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Angelica Mia Margaret and Sal Rachele, Jewels of Illumination

Big Bertha Limonaire Band Organ, Big Bertha World Famous Carousel Band Organ

"angelica" Mia Margaret and Jeanette Alexander, Mother Nature

"Bugs" Bower, Cat's Meow

"Bugs" Bower, The Best 101 Children's Songs!

"Katy Lou" Wurlitzer 153 Carousel Band Organ, America's Finest Carousel Music Vol. 2

"Mrs. Kate" Carpenter, Passport to Power

"Pinkey" Carousel Band Organ, "Pinkey"

#1 A Count Bloody Blood Production, `Monster Madness`: Wow! What A Broadway Show!! Its a Monsterous Opera!!

'Night, Sweet Pea, A Little Line of Kisses (Feat. Alyse Black)

..., A Cradle of Arms

153 Military Style Band Organ, Christmas at Lake Compounce, Vol. 1

1920's Wurlitzer Carousel Organ, Carousel Organ Varieties Vol. 2

1920's Wurlitzer Carousel Organ, Carousel Organ Varieties, Vol. 1

1920's Wurlitzer Carousel Organ, Good Old U.S.A. Wurlitzer Carousel Music Vol. 2

25 Dreams, Multiplication Nation

2Mayrer - Nvair and Diane, 2Mayrer: Children's Songs in Armenian

2P, Are We There Yet? - Single

30 Turtles, Losing Our Marbles

32 Arabic Nursery Rhymes - Hind Hamed, 32 Arabic Nursery Rhymes

3D, Lion Face Song

7-4 Christ, Then and Now

7of 8, Redrick (The rick rack reindeer)and the North Pole Report

????? ?????, ?????? ?????? ?????? ???????

????? ?????, ?????? ?????? ??????? - ????????? ??????

A Choired Taste, To Mom

A Count Bloody Blood Production, Monster Madness`: Wow! What A Broadway Show!! Its a Monsterous Opera!!

A Submitter, Do or Die: Sheeple or Terrorists

A Submitter, Escalation or Equalisation

A Submitter, For the Martyrs, Or, Souls of the Wasted

A Submitter, I Iz Zee King (Set 2014)

A Submitter, Kash the Islam Cat

A Submitter, White Man's World or Muslim World

A Submitter, Zee King

A-Go! Kids Rock, A-Go! Kids Rock, Vol. 1

A. Longus & Frank Enea, The Adventures of Silvana and the Magic Unicorn: Book Narrative and Music CD

A. S. Angelo, Baby

A.A. Kutt, Earth Songs

A.C.E., Early Learning & Fitness Rhythms, Vol. 1

A.M. Johnston-Brown, The Chronicles of Pleasant Grove (audio book)

Aaheli G, Sing With Me: Rhymes

Aaron & Elle, It's Almost the Weekend

Aaron and Adam Esposito, Cartune Factory, Vol. 1

Aaron Barbosa, Greatest Gift

Aaron Burnett, Get Off the Couch

Aaron Christopher Smith, Lift Your Head

Aaron Fowler, When We Gather

Aaron Glassman And Andrew Spence, Life Lessons With Mr. Aaron And Mr. Andrew

Aaron Joseph, A Band of Our Own

Aaron Rose, Coming Up

Aaron Vande Wege, Bicycles, Monkeys, and an Occasional Cat

Aaron Vande Wege, Picklehead and Other Dilly Songs

Aaron Vande Wege, Pirates, Bubbles, and Llamas

ABAIM, 16 ti morso nu lanfans

Abbi Rose, Noticing The Moon

Abbie Fricker Music, We Are Gonna Be Friends

Abby and the Pipsqueaks, Abby and the Pipsqueaks!

Abby and the Pipsqueaks, Pancakes, Anyone?

Abie Rotenberg & Rabbi Shmuel Klein, The Golden Crown

Abigail Johnson, Smile & Believe (A Riley Christmas), Vol. 2

Abridge Club, Movin` and Shakin` for Youngsters

Abridge Club, Smart and Tasty 1: Good Food Tunes for Kids

Abridge Club, Smart Moves 1: Tots thru Pre-K

Abridge Club, Smart Moves 2: Preschool thru 1st

Abundant Living Kids, Kids Cartoon Confessions

Acappella Children, Like My Daddy

Ace Boon Goons, Did I Do That (feat. Steve Urkel)

Acoustic Lullaby, Children's Songs

Act!vated Storytellers, Know Fooling

Act!vated Storytellers, Out of the Bag

Activated Story Theatre, American Tales of U.S.

Ada C. Washington, Aunty K n`Em(tm) in Pigsburgh(tm)

Adam Bernstein, Big Kid, Little Kid

Adam Blau, Everyday Grooves from the Fred Rogers Center

Adam C. Burke, Toys In Babeland

Adam Serafin, Kid's Song

Adam Wood Band, The Grilled Cheese Album

Addie, Summer's Here

Adele Morgan, Dance & Dream

Adeleina, Dancing in the Caribbean

Adrian Berra & la Vaca Perdida, El Funeral

Adrian Berra, Mi Casa No Tiene Paredes

Adrian Cohen, There Is No Tomorrow

Adrian Goldman, Adrian Plays Children's Favorites

Adrian Williams & Kayleigh Hammett, Nurser-Eazzz, Vol. 1

Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas, Un Lugar en el Alma

Adrienne Pierce, Winter

Adrienne, Feels Like Christmas

ADRtists, Play It Again, Mom!

Advancing Native Missions Kids Choir, The 10/40 Expedition: Quest for the Lost Window (feat. Mindy Spurrier & Sharif Iman)

Adventure Kids, Backseat Jams, Vol. 1

Affies4kids, Let's All Sing the Affies Song

African Childrens Choir, Heal Africa!

African Kids 4 Christ, All About Jesus

African Treehouse, African Numbers

African Treehouse, Happy Birthday from African Treehouse

African Treehouse, Nursery Rhymes for Africa (feat. Relebogile Lebo Mabotja)

African Treehouse, Stories from the Alphabet Tree, Vol. 1

African Treehouse, Stories from the Alphabet Tree, Vol. 2

African Treehouse, The African Alphabet

Ageeth De Haan, Hou Je Vast

Ageeth De Haan, Post Voor Simon

Ageeth De Haan, Stap Maar In

Ageeth De Haan, Vlinder

Ah-Choo, Ah-Choo

Ah-Choo, Phonics Hip Hop

Ahmet Öncan & Can Çelebi, Sevimli Dostlar (Harika Bir Gün)

Aika (Aika Hirahara), All He Has To Say

Aileen Maris, The Rules We Break

Aileen Maris, Why

Aileen Maris, You Can't Choose for Me

Ailem Carval and Yalica Yo, Dame la mano y danzaremos

Aj & The Flip Flops, Daddy It's Cold Outside

Aj and the Flip Flops, Happy Xmas

AJ Lee, Christmas In A Coal Mine

AJ Ventura, My Hair Is Fluffy

Aje`h, Believe

AK Battin, My Sugar Bear

Akim Bliss, Nature Sounds for Babies: Natural Baby Lullaby Ambiance for Bedtime & Relaxation (For Deep Sleep & Relaxation)

Al Bachmann, Muriel: The Little Mouse Who Lived In A Piano

Al Clogston, Booga-Booga!

Al deCant, Meta Morphosis

Al Hirsch, Folk Tales of the Giving Season

Al Hirsch, Tellin' Old American Tales

Al La' Grey, Song from Santa

Al Mosier, Child`s Play

Al Start & Nicola Bloom, A Pirate Adventure

Al Start & Nicola Bloom, Gorrid the Horrid & the Missing Ingredient

Al Start, Excellent Rock N Roll for Children

Al Start, Excellent Songs for Children

Al Start, Excellent Songs for Children 2

Al Start, Excellent Songs for Children, Vol. 4

Al Start, Three Excellent Little Pigs (A Musical Story)

Alain Guyonnet, Le Jecc 2

Alain Le Lait, Zoey and the Yok-Yok Man

Alain Vandeputte, Together We Have Fun

Alan Bernhoft, Playdate

Alan Birdsall, My Skunk Stinks - Single

Alan Cunningham, A 2 Z Kid Songs 1

Alan Jordan, Monsters and More, Volume 1

Alan Root, Beyond the Farthest Star

Alan Root, Fortunate Recipient


Alan Seeley, Rocket Radio

Alan W. Lemke, Cukoo Nut Music, Vol. 1

Alan W. Lemke, Zacchaeus (A Wee Little Man)

Alan Windram, Mac and Bob: The Unexpected Visitor

Alana Andrews, It Doesn't Matter

Alastair Moock, A Cow Says Moock

Alastair Moock, All Kinds of You and Me

Alastair Moock, Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World's Bravest Kids

Alastair Moock, These Are My Friends

Albert Mendoza, Counselor Strategies to Kickstart Your Classroom

Albert Mongillo, Sweet Dreams

Alcide Guillory, I Rode the Bear

Alden Phelps, Totally Attached to His Head: Silly Songs for Kids

Aleksandar Cvejin, Bing Bong's Song

Alex & the Kaleidoscope, I'm so Glad

Alex Carry, In Attesa Di Te

Alex Otterlei, Eeuwige Sneeuw (Soundtrack)

Alex Smith, Do you Believe in Santa Claus?

Alex the Seal, Kids' Club

Alexa Witt, The Squirm

Alexandra Delgado, Kissy Kissy Time

Alexandra, Fun Under the Sun

Alexia Urtoi, Twinkle Eye Spy

Alfredo San Germán, Mi Corazón Encantado

Ali Al-Salman, Goodness to the World

Alice Bierhorst, Dexter Price

Alice Di Micele, If I Were an Otter: Songs for Kids of All Ages

Alice Regan, Grammy Snuggles

Alice Weiler, We Don`t Monkey Around

Alice, Les mondes d'Alice / Le spectacle

Alison Faith Levy, The Start of Things

Alison Faith Levy, World of Wonder

Alison Hams, Jelly Baby Song

Alive Aware Anew, Affirmations - Single (Music: Genesis)

Alkis, Balloon Kids

All for the Kids, For the Kids, Vol. 1

Allan Crossley, Carnival of Life ~ Songs About the Environment for Children

Allan Crossley, Joe Rock and Friends Volume 1

Alleyoop & Al Hirsch, Stories for My Little Friends

Alleyoop & Al Hirsch, Turtle Tales from Around the World

Alleyoop, Singin` American Legends

Alleyoop, Singin` American Legends, Vol. 2

Alleyoop, Songs for My Little Friends

Allie Jo Thomas, I Love Music

Allie Jo Thomas, Kids Critters and Country At Allie`s Place

Allie Jo Thomas, Kids Critters and Country At Allie`s Place Family Country Christmas

Allie Jo Thomas, Playin` Outside

allie weiler, Chase Your Dream

Ally & Jake, Can't Stop (Jump Up)

Ally Peer, Relaxation for Children By Ally

Almendra Gomelsky, Almendra Soy

Alphabet Rockers, Alphabet Rockers

Alphabet Soup, You`re It!

Already Taken, Take 5

Always Saturday, Love is Plural

AM2, Kids Pop 2.0

Amadeus Nursery, Amadeus Nursery

Amanda Abizaid, Sleep My Baby Sleep

Amanda Grace, Unicorn

Amanda Lynette McKenna, Fairykids

Amanda Sirota & Art Sirota, Sand Between My Toes

Amaya Hernandez, Elementary School Rules

Ambäukatunàbia Grup D'animació, Tal Dia Farà Un Any!

Amelia Crerar, Wee Tales for Wee Ones, Vol. 1

Amelia Firpo & Erika Faith, If You Want to Call an Angel Just Ring a Little Bell

Amelia Firpo, I'm Flying with the Angels

Amelia Firpo, Mommy's in Heaven with Jesus

Amelia's Night Time Band, Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

Ammed Williams, Knowledge of Rivers

Amy & Andy, Cantaré para Ti

Amy & Katie Smith, Yo Soy la Luz de Mi Corazon (El Espiritu de Yoga para Niños)

Amy and Julie Fulcher-Davis, Sierra`s Enchanted Forest and other Meditations for the Inner Child

Amy Arton, Mr. Green

Amy B, Someone Else`s Bubble Gum

Amy Camie, I Will Always Be With You

Amy Friedman & Laura Hall, Tell Me a Story: Three Disc Set

Amy Friedman and Laura Hall, Tell Me A Story 3: Women of Wonder

Amy Lauren, Beautiful Quiet

Amy Lauren, Close Your Eyes

Amy Lauren, Close Your Eyes (Remastered Edition) Solo Piano Lullabies, Vol. 1

Amy Liz, Kid Hits

Amy Lowe, Brighter Than Fireflies

Amy Lowe, I Like Gum

Amy Meyers, Git On Board

Amy Meyers, Trains and Hens

Amy Peters, Come and Swim with Me

Amy Peters, Superstar

Amy Relf, Back to School

Amy Robbins-Wilson, All Through the Night: Angel Lullabies for Babies

Amy Robbins-Wilson, Golden Slumbers: Celtic Lullabies for Babies

Amy Robbins-Wilson, Hush Little Baby - Traditional Lullabies for Babies

Amy Robbins-Wilson, The Divine Hours of Motherhood: Lullabies and Prayers for Mothers and Babies

Amy Tinoco, Ooopsy's Favorite Songs

Amy, This Camp

Anahi, Antes de Ser Rebelde

Anahit Shahzadeyan, Aysor Im Tsnundn E

Anat Tour, The Rainbow Animals

André Lambert, Poil De Carotte, La Musique De La Série D'animation

Andrea Andrea, Oraciones y Canciones

Andrea Herold, Popcorn

Andrea Litzenberger & Wayne Immonen, Lucy Tries Luge

Andrea Mullens, Land of Make Believe

Andrea, Claudia y Cristóbal Paz, Chimoc en Machu Picchu

Andrea, Claudia y Cristóbal Paz, Clavito, El Puercoespín

Andrew & Polly, Up and At 'Em!

Andrew Brand, Teddy's Camp: On a Bearish Adventure Into the Woods

Andrew Grade, Andrew Grade

Andrew Kutt, Land of the Free

Andrew Plait, Dinosaur in My Lunchbox

Andrew Plait, Do You Like to Play Sports?

Andrew Plait, I Wish I Could Have a Horse

Andrew Plait, Pots & Pans and Forks & Spoons

Andrew Plait, Stompin' At the Stampede

Andrey Botyarov, Magic Around the Crib

Andy Belling, Just Kidding

Andy Bridgeman, I Love You More

Andy Glockenspiel, Excuse Me!

Andy Glockenspiel, Excuse Me?

Andy Glockenspiel, It's Your Day

Andy Lee White, Daddy, Hold Me

Andy Lee White, On A Map

Andy Mason, Andy Mason

Andy Mason, Hey Diddle Diddle

Andy Z, Beber Más Agua

Andy Z, Drink More Water

Andy Z, Ooga Booga

Andy Z, Pockets

Andy Z, Return To Andyland

Andy Z, The Grand Scream of Things

Andy Z, Welcome To Andyland

Andy, Santa's Jet the Story - and the Music

Andy, What a Wonderful You

Anelie Joy, One Life

Anemona Brainwave, Baby

Angel Pam West, Unicorn Crossing

Angel Shannon & Kopo Magic, Meditations for the Young and the Young At Heart

Angela Bartley, Goodnite Kisses: Lullabies from Around the World

Angela Jia Kim, Mozart: Scenes from Childhood

Angela Klingler, Faire Tales

Angela McGary, As You Wish! ABC's & 1, 2, 3's in English & Spanish

Angela Sage Larsen & Susan Booth Mack, Petalwink Lullaby

Angela Sheik, Comfort and Joy (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Angela Steele, 10

Angelee Coleman Grider, Amazing Animals of This Land

Angelica, I Realize

Angelina, The Child Within

Angelito Divertido, Llego Tu Amigo

Angelo Spinazzola, First Nations Songwriting Sessions

Angels, Habia una Vez una Gata

Animal AllStars, Sing Us A Story

Animal Heads, Monkey Town

Animal Party, Animal Party

Animal Trax, Worldwide Animal Trax

Animals Oztralia, Animals Oztralia

Animals Rock, Farm Animals

AniMelodies, Carol of the Animals

Anita Kruse, If My Dad Were a Daddy Longlegs

Anita Kruse, If My Mom Were an Octopus

Anita Kruse, Lullabies From Home

Anitha Thangarajan, Lullabies

Ankoay, Madagascar: Evergreen Island

Ann Mortifee, Reflections On Crooked Walking

Anna Antonia Giedwoyn, Goldfish Don't Eat Pizza

Anna Banana and the Punky Monkeys, Anna Banana and the Punky Monkeys

Anna Banana Band, Anna Banana Band

Anna Banana, Songs from the Farm

Anna Jois, Slå dig fri

Anna Jois, Underbara Barn

Anna Lee Carroll, Live a Little

Anna Lee, Let`s Go To The Zoo

Anna Sobel, Animal Torah

Anna Sobel, From the Puppet's Mouth

Anna Stange, Miss Anna`s Music Class: a pre-primer for little folkies

Anna Stange, Miss Anna`s Music Class: Volume II

Anna Stuart, Fabulous Adventures

Anna Van Riel, Cooking Up a Song

Anna Wrangsjö, Bra Att Ha Sånger

AnnaMae Bear, AnnaMae Bear`s Snowy Day

Anne Angelo, Meesha's Songs

Anne Meeker Miller, Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

Anne Meredith Frey, Lullabies from the Harp

Anne Richmond, Charisma and the Berry Boat

Anne Walsh, Baby Mine

Annie and the Natural Wonder Band, Annie's Preschool Greatest Hits, Vol.1

Annie and the Natural Wonder Band, Happy Earthday To You

Annie and the Natural Wonder Band, On Safari with Annie

Annie and the Natural Wonder Band, Totally Bugged Out

Annie Bailey, There Is Joy: Heavenly Father Has A Plan for Me

Annie Chase, Selah

Annie Joan, Going Through the Motions

Annie Mcgee, Toddler`s Tunes

Annie Nixon, I Love My Dandelions

Annie the Clown, Nuggets in the Sky!

Annie-mots, Annie-mots, le Projet Bête

Annie-mots, Bêtes de scène en tournée mondiale

Anniebelle, Tunes For Kids

Annmarie, I Love You More

Anon, The Biggest Mistake Ever Made

Anthony Clark, Coughin` In Your Coffin - Sing-along Songs for a Smokefree Planet

Anthony Lee and the Plastic Palm Quartet, Dogpoop On My Shoe

Anthony the Banjo Man and Musicale Mark and His Pedaling Piano, Songs From the Boardwalk

Anti-Virus, Music That Changes Your World

Antionette B. Kimball, Alexander the Cat

Antoine Gilleron, Go Maman Chantons

Antonia Lamb, Banjo Grandma's Family Album

Anu Grace, Dragon Uke

Anuradha Javeri, Christmas Carols (Hooplakidz Presents)

Anuradha Javeri, Hoopla Kidz

Anuradha Javeri, Hooplakidz Original Children's Songs

Anuradha Javeri, Nursery Rhymes: Hooplakidz, Vol. 1

Anuradha Javeri, Nursery Rhymes: Hooplakidz, Vol. 2

Anuradha Javeri, Nursery Rhymes: Hooplakidz, Vol. 3

Anuradha Javeri, Nursery Rhymes: Hooplakidz, Vol. 4

Anuradha Javeri, Top Christmas Songs Hooplakidz

AnyBody's Club House Kids, The AB CD

Aparna Bali, Tim Tim Taare

Apollonia Vanova, Lullabies

Apple Brains, Get Fruity!!

Apple Brains, Get Fruity!!

April Halprin Wayland, It`s Not My Turn to Look for Grandma and Other Stories

Aragon, Summer Camp Songs

Arake, Pepehelao

Arco & Lira y José Luis Vargas, Una Tarde Mágica Con Tchaikovsky y el Cascanueces

Ardekwut, Ardekwut Lullaby

Arfie and Friends - Various Artists, Sing, Shout and Clap

Arhythmetic Inc., Arhythmetic

Ari Birnbaum, Narrow Bridge

Ari Frankel, The Ocean of Love

Aria, A Child`s Mood

Ariana Ciolino, Fun, Sun, Sea And Sand

Ariel, Zoey & Eli, Vision

Ariela & Danny Pizza, Boo Hoo Hoo

Arista Michelle, Born for Greatness

Arizona School for the Arts, Reader's Theater!: The Magic Flute

Armelle, Discover A World Of Music

Armstrong and Aichele, World Tales Volume I

Armstrong and Aichele, World Tales Volume II

Arnie's Shack, Arnie's Shack At Karalundi

Arnie's Shack, Arnie's Shack in Papua New Guinea

Arnie's Shack, Arnie's Shack Series 1: 46 Songs

Arnie's Shack, Arnie's Shack Series 2, Vol. 1

Arnie's Shack, Noah's Ark

Arnie's Shack, Time for a Story

Aron Celnik, Good Night

Aron Cole & Don Schwagler, Grace

Aron Cole & Donny Silver, Read

Art & Amanda Sirota, You Need to Go Live At the Zoo

Art Johnson Band, Background Music for Children Productions

Art Sirota, Ladybug In My Soup

Art Sirota, Sky Blue Pony

Artemise on Autoharp, Dare to Dream: A Collection of Songs for Children

Arthur Kanegis, Oh What Fun it Is to Ride on Santa's Magic Sleigh!

Asheba, Go Itsy

Asheba, In the Kid Zone

Asheba, No More Monkeys

Ashish Joshi, Steve Newman & Greg Georgiades, In the Clouds

Ashleigh Hackett, Let's Go!

Ashley Gramins, Mama Rocks!

Ashley Marie, Rock to the Beat

ASK, Just Ask

Assist and The Sunrunners, World Healing Words and Music

Astro Joey, I Am a Star

Astrograss, The Colored Pencil Factory

At the Altar, He Will Be Your Hero

Atencion Atencion, A descansar con Atención Atención

Atencion Atencion, Atencion Atencion (Live)

Atencion Atencion, Atencion Atencion El Especial

Atencion Atencion, Atencion Atencion en vivo

Atencion Atencion, De Viaje con el Sr.Sapo y Vera - En Vivo

Atencion Atencion, ¿Que pasa con la musica?

Atif Siddiqi, Firefly

Atilano Muradas, O Brasil Precisa de Deus

Attendant 250, My Name Is Bustah

Atumpan the Talking Drums, Savannah Winds

Audio Faux Pas, The Thanksgiving Turkey Song

Audio Kreations, Sacred Passages

Audio Memory, The Night Before Christmas

Audra Supplee, The Incredibly Steep Hill

AudraRox, I Can Do it By Myself

AudraRox, Too Much Fun

Audrey Borschel, Freely Harmonize

Audventures. Audio Adventures for Kids, Audventures. Classic Collection

Auntie Diana, Freddy the Teddy, Vol. I

Auntie Muffin, Auntie Muffin`s Children`s Bedtime Stories

Auntie Poo and the Porta-Potties, Potty Animal: funny songs about potty training

Auntie Snow, Lulla-Beddie-Bye

Aunties, Cosmic Rock

Aunty E and Friends, A Whole Lot of Fun

Auricolae, Auricolae - Fairy Tales, Folklore & Fables

Aussie Kids Rock, Rock-It!

Austin and Harris, Child`s Play to Learn, Ages 3-7

Austin and Myles, The Months Have a Party

Australia's Jolly Swagman, Around the Campfire with the Jolly Swagman

Autry Kelley, The Noises All Around You

Autumn Rae Shannon, A Merry Christmas With Autumn Rae

Ava and The Mystic Mangos, Elephants In My Ears

Ava and The Mystic Mangos, JAM `N` JIVE!

Ava B Johnson, Wealth Rocks Plus

Ava DuPree, Melody and Memory

Ava Johnson, The Multiplication Shake

Ava Rose, Sandbox

Ave Murray, A Heart For God

Aviva and the Flying Penguins, Flying Penguin Lullabies

Aviva Productions, The Emperor's Secret

Awesome Tales, Christian Songs for Kids

Ayla Kabaca & Klas Backman, Rockring

Ayla Miller, Some Super Silly Snappy Songs and a few Works of Genius

แมรี่ อึ้งรังษี, ใครหนอ

¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés! & Andrés Salguero, ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!

たてべともこ, 彩 − ありがとう おめでとう −

Ã…ke Vill Pulla Band, Cp-Barnens Land

嘉芙姐姐 Katherine, 嘉芙姐姐兒歌專輯, Vol.4

嘉芙姐姐 Katherine, 嘉芙姐姐原創兒歌專輯, Vol.2

嘉芙姐姐, 嘉芙姐姐原創兒歌專輯vol.3

小鱒魚兒童合唱團 & 何偉圖, 高唱夢與想 (Wow! Music)

小鱒魚兒童合唱團 & 何弘軒, 《開心書院》原聲大碟 (Happy College)

小鱒魚兒童合唱團 (Little Trout Children's Choir), 爸爸的遊樂場 (MeowRio Land)

曇里空 -クムリソラ-, かたぐるま

林小寶 & Bonnie Lam, 林小寶的心歌 (Heart Songs)

B F F B, All Around the Christmas Tree

B Sharp Academy Children's Choir, We Love Christmas, Vol. 1

B-Phraze, Remember That

B. A. Crawford, Mark Mouse's Christmas

B.D. Blanchard, Monsterboy and the Boocoo Man

Baan Unrak Children and Staff, Baan Unrak Home of Joy

Baba Jubal, JaliMa finds trouble

Baba Lala Songbox, Brush Your Teeth (Toothbrushing Songs for Babies & Toddlers)

Babaloo Music & Fun, Bean Bag Bop

Babaloo Music & Fun, Room For Everyone

Babaloo Music and Fun, I've Got Shoes

Babaloo Music and Fun, Skin

Babies Fantastic World, Bed Time

Babies Fantastic World, Good Morning

Babies Fantastic World, Play Time

Babies International Orchestra, International Lullabies (Babies Presents)

Baby Beatz Inc., Jump Around

Baby Cortex, Nursery Rhymes: Rock and Pop Edition

Baby GooGooGaGa, They Ain't Ready For Me

Baby Music Artists, Baby Classical: Music to Nurture Baby’s Development (Lullabies for Babies, Baby Lullaby Music, Classical Music for your baby Einstein)

Baby Music Artists, Playtime Music: Relaxing Songs for Children’s Playtime, Lullabies, Lullaby Music

Baby Music Artists, Relaxed Baby: Soft Instrumentals & Nature Sounds (Lullaby Music, Baby Lullabies, Music for Babies Bedtime)

Baby Music Artists, Relaxing Music for Pregnancy: Babies First Music, Music for Babies, Pregnancy Music

Baby Song Singers, Songs for Popular Baby Names

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series (Pure White Noise)

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Beach Front

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Clothes Dryer

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Electric Fan

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Hair Dryer

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - In the Sky

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Midnight Silence

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Pure White Noise

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Running Water

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Tick Tock Clock

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - Vacuum Cleaner

Baby Sweet Dream, Baby White Noise Series - White Noise Collection

Baby Sweet Dream, Beach Front (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, Clothes Dryer (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, Electric Fan (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, Hair Dryer (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, In the Sky (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, Midnight Silence (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, Tick Tock Clock (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Sweet Dream, Vacuum Cleaner (Baby White Noise Series)

Baby Town and Friends, BabyTown Songs - Volume 1

Baby Wizard, Songbook, Volume 1

Baby Wizard, The Music of G.F. Handel

Baby Wizard, The Music of J.S. Bach

Baby's Music Land, Classical Music & Lullabies for My Smart Baby (With Calming & Relaxing White Noise for Sleep)

Baby's Music Land, Classical Music & Lullabies for My Smart Baby With Relaxing Nature Sounds for Sleep (Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Chopin & Beethoven)

Baby's Music Land, Classical Music for My Smart Baby

Baby's Music Land, Classical Music for My Smart Baby (Mozart & Beethoven), Calm the Wild Child, DreamLand Lullaby`s

Babysounds, Sweet Dreams: Soothing Sounds for Babies

Babysounds, Träum süß, Baby: Geräusche, die beim Einschlafen helfen

Babytown and Friends, Christmas Time Songs - Vol. 1

Bachi, Hada Estrellada & Brujita Espanta-Sueños, Bachi y el Hada Estrellada (Sencillo)

Bachi, Hada Estrellada & Brujita Espanta-Sueños, El Hada Estrellada

Bachi, Tablas de Multiplicar

Baltimore Bishop, Im an El Paso Chihuahua

Banana Baron, Banana Baron!

Banana Productions, Out In My Dreams

Banana Slug String Band with Michael Levy, La Tierra Y El Mar

Banana Slug String Band, Singing in Our Garden

Bananapark, Let's Go Play

Banjos for Babes, Banjos for Babes

Barb Polk, Pile of Dogs On the Bed

Barbara A. Cefalu and Skyler Dennon, Friends of Patty-Cat and Kittle

Barbara Allen, The Child Inside

Barbara Bailey Hutchison, Rockabye Collection, Vol. Two (A Treasure of Unique Lullabyes for All Ages)

Barbara Becker, 23 Lullabies and Folk Songs

Barbara Brandt & Ina Poppinga, Tu Ángel de la Guarda: Meditaciones para Niños

Barbara Franco Adams, See With Your Heart

Barbara Gante & Nikos Papadogiorgos, Peter's Heart

Barbara J Hunt, Hushabye

Barbara Lemon Telecsan, Lullabies

Barbara Milne, I Love You So Much Christian Lullabyes

Barbara Milne, Lullaby Counting

Barbara Milne, No Fret Alphabet

Barbara Milne, Phonics & More

Barbara Milne, Rhymes & Riddles

Barbara Milne, Skills With Frills

Barbara Milne, Sounds Like Fun by Barbara Milne

Barbara Mitchell Presents GLP, He Saved Me

Barbara Seamans, Teddy Bears' Picnic

Barefoot Buddies, Barefoot Buddies

Bari Koral, Family Rock Band

Barking Gorillas, Jivin` in the Jungle

Barney Saltzberg, Goodnight Kisses

Barney Saltzberg, The Soccer Mom From Outer Space

Barney Saltzberg, Where, Oh, Where`s My Underwear?

Baron Von Rumblebuss, Agreeably Loud!!

Baron Von Rumblebuss, Bubble Wrap

Baron Von Rumblebuss, Ride the Redd Zeppelin

Barrel of Monkeys, Monkeys Come Alive

Barry Anthony Trop, My Favorite Sponge, Side B (Music from SpongeBob SquarePants)

Barry Franklin and Friends, Holiday Celebrations

Barry Goldstein, Nursery Rhyme Blues

Barry Hillman, One With Humanity

Barry Huppert, Upstate

Barry Lane, Force Field for Good

Barry Louis Polisar, A Little Different

Barry Louis Polisar, Captured Live and in the Act

Barry Louis Polisar, Family Concert

Barry Louis Polisar, Family Trip

Barry Louis Polisar, I Eat Kids and other songs for Rebellious Children

Barry Louis Polisar, Juggling Babies

Barry Louis Polisar, My Brother Thinks He`s a Banana and other Provocative Songs for Children

Barry Louis Polisar, Naturally Sweetened

Barry Louis Polisar, Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls

Barry Louis Polisar, Off-Color Songs for Kids

Barry Louis Polisar, Old Dogs, New Tricks

Barry Louis Polisar, Old Enough To Know Better: The Worst of Barry Louis Polisar 2-CD set

Barry Louis Polisar, Songs for Well Behaved Children

Barry Louis Polisar, Stanley Stole My Shoelace and Rubbed it in His Armpit and other Songs My Parents Won`t Let Me Sing

Barry Louis Polisar, Teachers Favorites

Barry Rabin, An Alien Ate My Homework

Barry Rabin, The Year the Elves Went Out on Strike

Bart Hafeman, Northwest Christmas

Bash the Trash, Think Big

Bashiri Johnson, Musical Aesop

Bashiri Johnson, Musical Multiplication

Basho & Friends, aún más

Basho & Friends, Dance Party On Fun Street

Basho & Friends, En Español

Basho & Friends, mes bottes

Basho & Friends, ni hao

Battersby Duo, A Bakers Dozen

Battersby Duo, By the Book

Battersby Duo, I'm on the Old Side of Young

Battersby Duo, Old Side of Young

Battersby Duo, Walk Away

Baze & His Silly Friends, Toddlerville

Baze and His Silly Friends, The Best Day Ever!

BC Breath, Confession

Bea Scribner, Jammin` With The Animals

Bean and Bailey, Save the CD's

Beantown Melodies Orchestra, Bedtime Lullabies

Beantown Melodies' Orchestra, Baby Lullabies, Vol. 1

Beantown Melodies' Orchestra, Baby Lullabies, Vol. 2

Beantown Melodies' Orchestra, Naptime Lullabies

Beantown Melodies' Orchestra, Playtime Lullabies

Beantown Melodies' Orchestra, Quiettime Lullabies

Beantown Pals, Double Dip

Bearcat Kidz, Poo Poo Cookies - Single

Bears and Lions, Halloween Is Finally Here

Bears and Lions, We're a Club in the Woods

Beat Basics, Beat Basics

Beat Boppers, Down By the Bay

Beat Boppers, I Like the Flowers

Beat Boppers, True Blue Wonders

Beat Box Bears, Blasting Off

Beat Master Troy, Clap Your Hands

Beat Master Troy, Music For The Kids

Beatlab101, Best Doggy in the World

Beatrice Bowles & Sara MacLean, Heaven's a Garden in the Heart

Beatrice Bowles & Sara McLean, Cloudspinner & the Hungry Serpent

Beatrice Bowles and Sara MacLean, Spark Catchers

Beatrice Franz, Deutsch für Kinder

Beatrice Franz, Thomas und seine Freunde

Beatrice Franz, Wie geht's? Band 1

Beatriz Arias, La Niña Más Pequeña del Mundo (feat. Alejandro Outeyral, Valentina Rossi & Jackie Castañeda)

Beau, Resurrection

Bebe Super Music, Transylvania Lullaby: Culegere De Cantece Populare Romanesti

Becca McCoy & James Weaver, Little One (feat. Rebecca Zapen)

Becky Kern-Taylor, Becky Kern-Taylor's Bucket List Songs

Bedtime Kahani, The Ramayana

Bedtime Zen, Lullabies With Nature

Bee Cee Dee, Humpty Dumpty

Beebo, Aimez-vous La Musique?

Beebo, Another Bunch of Songs

Beebo, Bunch of Songs

Beebo, Do the Penguin Wabble

Beebo, Super Duper Power Of Music

Belin Youth Praise Band, Belin Youth Praise Band

Belinda Majella, Bella the Butterfly (Reiki Self Treatment for Children)

Bella Bambolina, Capitano Baccala That's a Me!

Bella Bambolina, Perfect World

Bellavente Wind Quintet, Frogs and Friends with the Bellavente Wind Quintet Music and Stories for Children

Bemular, Planets and Dinosaurs and Science, Oh, My!

Ben & the Peanut Butter Problem, Ben & the Peanut Butter Problem Audio Poetry

Ben and Leo Sidran, El Elefante

ben fogg, Ben & The Peanut Butter Problem

Ben Glossop & Edward Lear, Nonsense Songs for Genny

Ben Hewlett and Paul Lennon, Nasty Chugs

Ben Ketting, Children of Light

Ben Ketting, En Toen Ben Ik

Ben Krieger, Class Dismissed

Ben Levell, Seven Flames

Ben Mackenzie, Let`s Live As One

Ben Mackenzie, Little Star

Ben Meisel, Helmers Huskys

Ben Quine, Miniature Masterpieces: Student Piano Treasures, Vol. I

Ben Quine, Miniature Masterpieces: Student Piano Treasures, Vol. II

Ben Quine, Miniature Masterpieces: Student Piano Treasures, Vol. III

Ben Rudnick and Friends, A Frog Named Sam

Ben Rudnick and Friends, Everything Is Alright (feat. Karen K, Liz Buchanan, Stacey Peasley, Vanessa Trien & Alastair Moock)

Ben Rudnick and Friends, I Got a New Friend

Ben Rudnick and Friends, Live in Lexington, Under the Copper Beech

Ben Rudnick and Friends, Love Is a Superpower

Ben Rudnick y Amigos, El Amor es un Superpoder

Ben Rudnick, It's Santa Claus!

Ben Stiefel, The Lyrical Way to Miles of Smiles from SHARE-A-SMILE-Ambassadors Producer: Edith Namm Artist: Ben Stiefel

Ben Tatar and the Tatar Tots, Food!

Ben Togut, Everybody Has a Heart

Ben van Haeff and Friends, Down Under Up and Over: A Musical Journey to Australia

Benj Clarke and Bill Brandenburgh, the unfinished children`s song project

Benjamin Ampersand, Rainydayladybug

Benjamin Arthur, Wildling

Benjamin J. Denen & Bryan Roberts, Blessed Slumber

Benjamin Kamins, Benjamin Kamins, Bassoon

Benjamin, Scariously

Benny & Bebe's Magic Circus, Tales from the Wizard School

Benny Wielgus, Timeless Tales - Sounds of Greatness

Berekekê, Tripartito

Bergin & Melissa, Let's Sing and Play 2

Bergonzi String Quartet, Wild

Berkley Hart, A Berkley Hart Christmas

Bernadette Kathryn, I Got the Fire

Bernadette Kathryn, I Love Rock N Roll

Bernadette Kathryn, Look At Me Now

Bernette Williams, "A Cruise Ship Called Life" ...the Audio Book

Bernette Williams, 200,000 Demons On The Beach...The Audio Book

Bernie Baroco Brown, The Adventure of Rainbowman

Bert Cross 2 and the Holy Kids, The Books of the Bible Song by Bert Cross II

Bertje Doperwtje & De Mannen Van Hak, Koningslied

Bess T. Chappas, Savannah Ghosts and Other Stories

Beth & Scott, Learn & Play, Vol. 2: Classic Sing-a-Long Songs (feat. Jeff Raab)

Beth and Scott, Learn and Play

Beth Boesch, Dinosaur Eating a Donut

Beth Bolwerk, La Noche Dulce: Lullabies from Many Lands

Beth Champion Mason, Prayer for My Son

Beth Hebert, Healthy And Happy From Head To Heart

Beth Mcdonald, At Last: Love Songs and Lullabies

Beth McLaughlin, Songs for Stories

Bethie, Sam the Snake

Bethie, Tied Together With Love

Betsy Curtis, Jack Sprout

Betsy Dentzer, Lisa Berg & Luc Hemmer, E Kuerf Voller Geschichten

Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Mother Goose On the Loose

Betsy Q, Give All the Love

Betsy Q., Q'd Up

Better Life, أولاد الملك Awlad El Malek

Betty Miller, Pestop

Betwixt, A Tale Or Two...Or Three

Beverly J. Otis, No More Poopy On Me!

Beverly Meyer, The Music Lady

Bible Music for Children, Bible Music for Children

Bible StorySongs, Acts of the Apostles

Bible Storysongs, Creation, Vol. 2: God Made Me Wonderfully!

Bible StorySongs, David: Shepherd, Psalmist, Soldier, King!

Bible Storysongs, Go, Jesus, Go! the Serving Savior in the Gospel of Mark

Bible Truth Kids, Bible Songs for Kids #1

Bible Truth Kids, Bible Songs for Kids #2

Bible Truth Kids, Bible Songs for Kids #3

Bible Truth Kids, Bible Songs for Kids #4

Big Bang Boom, Because I Said So!

Big Bang Boom, Songs Your Mom Will Like

Big Bears & Ballyhoo, Moving to Miami

Big Don, Big Don's Brand New Beat

Big Don, Big Don`s Big Beat

Big Jeff, Big Jeff and His Middle-Sized Band

Big Jeff, Big Jeff I

Big Jeff, Big Jeff II

Big Jeff, Big Jeff`s Halloween Routine

Big Joe The Storyteller, 6 Silly Stories

Big Joe The Storyteller, Spooky Ooky

Big Joe the Storyteller, Ticklish Tales

Big Kid Band, Big Kid Band

Big Kid Band, Wild Things

Big Luke & His Tied Shoes, Start the Show

Big Neal, AI: Watchin` Me Fall

Big Nelly, An American Carousel Organ in Paris

Big Ship, Big Ship

Big Time Healthy Band, Healthy High Five!

Big Top Orchestra, Under the Big Top: Clown and Circus Music

Bil Lepp, King of Little Things

Bilingual Beginnings, Children`s Nursery Rhyme Songs in Spanish/Canciones Infantiles Para Ninos en Espanol

Bill and Tammy`s Children`s World Music Express, Children`s World Music Express

Bill Blomquist, Helium Hands

Bill Blomquist, When Pigs Fly

Bill Buczinsky, Kiss the Fish

Bill Crosby, Boomerang Orangutan

bill crosby, i have a pet snail

Bill Crosby, Santa On the Radio(I Wish)

Bill Crosby, The Peanut Butter Fish

Bill Crosby, Turtles Are Home

Bill Currier & The We Kids Rock Band, Old Macdonald Family Band

Bill Dempsey, Shanty Man

Bill Evenhouse, The Folksinger Sings Songs for Children and Learners of English

Bill Harley & Keith Munslow, It's Not Fair to Me

Bill Harley & Keith Munslow, It's Not Fair to Me

Bill Harley, 50 Ways to Fool Your Mother

Bill Harley, Big Big World

Bill Harley, Down in the Backpack

Bill Harley, High Dive

Bill Harley, I Wanna Play

Bill Harley, One More Time

Bill Harley, Play it Again

Bill Harley, There`s a Pea on my Plate

Bill Harley, You`re in Trouble

Bill Hooper, Active Music for Children

Bill Hooper, Let's Dance and Play

Bill Perison, Coconut Tree

Bill Perison, Fun With Firends

Bill Perison, The Sunbeam Story

Bill Reid & the Fewer Sorrows Band, Songs for My Family

Bill Russell, I See Dinosaurs With My Eyes Closed

Bill Russell, Zing Zang Zo!!

Bill Shipper, There's a Spider in the Corner and Other Silly Songs for Curious Children

Bill Sloan, Psalms for Children (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Presents)

Bill Thomas and a Circle of Friends, Time Can Be So Magic

Bill Wason, The Adventures of Sam and Vanessa

Bill Wellington, Camp WOOF

Bill Wellington, Forbidden Folklore

Bill Wellington, Radio WOOF

Bill Wellington, Radio WOOF Blasts Off!

Bill Wellington, Radio WOOF Hits Home

Bill Wellington, Radio WOOF Hits the Road

Bill Wood & Vicky Town, Bill & Vic's Picks 2

Bill Wood - Storyteller, Teagan and the Fairies

Billy and the Kidders, Dradle 'Round the Tree

Billy Ebeling, Lay Down Lullabies

Billy Gorilly, Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive - Single

Billy Gorilly, Jingle Bells

Billy Jackfish, Billy Jackfish

Billy Jonas, Happy Accidents

Billy Jonas, What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Billy Kelly, Again!!!

Billy Kelly, Is This Some Kind of Joke?

Billy Kelly, Oh My Dog

Billy Kelly, Thank You for Joining the Happy Club

Billy Kelly, The Family Garden

Billy Nudgel, Now I Know I'm Ready for School

Billy Nudgel, Now I Know My Tables

Billy Paul Williams, The Santa Affair, a Christmas Lounge

Bin Ban Banda, Al ritmo de tus aventuras (Versión en Español)

Bin Ban Banda, At the Rhythm of Your Adventures (English Version)

Bingo Kids, Motown Hits For Kids

Birdie, Birdie

Birdie, My Family Tree

Birdie, The Kitchen Pan Band

Birte and Beatrix, A Friendly Talk

Birthday Chipmunks, birthday chipmunks sing for you

Birthe Noer Myers & Dave Lefever, Have You Met the Wild Hyoties: Songs by Birthe Noer and Dave Lefever

Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers, Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan

Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers, Soy Milk

Blackbird, Good Morning, Good Night

Blaise Delfino, Take Two

Blake Andrew, Good Morning Sun

Blinded, Santa's Note

Blippi, Blippi Tunes, Vol. 1

Bluegrass Lullabies, Bluegrass Lullabies

Bluegrass Lullabies, Christmas

Bluey Maverick, Baby Dinosaur

Bluey Maverick, Velociraptor

Bob Blake aka/ Dr. Bob (The Music Doctor), Where`s Santa?

Bob Brookens and Friends, We All Live in the World

Bob Carr, Boomer

Bob Dill, In My Spaceship

Bob Gossett, Bob Gossett's Kid Songs

Bob La Beau, Fun With Folk Music

Bob Neary, Over In The Meadow

Bob Neary, Trees, Trees, Trees

Bob Parduhn and Friends, For kids of all ages

Bob Reiser, The Story Tree

Bob Roden, Mammals Eat Coconuts

Bob Swanson, Do the Weather Wiggle with Stormin` Bob Swanson

Bobbie Lancaster, Little Folks 2: Live & Laughing

Bobby Doowah, The Musical Mayhem of Bobby Doowah

Bobby Lloyd & Songwriter Mark Alberto Yoder Nunez, Trick or Treaters

Bobby Mcgee, Since You Touched My Life

Bobby Susser, America-Single (Bobby Susser Songs For Children)

Bobby Susser, America: An Album For All Ages (Bobby Susser Songs For Children)

Bobby Susser, Wo! (Bobby Susser Songs for Children)

Bobby, Bobby

Bodie Wagner, Just a Little Rainbow

Bogofish, Abe Lincoln

Bogofish, Kid Tested, Soccer Mom Approved

Bogofish, No App for That

Boilermaker Jazz Band, Jazz Baby

Bola Suriana, Hablando con los nia±os

Bong M. Barredo, Jeloy, Jelome, Jelou

Bonnie Bear, Bonnie Bear

Bonnie Erich, Bonnie Songs, Songs and Lullabies for Children of All Ages

Bonnie Erich, So I Dream, More Bonnie Songs

Bonnie Lockhart, Dreams, Drums, and Green Thumbs

Boogers, Extractum Victoris

Boogers, I'm a Jack-O-Lantern

Boogers, Let's Go!

Boogers, Road to Rock

Boomstars, Fantabulous

Borealis String Quartet, Lullaby I

Bouncing Ball Ensemble, It`s A Wee Bit O` Fun

Bouncing Ball Ensemble, The Littlest Leprechaun

Bowen, In the Beginning

Boxtop Jenkins, Spooky Sights and Nervous Nights: Gettin' Down On Halloween

Boxtop Jenkins, Spooky Sights and Nervous Nights: Rattlin' Rattlin' Bones

Boxtop Jenkins, You're Happier When You're Happy

Boys Choir From Los Angeles, Shema Yisrael

BoyStyle, Enough For You

BOZ, God's Green Earth

BOZ, The BOZ Bounce

Boz, Treehouse Tunes #1

Boz, Treehouse Tunes #2

Brad Guldemond, Let It Out!

Brad James, It's a Dog's Life

Brad Kindred, Songs in the Key of "Gee"

Bradley Egel, Jewish Lullabies For Children of All Ages...From Babies to Zadies

Bradley Kerns & Raleigh Dailey, Super C

Bradley Weaver, Songs for Shirley (and Other Children)

Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could, Live from Brooklyn

Brady Rymer, Every Day Is A Birthday

Brady Rymer, Good Morning, Gus

Brady Rymer, Here Comes Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could

Brady Rymer, I Found It!

Brady Rymer, Look At My Belly

Brady Rymer, Love Me for Who I Am

Brainforce V, The Cookie Song

Branches Band, Let the Children Come to Me

Brandon Draper, brandon draper's Christmas album

Brandon Smith, Treasure Hunt

Bren Wrona Norris, Lavender Bear

Bren Wrona Norris, Teach Me Music

Brenda Powell, The Sugarman Song

Brenda Washington, Lullaby Praise

Brendan Curran, Love Like Jesus

Brendan Parker, Spaghetti Eddie! And Other Children's Songs, Vol. 3

Brendan Parker, Spaghetti Eddie! and Other Children's Songs, Vol. 4

Brendon and Cathie Clancy, Care for My World

Brendon Clancy & Cathie Clancy, Amazing

Brendon Clancy & Cathie Clancy, Live It Up

Brennen, My Pillow Pet

Brent and Woofy, Woofy`s Christmas Bone Shaped Bow Tie

Brent Holmes & Bernie the Bear, Bear Tunes for Kids

Brent Holmes & Harvey the Horse, Horse Tunes for Kids

Brent Holmes, Bathtub Tunes for Kids

Brent Holmes, Cow Tunes for Kids

Brent Holmes, Fifteen Years of Fun Tunes

Brent Holmes, Fun Tunes for Moovin' and Dancin'

Brent Holmes, Fun Tunes for Teachers

Brent Holmes, Island Tunes for Kids (Caribbean Version)

Brent Holmes, Lifesaver Songs

Brent Holmes, Marty The Moose & Bernie The Bear, Beary Christmoose

Brent Holmes, Marty The Moose & Bernie The Bear, Moosebeary Jam

Brent Holmes, Oceans and Islands!

Brent Holmes, Sea Tunes For Kids

Brent Holmes, Silliest Songs

Brent Holmes, The Peanut Butter Pirates

Bret Boyer, Songs for Everyone

Brett Ryland, Angel in the Garden

Bri Ray, Wake Me Up

Bria and Chrissy, I Have Two Moms

Brian & Kutania, Brian 7 Kutania

Brian and Terri Kinder, Traveling ON

Brian Barrentine & Funikijam, Out in the Country: Funikijam Garden Party

Brian Barrentine & Funikijam, Captain Jam's Funki World Tour (Original NYC Cast Recording) [Funikijam Presents]

Brian Barrentine & Funikijam, Let's All Go to the Fair (feat. Rafe Holt, Brynn Curry & Joe Mazza)

Brian Boland, My Birdy and My Wormy

Brian Chase, What Does a Chicken Play?

Brian Funshine, Rainbow Fun

Brian Hall, Pumpkin Pie For Breakfast

Brian Kinder & Terri Kinder, Kinder Praise

Brian Kinder & Terri Kinder, Spooky

Brian Kinder & Terri Kinder, The Moon and Stars

Brian Kinder, A Kid Like You

Brian Kinder, Again

Brian Kinder, Kinder Safety

Brian Kinder, One More Time

Brian Kinder, Special Days

Brian Oliver, My Big Sister

Brian Slawson, Boomer

Brian Slawson, BoomerBeats

Brian Stawarz, Under the Man in the Moon's Knowing Eye

Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies, BVGB

Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies, High 5!

Brian, Sing Sing Sing

Brianna Bowie, Dr. Doodlebat - A Storybook Adventure

Brianne Tju, Rewind

Bright Ideas, Bright Ideas' Best!

Bright Ideas, Hip Hip Kid Pop

Bright Stars, Bright Star

Brilliant Baby, Brilliant Baby Music: Playful Classical Songs for Cognitive Development & Learning for Babies, Children

Brilliant Baby, The Best Classical Baby Music: Playful Classical Songs for Cognitive Development & Learning for Babies & Toddlers

Briola Records, Spooky Sounds Vol. 1

Briony Vanden Bussche, The Flower Fairy and the Butterfly

Brittney Brackett, Bibi and the Great Outdoor Adventure

Brock Kristorsson & Jan Gunborg, Falcon's Dragon

Brooke Clover Band, George Fudge and the Psychic Rat

Brooke Leifer, We Keep Shining

Brooke Shields, The Ugly Duckling

Brooklin Mini Idols - Optimist Club of Brooklin, Never End

Brooklyn, Life of a Kid

Brooksie Wells, Pineapples, Butterflies, & Dinosaurs

Brother Yusef, Kids Get the Blues Too/Blues for Beginners

Bruce Birch, Follow Your Dreams

Bruce Fite, Buggy Bug Boogie

Bruce Fite, Click Beetle

Bruce Fite, Don't Wait, Create

Bruce Fite, Don`t Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine

Bruce Foulke, Tales From The Brumby Home Volume 1 Harry, The Scary Canary

Bruce Foulke, Tales from the Brumby Home Volume 2 Christmas at the Brumby Home

Bruce Foulke, Tales from the Brumby Home Volume 3 A Visit from the Doctor

Bruce Goldish, Katherine's Lullaby (Unabridged)

Bruce Hoffman, A Tribute To Charles Pa Ingalls

Bruce Linser, Lullaby My Baby - Traditional Sleepy Songs

Bruce Roberts, Come From All Over The World

Bruce Springstone, Bruce Springstone Live At Bedrock

Bruce Watson, Are We There Yet?

BruceMeister, Fever of Golf

BruceMeister, HEROES

Bruno Zlendic & Ivan Sardelic, Parrot Party

Bryan Ellery, Flying in for Christmas

Bryant Oden, Songdrops: Extras 2

Bryant Oden, The Duck Song (The Duck and the Lemonade Stand)

BS (Byers/Schaecher) Productions, Screamin` Bambino (Essential Songs for New Parents)

Bubba B the MC, What Do You Want for Christmas? (feat. Fenom)

Bubba B the MC, Wish My Teacher Was Bubba B: School's in Session

Bubba B, Wish My Teacher Was Bubba B

Bubboon's Tunes, Playground of my Mind

Bubboon`s Tunes, Songs To Blather By

Buck Howdy with BB, Chickens

Buck Howdy, Aaaaah! Spooky, Scary Stories & Songs

Buck Howdy, Around the Campfire (2008 GRAMMY NOMINEE!!)

Buck Howdy, Giddyup!

Buck Howdy, Pete Seeger Tribute - Ageless Kids' Songs

Bucket Busters, Buckets of Fire!

Buddy Castle, Balloons

Buffalo and Brandy, Dream

Buffalo and Brandy, Hoola Hule Hoop

Bum, Bum

Bumblz Tunes, Songs in the Key of Bee

Bumblz Tunes, The Bee Sides

Bumpa, Bumpa World

Bunny Hull & Friends, Heart of A Lion

Bunny Hull and Friends, Secrets Of The Heart

Bunny Hull and Friends, Young Masters: The Hidden Treasure

Bunny Hull and Friends, Young Masters: The Magic Eye

Bunny Hull, A Child's Spirit

Bunny Hull, Alphabet Affirmations

Bunny Hull, Creative World

Bunny Hull, Dream A World: A Child`s Journey To Self-Discovery

Bunny Hull, Happy Happy Kwanzaa: Kwanzaa For The World

Bunny Hull, Peace In Our Land: Children Celebrating Diversity

Bunny Shack, Its Easter Time Again

Burger Man, Tornado Burger

Bush T, Smile (feat. Debo General)

Buster Bear and Company, You Gotta Play it Safe

Butch Patrick, It's Only Halloween (Dance Mix Video Verson)

Buttercup Bill Aubrecht, The Animals Love to Boogie

Butterscotch's Playground, Sing!

By Walter Goulet Folk Singer, Music For Kids

By Word of Music, Super Hero

Byron Bellows, Egg On My Face

Byron Johnson, Hey! How Did You Know My Name Is Buckles? Part 1

Bzots, Powered Up!

C. Shells, Cool Cats

C.C. Larochelle, Friends, Friends, Friends

Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop, Edelweiss

Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop, Itsy Bitsy Spider

Cactus Pear Music Festival Artists, Klassics 4 Kids

Cadi Grace, I Want Candy (Halloween)

Cadi Grace, The Craziest Dream

Cain, Silly Songs and Lullabies

Cakewalk, Hush

Calliope of NY Museum of Transportation, Calliope Classics, Vol. I

Calvary Chapel Petaluma Music, Sing of Our Saviour's Birth

Cameron Powell, Can We Chill

Cami, Break You Down

Camille McCausland, Musical Notebooks Sampler Vol. 1

Camille!, You're So La Dee Dah

Camp Kerry Society, Mood Swings

Camp Kerry Society, Nada Mas Miedo

Camp Tawonga, Home

Campfire Kev and Mary Lafleur, The Pet Project

Campfire Kev, The Campfire Kev Show and Other Radio Favorites

Can-Do-Kids, Can Do!

Candy and the Sweet Tooths, Candy`s Sassy and Sweet Children`s Music

Canta Y Rie, Canta Y Rie

Canta Y Rie, Canta y Rie 3: La Salvacion Llego

Canta y Rie, Canta y Rie 4: Jesus

Canta Y Rie, Canta Y Rie en Navidad

Canta Y Rie, Canta Y Riem


CANTARE, Al Agua Pato! Latin American Music for Children

Cantare, Baila Para Gozar - Latin American Music for Children

Cantarima, Canciones Tradicionales: Traditional Children's Songs in Spanish

Cantinho da Criança, Vem Brincar

Cantor Deborah Katchko, Kinder Songs

Cap'n Dave, My Fat Dog (and other members of the family)

Cap'n Dave, Songs from the Show, Vol 1

Cape Cod Travelling All Stars, Cool Stuff Kids

Captain Al, The Musical Adventures of Captain Al: Dinosaur Island

Captain Bogg and Salty, Bedtime Stories for Pirates

Captain Bogg and Salty, Emphatical Piratical

Captain Bogg and Salty, Pegleg Tango

Captain Gravy, Captain Gravy`s Wavy Navy

Captain Imagination & Dream Crew, Colors of the World

Captain Music, A B Seas!

Captain Music, Character Counts...So Do I!

Captain Music, Get Fit With Captain Music

Captain Music, I Like To Wiggle

Captain Music, Let`s Boogie, Let`s Hop, Let`s Dance

Cara Ladd, The Mexican Fiesta

Cara Marie Harris, A Mother's Lullabies

Cara Whyte, Let's Have a Good Day

Carden Cascade Academy Choir, We Can Make a Difference

Carin Gilfry & The Rosie's Place Band, The Music of Rosie's Place, Vol. 1

Carl Rust, Andrew the Duck

Carl Weingarten, Bunk Beds

Carla DeFraine, Sing the Sun!

Carlos Antonio Tambour Saubidet, Moviendo Todo el Cuerpo

Carlos Canales & Ensamble Acústico de Valparaíso, Entre la Infancia y el Cielo

Carlos Enrique, Back Home for Christmas

Carly Jamison, I'm Getting a Ukulele for Christmas

Carmen Wiens, Somebody's Sleepy

Carol Ashton, A Children's Ceilidh

Carol Ashton, Molly Put the Kettle On

Carol Bedford, Let There Be Light - From the Stage Musical Based on the Life of Thomas Edison

Carol Boyd Leon, Gan Shirim, A Garden Of Songs

Carol Boyd Leon, Happy Hanukkah - Single

Carol Colacurcio, Dreams Of The Sun

Carol Knarr, Stories for My Mama

Carol Lester, ABC Sing With Me! Volume 1: Sing-a-Long

Carol Levy, Cantabicho

Carol Manglos, All Through the Night

Carol Nicodemi(feat. Edmond Paul Nicodemi, Federico Zegarra & Elyse Orecchio), It Goes This Way

Carol Rose Duane, Lively Songs and Lullabies

Carol Rose Duane, Of Castles and Coral Bells

Carole Pfeiffer, Empowered Teen

Caroline Doctorow, Big Duck Ramble

Caroline Harrison, Miss Caroline's Music Class - Love to Clap

Caroline Herring, The Little House Songs

Carousel Beauties, Wurlitzer #157 Band Organ

Carrie Hamilton & Les July, Niyah

Carrie Sue Ayvar, Cuentame Un Cuento/Tell Me A Story

Carrie Vecchione, Rolf Erdahl, Steve Staruch & William Eddins, The Story of Babar the Little Elephant

Carter Conlon, Where Christmas Never Ends

Carter Isaac, This Is My Prayer

Carter Robertson & Barny Robertson, Have U Seen? Vacation Bible School Songs

Cary Elwes, The Boy Pirate

Cary Kanno, Uke & Banjo Kid's Classics

Cassie Beevis, Gifts For the World

Cassie Beevis, Pooh's Song - Single

Cassie Byram, Lifetime Scripture Songs: Sweet Dreams

Cassie Byram, Wonderfully Made: Lifetime Scripture Songs

Cassy Michelle Smith, There Is Hope

Castle, No More Gun

Castle, Stand Up For Your Rights - Single

Cat and a Bird, Cat and a Bird

CAT Entertainment, How to CALM the WILD CHILD

Cat Freshwater, A Cappella Cat Sings Songs for Everyone`s Child

Cat's Tale, Aprender a Rezar

Cat's Tale, ¿Quién Sabe Más? Trivias I

Cat's Tale, ¿Quién Soy? Adivinanzas I

Cat's Tale, Hábitos y Valores, Pt. I

Cat's Tale, La Primera Comunión y Mucho Más

Cat's Tale, Los Animalitos de la Granja

Cat.Chat, Rise Up

Cat.Chat, Spark My Heart

Cat.Chat, The Ultimate One

Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids, 30 Favorite Cat.Chat Songs

Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids, Vol. #1 "Mary Leads me Closer to Jesus"

Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids, Vol. #3 "Amazing Angels and Super Saints

Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids, Vol. #4 "The Mass Comes Alive"

Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids, Vol. #5 "A Christmas to Remember"

Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids, Vol. #6 "An Extra Special Easter Vacation"

Cathal Mac Cárthaigh, Beautiful Ballads for Irish Babies

Cathedral Choir, Let the Children Sing

Catherine Pittman, Sleepy Time Lullabies

Catherine Pittman, The Dream Faerie

Catherine Pittman, The Magic Of Christmas

Catherine Pittman, Topsy Toddler Time

Cathy and Marcy with guest Christylez Bacon, Banjo to Beatbox

Cathy Block, That`s What Kids Do!

Cathy Block, Timeless

Cathy Bollinger, Alphabet Jam: Songs and Rhymes to Build Early Reading Skills

Cathy Bollinger, Alphabet Jam: Songs and Rhymes to Build Early Reading Skills

Cathy Bollinger, From a Mothers Heart

Cathy Bollinger, Healthy All Over

Cathy Bollinger, My Turn Your Turn: Songs for Building Social Skills

Cathy Bollinger, Toddlin' Tunes

Cathy Ellis, Jill Switzer & Rick Krive, Everyday Is A Gift

Cathy Ellis, Rene Gonzalez & Donn Legge, Holiday Guitar, Vol. 1

Cathy Ellis, Stayin' Well

Cathy Ellis, The Diamond

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Triple Play (3 Song EP)

Cathy Geier, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Cathy Scherer Stubbs, Lullaby and Goodnight

CCV Adventure Kids, Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho

Cece, Do It for the Gram

Cedar Breaks, My Dog

Ceilidh-Jo Rowe & Matthias Weston, Little Imp Songs

Ceilidh-Jo Rowe & Matthias Weston, Over the Mountains

Ceilidh-Jo Rowe & Matthias Weston, Upon a Song

Celebration Station, Celebration Station Sings

Celia Rose, Dormia - Marta's Song (There's More to Me)

Celia Rose, Dormia National Anthem - Single

Celtic Rathskallions, All Around the Circle

Centro Nathán, A Mover el Cuerpo

Centro Nathán, Ópera Baby

Centro Nathán, Esperándote

Centro Nathán, Nathán Mi Mejor Amigo

Centro Nathán, Pedacitos De Ti

Centro Raccontami, Canzoni Per Bambini, Volume I

Centro Raccontami, Canzoni Per Bambini, Volume II

Cha Cha Sam, Up in the Sky

Chad Elliott, Wilderman's Treetop Tales

Chad Neth, My Lullaby (feat. Roman Salynski)

Chad Olivera & Jack Tracksler, Chase Danger, Super Spy #2: Pirates of Pineapple Island

Chad Olivera, Adventure Music for Children's Books

Chad Olivera, Chase Danger: Super Spy (Original Soundtrack)

Chaim Fogelman, Footsteps

Chambers Stevens, Bad Kids

Chameleon, The Hammer Song

Champion Forest Kids Worship, A Different Me

Chance & Soxton, Is That a Squirrel..?

Chanelle Davis, If I Was a Fuzzy Buzzy Bumblebee

Chanmia, Reflectionz

Channing Banks, Believe in Yourself

Channing Banks, Rock My ABCs

Charity and the JAMband, Family Values

Charity and the JAMband, Music For Movement With Children

Charity and the Jamband, Party Like a Twinkle Star

Charles "Kingman" Hardman, The Day My Butt Went Psycho

Charles Aarons and Norine Longmire Aarons, Be`ing: The Ravine

Charles Boyer (et les élèves de St-Noël Chabanel), L'an 3000

Charles F Morton, The Word That Rhymes Every Time Version 1.0

Charles F Morton, The Word That Rhymes Every Time Version 2.0

Charles F Morton, The Word That Rhymes Every Time Version 3.0

Charles Francis Moore, Just Save It

Charles Kraus, Cross Country Cats

Charles Kraus, Tall Tales and Tall Tails

Charles Mathews & Rachel Staley, Lullaby

Charles Ritchie, Get On Board

Charles Ritchie, Give Unto the Lord

Charles Ritchie, In the Garden

Charles Ritchie, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Charles Ritchie, Magnify the Lord

Charles Ritchie, O Little Town of Bethlehem

Charles Ritchie, Silent Night

Charles Ritchie, Trust in the Lord

Charles W. Hairston Jr., Swaggapuss Gets a Job Theme

Charlie Appelstein, One-Line Raps for Girls and Chaps

Charlie Channel, Charlie Channel - Bedtime Buddy

Charlie Et Les Gentils, Courir Sur Des Nuages

Charlie Hope, I`m Me! (A Collection of Songs for Children)

Charlie Hope, Songs, Stories and Friends: Let's Go Play!

Charlie Hope, World of Dreams: Soothing Songs and Lullabies

Charlie, Little Fingers Music

charlie, Playhouse Earth

Charlotte Leigh, Not Another Love Song

Charlotte Leigh, Take a Chance

Chas and Merry, Songs For Kids and Families

Chase Dat Truth, Get Money

Chautauqua Elementary School, The Whistling Monster

Cheezecoat, Cheezecoat

Cheri Dale, A Garden Of Songs

Cheria Young, Dreams

Cherokee National Youth Choir, Jesus Is Born Today

Cheryl Carter, You Are My Christmas

Cheryl Melody, Friends Forever

Cheryl Terhune Cronk, Character Education...With Music

Chetter Galloway, Evil Knows Where Evil Sleeps

Chetter M Galloway, A Story, a Story, Let It Come, Let It Come

Chetter M. Galloway, Fresh Squeezed Carrot Juice: Tales of Brer Rabbit

Chi Chi Monet, Stop Drop and Roll

Chibi Kodama, Tiny, Magical People

Chic Street Man, Everybody Be Yo`Self

Chicken Brothers, Self Titled

Chicken Weebus, Karl Hirsch & Lauren Proctor, Adventures of Chicken Weebus, Vol. 1

Chico Chagas, O Mundo Mágico de Maria

Childhood Music Library, Childhood Music Library, Vol. 1 (Nursery Rhymes)

Children Love to Sing, Hip Hop Animal Songs

Children Love to Sing, Nifty Nursery Rhymes

Children Love to Sing, Timeless Treasures

Children Love to Sing, Times Tables 1 - 12

Children's Choir Of Pispas & Piruchi Apo, Cantando con Pispas, Vol. 1

Children's Choir of Teh Internet, 6 Days of Minecraft

Children's Music Express, Spring Collection, Vol. I

Children’s Bible Music, Children’s Bible Music

Children´s Choir of Pispas & Piruchi Apo, Pispas Quiere Cantar, Vol. 2

Children`s Groove, Children`s Groove

Chillychill, Hands Up Hands Down

Chip and Vince, Special Day

Chip Richter and John Wilkie, Are We Almost There

Chip Richter, Chip`s Bits and Pieces

Chip Richter, Designed to Shine

Chip Richter, My Dad's Coat

Chip Richter, The Dream Tree

Chip Withrow, Brother Bird

Chip Withrow, Everyday Things

Chiquitines TV, Chiquitines TV, Vol. 1

Chloe Rodriguez, I Know What I Want

Choirboi Cam, Signs of the Time

Chona Borromeo, Miss Gee & the Strutters: Values for Children

Chor Guan NG, Nutcracker (胡桃夹子)

Chor Guan NG, R`s Adventurous Drift (R仔漂流记)

Chris Allman, Wait Little Girl

Chris Bullock, Uncle Christian's Songs for Children, Vol. One

Chris Campbell, All Together Now

Chris Campbell, Be a Kid

Chris Carlisle, Pop Goes the Weasel

Chris Carlisle, When You Wish Upon a Star

Chris Cutler, Pop Songs For Kids

Chris Dorman, Always There

Chris Floyd, Moon River

Chris Frasier, Rock It to the Moon

Chris French, Are We There Yet?

Chris Hamilton, Boogie Child

Chris Hamilton, Sticky Situations

Chris Ho Band, Isle Hang Out

Chris Jiggy Whittet, It's Time to Wake Up

Chris Loggins, Away In A Manger

Chris Magennis, Easter Bunny Hop

Chris Magennis, Oh Me! Oh My!

Chris Medway, All Aboard the Heaven Express

Chris Molla, Jump Up

Chris Molla, Movebaby! The Soundtrack to the Classes

Chris Molla, Roll Along

Chris Morrison, Yahooooo

Chris Propfe, When I Was Your Age...

Chris Warren, Glenn Warren II, Netha Larsen-Schrimpf, Lullaby CD: Momma Will Rock You To Sleep

Chrissy Fleming, I'll Take You Dreaming

Christ Music Kids, Shine Like The Son

Christa Durand, Manx Lullaby

Christa Durand, Sleep, Oh Babe

Christen Hawkins, You Send Me Angels

Christene Jackman, We Follow the Torah

Christian Bronner, I Believe In You

Christian Bronner, Rainy Day

Christian Ornelas, Don't Stop Now / My Team Triumph!

Christian Ornelas, Raise Your Hands (WXYZ)

Christian Tatonetti, Piano and Sitar Music for Deep Relaxation and Sound Sleep By Christian Tatonetti

Christian Weeks, My Imagination

Christina Connors & OLA Elementary School Concert Choir, We Can Be Kind

Christina Stewart, kist o dreams

Christina Undhjem, Hopp I Havet

Christine Drescher, Who Has Seen the Wind?

Christine Brown, Childhood

Christine Brown, Childhood II

Christine M. Dura, When You Can`t Sleep

Christine Marie Mason, Million Billion Stars

Christine Tsen, Wizard of Oz

Christmas Carol Cats, Silent Night Christmas Music For Cat Lovers

Christmas Chipmunks, Go Tell it on the Mountain

Christmas Dogs, Holiday Music with Coco and Cookie

Christmas Workshop Band, Grandpa Run Over the Reindeer

Christmas Workshop Band, Love You Santa

Christopher "Zondaflex" Tyler, Sight Words

Christopher "Zondaflex" Tyler, Zonda Dance Hip Hop 101

Christopher Blackmon, Walk With The Wise

Christopher Harding, Santa Has a Wish

Christopher Kavi Carbone, NAMASTE! Songs, Yoga and Meditations for Young Yogis, Children and Families!

Christopher Kavi Carbone, Story and Song Celebrations! Featuring Magical Stone Soup and More!

Christopher Sharp, Animal Tracks Vol I

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, 5 Little Ducks

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, 8 Is Great

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Baby Freeze

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Bounce

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Catfish Dance

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Clap Your Hands

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Halloween Dance

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Head Shoulders Knees Toes

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Hip Hop Dance for Beginners

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris Hip Hop Beats

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris Hip Hop Dance Moves

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Across the Floor Combo # 1

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Hip Hop Beats 2

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Hip Hop for Tots

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Hip Hop Technique

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Holiday Mixtape

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Preschool 1 (Hip Hop Moves)

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Silly Songs

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr Chris' Tap Music For Kids The Paradiddle Song

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Mr. Chris' Tap Music for Kids

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Shamrock Shake

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, The 50 States

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, The Continents

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, The Cross Step

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, The Step and Slide

Christopher Zondaflex tyler, The Wake Up Song

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Trick or Treat

Christopher Zondaflex Tyler, Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee's Dance Party

Christy Clown and Friends, A Trunkful of Twenty Tunes and Tales

Chromotones, Island of Life

Chuck Brown and The Chuckleberries, Yellowberry Jam

Chuck Cheesman, Dancing With No Shoes On

Chuck Fulmore Trio, God Loves Kids

Cici Porter, There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly (And Other Tasty Treats)

Cindy del Toro, Se Haga Hoy La Luz

Cindy Holman, I Like Just Being Me

Cindy Lou, Christmas Wish (feat. Melody Colucci)

Cindy Rivka Marshall, Bear's Tail and other Animal Tales

Cindy Rivka Marshall, By the River: Women`s Voices in Jewish Stories

Cindy Rivka Marshall, Challah and Latkes: Stories for Shabbat and Hanukkah

Cindy Wilkinson, Jumpin' On Down the Road

Circus Days, Authentic Circus Calliope Clown Music

CJ Conner, The Ancient Spruce and the Christmas Moose

CJ, Bubble Gum

CJ, FUNdamentals

CJ, Move It!

CJ, Once Upon A Rhyme

Claire Gilbert, Good Natured Music

Clare De Lune, River

Clare De Lune, Singin' & Swingin'

Clare De Lune, Sleepytime

Clare De Lune, Voyageur

Clarissa P Lewis, Let Us Play

Classic Carnival Circus Calliope Music, Circus Calliope, Vol. 2

Classical Cribs, Playtime and Mozart

Classical Music For My Smart Baby, Classical Music For My Smart Baby, Vol. 1 (Mozart and Beethoven)

Claud Rivers, Casey Computer And The Who Pooted Band

Claud Rivers, Songs for Young Believers

Claudette Debo, Enchanted Library

Claudia Demkura, Caleidoscopio

Claudio Fanton & Isabella Vettorel, Vita da Lupi, ovvero Storia di un Lupo in Crisi

Clementown, Polkabats and Octopus Slacks-The MUSIC!

Cleveland Lynch & Samuel Lynch, We Have Clean Hands

Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew, Jelly & Peanut Butter

Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew, Shake Your Pirate Booty

Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew, Time of Our Lives

Coach Maxine, Starcise With Coach Maxine

Coco's Lunch, I Wanna Be a Mermaid

Cocoa Bean Boys, 'Stache It Up

Coco`s Lunch, Wally Wombat Shuffle

Cole Family Album, Musical Portraits For The Young At Heart

Coles Whalen, Songs for Sensational Kids Vol. 1: The Wiggly Scarecrow

Coletanea de Cancoes para Criancas, Cantar É Preciso

Colic Baby Bootcamp, Hair Dryer White Noise

Colleen Capes Jackson, I`m a Champion

Colleen M. Clement, Dream Songs

Colony Adventures, Exploring the Park

Comedian Jay Martin, Black Blush, Owen O'Sound Lee & Raven Groves, The Loving Me Song

Connie Anderson, Monster Mess

Connie Ethridge, The Sugar Bunny Song

Constant Wonder, Walk with Wonder

Cool Cat Real, Feelin Good (feat. E-Mizal)

Cool School, Old MacDonald (A Cool School Kids Song)

Cool School, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Cool School, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Cool School, Wheels On the Bus

Coolkids Party, Wij Vieren Feest

Cooper and Bounds, The Uh Oh Moon

Coppenbarger Reed Duo, Reeding Time

Copper Tom, Get The Beat!

Copper Tom, Jump Around!

Copper Tom, My Friend

Cordovan, Chill Baby

Corduroy Cat, Corduroy Cat Gets His Christmas On

Corduroy Cat, Toy Mousey

Corey Allen Jackson, The Littlest Angel (Original Soundtrack)

Corey Angeli, Don't Let Nothing Get in the Way

Cori Connors, Blowing Kisses

Corinna Steinboeck & Gerald Krampl, Es War Einmal: Ein Maerchenhoerbuch mit Musik

Corinne Michaels, Love Notes and Lullabies

Corky Portwine, Have a Zazzy Hanukkah

Coro Infantil de Córdoba, Guanábana y Piña

Cory Bordner, Zimma Land

Cory Hills, The Lost Bicycle

Cory`s House, Hush

Cory`s House, Wiggly Toes

Cos Natola, Teaching Thru Song

CosacomicaKids, The Megapuff and Other Songs For Children

Court of Appeal, For the Children

Cousins in Christ, Bread of Life Bread of Heaven

Cousins in Christ, My Spirit Rejoices

Covington & Covington, Wake and See

Cowboy Dan, Life is for Learning

Cowboy Jared, Songs With Cowboy Jared

Coyote Kelly, Coyote and Friends - Tommy and His Great Big Yellow Truck

Crabmeat Thompson, Crabmeat for Kids

Craig 'n Co, My Jewish Discovery

Craig 'n Co, My Newish Jewish Discovery

Craig Munson, Night Night Lullaby Instrumental

Craig Newton, Wake Up, Shake Up

Craig Stewart, Santa Swapped His Sleigh For A Surfboard

Craig Taubman, Rock'n Together

Craig Taubman- Various Artists, Celebrate Kids - Kids` Kosher Cuts

Craig William White, Songs to Take Along

Craw Nequent & Kat Ford, Giddy-Up Fairytale Cowgirl

Creamydk, We Got the Time

Creation Station Music, Hungry Goose

Creative Arts Camp SCBA, Butterfly

Creative Arts Camp Scba, Robot Party (Art Camp 2012)

Creative Parent, Golden Ones: Lullaby Kit

CribRock, Full Metal Diaper

CribRock, St. Elmo`s Pacifier

Crio-Yo, Que Es Navidad?

Cris Williamson, Lumiere

Criscuolosounds, Novelties and Lullabies

Crissy, Get Movin'

Cristina Hernandez, Colores

Cromatico, Cromatico

Crossroads Kids' Club, Love Beats

Crystal Douglas, Lullabies with a Twist

Crystal Magic Orchestra, Parallel Universe

Crystal Perigord, Elation

Cubbihouse, Kids Songs With Sound Effects, Vol. 1

Cubbihouse, Silly Season

Cubbihouse, Songs About Things That Go

Cuco el Cocodrilo, Todo el Mundo Canta

Cuishan He, Thad Hughes and Tommi Valentino, Fun Learrning Chinese Language - Travel In China, Vol. 2

Curt Steinzor, Hansel and Gretel (Original Soundtrack)

Curt Steinzor, The Snow Queen Ballet Soundtrack

Curtis & Bonnie, Doncha Know? (feat. The Szakacs Family Kids!)

Cy Young, Aesop's Shop

Cyndi Harvell, Wake Up (from "The Meaning of Maggie")

Cyndi Sue, Friends

Cyndi Sue, Inky Winky Sings!

Cynthia Clack & Randall Shafer, Eye of the Tiger A Rock Opera

Cynthia Gowens, Sing Praises to God

Cynthia Lynn Douglass, Lullabies For the Wee Folk

Cynthia Powell Healer, Eine Kleine Kat Musik

Czarina, Starlight

Czarina, We Come in Pieces

d' Kalendars, Music Made For Children

D-Smooth, I'm Snagl'n (The Snaggletooth Song)

D. Jay, Buggy Baloo

D. Jay, Waiting to Fly

D. R. Whitney, The Last Princess Chapters 5-11

D.B. Rouse, Songs from the Song Shack Volumes 3-2-and 1

Dabby Dill, The Crazy Fruit Song

Daddy a Go Go, Big Rock Rooster

Daddy A Go Go, Come On, Get Happy (Best of Daddy A Go Go, Vol. 1)

Daddy A Go Go, Cool Songs for Cool Kids

Daddy A Go Go, Grandkid Rock

Daddy a Go Go, Mojo A Go Go - Real Rock For Kids

Daddy Plays, Classical Piano Lullabies

Daddy Plays, Daddy Plays Acoustic Rock Lullabies

Daddy Plays, Daddy Plays The Beatles Lullabies

Daddy Plays, Guitar Lullabies

Daddy Plays, Lullaby Christmas

Daddy-Doo Band, Daddy-Done: 2003-2009!

Daddy-doo Band, Daddy-Doo

Daddy-Doo Band, The Complete Daddy-Doo: Stage II

Daddy-Doo Band, What Would Daddy-Doo?

Daddywags Little Sister, Waitin' On Santa Claus

Daffy Dave, Bedtime Stories and Lullabies

Daffy Dave, Class Clown

Daffy Dave, Silly Party Songs

Daffy Dave, Stories Of The Strange And Silly

Daffy Dave, The Little Monster (and other silly-scary stories and songs)

Dagar, 7 Days in the Week

Dagar, ABC Song (feat. Prince Johnson)

Daisy Nell and Capt. Stan, Bought Me A Rooster!

Daisy Uke, Ukulele Garden Party

Dale Crider, BIG CYPRESS EVERGLADES for all generations

Dale Fogle, Yodeling for Santa

Dale Freeman, Just Say Hello!

Dale Freeman, Let`s Go!

Dale Thompson, Favorite Traditional Acoustic Lullabies

Dale Ulkins, Ya Gotta Read

Dallas Quinley, Smell My Finger

Damaris Lugo Modesto y Saubot, M.A., Cinco Deditos

Damon Carr, Penny the Pooper - Single

Dan Bursey, Priceless

Dan Berggren, And Now Please Welcome . . .

Dan Carlos, Santa Won't You Bring My Baby Back

Dan Dan Doodlebug, Dan Dan Doodlebug

Dan Duncan, Character Rocks!--For Kids

Dan Hall, In Our Pond

Dan Jurkowitz, Shirim Bamidbar

Dan LeMonnier, Begin Again

Dan McKelvie, Sun Songs

Dan Pejril, Traditional American Music: Lullabies

Dan Smith, Soft Sounds

Dan Smith, Tales of Abercrombie 3 Back to Kindergarten

Dan Stradford, Katie's Waltz

Dan T. Hall, The True Story of the Twin Santas

Dan Westborne, Sundown (for Children)

Dan's Acoustic Garage & Dan Korhonen, You Want to Eat My Soup? It's Too Spicy for You!

Dana Anton, Celeste Sings, Kids Dance

Dana Anton, Celeste Sings, Kids Dream

Dana Dirksen, Questions with Answers Vol. 2: The Fall and Salvation

Dana Dirksen, Songs for Saplings

Dana Dirksen, Songs for Saplings 123

Dana Lyons and John Seed, At Night They Howl at the Moon: Environmental Songs for Kids

Danae Shanti, Lullabies for Little Visionaries

Danaher & Cloud, Just Kiddin'

Dane Morrow, Rush Hour Christmas - Single

Dane Walker, The Runner from Ravenshead Movie Soundtrack

Daniel Deutsch, Sicher

Daniel Goodman and Jack McCreless, Crocodiles and Other Tales

Daniel Laubacher, Christmas in Santa's Village

Daniel Luther Graves, Grandie (A Story)

Daniel Nahmod, Mellow Time: Soothing Songs for the Whole Family

Daniel S. Acquisto & Sammy Buck, Stinkykids, The Musical (Cast Recording)

Daniel Schorr, Every Word I Say Is True

Daniel Schorr, I Smart

Danimal, Volume I

Danna Banana, Bananappeal

Danna Banana, Daddy-O!

Danna Banana, I Am Not Sillye

Danna Banana, Prepare to Be Scared

Danna Banana, Suddenly Summer!

Danny Adlerman and friends, Listen UP!

Danny Adlerman and friends, One Size Fits All

Danny and the Juniors, Baseball's Four Aces (feat. Joe Terry)

Danny Chevalier, My Christmas Cd

Danny Pagan, Train is Coming

Danny Reaves, Safety Dance

Dano Parr, Dano

Dano Parr, Hodge Podge

Dappa, Never Give Up

Daren Ross, The legend of Mr. Wee (Family Version)

Daria, Daria Sings For Earth Day

Daria, Grandchildren`s Delight - Best Loved Songs From The Good Old Days

Daria, I Have A Dream

Daria, Jadda, Jadda, Jing Jing Jing!

Daria, Yes, We Can!

Darius Ghanat, The Warp Tunnel

Darius Kaleb, Never Can Say Goodbye

Darlene Graham & Shades of Green Band, Big Hugs for Mama

Darlene, Darlene

Darragh Quinn Dolan, Follow The Star

Darrell House, Makes Me Feel Like Singing

Darrell House, Speed-b-b-b-bumps

Darrell House, Underneath the Cushions on the Couch

Darryl Shanon Holt, Cartoons

Darryl Shanon Holt, I Like Ice Cream

Darryl Shanon Holt, Super Hero

Dave & Tawnda, Christian Kids Rock

Dave and the Boombox, Make Some Noise

Dave Fromer, Shake a Hand

Dave Holland, Drum-a-Bye Baby

Dave Jay Gerstein, Balloon To The Moon

Dave Moran, Sing a Long, Move a Long.

dave Rimelis, It`s A Learning Party

Dave Rudolf, Halloween Spooktacular

Dave Rudolf, Halloween Spooktacular

Dave Smith, Baby Chaos

Dave Soldier & Da Hiphop Raskalz, Da Hiphop Raskalz

Dave Taylor, Big Kids Up Front

Dave Taylor, Buccaneer Boogie

Dave Taylor, Puppy Bounce

Dave Taylor, Stuck on Mars

Davey Rocker, Barnyard Jam

David & Josh Urbiztondo, O Christmas Tree

David A. Alberding, Friendship

David Alan Webb, Animusica: (Mostly) [Highbrow Music for Kids] [of All Ages]

David Allen, Tomorrow`s Child - a lullaby

David Allison & Sylvia Jackson, David Allison Presents The #1 Soundtrack To Christmas featuring Sylvia Jackson

David and the Fireflies, The Boy Who Ate the Fish Food

David Archibald, The Great Bear of Winter

David Ayers, Marvin the Loud Mouth Laughing Reindeer

David Baroni, Lullabyland Peaceful Instrumentals

David Bojorges, Baby Jackson (Los Exitos del Rey del Pop en Arreglos para Tu Bebe) [Baby Music]

David Bojorges, Los Mejores Temas de las Peliculas de Walt Disney en Arreglos para Tu Bebe

David Bynes, David Bynes' Sandbox

David Casey, Best Day Ever

David Cassel, The Ukulele Bandito

David Ceredig-Evans and Rebecca Wright, KidsSongs

David Chicken, Cookie Time

David Chicken, David Chicken and The Imagination Station

David Chicken, Funky Fish Party

David Delaney, Stories are made that way (Theatrical Songs for the Young at Heart)

David Dempster, Short Story Magic

David Eckman, Kid Tested Tunes

David Goodrich, Story Songs

David Grover and the Big Bear Band, A Family Concert

David Grover and the Big Bear Band, Watch Me Now!

David Hall, Be Yourself

David Hall, Bee Positive

David Head, Time to Dream

David Holt & Bill Mooney, Why the Dog Chases the Cat: Great Animal Stories

David Kisor, Anything's Possible: Songs for a Montessori Environment

David Kisor, Becoming My Own Me

David Kisor, Everyone Is Someone: Songs of Social and Emotional Responsibility

David Kisor, Feeling Positive

David Kisor, Here, Now, Know-How

David Kisor, Imagination Generation

David Kisor, My Box of Dreams, Songs for Bedtime

David Kisor, Take Care: Songs of Friendship and Social Awareness

David L Cook, Split Personality

David Landau, Kids and Kitties

David LeBarron, Stories from a Magical World

David Leonhardt Jazz Group, Plays Cole Porter

David Martin, The Original Five Little Monkeys

David McClain Racan, It's Halloween!

David Mckiever and Jason Paige, Wudd Up! featuring the Wudds!

David Novak, More Rhyme Than Reason

David Novak, The Cookie Girl

David P Shortland, Ants

David P Shortland, The Haunted House

David P. Shortland, Aesop Go Hip Hop

David Phillips, Lullabies for the Young at Heart

David Polansky, 32 Familiar (mostly) Kid Songs

David Polansky, 9 Halloween Songs

David Polansky, David Polansky Sings Mother Goose and Other Goodies

David Polansky, Jingle Bells (Three Verses)

David Polansky, Traditional Nursery Rhymes, Vol. One

David Polansky, Traditional Nursery Rhymes, Vol. Two

David Rinaldi, Waking Up Underneath A Tangerine Sun

David Rovics, Ballad of a Dung Beetle

David Rovics, Har Har Har

David Sharpe, A Great Day For you and Me

David Sharpe, All The Things You Dream

David Sharpe, Are We There Yet?

David Strohm & The Boomerang! Kids, The Dirt on Food

David Thurlow & Melody Shakers, Funny Songs for Kids

David Tobocman, Escalator

David Tobocman, Lemonade School

David Wakeling, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

David Wakeling, Hey Little Baby

David Whyte, Things That Make You Go Yay!

Davutus, And the Trees Began to Dance

Davy Andrews, And the Flying Fox

Davy Andrews, Little Turtles

Davy Andrews, Songs for Anna

Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D., Drink More Water

Dámaris Lugo Modesto, Cinco Deditos : Lullabies To Sleep

DD, From the Streets to the Playground (E.Klips Da Hustle Presents DD)

De Buddy's, Bouw Een Dorp Voor Een Kind

De Hiejete Bomma's, Mijn Vals Gebit

De-U Records, Addition and Subtraction

De-U Records, It`s Elementary

De-U Records, Multiplication Hip Hop

De-U Records, Science And Geography

Dean Jones, Napper`s Delight

Dean Jones, Odd Socks

Dean Jones, Town Town

Deanna Chandler, No More Bullying

Deano, Gone Fishing

Deb and Doc, Friendly Critters Big And Small

Deb and Doc, Let`s Pretend

Debbie and Friends, Becca Plays the Bass

Debbie and Friends, Cinderella

Debbie and Friends, Karaoke Series (Story Songs)

Debbie and Friends, Santa and Baby (Santa's Little Helper Song)

Debbie and Friends, Snow White: The Mirror Mirror Song

Debbie and Friends, The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Extended Version)

Debbie and Friends, Variety Show

Debbie and Friends, Walk Away: Anti-Bullying Song

Debbie and Friends, When You Were One

Debbie and John Orenstein, Vashti Was Right (The Book of Zeresh - a Purim Spiel)

Debbie Carroll, Simply Beautiful

Debbie Carroll, Up and Over the Moon!

Debbie Curtis and the Cool Curzon Cafe Orchestra Kids, Merry Christmas

Debbie Dewdrop, The Dreaded 2-Headed Sock Snatching Monster

Debbie Doo Wop & Dynamite Dan, Cheesy Peas

Debbie Doo Wop & Dynamite Dan, Party!

Debbie Fortnum, Join the Party!

Debbie Paulsen, Kids Raise in Praise

Debi Derryberry, Debi Derryberry`s Baby Banana

Debi Raven, The Monster - Single

Deborah L Killion, Don't Be Disillusioned

Deborah Smith Ford, Jimmie Ray Cantrell & Cyndi Cantrell, Allie's Adventures Series: The Little Apple

Deborah Wynne, Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk

Debra Kitzman, Every Day Is A Parade

Debra Lynn La Lima LMSW, The Worry Wizard: Songs For Kids With OCD

Debra McDavid, Sleep Little One, Lullabies of the World

Dee D. Pruett, Everyone is a Winner! A musical journey thru the Bible... King James Version

Dee Dee Powell, My Lullaby Song

Dee Dee Powell, Olive Rose: A Lullaby Collection

Dee Downey Pruett, Everyone is a Winner! A musical journey thru the Bible... New International Version

Dee Downey Pruett, Singing Bible Drill, Cycle 1, KJV and NIV

Dee Downey Pruett, Singing Bible Drill, Cycle 2

Dee Stewart, Mother / Daughter Song

Deep Fried Pickle Project, Green and Bumpy

Dejah Leger, Hand Sewn Lullabies

Delinda Layne, Christmas Is a Time to Love

Dell Barden, Songs To Sing With Children

Della, Origins

Demi Mays, Dandelion

Denee Richardson, Plain Path for Kids

Denis Gauthier, Between Me and You

Denise Carlin, Icy Cold Lemonade

Dennis Caraher, Bow Wow Baby

Dennis Caraher, Dog Bone Town

Dennis Caraher, I Miss the Mud

Dennis Hagerty, Daddy's Little Girl

Dennis Hysom, Wooleycat's Musical Theater, Vol. 2 - Fairy Tales

Dennis Hysom, Wooleycat's Musical Theater, Vol. 1 - Nursery Rhymes

DENNIS MASSA, Booper Ba` Nooper / kids family music

Dennis Massa, Don't Eat the Hole in the Donut

Dennis Warner, Beep Beep

Derra St. Denis, Sinbad the Sailor Man

Destiny Underwood, Can I Be Me

Detroit Brooks, Only At Christmas Time

Detsko Shlagerno Studio Da, Слънчева Дъга (Sunny Rainbow)


Diana Belkowski & Dan Tramon, The Miracle of Christmas (One Life Changes the World) [feat. Debra Lynch]

Diana George, Star Child

Diana Joy Roberts, Songs of Grace, Vol. 2 (feat. Ed Munger)

Diana Lynn Carter, Sing and Learn With Diana

Diana Lynn, Daydreams and Lullabies

Diane Bello, Mother Goose Turned Loose

Diane Collins, Di`s Lullabies

Diane Collins, Songs Of Christmas

Diane Corrado, Show Dog Picture Book Package

Diane Edgecomb, Pattysaurus and Other Tales

Diane Ferlatte, Aesop:Alive & Well

Diane Ferlatte, Knick Knack Paddy Whack

Diane Ferlatte, Knick Knack Paddy Whack 2

Diane Hidy & Sara Ganz, Lullaby: The Journey Begins

Diane Kordas, Dinosaur Stomp

Diane Kordas, Spinning Around the Sun

Diane Rose, A Mother`s Voice

Diane Silva Haroutunian, Gakavig-educational & Traditional Songs for Children in Armenian

Dianne de Las Casas, Jambalaya - Stories with Louisiana Flavor

Dianne de Las Casas, Jump, Jiggle and Jam ~ A Rhythmic Romp Through Story Land

Dianne de Las Casas, World Fiesta - Celebrations in Story and Song

Dianne Dugaw, Amanda Powell, and Dorothy Attneave, The Aunties` Song Kettle

Dicky Jones, She's Got (feat. Somebody)

Didid, I'm Back

Didier Falk, Il est né !!!

Didipop, Bunny in the Moon

DidiPop, Everyday Adventures

Didipop, Goblins

DidiPop, Happy Valentine's Day to You

Digga DJ, Daddy Loves You

Dill Purple Geniuses, Kamasing II: The Noun Song

Dill Purple Geniuses, Kamasing II: The Pookie Slide

Dill Purple Geniuses, Let's Have Some Fun!

Dimitris Gouzios & Costas Christodoulou, Cello Christmas

Dina and John Cozolino, Sugar Goose and Friends

Dinah Englund, Share Your Smile

Dino O'Dell & the T-Rex All-Stars, Outer Space

Dino O'Dell, Zar and the Broken Spaceship

Dino O`Dell and the Veloci-Rappers, Dino O`Dell and the Veloci-Rappers

Dino O`Dell, Itty Bitty Monsters

Dinos and Dolls in a G-Licious Nation, A Child of the King (feat. Yolee, Gcakes & Zander the Commander)

Dinos and Dolls in a G-Licious Nation, Jesus Loves Me (feat. Yolee, Zander the Commander & Gcakes)

Dinosaur Man J Carr, Bigfoot

Dinosaur Man J.Carr, Jurassic Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Man J.carr, Ufo Alien Space Rock

Dirk Dekkers, Hallo Mooie Meid

Dirk Shumaker, Everybody's Gotta' Have A Place

Dirtgirl, Dig It

Dirtgirl, Dirtgirl Rocks the Planet (Best of Dirtgirl)

Dirtgirl, Get Grubby

Dirtgirl, The Rubbish Collection

Discover and Learn: The Learning Series, The Solar System and Phonics 2

Disney Hipster Andrew, Christmas in Adventureland

Diva Dollz & Company, #DoItLikeAPro

Diva Dollz & Company, Work Hard...Play Harder!

Divagirl, I Love My Mama (feat. Zoe Wilks & Nappy Headed Ninja)

Divagirl, Top Billing (What More Can I Say ?) [feat. Flower & DJ B Win]

Dixie Ticklers, PARADE

Dixon DeVore II, Hey Mom! They`re Playing My Songs on the Radio

Dixon DeVore II, Mortimer the Very Rich Mouse

Dixon DeVore, Pania The Little Blue Penguin

Dixon DeVore, The Cuckoo Bird Who Couldn't

DJ Hans Solo, Dubstep for Kids

DJ Maestro, Ballroom, Hustle 303

DJ Maestro, Birthday Slide

DJ Maestro, Praise Slide (This Dance Is Just for You)

DJ Maestro, Praise Slide (This Dance Is Just for You) [feat. Zetta & The KJB Singers]

DJ Warkentin, Just a Silly Symphony

Django Jones, D is for Django

DJHK Gurls, Hey Boy

DJHK Gurls, Honor Roll

DJHK, Inside Voice

Dl Turner, Lullaby Harp

Do Re Mi Music Schoolâ„¢, Do Re Mi For Fun - Party Time

Do Re Mi Music Schoolâ„¢, Do Re Mi Ukulele Adventure ~ Hawaii

Doc Abbick in Trinity, Fairy Tales and Nonsense

Doc Mongoose, Pirates` Booty

Doc Possum, Pouch Music

Doc Young, Train at the Zoo

Doctor Noize, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof (Second Edition)

Doctor Noize, The Return of Phineas McBoof

DoctorFloyd, The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd - The Complete Season 6

DoctorFloyd, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd - The Complete Season 7

Doda Mollie, Shabbat!

Doda Mollie, Yodelay Do Potato

Dodd Ellsworth, Big Fat Man

Dodekachordon, Dodekachordon (Songs of Dodekanthropus Electus)

Dog on Fleas, Beautiful World

Dog On Fleas, Buy One Get One Flea

Dog on Fleas, Cranberry Sauce Flotilla

Dog On Fleas, Fairly Good Songs For Fairly Good Kids

Dog On Fleas, Hoi Polloi

Dog On Fleas, Invisible Friends

Dog on Fleas, The Bestest of The Best

Dog on Fleas, When I Get Little

Doggie Dogooder, How to Treat Your Pets

Dogmatic Music, John Simpson Kirkpatrick

Dogs Singing, Brahms Lullaby (Cats Meow)

Dogs Singing, Here Comes the Bride (Dogs Singing)

Dogs Singing, Notre Dame Fight Song (Dogs Barking) [Fighting Irish]

Dogs Singing, Sports Songs and Party Classics

Don Baker, Its Christmas

Don Burger, Good Ol' Neighborhood Friends

Don Carroll, Chicken Lickin'

Don Cooper, Boogie Woogie Bugs

Don Cooper, Dino-Songs

Don Jordan and the Nutshell Playhouse Band, We're Here

Don Ohman Singing Roofer, The Wife Song (Anniversary)

Don Ohman Singing Roofer, Whitefish Montana Ski Train

Don Ohman, Daddy's Little Girl

Don Ohman, Fathers Day Song (The Singing Roofer)

Don Ohman, Little White Church It Snowed Last Night Song

Don Ohman, Mother Mom Song

Don Ohman, Mrs.Santa Maybelle Museum

Don Ohman, Old American Trains Song Amtrakdon

Don Ohman, Pasco Ed Hendler Song

Don Ohman, Railroad Carman Poem

Don Ohman, Skiing Purple Rabbit Rudy in a Snow Storm

Don Ohman, Thy Will Be Done

Don Ohman, Train Conductor Big John

Don Ohman, Tri City Feaver Football Team Song

Don Sanders, El Mosquito in My Kitchen

Don Sebesky, Gloria Nissenson and Janina Serden, THE VELVETEEN RABBIT

Donald Dennis Bettis, Doggies in Heaven

Donald James Kehl, It's All In How You See It!

Donald James Kehl, The Coolest Cat in Town!

Donna & Andy, Computer Cat

Donna & Andy, It's Christmas Time

Donna and Andy, Blue Skies and Pirates

Donna and Andy, Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me

Donna Britton and Family, It's Time to Play

Donna Fant, Scotty`s Dream- Children`s Book And Song On Cd

Donna L. Washington, Fun, Foolery, and Folktales

Donna L. Washington, The Sword and The Rose

Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet, Christmas Medley: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / O Come All Ye Faithful

Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet, Medley Christmas: Joy to the World / O Tannenbaum / Jingle Bells / We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Donna Lisa, Toucan You Can

Donna Washington, A Little Shiver

Donna Washington, A Tureen of Tales

Donna Washington, Angels` Laughter

Donna Washington, Growing Up Army

Donna Washington, Live and Learn: The Exploding Frog and Other Stories

Donna Washington, Troubling Trouble

Donnie Reyzek, Since Your Gone

Donovan Owens, All that I Have

Doo-Dad Mike, Eli's a Cowboy

Dora Castellanos, Milamores

Dorene Keach, Make a Friend

Dorothy Cresswell, Curious Songs for Curious Kids

Dorothy Dino Rice, Rounds, Rhymes, and Silly Songs

Dorothy Zerbe, Sweetly 'neath the Moon

Dos y Dos, Cosas Diferentes

Dos y Dos, Dos y Dos y Tu

Dos y Dos, Moviendose

Doug & The Beets, Songs from Bluffington

Doug Corrigan, Baby Fingers (Classical and Original Lullabies Told With Piano)

Doug Crandall, Radically Free

Doug Davis, Lullabies for Sophie

Doug Fleming, Jr., In Our Circle

Doug Fleming, Jr., Little Square Wheels

Doug Fleming, Jr., Shake, Shake, Shake

Doug Gazlay, 40 Baby Winks

Doug Hammer, Baby Music, Vol. 1

Doug Hammer, Baby Music, Vol. 2

Dougie Bear, Christmas Joy

Dougie Bear, You Gotta Have Fun

Douglas Brake, Generation Text

Douglas Brake, Sizzle, Hiss, Pop

Douglas King, Four Blind Mice: Deceptively Simple Melodies, Vol. 11

Douglas Post, The Kingdom of Grimm (World Premiere Recording)

Douglas Post, The Wind in the Willows (World Premiere Recording)

Down By The Docks, Lobstertastic

Down By the Docks, Ride Along Sing Along

Dr Chordate, Songs of Biology , Plus . . .

Dr Mary Kleinsorge, Positively Dr Mary

Dr Mike, Mission

Dr. Ben & Company, A Perfect Day

Dr. Ben & Company, Funny Face Dance

Dr. Ben & Company, Punch Pillow

Dr. Doug Stuart, The Whistling Pig Presents Songs From The Heart

Dr. Eva Bloom, Sounds of the Womb (Put Your Baby to Sleep)

Dr. Fruit, Kids for President!

Dr. Joel, Watch Them Grow

Dr. Kay, Holiday Sleeptime Stories

Dr. Linda Reese & Adam Chester, 2 Grands 4 Little Ones

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 1: Friends & Sharing

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 2: Social Skills & Bullying

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 3: Feelings & Fears

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 4: Practice & Success

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 5: Talking & Listening

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 6: Manners & Character

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 7: Happiness & Attitude

Dr. Mac & Friends, Happy Kids Songs, Vol. 8: Respect & Responsibility

Dr. Mike Lockett, The Normal Storyteller, Tales for the Young at Heart

Dr. Planet, Solar System Slide

Dr. Rhythm's Crew, You're Amazing (feat. Erica Mitchum & Buddy Fish)

Dr. T, Education is Power Dr. T's Character Songs

Dr. White Noise, Electric Fan (Ambient Background Sounds for Better Sleep, Baby, Relaxation and Noise Masking)

Dr.T.Mythily ,Ph.D, Music Therapy : Calming music for happy babies

Dr.T.Mythily ,Ph.D, Music Therapy: Baby Go To Sleep

Dre Towey, Sugar On Top

Dreds & Company, Honor the Lord

Drew 'Poppy' Blevins, Like a kid, I am

Drew Lane & St Peter's Primary School, Playground: A Junior Musical

Drew Searing, The Last Sloth Smile

Dreyer Family Band, Family Photograph

Drug Free Charlie, Drug Free Sing-A-Long

Duderonomous, Bladitty Ditty

Duke London, Duke And The Winter Animals

Duke Otherwise, Creepy Crawly Love

Dulcy Delcamp, Nothing But the Truth

Dulcy Delcamp, Scripture Songs

Dulcy Delcamp, We Follow Jesus

Duncan McPherson, The Music of Gossamyr

Duncan Wells, Dunkle Unkin's Farm

Duncan Wells, I Wish You Were Here for Christmas

Duncan Wells, Ladder to the Sky

Duncan Wells, T.L.C. Songs for Children

Duncan Wells, The Love & Safety Club

Dunebilly, Dunebilly

Dunebilly, Little Choo Choo Train

Duo Villamor Martin, Dulces Sueños I

Duover, Christmas, Vol. 1

Dusty Blue Socks, Dusty Blue Socks

Dusty Pickles, Daddy Daycare

Dywane Thomas Jr., Aleatorick and Indeterminacy

Dywane Thomas Jr., Color Theori

Dywane Thomas Jr., Color Theori

Dzeguzite, Dalderins

Dzovig, Colita Rosita - Canciones Infantiles en Español para Niños

Детско Шлагерно Студио Да, Ало, Слънчице (Hallo, Sunny)

Екатерина Бурова, Песенки ТВ #1

Ирина Месяц & Александр Чужой, Волшебный трамвай

Певица Анечка, Трубка

E the Savant, Read, Write and Solve!

E.L.Pace, Dream Anadarko

E.L.Pace, Secret Anadarko

Earl Clifton, Pretty Mary Sunlight

Earl Wayne & Linda Jo, The Funny Happy Birthday Song

Earlene P Davis, Shine

Earlene P Davis, You Are My Example

Earth Mama, Around the World With Earth Mama

Earth Mama, Love Large

Earthworm Ensemble, Earthworm Ensemble

East Bay Youth Band and The Young People`s Chamber Orchestra, Images, Stories and Adventures!

East Village Community School, Songs From the East Village

Eban Brown, Eyes of a Child

Ebullock, Child of God

Echarine, Doco_Nani

Eclectic Verve, I Wanna, Iguana!

Eco Hero Kids, Eco Hero Kids

Ed Doran, Ian McBe-an

Ed Lipton, Fly, Hippopotamus, Fly!

Ed Mills, Lily's World

Ed Morgan, Songs from the Children's Garden

Ed Morgan, The Music Man's Original Children's Songs

Ed Newman, If You Want Joy Joy Joy

Eddie Coker, Hmmm...

Eddie Coker, Save Our Planet

Eddie Coker, WOW

Eddie Douglas, Gonna Keep Dancing

Eddie Douglas, Sleepy Sky Lullaby

Eddie Peeples, Sing a Song

Eddie Price, Just For Kids 2: You Are My Friend

Eddie Spaghetti, Eddie Spaghetti's Greatest Hits

Eddie Sullivan, "Mommie's Cookies

Eddie Thrash and Allen Markowski, Why Can`t We Just Get Along

Eddie V, Magic Machine

Eddy Gober, Grandpa`s Old Timey Kid Stories

Eddy Gober, Let's Talk About Cuts

Eddy Gober, Let's Talk About Lying

Eddy Gober, Let's Talk About Sex

Eddy Gober, Let's Talk About Ugly

Eddy J Lemberger, Magic Learning Songs

Edgar Calderon, Los Niños son de Dios

Edge Michael, Santa Claus Ghetto Skank

Edsel Wells, Pap`s Children Songs

Eduard Ciobotaru, Move to the Beat

Educcomm,LLC Presents ATTITUNES featuring MITCH`n`AMY and Friends, AttiTUNES

EE, Sing Along With EE

Egg, Hard Boiled

Eggy, Egg-cellent Tunes

Einstein`s Monkey, banana yellow

Ejs Big Box of Love, Songs for Childlike Adults & Adultlike Children

Ekho, Fading

El Duende Bubulin, Bicicleta

El Duende Bubulin, El Duende Bubulin, Vol. 1

El Duende Bubulin, Mamâ Mamita

El Duende Bubulin, Polito Polito

El Mister, Las Enseñanzas de El Mister: Musica Ritmo y Movimiento

El Mister, Musica, Juegos y Movimiento

El Murgón de la Esquina, El Murgón de la Esquina

El Trotamundos, De Colores (feat. Danny Rivera)

El Trotamundos, Nos Vamos en Avión

Elaine and Shaun Turner, Owens Train Ride

Elaine O'Connell Lake, My Room

Elana Greenspan, Kidding Around

Elana Jagoda, Uri Uri

Elana Jagoda, Zum Gali Gali

Eleanor Rinker, The Octopus Song (Remix)

Elementary Pop! Glee Club, Elementary Pop!, Vol. 1

Elf Learning, Kids' Songs 2: Classroom Classics

Eli Stevens, Duckling On the Church Pond

Eli Yamin & The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Nora's Ark

Elisa Girlando and Tricia Carrabba, Children's Classics Americana Series Vol 1

Elisa Torres, Mi Arpa Navideña

Elisabeth Tinnes & Matt Logan, A Perfect Lullaby

Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner and Sunnie Miller, Grandma Rocks Christmas

Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner, Grandma Rocks

Elite Academy, What We Do

Elizabeth Braziel, Go to School

Elizabeth C. Axford, Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah - A Multilingual Songbook and CD

Elizabeth Gerberding, Dream Songs for Little Angels

Elizabeth Hanney, My Own Hero

Elizabeth Healy, Camp Silicon

Elizabeth Mandrioli, House Kats

Elizabeth McMahon, Blue Sky Sparklin' Day

Elizabeth McMahon, Waltzing with Fireflies

Ella Fullerton, Heal Us

Ella Fullerton, Your Hand

Elle Graham, Alba's Lullabies

Ellen & Matt, It's Love

Ellen and Matt, Best Friends

Ellen Edson, Family Fare: Folk Songs for Children and Their Families

Ellen Edson, The Sweetness of You

Ellen Kate, Happy Happy Day (feat. Zoe J.)

Ellen Loegering & Leon Olguin, Silly Songs and Sweet Lullabies

Ellen Stein, Burpseedoodle



Ellen Sweetman, Wonderful Muzic

Ellery, Stronger Than Before

Ellias Ortega, Jesus Fui Formado por Tus Manos

Ellie & Bri, Who Says

Ellie Gray and friends, Colours - cd and booklet of nursery songs

Ellie Gray and friends, Numbers - cd and booklet of nursery songs

Ellis Paul, Ellis Paul-The Dragonfly Races

Elly En Rikkert, Recht Is Recht

Elya Finn, Elya Finn`s Children Songs

Em N Sue, A Horse With An Attitude

Emerald Baby, Precious Lullabies

Emergence Church, eKids: God Of The Universe

Emi & Joe Gianono, Beautiful Child (Japanese / Female Vocal)

EMI & Joe Gianono, Chiisana Ouchi (Aka My Little Cottage)

Emi & Joe Gianono, My Little Cottage

Emil Y. Molho, Three Golden Feathers

Emilie Mover, The Greatest Kids Mix Tape, Vol. 1

Emilie Mover, The Stella and Sam Album

Emily Arrow, Curious Garden

Emily Asher, Dreams May Take You

Emily Claire Palmer, Kiddo, Let Your Light Shine!

Emily Dale, Curious Garden

Emily Dale, The Dot Song

Emily Gimble, Mighty Like a Rose (feat. Floyd Domino)

Emily Imbesi, Peaceful Dream

Emily P. Johnson, Things We'll Remember

Emily, The New Cleopatra

Emma and Pop, Just Some Songs

Emma Knights, Credit Union Christmas Pageant Song (feat. David Salter, Brody Green, Milush Piochaud & Shaez Mortimer)

Emma Romeu, Rene y el Pigmeo en la Selva (Audiobook)

Emmanuel Ghent, Songs For Children (and All Their Friends)

Emmy, Dragon Dreams

Empowering Productions Inc, Smoothy Bar

En Poppel, Naked Girls Swim Faster I/III

En Poppel, Naked Girls Swim Faster II/III

Ena McBryde Burke, He Lives

Encantoré, O Que Você Vai Ser Quando Crescer?

Endangerbles, Endangerbles

Enguerner, Sorveenk Measeen

Enid Ames, Your Golden Heart

Enzo Garcia, Breakfast With Enzo

Enzo Garcia, Field Trip With Enzo

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Green

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Orange

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Pink

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Purple

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Red

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Turquoise

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Violet

Enzo Garcia, LMNO Music - Yellow

Epic Fun Club, Food

Epik 7, Read

Eric and Susan Davis, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: An Album of Classical Lullabies

Eric Bolton, Rock n' Roll Granny

Eric Carpenter and James Ducker, His Light Lives In Me

Eric Carpenter and James Ducker, His LIght Lives In Me - Performance Tracks

Eric Dash, Every Room In My House

Eric Dash, Zirp The Fox Goes For a Ride

Eric Demel, You Make Me Smile

Eric Fraser, Raga Bye Baby

Eric Herman and the Invisible Band, Monkey Business

Eric Herman and the Invisible Band, Snail`s Pace (A cool quiet-time CD for kids.)

Eric Herman and the Invisible Band, Snow Day!

Eric Herman and the Invisible Band, The Kid In The Mirror

Eric Herman and the Invisible Band, What a Ride!

Eric Herman, Party Animal

Eric Herman, The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson

Eric Hester, The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Original Soundtrack

Eric Joseph Montgomery, Welcome River: Soothing Piano Meditations

Eric Kjorlien, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Eric Komar, Todah Torah

Eric Lanoue, 69 Minutes of Frogs

Eric Litwin, Smile at Your Neighbor

Eric Ode, Grandpa's Truck

Eric Ode, Rock Nocturnal

Eric Ode, Seven Clever Pirates

Eric Shouse, The Good Shepherd EP

Erica Cherry, Dreamer

Erick Traplin, A Little More

Erick Traplin, Blast Off

Erick Traplin, The Christmas Mouse

Erik Berglund, Harp Music for Children

Erik Peterson & NanZe Zecco, Joy to the World

Erin Anne Montgomery & Kenneth Davidson, Twinkling Starlight

Erin Ford, One More Hug

Erin Lee and Marci, Snowdance

Erin Lee and the Up Past Bedtime Band, Cooper

Erin Lee and the Up Past Bedtime Band, I'm Stuck in a Bathroom Stall

Erin Lee and the Up Past Bedtime Band, Ticket to Anywhere

Erin Lee Kelly and Marci Appelbaum, Someone`s Gotta Wanna Play

Erin Leigh Bushko, Zombie Girl (And Other Somewhat Grimm Poetry)

Erin Wurtemberg, Beautiful Day

Ernie and Neal, Friends, Family and Pizza

Ernie and Neal, Rock and Roll Band

Ernie and Neal, Rock the House

Erock For Kids, Songs You Can`t Get Out of Your Head

Erock For Kids, Train Song

Esaias Och Fred, Lillälgens Brev Till Tomten

Esopo, La Gallina de los Huevos de Oro

Ethan Bortnick, Live in Concert "By Me" Ethan Bortnick

Ethan Rossiter and the Jamberries, Magic Watermelon

Etienne & Roland(Beebo)Bibeau, Francais! Francais!

Etienne, Grammar Jams

Etienne, Grammar Jams 2

Etiquette School of Manhattan, Cool Rules Rule: Manners for Kids

Eugenia León & Cecilia Rascón, Ni Esto Ni L'otro

Evadne Macedo, A Forest Adventure: Sleep Story

Evan Belize, Kids World

Evan Brau, All You Have To Do Is Dream

Evan Gottfried, Reach Up!

Evany Cloud, It's Ok To Be Different

Evany Cloud, Rockin' Out

Evany Cloud, Think of Me

Eve & Mare, Green Means Go

Eve and Mare, Daddy`s Moonlight Alligator Boat Ride

Every Child, Kinder Dieser Welt

Extraneous Solutions, Let's Get a Cat

Extraordinary, Extraordinary

Ezra Sykes and David Brodie, Juvenile by Design

讚美之泉 (Stream of Praise), 認識祢真好 (It's Good to Know You)

讚美之泉 Stream of Praise, 小小的夢想 Little Dream

讚美之泉 Stream of Praise, 把冷漠變成愛 (Fill Our Hearts With Love)

讚美之泉 Stream of Praise, 有一位神 (There Is a God)

Fab Phonics, Fab Phonics, Level 1

Fabulous Lemon Drops, Copy Me Copy You

Fabulous Lemon Drops, Fun Laughter Dance

Fabulous Lemon Drops, It's Christmas Time

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Bathtub Sounds (White Noise)

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Clothes Dryer Sounds (White Noise)

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Electric Fan Sounds (White Noise)

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Hair Dryer Sounds (White Noise)

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Shower Baby Sleep Sounds (White Noise)

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Sink Baby Sleep Sounds

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Vacuum Sounds (White Noise)

Fade Away Sleep Sounds, Washing Machine Sounds (White Noise)

Faith Rivera, The World is Waiting for You ~ Cosmic Cliffnotes for the Ride

Family Arts Theatre, The Monsters' Valentine Ball

Family Recipe, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fanny K, Mise Imamo Radi

Farmer Anthony The Singing Cowboy, Tragically Hick

Farmer James, Wham and Petey: The Harvest

Farmer Jason, Rockin' in the Forest With Farmer Jason

Farmer Joe, Fabulous Toddler Favorites

Fast As Lightning, Kat in the Hat

Fast Time Constant, Empty

Father Goose, Bashment Time

Fati and Charles, El Baile del Sombrero

Favorite Kids Stories, Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Kids Stories, Cinderella

Favorite Kids Stories, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Favorite Kids Stories, Jack and the Beanstalk

Favorite Kids Stories, Little Red Riding Hood

Favorite Kids Stories, Rapunzel

Favorite Kids Stories, Rumplestiltskin

Favorite Kids Stories, Sleeping Beauty

Favorite Kids Stories, Storytime Classics, Vol. 1

Favorite Kids Stories, Storytime Classics, Vol. 2

Favorite Kids Stories, Storytime Classics, Vol. 3

Favorite Kids Stories, Storytime Classics, Vol. 4

Favorite Kids Stories, The Elves and the Shoemaker

Favorite Kids Stories, The Emperors New Clothes

Favorite Kids Stories, The Hare and the Tortoise

Favorite Kids Stories, The Princess and the Pea

Favorite Kids Stories, The Three Little Pigs

Favorite Kids Stories, The Town and Country Mouse

Favorite Kids Stories, The Ugly Duckling

Faye Mosby, Glory From Above

Fazafam, Fazafam Family Jams

Fc Mudhutters, The Wigan Wiggle

Felice Hernandez, Little Star (The Christening Song)

Felicita, Backyard

Felix Pando & Galina, Russian Lullabies for Babies

Felix Pando, Mozart for Babies II

Felix Pando, Waltzes for Babies

Fern Carver Michonski, Angels Are Out With You Today!

Fern, Kids! Hopping Into Easter With Fern

Fezcat, Fezcat

Finkytown Funtime Band, Dinosaur Wings and Other Things

Fire & Lace, Red Cream Soda

Fireese Berg, Science Riot Girls

Firefly Soda, George Fudge and the Psychic Rat

Fireman Robb, Cool Pool Rules

Fireman Robb, Save the Holidays (feat. Ari & the Prairie Dawgs)

Fireman Robb, Stop Drop & Roll

First Dallas Student Choir, Here's My Heart

Fischy Music, Bring It All to Me

Fischy Music, We're On This Road

Fish Da Don, Motivation 2

Fitness Workout Olympics Girls, Move in the Right Direction

Flame, Holiday Classics

Flemming Behrend, Peters Jul

Flooky & the Beans, Funky Food Tunes & Other Delights

Flourite, Flourite

Flute Sweet & Tickletoon, Green Golly & Her Golden Flute

Flyaway Saturn, Flyaway Saturn!

Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers, The Wild Things

Flying Green Toads, Mr Sleep and the Flying Green Toad

Flynn, I'm a Robot Boy

Fojeba, Voici Noël & Nouvel An

Foreign, Money

Forest Sun, Just For Fun

Forgotten Films, Sherlock Holmes - Vintage Radio Classics starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce

Found A Penny, At The Boogie Villa

Foute Leo, De Dakhaas

Fox & Branch, Let Us Get Together

Fox and Branch, Take Time in Life

Fox and Raven, Hipsterbies, Lullabies for Indie Babies

Foxhoven Family Singers Kids, Let the Children Come to Me, Vol. 2

Frampton the Frogephant & Friends & Trixie the Hummingburtle, Frampton & Friends in the Land of Ashetatom

Fran Avni, Latkes and Hamentashen

Fran Avni, Mostly Matzah


Fran McKinney, We're Friends--All Year Long

Fran Stallings, Stories and Songs for a Green Earth

Frances England, Blink of an Eye

Frances England, Family Tree

Frances England, Fascinating Creatures

Frances England, Mind of My Own

Franchesca Maia, Believe

Francie Dillon, Good Night Sister Sun

Francie Dillon, Wake Up It's A Brand New Day

Francie Kelley, Where Do You Want to Go Today?

Francine Allard, Philippe et son inséparable Dorgé

Francine Wheeler, Come Sit Beside Me

Francisco Herrera, Canta y Juega

Frank A. Martorana, Nursery Rhyme Trilogy

Frank Dixon, Moving On

Frank Leto, Quiet Time

Frank Squillante, Good Things

Frank Squillante, The Reading Album...and other stories

Frankie Ferreira, The Chocolate Penny Song

Frankie Ferreira, The Chocolate Penny Song (Cate's Mix)

Frazier Riddell, Angels We Have Heard On High

Freckleface Strawberry, Original Cast Album

Fred Blankenburg, Penny and the PineCone People

Fred C. Adams, Cedric's Silly Songs

Fred Clark, Happy Fun

Fred Clark, Happy Fun, Too

Fred Ellis, Always Love Your Life

Fred Ellis, Come Children Let`s Sing

Fred Koch, Tis The Season: Holiday Songs For The Child In All Of Us

Fred Mollin, The Martha's Vineyard Lullaby Album

Freddy Monday, Christmastime Is Coming (feat. Michael & Julia) [Kids Version]

Freddy Morales Saa, Mi Clase De Musica: Canciones para estimular las inteligencias múltiples en la primera infancia.

Freedom Kerl, When I Wake Up (feat. Bailey Gene Kerl)

Freedom Rock, Come Alive

French Rocks, French Rocks

French Songs for Kids, Let's Sing & Dance in French! Vol. II (Classic French Nursery Rhymes with a New Groove!)

Friederike Gerling, Mäusemann auf Raumpatrouille

Friederike Gerling, Mäusemanns Höhlentag

Friend or Foe Original Cast, Friend or Foe the Musical (Original Cast Recording)

Frog & Duck, Introducing Frog & Duck

Frog and Cat, My Favorite Color is Green!

Frogator Leap, Frogator Leap: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Full Service, Full Service Saves Christmas!

Fun Busters, Songs to Get Your Baby Through the Day

Fun Class, No Bully Zone

Fun Kids English, Fun Kids Songs, Vol. 3

Fun Music for Little Kids, Transport

Fun Party DJ, Happy Birthday (Karaoke Instrumental Version)

Fun Songs Guy, Fun Songs

FUNdamentals of Music and Movement, Let`s Pretend

Funky Mama, 10

Funky Mama, Good Fruit!

Funky Mama, Grandma`s House

Funky Mama, Moo Juice

Funky Mama, Sing!

Funtastix!, Always Be There for You

Funtastix!, The Happy Song

Fuzzy Lollipop, Sweet!

G Moncrieff, Wilfred and Murphy

Ga Ga James, Black Cherry Soda

Gabe Evens, My Pet Project

Gabe Roberts, Wherever You Go, There You Are

Gabriel Bolkosky and Sandor Slomovits, Home From Work

Gabriel Flores, Corazón de Niño (The N.C. Children´s Promise) [feat. Isaias Lucero, Diana Reyes, Banda Estrellas de Sinaloa, Alex Rivera & Tito y los Reyes del Camino]

Gabriele Hofmann-Schmid, Das Licht Und Die Hässlichen Männlein

Gabriele Hofmann-Schmid, Ein Ganz Besonderer Lehrer

Gabrielle, Gabrielle's Dreamland Carousel Adventures and Lullabies

Gabrielle, Winter White's Musical (Do You Have Time to Be My Friend?)

Gabrielle, You Came from a Star

Gabrielplantillaz Ysu Banda la Tormenta, Mil Ganas de Ti

Gannon University's Erie Chamber Orchestra, The Sounds of the Silents: The Music of J.S. Zamecnik, Vol. 1

Garnet, Christmas For All

Gary Alt, It`s About the Kids

Gary and Christopher Wittmann, Creating the Circle of the Stories, Poetry and Songs

Gary Bowman, Gary Bowman's Song of the Birds

Gary Bowman, Gary Bowman's Song of the Bugs

Gary Bowman, Gary Bowman's Song of the Dinosaurs

Gary Bowman, Song of the Universe

Gary Gainey, The Bonds

Gary Glassman, Gary G. and the Eat and Play kids

Gary Kazoo, I Like Apples

Gary Lapow, All Kinds Of People

Gary Lapow, Diddy Bop Dinosaurs

Gary Lapow, Food 'N Fun

Gary Lapow, Here's a Kiss Goodnight

Gary Lapow, It's Somebody's Birthday

Gary Lapow, Strong, Smart and Free

Gary Rasberry & The Woodshed Orchestra, The Very Next Day

Gary Rasberry, What's the Big Idea

Gary Rue, No Picnic Being Cheese: Songs of SteppingStone Theatre

Gary Ryan Blair, Every Detail Counts, Chapter 1: Everything Counts!

Gary Storm, Songs for Children

Gary the Happy Pirate, Can`t Stop Dancing

Gasoline Da Gas-Man, Big Mac Music

Gene Mitchell and the Big Coconut Band, Big Coconut

Gene Mitchell, My Little Girl

Generation Gap?, Montessori Kids ... thank you, Montessorians, for teaching us

Generations 3, Life Is All About Kids

Generations, Dream Maker

Generations, Lift Me

Genevieve Labbe, Sunshine in You

Genevieve Madeline Ryan, The American Presidents

Genevieve Scandone & Gizem Gokoglu, Fairy Tales & Silly Songs, Vol. 2

Genevieve Scandone, Fairy Tales and Silly Songs

Genie's Lamp, The Highwayman: Poem Set to Music

Genna Joy Wolkon, Circle Songs: Wholesome Enjoyable Melodies

Gennaro, Be A Buddy, Not A Bully

Geof Johnson, Pink Flamingo

Geologist, She

Geonna "Chi Chi" Monet, I Like To Learn

George Bettinger, George Bettinger's Mom & Pop Variety Shop

George Bronner, Hey, Oh, Here I Go

George Douglas Lee, Monster Musicals

George Schricker, George's Brother

Georges Rouget, Pistache La Moustache

Georgia Lucking-Germond, The Whimsical Music Story

Georgina Hedges, Because of You

Georgina Hedges, Because of You (Acoustic)

Gerardo Villegas, Alegres en el Señor

Gerry Rhymes, Gerry Rhymes

Gian Gerbelli, Tico e Papito: Cantar, Educar e Amar

Gianni Bacella, Your Father's Smile

Gigantes De La Tribu De Juda, Somos Los Gigantes

Giggly Kids Musical Entertainment, Ready, Set, Giggle!

Gigi and Mike, Crunchy PartyMix

Gigi and the Lend Me a Hand Band, Movement and Merriment

Gigi and the Lend Me a Hand Band, Rockin` in the Ocean

Gina Howell, Allie and Gus

Gina Minks, Let's Play Pretend

Gina Sing, Sing With Me

Ginai, Endless Christmas

Ginalina, Forest Friends' Nature Club Album

Ginalina, Sandcastle Magic

Ginger Hendrix, Macaroni Boy Eats at Chez Shooby Doo

Ginger Parish, Twilight Comes Tiptoeing

Ginger Sands, The Gift of Make-Believe

Ginny Reilly, Doodleedoin'

Gippa, La Mongolfiera

Gippa, Spazio Orbita E Va

Girl Mafia, Lemonade

Girls Inc., I Am More

Gitika, Rabbit In Your Rucksack

Giuseppe Zanka, Atmosfera di Natale

Glastonbury, The Goblin's Flute

Glen Duncan, Baby Nakia

Glen Duncan, Gifford

Glen Duncan, Skull Manor

Glenda Bonin, Winston the Wide Mouth Frog and Other Fantastic Folktales

Glenda Cedarleaf Msw, Sleep Into Dreamtime for Children: A Guided Imagery Journey

Glenn Colton, Glenn Colton`s Greatest Hits, Volume 2

Glenn Colton, Mr. Ducky Wucky, The Wonderful Secret

Glenn Colton, Raise Our Voices For Healthy Choices; Songs to celebrate character in your classroom

Glenn Colton, The Character Collection

Glenn Colton, The Cyber Safety Collection

Glenn Gowan, A Frog in the Throat

Glo, Celebrate Yourself

Global Family Yoga, Chill Children (Guided Relaxation)

Gloria L. Velasquez, Double Bubbleheads

Gloria Vargas, Arrullos y Canciones

God's Blessings "No Chains Holding Me Down", Deepening My Devotion

Godfire, Exousia

Gogo Bonkers, Love The Land

Goin' Monkey, Goin' Monkey

Goin' Monkey, Monkeyin' Around

Golestan Colab, Golestan Stories (A Persian Audiobook for Children)

Good Dog, Tunes From The Tides

Good Rockin` Daddies, Born To Boogie

Goodman & Narleski, Prelude to a Dream

Googol Power, Addition Celebration

Googol Power, Crazy 4 Math

Googol Power, Multiplication Vacation

Gordon Earl, The Lullabies

Gordon Mcghie, Back to the Sea (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Gordon Munro, Firelight Stories

GordonHalleck, Bugger Pickers

Gospel Chipmunks, Power In the Blood (Chipmunks)

Gospo and the Gospel Kids!, My God Is Big, Big, Big!, Vol. 2 Teaching Series Instrumentals

Gospo and The Gospel Kids!, Sing Unto The Lord A New Song!

Gospo and the Gospel Kids!, Sing Unto the Lord A New Song, Vol. 1. Teaching Series Instrumentals

Graacc, Rir É o Melhor Remédio

Grace and Hannah, A Collage of Praise

Grace Church Children's Choirs, 2 Timothy 3:15

Grace Church Children's Choirs, Believe

Grace Church Children's Choirs, Treasure

Grace Elizabeth, It'll Be Alright

Grace Happens, I Found an Angel

Grace Markay, Our Friends On Wooster Square

GraceWing, Butterfly Dream

Gracie Levendusky, Motion

Gramela Pamela, (I Just Wanna Go) Home Again

Gramela Pamela, The Yeben! Song (Let's Yeben! Do It)

Gramela Pamela, What's a Yeben!

Grampa & Grammy Russell, God, What Are We Going to Do? Adventures in Children's Faith

GrandBob, Giggle and Grin With GrandBob

GrandBob, Wiggle and Waggle with GrandBob

GrandBob, Your Baby Boy`s Very Own Song

GrandBob, Your Baby Girl`s Very Own Song

GrandCamp Adventrues, Here We Go!

Grandpaguy, Let the Children Play

Granny Annie, Don't you feed that dog those Chocolate Chip Cookies

Grant Wilcox & Gregory Theisen, Of Youthful Heart

Gras-De Band, Lieve Sint

Grasshopper, Summer in the Country

Great Silver Bear, Lullabies for Little Ones

Greater Vision Kids, Go And Tell

Green Genes, Green Genes

Greg Cherone, A Man Named Abraham Lincoln

Greg Cooney, Won`tcha Get Off The Couch?

Greg Ellis, Dance! (Amber and Friends)

Greg Howlett, Heirloom

Greg Loop, Stories from Duke Puddintown

Greg Page, Summer Fun Jive

Greg Percy, Songs in the Key of Art Volume 1

Greg Percy, Songs in the Key of Art Volume 2

Greg Percy, Songs in the Key of Art Volume 3

Greg Percy, Songs In The Key Of Art Volume 5

Gregg LeRock, Encore

Gregg LeRock, OUI!

Gregg LeRock, Vive LeRock!

Gregory V. Moss, Footsteps of a Champion: Words That Inspire

GregRobin Smith & The Washington Shakespeare Festival, Whisper Music to My Weary Spirit

Grenadilla, Can't Wait

Gretchen Pinkava, Once As I Remember Ancient Yuletide Carols

Gretchen Preston, Valley Cats: The Adventures of Boonie and River

Gretel Coetzee, Thula Baba

Grey Proctor & Adam Mott, The Tails of Abbygail Theme / Ruff Life

Grigaitis, Tijunelis, Venclovas, Zuikis Puikis - Lithuanian Children`s Songs

Groove Shack Music, Crazy Kids Songs (Groove Shack Music Presents)

GrooveBarbers, Glory

GrooveBarbers, Guts

Groovy David, Everybody

Groovy David, Kiddie Lounge

Groovy Nate, Meet Groovy Nate

Groovy Ruby, Strong, Lovin`, and Fun

Gross Kid, Gross Kid Songs

Grupo Creando Sonrisas, El Tren de las Sonrisas

Grupo Libro Abierto, Leemos para Haser Corridos

Guillermo Lynch & Rocio Dama de la Cumbia, Noche Buena

Guillermo Sevilla, Silly Little Dreamer

Guitar Bob, Roots and Journeys: American Songs for Families

Gunnar Madsen, Ants in My Pants

Guns N Charoses, GImme Some Latkes

Gustavo E. López, La Máquina de Aventuras

Guy G. Faux, Sweet Dreams

Gwen Laster, Music for the Creative String Player: Violin Book 1

Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang, Clap Your Hands

Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang, Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang

Gyanbindu, Yoga Kids Relax - Imagination Meditations

Gypsy Queen Carousel Band Organ, Gypsy Queen, Vol. 2

H. Lynn Kitchens, Rockin` with the Goose

Habla Blah Blah, French, Vol. One

Hal L. Singer & Georganna Barry, The Last Scream of Halloween

Halloween Hero, Organ Spook Classics

Halloween Party Team, Haunted House

Halloween, Haunted Night

Ham and Burger, Kidtopia

Hanan Harchol, Lullaby

Hand Aid, Felt Around the World

Hani Niroo & Pardis for Children, Songs of Pardis

Hannah Richardson, A Moment in Song

Hans Engel, Wunderwelten

Hans Mayer, Funny Little Creatures

Hans Mayer, Good Morning

Hans Mayer, Happy Little Elves

Hans Mayer, It`s Our World- the Green Album

Hans Mayer, Just A Little Hug

Hans Mayer, Lullaby and Goodnight

Hans Mayer, See You Later Alligator

Hans Mayer, Silly Biz: Hans Mayer Favorites

Hans Mayer, Star of the Swing Set

Hans Peter Salentin & Janosch Salentin, Sternenlieder

Hap Palmer, A Child`s World of Lullabies-Multicultural Songs For Quiet Times

Hap Palmer, Baby Songs Original - Soundtrack

Hap Palmer, Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye? Songs For Learning Through Music And Movement

Hap Palmer, Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet? - Songs For Learning Through Music and Movement

Hap Palmer, Holiday Magic

Hap Palmer, One Little Sound - Fun With Phonics And Numbers

Hap Palmer, Peek-A-Boo and Other Songs For Young Children

Hap Palmer, Rhythms On Parade

Hap Palmer, Turn On The Music

Hap Palmer, Two Little Sounds - Fun with Phonics and Numbers

Hap Palmer, We`re On Our Way

Happy Hatters, Happy Hatters

Harmonic Conversion, Soaring High

Harmony and the Harmonichauns, Hey! How Did You Know My Name Is Buckles?

Harmony Singing Group, Come Bless the LORD

Harrison and Druitt, Goldfish and Friends

Harry Scott, Bamboo Basket Boy

Harry Scott, Jakamarra and the Red Ochre Quest

Harvest Worship Kids, Top of Our Lungs EP

Hawk Hurst, Buffalo Dreaming: Ballads, Stories, and Music from the Dawn of Time

Hazel Ketchum introducing The Cooper School Choir, Say Darlin' Say

Hélène Bohy, A L'eau

Hélène Bohy, Au Loup !

Hélène Bohy, Dinosaures Et Autres Betosaures

Hélène Bohy, Papoum

Hélène Bohy, Tangonino

Hörspiel, Lucky Der Abenteuerliche Hundewelpe / Ein Hörbuch Für Kinder, Happy Birthday Reggae

Healthy Song, Free to be Healthy, Free to be Strong

Hearthstone Media, Classic Children`s Poetry, Vol. 1: a Child`s Garden of Verses

Heather Bishop, Bellybutton

Heather Bishop, Chickee`s on the Run

Heather Forest, Tales Around the Hearth

Heather Manley, Human Body Detectives Theme Song

Heather Whaley, A Bit of This and That, And A Snap, Clap, Tap. A collection of Stories and Songs 2 cd

Heather Whaley, Let's Sing! This Little Tune Together

Heather's Hair Dryer, Heather's Hair Dryer

Heav'n, No More

Heav'n, The Letter (Do You Like Me?)

Heavenly Honky Tonk, Heavenly Honky Tonk

Hedvig and Selma, Magi

Heidi Cope, Lullaby and Goodnight

Heidi Hutchence, Lala Landing

Heidi Hutchence, Welcome to Lalaland

Heidi McKee, Light

Heidi Siegell, In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages

Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band, My Cup of Tea

Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band, Play!

Helen Moffat, Fire Truck, Fire Truck and more Fun Stuff

Helen Moffat, Special Days and other Fun Stuff

Helen Ross Ford, Dandelion (feat. Ejay)

Helen Slater, The Myths of Ancient Greece

Helena Estrada & German Lobos, Mr. Soap / Señor Jabón

Helene Zindarsian, A Mother's Love

Hellen Rivas & El Grupo H, Villancicos Alegre Navidad

Hemppa-Orava, Hemppa pelastaa

henslee and kenslee, Wiggly Biggly Toes

Her Daddy's Voice, Her Daddy's Voice

Here Comes Trouble, Goo On My Shoe

Herman Beeftink, Carousel & Calliope

Hermanos Grimm, El Gato Con Botas (un Cuento de los Hermanos Grimm)

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, Hershel Sounds

Hey Buster, I Like My Bike

Hey Buster, Yeti Likes Spaghetti

Hey Kids!, Rap Time

Hey Mom!, Listen to Your Mamma

Hey Mom!, Singing on a Star

Hey! Young World, True Friendship

Hey! Young World®, Misunderstood

Hi Tide, Warm Wishes

Hi-Pitch, Animal Party

High School Musical Tribute, High School Musical Tribute: Goes Punk

Highland Community Church, Greater Things Live

Hildegunn Vederhus, Fritt Fram

Hildemarta Diaz de Riera, Volvamos a Cantar II

Hilltop Hightops, Super Galactic Space Banana

Hilo Greg, Little Songs for Big Kids

Hip Chainey, Mo' Songs for Child

Hip Chainey, Songs for Child

Hip Hop Harry, Jammy Jams

Hip Hop Kids Club, Jam With Me, Vol 1

Hip Science, The Human Body 101

Hipp, Kammeraad, and Friends, A Curious Glimpse of Michigan

Historic Wurlitzer Carousel Music, Historic Wurlitzer Carousel Music, Vol. 1

Historic Wurlitzer Carousel Organ Music, Historic Wurlitzer Carousel Music, Vol. 2

Hit Kid Songs, Hit Kid Songs #1

Ho Lan, Clarinet Polka

Ho Lan, Happy Yodeling

Ho Lan, Happy Yodeling (Chinese 歡愉的歌者: 賀蘭)

Hoida Khaliel, Songs For Children 1 Kids Kids

Holly Christmas, Christmas Favorites for the Kids

Holly Primary School Choir, Nursery Rhymes

Hollywood Studio Sound Effects, Cartoon Sound Effects Volume#1

Homer Hallelu', Performing Live On Stage Comedy Mayhem

Honey Grove, Summer Freak

Honey Hutchcroft, Hana Hutchcroft & Kim Hutchcroft, Tender Branches Promises

Honey Hutchcroft, Tender Branches: Songs for Children and Their Families

Hoofbeats, Angels in the Bible

Hoofbeats, God's Big Ten Commandments

Hoofbeats, Hoofbeats I

Hoofbeats, Kids in the Bible

Hope Harris & J.R. Getches, Julie the Starfish and Other Lullabies

Hope Harris, Cousins Jamboree

Hope Harris, Picasso, That's Who! (And So Can You!)

Hope Kidz, Hope Kidz Worship

Hope Kidz, I'll Be Hope for Christmas

Hosea Humphrey, Sounds of Yesteryear

Hostos 3rd Grade Songwriters, I'll Be the Friend

House Fairy, Pamela Young, Burke Harris, House Fairy Songs for Children

How2dolife, Mooove Over

Howard Broadbent, The Blackpool Belle

Howie, Kids Club with Howie

Hoy Lari, Getseh Pokreegner

Hoy Lari, Jamanagn Eh

Hoy Lari, Khaghaloo

Hubert the Tree, The Magic Owl

Hudson and Wilkens and Hawaiian Children`s Choir, ABC`s of Friendship and Peace Children`s Songs

Hue J. The Hip-Hop Hippo, Hue J.`s Multiplication Tables

Huggable Melodies, Picked-On Poindexter

Hugo the Hippo, Amazing Bible Stories for Kids - Volume One

Hugworks, Best I Can Be

Hugworks, We Can Do

Hugworks, World Around Song

Hui United, ใจหมา (a Dog's Tale) [feat. Thirawat Srisurang]

Hullabaloo, A Mighty Good Day

Hullabaloo, High Roller

Hullabaloo, Raise a Ruckus

Hullabaloo, Road Trip

Hullabaloo, Shy Kid Blues

Human-Tim + Robot-Tim, You Are an Astronaut

Human-Tim+Robot-Tim, Pop of the Tots!

Humberto Almaraz, Santa Will Love My Christmas Tree

I Love This School Tour, I Love This School Tour Original Soundtrack

Ian Beaty with Claire Coles, Now It`s Time for English

Ian Blakeney, A to Z of Australia for Kids

Ian Blakeney, Aussie Beachtime for Kids

Ian Blakeney, Aussie Outback for Kids

Ian Doescher, Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Ibble Bibble & Stewzo, Welcome to the Party

Ibrary's Children's Music & Stories, Aesop's Fables

Ibrary's Children's Music & Stories, Campfire Sing Along Songs

Ibrary's Children's Music & Stories, Songs of Faith

Identical Harmony, Downloadable 1

Identical Harmony, Let Your Music Shine

Identical Harmony, Symphony Shine Time: Focus on the Brass, Featuring the Canadian Brass

Idlewild, The Birds of Rhiannon

Ifire, Jump!

Igor Pogosyan, Magic

Igor Pogosyan, Starlight

IJK Club, Sing Me A Story-Tell Me A Song Volume 1

IJK Club, Sing Me A Story-Tell Me A Song Volume 2

Ike Alexander, Ten Basic Recommended Rudiments For Percussionist

iKnow, iKnow Music from the Pride

Ilene Graff, Baby`s Broadway Lullabies

Ilona Yue, Ilona`s Christmas

ilymusic, Music Box Famous Classical Melodies

Imagination Movers, Licensed to Move

Imagination Workshop Band, Subway Train

Impact Kids, Yes I Can: a Message of Hope

In A World..., 13 Nights of Halloween

In A World..., Horrible Halloween Jokes - Live (or Dead) From the Fabulously, Frighteningly, Funny Comedy Crypt

In A World..., In A Snow Globe

In A World..., It's A Kidz World

In A World..., My Halloween

In Another Place, Smiles are Superb

Ina Allen & Barbara Kemp, Nanushka: A Russian Children's Story

INCITE PRODUCTIONS-Terri New, Alice " I Feel So ME Now! Performance CD

INCITE PRODUCTIONS-Terri New, Alice " I Feel So ME Now!" Script

INCITE PRODUCTIONS-Terri New, Alice “I Feel So Me Now!” Rehearsal CD

Indigo Pixies, The Paci Pixie

Inestate, Enigma - Famiglie Nel Mistero

Inestate, Esteban

Inestate, Idros E Lo Scrigno Delle Carte

Inestate, Il Segreto Di Ryù

Inestate, L`acchiappasogni di Hashale

Inestate, Mega-play - Una vita in gioco

Ingrid`s Sing and Dance-a-longs, Autumn Series

Ingrid`s Sing and Dance-a-longs, Broadway Series

Ingrid`s Sing and Dance-a-longs, Christmas Series

Ingrid`s Sing and Dance-a-longs, International Series

Innerhouse Studios, The Dance Mix

Inoj Kreativ, Kharms FM (feat. Vyacheslav Butusov)

Inspired!, City Kids

Inspired!, Happy Kids

Inspired!, Sleepy Kids

Ira Fiedelman, Professor Bear's Bedtime Blues

Irina, Irina`s Zing- en Springliedjes

Iris Danielle, Ik Ben Iris (Kijk Naar Mij)

Isaac Kyobe & Nicole Kyobe, The Altar

Isabel Belina, It's a Great Big World Beatrice

Isabella Pena, Goodbye

Isabelle Giguère, Bunny Rabbit Walks in the Garden

Isabelle Renaud, Mes Berceuses Favorites

Isabelle Renaud, My Favourite Lullabies

Ishah Wright aka Laurah Guillen, Miracle: (The Remix for the Theme Song for the "Intelligence With Ishah Wright" TV production) [feat. Jason Sam "Ish" Wright & Geri "GiGi" Ross]

Isham(Ike)Alexander, Pull 'Em Up! Please!

Island Ed, Island Ed`s Lil` Isle Ditties

Issa Boulos, Little Composers

Istvan & His Imaginary Band, Sweet!

Istvan & His Imaginary Band, Things I Like

It's a Habit Company!, Debt Stinks

It's a Habit! Company, S-A-V-E

Itchy Lee and Itchy Dee McGee, The Wowzers

Ivan Perez, 1-2-3 Con La Musica en Los Pies

Ivan Ulz, Songs From the Old School

Ivan Ulz, This Is My School

Ivonne e Ivette, Clasificación ABC

Ivory D, Tearin` It Up

Ivy Joe Milan, Santa Claus (Here He Comes)

Izoumuzik, Christmas Songs: Music for Children

Παιδική Χορωδία Ωδείου Αναγέννηση, Ήρθαν Χριστούγεννα Και Πάλι

J&J, Modern-Day Hebrew

J-Fresh, Fresh Air

J. A. Kelly, Christ in Christmas

J. P. Harrison, Storytime

J.ettwein Consulting LLC, Think About Outer Space

J.J. Farnham, Wouldn't It Be Great...

Jaap Loonen, De Pepernoten Samba (feat. Piet Tonie)

JabberBug Media, Lucinda the Ladybug

Jabberbug Media, Qwirky Works

Jack Bearce, The Cricket's Ball

Jack Hartmann, Alphabet Songs

Jack Hartmann, Kindergarten Songs (Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)

Jack Hoban, Silent Night

Jack Kellett, Baby Soundscapes

Jack Lancaster, The Rock. Peter and the Wolf

Jack Pearson, Googolplex & Other Numbers

Jack Pearson, The Merry Pirate School

Jack Tracksler & the Magic Fire Music Performers, Chase Danger: Super Spy #1 Read-Along Story

Jackabella, Looking In, Looking Out

Jackie Gray, Never Alone

Jackie, Chayote y Calabaza

Jackie, El Blues de la Mosca

Jackie, Jackie Zone

Jaco Van Der Steen, Feestmaal Voor De Koning

Jacqueline Brakel, On Route

Jacques Jake Chenier, Content d'être moi

Jailyn, Little Girl

Jaime Lewis, KidsCan: Music With a Message

Jake Chenier, Dancing With the Dinosaurs

Jake Chenier, Pizza Paradise

Jake Jacques Chenier, Walking in the Sun

Jake Speed and the Freddies, Sluggers

Jake T & The Jamboree, Kitchy Classics

Jake, Ziggy Zaggy Road

Jakob Klotz, Das Märchen Von Der Prinzessin (Soundtrack)

Jalen Borden, Mr Langham & Billie Yvette, The Three Little Pigs

Jam Toast, Rock n' Roll Playground

Jam Toast, Silly Grown-Ups, Punk Is For Kids

Jambo, Hootenanny

Jambo, Lucy's Parade

Jambo, Planetpals

James & Atleacia Gibson & Atleacia Gibson, Preschool Pandas (Fun With Numbers)

James & Atleacia Gibson, Preschool Pandas: Music and Movement

James Brentar, Mr. Froggy and Mr. Bear

James Covell, McGee and Me

James Graham, Stories of Mali and Other Tales

James Hendricks, Campfire Songs Vol. 1

James Henry, Kwanzaa/seven Principles

James Hollingworth, Halvfemhuset

James Humphrey, Saturday

James McNary, James and Friends at Christmas

James Merritt, Zhana Sofia

James O'Callaghan, The Giant over Belfast

James Posey, Christmas in California (Instrumental)

James Turner, A Smile & A Laugh

James Turner, One Little Place

Jamey "Stymie" Stephens, Our Father's Lap

Jamie Allen & Toni Austin-Allen, Elemental Dragons

Jamie Barnett, I Love to Ride My Bike

Jamie Barnett, Just Look at You

Jamie Broza, I Want A Dog!

Jamie Dunphy & Drew Dunphy, The Syncopated Bird

Jamie Junger, Fishin' for Pickles

Jamie Mitges & Toni Petrinovich, I Am More Than Okay

Jamie Mitges, The Soul of Christmas

Jamie Soles, Giants and Wanderers

Jamie Soles, Wells

Jamin Coller, Penguin in a Floaty (feat. Bradley Paul Clark)

Jamison Sevits, Get On Down!

Jammin With the Kids, Ryme and Teach

Jammin` Jim Sanders, My Chair is a Plane

Jammy Man, Acoustic Music for Kids and Adults

Jamucation, Jamucation - 4th Grade

Jan Cline, Baby Notes Lullaby Music

Jan Jackson, The Dragon of Redonda

Jan Kubiac, A Achoo! B Boogaloo!

Jan Linder-Koda, Sophisticated Lullabies

Jan Pulsford, Merlyn`s Magical Music

Jan Pyne, Thank You Brother Joseph (feat. McKenzie Bunker)

Jan Pyne, Walking With Jesus

Jane and Steven Schoenberg, My Bodyworks

Jane Baxter, Santa Claus Be Good To Yourself !!

Jane McGuffin, Sing A Song About Christmas

Jane Mitchell, We Shine

Jane Roman Pitt, Midnight Lullaby

Janet Johnson & The New Tune Chorus, Tunes That Teach and Tell

Janet Redstone, The Colors Of The World

Janet Sirett, Creepy, Crawly, Slimy things

JanetMarie and m`Archibald, Boogah and Hoogah`s Haunted Houseparty volume 1

Janice Buckner, Around the World and Home Again / Making Friends

Janice Buckner, Peace Around the World / Peace

Janice Buckner, Reaching Out / Character & Kindness

Janice Buckner, Songs of the Earth's Community / Ecology

Janice Kapp Perry and Lynne Perry Christofferson, I Love to See the Temple

Janice Kapp Perry and Lynne Perry Christofferson, Me encanta ver el templo

Janice Kapp Perry and Val Camenish Wilcox, Happiness Comes In Colors

Janice Kapp Perry, As a Child of God

Janice Kapp Perry, I`m Trying to Be Like Jesus

Janice Kapp Perry, Steven Kapp Perry, Lynne Perry Christofferson, A Child`s Prayer

Janice Kapp Perry, Steven Kapp Perry, Lynne Perry Christofferson, Holding Hands Around the World

Janice Kapp Perry, The Church of Jesus Christ

Janie Next Door, Come Sing Along With Janie Next Door

Janie Tate, Janie's Custom Lullabies

Janie Tate, Skruffy the Teenage Polar Bear

Janina Russell, Colours Of The Rainbow

Jannie Pilgrim, Bullfrong Anthem

Jannie Pilgrim, Possible, Everything Is Possible (feat. Tiffany Chavis, Garrett Johnson & Jaylen Chavis Robinson)

Jannos Eolou, Time Squatters

Janyce Moomjian Soprano, Velvet Lullabies and Children`s Music

Jared McMillan, Puttin' on Janamas

Jaron & Aprile, Let It Go

Jarrett Burns, Now I Can

Jasmine Dagenais, Mon Fantôme Préféré

Jason & Layla, We're Making a Record

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam Featuring Suzi Shelton, Free to and Me (feat. Suzi Shelton)

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, Everyone's Invited!

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, Five Sea Lions

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, Peek-a-Boo Moon

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, Stay in the Pool

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, The Pick Song

Jason Gangwish, Rest

Jason Herring and the Mystery Plan, Skeleton Man

Jason Levine, Just Play Music (Season One, EP1)

Jason Levine, Sabi Sabi

Jason Levine, You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch (from Just Play Music, The Holiday Episode)

Jason Lingel, Island Song

Jason Mizener, Be Patient

Jason Mizener, Happy Halloween

Jason Mizener, Please Say Please

Jason Mizener, Santa Needs a Little Help This Year

Jason Mizener, The Months of the Year

Jason Mizener, Tomorrow's Another Day

Jason Riley, Funky Folk

Javier Badía & Rebeca Guillén, Chiquimico

Jawbone, Holy Guacamole! A Jawbone Jamboree!

Jaxsn, Hamburger

Jay Barry, Audio Stewpot, Vol. 1

Jay Stetzer & John Teleska, Fables in Four Minutes

Jay Stetzer, Parking in Manhattan

Jay Stetzer, The Fantabulous Cumulo-Nimbuli Pump

Jaymie Gerard, Big Round Moon: Sing-Along Lullabies

Jazmin Rosario, Me Cuida

Józef Jan Gałecki & Children Concert Group 'Sezamki', Mam z piosenkami kram

Józef Jan Gałecki & Children's Concert Group 'Sezamki', Zamieszanie w Lichostanie

Józef Jan Gałecki, Lesne Disco

Józef Jan Gałecki, Sport and Rock

JC Mendizabal, Acoustic Baby Dreams

JD Wages, To Kids From 1 To 92

Je Te Chante Une Berceuse, Je Te Chante Une Berceuse

Jean Humanic, Santa Sit Beneath My Christmas Tree

Jean Lafleur & Shirley Baxter, Kevin & Askem ~ An Awesome Twosome

Jean Pierre, U Bahn tichtung alter Markt

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans, Joy

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans, Mommy Knows Best

Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans, Sugar Buzz

Jeannette Claudine Romeu aka Galaxy Girl, Bebé Jeanny

Jeannette Lambert, Bebop for Babies 2

Jeannie McQueenie, Kids Rock Band

Jeannie Mcqueenie, Mikey's Deep Sea Adventure

Jeannine Proulx, The Melodies: Harmonies for Pre-Schoolers

Jeff Roady Grable, Got Some New Clothes

Jeff & Paige, Get Outdoors!

Jeff Apthorp, Christmas The Way We Remember

Jeff Beatman, Happy and You Know it

Jeff Beatman, Jeff Beatman is in the Mood for Singing

Jeff Beatman, Sunny Day

Jeff Forrest, Jeff's Imagination Nation

Jeff Hunter, Elemenope (L-M-N-O-P)

Jeff Iftekaruddin, Songs About Turtles, Wolves, And Stan The Man: Music For Kids Who Get It!

Jeff Jam, Elephant Shoes

Jeff Jam, Grin Happy Goofy Style

Jeff Jam, Snores

Jeff Johnson, Holes in the Knees

Jeff Johnson, It`s Good

Jeff Johnson, That Punchin` Bag Thang

Jeff Johnson, What Do You Smell like?

Jeff Kagan, Songs From the Trail

Jeff Lillard, Kids Songs Vol III by Jeff Lillard

Jeff Lillard, Kids Songs Volume V

Jeff Lillard, Kids Songs, Vol. IV

Jeff Little, Quest for Glory 4 1/2 (So You Thought You Heard It All?) [Soundtrack]

Jeff Munsick, The Singing Pirate

Jeff Norman, Holly Bug

Jeff Oppen, Monkey Bars

Jeff Sanford, Cartoonjazz Septet & Cartoonjazz Orchestra, Cartoonjazz Septet & Orchestra

Jeff Snow, The Ballad of Toto the Tornado Kitten

Jeff Sorg, Big Songs, Little Songs: Say so Much

Jeff Sorg, Carry Me

Jeff Sorg, Songs Say so Much

Jeff Sorg, Stars Are Shinin' On You

Jeff Sorg, Wheels Go Around

Jeff Taylor Violin Lullabies, Soothing Violin Lullaby Music for Baby & Mom

Jeff Vasiloff, Heroes

Jeff Warren, Synonym Toast

Jeffrey Friedberg and the Bossy Frog Band, Rocket Ship to the Sleepy Place

Jeffrey Gold, Lullaby Strange (The Story of Lullaby Strange)

Jeffrey Helsius, Destination Train

Jeffrey Jousan, ねむれ (Nemure -A Japanese Lullaby)

Jelly, Jelly

Jemina ja Selina Sillanpää, Siljakudaa: Seppo Sillanpään Lastenlauluja

Jen & Rick's Silly Songs, Let Us Be Friends

Jen Havens Romanat, Just Pickin' Flowers

Jen Rhonheimer, Oh, That's Right (It's Hanukkah)

Jendi, American Folk Music

Jenifer Thyssen & Darrel Mayers, Dusk is Drawn (Folk Lullabies from around the World)

Jenks, Animals from A to Z

Jenks, Day at the Park

Jenks, Do the Caveman

Jenks, High Five a Dinosaur

Jenks, School Rocks!

Jenneane Thompson, Miss Jenneane`s Cool Classroom Songs

Jenni Cargill-Strong, Molly Whuppie and Other Wonder Tales

Jenni Cargill-Strong, The Mermaid's Shoes

Jenni Cargill-Strong, The Story Tree and Other Nature Tales

Jenni Pulos, Old School Kids Beats

Jenni Samuelson, Once Upon a Lullaby (feat. Stephen Thomas)

Jennie Avila, Jennie Avila for Kids

jennielea!, Its Me Jennielea And My Very First Cd

Jennifer and Trinity Harrison, In Christ

Jennifer Ellis, Rise & Shine... It's Time to Play!

Jennifer Gasoi, Songs For You

Jennifer Gasoi, Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well

Jennifer Jazwierska, Adventures Within

Jennifer Murphy, Rock-a-bye Bach

Jennifer Rose, Songs of My Childhood

Jennifer Russell, This Is Where I Live

Jennifer Russell, Together We Can Do Great Things

Jennifer Thomas and Carolyn Southworth, The Lullaby Album , Vol. 1 Piano with Orchestra

Jennifer Thomas and Carolyn Southworth, The Lullaby Album, Vol. 2 Solo Piano

Jennifer Yeung, Dream the Ocean Blue

Jenny B, After Rain

Jere Franklin, Nalla Paadalgal

Jeremy Blaido, God is Near

Jeremy Blaido, I Am An Alien

Jeremy Lyons, Silly Goose Music

Jeremy Plays Guitar, Rock-Ucation

Jeremy Plays Guitar, Use Your Words

Jeremy Quick, Superhero

Jeri Sulley, Edgar Renteria - Single

Jerilee Camille Newby, Children`s Songs From Nature: Drawing Out The Human Values

Jermaine Bollinger, Cheese

Jerome Godwin III, I'm Still a Kid

Jerry and the Silly Monsters, Let's Play!

Jerry and the Silly Monsters, No Bully Zone

Jerry Braxton, Sir Mac and Lady Alley: Paws in the Air

Jerry Cowling, The Storyteller Says "Boo"

Jerry Morris, Lori's Song

Jerry Zollman, Inevitable Passing

Jesse Gagnon, Rosey

Jessica Bittner, Hope Rising

Jessica Davis, The Beginning of Planet Earth

Jessica Will, Bring the World To You

Jessica Will, Luckiest Girl

Jessie Beebe, Pump up the Praise

Jessie Farrell, Take Me Outside

Jessyca Sarango, Henry el Camioncito Verde, Vol. 1

Jesus Inspired Music, Bible Story Songs #1

Jesus Inspired Music, Hello God 2012 - Single

Jesus Squad, Mi Superheroe

Jill Conner, My Witty Kitty City Cat

Jill Conner, Umbrella Weather

Jill Dawson, When I Dream

Jill Kremer, Chocolate Covered Love

Jill Kremer, Hocus Pocus

Jill Owen, Shush Little One

Jill Rogoff, Harp Music for Babies

Jilly Bean, Jilly Bean

Jim and Mary Kay Altizer, God`s Love `n` Lullabies

Jim Armenti, Bees Go Buzzing

Jim Centorino, Bananas For Lunch!

Jim Centorino, Pizza Man!

Jim Cosgrove, Bop Bop Dinosaur

Jim Cosgrove, Mr. Stinky Feet`s Christmas

Jim Cosgrove, Ooey Gooey

Jim Cosgrove, Pick Me! Pick Me!

Jim Cosgrove, Stinky Feet

Jim Cosgrove, Swimming In Noodles

Jim Cosgrove, Upside Down

Jim DeJulio, The Three Pigs

Jim Fidler, Huck's New Wagon

Jim Harmon, A Matter of Time

Jim Harmon, Lullabies and Lovesongs

Jim Hickey, Silent Night

Jim Hubler, Big Bruce, the Big Blue Spruce

Jim LaChapelle the Storyteller, Once Upon My Imagination

Jim McCarthy, Celebrate Character

Jim McCarthy, Celebrate Reading

Jim Mercado, Donn S. Ehrlich, Rick Kasper, Tim Krol, All Through The Night: A Cappella Lullabies

Jimbo Trout, Jam Along With Jimbo

Jimmy Bean and the Playground Revolution, Silly songs about silly things

Jimmy Tran, Facegod Jesuschrist

Jingle Bros, Groundhog Day - Single

Jinyoung Kim, A Singing Letter: Jinyoung Kim's Original Songs for Children, Vol. 2-1

Jinyoung Kim, A Singing Letter: Korean Children`s Songs

Jinyoung Kim, Breathing Joy: Korean Children's Songs (호~ 불어줄게요: 김진영 동요집) Vol. 3

Jinyoung Kim, I Am Happy: Korean Children's Songs (내 마음이 기쁘단다: 김진영 동요집) Vol. 1

Jinyoung Kim, 한 번 다시 일어나 (Once Again)

Jinyoung Kim, Korean Lullaby for You: Never Ending Melody (너를 위한 자장가: 그치지 않는 노래)

Jip, Alltijd Geheimen

JJ's Children's Music & Stories, Classic Stories With Songs: Aesop's Fables 2

JJ's Tunes & Tales, Bible Stories with Songs

JJ's Tunes & Tales, Bible Stories With Songs 2

JJ's Tunes & Tales, Greek Myths With Songs

JJ's Tunes & Tales, I Will Guard Your Heart (A Lullaby)

JJ's Tunes & Tales, Months of the Year Song

Jj's Tunes & Tales, The Pied Piper of Hamelin: Story With Songs

Jj's Tunes & Tales, The Ugly Duckling: Story With Songs

Jj's Tunes & Tales, The Wright Brothers: Story With Songs

JJ`s Children`s Music and Stories, Classic Stories with Songs (Aesop`s Fables)

Jo Alexis Bronstein and Arlie Conner, Animal Tea Party

Jo Wright, Cyril the Squirrel

Joan Huntsberry, Under The Jewelberry Moon

Joan Huntsberry, Under the Jewelberry Tree

Joan Mancini, Silly Songs for Sight Words

Joanie Calem, Dancing Through the Seasons With Joanie Calem

Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights, Bandwagon

Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights, Falling

Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights, Good Egg

Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights, Meshugana

Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights, What A Zoo!

Joanna Becker, Patrick Moore & Sergio Pallottelli, Tarquinio Merula: Ciaccona

Joanna K Hettinga, Fun in the Fall

Joanna K Hettinga, Hello, Mr. Winter

Joanne D'amico, Children's Relaxation: Guided Relaxations to Help Manage Anxiety, Stress and Worry

Joanne Hammil, Pizza Boogie

Joanne Hammil, The World`s Gonna Listen!

Joanne Riel, The Flying Teapot

João Marcos Maia Vidal, Bibliajando: Pela História da Criação

Jodi Hassler, A Guest in the Castle

Jodi Hassler, Chip, The Puppy With Two Homes

Jodi Koplin's Jigglejam, Kangarooster

Jody Abboud and The New Song Kids Choir, It`s Gonna Be a Really Good Day!

Jody Abboud and the New Song Kids Choir, The Best Gift

Jody Prusan, You Are the Light

Jody Rael, Papillo the Caterpillar

Joe Fred, The Lullabye Album

Joe Gianono & Emi, Beautiful Child (English / Male Vocal)

Joe Gianono & Moontail, I Like Green

Joe Guida, Lucky Him: He's the Fireman! (feat. Brandon Gicquel & Eden Seskin)

Joe Holt, He's Steppin' Out

Joe Livoti, Kids` Songs for Grownups Too

Joe McDermott, Above the Crowd: Songs from the show

Joe McDermott, Everybody Plays Air Guitar

Joe McDermott, Holiday Break

Joe McDermott, Kitty Fight (Radio Version)

Joe McDermott, Kitty Fight Song

Joe McDermott, Rock and Roll Family

Joe Mcdermott, Summer Song

Joe Melillo, Parker the Platypus

Joe Milton, Somebody`s Daddy...Lullabies For Dads

Joe's Backyard Band, Kick Up A Breeze

Joe's Backyard Band, Sugar

Joel & Denaye Walters, The Bible Fellowship Kids Choir & Mr. Mustache, Jesus Is the Savior!

Joel Caithamer, ACTIVATE!

Joel Caithamer, The Biggest Everything in the World

Joel Caithamer, What`s Happening, Spaceman?

Joel Frankel, Don`t Sit on a Cactus

Joel Frankel, I Can`t Sit Still

Joel Frankel, JoJo the Scarecrow - Barnyard Bash

Joel Ramone, Il a©tait une fois

Joel S Chambers, In the Key of Baby

Joey and Kelli King, Ramona Blue

Joey Curtin, Lily Hale and Eden Hale, The Dragon Song

Joey Farber, The Early Years

Joey Fortuna, Insominatrix

Joey Fortuna, Mama's Foot Stuff

Joey Fortuna, That Not How You Do It

Joey Miceli, I Wanna Do Everything

Johan Verminnen & Kinderkoor Laëtitia, Sprookjes

Johanna Grüssner & Mika Pohjola, Nu Ska Vi Sjunga: 40 Nyinspelade Favoriter

Johanna Grüssner, Patrick Wingren & Marcus Söderström, I Sagans Värld: Wonderland

Johanna Grüssner & Mika Pohjola, Nu Ska Vi Sjunga: De Största Favoriterna

John & Angela Taylor, You Can Always Count On Me

John Anaya, I Hate Kids Records

John Bristow, It's Time to Get Up! - Songs for Kids of All Ages

John Bruce & Brandon Bruce, You Created Me

John Carlin and the Kids Music Underground, Welcome to the Kids Music Underground!

John Coleman Demers & Craig Brandwynne, Look At Me Now

John David Hickey, The Bard's New Hat

John Deacon, Alligators Don't Live Under The Bed

John Deboer, Windsong's Lullaby (The Dream Songs)

John Derevlany, Snot Bubble Boy

John Docimo, Healing Streams

John Edmond & Tongorara, Tales of the Game Rangers, Vol. 1

John Edmond & Tongorara, Tales of the Game Rangers, Vol. 2

John Edmond & Tongorara, Tales of the Game Rangers, Vol. 3

John Edmond & Tongorara, Tales of the Game Rangers, Vol. 4

John G. Akerø, Enda En Juleplate

John Gatti, Riding With the Wind

John Gregor, The Bully

John H. Mayer, Snowball: the Missing Reindeer

John Hadfield, Bookmobile Submarine

John Hadfield, Dead Chicken Joe

John Hadfield, Monkeys in the House

John Henry Guitar Lessons, Single String Songs, Vol. 1 (Play-Along Tracks)

John Henry, A John Henry Holiday

John Henry, Brand New Traditionals

John Henry, Everybody Stand Up!

John Hurbon, What If The Stars Played Guitars?

John Israel Ellis, Patterns for Miles

John Jeffrey Hodges, On Halloween

John Joseph Oates, Florence Nightingale (Lady With the Lamp)

John Joseph Oates, Safari Park Way (Knowsley)

John L Samuels Jr, The Sensory Project: Exploration

John L Samuels Jr, Zoo-Tastik / The Sensory Project: Experience

John Mahon, Water

John Michael Maddock, Santa Loves Sally

John Oates, A Sad Little Hedgehog

John Oates, Barn Owl

John Oates, Battle of Britain

John Oates, Chinese Dragon

John Oates, Flying in a Plane

John Oates, Henry the Eighth (King of This Land)

John Oates, Loggerheads

John Oates, Me! Me! It's Only Me!

John Oates, Old Hall Children's Songs, Vol. 1

John Oates, Old Hall Children's Songs, Vol. 2

John Oates, Old Hall Children's Songs, Vol. 3

John Oates, Old Hall Children's Songs, Vol. 4

John Oates, Old Hall Children's Songs, Vol. 5

John Oates, Old Hall Children's Songs, Vol. 6

John Oates, Olympics (I Want to Be an Olympian)

John Oates, Pick Yourself Up!

John Oates, Royal Diamond Jubilee

John Oates, What's On the Menu, Mr Fox?

John Oliver, Sleep E Stories / Rainy Day Rabbit

John Quinn Music Library, Volume 6 Children's Music

John Ramo & Zenon Slawinski, Children's Musical Theater

John Ray, Jingle All the Ray!

John Sheckler, Pretty Barn

John Simon, How I Wonder... Traditional Songs for the Very Young

John Simon, No Place Like Home

John Valentine, Family and Friends

John Wakefield, John Wakefield's A Curious Children's Album

John Winskell, Big Storm Brewing

John Winskell, I've Got a Kitty

Johnette Downing, Boogie Woogie Bugs

Johnette Downing, Reading Rocks

Johnny "Bowtie" Barstow, A Bowtie Christmas And More

Johnny and Natalie, Ba Ba Black Sheep (Ukulele Lullabies)

Johnny and Natalie, Rock a Bye Baby (Ukulele Lullabies)

Johnny and Natalie, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Ukulele Lullaby)

Johnny and the Jamstand Band, Grilled Cheese, Please

Johnny Bregar, Dragonfly

Johnny Bregar, Hootenanny

Johnny Bregar, My Neighborhood

Johnny Bregar, Polly's Rain Dance

Johnny Burns, Let Your Light Shine

Johnny Gidley, Jest 'fore Christmas

Johnny Keener, Elephants Over the Fence

Johnny Keener, Long John

Johnny Only, Baby Shark

Johnny Only, Banana Ram Sam Interactive

Johnny Only, Kids Music You Can Dance To!

Johnny Only, Together With Me

Johnny Only, Tootie Ta (Tooty Tot)

Johnny Prill, A Song for Grandma and Grandpa (National Grandparents Day Song)

Johnny Prill, A Song for Grandma and Grandpa (National Grandparents Day Song) [Original Artist Version]

Johnny Prill, Hugs and Kisses for Grandma

Johnny Rockfit, Disco Daddy

Johnny Rockfit, Johnny Learns Basketball

Johnny Rockfit, Rockstar

Johnpaul and Linda, From Indonesia With Love

Jon & Trev, Unplugged & Silly / Watermelon

Jon and Dawn, Halloween Season

Jon Bingham, (It Feels Like) Christmas in the Air

Jon Bingham, Making Memories With Me (feat. Autumn)

Jon Brooks, Who Cares

Jon Hanson, Love Every Day You Can

Jon Lawhon & Marsha L. Kirk, How the Leopard Got His Spots and Other Great Stories

Jon Sarta, Patriotic Piano

Jon Sarta, Preschool Music Time

Jon Sorensen, Somebody Loves Me

Jonah Hadlock, How Do I Know?

Jonathan Kruk & Matt Noble, Santa On the Hudson

Jonathan Kruk, Barkface and Rootnose

Jonathan Kruk, Halloween Tales

Jonathan Kruk, Rip Van Winkle

Jonathan Kruk, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Jonathan Sprout, American Heroes

Jonathan Sprout, Dr. Music

Jonathan Sprout, Kid Power

Jonathan Sprout, Lullabies For A New Age

Jonathan Sprout, More American Heroes

Jonathan Sprout, On The Radio

Jonathan Valencia, Kingdom Bound

Jonnie and Brookie, For Better

Jonnie and Brookie, Just Having Fun

Jonnie and Brookie, Make a Difference

Jonnie and Brookie, This One's For You

Jonnie And Brookie, What Girls Like

Jonny Lipford, Dream Catcher

Joost Krantz, Within the Cloak of Christmastime

Jor-Shera Productions, Times Facts

Jordan Allen White, Absurd Is the Bird

Jordan E. Spivack, Echo, The Gecko - Single

Jordan Ringel, I Want a Baby Brother for Christmas

Jordan Sax, Fun 2b A Kid!

Jordan Segundo, Patches and Penelope: Adventure On the High Seas (feat. Seth Bly-Char)

Jordyn & EB Hawkins, Over the Rainbow

Jorge Aguilar II, Audience

Jorge Lan, El Sapito del Pantano

Jorge Lan, Los Piratas

Jorge Ojeda, Juguemos Cantando "Canciones y Poemas para Escuchar y Cantar"

Jory Aronson, Jory's Explore-a-Rama!

José-Luis Orozco, Arrullos Lullabies

José-Luis Orozco, Caramba Kids

Jose Castillo, Cantamos Con Gozo

Jose Gonzalez & Banda Criolla, The Best Kids Songs - Bilingual!

Jose Gonzalez Y Banda Criolla, Caribbean Fiesta for Kids

Jose Luis Monton, Flamenco Kids

Joseph Arpaia, Deep Relaxation and Sleep

Joseph C. Aguirre, To Learn to Play

Joseph Camuglia, Purple Monkey's

Joseph DeRosa, To the Children of God

Joseph E. Jammer, Lyndale the Literary Lion

Joseph Healy, The Rubber Duck

Joseph J.I. Pochedley, Family and Friends

Joseph M Strauss, Moms Pickle Christmas Tree (Aluminum) [Intro Version Singing]

Joseph Vijay, Baby Bath

Joseph Vijay, Baby Dreams

Joseph Vijay, Baby Dreams

Joseph Vijay, Baby Goes to Sleep

Joseph Vijay, Bed Time Rhymes

Joseph Vijay, Dance With Me Daddy

Joseph Vijay, Good Manners Songs For Children

Joseph Vijay, Happy Birthday Party Songs

Joseph Vijay, Hush A Bye Baby

Joseph Vijay, Lullabies On Piano

Joseph Vijay, My Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Joseph Vijay, Party Songs For Children

Joseph Vijay, Precious Lullabies

Joseph Vijay, Relaxation Music for Babies

Joseph Vijay, Ring A Ring A Roses

Joseph Vijay, Rock A Bye Baby

Joseph Vijay, Sleep Baby Sleep

Joseph Vijay, Sleep Little Baby

Joseph Vijay, Soothing Lullabies On Guitar

Joseph Vijay, Time for Nursery Rhymes

Joseph Vijay-Kids, Soothing Sounds for MotherandChild

Joseph, Baby CD by Joseph

Joseph, Hey Mama It's Christmas

Josh Abbott, Angry Birds Game Remix

Josh Abbott, Clash of Clans Game Remix

Josh Abbott, Plants vs Zombies 2 Game Remix

Josh Abbott, Temple Run 2 (Game Remix)

Josh And The Jamtones, Bear Hunt!

Josh and the Jamtones, Jammin' With Jew!, Vol. 2: Holiday Xxplosion!

Josh and the Jamtones, John Jacob

Josh Hickman, This House Is Haunted

Josh Levine, Chromachord Dream

Josh Levine, Josh Levine for Kids

Josh Shriber, JamBaby

Josh Waggoner, Fireflies

Joshua Beeman, Scratchy Singles to Fight Cancer

Joshua Rich, Trying Vegetables

Joshua Sitron, Fairy Dust II: Beatles, Broadway, Beach Boys and Bop

Josiah Kids, Tell Everyone

Josie de Guzman & Larry Yurman, Lullabies for Everyone

Jospeh Vijay, Nursery Rhymes (Remix)

Joy Marilie, Journey

Joyce Lynn, Give Them Time

Joyfilled Music, Dream Child

Joyfilled Music, Magic Carpet Ride Through the Rainbow

Jozef Jan Galecki & Children's Concert Group 'Sezamki', Mama CiÄ™ kocha

Jr. Madness, Just Kidding

JT Greenfield, Wonderful

Jubelieve, The Close Your Eyes Series: the Thorn-Sharpener and the Wish

Jubelieve, The Close Your Eyes Series: Dusty / Jessica's Bad Day

Jubelieve, The Close Your Eyes Series: The Kitchen Princess / When Work Is Fun

Jubelieve, The Close Your Eyes Series: The Wall of Bees / How Patti Got Her Freckles

Jude, Archer, Arlo & Iris, I Got It

Judi The Manners Lady, It`s Fun to Have Good Manners!

Judith Brown and Mel Wheeler, Kids Are Beautiful People

Judith Wynhausen, Mother Goose Stories/Cuentos de la Mam`a Gansa

Judith Wynhausen, Tales From Mother Goose Land

Judith, Speak Softly

Judy Armstrong, Flying Free (Gentle Gifts for the Child)

Judy Bayse, Purple Cow

Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, You`re Amazing

Judy Farber, Mitzvah Magic

Judy Pancoast, Are We There Yet

Judy Pancoast, Swimming In Jello

Judy Pancoast, Weird Things Are Everywhere! 2011 Grammy Nominee "Best Children's Musical Album"

Judy Rogers, Blessed - Songs for the Beatitudes

Judy Rogers, Go to the Ant

Judy Rundell, Naptime Nanny, Vol. 2

Juha Roms, Nouskaa lentoon

Juidith A Rundell, Naptime Nanny, Vol 3

Jujuba Cantador, Caracol: Casa Viva

Jujuba Cantador, Criança Eu Sou

Julet Noble, Higher Calling (on fire for the King!)

Juli Crockett, Caine's Arcade

Julia Blenzig, A Kids Christmas

Julia Cobley, Hush-a-Bye Lullabies

Julia Klot, Introducing Julia Klot

Julia Klot, Memory Lane

Julian Frazin and Emile Pandolfi, Cuddles the Cattle Dog: A New Christmas Tail

Julian Lampert, Mini Moods for the Holidays

Juliana Nash, Build me a Boat

Julie Anne Meixsell, Songs of Innocence: Lullabies for Us All

Julie Austin, Fandagumbo

Julie Barnson, The Light Princess & Other Tales

Julie Blanchard, Gumboots & Flippers

Julie Blanchard, Hide and Seek

Julie Blanchard, Jump and Dance

Julie Brunet and Ronnie Wells, The Legend of Catfish and Little Bream

Julie Dart, The Night the Moon Was Hiding

Julie Frost, Happy Child Music "Early Acoustic"

Julie Greller, Welcome to the World: a Musical Collection for the Nursery

Julie Hammarback, Sweet Dreams

Julie Hicks, Music From Him

Julie K, A Sunny Day

Julie K, Family Love

Julie K, Happy Day

Julie Maccarin, Little One

Julien Deslandes, Hide

Juliette McDonald, "Around and Around," for the Young and the Young at Heart

Juliette McDonald, "It`s A Brand New Day," for the Young and the Young at Heart

Juliette McDonald, "Kitty Vacation," for the Young and the Young at Heart

Juliette Miller, Three Little Seeds

Jump for Joy Music, Singing! Singing!

Jumpin' Junior High, Rockin' Yesterdays

Jungle Jim, A Musical Wildlife Adventure! (Jungle Jim's First Adventure)

Jungliah & Friends, Songs from the Gentle Jungle

Junior Jam, Junior Jam 2

Junior Jam, Junior Jam 3

Junior Jam, Wake Up

Junko, I Got It!

Junko, Special Forces Kids

Junkyard Symphony, Earth Music

Jurassic Joe, Australovenator Wintonensis

Jurassic Joe, Dinosaur in the House

Jurassic Joe, Dinosaur in the House (feat. The Dinosaur Club)

Jurassic Joe, Teeny the Tyrannosaur

Jurassic Joe, Tricky the Triceratops

Jusep Sim, Soft Place To Land

Just 2 Moms, Baby Clean Fun- A Mother's Prescription for Trying Times

Just Us Kids, Friends

Justice, Thirteen

Justin Froese & Ivar Rodriguez, Guitar Arrangements for the Holiday Season, Vol. 1

Justin K. Knight, Soothe

Justin Ryan, Lullaby Classics

Justine Aldersey-Williams, Relax... it`s Karmatime - Magical Meditations for Children

Jutta Mahlke, Decoy

Jutter & Kok, Zeedee 2

K I M Y L A, Holiday Truck

K, Nothing Can Stop Me

K.I.D. Sleep Labs, K.I.D. Sleep Labs

K.O.R.E., We Don't Wiggle... We Rock!

Kachur Elena & Alexander Uskov, Relax With Nature

Kalayah Jones, Hula Hoop

Kaley Willow Wy Griffith, Miss Willow`s Fence Row

Kallie Shores, Nothing to Do With Us

Kamasing, Kamasing (Catchy Tunes To Help Kids Master Their Grade-Level Standards)

Kameron Austin, I Believe in the Three

Kanqui, Kanqui Cló

Kanqui, Muevete (feat. Los Chicharrines)

Kanquimania, Dame un Abrazo

Kappa Mikey, The Kappa Mikey Karaoke Movie Soundtrack

Kara Oates & Joe Gianono, S.A.N.T.A. Dot Com

Kara Oates & Laurence Kilsby & Joe Gianono, S.A.N.T.A. Dot Com (Duet)

Karabeara, Karabeara's Zoo Party!

Kareana Jensen, Sing Space

Karen and Kids, Children of God

Karen and Kids, Lullabies of Love

Karen and Kids, Sing Praise

Karen and Kids, Wiggly Tooth

Karen Callaway Williams, Rhythms for Ruby

Karen Cove, One of a Kind

Karen Daniel, Short Stuff and Other Children's Songs

Karen Daniel, Teachable, Singable and Jewish: The Family Album

Karen Gentilin, Watching Over Them

Karen Jacobsen & MIchael Whalen, Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun with Supa K

Karen K & Mista Cookie Jar, Rainbow

Karen K and the Jitterbugs, Big Ol' Truck

Karen K and the Jitterbugs, Pancakes for Dinner

Karen K and the Jitterbugs, Spring Day

Karen Sokolof Javitch, Welcome to the World, Octuplets!

Karen Sokolof Javitch, Who Knows One? (Fun Songs for Jewish Kids & Teens)

Karen Svanoe Westgate & Sasha Westage Griffin, Sweet Dreams

Karen Tabla, Stick Lady at Wildwood Pond

Karen Tabla, Stick Lady Stories and Songs

Karen Walwyn, Classical Music for Pets " Leisure Time"

Karen Walwyn, Classical Music for Pets, "Left Home Alone"

Karina, Angels

Karl Baudoin, (You're) My Little Boys

Karla Clark, Rainbows

Karla Genessis & Anthony Bruno, One in a Million

Karyn Henley, Before I Dream: Dream of Heaven

Karyn Henley, Before I Dream: In Jesus' Arms

Karyn Henley, Before I Dream: Lord, I Love You

Karyn Henley, Christmas Night

Karyn Henley, Day by Day Kids Audio Bible: Life of Jesus

Karyn Henley, I Feel Like a Giggle

Karyn Henley, Songs for Quiet Time

Karyn Michaelson, Be an Elf to Yourself!

Kashwitak, #Birdgang

Kassie Tyers, Blue Socks

Kat Fitzpatrick, (We Like to Get All) Wet!

Kat Fitzpatrick, I Am Making Magic

Kat Lee Jones, Autism Awareness

Kate Carpenter, Armadillo - Songs for Kids

Kate Carpenter, The Potty Training Song SV

Kate Dearaugo, It's True (from "Dinosaur Island" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Kate Porter, The Animal`s First Christmas

Kate Sharpe, Make My Christmas Merry

Kath Bee, Allsorts

Kath Bee, Dragons Under My Bed

Kath Bee, I've Got a Dinosaur in My Back Yard!

Kath Bee, Jump Up

Kath Bee, Just Chillin'

Kath Bee, Now Stop

Kath Bee, Shake, Shake, Shake

Katherine Abbot, Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You

Katherine Abbot, I Surrender All (instrumental)

Katherine Abbot, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Katherine Abbot, Near to the Heart of God

Katherine Gray Silvan, Me and the Moon

Kathi & Milenko Matanovič, Good Morning, Good Night

Kathi & Milenko Matanovič, On the Way to Somewhere

Kathleen Gibson, Anna Banana

Kathleen Gibson, Jungle Bungalow

Kathleen Gibson, Why Can`t I Be Normal??

Kathleen Macferran, Giraffe Tales

Kathleen Quinlan, L.C.S.W., The Land Of Love

Kathleen Rushing, Bingo Schmingo Music

Kathleen Truyts, Maak Mij Niet Gek

Kathryn Christian, I'm a Michigan Kid

Kathryn Claire, Kinderqueen

Kathryn the Grape, Believe

Kathy Byers, Do You Wish You Could Fly?

Kathy Byers, `Round the Campfire

Kathy Calahan, Brighten Up!

Kathy Doyle, Sweet Dreams

Kathy Hunter, Tales of Mother Nature

Kathy Hunter, Why the Skunk Stinks

Kathy Jessup, Listen Up! Tellable Tales for Hungry Ears

Kathy Reid-Naiman, Baby's Boat: The Best of Kathy Reid-Naiman

Kathy Reid-Naiman, Sally Go Round The Sun

Kathy Sillaway Ulrich, Six Billion Five Hundred Million

Kathy Valdez, Songs to Remember ...for Kids and the Young At Heart, Vol. 7 (Feat. Kids from 91 School)

Katie Brady, Crazy Day

Katie Cutie, Are You Ready

Katie Eshleman, Aikendrum

Katie Eshleman, Rock Star

Katie Eshleman, The Lollipop Tree

Katie Green, The Red Hat

Katie Tomlinson, Down By the Riverside

Katrina Bourque, Room For Me

Katrina Cavanough, Happy Little Hearts: Health & Healing Meditations for Children

Katy Abbott, Famous

Katy Lynch & Dorothy Devereux, Knock Ditty Knock Knock

Katy Lynch, I Walked the Dog (feat. Dorothy Devereux)

Katy Lynch, I'm Number One (feat. Dorothy Devereux)

Katy Lynch, To See What I Could See

Katy Slade, Meadows of Mercy

Katy Slade, Princess in Disguise

Katyrae, Little Baby in My Belly

Kauhukakara, Eläinten Fanfaari

Kay Das, Hymn (feat. Derek Kerner)

Kay Hicks Ward & L. Melvin Ward, A Musical Family Album

Kay Hicks Ward, The Children's Room

Kay Olson, The Singing Tree Song

Kayli Merwin, Love Lifted Me

Kayli, Tapestry

Kaylin Roberson, Right Here Waiting

Kayte Deioma, Lullaby of Hope

Köräventyret, Livet är en resa

Kc Girls, Santa Santa

Kc Girls, Up On a House Top

Keiko the Fairy, Keiko the Fairy

Keith Daniel, A Farmyard Friends Christmas

Keith Hopwood & Malcolm Rowe, Wind in the Willows - Soundtrack

Keith Munslow, Dressed Up For The Party

Keith Munslow, Homemade Fun

Keith Munslow, Tiny Destroyer

Keith Robert Laurent, Imagination Tapes

Kelli Caldwell, The Ooh La La Song

Kelli McNeil, Your Feet Are Getting Sleepy

Kelly Bird, Wonderful Christmas to Come

Kelly Good, Love in Motion

Kelly Good, Singing Through the Alphabet

Kelsey Sanders, Live it Laugh It

Kelsey Sanders, Maybe This Dream

Kemistry, Soca Reaktion

Ken Cope, Like a Child

Ken Elkinson, Around the Globe in a Lullaby, Vol. 1

Ken Galipeau, Schiff is Where It's At

Ken Higgins, An Ending That Comes Back to You

Ken Kurland, Lo La Day

Ken Lonnquist, Sci Fi Hi Fi (Incomplete Transmissions)

Ken Lonnquist, The Circus Kenlando

Ken Lonnquist, The Lost Songs Of Kenland

Ken Lonnquist, Vicious Fishes

Ken Lonnquist, Welcome 2 Kenland

Ken Martinson, Jingle, Jangle and Joe and the Mad Mad Merkel

Ken Miller, As Snowflakes Fall

Ken Whiteley, Join The Band

Kendall Haven, The Killer Brussels Sprouts

Kendall Westbrook, Up On the Housetop

Kenn Kington, I Am Dad

Kennedy Pupe, Ephesians 6:1

Kennedy Pupe, Forever Kennedy

Kenneth James Cook & Alexandra Grace Cook, Rejoice

Kenny Lyon, Nathaniel`s Playhouse

Kenny Shore, Bubblegum Train

Kenny V. Bearce, King Jonathan

Kensington Carter, Dare To Believe

Kent Arnsbarger, Sounds of the Caribbean

Kernel Klump, I Got Problems

Kerri Lynn Nichols, I Am the Song

Kerri Lynn Nichols, Music & Movement for Munchkins

Kerri Lynn Nichols, Music for Dancers

Kerri Lynn Nichols, Music for Dancers, Too

Kerri, Clouds

Kesang Marstrand, Hello Night

Kessem, Once Upon a December

Kevin Avard, NH Capital Song

Kevin Boyle, Joey the Giant Snowman

Kevin F. Montague, Airwolf Returns (The Motion Picture) [Original Score]

Kevin Gerzevitz, Shine

Kevin Gray & Dodie Pettit, A Frog's Tale, A Musical Fable

Kevin Herrington, Do the Spider

Kevin Hurst, What's in the Haunted Old House?

Kevin Kling, State Fair

Kevin Knelman, LitterBug

Kevin MacCallum, City Stomp - The Red Line

Kevin MacCallum, City Stomp: The Blue Line

Kevin Reem, Scary Halloween Sounds

Kevin Roth and Janet Jackson Witman, Celtic Harp and Other Lullabies

Kevin Roth, Children`s Classic Songs

Kevin Roth, Children`s First Songs

Kevin Roth, Folk Songs For Little Folks

Kevin Roth, My Quiet Times: Hammer Dulcimer Lullaby Instrumentals

Kevn Kling, Stories Off the Shallow End

Key Wilde & Mr Clarke, Animal Alphabet

Key Wilde & Mr Clarke, Chuckers

Key Wilde & Mr Clarke, Hey Pepito!

Key Wilde & Mr Clarke, Raised By Trolls

Kick in the Eye, Happy Mother's Day

Kickinkitchen, Cafeteria Takeover Song

Kickinkitchen, It's Not Your Fault Song

Kickinkitchen, Shoppin' Smart Song

Kickinkitchen, Smoothie Time Song

Kicks Music, I'm Gonna Bee

Kicks Music, The Sword of the Spirit

Kid Connection Band, Bouncey House Worship

Kid Fun, Best of Play Along Car Songs

Kid Kaleidoscope, Look Inside

Kid Kazooey and the Ballroom Roustabouts, Umpteen Moons

Kid Kazooey, Kid Kazooey's Lullaby Christmas Carols

Kid Kongo, Bath Time Song (feat. Mr. Ducky Duck)

Kid Pan Alley, I Used to Know the Name of All the Stars

Kid Vibrations, California Kids

Kiddle Karoo, Silly Monster House Party

Kiddush Club, Toys

Kiddys Combo Club, Schlaf- und Kinderlieder, Volume 1

Kiddys Combo Club, Schlaf- und Kinderlieder, Volume 2

Kids Alegria & Dedé Santana, Kids Alegria

Kids Area, Lennart Lordis Logglåt (feat. Rasmus)

Kids at Heart, Favourites

Kids at Heart, Favourites 2

Kids Corps, Kids Corps, Vol. 2: Fight for the Light

Kids Corps, Your Hallelujah, Vol. 1

Kids Cry Out, Guard Your Heart

Kids Cry Out, He Is the One

Kids From The Heart, Sing With Us The Christmas Story

Kids from the Hill, Christmas Coming

Kids Happy Apps, Guided Meditations for Happier Kids

Kids of the Kingdom, Kids of the Kingdom, Vol. 2.

Kids Sing for Charity, Listen to My Dream

Kids Tyme & Cheryl Thomas, We Are His Workmanship! Around the World

Kidskoor Kom Maar Op, Egeltje Elisabet

Kidskoor Kom Maar Op, Het Winkeltje Van Tingelijn

Kidskoor Kom Maar Op, Kleine Beertje Benjamin

Kidskoor Kom Maar Op, Olifantje Oliebol

Kidskoor Kom Maar Op, Varkentje Mondriaan

KidsLive, The Great Big Person

Kidstand, Kidstand Nation

KidsUnited.Com, Kids United

Kidz 4 Kidz Pre-Schooler Edition, Bible Stories For Pre-Schoolers

Kidz Faith 3, Creflo & Taffi Dollar Presents: Put It In The Music

Kidz Jamz, Jungle Jamz

Kidz Jamz, Razzberry Jamz

Kidz Jamz, Strawberry Jamz

Kidz Musiq Club, Jazzing Up Learning!

Kidz Town Rock, Kidz Town Rock, Vol. 2

Kidzhouse, I Can Change My World

Kidzturn, Aliens Have Landed

Kiki the Eco Elf, Children of the Earth

Kim and Ivan, Music from Planet Cool

Kim and Ivan, Planet Cool

Kim And Jerry Brodey, Can You Hear My Voice

Kim And Jerry Brodey, Ideas That Sing

Kim and Jerry Brodey, Let`s Help This Planet

Kim and Jerry Brodey, Like a Ripple on the Water

Kim Beaney, Just Add Kids

Kim Milai, Dino-bone, Dino-bone Have You Heard?

Kim Silver, Kim and Kaboodle - Feel Free

Kim Snyder, Snow

Kim Swift, Mountain Car

Kim Weitkamp, Pickle in the Middle Blues (feat. Paul and Ryan Little)

Kimberly Hazlett, Heaven Made You

Kimberly Wilson, Love, Love, Love

Kimbo Children's Music, Children's Dance Favorites, Vol 1

Kimbo Children's Music, Children's Dance Favorites, Vol. 2

Kimbo Children's Music, Children's Dance Favorites, Vol. 3

Kimbo Children's Music, Children's Dance Favorites, Vol. 4

Kimbo Children's Music, Children's Dance Favorites, Vol. 5

Kimbo Children's Music, Children's Dance Favorites, Vol. 6

Kimbo Children's Music, Travel Time Tunes

Kinder Angst, Kinder Angst

Kinderband, Alle dagen feest

Kinderband, Hiep Hoera

Kinderbard, A Horse With Wings (Kinderbard Volume 1)

Kinderjazz, Swing Right Through This Town

Kindiependent, Jack Frost (You Don't Know Jack)

Kindiependent, The Happy Birthday - EP

Kinfolk, I'm Full

King Camil, This My Year

King Pajama, Something Sweet

King Quise 100, Here's a Rose

King Titus, Living Like a Boss

Kira Willey, Dance for the Sun

Kira Willey, Dancing With My Daddy

Kira Willey, Kings & Queens of the Forest

Kirby, Kirby for Kids and Childish Adults

Kirk Withrow, Cow & Crocs & Dirty Socks

Kirk Withrow, Lullaby

Kirsten Sowers, Hope Starts Here

Kirstin Albaugh, A Gift of Love and Hope

Kiskadee, Personalisierte Karibische Geburtstag Party Musik 7

Kiskadee, Personalisierte Karibische Geburtstag Party Musik 8

Kit and Kaboodle, Best of Friends

Kit and Kaboodle, Off the Wall

Kit and Kaboodle, Ready For Fun!

Kit Goldstein Grant, It's Raining Tamales!

Kitty Cleveland & Cecilia Rogers, The Miracle of Life Rosary for Children

Kitty Wolf, Jump The Tracks

Kitty Wolf, Pancakes!

Kittyko, North Dakota! Songs for Kids by Kittyko

Kizcastle, Shouting English 1: Nursery Rhymes

Kizmet, Always Be Here

KJ, Simply Kids!

Klaus Ebert, Rocket Boy

Kloe Baby Music, Wind Beneath My Wings

Koda and the Braveheart, Koda and the Braveheart

Kom Maar Op, Oh Oh Oranje Oranje

KOOLKIDZ, Songs For Koolkidz

Krazy Kuzins, Hip Hop Holiday Cheer

Krazy Kuzins, It's A Kid's Thing

Krazy Kuzins, We Came To Play

Krista "Funky Mama" Eyler, Moo Juice: The Musical/ Original Cast Recording

Kristen Cook, Play It Forward

Kristen Cook, Young at Heart

Kristen Race, Ph.D., Dino Dreamzzz

Kristen Race, Ph.D., Rocky Mountain Day Dreamzzz

Kristie Stremel, Ten Little Hens

Kristin Kellner, Obstacle Course

Kristin Lems, Sharing CD plus book

Kristina Michelle Nunez, My Little Blue Boat

Kristina Michelle Nunez, Reign Down

Kronops, Los Cuentos Apretujados

Kryss Murphy, More Than Conqerers

Ksk Kids, De Waggelkontenboogie

Kulishnekar, Pre - Schoolers Plus : I`m a Singing and a Dancing Machine

Kung Krona och Barnen, Cirkus i Stan

Kurt Gallagher, 1234!

Kurt Gallagher, Care Package

Kurt Gallagher, Eleanor the Dinosaur

Kurt Gallagher, Let`s Go!

Kyle Dine, Friend in You

Kyle Dine, You Must Be Nuts!

Kyle Heimann, I Wrote These Songs for Ukulele

Kyle Riley, Christmas Morning

Kyle Riley, Our Songs

Kym Lardner, Father And Son Stories

Kymberly Stewart, Giggles and Curls

L M Azpiazu, A Christmas Songbook

L'air de rien, Le monde de Victor en chanson

L. Wm. Einbinder, Christmas Lullaby

La Banda de Alex, Una Historia de Navidad

La Candela, Alegria

La Casita Amarilla, The Sun Will Shine Again

La Familia Chiflada, Perrito Tripatín

La Fiesta de Zoe, Rescatemos los Valores

La Guardiola Groga, Un Grapat De Cançons

La La Lisa, Big Green Alligator--Christian

La Negra Karin and Family, Camaraca

La Pájara Pinta, El Colibrí Egoísta

La Pájara Pinta, El Mamut Chiquitito

La Pájara Pinta, El Periquito

La Pájara Pinta, La Pájara Pinta y el Perrito Musical

La Pájara Pinta, Los Pollos de mi Cazuela

La Plata, Der Kuh Blues

La Ronde des Enfants, Vol. 1

La Ronde des Enfants, Vol. 2

La Tia Botas, Mi Papá

La Tia Botas, Navidad Con la Tía Botas, Vol 1

La Villa de Santa Claus, La Villa de Santa Claus

Lacey Waggoner, I See You

Lachase De Cheetah & The Bagofbaggins, Not Another Me

Lacie Kirk, The Sounds that Calm My Heart

Laclede Quartet, Once Upon A Time

Lady BlaBla, Bladibla

Lady Peachena & New York's Youth Sunshine Choir, I AM SOMEBODY

Ladybug Music, Green Collection

Ladybug Music, Ladybug Music Blue Collection

Ladybug Music, Ladybug Music Pink Collection

Ladybug Music, Ladybug Music Purple Collection

Ladybug Music, Ladybug Music Red Collection

Ladybug Music, Ladybug Music Summer Songs 1

Ladybug Music, Ladybug Music Yellow Collection

Ladybug Music, Pumpkin Song

Laladeedadoo, Baby's 1st Christmas

Laladeedadoo, Laladeedadoo

Laladeedadoo, P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S

Laladeedadoo, Pumpkin Pie

Lalito y Su Pandilla, Estoy Contento

Lalito y Su Pandilla, Mamá

Lalito y Su Pandilla, Papá

Lambert Wilson, Christmas Time With the Family

Lana Rae, I Gotta Be Me

Lana Rae, I Just Want to be Little

Lana Rae, It Feels Like Christmas

Lane Murchison, Bulldozers and Bugs

Langmobile, Sing Along and Discover English! Daycare's Favorite Picks! / À La Découverte De L'anglais ...en Chantant! Coup De Coeur Des Garderies:

Language Nut, French Christmas Carols, Vol. 1

Languagenut, Italian Songs for Kids, Vol. 1(Languagenut Presents:)

Languagenut, Kids French Songs - traditional nursery rhymes

Lanny Sherwin, I Like Being Me

Lanny Sherwin, Meltdown

Lara Downes, Nocturnes for Night Owls: Classical Treasures for Sweet Dreams

Lara Land, Chloe's Song

Larraine Segil & Michael Lyn, Rockin' Grandma

Larraine Segil & Michael Lyn, Sam the Broken Robot Book One Narration and Songs

Larraine Segil & Michael Lyn, Sam the Broken Robot Book Three Narration and Songs

Larraine Segil & Michael Lyn, Sam the Broken Robot Book Two Narration and Songs

Larraine Segil & Michael Lyn, Sam the Broken Robot Books One,Two &Three Narration and Songs

Larry Bell, Hansel and Gretel

Larry Don Dunn, Powerful One

Larry Saunders, A Merry Christmas

Larry Treadwell, Little Fox`s Weird Day

Lars Henrik Andersson, Det Var Det Fräckaste

Lartefice, Foti & D'alessandris, Le Radici e le Ali

Las Chuchins, Con el corazon Pink

Las Fenix, El Vuelo Fenix

Las Fenix, Vuelo Bajo el Sol

Las Vegas Mobsquad, I'm a Cow

Lash & Podo, Podo Christmas

Last Leaf Productions, Story Theatre, Vol. 1

Last Leaf Productions, Story Theatre, Vol. 2

Last Leaf Productions, Story Theatre, Vol. 3

Latesha Minor, Faith

Laugh-a-long Songs, Laugh-a-long Songs, Vol. 1: Circles, Squares, and Triangles

Laura Corlin, Compilation, Tru Holidays

Laura Corlin, The Difference Music Makes

Laura Doherty, In a Heartbeat

Laura Doherty, Kids in the City

Laura Doherty, Shining Like a Star

Laura Edwards, Wild and Crazy School

Laura Flora Giosh, Flower Power

Laura Flora Giosh, Fun 2 B Songs

Laura Harwood, Words of Life

Laura Hoffman, Children's Guided Imagery

Laura Kassel/Jenny Mischel, Animal Alphabet

Laura Olson, Border Guardians of Ackernon: Original Web Series Soundtrack Season One (Wolf's Head Productions)

Laura Santoni-Wing, Dizzy Love- The Singing Hearts Club

Laura Walthers, Bedtime Story: Larimer and the Faeries!

Laura Wetzler, "Again! Again! Songs for Kids"

Laurel Canyon Animal Company, Cat On The Keys

Laurel Canyon Animal Company, Cat-A-Tonic

Laurel Moore, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Laurel Moore, Santa's Flown to Tampa

Laurel Moore, The Chrismas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)

Lauren Archer, Easy Times Tables

Lauren Mayer, Kvelling for Thanksgivukkah

Lauren Mayer, Second Grade Rocks!

Lauren Pomerantz, Sweetly Sing a Lullaby

Lauren-Jessica Bertini, Can You Hear It?

Laurence Kilsby & Joe Gianono, S.A.N.T.A. Dot Com

Laurie Connable, I Love Life

Laurie Burke, DreamSongs

Laurie Connable, Hilo Wonderland

Laurie Connable, I Love Life 2

Laurie Davis, Rainbows, Balloons & Bubbles

Laurie Hannan Anton, Blooper Man Theme Song

Laurie Lewis, Kristin's Story by Louis W. Lewis

Laurie Miller, Kids Songs

Lawrence J. Clark, The Ballad of Dinkle and Other Kids` Favorites

Lea Allyn Hughes, Lea's Lullaby Collection, Vol. 1

Lea Woods Almanza & Jeff Peterson, Sing-A-Long With Lea and Jeff, Vol. 2

Leah Joy & Saint Patrick, Music Baby

Leah Joy & Saint Patrick, We're Having a Baby - Birth Announcement

Leah Salomaa, Father Sun and Mother Moon, Soulful Songs for Children

Leah Salomaa, I Like to Rise Family Folk Songs

Leah Salomaa, Under a Winter Star

Leah White & The Magic Mirrors, A White Christmas

Leah White and the Magic Mirrors, Sprinkler

Leah White, Cake For Dinner

Leanne Burgess & Katherine Burgess, Melody

Leaping Lizards Music, Ready!

Learning Encounters, Out of This World

Lee Feldman, STARBOY: The Soundtrack

Leea Gilmour, Jeff the Awkward Dinosaur (feat. Rory O'Donnell)

Leeny & Tamara, Sharing the Same Stars

Leeny and Steve, Do the Weather Dance

Lefty Magee, The Tissue Issue

Leila Ledbetter, If I Could Sing

Leila McGrath, Sleepy Star

LeLe, O

Lemon Jam, Lullabies & Fireflies

Lemonsquare, Music for Fun

Lena, Happy as Clams

Lendy U. Baugh, My Mother Dear

Lennon's Song, We Love, We Learn, We Grow

Lenny Solomon, Derech Haor (The Path of Light)

Leo Dezes & Lisa Habermehl, Backasorus Rek

Leo's Mom, My Imagination

Leo, The New Hits for Kids

Leon Berry, Merry-Go-Round & Circus Calliope Organ

Leon Fallon, Outback Aussie

Leon Gieco, Tesoro

Leonardo and the Makin' Waves Band, No More Bullies

Leonardo, Makin` Waves

Leoncito Alado, Leoncito Alado

Leroy Tucker, Benjamin Bear Visits the Honey Place

Les Blablanettes, Chante avec les Blablanettes !

Les Dejantes, donne moi ton 06

Les Fleurs de Pinotte, Petit magicien (feat. Klô Pelgag)

Les Julian, Color Outside The Lines

Les Julian, Good Things Happen!

Les Julian, Living in the Land of Ooh, Aah

Les Julian, On My Dad's Shoulders

Les Petits Chanteurs Du Rock, Cado

Les Petits Zouzous, Chansons Pour S'amuser

Les Petits Zouzous, Chansons Pour S'endormir

Lesley & the Flying Foxes, A Day in the Life of a Boogaleeboo

Leslie Bixler, Chad Smith & Dick Van Dyke, Rhythm Train

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Lolly, Spunkinsass

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Wake Up Your Weird

Leslie Collins & The Playful Players, We Love Bedtime Stories

Leslie Hendricks, MY TURKEY WANTS HIS DRUMSTICK BACK! And, Other Children`s Songs

Leslie Kubica, Sir Gryffin of the Falls: Lullabies for Little Ears

Leslie Montoro, With All My Heart

Leslie Vogel, Papa's on the Housetop

Leslie Vogel, The Gap in the Fence

Let Your Music Shine with Lisa and Linda, Music Shine Time!

Let's Go Green, Let's Go Green Kids

Lets Sing the Seder, Lets Sing the Seder

Letseatyourleg, My Hoodie (feat. Fauxhawkism)

Let`s Start Smart, Alphabet and Letter Sounds CD and DVD

Let`s Start Smart, Long Vowel Word Families CD and DVD

Let`s Start Smart, Short Vowel Word Families CD and DVD

Levi Hudson & Ashlyn Gross, I'm Space Raider

Lexie and Emily, Puppy Jingles 1-2-3

Lia & Jina, Super Star

Liana, Monkeys & Miracles

Liat Arochas & Jeremy Savo, Whatif Children's Album

Liat, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster Song (feat. Jeremy Savo)

Liberi Music, The Twinkle Project

Liefocals, New Sneakers

life in general, the lovely, lovely singing

Life is Hard, The Claw Machine

Life is Hard, The Claw Machine (Country Mix)

Lighthouse Productions, Time for a Miracle (Original Cast)

Lightnin` Wells, Jump Little Children: Old Songs for Young Folks

Like Totally!, Good Mews

Like Totally!, Veggie Wrap

Lil Barcaski & Ann Kennedy, Fluffy Puppy (feat. Savannah)

Lil Genies, Potty Song

Lil Hoggs, I Dont Wanna Grow Up

Lil L. Alexander & Andrei Ionescu, Yummy Stories

Lil Peppi, Seasons (feat. Stacey Bush)

Lil Ricky, Let Yourself Go (feat. Mr. Smilez)

Lil Shannon, Miss All That

Lil' D, I Got Swagg

Lil' Gabzi, Sleepova - Single

Lil' Iguana, Best of Lil' Iguana

Lilak, Monster Band

Liliana Briceño, Lullabies for you

Liliana Kohann, As My Vision Keeps Improving

Liliana Kohann, My Sweet Little Boys: Songs and Lullabies for Kids and All Who Love Them

Liliana Kohann, Things On the Floor Can Wait

Liliana Kohann, What Every Child Loves to Hear: Beautiful Songs and Lullabies for Children

Liliana Kohann, Where Life Is Better Than Dreams: Lullabies That Instill Love and Compassion

Lillian Allen, Nothing But a Hero

Lillian Poolan, Dreams in Square Waves

Lily and Tree, Cheeky Monkey

Lily Murth, Nitey-Nite Lullaby

Lily Oyer, Up to Thee

Linda Adamson, Love to Sing and Dance

Linda Adamson, Love to Sing: Songbook

Linda Arnold & Ariel Thiermann, Love You to the Moon and Back

Linda Book, No More Animals

Linda Book, Upside Down

Linda Gorham, Common Sense and Uncommon Fun

Linda J. Chase, Speaking With Angels

Linda Jo, Here Comes Grandpa (Parody of Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry)

Linda Kay Burk, He Cradles You

Linda Kay Burk, Sunshine Is Love

Linda Lumpkin, Lilly's Pond: The Adventure of Silly Willy Caterpillie, Vol. 1

Linda M. Sacha, Neen's Lost Song

Linda Rae, Family Songs

Linda Searles, Nite-Nite Music & Story

Linda Severt, Grinning Streak

Linda Stoler, Lullabies for Language and Learning

Linda Yapp, For the Love of Hawaii (Songs for the Young at Heart)

Linda, Friendship Songs

Lindsay Graham, Break Free

Lindsay Thomas Morgan, Kids Songs

Linn Brown, Halloween Ditties for Kiddies

Linn Brown, November December (Seasonal Songs For Children)

Linn Kier, Narrator, Little Bear Paz in Big Trouble

Lionel Jean Baptiste, Icecreamsongs

Lisa Atkinson, The Elephant In Aisle Four

Lisa Blue, Once in a Lullaby

Lisa Colantuono, Classical Cradle

Lisa Darling, Darling Lullabies

Lisa Linehan, Attachment Theory

Lisa Linsky, Sam in Siam (Live)

Lisa Lynne, Life is But a Dream: Sweet Harp Lullabies for the Wee Ones

Lisa Manning, Lisa Sings! Lisa Manning

Lisa Verlo, Frank Simes & Turner Simes, Turner's Treehouse

Lisa, Amy & Shelley, Al Mijn Vrienden (Van "Sinterklaas En De Pepernoten Chaos")

Lisa, Amy & Shelley, Diep In De Nacht

Listen and Learn, Smart Music

Literally Alive Theatre, Treasure Island and the Selfish Giant

Little Bang Theory, Toy Suites and Themes

Little Beat The #1 Chinchilla, `I Am Here!`

Little Blue Suit Entertainment, Rhythm and Melody`s Animal Fantastic

Little Blue, Life Is A Cartoon

Little Cisco, Songs 4 Kids

Little Cisco, The Monkey Trail

Little Feet Music, Giggle & Jiggle

Little Green Frog, Ants In Your Pants

Little Lamb Music, Little Lamb Lullabies

Little Laughs Music, Animal Tower

Little Man Music, Bible in Songs for Kids

Little Miss Ann, Clap for Love

Little Miss Ann, Follow Me

Little Miss Ann, Music for Tots

Little Miss Ann, Walk with Me

Little Miss Moffat, Wild About Nature

Little Munchkin Music, Lullabies, Vol. 1

Little Pickle Press Music, Dreaming

Little Pickle Press Music, What Does It Mean To Be Global

Little Pickle Press Music, What Does It Mean To Be Present?

Little Red Theatre, Hans Christian Andersen's the Snow Queen

Little Root, Seeds to Sow

Little Roots, 1

Little Virtuoso, Music's Everywhere

Littlestorybug, Littlestorybug's Preschool Songs

Liz Anderson, The Fairy Grandmother Sings Children's Christmas Songs

Liz Anderson, The Fairy Grandmother Sings Children's Songs for National Holidays

Liz Anderson, They're Only Kids

Liz Buchanan, Make it a Song, Song, Song

Liz Buchanan, Once Upon a Tune

Liz Joyce, Songs from the Goat on a Boat Puppet Theatre

Liz Kruger, Shabbat Shalom From The Hebrew Home

Liz, Holly, & the Jolly Lollies, Wishin' Vol. 1

LJ Martin, A Smiley Smile

Lloyd-Powell MusicalTools, Play Days

Lluvia, Are You Ready?

Llynda Fogle, Best Me Songs

Lois LaFond & Friends, Something New!

Lois LaFond & The Rockadiles, I Am Who I Am!

Lois LaFond & The Rockadiles, Lois LaFond & The Rockadiles

Lois LaFond & The Rockadiles, One World

Lois Mahalia, Christmas Once Again

Lois Mahalia, Feeling Like a Kid

Lois Young, Dinosaur Diner

Lois Young, Jelly Bean Soup

Lois Young, Pancake Party

Lois Zucek & Gary Earl, It's Halloween!

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Yadu & Stephen Simon, Stories in Music: Casey At the Bat

Look Listen and Learn, Learn the Alphabet

Loree Rosenquist, Baroque for Babies

Loree Rosenquist, Psleepytime Psalms

Loree Rosenquist, Songs My Mother Sang

Lorenzo Spoons Brown/ Ian Smith, In Search of The Golden Spoons

Lorenzo Tomio & Sergio Manfio, Cuccioli - Il Codice di Marco Polo (Original Soundtrack)

Loreta Kovacic, Brother Tadpole Classics

Loretta Haynes, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears (With a Little Bit of a Twist)

Lori & RJ, Funz' A' Poppin'

Lori & RJ, Stories & Songs

Lori and J. D. Uponen, Brown Bear Boogie

Lori Burke, You Are Loved

Lori Carsillo, Lullabies for Little Dreamers

Lori Lite, Indigo Dreams: Kids Relaxation Music Decreasing Stress, Anxiety and Anger, improve sleep.

Lori Lite, Indigo Dreams: Rainforest Relaxation Decrease Worry, Fear, Anxiety, Improve Sleep, Well Being and Creativity

Lorie Wolf, Mazel and Schlimazel

Loru, Make a Way

Los Chicharrines, 22 Exitos de los Chicharrines

Los Chicharrines, Estuata

Los Colorados, Los Colorados

Lost Socks, Everywhere and Nowhere

Lou Del Bianco, A Song for Thanksgiving

Lou Del Bianco, Make a Good Choice!

Lou Gallo and Brady Rymer, Fall Leaves

Lou Gallo, I`m Home

Louie Blue & The Bees, Tasty Day

Louise Maxwell, Magical Mrs Magee & Me! (feat. Penelope Elliot)

Louise Nalbandian, Silent Night

Loup, Coucou et Alouette, Les comptines autrement

Love And Magic, Oh How Lucky We Are

Love is the Answer, Love is the Answer

Love Life UK, Super Star

Love to Sing, Alphabet Abc

Love to Sing, Animal Songs

Love to Sing, At the Zoo

Love to Sing, Christmas for Kids

Love to Sing, Christmas Karaoke (Instrumental)

Love to Sing, Colour Songs

Love to Sing, Coolest Kids Songs

Love to Sing, Cracking Christmas Carols

Love to Sing, Favourites

Love to Sing, Fun Songs

Love to Sing, Greatest Hits for Kids

Love to Sing, Hearty Fun

Love to Sing, Love My First Songbook

Love to Sing, Love to Sing and Dance

Love to Sing, Merry Sing Along Christmas

Love to Sing, Nifty Nursery Rhymes

Love to Sing, Number Songs

Love to Sing, Nursery Rhymes

Love to Sing, Songbook

Love to Sing, Sunshine Songs

Love to Sing, Times Tables

Love to Sing, Trains, Planes, Automobiles and More

Love to Sing, With My Mum

Love to Sing, With My Teddy Bear (Live)

Love to Sing, With You

Lowry Olafson, My Dog Ate My Homework

LuAnn Adams, Tipingee, Brer Rabbit and The Mouse that Barked

Luc Normand, The Easter Bunny Song (20th Anniversary Edition)

Lucas Miller, How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?

Lucas Miller, I Love Earth: The Absolute Best of the "Singing Zoologist!"

Lucas Miller, The Anaconda La Bamba!

Lucas Pablo, Doce Menuetos, Hob IX-8, No. 12 "Pequeña Serenata"

Lucas Richman, Day Is Done: An Album of Lullabies

Lucia Barragan, Christmas Day (feat. Mike Torres Jr.)

Lucia Barragan, Imagination - Single

Lucia Barragan, Oh Grandpa

Lucia Lena Rosapepe, Ino il Gatto Bambino

Lucie Roy & Isabelle Guilbeault, Jérémie À La Poursuite De Ses Rêves

Lucky Doug and the Stink Bugs, Lucky Doug and the Stink Bugs

Luclinmcwb, Ocelots (Minecraft Song Parody) - Single [feat. Aymbot]

Lucy Allen & Marshall Goers, Won't See Tadpoles Covered in Fur: Songs for Children of All Ages

Lucy Kalantari, Pockets Full of Joy

Lucy Locket, Tons of Family Fun for Everyone

Lucy Sparkles, Little Johnny Dances

Lucy Sparkles, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (feat. Alice Sparkles)

Ludmila Voznyarska, My Little Daughter/ Доченька Моя

Lui Collins, North of Mars

Luís Fonseca, O Meu Mundo

Luke Gartner-Brereton, Dream Baby Dream

Lula Pearl Riley-Franklin, Letter To My Unborn Child2

Lullabeats, Baby's First Soundtrack: Instrumental Lullabies With Heart

Lullabies and Children`s Songs, Lullabies and Children`s Songs

Lullabies from TwinkleTrax Children's Songs, Baby Lullabies - 18 Soothing Instrumental Lullabies for Babies

Lullabies from TwinkleTrax Children's Songs, Lullabies - 20 Classic Bedtime Songs and Lullabies

Lullaby Babies, Acoustic Lullabies to Soothe the Soul

Lullaby Babies, Snoozy's Adventures in Lullaby Land- A Collection of Children's Bedtime Fairy Stories & Lullabies

Lulu and the Tomcat, 3, 2, 1 Kadoozee

Lulu and the Tomcat, All the Cats Were Playin'

LuLu and the TomCat, Lullaby LuLu

Lulu and the Tomcat, Stick to It!

Lulu and the Tomcat, The World of Odd

LuLu et le Matou, Le Chat Botté

LuLu et le Matou, Le dragon Gaston

Lumen Entertainment, Altar Gang "He`s Coming!"

Lumen Entertainment, Altar Gang "We`ve Been Wronged!"

Lumen Entertainment, Inc., Altar Gang: Man To Mangia

Lumin8 Children's Choir, Lumin8 2010

Lumin8 Children's Choir, Lumin8 2011

Lunch Money, Dizzy

Lunch Money, Original Friend

Lunch Money, Spicy Kid

Lurbo Stompers, Masar Som Gasar

Lydia Adams Davis, We All Have Lunch With Lydia Adams Davis (Feat. Romeyn Adams Nesbitt & John Guth)

Lydia Clark, Gratitude (Is a Funny Thing)

Lydia Clark, Life Is a Rainbow

Lydia Clark, Love Is the Moon, The Stars and the Sky

Lydia Clark, The Bright Blue Balloon

Lyle Cogen, Friends, Like You And Me

Lyle Cogen, Lyle Sings Broadway For Kids

Lyle Cogen, My Name Is Lyle

Lyn Murray, Little Book of Memories, Vol. 2

Lynda Fowler-Lewin, It's All About the Kids (And the Music) [Second Edition]

Lynda Lybeck Robinson- Piano students of Unalaska, Hearts and Hands: Maiden Voyage Vol I 2007

Lynn Kleiner, Lynn Kleiner's: Spanish Music Rhapsody

Lynn Ruehlmann, Mischief! Adventures of A Daydreamy Child

Lynne Carol, Children Songs With Lynne

Lynne Music Project, Favorite Children's Instrumentals

Lynne Music Project, Favorite Children's Songs

Lyrical Kids, Hannah's Heroes

Lyrical Lively, Uh Huh

Lyz Jaakola, Anishinaabemowin Nagamodaa!

M Ryan Taylor, Thirteen for Halloween

M. Ryan Taylor, I'm a Giraffe (feat. The American Fork Children's Choir)

M. Ryan Taylor, The Ghost Ship (feat. American Fork Children's Choir)

M. Ryan Taylor, The Snowman Song (feat. The American Fork Children's Choir)

M.L. Vought, Little League World Series

Macey Marshall, Not Gonna Take No Bull

Macho Nacho and Mouth Trumpet, Musical Stew

Maci Miller, Butterfly Moon

Mack Rusing, Dog Named Dug

Mad Academy, A Mad Children's Christmas Party

Mad Academy, A Mad Children's Party

Mad Academy, Hop!

Mad Academy, Jump!

Mad Academy, Madsport

Mad Academy, Skip! (A Little Bit of Madness)

Mad Academy, Wiggle and Giggle

Madalyn Barbero Jordan, All Is Calm

Madd-Lab Productions Presents...Butterfly Toungz Featuring N-Afek & Richard Cook, "That Time of Year" Holiday Remixes

Madeline L Pots, E is for Everyone

Madeline L Pots, Fables, Folktales & Fantasies

Madeline L Pots, Gonna` Plant A Garden

Madeline L Pots, Grandpa`s Car

Madeline O'Meara, Judi Mann & Taylor Gibbs, Sparkle's Adventure (The Soundtrack)

Madeline Robison, Amelia's Gift

Madeline`s Toybox, Great Big Sunshine Day

Madelyn Marie, It's About Love

Madera Vox, Black Bear's Hudson Valley Tale

Mael Raoult, Bloomers! Island

Magdalena Baczewska, Music for Dreams, Vol. 3

Maggie and Company, Maggie's Kinder Collection

Maggie Blue, Flutterbug

Magic Jack, Magical Melodies

Magic Mama, Rodeo DeGaia

Magically Told Fairy Tales, Produced by Artie Becker and Johnny Holiday

Magpie, Living Planet

Mahealani Uchiyama, The Sky That Covers Us All

Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Glory Kids! God Has Good Plans for You!

Mahlon Hawk, (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?

Maite Kelly, So Wie Du Bist

Malgudi Shuba, My First Words - Learning the alphabet

Mallory Heart, Didn't U NO!

Mallory Heart, Its Raining

Mallory Heart, Midnight Sky

Mallory Heart, Next To My Heart

Mallory Heart, Someone

Mama Mac, Shine Shine Shine

Mama Mac, Shine Shine Shine

Mama Mac, Snowflake Ballet

Mama Wobbles, Treehouse Tunes

Mamapalooza, Compilation, Vol. 2

Mandarinsaft, Den Magiske Juledrikken

Mandarinsaft, Under MÃ¥nen

Mani, I'm the Best

Mansfield Middle School Chamber Choir, 3rd Time's the Charm: 2015 At St. Mark's

Maple Leaf Learning, Ho Ho Ho (Christmas Songs for Kids)

Maple Leaf Learning, Songs for Learning

Maple Leaf Learning, Songs for Learning 2

Maple Leaf Learning, Songs for Learning 3

Maple Leaf Learning, Spooky Spooky: Halloween Songs for Kids

Maquiavelica, I Laugh

Marc Gunn, St. Patrick's Day Songs for Kids

Marc Harpist, Rainbow Angels Red

Marc Imboden, Wooden Spoon!

Marc Keefer, A Good Knight for Lady Morning (feat. Lenore Alvarez)

Marc Rossio the Marvelous Toy, L'Chaim (To Life!)

Marc Rossio the Marvelous Toy, Think Outside the Box

Marc Twang, Just A Kid

Marcel and Beyond the Sun, Somewhere Paradise

Marcel Haag, Museumslieder

Marcela Hersch & Nadia Ortega, Me Cantas, Ma? Vol. 1: Canciones de Cuna

Marcella Sharp, Precious Treasures

Marcia Dawe Gibson, Analogous Colors

Marcia Dawe Gibson, Please Pass the Purple

Marcia Dawe Gibson, The Rainbow Song (Karaoke Version)

Marcia Louis, I'm Goin' to Kindergarten

Marcie Waters-Gerbrandt, Funtastic Songs: Crazy About Colors and Counting

Marco Randazzo & Michael Murray, The Prodigal Musical (Original Cast Recording)

Marcus Gale, So Glad!

Marcus M-Positive Parker, Motivational Rap (Ten Years Underground)

Marcus Viana, Baby Dreams

Marcus Viana, Baby Dreams 2

Margaret McKeith, You Never Do Anything (When I Need You)

Margaret Munro Tobolowska, Zara the Maggini

Margie Rosenthal and Ilene Safyan, Just In Time for Chanukah!

Margie, Singin` Round the Campfire with Margie

Margot Bevington, One and Two Is Three

Maria Alley and Friends, Nature`s Lullaby - Too Noisy to Nap

Maria Benedetta, Good Night, Little One

Maria Del Rey, Lullabies Of Latin America

Maria Del Rey, The Story of Sleep Music: Therapeutic Evening

Maria Del Rey, The Story of Sleep Therapeutic Nap

Maria Doud, Easter Seals Camp Sunnyside (feat. Jeff Jackson, Martin Lundberg & Todd Venburg)

Maria Fernanda y sus amigos, Baile y Canto

Maria Russell, Wonderland Escapades

Maria Sangiolo, Fairy Moon - Songs of the Ring

Maria Sangiolo, Maria and Friends - Planting Seeds

Maria Sangiolo, Under the Mystic Sea

Maria Small, School Time Bop - Volume 1

Maria Teresa Chacin, Canta Cuentos

Maria, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Maria, Silent Night

Mariam Massaro, for the Children!

Marian Brandenburg, Whenever I Feel: The Six Healing Sounds for Kids

Marian Call, Shark Week

Mariana Iranzi, Aventura Collage

Mariana Iranzi, Hola Hello

Mariana Mallol, Besos, Abrazos y Apapachos

Marianne LeMoine Phoenix, Marianne Singz Lullabies & Other Love Songs

Marie-Josée, Bed Time Lullabies 432 Hz

Marien Martin, Arrullo de Angel

Marien Martin, Navidad de Angel

Marilla Waesche Pivonka, Unusual Musical Cat

Marilyn Espaillat, Baby Jesus

Marilyn Muffoletto & Louis Pierce Michot, Big Alligators

Marilyn Power Scott, Lullabies Simply Sung

Marina Crulci-Nicholson, Kookaburra Christmas

Marina Porchkhidze and Vladimir Shinov, Piano Duet New Ballets from New York City. V.Shinov- Mother Goose! ; M.Porchkhidze and V.Shinov - One , after R.Bach`s novel

Marina, Sing Them to Sleep

Mario Henri Chakkour, I Spin Around

Mario Henri Chakkour, It's Your Birthday!

Mario Lanzilotta & The Music Time Band, Music Time

Marion Faith Laird & The Select Choir of First Lutheran School, I Will Follow Jesus

Marissa Begin, Read a Book

Mark A Nester, Songs for Kids

Mark and Julee Weems, I'm Your Dawg

Mark and Julee Weems, Pee Pee Time

Mark and Julee Weems, There Ain't A Toy I Can't Destroy - Single

Mark and Marianna Bacilla, Circle of Friends

Mark B Ropers, Animal Stories

Mark Bacilla, Good Morning Song

Mark Bacilla, Thanksgiving Song

Mark Baranowski, All the Colors of Love

Mark Bernstein, Sing with Me

Mark Binder, Classic Stories for Boys and Girls

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Get Up

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Learning With Hip Hop (today`s music paired with educational lessons for classrooms and homes, ages Pre-K - 5th)

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Multiplication

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, The Vowel Rules

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Word Families: -Ay, -Ump, -All, -Eep, And -Ed

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Word Families: -It, -Est, -Ad, -Et

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Word Family Stories (-At, -Ice, -Ail, -Eat, and -Aw)

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Word Family Stories: -Age, -Ing, -Ank, -Ink, -Am

Mark D. Pencil and Friends, Word Family Stories: -ight, -ate, -ar, -ick, -ent

Mark D. Pencil, Word Families (-ame, -an, -ell, and -old)

Mark Darlow, I Wonder What It's Like to Be

Mark Eley, Angel Bear Yoga Stories

Mark Erelli, Innocent When You Dream

Mark Frank, Positive Kids Music: I Am What I Am

Mark Galasso, Big Backyard (Montessori Songs for Children)

Mark Johnson, Zukes and Gadzooks

Mark Keller, Uncle Arty Pants Songs

Mark Kelso, Universal Girl

Mark Lewis, songstory/storysong

Mark Magnuson, Acoustic Lullabies

Mark Maxwell, Maxwell's Lullabies

Mark Rickerby, Great Big World

Mark Weakland, The Delicious Chocolate Donut (And Other Off-Kilter Poems)

Mark Winter & Megan Blake, It's Super Smiley

Marla Johnson, Stand

Marla Lewis, Cocoa!

Marlene & Diógenes, Bajo la Sombra del Omnipotente

Marlin Page, Always Believe - Single

Marsha Goodman-Wood, Gravity Vacation

Marshmallow Avenue, Marshmallow Avenue

Marsi Carr, Just Like You I Was Little Too

Marta Gomez, Coloreando

Martha Cinader, Mella and the Python Healer

Martha Johnson, Songs From The Tree House

Martha Jones, Celtic Cradle Song

Martha Krueger, Let Your Love Hang Out

Martha Krueger, Reach High

Martha Nubia Mosquera Daraviña, Arcoíris, Vol. 1

Martha's Trouble, A Little Heart Like You

Marthie Hauptfleisch, Sing Afrikaans

Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch, Ek Is Spesiaal

Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch, Sing Afrikaans!

Marti Rogers, Old Songs For Young Folks

Martijn Stoffers, A.L.I.V.E.

Martin Marion, Zmajček Drago In Ljubljena Ljubljana

Martin Royle, Snowflake Song

Marty and the Magic Bag, Marty and the Magic Bag

Marty Dread, Keiki Reggae (positive sounds for the youth)

Marty Dunayer, Let It Be Earth Day Every Day

Martykins, Martykins and Friends

Marvin Glenn, Come On Along

Marvin Mumford, ''Shout'' Worship 4 Kidz, Vol. 1

Mary Ann Falvo, Angels Are Rejoicing-Kids Gospel Tune

Mary Baker, Reign

Mary Behan Miller, Lilting Lullabies

Mary Behan Miller, Over In The Meadow

Mary Beth Brace, I Know a Lumberjack

Mary Beth Carlson & Friends, You Are My Sunshine

Mary Collis with Lorna, Share The Magic With Me

Mary Garrett, Frog and Friends

Mary Gatchell, Music With Mary

Mary Hall, Happy Songs for Pipsqueeks

Mary Hamilton, Alligators, Bees, & Surprise, Oh My! Folktales Revived

Mary Hamilton, Haunting Tales: Live from Culbertson Mansion

Mary Hamilton, Sisters All...and One Troll

Mary Hamilton, Some Dog and Other Kentucky Wonders

Mary Hulefeld, New Day: Songs of Hope and Optimism

Mary Jackson, Catch A Singing Star CD/book.

Mary Jo Huff, Gettin' Loose with Mother Goose

Mary Jo Maichack, Books Are Celebrations

Mary Jo Maichack, Howlarious Halloween--Ghost Stories, Songs and Jokes from the Crypt

Mary Kai, Happy Tails

Mary Karlzen and The Chickadees, Songs From The Great Outdoors

Mary Kaye, Music Box

Mary Kaye, Spin Your Web

Mary Kaye, Today I Was a Cat

Mary Lafleur, More Pink Elephants: Fairy Tale Songs and Poetry

Mary Lambert, A `Mary` Christmas

Mary Lambert, Chantons La Prevention

Mary Lambert, Family Fun

Mary Lambert, Pajama Party

Mary Lambert, Sing Out Fire Safety

Mary Lambert, Sing Out Kids` Safety

Mary Lambert, Sing Out Summer Fun

Mary Lambert, Swinging On A Star

Mary Mager, On Grandma's Lap

Mary McIntyre, Cozy Covers

Mary Siebert, Buffalo Gals: Historic Cowboy Songs of America's Wild West

Mary Sue & Cari, Marvelous Adventures

Mary Sue and Cari, Here We Go Again

MaryAnn Kildebeck and Jodi Hassler, Charlie's Heavy Backpack

MaryLee, 1,2,3--Boo!

Matandarnas Transgalaktiska Hiphopkapell, Barnvisor för vuxna

MathMosis, MathMosis

Matilde Prestinari, La Vita è Musica

Matt and Shana Henry, Hey Everybody, Look at my Cute Bum

Matt Clark, Funnier Little Fellas

Matt Clark, Funny Little Fella

Matt Clark, Magic Cardboard Ride

Matt Conner, Baby Conner

Matt Ender, Fifteen The Series Opening and Closing Themes

Matt Garwood, Return of the Learn, Vol. 1

Matt Garwood, Return of the Learn, Vol. 2

Matt Glickstein, Grant Choo & Danish Mohzani, Island Below the Star

Matt Hogg, The Planet Song

Matt Kalin, Feelin` Good

Matt Loosigian, Hungry for the Sun

Matt Margucci, Baby Tunezzz

Matt Margucci, Big Top Afternoon

Matt McGee and Some Lesser Fools, Achoo! (Snot - Nosed Blues and Other Tunes)

Matt McGee, Snot - Nosed Blues and Other Tunes

Matt Moss, I Have to Go to School

Matt Richelson, Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1

Matt the Music Man, Songs for Kids Age 1 to 101

Matt Yaki, Open Up Your Presence

Matteo Bosi, Brahms Lullaby (ninnananna, berceuse, wiegenlied, canción de cuna & 勃拉姆斯 摇篮曲)

Matteo Bosi, L'albero di Natale, una ninna nanna - O Tannenbaum, a Christmas lullaby

Matteo Bosi, Ninna nanna... Sogni d'oro

Matterhorn Project, Moo!

Matthew Clough & The Electric Canyon Band, Silver Lining

Matthew Clough and the Cloud Nines, The Electric Canyon Concert

Matthew Clough, Hit The Ground Running

Matthew Clough, The Sky`s the Limit

Matthew Gregory, Who I Am

Matthew L. Fisher, Lullabies

Matty Kaspak, Cabbadabba-Iggalotta-Soyboysuey-Do

Matty Kaspak, Spaghetti Train

Maura McIntosh, No More Couch Potatoes

Maureen Conlin, Achoo Achoo

Maureen Conlin, Christmas Notes for Little Folks

Maurice Hazan & Na Fan, ?? (A Wish) [Chinese Songs for Children]

Maurilio Suárez & Chavo Guerrero, Los Lentes del Amor

Max DeGroot, Christmas With Dipper

Max Fischbach & Liane Nimax, Kumbu (Kannermusical)

Max Strong, The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete the Pirate

Max Tell & Chris Kelly, Monkey Mumbo Jumbo (feat. Chris Kelly)

Maxipraise, God Made Me

MaxiPraise, Live It

MaxiPraise, My Friend Jesus

MaxiPraise, Spirit Alive

MaxiPraise, Way 2 Grow

Max`s Family Band, Max`s Family Band

Mayor of Storyville, "Now This Is Fun"

Mayor of Storyville, Little Lucky Lou

MC Frontalot, Question Bedtime

MC Schoolie Rapp, The Multiplication Songs

MCP & Bud and Blossom, The Potty Fairy

Me 3, The Thin King

Med Apan Anders, Huller Om Buller

Meeka and Her Cool Cousins, Happy Holidays

Meeka, Island Girl

Meg Primola Russell, Magic Apple Seed

Meg Russell, Hat Parade

Meg Russell, Juggling

Megan Gunnell, Kristine Frias, Slumber Baby

Meghan Saletta, Dream Big

Meghan Saletta, True to You

Megumi Kopp, Ballet Class With the Little Mermaid: Music from Hawaii, Vol. 3

Meira, Wenn Ich Mal Im Urlaub Bin... (feat. Quentin)

Meisjeskoor Scala - Girls Choir & Joost De Smedt, Kinderliedjes met meezingversie

Meka Demille, Crunch Don't Munch

Melanie Afriyie, God Is Salvation

Melanie Ann White, Jump, Jump Roll`em Up

Melanie DeMore, Ache O Kwa

Melanie Hoffman, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy

Melany Perkins, Animalopolis

Melany, Kidstuff By Melany

Melinda Caroll, Girl Scouts Greatest Hits, Vol 10. Make the World a Better Place

Melinda Caroll, Ignite, Girl Scouts Rock the Mall

Melinda Caroll, Ignite, Girl Scouts Rock the Mall (Karaoke)

Melinda Caroll, The Touch of Human Kindness, One Warm Coat

Melinda Krebs, Its Time to Have Some Fun

Melinda Krebs, Little Musicans in Motion

Melinda Marks Burgard, I Can Do Most Anything!

Melissa Gilbert, Michael Alden, Marlee Matlin, The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Rosey The Imperfect Angel

Melissa Green, Here We Go

Melissa Green, Round and Round

Melissa Green, Sing Loud!

Melissa Green, Sweet Little One

Melita Doostan, Earth Dream Lullabies: Soothing Songs for an Awakening Generation

Melody Shakers, Dance Dance Go Go Go

Melody Shakers, Keep On Dancing

Melody, Melody

Melonball, Chickens, Oranges and Other Funny Stuff

Melonball, Land Of The Diamond Sun

Melvil Dewey, Deweylicious! Library Hip Hop

Melvin Orange & Friends, Come On In!

Melvin Orange & Friends, Songs from Wonderville

Melvinia Garner & Gregory J Dlugos, Sing Along!

Mendy Bryski, Rebbe, Mein Tatte

Mendy Bryski, Snuggled By the Fireplace

Mendy Levilev, Music & Movement Starring Mendy Music

Mercury, Whoa Whoa Slow Down

Mercury, World Need More Love

Mercy and Grace, One Love

Meredith Brooks, If I Could Be...

Meredith Rae, Dance in the Rain

Meredythe & the Recycle! Kids, Let's Make Every Day Earth Day!

Merel-Issi, Anders

Merlu, Potato

Merrill Collins, Everybody's Everybody feat. Cesar Marquez & Nicole Garcia(vocal)

Merrill Leffmann, Little You - Gorgeous Artisan Lullabies

Merry Ministries Worship Team, Amazed

Messiah Munoz & Jeramiah Munoz, Trick or Treat Baby

Mestre Foca & Instrutora Rouxinol, Vem Brin Capoeira

Mia Paul, Malia Capen & Alexa Jabbour, Front Row

Mia Sifflet, Never Give Up

Miaomiao Yu, Bach to Baby: Miniatures

Mic Check, Guaranteed

Michael A. McGee, Elisha "No Fear Just Faith!"

Michael Barrett Dixon, EOG Song

Michael Bashaw & Sandy Bashaw, NIGHTnight

Michael Begler, Giants

Michael Blake, What Colour Is Your Day

Michael Bryant, Cold Bethlehem Night

Michael C. Bell, Bedtime Music for Kids

Michael Car, A Christmas Alone

Michael Crowther, Moonlight Sleighride

Michael Daly, Irish Tenor Michael Daly Sings Baby Lullaby Songs

Michael Darby & Smile, Strong as a Redwood Tree

Michael Darby, Amazing Life

Michael Des Barres, Rock N Roll Santa

Michael Donohue & Melanie Adam, West Side Manhattan Cats

Michael Droste, Glacial Lake Turquoise Louise (Micro Song)

Michael Dvorken and his Pals, Eatin` Watermelon

Michael Firdaus, Our Happy Family

Michael Forestieri, Growing Strong

Michael Giffeli, It`s About Now

Michael Heemskerk & Wim van Velzen, De Kids For Animals CD

Michael Henry, Give Roo De Ball (feat. Kenny Knots)

Michael J. Smajda, A Very Deer Love Story


Michael Jayce, In Case Of Emergency

Michael Katzman, Laugh and Play

Michael Kolmstetter, Childhood Memories & Lullabies on Guitar

Michael Leyden, Gabdern Chicken

Michael Leyden, Where Are Your Piggies?

Michael Madden, Micky Joyjoy's Crazy Days

Michael Mc Ginnis, We Can Make It Happen

Michael Mills, Rumpelstiltskin: A New Spin On an Olde Tale

Michael Mish, I'm Blue

Michael Mish, Sleepy Train

Michael Mish, The Magic Stone and Other Stories

Michael Mish, The Solar System (The Planets)


Michael Paul Brooks, Snowflake Town

Michael Richard Plowman, Cartoon Extravaganza

Michael Stern, We All Have Wings

Michael Tester, Most Likely To (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)

Michael Tuosto, Alligator Ballerina

Michael Tuosto, Dreams Where I Fly

Michael Warner, Who Put the Frog in My Lunchbox

Michael William Harrison and Linda King, For Kids Of All Ages

Michael Wolff, Pi's Song

Michael X. Hartofelis, Twelve Songs of Christmas

Michal Gordon, Natasha Chang & Michal Shutov, Dream Train

Michal Novinski, Kuky Se Vraci (Original Film Soundtrack)

Michal Peanut Karmi, Hugabaloo

Michele and Guy, Classic Songs For Children

Michele Mauro, Heartstrings and Heartsongs "A Celebration of Motherhood"

Michele Yulo, Songs from Super Tool Lula

Michelle Behrenwald, The Big Question

Michelle Endicott, God's Got A Plan For Me

Michelle Geller, The Congo Groove

Michelle Geller, The Toyshop Dance

Michelle Hunter, Wake Up My Guitar

Michelle McIntosh, We`re Gonna Hop

Mick Brady, Triple the Pickle

Mickys Harmonica, Frosty the Snowman (Harmonica)

Mifflin Lowe, Beasts By The Bunches

Mifflin Lowe, The King Who Forgot His Underpants

Mifflin Lowe, Wilton Wilberry and the Magical Christmas Wishing Well

Miffy & Friends, At the Playground

Miffy and Friends, Have You Heard of Boris Bear?

Miffy and Friends, Hide and Seek

Miffy and Friends, Let's Tidy Up

Miffy, Miffy and Friends

Mighty Sound Kids, Mighty Sound Kids

Miguel López Abajo, Hay una Canción en Mi

Mijntje, Voetballied

Mika Geraldo, #hangout

Mika Mimura, Precious

Mika Speed, Say No!

Mike & Carleen McCornack, Beasties, Bumbershoots & Lullabies

Mike & Carleen McCornack, Sunshine Cake

Mike A. Miulli, Lolli-Pop Rock

Mike and the Mighty Magic Pants, Gotta Be the Pants!

Mike Anderson, Anna`s Old Boot

Mike Bell, Music for Slideshows and Videos (Kids and Vacation)

Mike Burn, i:Praise - Dance On the Streets

Mike Connelly, Mike Connelly 6

Mike Connelly, Mike Connelly 8

Mike Connelly, Mike Connelly IV

Mike Connelly, Mike Connelly V

Mike Ferry, Songs for Quirky

Mike G Murphy, Double Dip - Single

Mike Hughes, The Birthday Music CD

Mike Lockett, Tales and Fables: East Meets West

Mike Mennard, It's a Pirate's World

Mike Mennard, Pirates Do the Darnedest Things

Mike Mennard, We've Got it All in Nebraska

Mike Nobel, Color Me Green

Mike Nobel, Heartland of America

Mike Pettry, Yummy Circus (Original Soundtrack)

Mike Schmid, Let It Out

Mike Tyo & Kerry Kistler, Once Upon a Circus

Mike Vreeland, Are We There Yet?

Mike Vreeland, I Sing About Things

Mike Whitla, Dinostory - The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera!

Mike Whitla, Elephants Have Wrinkles

Mikey & Big Bob, Put the Milk & Cookies Out for Santa Claus

Mikeymo, I Fell in Love With a Snowgirl (Then She Melted in My Arms)

Mil's Trills, Now That We're Friends...

Milan Mitic, Newborn Baby Music: Enchanted Meadow

Miles and William Rabun, My Grandma's Backyard Fun Song

Millennium Kids, Hold On to This World - Single

Millie Chaplin, Momma Learns to Drive and Other Stories of Life

Mim Eichmann & Doug Lofstrom, Why Do Ducks Have Webby Toes?

Mim Eichmann and Doug Lofstrom, Wander Down Beyond the Rainbow

Mindy and the Fun Company, Mindy and the Fun Company

Mindy Hester & The Time Outs, Juice Box Hero

Mindy Hester and The Time Outs, Cake

Mindy Hester, Mindy`s Box Of Sunshine

Mindy Manley Little, My Favorite Musical Numbers

Mindy Manley Little, The Alphabet Operetta

Minecraft Jams, Bajancanadian Song Remix

Minecraft Jams, Creeper Go Boom

Minecraft Jams, Destiny

Minecraft Jams, Diamond Day

Minecraft Jams, Diamond King

Minecraft Jams, Diamond Sword

Minecraft Jams, Enderman Are Creepy

Minecraft Jams, Friends

Minecraft Jams, Girls Know How to Fight (From "Hey Captainsparklez") [feat. Psycho Girl]

Minecraft Jams, Hack Chop Bang

Minecraft Jams, Hey Captainsparklez

Minecraft Jams, I'll Be There

Minecraft Jams, Mob Fighter

Minecraft Jams, Pokemon Level Up

Minecraft Jams, Pvp

Minecraft Jams, Rest in Peace

Minecraft Jams, Revenge

Minecraft Jams, So Many Ores so Little Time

Minecraft Jams, Songs of 2014

Minecraft Jams, Survival

Minecraft Jams, The Clan

Minecraft Jams, The Nether

Minecraft Jams, The Parkour Song (Jump)

Mini Monsters Music, 1 Hour Lullaby

Mini Monsters Music, Baa Baa Black Sheep

Mini Monsters Music, Lullaby

Mini Monsters Music, Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Mini Monsters Music, Row Row Row Your Boat

Mini Monsters Music, The Abc Song

Mini Monsters Music, Womb Sounds

Mini Monsters Music, Womb Sounds 2: Pink Noise

Mini Mozart, Sleeping Beauty

Minimamus, Sauce With No Name

Minnesota Girlz, Anything but Ordinary

Minyan Katan, Mitzvah

Minyan Katan, Shabbat Fun

Miranda Hentoff, Mandy`s Menagerie - Every Living Thing Has A Song To Sing

Mireille Villeneuve, La Mystérieuse Madame Biscuit

Miri, Shhh... The Secret to Sleep! Natural White Noise from the Purest Waters in the World

Miriam Allbee and Mike Kelly, Motherland: Lullabies in English and Russian

Miriam Rosenberg, Children of the Light

Mishelle Bradford Jones, Mish Mash

Miss Aimee Leigh, Can You Come Out and Play?

Miss Alexis Lee, 12 Days of August! - Single

Miss Alexis Lee, All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Miss Alexis Lee, Miss Alexis Lee The Christmas Album

Miss Amy, Fitness Rock & Roll

Miss Amy, I Wanna Know How It Works!

Miss Amy, My Precious One

Miss Amy, Underwater

Miss Amy, Wide Wide World

Miss Belle, You and Me

Miss Belle, You and Me

Miss Brown, Lets All Sing With Miss Brown

Miss Caroline`s Music Class, Going Places!

Miss Cherylann, Fun Love & Dance

Miss Dylan, Roller Coaster Ride

Miss Emily, Every Day!

Miss Gabby, Care Share Groove

Miss Gail and the Jumpin' Jam Band, A Jumpin' Christmas

Miss Gail and the Jumpin' Jam Band, I Just Can't Sit Here!!!

Miss Gail and the Jumpin' Jam Band, Quiet Time

Miss Gail and the Jumpin` Jam Band, Miss Gail and the Jumpin` Jam Band

Miss J, Summertime

Miss Jamie, Miss Jamie's Farm

Miss Jenny & Friends, Mother's Day Song

Miss Joyce`s Musical Classroom, First Day of School

Miss Leesah, First Crush

Miss Lou Lou, Miss Lou Lou Goes Kooky For Kids

Miss Lucy Lion, A Lion`s Grocery List

Miss Lynn, Heroes and She-Roes

Miss Lynn, Outside the Lines

Miss Lynn, Something New

Miss Lynn, Still Learning

Miss Maggie Sings!, Stay Healthy With Miss Maggie

Miss Melodee, Dancing With Miss Melodee

Miss Melodee, Find Your Melody

Miss Melodee, The Freeze Dance

Miss Michellie, 7-8-9

Miss Nana, The Future of Hip Hop

Miss Penelope, Singing the Scriptures 2 Peace (feat. Dr. Bryan Chapell)

Miss Phyllis, The Miss Phyllis Collection

Miss Rupi, Ek Choti Choti Makari

Miss Rupi, Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Miss Rupi, Uncle Manu Dha Badha Farm

Miss Scherling, Miss Scherling Sings Her Greatest Hits

Miss Scherling, Miss Scherling Sings the Curricular Hits

Miss Scherling, Miss Scherling Sings the Hits - 2009 Edition

Miss Scherling, Miss Scherling Sings the Hits - 2010 Edition

Miss Scherling, Miss Scherling Sings the Hits 2007 Edition

Miss Scherling, Miss Scherling Sings the Hits for Music Teachers

Miss Sherri & The Little Animal Band, Send Them Up

Miss Sherri, My Green Shoes

Miss Violet, It's Raining Candy

Mission Crew, Pussanddog

Mississippi Valley Riders, Walk On

Missoula Children's Theatre, Missoula Children's Theatre Greatest Hits, Vol. I

Missoula Children's Theatre, Missoula Children's Theatre Greatest Hits, Vol. II

Missoula Children's Theatre, Missoula Children's Theatre Greatest Hits, Vol. III

Missoula Children's Theatre, Missoula Children's Theatre Greatest Hits, Vol. IV

Missouri Boys, Live Inside of Me

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, 3's a Charm

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Got the Spirit

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Gratitude

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, H.B.D., Dude!

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Halloween Every Night

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Jelly Beans!

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Mama

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Spatula vs. Sun

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Sunshine Family (feat. Aaron Nigel Smith)

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, The Way We Gets Down

Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips, Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution

Mista Cookie Jar, Mista Cookie Jar Presents: The Love Bubble

Mister Chandler, Songs From Room 8

Mister Cooper, I Like Your Hat

Mister Cooper, Mister Cooper

Mister Cooper, Mister Cooper is for the birds

Mister Cooper, Pirate Ship

Mister Don, Delmarva Kids

Mister Felipe, Cruzando el Border

Mister G, Los Animales

Mister G, Pizza for Breakfast

Mister G, The Bossy E

Mister Kipley, Kangaroo & Little Firefly

Mister Laurence and his Play Money Band, Flaghorn

MISTER LAURENCE and his Play Money Band, Recess Forever

Mister Laurence, Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Mister Marc, Mister Marc`s Marvelous Melodies

Mister Mikey, Spoon Fed

Mister Q, Hi, My Name is Mister Q

Mister Q, Mom, You're the Bomb

Mister Q, Nursery Rhyme Time, Vol. 2

Mister Q, Wow, That's a Lot of Trash

Mister Rhythm, Mister Rhythm's Circus

Mister Rhythm, Mister Rhythm's Farmer's Red Barn

Mister Rhythm, Mister Rhythm's Mother Goose Adventure

Mister Rhythm, Mister Rhythm's Picnic

Mister Rhythm, Mister Rhythm's Zoo Holiday

Mister Rhythm, Mister Rhythms Trip to the Fair

Mister Rhythm, Westward Expansion: The Pioneer Years

Mitch Barrett, I Ain`t Lyin , I`m Tellin` You a Story

Miyauchi Takayuki (宮内a‚¿a‚«aƒ¦a‚­), Fire (a‚Ž)

Mj Senoj, Don't Be a Bully

MJ, Have Some Fun

Mo Kekko, Take Jesus Shopping

Mo Phillips, Monster Suit

Mo Phillips, Robot Rodeo

Mo Phillips, Train Beard

Mo Willems & Deborah Wicks La Puma, Elephant and Piggie's "We Are in a Play!"

Model Human, You Can Be Anything

Modern Day Prince, Muslim My Whole Life

Moey's Music Party, Happily Ever Moey! a Fairy Tale Lark In Central Park

Moey's Music Party, Princess Revolution

Moey's Music Party, Princess Revolution

Moey's Music Party, Princess Revolution!

Mojo Place, Christmas Squid

Molly Nece, A Tale of Miss Molly Sunshine - Single

Molly Nece, Tyler's Tidal Wave Adventure - Single

Mom and Loving It!, Hold You, Mommy

Mom and Me, Keep Moving

Mommie, Mommie`s Dearest

MomokoSuwa, わたしがあなたを選びました I choose you~Whisper from baby~

Mona Miller, Pick Me Up Blues

Mona Warner, Salta A Cantar

Mondo Math, Mondo Math; Addition Facts 1-12

Monica Attell & Michael Messina, Mike & Monica's Music Room: Songs That Teach Music

Monica Avila Beal, Little Boy Blue

Monica Beal, Little Lullabies

Monica Hatch, Sing Me A Lullaby

Monika Hajdu, Peter Pickles' Nightmare

Monkey Monkey Music, What Are the Odds?

Monkey Organs, Monkey Organ Memories

Monroe Alfrey, Simon`s Pond

Montana Mandolin Society, As Far As I Can See

Montse, California Kids

Montse, Cool Beat

Montse, If Santa Wants to Go Through the Chimney

Monty Harper & Mr. Billy, Talk Like a Pirate Day

Monty Harper and Mr. Billy, Let`s Get Creative

Monty Harper, Pet Rock

Mooda Moody, Mooda Moody Songs (Karaoke)

Moogu Music, Mario Rock

MoonDreams Music, Inc., Carousel Dreams - A Collection of Lullabies

Moondreams Music, Night Song

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