Linell Andrews and One Voice, Stand Still

Linn Glisson, Give Me a Song

Linton & Louise Smith, My Daddy's House

Linton J Smith, Jr, Friend

Lionel & Leslie, I AM

Lisa Anderson, Domino Effects

Lisa Bacon, God Knows Where You Are Going

Lisa D.Nelson and Union Baptist Church Mass Choir, Testimony

Lisa Daggs, Angel in Your Eyes

Lisa Dees, Call His Name

Lisa Foster Wilson, I'm Taking it Back - Single

Lisa Hartley, Surrender

Lisa Jackson, New Day

Lisa Jefferson, Trust Him More

Lisa Jones, Lisa Jones More... Lord

Lisa Kemp-Williams, In The Moment

Lisa King-Jackson, He's Still Standing

Lisa Lambert and the Pine Ridge Boys, Gospel Songs from the Mississippi Hills

Lisa McGlown, Dance All Night

Lisa McGlown, The Man You Want Me To Be

Lisa Nelson, Butterfly

Lisa Robinson, Heal Our Land

Lisa Robinson, Help Me

Lisa Robinson, Still I Worship

Lisa S. McKenzie, Sing O My Soul

Lisa Winn, The Light

Lise, The Fruit of My Lips

Lissette Acosta de Jima©nez, Herencia

Lita Gaithers Owens, In the Beauty of Holiness (The Naomi Project)

Little Debbie Dee, He`s Got the Whole World

Little Debbie Dee, Little Debbie Dee

Little Larry Walker,as (Da` professor), Pay Your Tithes

Little Paint Quartet, Almost Home

Little Paint Quartet, What God Will Do

Little Richard, Goldisc Records From The Vault Vol. 4 Pray Along With Little Richard

Live 4:1, Let It Rain

Live Issue, On the Line

Livin' Forgiven, God Is Love

Livin' Forgiven, Stronger for You, Jesus

Living Faith Connections Mass Choir, Beyond the Norm (feat. Evans Ogboi)

Living Hope Worship, Forward in Faith

Living Sacrifice, Christ Is Born

Living Soul, Loose The Praise

Living Water Fellowship, We Worship You (Live) [feat. Puchi Colon]

LIVINGSTONE 124, New Creation

Livin` Witness, More


Liz Diffa, Live with Joy

Liz Diffa, The Comforter: A Gift of Love

Liz Evonne, Thankful

Liz Ray, You Can Make It

Liz Ray, You Can Make It

Liz Tomlinson, Look To Jesus

Lizzie COCO Duckworth, GOD IS LOVE

Llamada Final México, Unidos para Adorarle

Lloyd Anthony, 101

Logan Blade, Logan Blade Fitting In

Lois Commodore, Hold Me

Lois Mahalia, Hymns

Lois Prettyman, Metamorphosis

Lois Vassell, A Praise for All Seasons

Lola Jean Nelson, My Faith in God

Lola Moore, It Was You

Lolita Chambers Lamkin, Think On These Things

Lolita Moore, Inspired

LoLo Harris, God Has Been Good

LoLo Harris, Praising Hymn

Londa Larmond, Great Things

Londa Larmond, Nobody

Londel Cook, Still Iam

London Community Gospel Choir, 30th Anniversary Concert Commemorative Album

London Community Gospel Choir, The Best of London Community Gospel Choir

Lone Star Cowboy Church, Live At Lone Star Cowboy Church

Long Way Round, Live At The Banquet

Lonney D. Carr, Meditate On This

Lonnie Coppock and The Perfect Praise Chorale, Just Being Me!

Lonnie Freeman, So Amazing

Lonnie Freeman, So Amazing

Lonnie Riggins, The Legacy of Mr. Miracle

Lora Sauter Westberg, Faith

Loren Brown, Back Home

Loren Mulraine, In His Shadow

Loren Mulraine, Spirit and Truth, Chapters I and II

Lorenzo Braden, You`re All I Needed

Loretha Williams, I Surrender All (God's Child)

Loretta Bedford, You Are

Loretta Brown & Vision, Victory

Loretta Jackson, I Win

Loretta Jackson, The Windows of Heaven

Loretta Jordan, My Heart Is Yours Lord

Loretta Jordan, My Life's Reflection

Loretta Marie Siani, I Believe

Lori Green, I Shall Go On

Lori Kates, He'll Be There (Special Edition)

Lori LeFevre with Mark Kieswetter, Lay Me Down

Lori, Believe the Album

Lorie Acker, No More Broken Promises

Lorie Smith, Cover Me

Lorna Bright, When I Say Yes!

Lorne Hamlyn, The Way Home

Lorraine Boisseau, Sing Your Praises

Lorraine Darwin, A God So Faithful

Lorraine Latin, Hope in You - Songs of Lorraine Latin

Lorraine Logan, Lorraine Logan Live

Lorraine Nelson Wolf, More Songs From Hopewell

Lorraine, I Acknowledge You

Lorrich, Better Days

Lotan, Celebrate

Lottie, Lottie

Louis Boney, The Search Is Over

Louis Brittz, Kook Vir Die Koning 2014

Louise B. Calixte, Make You Proud (Loyal)

Louise B. Calixte, This World Is Not My Home

Louise M Smith, Fragrance of a Worshipper

Louise Miller, Holy Inhabit Our Praise

Louise Smith, Beyond the Clouds: A Starting Place for Me

Louisette Florexile, Onoré Bondyé

Love Connection, Soul Conspiracy

Love, I Shot the Sheriff, Too (ROM. 2:1-3)

Lovener Walcott, A Place for Me

Lovey, Release (Live)

Lovia Joann Pitts, Breathe

Lovia Joann Pitts, Flying High (Determination = Destination = Celebration)

Lovia Joann Pitts, I Was Born to Be a Worshiper & Praiser

Lovia Joann Pitts, I'm so Glad I Have a Friend (feat. Sonship Theus, Ricky Pitts Sr. & Michael K. Dorsey Sr.)

Lovia Joann Pitts, I've Got the Victory, No More Condemnation

Lovia Joann Pitts, Keep On Dancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Lovia Joann Pitts, Lord I Love to Drink from Your Cup

Lovia Joann Pitts, Psalms 91

Lovia Joann Pitts, Take the Time to Show Someone You Care

Lovia Joann Pitts, This Is a Love Song in Honor of Jesus Christ of Nazereth

Lowell Pye, Alright

Lowell Pye, I Need You

Loyalty, Prince of Life

Loyda Hjelte, Deliverer/Libertador

LP, Testimony

Luanne Hunt, He Was There

Luc Pierre, Draw Me Close

Lucas Barbosa, Identidade

Lucas Navarro, Atmosfera de Milagres

Lucian Green, Rose of Sharon

Luciano Claw, Por Amor a Ti

Lucious Newsom, Feed My Poor

Lucius McDowell, Prophetic Utterance

Lucky Pierre, Glory of God

LUCKY, Our Daily Bread - Volume 2

Lucy Kinchen Chorale, A Tribute to Moses Hogan

Lucy Shropshire, This Is Faith

Lucy's Envy, It's All Good

Lugo, God In Me

Luis Alberto Ríos, Nadie Como Tú

Luis Edelman & Generac7on, Pasión para Amarte

Luis Heredia, Muestrame Tu Gloria

Luis Rodriguez, Cosa De Ayer

Luiz Claudio, A Igreja e a Missão

LuJuana, Inspired

Luke Mercer, Jr. & A.C.F., I've Never Seen Him Fail

Luke Shumpert, With Fresh Oil

LuLu Roman, Seven Times

Lumière Céleste, Majesté

Luna Eikar, Qué Es la Navidad?

Lundun, 12/02/2011

Lungisa Ndabeni, Testimony

Lurline Green, Holy

Lusanda Beja, The Revelation of Grace

Luther B, Jesus the Lamb of God

Luther C Trawick, Many Ways to Worship

Luther C Trawick, Message 1

Luther C Trawick, Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

Luther C Trawick, Seperate Yourself

Luz Haymara, Todo es Tuyo

LWCC Music Ministry, Use Me Up

LWF LIVE, Let Your Kingdom Come

Lydell Washington, We Need Your Light (feat. The Willow Creek Community Church Praise Team)

Lydia Brown, Already Worked It Out - Single

Lydia Clark and the Gospel Ryders, It's a Brand New Day

Lydia Langford Joiner, Silver Linings

Lydia Price, Kingdom Minded

Lydia Price, Thoughts

Lyle John, Living Water

Lynda Joy, New Beginnings

Lyndell Martin, I Talked To An Angel

Lyndsay Taylor, When A Flame Is Fine

Lynette Moffitt Mondy, Rise Above

Lynn A. Sanch, Dance For Joy

Lynn Beckman and Rick Beckman, THE FATHER AND THE SON: Telling The Gospel Story

Lynn Logan, Use Me Lord

Lynn Michael Coffey and Kerry Smith, Jesus Is the Light for the World

Lynn Morgan, I've Got My Hands Up

Lynn Morgan, Tender Heart

Lynn Stoneking, Acoustic Moments

Lynn Stoneking, I'm Gonna Shout

Lynn Stoneking, Lord You've Been Good

Lynn Tolliver, Jr, Prayers By Lynn Tolliver Jr

Lynn Walker, Cowboys in the Kingdom

Lynn Walker, The Grateful Living Greatest Hits - Vol. 1

Lynn White, Guide Me

Lynne Calloway, Secret Place

Lynne Perry Christofferson, Keeping Sheep

Lynne Perry Christofferson, Lift Your Mind Higher

Lynne Washington-Wright, Show Me the Plan

Lyreh 7, Right Now

Lyricsings, Brand New Day

Lytrell Stevenson, Sorry

Lyttleton Ferguson, Love You Lord

Lyttleton Ferguson, Time to Be Ready

M Jennifer Mary, God Is Higher

M R M, Yes Sir

M' Renee, You Deserve My Praise

M. Cornelius Wyche & Octave Praise, The Prelude

M.E. Spencer, Jesus Alone Shall Reign

M.I.C.H.E.L.L.E, Ready

M.S. Project, The Conception

M.T. Jordan & Faithful Praise, Thank You (John 3:16) [feat. Rico Wint & Olivia Robinson]

Maame Lucy Crentsil, Jesus The Living Waters

Mac Frampton, My Father`s World

Mac Holmes, The Day the Music Revived

Mac Millen, Songs Found By the Cotton Field

Madame Dee, Beside Me

Made Popular by Delmark and Marisa Joseph, Our Wedding Day

Madelyn Banks, Because of Love

Madelyn Banks, Like You Jesus

Madison Makanaokahaku Scott, Makanaokahaku

Madison Mission Music, A Soulful Christmas - An Instrumental Journey

Madison Qween, Dear Oprah You a Woman of God

Madonna Massey, Sing

Maduvha, Your Mercy

Maegan Harris, Before the Throne

Maella G. Spires, More Than Any Maybe (Live)

Maeve, Movin' On

Maggie Girgis, Every Good Path

Maggie Girgis, The Gift of Love

Magnolia Rose Band, The Road

Mahaeny Douglas, I Am Blessed

Mahaeny Douglas, Leaning On Jesus

Mahaeny Douglas, Shout Hallelujah

Mahali Selepe, Dignified

Mahalia Buchanan, New Dimension

Maharold Peoples, Jr. and Tribe of Praise, Theory of Evolution

Mai C Stevens, Heal My Inside Oh Lord

Maical, Precious Gift From God

Majestad, ¡Es Hora de Alabar!

Majestic Voices, Majestic

Majesty Divine, I Never Knew

Majic Conner, Holy Ways

Majxsty, Days of Noah

Majxsty, Pray

MAKEDA, The Naked Truth

MAKEDA, The Return

Making a Noise, God Created M.A.N

Malcolm Hawkins, Like No Other

Malcolm Wilson & Joshua's Generation, Maxi-Single

Mali Music, Mercy Lord

Malinda Brown, Turn to Jesus

Malinda Spykstra, All Things New

Malvinas, Marvellous

Malvinas, The Saviour Is Waiting

Mamie Foote Ketter and Natural Blend, Follow the Law

Mamie Jackson, World

Mandosi, Umusa

Mandu Ukpe, Last Call

Mandu Ukpe, Special Day For God In A Week

Mandy Gaines, Faith Journey

Manna, The Answer

Manny & the Revolution, Este Es El Dia (This Is the Day)

Manny Luster, In the House

Mantongande, Kuyonyakaza

Manu, Manu ( Son It's All Right To Pray

Manuel and Roxane Aguilar, Hearts Desire songs of worship

Manuel Gutierrez, Cantara© Para Ti (I Will Sing for You)

Maquiavelica, Jesus Christ

Mara Suggs, I Am Saved

Maranda Curtis Willis, Don't Take Your Love Away

Marc Jonathan Haney & The Humdinger Twins Quintet De Luxe, The Gospel Came to Coyote County

Marc Mykula, All 4 U

Marc Wymore, Be Ready

Marcalinda Centner, collective songs of the lord

Marcel Brooks, Get Up!

Marcel McManus ''Piano Man", We Thank You Lord

Marcella Holmes, Break Through

Marcellus Barnes & VOT, Angels (feat. Lisa Knowles)

Marcia Love, Christmas Joy

Marcia Love, Counting My Blessings

Marcia Love, Counting My Blessings

Marcia Love, Jesus On My Side

Marcio Ferreira, Deus Peleja por Você

Marco Rosas & The Rose of Sharon Band, Breaking The Chains

Marco the Poet, Bigger

Marco the Poet, Him First

Marco The Poet, Marco The Poet

Marcos Idrovos & Rosanna Hidalgo, Me Levantare

Marcos Soto, El Poder de la Fe

Marcus Carr, Holy Ghost Party

Marcus Dawson, This Is My Letter

Marcus Day, Fathers and Sons

Marcus Fernando e Banda, Chamado

Marcus Gill, Fill Me Again

Marcus McFarlin, Addicted to Praise

Marcus Selders, "More of You"


Marcy Morman and Ekklesia, Presents: "You Are" Plus Bonus Track "America" from upcoming CD project: "My Secret Place"

Margaret Lynch & Hope Linder, Will There Be Any Stars

Margaret Lynch, Jill Smith & Laurel Dalzell, Near to the Heart of God

Margaret Owens, Gettin` Comfortable In My Skin

Margaret owens, Through Me

Margaret Todd, The Road Less Traveled

Margaret Wahlen, I Turn To You

Margie Cumbie, I Saw the Master This Morning

Margie Grantham & Rebecca Henricks, Accepted in the Beloved

Margie Joseph, Latter Rain

Marguerit Holland, Victory

Marguerita Parker, God Will Say Amen!!!

Maria Connel, Your Will

Maria Von, Do You Wanna Know Him

Marian Hickmon, Just Begun

Mariana & Francis, J'errai Dans Un Monde (Dur Et Froid)

Marianna Senteno, First Love

Marica Chisolm, Used

Marie Davis, He Chose Me

Marie Della Thomas, No Way

Marie Hawkins, God Is Still Blessing You

Marie Josee, Hope for the Journey

Marie Myers, He's Everything

Mariea Watkins, Music In the Air - Single

Mariea Watkins, Soon

Marielle Donatien Jean-Francois, Mwen Libere

Marilyn Baptiste, Marilyn Collection

Marilyn Burks, Turn It Over to Jesus

Marilyn Maxwell, I Won't Let Go of My Faith

Marilyn Thompson, Peace Be Still

Marilyn Wright, Give Me a Clean Heart

Marilyn, Infinitamente Mais

Mario J. Radford, Through the Eyes of the Cross

Marius Scott, Turn It Over To The Lord

Marjane', Grateful

Marjane', Walking in Favor

Marjane', Won't Let Go

Marjane`, Keys to My Heart

Marjorie Jordan, On The Wings Of Inspiration

Mark & Patricia Canada, We Worhip You

Mark 'Wandering Bear' Barger, Reflections of Calvary

Mark A. Smith, Ministry

Mark A. Smith, My Story

Mark A. Smith, The Return

Mark A. Williams, Christ Is King

Mark Austin Gospel Project, Mark Austin Gospel Project

Mark Behrens, God Is Good Even If

Mark Biech, At About Midnight

Mark Boone, Forgiven

Mark Brague, Overwhelm Me

Mark Brown and Focus, Restoration

Mark Bunney, The Art of Praise

Mark Canada, Let Your Holy Spirit Flow (feat. Patricia Canada)

Mark Cartwright, Awsome God

Mark Condon, Obvious Kid`s Praise

Mark Condon, Unplugged: Worship Instrumental

Mark Cox, Mark Cox

Mark David Williams, Christmas This Year

Mark Galante And Friends, The Rock

Mark Geslison & Geoff Groberg, For the Beauty of the Earth

Mark Gordon & Eternal Life Ministries, The Gospel According To Mark

Mark Gray, It Is No Secret

Mark Gray, That's When Faith Steps In

Mark Gray, You're Still Lord of All

Mark Grosz, Mighty River

Mark H. Bliss, Traveled as a Prodigal

Mark J, We Are Not Alone

Mark John, More Than Just A Drummer

Mark Miller & the New Haven Collective, Imagine the People of God

Mark Morgan & Men and Women of Glory, Praise the Lord

Mark Moulynox, Give Them All

Mark Payne, Test of Time

Mark Portis, Let Your Rain Fall

Mark Prentice, I Surrender All

Mark Prentice, My Testimony

Mark Reagan, Brand New Day of Grace

Mark Ruis, Momma Walked Home With Jesus

Mark Shelton, At the Gates of Graceland

Mark St. John Carson, Concert Worshippers 2

Mark St. John Carson, I Do

Mark St. John Carson, Psalms Vol. 1 Chapters 1-20

Mark T. Jackson & Final Call, Calling All Worshipers

Mark Tedder, The Door

Mark Trethewey, Wheatfields

Mark Wanzer, Jesus Says

Mark Whitley, There Is Love

Mark209, From the Heart of Nashville

Markees Williams, ''In Worship'' Live in Los Angeles

Markilo Allen, Helpmate

Markise Hicks & the M.O Band, I'm Gonna Make It

Marla D. Larkin of Detroit MI, In His Service

Marla Jackson, Prophesy

Marlane Hield Knowles, A Wonderful Lover

Marlúcia de Oliveira, Dependente de Ti

Marlenda Thomas, Give Me Your Love

Marlene Hershey & The Hershey-Ettes, Old Time Religion

Marlene Hershey, Gospel Ragtime and Solitude

Marlo Moore, Moore To The Story

Marlon Croasdaile & Triumphant, Worth the Wait

Marlon Humphrey, Glorify His Name

Marlon Mack and The Voicez Of Triumph, AWESOME GOD

Marlon Mack and The Voicez Of Triumph, The Greatest Gift

Marlowe Cribbs, Relativity: The Marlowe Cribbs Project

MarQue, Partner In Life

Marques James Watts, Do It God's Way

Marquita Anthony, Surround Me

Marquita Anthony, Your Love

Marquita Danzy, Free

Marquita Dixon, Our Praise (The Chant)

Marshalee, GOD's FAVOR

Marshall Badger, PUSH

Martha & The Heavenely Sounds, It's Christmas Time

Martha and The Heavenly Sounds, Martha and The Heavenly Sounds

martha daughtrey, Holy Ghost Fire

Marti Dorner, Marti

Martin Barret, On That Day

Martin's Favor, Can We Get Together?

Martin's Favor, Help Your Children

Martina Green, A Midnight Praise

Martina Green, Gift of Praise

Martina Green, More of Jesus

Martrell Harris, Right Away - Single

Marty & Patti Elmore, Hand in Hand

Marty Merchant, Devil Get Out of Here

Marty Merchant, Put Angels All Around You

Marty Miller, Both Eyes Open

Marty Rivers, The Lord Is Comin' Soon

Marty Rotella, The Passion Play

Marva Mortley, What Are You Waiting For?

MarvaElane, From the Heart of ME-MarvaElane

Marvalinn, Press On

Marvia Providence, Be Encouraged

Marvia Providence, Shabach (International Praise & Worship) [Live]

Marvia Providence, Thank You

Marvin Andre', Another Chance

Marvin J Lowe, You Are The Way

Marvin McRae, Encouraged

Marvin McRae, Thank You Lord

Marvin Morrow, 100% Natural

Marvin Morrow, At the Crossroad

Marvin Morrow, Back to the Old Home

Marvin Morrow, Closer To the River

Marvin Morrow, Holding On to Jesus

Marvin Morrow, I Found the Cross

Marvin Morrow, I'll Live On the Mountain

Marvin Morrow, My Jesus Can

Marvin Morrow, Reaping From Fields I've Never Sown

Marvin Morrow, The Best of the Early Years

Marvin Morrow, The Power Came Down (feat. Dan Moneyhun & Paul Williams)

Marvin Morrow, Waiting On My Ride

Marvin Ward, Jesus Is My Best Friend

Marvin Yates, Before You Came Along

Mary A. Lundy, Sharing the Gifts

Mary and the New Creations, Love Lifted Me

Mary and the New Creations, When the Battle Is Fought

Mary Ann Coty, 7 Songs Of Thanks

Mary Ann Hastings, Good Thunder Praise and Worship

Mary Ann Markarian, Because of You

Mary Ann Markarian, Champion of the Faith

Mary Ann Young, The Reason That I Sing

Mary Beth Anthony, The Soldier's Wife

Mary Byrd Robinson, Hold On (Jesus Is Coming Your Way)

Mary C.M. Phillips, Sound of My Soul

Mary Clark Banks & Mary Clark Banks, The Lord Is Blessing Me

Mary Clark Banks, You've Been Right There

Mary Clemons, When God Shows Up

Mary Craft, Hand It Over

Mary D Williams, Blood Done Sign My Name

Mary Dailey, Lead Me Through

Mary Dolan, Call the Nations

Mary Dolan, Just Between Us

Mary Griffin, Shine On Me

Mary Hampton, Singsational

Mary Hinds, God Can Do It

Mary Hinds, Hold On And Be Strong

mary humphrey, The Gift

Mary Jackson, New Mercies

Mary Kaye, The Real Thing

Mary Lee, Bend Like a Willow

Mary Marecek, Carry Me Home

Mary Morrow, Mary Morrow Revisited

Mary Morrow, Songs of Praise From These Clay Lips of Mine

Mary Murphy, God's Love

Mary Njau, utheri nimuku thi (light has come to the world)

Mary Ratliff, The Journey

Mary Styer, Livin` in the Last Days

Mary Webb Crite, Are You Ready for the Kingdom?

Mary White, He Didn't Win

Mary Wynn, I'm Ready

Mary Wynn, Pieces of Me Single

Mary, He`s Coming Back

Mashly Sanz, Empecemos Otra Vez

Mason Hockamier, From here to Eternity

Mason Hockamier, Somewhere Along The Way

Mason Peters, Only You

Master's Praise Vocal Group, Follow Me

Master's Praise Vocal Group, Get On Board

Master's Praise Vocal Group, Sounds from the Cross

Master's Praise Vocal Group, Trying to Get a Glimpse

Master's Praise Vocal Group, What a Savior

Matai, NOTW (Not of This World)

Mathew LeSure, Dedication

Mathew LeSure, My Time (Live)

Mathew Lesure, Somewhere - Single

Matt Bayless, Come Down

Matt Blair, Broken and Redeemed

Matt Boswell, Enter In


Matt Materdo, Faith

Matt Rexford, The Story of Your Glory

Matt Seward, Take Me in

Matt Stewart, Water of Life

Matthew Aarons, The Lord God Reigns

Matthew Charlery-Smith, Sunrise (EV)

Matthew Danko, All Things Are Possible

Matthew Gregory, God Is Love

Matthew Justice, Put Your Hand in Mine

Matthew Justice, There's a Place Were Goin To

Matthew Lloyd, Hold On

Matthew Lombart, Knocking On Your Door

Matthew Lynch, Will Wait (Acoustic)

Matthew Murchison & Fresh Sound, You

Matthew Ward, Christmas With Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward, Easter Song - A New Arrangement

Matthew Ward, Fortress

Matthew Weaver, Halleluyah

Matthews & Maz, What A Day That Will Be Accompaniment Backing Track Series

matthews and maz, Amazing Grace Backing Performance Track

Matthews and Maz, Because He Lives Accompaniment Backing Track Series

Matthews and Maz, i'll fly away backing performance tracks

Matthews and Maz, Power in the Blood Backing Performance Tracks

Matthews and Maz, the old rugged cross backing performance tracks

Matthews and Maz, Turn Your Radio On Backing Tracks

Maureen and Bill Hayes, Comfort and Joy...A Family Christmas

Maureen Gee, God Is Real - Try Him!

Maurice Christian, The Greatest Story

Maurice Hayes, Nobody's Fault but Mine

Maurice Hill, Rain

Maurice Horne, The Music of Angels: 20 Traditional Hymns

Maurice Lynch, Worthy Is the Lamb

Maurice McZeke & MDK, Modern Day Kindred

Maurice Mczeke, Be A Witness

Maurice Rogers & Chosen, You Are Lord

Maurice Smith, You're All I Want

Maurice Strong, Special Savior

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Inspiration

Maurice Yancey and One Accord, Just The Beginning

Mavistriumph, Osabarima

Max Anderson, Friend To Friend

Maximized Life Christian Center International Music Ministry, In It 2 Win It (Drs. Patrick and Pamela Randolph Presents)

Maxine Donald and The Spiritualettes, God`s Been Good

Maxine Duncan, Jingle Jangle Christmas

Maxine Ray Kellogg, You`ve Got To Live Holy

Maybelle, Mighty God

Mayibongwe Mpanda, Your Love Is Amazing

MBJ, Whispers

Mbomboyo, Recap Reloaded

McCall Tucker, Pain, Passion, and Peace

McCrary Sisters, All the Way

McCrary Sisters, Our Journey

McDonald Brothers Quartet, Back Again By Request

McKay Project, McKay Project

McLeod, That's Where You Found Me

MD, The Birth

MDI., The Church Mixtapes, Vol. I

Meant By God, Anticipate

Mechele, All or Nothing

Medad & Chorale of Reconciliation, Heartquake Hope In God for This Generation (feat. Avec)

Medina, Abundance of Rain

Mee Melody Ministry, Spring Forth

Meek, Out of Clay - EP

Meek, Seasons Change (Ecclesiates 3:1)

Meg Bird, The Magnificat

Mel Gibson, The Master's Hand

Mel Haug, God's Unchanging Hand

Mel Waiters, This Time For Jesus

Melanie Brooks, Hymns & More

Melanie Hart, A New Thing

Melanie R. Hill, I Surrender All

Melanie Shifflett Ridner-Warner, God of Peace (feat. Jim Cristaldi)

Melanie, Prayer of the Roses

Melida J. Skeete-Smith, Where He Leads Me

Melinda Cottrell Benson, Capture Me

Melinda Harper, Before

Melinda Lauture, Year of Overflow

Melinda Pickett, Try Again

Melinda, Prince of Peace: The EP

Melisa Prestianni, Overwhelmed With Love

Melissa Ann, Lay Aside

Melissa Oliver, Let It Go

Melissa Patin, Just About All Over

Melissa V Leon and Friend, In Your Presence

Melo-D-Heirs, Let's Worship God

Melodi Chimes, Melodi Chimes

Melodic Sounds, Love and Peace

Melodious, Melodious Eph. 5:19 (Remastered)

Melody & Harmony, Thank You Lord

Melody Laure, God is in Control

Melody, The Reason

MelSoulTree, Sacred Soul

Melvin Crispell & Testimony, He's Able

Melvin Crispell & Testimony, Mel's Medley

Melvin J. Robinson Jr., Breathe On Me

Melvin Kelly, Increase My Faith

Melvin L. Oswalt, He Looked Beyond

Melvin Sanders, Introducing the Voice

Melvin W. Hardy, Blaze of Glory

Melvin Washington Jr., This Is Personal

Melwaiters, Get Some More Jesus

Memphis Area Seventh Day Adventist Children's Choir, We Are God's Children

Men 4 Christ, Men 4 Christ

Men In Praise, Men In Praise `06

Men of God's Heart, Daybreak

Men of God's Heart, No More Secrets

Men of Praise, Help of the Lord

Men Of Prayze, I Love You

Men of Virtuee, Lay Down Your Burdens

Men with Voices, We`re Gonna Make it

Mended Vessels, Letting Go

Merche' Moore, Keep Movin

Mercy Cries, All Of Me

Mercy Ikediuba, The Sound of Abundance

Mercy Ngozi Alu, Chidimma Africa Praise, Vol I

Mercy Seat, More of You

Mercy Seat, On the Wheel

Mercy Seat, Someone

Mercy's Promise, The Chosen Road

Mercy's Reign, On the Right Side

Meredith Chamberlain, First Fruit

Meria Shantez, #kingzkidd

Meria Shantez, So Amazing

Merilyn Ray, Jesus That's Who You Are

Mervin Mayo, Dont Ever Let Me Fall

Mesha Iglehart, Where Would I Be

Metropolitan Male Ensemble, Storms Don`t Last

Mia C, Can Rely On You

Mia C, Close Your Eyes

Mia, Cover Me

Mica, The Heart of God

Micah John, Most Blessed

Micah Lee, This Holiday

Micah Owens, Holy Spirit

Micah Smith, All of My Heart

Micah's Rule, Walk the Road

Michael "Mr.MIKE" Simpson, TRUST

Michael & Dorine, Christian Reunion

Michael & Penny, Paint My World

Michael Allen Ott, Cowboy Come Home

Michael Allen, Truth Rock, Vol. 1

Michael Alston, In the Nick of Time

Michael and Regina Winans, Be Yourself

Michael Arcadi, Thank You

Michael Avery, A and B Selections - EP

Michael Ayers, Finally Forgave Myself

Michael Bell And Wings Of Freedom, Free At Last

Michael Besson, Faithfulness

Michael Bethea, Real

Michael Boykin and The Mighty Voices, Blessing Me

Michael Bradley & Worship, Declaration

Michael Bradley & Worship, Great I Am

Michael Bradley & Worship, You Are

Michael Brewer, Flyaway

Michael Brewer, He`s Got My Back

Michael Burke, Winds of Time

Michael Burton, Break Away

Michael Burton, Breakaway

Michael Campbell, Praising Him

Michael Davis, Take It Over

MIchael DeLong, Heaven Just Got Better

Michael Depriest Hudson, It's No Goodness of My Own

Michael Dixon & VisZion, Gravity

Michael E. Stevenson, Clouds Of Love

Michael Edler, Grace to Share

Michael Edmonds, Christmas Love

Michael Figgers, Never Walk Alone

Michael Figgers, Never Walk Alone

Michael Gervais, Good King Wenceslas

Michael Gramby, Michael Gramby Live

Michael Guy, I Owe You A Praise

Michael Guy, Living for You: Evolution of a Man

Michael H. Cohen, Lokah Samasta

Michael Hadfield, God Through My Eyes

Michael Hall, Timeless Hymns

Michael Hart, Serious

Michael Hartzo, Choice To Rejoice

Michael Hatfield, Whatever Road You're On

Michael Hill, Audience of One

Michael Hodo, Holy Ghost Song

Michael Hodo, Jesus, You're Real to Me

Michael Hodo, Thank You Lord for Saving Me

Michael J Wright, Out of Darkness, Into the Light

Michael Johnson, Everybody Praise the Lord

Michael K Ross, Hymnology - Hymns From A Piano Perspective

Michael Ken, Dying Is the Beginning of Living

Michael Ken, Everyday Was Sunday in My Hometown

Michael Knotts, Signs and Wonders

Michael Lauderdale, State I'm In

Michael Lavias Williams, Lavias

Michael Lofton, Letting Go

Michael M. Smith, Worship Unplugged

Michael McKinley, Broken Open

Michael McMurtry, Radiance

Michael Merritt, Exalt

Michael Merritt, Songs of Freedom

Michael Murchison, Long Journey Home

Michael Nelson, NIKAO!

Michael Patrick, Turn To God

Michael Quatro, Heavenward

Michael R. Cooper, Reflections

Michael Ray Van, God Faith

Michael Ray Van, Renewal

Michael Ray Van, Saved By Him

Michael Reid, God Still Answer Prayers

Michael Rhodes, Labor of Love

Michael Rivers, Hymn Reflections

Michael Ross, It's My Morning

Michael S McIntyre & Susan Wagner, Second Spring

Michael S. Cole, About My Father`s Business

Michael Stachowiak, Holy Holy Holy (Acoustic Guitar)

Michael Stern, Higher Ground

Michael Stosic, He Will Reign Forever

Michael Stosic, Songs of Victory

Michael Terry and Friends, In The Spirit

Michael Tolf, The Season Of Love

Michael Tolorunleke, King of Glory

Michael Upshaw, My Soul Has Been Anchored in the Lord (feat. Gerald Albright)

Michael Victorious, He Never Fails

Michael Victorious, Untainted Worship

Michael Voiers, The Voz Project

Michael Washington, I Surrender

Michael Wayne Smith, Welcome Home

Michael Whisler, Next

Michael White, Conqueror

Michael Wilkins, I Don't Want To Be Lost

Michael Zabrocki, Seasons Past - the best of....volume 1

Michael Zhuwao, My Soul

Michele Acito, I Am Here

Michele Cheeseboro, Everywhere I Go (Live in Far Rockaway, NY)

Michele Hakizimana, Only for Love

Michele McGovern, immersed

Michelle Brooks-Thompson, He Will Do It

Michelle Charles, Glad I Don't Look Like (What I've Been Through)

Michelle Crenshaw & The Good News Ensemble Cast, Good News! (The Gospel Passion Musical)

Michelle Diaz, Be Strong

Michelle E Williams, I Know Who I Am

Michelle Lang & Still Water, Considering All - Single

Michelle Lang & Still Water, Not Done - Single

Michelle Lang & Still Water, Obnoxious

Michelle Lang & Still Water, The Rich Redemption of a Righteous Road Trip

Michelle Lang and Still Water, Twisted - single

Michelle Lang, the Still Water Theory

Michelle Lyston, Lord, I Thank You

Michelle Ruben, where you are

Michelle Williams, I Know Who I Am

Michon Young, Possessing the Promise

Mickey Bridges, Inspiration and Reflections

Midwest School of Voice, I Believe I Can Fly (feat. Savanna Sito, Emma Hedrick, Hunter Ambrose, Emily Miller, Abby Lord, Laura Dawley & Riley Aquilano)

Mighty Kings Of Harmony, Witness

Mighty Men of Faith, Because He Loves Me

Mighty Men of Faith, Falling in Love Again

Mighty Men of Faith, Its a Good Thing to be Chosen

Mighty Men of Faith, Merry Merry Christmas (Keep Christ in Your Christmas)

Mighty Men of Faith, Mighty Men of Faith Shaking the Foundation: Live At the Cubberley Theater

Mighty Men of Faith, Nothing but Grace

Mighty Pilgrim Harmonaires, God Will Provide

Miguel B. & Liryc, Rejoice

Miguel Montes, Oracion de Fe

Mika A, Tara O Louba

Mike Abrams, Walking with the Savior

Mike and The Gainesville Southernaires, Turn it Over to Jesus

Mike Bellotti, Believer

Mike Bishop, My Hymnal: The Fourth Generation

Mike Bishop, Rise Again

Mike Boone, My Future

Mike Boone, The Race (feat. Eric Washington)

Mike Bradford, Call On Jesus

Mike Bradford, This Hallelujah Boy Ain't Gonna Change

Mike Brown & F.O.C.U.S., Excellent

Mike Brown & F.O.C.U.S., Free (feat. Joshua Rogers)

Mike Brown & F.O.C.U.S., Good Time

Mike Bryant, I Believe In Angels

Mike Bryant, Jesus Is My Lighthouse

Mike Calhoun, The One

Mike Coupe, Alpha Omega

Mike Coupe, Ultimate Power

Mike Foust, Endless Seasons

Mike Freeman, Anchor of Hope

Mike Freeman, Donya Stevenson & Wayne Freeman, All the King's Horses

Mike Freeman, I Turned to You

Mike Gagliano, Glory to the King of Kings

Mike Hamilton, God's Will

Mike Henry and Crazy for Christ, Hold My Hand

Mike Jackson, More Grace

Mike James Kirkland, Wonderful Love

Mike Jenkins, Broken

Mike Lusk & Bob Blackshear, Country Bluegrass Gospel

Mike McAdoo, The First Christmas Gift

Mike Pavelka, Life is a Journey

Mike Potts, Your Deliverance Will Come (feat. Lisa Knowles)

Mike Renneker, Obstructed View

Mike Rimmey, All About You

Mike Robinson, God Is...

Mike Robinson, Nobody Like You - Single

Mike Turner, Chosen

Mike White, Wake Up Zion

Mike Wisdom, Is It Just the Same

Mike Witte, I Hear Music

Mikemorenomusictherapy, Abide

Miki Lynn, Long Time Travelin'

Miko Reed, Give Him Praise

Mildred & Dick VanRiper, Call On Jesus

Mildred Helbert Statzer, Through the Years

Mildred Van Riper, Country Gospel

Mildred Van Riper, Country Gospel

Miles Pike, Walk Through the Pages

Miles, Blessings

Millennial Choirs & Orchestras, Brett Stewart, Brandon Stewart & Robin Cecil, How Great Thou Art

Millicent Crawford, I'll Be There

Millicent Taffe, Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour

Millie, Precious Lord: Take My Hand

Millie, Songs for Life

Millinium Diciple, H.i.s. Hallelujah I`m Saved! (featuring Grace In Motion)

Milton Delgado & the Paramounts, No Longer Two But One

Milton Lee, Looking Like Rain

Milton McCullough, Broken - Single

Milton T. Dorsey, Jesus Is Still On the Throne

Milton Vann, Jesus Reigns

Milton Vann, My Life

Min Dennis Ramsey and The Disciples Singers, Heaven

Min Dennis Ramsey and The Disciples Singers, My Blessing Is On The Way

Min Ebou & The Minstrels of Worship, Instruments of Praise

Min James A. Willis Jr. and The Nu Praze Chorale, We Worship You

Min Lawrence Rush & The Upperroom, Already Mine

Min Lawrence Rush & The UpperRoom, Never Alone

Min Rodney Fulford & Sanctified, There Is A City In Heaven


Min. Aaron Clark and Ministry, "The New Beginning"

Min. Bernard Hash andGlory2, River Of Love

Min. Bernard Hash, Jesus Is Mine

Min. Darnell Williams and The Union, Take 1

Min. Darnell Williams, You

Min. Kenneth Babino, Ever Need Any Kind

Min. Lorenzo Johnson & Praizum, Life Support

Min. Rashawn Truss, From Him, To Me, To You

Min. Tommy L Jones Jr and The Christian Mass Workshop Choir, Healer

mina rule, crystalwater

Mindy Hartman, Speak To Me Now: A Journey

Ministério Adoração, Eis Me Aqui

Ministério de Louvor, Louvores do Coração (feat. Wendell Oliver)

Ministério F4ces, Deus Emanuel Pb

Ministério Monte Santo, Por Todos Os Dias

Ministério Sempre Mais, Santidade

Minister B.E. Lahmon, Da Preacha's Rap

Minister Bruce N. Seawood, Dr. Carlton P. Byrd P & The Spring Into Praise Mass Choir, Under His Wings

Minister Cedric & the King Sisters, It Is Well

Minister Charles Hyman, I Surrender

Minister Chris Brunson & Anointed, Breakthrough

Minister Daniel Purifoy And The Purifoy Family Singers, Get Up! Go To Church!

Minister Darryl Cherry & The Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir, In This Temple

Minister Derrick Bull & Remnant, Heart of a Worshipper Live

Minister Enin Perryman, Touched By Heaven

Minister Fred Collins and The San Diego Gospelaires, I Made It Through The Storm

Minister Frederick F. Reliford, Stop Running

Minister J. Willis, Desperately in Need (feat. Porsche Smith)

Minister Jeffrey Allen Polk & New Worship, I'm Coming Out

Minister Jeffrey Allen Polk & New Worship, I'm Coming Out

Minister John W. Howard Jr. and the End Time Levites, The End Result

Minister Johnson, God's Time - Single

Minister Johnson, Heal My Broken Heart

Minister Johnson, Thank You For Saving Me

Minister Johnson, What Will My Legacy Be

Minister Kai Brown, Highways and Hedges

Minister Keni Jackson, Gotta Be Praying

Minister Keni Jackson, Thy Will Be Done

Minister Kevin L. Carter & Ministry, Lift the Savior up

Minister Larry Jefferson, "That's Why I'm Still Holding On", Vol. 1

Minister Lloyd Lockett, Jesus People

Minister Marvin Webb, It`s Time For Love

Minister Mary W. Jordan, All On the Altar (feat. Brother Byron Jordan)

Minister Phillip D. Palmer and Advance Praze, Is There A Praize

Minister RaShawn Moore, Hold On

Minister Rayshod J Caldwell and Dominion, Another Chance

Minister Renaldo Davis, Chasing Love

Minister Rhonda Belt, Chosen to Change the Atmosphere

Minister Russell K. Witcher, Sacred Notes From a Minister of Music

Minister Sage, Kingdom Rock

Minister Stanley V Daniels and Company, The Best of Minister Stanley V Daniels and Company

Minister Stanley V. Daniels, Reconcile Me

Minister Steve Bailey, Rok With U

Minister Steve, Tis So Sweet... (To Trust In Jesus)

Minister Tee, For He Is Good

Minister Terry Walker, Magnify Your Name

Minister Tutu, Gratitude

Minister Victor Binutu, Lift Jesus Higher

Minister Vincent Presents Ordained Praise, Christ Jesus

Minister Vinneth Hamm, There Is a Rest

Minister Wendy Peterson, Chapter 1: The Start

Ministering 2 Nations, He Cares

Ministerios Aquiles Azar, Fuego Arde en Mi

Ministerios Aquiles Azar, Manifestación

Ministerios Vida Nueva, Te Glorificare

Ministers of Praise, All Day Praise

Ministree, By the Grace of God

Ministry, The Walk The Learning Experience Live

Minnie Smith, I Surrender All

Minor Miracle, Until the very end of time

Minstrel and Psalmist Jonathan Sargent, More Than Anything

Minstrels of Praise Featuring Prince Reed, Love Songs

Mint 2 B, Walking By Faith

Minuette Coit, Ultimate Sacrifice

Minute to Midnight, Minute 2 Midnight

Mipi El, A Cura Chegou

Miriam, Uninhibited Praise

Miriã Menezes Forrozão Pentecostal, Se ao Menos Te Tocar

Miriã Menezes, Na Unção

Misha, Quadratur Des Kreises

Miss Bj Williams, Rainbow

Miss Christina, Souldier (Hold on)

Miss Dot, Let It Ride

Missionary Beulah, God Did This!!!

Missionary Gospel, Missionary Gospel

Missionary Sussanna Burgess, He Knows About It

Missy Thomas-Schmit and The Visitors, Freedom

Missy Thomas-Schmit, Singles - Volume One

Mista-Majah-P, Natty A We Beauty

Mister Chandler, Lord We Need You

Mister Chandler, Teach Me Lord

Mitch Snow, When God Saw Perfection

Mitchell and McRae, Vocal Project 1: Celebrate

Mitchell John, The Gospel According to Mitchell John

MitchSoul, All For Your Love

Mitia Oliver, Church Girl (feat. Donyea Goodman)

Mitia Oliver, Jesus is Lord - Single

Mizz Futcha, All of Me

Mizz Futcha, Stronger

MJ (Mark Johnson), Purpose: The Seed Project

Mj Clarke, Onto Glory

MJ Robinson, Without You

Mkhululi, Ichokwadi (Surely the Lord Is Here)

Modele, Heartcry

Modern Day David, Feelin Better

Modern Worship, One

Mohannah, I Love the Name

Moises Perez, Alaba a Dios

Moma`s Boy, Hold On

Moments of Glory, Lookin` Back

Mona Faith, The Best Gift

Mondre & Divine, Walking By Faith

Mondre and Divine, Jesus Makes Me Smile

Moni Lutz, God is so Good

Monica Lisa Stevenson, Finally..... In God`s Time

Monica Purchase, Willing Spirit

Monica Tate, Heaven

Monica Tate, I Come To Praise

Monica Tate, Love Letter To My Dad

Monica Tate, Vision of a Songbird

Monique Houle, Walking in the Light

Monique Kelly, Forever Changed

Montage Pheloan, I'm Blessed

Monte Cuba, The Journey

Monte de Sion, Cuba para Ti

Monte De Sion, Llenanos Senor Vol.1

Monte Stephens Singers, Crying

Montel Thomas & Soul Winners International, Sealed By Divine Authority

Montel Thomas & The Voices, Glory the Live Experience: The Next Wave

Montoya Isom, Hallelujah

Montrice Mitchell, Rescue Me

Monty Jackson, Prayers Promises Praises

Mora Songbird, Consecrated

Mora Songbird, Hungry

Mora Songbird, If You Let Me

Morgan Lindsey, Lead Me To Your Truth

Morie, Altered Ego: The EP

Mormon Music, Mormon Music

Morning Sun Yellow Pony, Follow The Master

Morning Sun Yellow Pony, His Morning Sun

Morning Sun Yellow Pony, Yes and Amen

Morning Sun, In Your Presence

Morris Sanders & Da Sanders Brothaz, Here I Am

Morrow-Miles, True & Faithful

Moses Brodie, Be Encouraged

Moses Lewis and the Lewis Family Singers, Peace and Love

Moses Lewis, My Lord Will Make a Way

Moses Lugemye, Hope

Moses lugemye, Sacred Dance

Moses Wright, Ordinary Christian

Mosiah, Jenny's Song

Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mass Choir, No Other Name

Mountain Morning, Heart of God

Mountain Saddle Band, Saddlebag Bible

Moya Janelle, Strong Man

Mozel, Intermission Submission

Mozel, Mo Faith: A Soundtrack of Life

Mozel, Mo's Theme (I Feel the Love) [feat. Aaron Amplyfied Payne]

Mozel, Possessors of the Cloud - Part 1: The Believing

Mr Nat Rice, Ballads for Jesus, Vol. 1 & 2

Mr Nat Rice, What Color Is Jesus?

Mr Nat Rice, You Gotta Go Spread the Good News

Mr. Delrey, Finally Free (feat. Big A.)

Mr. Full Gospel, It's All About the Kingdom

Mr. Full Gospel, It's All About the Kingdom

Mr. Full Gospel, No Confidence in the Flesh

Mr. Full Gospel, Praising God All Day Long

Mr. Full Gospel, Time for Right Living

Mr. Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit

Mr. Lb., Backdown

Mr. Lee, Winner Man

Mr. Muzik, The Myztro`s Hand

Mr. Vee Sholo, Rejoice (In the Lord)

Mr. Zay, Bread Of Life

Mr. Zay, Mr. Zay

Mrs Bighill Singers, Our Father

Mrs. Reese and The Elite Jewels, God`s Grace

Mrs. Triumphant Triumf, Soul Training

Ms. Deannie, Don't Give Up

Ms. Katherine Liu Bruce, God Is Love

Ms. Tonya, You`re Not Alone

Ms. V and the Rascals, Some Kinda Spirit! Ms. V and the Rascals

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Mass Choir, I'm Excited

Mtawalis Band, Shetani Ameshindwa

Munachi, Onye Na Dum Ije

Muncie Worship: Various, Alliance 06

Muria Nisbett, I Love You Lord

Murphy, Lord Lord

Murthlene Sampson, Delivered

Music From the Gathering Church, Christmas Nights

Music From the Gathering Church, Hymns From the Gathering Church

Musical A C, Sincerely Yours

Musical Affirmation of Christ, Justified

Musicalac, I Give You Me

Musicalac, Trust in You

Mutual Agreement, Back to Basix

Muzeel Fairley, Show Some Sign

Mya Daniel, With Every Breath: I Testify

Mychal Simonz, In Your Presence

Myles Young, Declare it to the Nations

Mylon Avery, Love One Another

Myra Moran, I Pray

Myra Rolen, In His Light

Myra Tate, I Forgive You

Myrna Allen Austin, Here I Am

Myrna Allen Austin, You`re My Everything

Myrna White, I`m Goin` Home

Myrna White, Joy Comes Like Morning

Myrna White, Merry Christmas From Myrna White

Myrna White, My Own Special Way

Myrna White, This Butterfly Called Me

Myron Krys, Myron Krys

Myrtle, I Can Do It

Myscha, Conversations with Christ

Myx Quest, Creator (feat. The Cokers)

Myx Quest, Jesus in My Heart Drive

Mzz Sarah G, Bff

N Parts of Harmony, Hymns to Him the Collection Vol 1

N'Tegri-T, Keep Me Safe

N.Dion Hairston, Refined Transformation

N.L.Y.M., Spiritual Guidance

Na Kahu, A Call to the Nations (Na Kahu - Aloha Ke Akua II)

Nadeen Edwards, Just In Time

Nadege and Guerdie, Lover Of My Soul

Nadine Bryant, God Breathed

Nadine Bryant, Let Your Life Be His Candle

Nadine Bryant, Under God`s Wings

Nadine Grey, Shade of Grey, Vol. 1

Nadine P. Simmons, Still Strong

Namesake, Let Your Rain Fall

Namirajj, Shine Your Light

Nana Folson, You Specialize

Nana King, Testify (Deluxe Edition)

Nana Odei Ofei, Sound Salad #1

Nancy Bilonda, Fall Deep

Nancy Dominguez, Waves of Glory

Nancy Unsworth, Kingdom's Comin'

Nannette Benman, I'm Stronger In You

Naomi B., Holding On

Naomi Cross, Get It Back

Naomi Cross, The Greatest Gift

Naomi Fuentes, Parada Firme

Naomi Ortiz, Jesus

Naomi Ruth McFadden, Come Too Far

Naomi Ruth McFadden, God Is Smiling

Naomi Ruth McFadden, He's Coming Back


Narda & the Nation, Breathless

Narrow Way, Are You Listening

Narrow Way, Rise

Narvareaz, Virtuous Woman

Nashon Fondren, How Much You Love Me

Nashville Praise Ensemble, Hymns of Promise: God's Guidance

Nashville Praise Ensemble, Hymns of Promise: Personal Needs

Nashville Praise Ensemble, Hymns of Promise: Praise & Worship

Nashville Praise Ensemble, Hymns of Promise: Spiritual Growth

Nat Awuni, The Best of Nat Awuni

Nat Rice, Don't Need No Weatherman in Hell

Nat Rice, Train Up a Child (Proverbs 22:6)

Natalie Hamler, From The Heart of Natalie

Natalie K, Music For The Soul

Natalie Prosper, 2nd Chance

Nataly Hardeman, Nataly Hardeman Fresh Oil

Natasha Bates, This Is the Moment

Natasha Perez, Second Chance

Natasha, Radical Praise

Nate Brown, He Rose Again

Nate Brown, The Journey Goes On

Nate Brown, Whatever Comes Next

Nate Douglas, Louder Than Before

Nate Glasper, Confessions, Devotions, Worship

Nate Strasser, Confluence

Nathan Jacobs, Perfect Love (feat. Jeff Murrell)

Nathan Gifford and C52 Praise, Elevate

Nathan Kistler, Freed

Nathan Kistler, Revelation Song

Nathan Nyirenda, Mwe Makufi

Nathan Patterson, Jesus Is Coming

Nathan Shipley Pierpont, His Father's Son

Nathan Stelly, "How Many Hearts Will It Take"

Nathan Stelly, God's Heavenly Garden

Nathan Stelly, Your the Sweetest Thing That Ever Happen to Me

Nathan, This Time I`m Ready

Nathaniel and Necy, Truly Anointed

Nathaniel Blumberg, Believe

Nathaniel Jones, God Is Love

Nathaniel Jones, Servant

Nathaniel L Cole, God is Waiting

Nathaniel M. Carswell, The Message

Nathaniel M. Carswell, The Promise

Nation of David N.O.D., The Answer

Natori Blue, Long Live the King

Natty Joshia, Draw Me Close

Navele Davis, Live Love Everyday (Deluxe Edition)

Nayara Lima, Mais Fiel

Nazarene Silvertones of Barbados, We`re Blest

NcogKneeTow, In Passing

Ne-C, SuperStar

Neacie Hampton, Everybody Song

Neal Hartley, Lead On

Neal Jones, Purpose & Praise EP

Neal Jones, Till the Walls Come Down

Neal Lowry, Love Wins

Necie B., Get It from My Daddy

Necie B., Runaway Love

Ned Beatty, In the Beginning was the Word

Ned Spurlock, Sunday Morning Sunrise

Nehemiah Johnson, Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Nehemie Theosmy, Mon Amour Pour Dieu

Neil Vosburgh, He Makes A Way


Nekia Parchell, This Day

Nekky Okoro, Overflowing

Nel, R&b Theropy

Nelson Larkins & Gods Posse, Live in Chicago

NeNyasha, Lord I Need You

NeNyasha, Worthy

Neomie Toussaint-Williams, Totally Free

Nerdboi, A Nerd's Journey

Nesha Cortez, Freedom

Nestor B. Mabiala, C'est Lui

Nestor Nipassa, Arise My Soul

Never Alone, Take Me to the King

New Beginings Music Ministry, New Beginnings Music Ministry

New Beginnings Church of Chicago, Freedom Looks Good On Me

New Brand & L.I.V.E, Proven to Be Amazing

New Brand & L.I.V.E, Slaves to Righteousness

New Chosen Disciples, Determined

New Creation Gospel Singers, To Be Saved

New Day, It Is Well

New Era Gospel Quartet, Let's Sing for Jesus

New Era Gospel Quartet, The Power of God

New Era, Now Faith Is...

New Frontier, Psalms

New Generation, "He Will Provide"

New Generation, The Live Experience

New Horizon, Pictures From Yesterday

New Horizon, The Garden Gate

New Image, Yes I Can Make It

New Jerusalem 3, He Watches

New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem

New Life Praise, The Vine of Your Love

New Life Trio, New Life Trio

New Life, Just to Sing About You

New Mercy Morning, Grace and Gratitude

New Paved Road, Wounded Soldier

New Pearly Gates, Walking The Path (Live in VA)

New Road, Timeless

New Testament, He Laid His Hands On Me

New Vision, FIRE!

New Voice Worship, See the Day

New Zion Baptist Church, Great Expectations

News At Eleven, Have You Not Heard?

News At Eleven, Here Till The End

Next Episode, The Introduction

Next Level Praise, A Heart For Man

NexWorld, Got 2 Make It

Nexx Level, Levellution

Ngozi Victoria Princewill, In Praise of Yeshua (The King of Kings)

NH.x, Agape Lover

Nhlanhla, Arise

Nhojj, Amazing Grace

Nia Praise!, Glory, Glory in the Highest

Nia Praise!, Jesus Is Alive!

Nia S. Kelly, Complete

Nicee D, All You Need

Nicholas Miller, My Redeemer

Nicholas Sarasta, Heartbeat: Worship

Nichole Martinez, Loving Hymn

Nick Alexander, A Time to Laugh

Nick Alexander, I Wanna Be Debated

Nick Cedillo, Nick Cedillo Musicianary

Nick Reynolds & Family Affair, Hold On

Nickey Mott, You Never Left

Nicky de Jesus, Favoritos Instrumentales

Nicky Warren, I Have Been Blessed (Performance Track Without Background Vocals)

Nicois, Un-Di-Ni-a-Bel

Nicoismusic, Way You Love Me

Nicole Christian, Speak to Me

Nicole D. Mercer, Stay With Me

Nicole Danielle, I Worship You

Nicole Edwards, Broken Pieces

Nicole Gooden, Rebirth

Nicole Nerli and Lisa Carleo, Prayers From The Soul

Nicole Page, Best Me

Nicole Salmon, Hymns

Nicole Salmon, Nicole Salmon

Nicole White, Higher

Nicole White, Higher (Don't Give Up)

Nightbirds, TX, Not Enough Grace

Nikea Marie, Purpose and Mission (P.A.M)

Nikea Marie, Unstoppable

Nikea, Faith Up For The Journey

Nikeland & Ebony Nichols, So Much Better

Nikki "D" and The Browns, God Is So Wonderful

Nikki Banks, Suddenly

Nikki Cotton, Finally Free

Nikki Hunt, I Give

Nikki Hunt, Tell Me

Nikki P, Nikki P's Love

Nikki P, Spiritual Jyrnee

Nikki Rochelle, Prayze

Nikki Thompson, Sound of Worship

Nikolai R. Pankratz, Добровольцы Мы, Vol. 1

Nikolai R. Pankratz, Я Хочу Быть Твоим, Vol. 3

Nina Crump, I Am

Nina Crump, Nina...Still Giving Him Praise

Nineveh Baptist Church Mass Choir, Worship

Nisa Nora, Breathe

Nissi, No More

Nissi, Stronger

Nita Bush, It`s My Time

Nita Crump, I Shall Behold Him

Nixon Cruz & Cantores Biblicos, Gracias por el Privilegio: 40 Años

Nneka Best, My Help

Nneka Best, My Help!

No Better Cause, Sanctuary

No Chains, Call On Jesus

No Detour, This Road

No Resistance, He Came To Pray

No Weapon, Fully Focused Mix Tape

Noah & Irene Carver, Remember the Cross

Noah, The Sermon

Noal B Hamilton Jr, Be Strong Noal Hamilton Project

Nod Arvefel, Rescue Mission Man

Noe Reyes, Noe Reyes Unplugged

Noel Ginyard, I Will Sing

Noel Goring, Christmas Interpretations

Noel McLeary, Noel McLeary EP

Noelie, Elikem

Nolan Williams, Jr., Inspiration

Nona Jones, Be Alright

Nona Jones, Take Me

Noor, A New Day Begins

Nora Dean, My Soul Loves Jesus

Norah Long, View from Violet Hill

Norbert Simmons & The Gospelaires, Get A Grip On God (feat. Bopeep)

Noreen Corkum, Here I Am

Noreen Crayton, A Diary of Deliverance

Noreen Crayton, Divine Radiance

Noreen Crayton, Sanctuary

Noreen Crayton, Songs From the Heart

Noreen Crayton, We Praise Your Name

Norman Lee Schaffer, The Journey

Norman Lee, Beyond

Norman Lee, Bless Me Today


Norris EJ Jackson, Supernaturally Loved

Norris Jackson, Nail Scarred Hands

Norris Thompson, Are You Ready

North Family Band, Face to Face

North Valley Baptist Church, Invitation Songs

North Valley Baptist Church, The Singing Church Live

Northwest Choralons, Believe

Norwegian Gospel Voices, My God

Norwegian Gospel Voices, This Is the Way

Norwegian Gospel Voices, This Is the Way

Nosiviwe, Kuyenzeka

Not Our Own, Would You Be Ready?

Novidade de Vida, Eres Dios

Novidade de Vida, Mais Que Vencedores

Novidade de Vida, Tu És Deus

Novlet O. Russell, He Took My Place At Calvary

Novlet O. Russell, Praise the Name of Jesus

Novlet Russell, Good News!

Novlet Russell, Jesus Is On Your Side

Novlet Russell, My God Is Worthy

Novlet Russell, Open Arms

NPhase, The Time`s Right Now

Nu DNA, Cover Story

Nu Dna, Help Someone

Nu DNA, What I Really Like (feat. Mike Winans)

Nu TestAment, Time Ain`t Long

Nu Vizion, Nu Vizion

Nuadoration, That's What He's Done for Me

Nueva Vida Worship Team, Te Necesito

Nuevo Pacto Dallas, Tributo al Rey 2, Vol. 2 (En Vivo)

Nuevo Pacto Dallas, Tributo al Rey en Vivo

Nuffsed, Greet the Dawn

Nunzia Palermo & Bevoice International Gospel Coir, Natale Per Te (Born Again)

Nuri, Dream Chasing

Nuri, Light in My Veins

Nutestament, Cover Me

Nuvision, Nuvision

Nvision, Get Your Praise On

Nwakego, Mma-Mma

Nyasia, Shooting Star

Nyasia, Shooting Star EP

Nyasia, Take Off

Nyerry Weaver, Saving Grace

Nykki Smalls, Working

Nyu Testament, Heaven

N`PRAZE, The Best Will Come For You

O Cooper, I Found You

O Grande Sou Eu, Pastora Solange Cássia

O N E I L, Lord I See

O'livia Pruitt, I Don't Wanna Live My Life in Vain

O'livia Pruitt, It's in Jesus

O'livia Pruitt, There's a Song

O'Meal O. Reid, Give Me You (My Love Song to God)

O'Meal O. Reid, Majestic

O'Neil Ricardo, Sacrifice

O-Dawg, Real Talk, Vol. 2 "Weapon Of Wisdom"

O.O, Timeless

O.P.E.N., Your Will (feat. Rayvon Owen)

Obed Shelton, It Is Well

Obedience, His Righteousness

Obie Wordlaw, I Believe

Obilor, You Are God EP

Obiora Obiwon, F.a.t.h.e.r (Part 2)

Obiora Obiwon, Gold Water

Obiora Obiwon, The Rebirth

Ocean's Edge Music Higher Praise, Higher Praise Live

Ocie Jackson, Sing Your Name

Octavia Brashears, It's Time to Pray

Octavia, Call On His Name

Octavia, God Will Deliver

Octavius Miller, Dwell in the House

Octavius Miller, Preface

Offering, Offering

OFMB Presents, Reggae For Christ

Ogisi Kingjoe, God of All Ears

Ohemaa Esther, I Wanna Know

Oikeo Music Compilation, Worship 2006 Volume 1

Okean Lubiy, Ocean of Love

Okefenokee Joe, Because I Believe

Ola Hemphill, Forever I Know

Ola Hemphill, I'll Trust You

Ola Jean Andrews, Ola Andrews and the Believers

Ola Kuku, Master's Work

Ola Kuku, Master's Work

Oliver Goodloe, My Heart

Oliver Goodloe, Not About Me

Oliver Scott, The Christmas Collection

Olivia Jackson, You Are My Joy

Olivia Vann, I Will Follow You

Olivia Whittle, A Doxology Of Praise

Olrick Johnson, Jr., Bless My Soul

Olufemi Gaskin, Well Done

Olufunmi, Let Me Be Ready

Olukayode Akojenu, Arise Holy Spirit

Oluyemisi Dawodu, Yemi Devine Mercy

Omar K. Mills, In His Image

Omar Stiefer, Living Proof

omblivnju 1027, omblivnju 1027 Book of Songs Vol. 1

Omega Bugembe Okello, Amazed

Omega, The Tree

Ondria Durocher, Songs Along the Way

One 4 Christ, God Can Still Use You

One Foot Forward, One Foot Forward

One Generation of Praise, The Prototype

One Last Time Around, The Welcome - EP

One Voice, Elements of Christmas

One Voice, S. O. S. - Savior of Our Souls

One Way, One Way

Oneal-B, Jesus Saves

Oneal-B, No 1

Oneil Cassells, Praise Dance

Onevoice Gospel Choir, Above & Beyond

OneVoice Gospel Choir, Free To Worship

Onevoice, Stand Up

OneVoice, Total Praise

OneVoice, Victory in Worship

Oney, Organic Gospel

Only 1-Way, BreakThru

Only Won, Glory

Onos, Have Your Way

Onos, No Limits

Ontario Showers, Variety Praise

Onyx, To You

Opal, Precious in His Eyes

Opel Cynthia, This Is Love (African Remix)

Open Door Cogic Choir, The Secret Place

Operation Faith, Hold On to the Joy

Operation Faith, Rejoicing in Heaven

Oracle, More Than A Tale

Oral Howes, Oh! How He Loves Me

Orchard Hill, An Orchard Hill Christmas

Orchard Hill, Dust EP

Orchid Ater, New Fragrance

Ordinary, More than an Ordinary servant Vol.1

Ordinary, More than an Ordinary servant Vol.2: Singles

Oreoluwa, Bless the Lord

Orgena Rose, It`s All About Love

Orid Clinkscale, Will You Marry Me

Orlando Hanson and Purpose and Destiny, All the Promises

Orlando Parham, The More I Praise Him

Orlando Vick Jr., Thank You

Orlena Jones Dobbs, I Found A Friend In Jesus

Ornicia, It Was Your Love

Ornicia, The Blood

Orville Segree, We Worship Jesus

OSC, No Stopping Me

Ose Burnett, You Are Jesus

Osene Ighodaro, Osene At Christmas

Otimusic, Destiny

Otis & Shugg, Been So Good To Me

Otis Baxter, Put Your Trust In Jesus

Otis Byrd, Jr. & Adoration, The Experience

Otis Cooper, Know You

Otis Mcdowell & Steven Hammond, God Is Able

Otis Mcdowell, New Beginnings

Otis McMillan and friends, Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Otmer Horn, Satisfied

Our Father`s Children, A Branch Of The Vine

Our Lady of Lourdes Choir, Reap a Harvest in Due Season

Out of Egypt, Astonished

Overcoming Faith Music Ministry, Vertical Connections

Overflow, All in Your Name

Overflow, Stirred Up

Ozen, I Need a Savior

Ozni Escobar, Sonar de Alabanza

P B X, Old School Meets New Skool L P

P. J., Dig in Me

P.J. Jones, Bright Light Shine


P.R., The Messnger

Pablo Martinez, Estás

Pablo Solutin, I Am a Miracle

Pacita's Friends, It's All About Jesus

Paden Smith, Just Breathe

Page Lynch, Blessed Assurance

Paige Clarke, Heartbeat

Paisley Yankolovich, Displaced

Paisley Yankolovich, Does God Sleep?

Paisley Yankolovich, Itch

Paisley Yankolovich, Not Unclean

Paisley Yankolovich, Real Man

Paisley Yankolovich, The Liberal Soul

Paisley`s Prints, Songs from the Backside of the Desert

Palm Beach Gospel Explosion, Still Standing

Palma Pascale, The Broken Cup

Palmer Williams Jr, Neo-Saved

Pam Jahn, 2 Pugs and A Prayer

Pam Jahn, Quarter Angel

Pam Jones and the LRC Recovery & Community Choir, Glide to a Higher Level

Pam Lowe, Put God First

Pam Seaman, I`ve Gotta Sing

Pam Weston, I Will Pray for You

Pam Weston, Mama Can't Remember

Pam, Favor

Pamela Baker, Do You See Me God?

Pamela Bennett-Cox, From My Heart

Pamela Benton, God Is Listening

Pamela Bluford & Michael Butler, Silent Night

Pamela C. Jones, I Can't Make It On My Own

Pamela Carolino, Sou Forte no Senhor

Pamela Crawford, Restoration

Pamela Donald-Dixon, The Real Deal

Pamela Grundy, Monday Night At Grandpa's

Pamela Harper-Bowman, Soon!...

Pamela Hunt, Come Fly With Me

Pamela Johnson, Destiny Resurrected

Pamela King Hopgood, When I Look Back

Pamela Moore, Let It Be Pleasing

Pamela Ruff, Open Now

Pamela Wyman, Accapella Praise

Pamelaia Sanders, A Holy Habitation

Panam Percy Paul, Cheer Up

Panzie Johnson, Come Holy Spirit


Park Slope Church, Kingsborough Hymns Vol.1 : City Harmony and Musical Companion

Parousia, Somewhere

Partners In Christ, Called

Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters, Amazing Grace

Pasteur Jean Claude Michel, Grâce Divine Volum 1

Pastor Adam J. Stevens, Your Perfect Will

Pastor Ainsworth Joseph and Just for Praiz, Worthy

Pastor Albert McLeod, Blessing Coming

Pastor Alvin Freeland, Taking it Back Home with Hymns and Songs of Solace

Pastor Andre` Lewis and Supreme Voices of Faith, Another Chance "Live"

Pastor Anthony Rogers, 'Lord I Worship You'

Pastor Anthony Rogers, God Is Here

Pastor Anthony Rogers, He Set Me Free

Pastor Anthony Rogers, Lift Your Hands & Worship

Pastor Anthony Rogers, Thank You Jesus

Pastor Anthony Rogers, Your Circumstance Is Just Right for a Miracle

Pastor Antoine Sanders, Live At the Altar

Pastor Arlester Washington and The Anointed Central Kentucky Mas, Adoration and Praise

Pastor Arthur Gray and High Praise Company, I`m Yours

Pastor Avery Jones and Spirit of Life, Tis so Sweet

Pastor Barry Addison, Sing Unto The Lord A New Song

Pastor Barry Jones Sr & Elect-Lady Lashela Jones, It's Time to Praise the Lord

Pastor Beatrice Small, In His Presence

Pastor Bennett & the Family of Praise, Time to Worship

Pastor Bennett Dean, Launching Out

Pastor Bernita Tyler Scott, Jump In

Pastor Beverley Anderson, Yerushalayim

Pastor Bill Godair and the Cornerstone Church Praise Team, Welcome to Cornerstone

Pastor Billy Hines, Caught Up!

Pastor Bryant C. Wyatt, There Is Something About That Name

Pastor C. Guy Robinson & The United Voices of the Tabernacle & Friends, Live at the Tabernacle

Pastor C. Guy Robinson, Let's Celebrate (feat. The United Voices of the Tabernacle & Friends)

Pastor Carolyn Hester-White, Keeping It Real

Pastor Cedric Rouson, A Change of Keys

Pastor Chantel Wright & Songs of Solomon, Variations of the War Cry

Pastor Christopher Seltzer and the Voices of Worship, Send Down Your Rain

Pastor Curtis W. Wallace, I Walk By Faith

Pastor Dale Jay Sanders, He Is Lord

Pastor Daniel X Smith & New St Matthew Inspirational Chorale, I Can Go to God in Prayer

Pastor Daniel X. Smith & New St. Matthew Inspirational Chorale, I Can Go to God in Prayer

Pastor Danny R. Hollins & The Greater Fairview Sanctuary Choir, A Journey Back Home

Pastor Darryle J. Bass, It Will All Make Sense After While

Pastor David Wright & N.Y. Fellowship Mass Choir, Next Generation

Pastor David Wright & The N.Y. Fellowship Mass Choir, Next Generation

Pastor David Wright and the Reverend Timothy Wright Memorial Choir, God Has Been So Good

Pastor Davidson, Mayes, Ivey, When Pastor`s Meet

Pastor Deanne Ewers, Fresh Anointing

Pastor Dom & Dream Nation Worship, Live, Vol. 1

Pastor E. W. Whitfield, Just Do It!

Pastor E.W. Whitfield, Fired Up!

Pastor Emanuel Burgess, Money Troubles

Pastor Emmanuel Smith & The A.R.T. Singers, Go Tell It

Pastor Emmanuel Smith & The A.R.T. Singers, One Lord One Faith

Pastor Eric Green, Light of the World

Pastor Eryk Anglin and NuDay, Favor

Pastor F. D. Sampson, Sr., Believe

Pastor Felix Bobo, Rythm & Word: Champions Together Life Coaching, Vol.1

Pastor Florence Webber, Freedom

Pastor Fredrick Wilson & Chicago Christian Choir, All Over the World

Pastor G, The Remedy (feat. Mau Mau, Prophecy & Petronella Sengwayo)

Pastor Haywood Hannah, Hands

Pastor Henry Peeples, A Mother's Love SR2024

Pastor Huey, Mind On Jesus

Pastor Ira Acree and Greater St. John Bible Church Choir, Glorify

Pastor Ivan Douglas Hicks/Markey Montague and The Ministers of Music, Sacred Space

Pastor J. Jasper Wilkins Jr., Pastor J. Jasper Wilkins Jr. and the Voices of WCC

Pastor James C Wall, God's Project / Prodigal Son

Pastor James Harden & The New Pearly Gates, He Made Away

Pastor James Harden & the New Pearly Gates, Lord I Thank You

Pastor James Henningtonandfriends, God Is Love

Pastor James Michael Robinson, Sr. M.Th., Live Gospel Sermons Volume One CD Number "13" *Giving GOD the glory* and *Show the DEVIL what your working with*

Pastor Janice Randolph, No Longer Bent

Pastor Janice Randolph, Possessing Your Inheritance By Faith!

Pastor Jason Clark, If I Could Sing

Pastor Jasper Willis & Voices of Restoration, We Cry Yes

Pastor Jermaine, Pastor jermaine

Pastor Jerry Taylor, Unto Him

Pastor Jessie L. Nightingale Jr. & The GLMI Choir, God Can

Pastor Joe Brooks & The Tabernacle of Faith Full Gospel Ministry Choir, Just a Prayer Away

Pastor Joe Morris, Live By Faith

Pastor John Desorbo, Born Again

Pastor John Desorbo, Choose

Pastor John Desorbo, The Anchor Holds

Pastor John J. Tatum, Now Faith Is...

Pastor John K. Amoah, Nyame Wo W'afa (Reflections 3)

Pastor Johnnie Vaughan, Jr., Purpose

Pastor Judkins and The Priest, Glory Land

Pastor Karen J. Butler, There`s A Fire In My Soul!

Pastor Kelli Renee', A Worshippers' Heart

Pastor Kelvin Jones, Love Affair

Pastor Kenneth L. Stewart & House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church, There's a Story Behind My Praise

Pastor Kevin E. Stafford, Get After It

Pastor Kevin Washington, I`ve Got News the Pre-release

Pastor Kim E. Graves, A Mother's Influence (Sermon)

Pastor Knox, Will My Dog Go to Heaven?

Pastor Knox, Will My Dog Go to Heaven? (Extended Version)

Pastor Lucille Hargrett, Can't Tell It All (feat. D.L. Gilbert)

Pastor Luke S. Hall & Sound of Vision, Good

Pastor Lydia, Desperate Faith

Pastor Lydia, Sovereign Lord

Pastor Marcus Davidson, I`ll Say Yes

Pastor Melvin Duane Brown, Grateful

Pastor Michael Artis, I See Your Hand

Pastor Michael D. Dean, Daddy Said

Pastor Michael Hill, Interpretations From The Heart

Pastor Michael R. Jordan,Sr. feat.Min.Frank "jaie" Robinson,Lady, Preaching The Word of GOD

Pastor Michael R. Nesbitt, Intercession

Pastor Michael Thompson and The Chosen Vessels, The Live Experience

Pastor Mo & Judah Ensemble, Magnificent

Pastor MP, All for Love

Pastor Mp, Mp the Worship Experiences

Pastor MP, The Rebirth

Pastor Murthlene A. Sampson, Be Still

Pastor Ola Oceans, Your Gift of Birthdays

Pastor Pat Holliday, Ph.D, Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil

Pastor Reginald L. Samuel, Peace In The Midst Of The Storm

Pastor Ro, Let the World Know - Single

Pastor Robert Stewart and The PenTab Singers, Focus on Jesus Live I

Pastor Rod Lumpkin II & Treasures of Worship, No Greater Love

Pastor Roderic Lewis, Lord Have Mercy On Me - EP

Pastor Rodney Hamright and The Reunion Concert Choir, In Your Presence

Pastor S. Robert Stewart & The Focus On Jesus Mass Choir, Focus On Jesus Live VI: Holding On

Pastor Samuel Williams, Acts 1:8

Pastor Shane, Daddy-O Medley: Daddy-O / Jesus Is My Deliverer

Pastor Sonnet L. Ford, The Next Level

Pastor Strick Strickland Sr. & Chosen, The Genesis

Pastor T. Washington & The Omega Praise, I Belong to God

Pastor Timothy C. Boone, A Diverse Praise

Pastor Timothy Findley, Jr. & Chris Pottinger, Change

Pastor Tommy Greer, Looking To The Hills

Pastor Tyrone Jefferson, Taking It Back to Church

Pastor Tyrone Spencer & the Golden Stars, Back in the Day

Pastor Van D. Roberson, All the Days of My Life

Pastor Van D. Roberson, Momma Remembered

Pastor Van D. Roberson, Thanks For Your Grace/Amazing Grace

Pastor Yemi Adedeji, Prophetic Impartation

Pat Akpabio, I've Got Feelings

Pat Akpabio, Right On Time

Pat James, Step Into God`s Purpose

Pat Jones, The Pat Jones Project With Family and Friends

Pat Kane, An Irish Folk Mass

Pat Mathison, I'll Praise Him

Pat Reid, Come Into My Life

Pat Roseland, Waltz for a Wounded Heart

Pat Sowash and the Gloryland Singers, Pat Sowash and the Gloryland Singers

Pat Turner, A Call To Worship: LIVE! at the City of the Lord Zion

Patience Ntuli, Khanimamba (Live)

Patience, Legacy

Patmos, Patmos

Patria, Reflections

Patrice Parker, God Bless America

Patrice Clark Parker, Fishers of Men

Patrice Monigan, Can You Stand 2 B Blessed

Patrice Parker, Down On My Knees

Patrice Parker, How Great Thou Art (Guitar and Harmonica Instrumental)

Patrice Perry, Life Like This

Patrice Reynolds, Never Thirst

Patrice Wilson, Sacrifice

Patricia Aviles, Life o Sentido da Vida

Patricia Cooper, Being Myself

Patricia Cooper, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Patricia Edwards, Only You Can

Patricia Edwards, Only You Can

Patricia Hamilton and Elizabeth Girvan, House of Mercy

Patricia Harlow, We Are the Branches - Single

Patricia Hunter, There's A Purpose!

Patricia Leigh, The L.I.F.E. Project

Patricia Mathison, I'm Not Ashamed

Patricia Stuart, Change Is Coming

Patricia Taylor, Surrender

Patrick C. Siokwu, The Living God

Patrick D. Williams & Unity in Praise, We Worship You (feat. Martha Buries)

Patrick D. Williams and Unity in Praise, Reverence

Patrick Duncan, Burn

Patrick Duncan, Mercy

Patrick Jones, Rescue Me

Patrick Luyeye, Enjoy Every Moment

Patrick Mendes, Pode Confiar

Patrick Orianus, Have a Lil' Faith

Patrick Parker Jr., Waiting (feat. Darius Green)

Patrick Preston & Living Sacrifice, You Are God Alone

Patrick Riddick & D'vyne Worship, Without You (feat. Tamayya J)

Patryce Williams, A Green Piece of Wood

Patryce Williams, He Is

Patryce Williams, Heaven's Keep

Patt'e Williams, Lord I Will Never Say Good-Bye

Patterson Twins, Take Us Higher

Patti Jo Roth-Edwards, Build a Bridge

Patti Thomas, Dance in the Rain

Patty Ann Smith, Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Patty Denny, Everybody Pray

Patty Dorsch, Waterfall (feat. John Shaw)

Patty George, Nick Fiore & Bud Carney, Golden Oldies Number Seven

Patty Layne, Keep the Faith

Paul " Sequence " Ferguson, The Rocks Cry Out

Paul - Abram, My Life

Paul Alexander, Christmas Journey With Paul Alexander

Paul Alonzo, All Of The Glory

Paul and Candi Reimer, Shouts of Joy

Paul Bradley Sr, Talkin' 'Bout Jesus

Paul Cowell, Created

Paul Cowell, Within Me Dwells the Power and Glory

Paul Ellingsen, Live in Paradise

Paul French, Journey To Bethlehem

Paul Genesis, All My Soldiers (single)

Paul Gibbs, Hymns Of Faith And Hope

Paul Halley and Theresa Thomason with Keramion, Sound Over All Waters

Paul Holmes, Anthony Williams & Daryl Steele, Jobless Preacher

Paul Irabor, Paul Irabor: Greatest Hits

Paul J. Jones, Crossroads

Paul Jones, My Kind of Gospel

Paul Lule, Going All the Way to Heaven

Paul Park, He Is

Paul Parnell, Make a Difference

Paul Roberts Association & Lori Onachuk, Home, I Want to Go Home

Paul Swain, Church in the Wildwood

Paul T, The Grace of God featuring come on let's praise the Lord in an african way

Paul Thomas, Tell the World (A Time to Worship)

Paul Turner & CMI, A Singer's Point of View

Paul, If You Let Me In

Paula Hunter, Never Thirst Again

Paula Reed Wines, Call Him Up

Paula Reed Wines, Jesus Did It for Me

Paula Stefanovich, Graced

Paula Stefanovich, Jerusalem

Paula Waters, Doin My Blessed Girl Thang

Paula Waters, The Best Thing

Paula, Paula

Paulette Ashe and Holy Vessels, Christmas Reflections

Paulette Denise Martin, Praise On Purpose

Paulette Triplett, Daddy God

Paulette Triplett, Do You Really Know What Time It Is?

Paulette Triplett, Kingdom Ways

Pauline Brash, Transition

Pauline Chukwuma, Beauty for Ashes

Pauline Musonda, Calm in the Storm

Paulis Sanchez, My Soul Mi Alma

Paulis Sanchez, Seguro En Ti

Paulo Cesar da Silva, Tributo

Paul`s Anointed Mission, Goin` thru..... and comin` out on top!

PawnShop Kings, Pawnshop Kings

Paxson And Allison Jeancake, Ascension

Pc, True Love (feat. Tim Godfrey)

Peace of Mind Movement, Jesus Did It

Pearl Jackson, Sweet Is His Love

Pearlz Thompson & Darnell Norman, Live Right

Peculiar People: We Are, My Everything (feat. Ryan Booker)

Pedro M Trinidad, Si Tu Vienes a El

Pedro Moreira, Dialogue

Pedzai Chikavanga, Faithful Promises

Pedzai Chikavanga, Mwari Vatsvene

Peg D`Amato, Your Voice

Peggy Chioma Otis, I Will Testify

Peggy Chioma Otis, My Offering

Peggy Colbert, Learning to Let Go

Peggy Conner, From the Inside Out

Peggy Davis, The Power of the Cross

Peggy Hustad, Pilgrimage

Peggy Mira, Christmas Songs

Peggy Otis, I Stand In Awe

Peggy Otis, You Are God

Peggy Rowe McKay, God of the Breakthrough

Peggy Rumer, Jesus Loves Me

Pekints, My Best Friend

Pekints, Party for Eternity

PeleJA, Signs

Penitent Thieves, I'll Fly Away

Penny DeHaven, A Penny Saved

Penny Rodriguez, Images

Pentecostal Gospel, Pentecostal Gospel

Pentecostal Music, Pentecostal Music

Percy Bergman, Sånger om tro och tröst

Percy Gray Jr. and The Chapter Ministry Singers, Put It All In His Hands

Perfect Anointing, Jubilee

Perfection, God's On Your Side

Perimeter Church, Worship Well

Perry and Cathy, Who Else but God?

Perry Parker & the Jubalaires, Psalms

Personalkey, Holy Is the Lamb

Perspective, Dreams Reality

Pervis Evans, Forever Worship

Pete Bergen, Sands Of Time

Pete Banda, Someone Is Praying for Me

Pete Church, Comeback

Pete Church, Missionary

Pete Etterman, I Gotta Be Me

Pete Huttlinger, Hymns For Guitar

Peter & Valerie Oliva, History

Peter Aston, Name in the Sand

Peter Kayode(Pastor), Good News

Peter Meerwarth, We Came to Believe

Peter Michael Richardson, Never Let Me Go

Peter Moncrieffe, I'm Yours

Peter Morgan, So It Is

Peter, Message To the Church

Peter`s Voice, Bricks Upon the Sand

Peter`s Voice, David`s Song

Peter`s Voice, Pelican Moment

Petra Rose, Come Away

Petronia Belmar, Emotions

Petula Beckles, My Song Of Jesus

Petula Beckles, Today I Will Shout

Peyton Bailey, Supernatural God

PGF, A Cry From the East

Pham Tuan Hung, A Wonderful Dream Giac Mo Nhiem Mau

Pham Tuan Hung, Gio Da Den - Now It's Time

Phase One, Phase One

Phenomenal Few, Many Will Enter, Few Will Win

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, A Love Like This

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Breakthrough

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Dedicated

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, He's Been Good

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Just Dance

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Just Dance

Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Our Love (Marriage Enrichment)

Phil & Pam Morgan, Favorites... From the Early Years

Phil and Brenda Nicholas, Come Together (He'll Never Let You Down)

Phil Green, Testimony

Phil Griffin, Walk This Road

Phil Inman, Initially

Phil Palma, Warrior

Phil Perry, Fix It Jesus

Phil Rose, Straight from the Heart

Phil Zimmerman, Come All Ye Faithful

Philemon, Jesus Loves Me

Philip Bardowell, Fall To Rise

Philip Drake, All Creation Bows Down (Hymns Old and New)

Philip Sohan, Philip Sohan

Philip Stanley Klein, NewHeart

Philis Evett Williams, C.O.M.E. Christ Offers Mankind Eternity

Philis Evett Williams, One Holy Night

PhilJoy, It`s Over

Phillip Carter & S.O.V, Songs From The Storm

Phillip Carter & The Sounds of Victory, Confession

Phillip Carter and SOV, A Friend Unfailing

Phillip Carter and SOV, Songs From the Storm

Phillip Ferrell, I Need You (Lord, I'm Sorry)

Phillip Ferrell, The Freedom Project: Unplugged - Live at 7x

Phillip Ferrell, You're All I Want

Phillip James, Shine

Phillip Jay, Change of Plans

Phillip K Jones II and the Fellow Worshipers, Circle Love

Phillip K Jones, II & Fellow Worshippers, Celebrates Christmas: Come Let Us Adore Him

Phillip K. Jones,II, I Was Glad

Phillip Keveren, Reflections

Phillip Lauth, (In Jesus Christ) I Do Believe: Larry Webb presents

Phillip O'zell Jordan, The Will

Phillip Paris, Free To Live

Phy-Turs For Christ!, OH FOOL!

Phyllis Gillespie, He`s the King

Phyllis Graffuis Murray, Songs of Restoration

Phyllis Graves, Free to Change

Pia Angela Taylor, God`s Way is Perfect

Pickin' Up the Pieces, Bent, Not Broken

Picnic in the Meadow, Livin' in me

Pierc'd, From Babylon

Pierfrancesco Maria Rovere, Apocalypse in Love - Abbà

Pierre Belony, The Testimony of Pierre Belony

Pierre G., Surprise I'm Still Alive (feat. Jonathan Dunn)

Pierre Walker and John Goldman, Higher Faith

Pierre Wright, Purpose

Pine Forge Academy Choir, Rock In A Weary Land

Pinto Bennett, Echoes from Paradise

Pit Mumssen, Kirche goes Gospel 2

Pita Lalahi, God Knows

PJ Owens and Beyond Prayze, Kingdom Business, Kingdom Authority

Platinum Plus, Ultimate Gospel Hits, Vol. III

Pleze Raybon, Pleze Jaz-spel, Vol. I: the Comforter

Pleze Raybon, Pleze Jaz-spel, Vol. II: Amalgamated Love

PNC, I Made It

Point Loma Nazarene Voices In Praise Gospel Choir, The VIP Project

Pomnisa Tillerson, Reflections

Pony Express Ministry, Heart of God

Pony Express Ministry, Reality

Poppy Duverne & Reskape, Kache mwen "Reloaded"

Porch Light, Running From Gomorrah

Porschia, Introducing...Porschia

Portia Sumner, More Than Enough

Portia Young, Christmas, A Very Special Time of the Year

Portia Young, I`M READY NOW

Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir, I Choose to Rejoice (feat. Londa Larmond)

Praise Groove, Praise Like A Levite

Praise Groove, Tending To The Least Of Them

Praise Master C, Jesus & Jazz

Praise Pickers, Praise Pickers (Isaiah 38:20)

Praise Project, Still Amazing

Praise Report, He Still Saves

Praise Report, Spiritual Rehabilitation

Praise2life, Praisebusiness

Praise2life, Receive My Praise

Praisewarrior Stephen, You Are the Sunshine

Praiseworthy & Rachelle Bleakley, I Don't Know Why

Praiseworthy, God Do You Hear Me Crying

Praiseworthy, Lean On the Faith

Praiseworthy, Let Me Be Jesus to Someone Today

Praiseworthy, Living

Pray, My Love - SIngle

PRAZ, Heaven`s Kingdom or BUST!

PRAZ, Stand and Believe

Preachers Music Group, Pmg Live

Precious Hannah, Awurade Maba

Preciso Falar Com Deus, Raio de Luz

Prentice Vincent, After the Fact

Prestigious 1, Living the Life

Preston Brown, How To Find The Keys To Your Dreams

Preston, Better With You

Pretina, Redeemer

PreZ Blackmon II, I Don't Look Like

Prez Blackmon, Won't Be Like This Always

Pride and Joy, Gospel Music From The South

Primrose Solomon, Theophony

Princípio Celestial, Vamos Além

Prince Johnny, Separation Gospel

Prince Kaywood, Back To Love

Prince Luc, Jabulani Africa 2010

Prince Ogbonna, Enjoy Your Christmas with Prince Ogbonna

Prince Ogbonna, Ojurum Onu

Prince Segun Adebayo, Endless

Prince Segun Adebayo, Eunice

Prince Yelder, I'm Grateful (feat. Rayshun Walker & Colorado Movement Choir)

Princess Lady Chang, Jesus Is Always Near

Princess Nora Okoro & Angelic Praise, Chim-Oma (My Good God)

Priscilla Berry, The Journey

Priscilla Sapp, God Is Enough


Prisma Brasil, Indo Pra Casa

Prisma Brasil, Luz

Prisminha, O Aniversário de Jesus

Prizm, God`s Real

Prodigal Son, The Remains

Professor Latonya Wrenn & The Bowie State Gospel Choir, The Live Experience

Professor Wilbur Belton and The LADWEC MUSIC Mass CHOIR, Come Bless His Name

Project Life, Project Life

Project Foundations, Project Foundations

Project Purpose, Gotta Get It Right

Project Purpose, Justified

Project: Sanctified, Reunion Communion featuring Pierre Walker

Project:Praise, Jesus, My Hero!

Promise Communications Presents, New Wineskins

Promise Seed & Fresh Anointed, Who's The Boss

Prophecy Fulfilled, Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophet Fred Estell and the True Visionaires, Another Level

Prophet Michael, God's Place-Revised

Prophet Michael, Just Believe (feat. Tim Bishop Brown & Chris Bolton)

Prophet Ramon, A Call To Arms

Prophetess Barbara Thomas Reddick, Prophetess Barbara Thomas Reddick

Prophetess Chiffon R. Foster, Teaching Series: Warfare

Prophetess Danielle Jean, I Live To Worship

Prophetess Jennifer D. Long, On the Road 2 Recover

Prophetess Maxine Hopkins, It`s Already Done! Project One

Prophetess Sandra Marie Wilson, Break Open In Case of Emergency

Prosper Mateva, Genesis (The Beginning)

Protestant Gospel, Protestant Gospel

Protestant Music, Protestant Music

Proverbs 31, Proverbs 31

Providence Mass Choir, Lord You're My Everything (feat. William Perry Jr)

Provision, Devotion

Ps. Kwame Frimpong, Healing Rain

Psalm 100, Someone Like You

Psalm 63, A Worship and Praise Affair

Psalmist Doris Stokes, Blow Me Away - The Single

Psalmist Dorlisa A. Gales, Simply Dorlisa

Psalmist Henry Blair, Alone In The Desert

Psalmist Janicka Newbill, Endure

Psalmist Lois, Liberty to worship

Psalmist Shelly Barber, Look To The Hills

Pslm. Mark C. Benjamin, Shades of Praise Volume I

Puchi Colon, Salsa Praise

Pure-N-Heart Kids & Teen Pure-N-Heart, The Best of Pure-N-Heart Kids & Teens and Introducing Pure-N-Heart Movement (Alphaeus Anderson Presents)

Pure.Love.Music, At the Cross

Purity, Pure Level 1

Purpose With a Destiny, A Gift

Purpose, Bring Me to the Cross

PURPOSE, Lifeline

Purpose, Put Your Trust

Purpose, The Album

Q.S. Bullock & Sacrifice, Nation of Praise

QSD, The QSD Project

Quarteto Alfa, A História Não Acabou

Queen "Lady Mae", Lord, We Need Change

Queen City Messengers, Lord Save A Seat for Me

Queen LaKesia, We Gotta Learn To Fight

Queen Makedah, Blessed (Lonely Girl Riddim)

QueLinda, Praise Me Now

Quennel Gaskin, Thankful Praise

Quest, Introducing Quest

Queyonoh, Tears 4 Fears (Kindred Music Presents)

Quiana and Quinton Davis, From the Heart

Quiet Fire, God`s Love Never Fails

Quincy L Osborne, Music Made For Jesus

Quinton Rayford, Arise

Quinton Rayford, New Creature

Qwan Tisdale, Never Alone

R David Cash, Spirit of Hope

R James, Precious Name (feat. God Life)

R Patryce Bryant, I'll Trust

R Q Jones, Gospel Dobro

R. Cobb Hawkins, Purpose

R. E. Love Sr. Traveling Choir, Bishop Ralph E. Love Sr. Presents: Gregory Whitaker And The R.e. Love Sr. Traveling Choir

R. Todd Webb, Near to the Heart of God - Meditations for Piano

Rachael Gillis, Rachael Gillis

Racheal Ariwei, Open Up

Racheal, Nu Chapter

Racheal, Ulukuta

Rachel Armstrong, Passion

Rachel Hale, Love Runs Out

Rachel Hale, Nothing But the Water

Rachel Kurtz, Come Ye Sinners

Rachel Kurtz, for crying out loud

Rachel Lee Achatz, God's Magic

Rachel Louissaint, Didn't Mean To

Rachel Lyons, Spacious Place

Rachel Reid, There was My King

Rachel Washington, Pages of My Life

Rachel Washington, Warrior Princess

Rachel Watkins, Anchored

Rachel Watkins, Whatever

Rachelle Bleakley, Let The Glory Fall

Rachelle Bleakley, You Are My Everything

Rachelle Garçon, Here I Am Lord

Rachelle Hope, Rachelle Hope

Radical, He's Alright

Radical, Say Yea

Rae Ellis, The Diary of Rae Ellis

Rae Marie, Fleet of Dreams

Raenell Jones, You Don't Want None of This

Raenell, Theme of a Survivor

Rafael Cameron, Right Off The Pages Vol.1

Raggs, The View

Raggy Farmer, Praise the Lord for Christmas

Raging Storm, I Want To Serve You Lord

Raine Manning, Love Guaranteed

Rainey, Be Satisfied

Rainford Lachman, Oh Lord Not Unto Us

Raise the Praise, Live in Concert

Raishein, Believe

Raishein, My Everything

Rakel Valle, No Me Dejaste Morir

Ralph and Renee Payne, Until I Found the Lord

Ralph Ford, Coming Again

Ralph Johnson, "I'm Still Here"

Ralph Moore, A Call to Worship

Ramona J. Sanders, Beginning With Me

Ramona J. Sanders, Lost Without You

Ramona Lewis, This Is Love

Ramond Yzer, The Best of Ramond Yzer

Ramone, Livin On the Edge!

Ramsey, Can't Breathe

Ramsey, Conversations (We Need a Word)

Randal Dunkle, Jesus Is the Only Hope I See

Randall Conner, I Love to Bless Your Name

Randall Conner, Meditations in Faith

Randall Conner, Songs from the Word

Randall Fears and Blessed Through Christ, Christmas Praise

Randall Fears and Blessed Through Christ, I Have Christ

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, Adam's Song

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, Family

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, Leaning On the Everlasting Arms (What a Fellowship)

Randall Keith Horton Gospel Orchestra and Singers, This Light I Must Reveal

Randolph Bush, It`s a Long Way Back

Randolph Bush, Living in a Place (Where There Is No Sin)

Randy Agyemang, Grateful

Randy and Cheryl Henderson, Songs and Words of Encouragement

Randy Brooks, Lord Save Us

Randy Brooks, Señor Salvanos

Randy Cobb, Heavenly Reign

Randy Cotton, "Bloodstain Banner"

Randy Cruz, Forgive Me

Randy Davenport, Fathers Business

Randy Key, Key to You (Coming Home)

Randy Key, Key To You-Heart to Heart

Randy Mayfield, A Heart for the Nations

Randy Mayfield, Go the Distance

Randy Mayfield, The Collection

Randy Mayfield, When Answers Aren`t Enough

Randy Millet, Dreamer

Randy Piscione, Hymns for Him

Randy Porter, Kelly Eisenhour, John Fluker, One Believing Man

Randy Seale and b.a.s.i.c. Information, Pray

Randy Sitz, Hymns Renewed

Randy Sitz, Perspective

Randy Southard, He Sees It All

Randy Southard, Somebody's Prayin

Ransomed, What Would You Do

Rapheal Robinson, Rain

Rapsody, Troubadours

Rapture 7, Security

Rapture, Can I Walk With You?

Rapturous, Rhyt-Hymns

Raquel McQueen, A Servant`s Heart

Raquel Valle, Confía en Tu Salvador

Rare Gems Odyssey's Charles & Sandy Givings, Holiday Blessings 2010

Rashad McPherson & Divinepurpose, Reign in Majesty

Rashida Johnson, Path of Life

Rated PG 11, Bless the Lord - Single

Ray Braswell, Jr, A Raymarkable Project, Vol. 1

Ray Crawford and June Crawford, Are You Sure?

Ray Crawford, Butterfly Wings

Ray Greene, Heaven Bound

Ray Hughes & The Selah Project, Heavens Are Open

Ray Hughes, One Note

Ray Hummel III, Ray Hummel III, Vol. 1

Ray Kiker, Gold in Turner Fall River (Music Only)

Ray Macklin, Redemption/Let It Go

Ray Melograne, Brighter Day

Ray Owens, Songs That Lift Up Jesus

Ray Owens, The Best of Ray Owens / Songs the Lord Gave to Me

Ray Sanders, Slidin' into Heaven - Single

Ray Thigpen, On That Day of Rapture

Ray Tierney, Worship Simply

Ray Walker, The Gospel Story In Song

Ray Watson, The Secret Place 2 - Passionate Pursuit

Rayburn Anthony, Glory Bound

Rayd Lewis & True Praise!, One True God

Raydioo, Just as Soon

Raydioo, Only One

Raydioo, Ready 4 War

Raymond & Kim, Love Defined

Raymond Boyce, Anyway You Bless Me

Raymond Cottman, My Praise - His Presence

Raymond D Hollis Jr, Not A Word

Raymond Labadie Sr., Locked In

Raymond Labadie Sr., Rekindle the Fire

Raymond Sams and Spirit of Praise, Never Alone

Raymond Silver, Use Me

Rayna Brown, Worship You

Rayre Mota, Serei Fiel

Ray`mond, The Words The Pen Didn`t Write

Razz Taylor, His Mercy

Razz Taylor, River of Life

RBLC Mass Choir, One Voice One God

RC Hodge, You're Why I Sing

RC Marigna, God is worth Praising

RC Miller a.k.a The Real Crusader, Living for Christ

Re-Union, Our ReUNION

reba praise, GOSPEL JOURNEY

Rebecca Eaglin, Faithful

Rebecca Eaglin, God Says You Can

Rebecca Griffis, Clean Slate

Rebecca Hawkins, Beyond the Blue

Rebecca Holden, None - Single

Rebecca Kramer, The Lion Has Triumphed

Rebecca Linda Smith, Jesus Lord of My Life - Single

Rebecca, Fishing With the Best

Rebirth & Royal, Exodite Prayer

Reclamation, A Gerald Price/Ted Gary Production, First Fruits

Reconciliation, Time

Red Dog, The Testament

Red Suspect, Retaliate

Redeem'd Singers, Come In This House

Redeemed, The Journey Begins

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City, Christmas of Hope

Redemption's Cry, Battle Cry (Acoustic Version)

REDEMPTION, 10th Anniversary

Redemption, Visions of Home

Redman Caldwell, Touch My Life

Reece, The Prophet Sees

Refined313, Refined313

Refining Faith, God Is So Good

Reflect, Reflect

Refuge Temple Cogic Sanctuary Choir, The Worship Experience... Live

Regal Music Group, Regal Tracks, Vol. Four

Regeneration, I Am Regeneration - EP

Reggie Graham, We Must Have Faith

Reggie Hicks, Shout Amen (feat. 13th Desciple)

Reggie James Pace, The Good Life

Reggie MaGee, Pressing On

Reggie Vanderbilt, True Love (feat. The Grace Band)

Reggie Young and Gospel Park, The Grounds We Play On

Regina Courtney, Obedience

Regina Lane, Running

Regina Manning, Bow to Worship Thee

Regina Moore, Season Of Favour

Regina Peten, The Anointing<

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