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The Dollar Canon, Future Apartments EP

the doLLies, small parts

the domani international, this is_the domani international

The Domesticated, Lo, Apollo

The Domino Effect, 3 Hour Notice

The Done Me Wrongs, You, Me and the Whiskey

The Donner Diaries, Sitting Alone

The Donner Party, 80`s Arena Rock

The Dont`s, Inner El Camino

The Dont`s, Misc Radio Leakage

The Donuts, Talk Politics - Single

The Doomsday Device, A Place I Have Known For Millions Of Years

The Doomsday Device, Catch The Rainbow

The Doomsday Device, The Great Outdoors

The Doomsday Device, The Robotic Regime

The Doomsday Device, Ultravioletman

The Doozies?, Ticket Wiener

The Dopes, Dawn of the Dopes

The Dorsets, We Can Do No Wrong

The Dose, Rock`nroll Casualties

The Dose, Strive

The Dose, The Time Is Now

The Double Agents, Get Out of the House

The Double J Band, The Very Best Of

The Doubletake Band, Someday You`ll See

The Doug Gordon Band, SPIN

The Doug Gordon Band, The Doug Gordon Band

The Doughboys, Act Your Rage

The Doughboys, Hot Beat Stew

The Doughboys, Shakin' Our Souls

The Douglas Fir, The Vinyl Singles Archive

The Dove & Boweevil Band, This Life

The Dovewires, EP

The Down Dirty Shake, Shake Down

The Down Times, Comfort in Silence

The Down Trunks, Rock Unincorporated

The Down Trunks, Three Rings and a Dagger

The Downhouse, The Downhouse

The Downpage Liberation, Now You Know

The Downpage Liberation, The Nth Degree

The Downtown County Band, That a Way

The Dowsers, Waste

The Dozen Dimes, Get Real Gone with The Dozen Dimes

The Dr. Joe Project, The Path

The Dr. Watson Band, Welcome To The World

The Dr3am Orch3stra, 3 A.M.

The Draculas, The Slap It! - EP

the draft, Kill Yourselfishness

The Drain, At the Door

The Drakes, Nighttime Problems

The Drakes, The Mission

The Drama Tree, Rebellion

The Dramas, the actual truth

The Drawers, Parlor Noise

The Drawn, Beyond the Pale

The Drawn, Live as Children of Light

The Dreadful Melodies, Strange Commodity

The Dream Corporation, Last Night On Earth

The Dream Flags, Fear and Liberation

The Dream Logic, The Dream Logic

The Dream Syndicate, Out Of The Grey (deluxe edition)

The Dreamers, Embarking EP

The Dreamers, Julia/ Do You Remember

The Dreamers, When Blue and Green Eyes Meet

The Dreamkillers, Feel Yourself

The Dregs, River City Rock and Roll EP

The Drew Adams Project, How You Feel

The Drew Blood, Train 2 the Bottom

The Drexels, Turning Stone

The Drifters, The Best of The Drifters (Live)

The Drifting Blues Band, Rockabilly Riders

The Driftwood Sign, The Driftwood Sign - EP

The Drinkers Themselves, Hell On High

The Drive Home, First to Start, Last to Leave

The Drive In, Galilee

The Drive, Live Music

The Drive-In, Different From Here

The Drop Band, There`s Only Sound

The Drop Scene, *Black Heart

The Dropper's Neck, Line Me Up for the Firing Squad

The Dropper's Neck, Nineteen | Sixteen

The Dropper's Neck, The Dropper's Neck - EP

The Drops, Introduction

The Drown, The Drown

The Drown, Twins E.P

the drownies, Film Noir

the drownies, give me baby 20, burn me down

The Drownout, In Flagrante Delicto

The Drug Budget, No Contest/The Nerve

The Drugstore Cowboys, Chop Poker

The Drugstore Cowgirls, El Diablo`s Tea Bag

The Drugstore Cowgirls, Fine Wine and Spirits

The Drunx, Give the Masses Beer and Punk!

The Dry County Crooks, Wrong Side Of The Tracks

The Dry Mouths, And Show Us

The Dry Season, The Dry Season

The DSC Project, Animato

the DT`s, 4 Track Disasters

The Dualities, Eyes of Green

The Dubois', Nonsensical Beauty

The Dude From Mars, Songs From Mars

The Dudes Terrific, Born Yesterday

The Dudes Terrific, TDT II

The Duis, Booze the Fear

The Duke Street Kings, Original Sin

The Dukes of Despair, Skin & Bone

The Dukes of Despair, Wood, Wire and Skin

the Dukes of Hubbard, Planet Reid

the Dukes, the Dukes - EP

the dullards, the dullards

The Dumbartons, Brixton (My Home)

The Dunes, A Lie Called Progress

The Dunes, Into the Future

The Dunes, Spirits of the Revolution

The Dungaree Brothers & The Hupman Brothers Band, The South Mountain Swamp Rock Opera

The Duprees, As Time Goes By

The Duprees, Collector's Series: The Duprees

The Duprees, Fiftieth Anniversary Album

The Duprees, Great Songs of Our Time

The Duprees, Happy 100th Mr. Sinatra

The Duprees, Live from the Copa Room

The Duprees, Live from the Copa Room, Vol. II

The Duprees, Ten Best Series - The Duprees

The Duprees, The Duprees: The Heritage Years

The Durgas, Burma

The Durries, We Build Schools

The Duskwhales, Swim

The Duskwhales, Swim

The Dustin Pittsley Band, Staring into the Sun

The Dustin Ritter Band, Drunk and Drowning

The Dusty 45s, Fortunate Man

The Dyes, The Dyes

The Dyfference, In One Heart

The Dygmies, Chemistry

The Dylan Emmet Band, Lost In Transit, Lost In Translation

The E, Hitchhike

The Early Sides, By and By

The Earthling Invasion, A Star Is Born

The East Coast Fling, Axis

The East Coast Fling, Back to the Sex

The East Side Gamblers, All In

The Eastbears, Born to Be Free

The Easy Lovers, Get a Job

The Easy Outs, The Easy Outs

The Easy Reasons, Piece

The Easy Street Band, Back On Easy Street

The Eazy, Stay Island Stay Eazy

The Ebb and Flow, MurMurs EP

The Echo and the Sound, Its Execution

The Echo Bombs, King of Uncool

The Echo Division, Burn the Ships

The Echo Division, Under California Stars

The Echo Project, Not My Particular Kind of Women (Single Version)

The Echo Project, The Adeventures of Dirty Lou/the Universe Is a Symphony

The Echo Wrecks, Come in Crashing Waves

The Echo Wrecks, Raw Emotion EP

The Echo Wrecks, Sunshine State of Mind

The Echoes, Listen Up... It`s The Echoes

The Echoes, Now Hear This

The Eclectic Collective, The Flux

The Eclectic Collective, Time Flies

The Ecstatic, The Hot Mess EP

The Edge, Misty in the Moonlight

The Edisons, The Edisons

The Edith Massey, The Edith Massey

The Educators, Christmas Comes Once a Year

The Edward Furlongs, The Edward Furlongs

The Effects, EP

The Effigies, On the Move, or in Danger (Stop) [This Will Have Been My Life] [Stop]

The Eggman, Don`t Mess w/Beautiful

The Eggs, Tea

The Egos, Voodoo Rock 'N' Roll

The Eightfold Way, The Eightfold Way

The El Camino Royales, Ladies and Gentlemen...

The El Caminos, American Georgia

The El Caminos, Disco Powder

The El Caminos, Double Lock and Bleed

The El Caminos, Electric City

The El Caminos, Get to the Top

The El Caminos, Raised By Wolves

The El Caminos, Save My Soul Again

The Elder Gods, Rise

The Eldorado Lounge, Welcome to the Eldorado Lounge

The Elect, By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

The Elect, In Your Heart There`s a Light

The Elect, Minutes in Between

The Elect, The Elect

The Electra Complex, The Electra Complex

The Electric Boa, Candy Coated Cyanide

The Electric Boogie Dawgz, Sloppy, Fast and Loud

The Electric Chair, The Life and Times of My Friend

The Electric City Horns, Before You Go

The Electric Co., Whiskey Tonight

The Electric Demons, Rip Your Heart Out!

The Electric Effect, From the Centre of the Sun

The Electric Farm, Boomschlang Viper Story

The Electric Illuminati, Songs in English

The Electric Luddites, 5 Live

The Electric Luddites, Merchants of Discontent

The Electric Magic Sideshow, The Electric Magic Sideshow

The Electric Mess, Falling Off the Face of the Earth

The Electric Mess, House On Fire

The Electric Mess, The Electric Mess

The Electric Mudd, Call It What You Will

The Electric Panda, Egypt

The Electric Primadonnas, Clergymen

The Electric Primadonnas, Summertime

The Electric Primadonnas, Tambourine Massacre

The Electric Primadonnas, The Electric Primadonnas

The Electric Rag Band, The Esoteric Ramblings Of

The Electric Red Drive, Satisfaction

The Electric Surfers, Molokai Moon

The Electric Swamp, The Electric Swamp

The Electric Trunk, Chage a Comin

The Electric Trunk, Does It Really Matter

The Electric Trunk, Drone

The Electric Trunk, It's Just Rock and Roll

The Electric Trunk, Leftovers

The Electric Trunk, My Truck Stop Woman

The Electric Trunk, Odds and Ends

The Electric Trunk, Rock

The Electric Trunk, Rock 2

The Electric Trunk, Sounds

The Electric Trunk, Strut

The Electric Trunk, What Crisis?

The Elektrik Gypsies, The Elektrik Gypsies EP

The Element Empire, Cpu

The Elements, The Distance - EP

The Elephant Circus, The Great R `n` R Swindlers

The Elephant in the Room, The Elephant in the Room

The Eleventh Hour, Voices of the Nation- EP

The Eli Wise Band, The Ashen Grove

The Eliminators, Ultra Sonic Surf Guitars

The Eliminators, Unleashed

The Elixxxirs, East Side

The Elixxxirs, Elixxx This

The Elizabeth Kill, The Elizabeth Kill

The Elizabeth Kill, Throwing Shadows

The Ellameno Beat, Party Wave - EP

The Ellie Badge, Vs. All Your Problems

The Elliots, Bullet for Pretty Boy

The Embrace, Ups and Downs

The Embraced, Carry Me Away

The Embraced, Giving Up the Ghost

The Embraced, Save Me

The Embraced, The Embraced

The Embraced, The Key to Failure isTrying to Please Everybody.

The Emerald Diamond, Music From the Motion Picture

The Emerald Lizards, Electric Earthquake

The Emerald Thadlanteans, Still Growing

The Emeralds, Surfing Baby

The Emergency, Love Like the Living

The Emergency, The Emergency

The Eminence Front, Another Song About Sex

The Eminence Front, Barstool Salvation

The Emotion Farmers, What If?

The Emotion Project, Is This Heaven? EP

The Empire State, After All...

The Empires, Moving On

The Employees, Unemployed

The Empty Apology, If You Could Only Read My Mind

The End In Red, All Things Fade

The End in Red, Black Wings

The End in Red, The End in Red

The End In Red, The Saint - EP

The End Men, Play With Your Toys

The End of the World, Out from the Ashes

The End Times, Days of Plenty

The Endeavors, Highway To Me

The Endeavour, Voyage

The Ending Up, Ep

The Ending Up, The Prologue

The Endless March, Beyond the Reaches

the Endless, Grumpy Ghost

The Endorfin, Soulfull Songs

The Ends, Guilty Sunrise

The Enemies of ..., One Step

The Enemies of Confusion, The Enemies of Confusion

The Enemies, The Enemies

The Enemy Is Listening..., The Enemy Is Listening...

The Engagement, Now And Forever

The Ensaymadas & Cheese Rolls You Love!, Exceptional

The Entrusted, A Beautiful World

The Enzymes with The Active Ingredients, Kill Yourself First

The Enzymes, Doowapadoodle (feat. The Active Ingredients)

The Epizootis, Death by Luxury

The Era Of, Pelican Beach

The Erasables, Hold On Let Go

The Ergot Derivative, In Fear of a Flat Earth

The Ergot Derivative, The Last Archeopteryx

The Eric Cummins Band, Brand New Heartache

The Eric Lawrence Project, You See Right Through Me EP

The Eric Peter Project, The Encampment

The Eric Show, Hyper Swag

The Erik Andersen Band, Lushes Foolish

The Erin Hill Band, I Told You

The Erotics, 21st. Century S.O.B.

The Erotics, 30 Seconds Over You

The Erotics, All That Glitters Is Dead

The Erotics, Boulevard of Choking Screams

The Erotics, Last of the Rock N Roll Motherf*ckers

The Erotics, Preaching to the Choir

The Erotics, Rubbish

The Erotics, Today The Devil Tomorrow The World

The Erotics, Your Bloody Frankenstein

The Escalators, Beach Boys

The Escape Club, Cloud 10

The Escape Engine, Celebrity Role Model

The Esplanade, Light Show

The Eternal Afflict, Black Heritage

The Eternal Afflict, Euphoric and Demonic

The Eternal Afflict, Euphoric and Demonic

The Eternal Afflict, Re(a)lict Or Requiem

The Ethels, Field Trip to Cakeland

The Ether Family Presents..., How To Get Lost In A Time Consuming Ego Trip - Part 1 of 4

The Ether Family Presents..., Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Ether Family Presents..., Tools For Men Who Want To Succeed

The Etheriol, This Here Is Art

The Etiquette, Ages...

The Etiquette, The Etiquette

The Eugene Smiles Project, Pistols On Parade - EP

The Euphoric, Transcend

The Euphorics, I Think I Miss You (Live)

The Euphorics, On My Mind

The Evangelists, American Party

The Eve Schroder Band, The Eve Schroder Band EP

The Even Tide, Inevitable Collapse

The Evening Attraction, Almost Desperate

THE EVENING NEWS, Beauty Prevails EP

The Evening Rig, Nothin' to Hear Here

The Evening Shades, EP

The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band, Members of Morphine with Jeremy Lyons

The Ever Guest, The Ever Guest

The Everlasting Space, Dust Kids

The Evermore Effect, Seance

The Evernauts, The Northern Country

The Evershow, The Evershow EP

The Everyday Motive, Audio Crush

The Everyday Motive, Seven Song - EP

The Everyday People, Complicated EP

The Everyday Visuals, The Everyday Visuals

The Everyday Visuals, Things Will Look Up

The Evidence, Currents

The Evidence, Damn That River - Single

The Evidence, Polarity

The Evidence, Potential

The Evidents, Vanilla Ice Cream

The Evil Poor, Beautiful Girl

The Evilunatix, The Evilunatix

The Ex-Boogeymen, Dave Vanian

The Ex-Boogeymen, Masters of Ceremony

The Ex-Gentlemen, The Ex-Gentlemen EP

The Ex-Gentlemen, Year One

The Ex-Girlfriends Club, Sun Heart Razor Burn

The Exboyfriends, A Cappella's Dead

The Exboyfriends, Happy Ending

The Exboyfriends, Karaoke Bar Brawl

The Excellos, Sadie Kong

The Exceptions, Box Full of Stuff

The Exceptions, Five Finger Discount

The Excitals, Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies

The Exclamation Brothers, Faces

The Excuse, This Present`s Past

The Executives, Fourcast

The Executives, Modern Problems

The Exeter Popes, The Exeter Popes

The Exhaust Notes, Triumph Motorcycles: The Great Escape

The Exide, I Want to Dream (Radio Edit)

The Exile Collection, The Exile Collection

The Existential Gentlemen, Ethos

The Exkursions, The Exkursions: Legends Remastered, Vol. Three

The Exotic Experiment, Honestly

The Exotic Ones, Go Ape Wild

The Expanse, RKOL

The Expanse, The Right

The Expanse, You'll Never Change

The Expeditions Band, Fan Belt

The Expeditions Band, Hit The Ground Running

The Expeditions Band, Running With Flags

The Expendables, No Time To Worry

The Expendables, Open Container

The Experiments, The Experiments

The Eye of the Duck, Satya Yuga

The Eyes Of Ezekiel, The Eyes Of Ezekiel

The Eyes of God, Inferno

The F Men, Tropical Space Crafts

The F-Bomb, Xxx

The Fab Lushes, Beer Beer Beer

The Fab Lushes, We Won't Sleep When We're Dead

The Fabrockators, Just a Fabrockation

The Fabulous BeeFeeders, Proto Mojo

The Fabulous Brit Brothers, Hello

The Fabulous Chancellors, Anthology, 1990-2006

The Fabulous Chancellors, Livin' on Rock 'n' Roll

The Fabulous Dudes, The Kids Would Go Wild!

The Fabulous Entourage, Play Nice Now

The Fabulous Flea Market Band, The Fabulous Flea Market Band

The Fabulous Fleetwoods, RADIO

The Fabulous Hubcaps, Keep on Rockin

The Fabulous Hubcaps, Proud To Be An American

The Fabulous Hubcaps, Showtime Is Next!

The Fabulous Kildonans, Bottle Rocket

The Fabulous Miss Wendy, No One Can Stop Me

The Fabulous Potato Heads RandB Ceili Band, BoomShamARockA

The Fabulous Ripcords, Voodoo Girl

The Fabulous Rudies, Finding Understanding

The Fabulous Rudies, I Like Britney Spears

The Fabulous Rudies, The Fabulous Rudies

the Fabulous Stingrays, The Lost Surf Tapes

The Face, Multiple Personalities

The Faces of Sarah, 24

The Faces of Sarah, Belief


The Faces of Sarah, Misery Turns

The Faces of Sarah, Past Life

The Factory, First Taste Is Always Free

The Faculty X, The Faculty X

The Faded Truth, Hollow Is the Stone

The Faded Truth, Matchstick

The Faded Truth, My Choice

The Fail Safe Project, Turn the Page

The Failed, The Whole World Changed

The Failers, All the Dirt and All the Doubt

The Faith Project, Road To Revelation

The Faithful, The American 1 ( Won )

The Fake Take, The What Do You See - EP

The Falcons, Canadian Christmas

The Fall Risk, The Fall Risk, Vol. 1

The Fall Tide, The Fall Tide

The Fallacy, The Loom

The Fallen One, Shadows

The Fallen Stars, Found & Lost

The Fallen Stars, Heart Like Mine

The Fallen Stars, Leaves On the Wind, Vol 1: Still Flying

The Fallen Stars, Massachusetts

The Fallen Stars, Vaya Con Queso!

The Fallen Stars, Where the Road Bends

The Fallen, Still Standing

The Fallers, EP

The Falling, Ep 2

The Falling, Heart Song

The Falling, The Falling

The Fallout, Fallout

The Family Flaw, How Long Can You Stay?

The Family Grim, "The End of the World" Series

The Family Piano, The Family Piano

The Family, The Family

The Famous, Come Home To Me

The Famous, The Pliny Song

The Fancy Dan Band, Born Fancy

The Fancy Dan Band, Sing to Survive

The Fantastix, a„¡é™a®å½¼æ–¹a¸

The Faps, Choking On the Full Length

The Far Meadow, Where Joys Abound

The Faretheewells, Backroads

The Farfisas, Surf Far, Surf Good

The Farmers, Fulmination

The Farmhouse Ghost, Boo

The Farmhouse Ghost, Give the Ghost a Chance

The Fastest Group Alive, Stranded in the Jungle

The Fat Cats, Shine Box

The Fat Dave Crime Wave, Brothers and Sisters... This is Rock and Roll

The Fat Peace, What's the Rush

The Father Figures, All About Everything

The Faulty, The Kids are Ready

The Faves, First

The Favoured Few, The Favoured Few

The Fcked Five, 22

The Fear Between Us All, The Fear Between Us All

The Fearless Fly, Collapse of Stars

The Fearless, Please

The Feather Lungs, Arrival

The February Riot, Someday Maybe

The Feckers, It'd Be Rude Not To

The Feckers, Just

The Feckers, Music Keeps Me Sane

The Feeders, Western Idol

The Feejee Mermaids, Love Songs for the Apocalypse

The Feeling United, The Feeling United

The Feens, The Feens

The Feldons, A Cabinet of Human Oddities

The Feldons, Human Graffiti

The Fellow Americans, 4 Songs

The Fenwicks, Devil's Den ("Too Dumb To Die") - Single

The Feral, The Burning Few EP

The Fergus Show, Ok Chinese Restaurant

The Ferns, Not So Fast

The Fervor, The Fervor

The Festive Years, The Festive Years

The Feugh, Eye

The Fever Machine, Living In Oblivion

The Few, Exterminate.

The Few, The Southside Of Somewhere

The Few, Working Class

The Fezz, Two Long Years

The Fiasco, Good Times

The Fiascos, Rationale

The Fibbs, Shaking My Heart

The Fickles, Jumping in Puddles

The Fickles, Sidewalk Chalk

The Fiction Writers, Volume One

The Fieldhands, Little Secret

The Fielding Mellish, Chrysanthemumsidaizikal

The Fields, Carefree

The Fifth Estate, Time Tunnel

The Fifth Floor, The Fifth Floor

The Fifth Landing Stage, Agharta

The Fifth Men, Time for More - EP

The Fifth Order, Counterpart Singles

The Fiftyniners, Hard Times

The Fighting Urges, The Fighting Urges

The Figments, All The Gone Days

The Figments, Blood On the Clouds

The Figments, Broken Time

The Figments, Twelve Belles

The Figures, Volume 1

The Fill Ins, 5th Time's the Charm

The Fill Ins, Hipster Killers

The Fill Ins, Never Say Die

The Filthy 42s, Positively South Jersey

The Filthy Casuals, Midnight

The Filthy Kind, Born Bethany Born Proud

The Filthy Lowdown, Pure Filth

The Final Chapter, The Blackmail - EP

The Final Cut, The Final Cut EP

The Final Demise, Power of Suggestion

The Final, Stanktopia

The Finalists, My Mind

The Finch Family, Girl Gone

The Findells, Swallowsongs

The Findells, The Radiators Are Bleeding

The Fine Grain, Flying You Like A Kite

The Finer Things, All i See is Blue

The Finer Things, The Finer Things EP

The Finesse, In the Key of "G"

The Finger Guns, A Double EP

The Finger, I Don't Believe My Eyes

The Finite Beings, A Life to Come

The Finite Beings, The Finite Beings

The Fink, Poena Par Sapientia

The Finks, Paranoia

the FINKS, Pool Party

The Finns, The Storm Past

The Fins, Adaptor

The Fins, And When You Get To the End

The Fins, Livin` In Fin-Land!

The Fire and I, Double Kamikaze

The Fire and the Rose, Four Quartets, Vol. 1: Burnt Norton

The Fire Brothers, We Need Some New Songs

The Fire Department, The Fire Dept. - EP

The Fireballs, Rockin' in the 50's

The Firebombing, Wreckage

The Fireseeds, The Fireseeds

The Firewalkers, Together Again At Christmas

The Firewater Band, The Spirit

The Firewater Experience, Open Eyes

The Firing Line, Edges of Time

The Firing, Recess

The First Corinthians, Dislocation

The First Corinthians, Tied Up & Tongue Tied

The First Pass, The First Pass

The First Stone, Quarter to Never

The First Stone, The First Stone

The Fisherman, I'll Be Around

The Fisherman, The Fisherman

The Fishermen, Smoker's Afternoon

The Fishermen, Volumes I and II

The Fishman Cometh, Dark Vision

The Fist Of Mez, The Power Of Rain

The Fisticuffs, Bruised but not Beaten

The Fisticuffs, You'll Not Take Us Alive

The Fit, Gas and Electric

The Five Jacks, If Only for a Minute

The Five Points Band, Ida the Spider and the American Dream

The Five Tones, Episode I: Tennessee

The Five Tones, Los Muertos De La Noche

The Fizz, High School Sweetheart

The Fizz, Rock N Roll Sensations

The Fizz, Self Titled

The Flailing Inhalers, A Shocking New Development

The Flailing Inhalers, You're a Snowflake

The Flairs, Shut Up and Drive

The Flamin' Caucasians, The Flamin' Caucasians

The Flaming Gnomes, Arnold Layne

The Flaming Gnomes, Care of Cell 44

The Flaming Gnomes, Love Song With Flute

The Flannel Attractions, The Flannel Attractions

The Flashcards, Mobile Street

The Flashcards, You Know You're Good - Single

The Flashcubes, A Cellarful of Boys: The Basement Tapes, 1977-80

The Flashcubes, Bright Lights

The Flashcubes, Sportin' Wood: a Tribute to Roy Wood

The Flashing Reds, The Flashing Reds

The Flat Broke Band, Flat Broke

The Flats, Between the Beams

The Flattrakkers, Gettin' Dirty

The Flattrakkers, High Octane

The Flattrakkers, Speedcar Demon

The Flattrakkers, Winner Takes All

The Flatworms, A Can of Worms

The Flavor That Kills, Pablo's Hippos

The Flavor That Kills, Save for You EP

The Flea Amigos, Rolling Into Regnard

The Flea Amigos, Rolling Out Of Regnard

The Flea Market Hustlers, Last Man Standing

The Fletchers, Heroes of Gravity

The Fletcherz, Now Or Never

The Flick Leslies, Ain't the Girl

The Flick Leslies, Candy

The Flick Leslies, Get Along

The Flick Leslies, I Don't Wanna Fall

The Flight Station, Falling Star EP

The Flip Flop Boys, The Flip Flop Boys

The Flip Wilsons, The She E.P.

The Flips, A Harm Deep but Shining

The Flips, Damn You & Damn Me, Too

The Flipside, EP

The Floating Jackhammers, I

The Flood, EP

The Floods, The Floods

The Floorboards, The Floorboards

The Floorwalkers, Kids, Are You Listening?

The Floorwalkers, The Frankfort - EP

The Flow of Opinion, First Opinion

The Flow, Incubation

The Flowerthief, Sleight Detour

The Flurries, Colour Show

The Flutterbies, Slow Ride

The Flutterbies, The Flutterbies Featuring Maureen Davis

The Flux, Burst

The Flyers, Sunshine, Snow and the Things In-Between

The Flying Butchers, Dead or in Jail

The Flying Butchers, Shifting of the Sands

The Flying Luttenbachers, Infection and Decline

The Flying Men, Airmail

The Flying Mighty, Around the Sun

The Flying Penguins, Sing Songs and Set Trends

The Flying Pigs, Four Years, Five States

The Flying Pigs, Same Place Next Year

The Foggy Few, The Pint of No Return

The Foghorns, Ain't I a Man (Radio Edit)

The Folk Industry, Bridges and Payloads

The Folksoul Band, Let It Shine

The Folksoul Band, Somethin' To Say On Mardi Gras Day

The Folksoul Band, We Can Make It Better

The Follow, Building Machines To Reach the Stars

The Follow, Origins (Remastered)

The Followers of Otis, James B. Miller

The Followers, Wounded Healer

The Folly, Until The Road Ends

The Folsom Prison Gang, Cash Only

The Fooligans, Love Songs For the Apocalypse

The Foothills, Jennings Road Chronicles, Vol. 1

The Foothills, Jennings Road Chronicles, Vol. 2

The Force, Musica de los Muertos

The Foreclosures, Bailout!

The Foreign Characters, There They Go

The Foreign Films, Fall of the Summer Heart

The Forever Family, Light (feat. Shirley Jones & Leslie Lee Bell)

The Forgery, When It`s All Been Done Before

The Forgiveness Band, The Cross (Instrumental) [feat. Glenn Fudge & Mark Rakes]

The Foris, Fake Reality

The Form, Smalltown

The Formers, My Own Pace

The Formless Form, Stillest Embrace

The Forties, For the Night

The Fortunate Ones, Music is My Life

The Forty Nineteens, No Expiration Date

The Fortytwo, Going Home

The Forum Lights, Fighter

The Forum Walters, Empty Bottles, Sad Truth, Wasted Nights and Rotten Youth

The Forum Walters, Lederhosenpunk

The Forum Walters, Rejected

The Fossils, Eon Rising

The Fossils, Fossil Rock

The Found, 4

The Found, III

The Found, The Found

The Found, Two

The Founders, Exile in Charon

The Founding Mothers, Constitution

The Foundry, Mystery Rider

The Foundry, Project 6

The Four Degrees, Red On Red On Red

The Four Postmen, 5-Pack: Volume 1

The Fource, Sense of Direction

The Fox & Bear, Your Way - EP

The Fox Blossom Venture, Autumn Leaves

The Foyer, The Foyer: A Sampler

The Fractals, Death by Fender

The Frail Division, This is no fairy tale

The Franc Graham Band, Steady

The Frank and Todd Show, ...Take It Twice

The Frank Flight Band, Outrunning the Sun

The Frank Flight Band, The Sun Will Shine On You

The Frank Flight Band, The Usual Curse

The Frank Horvat Band, Strange Machine

The Frankenburies, Devil`s Punchbowl

The Franks Project, One of Us

The Freak Accident, Tissue Sample

The Freakin' Conniptions, No It Isn't

The Freda Rente' Band, Blink of an Eye

The Freddy Herrmann Project, The Freddy Herrmann Project

The Freds, Already Gone

The Freds, When We Were Happy

The Free Descendants of Man, The Free Descendants of Man - EP

The Free Fall Band, Elephants Never Forget

The Freek Out, Please Play at Maximum Volume

The Freesouls, Flowers for the Soul

The Freestyle Movement, Just Run

The Freeway Revival, Over the Mountain

The Freeway, The Real West (Dopebrother Remix)

The Freeway, We Can Do It (Dopebrother Remix)

The Freeways, Dream Machine

The Freeways, The Freeways

The FreeWheelin Band, If You Know What I Mean

THE FREEZE, Freak Show/Crawling Blind

The Freeze, One False Move

The Frenge, Angels & Burritos

The Frenge, The Man in the Glass

The Frenzy, Childish Games

The Fresh Preps, Don't Ask Me Why

The Fresh Preps, Zombie Song - Single

The Frettones, Stop Frettin' (There's Something for Everyone)

The Frictions, Halogen Sky

The Friday Prophets, &

The Friday Prophets, Amsterdam & Seed of Doubt

The Friday Prophets, Bits

The Friday Prophets, Bits & Pieces

The Friday Prophets, Pieces

The Friedman Brothers Band, Cut and Dry

The Friend, Sparkling in the Rain

The Friends Electric, External Feelings

The Friends of Design, The Divisions of Love

The Friesens, Here We Go Again

the Friggs, Rock Candy

The Frim Fram 4, I'm a Shy Guy

The Fringe, Awakening

The Fringes, The Fringes

The Friskys, Sweetly Spoken

The Friskys, The Friskys

The Fritz, Bootstrap

The Frogs, Bananimals

The Frogs, Count Yer Blessingsz

The Frogs, Death Songs

The Frogs, Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise

The Frogs, It's Only Right and Natural

The Frogs, Made-up Cassette (B)

The Frogs, Made-up Songs #1, 6

The Frogs, Made-up Songs #6, 8

The Frogs, My Daughter the Broad

The Frogs, Racially Yours

The Frogs, Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe

The Frogs, Starjob

The Frogs, The Frogs

The Frolics, Ripe

The Frolics, Sippin' Lemonade

The Front Man, All Green

The Front, A Little Nukie Never Hurt Nobody

The Front, Trilogy

The Fronts, The Fronts

The Frozen Movement, Smile More...

The Fryers, Poinsettia II

The Fucking Hotlights, High Society Torture Party

The Fuckwits, The Fuckwits

The Fuegos, Every Boy Dreams

The Fuel, Believe Me

The Fuel, What's That Silence

The Fuelline, Demons From Within

The Fugs, Greatest Hits 1984-2004

The Full Circle, Make Some Noise

The Full Counts, First Out

The Full Moon, Mantra

The Full Moon, Through The Blinds

The Full Steam, Yours Truly

The Full Tank, Fire

The Fullers, Wading Through It

The Fullmoon Renegades, Among the Unseen

The Fullmoon Renegades, The Devil Knows Your Name

The Fully Blown, Threesome in Sparta

The Fun Police, Clown Control

The Functionals, The Functionals

The fundaMentals, Full Mental Jacket

The fundaMentals, Locked and Loaded

The Funeral Dazies, Kiss the World Goodbye

The Funkadelic Side, Chinese Democracy

The Funkery, Brew the Funk!

The Funkistadors, Gateway Grooves

The Funtones, Picking Up the Pieces

The Fur Trader, In Memory of Rock and Roll

The FuraFura Megane, Conversation Music!

The FuraFura Megane, WoSaMaRaZu

The Furies, Real Time

The Furies, Scratch

The Furious Haze, Crazy Jane the Hurricane

The Furious Seasons, My Analog Face

The Furnace, Words I Never Said

The Fury, Contraption

The Fuss, A Kick In the Pants

The Fuss, One Hot Night

The Futura Bold, The Futura Bold

The Futura Bold, This Is War (Deluxe Version)

The Future 9.15, Child

The Future Laureates, Everything At Once

The Future Laureates, Fortress Sessions

The Future Unwritten, Put Out This Fire

The Future, Neon Black

The Fuxedos, The Fuxedos

The Fuz, Looking Up

The Fuzes, In from the shadows

THE FUZES, Shake your body

The Fuzion Band, Stay the Night

The Fuzz Brothers, Fuzz Brothers

The Fuzz Kings, Accentuate Everything

The Fuzz Kings, Return of the Century

The Fuzzboxx, 8 Old Maids and Memories (Remastered)

The Fuzzy Bees, In Perfect Waves

The G Orchestra, Natural Born Thriller

The G Project, Just One Kiss

The G-Men, G2

The G-Men, Love! Love! Love!

The G.B. Kirch Band, At Least That Wasn't the Real One

The Gabriel Construct, Interior City

The Gagan Bros Band, Happy Time

The Gain Trio, Whirlwind

The Gak Omek, Alien Eye

The Gak Omek, Nonrenormalizability

The Gak Omek, Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, All Out of Peaches

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Lookin' For a Little Strange

The Galaxies, Think Amout The Good Times

The Galaxy Collective, Farewell to the Masses

The Galaxy Collective, Space Madness

The Galaxy Machine, Ancient Future

The Galileo 7, Are We Having Fun Yet?

The Galileo 7, False Memory Lane

The Galileo 7, Staring At the Sound

The Gallery, The Leaf Album

The Galt Line, Skin of Our Teeth

The Galt Line, The Galt Line

The Gandhi Method, Hi

The Gang Corporation, Bring Back the Music

The Gang, Let It Rock

The Garden District, So Much It Hurts

The Garden of Joy, The Garden of Joy

The Garden, The Garden

The Gardes, Le Renohvation Alights

The Garnet Hearts, Cupid

The Garrett Nordstrom Situation, A Noise Guidebook

The Gary Frank Project, Faded

The Gary Harvey Band, Ghost Dance

The Gary Hensley Band, Bristol to Memphis

The Gary Hensley Band, Wright's Corner

The Gary Players, Albatross I

The Gary Players, Albatross II

The Gashers, Law Is Not Order

The Gasoline Angels, Songs to Make Little Girls Cry

The Gasoline Angels, The Gasoline Angels

The Gate 5, The Rummy EP

The Gate, Destruction of Darkness

The Gateless Gate, Myrrh

The Gates of Berlin, Mercurius

The Gates of Berlin, Whisper From the Balcony

The Gates, Growing Up

The Gays, Secret Society

The Gears, Four On The Floor

The Gears, When Things Get Ugly

The Gemini Ritual, HEROIN

The Genders, Guts and Heartstrings

The Genders, Knee High Boots

The Genders, Virgin No. 72

The Gene Pool, 3rd and Main

The Gene Pool, The Gene Pool

The Generals, Save Me

The Generic Tribe, 1964 - 1969

the generic tribe, Ambidextrous Lucid Pony

the generic tribe, no parking

The Generic Tribe, The Dressmaker, The Drone And The Yellow

The Generic Tribe, The Generic Tribe

The Gentle Shades, The Broken Gnome and Other True Stories

The Gentleman Finn, Pathways - EP

The Gentlemen Thieves, Crafting Lies

The Gentlemen Thieves, Shooter

The Gentlemen Thieves, Uncertainties

The Gentlemen's Club, Call It What You Will

The Gentlemen, The Gentlemen

The Geoff Piper Band, Wander

The Georges, Cool Your Heels

The Georgian Company, Side A - EP

The Gerard Project, Fantasy (feat. Ashley Sutera)

The German Art Students, Kissing by the Superconductor

The German Art Students, Name-Droppers

The Geronimo Line, The Geronimo Line

The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey, Candy Prankster

The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey, Omega Tea Time

The Gerry Dryden Band, It Shone Like Gold

The Get Down Boys, Girls

The Get Down, Live Off the Floor

The Get Down, The Get Down

The Get Me Downs, burn this EP

The Get Right Band, Bass Treble Angel Devil

The Get Right Band, Shake

The Getaway Car, Echo

The Getaway Car, Make It Out Alive

The Getaway Car, Ready

The Getaway Drive, Battlegrounds

The Getaway Drivers, Bellatopia

The Getaway Drivers, Black Dog Days

The Getaway Drivers, The Getaway Drivers

The Getaway Drivers, The Truth is Where It's Always Been

The Getback, Halfway Home

The Getdown, Don't Stop

The Getdowns, The Getdowns

The Gglitch, Rosie's Big Day

The Ghetto Zombies, Not Quite Dead

The Ghost and the Guest, The Ghost and the Guest

The Ghost Of Futureman, I Have Arrived

The Ghost of Joseph Buck, The Ghost of Joseph Buck

The Ghost of Michael Clark, Bound to Break

The Ghost Train Porters, Soul Cookin'

The Ghost Truckers, Four Pack

The Ghost Wolves, Getchya Hip Thrust

The Ghost-Town, Riot Game, Vol. 3 (Live in Hakata)

The Ghost-Town, Third Man

The Ghostnote, The Ghostnote

The Ghostrockets, Liquid Sunlight - EP

The Ghosts of Highway 61, Afterlife

The Ghosts, We are the Ghosts

The Giant Squid Show, The Giant Squid Show

The Giant Steps, Transitions

The Gift Machine, Hard Facts Are Still Uncertain

The Gift, Land of Shadows

The Gift, The Gift

The Gift/Curse, Fear is Automatic

The Gila Monsters, What Have We Hear?

The Gilmartin Potter Band, Just Before Rising

The Gimps, Bath Salts

The Gin Grinders, The Gin Grinders

The Ginge, Never Go Easy

The Ginger Faye Bakers, Smoke Signals

The Giraffe Had A Voice, The Giraffe Had A Voice

The Giraffes, A Gentleman Never Tells

The Giraffes, franksquilt

The Giraffes, Helping You Help Yourself

The Giraffes, The Giraffes Show 07.25.09

The Girlfriend Experience, When In Rome...Do As The Lions

The Girls, Things Are Getting Weird Tonite

The Gist, The Gist

The Give, The Give

The Give-Ups, Gentlemen's Club

The Given Things, The Given Things

The Glad Girls, The Burning Moon And Stars

The Glades, Bad Habit

The Glance, Matchmaker

The Glance, Ordinals

The Glance, Virtue, Vice, Grace & Sin

The Glass Brothers, The Glass Brothers

The Glass Jars, Evolution of Containment

The Glass Sun Band, Cyclonic Review

The Glasses Otter, Asleep on the Carousel

the Glasses, the Glasses

THE GLEAM, Lookout for Evils

The Gleam, Sunrise

The Gleam, The Chisago County E.p.

The Gleans, Reconstruction

The Glee Club is Dead, On Three!

The Glen Heads, Purple Frog

The Glenn Thomas Band, One Last Stand

The Glert, on black paper

The Glide, A Future For The Dead

The Glim Project, The Glim Project

The Glimmer, Start A Fire

The Glimpses, No Stranger EP

The Glimpses, The Keeping Room

The Global Movement, The Global Movement

The Gloom Sprinkles, Dead Cool

The Glorious Basterds, Greed

The Glorious Basterds, Greed (Wax Planet Remix)

The Glorious Ninth, The Glorious Ninth

The Glorious Rebellion, The Glorious Rebellion

The Glorious, Sweetwater

the GLOWBARS, Car Chase

The Gluttonous Feast, Self-Titled Debut

the Gnomes, I

The Gnomes, III

The Go Station, Berlin Rose

The Go Station, Quiet Zone EP

The GO, Everywhere I'm Goin'

The GO, Howl On the Haunted Beat You Ride

The GO, The GO

The GO, Tracking the Trail of the Haunted Beat

The Go-Devils, Atomic Brew

The Go-Katz, It's Not Fair

the Goat Island Extrapolation, the Goat E.P.

The Goddess Lakshmi, Love

The Goddess Lakshmi, Manifesto

The Godlike, Bone Machine

The Gods Of Rock, Strike Some Steel

The Gods Themselves, The Gods Themselves

The Godspot, The Dust On a Moth's Wings

The Godspot, The Music of Decline

The Godz, From the Vault, Vol. 1

The Godz, Last of the Outlaws

The Godz, Mongolians

The Godz, Nothing Is Scared

The Godz, The Godz

The Godz, Wasted Live 93 Bootleg

The Gold Medalists, Versus the Sea

The Gold Medalists, Versus Tigers

The GoldDiggers, The GoldDiggers

The Golden Mean, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

The Gondoliers, On and On

the Gonzo Show, zlato baby

The Good Bad Guys, Burn Away

The Good Daze, The Good Daze

The Good Decisions, Different Melody

The Good Doctor, The Good Doctor EP

The Good Evol, Butterfly Crush

The Good Excuses, 30 Minutes Or Less

The Good Fellas, He was the King

The Good Fiction, Compound Fractures

The Good Fiction, Escape Pod

The Good Guy Nation, Hey What's This?

The Good Hunters, Love You Baby

The Good Kind of Mushroom, The Good Kind of Mushroom - EP

The Good Listeners, Crane Point Lodge

The Good Luck Affair, The Good Luck Affair

The Good Luck Foundation, Chemistry Aligns

The Good Luck Joes, 48 Hours EP

The Good Luck Joes, What Do You Think of That Noise?

The Good Luck Joes, Why Everything Goes Wrong (Limited Edition)

The Good News, Lies, Lust and Love

The Good North, An Explanation

The Good North, Life Outside Our Walls

The Good, 51 Squares

The Goodbyes, ...with a question mark

The Goodfight, Home Again

the goodies, live!

the goodies, postcard e.p.

The Goodkind, The Goodkind

The Goods, Makin` The Sound

The Goods, Play RIP Music

The Goods, The Goods

The Goods, Too True To Be Good

The Gooeys, Scary Black Cherry Nap EP

The Goonch, The Goonch

The Goonz, Death Is Purpose

The Goonz, The Goonz

The Goose, Duck, Duck Goose

The Gore-gons, Just Starting to Get Ugly

The Gorgeous Hussies, Pop Chanteuse

The Gossip Choir, Provided By the Management for Your Protection

The GoStation, Passion Before Function

The Gotham Roots Orchestra, The Gotham Roots Orchestra

The Gothees, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

The Gothic Rangers, Omen

The Government Yard, The Government Yard

The Government, Girth Hammer

The Governors, It's...The Governors!

The Gozerians, Squatter

The Grab Brothers Band, Everybody Wants

The Grab Brothers Band, Grab It!

The Grab Brothers, Acoustical Bookends

The Graceland Conspiracy, Into Pieces

The Graceland Conspiracy, My My My

The Graceland Conspiracy, We Are Chaos (feat. Edelle McMahon)

The Grackles, Honeypot

The Grackles, The Burning Candle EP

The Gradients, The Gradients

The Graduates, Lost At Sea

The Graffiti Junction, Gimme Some Truth

The Graffiti Skyline, Leah

The Grails, (Ep)

The Gramophones, Down By the Countryside

The Gran' Dukes, Crown Jewels

The Gran' Dukes, It's Christmas Time

The Grand Cannons, Supercollider

The Grand Cannons, The Grand Cannons

The Grand Marquee, EP

The Grand Prospect, The Grand Prospect

The Grand Undoing, Appeasing The Sick

The Grand Undoing, White Space Flavors and Parties On TV

The Grandaughters, Smile

The Grande Bois, Haunted House

The Grande Bois, Meltdown

The Grandsons, Howdy from the Grandsons

The Grandsons, It's Hip to Flip

The Grandsons, Pan-American Shindig

The Grandsons, Party With The Rich

The Grandsons, The Grandsons: Sock Drawer Millionaire / Baltimore

The Grandsons, This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

The Grape & the Grain, Devils

The Grape and the Grain, The Grape and the Grain

The Grape and the Grain, The Hudson

The Grass Eaters, Ninja Pride

The Grass Heat, The Grass Heat

The Grass, Mulgrave

The Grass, Oranges

The Grass, Rogue Waves

The Grasshoppers, American Van

The Grasshoppers, The Grasshoppers

The Grassy Knoll, Short Stories

The Grave Babes, Where Is My Soul?

The Grave Jinglers, Midnight Sun - EP

The Grave Mistakes, Dig Your Own Grave

The Grave Misunderstanding, Divinorium

The Grave of Nobody`s Darling, Firebird

The Graveblankets, EP

the graveblankets, orphan recordings 1991 - 2001

the graveblankets, where it hurts

The Graverobbers, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The Graverobbers, Soul Parking

The Graverobbers, Toast of the Town

The Gravetones, Dig It!

The Graveyard Boulevard, Monster Melodies

The Graveyard Boulevard, My Dream's Not Dead (feat. Zoe Vette)

The Graveyard Farmers, The Graveyard Farmers

The Graveyard School, 666 Ways To Save Your Soul

The Graveyard Stompers, Who's Got the Mojo?

The Gravity Collective, New Music for Modern Pornography

The Gravity Guild, Emotion Sickness (Stripped)

The Gravity Guild, I

The Gray Jays, Some Other Time

The Great Affairs, 4

The Great Affairs, Ricky Took The Wheels..

The Great Affairs, The Great Affairs / Happy Ender

The Great Below, The Great Below

The Great Distance, The Great Distance

The Great Flood Catastrophe, Godspeed, Godspeed

The Great Gatsby Jazz Funk Odyssey, Hustler's Funk

The Great Heights Band, Weird Thoughts

The Great Hiatum, Listen

The Great I Am, Up in the Air

The Great Lake Band, Lake Effect


The Great Paper Castle, Bigger Fishes

The Great Pretenders, Jukebox

The Great Pretenders, Point Of View

The Great Pretenders, The Great Pretenders

The Great Road, Desolation Springs

The Great Road, Where You`ve Always Been

The Great Scotts, Highnoon Saloon

The Great Shapiro, Rock and Roll Shoes

The Great Socio, Hurricane

The Great Socio, Roll It Up

The Great Train Robbery, Live and Intensified

The Great Um, Everybody Now

The Great Unknown, Tonight, Let's Pretend

The Great Went, The Great Went

The Greater Good (Craig Ross), The Greater Good

The Greater Vavoom, Hot Gold

The Greatest Bits, 8-Bit Nes Top 50, Vol. 1

The Greatest Bits, Mega Man X

The Greatest Drum Loops, Heavy Foot, Incredible Beats, Fills, Drum Patterns

The Greatest Hits, "Saved My Life"

The Greem, Live Organic Dynamite

The Green Almighty, Drink Me Down

The Green and Yellow TV, Record X

The Green and Yellow TV, Sinister Barrier

The Green Bay & Milwaukee Sports Band, Packers, Brewers & Bucks

The Green Car Motel, The Green Car Motel

The Green Door, The Green Door

The Green Fields, Melodies For Afternoon

The Green Fuse, Sink Me

The Green Gallows, Brave Young Soul

The Green Goblyn Project, The Secret World Of Parasites

The Green Goblyn Project., Fluke.

The Green Inspiration Band, Live Pandemonia

The Green Leaf, HOT ROD SURF PINSTRIPING TECHNIQUES Volume 2 Movie Soundtrack

The Green Onions, Down The Drain

The Green Peanuts, In Disguise

The Green People, Live At Solaris

The Green Revolution, As Far as Twenty Pesos Can Go

The Green View, Assimilation - EP

The Greenhouse Effect., Global Warming

The Greg Cockerill Band, Summertime and Heartache

The Gregg Daigle Band, Dig The Stars

The Gregg Daigle Band, Seize the Hay

The Gregorian Punks, The Gregorian Punks

The Gregory Morris Group, Houses in the Sky

The Gremmies, The Gremmies

The Greyhounds, Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola

The Grilled Lincolns, The Roaring 20`s

The Grins, Coffee Grounds

The Grins, Girlyland

The Grip Weeds, Giant On the Beach

The Grip Weeds, Summer of a Thousand Years

The Grippers, My Magic Telescope

The Grippers, Sing It for Our Woy

The Grippers, Sven's Got the Grip

The Grizbees, Down This Road

The Gromet, Barren

The Groove Orient, Generation Y

The Groove Orient, Welcome to the Show

The Groove's Moons, The Groove's Moons

The Groovers, Undergroove

The Groovy Apples, If I Stay

The Ground Will Shake, Melmoth the Wanderer

The Ground Will Shake, Miss Serene

The Ground Will Shake, The Ground Will Shake

The Ground Zero Project, Battle Cry

The Grounds, Lilac

The Group Delusion, While We Go Under

The Group Delusion, Wild Blood

The Grove, Procuriosity

The Grownups, Suddenly I Love My Life (Redux)

The Grumps, The Grumps

The GTOs, Meet the GTOs

The Guardian Legend, Surprisingly Loud

The Guided Half-Life, Preterition

The Guilford Blackouts, We've Been Sent Here to Destroy You!

The Guilty Bystanders, 90 At 9

The Guilty Minds, Backup Lovers

The Guise, The Dream/The Reality

The Guitar Outlaws, Minx and the Mountebank

The Guitar Outlaws, The Crooked Mile Sessions: Vol. 1

The Guru, Go Easy

The GUTS, Sensitive side of---

The Gutter, Barkland

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, Connecticut City & Town Fun Song, Ct

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, Michigan, MI USA Terrific Fun!

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, New York State Nice Places Ny Song Yes!

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, Ohio Cities and Towns and Yes!

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 10

The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and Over, Fun With Names Songs, Vol. 3

The Gymrattz Collective, Kill the Robot! Vol. 1

The Gypsy Bravado, Mountaintops

The Gypsy Bravado, Through the Rabbit Hole EP

The Gypsy Cowgirls, Facsimile Dream

The Gypsy Mechanics, Exile On Middle Street

The Gypsy Nomads, At the Carnival Eclectique

The Gypsy Switch, Building A Bridge

The Gypsy West, Accomplices

The Gypsy West, Accomplices II: You Might Get Caught

The Gypsy West, Accomplices III: No Barcodes

The Gypsy West, Time

The Habbits, Kiss Me Deadly

The Habbits, Synthesia

The Habit, EP

The Habit, The Town We Live In

The Hachness Epidemic, The Hachness Epidemic

The Hackkets, The Hackkets

The Hadron Big Bangers, Strange Beauty Decays

The Haggs, Mesmer

The Hague, Samara

The Haiku, Fan The Flames

The HailMarys, Faith, Forgiveness, Sweet Revenge

The Hairy Hand of Death, Ah! Leah!

The Half Hearts, After the Flood

The Halfcuts, Serotonin

The Halfsacks, This matter Is now closed

The Halfways, I Don't Mind

The Halfways, I've Got Less Important Things to Do

The Halfways, Sea of Intranquility

The Halfways, The Carousel

The Hall Monitor, Bring Us Your Heroes

The Halley DeVestern Band, Muscle Memory

The Hallow and Love and Squalor, The Lost Epics of Dead Masters

The Hallow, Hostages E.P.

The Hallucinant Telepherique, Absorbed By the Forest

The Halo Error, Volume One

The Halyards, Fortune Smiles

The Hamiltons, In Cranford We Trust

The Hammered (BROS), Gründlehämmer

The Hamptones, Traveling Songs

The Hand, The Hand

The Handcuffs and Big Hello, Apples and Oranges

The Handcuffs, Model for a Revolution

The Handshake, The River

the Handsome Ones, It`s a Lie

the handsome poets, rebirth - the best of the handsome poets

The Handsome Scoundrels, Street Legal

The Handsome Scoundrels, Thick Cuts, Pt. II

The Handsome Sonic Bongo Band, The Handsome Sonic Bongo Band

The Hang-Ten Hangmen, Surf Banned!

The Hang-Ten Hangmen, Surfin' and Swingin' with The Hang-Ten Hangmen

The Hang-Ten Hangmen, Surfing! Cars! Girls!...and Zombies!

The Hang-Ten Hangmen, Tales of the Hang-Ten Hangmen

The Hang-Ten Hangmen, Terror Tube / Death Rattle / Beyond Damascus

The Hangers On, The Hangers On

The Hangers On, The Hangers On II

The Hanging Chads, Recount

The Hangouts, Paris Shoes

The Hangovern, EP

The Hanna Barbarians, Syzygy

The Hanukkah Jones Band, Turn Your Head and Scoff

The Happy Analogues, The Fallout Shelter

The Happy Casualties, Sons of the New West

The Happy Few Kales, Demo Tapes

The Haps, Hanon Drive Heroes

The Harbingers, Ghost Ranch

The Hard Chihuahuas, Back to Burbank

The Hard Goodbye, How Soon Our Idols Fall

The Hard Goodbye, The Hard Goodbye

The Hard Lessons, Wise Up!

The Hard Promises, One True Heart Beat

The Hard Richards, What Did You Expect?

The Hard Truth, A Time Like This

The Hard Way, The Hard Way

The Hardchargers, Bumpin' and Grindin' - EP

The Hardcount, Life and Death

The Hardcount, Love And Hate

The Hardscrabble Hounds, The River and the Rain

The Hardways, I-10 Blues

The Hardways, Perpetual Motion

The Harlan Twins, S/T

The Harlequin, Spectacle

The Harmonic Minors, The Harmonic Minors

The Harmonica Lewinskies, Dad Rock

The Harmonious Five, Wanna Hear You Say "Yeah!"

The Harmony Rebels, I Wish You

The Harrison Fjord, machine tree

The Harrow, Mouth to Mouth

The Harrow, Ringing the Changes

The Harrow, The Harrow

The Harry Straight Band, The Harry Straight Band

The Hartwells, Carnival

The Hartwells, Gone for Good

The Hartwells, Up The Road a Mile

The Harvest, Looseys, Vol. 2

The Hash, I'll Wait

The Hash, This Thing I Do

The Hash, This Town

The Hat Madder, Orgy Opposite

The Hatchet Wounds, 7 Deadly Sins

The Hates, Science's Fiction

The Hates, Shank

The Hates, So What (If Your Mother Kicks Me in the Nuts)

The Haunt, It`s Good If You Like It!

The Have Nots, Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness (1996 Demo)

The Have, The Have EP

The Haven, Let Down

The Haven, Shelagh

The Havok On Polaris, Fan Dance Party

The Havok On Polaris, Horror & Hope

The Havok On Polaris, Slowly Progressing

The Hawken Rifle, 54 Caliber

The Hawkeyes, Double E

The Hawkfield Band, Business

The Hawks & the Found, I've Killed a Man Too

The Hawks, It Is What It Is

The Hawthorne Effect, Awakefulsleep

The Hawthornes, More Than Eyes Can See

The Hawthorns, Temptations, Frustrations and the Lords Holy Grace

The Hawvichorst Project, Random Articles

The Hayfield Concept, Where's My Other Shoe

The Haze, The Haze

The Hazy Eyed Smiles, Give a Little Love

The Head Club, The Head Club

The Head Set, If It Takes All Night

The Headband, Grandma`s House

The Headers, Bring Home The Headers For The Holidays

The Headers, Don`t Be Talkin` Smack

The Headers, Turn It Up!

The Headlifters, Holding the Flame - EP

The HEALERS! Featuring Thomas Buck-Nasty, New York City

The Healers, Beans N Rice Night

The Healing Waters Band, This Cooked Planet

The Health Club, Rarities and Outtakes

The HEAP, Deluxe

The Heard, Open Your Eyes

The Hearing Aides, Go Deaf With the Hearing Aides!

The Heart Wants, All I Remember Is Waiting

The Heartless, This Could Take Some Getting Used To

The Heartsleeves, Peripheral People

The Heat Run, The Blue Sea EP

The Heat Run, The Heat Run

The Heaters, The Great Lost Heaters Album!

The Heathens, Beach Blanket Beatdown

The Heather Combs Band, Live at the Little Fox

The Heave-Ho, Dead Reckoning

The Heavenly Accountants, Fiscal Cliff (The Exorcist Mix)

The Heavy Guilt, In The Blood

The Heavy Guilt, The Heavy Guilt

The Heavy Love Cult, Let's Get Together

The Heavy Pets, Rags and Aces

The Heavy Pets, Two Horses

The Heavyheads, Down At The Heels

The Hedonites, Letting Go

The Heed, Prognosis

The Heelers, The Devil on Your Shoulder

The Heels, Undisputed

The Heelwalkers, The Heelwalkers

The Heights Band, We Are The Heights Band

The Heights Band, We Own the Sun

The Heirlooms, These Days Too Shall Pass

The Heirs of Eiffel Tower, The Heirs of Eiffel Tower

The Heirs Of Eiffel Tower, We Must Go And See For Ourselves

The Heise Bros., Live! @ The Terminal Bar- Minneapolis, MN 6/23/06

The Heise Bros., The Continuing Saga of The Heise Bros.

The Heisman Hopefuls, A Fist Full of Heart and a Story to Tell

The Helidoctors, Full On

The Helium Project, The Helium Project 3

The Helium Tapes, Ghost Wave

The Helix Worship Project, The Helix Worship Project

The Hell Yeahs, A Drug Called America

The Hell Yeahs, the hell yeahs

The Hellboys, Cha Cha with the Hellboys

The Hello Strangers, Introducing Max Schmidt

The Hellzaboppers, Lil' Swamp Girl

The Helots, Those Were The Days

The Help, Something of Which We Know Nothing About

The Hendersongs, Invisible

The Hendersons, Put Me A Side: An Experiment In Sound By The Magnificent Henderson Quintet

The Hendricks-Schmued Effect, The Hendricks-Schmued Effect

The Henry Clay People, Blacklist The Kid With The Red Moustache

The Hep Cat Boo Daddies, hotrodsexgod

The Herbie Hinkle Ensemble, The Herbie Hinkle Ensemble

The Herbs Band, Lightning

The Herbs, Watching the World

The Herd of Main Street, Bound to Echo

The Herd of Main Street, Rust On Metal

the hereafter, the hereafter is here

The Heritage, Systematically

The Hermanators, Twisted

The Hermitt, and The Story of The Insects

The Hero Cycle, Lakes and Ponds

The Hero Dies, The Bruised and the Broken

The Hero Factor, battling chimaera ep

the heroes are horses, equine postcard

The Heroics, Peace - EP

The Hess Brothers, The Hess Brothers

The Hextalls, Get Smashed

The Hextalls, Play With Heart

The Hextalls, Rock You to Sleep

The Heyfields, Garage Demo

The Heyfields, Live At Flights

The Hi Strung Downers, Here She Lies

The Hi-Balls, Kerfuffle

The Hi-Flyers, Get Up and Dance!

The Hi-frequencies, S/t

The Hi-Life Companion, Say Yes!

The Hi-Lights, Dancing Alone - Single

The Hiccups, The Hiccups

The Hickmen, California Dreamin`

The Hickmen, Walk Out West

The Hickories, Lost in Pennsylvania

The Hicks, Vibration of Sound

The Hidden Agendas, Ragtime Gangsters

The Hidden Venture, Baldessin Sessions II

The Hidden, Smash To Ashes

The Hidden, The Hymnal EP

The Hideous North, Background Music For Foreground Times

The Hideous North, Dive

The Hideous North, Fallen From The Tree

The Hideous North, If It Sings Like You Do

The Hideous North, Your Mother Called And Said She Doesn`t Love You

The Hideout, patient. unattended.

The Hiders, Temenos

The Hiders, Totem

The Hiders, Valentine

The Hiding Place, So This Is Home

The High and Mighties, Chapel On The Hill '08

The High Chiefs, Audible Chocolate

The High Fidelics, The High Fidelics

The High Irons, Unusual Opportunities For Young Men

The High Lonesome, Collector's Album 1995-2010

The High Score, We Showed Up To Leave

The High Wires, EP

The Highballers, Soft Music and Hard Liquor

The Highballers, The Highballers

The HighEnd Trio, Whiskey Nights

The highLows, No Space, No Time

The Highrise Quartet, Rain (Pouring On Me)

The Highway Murderers, Time to Die

The Highwheelers, Burn It Down

The Hilarious Posters, The Hilarious Posters

The Hill Country Gentlemen, Don't Belong Here

The Hillary Step, Knee Deep in Giants

The Hillary Watts Riot, A/S/L

The Hillstreet Stranglers, Imaginary Baggage - EP

The Hinge, Use Your Fool

The Hint, I Am The Hint

The Hint, Living in the Moment

The Hint, Western

The Hip Abduction, All Eyes (Craig Heneveld Remix)

The Hip Abduction, Children of the Sun (Craig Heneveld Remix)

The Hip Abduction, One Less Sound

The Hip Priests, Black Denim Blitz

The Hipnecks, Mighty Mississippi

The Hipnecks, New Boots, Old Soles

The Hipnecks, Trainstops & Alleyways

The Hippopotamus, The Hippopotamus

The Hippos, The Hippos

The Hipshots, Tin Roof Echo

The Hipster Ray, The Hipster Ray, Vol. 1

The Hiram Key, Amerikafka

The Hiram Key, Escape from Tzolk'in

The Hiram Key, The Map - EP

The Hiram Key, The Quest - EP

The Hires, The Hires

The Hirsh Project, Live

The Hissyfits, Letters From Frank

The Historic, The City of Promise

The History of Colour TV, Sure Enough.

The Hit Men, Holiday Hits

The Hitchhiker & Luis Mariani, Get Into It EP

The Hitchhiker, King of the Highway - EP

The Hitt Boyz, The Hitt Boyz


The HLV, Once Removed

The HLV, Watch Your Step

The Hoa Hoa's, Pop/Drone/Pedals

The Hoagland Conspiracy, The Hoagland Conspiracy

The Hobonauts, Sea Monkeys in Space

The Hochimen, Tierra del Gato

The Hochimen, Totenlieder

The Hodges, Future Past

The Hog, The Hog

The Hold-Up, The Hold-Up

The Holdup, Confidence

The Holdup, Consequence

The Holdup, Still Gold

The Holidays, Refreshing

The Holidays, The Holidays

The Holidays, Uncle Sam Don't Need You Any More

The Hollabacks, The Hollabacks EP

The Holladay Sisters, The Holladay Sisters

The Holland Account, City Eats the Sky

The Holland Account, Rider

The Holland Account, The Electric Eye (Single Version)

The Holland Account, Too Far Gone (Single Version)

The Holler Time, Feels Like Home

the holleycarbines, Glide Down Over Earth

The Hollow Spheres, Silence Speaks Louder - EP

The Hollow Spheres, Wanderlust

The Hollow, The Hollow

the HollyHotchers, demo #3

The Hollywood Kills, Don't Panic

The Holophonics, B-Side? Is That Still a Thing?

The Holophonics, Don't Mess With the Holophonics

The Holophonics, Maskarades, Vol. 1

The Holophonics, Maskarades, Vol. 5: Saves the Day (Stay What You Are)

The Holophonics, Maskarades, Vol. 6: Maroon 5: V

The Holophonics, Maskarades, Vol. 7: Skalloween

The Holophonics, Maskarades, Vol. 8: The Nutcracker Skank

The Holophonics, Third Wave Undead

The Holy Crows, Big Blind Moon

The Holy Goats, The Holy Goats

The Holy Parachute, What did Broccoli Ever Do To You?

The Holy Rocka Rollaz, C'mon & Shine On! With the Holy Rocka Rollaz

The Holy Rolling Empire, Gigantis

The Holywalk, Who Are We Now

The Home Guard, Forlorn Hope and Glory

The Homesicks, Modes of Production

The Homewreckers, Runnin' from the Law

The Hominids, Believe in Love

The Hominids, London Bridge

The Honest Life, A Breath of Fresh Air

The Honest Mistake Band, Patriotic Rebellion

The Honest Mistakes, This Was Supposed to Be the Future

The Honest Thieves, Dead Beat

The Honey Brothers, Songs For Your Sister

The Honey Pies, Coconuts (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Honey Tongue Devils, All Tall and The Melting Moon

The Honey Wilders, Singles for Singles

The Honeybees, In the Key of Bee

The Honeymans, Plugged Up

The Hong Kong Sleepover, Bolshevik Firecrackers

The Hong Kong Sleepover, Mustard

The Hong Kong Sleepover, The Swedish Teaser

The Honorable South, I Love My Tribe

The Honored Guests, Tastes Change

The Honour Recital, Make You Move

The Hooby, Two

The Hoodlumz, Too Old to Die Young

The Hoodoo, Make No Bones About It

The Hook Up, Tomorrow and Today

The Hooks, 10,000 Feet

The Hoot Owls, Alien Scrapyard

The Hoox, Diamond Knife

The Hope & Stay, Vacant EP

The Hope Circuit, When The Liar Speaks

The Hope Trust, The Incurable Want

The Hopeknots, All Along the Way

The Horibillies, Horrible Rockabilly Punx

The Horizon is After Us, The Horizon is After Us

The Horrifics, Now Fear This

The Horse Thieves, Forget What You Know About Me

The Horse Thieves, Valley of Decision

The Horse Traders, Did You Forget to Leave This in Durango

The Horse You Rode In On, Beating

The Horseshoe Spatulas, Who`s Next on the Doomsday Parade?

The Hostages, Last Chance For The Hostages

The Hot Dogs, Holy sh**, It`s Christmas!

The Hot Dogs, The Hot Dogs

The Hot Hello, The Hot Hello - EP

The Hot Pants, Community College

The Hot Pants, One Size Fits All

The Hot Rails, Single Entendre

The Hot Rails, To Hell with the Hot Rails

The Hot Rods, Christmas

The Hot Rods, Starcrossed

The Hot Rods, The Hot Rods

The Hot Rods, The Hot Rods

The Hot Showers, Memories of Melodies

The Hot Sprockets, Honey Skippin' LP

The Hot Tramps, Dangerous Passions

The Hotshot Freight Train, Get Low

The Hottness, s/t

The Hourglass Cats, Too Damn Rude

The Hours, This Is What You Wanted

The House Harkonnen, Morphology

The House Harkonnen, Vol. 3

The House Harkonnen, Vol. 7

The House Harkonnen, Volume Four

The House of Honeys, Four Minus 2

The House of Jed, O Caligula

The House of Jed, The House of Jed

The House of Leaves, Throwing No Roses

The House of Levi, Fire Songs and Other Dangerous Prayers

The House of Thieves, Callisto

The House Popes, Cleaning House

The House Theatre of Chicago, The Valentine Trilogy, Part 1: San Valentino and the Melancholy Kid

The House Theatre of Chicago, The Valentine Trilogy, Part 2: Curse of the Crying Heart

The Houseband, Lucky One

The Houseplants, Living Room

The Hovering Lights, Mass Panic

the Howl, Megahorn Breakdown Suite

The Howlers, Empty Pockets

The Howlers, Very Much Alive

The Howlin' Wolves, Leave It...

The Howling Faith, Easy

The Howling Monkeys, The Howling Monkeys

The Hoy Polloy, Ferret Winter

The Hubbards, I`m Still Here

The Hubbards, No Worries

The Hubcap Stealers, Bad Ground

The Hubcap Stealers, Six Feet Under

The Hubcaps, 40 Years Rockin' and Still Rollin'

The Hubschrauber, I Want to Buy a Farm With You

The Hudson Landing, Awake Again

The Hudson Landing, Blue Jeans

The Hudson Landing, Fire Mountainside

The Hudson Properties, Fade

The Hudson River Band, Unity

The Hudson River School, The Hudson River School

The Hue, Unscene

The Huge, Infiltrating The Masses

The Hugs, Again And Again

The Hugs, Love Led You Here

The Hula Girls, Hula! Hula! Bang! Bang!

The Hula Girls, The Curse of the Tiki

The Huligans, RAM

The hulks, For the Best

The Hulley Gulleys, Living In A Big Pink Edsel

The Human Circuit, Circuit Tree

The Human Circuit, Frequent Seas

The Human Condition, Life In Lines

The Human Condition, Live at Zen

the Human Echo, Sonic Blanket

The Human Expression, Love At Psychedelic Velocity

The Human Flight Committee, Remove All the Colors of the Sun

the Human Flight Committee, Small Business Solutions

The Human Project, Best of the Human Project

The Human Project, Last Train Out

The Human Story, Telepath108

The Human Zoo, The Human Zoo

the humbell, Super Amazing Laser Beam

the humbles, Goin` Down

The Humbles, Musica Therapy

The Humms, Are You Dead?

The Hums, Souls On Lonely Roads

the hundred flowers, Love and Loss [enhanced CD]

The Hundredth Monkey, Live At Sursumcorda

The Hung Ups, 6 Songs

The Hung Ups, Dawn of the Dead Beats

The Hung Ups, Red Rocket

The Hung Ups, The Hung Ups

The Hunger Pact, Cold Woman

The Hunger Pact, Old Habits Die Hard

The Hunger Pact, The Hunger Pact

The Hunger, Dominator

The Hunger, Finding Who We Are

The Hunger, Spacemans Last Goodbye

The Hungry Ears, Don't Let the Zombies Eat My Brains!!!

The Hungry Ears, Failure to Speak

The Hungry Mile, Faceless Man

The Hungry Mile, Oceans

The Hungry Mile, The Heretic

The Hunt For Yoshi, Abscission

The Hunter Cometh, We Are the Product

The Hunting Party, Sirens and Lights

The Hurricane System, EP

The Hush Now, Constellations 2.0

The Hush, Hanging By a Thread

The Hush, Hold You Down

The Hush, Scene of the Crime

The Hush, Tip of the Tongue

The Hushpuppies Band, Sweet Magnolia

The Hustle, Thieves of Hustle EP

The Hutchinsons, Miss Lonely - Single

The Hwy 50 Band, Changing Lanes

The Hybrid, The Art in the Artifice

The Hydrants, Sycamore

The Hyenas, Dirty Little Love Song - Single

The Hyenas, Filthy Electricity

The Hyenas, The Sweet Stench of Rock 'n' Roll - Single

The Hyenas, You Should Not Operate Machinery


The Hypertonics, 76567/Vigilante Ballast

The Hypertonics, Asbestos

The Hypertonics, Eight Car Train Six Car Station

The Hypertonics, Live

The Hypes, Outcast

The Hypes, Shadow Show

The Hyphens, Dash it All

The Hyphens, Get it Straight

The Hypnic Jerks, Stay Home

The Hypo Twins, EP

The Hypsys, The Hypsys

The Hyrax, Fist Full of Critters

The I Am Experience, Embrace Life

The Ickies, Out of the Box

The Id, Idiocracy

THE IDEA, Alter Ego Rehabilitaion Centre

The Identity Crisis, Trouble in Paradise

The Idiots, The Idiots

The Idle Drifters, Been Made

The Idle Rich, Bottom Dollar

The Idlers, Momentum/Silhouettes

The If You Wannas, The If You Wannas

The Ignorant, Loaded Statement

The IHI Project, It Is No Ordinary Love

The ILL Genius, Alter Ego

The Illegitimate Sons of Liberty, Rock and Roll Adventure Fantasy Land

The Illegitimate Sons, American Music

The Illness, A Monument to Our Gilded Age

The Illness, Mirage

The Illuminati, Love and War

The Illuminati, Stars Align

The Illustrated Band, The Forever of Now

The Illustrative Violet, Different Space

The Image, In Light of Your... Etcetera

The Images, Space Invader

The Imaginary Numbers, Mindless Aggravations

The Imagineers, Karma Soundcheck, Pt. 1

The Immigrants, The Immigrants

The Impending Flip, Temporary Sunshine

The Imperial, Low Country Lies

The Implicate Order, Lust; Ad Nauseam

The Imports, Everyday Rhythm

The Imposters, Animal Magnetism

The Imposters, The Imposters

The Imposters, The Time Has Come

The Impression, Own Speed

The Imps, Doing Time

The Imps, The Imps

The Impulse Eclectic, Canyon of Spiders

The Impulsive, The Impulsive

The In Sound, The In Sound

The in-Between, Where Do We Go from Here?

The Inactivists, Love Songs

The Incomplete, Trust Me.

The Incorrigibles, On My Own

The Incredible Din, The Incredible Din

The Incredible Sandwich, The Incredible Sandwich

The Incredible Steel Erectors, Bull Muzika

The Incredible Students Of Rock U, Rock U - The Album

The Incredibly Boring Band, Can't Afford to Lose

The Incurables, Sex Cells

The Indeepandas, Naked Lunch

The Indelicates, David Koresh Superstar

The Indelicates, Songs For Swinging Lovers

The Independents, Black Angel

The Independents, Corpses in the Rain

The Independents, Eternal Bond

The Independents, Into the Light


The Indobox, Adventure Rock

The Indobox, The Legend of Ming Ming Live

The Indras, The Indras

The Industry, Distances

The Industry, Saveyour

The Infamous Bajcar, Tales From Hellcat Diner

The Infamous Music, T.I.M.E.

The Infamous Swanks, Wake Up and Rock!

The Infamous, The Infamous - IV Life!

The Infantry, Black Lit Night

The Infected, Out for Blood

The Inferno Merchants, Warchild`s Play

The Infinite Beauty, The Infinite Beauty

The Infinite Staircase, No Amends

The Infinite Staircase, The Things We've Done (feat. Lajon Witherspoon, Morgan Rose & Chris Caffery)

The Infinite Three, Is Erased

The Infinite Trip, Matilda's Magic Garden

The Infinite Trip, Temple of Smoke and Flowers

The Infinite Trip, We Are Like Dream Children

The Infinite Why, The Infinite Why

The Infinity Ball, Saturday Night

The Infinity Process, Progress of Elimination

The Information, Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

The Informers, Unknown Believer

The Infrared Radiation Orchestra, 9 Great Rock'n'Roll Dance Hits

The Infrareds, Recorded on Microfilm

The Infrareds, Sounds From the Darkroom

The Infrasonics, Bad Guy Music

The Infusion, Red Horse

The Inhalers, Asses of Evil

The Inhalers, Best Hits

The Inheritance, Southwest

The Inheritance, The Inheritance

The Initials, Continue

The Initials, Game Over

The Initials, Start

The Inklings, Rhizomes

The Inmates, Live in Paris

The Inmates, The Inmates, Meet The Beatles

The Inner Party, Degenerate Era

The Inner Party, Souvenirs

The Inner Road, Ascension

The Inner Road, Visions

The Innocents, Classic Innocents

The Innocents, Innocently Yours

The Inoculated Canaries, The Blue Laws

The Inoculators, Dropped Their Brains

The Insane Picnic, This Is The Winter Darkness

The Insanitizers, Waterboard Surf (Vocal)

The Inside, Fiction

The Inside, Identity Crisis

The Inside, Run Away

The Insiders, Unwind

The Insidious Rays, Exotic Handshakes

The Insidious Rays, More Songs About Sex, Love, Death, and Sex

The Insignificant Others, Introducing... The Insignificant Others

The Instagators, My Kind of Girl

The Instant Classic, Newkirk

The Instincts, Vanity Over Sanity

The Institution, God Only Knows

The Institution, Hegemony

The Institution, Science

The Institution, Ships of Tarshish

The Instruments Band, Make Good Choices

The Insurrection, Water

The Insurrectionists, Roundpeg / Squarehole

The Int'l Language, The Int'l Language

The Intangibles, I Woke Up In the Future

The Intangibles, The Animal Within

The Intensive Care Unit, Desert of Darkness

The Intercontinental Playboys, Hymns of the Flesh

the International Grapevine, e.p.

The Interns, The Interns

The Interociter, Predicts the Weather

the inversions, All is Well

The Inversions, It`s Only Temporary

The Inversions, State

The Invertebrates, Garagezilla

The Invertebrates, Rubber Soul Train

The Invincible Czars, Fortissimo

The Invincible Czars, Gods of Convenience

The Invincible Czars, The Nutcracker Suite

The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion, The Invisible Album

The Invisible Cities, Watertown

The Invisible Cowshed, Fly High

The Invisible Kid, Full Catastrophe Livin'

The Invisible Kid, The Invisible Kid

The Invisible Rays, Put Your Gun Away

The Invisible Rays, Salute The American Popular Song

The Invisible Surfers, Straight from Hell

The Invisible Surfers, Till That Day

The Invisible Swordsmen, A Sea Unseen

The Invisible Swordsmen, Born Too Late

The Invocation, A Brief Response to the Problem of Evil

The Invocation, Prevent this Day

The Irie Sound, The Irie Sound

The Iris Code, Silence is a Sentence

The Irish Brothers, Freedom Is A Lonely Thing

The Iron Heart, Misophonia

The Iron Heart, V

The Irrationals, Filth

The Irreverends, The Irreverends

The Irritants, Butterflies and Aliens

The Isaac Merz Band, Love Sins and Strings Attached

The ishmaeLites, Comin' Home to Indiana

The Isidore Chamber, stasis

The Ism, Get Things

The Ism, New World

The Isotopes, Real Instrumental Heroes

The ISPs, Seven Hundred Miles - EP

The Issue, High Road to Freedom

The Issues, Alien Tattooed Lover

The Issues, It Goes to 11

The Issues, Twisted

The Itzels, I Am a Christian

The Iverson Brothers, The Iverson Brothers

The Ivory Bills, Boom Boom Room

The Ivory Bills, In Color

The Ivy Lines, The Ivy Lines

The Ivy Street Band, Neon Shore

The Ivy Walls, Lovers In Hotels

The Ivy Walls, The Elegant Universe

The J Band, Live & Honest: Acoustic Dance Music

The J Carl Smith Project, The J Carl Smith Project

The J Kells Band, The Next Big Thing

The J Tubes, Teenageism

The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Mighty Social Lion

The Jack Ward Project, More or Less

The Jack, Middle Ground

The Jack, Tears Of Perception

The Jackals, Holding All the Roses

The Jackals, L.E.A.R.N

The Jackknife Barbers, The Jackknife Barbers: Blood On the Ivories

The Jackson Rider, Glorious Amazing Mistakes

The Jacob Cade Project, Exciter

the Jacobson Organ, FEED

The Jaded, Boomerang

The Jaded, Juke

The Jake Blake Blues Project, Drive My Blues Away

The Jake Project Band, Anomaly

The Jam Messengers, Guilty!

The James Clark Institute, Company Hearse

The James Clark Institute, Splinter In the Soul - Single

The James D. Orchestra, Dance Classics

The James Warner Prophecies, Set the World On Fire

The James Willaman Situation, Leaning In

The Jammists, Travelin'

The Jan Holberg Project, Sense of Time

the janets, the janets

The Janglemen, Tearjerker and 9 Others

The Jannocks, Tintintin

The Japhies, 22/3

The Jarheads, Breathe In

The Jason Davis Band, Fire Flower

The Jason Martinko Revue, Lovin' Dangerously

The Jason Spooner Band, Chemical

The Jauntee, Enjoy the Ride

The Jay Flugum Fallout, The Death of Pavlov's Dog

The Jay Rivs Project, Emoticons

The Jay Rivs Project, End It All

The Jay Rivs Project, Ten Number 2s

The Jaywalker, illusion

The Jaywalkers, So We're at the End of the Rainbow

The Jaywalkers, The Jaywalkers

The JD Project, Past Due

The JDA Project, Dropstones

The Jdc Funk Project, The Jdc Funk Project

The Jealous Type, Living in the Grain Silo

The Jeano Roid Experience, Themes from an Imaginary Spook Show!

The Jed Luckless Band, Roll the Tape

The Jeers, The Jeers

The Jeff Dodge Peasant Revolution Band, 8 Weeks from Mars

The Jeff Dodge Peasant Revolution Band, Blues Country

The Jeff Dodge Peasant Revolution Band, Sunset Story

The Jeff Richey Experience, Down to the Sea

The Jeff Richey Experience, Let It Shine

The Jeffery Brothers Band, Cuttin Loose

The Jekylls, The Sweet Factory

The Jelly Bean Bandits, Rolling Thunder

The Jelly Jam, 2

The Jelly Jam, Shall We Descend

The Jelly Jam, The Jelly Jam

The Jellybottys, Jelly Journalist

The Jen Huangs, Rango

The Jennifer Jennings Band, Twenty Houses

The Jennifers, Dressed for a Dog's Life

The Jenny Thing, Me

The Jenny Thing, Nowhere Near You

The Jericho Harlot, Creatures

The Jerrys, Back in the Day (Plus 12 Lo-Fi Faves!)

The Jerrys, I'm a Reader

The Jerrys, Let's Groove

The Jesse Minute, Shut Up and Play

The Jesters Muse, Here's to Vegas

The Jesters Muse, Laptop Queen

The Jesters Muse, Looking Up At You

The Jesus Band, The Revelation of the Messiah - Holy Oracle Five

The Jesus Band, The Revelation of the Messiah - Holy Oracle Six

The Jesus Band, The Revelation of the Messiah - Holy Oracle Three

The Jesus Band, The Revelation of the Messiah: Holy Oracle Four

The Jesus Band, The Revelation of the Messiah: Holy Oracle Two

The Jesus Band, The Revelation of the Messiah: Holy Oracle Two

The Jesus Jerks, Don't Give Me No....

The Jesus Seed, We All Believe

The Jesus Trip, A Life Only A Doctor Could Love

The Jesus Twins, This Moment

The Jesusriders, Lie to Me

The Jet Black Heights, Everything

The Jet Club, Man On Fire

The Jet Stole Home, Loose Ends

The Jigsaw Seen, My Name Is Tom

The Jigsaw Seen, What About Christmas?

The Jiji Band, Jiji Believer

The Jim Pullman Band, Shed My Skin

The Jimbos, Prefab Hell

The Jime, It's a Wheel

The Jime, Travel On

The Jimi Homeless Experience, Band of Junkys

The Jimmy Miller Incident, From the Bedrooms to the Dancefloors

The Jimmy Mundanes, Las Vegas, New Mexico

The Jimmy Mundanes, Medicine Tree

The Jimmy Stadler Band, Home to Me

The Jimmy Swift Band, JSB - Live at the Marquee

The Jimmy Swift Band, The Rebirth of Hooch

The Jimmy Whip Project, The Jimmy Whip Project

The Jimmyriggers, I Stand in the Weeds

The Jimmyriggers, Traveling Salesman, Killer on the Run...

The Jingalings Reindeer Band, Twistin' On Christmas

The Jingoes, The Jingoes

The Jits, Jittersweet

The Jive Pumpkins, You and Me

The Jo Cuseo Blues Project, Burning Desire

The JOB - The Jim O'Ferrell Band, 231 (Two Thirty-one)

The JOB - The Jim O'Ferrell Band, Letters

The JOB - The Jim O'Ferrell Band, Messenger - Single

The JOB - The Jim O'Ferrell Band, Nowhere

The Joe Chaplain Band, Sugar Harvest Mountain Moon

The Joe Corso Band, The Joe Corso Band

The Joe Davis Band, The Balance of Power

The Joey Ennulat Band, Cravin'

The Joey Sexton Band, These Horses

the joeZero band, Distance Chemistry

The John Armstrong Band, Not Home Yet

The John Armstrong Band, There Is Hope

The John Field Band, Night Will Fall

The John Frederick Band, Redemption

The John Huss Moderate Combo, Lipchitz

The John Irvine Band, Next Stop

The John Lane Project, Finding Wilson

The John Laws Experience, The John Laws Experience

The John Leon Shapeshifter Alliance, Adequate Prey Population

The John Sullivan Brigade, A Sound Opportunity For Your Last Music Purchase

The John Sullivan Brigade, I'm With Everyone At Christmas

The John Sullivan Brigade, Live My Dream Rock True

The John Sullivan Brigade, Where We Came to Rest for Now

The John Trumaine Show, Gula

The John Trumaine Show, White Water

The John Turck Trio, Hard Road

The John Turck Trio, Jt3

The John Ulrich Band, The Stories that Came Before

The John Whites, Monkey Man

The John Whites, Play Their Songs

The John Wilson Combo, Ceremony (feat. Pat Cambell, Jimmy Brighton & Steve Taylor)

The Johnny G3, Cure the Insecure

The Johnny Strange, I Am The Johnny Strange

The Jokes, Uno

The Jolly Llamas, Storyrock

The Jolly Rogers, Under The Sombrero

The Jolly What!, Surviving the Super Volcano

The Jon Maurer Band, Big Maybe (feat. Nick Selvi, Dirk Frey & Tim Maurer)

The Jondo Trio, The Jondo Trio


The Jones Machine, EP

The Jones Revival, Karma

The Joneses, Plain and Simple

The Jonny 3, Crazy for Christmas

The Jonny 3, Je Suis Un Homme

The Jonny 3, Live! Volume 2003

The Jonny 3, We Were Here First! LIVE Volume 1

The Jonny 3, Yes, We Were. LIVE Volume 2

The Jons, Greatest Hits Vol II

The Jons, Wine At the Hilltop

The Jonx, No Turn Jonx Red

The Jonx, Vocabularian Herds

The Jordanaires & Louise Harrison, Uncle Sam There's No One Like You

The Jordans, Go With the Flow

The Josh Einwechter Band, What You See

The Josh Garrett Band, Honey for My Queen

The Joshua Club, The Joshua Club

The Joys, On The Stage And Off The Floor

The Joys, The Joys - Single

The Juantanamos, Ghost Tracks

The Judes, Thanksdriver

The Judge, The Judge

The Judy Chops, Minor Sunshine

The Jug Huggers, Whiskey Pancakes

The Juju Beans, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, Stupid!

The JuJu Beans, Rocket Machine

The JuJus, You Treat Me Bad

The Jukebox Romantics, A Lion and a Guy

The Jukebox Romantics, The Jukebox Romantics

The Jukebox, Sun, Birds and Apples

The Julians, The Clock

The Julie Puppets, The Julie Puppets

The Julien Carter Beaty Band, Julien Carter Beaty

The Jumping Jacks, Everyday i wake up i fail

the June Echo, EP

The June Echo, Minutes and Distance

The June Umbrella, Self-Titled E.P.

The Jungle Rockers, Cool it Out

The Jungle Rockers, Guns and Gold

The Junglecats, Nowhere Else to Be

The Junior League, This Is the Sound of the Junior League

The Jupiter Tide, The Jupiter Tide

The Jury Pool, Ulterior Motives

The Justin Cofield Band, Searching For Resolution

The Justin Merritt Band, 100 Proof

The K. Project, Arctic

The Kamals, Dwellers

The Kamals, The Kamals

The Kamikazies, III

The Kamikazies, No Way to Live...

The Kamikazies, The Lonely Dark

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs April.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs April.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs August 2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs August.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs Dec. 2013

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs December.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs February.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs January.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs January.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs July.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs July.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs July.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs June.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs March.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs May.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs November 2013

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs November.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs October. 2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs October.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs September.2010

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs September.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs September.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs April.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs August. 2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs August.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs December.2013

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs June.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs June.2012

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs June.2013

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs June.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs March. 2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs March.2013

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs March.2014

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs May.2011

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs November.2012

The Karaoke Studio, Karaoke Pop Songs September.2014

The Karefrees, Lonely Boy

The Karkadens, Admirals Of The Black

The Karkadens, Sovereign Of The Seas

The Karl Marx Band, Find the Flowers

The Karma Heart, Come Alive

The Karma Heart, Throw Your Light

The Karma Party, World War

The Karoke Studio, Karaoke Country Songs August.2011

The Karpinka Brothers, You Can Count On Me

The Kat Kings, The Winning Hand

The Katellas, New Kid

The Katharine Chase Band, The Truth

The Kathy Fleischmann Band, The Second Took Even Longer

The Kax, The Kax

The Kcor, Breaking Records

The Keeper, The Evil and the Kept

The Keepers, Are You Ready In There?

The Keepers, Late Rain

The Kegels, No Tomorrow

The Kegels, Totally Effaced

The Keith Hill Project, Beauty Day

The Keith Hill Project, JFR

The Keith Reid Project, The Common Thread (feat. John Waite, Chris Thompson, Southside Johnny A.O.)

The Keith Walsh Experience, Motorik

The Kelly Bowlin Band, Toxic Assets

The Kelly Richey Band, The Kelly Richey Band (Live At the Blue Wisp)

The Kellys, On the World Tour

The Kendra Gale Band, No Power Tower

The Kendricks, Farewell EP

The Kennedy Cupcakes, Christmas Cupcake

The Kent McDaniel Band, Live At Custer Street

The Kenzos, Maniac (Single)

The Kepler Mission, EP 2010

The Keplers, The Keplers

The Kernal, Farewellhello

The Kettle Black, Was Wollen Sie Mehr?

The Key Elements, Soulfire

The Key To Our Secret, Observations Through A One-Way Mirror EP

The Keys, Fire Inside

The Kez, Classic Face

The Kez, Come On Baby

The Kez, Crazy Love

The Kharmacists, While You Can

The Kickbacks, Motel Stars

The Kid Carsons, Settle Down

The Kid Carsons, The Kid Carsons

The Kieran McManus Experience, Yellow Moon Over Portland

The Kieran Ridge Band, Let the Sun In

The Kill Circuit, Low Transit

The Kill Junkies, Steamroller

The Killbilly 5'ers, All Fed Up

The Killbilly 5'ers, Burn Down the Trailer Park

The Killbilly 5'ers, Welcome to Town Now Get the Hell Out

The Killcreeps, Destroy Earth

The Killer Balloons, The Killer Balloons

The Killer Robots!, The Killer Robots!

The Killer Tomato, Los Días Como Hoy

The Killer Whales, Emotional Geography

The Killigans, Another Round for the Strong of Heart

The Killigans, Brown Bottle Hymnal

The Killigans, Honor

The Killigans, One Step Ahead of Hell

The Killigans, The Cornhusker (Come a Runnin Boys)

The Killin' Time Band, 3 Day Weekend

The Killtones,

The Killtones, The Killtones

The Kilroys, The Kilroys - EP

The Kim Band, Girlology

The Kimballs, Number One

The Kimberly Trip, Unicorns, Glitter & Heartbreak

The Kimberly Trip, Unicorns, Glitter, & Heartbreak

The Kincaids, Tabloid Creature

The Kind & Brett Connors, Anybody...Nobody...Who?

The Kind, Plant the Seed

The Kind, Visit Yourself

The Kind, Waiting on the Harvest

The Kindness Kind, A Novel

The Kindness Kind, The End Tracks

The Kindness Kind, The Kindness Kind

The Kinfolk Project, Visions, Hopes and Dreams

The King Cheetah, The King Cheetah LP

The King Lot, The King Lot

The King of England, Contingency

The Kings Kids, Set Sail and Seek...

The Kings of Caz, Gray Area

The Kings of Rock n' Roll, Sha La La

The Kings of Rock`n`Roll, Happy Rockin´ Christmas Time

The Kings, Anthology One

The Kings, Balance

The Kings, Because of You

The Kings, Need Ya Babe

The Kings, Party Live in `85

The Kings, This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide (Original Demo)

The Kings, Unstoppable

The Kingstons, Have You Heard

The Kinky Star, The Kinky Star

the kinship, beautiful deadly addiction

The Kinship, Tastefully Obscene

The Kirkz, Agroculture

The Kish Down, High Jinks

The Kish Down, Surprise Attack

The Kish Down, Wastland

The Kiss Pops, Business Casual

The Kiss Pops, Business Casual (Remastered Edition)

The Kiss Pops, Sunday Morning (Clean Edit) [Remastered]

The Kitchen, The Kitchen 2000

The Kite Machine, Lunatics

The Klams, Outside Broadcasts

The Klapps-Hill Duo, Lobstah Reggae

The KLOCKS, Greatest Hits

The Knast, Fingers Crossed

The Kneads, Letting You Let Me Down

The Knee Jerks, Snow Day

The Kneels, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

The Knew, Before It Ends

The Knew, Boom Bust

The Knew, Holladay

The Knew, Man Monster

The Knew, Pulperia

The Knights, Jyck Monkey Time

The Knights, Those Things You Do

The Knockouts, Main Attraction

The Knollwood Boys, The Knollwood Boys

The Know Nothings, For Supper

The Knowledge of Us, Aware

The Known, The Next Chapter

The Knuckle Sandwiches, The Little Phil EP

The Knuckles, The Knuckles

The Knutz, Ghost Dance Party

The Kodgers, Still Pissed Off After All These Years

The Kodiaks, At the Banks

The Kokomo Kings, Artificial Natural

The Komrads, Going Nowhere

The Kons, Next to Nothing

THE KONS, Work Party

The Kontroversy, Reprise

The Kootz, Tales From The Endless Bus Tour of New Jersey

The Korkus, Leviathan

The Kory Montgomery Band, The Kory Montgomery Band

The Kosmic Kin, Mythic Beast

The Krammies, blah blah blah

The Kris Lager Band, Swagadocious

The Krome, The Krome

The Kropotkins, Portents of Love

The Krueggers, On Your Hands

The Krumpled Ones, Pocket Change

The Ks, Red Numbers Rising Faster

The Kubricks, Wasters & Wannabes

The Kujo Kings, Kujo Kuddles

The Kujo Kings, Regal Riot

The Kujo Kings, Rioting On Your Own

The Kung-Fu Shutdown, Skanky Chaos of the Ninja Activity (Demo)

The Kunks, The Kunks

The Kurt Henry Band, From Our Religions We'll Be Free!

The Kut, I Want You Maniac

The Kut, Make Up

The Kut, No Trace

The Kut, Rock Paper Scissors

The Kuwagos, The Kuwagos

the KVD project, Inspirations Free

The Kwerks, The Kwerks

The L.A. King Pins, Los Angeles Rock 'n' Roll

The Labrets, Fabric

The Lachy Doley Group, S.O.S. (Singer Organ Soul)

The Lackadaisies, The Lackadaisies

The Lackey, Cup

The Lacuna Brotherhood, Aftermath

The Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen... The Ladies and Gentlemen

The Lady Company, Sonámbulo

The Ladykillers, #introducingtheladykillers

The Ladykillers, Free the Ladykillers ! (Listen Listen Listen)

The Ladykillers, Kiss and Tell

The Ladykillers, Off the rails

The Ladykillers, Return to Nowhere

The Ladykillers, Teetering On the Brink

the ladykillers, whatever

The Laissez Fairs, The Laissez Fairs

The Lake Effect, Right, By Accident

The Lake Effects, It`s About Time

The Lamb and The Tyger, The Lamb and The Tyger

The Lancashire Hustlers, What Made Him Run

The Lancasters, Alexander and Gore (2000 - 2005)

The Landing, The Landing EP

The Langer's Ball, The Devil or the Barrel

The Langston Chronicles, Back Roads to Far Places

The LaPlante Brothers, Tragic Hero

The LaRaDos, Dance Party

The Larangos, See My Place

The Larch, Days to the West

The Larch, Images of Christmas

The Larch, In Transit

The Larch, Larix Americana

The Largent Brothers, Home Studio Collection: Original Rock "The Analog Years"

The Larry Campbell Experiment, Le Motif

The Larry Winslow Project, Haven`t Been That Way

The Last Act, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The Last Ambassadors, Besides

The Last Chill, Infamy & Misfortune

The Last Conspirators, A Celebration of Fury

The Last Conspirators, Warparty

The Last Conspirators, When It All Comes Down

The Last Dance, Ruins

The Last Dandys, The Last Dandys - EP

The Last Days of Dreams, Ironsulfide Tremors

The Last Dinosaur, Tales

The Last Domino, Diamond Days and Firenights

The Last Gasp Player's Ensemble & Rotary Hall Band, Every Beast a Brother

The Last Glimpse, Lies & Liars

The Last Good Year, Steady Road

The Last Look, Cut.


the last of the bad men, nowhere is safe

The Last of the Bad Men, Ride!

The Last Ones Out, Forever Seems Too Soon

The Last Ones Out, Holly Would

The Last Paradox, The Last Paradox-EP

The Last Slice, Fresh Cuts

The Last Step Down, The Last Step Down - EP

The Last Supper, The Last Supper

The Last Troubadour, Catalina

The Last Valorians, Yesterday's Weaponry

The Last Void, State of Mind

The Last Waltz Ensemble, Live @ The Visulite Theatre

The Last Word, A Rarity In Its Entirety

The Last Word, Crashing EP

The Latanza Heist, The Latanza Heist

The Late Ancients, Songs from the Wigwam

The Late Ancients, The Late Ancients

The Late Fees, The Late Fees

The Late Pages, The Late Pages

The Lately, Tiger Side Up

The LateShift, Feet On the Street

The Latrells, The Latrells Still Love You

The Laughing Dogs, Roots, Vol. 1

The Laughing Dogs, Roots, Vol. 2

The Laughing Dogs, The Long Lost Night

The Laughing Dogs, When Do We Eat?

The Laughing, Fever

The Laundry, First World Problems

The Laurels, Keeping Tradition

The Lauren Wolf Band, Rise Up

The Lavas, Wall To Wall

The Lavellas, Distortion Story

The Lavellas, My Talk With The Dead

The Law Abiders, California Business Guy

The Lawn, What Is the Sound Of...

The Lawnchair Philosophers, The Art of Going Home

The Layaways, The Space Between

The Lazlo Device, Step Forward

The Lazy Suns, The Lazy Suns - EP

The Lazzari Experiment, Hope

The Lazzari Experiment, In the Red

The Leadership, Frontiers

The Leadles, If You Droug I Don't Leave You Never

The League of Proper Musicians, Mini Sharks

The League of Proper Musicians, The League of Proper Musicians

The League of Proper Musicians, The League of Proper Musicians

The Least, Crazy Love

The Least, Hope Will Find A Way

The Least, Wave of Wonder

The Least, You Give Me All I Need

The Leavelles, Echo

The Leavelles, Mostly True Stories

The Lee Van Cleef's Lost Finger, Moonshroom

The Lees, Time To Kill

The Leeves, The Leeves

The Left Hand Set, Rural Delivery

The Left Hand Set, Totally New

The Left, Cycles

The Leftovers, Reheat and Serve

The Legend of Junior Sapp, The Legend of Junior Sapp

The Legendary Raw Deal, Southern Boys

The Legendary River Drifters, Into the Darkness

The Legendary Ten Seconds, Gold Angels

The Legendary Ten Seconds, Tant Le Desiree

The Legendary Ten Seconds, The Boar Lay Slain

The Legendeers, Heavy Metal Cytometry

The Leisure Suit, Into The Antipodes Sun

The Lemon Fog, The Psychedelic Sound of

The Lennings, CD Sampler

The Leonard Washingtons, Honest Drangle's Wino Hat

The Leopards, Down That Line

The Lesser Ghost, On A Ledge

The Let's Hear It for Guy, Jesus Loves You Personalized Birthday Song Shout Out, Vol. 1

The Letdown, The Letdown

The Letter 3, TL3

The Letter Blue, Long Blinks

The Letter Yellow, Walking Down the Streets

The Letter Yellow, Watercolor Overcast

The Lettuce Heads, For Promotional Use Only

The Levi's, Changing Tires

The Levins, Cereal Days

The Levity, Mind Invader

The Lew Jones Act, Goodbye February*

The Lexington Express, The Lexington Express

The Liarla, Pagando Sus Errores

The Liberators, Colorado

The Liberty Underground, Three Feet from Gold

The Libra Soul, Train for War

The Lickers, Get Licker'd

The Lid, Like Walking Through Walls

The Lied To's, The Lied To's

The Lieutenants, The Lieutenants

The Life Hyperbolic, Sacrilege in the Sanctuary

The Life, Alone (Deluxe Edition)

The Life, In Colour

The Lifeline, For All Who Triumph

The Lifeline, Reflections of Hope

The Lifeline, We've Been Compromised

The Lifeline, Where there is Life, there is Hope...

The Lifetakers, The Lifetakers

The Lift, It Is What It Is

The Lifters, Texas Trash

The Light Fantastic Megatrip, Unintended Consequences

The Light Friday, Four Days

The Lightness of Being, Directions

The Lightness of Being, Movements

The Lights Out, Color Machine

The Lights Out, Douglas Sessions `05

The Lights Out, Let There Be The Lights Out

The Lightwings, Cheap Riches / Revolutions

The Lightwings, Sleeping Is Not for Dreamers

The Likely Hoods, Jelly

The Lillies, Lackluster Loves and Chekhov

The Limbs, Drunk Tooth And The Bedroom Eye

The Limbs, Former Energy Giant

The Limit Club, This is Cutthroat Business

The Limit Club, Wild Four EP

The Limns, Move Around Robots

The Lin Preston Band, Musical Time Machine

The Lincolns, Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll

The Lindbergh Babies, The Lindbergh Babies

The Linden Method, Falling Short

The Line Atlantic, The Subhuman Condition

The Line, Muscles and Fancy Cars

The Linear Brothers, Krotch Krickets

The Linus Pauling Quartet, All Things Are Light

The Linus Pauling Quartet, Assault On the Vault of the Ancient Bonglords

The Linus Pauling Quartet, Bag of Hammers

The Linus Pauling Quartet, C Is for Cthulhu

The Linus Pauling Quartet, Find What You Love and Let It Kill You

The Linus Pauling Quartet, The Horns of Ammon

The Lion and the Lamb, Revival

The Lion Story, Lagu Teman (feat. Zahidah)

The Lions Science, The First Tonight

The Lions, Rock N Roll Lounge (Sessions EP)

The Liqu!d, Hydro Logic

The Liquid Karma Band, Liquid Karma

The Liquid Kitchen, 2 Days a Night

The Liquid Machine, The Engine (Ep)

The Lisps, Country Doctor Museum

The Listening Device, View from the Asylum

The Literary Greats, Black Blizzard

The Literary Greats, Ocean, Meet the Valley

The Literary Greats, The Literary Greats

The Little Compton Band, The Little Compton Band

The Little Man, Ifesto

The Little Miss, You Can Run

The Lively, Pillars

The Lives Of Famous Men, Rehearsal

The Lives of the Monster Dogs, The Living End

The Livesays, Rose Colored Glasses

The Livestock Band, Bad Day for the Devil

The Livestock Band, Jesus Is a Big Deal

The Living Deads, Robot Kids

The Living Deads, The Living Deads

The Living Kills, Odd Fellows Hall

The Living Kills, You'll Miss Me Most

The Living Satellites, Better in Lights EP

The Living, Bedd Tracks

The Living, The Sin EP

The Lizardz, Eyeblinder

The Lizerds, Is It Late?

The Lo and Beholds, Wild Choirs

The Lo Fi 3, Introducing the Lo Fi 3

The Lock City Thieves, The Devil and Bad Decisions

The Lodge, Destination Outerspace

The Logan, Dirty

The Logan, Perspective

the Logic, the Id and the Ego

The Lokke Project, From Hell to Heaven (A Dream)

The Lolos, The Maiden EP

The Lolos, Xoxo

The London Symphony Orchestra & The London Pop Choir, Rock meets Classic - a tribute to Queen

The London Symphony Orchestra & The London Pop Choir, Rock meets Classic - a tribute to The Rolling Stones

The Lone Crows, Moonshine

The Lone Crows, The Lone Crows

The Lonely Ghost Project, Cloud of Unknowing (Mystic Mix)

The Lonely Jones, The Life of the Lonely Jones

The Lonely Revolts, Remnant

The Lonely Souls, Deep Digger

The Lonely Souls, Little Dances

The Lonely Souls, Move Your Bones

The Lonely Souls, Vital Signs

The Lonesome Heroes, Can't Stand Still

The Lonesome Ones and Sin Alley, The Lonesome Ones vs Sin Alley

The Lonesome Valley Ramblers, Like a Freight Train

The Lonesomes, There's No Denying Josephine

The Long and Short of It, Burl

The Long and Short of It, Flight of the Mallard

The Long and Short of It, The Lancet/ Welcome To Gnarlsberg

The Long And Short Of It, The Long And Short Of It Vs. Mothra

The Long Canes, Songs for the Midnight Lady - EP

The Long Lost Notes, Media Relations

The Long Shadows, The Bee's Knees of EPs, A's and B's

The Long Shadows, Unendangered Species

The Long Shadows, Valor

The Long Tomorrow, What I Don`t Deserve

The Long Wait, Back Home to Blue

The Long Way Home, Midnight Massive

The Longest Day of the Year, Turn Into the Ground

The Longhairs, Satellites of Jupiter

The Longshots, Kicker Again

The Longwalls, Dark Academy

The Longwalls, Gold Standard

the Look Machine, Above this Clouded Mind

The Lookoff, Incidents & Accidents - EP

The Lookout, The Lookout

The Lookouts Band, Running Out of Time

The Loop, The Loop

The Loops, Foggy Day

The Lorax Tree, Villians

The Lord Calverts, The Lord Calverts... Now!

The Lord Henry, Zoo Palace

The Lord of Lightning, Love Aint a Guarantee

The Lords of Chicken Hill, Tales from the Coop

The Lori Locke Band, A Toast

The Lost Cartographers, Walk On

The Lost Concept, A Beautiful Chaos

The Lost Patrol, Launch and Landing

The Lost Project, Far from Where You Are

The Lost Project, Writing's On the Wall

The Lost Revival, The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled

The Lost River Cavemen, ...And the Circus Goes On

The Lost Satellites, The War Will End

The Lost Souls, Horseshoes

The Lost Will Follow, Love Hate

The Lost, The Lost

The Lot, Your Rock is Waiting

The Lotus, Forgotten Silence

The Lotus, Tomorrow

The Louisville Crashers, The Louisville Crashers

The Lounge Cats, Litterbox Gems

The Lounge Cats, The Breakfast Show

The Lounge-O-Leers, The Lounge-O-Leers `68

The Loungeabillies, Mucho Mondo Make-Out Music

The Love Dimension, Create and Consume

The Love Dimension, Forget the Remember

The Love Dimension, Got Gratitude

The Love Dimension, In Between Lives

The Love Dimension, Messenger of Love

The Love Family, The Madonna of Yesteryear

The Love Family, They Never Leave

The Love Glow, Call to Adventure

The Love Is Loud !!, The Love Is Loud !!, Vol. 1

The Love Is Loud!!, The Love Is Loud!!, Vol. 2

The Love Junkies, Crying Rhymes

The Love Junkies, Get Addicted

The Love Junkies, Louise

The Love Junkies, Oxymoron

The Love Junkies, The Love Junkies

The Love Lights, Walkaround pt. II

The Love Load, Oh Be Joyful!

The Love Load, Three On a Match

The Love Sprockets, Nobody Wants to Die

The Lovebenders, Crime & Poetry

The Lovebug Junkies, Concussions (Songs for Ghosts)

The Lovebug Junkies, The Null

The Lovebullies, Swang Swang Swang

The Lovehowl, The Chase

The Loveless, Born Weird

The Lovely Dreggs, Phobic Antics

The Lovely Dreggs, The Rub Lies Herein

The Lovely Lost, Can You See Me Now?

The Lovely Public, Burning Tape at the Mystery Dinner

The Loves, Valentine

The Lovetown Mavericks, The Lovetown Mavericks

The Lovin Kind, I Wanna Know

The Lovin Kind, Its Alright

The Lovin Kind, Round and Round

The Loving Tongue, Distant Dreams

The Low Bones, Come Back Alone

The Low Bones, Waiting for the Dawn

The Low Counts, The Low Counts

The Low Life, Daisy Cutter

The Low Life, Live At Recher Theatre

The Low Life, Thixotropic

The Low Life, You Gotta Die Somewhere

The Low Men, Sinking - EP

The Low Twelve, The Low Twelve

The Low-Fi Drifters, High Fidelity Recordings

The Low-Fi Drifters, Instrumental Takeover

The Lowdown Fancy, The Duke of Findlay

The Lower 48, The Lower 48

The Lower 48, Where All Maps End (Singles)

The Lower Companions, Lock & Step

The Lowest Standard, In Wonder and Awe

The Lubeck Heads, You or Another You

The Lucas Cates Band, The Lucas Cates Band

The Luchagors, The Luchagors

The Luck of Eden Hall, Alligators Eat Gumdrops

The Luck of Eden Hall, Belladonna Marmalade

The Luck of Eden Hall, Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 1

The Luck of Eden Hall, Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 2

The Luck of Eden Hall, Subterrene

The Luck of Eden Hall, Victoria Moon

The Luck of Eden Hall, When the Clock Starts to Wake Up We Go to Sleep

The Luckless Pedestrians, Road Rage

The Lucks, Heiko - EP

The LUCKY 13 BAND, The Real Deal

The Lucky Cheats, Sugar In the Tank

The Lucky Dogs Band, Life

The Lucky Dutch, Semi-Famous

The Lucky Few, The Betterside

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Glamour

The Lucky Losers, A Winning Hand

The Lucky Strikes, Big Rojo & The Covered Wagon

The Ludlow Project, Urban Departure

The Luke Austin Band, For No One in Particular

The Luke Mulholland Band, EP II

The Luminols, Idiot`s Delight

The Luna Riot, Night Steals the Light

The Lunar Funk Theory, The Lunar Funk Theory Self Title

The Lunar Laugh, Apollo

The Lunar Rollers, Hangin' the Moon

The Lunaticos, Discípulos del Mal

The Lungs, Vermin

The Lurking Corpses, Lust for Blood

The Lush, Lost In Between

The Lusitania, For Better Hallway Vision

The Lust-O-Rama, Covered Sins

The Lust-O-Rama, Original Sins

The Luvpuppets, The Luvpuppets

The Luxury (US), In The Wake Of What Won't Change

The Luxury Liners, Believe

The Luxury Liners, Nonetheless

The Luxury Liners, Sound As Ever

The Luxury Spirit, Forgotten Albatross

The Luxury, This Is Why We Can`t Have Nice Things

The Lyndon Seven, Blue

The Lyndon Seven, Disklozher

The Lyndon Seven, Live In Studio

The Lyndon Seven, Sun

The Lyra Transmission, The Lyra Transmission

The Lyrics Game, Home Edition

The M-80's, Love Don't Like You

The M. David Hornbuckle Dixieland Space Orchestra, dixielandspacemusic

The M.U.T.S., Live's A Bitch

The M7, A Cold Fever and a Black Tongue

The Mac Talley Trip, Wild Cards

The MacGillicuddies, Farmer's Daughter's Daughter

The Machine in the Garden, Asphodel

The Machine in the Garden, Before and After the Storm

The Machine in the Garden, One Winter's Night...

The Machine in the Garden, Out of the Mists

The Machine in the Garden, Shadow Puppets

the Machine in the Garden, XV

The Machine, The Robot Menace

The Machines of Maybe, A Flash of Violent Searing Light

The Machines of Maybe, Where We Disconnect

The MacLean Brothers, Pandemonium!

The Macpodz, The Truth EP

The Macrotones, Darvaza

The Mad Drummer, First Year EP

The Mad Flight, Break, Heart; Break!

The Mad Housewives, Stories From The Alley

The Mad Maggies, Still Standing

The Mad Maggies, Up North & Out West (Live)

The Mad Ripple, Her Tattoos Could Sail Ships

The Mad Sugars, Amateur Hour EP

The Mad Titans, Journey to Earth

The Madeira, Sonic Cataclysm (Live)

The Madeira, Tribal Fires

The Madeleine Haze, A More Perfect Union

The Madeleine Haze, Noble Lies & Pious Frauds

The Madrona Sessions, 2nd EP

The Maeflies, Dinkytown Highway

The Maension, Ævolution

The Maension, Introspection (2014 Remaster)

The Maension, Retrospection

The Maffick, Phi Chi Phi Chi

The Mag 7, The Dream

The Maggot Thatcher, We Pay for the War

The Magic Caravan, In Smellovision!!!

The Magic Guitar Band, Spacewalker - Single

The Magic Mirrors, Lonely Mile

The Magic of Steve Danger, Brace for Impact

The Magician & The Gates of Love, The Singles

The Magick Otters, Escape from the Problem Attic

The Magnificent Seven, The Broken Hearted Show

The Magnificent Snails, Baby Acid Trips - EP

The Maharishi, Trapeze

The Mahoneys, The Mahoneys

The Mahoots, Problem in My Pants

The Maids of Honor, Perc

The Maier Project, Dragons

The Maier Project, Paris

The Maier Project, States of Aggregation

The Main Arcade, Think of the Impact You Can Make

The Main Line, Ages Apart

The Main Squeeze, First Drops

The Main Squeeze, The Main Squeeze

The Mainestreet Band, Dime a Dozen

The Maji, Beyond The Surface

The Majolly Project, Dark Room

The Majors, In Your Own Mind

The Makarov Scheme, Boxes EP

The Makarov Scheme, Dust On the Shelves - EP

The Makarov Scheme, Lap Dog

The Make, Shadows in the Streets

The Makeshift Gentlemen, Casanova

The Makeshift, Say You Don't Love Me

The Making, The Making

The Making, The Night Before the Morning After

The Maladies, Give Me Something

The Maladies, The Maladies

The Maladronia Institute, Somewhere Else

The Malarians, Know/Finished In This Town

The Malcons, Purple Sergeants

The Maledictions, Back in the Swing

The Maledictions, Book of John

The Maledictions, Trés Odalisque

The Malibooz, A Malibu Kind of Christmas

The Malibooz, Christmas Everyday

The Malibooz, Malibooz Rule!

The Mallett Brothers Band, Land

The Mallett Brothers Band, Lights Along the River

The Mama Rags, Hectic Electric - EP

The Mammals, Departure

The Mammuthus, Khatanga

The Man From RavCon, Everything Is Golden

The Man From RavCon, Rides Again!

The Man from Ravcon, Skyscraper

The Man from Ravcon, The Puzzle Master

The Managua Line, The Rising Sea

The Manbo, Carry On

The Mandrake Project, A Favor to the Muse

The Mandroids, First Fabulous Issue & Technical Demonstration

The Manhattan Address, This Situation Would be a lot Easier to Deal With if You Just Quit Bleeding Everywhere

the Manic Optimists, Rock Out on the 414

The Manichean, Whispers

The Manny Charlton Band, Hellacious

The Manor, Fine Lines - EP

The Mansfields, Loud, Fast, Punk, Trash, Rock N Roll

The Mansfields, Mutant Monster Beach Party (Live)

The Manticores, Earth & Arrows

The Mantras, Dharland

The Mantras, Jambands Ruined My Life

The Mantras, The Mantras

The Manvils, Buried Love

The Many Colored Death, Falling Farther from You

The Many Colored Death, Our Own Devices

The Maplestar Classic, The Get Down

The Mar-Tays, The Mar-Tays

The Marauders, Dial M For Marauder

The Marauders, The Marauders

The Marc Mayer Band, Rock And Roll Memoirs

The March Divide, +1

The Mariachi Ghost, The Mariachi Ghost

The Mariana Trenchcoats, Rain

The Mariana Trenchcoats, Super Beautiful

The Marie, Whaletalk

The Marietta James, Let There Come the Trouble

The Marine Electric, Restrained Joy

The Marine Electric, The Marine Electric

The Marines, Be the Morning

The Mario Cantin Project, It's in Your Heart

The Marionettes, Can't Wait for the Weekend

The Marital, Bold Show

The Mark Frost Appreciation Society, Peaks Twin

The Mark Sexton Band, Listen Out

The Mark Wood Experience, Prologue

The Mark, Could Not Be Denied

The Markets, The Dog and The Rat

The Marlboro Men, The Marlboro Men

The Marlboro Men, Who Says You Can't Get High At 95mph

The Marley Higgins Band, The Elmwood Tracks

The Marquee, The Day We Never Met

The Marquette Weekend, Volume One

The Mars Hall, Planet Ted

The Mars Project, Blues from the Red Planet

The Marsh Mellow Stone Band, peace - love - respect - groove

The Marshall Fucker Band, Finishing Position

The Marshall Fucker Band, The Marshall Fucker Band

The Martinets, Comeback Tour

The Martyr Index, 1936

The Martyr Index, Lions - EP

The Martyr Index, Songs in the Key of Strife

The Marvelous Wonderfuls, Clowns At a Funeral

The Marvels, , Things

The Mascot Theory, Hand Me Down Miracles

The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, A Reptile Dysfunction

The Masonry, As We Fall In

The Masons, Before the Masons

The Masons, Let You Down Easy

The Masons, Warm Days Long Shadows

The Massacoustics, Livin` the Dream

The Mast Year, Visions

The Matson Music Box, Perfect World

The Matt Angus Thing, Son of "Political Pop"

The Matt Bieth Show, Shredded Mini-Bieths

The Matt Blais Connection, The Matt Blais Connection - EP

The Matt Devlin Project, Unholy Ghost

The Matt Dunnam Band, 1000 Miles From Home

The Matt Dunnam Band, No One Like You

The Matt Dunnam Band, Roadside Theater

The Matt Estrin Collective, Dawn

The Matt Saucedo Band, Reliable Source

The Mattoid, Eternifinity

The Mauds Featuring Jimy Rogers, Souldier On

The Maunder Minimum, We Are the Economic Stimulus

The Maureens, The Maureens

The Maw, 1937

The Maxwells, The Maxwells

The May Bees, Saint-Denis

The May North, Songs from the North Country

The Mayfields, Finding the Emptiness

The Mayfields, Radio Science

The Mayflies, A Thousand Small Things

The Mayflies, Americana Gothic

The Maysides, Evicted

The Mazarines, The Mazarines

The McGowan Family Band, Hey Mama

The McGowan Family Band, Live

The McGowan Family Band, Psychedelic Tales of the Lawn Gnomes, Vol. 1

The McGowan Family Band, The McGowan Family Band

The McGunks, Here Comes More Shame

The McGunks, Highlights for Lowlifes

The McGunks, Live For Five

The McKenzie Brothers, Something To Anchor To

The McLovins, Cohesive

The McLovins, Conundrum

The McLovins, Good Catch

The McLovins, Virtual Circle - EP

The McMakens, Sleep Easy

The MCP Band, Scale Worthy

The Mds, Sugar Rush

The Me Decade, Gentrification is Theft

The Mean Times, You've Got the Wrong Guys

The Mean, Hey! Hey!

The Mean, Meet Us Here

The Mean, Zero Zero

The Means, Understand?

The Meantime, Long Shot

The Meantime, Perfect

The Meantime, The Meantime

The Meatballs, Devour and Conquer

The Meatsticks, Broken Dreams

The Meddling Kids, I've Done Everything For You (single)

The Mediam, Love Is A Battlefield

The Median, The Median Play On

The Medium, Teetering on the Edge

the Megan Slankard band, freaky little story

the Megan Slankard band, freaky little story

The Megs, Awakening

The Melatauns, A Melataun Christmas

The Melatauns, Bards of Melatonia

The Melatauns, Knuckle Sandwich

The Meldavians, Farewell Arigemon

The Melismatics, Celebrate Your Heartbeat

The Melismatics, Halo (D.R.A. Remix)

The Melismatics, Rising Tide

The Mellish, Mellish Country EP

The Mellow D's, The Mellow D's

The Melodies, Let's Groove Until the Break of Dawn

The Melon Farmers, Urine Luck

The Melted Americans, The Melted Americans

The Melvilles, Distant Summer

The Melvilles, Do You Remember It Like I Do

The Melvilles, Pretty Girls On Fast Horses

The Melvilles, Songs From the Aqua City

The Men They Couldn't Shave, It's just restlessness

The Men They Couldn't Shave, Life Is More

The Men They Couldn't Shave, Troubled Times

The Men Who Control the Weather, The Mesoamerican Dream

The Men, The Men

The Men, This Way

The Menace, My City

The Mentors, Over the Top

The Mentors, To The Max

The Mercators, Under the Light

The Mercenaries, We Built It And No One Came

The Mercers, Pretty Things Walk

The Merchant, E.P

The Mercuriis, Past Recall

The Mercury Four, Codename: Aurora

The Mercury Rising, The Mercury Rising

The Mercury Saints, Grand Karmic Circus

The Mercury Seed, Remains

The Mercury Seed, Throwing Rocks At The Sun

The Mercury Tree, Eerie - EP

The Mercury Tree, Freeze in Phantom Form

The Mercury Tree, Pterodactyls

The Mercy Brothers, Holy Ghost Power!

The Mercy Case, The Best We Deserve...

The Mercy Kiss, Collection

The Mere, Red party dress

The Mere, Thirteen

The Merge, Subliminal Intent

The Merlin Bird, Chapter and Verse

The Merlin Bird, Reason and Rhyme

The Mermaids, On Wolfe Island

The Mesa Peak Band, Live in Malibu

The Mesaje, New Horizon

The Mess, Dead Man

The Messengers, Baby Won't You Come Back Into My Life

The Metapuffs, Dimensional Maze

The Method, Dissidents & Dancers

The Mexicans, The Mexicans

The Mg42s, The Mg42s

The Miasmics, You Just Gotta Trust It

The Michael Abbott Band, Leaving Afghanistan

The Michael Ferrari, When You're a Man

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, The Art-Music Exchange

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, The Taming of the Spy Who Loved Me

The Michael Ray Cain Reckoning, Aztec GTO and other Boss Sounds

The Michaels, Equals

The Micks, The Micks

The Middle Eight, Unwind

The Middletown Drifters, Trials & Errors

The Midgetmen, Hobbytown

The Midgets, Morning Wood

The Midnight Condition, D-Sides

The Midnight Condition, Eye

The Midnight Condition, Sidewinder

The Midnight Condition, The Lovers Lie

The Midnight Deathtrap Quartet, Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky!

The Midnight Dogz, Accidental Magic

The Midnight Ghost Train, Buffalo

The Midnight Ghost Train, The Midnight Ghost Train

The Midnight Hour, Sexycake.

The Midnight Moan, Comes in Phases

The Midnight Project, Heartbreaker

The Midnight Shakedown, The Midnight Shakedown

The Midnight Shakes, Midnight Shakes

The Midnight Snackers, The Midnight Snackers / Sudden Death

The Midnight Union Band & Little Black Wren, Rising Sun

The Midnight Union Band, Behind the Truth

The Midnight Union Band, I'm Your Leader

The Midnight Union Band, Of Life and Lesser Evils

The Midtown Men, Live in Concert

The Midway Delta, Get Even

The Midwest Beat, At the Gates

The Midwest Home Grown Band, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Hippyness

The Midwest Indies, Bad Vibrations

The Midwesterners, Live! At the Cuda Cafe

The Midwesterners, Pretty Little Town

The Midwesterners, Ridin` With Chuck

The Midwesterners, The Midwesterners

The Mighty 18 Wheeler, Stimulus Package

The Mighty Blue Ford, The Mighty Blue Ford

The Mighty Cash Cats, The Ballad of Johnny and June

The Mighty Grasshoppers, The Mighty Grasshoppers

The Mighty Manatees, The Mighty Manatees

The Mighty Moon Men, Echoes of Yesterday

The Mighty Moon Men, Green Cheese Moon Man

The Mighty Moon Men, Wild Dogs

The Mighty Paradocs, Live At Grape Street

The Mighty Regis, 21

The Mighty Regis, Co. Sligo

The Mighty Regis, Walking Around Lucky

The Mighty Shamrocks, Paddy

The Mighty Shrill, 24 Sticks of Dynamite: Greatest Hits

The Mighty Swine, Love Dies

The Mighty Swine, Pagan Holiday

The Mighty Thunderpantz, Old Devils

The Mighty V!, Funk U Right On Up!

The Mighty V!, Raw-Funk-Rock- Blues Baby!

The Mighty Ya-Ya, The Mighty Ya-Ya

The Mike and Cordy Show, If You Got Trouble

The Mike Duncan Project, Hope For Tomorrow

The Mike Eldred Trio, 61 And 49

The Mike Eldred Trio, Elvis Unleaded

The Mike Faraci Band, Rocket

The Mike Justis Band, One Foot In

The Mike O'Neill Band, The M.O.B. & Friends 2012

The Mike Reilly Band, Reilly's Road

The Milkhouse Heaters, Farmhands and Factory Girls

The Milkman's Union, Roads In

The Mill Dogs, Murder By Numbers

The Millennium, Voices of the Millennium

The Millions NE, M Is for Millions

The Millions NE, Poison Fish

The Millions, Disrespectfully Yours

The Mind Circus, Carnival of Id

The Mind Gap, Boy on a Train

The Minders, Golden Street

The Mindful Music Experiment, Purple Hearts

The Mindful Music Experiment, Rise of the Zombies

The Miners, Miners' Rebellion

The Mines, Fear Is Easy

The Mingwe, The Mingwe

The Mini Bar Project, The Mini Bar Project

The Minor Arcana, Emotional Alchemy

The Minor Injuries, Please don`t please me

The Minor Profits, Beloved

The Minor Profits, Distant Radio

The Minor Prophets, The Way

The Minstrel's Ghost, The Road to Avalon

The Miracals, Give Me a Chance

The Miracle Mile, Don't Cry for Me

The Mirrors, Somewhere Along The Wall

The Mischief Kids, The Mischief Kids

The Misery Jackals, No Place for Children

The Misery Loves, Letter To Life

The Misfit Toys, Distant Garden

The Misfortune Tellers, Le Lava Lamp

The Misguided, Hometown Zeroes

The Mishaps, Rock + Roll

The Mispelt, 37/41

The Mispelt, Drive It Like You Stole It

The Mispent, All There Is, Is Now

The Mispent, Climbing Frames

The Missing Bricks, Painted Windows - EP

The Missing Planes, In Honor Of Your Departure

The Missing Teens, The Power of the Crystals

The Mistaken, Between Memory and Habit

The MIT Logarhythms, Soundproof

The Mitch Hansen Band, Endless Day

The Mittens, Transportation Disguises

The Mix Tapes, #1

The Mix-Up, Soon to Be Has Been

The Moats, Blazin` the Blazer

The Mobsmen, Fraternitas Aurum Factorem

The Mobsmen, Scelerats Syndicate

The Moby Strip, Live at Arlene`s Grocery

The Mockingbirds, Songs and Other Delusions

The Modelos, Saddle Justice

The Modern Electric, (Try To) Pretend

The Modern Electric, Same Old Haunts

The Modern Electric, The Modern Electric

The Modern Elite, Blind

The Modern Golem, Gsrs

The Modern Golem, Something About the Future

The Modern Ruins, Bleeding Party

The Modern Ruins, Redeemer - EP

The Modern Society, Friends and Enemies

The Moderna Complex, Act As If

The Modests, Deathcycle

The Modlins, Here's to Being Happy

The Modlins, Late Night Feel

The Modlins, Passed "Masters"

The Modlins, Shoot the Moon

The Modlins, Where Does It End?

The Modlins, With Friends Like These

The Modrats, Huzzah!

The Modrats, Set Your Phazers to Fun

The Mogs, Diet Rice (demo)

The Mojack Band, Humpin` the Pole

The Molecules, Friends

The Moles, The Future Sounds Of Ashton

The Molly Ringwalds, Experience the 80's

The Monarch Project, A Better Part of You

The Monarch Project, Desire

The Monarch Project, Troubled Mind

The Monarchs, The Monarchs

The Monarchy, Decree

The Monarchy, Love Begins

The Monarchy, Wake Up the Giant!

The Monco Poncho, Miserable Man

The Monday Specials, Get It While It's Hot

The Mondays, Cherry Bomb

The Mondaze, Good Job

The Mondo Overdrive, Cathexis

The Mondo Overdrive, Unbroken

The Money Go Round, Velvet Sky (Reprise)

The Moneys, Common Cent$

The Mongrels, 4383

The Monika Jaymes Band, There you are

The Monistats, Life Sucks

The Monitors, Commuter

The Monitors, The Big Return

The Monitors, The Fired Dept.

The Monitors, Two

The Monk, The Monk

The Monkery, The Training Sequence EP

The Monkey Show, Say It Loud

The Mono LPs, Emilia / Giving It Up

The Monochrome Cherubs, Blisterene

The Monochrome Cherubs, Pure Grinding Sparkle

The Monochrome Cherubs, Sensitive to Light

the monophonics, Losers` Day Parade

The Monroe, A Tear For The City

The Monstas, Meet the Monstas

The Montauk Project, Belly of the Beast

The Monthlies, Horror Flick - EP

The Monumentos, Cold and Cliche

The Mood Manual, Authentic Tensegrity

The Mood, Live from the Boston Tea Party

The Mook, Augustine

The Moon Crickets, Live At Universal City Walk

The Moon Gypsies, I Ride A Hog

The Moon Gypsies, Slip

The Moon Gypsies, The Moon Gypsies

The Moon Men, The Moon Men

The Moon That Kills People, The Moon That Kills People

The Moon Whispers, Sweet Bitter Enemy

The Moon-Rays, Something Wicked

The Moonage Shine, Devil On His Tail EP

The Moonage Shine, Inicio

The Moonage Shine, Lord, I Must Be Stoned EP

The Moonage Shine, The Western Front EP

The Moonband, Atlantis

The Moonbeams, Life Is a Circus

The Moonbeams, Rock On

The Mooncalves, So Glad to Be Here

The Moondogs, Gone Johnsons

The Moondogs, Long Road To Your Heart

The Moondogs, We`ll let you know...

The Moonlight Peddlers, Armadillo

The Moonracers, The Moonracers

The Moonracers, Where Are You Now?

The Moonshiners, Growler

The Moonshiners, The Moonshiners EP

The Moonville Tunnel Beer Drinkers Association, Party Down in Moonville Tonight

The Moore Brothers Band, Thunder Rider

The Moore Brothers Band, Ticket To Malibu

The Moors, The Fallen

The Moose Machine, The Moose Machine

The Mop Tops, Got to Make Sunday Funky!

The Morals, The Warming Light Of Dawn

The Morbid Fascinators, Wait and See

The More Escapes, 11 hope

The Morgans, Enter the Morgans

The Morgans, Shit Diamond

The Mormons, Forge Ahead EP

The Morning After, Planting the Seed - EP

The Morning After, Starless Nights

The Morning Becomes Electric, Can We Pretend We`re Kids Again?

The Morning Call, Sunlight In Bottles

The Morning Glories, I Said I Didn't Love You (But I Was Lyin')

The Morning Glories, Ohio

The Morning Hour, A Stitch in Time

The Morning Line, Stay My Satellite

The Mornings, The Mornings

The Morningsides, Hearth

The Morningsides, The ISSUE

The Morphic Fields, A Quick Sly Word

The Morphic Fields, When I'm not There

The Morris 1100, Midlife Crisis

The Morrisons, Southern Soul

The Moscow Riley, This is Rocket Science

The Mosier Brothers, On My Way

The Mosquito Legs, Pothead

The Most Beautiful Losers, Just Killer

The Most Beautiful Losers, Playin` With Hearts

THE MOST DANGEROUS RACE, inventing shadows

The Most Dangerous Race, Metallic Tongue

The Most Powerful Weapon, Pages

The Mostest, Masala Mostest

The Mostest, The Mostest

The Mostest, Zara Dreams

The Mostly Dead, Wilderness

The Motern Media Holiday Singers, These Are Great! Holiday Songs!

The Mother Culture, Music for the People

The Mother Culture, Random Acts of Rock and Roll

The Mother Culture, Sometimes There's Trouble

The Mother's Anger, Escape/Revolution

The Motherjumpers, The Motherjumpers

The Mothership, Bright Side of Dim

The Mothership, Ten Miles Wide

The Motion Of, Shed My Skin

The Motor City Horns, Local Boys

The Motor Creeps, Too Fast to Die

The Motor Primitives, Be The Engine

The Motor Primitives, Classified

The Mountain Movers, Apple Mountain

The Mountain Movers, The Day Calls Out For You

The Moustache Bandits, White Girl Wasted

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 70s: Rock, Vol. 1

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 80's Rock, Vol. 1

The Move'd Band, Sounds Like the 80s: Rock, Vol. 2

The Movie Scene, The Movie Scene

The Moving Strings, Moving Strings

The Moxy, Heart Purple

The Mozzies, Kool Patrol

The Mrcyfks, Don't Pet the White Dog

The MSJ Project, Better Off Without You

The Muck, Yeah, Right...

The Muckrakes, Pill Shaped Void

The Muckrakes, The Muckrakes

The Mud Howlers, R.R.R

The Mudbugs Cajun and Zydeco Band, Mudbugs

The Mudd Doctors, Bottom Dweller

the Mudsharks, crackin` porcelain

The Muggabears, Night Choreography

The Muggabears, Teenage Cop

The Muggs, Full Tilt (Live)

The Muggs, Straight Up Boogaloo

The Mulberry Purple, ...When the Music Fades

The Mulberry Purple, Neverknown

The Mulberry Purple, River Red

The Mulberry Purple, The Auguries of Sound

The Muldoonies, Raucous Muldaucous

The Mule Newman Band, 454

The Mule Thieves, The Mule Thieves

The Muleholes, Cigar Club (feat. Stevie Z)

The Mulligan Brothers, The Mulligan Brothers

The Mulligans, Our Business Is On the Upbeat

The Mulligans, The Legacy

The Multiple Cat, The Return of the Multiple Cat

The Multiplier Effect, Be Real - EP

The Multiplier Effect, Be the Cause

The Mummble Ducks, North of the Ridges

The Mundane., Above Average Music

The Mundaze, These Are The Daze

The Mung Brothers, Here We Go!

The Murder, 'Til Death

The Murderers` Accordion, The Heart Wants

The Murrays, A Murder Behind the Shed

The Music at West Ridge, Live 09.2006

The Music Business, All the Kids

The Music Business, The Music Business

The Music Messenger, The Messenger

The Music Therapy Experiment, Doctor Who?

The Musical Adventures of Ron Barnett, Rapturosity

The Musical Offering, Playing With Grace

The Musical Offering, Roll Away The Stone

The Musical Scientist, Little Sue

The Musical Scientist, Tipi

The Mustard Seeds, III

The Myriad Form, The Myriad Form

The Mystery Addicts, Unluck and Shame

The Mystery Men?, Session Obscura

The Mystery Men?, Sonos Delirium

The Mystic Jammers, Live At New England Reggae Festival

The Mystics, Satisfy You

The Mystix, Satisfy You

The Myth of Modern Medicine, Playground Bourgeoisie - EP

The Myth of Modern Medicine, The Myth of Modern Medicine

The Myths, Girlfriend-ZY

The N.Y.C August Rock Band, Better Days

The Nace Brothers, Club 15

The Naddiks, 1234

The Naddiks, RagTop (Remastered)

The Nailbiters, No Forwarding Address

The Nails, Dangerous Dreams

The Nails, Hotel for Women

The Nails, Mood Swing

The Naked and the Dead, The Naked and the Dead

The Naked April, Design Flaw

The Naked Eyes, Free & Easy

The Naked Eyes, Spell Talk

The Naked Picassos, The Naked Picassos

The Naked Picassos, Wurmhauser's Lab

The Naked Robbers, The Naked Robbers

The Naked Tangerines, Insert Name of Album Here

The Name., The Title

The Nameless Sorrows, From Winter's Field

The Namesakes, Expectations

The Nancy McKeen Bluz Machine, Altared

The Nancy Simmonds Band, Cosmic Suicide

The Naoki, The Roots

The Naptime Shake, Blood and Panic

The Narrators, Time Takes A Toll

The Nashville 9, The Nashville 9

The Nasty Clan, The Nasty Clan

The Nat Martin Band, Don't Lose Your Cool

The Nathan Allen Project, Greatest Hits

The Nathan Allen Project, Useful Time

The National Pool, Sweet Thing

The Native Woods, Some Big Game

The Natural Thrill, The Natural Thrill

The Navanax, The Navanax

the naysayers, Come Into Focus

The Naysayers, It Goes Like This

The Naysayers, Some Other Place

The Nbc, Poseidon's Crown

The NDC Mystery Band, ...and Friends

The Ne'er Duwels, The Ne'er Duwels

The Near Myths, . . . and Into the Flow

The Neckbones, Pay the Rent

The Needables, Beauty From a Kiss

The Negative Power, Yaar Punjabi

The Neighborhood, Remember the Wiseguys

The Neighbourhood Watch, Static Ocean

The Nematoads, Spy Car Mechanic

The Nemesis Theory, Eschatology

The Neptunes, Davey Jone's House Band

The Nerak Roth Patterson Band, Ask Me In

The Nerks, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

The Nerve Band, Big Inc

The Nether Legion, Highlevel 222

The Netz, Google Knows You

The Neutral States, EP "Tourism"

The Neutrals, The Neutrals

The Neutronics, Kryptonite

The Neutronz, Killer On the Loose

The Neutronz, Knucklehead

The Never Surprise, Winters

The Neverhawks, Lonely Lion - EP

The Neverines, Carpe Noctem

The Neverwills, Nine Eleven

The Neverwills, Talk Talk Fast

The New Addiction, No Progress Without Change

The New Alibis, Hard Promises

The New Baldones, Lives Collide

The New Baldones, Ornate Fiction

The New Baldones, The Last Bookstore

The New Bedfords, Enough To Break The Ice

The New Black, Falling Forward

The New Boss, File Under Rock

The New Brides, Born Bad

The New Brides, Kings

The New Brides, The New Brides - EP

The New Burn, UltraViolet

The New Catastrophes, Aim for the Heart

The New Centuries, Paradise Massage

The New Centuries, The New Centuries

The New Centurions, The New Centurions

The New Colors, No One Breathe

The New Connection, Mentally-Physically

The New Creek People, Black Water

The New Daze, Don't Judge the Universe

The New Daze, Lose Your Culture

The New Dominion, ...And Kindling Deadly Slumber

The New Drakes, Staircase Wit

The New Earth Group, Blordinox Veda

The New England Football Band, The Patriots are Wicked Awesome

The New England Football Band, Tom Brady is Back in Peak Patriots Form! - Single

The New Familiars, Between the Moon and Morning Light

The New Familiars, The Storm

The New FM, Human Again

The New FM, Up, Away, Over & Out

The New Form, The Show

The New Fuse, From the Outside

The New Fuse, In the Now

The New Grooves, The New Grooves

The New Hotness, Classic Sounds in Modern Rock

The New Hotness, Classic Sounds in Modern Rock, Vol. 2

The New Hotness, I Found Healing In My Rock N Roll

The New Hotness, Keep It Secret

The New Maps, Secret Country

The New Maps, These Parts

The New Method Blasters, Live 2015: The Peel Studio Sessions

The New Midwest, Commonwealth

The New Midwest, The New Midwest

The New Militia, The New Militia

The New Nervous, Frantic Is The New Nervous

The New Old-Fashioned, Ladies

The New Olds, Capitol Hill

The New Olds, The Walking Man

The New Order, Declaration of War

The New Orleans Bingo! Show, Volume I: Soft Emergencies

The New Orleans Suspects, New Orleans Suspects

The New Patriots, Driftwood

The New Players, Jive Portal

The New Prairie Ramblers, Rollin' Out to Denver

The New Riddim, Second Sight

The New Standard, Other Side of the Street

The New Stingrays, The New Stingrays

The New Suitors, The New Suitors

The New Suns, The New Suns

The New Translation, Shift

The New Trocaderos, Kick Your Ass

The New Trocaderos, The New Trocaderos

The New Trust, Dark Is The Path Which Lies Before Us

The New Trust, Keep Dreaming

The New Vistas, echo waiting

The New World Ancients, Temporal Beast

The New York Rock, One More Trip Around the Sun

The New York Room, Courtesan

The New York Room, The Colour of Midnight

The New York Sports Band, Yankees, Giants & Knicks, Vol. 3

The New York Sports Band, Yankees, Giants and Knicks

The New York Sports Fan, Mets, Jets & Nets Volume Two

The New York Vaults, 33 RPM

The New York Vaults, Fuel Your Fascination

The New, Her Lipstick Said

The Newbees, Modern Vintage

The Newbies, The Newbies

The NewOldz, Paradigms In Paradise

The Next Best Western, Living Communications

The Next Big Thing, Big In Japan

The Next Hundred Years, Obese Momentum

The Next New Nothings, End of a World Ideology

The Nformals, Self-Titled

The Niagaras, Enchantment

The Niagaras, Report from the Interior

The Nice Ones, Hungry Ghosts - EP

The Nice Ones, To Be Frank

The Nicholas Barron Band, I`m Not Superman

The Nick Ciampi Band, Boomerang

The Nick Jackson Band, Beautiful Place

The Nick Jackson Band, Secrets

The Nick Strange Band, Beauty and Bombast

The Nick Strange Band, Stray Dog Serenades

The Nickel Slots, Five Miles Gone

The Nickel Slots, Let It Ride

The Nickel Slots, The Nickel Slots

The Nicky Kay Orchestra, Barrier Reef

The Nico Blues, Die Happy

The Niemis, Good Enough

The Niems & Catching Band, Road To Ground Zero (Get On Board)

The Night Brigade, I Rode Mine (Sturgis, South Dakota)

The Night Brigade, Save My Soul

The Night Falls, Colt

The Night Flight Orchestra, Internal Affairs

The Night Flight Orchestra, Skyline Whispers

The Night Light Chasers, Heartsleeve

The Night Party, Get To You

The Night Riders, My Favorite Color is Blonde

the Night Watchmen, Lost In California

The Night, Gad With Bridge Accents

The Night, Look to the Sky - Ep

The Night, Scream Into...

The Nightcomers, Pachelbel's Canon...Punked

The Nightdrivers, The Nightdrivers

The Nightmare River Band, Last Goodbye

The Nightmares, Loose And Dangerous

The Nightrats, The Nightrats

The Nihil, Nihilism

The Nim Nims, Baristas Fashionistas Mother Teresas

The Nina, The Pinta!, Die Like A Nova

The Nine Volts, EP

The Nines, Polarities

The Nines, The Nines

The Nite Lights, Descend

The Nite Riders, She's Mine

The Nite Riders, Tornado

The Nixon Years, Everything You Asked For...

The Nixon Years, Reversing The Panopticon

The No Good Kids, To High to Climb

The NO LIMIT Band, The Best Of

The No Longer, War Stories

The No Name Janes, Hometown

The No No`s, Get Off Ya Heads With... The No No`s

The No Tones, A Ring of Stones and Other Magical Things

The No Tones, The Blood of Kings

The No Tones, What Would They Say?

The No.13s, Vacant Life

The Nobility, Gentle Giant

The Nobility, The Secret of Blennerhassett Island

The Noblemen Society, Truth, Vol. 1

The Nobodys, Freedom

The Nobodys, I Don't Believe You

The Nobodys, In Silience

The Nobodys, Metatron

The Nobodys, The Serpent

The Nod, Easy, Maverick

The Noema, Repetition

The Noema, Watching It Burn

The Noid, Villains!

The Noise FM, Dream of the Attack

The Noise FM, Enclave

The Noise Machine, nevereverville

The Noise Majestic, The Noise Majestic

The Noiseland, Dieci

The Nomad Nipples, International (New York, London, Paris)

The Nomad Nipples, Riding My Smile

The Nomad Nipples, Septiculture

The Non-Domestiks, September Monday

The Non-Neutrals, Homo Neutral

The Non-Nonconformists, A Few Demos

The Non-Nonconformists, Let's Walk Around Aimlessly Sometime Soon

The Non-Nonconformists, The Non-Nonconformists

The Nooners, Come Home

The Norris Brothers Band, Occupy

The North Country, Sharing Our Alone / Optimistic

The North Lot, Lonely Game

The Northern Drones, The Northern Drones

The Northern Skies, The Northern Islander

The Northstar Session, Winter Collection

The Noseriders, Ten

The Not Goods, The Anthology: This is Absolutely Not Good

The Notion, In Vino Veritas

The Notorious Brothers, Lysergic Visions

The Notties, Poor Traits

The Nova Project, The Nova Project - Live at Café Acoustic

The Novaks, The Novaks

The Novato Frank Band, Rock 'n' Roll Heaven

The Novelty Shoppe, Greatist Hits

The November 2010 Project, Patriotic Songs 2010

The Now Feeling, II - The Return

The Now Feeling, The Now Feeling

The NPK, the first album

The Nu Niles, Sin Rendición

The Nucleus, Quicksand

The Nucleus, The Art of Reaching

The Nuddhist Monks, An Extra Year of High School

The Nude Party, Forbidden Fruits

The Nuke, Waaday

The Nukes, No Time Soon

The Nukes, Our Little Game

The Num Nums, Rock Steady

The Numbered Head, Meat

The Nurotics, The End of the Beginning

The Nut and Bolt Band, Goodbye Baby Blue

The Nut Drivers, Crazy Locomotion

The Nymphs, It's Been a Long Time Awaiting

The Nymphs, Shake

The Nyquist Frequency, Elephant Art

The O-Men & Their Luv', Lost in the Leer

The Oak Creek Band, Fingerprints

The Oak Creek Band, XI (Eleven)

The Oasis Band, Closer Than Ever

The Oasis Band, Live

The Oasis Band, Merry Christmas

The OB's, Fighting Anorexia Since 2010

The OBGMs, Beat Up Kidz

The OBGMs, The OBGMs

The Obscuritones, London Town

The Obscuritones, The Obscuritones

The Obscuse, Different Devils for Different Levels

The Observatory, A far cry from here

The Observatory, Catacombs

The Obvious Wish, Concerning Time

The Obvious Wish, Turn the Lights On

The Occupants, The Occupants

The Occupation, Sweet Falcon - EP

The Ocean As Mistress, In Ruins

The Ocean As Mistress, In Ruins (1 Bonus Song)

The Ocean Band, Couch Dictators

The Ocean Band, Couch Dictators [Alternate Edits]

The Ocean Man, 4.5

The Octanes, Roots, Rock and Romance

The Od101 Project, What You See Is What You Get

The Odd Life, Time Machine

The Odd Numbers, About Time

The Odysseys, Voyagers

The Offbeats, F

The Offer, The Offer

the Offering, Monsters and Angels

The Official Exhibition, Supertrain

The Offshoots, Room to Grow

The Offshoots, String Theory

The Ogeez, All Over the Map

The Oh My's, The Strings

The Ohio Sky, The Ohio Sky

The Ohio Weather Band, The Ohio Weather Band

The Ohm, Out For Kicks

The OK Rivals, The OK Rivals

The Old Comiskeys, Self Titled Debut (Chicago, Illinois Presents:)

The Old E Allstars, The Old E Allstars

The Old Kings, Divine Society

The Old Line, Wasting Time At Sea

The Old Shatterhand, 72 El Segundo Blvd.

The Old Way, The Old Way

The Old World, The Old World

The Ologists, All It Takes

The Ologists, Mixed Emotions

The Olympics, Barefoot Blondes

The Olympics, Who Are You?

The Omar Hakim Experience, We Are One

The Omega Concern, Chasing Shadows

The Once Was, Without Wings / Rugged City / Silence

The One Man Electrical Band, Johanna

The One Man Electrical Band, OMEB Bloody OMEB

The One Smith, The One Smith - EP

The One-Eyed Show, Brothers, Cousins and Fools

The One-Eyed Show, Unsure of Direction

The One2s, EP ONE

The Ones, The Ones

The Ongoing, Infinity

The Only Child`s Club, Dissappear and Be Done

The Oompah Roundabout, Holiday.

The Oompah Roundabout, I Know You

The Oompah Roundabout, I Want a Girl (My Own Age!)

The Opposite Sex, Violent Heartstrings

The Options, Dawn - Single

The Options, Won't Last - Single

The Oracle Project, The Brothers

The Orange Constant, The Orange Constant - EP

The Orange Constant, Time to Go

The Orange Opera, Land of Tall

The Orange Revival, Black Smoke Rising

The Orange Revival, Lying in the Sand

The Orbisonics, The Orbisonics

The Orchard Thieves, The Orchard Thieves

The Orchard, Moving Mountains

The Orchard, The Orchard

The Orchid Set, Mahavishnu Odyssey

The Order of Odd Fellows, Synecdoche

The Order of the Fly, Hollow Voices of a Dead Generation

The Order of the Fly, World Gone Mad

The Ordnance, 3 Ring Riot

The Organics, Begin Again EP

The Organics, Forest LP

The Orhet, Noise Meditation A

The Ori Naftaly Band, Happy for Good

The Original Balance, All Fall Down

The Original Musicasters, Grooved Alive

The Original Roseland Band, I Don't Care

The Original Wailers, Our Day Will Come

The Orion Experience, NYC Girl - EP

The Orion Experience, Rich Man's Holiday

The Orthodox Project, Wisdom of the Saints, Humility

The Other Band On Earth, Resistance BBQ

The Other Band On Earth, The Other Band On Earth

The Other Brothers, High Life 'n' Leisure Class

The Other Famous People, Big Endings

The Other Half, Family of Fools

The Other Half, New Century Man

The Other I, Event Horizon

The Other Otherz, Listen to Your Heart

The Other Planets, Eightballs in Angola

The Other Shoe, Which Country?

The Other Side, A Higher Vantage Point

The Other Side, Rock X-ing

The OtherHalf, In Other Words

The Otis Problem, Places In Between

The Ourz, Rizzle

The Outer Half, Golden Boy

The Outer Half, In Your Dreams

The Outer Seasons, Civilised

The Outer Vibe, Full Circle

The Outfit, Tyrannosaurus Surfboard

The Outfits, Look What You've Done

The Outfits, My Game

The Outlaw Rebels, The Outlaw Rebels

The Outlet, Where Broken Souls and Grace Meet

The Outlyers, Hits and Myths

The Outré, The Outré

the Outside, Something Urgent

The Outsiders PBR, Infinite Destiny

The Outsiders Punk-a-billy Rebels, Rock N Roll Ain`t Dead Yet

The Outsiders, From Liberty To Death : The Complete Recordings

The Outta Controllers, The Outta Controllers

The Outta Sites, Martian Jive

The Outta Sites, Rock and Roll Dance Party

The Outta Sites, Shake All Night With the Outta Sites

The Ovals, Inner Space

The Ovals, Into The Eyes of Those Who Sleep

The Overalls, City of Illusion

The Overalls, Salvation

The Overdubs, Bleak House

The Overdubs, Blood Test

The Overeasy, Good Times With Your Feet

The Ovulators, The Ovulators

The Owl in Daylight, Safety Second

The Owl in Daylight, Trial By Fire

The Owsley Brothers, Tob

The Oxford Coma, Adonis

The Oyster Murders, Mourning Birds - EP

The Oyster Murders, When You're Wrong

The P.O.S.C. Project, Political Science

The Pacific Swell, Transylvania

The Pacifists of Fury, Evolution Revolution

The Pacifists of Fury, The Long Slow Distance

The Packer Chik!, The Packers Rock!

The Pacman, Lucky Man

The Pagan Dead, Spondalia

The Pajammas, Remnants of Fallen Walls

The Palace Ballroom, The Palace Ballroom

The Paladins, Wicked

The Palette, Little Piece of Cake

The Pallet Jacks, Textual Healing

The Palomars, Out of the Past

The Pamela Tiffins, Bang City!

The Pan & The Clayton's Club Band, Pied Piper

The Pandemics, Brain On Tap

The Pandemics, Lonely Like the Sun

The Panicstruck, Made To Explode

The Paper Arcadia, EP

The Paper Melody, The Nightmare Academy - EP

The Paper Sound, The Struggle With Light

The Paper Sound, Trajectories

The Paper Stars, Border Country

The Paper Stars, The Paper Stars

The Paper Stars, Under the Sun

The Paperbacks, Lit From Within

The Paperclips, Please Tell Your Loved Ones...

The Paperclips, The Story

The Paperwaits, Family Man

The Paradise Vendors, The Flagstaff Dream

The Parallelograms, Stratospheric Dreams

The Paramount, Sans Peur

The Paris King Band, Music To Groove To

The Parishioners, Between Piety and Desire

The Parishioners, Putting the Past to Rest

The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra, The Torture Memos

The Parlez, Pollen

The Parlez, The Light Within Our Hands

The Parody Brothers, GOLF ROCK: Shooting in the 70s

The Particles, Voices

The Partisans, Idiot Nation

The Party On High Street, Organized

The Party!, Unstoppable

The Pass Outs, Choose Your Helmet

The Passengers, The Passengers

The Passing, All On Feeling

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Songs Song Sing Songs Onion Llama

The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, Stupid People Hate These Songs Because They're Dumb

The Passive Aggressives, Reloaded

The Passports, Is It True

The Pastics, Paz

The Pat Sajak Assassins, Lunch?!?

The Pat Sajak Assassins, Motherboard

The Pat Zelenka Project, Better Days

The Path Less Traveled, Cast Out the Cowards

The Path Less Traveled, Contender

The Path Less Traveled, Quicksand

The Pathetics, Not Quite Right

The Patsys, Both Sides Never

The Patti Spadaro Band, Bringing Me Back

The Paul Beebe Band, The Ragaman Roll: Love and Death

The Paul Cook Project, Gamechanger

The Paul Keller Band, The Paul Keller Band

The Paul Pierce Project, Pierce My Heart

The Payoff, Built to Last

The Peace Creeps, Time Machine

The Peacemasons, World On Fire

The Peachbones, Revenant

The Peaks, Unusable Signal

The Pear Republic, The Pear Republic

The Pearly Shells, Uranium (feat. Yvette Johansson)

The Peculiar Pretzelmen, Innumerable Seeds of Calamity

The Pedal Stills, Static Queen

The Pedestrians, Break Down Blvd

The Pedestrians, Bring Your Own Bear

The Pemberwicks, The Pemberwicks

The Penetrators, Basement Anthology

The Penetrators, Kings of Basement Rock

The Penguin Society, Skin

The Pennies, 10,000 Things

The Penny Auction, Coming Up Roses

The Penny Loafers, Loafin', Vol. 1

The Penny Peeps & The Noblemen, The Penny Peeps Meet the Noblemen

The Penny Regime, Mint

The Pennyroyals, The Pennyroyals

The People Brothers Band, Middle of the in Between

The People Upstairs, For the People By the People

The People, Flashbacks

The People, Geese

The People, Make A Sound

The People, Where Do I Begin

The Peoples Blues of Richmond, Hard On Blues

The People`s Party, Mystics and Warlords

The Pepe Brothers Band, Alter Ego

The Perfect Alibi, Knockout

The Perfect Disorders, The Perfect Disorders

The Perfect Measure, This Is All for You

The Perfect Pursuit, Extraordinary

The Perilous Tide, From the Other Side

The Perms, Clark Drive

The Perpetual Change, The Perpetual Change Featuring Dispatch and Friends

The Persian Leaps, Praise Elephants

The Persuaded, Broken & Reborn

The Persuaded, The Persuaded EP

The Persuasions and Friends, Persuasions of the Dead: The Grateful Dead Sessions

The Persuasions, Knockin' on Bob's Door

The Perverted Hymns, Book One: Caught In the Fix

The Pests & W.A.S., Disturbance in the Gulf

The Pests, A Damn Fine Mixture

The Pests, Rockabilly Is Ruining My Life

The Pests, We Reserve the Right to be Impolite

The PetalStones, Stung

The Pete and Mike Band, Wordplay

The Peter Foret Project, Give It All Up

The Peter Foret Project, The Chill

The Peter Nevland Band, Birth of the Spoken Groove

The Peter Nevland Band, Birth of the Spoken Groove: The Singles


The Peter Ulrich Collaboration, Tempus Fugitives

The PF Flyers, Sort Out The Mischief

The Phantom Band, Proffessor Stone

The Phantom Limbs, Episode 1: Night of the Living Surf

The Phantom Limbs, Episode 2 - Aberzombie and Flesh

The Phantom Playboys, Baby Likes Booze

The Phantomatics, She Left Her Brain at the Drive-In

The Pharmacy Prophets, Needle - Fantome', Pt. 1

The Pharos, Missing Person

The Phat Controller & The Wet Bandits, All Aboard

The Pheasants, The Pheasants

The Phil Dudley Band, All in My Head

The Philadelphia Sports Band, Roy Oswalt and Roy Halladay (Phillies Goin' All the Way!)

The Philistines, Late Last Night

The Phoenix Departure, Easy

The Phoenix Down, In the Wake

The Phoenix Philosophy, Burning Romantic

The Phoenix Veil, The Blood of August

The Phoenix Within, The Phoenix Within

The Phoids, The Phoids

The Phony King of England, All Elephant, No Castle

The Phorms, Trapped By the Sun

The Phuss, The Phuss

The Pick-Nicks, I'm Alone

The Picture and the Frame, Reverb and Gin

The Picture Show, New Color Wheel

The Picture Show, Shatters into Discontent

The Picture, Bluebirds

The Picture, Connect

The Picture, Drift Away

The Pikers, Better Off Deaf

The Pilgrimms, Green & Golden

The Pilgrimms, Let Me By - EP

The Pilgrims, Mandelstam

The Pillar, Songs from the Hollow

the Pillars of Society, Fishin' With Dynamite

The Pills, I Found Heaven In a Pillbox

The Pinder Brothers, Melancholy Sea

The Pine Hollows, Something My Heart Understands

The Pine Hollows, The Pine Hollows

The Pineapples, empty

The Pinecones, Ooh!

The Pink Skulls, Mega Monster Madness

The Pink Snowflakes, Exiled to the Planet

The Pinkerton Raid, The Pinkerton Raid

the pinkmeat, something to eat...

The Pinkstons, Revival Is Reality (Live)

The Pinx, Southern Tracks

The Pioneers of Seduction, The Universe Is Setting Us Up

The Pipe Dreams, Take Chicago

The Piper Downs, I Am a Dick

The Pirates of Neptune, Recorded Rehearsal

The Piss Shivers, Help! My Dog's A Skinhead!

The Piss Shivers, Zombie Exs

The Pissing Idiots, Think With Your Balls

The Pitch, The Burning of My Angry Hand

The Pitfalls, Tumble Down

The Pittsburgh Sports Band, Go Steelers Go!

The Pity Whores, Quarter Life Crisis

The Plague, Naraka

The Plaid Perspective, Something Simple Out of Sight

The Plains, The Boy in the Mansuit

The Plainsmen, No One Else Around

The Plainsmen, Up & Down

The Planet Pluto, Ballad of Dreams

The Planetary Blues Band, Once Upon a Time in the South Loop

The Plankrunners, Hidden Country

The Plastic Pals, The band that´s fun to be with

The Plastic Revolution, Postmodern Medicine

The Plastic Thirds, Anoxia

The Plasticos, Mundoplastico

The Playground Slap, Disco Nausea

The Playing Cards, Fight Forward

The Pleasant ST` Mafia, a matter of sexual survival

The Pleasants, Forests And Fields

The Please Help, The Please Help

The Pleaser, Not so Pleasing

the Pleasure Seekers, What a Way to Die

The Pledge, Zombie Nation

The Pleegs, On Maple

The Plexikill, Don't Like You

The Plimptons, What's Left? Rarities, Demos and Early Days

The Plump Tones, Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

The Plums, Wandering Eye

The Plurals, An Onion Tied to My Belt

The Plurals, The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective

The Plutonics, Rid Your Garden

The Pocket Co., Saturday Night at Morley Gibson`s

The Pocket Raindrops, Nocturnal Bliss

The Poet, Guided Ways

The Poggs, The Poggs

The Political Scientists, It's Raining

The Political Scientists, Leave You

The Political Scientists, Me and You

The Political Scientists, Treat You Nice

The Political Scientists, Willie Nelson Wears a Watch

The Polkaholics, Wally!

The Pollock Brothers, Road Kill

The Pollocks, Pardon the Witches

The Poncé Brothers, American Novella

The Poogles, I Need a Super-Size Kiss from Your Red, Red Lips

The Poor Choices, Girl Crimes

The Poor House, The Poor House

The Poor Richards, When I Can (EP)

The Poor, Help The Poor

The Pop Junkies, River Songs

The Pop Rocks, Heartbreakers, the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pop Rocks, The Pop Rocks

The Popheads, Feel Absurd

The Poppa Vein Band, Bad Blood

The Popravinas, Alone Ain't so Bad

The Pops, The Pops

The Poptarts, A Toasty Christmas

The Porch Rockers, Covers

the porch, the porch

The Porchistas, The Baby Album

The Porchistas, Yemaya

The Pornadoes, In Space

The Porter Draw, The Porter Draw

The Portrait, Why We Fight

The Possum Hollow Boys, Introducing

The Possum Trot Orchestra, Harbor Road

The Possum Trot Orchestra, Night Crow

The Post Mortems, Cracked and Crooked

The Post Ops, The Post Ops

The Post Script, Seasons Change

The Postbox Collection, Secret Treasons

The Posts, The Posts

The Potato Pirates, Tried and True Black and Blue

The Potentials, A Whole New Brand Of Hero

The Poulsons, Fire 'n' Fear

THE POULSONS, Fire n fear


The Pounders, You and What Army

The Pounding Waves, Baby Oak

The Pounding Waves, Bamboo Breez

The Pounding Waves, Chief

The Pounding Waves, Culture

The Pounding Waves, Dare

The Pounding Waves, Dolphy

The Pounding Waves, Eight Iron

The Pounding Waves, Further

The Pounding Waves, Golden Egg

The Pounding Waves, Green Lion

The Pounding Waves, Intuit

The Pounding Waves, Mantra

The Pounding Waves, Monk Key

The Pounding Waves, Realizer

The Pounding Waves, Seeker

The Pounding Waves, Silver Cord

The Pounding Waves, Skull Dress

The Pounding Waves, Test the Sea

The Pounding Waves, Tranquil Terrapin

The Pounding Waves, Warp King

The Pounding Waves, Zing

The Powerhead Kids, Oklahomaphobia

The Powerless, Disappointment

The Powwow Rock Orchestra, Everybody Powwow!

The Poynt, This is American Royalty

The Prairie Scholars, The Good Old Days Now

The Pralines, A Beautiful View

The Preachers, Rock You Sinners

The Precisions And The Magics, Collector`s Edition

The Prefab Messiahs, Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive

The Prehistorics, Petrified

The Prescription for Mis-America, DRUGS

The Presence, All I Want Is Your Love

The Presence, Back Off

The Presence, Now I Know Better - Single

The Present Age, You're Everything

The Preservation, Friends EP

The Preservation, Two Sisters

The Presidents Bush, Gung-Ho!

The Press Gang, Onward & Upward

The Presumptions, Diplomacy of Distance

The Pretext, Delusions of Grandeur

The Prettiest Meltdown, Et Profectus

The Pretty Black Chains, Awakening

The Pretty Corpses, Queen of the Trailer Park

The Pretty Ugly, Space Cadet

The Pricks, Don`t Want to Be Used

The Primate Fiasco, TAP

The Prime Casuals, The Prime Casuals

The Prime Ministers, Budget Cuts EP

The Prime Ministers, Compromiser

The Prime Ministers, Missed You Again/True Believer

The Prime Movers, Spooked

The Primevals, Disinhibitor

The Primms, Speeches

The Print, The Earth and The Ether

The Printing Press, Exhibit A

The Private Side, EP

the Privates, Barricades

The Problem Sets, Oblivion Is Nothing

The Problem with Jack, Ouch!... My Life

the problem, the problem

The Problems, Powder Blue Bone

The Process, Craven Dog

The Process, Mystery Babylon

The Prodigal Sounds, Fruit of the Steel Tree

The Producer, April Sun in Cuba (feat. Homemadesoul)

The Products, Fast Music

The Professional Football Haters Association, Don't Get Carried Away (It's Just a Game)

The Professors, Get Out Of My Head

The Progenitors, Darkeness Forever: Progenesis 1

The Project Seven, Phase IV

The Project, The Project

The Projection People, The Projection People

The Projection, Strike a Match

The Projects, The Projects EP

The Proles, Good in Black & White

The Proles, Index

The Prolz, Instinct

The Promise Estate, The Promise Estate

The Prophets (aka Black Angel) w/ Mrs. Ike Turner, The Prophets EP

The Protest, Game Changer

The Protest, Great Lengths

The Protest, The Protest

The Protest, We Will Rise

The Protons, Out of Phase

The Protons, The Explanatory Gap EP

The Provels, The Provels

The Providers, Roots & Blues

The Province, Skeletons & Keys

The Prowl, Rev It Up

The Prowlers, The Prowlers

The Pseudo Superheroes, Getting Even Has Never Been So Much Fun

The Pseudonyms, Main Moon

The Psyatics, Psyatics

The Psychedelic Avengers/V.A., Raumschiffkommandant - remixed

The Psychedelic Hippies, When Is Today

The Psychodillos, The Psychodillos

The Psychonauts, Do the Hoochie Coochie Trash`a`billy Stomp

The Psychotic Reaction, In Your Head (Take 1)

The Psychotics, Coronado

The Psychotropic Band, Established Unknown

The Psyquatics, Creatures of Fiction

The Public, Saturn Missile Battery

The Public, We Are The Public

The Puddle, The Shakespeare Monkey

The Pukes, X-Rated

The Pulltops, Destination (CD Single)

The Pulsators, Can`t Put You Down

The Pump Fakes, Falling to the Occasion

The Pumps, Surprise 45

The Punctuals, Hey! You! They!

The Punctuals, Introducing The Punctuals

The Punk Group, Fruition

The Purge, Waves

The Purrs, Amused, Confused & More Bad News

The Purrs, The Purrs

The Purslaines, The Devil's Arms

The Purveyors of Pure Filth, Warriors (Come Out to Play)

The Push Band, Push Til-It-Hurtz

The Push Stars, LIVE from the cradle to the stage

The Push, Greatest Hits Volume One

The Pushrods, Devil Wears a Bra

The Put-Ons, Schooldays in Disgrace

The Puzzled Pieces, The Puzzled Pieces

The Pwells, Grow Some

The Pygmies, Inside Your Mind

The Pygmies, The Pygmies

The Pyramid Ship, Going Out

The Pyramid, 飲み放題

The Pyronauts, Play for Surf

The Pythons, Liar

The Quails, I`ve Heard It`s All Rumours

The Quantum Mechanic, Metadata

The Quaranteds, Get Sum

The Quarters, Tik Tik Boom!

The Quatloos, 5,000 On The Newcomers

The Queen City Saints, Chorus of the Commoners

The Queensmen, Hello Queensmen!

The Queers & Killtime, Alive

The Quelle Source, Send Out the Creatures

The Question, Station Wagon - EP

The Questionmarks, Grim Reaper is Studying for an Examination

The Questions, Starting Over Again

The Quick & Easy Boys, Red Light Rabbit

The Quick Are The Dead, BE | Love Songs For Those Who Hate Love Songs

The Quick Are the Dead, Sometimes They Come in Threes

The Quick Are the Dead, The Ghost

The Quick Hellos, Greetings & Salutations - EP

The Quick, Diana Moves Sessions Part One

The Quiet Side, It`s what you don`t see

The Quiet Side, The Quiet Side

The Quiet Things, The Fall

The Quinn Hedges Band, Step Outside

The Quins, A Tale of Love and Evil

The Quirks, Coming Home

The Quivers, Gots to Have It!

The Quivers, Hot Young Mess

The Ra-6600, The Ra-6600

The Rabies, Night Terror

The Rachels, St. Elmo Sessions

The Rack Doll, Shanandoah

The Racket Boys, Breakfast for Dinner

The Rad Trads, Rosalie

The Rad Trads, Since You Been Gone

The Radials, The Radials

The Radiators From Space, Trouble Pilgrim

The Radio Effect, Compass

The Radio Galaxy, Don`t Forget To Listen

The Radio Hour, The Radio Hour (Remastered)

The Radio Hour, The Radio Hour - EP

the Radio Knives, CURSED

The Radio Suitcase, Kosmonaut

The Radio Sun, Spaceman

The Radio, Active

The Radio, Icebox

The Radio, Live At Haldern Pop

The Radio, The 80's

The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Music for Mutants

The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Poultry Uprising

The Radishes, Riot

The Radium Girls, From the Woodwork

The Rafael Tranquilino Band, Espera

The Raft, Carousel

The Rafters, Behind The Scene

The Rafters, Colourful Freedom

The Rage, Basement Tapes

The Ragged Dragoons, The Ragged Dragoons

The Ragged Jubilee, American Moan

The Raggies, Taco Wagon

The Raging Derilicts, The Liver Is Evil

The Ragpickers, The Lonely End Of Town

The Raid, Lunatic Fringe

The Railways, Didn't See It Comin'

The RainHeads, North Dacarasotaforniohio

The Raining Frogs, ...and Beyond

The Raleigh Ringers, Going to Extremes

The Raleigh Ringers, Passages

The Ram Boola Black, Anywhere

The Ram Boola Black, Best Of

The Ram Danesse Trio, RD3

The Rambler Reunion Band, Son of Cotillion

The Ramblers, Getting There

The Ramblers, Swampy Motel

The Ramblers, The Ramblers

The Ramen Empire, Because We Care

The Ramey Memo, 300 Voices at King Hill Pub

The Ramonetures with Billy Zoom, Johny Walk Don`t Run Paulene

The Ramonetures, Ramonetures

The Ramsey Loikkanen Project, The Ramsey Loikkanen Project

The Ran, Calling Out

The Rand Project, Under the Spell

The Randians, Who Are the Randians?

The Random Hubiak, The Trick EP

The Random Ten, Rental Kill

The Randy Bandits, Golden Arrow

The Randy Bandits, Live at Otto`s Shrunken Head

The Randy Bandits, Redbeard

The Randy Oxford Band, Memphis To Motown

The Rangebears, Brainfreeze

The Ransom, Paper Hearts

The Rapid Richard Group, Did I See What I Thought I Saw?

The Rascal Theory, Terminal Case

the RaskBand, The Pat in the Hat

The Rationales, The Distance In Between

The Rattler, The Leaving

The Ratz`n Roll, Rat trap

The Raunchies, Falk

The Raven Society, Open Letters To No One

The Raven Watch, The Raven Watch

The Ravenmasters, Kernel

The Ravens, Smoke and Mirrors

The Ravens, Your Beauty is an Ardent Arrow

The Ravines, Manifesto of a Broken Heart

The Raving Knaves, All the Pretty Planets

The Raving Knaves, Atom Age

The Ravyns, History Repeats Itself

The Raw Magillys, The Moon Gets High

The Ray Brothers, Missing the Point

The Ray Gradys, Die Mindless Fools

The Ray Gradys, If You're Buying, I'm Drinking

The Ray Gradys, We Don't Need Your Labels

The Ray Jones Band, The Right Way

The Raygun Girls, Dirt Collector

The Raygun Girls, The Ones I Denied

The Razor Mephistos, Discography 2002-2008

The Razor Mephistos, Noah Had a Rainbow

The Razorblades, Get Cut By the Razorblades

The Razorblades, Gimme Some Noise!

The Razorblades, Snapshots from the Underground

The Razorblades, Twang Machine

The RDH Factor, The Broken Signpost

The Reacharounds, Flaming Planet Head

The Reaction, Old & New: 1978 to 2005

The Real Americans, I Don't Know the Blues

the Real Be Easys, Live On Flatbush

The Real D`Coy, The Real D`Coy

The Real Fantastics, Bigger Than Life

The Real Jane Martin, Simple Math

The Real MacHoy, Too Old For This

The Real Makers, Such a Romantic Place

The Real Matt Jones, Passerby

The Real McCabe, Picture of You

The Real Monsters, First Contact EP

The Real Quaid, Get Rad

The Real, Fear in the Easy Chair

The Real, Speakeasy

The Real, Who Needs the Noise?

The Realbillys, Dancehalls and Dives

The Reality of Yourself, Deadman

The Reality of Yourself, Effective Immediately

The Reality of Yourself, Revolution

The Reality of Yourself, The Reality of Yourself

The Really Cooks, Dr. Lemonade Stand

The Realm, Appearance Lied Again

The Reasons Why, Nasty Tattoos

The Reasons Why, Rain

The Rebel Blues Band, Well Life's Been...

The Rebel Factory, Trigger Me

The Rebel Prospects, Unkindness

The Rebel Set, How to Make a Monster

The Rebel Set, Nightmare

The Rebel Set, Poison Arrow

The Recalls, Wait for the Sun

The Recasts, Over and Over Again

The Rechords, Bottom of the Barrel

The Rechords, Don't Know Much

The Rechords, It Won't Be Long

The Reckless Reefers, Last Wave of the Day

The Reckless Sleepers, The Reckless Sleepers

The Records, Play Live! Evanston ILL 9/7/80

The Red Barren, Slow Burn

The Red Barren, Thunder In the Gale

The Red Cannons, Sheepdog

The Red Cannons, Underneath the Floorboards

The Red Cannons, Underneath the Floorboards

The Red Channels, Lonely Melting Iceberg

The Red Channels, The Red Channels

The Red Devil Squadron, Indian Giver

The Red Eyes, Up All Night

The Red Flags, The Red Flags

The Red Handed, Shell Shocked

The Red Headed Strangers, Come On In

The Red Hills, I'm a Nightmare

The Red Hook Horrors, Pentagramacostal

The Red House, Inside My House / Coal Gray Town

the red inForms, the red inForms

The Red Kid Theory, Equilibrium


The Red Lights Gang, 13

The Red Lites, Everything's for Sale

The Red Lites, Falling Forward EP

The Red Majority, Anna

The Red One, Hunger

The Red Onions, S/t Cd Ep

The Red Phone, Death Proof

The Red Plastic Buddha, All Out Revolution

The Red Plastic Buddha, Songs for Mara

The Red Plastic Buddha, Sunflower Sessions

The Red Propellers, The Red Propellers One

The Red Stripe Band, Start Spreading the News

The Red Threat, Violent Love

The Red Water Revival, In The Frostbidden Years

The Redcoat Band, Liberty Tree EP

The Redcoats Are Coming!, The Taste of Crow

The Redemption Center, Land of Plenty

The Redemption Center, Late Bloomer

The Redemption Song!, I Was Young Twice

The Redemption Song!, Raw Deal

The Redfords, Come Alive in the Moment

The Redlines, Marionettes in Waiting

The Redlines, The Redlines

The Reds, Early Nothing

The Reds, Fatal Slide

The Reds, Fugitives From The Laughing House

The Reds, Shake Appeal

The Reds, Stronger Silence

The Redstone Project, The Storm

The Redvines, The Redvines

The Redvines, The Redvines 2

The Reedbed, Sohbet

The Reef Chief Band, Sayulita Sojourn II

The Reeling Gilly, Jake West

The Reeling Gilly, The Reeling Gilly

The Reese Dailey Band, Audrey

The Reese Dailey Band, Simpatico

The Reflectors, Hola, Sayulita!

The Reflectors, Stay Home vs. The Love Shoppings

The Reflectors, The Ghost In You - Single

The Reflectors, Windfall

The Reflexes, Another Kind

The Reform, Living in My Shadow

The Reformation, Fatal Expectation

The Reformation, Fatal Expectation

The Reformation, Fatal Expectation

The Reformation, The Reformation

The Refusers, First Do No Harm

The Refuzniks, The Refuzniks

The Regenerators, Caffeine & Chrome

The Region, Something Needs to Change

The Regressives, The Regressives

The Regressors, These Times

The Regulars Band, Elevated

The Regulars Band, The Regulars Band

The Reigns Band, The Reigns Band

The Reigns Band, The Turnaround

The Reignsmen, The Reignsmen

The Relationships, Phase

The Relationships, Space

The Relatives, Tilted World

The Relatives, Tilted World

The Relics, A Little Too Late

The Relocators, The Relocators

The Reluctant Reprobates, Mostly Under Control

The Reluctant, Autumn/Winter Collection

The Reluctantz, Committed

The Remainder, Patterns in Static

The Remains, Monbo Time

The Remedy, Evolutionary

The Remedy, Wild Thin Mercury

The Reminders, Almost Forgot Its Christmas

The Remnants, American Grit

The Remnants, Double Wide

The Remnants, Songs For Sale

The Remnants, The Remnants

The Renaissance Rock Orchestra, J.S. Rock

The Renditions, Misadventures in Harmony

The Renegade Saints, Fear of the Sky

The Renegade Saints, Mercy Saints Alive!

The Renowns, Reunion

The Repeat Offenders, Beg, Steal or Borrow

The Repeat Offenders, What Happens

The Reptilian, Boys' Life

The Reptilian, Full Health

The Reptilian, The Donut Hill Sessions

The Reptilian, We Have Become

The Republik, The Unexpected Answer

The Republik, We Are the Wild Things

The Requisite, Squared

The Rescue, Tragedies & Catastrophes

The Reserves, Made in Tennessee

The Reserves, Weekend Love Affair

the reserves, where have all the dreamers gone

The Resets, Best Of

The Resistance Band, Looking for America

The Resistance, Bag of Bones

The Resistance, Loud Enough

The Resistance, The Fall

The Resistance, These Old Ghosts

The Resistance, You're the One

The Resistanse, The Resistanse

The Resophonics, The Resophonics

The Respectables, 3

The Response, With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies?

The Restless Sons, A Glimpse of Hope

The Restoration, Honor the Father

The Resurrection Men, The Resurrection Men

The Resurrection Sorrow, Scorpion Savior Sessions

The Resurrectionists, My Chainsaw Heart

The Reticent, Amor Mortem Mei Erit

The Reticent, Hymns for the Dejected

The Retreat, In Spirit

The Retro 5, Like a Million

The Retroliners, Noir Fatale

The Return South, The Return South

The Return, Danger Danger Silent Stranger

The Return, Revolution of the Mind

The Return, The Arsonist (Plays the Architect)

The Return, The Return

The Rev Jimmie Bratcher, Exchange

The Rev Tones, The Rev Tones

The Revamps, Love To Lose

The Revelators, Blackie Ford's Revenge

The Revelevens, Welcome to Baltimore

The Reverb Syndicate, Mondo Cacti

The Reverb Syndicate, Odyssey

The Reverb Syndicate, Operation: Jet Set!

The Reverb Syndicate, Sputnik A-Go-Go

The Reverberators, Almost Home

The Reverberators, Christmas in Albany

The Reverberators, El Burro

the REVERBERATORS, What`s Shakin?

The Reverburritos, Widget

The Reverend John DeLore, Little John the Conqueror

The Reverend John DeLore, Ode to an American Urn

The Reverend John DeLore, Songs from Church Avenue

The Reverend Rat, Imbolc and Ice

The Reverend Rob, Death On Capital Hill

The Reverend, Sar-Ah

The Reverie, The Rebirth - EP

The Reverse Engineers, Go Out to Explore

The Reverse Engineers, Heartbreak for Haiti

The Reverse Engineers, Plan A

The Revies, Through the Nine

The Revision Plan, Navigations - EP

The Revision Plan, Scream Suburbia

The Revolt, Graves of Wasted Days

The Revolution Sonics, Myths & Legends

The Revolution View, Where Has the Spirit Gone?

The Revolutions, The Revolutions

The Revtones, 19 Miles

The Reward, Ghosts

The Reward, Goodbye Letter

The Rex Complex, A Delicious Victory

The Rex Goliath, Catalyst

The Rhodies, America; This Is Our Time

The Rhyth-o-matics, Walking in the Shadow

The Rhythm & Beards, The River

The Rhythm & Blues Conspiracy, To Be Played Loud

The Rhythm Brewers, The View from Here

The Rhythm Guys Behind Crawler, The Engine - The Rythm Guys Behind Crawler

The Rhythm Method, The Front - EP

The Rhythm Surf Monkeys, Highway 9

The Rhythm Surf Monkeys, Prospect Avenue

The Rhythm Surf Monkeys, The Old Soldier

The Rhythmaires, Tenth Anniversary Album

The Ribeye Brothers, Call of the Scrapheap

The Riblars, Bad Vibes and Good Intentions

The Ricardos, Wild Saturday Night On Earth

The Rice Cakes, Floor Boards / Halloweenie

The Rice Cracker Project, Touch of Fantasy

The Ricecookers, 1st Blood

The Rich and Famous, Like A Superstar

The Rich Lynch Band, I Want to Live in a Dome

The Richmond Rooftops, The Richmond Rooftops - EP

The Rick Parnell Band, Next Time Around

The Rick Ray Band, Can't Lie Hard Enough

The Rick Ray Band, Temporary World

The Rick Short Band, Forget the Future

The Rick, One

The Ride or Die Gang, Bad Beat Story - EP

The Ride or Die Gang, Integral

The Rideouts, All Day & All Night

The Rider, Songs from Side A

The Rider, Talking Through Walls

The Riders, 200 Miles From Everywhere...

The Riders, Crown City Sessions

The Ridgelands, Corey Webster Must Die!!!

The Ridgelands, Daggers Down!

The Ridgelands, Die!

The Ridgelands, Useless Wooden Toys

The Riff Bangers, Smoke Signal

The Riffbrokers, The Green Key Will Let You In

The Rigbees, Treading Water in an Angry Ocean

The Rigg, Realisation

The Right Brothers, II

The Right Brothers, No Apologies

The Right Here, All Herky-Jerky

The Right Reasons, Look Both Ways

The Right Wing Machine, I Ain't Got Time

The Right Wing Machine, I Ain't Got Time

The Righteous Kind, Wild Hibiscus

The Rik Wight Group, Flesh

The Rikters, Don`t You Get It

The Riles, Take Your Medicine

The Ring, First Generation

The Ringout, Wake, Wake Dear

The Rio Bravo, The Rio Bravo Sings The Rio Bravo

The Rio Grande, Til That Day

The Riot Act, Goin' Snakepunchin'

The Riot Professor, The Riot Professor

The Riot Professor, The Riot Professor (2013)

The Riot Scene, Images

The Riot Scene, Infused With Chaos

The Riot Scene, Pridelikelions - EP

The Riot Scene, What You Crave

The Riot Within, 2012

The Riot Within, Sweat

The Riot, Animation

The Riot, Carry Us to the Sea

The Rip Chords, Cobra Beach

The Rip-It-Ups, Midnite Ride

The Rippers, Why Should I Care About You?

The Ripperz, You are the Moon

The Rips, The Rips

The Risen, Breaking Down

The Risen, Had Enough

The Risen, Scars

The Rising Sons, Adventures in Teenage Rock and Roll

The Rising, Straight Forward.

The Rising, The Rising

The Rite Flyers, Electromode

The Rival Armada, Dividing An Empire

The Rivals, Divine Lorraine

The Rivals, Nomad

The River Card, Forced Hand

The River Company, Requiem for Ghostcar EP

The River Mud Warriors, The River Mud Shuffle

The River Rats, Rock City Falls

The River Rust, Shades of I

The Rivera, Midnight Choir

The Riveras, We Don't Remember the Dream, But the Dream Remembers Us

The Rivercity Revelators, Red Flag

The Rivergods, Signs

The RiverRoad Band, Dreams

The Rivieras, Collector's Series: The Rivieras

The Rivieras, Ten Best Series - The Rivieras

The Rms Five, Christmas Every Day

The Road Crew, Rock-A-Billy Road

The Road Home, Old Hearts

The Road, Monomyth

The Roadies, Getaway

The Roaring .22s, Leisse On Bey

The Rob Clearfield Quintet, The Long and Short of It

The Robbery, Put Up Your Dukes

The Robbery, The Robbery

The Robbin Thompson Band, Live at the National

The Robert Deller Band, At The Beach

The Robert McShane Band, Robert McShane

The Robert Nakamoto Band, Natchez Trace Waltz

The Robinson Caruso Organization, The Love Debt EP

The Robodrum, Big Bad Wolf

The RoboDrum, String Theory

The Robotic Subwaymen, Technology

The Rochesterfield Kings, Ain't What I Had in Mind

The Rock Music, Dwelling

The Rock Music, Knowing Jesus: These Are Written

The Rock Music, Old Soul

The Rock Society, God Damn Monday Morning

The Rock the Dance, Race the Beat (Pole Edition) [DJ/Radio Version]

The Rock the Dance, Race the Beat (Qualify Mix) [80's Classic Maxi - Version]

The Rock the Dance, Race the Beat [ the Fight ]

The Rocker and the Jazzer, Steel, Rock, and Irony

The Rockets, Hot Rod Boogie

The Rocketz, Rise of the Undead

The Rockford Heroes, Edge of the Silverthorn

The Rockford Mules, Crooked Tooth

The Rockford Mules, Merry Christmas South Dakota

The Rockin' Cinders, Best of the Rockin'cinders

The Rockin'Cinders, V2

The Rocking Chairs, Is That All You Got?

The Rocking Chairs, T.R.C. Live

The Rockouts, Kick

The Rockouts, Race Cars

The Rockouts, The Spy

The Rockville Revue, The Rockville Revue

The Rocky Athas Group, Miracle

The Roddies, 5651

The Roddies, Great Horned Owls

The Roddies, Living Room

The Roddies, Monsters and Bugs

The Rogue Nations, American Ruins EP

The Rogue Signs, Does Anyone Understand?

The Rogues, Ordinary

The Rogues, People

The Roka Group, I Want It to Begin

The Roll, Business up front...

The Roller Shop, Long Way Home

The Roller Shop, Speaker Sauce

The Rolling Clones featuring Jimmy Lee, A Greatest Hits Unplugged Tribute

The Rolling Clones featuring Jimmy Lee, A Greatest Hits Unplugged Tribute

The Romanovs, War and Peace

The Romeo Flynns, Masque Of Anarchy

The Romeos, When in Rome

The Roncy Boys, It's Time

The Rooftops, Hope On The Streets

The Room, 16 Tonnes (Live At C.R.S)

The Room, A Casual Believer

The Room, A Multitude of Angels

The Room, Open Fire

The Room, Screaming Through the Noise (Radio Edit)

THE ROOM, Undermind

The Roosevelt, EP

The Roosevelts, The Roosevelts

The Roosters Band, Cocked

The Roosters Band, Cocked and Loaded Redux

The Root In Fluents, Red River Flu

The Rooze, Ashtray

The Rooze, The One for Everyone

The Rope, The Rope

The Rose Alarm, The Rose Alarm

The Rose Familiar, Magnetism

The Rose Familiar, Zep Tepi

The Rose Phantom, Broken Heart / Distant Shore (Live Sessions)

The Rose Phantom, Sketches: Live At Storm Mountain

The Rose West, When the Road Darkens

The Rosedales, Raise Your Spirits

The Roshambos, Same Taste

The Ross Originals, Little Devils

The Ross Originals, The Ross Originals - EP

The Roswell Experience, The Roswell Experience

The Rotary Prophets, Faith . Lost . Love

The Rotating Leslies, Equipoise

The Rothland, Remember the Times - EP

The Rotten Apple Project, Wrong Side of You

The Rotten Cores, Sweet Fellowship in Shame

The Roundhouse Social, Step Inside

The Rousers, Playing the Rock and Roll for You

The Roustabouts, Nothin' Personal

The Roxy Suicide, Glam-Damaged

The Roxy Suicide, I Wanna Be On Sire

The Roxy Suicide, Joan Your Jett

The Roxy Suicide, On With the Show

The Roxy Suicide, Sex Bomb Babies

The Royal Affairs, Please Forgive Us (EP)

The Royal Bear, The Royal Bear

The Royal Bones, Shady Landlord EP

The Royal Counts, Without You

The Royal Delta, The Royal Delta

The Royal Din, The Royal Din

The Royal Dumonts, Before the Stone

The Royal Dumonts, Make It Right

The Royal Guard, Hail the King

The Royal Guard, Showdown

The Royal Guardsmen, Snoopy VS. Osama

The Royal Guardsmen, Snoopy vs. the Red Baron Live

The Royal Guardsmen, Snoopy's Christmas (Live)

The Royal Heap, 4142

The Royal Highness, La Mancha

The Royal Hounds, I'm in Love With a Zombie

The Royal Sound, Cinema

The Royal Sound, Reverse Engineers

The Royal Tinfoil, Well Water Communion

The Royal Warrants, The Kings & Queens

The Royal Were, We Were We, Once We Were Royal

The Royal Wylds, Babylon EP

The Royals, Bring Me Down

The Rozatones, Body On the Move

The Rub, Someone Tell Me Where My Memory Went

The Rub-Touch Propellor, I Don't Wanna Suffer, Man

The Rubber Bullets, A Salt And Battery

The Rubber Tones, Signal to Noise

The Rubberband, Beginning to End

The Rubberneckers, Live From The Farmhouse

The Rubbers, The Rubbers

The Rubbles, Morning Heart Attack

The Ruben Lee Dalton Band, A Night Like This

The Rubys, Down In Uptown

The Rudds, Get the Femuline Hang On

The Rudds, The Rudds

The Rude Company, Greatest Hits

The Rudie Crew, This Is Skragga!!!

The Ruffians, Together for Christmas

The Ruiners, Be Bop a-Lula Beelzebub!

The Ruins, The Ruins - EP

The Ruling Party, Soundview

The Rum Fits, Have Another Round

The Rumble Cats, Four on the Floor

The Rumble, Shade to Be Found

The Ruminants, The Ruminants

The Ruminators, Loomings

The Rumour, Purity Of Essence - The American Edition

The Rumskis, The Rumskis - EP

The Rundays, Hellcat

The Running Birds, About freedom

The Running Birds, Dig it!

The Running Gags, Yeah, No

The Running Jumps, The Consciousness Set

the Runs, Wet Sounds

The Russell Leon Band, If Red Was Green

The Russians, Crashing the Party

The Russians, The Russians

The Rust Tones, Tales From the Bar

The Rust Tones, The Way It Always Goes

The Rustbelt Boys, Honky Tonk TNT

The Rustic Riders, Hearing Hearts

The Rustlanders, The Rustlanders

The Rustles, As You Drift

The Rusty Pipes, Cantavimus

The Rusty West Project, Hung Out to Dry

The Rusty Wright Band, Live Fire

The S1k, We`re Going Too Slow

The S1nd1cate, Reloaded

The Sablowskis, All My Friends Are Grounded

The Saccharines, I Don't Hear You

The Saccharines, Last Night

The Saccharines, There's Something About You

The Sacred and Profane, Effigy of Me

The Sacred Broncos, Analog Ocean

The Sacred Dice, Notes From The Overground

The Sacred Ones, Lucky in Rhythm and Rhyme

The Sacred Rocks and Holy Rollers, Spirit in the Sky

The Saddle Tramps, Alabama Chrome

The Sade, II

The Safety Collective, Safe in Your Own Skin

The Saint Francis Band, Cassidy's Sky

The Saint James, Let's Go London

The Saints and Sinners, The Saints and Sinners

The Saints of 35th Street, A Breath Away From My Last

The Saints of 35th Street, Learning to Let Go

The Saints of 35th Street, More of the Same from the Saints of 35th Street

The Saints of 35th Street, Stuck Somewhere In Queens

The Saints of British Rock, Love

The Saints of Damnation, Spirits of Revolt

The Saints of Sorrow, 2012 EP

The Saints of Sorrow, Songs for the Forgotten

The Salads, Music Every Day

The Saltine Ramblers, Arroyo Borealis

The Salty Caramels, Damn Good Woman

The Salty Vinyl, Love Song

The Salvation, Auto Destructive

The Sam Grow Band, Live At Goose Creek

The Sam Lamont Band, Good Intentions

The Same Difference, Hangin' On

The Same Dreams, The Same Dreams

The Same Shape, The Same Shape

The Same, Get Out of My Head

The Same, Self Contained

The Sames, E.P

The Sames, You Are the Sames

The Sammus Theory, Entitled Anonymous

The San Diego Sports Band, Padres and Chargers

The San Francisco Sports Band, 49ers and Giants

The Sandbox Rock & Roll Orchestra, I Love You Darling

The Sandbox, Shadows of Ghosts

The Sandbox, Twenty Minutes

The Sanderlings, Awesome Opossum

The Sane, Hush

The Sane, Later EP

The Sane, Rogues And Peasant Slaves

The Sap, Pop-On!

The Sapiens, Vs. The Hornet

The Sapphire Sun, Liquid Maze

The Sapphire Sun, The Sapphire Sun

The Sapwoods, Electric Glow

The Satin Dolls, Illuminati

The Satin Hearts, Show Me to the Bar

The Saucermen, The Saucermen

The Saucy Players Club, Wild Stallions in a Far Out Cosmos

The Saudi Agenda, Texas Tea EP

The Savage Young, The Savage Young

The Savages, Animal-Ep

The Savants, Absolver

The Say So's, Shark Week

The Say So, Safe to Say

The Say So, Something Like Wild

The Say So, The Romantic

The Scam, The Scam Sucks

The Scarecrow Voyage, North West Whisper

The Scared Stiffs, The Last Horror Movie

The Scarlet Effect, The Scarlet Effect

The Scarlet Ending, Cries and Whispers

The Scarlet Scourge, The Scarlet Scourge EP

The Scarlet Theory, Let It Go

The Scarlets, In March

The Scars Heal in Time, Dear Sam

The Scars Heal in Time, Dear Sam (Live)

The Scars Heal in Time, Pretty Little Whore

The Scenic Route, North

The Scenic Route, The Scenic Route

The Schatzy Band, Nocturnal Wild Life Journal

The Schiebers, Style Award

The Schizophonics, Delicious, Hot or Cold

The Schmucks, Axes of Evil

The Schomberg Fair, Gospel

The Schwa, Alibis

The Schwam, Outrun the Sun

The Science Fair, Oddyears

The Scissors, Tijeras

The Scissors, You Can Make It Dangerous

The Scoldees, Nightcap World

The Scorseses, Magnumopus

The Scorseses, Presenting…The Scorseses

The Scott Garcia Band, The Scott Garcia Band

The Scott Silipigni Band, Carriage House Chronicles

The Scott Webster Band, Independent Women

The Scottie K Project, Winter Song

The Scoundrels, Ep1

The Screamin' Yokos, The Screamin' Yokos

The Screaming Karats, The Call

The Screamin` Lords, Long Live Me

The Scrubs, Complete Discography 1999-2003

The Sea Turtles, Head Above Water

The Seamonkees, They`re Alive

The Sean Healen Band, Flood Plain

The Seaons Change, TSC

The Seas, A Separation

The Seas, Head of Snakes

The Season Ticket Holders, Giant Steps

The Seasonal Affair, Home Stretch

The Seasons, Crush

The Seasons, Prison Song

The Seasons, Waiting to Get Lost

The Seatbelts, I Always Have To

The Seattle Castaways, Miniature Horses

The Seattle Castaways, Sixer

The SeaWeedz, Tales of the Strand - Volume 2

The Secondarys, Anywhere but Here

The Secondside, I Am the Truth

The Secret Identities, Open Me Up

The Secret Life, Chasing Fire

The Secret Samurai, A Proper Quarrel

The Secret Samurai, Zanshin

The Secret Sons, The Secret Sons

The Secret Stolen, Absent Without Leave

The Secret Tunnels, Y Tunnels

The Secret, Waiting

The Section Quartet, No Electricity Required

The Sedans, Outside of Town

The Seddonists, The Seddonists

The Seduction, Warriors: 1

The Seduction, You Catch Fire

The See, Pretending and Ending

The Seed, Big Outside

The Seed, Sunshine Goodies

The Seeds of Evolution, The Seeds of Evolution

The Seers, Cellophane Eyes

The Seers, The Seers

The Seks, EP 2

The Seldon Plan, Coalizione Del Volere

The Self Report, Are You Watching Closely?

The Self-Depricants, Dreams

The Self-Depricants, Waves

The Self-Proclaimed Rockstars, I Am the Walrus

The Selfish Gene, The Grand Masquerade

The Selfless Season, The Selfless Season

the selfsame, in the neat handwriting of the illiterate

The Semis, Decapitator Blues

The Sensationalists, Thick As Thieves

The Sense Divide, S/T

The Senticsphere, 2008

The Senticsphere, Change

The Senticsphere, Day One

The Senticsphere, Waking the Sun

The Sentinels, Dynamic Ribbon Device

The Sentinels, Music Of The Pleistocene

The Separation State, Deep Dark (a Hobbit Song)

The Septic Psychos, Not Racist, Just Bald

The Septic Psychos, Two Wrongs Make A Riot

The Seraphim Rising, Life in Suspension

The Service Industry, Ranch Is The New French

The Sessh, Anodyne

The Set, Loretta

The Setback, Shoulda Stayed in Sports

The Setback, Stars Don't Talk

The Seth Chaplas, Rock!

The Settlers, Things Have Changed

The Setups, Winter - EP

The Seventh Ring of Saturn, Ormythology

The Seventh Season, Fall Within

The Sevilles, The Sevilles

The Sex Panthers, EP

The Sex Zombies, Infant Free Dumpster

The Sexual Outlaws, On Your To Do List (Demo)

The Sexual Outlaws, Roslyn (Demo)

The Sexual Outlaws, Xes (Demo)

The Sexy Accident, Mantoloking

The Sexy Bananas, Organic Pesticides

The Shabelles, Breaking up with the Shabelles

The Shack Band, America

The Shack Band, Born & Raised

The Shades of Gray, To Be Determined

The Shades, 4 More Years!

The Shadow Darner Opus, Pride

The Shadow Kabinet, Arsenal Song (North London Calling)

The Shadow Kabinet, Smiling Worlds Apart

The Shadow League, Fly By Night

The Shadow Principle, Golden State

The Shadow Thieves, Translated Silence

The Shadows of Knight, A Knight To Remember

The Shady Janes, Silence and the Sway

The Shaftmen, Gold Mine

The Shaftmen, Paycheque Blues

The Shaggy Dogs, One Runs At Midnight

The Shake Ups, Extra Pulp

The Shake Ups, The Shake Ups in Ponyville

The Shake, Sweet 'n Sour EP

The Shake, The Shake Go Crazy

The Shakedown 8, The Shakedown 8

The Shakedown Combo, Shakin' Down

The Shakers, Good Enough

The Shakers, Oh So Loud

The Shakers, Over and Under

The Shakers, Rescue Team

The Shakes, The Blue Hotel

The Shakes, The Shakes

The Shakin Jamaican, Dubsteppa

The Shakin Jamaican, Yu Bumba (Deep Thoughts About Feelings)

The Shallow End, We Walk Alone

The Shallows, Same Space, Vol.2

The Shambles Band, Dark Side of the Lawn

The Shambles Band, The Shambles

The Shams Band, The Shams Band - EP

The Shanklin Freak Show, Act II - The Light Fantastic

The Shanklins, Kindred Swindles

The Shanks, Esse

The Shantyannes, The Good Sea

The Shark City Beer Guzzlers, A Perfect Day For Banana Sharks

the Sharking, the Sharking

The Sharp and Harkins Band, To Each His Own

The Sharp Chuckies, Rokning Dodar

The Sharp Ease, Going Modern

The Sharpe James, New Waterlands

The Shaun Easton Band, Excuses or Apologies

The Shaves, Let It Go

The Shawn and Hobby Band, The Shawn and Hobby Band

The Shed, Genie

The Shed, The Road

The Shed, Wrecking Ball

The Sheds, Stimulus Package

the Sheepdogs, Trying to Grow

The Sheffield Crew, A Sunny Place for Shady People

The Sheffield Crew, When the Night Falls

The Shell Collector, 2 Is the Beginning of an Army

The Shell Collector, Medusa

The Shell Collector, Now or Nevermore

The Shellycoats, Pleasure Seekers Anonymous

The Sheltering Sky, Opening the Way

The Sheriffs of Nottingham, Have Mercy

The Sherman Family, 1000 Miles

The Shh, The Burning Love EP

The Shift, Thundergoggles

The Shifties, The Shifties

The Shills, Ganymede

The Shills, Keep You Hands Busy, Vol. 2

The Shills, Keep Your Hands Busy, Vol. 1

The Shills, Push

The Shining Lights, Taking The Hill - EP

The Shining, Introducing The Band

The Shining, What It`s All About

The Shiny Lights, The Shiny Lights

The Shirleybyrds, The Shirleybyrds

The Shival Experience, Songs of the Seven Sisters

The Shivering Brigade, Dog Days & Cat Years

The Shivvers, Burnin' Up My Time

The Shiz, Where We Stand

The Shockwave!, Contact from Space

The Shockwaves, The Shockwaves

The Shoe Birds, Southern Gothic

The Shoelaces, The Wild Things

The Shoeless Joes, The Motions EP

The Shoestringers, Monument

The Shondikes, Psychotic Make Out Music

The Shookups, No Lie

The Shoos, Battlescars

The Shorebirds, The Heavy Hands of Hunters

The Short Films, The Moon

The Shotgun Message, Illusions of Grandeur

The Shotz, Going Down Dirty

The Shout, Evil Surf

The Shout, Identity crisis

The Shout, Perfect Life

The Shreds, Still Human

The Shreds, The Shreds

The Shreep, Shreepwalkin`

The Shrike, The Shrike

The Shrimps, Second

The Shrugs, Into the Wild EP

The Shrugs, Til the World Ends

The Shuteye Train, Rock And Roll With...

The Shuttles, In This Valley

The Shuttles, This Storm Won't Stop Us

The Shy & Wild, Knee Deep EP

The Shy Guys, The Shy Guys

The Siam Cats, The Siam Cats

The Sick, Better For Who?...

The Sick, Code of Growth

The Sick, Killing My Hope

The Sick, On The Fence

The Sick, SF Hardcore

The Side Ways, Between a Flood and a Heart Attack

The Sidemen, Der Kommissar

THE SIDEMEN, go too far !

The Sidemen, Senór Moto (Mr. Moto)

The Sidemen, Twistzentrale Live Recordings Vol. 1 - the Sidemen ... Live !

The Sidemen, Volo no. 1062

The Sidetracked Fiasco, Fish Stew

The SideTracked fiasco, The SideTracked fiasco

The Sidewinders, Come and Get It

The Sidney Green Street Band, The Mall Tease Fall Can

The Sigh Company, Dark

The Sigit, Detourn

The Silencio, Upside / Down

The Silent Comedy, Common Faults

The Silent Parade, Undercurrents

The Silent Wire, The Silent Wire

The Silents, Sun A Buzz

The Silo Effect, Treehouse - EP

The Silver Comet, Dead Sea

The Silver Comet, House of Music

The Silver Comet, My Fear of Flying

The Silver Comet, Rock and Soul

The Silver Lining, Well Dressed Blues

The Silver Mask, The Silver Mask EP

The Silver Mirrors, Witching Hour

The Silver Mirrors, Witching Hour (Deluxe Edition) - EP

The Silver Road, American Fairytale

The Silver Shine, Anyhow

The Silver Shine, Homeward Bound

The Silver Shine, Saint or Sinner

The Silver Shine, Same Old Song

The Silver Thread, Bare Wire and Water

The Silver Thread, Eternal Yes/ Manic Garden/ Ghosting

The Silver Thread, in the Deepwater Midnite

The Silver Thread, the Scarlet - EP

The Silver Thread, They Travel Outside Their Bodies

The Silver Thread, Twenty One

The Silver Threads, Last Witness

The Silver Threads, The Organ Grinders Dance

The Silverado Pickups, Wine Country Cowboy

The Silverhart, All This Time

The Silvermen, Attack!

The Sim Redmond Band, Room In These Skies

The Simma Downs, Beautiful Scars

The Simple Pleasure, are you ready for...

The Simple Teller, The Simple Teller EP

The Simple Things, President Foushee

The Simpson Band, The Simpson Band

The Sin & Tonics, Begin the Sin

The Sin & Tonics, Happy Hour

The Sindicate, Sleepwalker

The Sindicate, The Sindicate EP

The Singing Company, The Mercy Seat Sessions

The Singing Dog Trio, The Hey Song (Dogs Singing) - Single

The Singing Pinguins, Acapella Blue

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