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"Ace" "Ace" feat., 探偵 a宮寺三郎 aKind of Bluea aaaaaaaaaaaaa/Detective Jinguji Saburo "Kind of Blue" Original SoundTracks

"Bugs" Bower, Big Band Blues

"G" Reggie-Reg, Karz/Monte` Music Presents Trax Without A Melody Featuring "G" Reggie-Reg

...and the Lawyers, What Would Black Michael Jackson Do?

1-2-3 Sparks Jones Totusek, Go

1/4 to Four, Night Owl

12 Gage Blevins, Wonder Why

12-O-Clock, Single One

1224 Project, What Happened to the Foot


16-17, Gyatso

1920s Music Firm, Royalty Free 1920s Music, Vol. 2 (Special Edition)

1920S Music Firm, Royalty Free Roaring 1920S Music, Vol. 1 Special Edition (100 Tracks)

1:00AM Project, Post

1:00AM Project, Reconstruction

2 Good To Go, City Life

2 Good to Go, Flying High

2 Good to Go, G.P.S.

2 Good to Go, Midnight Groove

2 Good to Go, Misty

2 Good to Go, Paradise

2 Good to Go, Rainbow

21/3, 21/3, A Question of Time

21/3, In the Nick of Time

21/3, No Time Like The Present

2AZZ1, Driven

2azz1, Love Is Ageless (Big Band Version)

2azz1, Q'd Up (Big Band Version)

2AZZ1, REaDy

2Bit Trio, Ode to Stupid

2for6, Happy Birthday Song

2nd Planet, Beyond the Surface

2nd Planet, The Next Level

2nz, Something To Look Forward To

2tone, Duets

2tone, Never Turn Back

2unes, Straight At You

3 AM Groove, 3 AM Groove

3 AM Groove, After Midnight

3 AM Groove, Beat the Clock

3 AM Groove, Drifting Away

3 AM Groove, Just Dreamin'

3 AM Groove, Kool Kats

3 AM Groove, Rain Dance

3 AM Groove, Tin Can Jam

3 Cent Stamp, 3 Cent Stamp

3 Central, A Feelin` Inside

3 much fun, 3 much fun

3 O` Clock Shadow, Music After Midnight

3 Quarter View, 3 Quarter View

3 Trails West, Minor Whorl

3 Trails West, The Whorl Tooth Sharks of Idaho

3 Tree, Self-Titled

35 Days In May, Bobo Bazinsky In The Bronx

35 Days In May, Tales and Destinations

35 Days In May, The Einstein Concert

3am (3rd Angels Message), It`s Later Than You Think

3g, The Essence of Love

3rd Coast String Quartet, 3rd Coast String Quartet

3rd Man, 3rd Man

3rd Man, Freed Men

3rd Sun, The Journey

4 Friends, 4 Friends

496 West, 496 West

496 West, Auxiliary Lane

4FJ Four For Jesus, Una Luz

4sure, Freedom of Speech

4wordjazz, Mister Friends & Magic Strangers

5 Esquinas, Tamarindo

6-4 Ed, Remembering Ed

650 Connection, Midnight Strut

6th Edition, It`s About Time

6th Street Quaternion, Summer Nights

7 Facets, Believe (Far Northern Music)

7crossing, Relentless

??"Ace"?? ? Data East Sound Team, Jinguji Song Chronicle Vol.1

A Fine Line, Conversations, Vol. 1

A Guy Named Joe Leavy, Find a Way to Love

A J A, A J A

A little space, A little space

A Little Space, A Space Of My Own

A little space, Box Of Love

A Point Of View, Our Message

A Ray Fuller, The Weeper

A Sign Of The Times, Ascension

A Sondheim Jazz Project, City of Strangers

A to Z, Uncertain Times

A to Zink, Triology

A. Gregory Harris, Christmas In New York City

A. Porter Jr., Simply Artie

A.H. Radcliff, In This Place

A.M Ferrari Fradejas, Hostile Land

Aaron Alexander Sextet, Blues For Sparky

Aaron Aranita, Don`t Stop the Feeling

Aaron Aranita, One Day

Aaron Benson, After the Rush 2011 - Remastered - Exclusive Bonus track

Aaron Bing, Secret Place

Aaron Kerr's Dissonant Creatures, Scorpio Rising: Live at the Picador

Aaron Koppel Quartet, Multiverse

Aaron Koppel Quartet, The Wild Call of the Multi-Tasker

Aaron Lebos, Jazzilla

Aaron Lington Quintet, Cape Breton

Aaron Luka, Dixieland Favorites

Aaron Michael, Aaron Michael

Aaron Myers, Stand Right

Aaron Neville, Theresa Anderson & Carlo Nuccio, Glory Bound

Aaron Neville, Theresa Anderson & Carlo Nuccio, Who Dat 2010/Glory Bound Extended Play (edited)

Aaron Northern, Hypnotic Nights The Chill Lounge

Aaron Rhines & The Groove Unit, Be Easy

Aaron Robinson, They All Played Ragtime

Aaron Rohrbacher's the Smooth Side Project, Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Aaron Spiers Group, Rediscovery

Aaron Staebell, Bending and Breaking

Aaron T. Thomas, All You Deserve

Aaron Thomas, Beyond The Hill

Aaron Thomas, I Feel Like

Aaron Thomas, No Substitution

Aaron Thomas, Not the Same

Aaron Walker & Spiritual Rhythms, Aaron Walker and Spiritual Rhythms

Ab Baars Trio & NY Guests, Invisible Blow

Ab Baars, Ig Henneman & Misha Mengelberg, Sliptong

AB+, AB+

AB+, And So I . . .

AB+, At Last

AB+, My World

AB+, Solitude

Abbey Lincoln, Abbey Lincoln: Golden Lady

Abbey Rader West Coast Quartet, First Gathering

Abbey Rader, Live at PAX

Abbey Rader, Reach for the Skies

Abby Burke featuring The Manly Band, Finally ! the album

Abby's Agenda, That Was Then

Abdoulaye N Diaye, Dakar By Night

Abe Silverman Big Band, Dream Theme

Abe White And Diane Cameron, Home For The Holidays

Abebi Stafford and Bayorhythm, Luminous Flux

Abel Baez, Good Times

Abigail Riccards, Every Little Star

Abigail Rockwell, Union Station

Abner Burnett, Sal Si Puedes

Abou Sylla, Just in Time

Abstract Truth & G Lawrence Francis & Friends, I'll Bring You Flowers (Everyday).......

Abstract Truth & G Lawrence, Shadows from the Sun

Abstract Truth, Victory (feat. G Lawrence)

Abstract With G. Lawrence Francis, A Weekend In Paradise

Abstract With G. Lawrence Francis, Just Chillin

Abstrakt Collision, In The Meantime Of tomorrow...

Abu, Demonstration

Ace Livingston, The Ace Livingston Project

Achilles Kallergis, Nevma

Achim, Colors Of Fall

Achim, The Road

Acid Folk Five, Dragon's Bride

Acid Fusion, Quatro

Acid Jazz, Acid Jazz

Acme Jazz Company, Acme Jazz Company

Acousphere, All the Things You Are

Acousphere, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Acousphere, Gift of Christmas

Acousphere, Go Go Girl (Acousphere Works 99-06)

Acousphere, Gokigen (I Feel Fine)

Acousphere, One Nite Stand

Acoustic Jazz Quartet, Organic

Acoustic Sound Organization, Don't Know Why

Acoustic Sound Organization, The Girl From Ipanema

AcoustiCon, Journey to Damascus

Across 7 Street, Made in New York

Ada de Luque, Warm Summer Night Dreams

Adam Cohen, Ritual

Adam Benjamin, It`s a Standard, Standard, Standard, Standard World

Adam Birnbaum Trio, Brandyn

Adam Bodine Trio, Tenacerocity

Adam Czerepinski Sextet, Dimensions

Adam Czerwinski and Darek Oleszkiewicz, RainDance

Adam De Lucia's Tektonics, EP

Adam De Lucia's Tektonics, EP (Deluxe Version)

Adam Falcon, i, too, am COLORED, in black and white

Adam Flint, Montreux Breeze

Adam Flint, Smoke and Perfume

Adam Hall & The Velvet Playboys, When It's Party-Time Down South

Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys, It's You, It's Me

Adam Hall, When It's Partytime Down South (feat. The Velvet Playboys, Richard Jackson & Rick Smith)

Adam Harth, Formidable Cirumstannces

Adam Hutchins Quintet featuring Janet Galloway, When The Rain Comes Down

Adam Ironside, Shawn

Adam Jackson, I`m Glad There Is You

Adam Larson Quintet, Overdue Ovation

Adam Lean & The Funky Master Blasters, Funk My Mojo

Adam Levy, Buttermilk Channel

Adam Makowicz, Adam Makowicz Plays Duke Ellington

Adam Makowicz, FROM MY FIELD

Adam Maslowski, F-Hole in Outer Space

Adam Moore, Swung By Seraphim - EP

Adam Nitti, Adam Nitti & Liquid Blue

Adam Nitti, Balance

Adam Page Solo, ... No Relation to Han

Adam Shulman, On Second Thought

Adam Smale, Fun City

Adam Swanson & Danny Coots, Hum All Your Troubles Away

Adam Swanson, Chestnut Street in the `90s

Adam Swanson, On a Circular Staircase

Adam Swanson, Rare & Rip-Roarin' Rags of 1912

Adam Swanson, Sunshine from the Fingers

Adam Unsworth, Excerpt This!

Adam Yahre, Out There

Adam Zuniga, Echoes and Light

Adamink, Sensation

Adams Township, Foxcroft

Adams Township, Soundtrip

Adamsjazz, Smooth Jazz Party

Addie Wise, The Way You Look Tonight

Adele Zane, A Stranger in Town

Adele Zane, Each Time

Adele Zane, So Blue

Aderbal Duarte, Bossa Nova em Fa

Aderbal Duarte, Bossa Nova: Toque com Bossa Nova, Brazilian Guitar Music

Adi Braun, Canadian Scenes I

Adi Braun, The Rules of the Game

Adia Ledbetter, Adia First Take

Adia Ledbetter, Take 2: Rendezvous With Yesterdays

ADJ, Atmospherica

ADJ, Eightfold

adj, Extempore

Adj, Glimpse

Adj, Hydrogen Fusion

Adj, Nothing To See Here

Adj, The Seven Seas

Adlai Alexander, Adlai Alexander

Adonis McReynolds, Jazz Me Up

Adrian Bal, Chill With Me

Adrian Bal, Dance and Dream With Me

Adrian Bal, Los Angeles

Adrian Bal, Reminisce With Me

Adrian Bal, Sing With Me

Adrian Bal, Spend The Holidays With Me

Adrian Bal, Travel With Me

Adrian Conington, Feel

Adrian Conington, Sacred Roots

Adrian Conington, Solsonata

Adrian Crutchfield, Private Party

Adrian Hollay, Music for Theatre and Film

Adrian Perry, Life in Slow Motion

Adrian Rose, Nothing But Pearls

Adrian Sicam & Mark Shilansky, Particles of Change

Adriana Kwicinski, Day By Day

Adriano Brunelli, Art of B(r)ass

Adrien Re, Groove Research

Adrienne Hindmarsh, Blue Skies

Adya, Song for You

Aella, Aella

Aerial Display, Icons in Space

Aerial, Across the Universe

Afishnamedmo, New Shoes

African American Music Festivals, African American Music Festivals, 1938-1943 - Ragtime, Speeches and Ballads Audio CD

Afro Bop Alliance, Camino Nuevo

AfroMantra, Uplifting Spirit

After Four, An After Four Christmas

After Midnight, Apple Honey

After Midnight, Autumn Leaves

After Midnight, Beginning to See the Light

After Midnight, Hit That Jive, Jack

After Midnight, Live at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

After Midnight, Midnight in Madison

After Midnight, Opus 1/2

After Touch Band, After Touch Then And Now

Afzelia Project, Portraits

AG Weinberger, Singular

Agata Pisko & Werner Radzik, Polish Touch

Agboola Shadare, Dream Dawn

Age Kat, Age

Aggerbæk, My Oh My

Agnieszka Iwanska, All That I Am

Ague, Chapel Perilous

Ahmad Jamal, Ahmad Jamal with the Assai Quartet

Ahmad Johnson, 10:52

Ahmad Johnson, Asylum

Ahmad Johnson, Songs for the Evening

Ahmad Mansour, Free Speech

Ahmad Mansour, Nightlight

Ahmad Mansour, Public Domain

Ailsa McCreary, When Evening Is Nigh

Aimée Allen, Le Vent

Aimee Allen, Dream

Aimee Allen, l`Inexplicable

Aimee Nolte, Up Til Now

Aimee Petra, Too Much Fun

Aimée Butcher, The World Is Alright

Aimtoronto Orchestra, Year of the Boar

Aina Franklinos, Live Life to the Full

Ainike, Ainike

Ainsley Harris, Blue Journey

Airborne, Across the Sky

Airborne, Back In The Dayz - Airborne Anthology

Airborne, Every Year at Christmas Time

Airborne, Heavy Vibes

Airborne, Lifetones

Airborne, New Horizons

Airborne, Sunshower

Airborne, Take Off

Airborne, Turbulence

Airborne, Winds Of Change

Aisha Kahlil, Journey to My-Ka

Aishia, Aishia Sings Jazz

AJ Palmer, Forever

aj, aj

AJ, Joy Ride + One

Aja West and Cheeba, Flash and Snowball

Akasha Jam, Akasha Jam

Akashic Jazz, Fire Dance

Akbar Muhammad, Musician With A Day Job

Akeem Headley, The King Is Born

Akihiro Yamamoto, the Archi-tet

Akiko Pavolka, Bridge

Akiko Tsuruga, Harlem Dreams

Akiko Tsuruga, Sweet and Funky

Akiko Tsuruga, Sweet and Funky (Japanese Version)

Akimbo/Lars, Esperando

Akinori Hattori, Blooming

Akira Minakawa, My Jolly Days

Akua Allrich, A Peace of Mine

Akua Allrich, a Peace of Mine

Akua Allrich, Soul Singer

Akua Allrich, Uniquely Standard, Akua Allrich Live!

Al Ashley, These Are Them

Al Basile, Swing N' Strings

Al Blatter Trio, Dumont 18

Al Blatter, The CERN Concert

Al Boulton Band, Dancing in the Sunshine

Al Caldwell, 9 string HUMAN BEING

AL Caldwell, Bass for Lovers

AL Caldwell, Forbidden

Al Cohen & Marty Osterer, Cosmic Lounge

Al Cohen With Friends, Citizen 415

Al Cohen with Friends, Cosmic Jam

Al Cohen With Friends, Cosmic Journey

Al Cohen With Friends, Red Moon Rising

Al Cornell, Summer Days

Al Daniels, Life in the Balance

Al Daniels, Themes In Search Of A Movie

Al DeGregoris, All in Good Time

Al Degregoris, Times and Travels

Al Duvall, Hey Rube

Al Garcia, Alternate Realities

Al Garcia, Make It So

Al Gomez, Casa Groove

Al Goodah, Let's Do It

Al Haig, Al Haig Plays the Music of Jerome Kern

Al Hammerman, I Got a Song

Al Hirt, Sounds of New Orleans: The Best of Swinging Dixie

Al Homicz, Time Well Spent

Al McKenzie, A Reason to be

Al Mckenzie, Is It Love


Al Molina, The Gift

Al Monte, E Minor Soup

Al Reifert, Traffic Jam Session

Al Smith, Cruisin

Al Stevens, Alone Together

Al Turner, It`s Good To Have Friends

Al Turner, Simply Amazing

AL Williams, Never Too Late

Al Williams, See For Yourself

Al Wylie, Al`s Pals

Al Zaid, The Nearness of Love

Al, Al My Pal, The Little Things

Alaafia, The New Moon

Alain Bradette, State Of Mind

Alain Guyonnet, Le Jecc

Alain Guyonnet, Métisagesse

Alan Adams, Fuel

Alan Adams, Testament

Alan Almuzart Green, Res Ipsa Loquitor: The Thing Speaks for Itself

Alan and Lita Blake, I Will Be There for U

Alan and Lita Blake, You`re The One For Me

Alan Applegate, People

Alan B, Three In Me (Father,Son,Spirit)

Alan Barcus, Don`t I Know

Alan Baylock Jazz Orchestra & Doc Severinsen, Prime Time

Alan Boone, Alan Boone

Alan Burroughs, Chicago Life

Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra, Rancho Calaveras

Alan Darcy, Fearless

Alan Darcy, Holiday Jam

Alan Darcy, Originale

Alan Eicher, Pyramids

Alan Gaumer, One to Go

Alan Goldstein, Bass Sketches

Alan Hartwell Big Band featuring COZY COLE and SAVINA, Big Band Jazz and Gentle Jazz Vocals

Alan Hewitt, High Fidelity

Alan Hood, Just A Little Taste

Alan Hsiao, Is She...?

Alan Ichiyasu, Fragments

Alan Ichiyasu, Pull

Alan Jones Sextet, Storyline

Alan Jones Sextet, The Leroy Vinnegar Suite

Alan Jones Sextet, Unsafe

Alan Jones, Spirits

Alan King, Something More

Alan King, The Experiment

Alan Leatherman, Detour Ahead

Alan O.W. Barnes, Gestures

Alan Simon, The Present

Alan Sonny Segars, Tranecendental Meditations

Alan Stine, Smooth Hymns

Alan Storeygard, Church Jazz

Alan Weisman, Liminality

Alan Western, Singin` and Swingin`

Alan Yott, Every Man's A Beggar

Alaska`s Kit and the Kaboodles, Diamond in the Rough

Albert Calvo, Pass It On

Albert Calvo, Second Thoughts

Albert Mair, Wiener Standards

Albert Panagiotopoulos, Albert -Visionary World

Albert Rivera, Back At It

Albert Van Veenendaal & Rutger Van Otterloo, No Trace

Alberto Manuzzi, Through My Hands

Alberto Perez, Noches Romanticas en La Palapa

Alberto Rabagliati, Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina

Alcibiades Jones, Freedom in the Cave

Alcibiades Jones, Refraction Mirage

Aldemar Valentin, Ficciones

Alden Tokuzato, Alden Tokuzato

Aldo Salvent, Da Capo

Aldo, Hidden Paradise

Aleah Long, En Full Circle - A Shamanic Journey

Alec Berlin, Crossing Paths

Alec Haavik, Rocks

Alec Wall, Up And Down

Aled Thomas Trio, Baggage Holiday

Aled Thomas Trio, We Should Be There By Now

Alejandro Calle, Try Love

Alejandro Vaquerizo, Graffiti

Aleks Di Roma, Horizon Of Harmony

Aleks Palmour, To Home Harbour

Alencar Júnior, Aerolândia Funk Project

Alessa, Alessa Brazilian Mood

Alessa, Alessa Rio Inspired

Alessandro Benvenuti, Sonic Design

Alessandro Bertozzi, Big City Dreamer

Alessandro Bertozzi, Talkin` back

Alessandro Bottura, Morning Grooves Special Digital Edition

Alessandro Bottura, Spaccacuore

Alessandro Ferroni, Wild Flowers

Alessandro Gandola, Ciao My Dear Friend

Alessandro Grassi, Take Me With You

Alessandro Longega, Another Life

Alessandro Longega, One More, Sooner

Aletal, But It's True (feat. Al Craig & Hannah Riches)

Aletha Nowitzky, Annunciation

Aletha Nowitzky, Make It Green!

Alex Alexeev, Tales

Alex Allen, Covered

Alex Baum, Internationally Obscure

Alex Bershadsky, Anonymous

Alex Bershadsky, Junk

Alex Carpani, The Night Express

Alex Cima, Heartrise

Alex Clements, Emily`s Song

Alex Clements, Suite No. 3 The Cycle of Life

Alex Domschot, Army of Me

Alex Domschot, Venusian Commute

Alex Frontera, Moving Again (feat. Angela Frontera)

Alex Gordon and Ginny B, Alex Gordon and Ginny B

Alex Gordon and Ginny B, Cherokee

Alex Guilbert Trio, Bard Songs

Alex Iberer, A Collection of Songs

Alex Iberer, Alex Iberer Electric Cello Quartet "Live" In einem Österreichichen Gasthof

Alex Iberer, Birth of the New Thing

Alex Iberer, Halo Planets

Alex Iberer, Modus Novus

Alex Iberer, Moonlight in Stockholm

Alex Iberer, Planet Earth 2100

Alex Iberer, The Island of Iberer

Alex Iberer, The Winter Palace

Alex Iberer, Zodiac

Alex Levin Trio, Night and Distance

Alex Manuputty, The One

Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats, Christmas Gift

Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats, Live in Montreal

Alex Pangman, Breathe In

Alex Pangman, Can`t Stop Me From Dreaming

Alex Pangman, They Say

Alex Saba & Beto Frega, A&B Duo Live With Guilherme Brício

Alex Skolnick Trio, Goodbye To Romance: Standards For A New Generation

Alex Smith, So Good

Alex Toth and the Lazybirds, Birdhead

Alex Walker, Alex Walker

Alex Wan, Alex Wan's Dream Orchestra

Alex Weiss, Beautiful Melody

Alex's Passage, West of the Moon

Alexander Abreu, Las Verdades Hablan

Alexander Boynton Jr., Doo Bee Doo Bop

Alexander Ehrenreich, Into New Life

Alexander Ehrenreich, Jazzmetalex - Experiences

Alexander Ehrenreich, N.Y.C. Funk Station

Alexander Firsoff, Amangul'da

Alexander Iberer, 2012 The Mayan Prophecy

Alexander Iberer, A Color Suite

Alexander Iberer, Autumn Leaves

Alexander Iberer, Cool Jazzcello Street Jam

Alexander Iberer, Four Seasons

Alexander Iberer, Härjedalen

Alexander Iberer, In the Slot

Alexander Iberer, Majuba

Alexander Iberer, Polar Station Zebra

Alexander Iberer, Ratatouille Fiction

Alexander Iberer, Ratatouille vs Kung Fu Panda

Alexander Iberer, Romantic Ballads

Alexander Iberer, Romantic Ballads 2

Alexander Iberer, S.S.S.F 84 Bpm

Alexander Iberer, Samadhi

Alexander Iberer, Starzingers Requiem

Alexander Iberer, Studio 64 Limhamn Funk

Alexander Iberer, Summer Ballads a´la Songbird

Alexander Iberer, Summerballads a´la Songbird 2

Alexander Iberer, The Island of Iberer II

Alexander Iberer, The Twins of Peaks

Alexander Iberer, This is Da Cellodrum!

Alexander McCabe, The Round

Alexander Sakurov, Cosmogony

Alexander Tovar, Show Business (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Alexander Tsfasman, Jazz

Alexander Zoltan, Marvellous Contraption

Alexander, Something Like Jazz

Alexandra Kaprielian, Born Too Late

Alexandre Silva, Unconditional Love

Alexandre Silverio, Mágoas De Fagote

Alexandre Thollon, Opus 4

Alexandre Thollon, Unleashed (Play Along)

Alexei Zoubov, Rejuvenation Project

Alexey Kharchenko, Transparent Love

Alexey Lapin and Yury Yaremchuk, Anatomy of Sound

Alexia Gardner and Offbeat Trio, Chasing Hope

Alexia Gardner, A Little Closer: Live At the Birds Eye Jazz Club

Alexia Gardner, Jammin` Alexia Gardner Live in Shanghai

Alexia Gardner, The Rest Of Your Life

Alexia Vassiliou & Peter Massink, Birds Have to Fly

Alexis Bosch, Cuban Jazz journey

Alexis Cole and Harry Pickens, Very Early

Alexis Cole, Nearer the Sun

Alexis Cole, Zingaro

Alexis Parsons & Connie Crothers, Hippin'

Alexis Parsons, Alexis Parsons

Alexis S., Glossy Lights

Alexys Sweeney, Finding Shane

Alfie Capers, Romantic Mood

Alfie Pollitt, Alfie

Alfonso Baskin, Identité

Alfonso Gugliucci, Through Distances

Alfonso West, Night Sands

Alfred Shorter Jr, Just Between Friends

Alfred Vogel & Lucas Dietrich, Vogelperspektive, Vol. 3: Le Noir (feat. Simon Frick & Lucas Dietrich)


Alfredo Leon, You`re The Love Of My Life

Algar Pool, Apothecarium (Original Soundtrack)

Algar Pool, Sister's Secrecy (Original Soundtrack)

Algar Pool, Swan (Original Soundtrack)

Algar Pool, Voodoo Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)

Ali Abdul Majeed, Respectfully Yours

Ali Bey, My Finest Hour

Ali M., Rio

Ali Neander, Ali Neander (feat. Hellmut Hattler)

Ali Ramsaier, Ish Kabibble

Alice & Björn, Swinging With the Boys

Alice Altink & Han Hesselink, Heel Je Hart

Alice Altink, The Gift

Alice Parris, Mon Melange

Alice Ricciardi, Optics

Alice Tatum, Piano

Alice Turner, Journey of Faith

Aliceleonz, Sweet Christmas

Alicia Bay Laurel, What Living`s All About

Alicia Davis, Come Rain Or Come Shine

Alicia Varcoe, Since I Fell for You

Alicia Wrigley-Gailey, Diamonds, Orchids and Blues

Alicia Wrigley-Gailey, No, No, No (Only Always)

Alicia Wrigley-Gailey, So Late, So Early

Alicia Wrigley-Gailey, Volunteer Bucket Brigade

Alien Music Club, The Green Album (Phase 2)

Alika Lyman Group, Leis of Jazz, Vol. 2

Aline Frazão, Movimento

Alisa Dishong, To Hear the Angels Sing

Alisha's Quartet, Along for the Ride

Alison Crockett, That`s Where You Go

Alison Dance, Sometime Ago

Alison Keslow, Between Earth And Sky

Alison Lund, Except Sometimes

Alison Marae, My Heart Can't Take It

Alison Welles, Expect Me

Alison-Naomi, Amazing Love

Alissa Sanders, Beginning

Alive!, Always Alive!

Alix St. Felix, Princess Alixandrea

Aljosa Jeric, The Venice Session

All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns

All-For-7, All-For-7

All-Star SUPERband, Live At the Miramar

All-Star SUPERband, Live At Wong`s

Allan and Friends, Tick Tock

Allan Harrington, Elephant in the Room

Allan Harrington, This Dream

Allan Harris, Love Came, the Songs of Strayhorn

Allan Harris, Setting the Standard

Allan Phillips, Ehtnic Alchemy 1/soundtrack To PBS Show Grannies On Safary

Allegra Levy And Elden Kelly, A New Face

Allegretti Friedlander Malaby, Stoddard Place

Allen Houser Sextet (ARS006), Stolen Moments

Allen Houser Sextet, Looking Back (ARS004)

Allen Houser Sextet, No Samba ARS 001

Allen Houser Sextet, The Allen Houser Sextet Live at the One Step Down (ARS005)

Allen Houser Sextet, Washington Jazz Ensemble ARS 002

Allen Toussaint`s Jazzity Project, Going Places

Allen Weber, Hot Shock

Allie Webb, A Lark

Allira Wilson, Rise and Fall

Allison Cornell, Snow

Allison Lovejoy, Cabaret Nouveau

Allistair Elliott, Urban Nights

Ally Kemp, Castles in the Sky

Ally Kemp, Cold Cold Heart

Ally Kemp, Expectations

Ally Kemp, I Fell Down

Ally Kemp, Jazz Noël

Ally Kemp, Reach for the Universe

Ally Kemp, Three Sheets a-Sailing

Allyn Johnson & Divine Order, Divine Order

Alma Micic, Sweet Child of Mine

Alma Sanbé, Something Personal

ALMS Trio, Advocates

Along Came Betty, Brad Mehldau`s Monogrammed Guest Towels

Alonzo Louis Plough, Whisper Not

Alonzo Wright, Menage a Trey

Alper Y?lmaz, Over the Clouds

Alper Yilmaz, Clashes

Alper Yilmaz, Over the Clouds

Alphonse Mouzon, Absolute Greatest Love Songs & Ballads

Alphonse Mouzon, Angel Face

Alphonse Mouzon, As You Wish

Alphonse Mouzon, Back To Jazz

Alphonse Mouzon, Early Spring

Alphonse Mouzon, Jazz In Bel-Air

Alphonse Mouzon, On Top of the World

Alphonse Mouzon, The Survivor

Alphonso Thomas, While We Still Can

Alpine Skiing at the 1952 Winter Olympics, Honey From A Bee (feat. Toni Moore and Jinx Titanic)

Alter Ego-incognito, Obama

Alter Ego-Incognito, You Ant Seen Nothing Yet

Altered, Angular

Altered, Graphic

Althea Rene, Chocolate Rush

Althea Rene, Flute Talk

Alto Reed, Cool Breeze

Alton Fitzgerald White, Disney My Way

Alton Silverson, Sr., Smooth Funky Kybd`s. Jazz

Aluizio Veras, O Portal

Alva Sanders, Passion Promises & Pain, Vol. I G TRU

Alva Sanders, Passion, Promises & Pain, Vol. III

Alva Sanders, Passion, Promises & Pain, Vol. IV Unspoken

Alvenson Moore, Tell Me Now Tell Me How

Alvin Atkinson Jr and The Sound Merchants, The Sound Merchants

Alvin Clayton Pope, Rise of the Phoenix

Alvin Clayton Pope, Rise of the Phoenix

Alvin Clayton Pope, Soul of Man

Alvin Davis, Commotion

Alvin Fielder & Ike Levin, Together Again

Alvin Fisher, Absoflutely

Alvin Fisher, La La (means I Love You)

Alvin Smith, Just Enjoy It

Alvin Smith, Smoove Groove

Alvin Terry, Common Denominator

Alycia Vince, Live at the Carriage House

Alyssa Allgood, Lady Bird

Alyssa Schwary, Another Chance

Amadhia, Not Quite Human

Aman Cowell, Joel Cowell Jr. & Dominique Cowell, Khemia Arts Mellow Jazz Preview

Amanda Baisinger, Short Songs (EP)

Amanda Carr, Carr Toons

Amanda Carr, LIVE: in SAN GIORGIO

Amanda Carr, Soon

Amanda Carr, Tender Trap

Amanda Donahoe, Santa Baby

Amanda Elliott, Kissed By A Dove

Amanda Kay, Administer the Medicine

Amanda Martinez, Amor

amanda monaco 4, amanda monaco 4

Amanda Tiffin, A Woman Like Me

Amandah Jantzen, Besame Mucho

Amandah Jantzen, Secret Love

Amandah Jantzen, Some Other Time

Amandah Jantzen, Summertime

Amanyia, Beautiful Man

Amber Weekes, `Round Midnight

Amber Whitlock, The Colours Of Life

Ambience, The Second Set

Ambient, The Basement

Amel Rodriguez, Malagua

Amereida, Streets

American Jazz Quintet, In the Beginning

Amethyst Rose, Amethyst Rose

Ami Nakazono, December

Ami, Cozy

Amiena, Right Here

Amin EL, The Amin EL Collective

Amina Bennett, Witness

Amina Claudine Myers, Augmented Variations

Amir Na`il, Reality

Amit Chaudhuri, This Is Not Fusion

Amitie, Voyage d'amour

Amizade, Vision of Love

Amos Hopkins, Times To Remember

AMPHIS-BAENA, fleeting

Amritakripa, Dancing Lotus

Amstel Big Band, Out of Universe

Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra, Finding the Way

Amy Baker, In and Out of Love

Amy Banks, In The Spirit

Amy Banks, When the Sun Comes Out

Amy Barlow Liberatore, Jazz Baby Hits Her Stride

Amy Cervini Quartet, Famous Blue

Amy Drinkwater, With All My Heart...a journey to the soul

Amy Duncan and Brass Tacks, My Joy

Amy Gruszewski, High Standards

Amy Hancock, Love Affair

Amy Jill & Bradley Williams, Snow Snow Snow Snow

Amy K Bormet, Striking

Amy Krebs, Winter Wonderland

Amy Lee, Inside The Outside

Amy Lee, Use Me

Amy Lowrey, Fallen for You

Amy Yassinger & Shout Section Big Band, Cruisin'

Amy Yassinger, Sometimes I'm Happy

Ana Baiana, Looking for Light

Ana DiNinno, Almost Naked

Ana Gazzola and Sonia Santos, Brasil Brazil 2

Ana Salive, Pequeño Gran Secreto

Ana Velinova & Walter Martella, Softly

Anaïs St. John, Anaïs St. John

Anadrome, Anadrome

Analog Jazz, Christmas Deluxe

Analog Jazz, Timing Is Everything

Analog Method, Night Rider

Analogjazzproject, Analogjazzproject

Anandi, The Song is You

Anandi, True to Love

Anarchestra, . . . Terofourdis . .

anarchestra, 4/04+

anarchestra, Rumor 2001

Anat Fort, Peel

Anders Holst, SoHo Suite

Anders Nilsson`s AORTA, Blood

Anders Nilsson`s AORTA, Janus

Anders/Jens Johansson, Allan Holdsworth, Heavy Machinery

Andius Jent, Andius

Andrae Murchison, Morning Time

Andrae Murchison, Where Me Come From

Andra© Kunz, Acoustic Tales

Andra© van Rensburg, concrete

André Vasconcellos, Observatorio

Andréa Blaze, En attendant l'hiver

Andréa Wood, Dhyana

Andre Anthony, The Gentleman

Andre Avelino, Aliento De Vida (Breath of Life)

Andre Bennett, Rite Of Way

Andre Berry, Gratitude

Andre Berry, Reach the Light

Andre Bush, Start From Silence

Andre Canniere, As Of Yet

Andre Delano, Full Circle

Andre Donawa, A Dolphin`s Dream

Andre Hayward, Dre's Blues

Andre Hayward, Peace Offering

Andre Hayward, Serene Intentions

Andre Hoxter, Infinity

Andre L Parker, The G!

Andre Louis, A State of Mind

Andre Marins, Internal Dive

Andre Ward, Caution

Andre Woodvine, Citronella

Andre Woodvine, Some Assembly Required

Andrea Baker & Steve Wilkerson, Quietly There: The Music of Johnny Mandel

Andrea Balestra, Painting On Silence

Andrea Balestra, Time Home - EP

Andrea Brachfeld, Remembered Dreams

Andrea Carter, Love Slipped Out The Door

Andrea Grossi, L` Amore...Nelle Varie Forme Di Espressione

Andrea Hopkins and Jonathan Katz, Happy Talk

Andrea Joi, Diary

Andrea Ketcham and Cedric Piromalli, If I Only Had A Brain

Andrea Mann, Photograph

Andrea Pimazzoni, Timeless void

Andrea Razzauti, Painting The Music

Andrea Reichhart & Markus Fleischer, Scandinavian Lights

Andrea Shippy, I Wish You Well

Andrea Superstein, One Night

Andrea Szabo, Crazy He Calls Me

Andrea Terrano, Old school.....newcomers

Andrea Vernier, Love Life - Liebesläufe

Andrea Wittgens, Jingle Bell Postcard

Andrea Wolper, Andrea Wolper

Andrea Zanzottera Quartet, Viaggio Nelle Memorie Disponibili

Andreas Hagiioannu, Far and Wide

Andreas Schwabe, Christmas by the Sea

Andreas Svarc, Chill Out

Andreas Svarc, Excursion

Andrei Burnashev, Absolutely Wonderfull

Andrei Krylov, Jazz for Christmas

Andrei Krylov, Jazz Pictures From Guitar Exhibition

Andreia Mota, Paisagem Invisível

Andres Prado, Live At The Artists` Quarter

Andres Thor, Blik

Andrew Adame, Volume 1

Andrew Akopov, Face Value

Andrew Baham, Introducing..... Andrew Baham

Andrew Bishop, Time and Imaginary Time

Andrew Carney, Playtime

Andrew Conley, Day Dreaming

Andrew Conley, Live In The Studio

Andrew Conley, Lost in Your Eyes

Andrew Conley, Midnight Cruise

Andrew Distel, Stepping Out of a Dream

Andrew Fazackerley, The Path

Andrew Gleibman, Mystical Music

Andrew Godwin, Back to the Roots

Andrew Halchak, Stomp, Grind, And Holler

Andrew Kesler, O Canada (A Cappella)

Andrew Lapp, Piano Impressions II: Ragtime

Andrew Mancilla, The Artist

Andrew Marley, Beginnings

Andrew Neff, Remedy

Andrew Neu, In Clear View

Andrew Neu, Inspire

Andrew Nolte and His Orchestra, Eccentric

Andrew OH, Andrew OH

Andrew OH, Silk

Andrew Smith, Sweet Love

Andrew Vogt, Cats Afoot

Andre` Donawa, Island Funk

Andréa Wood, Kaleidoscope

Andrzej Rejman, Pianissimo

Andy Aitchison Quartet, You Ain't Never

Andy Alonzo, Death and Taxes

Andy B. Free, Free Bird (Tree Extra)

Andy B. Free, Free Spirit

Andy B. Free, My Way or the Free Way

Andy Binder, Two Seasons

Andy Brotherton, Blanket Affections

Andy Brotherton, Bug

Andy Brotherton, I'll Be Going Then

Andy Brown, Trio and Solo

Andy Bruce & The Rigidly Righteous, The Midge

Andy Cooper`s Top 8, Makin` Whoopee

Andy Duinker, Come Dance With Me - EP

Andy Fite, 20 from '10

Andy Fite, 20 Years

Andy Fite, A Temperamental Muse

Andy Fite, Everyone Else Had Been Drinking

Andy Fite, From the 20th of January: Presidential Psychedelia (1961 - 2009)

Andy Fite, Let's Not Even Talk About It

Andy Fite, Life's a Bitch (and I'm Her Guy)

Andy Fite, Luther & Floe: New Songs, 2012

Andy Fite, My ABCs: 26 Songs in English

Andy Fite, Oratorio: the 5th of February, 2003 - Colin Powell at the UN

Andy Fite, Preludes and Holidays

Andy Fite, Song at the End of the World

Andy Fite, The Thing On My Mind

Andy Fite, The Well-Tempered Singer-Songwriter (24 Moods)

Andy G and Tobiak, Get Out At Night

Andy Kowalewski, A New Kind of Zen

Andy Leggett, Shades of Bechet

Andy Leggett, Shades of Bechet # 2

Andy Masters, Trek

Andy Meadows, Never Be the Same

Andy Middleton, The European Quartet Live

Andy Mowatt, It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

Andy Prior, London By Night

Andy Rampulla and Mark DiMarcangelo, Ballads of Love

Andy Rothstein, Wit of the Staircase

Andy Rumble Trio, Bringing Back The Melody

Andy Seniska, Unconscious Flux

Andy Sherwood, Dixieland Clarinet Live

Andy Sherwood, Dixieland Downtown

Andy Sherwood, Jingle Bells

Andy Sherwood, Live at the La Grua Center

Andy Sherwood, While We Danced At the Mardi Gras

Andy Solberg, Headwaters

Andy Stein and Friends, Goin' Places

Andy Sugg, The John Coltrane Project: Andy Sugg Plays Trane

Andy Sugg, TTTenor (feat. Julien Wilson, Jamie Oehlers, Paul Grabowsky, Gary Costello & Andrew Gander)

Andy Suzuki, Andy Suzuki

Andy Suzuki, Blue Perspective

Andy Vance, Just as I Am

Andy Walker, Loving Love

Andy Warr, Silent Night - Single

Andy Warr, Stay (With Me)

Andy Warr, What It Is

Andy Wasserman, Buster Brown's Laura

Andy Woodson, Catalpa

Andy Woodson, Scioto

Ane Marit, So Long

Ane, My Story-Vol. 1

Ange Takats, Infatuation

Angel City Big Band, An Angel City Christmas (feat. Bonnie Bowden)

Angel Spiccia, One Day, All Too Soon

Angel W Diaz, Quarter Century

Angel, Highjacked

Angela a Oliver, Go Go Go

Angela Bofill, I'm On Your Side

Angela Bryant-Brown, In Hymn I Trust

Angela Carole Brown, Baser Instincts

Angela Carole Brown, The Slow Club

Angela Crandall, Shine

Angela DeNiro, Swingin` With Legends

Angela Hayes, Jingle Bells

Angela Hayes, Silent Night

Angela Muro, Marron Glacé

Angela Puxi, Senza Parole

Angela Stribling, Angela Stribling ... Live!

Angela Stribling, Tokyo Sundays

Angela Wang, Love Is...

Angele C Desbois, Singularity

Angelia, Not Just Another Jazz

Angelle Zachery, A Place Called Worship

Angelo Luster, Sunday Mornin'

Angelo Metz, Beijo Teu

Angelo Sax Shaw, Total Praise

Angelo Valori, Gli Anni Del Buio

Angelyna Martinez, Labor Of Love

Angie Doctor and Dan Schumacher, He Said, She Said

Angie King, Swinging & Romancing

Angus Murray and His Big Band, It's A Swing Thing

Angus Murray and His Big Band, Now I know why

Angus, Memoria Del Tempo Passato

Anikina Kate, Spring of Madness

Anissa Caprina, Once Upon a Night in Jakarta

Anita Brandon, Sovereign

Anita Brandon, You Alone Are Worthy to Be Praised

Anita O'Day, One More Christmas

Anita Rose Merando, The Coffee Stories: Musical Memoir from Cold Spring and Beyond

Aniya, Full Circle

Aniya, In Other Words

Anjani, Anjani

Anka Koziel Quartet, Tales of the Forest

Ann Gibson and Frederick Hodges, Hello, Frisco!

Ann M. Wolf, Caught Up in His Love

Ann Maartmann, Reconciliation

Ann Martindale & Richard Busch, Somewhere Cool

Ann Osmond & Dennis Yerry, Optimistic Voices

Ann-Iren Hansen, Ei Som GÃ¥r

Anna Acevedo Lyman, Sway - Quien Sera

Anna Borges & Bill Ward, Receita De Samba

Anna Callahan, It`s Just The Rain

Anna Callahan, My Ideal

Anna Elizabeth Kendrick, In Out of the Rain

Anna Fantastic, 13 the Jazz Song Book

Anna Givens, Anna Givens Live At the State Theatre

Anna Givens, Just Last Year - Part One

Anna Herrero, Nou Mars De Verd

Anna Horton, I`ll Be Seeing You

Anna Lively and her Swing Lively Band, Swingle Bells

Anna Lively, Anna Lively

Anna Lively, It's a Little Bit Funny...

Anna Lyman, It`s Lush

Anna Maria Flechero, Journey Into the Fourteenth Hour (Radio Edit) [Special Edition]

Anna Maria Flechero, Within The Fourteenth Hour

Anna Nyakana, Anna Nyakana

Anna Reynolds, Pilgrim Soul

Anna Rodriguez & Eliseo Lloreda, What We Are

Anna Rodriguez, No Solo Jazz

Anna-Karin Ako Nytell Oldeberg, Z-LÃ¥tar PÃ¥ Svenska Med Bag

Anna-Karin Nytell Oldeberg, I Rörelse

Annabella Fadin, Fresca l'aria

Annalee, Pieces of Christmas

Anndrea Naidu, Land of Freedom

Anne Burnell, Summer Days & Dreamy Nights

Anne Correa, I Meant To

Anne Dueholm and Henrik Kunz Duo, Anne Dueholm and Henrik Kunz Duo

Anne Hartkamp, Momentum

Anne Kerry Ford, Weill

Anne Lampert, Where I Want to Be

Anne Mironchik, Cookin' in the Kitchen

Anne Phillips, Ballet Time

Anne Phillips, Born to be Blue

Anne Phillips, composer, Bending Towards the Light - a Jazz Nativity

Anne Phillips, Gonna Lay My Heart on the Line

Anne Walsh, Go

Anne Walsh, Pretty World

Anne Weerapass, Out of Nowhere

Anneli W, Pusselbitar

Annette A. Aguilar and StringBeans, No Cheap Dates

Annie & the Hedonists, Women Be Wise

Annie Kozuch, Here With You

Annie Kozuch, Mostly Jobim

Annie Ross, To Lady With Love(feat. Bucky Pizzarelli & John Pizzarelli)

Annie Royer, Sous le Ciel de Paris - Under Paris Skies

Annie Sellick, No Greater Thrill

Annie Sellick, Street of Dreams

Annika Esslage, Introducing Triophony (feat. Triophony)

Anonymous Inventions, Apparition

Anonymous Inventions, Lac Qui Parle

Anonymous Inventions, Lighter Than Air

Another Dixie Band, And Now For Something Completely Different

Anth Purdy's Swing Jazz Guitar, It's Swing Time

Anthony "Red" Jackson, Another Place

Anthony Abbatacola, Hello Dolly

Anthony B. Ingram, Strings In The Night

Anthony Belfiglio, First Time Only

Anthony Belfiglio, Project Escape

Anthony Brown`s Asian American Orchestra with Steve Lacy, Monk`s Moods

Anthony Brown`s Asian American Orchestra, Far East Suite

Anthony Cinquini, The Cool Grooves

Anthony Dixon, Up On The Roof

Anthony Fredricks, Find Your Way Back

Anthony Giles, Summation

Anthony James Baker, Acoustic Window

Anthony James Baker, AJBBand Live!

Anthony James Baker, Anthony James Baker

Anthony James Baker, Looking Ahead

Anthony Johnson Sr, I Will Play Hallelujah

Anthony King, Travels of Escobar

Anthony Lee and the Plastic Palm Quartet, Dogshit On My Shoe

Anthony Lee and the Plastic Palm Quartet, The Bug

Anthony Molinaro, Howard Levy, The Molinaro-Levy Project: LIVE

Anthony Panacci, Eclectica Latino

Anthony Plant, The Colour Out of Space

Anthony Pope, With All My Heart

Anthony Rodriguez and Poetology, Harvest Onto The Lord

Anthony Santor/ Ari Diaconis Project, Beyond Human Aid

Anthony Terrezza, Confunktion

Anthony Walker, Love Calling

Anthony, From The Hip

Anthonyshawn, I Bring You Restoration

Antiqua, Delicious

Antoine Bleck, Mes illusions

Antoine Bleck, Un Temps Pour Tout

Antoine Diel and the Misfit Power, On the Corner of Hope and New Orleans

Antoine Fafard, Occultus Tramitis

Antoine Knight, Walk Da Walk

Antoine L Collins, Somewhere Along the Way

Antoinette Montague, Jazz Woman to the Rescue

Antoinette Montague, World Peace in the Key of Jazz

Anton Arnlund, Vart Finns Du

Anton Gorbunov, Bass Magic (feat. Richard Bona)

Anton Harris Quartet, Modern Mythology

Antonality, Midiscape

Antoniette Costa, Ready to Make it Work

Antoniette Costa, We Were Meant To Be

Antonio Adolfo & Carol Saboya, Ao Vivo - Live

Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo and Carol Saboya La E Ca/Here and There

Antonio Allen, Forever and Always

Antonio Allen, Love Songs, Vol. 1

Antonio Allen, The Ultimate Gift

Antonio Fiorucci, Remember Last Month

Antonio Gomez, Aires de Mar

Antonio Gomez, Guitarra de Navidad

Antonio Hodges, A Blue Christmas

Antonio Loureiro, Só

Antonio Mardel, Reverso

Antonio Nasca, swing

Antonio Parker, "Steppin' Out" Live @ HR-57

Antonio Watson, Glottis Serenade (feat. Arlene Bonwell)

Antonius Banks, A Thoughtful Christmas

Antonius, Antonius Live

Antwione B., MMP: The Ministry, The Music, The Prophecy

Anujazz, Anujazz

Anya Malkiel, From the Heart

Anya Singleton, Not Easy To Forget

AO, Grow Wild

Aoki Hunsinger Jarman, TRIO

Aperture Trio, Sculpin

Apostle Thurston A. Hill, Doche

Apothecary, Apothecary

Apothecary, That's What You Get for Talking

April Barrows, All You Need Is The Girl

April Barrows, My Dream is You

April Hall, Fun Out of Life

April Hall, Room for Two

Ara Malikian, Christmas Mood

Aragorn & Olivia, Silent Night

Archie "Ajay" Jackson, Pressing On

Archie Always, Putket Hehkuu

Archie Fleming, Papa Sax

Archie Thompson & The Archtones All-Stars, Jazz Vespers, Vol. 1

Area 15, Live

Area 203, Faster Than Light

Area 203, Reflections

Area 203, Under Palm Trees

Argelis Lewis, Prescience

Argelis, Easy

Argelis, Moments

Argelis, Nostalgia

Argonauta, Lotus Child

Ari Hoenig, The Painter

Ari Kinarthy, The Lion's Journey

Ari Lahdekorpi, Seasons of Sound and Frequency

Ari Lauren, Relish

Aria Stone, One Thing Leads to Another

Arie Thompson, I'll Know Who You Are When I See You Again

Arielle Legere, Radiance

Arik Shahar, City Rhythm

Arik Shahar, Closer than Ever

Arik Shahar, Machshava Tova

Arisa, We Are Part Of Nature

Arisha, Beautifully You

Arjun, Piece Of Pieces

Ark Ovrutski, Sounds of Brasil

Ark Sano, Let's Listen To It

Arkana Music, Hyprovisation

Arkay, Seriously

Arlene Bardelle, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Arlene Murray, Arlene Murray

Arlene Smith, Stirred Not Shakin'

Arlene Smith, Two for the Road

Arlene Smith, Until Today

Arlyn Anderson Quintet, Try for Truth

Arlyn Valencia, Secret Love

Armed D. Green, Musical Fantasy

Armi Grano, Holiday Party

Armin Winter, Nine Lives

Arna, Mostly Standids

Arna, Mostly Standids Vol. 2

Arnel Torres, Tales of the Aquarian

Arni Egilsson and Wayne Darling, Say What!!?

Arni Egilsson, Bassus Re-Surrectus

Arni Egilsson, Foreign Legion

Arni Egilsson, MEZZOFORTE, Choir of Langholt Church, Kaleidoscope

Arni Egilsson, Ray Brown, Pete Jolly, Jimmie Smith, Basses loaded

Arni Egilsson, The Foreign Legion, Time After Time

Arnold Coleman, Arnach

Arnold Duprey, Jazz de Soca

Arnold Hammerschlag Group, Sailing Neptune`s Waters

Arnold M. Culbreath, Arnold M. Culbreath - Instrumental Praise & Worship

Arnold M. Culbreath, Refreshing: Instrumental Praise & Worship

Arnold Patton, Alone in the Dark

Arnold Patton, Vera Cruz

Aron Celnik, My Sweet Valentine

Arrival, Chegada3

Art Attack, Zero Visibility

Art Bernstein and Chuck D`Aloia (ABCD), Circle 7

Art Elle Quartet, Do Electric Sheep Dream of Android Wolves

Art Elle Quartet, Midnights of Our Souls

Art Gore, Artwork

Art Johnson Band, 1920's Background Music

Art Lillard's Heavenly Big Band, Heavenly (feat. Hilary Gardner)

Art Manchester, Little Lights

Art Mapa & Art Munar, The Art of Praise

Art Maxwell & Tonal Gravity, Quantum Leaps

Art Pepper, The Art History Project, Vol 2

Art Pepper, Unreleased Art, Vol. V: Stuttgart

Art Raifkans, Michelangelo-s

Art Reyes, Byob (Bring Your Own Blues)

Art Thunder Vaughn, Smooth Attack

Arthur Barron, Dave Liebman & Abel Pabon, The Miami Jazz Project

Arthur Barrow, AB3

Arthur G. Wright, Love, About Love

Arthur Ispirian, Once Upon a Time in Yerevan

Arthur Nass, Higher

Arthur T. Jones, Jr., A Love Supreme

Artie Barsamian`s Boston Big Band, Everything Happens to Me

Artisan Project, Artisan Jazz Project n. 1

Artnormal, Artnormal

Artur Bayramgalin, Electric Breezz

Artur Bayramgalin, Indian Summer Cocktail

Artur Bayramgalin, Interro Island

Artur Bayramgalin, Over the Clouds

Artur Bayramgalin, Reminiscence

Arturo Mora Trio, Sign of the Future

Arturo O`Farrill and Claudia Acuna, In These Shoes

Arturo Romay, Alma Latina

Arturo Stable, 3rd Step

Arturo Stable, Call

Arturo Stable, Notes On Canvas

Arturo Tappin, Inside Out

Arturo Tappin, Java

Arun Andrew, Search Yourself

Arun Luthra`s Svaha, Tangibility

Arvell Shaw & The Louis Armstrong Legacy Band, Live At Bern Jazz Festival 1993

Arvell Shaw & The Louis Armstrong Legacy, A Tribute to Satchmo

Arvell Shaw and the Swing Legacy All-Stars, Arvell Shaw and the Swing Legacy All-Stars

Arzimanoglou Yannis, Tutti Jam Frutti

As Yet Quintet, Strange but True

Asa Welle, Rosario

Asaf Sirkis, Letting Go

Asako Takasaki, Asako Takasaki

Asaph, He Watches Over Me

Asaph, He's Alive

Ashaki Zeigler, Remember the Way

Ashanti (latin jazz), En Fuego

Ashanti (latin jazz), Sin Fronteras

Ashley Daneman, Beauty Indestructible

Ashley Faatoalia, Steppin Out

Ashley Gonzalez Daneman, I've Got All the Light I Need (Thank You Very Much)

Ashton Wolf, Clandestine Affair

Asi, Asi (aah-see)

Asim Ali, Dead Babies Vol #1 " The Spoken Word CD/DVD" 2 disc set

Askold Buk, Askold Buk

Assel Jean-Pierre, It's a New Day

Ass`t Artists, Traditional Dixieland Jazz, Vol. 1

Aston Grey Project, Changing the Game

Aston Grey Project, Chill Lounge

Astro Tabasco, Espionage a Trois

Athenas, Let the Music Play

Atilano Muradas, Carta aos Levitas

Atilano Muradas, Minha Geração

Atilano Muradas, Missões

Atlantic Five Jazz Band, Bar Music Moods Vol. 1

Atlantico, Always

Atmos Trio, Atmos Plays Waters

Atmos Trio, Atmos Trio

Atmosferic, Atmosferic With an F

Atomic Boogie Band, In the Night

Atomic Cocktail, Atomic Cocktail

Atomics, B-Side Stereo

Atria, Atria

Atria, Malditos Gringos

Attilio, Fireflies On A Leash

Attilio, Inside Passage

Atul Tiwary, Two Hours [Live]

Aubrey Dayle, My Id / Jewel

Aubrey Dayle`s My Id With Vernon Reid, Live Revival

aubrey dunham, the saxist, for lovers only

Aubrey Tadman, Stay With Me

Audie Smith, Audie Smith Sincerely Yours

AUDio SQUADron, Ne Plus Ultra

Audley Reid, A Plays E

Audra Mariel, Audra Mariel

Audrey Bernstein, Alright, Okay, You Win

Audrey Bernstein, Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue

Audrey Martin, Living Room

Audrey Moira Shimkas, Do You Wanna Dance

Audrey Ryan, Passing Thru

Audrey Silver, Dream Awhile

Audrey St. Clair, All I Need Is You

Augie's Side Effect, About Time

August Heat, Lost in Time

Aunt Jasmine, The Blues I Choose

Aura, Kindred Souls

Aural Elixir, Partially Domesticated Amazon: Exposed!

Aurora Consort, Twelve Years in October

Aurora Scott, Dance With You

Austin Biel, Encounter (feat. Alan Dossett, Milton Comeaux & Terry Peoples)

Austin Jazz Workshop, Big Boss Tenor

Austin O`BRIEN, Now and Then

Austin Paul Jr., Movin' Forward

Australian Cotton Club Orchestra, Nice Work If You Can Get It

Austrian Radio Orchestra, Romantic Symphony

Autonomous, Incompatible EP

Available Jelly, Bilbao Song (feat. Eric Boeren, Wolter Wierbos, Michael Moore, Tobias Delius, Ernst Glerum & Michael Vatcher)

Avalon, Mystique

Avante, Mackie's Back

Avenue H, Off The Floor

Avi Ciment, For Once in My Life

Avi Ciment, It Was Just One of Those Things

Avi Pavlovich, Aviously

Avi Rothbard Trio, City Colors

Avido Khahaifa, You Will Know

Aviel Segal, Meital E., Music Sculpture - Love is you

Avis, Introducing Avis! Live Jazz Festivals Around the World

Avishai Cohen, The Trumpet Player

Avithammer, Cuban Moon (feat. Penny C)

Aviva, Reed My Mind

Avo Uvezian, Legacy

Avri Yadeed, Back On Track Again

Axel Fischbacher, 56/56

Axel Fischbacher, Back to the Eighties

Axel's Axiom, Uncommon Sense

Axiom, Tests of Time

Ay Amigo, Sampler

Aya, I See You

Ayako Shirasaki, Falling Leaves - Live in Hamburg

Ayana, Sunlight of my people

Aydin Esen, Toys for All Gods

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, InTernal-ExTernal

Ayetoro, Omo Obokun:The Afrobeat Chronicles vol 2

Ayetoro, The Afrobeat chronicles vol 1( the jazz side of Afrobeat)

Ayo Solanke, Komalobe

Ayo Solanke, Pass Me Not (Semphete)

Ayo Solanke, The Journey Still

Ayo Solanke, The Journey Still (Deluxe Edition)

Aysha, Release Me

Aysha, Stay With Me - The EP

Aysha, Take Me Higher

Aysha, Take Me Higher (feat. Darren Rahn)

Ayumi (柴田あゆみ), Doxy

Azande "Drummin" Cummings & Yuki Yamaguchi, The Pentatonic Forest

Azar Lawrence Quartet, Azar Lawrence, Nate Morgan, Henry Franklin & Alphonse Mouzon, Prayer for My Ancestors

Azigza, Kriya

Azimuth, Photographs

Aziza, Jazzsoetry vol.1

Azouhouni, I Gotta Go

aƒ‰aƒ‡a‚«a‚³aƒ«aƒ‰aƒ³ (Dodekachordon), aƒ a‚¸a‚« aƒ€a‚³a‚¹aƒ†a‚£a‚« (Musica D`acoustiKa)

Ël, Almost

Ãœberstrings, Drivin' Music

浜田隆史 (Hamada Takasi), Tanne Nay

B J Banks, Blessings To You!

B, All I Want for Christmas Is You

B-Hut, The Way It Is

B-Town House Band, Chicago Blues (Instrumental)

B-Town House Band, It's Your Song, Too

B. Stanley Graham, A Better Day

B.A.D. Rhythm, 5th Avenue Breakdown

B.B. & J.M. Trio, On the Sunny Side of the Street

B.B. and J.M. Trio, First Call

B.B. Berg, I`m Yours

B.D. Lenz, Five & Live

B.D. Lenz, Lost and Found

B.D. Lenz, Simple Life

B.D. Lenz, Straight Up

B.D. Lenz, Tell the World

B.D. Lenz, Tomorrow's Too Late

B.J. Jansen, Corcovado

B.J. Jansen, TC III, Marcus Persiani & Floyd Davis, She Do What She Do

Baaba, The Wrong Vampire

Baars / Kneer, Windfall

Baars Kneer Elgart, Give No Quarter

Baaska and Scavelli, Get Off the Ground

Baatin, Sunday Brunch

Babel, Fat Lip 81

Back 2 Back, Fun Day

Back Porch Brass, Daytime

Backpackers, If There Was No War

Bad Cactus Brass Band, Arizona Mardi Gras

Bad Luck, Two

BadaBing BadaBoom, A Hip Little Christmas

BadaBing BadaBoom, Jonesin` To Swing

BadaBing BadaBoom, Mood Swing And Other Favorites

BadaBing BadaBoom, Vol II

Bagg*fish, Bagg*fish

Bagwis, Imulat Mo!

Baimei, Enough Said

Baker's Dozen, Goes to Eleven

Balaam's Ass, Battle of Megiddo

Balaam's Ass, Classified (Top Secret)

Balaam's Ass, History Lessons On the Religious-Reich (Now in America)

Balaam's Ass, Novus Ordo Seculorum

Balaam's Ass, Romani Pontificis Oeconomicus

Balaam's Ass, Tare-R-Ism

Balaam's Ass, The Genesis of Evolution

Balaban and Cats, A Night At the New Eddie Condon`s

Balam, 4 Floors Up

Bald Eagle Jazz Band, Lve At the Good Time Jazz Club

Ball Of Clay, Ball Of Clay

Ball of Clay, In Said Direction

Ballantine Shaw Band, Urnioc Too

Ballantine/Shaw Band, Urnioc Pixl

Baltic Jazz Trio, Baltic Saga

Bambo Kino & Mark Buccilli, American Deluxe

Bambo Kino, Ecto Perfecto

Bamjimba, 1 Love

Band of Gypsys Reincarnation, Electric Angelland

Band of Joes, A Sense of Fairness

Band of the South Australia Police, A Few More Bars

Band of the South Australia Police, It's About Time!

BandB Jazz Company, Soul Menu On Back

Bandiqui, "Do You Recall?"

BankerDave, Deposits of Love and Withdrawal

Bar Scott, a little dream

Barb Mazz, Dance of Light

Barb Mazz, I Like to Dream

Barb Mazz, Out of the Blue

Barbara and Al Boudreau Quartet with Dick Johnson, He Sings, She Sings

Barbara Anderson, MaMa Said

Barbara Ann Van, Her Way

Barbara Ann Van, My Story

Barbara Ann Van, Special Delivery

Barbara Brannon, Kickin' Back (On the North End)

Barbara Bruckmueller Big Band, Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band

Barbara Bruckmueller Big Band, Mei Muatterl War a Weanarin

Barbara Calderaro and the Dave Cummings Band, Unforgettable Songs

Barbara Carroll, Quiet Time

Barbara Crow, Be Cool

Barbara Dennerlein, Bebab

Barbara Dennerlein, Tribute to Charlie

Barbara Fasano, Barbara Fasano

Barbara Fasano, Written In The Stars

Barbara Fulton, Somebody New

Barbara Higbie, I Surrender

Barbara Ireland, Turning Back Time - Classic Songs To Kiss By

Barbara Jean, Cool

Barbara Jones & Henrik Bridger, This Side Up

Barbara King, Perfect Timing

Barbara Knight with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, Night And Day

Barbara Knight, Angel Eyes

Barbara Kohler, Through the Eyes of the Father

Barbara Lea and Dick Miller, Deep In A Dream

Barbara Lea w/the Loren Schoenberg Big Band, Black Butterfly

Barbara Lea, The Melody Lingers On

Barbara Levy Daniels, Love Lost and Found

Barbara Levy Daniels, Peel Me A Grape

Barbara Levy Daniels, They're Writing Songs of Love

Barbara Lewis, Conversations

Barbara Lewis, Hara`s Quest

Barbara Lewis, Jazzy Christmas

Barbara Lindblom, Centerpiece

Barbara London, Natural Progression

Barbara Lusch, Barbara Lusch

Barbara Lusch, Surprisingly Good For You

Barbara Lynn & Ocean's 3, Barbara Lynn & Ocean's 3

Barbara Markay, Heart Like A Song

Barbara Martin, Kaleidoscope

Barbara McAfee, Women Rise (Updated Version)

Barbara McAfee, World of Wonders

Barbara McAfee, Yes

Barbara Morrison, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, The City By The Sea

Barbara Paris, Paris Blues

Barbara Raimondi, Troppo Rumore

Barbara Reed, On Stage

Barbara Seamans and Greg Blunt, Somebody Loves Me

Barbie Anaka with David Loy, Ballads Through the Night

Barbie Anaka, In Love With a Memory

Barbie Anaka, Speechless

Barbra Lica, Because I Say So

Barbria DeÃnne, If I Could Write a Letter to Heaven

Barbria DeÃnne, The Mood

Barega Saxophone Quartet, Three Serpents (New Australian Music), Vol. 1

Barker Squire, Bingley Barker Squire

Barnacled, 6

Barneo, Homo Ludens

Barney Mcall, Exit

Barney Mcall, Mother Of Dreams And Secrets

Barney Mcall, Widening Circles

Barnicle Bill Trio, Barnicle Bill

Baron Chase, Knee Deep

Barron, Love Letters

Barry Aiken, Balboa Park

Barry and Karen Stoffberg, Barry and Karen's Jazzy Christmas

Barry Anthony, El Gato

Barry Bazmatron Edwards, Bazmosis

Barry Brake & The Jazz Protagonists, Beyond the Rim of the Starlight (The Immortal Theme From Star Trek)

Barry Coates, Carl Sealove & Jerry Kalaf, Stretch

Barry Coates, Move Like A Dancer

Barry Coates, Secret 9

Barry Coates, The Other Side

Barry Coates, The Spirit Within

Barry D, Handprint

Barry Finnerty & N.Y. All Stars, Manhattan Sessions Part 1

Barry Finnerty, Trazz! (trance Jazz)

Barry Greene, In the Meantime

Barry Greene, Urban Jazz

Barry Kaufman, Americans Idle

Barry Little, Rebecca sings Barry J.`s Standards

Barry Ray Heflick, Do What You Want

Barry Romberg's Random Access, was shall why because

Barry Romberg`s Random Access, Accidental Beef

Barry Romberg`s Random Access, Big Giant Head

Barry Romberg`s Random Access, No Soap Radio

Barry Rosenberg, Almost Live

Barry Ross and the Las Vegas Latin Connection, Como No!

Barry Welcome, G Wizz

Barry Williams, Barry Williams Gettin Jazzy

Bart Brady Ciampa, Twilight Interlude

Bart Weisman, Bart Weisman Jazz Group, Featuring Carol Wyeth

Bart Weisman, Bart Weisman Klezmer Swing Group

Bartosz Klimaszewski, Soft Verges

Base 4, Axes of Symmetry

BASIL, Celestial Meeting

Basilio Ma¡rquez, Eclipse Total

Basquerole, Morning of Radiance

Bass Man Bill Evans, Bass Jams

Basses International / Bill Plummer Wolfgang Melz, Road To The Sky

Bassfce LV, Bassà Nova (feat. Daniel Bassface Ragan & Ilyana G.)

Basso Nudo, When Angels Cry

Bay of the Sun, Bay of the Sun

Bay Street Brassworks, "Brass On Fire"

Bayjazz, Bayjazz

Bayou Liberty Jazz Band, Recovery Jazz

Bébé, Darling

Bconnected, Changing Times

bconnected, Perfect Blend

Bean, I Heart Bean

Beat Baumli & Laura Cesar, East to Wes

Beat Funktion, Moon Town

Beat Funktion, Olympus

Beat Kaestli, Far From Home - A Tribute to European Song

Beat Kaestli, Happy, Sad and Satisfied

Beat Master Troy, For What

Beata Pater, Blue

Beata Pater, Golden Lady

Beatrice Zanolini, Tiziano Jannacci, Mirko Fait & Claudio Ottaviano, Colibrì (feat. Lorenzo Blardone)

Beautiful Feet, Day By Day

Bebee Watson & Paul Whitley, Eventualities

Bebexis, Bebexis

Bebopamoeba, No Fingerprints

Becca Christel, Initiate The Kiss

Becki Biggins, The +Ve

Becky Archibald, The Light At The End Of The Blues

Becky Archibald, The Long Ride Home

Becky Martin, Introducing Becky Martin

Becky Sanders, Put Up Your Dukes

Bee Speed, Bee Speed

Beebe, Xplain

BeebleBrox, Dominant Domain

BeebleBrox, Indianapolis Intergalactc Spaceport

BeebleBrox, Quantumn Tweezers

BeebleBrox, RealBrox

Beegie Adair, Jazz Romance: 15 Sentimental Love Songs

Beegie Adair, Vintage Jazz: Instrumental Jazz for Entertaining

Before the Rain, Hitchin` to Santa Fe

Before the Rain, Tramps and Mystic Revolutionaries

Beledo, Montevideo Jazz Dreams

Belinda Underwood, Greenspace

Belinda Underwood, Underwood Uncurling

Belizbeha, Charlie's Dream

Bella Ruse, Bella Ruse

Belle Jewel, Baby It's Cold Outside (feat. Taylor Graff)

bellevue cadillac, prozac nation

Bemol Telfort, The Good News is that the Bad news was Wrong

Ben Adams Quintet, Old Thoughts for a New Day

Ben Bailey & the Nashville Big Band, A Bird in the Hand

Ben Burdick, Acoustic Musings

Ben Burdick, An Eclectic Acoustic Electric Fretless Christmas

Ben Burdick, Fretless Jazz Standards

Ben Burdick, Starting My Day

Ben Cassara, Sister Moon

Ben Dobay Sextet, Peace

Ben Eager, Resolution

Ben Fowler Quintet, The Pilgrimage

Ben Graves Jr, Instrumental Praise

Ben Hans Trio, Drums! Bass! Guitar!

Ben Havick, Cool Aid

Ben Havick, Help Me Dance

Ben Havick, Stumbling Stone

Ben Holmes, Ben Holmes Trio

Ben Hughes, Premonition

Ben Markley, Spealio

Ben Parrish, Song of the Forest

Ben Schwendener and Marc Rossi, Living Geometry

Ben Schwendener and Marc Rossi, Living Geometry II

Ben Schwendener and Uwe Steinmetz, Apfelschaun

Ben Schwendener, Road Trips

Ben Schwendener, Witness of the Sun

Ben Sey, Totally Set Free

Ben Sherman/ Angel Resto/ Frank Young, One Mind

Ben Shotts, Songs of the Spirit

Ben Sidran, Don't Cry for No Hipster

Ben Sidran, Dylan Different

Ben Sidran, Nick's Bump

Ben Sidran, Talking Jazz Singles

Ben Starner, Minor Drive

Ben Syversen, Cracked Vessel

Ben Tankard, Full Tank

Ben Tankard, Full Tank 2.0

Ben Tankard, Thicker Than Water (The Church Picnic)

Ben Taylor and Co., Christmas

Ben Tucker, Sweet Thunder

Ben Vega, Little Man You've Had a Busy Day (feat. Rick Vega, Adrian Vega Jr., Adrian Vega Sr. & Roman Arreola)

BEN, Jazz According to Gospel Chapter 3

BEN, Jazz According to Gospel Chapter 4

Ben, Night Praise

BEN, The Best OF BEN

Bendoré, Retrospective Imagery

Bendore', Deja Deux

Benevento/Russo Duo, Darts

Benevento/Russo Duo, debut album

Benita Hill, Fan The Flame

Benita Hill, I`ll See You In My Song

Benita Hill, Tangerine Moon

Benita Hill, Winter Fire and Snow

Benito Gonzalez, Starting Point

Benjamin Aggerbæk, Heartbeat

Benjamin Plum, Butterfingers

Benjamin Poston Jr., Why You

Benjamin Wittiber, Cool Vibes

Benje Daneman, Estelle's Farewell Gift

Benji Cortez, Dwell

Benjie Porecki, How Does It Feel?

Benn Bacot, 4love of Abbey, Vol. 1: The Music Is the Magic

Benn Bacot, Mrs Claus

Benn Bacot, Stolen Moments

Benn Clatworthy, Luminessence

Bennett B, Groove Time

Bennett Brandeis, Jazz Guitar

Bennett Brandeis, Storytelling

Bennett Brandeis, The View From Above

Bennett Paster and Gregory Ryan, Grupo Yanqui

Benny Muñoz, Canto A Ti

Benny Sharoni, Eternal Elixir

Benoit Jazzworks, A Man and a Woman

Benoit Jazzworks, Watch What Happens

Benoit Mansion, Le bonheur c'est quand tu veux

Benoît Mardon, Ballades

Bent Twig, The Asymmetry of Life

Bentzon Brotherhood, Godzilla des Groove - 2CD

Berhard Ullrich & Martin Breinschmid Quintet, Mission to Swing

Berlansky, Growin´ Up

Berlin Hot Jazz Band, Berlin Blues

Berman Patterson, Finally,Alone with you!!

Bernadette Greggory, Lovers When We Meet (feat. Vito Delaurentis)

Bernadette Seacrest and her Yes Men, No More Music By The Suckers

Bernal/Eckroth/Ennis, La Voz de Tres

Bernard Dillard "The Maestro", Long Ride

Bernard Alcorn, Stay Tuned

Bernard H. Rose, Shorebreeze

Bernard Peiffer, Formidable...!

Bernard Scavella, A Taste of Scavella

Bernardo Padron, Seadance

Bernardo Padron, Tales Of La Juana

Bernd Satzinger`s Wurschtsemmerl, Bernd Satzinger`s Wurschtsemmerl

Bernette Williams, "How To Write Your Way Out Of Poverty" ...the Audio Book

Bernhard Lackner, in between

bernhard lackner, those days

Bernice Sacks, My Love Story

Bernie Kenerson, Chill View

Bernie Schweickart, Electric Rag, Vol. 1

Bert Robinson, The Heart of Christmas

Berthold Prophete, Se Pa Nou

Bertram Mcleish, Invision

Besharah, Heliotrope

Bess James, Kissing in the Dark

Best George, Soulstice

Bestfriend., Cuba

Beth Arrison, Modest Charms

Beth Custer Doña Luz 30 Besos, Beth Custer Doña Luz 30 Besos

Beth Custer, In The Broken Fields Where I Lie

Beth Custer, My Grandmother DVD

Beth Custer, The Shirt I Slept In

Beth Custer, Vinculum Symphony Live!

Beth Duncan, Comes the Fall

Beth Duncan, Comes the Fall

Beth Goldwater, Seduisante

Beth Lane, Lies of Handsome Men

Beth Logan, Time After Time

Beth McDonald, Home

Beth Yeshaya, Far Cry Live at Studio M

Bethany Smith Staelens, The Big Band Theory

Betsy Curtis, Betsy 2000

Betsy Curtis, Betsy`s Christmas

Betsy Scott, Over Country

Bette Jordan, Jazz Standards By Bette Jordan

Better Bidness Bureau, An Element

Better Bidness Bureau, B B Boom!

Better Late, New World

Better Than Street Racket, Bandemic

Bettina Pohle & Ralf Ruh Trio, Just [b]

Bettina Pohle & Ralf Ruh Trio, Sophisticated Lady

Betty Baxter, Love Remembers

Betty Bryant & Mark Christian Miller, Together

Betty Bryant, Mostly Me

Betty Bryant, No Regrets

Betty Bryant, Weathervane

Betty Bryant, What's the Point

Betty Farmer, Recorded Live in San Francisco

Betty Johnson, 13 Black Cats

Betty Johnson, Elisabeth Gray & Lydia Gray, Three Shades of Gray

Betty Johnson, Family Affair

Betty Johnson, Love Walked In

Betty Johnson, My Heart Sings

Betty Johnson, The Take Five Scesssions

Betty Johnson, Witchcraft

Betty Johnson-Elisabeth Gray, Chattanooga Swing

Betty Liste, Pensive Moments

Betty Yuzu, Gems

Betty Yuzu, Get Out of Town

Betty Yuzu, Lover Man

Betty Yuzu, Old-Time Cafe

Betty Yuzu, Shores of Haleiwa

Betty Yuzu, That Old Johnny's Magic (Tribute to Johnny Mercer)

Betty Yuzu, The Showboat

Betty Yuzu, Tokyo Night Sight

Betty Yuzu, What a Diff'rence a Day Made

Between 9&7 band, The Movement

Between 9and7 Band, The Waiting

Between 9and7, 3: FSHS/ It is, What it is

Bev Kelly, Bev Kelly Live At The Jazz Safari

Bevan Manson, Carla Zilbersmith, This Must Be Heaven

Bevan Manson, Jazz Variety Pak

Bevan Manson, with combo, Jazz Moods - More Music for Easy Listening by Ron Ermini

Beverley Beirne and Her Quartet, Seasons of Love

Beverley Staunton, Here`s To You

Beverly Johnson, A Few of My Favorite Songs

Beverly Ritz, Lacey Mae

Beverly Ritz, Tango, Where Did The Time Go?

Beverly Taft & The Nathan Hiltz Orchestra, Beverly Taft Meets the Nathan Hiltz Orchestra

Beverlyn McKinson, Love Not for Sale

Bevin Turnbull, Invisible Man

Bevin Turnbull, Mmvii

Bevin Turnbull, New Jazz City

Bevin Turnbull, SETLIST

Beyond Opposites, Beyond Opposites

Bhaktisiddhartha Dasanudas, RagaJazz

Bi-Cameral Mind, Sultry Night (feat. Marguerite )

Biaja Solomon, Woman in the Moon

Bianca Rossini, Kiss of Brasil

Bianca Rossini, Meu Amor

Bickley Rivera, Breaking the Mold

Bickley Rivera, Chillin' After Five

Bickley Rivera, Let's Kick It (Radio Edit)

Bienert, Breinschmid & Oesterreicher, A Night in Jazzland

Big Ant C, Big Ant`s Groove

Big Apple Trio, To the Core

Big Bad Gina, Amazon Warrior Princess

Big Band Byrne, Leaving For Home

Big Band of Praise, Big Band at its Best

Big Band of Praise, Remember When

Big Band Sounds - Swing Era 1936-1937 - 3CD SET

Big Band Sounds, Big Band Sounds - Swing Era 1936-1937 - 3CD SET

Big Band Sounds, Big Band Sounds - Swing Era Of 1930-1936 - 3CD Set

Big Band Sounds, Swing Era 1940-1941 Cd006

Big Band Surprise, Night of Stars (Silver Edition)

Big Band Swing Express, The Big Band Hits (You've Never Heard Before)

Big Bang Jazz Band, Big Bang

Big Block Dodge, Manifold Destiny

Big Giant Circles, Threes Soundtrack

Big Group, In Ponta Delgada

Big Minutes, Five Big Minutes

Big Octave, Big Octave

Big Papa and the Tcb, Six Pack of Cool

Big Sir Junior, Super Live

Big Sofa And The Lazy Boys, Al Fresco

Big Sofa and the Lazy Boys, Big Sofa and the Lazy Boys

Big Swing Theory, Big Swing Theory

Big Tall Wish, Leverage

Big Tubba Mista, Greatest Hits

Big Tubba Mista, Time Will Tell

Big-T and the Bada-Bings, Born To Be Wild

Bilee Kilowatt, Sara Me

Bill A. Jones, Frankly

Bill A. Jones, I've Heard That Song, Big Band Songbook

Bill Andrews, Soft Mash Is Clean

Bill Barnes Trio, Winds of Bodhgaya

Bill Beach, Búzios

Bill Beach, Letting Go

Bill Bell, Just Swing Baby

Bill Bell, The Jazz Professor

Bill Brown Jr., "Life Goes On" (SCV3)

Bill Buchman Trio, Art of Jazz

Bill Burke, Comma

Bill Burns, Bill Burns Live In Centerville

Bill Burns, Do What You Gotta Do

Bill C Ireton, A New Day

Bill Campbell, Jazz Colours

Bill Campbell, Ornate

Bill Campbell, Streets of Sohao

Bill Carrothers and Wendy Lewis, The Language of Crows

Bill Carter and Warren Cooper, Welcome Home

Bill Clements, Captain Midnight

Bill Clements, The Trio

Bill Clements, Undergroundalienbass

Bill Colangelo, Tianji Xie, Shanghai Blue

Bill Cornish, Inner Visions

Bill Cornish, Kaleidoscope

Bill Coté, Where Do You Start

Bill DiCosimo Quartet, Grab Hold of Your Dreams

Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, Live At the Hollywood Palladium

Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, Swingin' the Century

Bill Evans, Bill Evans Touch

Bill Evans, Petite Blonde (feat. Victor Bailey, Dennis Chambers, Mitch Forman & Chuck Loeb)

Bill Evans, Push

Bill Fanning Quintet, Parakletos

Bill Fulton, About 12:00am

Bill Fulton, Time

Bill Gabrys, The Holiday Tree

Bill Gati, Piano Expressions

Bill Gilbert, New Slues

Bill Harris Quintet, Inside Out

Bill Harris, Salsasteel featuring Bill Harris

Bill Hartzell, Different Agenda

Bill Heller, Find the Way

Bill Hill, Bill Hill and Friends Live

Bill Holcomb, Thinking Out Loud

Bill Holloman, At Last

Bill Howland, On A Clear Day

Bill James, Instrumental In Praise 4

Bill James, Instrumental in Praise 5

Bill Kilpatrick, Easy Ride

Bill Kwan, Pentimento

Bill Macpherson, Visions on the Ceiling

Bill McBirnie (Featuring Mark Eisenman), Nature Boy

Bill McGee, Chase The Sunset

Bill McGee, Soul Man

Bill McGee, This One`s 4U

Bill Pernice, Doorways to the Heart

Bill Phipps Jazz Ensemble, Phipps & Friends

Bill Rhodes Jr., Metamorphosis

Bill Ross and Michael Kehn, The Warblehead Union

Bill Runge, A Tribute To The South American Masters

Bill Runge, Acid Test

Bill Sargent Bands, The Best Of Bill Sargent Bands - Volume 1

Bill Skees, Ragtime, Every Time, For All Time

Bill Stevens, Dedication

Bill Stevens, Full Circle

Bill Stumuk Nugent, Flight of the Broccoli

Bill Susman Trio, Christmas Cool

Bill Trujillo, Vegas

Bill Van Riper, String Theory

Bill Vitek and Dan Gagliardi, A Fine Line

Bill Ward, All In One

Bill Ware and Sara Wollan, Bach Set

Bill Warfield Big Band, The City Never Sleeps

Bill Warfield Big Band, Trumpet Story: The Bill Warfield Big Band (feat. Randy Brecker)

Bill Watrous & Rob Stoneback, Bare Bones

Bill Webb, Bill Webb Jazz

Billet-Deux, Alita

Billie G Evans Jr., Trumpet Man

Billie Holiday, Live in Boston

Billy Allen, One of a Kind

Billy Brandt, The Ballad of Larry's Neighbor

Billy Eric, Painting the Olde Town

Billy Foster, Billy Foster and Friends Portrait Digital

Billy Hines, It Makes Me Happy

Billy Hines, Lift His Name Up

Billy Holiday, Big Band Hits

Billy Hulting, The Hundredth Monkey

Billy Kilson`s BK Groove, Pots and Pans

Billy Mitchell, Never Give Up On Love

Billy Philadelphia, Hoagy & Me

Billy Ponzio & Os Pioneiros Do Jazz Paulistano, Billy Ponzio & Os Pioneiros Do Jazz Paulistano

Billy Ponzio, Space Jazz

Billy Proulx, In the Shade

Billy Rogers, Never Alone

Billy Ruth, Here`s to Life

Billy Shaw, !Sassy!

Billy Stritch, Billy Stritch Sings Mel Torma©

Billy Thompson, Gypsy Style (The Eberle Sessions)

Billy Townes, Everyday Life

Billy Ward Trio, Out the Door

Billy X. Curmano John Pendergast, Doozy

Bing Crosby, Swinging on a star

Bini Cocotte, Apple and Cinnamon

Bionica, Take Your City

Bird Architects, Gone

Birdbrain, I Fly

Bishop Robinson, Circus De Funk

Bison's Big Bang, Pure Imagination

Bisquera Brothers, Bisquera Brothers

Bite the Gnatze, Peeling Off Slowly

Bix Beiderbecke, Bix 1971 Bash "in The Beginning"

Bj Simmons, Acronyms

BK Jackson, On the Move

Black Bear Combo, Game of Death

Black Chantilly Et Marlon Simon, Afrocuban and Live

Black Olive Jazz, Black Magic

Black Olive Jazz, Black Magic

Black Pinoy, If I Could Look Inside Your Mind

Black Salve Perry, The H is Silent

Black Spouse, You Are My Motivation

Black Swan Classic Jazz Band, Dance Hall Favorites

Black Swan Classic Jazz Band, Ragtime Revelry

Black Swan Classic Jazz Band, This Joint is Jumpin`

Blackstick, Blackstick

Blair Bryant, New Colours

Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, Live in Little Five

Blair`s Bunch, reminiscing the groove

Blaise Siwula & Carsten Radtke, Projection:Zero

Blaise Siwula, Beneath the Ritual

Blaise Siwula, Joe Hertenstein & Carsten Radtke, Past the Future

Blaise Siwula, Mérida Encuentro: Merida Swings

Blake Aaron, Encantadora (feat. Najee)

Blake Aaron, Groove-O-Matic

Blake Aaron, Sol Amor

Blake Aaron, Soul Stories

Blake Aaron, You're My Miracle (Instrumental Version)

Blake Aaron, You're My Miracle (Radio Single)

Blake Aaron, You're the One for Me

Blake Gaines, Smooth BASSics

Blake `n` Blue, A Little Chi-Town Sleaze

Blake `n` Blue, Burning in F and G

Blake `n` Blue, The Playground

BLAV, Autumn In New York

Blee, Cosmos Road

BLEE, Solution

Blendjazz, Not the Same

Bleu Orleans, Bleu Orleans

Bleu Orleans, Bleu2

BleuSol, A Walk in the Park

Blizz Rhythmia, A Bientôt

Blizz Rhythmia, Sexperience

Blok Note Big Band, Vintage Jazz

Blu Monsoon, Hot Tub Maintenance

Blue Champagne, Blue Champagne (July Collection)

Blue Champagne, Blue Champagne (May Collection)

Blue Claw Jazz, Bossa Nova Playlist (Samba Chillout Lounge Smooth Jazz Instrumental)

Blue Claw Jazz, Smooth Jazz Playlist

Blue Claw Jazz, Smooth Jazz Playlist 2

Blue Claw Jazz, Smooth Jazz Playlist 3

Blue Coda, Shades Of Cool

Blue Cranes, Lift Music! Flown Music!

Blue J, Blue J (feat. Bree Bruns)

Blue Latitude, El Encanto

Blue Sky 5+2, Five Minutes More

Blue Sky 5, Tin Goose Jump

Blue Tone Project, Tenure

Blue Vinyl Lounge, Invisible Girl

Blue44, So It Goes

Blue44, Unfiltered - Live

Blueberry Hill, Scott Mo's Diner

Bluelounge, Bluelounge

Blueprints Trio, Evoke

BlueTime Quintet, Lite Blue

BlueZette, Dream Blue

BlueZette, Secret Lover

Blumes Kleines Orchester, Tanzdiele ´56

Blurring The Edges, Blurring The Edges

Blurring The Edges, Sombra

BluSirkut, Doublemint

Blusyde, For You

Blvk H3ro, My Story


BMR4, Fixing A Hole

BMR4, Turning Point

Bo Ram Park, Hear the Beauty, Vol.1

Bob Arkin, String Theory

Bob Arkin, The Ressurection of Cyranocchio

Bob Arthurs & Steve Lamattina, Jazz for Svetlana

Bob Benson, Well Played

Bob Borgstede, Narrative Threads

Bob Burnett, When You Hear Music

Bob Cage, Epiphone Flattop

Bob Craft, My Life: In Search Of The Dance

Bob Cunningham, Walking Bass

Bob Dalpe, Live At the Compass Rose

Bob DeAngelis and his Bobby D Band, Swingin' Again

Bob DeAngelis and his Bobby D Band, When the Saints Go Marching in

Bob Dogan, Bob Dogan Sings Ballads

Bob Dogan, Salishan

Bob Dorough Quartet, An Excursion Through `Oliver!`

Bob Dorough, Eulalia

Bob Dorough, The Houston Branch

Bob Enos, BoB Enos and Friends play Music of Ron Ermini

Bob Erlendson, All About Jazz Vol I

Bob Erlendson, All About Jazz, Vol. 2

Bob Erlendson, All About Jazz, Vol. 3

Bob Fanelli, Jazz Saxophone Classics

Bob Fanelli, Plays and Sings Great Standards

Bob Ferry, Believe In Me

Bob Frye, Everything You Always Were

Bob Frye, Uzoma

Bob Gallo, Wake Up Call

Bob Giles, Inside the Marble Zoo

Bob Gross, Bob Gross and Friends

Bob Helm, Helm! Hot Classic Jazz Sessions

Bob Hinz, Instead of Words

Bob Huff, Sun And Moon

Bob Kindred, Hidden Treasures

Bob Levy, Connections

Bob Levy, Me and My Best Friends: The Songs of Bob Levy

Bob Levy, Off His High Horse: The Songs of Bob Levy/The Worktape Series

Bob Levy, Out In The Cold: Perry Danos Sings The Songs of Bob Levy

Bob Long, Live at the Green Mill

Bob Long, Retratos

Bob Luft, I Love You Pittsburgh

Bob Madsen and The WorldMachine, Above and Beyond the Call Of Beauty

Bob Magnusson, Liquid Lines

Bob Masteller, The Jazz Corner swingsLatin with Bob Masteller and Friends

Bob McAlpine, Energy Over Distance

Bob McCarroll, In Your Dreams

Bob McCarroll, Now & Then

Bob McCarroll, Secret Obsession

Bob McCarroll, That Old Feeling

Bob McCarroll, These Few Moments

Bob McHugh, Summer Stride

Bob Mete & Al Di Cicco, Far from Home

Bob Mete, A Chance of Snow Tonight

Bob Mete, The C-Ville Sessions

Bob Mocarsky, Liverpool Stories

Bob Murphy Quartet, Downtown East Side Picnic

Bob Nagy, Handiwork

Bob Noble, Scott Joplin Old & New

Bob Ostertag, Say No More, Vol. 1

Bob Ostertag, Verbatim (Say No More, Vol. 3)

Bob Ravenscroft Trio, Bob Ravenscroft Trio at Taliesin West

Bob Rawleigh, From the Heart

Bob Reynolds Quartet, Live at the Jazz Corner

Bob Reynolds, Can`t Wait for Perfect

Bob Russell, Watch This!

Bob Sandford, Thick

Bob Savoia, Takin' Care of Business

Bob Sinclair, Always

Bob Sterling Band, Pier Pressure

Bob Stewart, A Touch Of Latin

Bob Teesdale, Before the Dawn

Bob Thompson, Bob Thompson Live on Mountain Stage

Bob White, Unforgettable Standards

Bob Wijnen, NYC Unforeseen

Bob Wilber & Glenn Zottola, The Bechet Legacy: Birch Hall Concerts Live

Bob Wilber, Dave McKenna & Pug Horton Quintet, Live from London

Bob Wolfman, The Howl

Bob Wolfman, Transition (feat. Larry Coryell)

Bob Zander, Skyline to the Sea

Bobbe Shore, For So Long

Bobbi Wilson, Wanderlust

Bobbi Wilsyn, It`s About Time

Bobby Belfry & The David Budway Trio, One Lucky Day

Bobby Boyd, The Best Of Mr B

Bobby Bradford, Tom Heasley & Ken Rosser, Varistar

Bobby Burns Jr., Getaway (feat. The Brad Band)

Bobby Cottonwood, Smile

Bobby Curry, Silent Conversation

Bobby Enriquez & Richie Cole, Hawaiian Jazz: The 1980 Bandroom Tracks (feat. Benny Rietveld & Noel Okimoto)

Bobby Felder and Friends, Amazing Grace (Familiar Hymns In A Jazz Style)

Bobby Felder And Friends, Christmas Jazz

Bobby Felder and Friends, Christmas Jazz At Peoples Church

Bobby Felder and Friends, Jazz At Peoples Church (A New Experience)

Bobby Felder and Friends, The Spirit In Jazz

Bobby Forrester, Bobby's Blues

Bobby Gibson, Now Appearing

Bobby Goldring, Route 66 - The American Songbook Sessions

Bobby Gray, The Greatest Thing You`ll Ever Learn

Bobby Jackson, Quest

Bobby Kapp, El Guero Azul

Bobby Kapp, May In Paris

Bobby Lee, Indeed Soulful

Bobby Lee, Moments & Notions

Bobby Lynn, All Of You

Bobby Marin, She

Bobby Martin & Ralph Probst, Nylon & Steel

Bobby Pizazz, As the Waters Swallow the Land

Bobby Rice, Bobby Rice and SANDUNGA

Bobby Schiff, Late Game

Bobby Selvaggio Quartet, Visions Transitions

Bobby Sharp, Bobby Sharp - The Fantasy Sessions

Bobby Streng Saxomble, Live At The Firefly

Bobby Thurman, Jazz is here to stay

Bobby Timmons, Live At The Connecticut Jazz Party

Bobby Watson and the UMKC Concert Jazz Orchestra, The Gate's BBQ Suite

Bobby Wells, Bayside

Bobby Wells, It`s About Time

Bobby Zee and Zoe, Rat Pack By Request

Bobby Zee, Bobby Zoe, Robert Kyle, Standards In The Key Of Cool

Bobby-E, Just Before Day

Bobbywayne, Downtime

Bobi Serafimovski & Robert Lee Balderrama, I Am Dreaming of My Dream

Bobi Serafimovski, Happiness in My Heart

Boca, Edge of the Night

Boday, Butterfly Legs

Bodesattva, Arrival

Bodhi, Sentience

Bodi Satva, Internet Cafe

Bodrato Battaglia Massaria Furia, Bartleby the Scrivener

Bogey Vujkov, Comin` Up For Air

Bohjass, Christ 3, Buddha Nothing

Boi Akih, Circles in a Square Society

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Give Me Your Telephone Number

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Jump for Joy

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Linger Awhile

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Live At the Mobtown Ballroom

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Nice Work If You Can Get It

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Panama

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Slipped Disc

Boilermaker Jazz Band, You Do Something To Me

Boilermaker Jazz Band- Jennie Luvv, The Mood I`m In

Boister, Buster Keaton`s Our Hospitality

Bola Sete, Crystal Garden

Bona Fide, Bona Fide

Bona Fide, Mitch Mitch (feat. Marc Antoine)

Bone Voyage Jazz Band, Songs of Love Lost and Found

Bones Jugs n Harmony, Party's in the Kitchen

Bones Jugs n Harmony, Rag Day

Bonnie Brooks, You Are The Song In Me

Bonnie Harris, Because of You

Bonnie Harris, Listen Here

Bonnie J Jensen, The Sapphire Tree

Bonnie Lowdermilk, Bankin' On the Moon

Bonnie Lowdermilk, Up To Now

Bonnie Ste-Croix, Summer June

Bonny Morgan, Acoustically Yours

Bonzai Quartet, Lemon Soul Jelly Roll

Booklet, Booklet

Boom Jacak, Boom Jacak

Bootyjuice, Cockpit

Bootyjuice, Discharge

Bootyjuice, Power Load

Boptical Allusions, With All Due Respect

Boris Savchuk, Alone and Thinking of You...

Boris Van Luger, Next to Come

Boris Vish, Take 95 South

Born to Wander, Born to Wander

Bossa Nouveau, Christmas Northwest II

Bossa Nouveau, Duos â–  Trios

Bossa Nouveau, You`re Not the Bossa Me

Bossa Nueva, Navidad

Bossa Orquestra, So Nice

Bossa Zuzu, Bossa Zuzu

Bossa Zuzu, Under Leaves Under Sky

Boston Jazz Voices, Every Breath You Take

Boston Jazz Voices, Let's Fall in Love

Botter, Ango

Bottomed Out, Push

Bounce, Altruistic Alchemy

Boyd Plus, I'm Blessed (feat. Tradonia)

Boyz and the Beez, Buzzin'

BPC Trio, Morning Sky

Brad Alexander, Because of Who You Are

Brad Bailey, 8anjo

Brad Cox, Beginners

Brad Ellis, Christmas in Rye Brook

Brad Hatfield Big Band, Then There's Vegas (feat. Alex MacDougall)

Brad Hatfield Quartet, Straight Up: Jazz and Cocktails, Vol. 4

Brad Hatfield Quartet, Straight Up: Jazz and Cocktails, Vol. 5 (feat. Ken Cervenka, Dave Zinno, & Jim Gwin)

Brad Hatfield, "Straight Up - Volume 2" Jazz and Cocktails

Brad Hatfield, "Straight Up" Jazz and Cocktails

Brad Hatfield, "Straight Up" Solo Piano

Brad Hatfield, "Straight Up" Solo Piano Volume 2

Brad Hatfield, Holidays at Home with Brad Hatfield

Brad Hatfield, Straight Up: Jazz and Cocktails, Vol. 3

Brad Jones` Aka Alias, Uncivilized Poise

Brad Kimes, Underground Universe

Brad Linde Ensemble, Feeling That Way Now

Brad Prevedoros, In Motion

Brad Rambur, Heard You Smile

Brad Roseborough, The Works of Our God

Brad Stirtz, Christmas Vibes

Brad Tipton, On Eagles Wings

Brad Walker, Quintet

Bradfield, Kupersmith, Sirota, Rule Of Three

Bradford Erickson, A New Dawn

Bradford Truby Trio, Bradford Truby Trio

Bradley Joseph, Paint the Sky: Original Piano Instrumentals With a Cinematic Feel

Bradley Sowash, Bittersweet

Bradley Sowash, Fum Bells - Live!

Brady Israel Trio, Brady Israel Trio

Brainsout, de sidere

Bram Stadhouders, Sidsel Endresen & Jim Black, Bell Time

Brandi Disterheft, Debut

Brandon Cameron, The Gift

Brandon Campbell, Ten from the Galley

Brandon Cordoba, Vivid

Brandon Covey, Reflections

Brandon Reese, Andrea (feat. Vernell Brown Jr.)

Brandon Reese, Andrea (feat. Vernell Brown Jr.)

Brandon Reese, January 22nd (feat. Brandon Beckwith)

Brandon Reese, Operation Clockwork

Brandon Scott McLean & Andrew Powers, 1 + 1 = Christmas

Brano Likic, Jazz Postcard

Brant Grieshaber & Company, Impressions of Brouwer, Vol. 2(Electrified Etudes)

Brant Williams, Expressions

Branvers, Don't Look Around

Brass Band of Battle Creek & Constatine Kitsopoulos, Britain & Brass

Brass Band of Battle Creek, Brassmatazz

Brass Band of Battle Creek, Live 2

Brass Blonde, Brass Blonde, Vol. 1

Brass Monkey Brass Band, Live in Time and Space

Brass Recording Project, Brass Recording Project, Vol. 1: The Arrangements of JD Shaw

Brass Roots, Purple Cha Cha Heels

Brass-O-Mania!, Fat Jack

Braty Bluzu, Bmg Studios

Brazos River Turnaround, A Merry Little Christmas With Brt

Brazos River Turnaround, Christmas Time

Brazz, One More

Brûlée, To a Crisp

Bre Gregg, On the Wind

Breden, Album Album

Bree, She Knows (feat. Jordan Siwek)

Breggett Rideau, More

Breggett Rideau, the opportune time...

Bremner Duthie, '33, a Kabarett

Bremner Duthie, The Sky Was Blue

Brenda Armstrong, B.j. Brenda Jazz

Brenda Conti, Catharsis

Brenda Countz & The Llew Matthews Quartet, Joyful Jazz

Brenda Earle, All She Needs

Brenda Earle, Happening

Brenda Earle, I Hate You

Brenda Earle, Songs for a New Day

Brenda Hopkins Miranda, Recuerdos de Granada

Brenda Johnson, Origins

Brenda L. Howard, There Will Never Be Another You

Brenda Lee, Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee, Five O'Clock Bells

Brenda Padula, My Foolish Heart

Brenda Wiley-Suddarth, Destiny

Brendon Hunt, RENEW

Brent Ellis, Better Together

Brent Ellis, Cruisin' Jackson Road

Brent Ellis, Summertime

Brent Ellis, When I Close My Eyes

Brent Fessler, Spontanae Laudem

Brent Gallaher, Vanessa`s Song

Brent Hardesty, Christmas In Glen Burnie

Brent Laidler, Dog Tired

Brent Rowan Quartet, It`s About Time.

Brent Rusinow, Triple Threat

Brent Thompson, Midnight Highway

Brent Ward, Use Words When Necessary

Brent Watkins, The Heroes Of Parlor Town - Volume 1

Brent Watkins, The Heroes of Parlor Town - Volume 2

Brent White, What Used To Be

Bret Puchir, Chicken Bucket

Bret Zvacek Quintet, Day In May

Bret's Frets, Bret's Frets European Rendezvous

Brett Every, Camping Out

Brett Stamps, In Your Own Sweet Way

Brettina, Brettina

brewed by noon, brewed by noon

Brewer and Deroche, Bach to Brazil

Brezz Zelenka, Dig This

Brian Cashwell, Pure Imagination

Brian Chiu, The Portrait of J.

Brian Clancy, Introducing Brian Clancy

Brian Clay, Honey Grove Lane

Brian Conigliaro, Wheels of Commotion

Brian Cunningham Quartet, Blue Serenade

Brian Cunningham Quartet, First Light

Brian Cunningham, Dust From A Different Town

Brian Donnelly, Guitarpentero

Brian Donnelly, Here Comes Love

Brian Dring, Every Mother`s Dream

Brian Dring, Every Mother`s Dream

Brian Dring, The Jazz Life

Brian Dring, The Jazz Life

Brian Gari, Here I Come Brazil

Brian Gorrell and Shane Conaway, In The Swing Of Christmas

Brian Gorrell, Soulmates

Brian Groder, Ancestral Tongues

Brian Groder, Torque

Brian Hemstock, Handful of Stars

Brian Hoeche, Lydian Dream part1

Brian Horton Trio, Obsidian, Live at La Lanterna Caffe, NYC

brian horton, walking tall

Brian Ibbotson, Dancing Dreams

Brian Ibbotson, Understanding You

Brian Jackson, Gotta Play

Brian Jett, Best of Jazzy Brian Jett - Soul & Happy Guitar

Brian Jett, Words Couldn't Say

Brian Johnson, Mystic Cove

Brian Jordan, Michael Brenneis & Ben Willis, Songs for Grandpa

Brian Jordan, Songs for My Grandpa

Brian Kastan, The Reaching Hands

Brian Kastan, The Reaching Hands

Brian Kelly, Afterplay

Brian Kelly, Pools Of Light

Brian Kennedy, A Touch of Jazz

Brian Kennedy, Christmas In The City

Brian Kennedy, Uneek Season

Brian King Nelson Quintet, Brothers with Aaron Martin

Brian King, Cover to Cover

Brian Lenair & Jonathan Davis, A Saxy Christmas (Brian Lenair Presents) [feat. Miriamm Wright]

Brian Lenair, Eye of the Storm (feat. Alyson Williams & Jonathan Davis)

Brian Lenair, The Journey

Brian Mcrae, Painted World

Brian Messiah, Seven Viscous Nasty Words

Brian Myers, Hell of a Town

Brian Nakagawa, Presents for Sarah

Brian Oberlin, Solo Swing

Brian Oberlin, Solo Swing Christmas

Brian Ohern, Party Party Party

Brian O`Hern and the Model Citizens Big Band, Let`s Make Gravy

Brian O`Neal, Mood Swings

Brian Patneaude, All Around Us

Brian Prunka, In Praise of Shadows

Brian Quass, Paris in a Minor Flat

Brian Questa, Jazz Booty

Brian Quezergue, Reflections

Brian Sampson & The Scissor Ensemble, Hidden Streets

Brian Simpson, Away In the Manger

Brian Simpson, Closer Still

Brian Tairaku Ritchie, Ryoanji

Brian Van Tosh, BVT'S Newest

Brian VanArsdale Trio, Cryptography

Brian Ward, Wonderbread

Brian Wingrove, Dreaming I`m Awake

Brian Woestehoff Quartet, Organic Chemistry

Brian Woodbury, Variety Orchestra

Brianna Bowie, Chasing Rainbows

Brianna Brown, The Beginning

Bride of Chaotica, Bamboo Transistor

Bridget Maynes, In The Key Of Swing

Bridget Maynes, In The Key Of Swing 2

Bridget, Into Their Eyes

Bridget, Make it Real

Brigitte Beraha, Flying Dreams

Brigitte Leclerc, Fratata!

Britt Warren, Kid Gloves

Brittany Allyn, Like a Butterfly

Brittany Walker, Stay (Unplugged Version)

Broadway-Ali Ryerson, Rex Cadwallader, Mike Asetta, Arti Dixson, Music From West Side Story

Brooke Bryant, Comfort and Joy

Brookes, Jones and Company, Speak Peace, Breathe Life

Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout, Who Burnt The Bacon?

Brooklyn Soul Organization, Brooklyn Soul Organization

Brotha Drew, Liquor Store - Single

Brother Darryl Smith, Day in the Life of Not Just Anyman

Brother Jay, Angels In The Room Vol III.

Brother Jay, Driven By Angels, Vol. X

Brother Jay, Walkin With Angels Vol V.

Brother Strut, First Strut Is the Deepest

Brother Treetop, Reign of the Aged

Brother Willie Nichols, Hold to God`s Unchanging Hand

Brotherhood of Groove, BOG style

Brotherhood of Groove, Pocket Full of Funk

Broto Roy Quartet, Ancient Algorithms

Broto Roy, Total Immersion

Brown Baby Girl, Brown Baby Girl

Brownman and Cruzao, Frosty El Cubano - Single

Brownman Electryc Trio, Gravitation

Brownman Electryc Trio, Juggernaut

Brubeck Brothers Quartet, Lifetimes

Brubeck Brothers Quartet, Second Nature

Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet, Origins

Bruce A. Henry, Connections

Bruce A. Henry, One Living Soul

Bruce Arnold & Gilbert Isbin, invocation

Bruce Arnold & Jane Getter, Secret Code

Bruce Arnold & John Stowell, Sonic Infestation

Bruce Arnold Mike Miller, Two Guys From South Dakota

Bruce Arnold, Blue Lotus

Bruce Bendinger, Can`t Sing. Don`t Care.

Bruce Bergh, Nightlife

Bruce Brown, Love Finds You

Bruce Burgess, Shine Jesus Shine

Bruce Dudley, Semblance

Bruce Eskovitz, Bruce Eskovitz

Bruce Eskovitz/Bill Mays, Conversations

Bruce Forman & Cow Bop, Cowlifornia Swing

Bruce Forman Trio, The Book of Forman: Formanism, Vol. II

Bruce Freedman, Enormous Moments:Bruce Freedman Trio

Bruce Garnitz, Thin Ice

Bruce Glover, Fragile

Bruce Hamada, Two For The Road

Bruce Henry, Bruce Henry Live and Natural


Bruce L. Brown, Living The Love

Bruce Lloyd Kates & Cheryl Carter, INSINCERE - Single

Bruce Lloyd Kates & Cheryl Carter, Nostalgia

Bruce Lloyd Kates & Sheri Izzard, Daydreams

Bruce Lloyd Kates, Cheryl Carter & Glen Garrett, Ecstasy - Single

Bruce Lloyd Kates, Lonesome For L. A.

Bruce Lloyd Kates, This Longing For You

Bruce Lofgren, Sky Sailor

Bruce MacLeod, Parade

Bruce McKenzie, Aesthetic Melodology

Bruce McKenzie, After Dark

Bruce McKenzie, After Dark Part II

Bruce McKenzie, Destinations

Bruce McKenzie, Special Moments

Bruce Redstone and George Thurgood, Afterward

Bruce Riley, Central Eclipse

Bruce Riley, Economically Smooth

Bruce Riley, Essence of Smooth Jazz

Bruce Riley, Rhythm Impressions in Jazz

Bruce Riley, Smooth Jazz

Bruce Riley, Smooth Jazz 2

Bruce Riley, Smooth Jazz: 10 Greatest Hits

Bruce Riley, The Best of Bruce Smooth Jazz

Bruce Saunders, Drift

Bruce Sims/mr Smooth, Summer Love

Bruce Wall, Crosswalk

Brujo, Dia 6

Brujo, Infussion

Brulée, New Beginnings

Bruno Moritz, Tempero Brasileiro

Bruno Raberg Quartet, Hot Box (feat. Allan Chase, Phil Grenadier & Austin McMahon)

Bruno Raberg, Pentimento

Bruno Steffen, Instrumental Bhajans

Bruno Valat, Béton Armé Garage Groove Five Stars

Bruno Valat, Let's Groove Together

Bruskers, Guitar Sketch

Bryan and the Haggards, Pretend It's the End of the World

Bryan Anderson, Live At the Palace

Bryan Anderson, Slow Your Roll

Bryan Anthony and the Gary Norian Trio, A Night Like This

Bryan Bogue, Ella's Eyes

Bryan Bowman, Like Minds

Bryan Carter, Enchantment

Bryan Forsloff, The Final Touch

Bryan Lubeck, Acoustic Vineyard

Bryan Lubeck, Mysterious Woman

Bryan McConnell, Live at the Elkhorn Slough Yacht Club

Bryan Morgan, Movement

Bryan Morgan, Relocation

Bryan Wright, Breakin' Notes: Ragtime and Novelty Piano Solos

Bryan Wright, Syncopated Musings: Classic Piano Rags And Ragtime Waltzes

Bryant Thompson, Puzzle Pieces

Bryant Wilder, The Right Track

Bryon Garrison, All I`ve Got Time For Is Love

Bubbly Vee, My Mommy Must Be Sugar

Buchersommerfriedli, Thermi

Buck Dewey Big Band, Friday Night Chicken Waltz

Buck Evans, Nize Baby

Buck Hill, Uh Huh! Buck Hill, Live at Montpelier

Bucky Barrett, Killin' the Wind (feat. Lenny Breau & Buddy Emmons)

Bucky Barrett, Long Time Coming

Bucky Barrett, You Make Me Smile

Buczek, Smooth

Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Everything`s Alright

Buddhaboy and Scherrie.G., Peace Please Instrumentals

Buddhaboy, Praying for the High Line

Buddy Fambro, Higher Consciousness

Buddy Fambro, Purpose

Buff Dillard, Against All Odds

Buff Dillard, Against All Odds

Buford Powers, I Wish I'd Met You

Bug, Murmur

Bugambi, Cuento Sinfonico

Bukeka Shoals, Bukeka

Bumpinmusic, The Journey

Bunch of Musicians, Focus

Bunny Brunel & friends, Cafe au Lait

Bunny Brunel, Dedication

Bunny Brunel, For You To Play

Bunny Brunel, Invent Your Future

Bunny Brunel, Ivanhoe

Bunny Brunel, LA Zoo Revisited (Import)

Bunny Brunel, Momentum

Bunny Brunel, Touch

Burchfield Brothers, Laguna Lights

Burke Ingraffia, Independence, Louisiana

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Black Sex Yall Liberation and Bloody Random Violets

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Blood On The Leaf Opus No.1

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, If You Can`t Dazzle Them With You`re Brilliance, Then Baffle Them With Your Blisluth

Burt Brion, Say the Word

Burt Donald, Eclectic Electric

Busy McCarroll, Busy McCarroll- Bar`Bar`Ella- The BeatNik Spy Music Files

Butch & Rhonda Coleman, Night Sketches

Butch Baldassari, The Vespa Love Festival Sessions

Butch Harrison, What It Is

Butch Malone Featureing Npmf, Pour The Candles Light The Wine

Butch Warren, Butch's Blues

ButtercupMetalPolish, Live in Nagoya

Butterfat Trio, Under Dog

Buzz Bahdur, Horizontal Life

Buzz Brooks, The Oenophile Anthem

Buzz Guerra, When Josie Smiles

Buzz Jones Big Band, Millennium Swing

Bym, The Intro...

Byron Counts, Songs in the Key of Love

Byron Motley, Jazz and Cocktails

Byron Vannoy, Byron Vannoy's Thread

BYU Vocal Point, Spider-Man Theme (A Cappella Michael Bubla© Tribute) - Single

C Edward Miller and the Dudes, Petals of Love Volume Two

C Lanzbom, Relaxing Guitars

C M, Lucidity

C M, Shades of Grey

C Norden, Looking Backward, Looking Forward

C to C, Less is More

C-Dub, Yeah Doc (feat. Mark Lettieri)

C-Dub, Yeah Doc (No Drums)

C. Christopher Scott, Greyscale

C. Christopher Scott, Oasis

C. Christopher Scott, Stay in Love With You

C. Edward Miller, Petals of Love Volume One

C. Michael Hinson, All In One

C. Michael Hinson, Then & Now

C. Prince, O Doris

C. Scott Hagler, Ragtime!

C.Cherry II, Shades of Influence

C.W. Nickles, Smoot Ride, Vol. 1

C2J2 Quartet, C2J2

C2K Trio, Unbalanced Beauty

Caballero-Verde Quintet, Past Due

Cabinet Shuffle, Cabinet Shuffle in Cambridge... Again!

Cabinet Shuffle, It Don't Mean a Thing

Cabinet Shuffle, The Best of Cabinet Shuffle

Cabo Frio, Don't Give Up

Cabo Frio, Late Return.

Cadwallader, Asetta and Dixson, Quicker Than The Eye

Caesar, Jazz Standards for Today's Audience

Café Bossa, Café Bossa

Café Société, Café Société

Café Surá, Como un Niño

Caffè Modì, New Sounds by Modì Vol 1

Caine, Pipe

Cal Bennett, Johnny's Amour

Cal Bennett, Poise In Crisis

Cal Bennett, Pulse Meditation

Cal Scott, Fierce Joy

Cal Scott, Second Thought

Cal State LA Jazz Orchestra, Dogasauras

Cal State Long Beach Concert Jazz Orchestra, Great Northern Express

Calamity Jazz, Cookin' With Calamity

Calamity Jazz, Gettin` My Bonus In Love

Calangos Groove, Calangos Groove

Caleb Brinkley, Closer

Caleb Hutslar, Caleb Hutslar

Caleb Hutslar, Culmination

Caleb Hutslar, Solocity

California Conga, Spill

California Flight, California Flight project 1

California Flight, California Flight project 2

Calley Bliss, The City

Callie Cardamon, Easy Street

Callie Cardamon, Time and the Weather

Callisto, Presents Project Volume 1

Caltech Jazz Bands, The Variety Pack

Calum Builder & Tate Sheridan, In Hiding

Calvin Brooks, My Favorite Thing

Calvin Brooks, What A Wonderful World

Calvin Edwards, Just Swing

Calvin Edwards, Thats It

Calvin Fenner, The Prologue

Calvin Hill, I Can`t Give You Anything But Love

Calvin Napper, Good Vibes

Calvin Napper, Night in St. Maarten

Calvin Napper, Soul Rhythms

Calvin Weston, Of Alien Feelings

Calvin Weston`s Big Tree, When We Were Young

Camadou, For I

Cameilyun, Illusionst Myth

Cameron Wallis, Calling Dexter

Cami Thompson & Reno Jazz Orchestra, Swing! Swang! Swung!

Camila Meza, Retrato

Camilla Inês, Jazzmine

Camilla Sanders, That Which Speaks of Love

Camille Devore, Dream In Color

Camille DeVore, Easy to Love

Camille Iton, Harlan May & Lee Curreri, Movin' On

Camille Metoyer Moten, A Simpler Christmas

Camille, The Big Parade

Camille, The Big Parade

Camillocromo, Rocambolesca

Campbell McNeal Quartet, A Night at Tullers

Candace Evans, So Nice

Candice Hoyes, On a Turquoise Cloud

Candice Reyes, Crossing Over

Candice Zep & the Jukeboxriders, The Entrance

Candy Williams, Phoenix

CaneFire, Kaiso Blue

Canen, A Matter of Time

Canen, Tribute

canoneo, best of canoneo

Cant Sleep, Cant Sleep

Capathia Jenkins And Louis Rosen, South Side Stories

Capital Jazz Band, Add a Beat!

Capital Jazz Project, Capital Jazz Project

Capital Jazz Project, Kalon

Caprice, From Dawn Til Dusk

Captain February, Kamikaze kisses (Re-Mix)- Single

Captain Green, Everywhere Is Where It's At

Captain Green, Protect Each Other Together

Captain RW, It`s What`s Hot That`s Kool

Captain Rw, Love Each Day

Captain RW, The Best of Captain RW

Captain Snowball and the Ho Ho Ho Band, Christmas Snowballin`

Captains of Industry, Sail On

Car Music Project, Rough Roads DVD

Cara Campanelli, Poor Heart

Cara Louise, A Moment In Time

Caravan, Symphony Of Stars

Cardell, Get Closer to Me

Carey Dyer, Slow Down

Carey Yaruss, Carey Yaruss

Carioca and Guests, Ciranda

Carioca, a‘dae Vida

Carl Anderson & His New Orleans Jazz Band, The Second Line

Carl Beluga, Starswinger

Carl Bradley, Carl Bradley Compilation, Vol. 3

Carl Bradley, Carl Music

Carl Burnett, Life Before Midi

Carl Clements, Forth and Back

Carl Dixon, It`s A Time For Love"

Carl Edmonds, Coming Home

Carl Edmonds, Gary Bred

Carl Edmonds, Twilight

Carl Erik Hedløv, Looking Back

Carl Fischer, Carl Fischer & Organic Groove Ensemble

Carl Frederick Wright, Wrightus Jazz*zer*ta*tion

Carl Harris, Bright Moments

Carl Hupp Project, Live At Orion

Carl King, C-train

Carl Landa Band, Mixed Messages

Carl Lewis, Bearing the Sax - EP

Carl Lockett, All About The Music

Carl Mörner Ringström, Neocolony

Carl Miles, The Force Of Nature

Carl Neal, Grace Star

Carl Neal, Kiss of Life

Carl Neal, Saxima Maxima

Carl Neal, Shake Your Body Down

Carl Neal, Walk On By

Carl Orr, Blue Thing

Carl Orr, Deep Down

Carl Orr, Emergence

Carl Orr, Mean It

Carl Oser, Inside Voices

Carl Ratcliffe, The Experience

Carl Rigoli Jazz Quintet, Groovin Easy

Carl Rigoli Jazz Quintet, Home Cookin

Carl Rigoli Jazz Quintet, New Directions

Carl Rigoli Jazz Quintet, Vibe Man

Carl Rigoli, Journey

Carl Saunders, Be Bop Big Band

Carl Saunders, Can You Dig Being Dug?

Carl Tassi, Waiting For The Bread

Carl Young, A Few Sides Of Myself

Carl's Iguana, Um Tut Sut

Carla Benson, Welcome in My World

Carla Hassett & Mike Patton, Variations of Julia

Carla Hassett, Julia (feat. Mike Patton)

Carla Norris, How High the Moon

Carla Norris-Hopkins, Hello, I Remember

Carla Norris-Hopkins, Ways to Love You

Carla Starkie, New Dawn

Carla Valenti, Follow Your Heart

Carla Valenti, New Wings

Carli Muñoz, Live at Carli`s Vol. 1

Carli Muñoz, Love Tales

Carli Muñoz, Maverick

Carline Ray, Vocal Sides

Carlo Actis Dato & Enzo Rocco, Domestic Rehearsals

Carlo Bernardinello, Artist`s Dreams

Carlo Colombo, Playboy

Carlo Nuccio & Aaron Neville, Who Dat 2010

Carlos (Chacho) O. Terencia, Sensato Camdombe Latinjazz

Carlos Cannon, In The Name Of Love

Carlos Cannon, Steppin' Up the Game

Carlos Cannon, Tak`N It Smooth

Carlos Cannon, Thinking of You

Carlos del Junco, Big Boy

Carlos Fischer, Autorretrato

Carlos Francis and the Open Space All Stars Volume 1, All De Tings For De Band

Carlos Francis, Good Vibes at the 12th Circle

Carlos Godinez, Take It To The Heart

Carlos La³pez Quartet, CLQ

Carlos Lopes, Angola Mares e Lagoas

Carlos Lopes, Angola, Noites e Luas

Carlos Mena, Trip to Wendy's

Carlos Olmeda, Time Travel Made Fun and Easy

Carlos Orozco, Morpho

Carlos Redman, Remix

Carlos Rull, Stargazer

Carlos Severiche, Sentido Común

Carlos, Jackal Jazz

Carlotta Centanni, Respiro

Carlton C-Dub Whitfield, N.O.I.S.E.

Carlton C-Dub Whitfield, Straight Jacket (Crazy Praise)

Carlton Holmes, You Me and I

Carlton L Cannon Jr featuring JABARI, Gospazz

Carlton Oakes, Contemporary Favorites

Carlyle Barriteau, Groovin At Sunset

Carman J. Price, I Do

Carmel McCreagh, Nice Girl

Carmel McCreagh, Skylark: Carmel McCreagh Sings the Songs of Johnny Mercer

Carmela Rappazzo, Joseph City

Carmela Rappazzo, Myths and Legends

Carmela Rappazzo, The Girl Who Dreams Out Loud, New Standards

Carmelo Medina, Otro Sistema

Carmen Cano, Dialogos

Carmen Cuesta, Mi Bossa Nova

Carmen E. Dragon, Harp 2K

Carmen Marsico, Sogno

Carmen Miranda, The explosive world of Carmen Miranda

Carmine D`amico Ensemble, You Speak To Me In My Dreams

Carmine D`Amico, You Speak To Me In My Dream Collectors Edition

Carnivàle, Carnivàle

Carol Albert, Night Music

Carol Albert, Tides Of Change

Carol Bach-y-Rita, What Love Is

Carol Calloway, Send The Comforter

Carol Chaikin, Carol Chaikin

Carol Chaikin, Lucy`s Day Off

Carol Fox, J`Adore Holiday Rhythms

Carol Frazier, Três

Carol Heffler, Exactly

Carol Heffler, Pull of the Moon

Carol Johnson, Worth Waiting For

Carol Luckenbach, The Sighs of Love

Carol Manson, Child's Heart

Carol McCartney, A Night In Tunisia

Carol McCartney, Be Cool

Carol Morgan, Classic Morgana

Carol Morgan, Passing Time with the Carol Morgan Quintet

Carol Robbins, Chords in Blue

Carol Robbins, Jazz Play

Carol Rossio, Pardon My French

Carol Saboya, Belezas

Carol Selick, Life Is Believing in You

Carol Stein, The Jazz Lady

Carol Vasquez, I Have Dreamed

Carol Woods, A Day Away from Town

Carol Woods, A Day Away from Town (Long Version)

Carol Woods, Sittin' On the Curbstone Blues

Carolann Brevard, Greatness

Carole Alston, For My Sisters

Carole Burgess, I Believe in Love Songs

Carole March, Everything I Love

Carole Miguel, Brazz (feat. Rob Lindfors & Rob Baker)

Carolina Brandes, Flowers of the Deeper Soil

Carolina Brandes, O.M.P. (Original Musical Paint)

Carolina Jazmine, Carolina Jazmine

Caroline Daly, A Journey in Jazz

Caroline Daly, Jazz on the Rock

Caroline Daly, Love From Down Under

Caroline Daly, Ooh la la from Down Under

Caroline J. Clarke Connelly, Caroline...Catch Love

Caroline Joy, Green Nearby

Caroline Kearney, For Good (feat. Kathy Graham)

Caroline Kearney, I Can't Give You Anything but Love

Caroline Kearney, My Funny Valentine

Caroline Kearney, No Moon At All

Caroline Kearney, The Way You Look Tonight

Caroline Wegener, Jazzsketches

Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van Der Linden, Cheek To Cheek

Caroll Vanwelden, Don't Explain

Carolyn Breuer, Four Seasons of Life

Carolyn Dolan & Peter Supersano, How Deep Is the Ocean

Carolyn Hartsfield, Flow Like the River

Carolyn Jackson, Essence

Carolyn Lee Jones, Bon Appetit !

Carolyn Lee Jones, The Performer

Carolyn Martin, A Platter of Brownies: The Music of Milton Brown

Carolyn Martin, Swing

Carolyn Martin, Tennessee Local

Carolyn Martin, The Very Thought Of You

Carolyn Mitchell, Inner Smile

Carolyn Sykes, Jazz Harp, Autumn

Carolyne Swayze, All of You

Carolyne Swayze, Before the Show

Carolyne Swayze, Dream Dancing

Carolyne Swayze, He's Funny That Way

Carolyne Swayze, I Ain't Got Nothing but the Blues

Carolyne Swayze, I'm Thrilled

Carolyne Swayze, My Shining Hour

Carolyne Swayze, No Apologies

Carolyne Swayze, The Masquerade Is Over

Carolyne Swayze, The Next Best Thing

Carolyne Swayze, Too Late to Tell You

Carolyne Swayze, When I Fall in Love

Carolyne Swayze, Winter Waltzing

Carolyne Swayze, With These Hands

Caroyn Sykes, Jazz Harp, Winter Carols

Carrie Jackson, If I Had My Way

Carrie McDowell, Talk About the Girl

Carroll Brothers, Double U C

Carroll Dashiell and The CVD Ensemble, Heir (Heir To The Throne)

Carroll Godsman, Close Your Eyes

Carroll Matthews, Timeless

Carsie Blanton, Not Old, Not New

Carsten Sindvald, The King´s Chamber

Carte Blanche, A Holiday Album

Carte Blanche, Carte Blanche

Carter Calvert & The Roger Cohen Trio, Carter Calvert & The Roger Cohen Trio

Carter Fox, Suburbia

Cartoon Weapons, Last Rites of a Living Legend

Carver Cebrun, Stealth Flight

Caryn Kupferman, Pitch Black Mile

Casa, My Magma

Casa7, Casa7

Cascade Jazz Trio, Valley Breezes

Cascadu, Caribbean Odyssey

Casey Hall, Neutron

Casey Kilroy, Five Foot Two

Casey MacGill & Orville Johnson, Hawaii of My Dreams

Casey MacGill and the Spirits of Rhythm, Jump

Casey MacGill's Blue 4 Trio, Barrelhouse

Casey MacGill`s Blue 4 Trio, Casey MacGill`s Blue 4 Trio

Casey MacGill`s Blue 4 Trio, Three Cool Cats

Casimir Liberski Trio, Evanescences (feat. Tyshawn Sorey and Thomas Morgan)

Casimir Liberski, Atomic Rabbit

Casperous Vine/Ginger Lovers, Volume I

Cass Anawaty, Convergence

Cass Harrison, Sauce From The Source

Cass Harrison, Shades of Dark - Single

Cassandra Bright, Single Song "love Ya"

Cassius White, From The Inside Out

Caswell Sisters, Alive in the Singing Air (feat. Fred Hersch)

Cat Austin, Tempting Fate

Cat Baby!, Crab Cakes

Cat Cohen, Songs of Survival And Sweet Surrender

Cat Conner, Cat House

Cat Conner, Cat Tales

Cat Coward, On a Limb

Cat Coward, Out of the Bag

Cat Hair Ensemble, East of Western

Cates Ave., Confusing Cate

Catfish, Restraint

Cath Marcangelo & Stan Foster, A Yen for Older Men

Catherine Estall, If Time Stood Still....

Catherine Lamoreux & Chief Sanchez, Something New

Catherine Marie Charlton, Maiden's Voyage

Catherine Meekins, Word On the Street Sings the Letter to the Ephesians

catherine o`brien, L.A. or Busk

Catherine Sykes, Something Wonderful

Catherine Woodruff, Lazy Afternoon

Cathy Morris, Cathy Morris

Cathy Morris, It`s About Time

Cathy Morris, On The Run

Cathy Morris, Welcome To My World

Cathy Segal-Garcia and Joe Diorio, Day By Day

Cathy Segal-Garcia and Phillip Strange, Alone Together

Cathy Segal-Garcia and Phillip Strange, Song Of The Heart

Cathy Segal-Garcia and Ross Tompkins, Heart To Heart

Cathy Segal-Garcia, Bohemian (feat. Yoonseung Cho)

Cathy Segal-Garcia, Point Of View

Cathy Segal-Garcia, Secret Life

Catlin Hale, Times Are A Changing

Catnipp, Punani

Cato B. Hagen, Seaside View


Catte Adams, Just Like Heaven - Single

Catwalk, Weather Or Knot

Cat`s A Bear, Eye Of The Pyramid

Cat`s A Bear, Tito: In Search of a Revolution

Cécile Niles, Nuances

Cécile Savage, The Journey

CC Ryder, Out of My Head

Ccharles, Escape The Wind

Cecil Hill, Cecil Hill Swings His Thing

Cecil Isaac, The Road Unknown yet Known

Cecilia Monte, Open Air

Cecilie Noer, Mindwhisper

Cecily Kate, Standards

Cecyl Quartet, Cecyl

Cedric B. (Cnote), JazzMatic V - Dallas Nights

Cedric Joseph, Instruments That Worship Vol. I

Celebrate Upstate, Joy! Celebrate Upstate Holiday vol. 1

Celeste Davis, A Prayer For Our Soldiers

Celeste Talley, Love Never Fails

Celia Berk, You Can't Rush Spring

Celia La, Introducing Celia La

Celia Malheiros - Trio, After The Carnaval

Celia Malheiros, CENARIO BRASILEIRO featuring Joa£o Bosco

Celia Malheiros, SEMPRE CRESCENDO featuring Hermeto Pascoal

Celia Mur & Hugo Fernández, Amerikanda

Cello Chillin, Jus Playin

Cenk Erdogan, Kai Eckhardt, Jason Lewis & Sumru Agiryuruyen, Arc (feat. Sumru Agiryuruyen, Kai Eckhardt & Jason Lewis)

Central Virginia Jazz Orchestra, James River Jazz

Centrifuge, Lucky Soul

Cesar Gallegos, Tu Presencia (Sax Instrumental)

Cesar Garcia, Think in a Loving Way

Cesar Odulio, Gitar Engineering 3

Cesar, Speakin' in Tongues

Cesare Dell` Anna E Opa Cupa, Hotel Albania Remix

Ceumar & Trio, Live In Amsterdam

CGCC Community Arts Program All-Star Jazz Ensemble, With A Swing!

Chad Anderson Quintet, People Here

Chad Bahr, Two Moods

Chad Carter, Live at Vicino's

Chad Gales, Introducing Chad Gales

Chad Morris, Freedom

Chad Morris, Latin Soul

Chad Morris, Mirage

Chad Olivera, The Evolution of Andrew Andrews (Original Soundtrack Album)

Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, Meet The Meatbats

Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, Meet The Meatbats

Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, More Meat

Chad Stoner, I Know It's You

Chad Volkers, Solar Maximum

Chaim Fogelman, Chanukah Yingels

Chaise Lounge, Insomnia

Chamber Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Jazz Ensemble

Chamberlain Brass, Cocktail Hour

Chameleon Project, Live At Camp Bisco

Chamelia and the Pendletones, Sun'll Come Up

Champaign, When I'm Lovin' You

Champian Fulton with David Berger and the Sultans of Swing, Champian

Champion Sisters, Christmas with the Champion Sisters

Champion Sisters, In the Mood

Chan, Dreaming Afterdark

Chan, Musical Addiction

Chance Allies, Black Coffee

Chance Allies, In a Sentimental Mood

Chance Allies, It Could Happen to You

Chance Allies, The Girl from Ipanema (A January Jam)

Chance Allies, Willow Weep for Me

Chance, Accidental Shrines

Chance, Chance

Chanda Leigh, Big City Life

Changamire, Love

Changamire, Only Human

Chantal Chamberland, Soirée

Chantal Thompson, Sirens & Stars

Chantilly Lace, Not Really Jazz

Chappell & Dave Holt, Wings of the Morning

Chappell & Dave Holt, Stone & Fire

Chaquis Maliq, Veracity

Chardavoine, Fifth Season

Charenee Wade, Love Walked In

Charged Particles, Sparks

Charisse, I Fall

Charisse, I'm Better Off Without You

Charisse, Just a Phase

Charisse, The Good Life

Charisse, The Instrumentals

Charisse, The Rhythm of Life

Charleene Closshey, Smile

Charlene Robinson, Take Your Time Wit Me

Charlene Robinson, Where's the Party At

Charles "Boss" Gamble, Hourglass

Charles Alexander, Gotcha

Charles Alexander, This Is My Dream (Single)

Charles Amore, Brucia

Charles and Mary Smith, Love is the Wind

Charles and Otis, Together For Music

Charles Berman, Poinciana Revisited

Charles Berry, Just for Fun

Charles Blenzig, Certain Standards

charles blenzig, Charles Blenzig

Charles Blenzig, It`s About Time

Charles Blenzig, Say What You Mean

Charles Bowen Sr., Like The Night

Charles Carrington, After The Love II

Charles Charnas, Tall Drink of Water

Charles Compo, Mind Frame

Charles Compo, Psycho Jammy

Charles Davis and the Cedar Walton Trio, Blue Gardenia

Charles Davis, For the Love of Lori

Charles Dolph & Ethan Philion, Doublestop

Charles Edward Ross, Crusade for Human Harmony & Happiness Anthem

Charles Ellsworth Smith, Sarcastic Cafe

Charles Ellsworth Smith, The Defining Moment

Charles Evans, On Beauty

Charles Hart, That Certain Sound

Charles J, Crooner Classics

Charles Jones, After Church

Charles Jones, After Church

Charles Longstreet & Friends, Entourage

Charles Mascari, Chillin'

Charles Mathews, Ragtime for Dance

Charles Mathews, Ragtime for Dance

Charles Neal, 10 Years Ago

Charles Neville, Safe in Buddha's Palm

Charles Oginga Shelton, Seeing Is Believing

Charles Owens Trio, A Wealth in Common

Charles P Walker, Life Changing: A Journey Called Grace

Charles P. Walker, Silent Night

Charles Pender, Shine

Charles Power, To Be Very Frank

Charles Pryor, Life Story, Part 1

Charles Sheinman, Musicality

Charles Sibirsky Mark Josefsberg Quartet, The "BQE"

Charles Sibirsky/Murray Wall, Just Jazz Just Two

Charles Small, Small Talk

Charles Walker, Do You Hear What I Hear?

Charles Williams, A Study of Symmetrics and Rhythms

Charles Z. Williams, Around The World

Charles Z. Williams, Harmony

Charles Z. Williams, Reminiscent

Charles Z. Williams, Transformation

Charley B and the MelodicTones, 100% American Made

Charley B and the MelodicTones, Soulful Prayer (single)

Charley Harrison, Keeping My Composure

Charley Langer, Never The Same

Charley Rich, By Myself

Charlez360, Four Pennies

Charlie Ballantine, Green

Charlie Byrd and the Charlie Byrd Ensemble, Great Chefs, Great Music

Charlie Doc Stewart, Love is Everything

Charlie Duran, City of Angels

Charlie Duran, Momentum

Charlie G. Sanders, Escape to Love

Charlie Mariano, Om Keshav

Charlie Parker and Chet Baker, Bird and Chet at the Trade Winds

Charlie Robinson, Free Zones

Charlie Russell, Playing In The Sky Room

Charlie Wood, Rhythms of the Eclipse

Charlie Wood, Somethin` Else

Charllotte, Vingar

Charlotte Carruthers With the Brent Edstrom Trio, At Long Last

Charlotte G Bolden, True to Life

Charlotte Gilmore and John Rowin, The Best of Target Alpha

Charlotte Glasson and Que Pasa, Glassblower

Charlton Singleton, Delicate

Charlton Singleton, Soul Cavern

Charlyn Frazier, Awesome God

Charmaine Clamor, Searching for the Soul

Charmaine Ford, Blues For Guppy

Charmaine Ford, Busy Silence

Charmaine Neville Band, Queen of the Mardi Gras

Charmin Michelle & Joel Shapira, Dawning and Daylight

Charmin Michelle & Joel Shapira, Pure Imagination

Charone Campbell, Christmas Blessings

Charoon, Memories

Chase Colman, The Way You Look Tonight

Chase Huna, On the Chase

Chasper Wanner, "quartet" feat. danny gottlieb

Chateauhaag, Good News

Chaya, Mood For Love

Chazz, Lovers Delight

Cheer Yourself Deaf, Food On The Table

Chef Guy Meredith, Home Cookin'

Chela Piacentini, Rhythm

Chelle, Out of the Wilderness

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five, Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five

Chelsey Green and The Green Project, The Green Room

Chema Matas, Overlook

Chema Vílchez, The Dream of the Navigator (El Sueño Del Navegante)

Chema Vílchez, The Sacred Nature of Life

Chembo Corniel, For The Rest Of Your Life

Chembo, Portrait In Rhythms

Chencho Rivera, Angelitos

Cheri Oliver, Dear Heart

Cheri Roggow, Sing a Song Learn Along, Vol.1

Cheri Roggow, Sing a Song, Learn Along, Vol. 2

Cherie M Turlington, Send Me Some Love in the Mailbox

Cherie Price, Voyage

Cherisse Stephens, In The Wait

Cheryl Bartlett, Like Ocean, Like Lace

Cheryl Christine, I Hope You Dance

Cheryl Conley, Santa Baby

Cheryl Conley, Tender Moments

Cheryl Cummins, First Bloom

Cheryl Daniels, Weekend

Cheryl Ford, Cheryl Ford

Cheryl Henderson and the Hit Squad, I Need Love

Cheryl Hodge, Cheryl Hodge: Original Article

Cheryl Jewell, My Blue Heaven

Cheryl Jewell, The Christmas Song

Cheryl Jones, Like Someone in Love

Cheryl Lynne Skinner, Shades of Blue

Cheryl Lynne Skinner, Sunday Afternoon

Cheryl Sim, Unsung

Cheryl Terhune Cronk, Beautiful Day - Single

Cheryl, Pillow Talk by Cheryl

Chesapeake Bay Jazz Ensemble (Seth Kibel and Frankie G), Frankie G Project

Chester Daigle & Rick Condit, The Greatest Gift

Chet Baker, Broken Wing

Chet Nichols, Sunday Morning

Chevalier, Chevalier presents Soundscapes

Chiara Ragnini, Due castelli sulla sabbia

Chicago OGD, Fine as Wine

Chicago Sound Map, Performs Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel

Chico Hamilton, Euphoric

Chico Hamilton, It's About Time!

Chico Hamilton, Revelation

Chico Hamilton, Revelation

Chico Hamilton, The Alternative Dimensions of El Chico

Chico Hamilton, The Inquiring Mind

Chico Hamilton, Twelve Tones of Love

Chieli Minucci and Special Efx, Sweet Surrender

Chieli Minucci, it`s Gonna Be Good

Chieli Minucci, Jewels

Chieli Minucci, Sweet On You

Chikuwabu, A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Chikuwabu, Dat Dere - Single

Chikuwabu, Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? - Single

Chikuwabu, Mele Kalikimaka

Chikuwabu, Moonglow

Chikuwabu, Que Sera Sera

Chikuwabu, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Chikuwabu, Summer Time

Child of Him, Songs in the Key of Theft

Chill 7, Buzz`s Fat Tire

Chill Kechil, Chill Kechil

Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion, Groove Jazz N Chill #1

Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion, Groove Jazz N Chill #2

Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion, Groove Jazz N Chill #4

Chilli Jazz Group, Deep Ocean

Chin-yer, Meditative Soul vol. 1

Chinese Puzzle, Archeology

Chini and Camberos, Chini and Camberos

Chiodi Trio, The Chiodi Trio Family Album

Chip Boaz, Sketches of Bass En Clave

chip katz, chip katz jazz trio

Chip Shearin, How I Live

Chip Shearin, Truth Be Told (feat. Marion Meadows)

Chip Shelton, Now That You've Gone

Chip Templeton, Chipping Away At the Ivories-Jazz, Blues, & Rags

Chip White, Personal Dedications & Percussive Tributes (All-Star Ensemble, Vol. 3)

Chisa, Mama Said Swing!!!

Chisato, Love You to Death

Chitola, Try and Fly

Chloe Brisson, Blame It On My Youth

Choban Elektrik, Choban Elektrik

Chocolate Smoke Gang, Chocolate Smoke Gang

Chopslaughter, Saffron Robe

Chris "Doc" Stewart, Jazz Christmas Carols

Chris Allman, Oh to Be in London

Chris Allman, Oh to Be in London

Chris Andrew, Not So Fast

Chris Aycrigg, What`s New

Chris Bauer, In a Yuletide Groove

Chris Bayne, Instrumental Moods

Chris Bayne, Nice and Easy

Chris Bayne, String Theory

Chris Bennett, Girl Talk

Chris Bennett, Sail Away - The Tahiti Sessions

Chris Bennett, When I Think Of Christmas

Chris Beyt, 120

Chris Bitten, The Chris Bitten Project

Chris Bottomley, Cerebral Lubrication

Chris Bowman, First Love

Chris Broomhead, The Public Division: Pieces

Chris Bucheit, Beautiful Myth

Chris Bucheit, Hard Disk letters

Chris Buck, 3 Crows

Chris Buckholz, Muse

Chris Capitano, Chris Capitano

Chris Carroll, Facing Away

Chris Carver, Ghost in the Machine

Chris Cawthray, Songs We Knew

Chris Chandler, 88 Keys and the Swing Kats

Chris Chandler, Christmas All Over the World

Chris Chandler, Southern Charm and Swing

Chris Conway, Studio Blend

Chris Coogan, Sfunky

Chris Coogan, Stars and Wind

Chris Corey, Christmas

Chris Dabbo: The Trio Collective, Tempus Fugit

Chris Dawson, Introducing Christopher Dawson

Chris Dawson, Put A Swing In Your Step

Chris Deigh, Chasing

Chris DePino, Master Attracter

Chris Dingman, The Subliminal and the Sublime: III. Plea

Chris Domres, Synthicity

Chris Dundas, Chris Dundas Group

Chris Edwards, I Only Want You in My Life

Chris Fiore, Chris Fiore and Feeling Zero - Jazz Stars

Chris Floyd, Wichita Lineman

Chris Geith Group, Prime Time

Chris Geith, Chasing Rainbows

Chris Geith, Island of A Thousand Dreams

Chris Geith, Timeless World

Chris Gillespie, Portraits of Porter

Chris Glik, Gypsy Jazz

Chris Glik, Music For The Heart

Chris Glik, Tropical Jazz For The Soul, Vol 2

Chris Godber, Chris Godber

Chris Godber, One Breath At a Time

Chris Godber, Will You Be Mine

Chris Grady, On It

Chris Ho Band, Purple Passion

Chris Ho Band, Quartets, Vol. 3

Chris Ho Band, Rudy Sessions

Chris Ho Band, The Bossa Nova 2 Tell Me More

Chris Ho, Christmas Jam

Chris Ho, Growing Up

Chris Ho, Lifetime

chris ho, picasso blue

Chris Ho, Quartets, Vol. One

Chris Jerome, Long Distance

Chris Keller and Aurora Jazz, Love is the Answer

Chris Kelsey & Lewis Porter, Free: Kelsey/Porter Duo Plays Ornette, Vol. 1

Chris Kennison, Simply Steel

Chris Klich, The First Take

Chris Koch, Santy Claus Told Me

Chris Korblein, Love Notes

Chris Korblein, When You`re Not Here

Chris Lang, Soul Food, Vol. 1

Chris Loser Imagination Project, Makers of Fine

Chris Lyons, The Ill-Tempered Klavier

Chris Madsen Trio, Chris Madsen Trio Plays Bix Beiderbecke

Chris Manning, The Journey

Chris Maresh Trio, Tomorrow

Chris Maresh, Side Street

Chris Mason-Battley Group, Unspoken

Chris Matheos & Rob Anderson, Fret & Drum Administration

Chris Matheos, Magnetic Charge

Chris Matheos, Underwater Dreams

Chris Matheos, Universal Fusion

Chris McNulty, Dance Delicioso

Chris McNulty, I Remember You

Chris McNulty, Whispers The Heart

Chris Mello, The Global Village

Chris Mitchell & David Burton, Collage

Chris Mitchell, Let It Snow

Chris Mitchell, Songbird

Chris Mitchell, The Chris Mitchell Experience: Live in Houston

Chris Mosley Trio, The Miraculous Aspect of Time

Chris Olsen, Conceptual Rhythm

Chris Paul & Mia V, Beautiful

Chris Potter, Steve Wilson, Terell Stafford, Keith Javors, Delbert Felix, John Davis, Coming Together

Chris Poulsen Trio, Common Senses

Chris Poulsen Trio, David & Goliath

Chris Quinn, A New Beginning

Chris Reinhardt, Mind Evolution

Chris Rime, TV Orchestra

Chris Robinson, In a Christmas Mood

Chris Robinson, The Chris Robinson Trio-"Live At The Corner"

Chris Rolin, 120b Ave

Chris Rossi, Cycles of Fusion

Chris Saranec, Soundtrack Sampler

Chris Smith, Let The Ball Roll

Chris Smith, Real Thing

Chris Spies, Confessions of a Kung Fu Mama

Chris Stassinopoulos, From Ancient Civilizations To The Future

Chris Stassinopoulos, Light In The Dark

Chris Tarry, Sorry to be Strange

Chris Taylor, Girl Of My Dreams

Chris Taylor, Piece Offerings

Chris Tedesco, Chris Tedesco - Living The Dream

Chris Thompson, Red Morning Rise

Chris Topher, Silent Film

Chris Turner and Peter Wetzler, 7 Journeys Fantastical

Chris Turner, Chris Turner Live in New York

Chris Vazquez, Plurality

Chris Walters, Yay! Everybody, Yay!

Chris Ward, Bridging the Gap

Chris West, Jazzmanic

Chris White and the Cayuga Jazz Ensemble, First Principles

Chris `Whitey` Anderson, Sepiatone

Chris, Saxy September Day

Christa West, Nothing Is Not Enough

Christal Roberts, Brighter Days

Christen Hawkins, I Find My Good

Christian Antonius Mueller, The Man In Black

Christian Asplund, The Laycock Duos

Christian Big New York de Mesones, Good Old Days

Christian Campos, Slow Bossa

Christian Finger, Merge Into Beauty

Christian Foley-Beining, Double Exposure II

Christian Glover, Try Life for a While

Christian Jacob, Live in Japan

Christian Jacob, Styne and Mine

Christian Marsh, The Lilting

Christian Maurer, In The Mode

Christian Robinson, On the C Side

Christian Tamburr, Arrivals

Christian Tamburr, Places

Christiana Drapkin, The Man I Love

Christie McCarthy, Winter

Christie Winn & The Lowdowns, Closer to Home

Christie Winn and The Lowdowns, Further Away From Here

Christie Winn, C'est Magnifique

Christina Athena Karamesines, Christina Athena Live

Christina Athena, Love Full Circle

Christina Athena, We Fly So High

Christina Crerar, Little Jazz Bird

Christine Holmes, You Make Me Smile

Christine Autumn, Black Matter

Christine Caldi, Gotta Have Gershwin

Christine Day, Cover My Soul

Christine Mchoes, Dream

Christine Mchoes, Sandman

Christine Mchoes, Upside Down

Christine Mchoes, Wash Me Away

Christine Reisner & Don Rebic, Two Heads Are Better Than One

Christine Reisner, Christmas With Uncle Albert

Christine Rosholt Quintet, Lipstick - Live At the Dakota

Christine Rosholt, Detour Ahead

Christine Salerno, Blumen

Christine Salhany & Crossing Genres, Brushes With Jazz

Christine Salhany and the Crossing Genres Band, Your Face (feat. Carol Rogers)

Christine Tavares, Love Songs Lost and Found

Christoph Siegenthaler Trio, Christoph Siegenthaler Trio

Christophe DeVilla, Jazz And Soulful

Christopher Woitach, Dead Men (are heavier than broken hearts)

Christopher Blackmon, Coming Attraction

Christopher Boscole, Land of Music

Christopher Boscole, Natural Instincts

christopher brown, rough sax

Christopher Davis-Shannon, Christmas in New Orleans (feat. Tess Emma)

Christopher Ferris, A Chime in the Woods - 2005

Christopher G. Bullock, April 17

Christopher Hays, Arrangement

Christopher Heard, Night Fusion

Christopher Hoffman, Aberration Quartet

Christopher Johnson, Christopher Johnson Unleashed

Christopher Lake, Alora Begora

Christopher Lake, Making Love In The Afternoon

Christopher Lake, Simple Daze

Christopher Linman, Baby It`s You

Christopher Linman, O' Heaven

Christopher Lowell Clarke & Dewayne Oakley, Second Session

Christopher Lowell Clarke & Dewayne Oakley, Third Session

Christopher Mason, Red's Blues

Christopher Neal Nelson, Swedish Love Bossas

Christopher Paul, Insturments Only Vol.1

Christopher Reising, True to My Heart

Christopher White and Pandemusicum, In My Own Sweet Time

Christopher, With And Without Words

Christos Anestopoulos, Wish You Could Stay...

Christos Dc, Long Road: Versions

Christos Rafalides, Manhattan Vibes

Christos, Santorini Silhouette

Christy Dana, Merry-Go-Round

Chromatica, Interstellar Lounge

Chromosphere, Chromosphere

Chrys Berri, Verri Berri Fusion Vol.#1 Set 2

Chrys Berri, Verri Berri Fusion, Vol. 1: Set 1

Chrystal Kafka, Emily's Lost Love (feat. Niels Sørensen, Dan Grubbs & Antonio Leofreddi)

Chrystal Skye, Beauty Fades

Chuba, Empathy

Chuck A. Gentry, Back 2 Basix

Chuck Combow, Land of Dreams

Chuck Leavell, Forever Blue

Chuck Lichtenberger, chuck lichtenberger

Chuck MacKinnon MACTET, New Transmission

Chuck Marohnic/Sanctuary Jazz, The Call

Chuck Miller, Changes For Tena

Chuck Perrin, :44 Of Love

Chuck Tumminia, It`s About Time

Chuck Weirich, You Don't Know Me

Chuck Yamek, Feels So Right

chuk fowler and higher energy, up from the roots

Chuk Fowler, Homage

Churchmice, Meditate Upon These Things

Ciapo, Termit

Cilla Owens, `Tis What It Is

Cindy Combs, Land of the Endless Summer

Cindy Devereaux, Cindy Devereaux & Friends

Cindy Horstman and Friends, Out of the Blue

Cindy Horstman, Fretless

Cindy Horstman, Tutone

Cindy Scott, Historia

Cindy Scott, Let The Devil Take Tomorrow

Cindy Scott, Major to Minor

Cipriano Cool, Love Formula

Circle Work, Less is More

Circum Grand Orchestra, 12

Circum Grand Orchestra, Le Ravissement

Circus Bella All Star Band, Circus Bella All Star Band

Cirkestra, Pinocchio

Citilites, Who`s Up Next?

Citizen Orchestra, Volume One

Citizen Rhythm, Of the People, By the People, for the People

Citizen X, Crawling From the Wreckage

Citizen X, Songs From Dead End

Citizen X, The Ghost of Ronald Wilson

City of Four, City of Four

City Rhythm Orchestra, Goin` to Town

City Rhythm Orchestra, Vibrant Tones

City Zen, City Zen

CKW Trio, The Is

Claire Colton, Cry Me a River

Claire Daly, Movin` On

Claire Daly, Swing Low

Claire Frazier, After Five

Claire Ritter, Greener Than Blue

Claire Ritter, Waltzing the Splendor

Clamnation, Volume III: Malacology

Clancy Bounds, Trip

Clare Ascani, Until...

Clare Brett, Mistletoe Memories

Clare Cooper, Chris Abrahams, Christof Kurzmann, Tobias Delius, Clayton Thomas, Werner Dafeldecker & Tony Buck, Hammeriver

Clare Fader and The Vaudevillains, Seventh and Trade

Clare Fader, The Elephant`s Baby

Clare Fischer Big Band, Pacific Jazz

Clare Fischer, Alone Together

Clare Fischer, Lembrana§as

Clare Fischer, On a Turquoise Cloud

Clare Fischer, Rockin` In Rhythm

Clare Foster, Learning To Love

Clarence Daniels, Player`s Choice

Clarence J. Johnson III, Watch Him Work

Clarinet Thing, Agony Pipes and Misery Sticks

Clark Ingram, When You Came

Clark Murray, Swing Out America

Clark Murray, Swing Out Santa

Clark Terry, Carnegie Blues: the Music of Duke Ellington (feat. Frank Foster)

Clarkwise, A Star In The East

Classicnova, Classicnova

Classy Acts, I Can Touch the Sun CD

Claude Allaire, Claude Allaire jazz au piano

Claude Blouin et Son Orchestre, Oh! La la ça swing

Claude Blouin, Come Jive With Me, Babe

Claude Blouin, Just Passing Through

Claude Blouin, Swing Easy Lady

Claude Chaney and Friends, I Will Be Here for You

Claude Diallo and Jennifer Hirsh, Jennifer Hirsh With Claude Diallo

Claude Diallo Situation, Claude Diallo Situation (feat. Andy McGhee)

Claude Diallo Situation, Now Then

Claude Gnocchi, Vincenzo`s Italian Market

Claude Rhea, Well Seasoned

Claudia Burson, My Foolish Heart

Claudia Gomez, Majagua

Claudia Gomez, Vivir Cantando

Claudia Hommel and Sean Harris, The Jazz Faura© Project: au bord de l`eau

Claudia M. Hughes, My Romance

Claudia Villela, Dream Tales

Claudine Carle, Claudine Carle and Moonglow Jazz Duo Live

Claudio Campadello, Zone Remote

Claudio Cojaniz, Non son tornati

Claudio Medeiros, Jazz Do It

Claudio Passavanti, After Hours Ritual feat. Dave Weckl and John Patitucci

Claudio Roditi, Impressions

Claus Rogge, Know Greed

Clay Foster & Carey Frank, Bona Fide Sea Monsters

Clay Lyons, Never Land

Clay Ross, The Random Puller

Clay Wilson, Whispers in the Wind

Clayton Dyess Mike Lefebvre Kenny Andrews, Leslie`s In the Kitchen

Clayton Turnage, Infant Stages

Clayton Wright Jazz Piano Trio, An Evening With Jazz

Clayton Wright Jazz Piano Trio, Serenade in Blue

Clayton Wright Jazz Piano Trio, Twilight

Clayton Wright Jazz Piano Trio, Twilight Magic

Clazz Ensemble & Frank Carlberg, Federico on Broadway

Clea Crimson, Home Is Where The Art Is

Clear Audience, In All Are An Up For It

Clela Errington, In The Eddy

Clementine & Ben Sidran, Going Uptown

Cleve Eaton and The G.O.E. Singers, I Promise Jesus

Cleveland M. Boney, Let My Heart Alone

Cliff Art, The Master Dishwasher

Cliff Avery and Red Clay Jazz, Upstate Groove

Cliff Brown, In The Meantime

Cliff Brown, The Mandingo Street Warrior

Cliff Demarks, Hip Life

Cliff Demarks, Prime

Cliff deMarks, State of Feeling

Cliff Demarks, Tonight (The Best You Ever Had)

Cliff Pearsall, Warm Daddy

Cliff Targum, Tropical Oasis

Clifford Brown, Overnight in Paris

Clifford Brown, The Paris Collection Volume 1

Clifford Brown, The Paris Collection, Vol. 2

Clifford Charles, Just In Time

Clifford Charles, Songs From Deep Within

Clifford Hurvich, Breezy

Clifton Confident, Musically Inclined

Clinic Music, Belief

Clint Smith, Resolve

Clinton Carnegie, Santiago

Clinton Fortson, Tonal Vizion

Clinton Fortson, Zero 2 Sixty

Clive Gregory, Jazza Jabba

Clive, Call Nigel, Christmas in Saint Paul

Clockwork Mercury, Clockwork Mercury

Clockwork, Every Voice Counts

Clotilde Rullaud, Live au 7 La©zards

Cloud 9, Funky Kelly

Clover Jean, This Is Me

Club Casablanca, Summer of '42

Cluzon Big Band, On A Misty Night

Clyde Lightning George, Steelin the Night

CMU Faculty Jazz Ensemble, Conspiracy Theory

Coalition, Point of View

Coalition, Tributes

Coat Cooke & Joe Poole, Conversations

Coat Cooke & Rainer Wiens, High Wire

Cobe, You`re The Reason

CoCo & Co., In Good Company

Coffee Shop Jazz, Coffee Shop Jazz

Col Jazz, Hazelwood

Colaboration, Jazz Stories

Colby Beserra & Dan Lipton, Jukebox Saloon

Coldjack, Spitfire Angels

Coldstoneinlight, Gaia

Coldstoneinlight, Haiyan

Coldstoneinlight, The Fairy and the Toad

Cole Jacobs, Atomic Escalator

Cole Jacobs, YouBetcha - Single

Cole Roberts, This Moment

Colecat, Ibiza Winter Sessions

Coleman & Browns Crystal Winds, Weather Channel, Vol.3

Colette Wickenhagen, Songs For Sale

Colette Wickenhagen, The Kick of the Blues (Live)

Cole`lition, Seventh Power

Colie Brice and the New Age Blues Experience, Another Night In Paradise

Colie Brice, Dandelions and Other Assorted Aural Oddities, Vol. XXIX

Colin Cannon, Glenville

Colin Darling, Why Aren`t You Doing This?

Colin Farish, Shadowland

Colin Lazzerini, Positively

Colin Stack, From Parlors to Stations

Colin Trusedell Trio, Some of My Best Friends Are...Divas

Colin Trusedell, All By Myself

Colin Trusedell, Quartet of Jazz Death

Colin Watson, Beautiful (feat. Derek Nash)

Colin Watson, Just for You

Colin Watson, Small Talk

Colin Watson, Soul Themes E P

Collage & Company, Checkmate

Collection, Smooth Jazz Guitar

Collective Acoustics, bc ad

Collective Acoustics, Revision

Collector, The Administrator

Colleen Day, Little Elf!

Colleen McHugh, Prêt-À-Porter: Cole Porter's French Connections

Colleen Raye, I Wish You Love

Colleen Raye, This Is All I Ask

Colleen Savage, Algiers

Collier Bloom Band, Get Your Smooth On

Collin Yong, At Long Last Love

Cologne Concert Big Band, Colours

color and talea, gallery of the muse

Colors 2.0, Going Home (Radio Edit)

Colossus, Colossus

Colour Club, Sexuality

Colter Harper, Once Upon A Mind

Columbia College Jazz Ensemble, Columbia College Jazz Ensemble

Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Come Together

Columbus Jazz Orchestra, The Colors of Jazz

Com Vocaª, Candeias

Coma Pilot, Hit the Deck

Comfort Clouds, The Dinner Set

Comfort Zone, Sideways

Common Ground, Homeward Bound: An Instrumental Tribute to the Music of Paul Simon

Company B Jazz Band, A Company B Christmas

Company B Jazz Band, Company B Jazz Band

Company B Jazz Band, Rock & Roll

Complexblue, Knot The Thought That Counts

Complilation, Jazztronica Live @ Pi-rem

Con Moto, Blue Note (Remix) [feat. Ray Beavis]

Con Moto, Moonlit Bay

conanza!, The Legend of Conanza

Concentric, Concentric

Concept with Paul Mimlitsch and Richard Ball, Conversations

Concepto D, Trascendental

Concert Jazz Orchestra, Together Again

Confusion, Enter Alone

Confusion, Genesis

Connie Chiu, My Huckleberry Songs

Connie Crothers Quintet, Live Outpost Performance Space

Connie Evingson & The John Jorgenson Quintet, All the Cats Join In

Connie Evingson, I Have Dreamed

Connie Evingson, Let it Be Jazz - Connie Evingson Sings the Beatles

Connie Evingson, Some Cats Know

Connie Evingson, Sweet Happy Life

Connie Evingson, The Secret of Christmas

Connie Guy, Connie Guy

Connie Howard, Dear Santa

Connie Justice, SPLIT

Connie Lansberg, Crush - Single

Connie Lansberg, Even So - Single

Connie McCoy Rogers, Into You

Connie McCoy Rogers, My Music, My Man and Me

Connie Nassios, Warm in December

Connie Olson, Daydreaming

Connie Rainis, Connie's Blues

Connie Rouse, A Love Like This

Connis, Unity

Connor Desai, Use Your Hands

Connor Reed, Looking For

Connor Thompson, Blues for Murphy

Conrad Janis & His Tailgate Five, Conrad Janis & His Tailgate Five, Vol. 1

Conrad Janis & His Tailgate Jazz Band, Conrad Janis & His Tailgate Jazz Band, Vol. 2

Conrad Janis & The Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band, America

Conrad Janis & The Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band, Collector's Edition

Conrad Janis & The Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band, This Joint Is Jumpin' (Live)

Conrad Janis and the Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band, Way Down Yonder in Beverly Hills

Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy Theory

Conspire, Passing Time

Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Live at Pearls

Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Trench Heroes

Contessa Black, Sick Woman (Looking for a Healthy Man)

ContinenTrio, ContinenTrio

Contra-J, Kutuzov Avenue

Conya Doss, A Pocketful of Purpose

Cooke Quintet, An Indefinite Suspension Of The Possible

Cool and Jazzy, Classicapella

Cool Bop Phonics, Cool Bop Phonics

Cool City Band featuring Shannon Forsell and Jimmy Guilford, Love Being Here with You

Cool Shooz, 2 Moons

Cool Shooz, Strut

Coole High, ReddOktoba Lounge Series, Vol 1: Casual Attire

Cooley Haze, Cooley Haze

CoolHeat, Certified Cool

Coologne 15:1, The Perfect Blend

Cooper Tisdale & Friends, Live in Atlanta

Coopertest, Coopertest

Coopertest, Live Vondelpark Amsterdam

Cootie Brown, Out of the Bleu

CopaRoom Italian Swing Band, CopaRoom - Let Us Entertain You

Cora Vette, Smokin' Reefers

Coral Lombana, Jazz Rojo Coral, Vol. 2

Coral MacFarland Thuet, Live at L`Escale

Coral MacFarland Thuet, To Another Shore

Core N.Y.C., Tryin' to Sort It All Out

Corey Brunish, Hello Young Lovers

Cori Jacobs, CopperSkin

Corina Bartra, Bambu Sun

Corina Bartra, Son Zumbon

Corinthia Cromwell & The Evolution Band, Trinity 3:1 (feat. Cyrus Chestnut)

Corky Hale, Corky Hale and Friends

Corky McClerkin, Island of Dreams

Corky McClerkin, Searchin` For The Soul

Corky McClerkin, The Power of One

Corliss Dale, Crazy Rhythm

Corliss Dale, Fascinating Rhythms

Cornel West, Street Knowledge

Cornelia Moore, Beyond

Corner Pocket, Corner Pocket - Live

Corpo, Is

Corrie En De Grote Brokken, Vier!

Corrie Van Binsbergen, Self Portrait in Pale Blue

Corvey + Faison, City Beat

Cory Combs, Postcards from California

Cory Combs, Valencia

Cory Joynt, Joynt Time

Cos Natola, Torch

CoS, The Approaching Storm

Coscarelli E I Suoi Fratelli, Con Calma (Radio Edit)

Cosiner & James Andrews, Visions of Cosiner and James Andrews

Cosmic Dust, Journey

Cosmic Dust, Step Right Up

Cosmic Hangover, Cosmic Hangover

Costas Politis, Aisa

Coto Pincheira, Coto Pincheira and The Sonido Moderno Project

Cougar Jones, This Is Cougar Jones

Council of One, Fire Goddess

Count Basie & His Orchestra, Let`s Jump

Count Daddyo, Boney James, Trent Warren, Bright Lights and Bedroom Eyes

Count DaddyO, Count DaddyO 1.0 EP

Counter Point, Crack in My Veneer

County Road X, County Road X

County Road X, From Seed to Stone

Coupla Fat Guys Band, Wide Album

Courtney Bryan, Quest for Freedom

Courtney Fadlin, The Next Chapter

Courtney Freed, Happy Little Bluebird: The Music of Harold Arlen

Cowboy Hat & That Fuzzbox Voodoo, Yeah That's Vegas

Cowboy Hat and That Fuzzbox Voodoo, Yeah That's Vegas

Coyo, The West

Coyote Poets of the Universe, Spellbound

cPhour, Circle Square

Craig Akin, Makin' Whoopee

Craig Alberty, Joyous Noise

Craig and Heather, Craig and Heather

Craig Brandau, Somewhere

Craig Brandau, Try to Remember

Craig Buhler, Capistrano Sessions

Craig Buhler, Ripples

Craig Buhler, Skykomish

Craig C., Midnight Flow

Craig C., Truly Beautiful

Craig Curry, A Jazz-Inspired Easter

Craig Easley, The Craig Easley `Xperiment

Craig Enright, La Belleza

Craig Fielder Bass Player At Large, Shadows After Dark

Craig Fielder, The Gate Keeper

Craig George, On Studio

Craig Green & David King, Moontower

Craig Hlady and Friends, The Dedham Jazz Project

Craig Jazz, Do It Again

Craig Morrisey, Silent Night

Craig Morrison, Algorithms

Craig Morrison, Alpha Beta

Craig Morrison, Intuition

Craig Morrison, More Synths...

Craig Morrison, Parkview

Craig Naughton, The Nautical Mile

Craig Pedersen Quartet, Days Like Today

Craig Pilo, Just Play

Craig Pilo, Unsupervised

Craig Raymond And The Next Generation Big Jazz Band, Straight Ahead

Craig Schoedler, By The Water

Craig Sharmat, A Day in Paris

Craig Sharmat, Bleu Horizons

Craig Sharmat, Bounce

Craig Sharmat, Ease Up

Craig Sharmat, Funk Django

Craig Sharmat, Outside In

Craig Sharmat, So Cal Drivin

Craig Smith, Shaman - Single

Craig T Cooper, HourGlass

Craig T. Cooper, Nasty Man

Craig T. Cooper, Special Night

Crashland, A Tale About UFO's

Craver, If We're Lucky

Crayge W. Lindesay, "KC Exposed" (Volume I)

Crayge W. Lindesay, Just Me

Crazeyhorse, Golden String

Creative Music Alliance, Tsunami Project: Sky in the Morning - Single

Creatures Of Habit, Live In Montreal

Creeper, Dreamstates

Creeper, The Trip

Creeper, Time It Was

Creeper, Tune the Moon

Creon, We Came and We Conquered

Crescendo, Crescendo

Crescent City Ragtime Orchestra, A Bag Full of Rags

Crescent Katz, From Scratch

Crews, White and Davis Project, If I Had The Power

Cris Barber, A Taste of Christmas

Cristiano Ragone, London Blues (Lounge Version)

Critical Brass, Sustain the Chain

Crittenden, Blu

Croc Jazz, Fou De Vous

Crolius, Instrumental Silhouette


Cross Hart Jazz Experience, Cross Hart Jazz Experience

Crossing Borders, Mess Around

Crosstalk, Flyin' Free

Crosstalk, Saving Daylight

Cruise Control, City Life

Cry Uncle, Cry Uncle

Cryin' D.T. Buffkin & the Bad Breath, Tattooed Rose

Crytzer's Blue Rhythm Band, Chasin' the Blues

Cths, Fallen Leaves

Ctrlaltu, Cinemascope


Culea, The Corey Allen Project (feat. Emiel van Egdom)

Curfew, Hold the Front Page

Curfew, Return of the Jazz Fusioneers

Curl & Hurd, Return of the Hip

Curtis Big Papa Jones, Jazz Some More

Curtis Clark, Fisher Of Men

Curtis Earthquake, 877

Curtis Macdonald, Los Angeles

Curtis Macdonald, Manhattan

Curtis Macdonald, Summerland

Curtis Macdonald, With Every Intimate Breath

Curtis Robinson, Dancin' in the Streets

Curtis Rollison, Feelin Real Good

Curtis Shaw/Fannie Alexander, Inner City Sounds of The Ben-Oni Orchestra

Curvatura9, Curvatura9

Cut-Express & Department of Jazztice, As Time Goes By (Live) [feat. The Nightflys]

Cut-Express & Department of Jazztice, Copper Work (Crocodile Railway)

Cut-Express & Department of Jazztice, Giga-Hertz Funk!

Cut-Express & Department of Jazztice, Whitefalls (Awakening)

Cy Brinson, Cy by Night

Cyd Smith, Cyd Smith

Cyndi Cresswell Cook & Bill Egan, Would You Tune My Air Guitar?

Cyndi Frame, Waiting for Christmas

Cyndy Duerfeldt, Deep In A Dream

Cynthia Basinet, Cry Me A River

Cynthia Basinet, The Standard

Cynthia Christy, Nuances

Cynthia Clawson, Always

Cynthia Crane, Blue Rendezvous

Cynthia Crane, Cynthia`s in Love

Cynthia Crane, I'm Confused, Therefore I Am

Cynthia Crane, If I Knew Now (What I Knew Then)

Cynthia Crane/Mike Renzi, Our First Christmas

Cynthia Crane/Mike Renzi, Smoky Bar Songs for the No-Smoking Section

Cynthia Holiday, I Like What I See

Cynthia Jones, Cynthia Jones and The West Coast Nightlights

Cynthia Kaay Bennett, Dreams of You

Cynthia Keller, Makin' Friends With...

Cynthia Lemen & Cool Lemon Jazz, A Cool Lemon Jazz Christmas

Cynthia Rose, Fine Wine Woman

Cynthia Sayer, Forward Moves (feat. Kenny Davern & Vince Giordano)

Cynthia Scott, Dream For One Bright World

Cynthia Thomson, The Sweet Things in Life

Cyril Pahinui, Kani Pu Kolu

Cyrus Chestnut, The Cyrus Chestnut Quartet

Cyrus Pace, Straight from the Source

瞬輔(Syunsuke), Sad Wings

瞬輔(Syunsuke), Sous le ciel de Paris (Jazzy Remix)

瞬輔, Sous Le Ciel De Paris (Jazzy Remix) [feat. Tribeca]

D Brax, Jazz Cafe, Pt. 2

D Brax, The Rising Sun

D German, Arrival

D German, Do You Remember When (You Found Love)

D Rolark, Adoration

D Rolark, Smooth Elegance

D'antwuan Roper, Broken

D'art, Naliyah

D'yvette, Summertime

D-FOR, Intersection

D-Funk and the Phatfunk Clique, Pandemic Love

D-Lucca, Cruise Control

D-Lucca, The All For You Project

D. Edward, There She Goes (Radio Edit)

D. Grizzle, The Verde Lounge, Vol. 1

D. Lee and The Edge, Fabulous

D. Lott, Keeping It Straight

D. Mills, Still Waters

D. Soeryoputro, Night of the Southern Star

D. Terry, My World

D. Terry, Twelve `till

D. Wilensky, And Then Some

D.C. & Co., Mother's Day featuring Burnie Stevens & the Reese Project

D.C. & Co., My Christmas Baby

D.C. Improvisers Collective, Here, We Are

D.C. Improvisers Collective, In the Gloam of the Anthropocene

D.C. Improvisers Collective, Live at Warehouse (feat. Greg Osby)

D.C. Improvisers Collective, Triangulation

D.J. Sweeney, Are You The One?

d.Mills, d.Mills

d.Mills, Under Cover Life

D.St-Elien, The Jazz-Soul-Hop "Expedition"

D.St-elien, The Jazzstrumental "Renaissance" CD

Da Do, Zanzando

DA Palm, Glidepath

Da Palm, Pushin` It

Da Phatfunk Clique, Audiophile Advisory

Da Phatfunk Clique, Da Perfect Rub

Da Voicez, Like You / Like Me

Da Voicez, The One

Da Voicez, Wrong Modes (feat. Anton Davidyants)


Da'rrell Ravenell, Breathe

Dadala, Near Normal

Dadala, Return to Tastewater Lake

Dadala, Spaghetti Wall (feat. Loopy C)

Dadala, Whirled World

Daddy B, All I Do Is Worship You

Daddy B, Mocha Latte

Daddy B, Take Your Time

Daddy B, Trinity

Daddy Jamz, Smoke Filled

Dafnis Prieto, Absolute Quintet

Daftjazz, Toxic

Dahni, Moody

Daimon Brunton, Never Again Such Beauty

Daimon Brunton, Wah Sa (Live)

Daina and the Tribe, Deja Vu (Live) [feat. Leni Stern]

Daina and the Tribe, Mystic Rendezvous

Daina Shukis, Jeremy Steig & Ray Mantilla, Crystalline Light Waves: A Tribute to Claude Debussy

Daisaku Kume, Island Rhapsody

Daisy Chiang, Performer, Composer, Arranger-Latin Jazz Guitar Trio

Daisy Chute, Simply Jazz

Dale Bruning and Michael Moore, Conference Call

Dale Bruning Quartet with Jude Hibler, Narrator, The Timeless Music of Harold Arlen

Dale Bruning Quartet with Jude Hibler, Narrator, The Timeless Music of Harry Warren

Dale Bruning with Bill Frisell, Reunion

Dale Bruning, Easy Does It

Dale Bruning, Live! at Sherman`s Coffee House

Dale Bruning, Music of Gershwin, By George!

Dale Bruning, The Dale Bruning Quartet: Tomorrow`s Reflections

Dale Burke, Dale Burke "I Miss You So"

Dale Burke, Dale Burke and Friends

Dale Burke, Merry Christmas To You

Dale Burke, Mood Swing (1st Edition)

Dale Burke, Mood Swing (2nd Edition)

Dale Burke, One Last Time Before You Go

Dale Burke, One More Last Time Forever

Dale Burke, Polite Jazz with a Twist

Dale Corn, Chirstmas At Our House

Dale Fielder Group & Force, Howling Monk

Dale Fielder, Free Flow

Dale Fielder, Know Thyself

Dale Nougher, Aqua Bar Vol.3

Dale Poune, Hangover Oh My

Dale Poune, Mendocino Funk

Dalis Rose Santiago, Oyster Bay

Dalis Rose Santiago, Wait a Little While

Dallas Brass, Windborne

dallas johnson, Anything Can Happen

Dallin, Listen to It Like You're Watching a Movie

Damani Phillips, Yaktown Nights

Damian Coccio, Something New Again

Damian Erskine, Live at Portland State University

Damian Erskine, So To Speak

Damian Erskine, Trios

Damian Erskine, Within Sight

Damian Espinosa Trio, The End of the New

Damian, Damian With Brian Lynch and Friends

Damian, Early Autumn Again (with Brian Lynch & Friends)

Damian, Follow Your Dreams

Damien DelRusso, Looking Through Rain

Damien Lamar, Convinced (EP)

Damien Sneed, Introspections Live

Damion, Songs for Our Fathers

Damjan Krajacic and Robert Thies, Difference

Damon L. Brown, Doublebooked

Damon Taylor, The One Man Band

Damon Terrell, In My Life

Damon Zick, The Outing

Dan Aaronson, Daylight Savings

Dan Adler, Back to the Bridge

Dan Arcamone, In Colors

Dan Arcotta jr, Has Anyone Seen my Little Girl?

Dan Balmer, Gary Versace, Matt Wilson, Thanksgiving

Dan Balmer, Through These Years

Dan Barnett, One for C

Dan Barnett, Somewhere, Someplace, Sometime

Dan Barnett, The Right Track

Dan Barta-Illustratosphere, Animage

Dan Blake, The Party Suite

Dan Brantigan Quartet, Becoming

Dan Clucas, EXILE

Dan DeChellis Trio, Climbing

Dan DeChellis, Chamber Music

Dan DeChellis, Shapes

Dan Farrell, Winter Winds

Dan Faulk, The Dan Faulk Songbook, Vol. 1

Dan Ferguson, Rocket Science

Dan Frank Kuhn, God Without Religion

Dan Gabel and The Abletones, Yes Indeed!

Dan Garofalo, Beams

Dan Goode, Playin' It Cool

Dan Goodman, Back Story

Dan Gottshall, The Golem Shuffle

Dan H. Donnelly, "Jan"

Dan H. Donnelly, Dream Dancing

Dan H. Donnelly, On a Clear Day

Dan H. Donnelly, Shark Bite

Dan Higgins, Voicing A Standard

Dan Holmes and Bill Ritter, Good Tidings

Dan Ionescu, Dan Ionescu Electric Version

Dan Ionescu, Dansband Ginga

Dan Jacobs, Blue After Hours

Dan Jordan, Pure Joy

Dan Junk, Rejuvenation

dan junk, which way

Dan Karlsberg, The 'Nati 6

Dan Kenney & Robert Douglas Gay, What More Can I Say?

Dan Kusz, Sexy Funk Velvet Jazz

Dan Kusz, When We First Met (feat. Nils)

Dan Lamaestra and One Step Up, Just A Thought

Dan Levinson's Roof Garden Jass Band, Salutes the ODJB and the Beginning of Recorded Jazz

Dan McCarthy Trio, Interwords

Dan McElrath & The Dan Mac Quintet, Ajazzka

Dan McElrath with Katie Strock, DanKa

Dan Mervis, Daybreak(Fragmented Sunbeam)

Dan Mervis, Elexar / A Galaxy (feat. Erik Deutsch)

Dan Mervis, Expect More from Your Ordinary Album

Dan Mervis, Gentle Movement / Big Changes(Faded Abstraction)

Dan Mervis, Messin' 'round / You Top Me (feat. Erik Deutsch)

Dan Mervis, Morse Tap Dance / Dulled Stereophonic Lo-Fi Thud (feat. Erik Deutsch)

Dan Mervis, Station Identification / Snow On the Screen (feat. Erik Deutsch)

Dan Mervis, Triangle Befriends Square

Dan Mervis, Waiter There's a Fly in My Soup

Dan Mervis, With the Wrapper Still On / Infinite Brightness (feat. Erik Deutsch)

Dan Montgomery, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Dan Nadel, Brooklyn Prayer

Dan Papirany Trio, Live At MLC, Vol. 2 (Live)

Dan Phillips BKK Trio, Bangkok Edge

Dan Phillips Trio, Destination Unknown

Dan Pinto, Anomalies

Dan Pratt Organ Quartet, Springloaded

Dan Quigley, Brunswick St Station

Dan Radlauer, Ira B. Liss and the Big Band Jazz Machine, Symphomaniacs

Dan Ramsey, Gentle Giants

Dan Roberts, Yoshimisongs

Dan Rooney, Arthur On the Water

Dan Rubright and Steve Schenkel, The Lone Wild Bird

Dan Rubright and Steve Schenkel, What Wondrous Love

Dan Rubright and Steve Schenkel, Whole New Light

Dan Rufolo Trio, Novelty

Dan Shelton, Sound Painter

Dan Shull, You Tell Me

Dan Silverman, Silverslide

Dan St. Marseille, Contour

Dan St. Marseille, Swinging With the Saint

Dan Stanton, On Bass

Dan Sullivan, Cape Cod Magic

Dan Thomas, City Scope

Dan Thomas, Musical Sanctuary

Dan Tyler, Music is Magic

Dan Unger & Malcolm Petch, Into the Myst(ery)

Dan Vogel, September Serenade

Dan Vogel, Transitions

Dan Voyé, Melodia

Dan Walzer, Shine

Dan Weiss / Dan Weiss Trio, Now Yes When

Dan White Sextet, Your Song

Dan Willis, Hand to Mouth

Dan Willis, Velvet Gentlemen

Dan Wilson, To Whom It May Concern

Dana Arthur, I Could Love You

Dana Atherton, Open Blinds

Dana Bauer, In My Own Voice

Dana Galen, A Higher Standard

Dana Gonzales, Music from the Ledge

Dana Greene, Songs My Father Sang

Dana Kaproff, The Science of Seduction (feat. Somi)

Dana Land, Servin` It Up

Dana Lauren, It's You Or No One

Dana Marcine, Crossing Lights

Dana Marcine, So Unexpected

Dana Robbins, So So Good

Dana Tupinamba¡ Group, Rain of Peace

Dana, The Last Sunset

Dandy Wellington and His Band, Harlem Rhythm

Dane Vannatter, Double Standards

Dane Vannatter, Here`s to Life

Dangerfeel, Mental Orbit

Dangling Success, Life Is Good

Dani & Debora Gurgel Quarteto, Terra do Sol

Dani Gurgel, Agora

Dani Gurgel, Nosso

Dani Gurgel, O Que Eu Quero (feat. Paulo Novaes, Barbara Rodrix & Gabriel Santiago)

Dani Gurgel, Quero Dançar no Final (feat. Gabriel Santiago, Duda Brack & Juca Chuquer)

Dani Gurgel, Viadutos

Dani Mendez & B. Davis, Always With U

Dani Thompson, For All We Know (en Francais)

Dani Thompson, Like A Woman

Daniel A Nelson, Cupcake & Coffee

Daniel A. Nelson and Mark Drummond, 2 Smooth 4 Words

Daniel Bennett Group, The Mystery At Clown Castle

Daniel Bennett, Remedy (feat. Henriette McNeil)

Daniel Bonasso, Captain Flukkenplush

Daniel Bruce, A Single Thread

Daniel Carl, Bossa Bone

Daniel Carter, Morgan Craft, Eric Eigner, Mysterium

Daniel Chaskin, Bye Bye Sunny, Hello Roxy

Daniel D., This Christmas

Daniel Deaguero, Airborne

Daniel Deaguero, Can You Feel It?

Daniel Deaguero, Colorado Sunset

Daniel Deaguero, Infusion

Daniel Diaz, Low Volume 1

Daniel Diaz, Lugar Comun

Daniel Diaz, Maquina Blanda

Daniel Diaz, Themes

Daniel Domenge, Lost in My Thoughts

Daniel Domenge, Patchwork

Daniel Domenge, Urban Vision

Daniel Ian Smith, A Collective Directive

Daniel Irigoyen, Sueños Peligrosos - Dangerous Dreams

Daniel Jackson, Hot Sands

Daniel Kelly, World

Daniel Lantz Trio, Plays Bond (feat. Sani Gamedze & Roger Nordling)

Daniel McBrearty, Clarinet Swing (feat. Dirk Van der Linden & Jean Van Lint)

Daniel McBrearty, DanMcB

Daniel Messina Band, You Are My Angel (feat. Melva Houston & Regina Buechner)

Daniel Messina Trio, Buenos Aires Affairs

Daniel Messina Trio, El Sol Sale

Daniel Messina, Imagenes

Daniel Messina, Solo En Europa


Daniel Ori, Emuna

Daniel Perri, División

Daniel Peterson, The Mythic Belief

Daniel Rottenberg, Rockin` Rags

Daniel Roure, French Kiss

Daniel Roure, Le Temps D`un Jazz

Daniel Séguin & David Marion, Back Alley

Daniel Solammon, liberty

Daniel V, Metropolitan Affair

Daniela Carbone, Tutto Fa Broadway (English Version)

Daniela Mars, Ian Clarke: Zoom Tube

Daniela Schächter, Purple Butterfly

Danielle Aemee, Two Way Heartbreak

Danielle Bisutti, A Collection of Songs

Danielle Bisutti, Danielle Bisutti: The B-Sides

Danielle Blanchard, Jazz Portrait

Danielle Eva, Road and Moon

Danielle Freeman, Dorian

Danielle Reich, This Year's Kisses

Danielle Reich, While They Were Dancing

Danilo Madonia, Moving

Danilo Mariani, Tribute to Frank

Danita Mumphard, Love's Taking Over

Dann Glenn, Dann Glenn, Vol. 1

Dann Glenn, Electric

Dann Glenn, Eleven Eleven Orchestra

Dannah Garay, From You... to You: Remembering Nat King Cole

Dannah Garay, Watch What Happens - Single

Danni Cassette, The Land of Tapehistry

Danni Flynn, Treasure

Danny Bedrosian, Seri Mistik

Danny Bowens, Father`s Day

Danny Brymer, Twist Resolution

Danny C, Danny C`s Musical Review

Danny Cruz, Portraits of France

Danny Dichotomy, Something More

Danny Lay Jr., Acid Jazz

Danny Lockwood, A Few of My Favourite Grooves

Danny M's Innobassion, Demons

Danny M's Innobassion, Sign Posts

Danny Morgan with Various Artists, Sanibel Samba - The Songs of Danny Morgan

Danny Nagy Group, Drunken Octopus (feat. Tony Nagy, Aaron Cox, Michael 'miqui' Gutierrez & Hans Nelson)

Danny Quintero, Merry Christmas

Danny Stuber, Don't Be Blue

Danny Thomas Future Movement, We Party Hard (feat. Jarvis Price & M. Gardner)

Danser`s Inferno, Creation 1

Dante Fire, Blackend Salmon

Dante Fire, Earth Spirit

Dante Lewis, No Cover Charge

Dante Lewis, Set The Mood

Dante' Roberson, Funk U Ness

Dany Schwickerath & Edith Van Den Heuvel, Hidden Waltz

Dara Tucker, All Right Now

Dara Tucker, Soul Said Yes

Daraja Hakizimana, Lovetricity

Darcey, My Favorite Present

Darcie Allen, The Summer Of Life

Darcy (RD) Wallen, Pondering Again

Darden Purcell, Easy Living

Daren Martin, Expressions of Interest

Daren Nicholson, Residual Shimmer

Daria, White Christmas

Darian Stavans, Jazzy

Dariano, Meditation

Dariano, Unbelievable

Darin Clendenin, Revenir

Darin Layne Trio, The Fisherman

Darin Morris, Cookie Jar

Darius Babazadeh, Scott Collard, Rick Lotter, Buca Necak & Melissa Collard, Endless Stars

Darius Brubeck Quartet, For Lydia and the Lion

Darius Brubeck, Chaplin's Back

Darius Scott, Yeah, Way! - Single

Darius, Booye Tan E To

Dark Circles, Squall

Darla Z, Darla Z's Love Songs Round the World (TV Special Soundtrack)

Darla Z, The Shadow of Your Smile

Darliene Parker, Darliene Parker

Darling, D2R

Darnell Howard & The Salty Dogs Jazz Band, Darnell Howard/Salty Dogs Jazz Band

Darold Gholston, Listen to Love

Darrall Campbell, I Dig You

Darrell Alexander, Praise Your Pains Away (TM)

Darrell Chaisson, Me and Sue

Darrell Katz, The Death Of Simone Weil

Darrell V Freeman, Jr., The Gift

Darren Crisp and Friends, Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead

Darren Crisp and Friends, I've Got a Smile

Darren Crisp and Friends, Wishes Come True

Darren Gordon Smith, Bix and a Bottle

Darren Lyons Group, Evil Genius

Darren Lyons, Three Trios

Darren Phillips, Every Piece of My Heart

Darron "Cookie" Moore, Nothing Else to Say

Darron McKinney, A Call To Courage

Darron McKinney, Feel Like Makin Love

Darryl Alexander Sr., Diamond In The Sky

Darryl Anderson, Walking

Darryl Anderson, You Are

Darryl Bayer, Eve Woodard & Cody Garrett, Soaking Reign

Darryl C. Dade, Impressions from the Heart

Darryl Donnell Murrill, Closer Than I Realized

Darryl Evan Jones, Relentless

Darryl J. Adamson, Never

Darryl Murrill, Love, God, & Sax

Darryl Reeves, Diary of a Bandstand

Darryl Reeves, Mercury

Darryl Rhoades, Up To My Knuckles In Love

Darryl the fluteman, Dream

Darryl Thomas, Conversation For Two

Darryl Tookes, Babies And Balloons

Darryl Tookes, Journey to the Hieros Gamos

Darryl Williams, That Was Then

Darvish, Darvish

Daryl Aberhart, Daryl Aberhart Quintet Live 2010 - EP

Daryl Aberhart, The Cat Within

Daryl Lowery Instant!Groove, Let It Go

Daryl Lowery Instant!Groove, Love Bug

Daryl Lowery Instant!Groove, Popeye

Daryl Lowery instant!Groove, Shuffle Down

Daryl Lowery Instant!Groove, SKO Stomp (Full Version)

Daryl Lowery Quartet, Unity of One

Daryl Lowery, Instant!Groove

Daryl Stuermer, Another Side of Genesis

Dar`rell Green, The Best of Dar`rell

Das Vibenbass, animals and robots

Das Vibenbass, Don't Forget Where the Sun Sets

Das VibenBass, Mind Wrestling

Datri Bean, Ruby

Dave Askren, Some Other Things

Dave Baker, Focus

Dave Bass Quartet, Gone

Dave Bass, The Christmas Song

Dave Bennett, out of the bleu

Dave Betts Quintet, Straight Ahead

Dave Betts, Bounce

Dave Betts, Live at Ronnie Scott's

Dave Black, Destinations

Dave Borrego, Laying in the Cut

Dave Buehler, Too Talkative

Dave Byron, Melia

Dave Byron, Tropical

Dave C. Norman, Stratosfear

Dave C. Norman, The Tribute Album

Dave Calabrese, David and the Doubleneck. Fortunata

Dave Camp, Nightfall

Dave Camp, Torrid Rain

Dave Chamberlain's Band of Bones, Caravan

Dave Corp, Dave Corp

Dave Costa, When The Love Bug Bites

Dave Cremer, Pear-Shaped Blues

Dave Cross and Crossection, Jazz Blues and Gumbo Grooves

Dave Croston, Pulse Of The City

Dave Damiani, So Nice

Dave Detweiler, Dave Detweiler Trio

Dave Dunlop, The Hang

Dave Duplissey, Strutting the Big Easy

Dave Edwards, Elusive Dreams

Dave Erickson Project, Pinnacle

Dave Erickson Project, Pinnacle

Dave Finucane, Valerie`s Song

Dave Glasser, Crossover

Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers, St. Louis Blues

Dave Hartl and Gaijin, Dave Hartl and Gaijin

Dave Hartl and Gaijin, Foreign Growth

Dave Hartl Quartet, Straight, A Head

Dave Hartl, Lab Work

Dave Hill, Two Seasons

Dave Holden, Roots to Roots and Beyond

Dave Holodiloff, Dave Holodiloff Jazz Trio

Dave Hubbard, Groovin` with Dave Hubbard

Dave Ihlenfeld and the NuWrld Jazz Project, Ocean View

Dave Illig, Destinations

Dave Jackson, Ari's Song

Dave Kannensohn and Peter Richardson, Saturday Night at Hamilton`s

Dave Kardas Band, Fire and Ice

Dave Kelbie & Pete Kubryk-Townsend, the Sauce 2

Dave LaRue, Hub City Kid

Dave Lauber, Uncle Lawaine

Dave Listwa Quartet, The Tracks We Leave

Dave Listwa, Evolution

Dave Listwa, Hawk Mountain Triptych

Dave Listwa, In the Cloud

Dave Listwa, Retrospective

Dave Listwa, Transition

Dave Listwa, Work in Progress

Dave Lowe, Dawn of a New Day

Dave Mac Nab, Dave Mac Nab

Dave Mac Nab, Sonic Blue

Dave Mac Nab, Tree-O

Dave Maffris, Dreamer

Dave Maffris, Moods

Dave Majchrzak, Animal Crackers

Dave Majchrzak, Burning Rags

Dave Majchrzak, Dizzy Fingers

Dave Martin, Dave Martin

Dave Mascall, Acid Lounge, Vol. 3

Dave Mascall, Acid Lounge. Vol. 2

Dave Mcginn, Trumpet Player's Journey Around the World

Dave McMurray, Stay With Me

Dave McMurray, The Love Remixxes

Dave Merenda, Nine Nights

Dave Merenda, Pan Pacifica

Dave Milne, Present Tense

Dave Miotke, Beyond Lovecraft

Dave Morrish, I Forget How Beautiful You Are

Dave Murrant, It's About Time Jumblehead

Dave Nelson, Missing: Jazz With Meaning

Dave Ness Trio, Layers

Dave Panico, Tasty Treat

Dave Patrick, A Future and a Hope

Dave Percell, Eternal Traveler

Dave Perry, Hands On

Dave Phillips And Freedance, Prayer

Dave Phillips, Freedance Live

Dave Pine Project, Touch / Taste / Feel

Dave Plotel, Red Hat

Dave Pope Trio, You And The Night And The Music

Dave Powers, Christmas Collection

Dave Powers, Listen To This

Dave Powers-Powerhouse Trio, Powerhouse Trio Live at the Marquee Lounge

Dave Quick, Glow in the Dark

Dave Robbins, At The Mark

Dave Ruffner, Dixieland Trombone

Dave Ruffner, In the Valley San Joaquin

Dave Ruffner, New Orleans Sojourn

Dave Scott, Passions Of A Renaissance Man

Dave Stahl Band, From A to Z

Dave Stephens & Alex Lloyd, Eyes On You

Dave Stephens, Always

Dave Stephens, Days Like These

Dave Stephens, London Town

Dave Stephens, Lost in You

Dave Stephens, On My Way

Dave Stephens, Swinging

Dave Stephens, Watching the World Go By

Dave Stephens, World Cafe Project, Vol. 1

Dave Tofani & Nancy Reed, A Child Is Born

Dave Tofani, Winter Wonderland

Dave Tucker, Meadow Lark

Dave Tucker, Tickled Ragtime and Novelties

Dave Tull, I Just Want To Get Paid

Dave Watts, Delayed but Not Denied

Dave Wilson Quartet, My Time

Dave Wood, a‰chappée

Dave Wright, Jazz Social

Dave Young Quartet, Mean What You Say

Dave Zoller Jazz Sextet, Snug Harbor

Davelliott5, Christmastime Is Here

Davey Culhane, White Lightning

Davey Yarborough and Esther Williams, Beautiful Friendship

David Fuze Fiuczynski, KiF Express

David A. Wright, Tribal Spiral 1

David Aaron`s Short Memory, Cynical Rat Bastard

David Abraham, Autumn Nights

David Acker, Dale Kleps & Bill Buchen, Quiet Please!

David AJJ, Close To D. Ajj

David AJJ, Tha` Game Of Life (soundtrack)

David Ali, A Deeper Level

David Anderson, This Is My Real Job!!!!!

David Anthony, Kool & Smooth

David Arivett, Great to Be Alive!

David Arnay, Blues... And Then Some

David Arnay, Daddy`s Groove

David Austin, Cosmic Force

David B. Hooten & Bob Snyder, Dixieland Praise

David Bach, 5 Thousand Words

david bach, A Deep Breath

david bach, window on the west

David Baker's 21st Century Bebop Band, The Harlem Pipes

David Balph, 20 Legendary American Songs with 10 Christmas Classics

David Baroni, Once Upon a Sunset

David Basse, Uptown (feat. Phil Woods & Mike Melvoin)

David Berger and The Sultans of Swing, Hindustan

David Berger Jazz Orchestra, Sing Me A Love Song with Freda Payne and Denzal Sinclaire

David Bicknase, Dreams

David Biel, Transitions

David Binney, Graylen Epicenter

David Bixler, Call It A Good Deal

David Bixler, Show Me The Justice

David Blamires Group, The David Blamires Group

David Borgo, Massanetta Springs

David Boswell, Bridge Of Art

David Boswell, Hold Tight To Your Dreams

David Boswell, Windows

David Box, Transformation

David Boykin, David Boykin Trio: Live At Dorchester Projects

David Broussard, Lovin You

David Broussard, Piano

David Brown & the Krewe of Sound, Satin Sheets

David Brown and the Krewe of Sound, Memories of New Orleans - Music Inspired by our Home Town

David Burno, Psalms of David

David Cabral, Na Sombra da Cruz

David Cain & Paul Wertico, Feast for the Senses

David Cain, Van Gogh's Foci

David Carlson, White Feather

David Carr Jr, Half a C Note

David Carr Jr, In Too Deep

David Carr Jr, Sounds of Innosense

David Caudle, See You There

David Chaulk, Dancing with Torunn

David Chenu Quartet, ONE

David Chevan and Warren Byrd, Let Us Break Bread Together: Further Explorations of the Afro-Semitic Experience

David Chevan And Warren Byrd, This Is The Afro-semitic Experience

David Choy, Colors Of The Heart

David Clayton-Thomas, Combo

David Cooper, Petite Monde

David Coss, I Love New York

David Crawford, Shangri-La

David Danzy, Streams In the Desert

David DeGrand, Curried Chicken Suite

David DeGrand, Machine Music

David Degrand, Moods

David Diggs, David Diggs Big Band

David Diggs, Eye Of The Storm

David Diggs, Jazzwerk

David Diggs, NeoTekWerk

David Diggs, The Artful Collection

David Duckworth, I Remember You: A Pianist's Tribute to Johnny Mercer

David Durrah, Sailing Alaska

David Dyson, The Dawning

David Dzubinski, Recyclical

David Eastlee, Forward Motion

David Eastlee, Left Coast Blues

David Eaton Philbrick, Beach Walk

David Edgerton Jr., The Eucharist

David Fennell, Ole Ole

David Fernandez, Symmetry

David Fiuczynski, Jazzpunk

David Ford, Wishing You Love

David Fox Boleyn & The Ulrich-Muntz Trio, David Fox Boleyn with The Ulrich-Muntz Trio

David Frank Gallagher, Birth in Blue Tonnage

David Franklin Johnson, We Play The Music

David Garfield, Giving Back

David Garlitz, [E.p.]

David George, Mangetsu

David Giardina, Alive in Tin Pan Alley!

David Gopoian, Sleeping in a Tree

David Gordon, Kool So Kool

David Grant, First Flight

David Guidice, Christmas In The City

David Guidice, Time to Start

David Hahn, Straight Ahead

David Hardiman's San Francisco All Star Big Band, 37th Anniversary

David Harris And Nu Quartet, Slide Of Hand

David Hatfield, David Hatfield Plays RBP

David Heck, Jr., It's Christmas Time

David Heckendorn, Wondering Where You`ve Gone

David Herzfeld & Neil Lamb, Timelody

David Herzhaft, Jazzin' Around (Feat. Howard Levy and Frank Gambale)

David Hillis, Joyful, Joyful

David Hines, Kaleidoscope

David Hines, Nebula

David Hitchings, Passion Voyage

David Hoffman, From Energy To Stillness

David Hoffman, Groovin

David Hoffman, The Tree and Other Stories

David Hopkins Jazz Quintet, Clarinet Passions

David Hughes, Foreign Shores

David Hughes, Hopeful Romantic

David Hughes, Swoosh

David Hungate, Souvenir

David Hutchison, Kicking Up My Heels

David Ivey, The Bottom Line

David J. Grossman, The Bass of Both Worlds: Jazz

David J. Porter, Wade In The Water

David James Fennell, Over the Moon

David James Fennell, Smooth Sailing

David Janeway, David Janeway Trio-Excursion

David Jay White, Out In The City

David Joel, Spiral Sky

David Johnson, Soothing Traveler

David Kahn, Boswell Monk

David Kahn, Dave's Tune

David Kahn, Griffin's Amble

David Kane, David Liebman, Drew Gress, Machinery of the Night

David Keith Jones, Backing Cole Porter

David Keith Jones, Gershwin by You and Me

David Keith Jones, Golden Standards

David Keith Jones, Hear and Sing Berlin

David Keith Jones, Hear Me, Sing Duke

David Keith Jones, Old Hits By You and Me

David Keith Jones, Porter by You and Me

David Keith Jones, You Cahn With Me

David King, Flying Colours

David King, Remember Our Love

David King, Strangely Familiar

David King, The Universal Dream

David Kraus, Some Sort of Angel

David L. Esleck, Three

David L. Watson, Big Town

David L. Watson, David Leshare Watson Love`s Swinging Soft and Ballads

David L. Watson, Imprisoned Splendor

David L. Watson, Let`s Swing Christmas

David Lane Walsh, Cohiba Noches

David Larkin, Tapestry - Single

David Liebman & Nancy Reed, Neighbors

David Martin & Mike Doolin, Girl Talk

David Martin & Mike Doolin, Tough Commute

David Martinez, By Hands

David McLorren & Sam Hankins, Embrace

David McLorren, Everything Changes

David McLorren, Reesonz

David McLorren, Reethym (Ree-Mastered)

David McLorren, Reeverse

David McLorren, Tremors (Urban Mix) [feat. Sam Hankins]

David McLorren, When I Knew (Extended Clubmix)

David Michael Lee, Swingin' Piano

David Michael, Low Bid On A Dream

David Mills, Zing!

David Mora, Conga Love

David Moss, Moss/Realtime

David Mulliss, Groovy Instrumentals

David P Stevens, Innocence (feat. Jeanette Harris)

David P Stevens, The Shedd

David P Stevens, Uptown EP

David P. Stevens, Timeless

David Pascucci, Madeleine

David Patrick, Quiet, Now

David Patrone, Christmastidal

David Patrone, Uptown

David Patterson, A Reason 2 Blow

David Paul Mesler, Celebrating Ellington

David Paul Mesler, Cloudburst

David Paul Mesler, In Spiritu I

David Paul Mesler, In Spiritu II

David Paul Mesler, In Spiritu III

David Paul Mesler, Just A Lucky So And So

David Paul Mesler, Moonsongs

David Paul Mesler, Pacific Sailings

David Paul Mesler, The Balladeer

David Paul Mesler, The Beautiful

David Paul Mesler, The Blue Diary

David Paul Mesler, The Dream Journal Murders

David Paul Pfleger, Jazz Fishin'

David Payne, Deep Within

David Payne, Down Home

David Phillips and freedance, David Phillips and freedance

David Pic Conley, Bird Of Paradise

David Pritchard, City Dreams

David Pritchard, Light-year

David Rastrick, Jazztrix

David Rees-Williams Trio, Thinking Allowed

David Reinstein, Chasing The Tiger

David Reinstein, Into The Mist

David Renter and Kurt Ellenberger, A Tale of Three Cities

David Roberts, David Roberts Live!

David Rosenbloom, Shards of Light

David Rosenthal, Speak To Me

David Rubin, Fantastica

David Ruttenberg, MIRACLES

David Ruttenberg, Sunset Key

David Samartin, Coming Home

David Scoggin, Pan's Meadow

David Serero, All I Care About Is Love

David Sertl, Elegie

David Sertl, Ouvertüre

David Sertl, Passacaglia

David Slater, As Time Goes By

David Solbach Quartet, Sudnik's Doodles

David Statham, Everybody's Talkin'

David Strömbäck, Tänk om ....

David Strömbäck, Tystnad

David Swanson, David Swanson Live

David Sydney Scott, David Sydney Scott / Saxophone-Pennywhistle

David Tasse, Mind Travel

David Tasse, Tropical Dreams

David Thorne Scott, DYAD

David Thorne Scott, Shade

David Tiller and Enion Pelta, Man chasing Woman Around Table

David Tomasello, Earth Blue

David Ullmann, Hidden

David Valdez and Pere Soto, Oasis

David Valentino, Beautiful World

David Van Schoyck, D Flat Samba

David Van Schoyck, Tango Apaixonado

David Van Schoyck, Too Much Spice

David Vangel, Bnapth

David Vernon, Can You Dream Strawberries and Cream

David Wells, Deeper Shade of Blue

David Wells, Skyline

David Wildi Guitar Poetry, Windsong

David Wilson, The Crossing

David Wright & the Wright Touch Horns, I Know You Know

David Wright and the Wright Touch Horns, Power Sharing

David Wright Feat. Nob Kinukawa and Jim Bove, Dajinosaurus

David Young, Appassionata

David Zeltner, Smooth Sailing

David, Love Passion Heartbreak

David, Sarah, and Andrew Bilowus, Year of the Cicada

Davide Pettirossi, Electrio

Davide Pettirossi, Quartette Electrique

Davide Tammaro, Ghosts

Davis and Deleault, Davis and Deleault

Davis and Dow, Loverly

Davis And Dow, Naked

Dawan Muhammad, Radio Free Soul

Dawn Boudreau and pianist David Sproule, Love from the Piano Bar

Dawn Chubai, Summertime

Dawn Elliott, Happy Holidays to You

Dawn G. Crist, Philly Heat Suite

Dawn Ho, All in Good Time

Dawn Lambeth, Let's Get Lost

Dawn Lambeth, Midnight Blue

Dawn Oberg, Horticulture Wars

Dawson Cowals, Turn Your Eyes - Single

Dawson Taylor, It Could Happen to You

Dawson, Dawson's New Rage "When the Bell Rings"

Dawson, Dawson`s New Rage

Daylight Circus, Daylight Circus: Live! in the Port City

Daymond Callahan & Ahmad Johnson, Music Inspired By the Life

Daymond Callahan, Music Society

Dayna Lynn, Listening Music

daysahead, Turning Point

Dayve Stewart, Dayve Stewart and the Vibe Live, Vol. 1

Dayve Stewart, Feel Me

Daze Work, Midnight Oil

Dōjō, Place of the Way

Dc Clark, Welcome to the Real World

De La Bahia, Siempre Caliente

De-Phazz, Days Of Twang

Deameris, Survivor

Dean & Ewbank, Blues Say Goodbye

Dean Bowman, Death Don't Have No Mercy

Dean Brown, DBIII

Dean Brown, Here

Dean Brown, Unfinished Business

Dean Granros, Tall Tales

Dean Grech, Look Out

Dean Grech, We Got Lost

Dean James, Love Takes Time

Dean Lopes, Private Isle

Dean Murphy, Doggin' It In Colorado

Dean Taba, For Friends

Dean Taba, More Is More

Dean Watson, Imposing Elements

Dean Watson, Unsettled

Dean Wuksta, Drums Jazz Funk Groove

Dean, Family Portraite

Dean, This Life

Deanna Dubbin, With One More Look at You

Deanna Jones Orchestra, Very First Dance

Deanna Reuben, Christmas Is Here

Deanna Reuben, On Life and Love

Deanne Matley Quartet, Chillin' & Fillin'

Dear Mr Man, Love The Sun

Dear Mr Man, One Way

Deb Barr, Comets & Waves

Deb Bowman, Addicted to Love Songs

Deb Lyons, Dream a Little

Deb Rasmussen & Keith Smith, Heart Wide Open

Deb Sardi, Faces of Love

Deb Silver, In Spring

Debb Starr Saxx, Europa

Debbie Cunningham, Fly

Debbie Davis and the Mesmerizers, Linger 'til Dawn

Debbie Fleming & The Voices of Hampton Avenue, A Gift of Harmony

Debbie Fleming, Steppin` Out

Debbie Luna, Jazz...better Than Anything

Debbie Montgomery, Let's Turn the Lights Down Low

Debbie Orta, Child's Play

Debbie Voltura, Flyin High

Debbie Voltura, My Grown Up Christmas List (feat. Bob DiBaudo)

Debbie West, Just In Time

Debby Lennon, I`m All Smiles

Debby Yeager, Mood Swing

Debi Raven, Look Into My Eyes

Deblon Jackson, White Blaze

Deborah Abrams, Cold Wind

Deborah Abrams, Warm Breeze

Deborah Brown, All Too Soon

Deborah Dicembre & Kevin Hunt, The Outstanding Standard Duo

Deborah Dicembre, He Hears Me

Deborah Grantham, Wade in the Water

Deborah Gray, Still Got a Thing - Single

Deborah Hamouris & Mimi Fox, Snapshots (Preview)

Deborah Hamouris, Snapshots

Deborah J. Carter, Frits Landesbergen & Michael Varekamp, Dear Louis

Deborah Latz, Fig Tree

Deborah Latz, Lifeline

Deborah Latz, Sur l'instant

Deborah Pearl, Souvenir of You - New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics

Deborah Shulman, 2 for the Road

Deborah Shulman, Anyone Can Whistle

Deborah Shulman, My Heart`s In The Wind

Deborah Sprout, You`ll Just Never Know

Deborah Thurlow, Where Were You

Deborah Wargnier, Water Into Wine

Deborah Winters, Live in Session

Debra Blaquiere, Are You Dancing Too?

Debra Mann, A Time for Love

Debra Mann, From the Heart

Debra Mann, Home

Debra Shaw, Debra's Dream

DeChellis / Tomasic / Nakatani Trio, Real Time

Dede Roan, The Music Keeps Playing

Dee Acker, The Down Beat

Dee Alexander, Songs My Mother Loves

Dee Alexander, Wild Is the Wind

Dee Bell, Sagacious Grace

Dee Bell, Silva - Bell - Elation

Dee Brown, Brown Sugar, Honey-Coated Love

Dee Brown, Do You Hear What I Hear?

Dee Brown, Honeycomb

Dee Cassella, I`m Here Now

Dee Daniels, Feels So Good!

Dee Dee Lavell, Don't Explain

Dee Dee McNeil, Storyteller

Dee Hodge, Timeless `N Ageless

Dee Lucas, Standing Room Only

Dee Lucas, The Little Drummer Boy - Single

Dee Lucas, The Smooth Factor

Dee Robinson, Grown & Sexy Lullabies

Dee Robinson, The Wizard of Ahs

Deems and Seattle Groove, Love West

Deems and Seattle Groove, My Music Loves Christmas

Deems, Deems Greatest Hits

Deems, L.A. Live

Deena Chappell, Voices of the Archetypes

Deep Pocket Theory, PunkFunkDeepPocketAcidJazzedBoogaloo

Deep River, Diamonds in the Night

Deep Sea Telemetry, Warm Bones

Deep Tree Mantra, Architectural Stress

Deep Tree Mantra, Beneath the Bark

Deep Tree Mantra, Undertow

Deerfoot, (Self-Titled)

Deez Guyz, Deez Guyz

Defective Chords, Deployment

Definite Option, While You Were Sleeping

Deian McBryde, One Day in Melbourne

Deian McBryde, SEPTET

Deidre Lucas, Your Dreams

Deirdre Cartwright Group, Dr Quantum Leaps

Deirdre Cartwright Group, Precious Things

Deirdre Fellner, Fixin` to Wail

Del Bennett & Chris Kringel, I Said

Delbert Bump, I`m Sure Of It

Delbert Bump-Greg Yasinitsky Quartet, Round the Korner

Deleswa, Black Noise

Delfina Oliver, Camino (Road)

Delianov, Kle Douvanjou

Deliaphaito, On Time

Delirious Tremor, This American Abstract

Delores, The Sensitive Side of Love and Life

Delton Walker, Back In Your Arms Again

Delton Walker, Back On Track

DelVek, Dec-O-Dents

Delvont Jones, Peace

Delyn, Now or Never

Dem Hills, Dem Hills

Dement Ormond, Shadow

Demetria Joyce Bailey, Takin' a Chance...

Demetris Alce, Intracontinental (House Mix)

Demi-Seq, By Nature

Demo Cates, Beautiful As You

Demoine Kinney, More Than Anything

Demorris Smith, Jazzy Me!

Dena Luv, SomeWhere Beyond the Twilight

Dena Taylor, Certitude

Dena Taylor, Round Midnight

Dena Taylor, The Nearness of You

Denhiross, Masquerade

Deni Newton & Marilyn Berglas, Love of Mine: The Love Songs of Marilyn Berglas

Deni Newton, From Hello to Goodbye

Denis Diblasio, Andy Lalasis & Bob Shomo, What's Old Is New

Denis Farfone, Forever Yours

Denis Stilke Quartet, In Pieces

Denise Brigham, The Quartet Session

Denise Dale and the Hihat Club, Raw Hihat

Denise Daverso, When the Sun Comes Out

Denise King, Fever

Denise King, Now...Ain't That Love

Denise King, Simply Mellow

Denise Leslie, You Don't Know What Love Is

Denise Mangiardi, Crusade

Denise Mangiardi, Crusade

Denise Montana, In My Life

Denise Moore, Nothing Standard

Denise Sauter, Just One of Those Things

Denise Sullivan, Until You Finally Come Home

Deniss Pashkevich Funktet, Funk Therapy

Dennis Angel Band, Daddy, Can I Drive Your Car?

Dennis Angel Band, Dizzy Izzy

Dennis Angel Band, From Bebop To Hip Hop - Single

Dennis Angel Band, I Need Smooth Jazz

Dennis Angel, On Track

Dennis Angel, Timeless Grooves

Dennis Bourke, Hey... Turn My Guitar Up!

Dennis Bryan, Take Me To Your Love

Dennis Caraher, Wash Your Hands

Dennis Coleman, Take the Chance

Dennis Curley and Jim Robinson, Love After Hours (Original Cast Album)

Dennis Darling, Old & New

Dennis Day, All Things In Time

Dennis Gruenling & Jump Time, Dennis Gruenling & Jump Time!

Dennis Gruenling & Jump Time, That's Right!

Dennis Gwizdala, Lessons Learned... Life Is Good

Dennis Lambert, Symptoms of Volition

Dennis Leogrande & Ron Levy, Just Sayin'...

Dennis Livingston, The Stories in My Mind: The Songs of Dennis Livingston (Live at the Metropolitan Room)

Dennis M. Cooper, Harmonica, LIVE! From Paradise and Otherwise

Dennis McCorkle, Classic Guitar

Dennis McPartland, David Sharp & The Jazz Underground, Internal Dialogue

Dennis Melton, Cruel December

Dennis Rea, Wally Shoup & Tom Zgonc, Subduction Zone

Dennis Smith, Bread & Butter

Dennis Warren's Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, Quest

Dennis Weislik, Nothing to Say

Dennise Neill, "One Kiss" Is Not Enough

Dennise Neill, With Latin Lovers

Denny Bixby, Fish Out Of Water

Denny Earnest, Earnest Songbook

Denny Falzon, Changing Times

Denny Malmberg Quartet, Struttin' Out (feat. Charmin Michelle)

Denny Thompson, Bumble Street

Denny Thompson, Mark of the Wizard

Denny Thompson, Song for Elly Beth

Denodlayno, Wishing You Was Here!!!!

Denominators, Red Balloon

Denzal Sinclaire & the David Berger Jazz Orchestra, A Perfect Day

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, All At Sea

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, I Was So Young (You Were So Beautiful)

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, Keepin' It Mellow

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, Only Blues

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, Smiles

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Jazz Orchestra, The Opposite End of the Bar

Denzal Sinclaire & The David Berger Octet, I Was Only Serious

Deon CleanCutt Clark, Clean Cutt

Deon "CleanCutt" Clark, I Like It

Deon Yates, Spotlight

Department of Real Estate, Servicio Electrico

Dereck Anderson, We Take Comfort (Remix)

Derek and Sharon Hudson, Selah...Think About It

Derek Bailey, Playing For Friends on 5th Street

Derek Chai, Live Again

Derek Cornett, Just Don't Care

Derek Cornett, Not At All

Derek Dabbs, State of Mind

Derek Paravicini, Echoes of the Sounds to Be

Derek Renfroe, Zenith and Nadir

Derek Smith, Latin Expression

Derek Smith, Pan Montuno

Deron Bell, Faithful and Smooth

DeRon Vinson, This Christmas

Derrek Wayne, Derrek Wayne Sings Jazz

Derrick David Holmes, Love Notes

Derrick Finch Trio, Calm Breeze (live)

Derrick Gardner and The Jazz Prophets, Slim Goodie

Derrick Harvin, From Here

Derrick Joyner, Auto Soul the Jazz Experience

Derrick Tony Lewis, Christmas Time In The City

Derrick Tony Lewis, Jazzin In The Spirit

Derrick Tony Lewis, Never Let Me down

Derrick Tony Lewis, Sunday Morning Praise

Derwin Daniels, Full Circle

Derwin Daniels, In Your Eyes

Derwin Daniels, In Your Eyes

Derwin Jackson, Poetic Jazz

Deshaun Sequence 2, The Birth of 2.0

Desiree Goyette, Through the Window

Desiree Roots, Don't Ever Stop Dreaming

Desiring Machines, Is Heaven Secret?

Desmond Meyer, New Tides of Freedom

Desmond Meyer, Now That We`re Free

Desmond West, Sensualmystic

Desmond West, The Natural

Desolation Row, Remember to Breathe

Dester Farms, Tilt-a-Whirl

Destiny Muhammad, I Am

Destiny Muhammad, I Am Studio (Remix)

Destiny's Parent, One Day

Detroit Bop Quintet, United Sound Systems, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Sam, Detroit Sam

Deusonus, Inside

Dev Gopalasamy, The Essence of Being

Devere Pride, in a morning sunrise

Devil Doll, Queen of Pain

Devin Phillips, Devin Phillips: Wade In The Water

Devin Richards, My Own Voice

Devon Sproule, Keep Your Silver Shined

Dexter O'Neal, Coffee

Dexter O`Neal, Christmas Promises

Dexter Tolson, Children At Heart

Dexter Tolson, Putting It Down

Deya Dova, The Jasmani Garden

Dezz, Spend The Night

De`Vine Soul, DS One

Df Michael, Dances And Walks

Dharma John Akin, Raja Had Mink On

Dhomba, Synclinicity

Diablo Valley College Night Jazz Band, DVC Jazz Live at Yoshi's and DVC w/ Bob Mintzer

Diamond Jim, Diamonds Forever

Diamond Steele, Lavish Living

Dian B., Brussels-Paris

Dian S. Meechai, Stormy Weather

Diana Cantu, Happiness

Diana Franco, I Believe in You

Diana Peterson, Diana Sings! (Songs of Yesterday)

Diana Peterson, Merry Christmas With Love, Diana

Diana Peterson, Our Love Is Here To Stay

Diana Robinson, Diana Robinson Plays the Music of Joe Belcastro

Diana Stabel, Wave

Diane Carey, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Diane Christopher, Diane Christopher

Diane Davidson, All of Me

Diane Glass, Nocturne

Diane Hoffman, My Little French Dancer

Diane Hubka, Haven`t We Met?

Diane Hubka, I Like It Here / Live in Tokyo

Diane Hubka, Look No Further

Diane Hubka, West Coast Strings

Diane Hubka, You Inspire Me

Diane Landry, It`s a Lovely Day

Diane Linscott, Alone/Together

Diane Marino, From The Heart

Diane Marino, Loads of Love

Diane Richardson, Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat

Diane Roblin, Reconnect

Diane Van Deurzen, I Never Knew

Dianna Autumn Hill, My Funny Valentine

Dianna Hughes, It's Time

Dianna Lind, Will Sing for Love

Dianne Gire, I'll Be Home for Christmas

Dianne Montalbano Brant, Songs My Daddy Sang

Dianoh Wills, The One You Forgot to Love

Dianoh Wills, The One You Forgot to Love (Extended Version)

Diatomaceous Earth, In the Vast Iteration

DiCarlo Gonzalez, Superate / Overcome

Dick Carceo, Let's Live!

DICK CLARK, JUST BLUES, Reflections of the Artistry of Gene Harris

Dick Cunico's Little Big Band, Alternate Paths

Dick de Graaf, Cry Baby!

Dick Fregulia Trio, That`s Amore: The Music Of Salvatore Guaranga (harry Warren)

Dick Fregulia`s Good Vibes Quintet, Live at Kuumbwa

Dick Griffin, A Dream for Rashaan

Dick Griffin, All Blues

Dick Griffin, The Eighth Wonder

Dick Griffin, Time Will Tell (feat. Cecil McBee, Victor Lewis, George Cables & James Spaulding)

Dick Hyman, September Song - Dick Hyman Plays the Music of Kurt Weill

Dick Lupino, December Songs (feat. Mike Renzi & Vin Pagano)

Dick Lupino, Eclectic Nostalgia

Dick Mitchell, East Meets West

Dick Titterington & The 3 Trumpet Band, Three Trumpets, No Waiting #2

Dick Weller, New West

Didi Favreau, Love Can't Be Found

Didier Verna, @-quartet

Didipop, Ring Ding Jing-a-Ling

Die Glorreichen Sieben, Keep On Rockin´ in the Free World: A Tribute to Neil Young

Die Jazzpolizei, Bitte Gehen Sie Weiter!

Diederik De Jonge, Happenstance

Diederik de Jonge, Simple Pleasures

Diederik Rijpstra, The Living City

Diego Paredes, Después De Ayer

Diego Paulo, Café Con Leche

Diego Rivera, Hercules

Diego S., Amours Vives

Dig (Directions in Groove), Dig Live 1999 @ Milton Theatre and the Basement

Dig a Little Deeper, Songs from the Small Hours

Dig Trio, Dig Trio

Diggsville, Living On My Own

Digital Music Pioneers, Exploring The Universe

Dillinger's Hired Guns, Norcal: On the 8s

diMattina/Swann, Live @ JZ

Dimitri Moderbacher, Close To My Heart

Dimitri's Ascent, Dimitri's Ascent

Dimitris Moutafis, Fretflesh

Dina Blade, I`m In The Mood For Love and other lyrics by Dorothy Fields

Dina Blade, S`Wonderful

Dinah O'Brien, A Winter's Tale

Ding Dong Daddios, Ding Dong Daddios

Ding Dong Daddios, Something For The Weekend, Sir?

Dino Govoni, In the Library

Dino on the loose, "Return of the moose"

Dino On the Loose, Dance

Dino Soldo, Thread

Dino, Something A Little Different

Dino/ditommaso, On the Right Track

Diogenes Ruiz, A Babe Is Born

Diogo Pinheiro, Feelings

Dion Kerr Trio, In the Roots

Dion Parson & 21st Century Band, St. Thomas

Diona Devincenzi, Merry Christmas to Me

Dirac, Going Postal!

dirk dickson, solo electric bass

Dirk Edelhoff, DreiViertel

Dirk Edelhoff, Old Fashion

Dirk Edelhoff, The Q

Dirk K Trio, New Beginnings

Dirk K, Coming Home

Dirk K, It's On

Dirk K, That's the Way of the World

Dirk Quinn Band, Overcat

Dirty Squid, When A Duck Loves A Jellyfish

Dispenza, Four Songs

Dity, Welcome To The Bassline

Diverse, JazzWerkstatt Wien 2005

Divine Servants of God, The M & M Project

Divya, True to Myself

Dixi-Blu Jazz Band, Favorite Standards

Dixie Carter, The Heart of Dixie

Dixie Summit, Eijiro Nakagawa & Yoshihiro Nakagawa, Tribute To Dixieland

Dixiedelics, Live At Steamers

Dizzy & Grover, Whatever Happened to Dizzy & Grover?

Dizzy Gillespie & The SU Jazz Ensemble, Dizzy Plays Parker

Dizzy Gillespie, Live At Ronnie Scott's, Vol. I

Dizzy Gillespie, Live At Ronnie Scott's, Vol. II

Dizzy Gillespie, Live At Ronnie Scott's, Vol. III

Dizzy Gillespie, Live At Ronnie Scott's, Vol. IV

Dizzy Miles, Sunflower

Dizzy Reece, Nirvana

DJ $crilla, Til I See You Again (feat. Louis Harris & Freedom)

Dj Art, Peace Be Steel

DJ Bonebrake Trio, The Other Outside

Dj Boom, Jazz Under Construction

DJ Hard, I Got The Music Aint Got No Words

DJ I.N.C., Tha Afterset: Beats, Breaks and Grooves

DJ INC and The Soul People, Tha Afterset Sessions, Vol. 2

DJ Mr. Ice, Love Potion

DJ Mr. Ice, Mary's Tears

DJ Snare, Make You Move

Django's Castle, Tres Mamuts a Liliput

Djembe Sol, Hypnotic

Djesben, Dream

DjM Trio, The Intrigue

DKO The Darren Kramer Organization, Electric Quartet

DKO, The Darren Kramer Organization

dld3, Mi Paraiso

Doc Flowers, Breakin Out

Doc Battle, Zorak Tape

Doc Cheatham & George Kelly, Live in New York, 1985

Doc De Haven w/ Kelly De Haven, There Is No Greater Love

Doc De Haven, Jazzscapes

Doc Elmer, Blue Moon July

Doc Gibbs, Servin` It Up! Hot!

Doc Jake Trio, Last Night At the Moon Room

Doc Jake Trio, The Moon Room Sessions

Doc Jones and the Medicine Men, Cosmic Love

Doc o' Rock, Adventures In Happyland

Doc Stewart, Code Blue!

Doc Watkins, The Outlaw

Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd, Camptown Races

Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd, Harlem Rag

Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd, Yes Sir That's My Baby

Doctor Sparkles, Monkey Swing Monkey Doo

Doctor Stech and Nervous Habit, Live At The Red Light Cafe

Dodoscope, Cosmic Capella

Doe Bender, Christmas Moments

Doe Bender, Journey Of Love

Dogs Playing Poker, Show of Hands

Dois Em Um, Dois Em Um

Dojo, Studiojo

Dokumentär Orkestern, Trapphuset

Dolbar, U

Dom Famularo Francois Quillet, Dom Wiz Dom

Dom Minasi & Hans Tammen, Alluvium

Dom Minasi, Minasi

Dom MOiO, I got `cha drums right here

Domingo Fox, Rythm Soul

Dominique Forest, C'est à moi

Don Alberts Trio, Intuition

Don Alberts, Avende Miles

Don Alberts, Jazz Piano Solos

Don Alberts, Local Hero

Don Alexander, Wake Up To Love

Don Austin, The Sunshine of Your Smile

Don Austin, Up and Down the Santa Fe With You

Don Baaska, Recordando El Dorado Beach

Don Baaska, Smile

Don Baaska, Tropic Magic

Don Barrozo, Blue Talk

Don Bowyer Big Band, Itchin' in the Kitchen

Don Braden & Julie Michels, The Braden Michels Project: Come Together

Don Byas, Don Byas

Don Denisen, The Christmas Interlude

Don Discenza, Free As a Bird

Don Discenza, Moment to Moment

Don Francks, 21st Century Francks

Don Gomes, Cafe Society

Don Grzanna, April Dreams

Don Grzanna, Hot and Hotter Jazz

Don Grzanna, Songs By Don Grzanna

Don Hodell Chilcote, Nebulosity

Don Howell, Slow Ride

Don Kirby & The Avant Gospel Group, Everything, Everything

Don Lee, Crazy Rhythm

Don Lee, Echo, Echo, Echo

Don Lerman, The Zoot Side of Life

Don Lewis, The Colour Of Time

Don Linke, Focus (Re-Release)

Don Linke, Peace Dance (Re-Release)

Don Linke, This Time

Don Mark's Fire Escape, In a New Light

Don Mcginnis, One Hour @ a Time

Don McMullin, Back to Back

Don McMullin, Impulse Funktion

Don Miller, dial M for Bass

Don Payne, Rhapsodic Echoes

Don Peretz, Foremen

Don Phillips, Cross Side

Don Rebic Trio, Together

Don Ricardo Garcia, A New Heavens A New Earth

Don Ricardo Garcia, Presents Kmax The Drummer Extraordinary

Don Ricardo Garcia, Rick`s Fusion

Don Rogerson, Punk Jazz Fusion

Don Stewart Soon, Kailua

Don Stiernberg, Rusty Holloway & Jeff Jenkins, Swing 220

Don Swanson, At Crystal Cove

Don Thompson & Walter Martella, Three Shades

Don Turoso, The Don Turoso Septet

Don Vappie, Banjo A La Creole

Don Wilner, Mysterious Beauty

Dona Carter, Dona Carter Dc Jazz

Donald Harrison, Jr., "3D" Vol.1

donald harrison, paradise found

Donald Jones, You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Acapella)

Donald Malloy & Kush Abadey, Clear Water

Donald Malloy and Sight, The Mothers

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