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"A. Love", "Don't Let Me Roll Up On You"

"Mista" Garvey, "Mista" Garvey

"OG" Jacki Blu, Chiken Wang

$ip Wilson, Shake It for Me

$milez & Moe, Corporate Swag

$peechless, Emotions

(G)nosis, The Sleepwalker EP

03 Tha Hu$tla, Deep In the Game (feat. King Lew & BrittanyB)

1 Loose, Married2 Tha Game (feat. Young I)

1+1 = U Music Group, When I Realized (feat. B. Stille)

100 Cam, To Be 100

100 Cream, Lets Do It

113360, Re-Flesh

120, 4give and 4get

120, Run to Me

120, She Got Me

12seven, Focused

14 Karat Soul, Ole Skool Soul

14 Karat Soul, Take Me Back

1487, Never Been In Love

16 the Icon, Set U Str8

17,3.2.3., Gone but Not Forgotten

17,3.2.3., Skating

190entertainment, 190entertainment, 3 street anywhere usa

1a.m., Adoration

1L, 1L, You''re My Everything

1nceblind, 1nceblind

1nightstand, Party in My Pants

1nightstand, You Know

1st Degree, Ninth Hour - EP

2 - Smooth, Love Base

2 But Not 2, 2 But Not 2

2 Good to Go, Broken Heart

2 Good To Go, Everybody Dance - Single

2 Good To Go, I LIke It - Single

2 Good to Go, Turn the Beat Up

2 Piece and A Biscuit, 2 Piece and A Biscuit

20 Foot Trill Mob, So Far so Hood

21 Pump Street, Grown Ass Man Shit

21 Pump Street, Party Jams '08

24-7n, 24-7n, 24-7n the entity

24/7, 24/7, Love Life Changes

2am, Lazy Daze

2ble j, New Generation

2dafunk, Oya Omoge

2deep the Southern President, Special

2Deep Vondell and Mike J, SomeBody (Single)

2edge, I Don't Know

2ga1, Together As One

2HD, All Night Long (feat. Gordon James)

2hd, Back On the Floor (feat. Gordon James)

2hd, Could You Be Mine (feat. Gordon James)

2HD, Look but Can't Touch

2HD, Which Way (Would You Like It) [feat. John Dogg & Gordon James]

2J, What's Wrong With the World?

2javu, It's You

2kee, 1st Round

2merica, Keep Steady

2merica, Record Profits

2MX2, Why You Hatin' On Me (feat. SmokeG)

2nd, Freaky Mon

2p, All I Need

2p, All I Need

2P, Now That We're Alone

2P, Put Me On the Radio

2piece, Back Against The Wall

2piece, Do It for the Cam (feat. Lil Chuckee & Pleasure P)

2shade, Heaven Can Wait

2Shae, 2shae

2TheTop, I See You

2unes, Hot & Cool

2Way & Dwayne Collins, Love On a 2Wayne St.

2wice, Don't Fear Me Hear Me

2win, Van Mij

3-Six-5, Golly Boyz (Rnb Reloaded)

3-Six-5, Lend A Hand

3-SIX-5, Night Vision Edition 1

305curtis, Goodbye

317 Dafoundation, 317 Dafoundation

33 Deep, Appreciate the Vibe

360degree, Full Circle

3b4, Remain the Same

3db, Dreams X Realities

3jes, Nouvote

3N1 Artists, REJOICE #1

3rd Try Lefty, Frosty (Remix) - Single

4 II C, The Intro

464marcy, Bubble Poppin (feat. Therealbubbles)

464marcy, I Am an Animal

464marcy, Make You Better Baby (feat. Legit)

4finga Set, Game of Death

4gpulsar, Hartley House

4or3ver7he4am, Tracks from the Future

4ursacred, You're All I Want

4word, Turn It Out

5 nd Play, Shorty Got that Good

5 Star Generalz, The California Gold Rush

51 Reese, ITS JUST MONEY (feat. Dej Loaf)

555, Do You Like Me

57th Street Rogue Dog Villians, Its On Now (summer Edition)

6 Minute Warning, 6 Minute Warning

60 Sadie, Down

6th St. Collective, I Wanna Be Bad Tonight

6went9, Beautiful Butterfly

706, What Would You Do

76 Degrees West Band, Keep On Moving On

76 Degrees West Band, Something (feat. Raheem Devaughn)

7Knuckles, Ill.I.B

8 Switch, 8 Switch

804 Broken Recordz, Intro...Tha Compilation

808 Music, Vol 1

8orMas, Warm tones

8th Ave, And

8th Wonder Productions, The Prelude

99 Smokin Hot Drum Loops, Funk Pop Drum Loops, Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Samples

9dw, Migrant - Ep

9st.bodega, Sounds from the Great Recession & Other Assorted Love Songs

????, ????????? Turn Back Time ?

????? ????????, ??????

???????, Sakai Takehiro

@Beckbeat, Hashtag

@Jdoe220, Visions of You

@Jdoe220, Waitin'

A 2 Tha J, Stay In Touch

A Gatlin Family Soul Christmas Single, Christmas Time Is Here

A Hog Fan, Pig Sooie (a Tailgate Song)

A K Sound 372, Born In the Game

A M, The Blues Come Over

A Nickel Bag of Funk, Melodic Schizophrenic

A Omega, Give It All

A Omega, Let It Be

A Omega, Ready

A Omega, This Show

A Omega, Whine

A Poet Named Superman, On the Write Path EP

A Race Of Angels, Broadcast No. 1

a race of angels, Lady of the Sun

A Submitter, Probability of Fiction or Certainty of Fact

A Team, Dead End Chase

A Thin Line, Between Love and Hate

A Way Out, Get Rich Bitch (feat. Stunna)

A'Lyriss, The Journey

A'Shenaye, Ms Popularity

A-Bomb the Pimp, I Love Sexy Girls

A-Bomb, Dangerous

A-Non, A-Non

A-Roc, Digital Declaration - Single

A-Rod, In Search of Happiness

A-Rushh, Cruisin'

A-Tone & T.E.A.M., Light of the World

A-Tone & T.E.A.M., Praise Him in the Rain

A. L. Dawkins, Smooth City Scene - Limited Edition - Debut CD

A. Ra Dot Funk, Mr. Johnson

A.B.Lewis, Your Love Keeps Calling Me

A.C. Monroe, Making It Volume One

A.E.N., Sands of Time

A.G.M, Undeniable Featuring Ron Adwaters

A.J. & Kleva, Da Wiggle(Roll Call Version)

A.J. DeBravo, Coming Out At Last

A.J. Quest, There Is No One Like You In The Universe

A.J., Second Identity

A.L.I.E.N. Range, Just Can't Get It Right (feat. Ms. Toya)

A.Le, Turn Up (Radio Edit)

A.M.W, Thelo Na Mou Kaneis Like - Single

A.Mus.E, A Musical Education

A.O, Heart & Soul

A.P, Love in Outer Space

A.P., The Last Dance

A.R., One More Night

A.T, A.k.a. Critical, Popping Champagne

A.W.A.W., Bomb to My Chest - EP

A.W.A.W., War (Push) [feat. Apostle Willie Coates, Jr.]

A.W.Smooth, Fireworks (feat. Deonasia Abel)

A.X.P, Se Soltaron Los Perros

A.Yo Consaco, Survive or Die, Vol. 1

A0, Dealing With Love (feat. Wylfyr & 24)

A10 Productions, No Hats, No Hoods (Gladesmore Anthem)

Aaaband, Boy$ R Toy$ (feat. Moonchild)

Aabaraki, Aabaraki

Aajaanne, Can I Have Your Love

Aamin, Sarbaz

Aar Maanta, Somalia Hanoolaato

Aarion Nesbit, Mukaya: Warrior Queen

Aarion Nesbit, Pharaohs of Darkness

Aarion Nesbit, The Return

Aaron Aaron, Melodies & Memoirs

Aaron Aaron, Natural

Aaron Abernathy, 45 Series, Vol. I

Aaron Abernathy, 45 Series, Vol. II

Aaron Abernathy, 45 Series, Vol. III: About Last Summer...

Aaron Abernathy, Call On Me

Aaron Abernathy, Forecast

Aaron B. Southern, Fifty Fifty

Aaron B., The Grove (feat. Khrys Lawson & Vacation)

Aaron Bailey, Time

Aaron Broadus, Feels Like The First Time

Aaron Carter, Perfect Storm

Aaron David, Aaron David

Aaron Deponce, Hereafter

Aaron Eddy, At Your Feet

Aaron G. Vann, Merry Xmas

Aaron Hart, Hart 2 Hart

Aaron Hart, Rollercoaster

Aaron James Karr, Save Me

Aaron K. Gray, Body Rain

Aaron Kane, Gotta Love

Aaron Kane, Hear What I`m Say`n

Aaron Matthew, La da Dai

Aaron Matthew, Now That You're Here

Aaron McNeil, The Giant of Love

Aaron Mills, Gotta Be Positive

Aaron Nate, Momma.Glow

Aaron Obryan Smith, Sky Rocket

Aaron Obryan Smith, The Aaron Obryan Show

Aaron Owen, Breakin'

Aaron Parnell Brown, Just Leave

Aaron Parnell Brown, Just Leave

Aaron Parnell Brown, Somewhere Around

Aaron Parnell Brown, Somewhere Around

Aaron Paul, Shake Your Body U.K. (feat. Mac UK)

Aaron Paul, Shake Your Body U.S Mix (feat. Caps & V.P.)

Aaron Stephens, Hard Times Straight Lines

Aaron Stephens, Shadow

Aaron Stephens, To Reach Your Soul

Aaron Velardi, This Is Me

Aarona Browning, The Velvet Mixtape

Ab, Lyrically Inclined 1.3: The Odyssey

Ab, The 45 Inch Series, Vol. 1

Ab1145, Mr Spicy Robot

Ab4f, Dadetronic

Abbadan, One Family

AbbSaLoot, Positively "AbbSaLoot"

Abby Diamond, Down, Down, Deep

Abby Dobson, Sleeping Beauty: You Are the One You Have Been Waiting On - Volumood One

Abby Victor, Put Out the Fire

Abby Wren & What It Is, Secondhand Swagger

ABC (All Bout Cash), Like It Or Not

Abdo, Corazones Que Conquistar

Abdul-Kareem, Abdul-Kareem

Abdula X, Revolution: Born Dead

Abel Maxwell, Interlude

Abi Cruz, Abi Cruz

Abi Cruz, Skeletons In My Closet

Abie Perkins, Thinkin Bout U

Abigail Hamilton, Let It Rain

Abraham Cheatham, Tensions Rising

Abrantes MC, Seja Bem Vindo

ABRI, Blank Notes

Abrina, So Out - Single

Abstract, Round Two

Abstract, Winning Hand

Abtmelody, Uptown Funk (Talk Box Version)

AC Da Coldest, The 27 Club

Ac Da' Perfecto, Back & Forth

Ace & Pearl, Serendipity

Ace Massive, The Silent Take Over

Ace, This Is My Life

Ace-Ah-Spade, First Hand Dealt

Acequia, Amazing Grace: an Immigrant Anthem

Aces, The Phone Song (feat. Selecta & Kayente)

Acey Baby, Candle Light

Achi, 50/50

Achi, Daydream

Achi, Popseason

ACHIM (SMA), Achimsong

Achim G, Heaven Sent

Achim G, Refugees On the Rainbow (feat. David T. Walker)

Achim G, Slavery


Acity, U4ria - Single

Acklee Davis, All I Want

Acklee Davis, Sexy Girl

Acklee Davis, Why Love

Acoustic Elephants, Live & Acoustic

Acoustic Flow, Transparent

Acoustic Minds, AM Radio

Act III, Act III Original Old School

Action Guys, Action Guys

Active, Moeite Met Van Alles

Acye Swift, Take You There

AD & T-billz, Get It On

Ad Kapone, Kingpin, The 6 Day Theroy

AD, Back to the Future

Ad, Fame, Uzi & L, City On My Back (Pittsburg)

AD, Intelligent Design

AD, Reality Check

Ada Blessings, Do Not Drink and Drive

Adair, Let God In

Adaku, Or You Can

Adam Ali, Ya Rabbee

Adam And The Waxmen, Just Play

Adam Crush & the Uri Sex Pact, Machines of Procreation

Adam Falcon, Bohemian 959

Adam Fields, Visions

Adam J, In the Burbs

Adam L. McKnight, Life: Work in Progress

Adam Lopez, The Revolution Starts @ Home

Adam M Sherman, Songbird

Adam Mardel, As You Walk Away

Adam McKnight, Your Move

Adam Payne & 2Adam12, Formalities

Adam Payne, Chiclets in My Pocket

Adam Payne, Just Me

Adam Payne, The Quelling

Adam Shenk, If Ya Like This

Adam Sizemore & The Modern Day Players, Are We There

Adam Sizemore, Everytime You Go

Adam Sizemore, Recognize

Adam Stern, Cosmicology

Adam Victor Lattimore, Will Word-Hop For Food, Vol. 1

Adam, Determination

Adam, Revolution Hip Hop Beats

Adama Yalomba, Plus Jamais

Adama, Delicate Dragon

Adante, Nobody but You

Adara Dyani, Mislead

Addiamuziq, Aqsess Granted

Addison Baker, It`s Coming Together

Adele Holness, Help Me Lose My Blues

Aden Ray, 33 Names

Aden Ray, Fight for This

Aden Ray, I Want More

Aden Ray, Miss You

Adero Neely, Club Dress

Adero Neely, Guap (Radio Edit)

Adesha, Giving Love a Try (Dance Remix EP)

AdFunk, Break Sucka

Adfunk, Bugz in My Brain

Adfunk, Funk On

Adia Griffith, Grateful

Adia, Adia

Adia, Introducing Adia

Adia, So Incredible

Adib Ra'oof, Going Home

Adolph Thomas, The Jump

Adon X, LuvNasty Grooves

Adonis Gomez, Altid (feat. Fazli & Isaac Kasule)

Adonis, Acoustically Speaking

Adonis, Goddess of Love (feat. SJ)

Adonis, Super Nova

Adore, Journey of Gentlemen

Adore, Kill Me (feat. Murphy Lee)

Adottmitch, Cupid Shot the Wrong Way

Adrian Esparza, Funky Little Christmas

Adrian Lance, Almost

Adrian Lance, Created to Love

Adrian Lance, Love Print

Adrian Morris, Pages From My Song Book, Vol. 1

Adriane Young, A Matter of Time

Adrianne Archie, He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear

Adrianne Archie, Warm Winter

Adrianne Huff, How A Guhl Feels

Adriel, Meteórico

Adrien, Can I Be

Adrienne Townes, So Natural

Adrienne Verniece, Familiar Places

Adverb, The Life (Beatstrumental ) - Single

Aeon the Ace, Cloud Music

Aeon the Ace, Cloud Music

Aeri'ell Le'vi Da'lion, Deep in Your Ocean

Aerial Tribe, Aerial Tribe

Aerial Tribe, Aerialistic

Afatia, Time, Attention, Affection

Afficialhits, Flexin

Afi Soul, Rising

Afin!ty, The End of Fear

Afrah, Last Name

AFRIKELEKTRO, Afrikelektro

Afro Elements, Out of the Centre

Afro Q Ben, Hi-Fi Fro Funk

Afro-Preachah, Hotgirl

AfroMassive, Live @ The Red Fox Tavern

Aftah Party, Welcome To Tha Aftah Party

After Development, You Are the One for Me

After Development, You Must Have Known

After the Rain, A Benefit for the Hurricane Kartrina/Wilma Victims

Afterthem, Heavy On The Cheese

Afterworld, Rock Your World

After|Resistance, The Swag - EP

AG Hawk, Something Cooking

Age, Funkytown

Age, Sunshine Called

Ageless, Broken Inventions

Agent 777, Come to Me

Agresioni, No More Talking (feat. Da Son & Jay-P)

Ahbleza Sellars, So This Is Me


Ahmed Soultan, Tolerance

Ahnwar, The Flesh Vs The Spirit

Ahrel, Soul Station

Ahsek Novel, Replacement Drug- Amended

Ahveekhy Ben Binahyah, We Are All One

Ahz Moses, Ready

Ahzie, Daddy I Need You

Ai'scei Gold'n Babei, Uknowmyname

Aida Arami, Aida Arami

Aida Brandes, Not a Game (Work it Like)

Aida Brandes, Not a Game (Work it Like) [Remix]

Aija, Lyrically Armed

Aijai Anderson, Family Reunion (Luv Presentation) EP

Aile, Sakura

Aimé. M., I Am - Single

Aimé. M., I Won`t Lose! - Single

Aimé. M., In Search of A Star.

Aimee Moody, Girls' Night

Ain't No Other, All Winter (feat. Jae Pair're)

Aique, Chapter One

Airi Mori, まま ありがとう (Thank You, Mum)

Airi Mori, Billie the Lover

Airi Mori, Heartbeat

Airi Mori, Here in Heaven

Airi Mori, Key Person

Airi Mori, Party Time

Airi Mori, Temporary Stay

Aisea Taimani, Aisea Taimani

Aisha Kiana Davis, Sexy Love Game

Aissa, Not Your Average Girl

AJ DeBravo, Klassic Kutzs and Romantic Nights

AJ Lewis, Colours of Your Life

AJ Marie, Skitzofrenik

Aj Scratch, Y2J "The Alter Ego"

aj, Christmas Inspiration

Aj, Tell Me What U Need

aj, What Would The World Be Like Without Music?

Aja Lorraine & Wally Clark, Red Sky

Aja West and Friends, Total Recall 2012

Aja West, The Olympian

AJAMU, By Myself

Ajay, The Album Initz Vareitee

AK Serious, Wheres the Prophit

Ak, Music Can Either Be Wrong Or Right

Akash Mehta, Skyscraper

Akashic Record, New Days Ahead

Akashic Record, Theosophy

Akia Knowles, Broken Hearted (feat. Sketch Carey)

Akil -aka BayBrotha, Serious

Akina Adderley & the Vintage Playboys, Say Yes

Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys, Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys

Aking, Keep On

aKing, Undying Love

AKP, Headspin

Akprime, Dollars Is Raining (feat. Hollywood Mutha Fuckn J)

Aks, Marketplace Dreams


Al Allen, Al Allen Angels

AL Caldwell and the Travelin Black Hillbillys, Hell If I Know

Al Campos, Old School Lovin`

Al Gray, She Be On Go (feat. Dub C)

Al Green & Lamorris Williams, You Make Me Happy

Al Hughes, Love`s Taking Off

Al Johnson, It's Real

Al Lindsey, Can You Handle This?

Al Lindsey, Can You Handle This?

Al Lindsey, Caught

Al Luv, Show Luv

Al Mac, Carte Blanche

Al Mac, Send for Me

Al Mason, Sound of the City

Al McKay Allstars, Al Dente

Al McKay Allstars, Evil Evil (feat. Ollie Woodson) - Single

Al McKay Allstars, Love's Holiday (feat. Ale Demogli, Hill Greene & Oscar Giunta) - Single

Al McKay Allstars, September (feat. Ollie Woodson) - Single

Al McKay Allstars, The Earth Wind & Fire Experience Live In Europe

Al Olive, Slow Down - Single

Al Sharp, Love Will Find You

Al Theflavor Martin, All 4 You.

Al Theflavor Martin, All I Am

Al Turner, Sunny Days

Al White, Grandma`s Hands

Al Zaid, U That I Need

Al+Phonz, Cherry Blossom

AL+Phonz, Kiss Kiss Kiss

Al, RatedR

Al, Shake

Al-X Spicy, Walk Away

AL. Kada, Hug from Da Back

Alabama Haircutters, We Got Soul

Alabaster Jones, The Night Before the Morning After

Alache, It is what it is: My Life

Alakhir Shaheed Daniels, It`s All About Jesus

Alan Foster's Redemption, Condition Red

Alan Foster's Redemption, I Am With You

Alan Foster's Redemption, I Am With You (Extended Version)

Alan Mitchell, Multiplicity


Alan Rocca Lea, Sebe`an

Alana Da Costa, Happy 2 Be Nappy

Alanna Nickerson, 1, 2, 3

Alanna Royale, Achilles

Alarcon Tha Don, The Only Begotten Son

Alaska Street, De Lux

Albert Redeaux, Your Eyes (feat. fMia Jaymes)

Albert Roundtree Jr., Girls Girls Girls

ALBRIGHT, Sunny One Day

Alcide Guillory, Just Whisper

Alcide, Alcide vs. Killer Art

Aleacea, Mean Girlz

Aleatha Lowe, Flow With Aleatha Lowe

Alecia Chakour & The Osrah, Loomi

Alee Houston, Desi Star

Aleena Zahir, Judgment Day

Alena Larie, You Are Worthy

Aleph Motivus, Aleph Motivus III

Alesia Lani, First Impression

Alesia, Ancient History

Alex Alberti, Two Sides to Every Story

Alex D, Give It to You (feat. D-Zoe)

Alex el Nuevo Comandante, Conmigo Te Vas (feat. Gaona)

Alex Graham, Live in New York Featuring John Boutte

Alex Hafezi, Colors

Alex Hafezi, Shehre To

Alex J, The Book of Romance

Alex Jay, With You Girl

Alex Kajumulo, Never Surrender

Alex Kajumulo, Searching For Love

Alex Kajumulo, The Bushman Live at the Triple Door: Malaria is Dangerous

Alex Nester, #BurnItDown

Alex Nester, Loved By (Chris' Song)

Alex Nester, Rattle the Walls

Alex Niedt, Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender

Alex Price, Alex Price

Alex Schein, Speed of Light

Alex Sharp Cole, He Better Not Mess With Us

Alex Veley Trio, Rock 'n' Soul

Alex Young, My Reeling Dreams EP

Alex, Slow Fade

Alexander Blaqqstar, The Human Condition

Alexander J King, Stranger - Single

Alexander Star, No Hype Just Hope

Alexander Vásquez, Treasure

Alexandra & the Starlight Band, Rock 'n' Roll Christmas (feat. Zachary James)

Alexandria, Stay

Alexi Andrikos, Alexi Andrikos

Alexi, Carry On

Alexi, Come On In

Alexi, Gotta Get Back (To My Music)

Alexi, Here to Stay

Alexi, I Love You

Alexi, Something Greater

Alexio Cade, Not A Day Goes By

Alexis Ayaana, Balenciaga (feat. Kwony Cash)

Alexis Ayaana, Balenciaga (Radio Edit) [feat. Kwony Cash]

Alexis Booth, Begin

Alexis Houston, Light

Alexis Korchinski, Tell Me Why

Alexis Layne, Nah,Nah

Alexis Nicole, Love's A Game

Alexis Nicole, Love's Last Stand

Alexis Starr, 'Rock Ya A' (Atl Anthem)

Alexis Valdes, La Rumba Loca (feat. DJ Cons)

Alexis Whitney, Ascension (Reach the Top)

Alexis Whitney, Stranger

Alexis, Open (feat. Gotti Monroe)

AlexKopytko & J 'Ro, The Gardening Song - Single

Alexx, Street Elite

Alfa Anderson, Former Lady of Chic

Alfred Abbas, Stupid of Me

Alfunk, At the Weakest Time (feat. Terena)

Ali Da G, Live, Love, Flyy (feat. Cool Courtney)

Ali Doh, Give a Hand to Haiti

Ali Erel, DeÄŸiÅŸtik

Alia Marie, Make Over Music

Alicebloodygirl, Geek vs Gamer: Clash of Legends

Alicia Grimes, Super Star

Alicia Stewart, This Kind of Love - EP

Alida, Angel

Alida, Primo

Alikat, The Time Is Meow

Alina Chelaru, Lucky Boy - Single

Aline Vida, And Now

Aline Vida, Visible

Alisha Endre & Kenny McNeil, Inspire Me - Single

Alison Scott, I'll Save Christmas (Til You Come Home)

Alkohaw, They Treat It Like Lotion

All for Christ, Let's Get Back (The Blackwell Project)

All For Love, I Give My Love To You

All of Us featuring Marcus Adams, The Greatest Part

All Rize, Got Soul? "Then Dance"

All Stars, i Just Wanna Dance

Alla Lisova, Love Is Cruel

Allan Barnes and Prime Time, Live at Bakers

Allan C. Barnes, Walking In Rhythm

Allan Cutler, The One

Allan Williams, Bitches Got Me Fucked Up

Allan Williams, Slave Master

Allen Simms, Break Through

Allensworth, Against the Grain

Alli, Do Me

Alli, Let's Play Pretend

Allison Medina, Halo

Allison Medina, Stronger

Allitiz, Bungalow (feat. Nep Jennings)

Allitiz, Forever Fictional

Allitiz, Over Again

Allitiz, Rollercosters Escalators & Elevators

Ally Smooch, Dreamin Schemin

Ally, High World

Allysha, Broken Glass

Allysse, Allysse

Allysse, Supanova

Almighty, Destiny (Here I Go)

Alon Gutman, Ещё немного

Alongcamelife, Cool as a Fan

Aloy, A por el Mundial

Alphagency, Stop Worrying

Alphie Wily, I'll Be Here

Alphonse, I Believe in Me

Alphonse, You and Me Together

Alphy Nics, Stripper

Alrica, This Time Round- The Untold Stories

Alter Ego-Incognito, I Need the Money ($$$)

Altered Sol, Altered Sol

Althea Cunningham, On the Verge - EP

Althea Rene, In the Moment

Althea Rene, Live in Detroit

Alton Cooper, Praise Him!

Alton Cooper, Warrior - EP

Alton Mitchell, Don't U Know

Altovise, Change

Alura, Whenever You Need Me

Alvenson Moore, Great Pretender

Alvenson Moore, Shining Like the Brightest Star

Alvin Bennett, Occupy (Do You Care About Me?)

Alvin Frazier, A Wonderful Love: Love & Faith, Vol. 2

Alvin Garrett, Expose Yourself

Alvin Garrett, Never Gonna Find

Alvin Nair, Baby It's You

Alvin Smith, Dance!!

Alvin Smith, Livin' 4 a Better Day!

Alvin Smith, Pushin' It Up!!

Alvin Washington, Every Day!

Alvin Washington, He Will Guide Me

Aly-Z, On the Flow

Alycia Miles, B.efore E.verything T.urned

Alyson Murray, Integrity

Alyssa Galarza, Circles

Alyssa Galarza, Nothing Amazing

Alyssa Galarza, Ring Around the Rosie

Alyxx Dione, Hold Me

Alyze Elyse, Oooh

Alyze Elyse, What I Did For Love

Al`oos, Pieces Of Me

Ama Fru & Tizo, Make Ma Mind Di Blow

Amaan Amor, Pennies 4 Gold - EP

Amaany Clarke, Red Flags (feat. Andrew Underberg)

Amadeusz, Timeless-On (Single)

Amadi Brasco, No Clothes On (feat. Futurekeyz)

Amanda Diva, Life Experience

Amanda Hawkins, Who is Jane Doed?

Amanda Hertweck, Smoke & Mirrors

Amanda Holley, Whisper

Amanda Imani, Amanda Imani

Amanda Imani, Billionaire Boy

Amanda Imani, Billionaire Boy

Amanda Imani, Fobia Cinta (feat. Dennis Lau)

Amanda Imani, Like a Boss

Amanda Imani, Yeah

Amanda Mason, One Day At A Time

Amanda Mills, HerStory

Amanda Mills, Tears Never Fall

Amanda Mona, Testify

Amanda O., Was, Is, Will Be

Amanda Pollard, Let It Go (Uh Oh)

Amanda Pollard, That's a No No

Amanda Pollard, Unbothered

Amanda Waggener, Under the Influence

Amanda Webster, Your Love Is Amazing (feat. Kyle Francis)

Amarachi, Today I Feel

Amaryllis Santiago, Canta Corazon - Single

Amaryllis Santiago, Mystique

Amaryllis Santiago, The Next Level

Amaziah Breeze, Crazy 8

Amazing Amar, Love All Around The World

Ambassador 1, It`s Time to Build - Fund Raiser

Amber Allen, Hooked

Amber Anderson, Every Season

Amber Davis, Paralyzed

Amber Nichole, Trans-Am

Amber Shuler, Amber

Ambicious, Freaky Tonight

Ambitious, Eye Of No Lies

Ambré Perkins, Faded

Ambre, Path of Soul

Ambré Perkins, Wanderlust

Ambrosa, Immortal

Ameer the Prince, Shorty Wanna Ride

American Slim, Rehab

Amerika Sutton, "He Luvs Me"

Amie Boys, Amie Boys Now limited edition

Amiena, Amiena

Amiena, Review My Kisses

Amij, Peace in Chaos

Amij, Takers

Amin Shabazz, The Language of Music


Amir (The Prince), Grown and Sexy - Ep

Amir Tataloo, To Too Dide Man Nisti

Amira, Moments

Amira, Unparalelled

Amm, His Love (feat. PC Akubueze)

Amma Whatt, Maybe

Ammar Basabra, Spread My Wings and Fly

AmMin, Fenjoon

Amnezia Tha Kid, What I Do

Amore Jones, Qlarity

Amore` Rayne, Journey

Amorous J, Goin to Da Glub

Amos Carter, You`re The One

Amstrdm & El Bacha, April (feat. Adil & A.K.A.)

Amy Banks, Live At the Ware Center: Amy Sings Aretha (A Motown Love Story)

Amy Berna, The Journey

Amy Berna, The Sound of Worship

Amy Jo, It's About the Cross: A Christmas Album

An Ensemble of Lonesome Fellas (ELF), Homeless For The Holidaze

Ana Catalina, Keep Me Away

Ana Moth, Iron Fist Velvet Glove EP

Ana Richi, Every Time We Say Goodbye

Anakarenn, Debut

Analog Sheep, Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version)

Anam Owili-Eger, These Subtle Declarations

Anami Jordan, Anami Jordan

Anami Jordan, They Hatin`

Anastasia, Fly

Anastasia, Lost Your Mind

Anastasia, Lost Your Mind

ANC, I`d Rather Have Jesus

Ancient Heat, Ancient Heat

Ande', Let It Happen

Anderson Shepherd, I Want You (feat. Capo-K)

Andrae Ricardo, Starlight

Andravy, Andravy Dream

Andre Akinyele, The Potomac Syndrome

Andre Archat, Story of a Dreamer

Andre Delano, Fall-n N Luv Again

Andre Delano, S'posed To Be

Andre Delano, Smashin'

Andre DePriest, MirrorSoul

Andre Footz, Problems

Andre L Parker, The Variety Show

Andre Maurice, The Check Is in the Mail (D.L.O.E.M Remixx) [feat. A.N.O.N, Phifty Cal, Dikki Dangerous, Killa Kev, Slimmie Hauffa & J Rich]

Andre Pitre, Your Name - Single

Andre Pope, Bum Juice

Andre Stevens-Thomas, Somebody Somebody Loves

Andre Williams Music Man, Lucky You're My Lady

Andre Williams, Hit the Spot

Andre' Maurice, The Check Is In the Mail

Andre' Lee, Stories of Life

Andre' Lee, Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Andre' Lee, You Went and Did It

Andre' Murrill, Face the Music

Andrea Amos, Tunnel Vision

Andrea Kelly, Free

Andrea Lee, S.O.S (Sign of Summer)

Andrea Love, Twisted

Andreas Arnold Trio, Live

Andree Belle, M.U.S.I.C.

Andree Belle, The Soft Glow of Electric Sex

Andrew Baird, In A Slow Hurry

Andrew DeBarge, Don't Lose Hope

Andrew Gabriel, No Time for Compromise

Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown, Funky Mood

Andrew Thomas, Wait for You

Andrew Wright, Let Me Come In

Andrey SeVille, It's Like Majic

Andrey SeVille, Sexy Lady

Andre` Ellis, As Is (Definition of Soul)

Andre` Muhammad, Rhythm Of The Truth

Andromeda 8:26, New Day

Anduwan Jackson, Anduwan

Anduze, Closure

Anduze, Oracle

ANDUZE, Roadless Traveler

Anduze, Where It Leads

Andy Adeline, Differences

Andy Allo, UnFresh

Andy Anderson, Everywhere I Go

Andy Blake, Run Lion Run

Andy Guthrie, least common denominator

Andy Pickett, It Happens Every Night

Andy Quach, Crossroads

Andy, Never Mind

AndyK, A Woman's Eyes (feat. Fairow Tut)

Ane, Freedomfiend

Aneel, Little Things You Do

Aneesa Strings, A Shift in Paradigm

Angel L`e, Rules of Satisfaction

Angel Sessions, He Will Never Leave You

Angel Silva, Angel Silva`s Red Hot Collection

Angel Tazari, Angel-A.T. Her Best

Angel Urkijo, Olvidame Si Puedes (feat. J Rivers)

Angel Victoria, Mirror, Mirror

Angel Zuniga Martinez, The Cage

Angel, Playa Hatian

Angel, The Hunger Within Me

Angel, The Key of Me

Angel, Therefore I Am

Angel, U Shoot Love Like A Weapon-RETRO 80`s

Angela Celeste May, No Limits

Angela Devette, Faithful

Angela Gardner, In 2 Deep

Angela Gooden, Be With You

Angela Hope, Time For Love


Angela Laino, Sink or Swim

Angela McKenzie, Right Now! (Terra Firma) [feat. Dub Poet Anton]

Angela Muhwezi, Unscripted

Angela Nashed, Sugar I

Angela Peterson, All About Love

Angela Phillips, Nothing to Offer

Angela Phillips, Rise Like the Phoenix, Soar Like the Eagle

Angela Shella, Don't Ask My Neighbors

Angela Shella, No Doubt Push and Shove

Angeles, Sunshine (feat. Cristyz)

AngelesZane, Rose Pedals and Night Dreams (feat. Guty & Logg)

Angelica Blaze, Khvatit! (Jae-E Mix) [feat. Chuck Nutt & Jacques Earley]

Angelica Cain, Angelica

Angelica Deveraux, Affair of the Heart

Angelica Tucker, Angelica RandB

Angelica Tucker, I Spread My Wings...

Angelica Tucker, Rebuild - Single

Angeline, Could've Been Precious

Angeline, Only God Can Judge Me

Angelique Anderson, No Ordinary

Angelique Monet, Not Wasting Time

Angelique S. White, Roller Coaster Ride - Single

Angelique Sabrina & Shontelle, Stop Sign

Angelique Sabrina, I'm Ready

Angelique Sabrina, One for the People

Angelique Sabrina, Right Now

Angelique, Around the World in a Groove

Angelo Arrington, Without You

Angelo Balestier, This Is Love

Angelo Feel Good And The Sounds of Universal Connection, Malotic Grooves

Angelo Ferrior, Intimate Slumber (Remix) [feat. Killa J]

Angelo Mincey, Way Too Cold

Angelo Trinidad, Heartbeat

Angelo Trinidad, Missing Pieces

Angelteammarvo, Life Don't Wait

Angel`le, Angelistic

Angie -b, Tony Tony Tony

Angie and the Cool Network, Stormy Monday

Angie B, In Da Club EP

Angie Bias, The Happy Road

Angie Coltrane, Rolling Stone

Angry Baby, What You Will

Angry Nerdz, Party With the Lights On (feat. Cashdro, Loc the Great & Maxx)

Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective, Sweet Thang

Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective, The Solution - EP

Anika Davidson, Stay... Where You Are

ANIKA, like a drug

Anissa Hargrove, Love

Anita Charles, Taking it Back

Anita Eccleston, So It Goes

Anita Faye, Close to You

Anita Soul (feat. Monika Bagárová), Ľudia

Aniyah Rachelle, Break My Heart (No Rap)

Aniyah Rachelle, Break My Heart

AnJeline, No More

Anji, Prayer of Jabez

Ann Johnson, Singing to the Glory of God

Ann Nesby, Ann Nesby The Best Of Live CD / DVD Limited Edition

Ann Winsborn, Kärlekens Makt

Anna Davis, That Smile

Anna G, Nu Jazz Soundz

Anna Lidström, 247

Anna Moot`s, Shaken and Taken

Anna Morgan, The First Noel

Anna Morris, Love for Luv

Anna Neale, A Woman Deceived

Anna Sharkunova, Over You

Anne Montone, Rated M

Anne-Marie's Armada, Fill Your Mind

Anneika, Tonight

Anneliese Meywes, Listen

Annette "A'nena" Van Goodman, You're My Sunshine

Annie Sidley, Diamond in the Sand

Annon and TLS, Searching for the Real Me

Ano Okera, Groove

Anonamas, Truth Thru Fiction

Anoncracy, Black to Basics

Anotha Hit Production, End Game

Another Choice, Now or Never

Anse`, Alwayz

Anslem Douglas, Soul Island

Ant Banks, All Night Long

Ant Banks, Without You Here

Ant Man, Jasmin Pinela & Nina Li, Trifecta

Anthonol, Words to Say - EP

Anthony Faulkner, Closer

Anthony "Ant" McKnight, "Just Being Me"

Anthony AK King, Just AK

Anthony AK King, The AK Experience

Anthony and Leeann Cooper, Mark 11

Anthony Bless, Your Lover (feat. Writesounds)

Anthony Cunningham, A Feeling So Right

Anthony Dixon, All Outta Words...

Anthony Faulkner, Faith The Remixes

Anthony Gauff, Valentine 4 Life

Anthony Grandville, Finger for This Ring

Anthony Hogg, Words Spoken

Anthony Irons, After the Fires

Anthony jackson, The Girl A Dime

Anthony James, 47 Haynes Lane

Anthony Lamarr, Act Two: The Way of the World

Anthony Lamarr, Jump Start the Soul

Anthony Lamarr, We're Smelling Roses

Anthony Lamarr, We're Smelling Roses 2012 (feat. JDante & LaVar Jovan Charleston)

Anthony Le Duc, Black Dick (My Girl)

Anthony Lee, Everything You Say

Anthony Lewis, Sex Drive

Anthony Lovings, Time for A Change

Anthony Mareo, Light Up

Anthony Mareo, Uptown

Anthony Maurice Green, 956 Stack Bricks

Anthony McKnight, You're My Everything (feat. Charles Grant)

Anthony Mills, Ghettotrance "CRY"

Anthony Paul, The Process

Anthony Payton, This Should Be the Night

Anthony Phillip Stone, Its so Easy (G-Funk Version)

Anthony Prieto, Anthony Prieto

Anthony Stankus, Atomic Ostrich Theme (Instrumental)

Anthony Ware, Cortete

Anthony Williams aka Adub, Don't Underestimate Me

Anthony, Don`t Throw Your Love Away

Antifluff Superstar, Lottery Jingles

Antoine Carter, In Love and War

Antoine Dodson, Love Is More Than A Song - EP

Antoine Dunn, The Vault Collection

Antoine Hilton, Magnificent (feat. Loki Velez)

Antoine Lemieux, Forget the Future

Antoine Young, aka AY

Anton J. Perkins, Don't Say No

Anton Murphy, Anon

Anton, Broken Heart

Anton, Fantasy

Antone, In Search of Love

Antonece, Do You

Antonia Jenae`, For Medicinal Purposes

Antonia Lawrence, Up Close and Personal

Antoniette Costa, Played Me

Antonio Candido, Antonio Candido

Antonio Cândido, Grandma's Hands

Antonio Eye, Black Power / The Millennial

Antonio Long, Broken Pieces

Antonio Music Productions, November

Antonio Taylor, "Changing Times": Sale Edition

Antonio, Blood Moon

Antony Seyku, A Day in the Life: The Instrumentals

Antwine, Why Must

Antwoin Holman, Heaven - Single

Anu~Sun, Bohemian Chocolate

Anwar, From Upcoming Album ''Bahamian In New York''

Anwarr, Love Always

Anxious, Anxious On the Rise

Anya Juba, Mi DÉ”

Anything With Bourbon Kinard & Finch, Million Years (feat. James Barrow & Barry Cobia)

Anything With Bourbon, I Can't Believe (What You Did) [feat. Nakita Forte & Kinard & Finch]

Anything With Bourbon, I'm Missing You (feat. Camille Richards)

Aod, Hope for the Streets

Apagee, Apagee

Aparajith, Baby Gimme Freedom

Apeface & Crumplezone, Escape to Mizar 5

Apex & Johnny Storm, Apex Beats, Vol. 1

Apex, 5 Mins

Apex, Apex Beats, Vol. 4

Aphrodesia, Live At the Great American

Aphrodesia, Precious Commodity

APJ, Non Stop Love

Apollo Beat, Stereofonie Moderne

Apollo, Got to Be Love

Apose, My Last Goodbye

Apostle Fredrick Thomas, Praise to You

Apostle Thomas, Unstoppable

Apple Jakk, The Night Life

Appointed Words, Be Ready

Appolonia, All the Love

April Cason, A Little Bit Of This And A Lil` Bit Of That

April Muhammad & Tiba Taylor, Make This the Last Time

April Norris, Fusion

April Peters, Early Bloomer

April Peters, Turn It Up

April Rucker, Here I Stand

April Sampe, Saturday Night

April Todd, Where's My Superman?

April, April

April, Bringing it back

April, Sing!

Apryl Renee, Apryl Renee...Crystal Clear

Aquino Peterson, She Look Like a Model

Ar Base, Love Worship

AR Williams, Gravity

AR Williams, Product of the 90's

Ar, And I Followed/Volar Sin Ti

Ar, With You

Ara B, Stripper Pole

Ara, "It's Time"

Ara, We Lost It

Arabique, I'm Yours

Arabjonezbeats, Late Nights (feat. Cocoa Sarai)

Aragona Bleez, "Donkey" (feat. Charles Black)

Aragorn & Olivia, Thrillbuster

Arapahoe Trues, Eternal Flow

Arastella, James Dean

Arb, How Could I Be

Arbil, Love Me

Arch Hooks, Psychotic

Archie Bell, I'm Waiting

Archie White, T Is Morshado

Arcyn Al, Interstate

Are MC, Jump 2 Dis

Areal Star, I Go Hard

Arean Alston, Believe

Arecee, Direction for Children

Arenita Toni Walker, Love Anonymous 2

Aretha Henry, The Best of Aretha Henry-Jones, Vol. 2

Aretta Hill, Aretta Hill

Arez, Love Games

Argentry, Old Boyfriend

Argonaut & Wasp, Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife

Ari Gold, Ari Gold

Ari Gold, Ari Gold

Ari Nicole, Runaway

Ari Nicole, Ya Know

Ariana, 2mch4ya

Ariana, Dissociative Identity, Vol. 1

Ariana, Self.made

Aric Mayo, Pillow Talk

Ariel Montague, Living in a Book

Ariel, Pa la Calle

Ariel, VID (Very Important Deva)

Arielle Dominique, 25 A.D.

Arielle Dominique, Arielle Dominique Remixed

Arielle Dominique, Inconsistent

Aries Marquis, Imperfections

Arika Kane, Arika Kane

Arika Kane, Burnin 4 Ur Luv (Hip Hop Version)[ feat. To-Knee Mastah]

Arika Kane, Let Go

Arika Kane, No More

Arika Kane, Substance

ArinMaya, Let the Love Come

ArinMaya, The Sound of ArinMaya

Aris Nova, The Experience

arisa, Life is

Aristotle Jones and The Like Minds, Meeting of the Minds

Arjay, Love Strong

Arkain, Just You

Arlene Gutierrez, Let it Go

Arliss Adou, Arliss

Armand Childs, Get On Ya Job

Armand Childs, Hide'n'seek

Armored Sound Productions, Forgive Me (I Had To)

Army of Mice, Black Sea EP

Arnhemsgewijs, Ze Rocked De Boot

Arnold R. Gibson the MusicMyster, Back In Love

Arnold R. Gibson the MusicMyster, Let Me Know(I Just Want to Know)

Arok, Steal My Heart

Arqese, I Got Dem Badda-Bingz

Arqese, T.G.I.F. (Thank God I'm Free)

Arrdone, Sincerely Yours

ARRT, Slow Ride

Arséne DeLay, Comin' Home

Arsena Schroeder, Abundantly

Arsena Schroeder, Manna

Art King, It`s Yours

Art On Friday, Pop, Rock and Soul

Art Reynolds, A Vintage Perspective

Arte' Vsop, Blessed Wit Da Curse

Arthur Henderson, Love Songs For You

Arthur Jackson, The Philosophy of Chopp Funk (with vocals)

Arthur Lee, Get On Board

Articulate, The Preface

Artistic, I Love You

Artists United, Quello Che E' Rimasto

ArtOfficial, Fist Fights and Foot Races - EP

Arwildwolf, Think About We

Arx, Brainograph

Asaada, Divine (feat. Ori)

Asaph Womack, My Love ,my Life

Ascend, Anytime Anyplace (feat. Jre Riley)

Ascend, Seven Days (feat. Jre Riley)

Ascendant, Illuminate:Blue

Ascendant, Where You Are Now

Ash, Fever

Asha Puthli, Asha Puthli

Asha Puthli, The Devil is Loose

Asha, Mentoring Asha

Ashes, Chamakieto In the Block - Single

Ashlay, Mr. Love

Ashlee Jade, More Than the D

Ashleigh Ashton, Plaything

Ashleigh Eymann, The Demos

Ashleigh Ryan, From the Ashes

Ashley Amanda, Tonight

Ashley Bair, For the Nations

Ashley Jones, Outa My System

Ashley King, Dream

Ashley Lashae, I Like It

Ashley Milan, Bi Peezam

Ashley Nicole LC, Metamorphosis

Ashley Shonae, Tough Love

Ashley, The Signature Series

Ashlie Luckett, +

Ashlie Luckett, The Musical Toy

Ashling Cole, Where Love Began

Ashlyn, Moon

Ashni, Mask

Ashté the Young King, Après La Pluie... After the Rain...

Ashton Moore, The A.N.M. Music Factor

Asia J Bond, A Lady

Asia Mari, You (feat. Supa)

Asian Soul Boy, Ethnic Asian Soul

Asiyah, Purple Dreams

Astèr Fekre, What You Gonna Say

Astèr Fekre, Lipstick's Gone

Astrid Plane, If I Was Magic

Astrid, Don`t Worry

Astro Empire, Astro Empire

Astrology, Children of the Stars - Single

Astrology, World Class Girl - Single

Astronautics, Mistake

AT2D (Attitude), My Life

AT2D, The "B" Side

Atcofan, Atcofan

Atey Sax, Funkin`Evolution

Ateya Shanta, I Aint Feeling It

Ateya Shanta, Leaving

Athmoss, Father (R&b Remix) [feat. Zee Dot]

Atiya, Saviour

Atlanta Red, The Aspirations of Atlanta Red

Atlas Uncharted, Ambivalence

Atlas, Fire In My Side

Atlas, Uncharted EP

ATR, Close

Atr, Someone I Need to Know (feat. Melody)

Atr, You Gotta Get It

Attitude, Pump the Nation

Attraction, Kick It With You

Aubrey Bluesdog Dunham, Now I Am Singing the Blues 2013

Aubrey Crow, New Day

Aubrey Dunham, "Beautiful Beige"

Aubrey Mann, Forty Years of Love and Soul

Aubrey Mikel, A Plus

Audio, Wave Ya Hands (feat. Los Musick & Humble Jow)

Audiograffiti, Black Rainbow (Until Sunrise Drops Lunatically Minor Rays)

Audioinflux, Here Comes the Audio

Audra Bryant, The Introduction

Audren, Healing Blue

Audrey Lawrence, Talk About It

Audrey Pollard, Do You Believe

Audrey Rose, Chapter One: Guns & Roses

Audrey Rose, Chapter One: Guns & Roses

Audrey Rose, Ice Cream (feat. Remy Ma & Fetty Wap)

Audrey Williams, Dream

Audrey Williams, Mark My Words

August Moons, Life At a Discount (feat. Tamra Hayden & Frederick Reed)

Aukahi, Pili Aloha

Aunyae Heart, Be With You

Aura Soundz, Whenever You Call

Austin Duckworth, Dreams

Austin Mink, The Platform

Authentic Lyfe, The U.G.L.Y. Project

Automatick, Duin' My Thing

Autumn Carter, 911

Autumn, SugarCane

Ava and Noelle, Dawn of a New Day

Ava Lemert, Drive Me Crazy

Ava Lemert, Flow On

Ava Lemert, Pushin'

Ava the Aviator, Take Flight


Avaghys, Manger La Vie

Avail Hollywood, Fatal Attraction

Avail Hollywood, Lonely @ Christmas

Avail Hollywood, Rehab

Avalancha, The Collection

Avalosoul, Axis of Limits

Avana, It`z On

Avani Shepherd, Not What I Said

Avatar Galextra, A Planet Under Siege

Ave Assassins, Double Dose

Ave Mack & Q'ville, U.A.H(United Against Hate)

Avenue Cool, Cool 1ne

Avenue Cool, Ride

Avenue Cool, Undaunted

Avery Thompson, Balla Can't Ball (Without You)

Aviance, Good Boy

Aviel, Avi, Meital, As One

Avis Harrell, Simply Amazing!

Avis Harrell, The Best of Avis Harrell

Avishkarr, Drop Hogayi Beat (feat. Ns Cash)

Avon Sims, Think About It

Awesome New Republic, ANR So Far

AXB, 3

Ayala, Empty

Ayam, Ayam Music

ayana baker, Feel My Vibe

Ayana Hay, Someday At Christmas (feat. Raquel Jeté & Heather Harvin)

Ayana John, Ayana John

Ayanna Charlene, Weekend Rendezvous

Ayanna Charlene, Weekend Rendezvous

Ayanna Gregory, Mama This One's for You

Ayce Brown, Nothing Is Impossible

Aye Gee, Appearance Ain't Everything

Aye Sanford, Sin No Mo

Aye Sanford, Wild Honey 'n' Locust

Aye' Leon, They're Here

Ayisha, Bori Ba Pe

Ayla Stackhouse, Somebody Who Loves Me

Ayo~, 8 Minutes of Orgasm Sexually Evolved

Ayo~, Accidental Voyeur (Erotic Art Mix)

Ayo~, Erotic Play the Art Form

Aysha, Love Is A Rock

Aysia Berlynn, I Dont Mind

Aysia Berlynn, I Love You

Aza, Sun Seeds

Azania, Rising

Azarius, Theoretical

Azeem & The Chosen Ones, Whenculturepresent Intelligencehasnoprecedence


Azim, D.C. Street

Azim, Do You Know What Love Is? Enhanced CD/Video incl. (PC/Mac)

Azin, Make My Head Go

Azin, Save It

AZIZ, Your Superman

Aziza Miller, The Subway (feat. Abe Fogle)

Aziza, What's On Your Mind?

Azoghn, Jus B.A.D.

Azoghn, Not Like This

Aztec Prodigy, Spring Time Thought (feat. Stacy Dulan)

Aztec Zodiac, Flores, Dolores y Colores

Aztec Zodiac, Lo-Fi Stereophonic

A`drian, A`drian

Ànova, Come to Me (feat. Carmen Vila)

Álvaro López & Res-Q Band, Alabanza Viva

Álvaro López & Res-Q Band, Sueños

Émil, Excerpts of 1,4 & 3

Ä€lee, Never Forgotten

B Angie B, I Wanna Be

B Angie B, I Wanna Be (Album Edit)

B Blacc, I Want It

B Blacc, Weed Em Out (feat: Nyke Nitti)

B Chil, The Wrong One

B Free, Communique

B Geezas, So Come & Get It

B Hunna, Good Lawd

B Money Grenier, R&BMoney

B Noel, The Writer Within

B&A Allen, Sexy Lady

B&B, More Then the Rest (Hosted By Dj Stix)

B&D, Do Ya Wanna

B-3z & Khryst, UpScale Party

B-4-Real, Undercover

B-Brixx, I'm Good - EP

B-Capp, She Wants Me

B-Cashuel, Broke Nigga Wit Money

B-D the Topmost, You Should Be My Girl

B-Flix, Everything Changed

B-Flix, Pray for a Better Day

B-Ron Dadon, Twisted

B-SKip, She's My Destiny - Single

B. A. Nova, It's Christmas

B. Blunt, Change

B. DeVine, Love Pain

B. Dewitt, Stubborn

B. Dupree, Down South Music

B. Dupree, Fantasy

B. Grant, How Can I Convince U

B. Grant, In Love Again

B. Higgins, R U Real

B. L., Makes Me Wanna

B. Liggy, Waiting and Smiling

B. Madison & Rotimi, Without You

B. Nasty, Easy2bnasty

B. Nobil & Skeptic, P.W.P (Poets With Power)

B. Nor, Teach Me

B. Parker, Friend Zone

B. Parker, Friend Zone

B. Ray, Met Her On Twitter

B. Sharp, Erotic Adventure

B. Sharp, If We Love

B. Smith And The Cause, Brian And Melissa`s R-n-B Mixtape Volume 1 "Lets Go Half On A Baby"

B. Stanley Graham, It Feels Like Christmas

B. Thompson, Confessions

B. White, Out of My Mind

B.AKApella, The Chase

B.AKApella, Touching On You

B.B. Jo, Take Me Back

B.B.E., New Like (feat. Felicia Nicole)

B.E.Lahmon, A Songwriter's Inspiration


B.Eazy, She Rocks (Sneakers and Stilletos)

B.Ford, Bounce City, Vol . 7

B.Ford, Bounce City, Vol.5

B.Grant, Love or Love Not

B.Grant, Soul Searching

B.K., Bout Dat (feat. D.C.)

B.L.I.S.S., Clearance

B.m.g, Let Me Be the One

B.M.G., Get It Poppin'

B.M.O.B, The Plan

B.Madison, Sanity

B.michelle, Dj, Play My Song

B.Michelle, Don't Hurt Me Again Ft. M.Watts

B.O.S.S, Tricky Kinda Love

B.R.M(back road ministry), Hoodlum Rock

B.T.R.O., Take 2

B.Tr@pz, It's Not Brain Surgery

B.U.K.M., 4 Seasons

B.Wilks, A Few Thoughts...

B3B3', Eclectic Method

B52, Atlantic Nights

Ba'Bro, The Only Thing Looks Good On Me Is You


Babatu & the Hol Band, Holistic Variety -Volume One

Babiboi, Drank (F'd Up) [feat. Dominoc TFTK, Mizzuz Diva & Paradise Dicegame]

Baby B, Araura Borealis

Baby Boy Ene, The Homeboy

Baby Bugsy, Privilege

Baby C, Broken Promise

Baby Cris, I Know (How You Feel)

Baby Drew, Bar-B-Que Or Mildew

Baby Fame, A Chance To Change

Baby Funk & Children of Truth, Get Your Ass Up!

Baby Girl Flystone, When You Hear That Beat Drop (Downtown Bedrock)

Baby Jade Brown, Heaven

Baby Jade Brown, Maybe I'm in Love

Baby Jay, Luv & Respect

Baby Jaymes, What Ever Happened to Baby Jaymes?

Baby Savage, Baby Savage

Baby Savage, Little Dope Boy

Babybang Bubble, Battyrider (Official Remix) [feat. Leftside]

Babybang, That's My Bitch

Babyboy, Apple Green Datsun (feat. Die Barheid)

Babyj, Hot Lovin

Bacaina, Take Me Far

Bachelor, More Love

Back Alley Sins, Did That Thing

Back Doe, Come And See

Back to Basics, Jah Will Help Us All (Official Version)

Backside Pick, Higher Place

Backtrack, Happy

Bad Dog No Biscuit, Living in Dog Years

Badluck Traffic King, Drive Me Crazy

Badrat, Shaktalute (Ashlee's Departure Lounge) [feat. Lyrical Monsoon]

Bagstheboss, No Love

Baham, It's Time - EP

Bailey Alexis, Rescue Me

Baird Hersey & the Year of the Ear, Have You Heard?

Baird Hersey & the Year of the Ear, Lookin' For That Groove

Baiyu, Together

Bakari, Soundtrack of My Life

Balancing Act, Balancing Act

Balanta Asante, Afro Boricua (Miss Piel Canela) - Single

Balanta Asante, Free Up (Afro Latina)

Balistik, Thirsty (U Want Me)- Single

Balkis, I Am Who I Am

Ball in the House, Move

Ball in the House, Think About It

ballin, couples only 15 and14

ballin, Sexx Motion Vol.1 Screwed and chopped

Bam '07, Just a Mile Away

Bambi, Look At Yo Body (feat. Cap-1)

Bamjimba, Lay Down Your Arms and Dance

Bananamon, I Like Those Boobies

Banderas Feat, Влюбить За 10 Дней

Bandit Gang, Blamt It On Ya Ex (feat. Rook, Hawk & Marco)

Bandman, I Know (feat. Demi Bandz)

Bandtraxs, Make Five

Bango-leeand 920, Allamejaway/means I Love You

Bangolee and 920, Tub Music

Banig, Josephine Roberto

Banky W, All for You (feat. Maleek Berry)

Banky W, Low Key

Banky W, R & BW

Banky W., Back in the Buildin`

Banky W., Good Good Loving

Banky W., The W Experience

Banky W., Yes/No

Bankz, Hard In Dez Streetz

Bar-Bee, PaddyCake

BAR-ONE Production and Publishing LLC, Visionary

Barab, Ur My Bae

Barbara Barrett, Dawning

Barbara Fowler, Soulful Reflections

Barbara Harris, Barbara Now

Barbara Lynn, I'm Still the Same (Your Good Thing)

Barbara Reed, Between the Lines

Barbara Sheree, Barbara Sheree

Barbara Wonsley, Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Barbarian Horde, Your Pleasure Is Our Business

Barber Q., My Life My Hustle

Barbria DeAnne, Love Always

Barbria DeÃnne, You Hate That (Remix) - Single

Barfield, The Tyrant

Barnasty, Shawty Got Dat Sx Drive

Barr Briggs, Sound Language


Barra Gee, Barra No. 1: Slice of Life

Barretta and Rollex, At Last

Barrio Star Outfit, The Border

Barry Antoine, The Art of the Heartbreak

Barry E Chase, In Christ Alone

Barry E Chase, Love Ballad

Barry Knight, UK's Best Kept Secret

Barry Netto, Realest Music Your Ears'll Get (Chapter One)

Barry Netto, She Will Leave - Single

Barry Netto, The Lion`s Pride of Hip Hop

barry smith, Souled Out

Barry Southgate, O Holy Night

Barsheem, Need You in My Life

Barsheem, No One (Special Edition)

Baryon Bloodbourne, "Da Myzphyt"

Barz Sace & Marz Melo, Day After Day (What It Deuce Entertainment Presents)

Barzelle Wright, Zion Praise

Base Camp Kutz, Too Many Times (Special Edition) [Bonus Tracks]

Basheba Earth, Mothership

Bashiri Asad, Living the Dream (L.T.D.)

Bashiri Asad, Looking Back

Bashirrah, Bashirrah

Basil Hennely, Herban Spice

Basin & Range, Is My Sound Working?

Bass Fungk, Fungky Thang

Bass Level, Are You Ready?

Bass Level, Round and Round

Bass-mint Ent., Straight Out Of The Bass-mint

Bassistry, Mad About U

Bassment Syndicate, Where Did You Go?

Bassmint Pros, Rising Rhodes

Bastia?, Photograph

Bat 37, Next President

Batayah, Batayah - Daughter of Yahweh

Batayah, Simply Batayah

Batch Id, Ni Skrämmer Inte Mig

Batch, What A Chatterbox

Bavu Blakes, Sanct EP

Baxter Factor, On Top the House of Time

Bayou Kansil, Jatuhati

Bbm Young Diesel, Look Back At It

Bbr All Stars, Real Musik

BC, candyman (love letters)

BC, Live

BC, Solo

BD, Y'all Ain't Ready: Mixtape, Vol. 1

Be Robb, Sexy Girl (feat. Kris O)

Be-UpOne, Mind Body and Soul

Bear, Bear Necessities

Beat Funktion, Mandy's Secret

Beat Funktion, Voodooland

Beat Gens, I Have a Dream (Song) [feat. Sim-I]

Beat Kaestli, Béat - Reasons

Beat Maker Pros, Platinum Loops and Samples for Beatmakers and Music Producers

Beat Maker Pros, RnB Drums for Beat Making

Beat Master Meat, Christmas Rappin`

Beat Nakz Productions, Grammy Season

Beatologist, Beatology Beatz

Beatriz Gabet, Volver Con Sol (feat. Alfredo Montoya)

Beats Master, Pimp Hop Beats

Beats Master, Rap Beats

Beau Bostic, Our Love Song

Beau Brickston, Living Without You

Beau Shelby, Joy!

Beau' Joli, I Still

Beau'joli, I Want You Bad

Beaufunk, Change Gone Come Fa Betta

Beauty and the Beats, Beauty and the Beats - EP

Beauty, Night Vision

Beazie Beats, Enter Thru the Bear Cave

Bebushka Monetti, Not Yet, No

Beckah Shae, Butterfly

Becky Enyioma, Fear No More

Bedlam, Colder

Bedoya, Hustle Mayde Hosted by Lucky Luciano

Beefcake, Come Into My Room

Beer N Black, Panty Droppers

Beezie 2000, Life Is On You

Beezie 2000, Sunset Paradise (Remix 2014)

Beezy, Persistence

Beggars, Beggars - EP

Behn and Tara Nova Presents, Tomorrow

Beholders, Blue, Black, Blue

Bekka`s Frogland Orchestra, Electric Lilypad

Bekoe, Love vs. Lust (feat. Toni Romiti)

Bel-Ami, (U Do) That Thing

Bel-Ami, Know U - EP

Belama, It's Not Time to Die

Belinda Kae, Destiny

Belinda Munro, Hurts Just to Breathe

Bellita Carol, No One (feat. LM Fidem)

Bello Christ, Foretold Aforetime

Belzebu, Meu Amor

Ben Albert, You Are My Everything

Ben Carroll, Real Thing

Ben Clock, Good Times

Ben Freezy, Bout My Bidness

Ben Righter, Why

Ben Swann, On My Grizzly

Ben Tamana, Dance for Me (feat. Leone Star)

Ben Todd Band, 20TEN

Ben Union, Stop

Ben Vega, A Year Ago

Ben Vega, Silent Night

Ben White, Drivin' Pretty (feat. Katie Grayce) - Single

Ben White, Upside Down - Single

Ben, Services No Longer Needed

Benathen Juodeika, Refund

Bence Peter, Cry Me a River

Bencoze, Me

Benita Charles, We Can Make A Difference

Benito, Miracle

Benito, Stories from the Mind, Chapter I

Benjamin Braziel, The Things

Benjamin Thomas, Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Thomas, Touch Someone

Benjamin, Bass Man

Benjamin, Feel It Too

Benjamin, Nice Guy

Benjie Ross, The Calling (featuring Ms. Mone`t and Todd Brown)

Benjiman, Skript

Bennett B, Get On Up! (Remix)

Bennie Cowan & the Real BrassTaxx Horns Inc., It's a Horn Thing "G"

Bennie Owens & Dki, White Girl

Bennie Owens, Album 20

Bennie Owens, So Ghetto So Good

Benny Turner, Black Night (feat. Charles Brown)

Benpo, Leaving With Me

Benpo, The Best Never Rest

Bentley, Good Vibes

Berel Alexander, All Over It EP

Beretta Sun, Mr. Mister

Berioso, 2kb

Bernadette Cooper, Last Diva On Earth Episode 1: Planet Sexy

Bernadette Lawrence, Try Romance

Bernard Purdie, If You Need Me... (feat. John Anter & Marty Ballou)

Bernard Quilala, Phases

Bernard, The Demonstration

Bernardo, Bernardo

Berthena, Hell Yeah

Berthena, What's Love

Besa, Mbretëreshë

Bess Kincade, Baby Baby Baby

Bess, Best I Ever Had

Best H & Jazmine Diamond, Lust

Beth El Kurchner, Jump in the River of Life

Bethany Davis, You Can Make It - Single

BETHEA, From Me To You

Betting on Trains, Betting on Trains - EP

Betty G, Cry For More

Betty Lea / Vicky Loonie, Stan`n Up

Betty Sea, Keep On Trying

Beulah Hill, Am in Love (New Single)

Beverly Girl, Feather and Dust

Bevin Turnbull, Songs for Singers

Bey & Code Nine, Infatuation

Bezzolay, Post Card (feat. Lace)

BG20, Nightland

Bianca Simmone Feat Baby Blue, Pressure - Single

Bianca Simmone, Comin' At Yah (feat. Naye)

Bianca Simmone, Pressure - EP

Bianca Simmone, Super Human

Bianca Varela, Broken

Bianca, Treat Me Right

Biff Scarborough, Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame

Big Al Carson and the Blues Masters, 3 Phat Catz and 1 Skinny Dogg

Big B, It`s All About B

Big B, Pyrex Visions

Big Baby Ernie, My Rhythm

Big Bang, #Banggang (feat. DJ White Owl)

Big Bang, Dinero Facil

Big Bank, Heat It Up

Big Bat Blues Band, Haze Hot Blues

Big Beat Tornado, Groovopolis

Big Belly Blues Band, Nobody's Home

Big Boss- E & Friends, Sure Thing!

Big Brah, Gettin Me

Big Bro Gt, Blood Sweat Tearz & Yearz

Big Brooklyn Red, Foreword

Big C-Dub, Behind Closed Doors

Big Cat & the Jaguettes, The Big Cat's Back (Jacksonville Jags)

Big Caz, Just A Man

Big Chief and The Midnight Groove, Big Chief and The Midnight Groove

Big Core, Love U Down

Big D, Back 2 da R R

Big D, Liberty

Big Dirty, Moneytopolis

Big Dreamr, Keep Hatin U Makin Me Famous

Big G, Broken Hearted

Big Grump, My Vision

Big Hooch, Ughh(She Nasty)

Big Hook, Hook's Corner

Big Hurse, City on Fire (feat. Tinga Stewart)

Big Huss, Network City

Big Jim, Commitment Episode 1

Big Jim, Everyday

Big Jim, Little Sister

Big Jim, One More Time

Big Jim, The Way You Move (feat. K Riley)

Big Jim, Touching My Soul

Big Jim, Whatever You Want

Big Kash, Cloze Off

Big Kash, The Arrival

Big Kirk, Celebrate

Big Kirk, Get Comfortable

Big Kirk, Girl You Got Me

Big Kirk, If That's What You Want

Big Kirk, Keep On Living

Big Kirk, Your Only Hurting You

Big Koast, Jump On It - Single

Big Mama Drama, How U Doin? - Single

Big Mannie, Mankind

Big Mig, Music to My Ears

Big Mini, Tell My Story

Big Moe, Ballin Ballin

Big Mook, Bringing Love Back

Big Nasty, Destiny to Conquer

Big Nasty, Supercrook

Big O.w.l., Teddybear Dreams

Big Ol' Dirty Bucket, Bucket Express

Big P., Bound 4 Hell (Tears Fallin)

Big Perro, Scriptures of A Gee

Big Pimp Jones, Big Pimp`s Kung Fu Studio

Big Pimp Jones, Dollar Major, Neighborhood Playa

Big Pimp Jones, Project: Kyojo

Big Pimp Jones, The Band Gets Swivey on the Drums

Big Pine, Bag It Up

Big Rick and The Bombers, Too Much Money

Big Rizzo, Im On It (Blue Stripe Benjy's) [feat. Flint]

Big Rob, The Intro

Big Rome, The Rise Of Big Rome

Big Sam's Funky Nation, Funky Donkey

Big Samad Sefiane, Jumbo Jacks and Big Macs

Big Samad Sefiane, Spontaneous

Big Shreveport, I Phone (feat. Jay Croz)

Big Shugg, Not Impressed

Big Sib, Blowed, Throwed and Ready

Big Sid, You Came

Big Silencer, Where's My Bitch At? (feat. Reefer & Rappin 4 Tay)

Big Snake & Boss Hoggz, Still Cali

Big Snipes, Buffet Style

Big Spiff, Heartbroken

Big T, Big T

Big Timothy Music, Life in New York

Big V, I Got Them Joints Ya`ll

Big Villain, Big Villain

Big Villain, The Morning After

Big Will, Crowd Pleeza

Big Will, Cry Now Laugh Later

Big Will, Ghetto Soul

Big Yak G, Amazing

Big'ems, Southern Belle

BigAJB, Growing Up On the EastSide

Bigdog & Shirlfox, I'm a Winner! 2013 (feat. Man Lewis, Jr. & Shirley M. Jackson)

Bigg B, The Bigg Inspiration

Bigg Ishh, I Wish I Knew

Bigg Ishh, Pretty Woman

Bigg Ishh, Urban Hustle Soul Music

Bigg Nick, Bond Money On Deck

Bigg Persona, I Got Her Forever (Special Wedding Edtion)

Bigg Persona, Need It so Badly (Urban Dance Remix)

Bigg Persona, Pretty Feet

Bigg Robb and Da Problem Solvas, Merry Christmas From The Bigg Man

Bigg Robb And The We Care Allstars, Southern Soul Cares

Bigg Robb, 8 Tracks N 45s

Bigg Robb, Blues Soul And Old School

Bigg Robb, Grown Folks Muzic

Bigg Robb, Grown N' Sexy

Bigg Robb, Moscato Love (The Remix)

Bigg Robb, Work That Sexy (Zydeco Remix)

Bigg Rufus, I'm Sorry

Biggmann, Respect My Gangsta

Bigkjem Premeir, 5 Day Theroies (Watney Compilation, Vol. 1)

Bigler Bros, No Sound Needed

BIGWO, Follow After Love

Bigwo, Heaven With You

Bill Avery Alabama Soul Man, "Try Me"

Bill Evans, Big Fun

Bill Evans, Soul Insider

Bill Favorite Villain, Pole Play (feat. Tain)

Bill Franklin, Cash On Me

Bill Henry, The Apartment Sessions

Bill Lee, Who Is Bill Lee?

Bill McIntosh, Solid Soul Sax

Bill Moriarty and The Deacons, There Will Come a Day

Bill Roller, I'nna Play the Drums

Bill Roller, Our Two D. Too

Billie Lewis, Standing Alone

Billie Ray Martin, 18 Carat Garbage

Billie Ray Martin, Recycled Garbage

Billie Ray Martin, The 18 Carat Garbage Demos

Billy and the Gravetoppers, Die Old Anyway

Billy B, Nature in the City

Billy Badd, The Sweetest Revenge (feat. Jjc & Snake Eyez)

Billy Bongos, Billy and Chile

Billy Bongoz, Santa Time

Billy Buchanan, Fact, Fiction & Other Contradictions

Billy Couvson, Formula Industrial Returns

Billy Cox, Old School Blue Blues

Billy D. Littlejohn, Rock This

Billy D.Littlejohn, Soul Patrol Rap/All Party People

Billy Dha Kidd & Zig Zag, Straight Rydaz: Better Than Money, Pt. 1

Billy Evans, Angel of mercy

Billy Foster & Audio, Billy Foster & Audio

Billy Gamble, The Warriors

Billy Harris, A-T-M

Billy Hyatt, Always Tell Them You Love Them

Billy Hyatt, Wrongish

BILLY J, Journey of a Man

Billy Johnson, One Step Closer

Billy Lee, Beside Myself

Billy Lee, Eleanor Rigby (feat. Victor Wooten)

Billy Ross, "Happy Fathers Day"

Billy Terry, In The Beginning

Billy Thompson, From the Heart...

Billy Townes, Alchemy

Billy, Beautiful

Billygoat, Lucky 7

Billy`s Coming Out, The Return Of RandB and Soul

Bilonda, Growing Old (Demo) - EP

Binx Lopez, Myrical Child

Birdsong, Bird's Eye View

Biscuit, Pretty Little Freak (P.L.F)

Biscuits & Gravy, Hello Weekend

Bishop Wayne, *Cool AZ*

Bishop Wayne, You've Got me

Bisola, Need a Little Love

Biszy Allstate, My Bad

Bittar Sweet, Just A Taste

BitterSweet, Got A Thing For Your Man

BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton, The Land of Make Believe

Bj Block and Dawn Pemberton, We Cry

BJ Block, Glitterball

Bj Griffin, Acoustic - EP

Bj Griffin, All That

Bj Ministries, Don't Let Go

BJ, Body Language

Bjack, A Hustle Ambition

Bjorn Briel, Make Me Sandwich

BK feat, It's the Bay - Single (feat. 18 Wheelah, Nephew & Smurf)

Bl & Big E.Z., Confederate Yankee

Bl Daboss, Baby It's You

BL, 2 Hearts

BL, Against All Odds

BL, In the Mood

BL, Ride for You (feat. Millyz & Noah)

Blac Boi, Hate To Love Me The Album

Blacc C, Man of the Hour

Black & Blessed, Broken

Black and Blue Blonde, Tell Me

Black Bottom Boyz, Holla Atcha Boy

Black Carl, Black Carl

Black Cree, Black Cree Sessions vol. 1

Black Energy, Soulful Sounds of Black Energy

Black Fantastic, Light Loops

Black Giraffe, Drunk Tank Pink

black i, FOR YOU

Black Ink, Hate All You Want

Black Ink, Where I'm At

Black Ivory, Continuum

Black Ivory, Snow

Black Latin, On Fleek (feat. Tyamac & Teddy Crooklyn)

Black Pinoy, I'm Here

Black Rambo, Believe A1

Black Rayne, It Feels Like Rain

Black Spouse, Two Shakes To A Wiggle

Black Steel, A Night At the Lounge

Black T, The Feeling of Love

Black Zee, One

Black Zeus & Five-Hunnet, The Prohibition

Black$mith, Hot Mess

Black-Ace, Ghetto Fable

Black-Ace, In This World

Black-Man, ...To the Blackcave

Blackdragon, Caribbean Man

Blackdream, Livin the Dream

Blackfoot, How Is Heaven

Blackfoot, Pardon Me While I Groove

Blacklion, Sing4u2nite

Blacklion, Sing4u2nite (Remix)

Blacklyte, Fly High

Blackmoon, Autumn Hearts

Blackout Da One, Maybach Flow

Blackout Da One, You Should Know

Blackrockstar, Not the Same

Blackscholar Sun, Goldie Locks Blends

Blackstock Camp Records Presents, BCR Storm Vol.1

Blackstone, Beautiful

Blackwell, Karme

Blackwolff, Against All Odds

Blade 187, Str8 Like Dat

Blade2000, The Corporate-con Book One

Blakats, Can't Take it Back

BlaKats, Don't Feed the Animals

Blakats, Don't Feed the Animals

Blakats, Memories

BlaKats, Wild

Blakats, Wild Cherry

Blake Carrington, Traveling Man

Blake Whyte, Common Ground

Blake Whyte, Win or Lose

Blakkstarr, Vindication

Blakn Mild, On the Dance Floor

Blakpearl, Passion Fruit

Blam Real Fangle, Nothing Like Me

Blam!, Homewrecker

Blanche J, I Am Muziq

Blaq Dahlia, Change the Game

Blaq Dahlia, Make Up Sex

Blaq Ladii London, Awake in My Dreams

Blaque Mask Jbiggs, Durty South Club Bangas

Blaque Mask Jbiggs, Haters Made Me Do It

Blaque Mask Jbiggs, Strip Club Music

Blasé, Thelo Kati Na Sou Po (Never Let You Go) [feat. Miracle J]

Blastin Sounds, Celestial Dance

Blastin Sounds, Experience HB

Blastin Sounds, From the Soul

Blastin Sounds, How Can I Live Without Y-O-U

Blastin Sounds, Nile Moon

Blav, Me and Mr Jones

Blaxparro, She's

Blaze, Aural Karate

Blaze-Lyrix, The Apocalypse Album

Blb, Turn That Thang Up!

Bless, Unstable Resident

Blessing Leji, HIgh Life

Bling Dynasty, Fallin 4 U

Blip Pilot - Skinny Rider, Neo Pagan Phunk

Blis, More Than What You Feel You Are

Blitz Dynette, Stuck On Standby

Blitz Dynette, The World Walks On By

Blk Featuring Var, Prediction

Blk Mob L, Mob City EP

Blkraw, Lost in Your Love (feat. Sims)

Bloodstone, Now That`s What I`m Talking About

Bloodstone, Spread Some Love (feat. Mahasen & Femi)

Blu-Essence, Rainy Night In Georgia (Millennium Rap) - Single

Blue Avengers, In From The Cold - Digital Distribution

Blue Era Fam, Be Basterdz

Blue Flame Band, World Destiny

Blue House Lounge, Why Can't We Live Together

Blue Magic, Magic #

Blue Mist Band, Blue Mist Band

Blue Mist Band, Valentine Lady

Blue, Stay In the Car - Single

Blueprint Music Group LLC, Tears of Yesterday

Blues Boy Willie, Back Again


Blunt B, Fried

Bluu, The Bluu Suede Project

Bmb & Yeye, Presentimiento

BMoney Grenier, R&BMoney

Bmw, The One (feat. Shar - D)

Bo "The Hustle-Holic", The Hustle-Holic Album

Bo Champion, Real Worship

Bo Davis, My Thoughts Exactly

Bo Didlee, First I

Bo Didlee, I Just Did (feat. M. Stringer)

Bo Kaan, High from Nimbin

Bo Williams, Forbidden

Bo$$ Ro$$, Blast

Bob Allen, Soul Brother

Bob and Charlie's World, I'm Your Cat, Ladies

Bob Blair Currie & C Currie, Siki (feat. Kingfoot Hunter)

Bob Gordon, Booty Rock

Bob Neft, Cacophony of Life

Bob Newsome, Stay Or Go

Bob Scott, Drum Songs - Single

Bob-B, R U Real - Single

Bobbi Ruffin & "Dr. Soul Glo", Content Analysis

Bobbie Bell, Tears

Bobbie Howard, The Kid

Bobbie L. Washington, Me @ One

Bobby Beams, Lick Season

bobby bowens, great,great woman

Bobby Coleman, Grace Over Confusion

Bobby Cutchins, Timeless

Bobby Darnell, Did You See Him

Bobby Darnell, Rose Colored Garden

Bobby DeBarge, Please Don't Let Me Go (The Roots of DeBarge and Switch)

Bobby Felder and Friends, Music For Dancing

Bobby Felder and Friends, The Sounds Of Christmas

Bobby Franklin Insanity, Mr. Insanity

Bobby Fulton, Birthday of the Year

Bobby G Summers & Dr. J Funk, Cold & Lonely

Bobby G Summers, Hey Now It's Christmas

Bobby Harden, Soul Purpose

Bobby Hinton, Most Requested: Volume 1

Bobby Hurricane Spencer, Hurricane Unleashed

Bobby Hurricane Spencer, Time Enough

Bobby Hutton, Last Night While I Was Dreaming The Strangest Thing Happen To Me - Single

Bobby Hutton, Twenty Years Later

Bobby Hutton, You're My Whole Reason (Rising for the Morning Sun)

Bobby Lee, Croonin

Bobby Lee, In the Rain

Bobby Little, Problem Solver

Bobby Marin & Orchestra Corchado, Pow Wow

Bobby Taylor, Ohh Baby Baby

Bobby Taylor, Sexy Lady

Bobby Tinsley, Page 1

Bobby Washington, Lavish

Bobby Washington, One More Round

Bobby Washington, Playa Hater

Bobby Wilkerson, The "B" Project

Bobso, La Musique

Boccigalupe and the Badboys, Never Needed Anyone

Bodae, Ghetto Love

Bodie Huts, In Love With You

Body Head Bangerz, Body Head Bangerz, Vol. 1

Bogart, Fakin' It

Bojembe, Bojembe

Bombay, TNT

Bombshell, Legacy

Bona, Grace & Blood

Bona, With All My Heart

Bones & Antj Da G, Meck County Gangsta (feat. Dj Ben Frank)

Boneus, Ghettoboy Urban Soul Collection

Bongomatik, Happiness Factory

Bonita, Him

Bonita, Outta this World (feat. Mickey Factz)

Bonni Dance, She Is

Bonni Dance, What's It Gonna Be

Bonnie Owen, 100%

Bonny James, No Regrets

Bons, I Will Be There

Boobah Preach, Chasing My High (feat. Lena Michele)

Boobie, Boobie

Booby Woods, Let Me Try Again

Boojwazi, Moonshine

Booker Snow & Cortney Standifer, A Good Time

Booker T. Wiggins, Jr, Fire Fighters of NYC

Booker T. Wiggins, Jr., Born Again

Boom, Kant Be Without You

Booman & Drac-O, The Adventures of Draco and Boomiggitty

Boombasics, Good Things

Boonie Mayfield, Black Koolaid

Bootsie Daniels and Smack Dab, Don`t You Ever be Afraid

Bop Alloy, The R & R (Remixes & Revisions)

Bop Skizzum, Beauty Queen EP

Bop Skizzum, Coloradical

Bop Skizzum, Push EP

BoppDuWopp Music, MoreForePlay

Born Rich Family, Loyalty & Royalty

Born Souljah, Thug Love (feat. Daniel A.)

Born2winn, Dollarsigns

Bornsouljah, N MY Hood

Bory y Geriel, Pa la Carretera

Bos Dolo, I Turn Up

Bosko The Talkbox King , Love In This Club

Bosko, That Fire (Digital Edition)

Boss A.I., Aint Nothing Popping Till the Panties Dropping

Boss Devito & G-Style, Bossstyle: The Instrumental Tape

Boss Ladi, Clear Your Mind

Boss Player, Boss Player

Boss T. / Marilyn, Conscience

Bossquach Tha Bogart, Rider Gurl - Single

BossTon, He Changed Me

Bostic, Part Time Lover

Boudin, I Changed My Life

Boujaku Buzin, (Independence day of Boujaku Buzin)

Boukou Groove, A Lil' Boukou in Your Cup (Feat. Jon Cleary, Sam Bush, Junior Marvin, Jimmy Hill & Terence Higgins)

Bouncer, World is a Play

Bowman, Hoochie Coochie

Boxx, One Chance

Boybig, Panties & Blunts

BR James, Fool for You

Brad Absher Band, Gulf Coast Soul

Brad Clements, For The Love of You

Bradford, Message In The Music

Bradford, Message In The Music (5 Cut- Radio Mix)

Brahezo, Wiggle It!

Brail, Brand New: The Directors Cut

Braintear Spookie, Hurt It Up

Brandhi Irvon, The Renaissance Room

Brandi Code, Hang With You

Brandnu, Da Making Of A Legend

Brandon 'monster' Cody, That Water (feat. Boss Fred)

Brandon Amir, Girlz

Brandon Beal, Obsessed

Brandon Burks, Brandon

Brandon Burrows, On the Move

Brandon Chandler & The Revival, Make Love Sing

Brandon E, Dare To Be Different

Brandon E, Love, Dance & Disco Balls

Brandon Elliot Smith, The Star-Spangled Banner

Brandon Foster "aka" Brockstar, All I Want Is You

Brandon James, Soulfully Divine

Brandon Lamar, Double Edge Sword

Brandon McCullen, We Win (feat. Family & Friends)

Brandon Meijer, Child Soldier

Brandon Payton-Carrillo and the Love Is Loud!!, Love. Lies. Bleeding.

Brandon Payton-Carrillo and The Love is Loud!!, The Breakup

Brandon Powell, Last First Kiss

Brandon Redd, Sports Cars & Broken Hearts

Brandon Rogers, Who Do You Think You Are?

Brandon Royce, In the Eyes

Brandon Sampract, Hood Love

Brandon Sampract, I Forgive U

Brandon Taylor, Brandon Taylor

Brandon Waller, Where Do We Go From Here

Brandy Faye Hawkins, Can You Hear Me Now?

Brandy Irvon, Imagination Fruit

Brandy Moss-Scott, Fake

Brantley De`Angelo, I Did It For Love

Brass Monkey Brass Band, The Highest Good

Brave New Girl, No One Ever Said

Brave New Girl, NYC

Brawlin` Black, His Story

Bray, independent film

Brazen Soul, Indulgence

Brazz, Wanna See You

Bre the 1st lady, In your arms

Break'em Off Boyz, Guess Who Got Yo Boo

Breaker, Mind of a Taurus

Breaking Day, Daylight

Breanne Primeau, Take the First Step

Bredcrumbs, Influences

Bree Ann, U Betta

Breetherapper, Teen Spirit

Breez, Yes Yall

Breeze, The Sound of Breeze

breezy Lovejoy, Violets are blue

Breggett Rideau, Baby I Love You Remix 2012

Bren'nae DeBarge, Make-Up

Brenda Figueroa, Oh What a Moment's Pleasure

Brenda Figueroa, Oh What a Moment's Pleasure

Brenda L. Howard, Need Your Love so Bad

Brenda Lee Eager, Startin' Over

Brenda Markel, Brenda's Theme (It's Only Money)

Brenda Nicole Moorer, For Lovers & Believers

Brenda White and the White Boys, Reflections

Brenda Williams, I Wanna Rock You One More Time

Brendan Reilly & Redtenbacher's Funkestra, Little Black Raincloud

Brenden Foster, Bad Habit

Brenna MacQuarrie, Hybrid

Brenna Stilwell, Till the Day I Die

Brennen John, Good God

Brent Brown, Beyond

Brent Ogee, Like A Dream (feat. Rocky Sandoval)

Brent Wayne, All Grown Up

Breon Thomas, Hood of the Priest

Bret Levitt, Levitation

Brett Aaron, Obvious

Brett Gay, All Over My Body

Brett Jolly, Bridges

Brett Marvin, Stranger Than Strange

Bri Ray, Don't Laugh At Me

Bri, Far Away

Bri, Is This Love

BriaMarie, BriaMarie

BriaMarie, Freshman

BriaMarie, Tell the DJ

Brian Abais`, Just 2 give y`all a taste

Brian Alben, Be My (Girlfriend)

Brian Alben, Do This

Brian Alben, It's Over

Brian Alexander, I Need You

Brian Alexander, My Rhythm, My Blues, My Rules

Brian Alexander, The Show Goes On

Brian Anderson-Payne, Come See About Me (feat. David Blayne)

Brian Anderson-Payne, The Worst Is Over

Brian Carrion, heART

Brian Christopher, All of Me (Remastered)

Brian Christopher, Alone With You

Brian Christopher, I Was Wrong

Brian Christopher, So Much Love

Brian Cook, Christmas Thoughts

Brian Corbett, Cover Me

Brian Cordero, Hold You Down

Brian Ernst, Journey4youth

Brian Ernst, To Love or to Fear

Brian Foster, Thank U

Brian Gangwish, You Are My Everything (feat. Taylor Phipps)

Brian Grind, DJ Turn It Up

Brian Henly Lordson, Compassion

Brian Jerome, Stylism

Brian Jordan, Romance Language: Live From Hypatia Cooperative

Brian L Lightner & Randall J Lightner, Off da Wall

Brian Lefchak, Too Difficult - Single

Brian Moore, My World

Brian Moore/George Jackson, Jamz

Brian Nightingale, Brian Nightingale

Brian Passmore, Emotinoal Roller Coaster

Brian Seo, Dave

Brian Seo, Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

Brian Seo, Freeze

Brian Seo, Sometimes - Single

Brian Seo, Yours Truly

Brian Stoltz, East Of Rampart Street

Brian Todd, Brian Todd

Brian Todd, Light it Up "Anthem" and Chillin "Shawty do your thang"

Brian Turner, The American Dream

Briana Walker, Can't Write A Song About You

Briana'Lise, Take It There (Everything)

Brianna Brown, Stay With Me

Brianna Natasha, Better

Brianna Natasha, Better

Brick Casey, Crush (Remix)

Brick Casey, IDWTLY (I Dont Want To Lose You)

Bricks and Burnz, Other Peoples Money

Bridget Marie, Look At Me Now

Bridgette Perdue, Enjoy This Moment

Bridney Reese, Poison

Brig Feltus, Love and Light, Vol. One

Brii Gabrielle, Show Ya

Brik, You Know Me (Prelude)

Briscoe, On the Corner

British Dependency, Veneration

British Dependency, Which Way is Up

Brittanica Young, Can't Do It Like Me

Brittanica Young, V.I.P. (feat. Fresco Kane)

Brittanie Thomas, Better

Brittannee Haralson, Kingdom Girl

Brittany Bloom, My Heart Belongs 2 U

Brittany Rose, Bill

Brittany Sanderson, I Belong to You (For Life)

Brittney & Cristin, Inseparable

Brittney Snyder, Stronger Than You Know

Brittney Steward, Bad Bitch Grind Slow

Brittney, Dance Dance (feat. Jae)

Briyana Nicole, I Can Be (the 1 for You)

Briyana Nicole, Keep It Moving

Bro. Calvin, Can I Get an Intro

Bro. Calvin, See His Face (feat. Anointed Voices & DJ-Fella)

Broadway-da 1st, Vintage

Broderick E. Rice, "Love Speak" Episode 1

Broken Angel, Broken Angel

Broken Horn, Session Two (instrumental)

Bron Stone, Fortress

Bron Stone, Red Sky (feat. Vincent Orion)

Bronagh Gallagher, Bronagh Gallagher

Brooke Lugo, Hallelujah

Brooke Taylor, Live On Virtuous Energy

Brooklyn Beat Works, THE STREET TO THE SUITE

Brooklyn Girl Music, Unconditional Love

Brooklyn Soul Biscuits, Come as U Are (Remixes)

Brooklyn Soul Biscuits, Emotional Remixes

Brooklyn Soul Biscuits, Soul Biscuits

Brooklynsbestborn, Don't Sweat

Brotha, My Praise, My Love, My Life (feat. The Relationship Counselor)

BrothaBill, BrothaBill- The Underground Funky Street Soul Brotha

Brothas Keepa, Revolutionary Reconstruction

Brother & Sister, Midnight Desire

Brother and Sister, Rock It Down

Brother Art & Destiny, Amazing God of Love

Brother Art & Destiny, Victory

Brother Arthur, A Work Of Art

Brother II Brother, I Do Love U

Brothergood, Beautiful

Brothers IV Life, "Eew Wee"

Brown Boy, Mr. So Radio

Brown Brothers, Back Home

Brown Eyes, First Kiss

Brown Eyes, The Journey

Brown, Don't Wait for Luv

Brown, Situations

Browningham, Gotta Get It Outta Here

Brownish Black, Live from the Banana Stand

BrownMark - Cryptic, It`s Been A While

Brownsuga 916foota, Queen Kong

Brown`s Bag, Labor Of Love

Bruce Gardner, Bruce Gardner

Bruce L, Circus Maximus

Bruce Lacy, I'm Just A Man

Bruce Lacy, Welcome To My Groove

Bruce Marshall Project, Yes U Can

Bruce Pierre, Just To Love You

Bruce Wane, Bruce Wane

Brucee, Stronger

Brucee, The Club

Brucee, What I Do (Instrumental)

Bruno Alexander, Fearless

Bruno Alexander, Nothing but the Music On

Bruno Alexander, Nothing but the Music On (Slow Version)

Brussels, The Reason

Brussels, Vivid

Bry, Fly or Die Trying

Bryan (BjustB) Washington, Shades Of Rebellion

Bryan Anderson, Beaufort Avenue

Bryan Duncan & The Nehosoul Band, A Nehosoul Christmas

Bryan Hansen, Brothers Among Wolves

Bryan Jones, Book of Faces

Bryan Jones, Come With Me Outside

Bryan Jones, Still in the World

Bryan K. Washington, The Many Shades of B-ing

Bryan Maxwell, #Smoothnostalgia

Bryan Pound, Reality

Bryanna Yvonne, The Best Girl

Bryant Henderson, Happiness (feat. Tawanna)

Bryant Rogers, Possible

Bryant Young & The Praetorium Sign Language Community Choir, We're Makin' History (Barack Obama Song)

Bryant"Big Daddy"Swearengen, Grown Folk`s Music

Bryce Schaefer, You Get to Me

Brysen G, Grown

Bryson, Grip the Bed

Bryston, You (Remix)

Bsoulmusic, It's the Jungle There

Btp, Jukebox

Btrax, Dive In

Btrax, Lots2say

Buddhamang, M.I.N.D. T.R.A.P.

Buddy Cuz, Chevrolet Muzik

Buddy Hank Band, Document My Life

Buddy Hank Band, Funkin` In The Ghetto

Buddy Wike, The Life of an Entertainer

Buggin Malone, The Rapture

Bugs Beddow Band, Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

bugs Beddow, Smokin` Live

Bula Akamu, Innovation

Bulk, Bulk (feat. Sally Green)

Bulletproof Teflon, A Mile Away

Bulletz, Affection

Bulletz, Affection (feat. Drumlord Rocki)

Bullpen, The Comp

Bully the Beats, Beats To Get Your Buzz Up, Vol. One (Black Knight Music Group Presents Bully The Beats)

Bump Kitchen, Live at the Yale

Bump Kitchen, Who Ordered the Waffle?

Bumpus, All The People

Bun Gizzle (The Real King of the Trap), U Sexy Girl

Bunny J, Already Know (feat. Castelo)

Bunny Sigler, Bundino

Bunny Sigler, When I Think of You

Burl Dollah, Don't Take It Personal (D.T.I.P) [feat. Paul Straun]

Burn Mics, Intoxicated

Burning Core, Beast (Songs 1989-1992)

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, More Than Posthuman - Rise of the Mojosexual Cotillion

Burt Conrad, (How Do You Know) This Time It's Love

But Lovin, Ain't Nothin' but Sweet Nothin's

Butch Barbella, Living for the City


Butler Projects, Hold Onto Your Love.

Butta B-Rocka, Switch Lanes

Butta'jelly'toast', Doin' The Most

Buttafly G., Life`s Reality Demo

Buz, Oakland Soul Entertainment Presents Buz

Buzz Clifford Band, Bright Lights Shine

Byb, Bitz & Pieces

Bynk Bravado, On Fleek (That's How You Eat) [feat. Akay Tomboy]

Byrd Pressley, With Your Love - EP

Byron Jamez, Time Machine

Byron Kelsey Atkinson, All About Love

Byron Kelsey Atkinson, The One

Byron Motley, Me

Byron Reed & Ralph Thompson, Dirt in the Sky

Bz Jam, Pao Na Trelatho (I'm Going Crazy) [feat. Relentless & Efiologos]

BZ, MishMash

B` Shipe, Happy

C Brittini, No One Else Like Me

C Mc I, Ready or not here I come

C Millz, Miller Tyme

C R, ...The Introduction

C R, I Want To Love You

C Sharp, Love & Hope

C, Sexy Baby

C-Lay, First Class (feat. 2G, Sevan & Stressor)

C-Lim & Lil Danger, Bang Status

C-Lown, The King of Spades

C-Luv, Watcha Step

C-Moe Money, Hustle Man Shuffle

C-Moe Money, Live in the Club (feat. Uptown Joe)

C-moe, Up Close and Personal

C-Money the One & Only, The Wait Is Over

C-Pone & Dallas Blocker, Bad Lil Thang / Big City Bright Lights

C-Ray, MeMOirS

C-Sharp, Top Shelf: Highlife

C-Smoove, Do Dat! (Sexy Dance) [Radio Edit]

C-Smoove, Games We Play (feat. Mo J)

C-Smoove, I Ain't Got Time 4 It (Speakin' My Mind)

C-Staxz, Presidental

C-Walk, Pay Day

C-Will, Frustrated

C-Young, Heart Cry

C. Malloy, Wild Thoughts

C. Nad, The Untitled Mixtape

C. Perkins, Love/Trap

C. Shaw, Now

C.A.J., Blurred Vison

C.A.Jones, 9 Ways To $unday

C.B.Cane, Not Broken

C.Clear, Colors

C.Dot Banks, Turn Me Up

C.Dzen, C.Dzen`s Season

C.Dzen, The C.Dzen Of Empowerment Motivational CD

C.E., Change Your Ways (feat. Caitlyn Summer & Moriah)

C.Jay, From the Booth to the Stage

C.L.E, Laugh Now Smile Later (feat. Rashad Dot B)

C.L.O.S.E., Our Black History

C.n.l Official, Imma Swag

C.Nichole, Coup D'etat

C.O.A. (Center of Attention), Melt With You

C.O.A. (Center of Attention), Melt With You

C.O.D., Gotta Get Better (feat. Ronnie Retro)

C.P.O. Snipe, Yo Dance

C.T. Thompson, Primetime

C3, Take it All

C4, Now or Never

C4, Street Certified

C4bout2blow & Bray, 24's

Ca$hou$ Clay, Tha Main Event

Ca'ssandra, I Rise

Cabrini Green & HB3, Real $hit

Cachet, Cachet

Caddie & Bimmer, Time Travelin'

Caezar, Head to the Sky

Caezar, Hero

Caezar, Weather the Storm

Cagle & Nash, Loungevity

Cagle and Nash, Soul Complete

Caii-Michelle Gordon, Just Like You

Cait Cuneo, Truth

Cait Cuneo, Violet

Cal Anderson, Year of the Patriot

Cal Bennett, John Swanson's Rent Party

Cal-E, Shoutout to My Ex (feat. Young Dizzy)

Cal-I Jonel, So It Seems

Cal-K Boy & Pau Pau, El Ambiente

Cal-Lov, Im Eaten

Caldwell, A Garden of Music

Cale Pellick, In The Loop

Caleb Kleibs, Drinkin' All Night

Caleb Maitland, Start Tonight

Caleb, Caleb

Calevolution, Nocturnal (Blue Edition)

Cali Fresh, Hip Hop Music

Caliba, Tha Nexperience

California Flight, California Flight Project 3

Calista Wu, The Prologue

Calling Diana, With You

Caloge & Tonya Ni', Step Easy Roll Hard

CaLoge a.k.a MaCosa, Get Into It

Calvary Temple of Indianapolis Praise Choir and Band, Next Level

Calvary Worship, Loveloud (Live Easter 2011)

Calvin Duker, Through the Storm

Calvin Jasper, One Love

Calvin Mills, I Need Somebody to Love

Calvin Richardson, We're Together

Calvin Rock, Forever Love

Calvin the 3rd, Marathon

Calvin, Mama Said

Calvonti FaSol, Miss P.Y.T.

Cam, Elements Of Love

Cam-Capone, We Came to Get Money (feat. Glasses Malone, Out West & Troublesome)

Cambria, Cambria

Cameen, Can't Get Enough

cameilyun, Return Of The Baddness

Camera 27, Cars Driving By

Camera Soul, Not for Ordinary People

Camera Soul, Not for Ordinary People

Camera Soul, Words Don't Speak

Cameron Hill, Stranger

Cameron J, 11:11

Cameron J, Dizzy (feat. Starrkeisha & Ms. Granny)

Cameron J, Future With You

Cameron J, Hours (Fall Out)

Cameron J, Joker Love

Cameron J, Know You Bad

Cameron J, Love You Down

Cameron J, Mary Mary

Cameron J, Rock Wit U

Cameron J, Superficial

Cameron J, You Ain't Real

Cameron Joy, Angels

Cameron Wright, Song of My Life

Camilla's Ritual, Strive for Fame

Camille Kaye, Solstice

Camille Lashell, Hit & Run

Canary Sterling, In My Dreams

Candace Bellamy, A Thousand Shades of Blue

Candace Coles, Fingerprints

Candace Devaney, Journey

Candace Shanel Allen, Hooked On You

Candace Wakefield, I Still Love You

Candi aka Shanite Young, The Bitch Master

Candi Pye, Get Money

Candi, Califormia Riding (feat. Yummie)

Candice Ivory, path - undefined

Candice Marion & Che'V, Supersoaker & No Angel

Candice, One Step Closer

Candido Bousquet, Get Down Prelude

Candidt, Sweatsuit & Churchshoes

Candie, No Lie (feat. Sauce)

Candiland, Rumble in the Playground

Candis Francis, All Night

Candy Rose, Hooked On You

Candy Rose, So You Know

Candy Zack & Stavy, On My Instagram

Candy Zack & Stavy, On My Instagram

Candysoul, Mars Meets Pluto

Cann Smith, Designer Diva Girl

Cann Smith, Do Anything (feat Ne-Yo)

Cann Smith, Wanna Know Girl (feat. Pretty Ricky) - Single

Cano, About You - Single

Cantsay, No Eric Knox

Cantsay, Triple O.G.

Cap Nine, Heat: the Best Of

Cap'n Crunch & City Fame, New World Order

Capital Fresh!, Maximum Worldwide Love Funk Awakening

Capital OG., Transparency Through Me to You

Caprina Stone, On My Way

Caprisha Smyles, Flow Like a River

Caprisha Smyles, No Earthly Man

Caprisha Smyles, Who R U

Captain Bobby Bass, Merry Christmas Rap

Captain Coconut, Everybody`s Business

Captain RW, LeRoy & Bubba

Caramel, Lélekdonor

Caramel, Nyugalomterápia

CaraMel.G, Raising The Game

Caramell Jones, Blow Up (feat. J Divorse')

Cardell Anthony, Honor: The Tale of Dan Steely Springwater

Cardell Anthony, No More! (feat. Queens of Nyx)

Cardell, I Love You

Cardell, Thats When I Fall in Love

Cardiff Community Choir, Sing It Together (feat. Jay & Darren Tyson)

Caren Green, Air I Breathe

Caresa Lynnett, Rebound the EP

Carez, Nobody Like Me

Carl Adams, Soulmates

Carl Bowman & Chosen Vessels, Have a Merry Christmas

Carl Carni, Night Club

Carl Dobson, I Love My Woman

Carl Gray, Always On My Mind

Carl Henry, I Wish

Carl Marshall, Songs People Love the Most, Vol. 1: Deluxe Edition

Carl Mcdaniel, A life in the Day

Carl Pannuzzo, Passing Eye of the Sun

Carla Thomas, Your My Sativah

Carla Thomas, Your My Sativah (Full Version)

Carlena Prophet, The Mixstory, Vol. 1: Tales of Love

Carlicia Ingram, Baby You Want My Lovin

Carling Campbell, The Red Boots

Carlos Armon, The One

Carlos Armon, When I'm Around You

Carlos F, Diamond In The Sky: The Star Life

Carlos Jimenez, A Friend Passed By

Carlos Morgan, Hey Yo To!

Carlos Sims & Lynne Sims, This Sexy Love Experience: Love Songs for Married Couples

Carlos V Spencer, Julius 'choson' Spencer, Jonathan Johnson & Tuhran 'the Bishop' Gethers, Brotherhood (Soundtrack)

Carlos Wright, Love Life

Carlovymusicc, A Beautiful Thing (feat. Andria Garcia)

Carlton B, Love Life 11 11

Carmelina, Born to Win (Remix) [feat. AZ]

Carmella Lawrence, Majesty

Carmelle, I C U

Carmen Brown, My Smile

Carmen Calhoun, Dare 2 Be

Carmen Hendricks, Rhythmic Soul Revealed

Carmen Jimenez, Power

Carmen Lucia, Seasons

Carmen M. Jones, Can't Bully Me

Carmen Rodgers, Carmen Rodgers, Free

Carmen Rodgers, What Hurts You - Single

Carmen Ross, All About G O D

Carmen, The King's Daughter

Carmen, Then and Now

Carmen, You Don't See Me

Carmichael Musiclover, Love Souljah

Carmichael Musiclover, Pot of Gold

Carmichael, A Short Story

Carmine Russotti, Love Has No Limitations

Caro Lina, Dangerous

Caro Miller, Hidden Love

Carol Asali, Journey

Carol Calloway, Holy Is The Lord

Carol Jack, Love Myself Too Much

Carol Jack, The Last Song

Carol Riddick, Love Phases

Carol Riddick, Moments Like This

Carolyn Malachi, Free Your Mind

Carolyn Malachi, Lions, Fires & Squares

Carolyn Rodriguez, Dope Diary

Carolyn Rodriguez, Medicine Girl Screwed & Chopped

Carolyn Rodriguez, P.I.M.P. (Purp Is My Perfume) (feat. Lucky Luciano)

Carolyn Rodriguez, Til I Go (H-Town G-Mix) [feat. Dat Boi T, Blaine Tate, Juan Gotti & Pancho V]

Carolyn Walden, Hooray for the Usa: Obama Youv'e Changed Things

Carolyne Scott, With You

Carpe Diem, Sweet Life (feat. Dwayne King)

Carrie Catherine, Venus Envy

Carrie Scott, Segue

Carrissa Blu, Freedom

Carsell Lankford, Groove Factory

Carshae, Phase1

Carson Dreamers, Everybody On the Dance Floor (feat. Craig Fletcher & Rocky Tatarelli)

Carter Anderson, Not The Last Gentleman

Carter Fox, Existential

Cartoon Chadwicks, HWA!

Casa Mantequilla, Butterhouse Blues

Casa, Cassandra Hall

Casanova Brown, Confusious

Casaundra, Love Lessons

Caseband, Babz

Cash Bradshaw, Let Me Tell You (About Love)

Cash Clown, "N Living Color"

Cash, Greatest Hits

Cash, Live at The Stardust, 1980

Cashara, Never Go M.I.A

Cashies da Storyteller, Bury Me a G

Casino da Producer, The Anthem

Casino, It's Lonely at the Top

Casio Choir, Hunger of the Night

Casme, "Love & Me"

Caspa Narkz, Favorite Dancer

Casper Webs, Love Games

Casper, Angel

Casper, Your Love

Cass Hazel, Coming Out

Cassandra Kelly, All We Need Is Love

Cassandra Kelly, I'm That Woman

Cassandra Kelly, Summertime

Cassandra O'neal, Incredible

Cassandra Reaves, I'll Surrender

Cassandra Sii Ann, Merry Christmas

Cassandra, csk

Cassendre Xavier, Live at Tin Angel

Cassie Holt, What's Left

Cassie Cardelle, "Suburban Diva", Vol. 1

Cassie Lynne, You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet

Cassius Crieghtney, Far Gone

Castille, H.A.M. (Hallelujah Acapella Merger)

Castro Coleman, Let's Go

Casual, All My Girls

Casual1503, More Bounce

Cat Tunks & BlackSandDiva, Rāwāhi

Catalina Toma, Invincible

Catalyst and the Rose City All Stars, City of Roses: The PNW

Catch the Fly, Dan N Dee/Sassy J EP

Cate, One Funky World

Catrina Harding, Are You Ready to Witness

Caught On Cline, Sea of Love

Caustic Dames, Estrogen 323

Cav'lier, Shadows (feat. DaViglio)

Cavasiia, The Artist

Cayenne, Just Listen

Caylea, On the Way - EP

Cazual, She's Bad (feat. 2 Pistols)

Cécile Doo-Kingué, Gris

Cüneyt Şahin, Funky Fun (Koştum Çaktım)

CBD, Valentine's Day

CC The Voice, Are You Ready

CCS Crew, Mental Currency

CD Compilation, Groovetonics Vol. 1

CDP Joka, Project Niggaz

Cdrive, Half the Man

Cdrive, I'm Wit It

Cdrive, My Show, Our Party

Cdrive, No Rules, No Restrictions

Ce-Line Of Jhazingha Khaliph, The Missing Chapters

Ceaze, Got My Back

Cecil Holden, Gotta Get Some (feat. Diva Mjb)

Cecil Holden, Greatest Hits / Ole Skool Classic Randb

Cecil Holden, Soul Just Aint Enough

Cecil Monroe, Kickin It

Cecil Parker, Wit You(remix)

Cecil Thornton & Transparent, Variation

Cecil Thornton & Transparent, No Ordinary Love

Cecilia Gault, Beast

Cecilia, Red Letters - SNS - Single

Cecily, Cecily

Cecily, Heaven in Your Eyes

Cedric B, M.O.R.E. (Man of Realistic Expectations)

Cedric Cobb, M.O.R.E.

Cedric D'vine, Level Five

Cedric Hooker, Unity Strengthens America

Cedric, Chained Up

Cedric, Sem Bo

Cedric, Take You

Cedrina, First Day

Cee Merk, Top of the World (feat. Davis Martin)

Cel, Deluxxe Organic

Celcius, Adversity University

Celeste Friedman, I Saw God Down On Hollywood Boulevard

Celeste Friedman, What Would John Lennon Say?

Celeste Lanuza, Feels So Good

Celeste Shaw, Celeste


Celestine, Secret Side

Celestino Kalota, Sexy room2

Celestino Valencia, Before the Math

Cella, When I Know I Love You

Cello "Tha Black Pearl", Imported

Cen'C Love, Casanova

Cen'C Love, Hey You

Cen'C Love, Springtime

Cen-C Love, Love Letter

Center Of Attention, Center Of Attention

CenterPeace, Songs From The Womb

Centigradz, Siriyavi (feat. Elisette Casper & Sooryakumar Mutthalage)

Centric & D Goode, Stroke You Down (CD SINGLE)

Centric, Centramentals, Vol.2

Centric, Stroke You Down Featuring D Goode (Cd Single)

CEO Sekhmet, Probably Got A Dollar

CEPHAS, Universal Seed

Cerebelus, Crazy for Me

Cerebrown, Que Som É Esse?

Cersle Keenan, A Mother's Love

Certified Plat, Sex Game

Certified Slim, Move Somethin'

Certified Vocalist, Talk to Me (feat. Old School)

Cest, No More

Cezanne, Cezanne

Cezelini, Wreck

Cfoe, Candy Girl

CG, No Matter What

CGP All Stars, All the King's Men

Cha Cha Malone, Breakthrough

Chacobron Prince, Getto 21st Dye

Chad Anthony, Soul Superior Vol.1

Chad Anthony, The Orange Phaze

Chad Bishop, Who is Mr. Chadwick?

Chad Manion, A Better Way

Chad Pollett, Back to the Time - EP

Chad Rushing, Hey

Chadd Black, Love No Fear (feat. Candice Glover)

Chadd Black, Not Only for Tonight

Chadd J, Birthday Suit

Chadd J, I Am Chadd J

Chadd J, In Love With a Hater

Chadd J, Who Is Chadd J?

Chadd Johnson, Ovation (feat. Chans)

Chadun, Oregano Flow (Remix)

Chadwick, Tearing Down The Walls / Take Me To The South

Chairman Maf, 1976

Chaisson Smith, Come Get It Girl

Chak Bay Grande and Fester, Fiesta Con Fester

Chaka, It Takes 2

Chako, Camino a la Victoria

Challece, Miss Music

Chamber Soul, Chamber Soul EP

Chambliss', Walk in Authority

Champ Boss Bailey, The First 48

Champ Smacker, Stimulation Package

Champagne Duane, Vegas Baby 2 (feat. Cee Goods & Elin Skei)

Champaign Pauli Carman, Love Kind

Champaign Pauli Carman, Phyzzy Wedding Vows How 'bout Us

Champaign, Share

Chanél, Soul Power

Chancer, Don't Jump (feat. Mckenzie Lawson)

Chanda Leigh, The EP

Chanda Rule, Fallen

Chanda Rule, Like Water

Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates, Tidy Funk

Chandlar, Strong Emotion

Chandler Carter, Go Easy

Chandra Calloway, Ask Me What You Want

Chandra Calloway, Shut It Down

Chandra Currelley, You're Just Right (Dance Mix)

Chandra Simmons, Crush

Chandra Simmons, GOD`s Promise

Chandy Files and Smith, Did I Evercrossyourmind

Chanel Fusco, Sad Goodbyes

Chanel Narcissus, Love Spell (feat. Knottyhead & Hemi Boi)

Chanel Narcissus, Make Love to Me

Changez, Goin' Thru ChangeZ II

Chani, My Dream

Chantel Riley, Oh My Soul (feat. James Brown Orleans)

Chantel Sings, Looking for My Baby

Chantel Winn, No More

Chants, Streetlife

Chaos aka C4, Chaos Theory

Chaquis Maliq, Harmonies of Me

CHAR, Bustin' Out (feat. Price)

Chardie Pooh, The Chronicles Of Pooh

Chariot, EP

Charis Jones, Introducing Miss Jones

Charise Shelly, Take Me to the Love Zone (Vocal)

Charissa Lene', Boss Girl Talk

Charisse, When I'm With You

Chariz, It's Curtains - Single

Charl "Babyboy" Pilwan, Skype Lovin

Charla Tanner, A Rainy Night in Georgia

Charla Tanner, Don't Cry Out Loud

Charla Tanner, Going in Circles

Charla Tanner, He's Always On My Mind

Charla Tanner, I Made a Song About You

Charla Tanner, Our Love Is Like an Amusement Park

Charla Tanner, You're Not the Mac

Charlene Howard, Soul Revelation

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, All My Friends Are Gone

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, Could You Love Me

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, In the Middle of This Cross Road

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, Love Is Like a Paradise

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, Loving You

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, When I'm With You

Charles Alexander & Charla Tanner, When I'm With You (Live Concert)

Charles Alexander, Black Widow Spider

Charles Alexander, Confession

Charles Alexander, Giving Up On Love

Charles Alexander, Holding Back the Years

Charles Alexander, Shake That Booty

Charles Alexander, What Can You Say

Charles Baptist, Asap

Charles Bilal and Solar System Band, All the Love I Got

Charles Bo Grant, Steppin` Out

Charles Coleman & Divine Favor, Favor

Charles Cyprien, It's So Right

Charles Dickson, Take You Down - A 100 Ways

Charles Dudley, Rainin' Guitars

Charles Dudley, Sexy Baby

Charles Duke, American Skin

Charles Duke, BlueTreble

Charles Gray, Continue to Conquer

Charles Holt, Orion

Charles J, My Hands

Charles M. Robinson, Full Circle

Charles Mac, You Just Got Mac'd

Charles McCormick, The Many Moods of Charlie Mack

Charles Moore, Charles Moore "The Singer"

Charles Moore, Extraterrestrial

Charles Moore, Keep Your Head Up

Charles Moore, Space Face

Charles On Keys, While You Drive

Charles P. Harris, At Tha Party

Charles Qlinton, Mosquito Park

Charles T Walker Jr & Andy Mac, Liquid Love

Charles T Walker Jr & Andy Mac, Your Love Is My Witness

Charles Thornton, Daydreaming

Charles Unger Experience, Around the World

Charles Unger Experience, Mr 2AM

Charles Walker Band, Relentless

Charles Walker Band, Resouled!

Charles Walter, Big Boy D & Tipz, Accomplished

Charles Wells, It`s My Turn

Charles Wigg Walker, Still Finding My Way

Charles Williams, If We Try

Charles Wilson, Get Down

Charles Wilson, Make It Do Something

Charles Wright & The Gallahads, My Love Affair With Doo-Wop

Charles Wright, Finally Got It Wright (Remix 2007)

Charles Wright, Finally Got It...Wright

Charles Wright, Looking for a Ugly Woman

Charles Wright, That Funky Thang

Charles Wright, The Gift of Love: Lets Make Love Tonight

Charles, All Night Long

Charles, All Night Long (Radio Mix)

Charles, Good for YA

Charles, I Don't Trust You With Me

Charles, She Wanna Bad Boy

Charles, Traces of Heaven

Charles, Twerk Dat

Charles, Twerk Dat (Radio Mix)

Charley B and the MelodicTones, Jerusalem Sunrise

Charley Harrison, I'm to Blame (Feat. Lionel Cole)

Charleyah, Stay With Us Forever

charleyBRAND, regret and grace sessions (v.3)

Charlie Boy, Begging On Your Knees

Charlie Boy, Get U Some - Single

Charlie Boy, Like A Fantasy - Single

Charlie Cj Jordan, Can't Stop

Charlie Docherty, Good Things

Charlie Jones, Choking Kind Of Love

Charlie Jones, Ultimate Charlie Jones

Charlie Puth, Edge of Desire

Charlie Thomas, Looking Through the Windows of My Life

Charlie, Charlie

Charlite, Charlite

Charlotte Ashdown, Never Gonna Be

Charlotte Doreen Small, Rain

Charlotte Doreen Small, Right Now

Charls Brown, Complement

Charls Brown, God Is an Artist

Charls Brown, Intercontinental

Charls Brown, Supermodel

Charly Black, Multi-Talented

Charm City, Caramel Gum Drop

Charm'n Ent., R.I.P. (Tell Me Why)

Charm, Check for Me

Charm, Lean On Me

Charmagne & David Davis, This Christmas

Charmagne, Purpose

Charms Jacinto, Notice Me (feat. Ian Jacinto)

Charmz Skool, Period 1. I Rap and Sing $$?

Charmz Wolf Nozzle, You Should Be With Me 919-6212238 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Single

Charvis Anthony, Stand Alone

Chase Manhattan, Alienated

Chase Martin, Introducing...Chase

Chase Mo, Shut The World Out

Chase, You Deserve

Chasity, Back to Love

Chaun Moye`, One More Pretend

Chaun Vernon, First Impression

Chauncey Isom, The Isom Chronicles 1

Chauncey Isom, The Isom Chronicles 2 (Christian And Christmas)

Chautauqua, Just Right

Chava Mirel, Journey

Chavous, Life Without Limit

Chawanya Hayes, Free to Be Me (Freedom)

Chay, Eternity

Chayla, Chayla

Chaz and Pretty Boy T, Deal Or No Deal (Tell Me What `Cha Feel)

Chaz Miles, Love Me (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Chaz Van Queen, Bring Your Smile - Single

Chaz Wesley, I Never Saw This Coming

Chaz Wesley, Steppin`

Chazz Dixon, Cause of You (The Remix) [feat. DJ Payday]

Chazz Dixon, Emotional Therapy

Chazz Dixon, Help Me Tell Her

Chazz MC, Two Wrongs Dont Make It Right

Chazz, Not Tonight

Che'tora, Pullin Out My Hair

Cheeks Bossman, Buss It Open (feat. Blackboi)

Cheeks Bossman, Buss It Open (feat. Blackboi)

Cheena Black Monrow, Hey Boy

Cheena Black, I Love You

Chekera Star Barrett, Finally Me

Chekera Star Barrett, Whatever

Chelle Davis, Always

Chelo Aestrid, Love, Life & D'Light

Chelo Aestrid, Lullaby

Chelo Aestrid, Pinays Rise

Chelsea Baratz, In Faith

Chelsea Emata, I`M THAT GIRL

Chelsea, Extra Credit

Chelsey Nicole & the Northside Vamps, Love Through the Line

Chelsey Nicole & the Northside Vamps, Take You Anytime

Chelsye Monà, No Oxygen (feat. Jonathan Traylor)

Chemical Connoisseurs Committee, Chemical Connoisseurs Committee

chemiZtry - The Dope Beat Maker, Dope Beats Vol. II

chemiZtry - The Dope Beat Maker, Dope Beats Vol. IV

Chemiztry, Dope Beats Vol. VII

Chemiztry, Dope Beats, Vol. VI

Cheri Shanti: Muse of Turiya, Forever Yours


Cherisse, Mr Rebound

Chero Dinero, Bet U I

Cheron K. Griffin, From the Heart of a Woman: Her Pain, Her Passion, Her Reality

Cheron, Just the Beginning

Cherone Brown, Let's Party

Cherrelle, The Right time


Cherronda, Finger On It (feat. Tebo)

Cherry Hill, Todalu

Cherry Royale, Sugar Junkie

Cheryl Brooks, Free To Be Me

Cheryl Ozturk, Butterflies

Cheryl Ozturk, My Name Is Cheryl Ozturk

Cheryl Ozturk, Those Fathers

Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Come Over

Cheryl Pepsii Riley, I Need You to Know

Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Let Me Be Me

Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Still Believe

Cheryl Sim, Heavy Petal

Cheryl Vincent, I Can (got Game)

Cheryl, Can't Do Without You

Cheryl, My First Love

Chess, Back in the Day

Chester Gregory, In Search of High Love

Chevis, King Cake

Chevyboy, Chevyboy Xannybars Musix

Chevyboy, Chevyboy Xannybars2

Cheyanne Cope, Better

CHG, It'$ Cool (feat. Kurt)

Chi Ricky, I'm in Love

Chi Turner, 7th Nursery Broadcast

Chi Turner, Get 2 the Point... An Lp (Dear Mr. Know It All)

Chicago Red, Dear Summer

Chick Willis, Bootee Call

Chief Kooffreh, Supreme

Chief Commando & The General, Against All Odds

Chief June, Pretty Boy

Chief June, True Religion

Chief Kooffreh, Akwa Ibom People of Nigeria (Ibibio Culture)

Chief Kooffreh, American Music Star 1

Chief Kooffreh, American Star

Chief Kooffreh, Bad Doctors Killed Michael Jackson

Chief Kooffreh, Carols of Christmas

Chief Kooffreh, Chicago Loves Lady GaGa and Beyonce Knowles*****GOOD (Download TOP SONG NOW)


Chief Kooffreh, Igbo People(Ndi Igbo) of Nigeria (1.5 Million Igbos Killed 1966)

Chief Kooffreh, International Great Star

Chief Kooffreh, Lady Gaga and the Dog Chihuahua

Chief Kooffreh, Los Angeles Loves Lady GaGa and Beyonce Knowles*****GOOD (Download TOP Album Now)

Chief Kooffreh, Love Goddess

Chief Kooffreh, Love Forever

Chief Kooffreh, Love Oath and Commitment

Chief Kooffreh, Michael Jackson Revenge

Chief Kooffreh, Mr President

Chief Kooffreh, Mr President USA

Chief Kooffreh, Oprah Vs. Eskimo Sarah Palin

Chief Kooffreh, Star of Michael Jackson 3 ( Good Album)

Chief Kooffreh, Star Top Songs Latinos

Chief Kooffreh, Sweet Asian Girl

Chief Kooffreh, The Joy of Christmas

Chief Kooffreh, The Star of Micheal Jackson 2

Chief Kooffreh, Tiger Wood Wild Parties and Booty Calls to Women (Tiger Wood Pimping)

Chief Kooffreh, Top Songs

Chief Kooffreh, Top Songs 2

Chief Kooffreh, Valentine`s Day

Chief Kooffreh, World Great Album Latinos

Chief Kooffreh, World Rockstar

Chief Kooffreh, World Top Songs

Chief, Cherokee, Ray G,Tap & Ed, The Armageddon

Chiffy, The Real Husker Anthem: Go Big Red (feat. Vino)

Chike Chabwera, Zo Voorbij (feat. Xonyboy)

Chiko Redd, In & On (feat. Oncore)

Chili-Bo, We Are Family (feat. Lil Miko & MC Nae)

Chill, Chill Out

Chill, Chill Out II

Chill, Cold Fresh Groove

Chilli Crew, Easy to Say

Chilly-D, Genetic Chillie

Chilton, Is

Chima Obioma Maduako, Breakthrough

Chin Checca, A Beat & A Dream, Vol. 1 Instamentals

China Blak, Love Dance

China Redd, You

Chinkie Brown, Bipolar (feat. Lil Scrappy)

Chinkie Brown, Directions

Chinkie Brown, Human Nature

Chinua Hawk, Sunflower Revisited

Chinua Hawk, The Beautiful Things

Chip Days, Legendary

Chips, Going Ham

Chiquita Green, There I Go Falling In Love Again

Chisato, Rock Me

Chivalry, Serenade

Chivas Kimber, Atmosphere

Chivas Kimber, Heal Disaster (feat. Cara Braia)

Chivas Kimber, Money, J Brooka & Genesis, I'm A Monster

Chiworld, Broken

Chiworld, XBF (feat. Nique)

Chiyumba Ossome, Mastering Songs

Chloe Jordache, ChloeJ in the House!

Cho'zyn, Enough

Choclatt, Street Performin

Chocolate Butterfly, Chocolate Butterfly

Chocolate Music, People Want the Same Thangs

Chocolate Music, Stereodisiac

Chocolate Penthouse, The Bernal Heights EP

Choir of Angels Music Ministry, I Got Away

Choklate, Whales

Cholo/Phana-*C/ T-Loked, Unbreakable

Choo, Ladies It`s Your Time

Choong Man Kim, The White EP

Chord Brown, The Nu Brown Sound

Chorom Hahm, The Way It Used to Be

Chosen Ones, Chosen Ones

Choz Cheddy, Happy New Year

Chozen2serv, Hold On

Chris Allison, Grown Folks Music

Chris and Lawanda Bethel, Hidden Treasures

Chris Anthem, Rock Bottom

Chris Arts, Just for Now

Chris Averill, Who You Are

Chris Awake, Bedtime Stories

Chris B, Assimilation

Chris Baco & T-Tune, Busstopp

Chris Barbosa, Never Had (feat. Denis Graca)

Chris Blizzard, If I Could Say Forever

Chris Bottomley, Brainfudge

Chris Burke, Everything

Chris Byrd, Vessel

Chris Carrel, spend my life witchu

Chris Cauley, My Turn

Chris Cornwell, Clonin the Wheel

Chris Crain, Better

Chris Crain, Give Til' It Hurts

Chris Crain, It's Gonna Be Alright (feat. Banner Middle School, Sol Electro & Daniyah Sanders)

Chris Crain, More Than Music

Chris Crain, The Better Project

Chris Da Ambassada, King Jesus (feat. Chantelle)

Chris Deville, Intimate Truth (feat. Emanny)

Chris Epps, Here I Am...

Chris Fender Black, Don't Take My Chevrolet

Chris George, Time Waster

Chris Glover, No One Like Me

Chris GQ Perry, Addiction

Chris Gq Perry, Hold Ya Down

Chris GQ Perry, Hold Ya Down

Chris Gq Perry, Mattress Dance

Chris GQ Perry, Suits & Gunsmoke

Chris Greene Quartet, Merge

Chris Holy, Soul Versatile

Chris Jackson, Unstoppable

Chris Jai Alex AKA Mr Burns, Gaijin The Africanime

Chris Jasper, Everything I Do

Chris Jasper, Kiss Me

Chris Jay, The Human Booty Box (feat. Susan "Sugary Cheeks" Jones)

Chris Jäy, Poizon

Chris Jones, Strong

Chris L. Ove, High Notes (feat. Daniel Thomas)

Chris Lee, Farewell

Chris Lee, Still

Chris Leide, Sum of the Parts

Chris Leland, L.I.F.E.

Chris Mac, 5demayo

Chris Manias, Atmospherics

Chris Manias, Liquidstars

Chris Monda, My Love

Chris Morris, I Fell for U

Chris Morris, Kid

Chris Mugs, Vibe (Like You)

Chris Myers, My World

Chris Notez, My Angel (feat. Jak Da Mak)

Chris Peters, Hello Weekend (feat. Kasita McLeod)

Chris Rob, The Official Bootleg Of Chris Rob, Vol. 1

Chris Sebastian, Everything

Chris Stone, Leftover Grooves

Chris the Prince, The Coronation


Chris Westbrook, Hypnotize You

Chris Worth, Lady Melody

Chris Worth, No

Chris Wright, Obsession (Confession) [feat. Egypt and Floco Torres]

Chris Wright, Uptown

Chris Youngblood, In Love With You

Chris Youngblood, So Many Reasons Why I Love You

Chris10, Diamond in the Rough

Christa Victoria, Unique

Christal Ray, C.R.

Christian Cordan & Young Kix, Family First

Christian Cordan, Faded

Christian Joseph & Tim Bautista, Turn You On

Christian Paul, Pneumatika

Christian Rivera, Silhouette Love

Christian Robert, Games

Christian Robert, Limelight

Christian Robert, Now You're Gone

Christian Robert, Pain

Christian Robert, You'll Never Know

Christian Ty, Strut

Christian Whitted, Abandoned Instrumentals Vol 1

Christiane D, Obliquity of the Ecliptic

CHRISTIÃ"N, Let `Em Know / I`ve Grown

CHRISTIÃ"N, Project Plato

Christie Chong, Songs for the Journey

Christina Bell, Why Me

Christina Carchidi, Soul Victory

Christina Gaudet, Dance In The Wind



Christina Kowalchuk, Let Go/No Choice

Christina Marie, Too Drunk

Christina Sophia, Self-Entitled

Christine Asamoah, Who I Am

Christine Asamoah, Yours

Christine Davis, Love Came Down

Christine Hayley, Love Train

Christine Horn...The RandB Alternative, "Therapy" Album Sampler

Christine Horn...The RandB Alternative, Therapy

Christine Miller, All Is Bright

Christon Ingram, Celebrate

Christopher Green, New, New

Christopher Guillot, Play Only @ Nite

Christopher K. Coleman, Chapter 3 - EP

Christopher K. Coleman, Crazy Game EP

Christopher K. Coleman, Vision - EP

Christopher Patrick, Full Transparency

Christopher Starr, This Chick

Christopher Taylor, The Sweetest Dream

Christopher Terrell, LIVING LIKE A SOLDIER

Christopher Williams, Real Men Do

Christopher, Intimacy (I Got to Have You) [feat. Praylonn Prince]

Christopher, XVI

Christopher., PipeDream.

Christopherle Oneil, No Stranger to Love

Christyne, At the End of the Day

Chriz Millz, Check Chaser

Chrycee, Honest Musings

Chubby Tavares, Can't Knock Me Down

Chubby Tavares, No Place Else I'd Rather Be - Single

Chuck G. & The Napkins, Chuck G. & The Napkins

Chuck G. & The Napkins, FRESH

Chuck Nutt, Carry Me/Here It Comes (feat. P.A.P.E.)

Chuck Nutt, The Movie And Soundtrack

Chuck Roberson, The Devil Made Me Do It

Chuck Wick, Ganster Boogie

Chuckie Freeze, Beat Aint Jammin

Chucky Chase, Product of My Environment the Mixtape (feat. DJ Michael Watts)

Chuka Ibe, Hold You Down

Chunky Luv, Freak U

Church, Lord Only Knows

Chyle, Cosmic Karma

Chyle, Electric Milk

Chyle, Letters to Bernadette

Chyp Davis, In My Dreams

Ciara Lavon, Forever - Single

Cicely O'kain, Msunderstood

Cier Kills, Rather Go Blind

Cindy Jay, Hipnotiq

Cindy Scott, Live & Red Hot

Cindy Scott, The Loving Country 2

Cindy Scott, The Soul of Cindy Scott

Cindy Terry, Cry

Cindy Terry, Youngblood

Cindy, Expression of Love

Cinnamon Toast Funk, Feels Much Better

Cinnamon, A Soul`s Journey

Circular Reasoning, The Fish EP

Cire Jones, Can't Save Yourself from Me

Cire Jones, Cash

Cisko, From the Streets 2 the Sheets

Citaz, Drive Me Crazy

Citiboi Zeek, Mo Pussy Mo Money

Citiboi Zeek, Pull It

Citizens Banned, The Liberation's Over

City City, Cheers (feat. Tish Mon'e & Durty Red)

City of Pilots, Ghosts

Cityzoo Records, CityZoo Forthcoming Compilation

Ciyou Paradoks, Please Don't Go (Remix) [feat. Dominance]

Ciyou Paradoks, She's My All (feat. P-Jay)

Cj Anthony, I Let Heaven Go

Cj Anthony, Luv's Greatest Hits (Remastered)

CJ Calvin West Johnson, Simply the Best: Code Serious

CJ Cruz, Knock Me Off

CJ Cruz, Lover

CJ Cruz, Party

Cj From Brooklyn, 13 Songs

Cj Hilton, This Is Me

CJ Russell, Tonight (feat. La' Tray)

Cjay Bell, Let Me Go

Cjay Perkins, My Break Through

CJay, Premonition

CJay, So Empty

CJB, Hey Girl

CK Morgan, Making Love Tonight

Ckrisis, "Show Me A Sign"

Cl Montgomery Jr, Atmosphere One (That Stuff) [feat. Jay Captiah]

CL Montgomery Jr, Better Than I

CL Montgomery Jr, My Blue Skies

CL, Tonight

Claire Grace, Fall From Grace

Clajs - Ie, Selective Mental Rhizotomy

Clara Bond, The Chase EP

Clare Moses, Summer Love

Clare Moses, What If Nothing Could

Clarence Burke, Somebody's Watching You (Live)

Clarence G, Gangster Gladiator Gunslinger

Clarence Johnson, Don`t Tell me It`s Over

Clarence Reid, Running Water

Clarence T Kyle, Monster

Clarence Yarbrough, Reminisce (Collector's Edition)

Clarenze D, Who Told Ya

Clarissa Rowe, Do You Ever

Clarissa, In Awe of You

Clarisse Albrecht, Mulata Universal

Clarisse Albrecht, Não Posso Parar

Clarisse Albrecht, Você Me Dá

Clarita De Quiroz, No Forever

Clarity, Nostalgic Tomorrows

Clark & Company, Larger World

Clark & Company, Three of Swords

Clarke, The Measure Of My Worth

Clarke, The Measure of My Worth (After the Dance Remix)

Clarke, The Measure of My Worth (Lab 2 Remix)

Clasik, Infinite Truth

Class, Accomplished Through Versatility

Classical Blend, Farewell to the Native Land

Classik, Saving Me

Classix, Black Keys Fade to Grey

Classix, Microphone Love

Classy Thugs, I Know Why They Mad

Claud Rivers, Viva La Musica

Claude Bain, Do U Remember

Claude Chaney & Friends, Claude Chaney & Friends Live

Claude J. Woods Jr., Let the Day Go By

Claude Woods, Communicate

Claudia Edward, Mic Check

Claudine, Alabaster Box

Claudio Taglieri, Hopeless Romantic

Claudius England & Kiskadee, Pretty Little World

Clay Pendergrass, Summer Jamz

Clay Swan, Minor Set Back Major Come Back

Clayton Mabin, Have Yourself a Merry Christmas

Clear Soul, Renew My Faith In People

Cleda McKenzie, Just You and Me

Cleda McKenzie, You Are My Everything

Cleer, Where the Party Is

Cleiton Frack, Alma Na Voz

Cleopatra, Close To You

Cleshay, In The Cut (Theme Song)

Cleve Payne, Street Credibility

Cleveland Miles, You`re in my seat

Clever Jeff, Drama No More

Clever Jeff, God Quality

Clever Jeff, My Lady

Clever Jeff, Soul Searching

Cliff & Company, Pieces

Cliff Beach, Stripped Down & Unplugged

Cliff Beach, Who the Funk Is Cliff Beach?

Clifton End, So Far Away

Clint Dogg, Let's Go Crazy (Club Mix) [feat. Ms. Toi & Bo Roc]

Clint Grimes, One Step

Clint Holmes, Re-Imagined

Clinton Daniel, Dear Ghetto Cinderalla

Clinton Daniel, Life Is Too Short

Clinton J.Pitts Jr, Beautiful World

Clip, What You Expect (feat. Lil-A & Zeus)

Clive Knightley, Talkbox Times

Clive Knightley, Talkbox Times Vol.2

Clive Suares, Devil's Bar

Close, CLOSE: Music for the Holiday Season

Cloud 9, Can't Resist

Cloud 9, Letter To You (feat. Yung 3rd)

Club X, Bank Bank Bank (feat. Tierra Afful & Claritza Mejia)

Club X, Money (feat. Lizbeth Rodriguez & Kimberly Reyes)

Club Zsarbomba, Moany Eminem

ClubHouse Music Productions, The ClubHouse Anthology Vol.4 Special Edition

Clyde Felton Jr, If You Need Someone to Love You

Clyde Harvey, Eternal Soul

Clyde Harvey, Retrospect

Clyde Moonshine, Under the Influence

CM, Freaky On You

Cm17 Sho Sho, Frame of Mind (feat. Young Sharpy & Michaelangelo Kudo)

Cm17 Sho Sho, Michaelangelo Kudo & Chris Mandiangu, 16 Year Old Destined to Blow

CMD & Friends, Love Has Everything to Do With It (feat. Gary Clark)

CMD & Friends, Yet I'm Still Alone (Featuring O Da Saint)

Cmoney, Mardi Gras

Co Co Jones, Super Soul Sista

Co-Ruff, One for Me

Coach Cain, I'm Curious (feat. Roxo)

Coach Jungee, Bespren (feat. Yeng Constantino)

Coach, I Hope U Enjoyed the Game

Coacoa, Gettin Away

Coco Jafro, Voodoo

COCO, All Of Me

Coco, True Love By Coco

Cocoa Essence, Closer (Sweet Swing Mix)

Cocoa Essence, Let Me Love

Cocoa Essence, Softly (Studio Mix)

Cocoa Essence, Still Life

Cocoa Essence, When U Cry (J.J Club Mix)

Cocoa Essence, Women's Pride

Cocoa St. James, Electric Soul

Cocoa St. James, Here

Cocoa St. James, Oooh Baby (Uk Remix) [feat. West-Lee]

cocoared, cocoared rufkuts

CocoSol, Lucky Day

Codebreaker, Fire (feat. Kathy Diamond) Remixes

Cody Qualls, Pick Your Head Up

Cody Verbage, I Know (feat. Yung Duff)

Cody Wood, XXX

Coffee, 4 Da Weekend

Cognac, Tribute To New Orleans

Colby O`Donis, Colby O

Cold Chills, A Thought Wit No Voice

Cold English, One Band. One Room. One Take.

Cold Heat, Cold Heat in Effect

Cold Joon, Urban Rhino

Cold Shott and The Hurricane Horns, If You Got The Blues...

Cole Davis, Ferris Wheel

Cole Soul & Emotion, @ Manly Jazz Festival

Cole Soul & Emotion, Alive!

Cole Williams & Nikhil P. Yerawadekar, Peaches 'n' Herb

Cole Williams, Little Me

Cole Williams, Out of the Basement, Out of the Box

Cole WIlliams, Out of the Basement, Part 1

Cole Williams, Shit Don't Get Happened

Cole Williams, The Basement Sessions EP

Colin Owens, 20 Minutes Into the Future

Colin Robison's Honest Soul, The Call of Crow

Colin Steele, Colin Steele

Colinresponse, She Dances in the Rain

Collective Acoustics, BC ≥ AD

Collective Hallucination & Ant Boogie, The Eternal Quest for Authenticity (feat. Ant Boogie)

Collective Hallucination, Listen and Believe

Collective Peace, Let the Music Play

Collette, Experience Collette

Collin Kozola, Forever With You

Collin Marrero, No Limits

Collina, Fix Me

Colonel Abrams, Don`t Give Me A Love That I Can`t Use

Color Love, Color Love

Colorblindcrew, Maybe I'll Try

Coloria, Reach

COLORS 2.0, Brand New Day (Music Video Edit)

Colors 2.0, Brand New Day

Colour Blind, Runnin' Out of Things to Say

Colour Club, Colour Club

Colourist, Hopes and Dreams

Colourist, Nothing

Colton B, Famous

Columbia Chaaise, Say You Want Me

Columbo, Dolce and Gabbana

Col`tre, Betta Late Than Neva

Comandante Zero, Russian Disco (C0m1x 2011)

Comandante Zero, Slouching Towards Babylon: Part I

Comme Des Radios, Trueno Ae86

Common Folk, Souled Out

Common Thred, Eye of the Needle

CommonWealth, CommonWealth

Commotion, Commotion

Compilation CD, Hands Across America, Vol. 11

Compilation CD, Hands Across America, Vol. 13

Compilation CD, Hands Across America, Vol. 16

Compozitionz, COMPOZITIONZ: Volume 1

Con Brio, Give It All

Con Brio, Kiss the Sun

Concept, Get Down

Conchita Campos, No One Really Knows

Conchussone, They Say

Concrete Ballet, My Home Town

Condido, Just Wanna Love You!

Condition White, Slow Burn EP

Conexion Mj, Preso Por Ti

Configa, 15 Minutes (feat. Scorzayzee & Atlanta Smith)

Confunktion Junction, Confunktion Junction

Congrez, LipStick

Congrez, No Feelings

Congrez, Second Chance

Conia LaTrice, The Best Place (To Call Your Home)[Single]

Conni Blomberg/Foyne Mahaffey, Something Like A Star

Connie Rae, Come For Me

Connie Rae, Sister Garden

Connor Wolfe, Watch Me Saki

Conroe Brooks, Latch

Conroe Brooks, Say Something

Conroy Warren, Tsunami

Conscious Plat, No Name Brands 4 Me (Rap Remix)

Conscious Plat, The Reawakening 2012

Conscious Roots, Lifetime

Consonance, See the Light

Constance Alex George, I'm In Love

Constance Alex George, My Destiny

Contageous, Pillow Talk

Contagious, Magic

Conte, I Only Want to Please You

Conway & Temple, Love Lights (You Can Lay Your Head On My Shoulder)

Conya Doss, All in You

Conya Doss, Blu Transition

Conya Doss, Just Because

Conya Doss, Seven: VII

Conya Doss, What We Gone Do

Conya Doss, When We Love

Cookie Thomas & Frank Radice, Long Way to Paradise

Cool Breeze and the Players, Aieysha

Cool Groove, Cool Groove

Cool Leo, Tadow

Cool Z, Different Society - Single

CoolHouse Records, life turns 180 degrees

Cooli Blaze, Speed Dial

Coop DeVille, Showroom Floor (U.S. Version)

Coop DeVille, Truth, Lies, and Relations (Remixed, Revised, and Remastered)

Cope D, Slap Muzik 2: Dirty Money

Copycat, It Will Rain

Copycat, It Will Rain (Karaoke Version)

Cor'ess, You Can Get It, Vol. 1

Cordell Conway, How Much Time?

Cordell Gibson, Untold Stories

Cordell, Hurricane - Single

Cordula, Introducing Cordula

Core, Standing

Corei G., Turn Up (feat. Cyhi the Prynce)

Corey & Dante, Go Girl

Corey Action, Time For Some Action

Corey Bailey, Alone

Corey Harris and the Rasta Blues Experience, Father Sun Mother Earth

Corey Kelly, Can't Live Without You

Corey Layzell, Unconscious

Corey Osby & Kerry Kristine McElrone, Away in a Manger / O Holy Night

Corey Parker, Born Funky - The Combo Maxi-Single/Live DVD

Cori Jacobs, Freckles

Coria, Confessions of a Preachers Daughter

Corina Corina, The Eargasm

Corina Corina, The Free Way

Corleone P, Wanna Luv U (feat. Rickie Jacobs)

Corna Boy Hustlaz, Mix Tape Vol.1 Tha C.B.H Siers

Cornell Class Notes, Broken Glass & Cheap Champagne

Corpse, Vehicle

Corry Silc, Operation Snap Back

Cortney Lane, Female Emotion`s

Cory Austin, Change

Cory Bux & Lavish, Nobody (feat. Lovetta Young)

Cory Chiasson, Cory Chiasson (Prologue)

Cory Moreno, Walking On Water

Cory Robinson, Soul

Cory Robinson, The Lady

Cory Robinson, This Music

Cory Verses, Spring to Summer (2010 Mix) [feat. Giancarla]


CoryLavel, The Next RandB King

Cosby, Diofou Ko

Cosmic Protocol, G'damn Thieves

Cosmic Rapture, Tell Me Who Do I Gotta Kill Today

Cosmic Ray, It's All About Love

Cosmic Slop, Spit Don't Make No Babies

Cosmine, Lust for Love

Costellation J, Cool Cool Cat

Costie Payne, Far From Perfect

Costlofobic, The Take Over

Cotton & Hate, Reverse

Cotton, Sponsor the Music

Coultrain, Side Effex of Make-Believe: Divided for Love's Sake

Country Black, Whip Game

Courage Band, Courage Band

Courage Band, Vitamin C

Court Dog, Steel Here "The Movie Soundtrack" CD/DVD

Courtney Cannon, September

Courtney Cuteney, Cant Breathe

Courtney Dowe, Accomplice

Courtney Williams, Your Love Rescued Me

Courtne`y, (Single) No More

Cousin Cleetus, Six Feet Under

Coyote Love, Blame It

Coyote Love, Blame It (DJ Package)

Cozmic Cafe', A Shocking Hurricane

Cozzy, Calm Before the Storm

Cozzy, Man of My City

Cozzy, Put P-Cola On the Map (feat. F.B.N.)

Cozzy, Sweet Jones (feat. Tee)

Cozzy, The Storm

CP & Chemical Connoisseurs Committee, Gravy Over Everything

Cplus, Cplus Callin Me.

Cr Nirosh V, Silu Silu Thendral (Rnb Love Solo)

CR, Love Operetta (cd sampler)

Craft, TonyÉ

Crafty Los, Twisted Mind

Craig Deanto, Who Hears the Cries

Craig Donovan Adams, Feel the Love

Craig J, No Reservations

Craig Mitchell, Unstoppable

Craig Prather, Sail Away (feat. JB Envy)

craig schumacher, live at creation

Craig Screamer Powell, War

Craig Viser, Sweetness

Crane, I Love Women

Crasek, Tu, Yo & Mil Dudas

Craven, Juke Joint

Craven, Say Yeah

Creasha McCall, Free to Worship

Creasy, Pour Me Up (feat. D Aye)

Creative 1, Crispy (feat. Jmaze)

Creative 1, In My Shoes

Creative 1, Superstar

Cree Turner, Ordinary Man (feat. Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child)

Cree, Wild Hearts

Crenshaw, Upside Down

Creon, Geeks X Dope Boyz

Creon, The Collection X My Dynasty

Cri-Shounda, Street Soul, Vol.1

Cris Cain, C.O.K.E. (feat. Casanova)

Cris Gunther, Terror Inc.

Cris Vela, Send Me a Sign (The Reprise)

Crissy Chanel, Time of Your Life

Cristian Tyler, Control

Cristiano Ragone, Funky Song

Cristina Valentina, All I Know

Critta & Daniel Isaac, Steady Ascent

Crl Crrll, WGBA

Crossroads Band, Still in Love

Crossroads Fellowship, A Father's Day

Crosswinds, Mixing the Old With the New

Crowboy Artist, Journey

Crowdpleazas', Goin' Green

Crown Holdaz, Dynamite Reflection

Crown, Crown Deluxe, Vol.1 (Love Notes)

Crownlan, Under the Rain

CRS, No Holding Back

Crucial, Room 333

Crushed Ice, Over the Wall

Cruton Bey, Kin-Folks - Single

Crystal B, I Just Cry

Crystal Camacho, What You Gonna Do About It

Crystal Corinne, Overdose / My Survival

Crystal Corinne, Unbreakable

Crystal Dove, 88 Reasons

Crystal Dove, Crystal Dove

Crystal Dove, Still Here

Crystal J., Love

Crystal Johnson, Come Home (Remix) [feat. Phife]

Crystal Johnson, Sorry

Crystal Jones, Loves Holiday (feat. Tim Shider)

Crystal Jones, Never Knew

Crystal Velazquez, Crystal Clear

Crystalmarie, Crystalmarie

Crystals, Iwo Ni Mo Fe

Cs3, It`s All On You

CSJQ, The Life

Ct Thompson & the Record Band, Super Sonic Rap: 1978-1986, Pt. 1

Ct Thompson & the Record Band, Supersonic Rap: 1988 -1997, Pt. 2

CT Thompson, Still Dreaming

Ctez, Love

Ctez, Role Play

Cuantune, I Jazz Wanna Be With You

Cuba Gooding, Begin With The Family

Cuba Gooding, Never Give Up

Cuban K. Soze, Lets Go

Cubistic Jack, Gotta Get

Cubistic Jack, Listen Up!

Cuda, Heard The News

Cuda, Its Complicated

Cudlino, Moonstruck

Cue, Check the Box

Cult Of Soul, Walkin` My Planet

Culture One, World Wide

Cunio, Back Alley Soul

Cure for the Common, Cure for the Common

Curio/Nathan Farmer, 2 Faces

Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble, Zydeco Confessions

Current Personae, December Jane - EP

Curt Jones, 360 Degrees

Curt Jones, Solo

Curtis Ifill, Close My Eyes

Curtis Blandon, Sexy

Curtis Clark, Slow Down (Acoustic Mix)

Curtis Combs, Exposed

Curtis E. Allen, Curtis

Curtis Hayes, Spooky

Curtis Holmes, Tried 2 Luv U

Curtis Ifill, A Promise

Curtis Ifill, If You Really Want Me

Curtis Ifill, Memories

Curtis Ifill, My Best Friend

Curtis Ifill, The Skies

Curtis Johnson and the band Eternity, Da Boody Drop

Curtis Johnson, Vol. 1

Curtis Lawson, In It to Win It

Curtis Lawson, Sitting in a Love Zone

Curtis Lewis Jr., New Life

Curtis Reed, Take Me Back to Georgia

Curtis V, R.S.V.P.

Curtis, All Night

Curtis, All Night (With You) [feat. D1ne]

Curtis, In This Moment

Curtiss Armour, Melodies Of Hope

Cutitout Gang, My X

Cuziano, Real Rhythm, Hip-Hop and Blues

Cuzzo Hill, Open for Business

CV, Impressions, Vol. I

Cwest and Pops, Semantic Disconnections

Cyco Thah Urchin, Unfuckwitable

Cyd and Cheri & Johnny Stark, Golden Hit Recordings

Cygne Noir, Smile At the Sun

Cykhyia, Here I Come

Cym, Anything

Cym, Wanna Be


Cyndi Bell-Pinkney, What If I - Single

Cynn, "Do You Wanna"

Cynthia C Denton, Breathe

Cynthia, Anticipation

Cypher Clique, The Channel Davis Interlude (feat. Frank Boy)

Cyrus Da Virus, If I...

Cyrus, Come Home

Czarina, Czarina

Czarina, Masquerade

Czarina, Paradise

Czarina, Under Your Spell

C`leb, On My Way

瞬輔, En

瞬輔, Freedom (En Mix) [feat. Michael Yano & Yamato Kaneko]

D . Mills, Touch - Single

D Dot Bailey, F A I T H

D Flat, Crazy Love

D Ford, Bad Bad Man

D Hall the Queen, Fresh Heir

D L Project, Happiness

D L Project, Missing You

D Lawson, My Lifesong

D Money, About Enough

D My the Champ, Don't Mean a Thing

D Rob, Takin' Clientele

D Scales, L.O.V.E.

D' Antony D, Shine A Light - Single

D' Monet, Oooh Baby (Got Your Back)

D' Poitt, 420

D' Poitt, D' Poitt

D' Sean Kirkland, Nightmare

D'ambra Renee, Break Up

D'ambra Renee, I Love the Way (Remix) [feat. B'ship]

D'ambra Renee, It Doesn't Matter

D'Ambra Renee, Push Up On It (feat. Imyaboibigd)

D'ambra Renee, Temptation

D'ambra Renee, The Introduction

D'ambra Renee, The Making of Me

D'andre, Miss Middlesome Mattie (feat. Adrian Q)

D'ar Angel, I Want to Be Free

D'breeon, The Way You Love Me

D'breeon, World

D'Mac, Higher Ground

D'maestro, Seventy3

D'mar, Change the Game

D'mar, Honest Man

D'Mar, Sweet Baby

D'MAR, The D'MAR Xperience

D'mon Gemini, All I Ever Think About (feat. Berg 4.0 a.k.a Th e Nanobite)

D'natural, The Time Is Now

D'natural, Who Is D'natural

D'shaun, S.H.E (Signs of Her Emotions)

D'sinatra, Makin Me High (feat. Sola Reign)

D'tray, The One

d, Adventures in New Alternative Funk

d, Dangerous (From "Meth Head")

d, Go Out (New Alternative Funk)

d, Volume 5

D-Guy Slim, Sumyungguy & Big Venue, Realize

D-Loo, Plans Progress Salary

D-Lorenzo, Hustler's Pocket Instrumentals

D-Madness, Clown Royal

D-Madness, Table for Two (feat. Shorti-C)

D-Raw, The Gemini Effect

D-Roc, The Sound Track of Love

D-Roy, About the Music, Vol. 1

D-Shells, Nocturnal Vision

D-Smooth, Hustle Hard (feat. Mike Jones)

D-Smooth, The Introduction

D-Soul Davis, In the Name of Love

D-Tone, Eya Go

D-Tre, Burf-Day Drop

D-Tre, This Friday

D-Tre, Where U At?

D. Anthony, Gateway to the World

D. Ella, Magazine Girl

D. Goode, This is the New School

D. Goode, You Got It

D. Grady Scott Jr, Old School R&B

D. Grey, Falling 4 u (feat. Young Game)

D. Lavi, Declared Right

D. Mills, On the Table

D. Sails & Pierre Leufray Jr., Flight to Houston

D. Saunders, Move

D. Saunders, The New Old School

D. Swint, I Won't Complain

D. T .K, Switching Lane's

D. Taylor, Taylor Made

D. Terrence Randolph & Avant Garde Soul, Avant Garde Soul

D. The Streettrainer, A Life Of Sin

D. Watkins, Best Night of My Life

D. Yates, Word

D.A. Smith, The Experience (The Sampler)

D.A.D., D.A.D

D.Anthony, I Am Me

D.C., Come Here

D.C., Girl On the Side - Single

D.C., Low But Slow

D.C., No Flaws

D.C., Stand There

D.C., Stuntin Wit My Partnas (feat. Future & Yung Mazi )

D.Cody, Us Against The World

D.D. Blatt, Teardrops from Heaven: A Tribute to Michael

D.E.I, Energetically Speaking

D.I.A DA'Veteran, Girlfriend

D.J. Maestro presents Steve Jackson`s, Ballroom, Hustle 101

D.K.O., Soldiers of Base Camp

D.L. Wilson, Champagne Sippin' (feat. K.M.C)

D.L., The Jump Off

D.Moses and Bobby N, Tell Me Now

D.O.E Fam, Black Money

D.Rec.or.d, Getting By (Day After Day)

D.Rec.or.d, Getting By (Day After Day) [Clean]

D.S. Brandnew, Freedom

D.S. Brandnew, Good Morning God

D.S. BrandNew, The1

D.S.O.P Feat. Grinny Don, D.S.O.P

D.T.K, Dream's

D.U.M.G. & J.C., Late Night Special

D.Wood, Soul|dier (feat. J-Ro)

D2D, Dare To Dream / What's Your Dream?

D2D, I Want To Be Rich - Single

D2D, Inspire Me - Single

Da Almighty V.O.N, The Final Stand

Da Bajan Braided Chappelle, Hot 'n' Heavy

Da Big Preacha, Long Awaited Maxi 6 Plus Bonus from Journey

Da Block Entertainment, Da Block Party

Da Entre, Flohio- Birthplace of Da Entre

Da Gogettas, New World Order

Da Hawg, Bars of Love

Da Landlord, F@ck the Business, Let's Just Rap

Da Liberal Soul, "Her Pain"

Da Mighty F.T., Da Mighty F.T.

Da Mudman, Prayer For All Mankind/free V-47089

Da Organizashen, Reconstruction, Vol. I

Da Original A, Intro Sampler

Da Real Re$e, True Luv True Story

Da Shiek, Urban Renaissance

Da Silva, Da Silva

Da Son, Hip-Hop Disciple

Da Voicebox, Secret

Da Yung$taz, In My Hood

Da' BeatBoyz, "Auto2neluv" The Singles - Vol.1

Da'Javelin, There's No Place I'd Rather Be

Da'ro Muzic, Soul of a Man

Da'viktorious, Out Wit My Girls

Da. Bass. Ics, A Childhood Dream

Dabeat, Dabeat

Daddy Cool Productions, Call Me Daddy Cool

Daddy Precise, Precise

Daddy Spencer, My Love

Dae Ahzae, Thirsty Water

Dae Won, No Time 4 Gamez

Daemein Patterson, So Good

Daemein Patterson, Why?

Daetime & G-Style, The Tag Team Champions

Daey, I Love You

Dae`One, Forever Dae`One

Daffy, Arabface & Arabique, I Respect Life

Daffy, Samboosa

Dahliam, I Thank Love

Dahna Rowe, Dahna Rowe

Dahna Rowe, Somebody

dahnye, The Impossible Dream

daHookman, Lady Music

Dahveed, Planet Dahveed

Daishele, The Way It Is

Dakarai, Heartbreak

Dakarai, Two of Us

Dale Williams Band, A Little Bit of Love

Daleeon, Highschool Memory

Dali Blu, Diamond In The Ruff

Dalila, If You Knew Me

Dallas Blocker, Out Da Club

dallas johnson, Move A Mountain

Dalton Churchill Band, Soul Rhythm Dancer

Daly Braxton, That's Alright

Daman'shen, Fan of Woman (feat. Jazz Digga)

Damarco, Denial

Damariz Perez, I Wanna Feel Your Body

Dame & Dudes, Buttah Bang

Dame Adelic, Dame Adelic

Dame Dilla, Real Recognize Real

Dameen, For The Rest Of My Life

Dami Kay, Young Child

Damien Nova, Dog Fight (feat. Eriq Troi)

Damien Nova, Inner Sanctum

Damien Nova, Self Serving (Vaseline)- Single

Damien Nova, Ugly

Daminister R.E.P, There's Something About Tis' Season


Damion Dice, Just in Case

Damion Gladney, Orgasmic

Damion, Take Me Home

Damion, Unfinished Bidness

Damixx, Stay With Me

Dammian Moore, LOVA (Love Over Vain Accomplishments)

Dammian Moore, Soulternative

Damon Carter, This Party

Damon Castillo Band, Live At The Mission

Damon Dae, My Life

Damon Harris, You Are My Woman

Damon Robinson, You so Great (feat. Hazhe)

Damone, Hot-N-Club

Damor, Which Way

damumalik, Fragment

Dan "Big D" Gamlin, Break It Down

Dan Aceda, Made in Kenya

Dan Bertolucci & The Avenues, Livin' Above Eddy's

Dan Bonow, Wish

Dan Bubien, Empty Roads

Dan Carey, My Side Of Life

Dan Glass, Wonderful

Dan Kenneth, From the Heart

Dan Kenneth, You Came (The Remixes)

Dan Mock, Dan Mock & Take It Home

Dana Brenklin, Gone

Dana Byrd, The Lighter Side Of...

Dana Edmonds, Hybrid Being

Dana MaKay, In My Words

Dana Salzman, It`s Out of Your Hands

Dana Salzman, Rising

Dana Thomas, All I Can Say Is

Dana Thompson, Naked Pictures of You

Dance Assault, Everything

Dance Assault, Into the Light

Danee, Anthem of Love

Danee, Change

Dani Stevenson, Wishing Well

Dani Wright & the Misters, Dance Like It's the 90's

DaNica, DaNica

Danice & Daniel Vinola, Pray

Daniel Austin, Confidence in You

Daniel Brown, Come with Me

Daniel Butman, Paella

Daniel Cooper Junior, Blue Ocean (Deluxe Edition)

Daniel D., Epic Sounds

Daniel Davis, Play For Me

Daniel December, After Hours

Daniel Dennis, Christmas Is My Favorite Time of Year (feat. Madison Hardy)

Daniel Dominic Choranji, Jag Se Pyaara (feat. NiSheng)

Daniel Fordham, Daniel Fordham and the Dream Team

Daniel Graeber, City Dreams

Daniel Nails, Can I

Daniel Nails, Enjoy Your Life

Daniel Pam, Sense of Self

Daniel Ray Siller, The Silver Lining

Daniel Rocha, Have to Hide


Daniel Stephens, Rescued Demo

Daniel Stephens, Six Deep

Daniel Strickland, Lady South

Daniel Winans, Family

Daniel, Sip O` Wine

Daniela Gabrielle, Fly Free

Daniela Sloan, Daniela Sloan

Daniele Liverotti, Acrobatiche Armonie

Daniell Nelson, Tomorrow

Danielle Aemee, Thoughtchaknew (feat. Theory)

Danielle Haynes, Love's Never Lost

Danielle LoPresti & The Masses, Objectify

Danielle Withers & Javier Starks, Believe (Matthew Shell Presents)

Danielle, Different Flavas

Dank Diesel & Yungsta, Take U There (feat. Rex)

Dann Furia, Greatest Hits 2004-2014

Danni T, Hoping Tonight (feat. MC Fade)

Danni, On a Mission

Dannie, Suspended In Time

Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army, Endangered

Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army, Monster Peace

Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army, Sunny Side Up

Danny Bedrosian, Secret Army

Danny Bedrosian, Som`n Fierce

Danny Bedrosian, Songs for a Better Tomorrow

Danny Dunston, Let It Be Real (feat. Lil' G & John John)

Danny Gold & Co., City Jam (feat. A.B.A. Taft)

Danny Hay Davis, 97211

Danny Hughes, Rhythm of The Jam

Danny Kean, Danny Kean

Danny M's Innobassion, Final Words

Danny M's Innobassion, Little Flower

Danny Patrick, Body Rock

Danny Patrick, Live Your Life (Your Way)

Danny Patrick, Talk Dirty to Me

Danny Thomas Future Movement, Monsta Jam (feat. Micheal A. Gardner, Crystal Drummer & Jarvis P. Cox)

Danny Thomas, You're the One

Danny Toeman, Life Blood Soul

Danny Toeman, The Way It Seems

Danny Wayne, Something N Common

Danny, Black and White

Dannytatts, Nikes On Her Feet (feat. Ant P)

Dante Hall, What About My Love

Dante Innferno, Dante Innferno

Dante', Bou-jhee (feat. Take-Off Mizz)

Danté, Electric Mayhem

DaPaul, My Gift

Dapaul, Soulful Spirit

Daphne Adams, Vitamin D

Daphne Shawn, What It`s All About

Daqusto, Buga

Dara Joy, Dara Joy

Darcell Wade, If U Wanna

Darcy Donavan, Distraction

Dare Sweet, She Bad (feat. Dezign)

Dareal, She Walk Mean - Single

Darelle, Underrated

Daria & Roberto, Daria & Roberto

Darian, Slow It Down


Darien Brockington, Rain

Darien Brockington, The Cold Case Files

Darien Justin, Transitions

Darien, I Feel Like

Darien, Its Alright (Who Said That?)

Darien, You Must Be an Angel

Dario Dee, Sopra Le Righe 2.015

Dario Omar, Street Meet

Dario, The Up Side Of Down

Darius Newman, Be Mine

Darius Newman, Favorite Girl

Darius Palmer, The Art of Palmerology

Darius Palmer, Whatchu Think

Darius Rashaud, L-3 and Yuka Tatsuhara, 3-L Entertainment Presesnts Dance 2nite EP Release

Darius Rashaud, This Love We're Making

Darius Washington, Still Have Joy (feat. Julius Wynn, Samuel Washington, Josh Sherman & Joshua Washington)

Darius, "Like"

Dariyn Williams, All of Me - Single

Dariyn Williams, Last Time - Single

Dark Light, Loin de toi

Darkside Family, The New Begining

Darlene Ketchum, Soul Connections

Darlene Lewis, Celebrity Showcase

Darnell Gill, Bring It On

Darnell Kendricks, Strawberry Lemonade

Darnell Reed, Wondering

Darnisha Taylor, Praise You Live

Daro Dimon, A Little Bit More

Daro Dimon, I Luv U (Yeah)

daRome Bentley, Ever Endeavor

Darome Bentley, Strobelights/Club Life - The Vault Lost Tapes

Darpan Patel, 1 Soul

Darrell D. Kelly, The Worship Revival

Darrell James, You Gonna Have (To Show It) [feat. Allen Duane Coligado]

Darrell Wade, Lethal Vapors

darrell, Be Still

Darren Renfrow, The Makings of Me

Darren Tyson, Mystified

Darren Walker, It`s Another Day

Darren, Instant Gratification

Darrian Summerville, Awaken

Darrin Hubbard, What You Mad About


Darron Moore and The 14th Floor, Love`s Flight

Darryl Parque, I Expect to Win

Darryl "Harmonica" Sayrie, Lick It Stick It

Darryl Anthony, Free One

Darryl Askew, Universal Language

Darryl B & Don Carlos, DJ's Work This Playlist

Darryl F. Walker, Hold Me

Darryl Harmonica Sayrie, Santa Claus

Darryl Holt, Melting Pot

Darryl Joyner, Wait in Vain

Darryl Reese, With You

Darryl Shanon Holt, 8th Day

Darryl Shanon Holt, Catharsis

Darryl Shanon Holt, Change

Darryl Shanon Holt, Darryl Shanon Holt

Darryl Shanon Holt, Forward

Darryl Shanon Holt, I Took Her to a Place

Darryl Zman Fields, Plan " Z "

Darsell, Face of Love

Darsell, Not Built for Heartache

Dartmouth Dodecaphonics, Hooked On Dodecaphonics

Darula, 5'5 (feat. Mr. E & Dj Tootz)

Daryel R. James, Long Overdue

Daryl Aberhart, Days Like These

Daryl Cain, Got You Covered

Daryl Strawberry Diamonds, Dangeruss

Das Goravani, This Temporal Dust

Dat Boi Cue, I Am Legendary

Dat Boy Aim, City Life and Club Nights

Dat Boy Aim, Fly Boy

Dat Down South! Producer, In Love Wit My Baby (Instrumentals)

Dat Gurl Netta, Dat Gurl

Dat Guy, Going Down

Dat Guy, She Don't Wanna F*#k (Between Her)

Dat Jboi Rome, Yeah She's Hot (feat. The Savior)

Dat Kidd, Do tha Symphony

Dat Zulu, Bringin' It Back

Datbawdave, Ghetto Preachers

Dats Beema, Blow Yo Back Out

Daughters of Zion, Revelation Revealed

Davari Abstrakt, Motif

Dave B Soul, 2012: Dave B Soul

Dave B Soul, Ain't About That Life

Dave B Soul, One Man Show

Dave B. Soul, Neon

Dave Biggs, The Mixx

Dave C. Norman, Higher Ground

Dave Curmi, Better Late .......

Dave Evans, Why You Wanna Do That

Dave Feusi, Swiss Movement: Next Generation

Dave Holden, Beyond Roots With Friends

Dave Holiday Sylvester, The Thanksgiving Song

Dave Holt Band, Now or Never

Dave Loncher, Don't Be a Dub (feat. Lonch Crew)

Dave Shirley, Lets Help One Another

Dave Stryker, Eight Track

Dave Tolliver, Blaq Pavarotti

Davi Singer, Illuminate

David Alari, Evergreen

David Anthony, Soul 2 Soul

David Arthur, Fearless

David Avery, Feel Good for Awhile

David B Whitley, My Bride

David Beck, Krazy

David Bionic, Move Ya Body

David Boyles, Monophonic

David Brinston, It's Gonna Be a Showdown

David Brinston, It's Gonna Be a Showdown

David Brooks, Gettin Freaky

David Bruno, 228

David C. Johnson, Dave`s Faves: The Best Of The David Johnson Show

David C. Johnson, Songs About You And Me

David C4 Custard, Still I Rise

David Carby, Hasta el Cielo

David Carby, Lluvia Negra

David Carion, It's Crazy

David Carion, Our Time Has Come

David Carion, Rien ne vaudra jamais a§a

David Chifunyise, Classics, Vol. 1

David Dowlen, Giving All My Praise

David Emmanuel, Birds Of Paradise

David Emmanuel, Lovely Day

David Farmer, Purposed 4 Life

David Foster, Love It

David Fuller, Take My Art

David G, Lying On Me - Single

David G, Natural Born Legend

David Gough, This Christmas

David Hannans, Object of My Affection

David Hawkins, Just One Woman

David James Jr, Take A Ride

David Johnstone, Memories

David Joseph, Broken Record - EP

David Josias, In My Life

David Josias, The Spaniels and The Golden Tones, Goodnight Sweetheart I Gotta Roll

David June, Look At Me

David Katz and Suzanne Weiss Morgen, You Can Be a Woman Basketball Player

David Larmar Jr., Slow

David Lee Andrews, Truth and Beauty

David Lee Redding, David Lee Redding (feat. Jasmine Rhey)

David Lee Redding, Umoja

David Live, Finding Love

David Live, Replaced

David Lyve, Love 4 Real

David Manuel, Acoustic Soul

David Mensah, Music Is the Food of Love

David Metayer & One Accord, Have Your Way

David Miller, Powerful Woman

David Mindel & Jamie Sparks, G1rls

David Moni, Love Deeply

David Nathan, Reinvention

David Newman, Distance, Midpoint and Slope Song

David Prince, Church Boy Gone Bad

David R. Trask, Wake Up!

David Rastrick, Rise Up In Love

David Rastrick, Yellowcake Shake

David Ross, David Ross

David Smith, Hero

David Soler, David's Melodies

David Swirsky, Worlds Apart

David Verity, Inexorable (Deluxe Edition)

David Verity, The Christmas - EP

David Washington, Ready for Your Love

David Zyle, Inside & Out

Davida Berry, After Hours

Davida Berry, Breaking Free

Davidbanks, Why Me

Davie Jones, Beat It Up!

Davie, Commas

Davin "DAP" Mcleod, Paradise maxi-single

Davina, On My Own

Davion, "Cavity"

Davis Chris, Face Only (The Remix) [feat. Miss Mykie, Doughbeezy & Senze]

Davis Chris, W.H.A.M.

Davony, He Saved The Best For Last

Dawg, Shake Sumthin

Dawit, Love Still

Dawkins n Anderson, Dawkins n Anderson present's Neo Soul Christmas

Dawn Angelique, Been A While

Dawn Chubai, Under the Covers

Dawn McClain, Hope (feat. Overcomher)

Dawn McClain, Life Is Beautiful

Dawn P, That's My Man

Dawn R. Freeman, Losin'

Dawn Weber & Electro Funk Assembly, Sometimes It Seems

Dawn Williams, Candy from a Stranger

Dawn Woods, Capture

Dawn Woods, Free

Dawn Woods, I Feel Alive

Dawn Woods, Own It

Dawna Johnson, Now That I've Found You (Feat. Jonathan Thulin)

Dawnalingus, Drugs & Cookies

Dax, I Love Chocolate Girls

Daxwood Soul II, Daxwood Soul II New Old School

Day Day King, The Crown

Day Day, I Been Watchin You (feat. Jah Nyne)

Day Dreamer, Puppet On Your String

Daybreakk!, Life, Love & Money

Daydreams4rock, Valid Plan

Daye Lahookz, Pop Dat


Dayle Thompson, Mothers You Are Special

Dayna Davis, At Last

Daytatchi, Back & Forth

Daytatchi, Record This (feat. Corry Cash)

Daytatchi, The Best

Dayze & Dupree, Last Name

Daze & De'angelo, 1 Mo Gen (Daze Vs. Deangelo)

Daze Work, Alright - Single

Dazz Band, Under The Street Lights

Da`Juan, Chapter One

Da`ro Muzic, Change Gon` Come

Da`Ro Muzic, Planet Pleasure

DØS.pütin, Synthesize Ur Life

Dboi Da Dome, Ex Girl (feat. Je'Are)

DBP, On A Silver Platter

DC Beloved, Real.Love.

Dc Clark, Dreaming

Dc Clark, Love and Harmony

Dc, Get Money (feat. Gucci Mane)

DCross and Rugarrico, Holy Macaroni - Single

Ddddame, Bye Bye Black Bird

Ddgrooves & Cwade Jr, JAN 5 2011

Ddgrooves & Cwade Jr, LOL

Ddgrooves, Ddgrooves On Zoom

Ddgrooves, Ddgrooves On Zoom 1

Ddgrooves, Life of a Hypocrite

Ddgrooves, Machine Drum Love

Ddre, Never 2 Late

De Adria, Live, Love, Laugh

De Holley, Emotionally Unavailable

De Whizzo, Killin' Di Beat

De'heart, Hope Will Shine in (Sandy Hook Elementary Tribute)

De'heart, You are so Beautiful

De'Jon, Flippin Flint 2 First

DEACO, Gimme That Love

Dead Poets Society, Gates of Hell

Dead Tight, Unsigned Hype

Deal's Gone Bad, Deal's Gone Bad 1998 - 2003

Dean "HB" Vitale, Take U Away & Spandex

Dean Anthony Morrow, Sr., Muhammed Ali: A Song Supreme in a Song Entitled (He Came Dancin' Like a Butterfly)

Dean"HB"Vitale, Baby Come Over

Deandre Lemans, I Love U (The Freefall Theme Song) [feat. Ramaj Muzix]

Deandre Lemans, I Love U (The Freefall Theme Song) [Solo Version]

Deanna Nicole, Gorilla Island: Dark Forces (feat. Jrenay)

Dear Mr Man, Silence

Debassi & Tru Story, Nobody

Debassi, I Favor Romance

Debórah Bond, Debórah Bond, DayAfter

Debórah Bond, Madam Palindrome

Debbi Verbz, Light It Up Blue (feat. Miyah)

Debbi Walton, Still Your Fool


Debbie Deane, Debbie Deane

Debbie Elliott, Hopelessly Devoted

Debbie Reifer, Hearts Like Mine

Debby Holiday, Dive (MaxiSingle)

Debonair Xtraordinaire, Versastyle

Deborah Ash, I've Been Waiting for You

Deborah Ash, Impossible Dreamer

Deborah Bryant, Let You Tell It

Deborah Damus, Tous Ensemble

Deborah Falconer, Brave Like Me

Deborah Liza, Never Left Me Once

Deborah Magdalena, Funkdalena

Deborah Thurlow, It`s Not The Way

Deborah, 20 Summers Later (feat. Phil Watkis)

Deborah, From the Heart

Deborah, Phenomenal Woman

Debra Church, King Had A Dream

Debra Church, The One

Debra Debs, Lifecycles

Debra Debs, Whuman

Debra Elana, Out of Nothing

Debra Elana, Out of Nothing

Debra Gibson & The Rising Lotus, Spread Your Wings

Debra Price, Set Me Free

Debra Wilson, Debra Wilson`s Variety Gospel

Debra, Hope

Decap & Brady Watt, Decap & Brady Watt

Decap & Brady Watt, Qi

Decap & Toby, Welcome to the Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)

Decap, Omni Love

Decarlos Cos Waller, To Love

Dechen Hawk, Old Soul

Dedral, Clean

Dedral, Life Goes On

Dee "The Candy Man" Bradley, Temperatures Rising

Dee and the Sot, Obama Victory Song `This Incredible Moment`

Dee Bronte, Preface

Dee Daniels, Choose Me

Dee Dee Simon, For All of My Life

Dee Lyrix, On Fire (feat. Jirk Diggler)

Dee Nevel, Borda Gangsta

Dee Robinson, Candy Sweet (Mr. Joe Smart Remix)

Dee Robinson, I Like It

Dee Robinson, There Was a Time

Dee Robinson`s Black Pearls, The Voyage

Dee-L, Put You in My Safe

Dee-L, The Purpose

Dee-Lion, Burn

Deed Rocklin, Roxanne

Deejay Manie, Hit It Once (feat. Magic & Beyond)

Deejay Young, Spotlight

Deejay Young, The Rebirth

Deep 3, Go Deep

Deep3 & Smooth Approach, Soul II Soul (Deep3 vs Smooth Approach)

Deep3, Blueprint 2 Love

Deep3, I Call Your Name

Deepwater, Is Anyone Thirsty

Deesha, Life Less Ordinary - available at

Deezy Slim, Carolina Classics (The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)

Deezy the Incredible and Devron, Come With Me - Single

Def 3 & Moka Only, Dog River

Def, I'm Fly (feat. Stuey Rock)

DeFakto & Nherie, Broken Promises

Defenders of Funk, Bay Area Grease!

Defined Mind, Defined Mind

Definite, Definite...The Preview

Deftron, 2012

Dehconte, Do You Feel Me?

Dehz, Sedated (feat. Fat Pimp)

Deidre Smith, Featuring DTW

Deija, Showtyme

Deionthegreat, Cartoons 'n' Videogames

Deja, Daddy

DeJaye, You Know

Dejuan Lebray, Essence of Love

DeJuan `n` Only, BOSS 2 - The Prince Of RandB Album

Del P, Walking Through the Storm (feat. A Fresh)

Del Travar, Audition

Del Travar, Bag of Tricks

Del Travar, What Love Feels Like

Del., Waitin 4 2moro

Deland Grace, Higher

Deland, Chapters

Delaney Bramlett, Sweet Inspiration

Delasha, Delasha - E.P. Collectible

Delavego, Acoustic Therapy

Delay Lama, The Curtain

Delfonics, Delfonics Today All Platinium

Deli, Losing Ground

Delieverance, Chance Encounter

Delight J, Rock Ur World

Delilah Harris, BigHEADED Girl

DeLisa, Just For You

Delivered, Reconciled

Della Robinson, To Win Your Heart

Dello, WOW!!!

Delonda, Good Enough

Delorean, Solo

Delores Richardson & Brian Garrett, Today

Delores Richardson, Delores Richardson: On Time

Delores, the Exquisite Songbird, People Get Ready

Delores, The Exquisite Songbird, People Get Ready (Steppers' Mix)

Delta Force, Celebrate

Delta Force, Hot

Delta Triplett, Step With Me

Delton-Son, Middle Child

Dem Twinz, Dem Twinz

Dem Twinz, Freeze Strike a Pose

Demarae, Rise

Demarlon Vega, Insomniac

Demetrie Doiron, Closer

Demetrius "Krayon" Nabors, A Journey Within Part 1

Demetrius Manuel, Who I Am

Demetrius Smith, God Will Show Up

Demetrius, Yes We Can

Demi O, "Me"Llenium

Demico, Irresistable

Demien, Supernova Syndrome

Demitri, Seasons

Demmymusic, La Luna y Yo

DeMont, Take Your Time

DeMonte Ousley, E.Y.E.S.

Demure, Demure

Dena Kassandra, Fantasy Dreams

Deneece, Gonna Give You My Rhythm

Deneiro, Replay

Denelle, Denelle

Denelle, Stay Behind

Denelle, Verse One

Denelsia Walker, Love Phunk

Deni Rosa, Problem

Denim, Hit & Run (feat. C4)

Denis Ekobena, Lord I Bless Your Name

Denis Farfone, Beached

Denise M. Richards, I Got Someone to Love

Denise M. Richards, Ready for Love

Denise Monica Richards, I Need Your Love

Denise Weeks, Lose Control

Deniz Söner, Haf?za

Dennis Day, For Only You

Dennis Derby, You Gotta Vote

Dennis Geyer, Keep On Rockin'

Dennis Geyer, Souvenirs Of Time

Dennis Grady, It's a Spiritual Thing

Dennis J. Arce, Amplified Grooves

Dennis L. Taylor, So Old Skool

Dennis Saunders, Diamonds

Denny Dugg, Legendary Loving

Denzel Lawrence, Chapter one: Relationships

Denzel White, The Prequel

DEON CAMPBELL, If You Don`t Know

Deon Cleancutt, 3rd Round

Deon Perignon, Rain

Deon, Does He

Deonda, Loving You Old School

Deonis, Ready

Deonis, The Breaking Point

Deonis, Woman

Deonte, Uphoria

Deonte, Uphoria, Vol. 2

Dep, Contract

Depha Entertainment, DE Christmas

Deponce, Devotion

Deponce, From My Window

Deposition, Miracle

Deqn Sue, Idiosyncratic

Derek Frank, All Day Sucker

Derek Frank, Let the Games Begin...

Derek Lassiter, Witness

Derek Mckeith, Something Strange

Derek Reese, Derek Reese

Derek Smith, Just As I Am

Derek Smokin Jones & BJ, Movin On (feat. Joaquina)

Derek Smokin Jones & BJ, She Whispers (feat. Joaquina)

Deric Dyer, No One`s Sleeping

Derick, Derick

Derick, The Introduction of Rhythm and Truth

Derick, Voodoo

Derius, Endured The Rain, Still Steppin

Dermy Dee, Memories

Derrick A. Holloway, The Derrick A. Holloway Project

Derrick Davis & Tkd, Life Music

Derrick Dixon, Breakthrough

Derrick Freeman, Blurple Pain

Derrick Freeman, DWB

Derrick Givens, You Know I Love You

Derrick R. Jones, Quick Rush

Derrick, Heartbreaker

Derron Larry, Powerball

Deryo, Brand New Day

Deryo, Unveiled

Desafinado Gusfran, Father McKenzie

Descendants of Reality, Just One, Onek, The Campaign Vol. 1

Desean Frank, The Rebirth of the Cool

Deshai Williams, Us Girls

Deshai Williams, You Used Me

Deshun, Roller Coaster

Desire Betty, Follow Me

Desiree Coleman Jackson, My Voice Is My Weapon

Desiree Doyle, Make the Bed Rock (feat. Jamal Ali)

Desiree Jordan, You and Me

Desmond Days, Part of Me

Desmond Sean, Don't Blame It On Love

Dessa, My Lady

Dessy Di Lauro featuring Ric`key Pageot, A Study of a Woman`s Soul (EP)

Dessy Di Lauro, Let Me Hear You Say Hep Hep (feat. Anon)

Dessy Di Lauro, Shout Out 2.0 - Single

Dessy Di Lauro, This Is Neo-Ragtime

Dessy Di Lauro, Why U Raggin'?

Desta, Have Some

Destinee Maree, Beauty Comes In Plus

Destineemaree, Dress Rehearsal

Destini, Heart At War

Destiny Nicole, Touches Me Deep

Destiny Rydas, T.G.I.F Thank God It's Friday

Destiny Underwood, Chameleon

Destiny Underwood, Girl Is It U?

Destiny Williams and Lianson Tejeda, Almost Paradise

Destiny, Destiny

Destiny, Duppy Bat

Destro, EverywhereAnywhere

Destyn Hill, In a Daze

Desy Yo, "Love Slave" (Mega Urban Howze Mix)

Detective Squad, When I Watch the News

Detroit Gary Wiggins, Saxin' the Blues

Detroit, Bop (feat. Big Choo)

Deuces, Deuces Wild

Dev Duff, Nubalance

Dev Duff, Radio

Devan Bolding, Sultry

Devan Bolding, Who Ever Knew?

Devanté, Ready or Not

Devante, The Foundation

Devante, The Renaissance

Deveraux, Sheet Music

Devin B. Thompson, Club Zero

Devin Christy, Let's Go

Devin Christy, Sunday Morning (feat. Jus Write)

Devin Deshaun, Set It Off (feat. Big Kev)

Devin Giselle, Dream Flight

Devin Kowl, Devin Kowl

Devin Messina, Love Is Blind

Devin Roman, Im'a Get Below It

Devin Terez, Already Written

Deviosoclean, Searching For A Whole New Thang

Devious, They Ain't Got Nothin' On Her

DeVoe', Scene 3 - EP

Devon Howard, About You

Devon Howard, Return to Love

Devona Sonorous, Cherish

Devyn Rose, Holidays At Home

Devyne J Supreme, Mello/Smoov - da concertmate 990 xperience

Devynn Becerra, It's Time

DeVynne, DeVynne

Dewarren Moses, Feel It

Dewarren Moses, Romance

Dewayne McCoy, This Too Will Pass (feat. Smidi Beats)

Dewayne McCoy, Why So Much Pain (feat. Smidi Beats)

DeWayne, Part-Tyme Luvah

Dewon, Love Hangover

DeWun Music, Trakk Season. Vol. 1

Dex the Passion, Secret Society

Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths, Devil Drives - EP

Dexter Myers, Eclectic Soul

Dexter Myers, Rocketlove34

Dexter Myers, Soul Divo: The Collection

Dexter Myers, Soul Stories

Dexter O`Neal, Forever More

Dez McKinzie, The Kit

Dez Ray, The Seventeenth Sign

Dezaray Dawn, Deep EP

Dezaray Dawn, The Dawning

Dezi K, Spin

Dezi Trible, UnDeniable

Deziak Clan, Ghetto Gumbo

DeZishun and She-Know, The EP

Dezparado MGD, Instrumental Avenue

Dezparado Mgd, Instrumental Epidemic

Dezparado Mgd, Strictly Instrumentals, Vol. 1

Dezparado Mgd, The Way to Your Heart (Smooth Hip Hop R&B Instrumental)

Dezzire, Just The Begining

De`Shun, I`m Ready

Dhambrick, Forever and a Day

Dhar Leon Bryant, Baby I Lied

DHD, #inconformados

Di Blueprint, My Angel

Di Jay, So Beautiful

Di'Ja, Private Show

Diallo, Trippin On Me

Diamond Fizz, Cold Hustler

Diamond Greene, Love dot com

Diamond Greene, Stages

Diamond K, Moochie and Da Horsemen, Making Me Stay / Girl You Doing It

Diamond Ortiz, Boomerang EP

Diamond Ortiz, Zooted

Diamond Seward, Golden Prospect

Diamond, My Guy

Dian Sentino, Not Going Back

Diana Starr, Living For Your Love

Diana Storm, Keep On Shining

Diana Taylor, This Kinda Love

Diane Durrett, Rhythm of Life

Diane Pancel, Possibilities (Acoustic)

Diane Pancel, Time After Time (feat. Thomas Kinzel)

Diane Postell, What I Got To Say

Diane Reyes, Never Met You

Diane Wilson, Self Preservation

Dianna Nicole, My Way

Diannisa, My Heart

Diazpora, Magnetic

Diazpora, Session II

Dibi Dobo, Aziguii

Dibi Dobo, Q1 Son

Dibo, Mne ne do sna


Dick and Harry, Funky Butt Loving

Diction, Love Keeps Going (feat. N.I.K.K.I da Jukebox)

Diego, I Can't Afford a Psychologist

Dienamik, Art or Madness

Dier, Instagram

Diesal, #WCW (Wednesdays We Crush) [feat. Jhollz]

Diesel88, Bongo Science

Dig This, In Pursuit Of Violet Jones

Digg Deep, InDiggNant EP

Digg Deep, InDiggNation

Digg-Dugg, Midwest Thugz

Digital Black From Playa, Memoirs of a RandB Thug

Digital Diaspora, (This is) Afro-Hop

Dijohn, Take #1

Diktator & Trarius, Bridging the Gap

Dileesa Hunter, I Need You

Dilema, Image

Dilemmachine, Fiesta

Diles, Alma

Dilly O Dilly, Soft in the Middle

Dilys, What I Want (Without Rap)

Dimanyte, Daddy (feat. P2 & Lee-Yo)

Dimi Sloane, Greatest Hits

Dimitri Caver, Let Me Stay Close

Dimitri Reeves, Beautiful Creature

Dimitri Reeves, Don't Matter Tonight

Dimitri Reeves, Sex Right Here

Dimitris Kritikos, Soulparts, Vol.1 - EP

Dimitrius, Stay With Me

Dinayko, Alguien en Mi Vida

Dineen Laurél, Love is Love

Dino Bam, Stroke

Dino Bam, The Wave

Dino Dinicolo, Skin & Bones

Dion Melodys, Cant Let Go

Dion Melodys, Feel Like That

Dion Mikel, Let`s Go Dancing

Dion Mikel, The Real Diamond D

Dion Price, Down (feat. Samuel Shabazz)

Dionna Notes, Hear My Heart

Dionna Notes, Something About Ya

Dionne, Helium

Dionne, I`ve Found Me A New Love

Dip Ferrell & The Truetones, Dip In The Road

Dique "Unique" Cannon, Dique`s Unique Treasures

Direct Conflict, Welcome 2 Elmira

Director-General, Do You Believe or Don't You Believe

Director-General, Going Back to Moscow

Dirty Carleone, Da Carleone: Past Present Future

Dirty Dash, Runnin Against the Wind

Dirty De, Party in My Lac

Dirty Lowdown, Miami Stomp 1.0

Dirty Money Dough Boyz, DJ Infamous & A.Wills, The Stimulus Package

Dirty Rat, Rookie Of The Year

Dirty Red, Da' Funk Ain't Dead

Dirty Revival Collective, The May Fourth Edition

Dirty Rice, Dirty Rice

Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanatation, Still Smokin`

Dirtyfamecrw, My Baby Boo (feat. Junior Avi, Crims, Pro Elements & Mabouw)

Disstrick, DCIA {It Only Hurts the First Time}

Disstrick, Sex Appeal

Disstrick, That's What She Said

Diva Squad, Di Lèn

Diva Squad, Wega Limpio

Divas, Heroes / Wind Beneath My Wings

Diverctiy Records Compilation, Divercity Records Compilation 1 and 2 Double CD

Diversesoul, Designer Diva

Diversity, Glorify You

Diverz, The Scent Of Your Seoul

Dividen, Beat Adoption, Vol. 10

Divine Purpose, Premier Entertainment Presents: The Gospel Mix Tape Vol. 1

Divine-SLK, Count Ur Blessings

Divo & Gmj, Transatlantic Soul

Dixlow, King and Queen

Dixon Brothers, Praise Him

Diz Crown, Basement to the Boulevard

Dizzy K Falola, My Joy

Dizzy K Falola, Power in the Blood

Dizzy Wright, Like, Sir Michael Rocks & Mod Sun, Raw Cypher

Dj Debbie, UP Close and Personal

DJ Ajay, You Me and Her (feat. Los)

DJ Amore & Eliki, Destination (Remix Package) - Single

Dj Atl, Steel City Unleashed Mixtape Volume 5 (Sounds Of Pleasure R&B Part 2)

DJ Butter Rock, Kill or Be Killed: Freestyle Mixtape, Vol. 1

Dj Casten Stonez, Crush Em' - Single

DJ CEO, Tell Me (feat. Renee Capers, Rab Duke & Mr. Manaic)

DJ COA and Myoshi Marilla, Chez Nous

DJ Come of Age, Unheralded-The Neo Soul Project

DJ DKO, Beyond the Boneyard

DJ DKO, Sarcophagus

DJ Fatz, The Return of Hip-Hop Beatz, Vol. 3

DJ Fiya, Tools for Producers: Instrumentals, Vol. 1

DJ Flux, No More Pain (feat. Roam Bad Daddy)

DJ Fresh, Tumor Humor Rap

DJ Galactic, Galactic Funk

Dj GodZilla, Monsters have feelings too

DJ Harrison, Monotones

Dj Jeff Fox/krizm/patrick/, Cald-hhew Artist Compilation

DJ JT, Don't Judge Me (Remix)

DJ K 4 Yahweh, Man Needs Love

DJ Lucky L, Chiraq Drill Music, Pt. Three

DJ Maestro, Obama Slide 'N Glide (feat. O.T.)

DJ Martini, The Martini Project (Nw Hip-Hop Edition)

DJ Mesta, Out Of Control (feat. Eno)

DJ Michael Wycoff, They Call Me DJ Mike

DJ Mike C., The Game Dont Stop

DJ O.Minaya, We Up (feat. Razah & Danse)

DJ O.Minaya, We Up (feat. Razah & Danse)

Dj Peter Gunz, Crazy (feat Jordan Gavet)

DJ Pumba, Pieces of My Life

Dj Q`be, Unforgettable

DJ Ready R.E.D.D, Bullshit

DJ Sauna, Buss It (feat. DMR)

DJ Scandaelicious, All in My Kool-Aid: The Lost Compilation Album

DJ Stradivari the Violin Guy, Only When I'm Breathing

DJ Swamp, Lindsay Lohan

DJ Tee, Thirty Minutes of Breaks For Japan

DJ Thump, Hip Hop Compositions, Vol. 1

DJ Vesto & Celcuis, Wine

DJ Whodat, Stanky

Dj Woodo, Battle Tactics

DJ Wrapid, Sex & Drugs (feat. Open Ceazn & J3)

DJ You Know, Smells Like Sophistcated Dream

DJ Yung 1, Long Strokes and High Notes (feat. Tiggy)

DJ, Special Somebody

DJ-Life, Get Up (feat. Aliecia)

DJ... I, Streetball (Heaven Is a Playground)

Djbiggken, Cash Only

Djbj 3525, Put On a Show (Work That ) [feat. Sino, Swag Dad & Dre Butterz]

Djc, Sounds Xrated, Vol. 1

DjeDje, Ultimu Verson

Djibril Kebe, Le Coeur

Djkiddfresh Aka Bno, Anu Era 1b

Djoog Music, A Song for a Child

Djoog Music, Answer

Djoog Music, Sound (Don't Stop)

Djoser, The Married Life

Dk and the Association, In Time

DK Ibomeka, Ocean


Dkay, Early Bird Gets the World

Dkla, Game (feat. Kmax)

Dkla, Our's (feat. Hot Karl)

Dl Thomas, Dance With My Father

Dl3, Tomorrow Begins Today

Dmack Project, Again Rejoice (feat. Mildred Paris & Tony Curtis)

Dmel & KL, Speak To My Soul (KL)

Dmel & KL, This Praise

Dminor, Supreme Goodie Sampler

DMoney Martinez, My Definition

DMR, Unknown Love

DMunnee, Questions

Dmystro, Eye Kandy Single Featuring Kamui

Dnldidit, So Good (feat. Cameron J)

Do-Rong, Outside the Box

Doña Oxford, Together (Radio Mix)

Doby, Doby

Doc Ice, Full Force & Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Love Jones (12 inch Extended Mix) [Digitally Remastered]

Doc Ice, Hunnids - EP

Doc Mar, The Alpha

Doc Notch, Oldschool Meets Newskool Saga

Doc Ramone and Corduroy Kid, Doc Ramone and Corduroy Kid Present "Dirty Bottom"

Doc Sizzo & Iworship, Transition

Doc, Comin Back to New Orleans Too

DOC, Singles First

DOC, Singles First

DocBeli, Believe

Docc Free, Doccstalized

Doctor Funk Lloydd, Dance Non Stop (feat. Viki Ellie)

Doctor G & Funkfusion, Sing a Simple Song

Doctorfunk, Second Opinion

Documentary Music, Documentary Music

Dodge, Star Bass Invasion

Dog Music Productions, Fuzzy Dreams

DoggyPlay, Never u mind

Dogsta the Problem, U Da Shit

Dogsta the Problem, U Legit

Dohn Conley, BODY

Doll-E Girl, Gangster Girl

Doll-E Girl, Get to Know You (feat. Nishiki)

Doll-E Girl, Now I'm Saying Good Bye (feat. Juan Gambino)

Dolla andskeet, Cry 4 Me

Dolla Breezy, XGF

Dollhouse, Thief Of Time

Dolomike, I Stand

Dominant G, Coke Bottle Cutie

Domingo, Singing This Song

Domini Monroe, Exposed

Dominic Amato, Illuminate

Dominic San Juan, Double Negative

Dominika Stara, Mixed Signals

Dominika Stara, Thinking of You

Dominiq, Ride With ME

Dominique Cooper, Knee Deep

Dominique Desiree, Pictures Of You

Dominique Elise, Outside Influence

Dominique Karan, Heart Mind & Soul

Dominique Mathurin, Love Is Contagious

Dominique Soundz, Good Girl Turn't Rachet

Dominique, People Say

Dominique, Tippy Toes

Domonique, "Mr. Right Now!" (Bedroom Remix)

Domonique, Infectious

Don Booker, In the Neighborhood

Don Braden & Karl Latham, Big Fun(k) [Live]

Don Childs, Moving On

Don Christopher, Falling - Single

Don Christopher, Falling - Single

Don Howell, Never Give Up

Don Jaymor, Someone Like U

Don Kaboo, The B. O. S. S. (Brink of Super Stardom)

Don L Castor, Pieces

Don Mac, The International {Super Deluxe Edition}

Don One, No Importa (feat. Shakti)

Don One, Sniper Girl (feat. Tio Samo)

Don P, My Shawty

Don Pareon, Ghettogod

Don Perrion, I'm On (feat. Dyv100k)

Don Ricardo Garcia, Sue Me Please... I Need The Publicity

Don Trunk, Vintage

Don Wizzle, Don Wizzle

Don-E, Future Rare Grooves

Don-E, Grown n Sex-E

Don-E, Without Your Love

Don-Ray, Upaya

Donald "Dontae" Taylor, Beautiful Turn On

Donald "Dontae" Taylor, For You

Donald "Dontae" Taylor, Girls That Like Girls

Donald Bell, Life Stories

Donald Pinkney, Expressions of Love

Donald Sheffey, Christmas Time Is Here

Donald Sheffey, This Is Life

Donald Sheffey, We Were Meant To Be

Donald Sheffey, Welcome Into Love

Donald Wright, It`s The Way They Are

donald wright, it`s the way they are remix and single

Donald ``D-Mac`` McRavin, In My Room

Dondre, Ride

Dondria, Ain't No Way

Donell Kravenz, #skilzisdonell

Doni Donn, Take It Or Leave It

Donna Heke, Matter of Mind

Donna K, Music That We Play

Donna K, Paper Walls

Donna Ritchie, Liberty

Donnell Dantzler, I Wanna Thank You (Momma) Mother`s Day Tribute Single

Donnell Dantzler, Life Is Good

Donnell Dantzler, Show Me Love

Donnie Williams and Park Place, Just Like Magic

Donnie Williams, Donnie Williams and Park Place

Donny Buggs, Fading Love

Donny Buggs, Love Obsession

Donny Mccullough, From the Heart

Donny McCullough, Hero's

Donny McCullough, LA.. Better Than That!

Donny McCullough, Xmas Is Coming

Donny Rajaun, Lost

Donny West, I`ll Do Anything For You

Donovan Blackwood, This Time

Donovan Chevers, Universal Us

Donte Brock, Blow Kisses

Donte Williams, Here Tonight

Donte' Williams, Give You All the Love

Donte' Williams, Nothing Really Matters

Dontrell, Over You

Dony Adair, Do You Remember? (feat. Morris Alan & Maximvs)

Dony Adair, Have Mercy (feat. James Linton)

Dony Adair, Language of Love

Dony, Your Desire

Dooda, Til Im Rich (feat. Jcity & Oe)

Doodie Da Juvie, This What Money Smell Like

Doony Millz, Buckets (feat. A.D.O)


Doramus, The Truth and Then Some

Doreen Selly Oloo, Unarejeshewa

Dorian Holley, Billie Jean

Dorian, Running Back to You

Doris Warwick, Intimacy

Dorothy Moore, Awaiting Blues Heart

Dorothy Moore, Blues Heart

Dorothy Moore, Gittin` Down Live!

Dorothy Takev, Make Art Not Euro


Dossa, On the Contrary

Dot Comm, Strip for Me (feat. HollenMadd & Steve Sam)

Dot K.O.M., Brand New

Double A, Can't Get Enough (feat. Sweet)

Double A, What I Need (How You Gone Tell Me?)

Double AA, Right Here

Double E, All I Need

Double E, Dollar Green Cadillac

Double Exposure, Soul Recession

Double Ignition Trax, Best Song Ever (A Tribute to One Direction)

Double Ignition Trax, Forbidden Fruit: Tribute to J Cole

Double Ignition Trax, Gentleman: A Tribute to the Saturdays

Double Ignition Trax, I'm Out (A Tribute to Ciara)

Double Ignition Trax, Kids (A Tribute to Mikky Ekko)

Double Ignition Trax, Lighthouse: A Tribute to Lucy Spraggan

Double Ignition Trax, My Time (A Tribute to K Koke)

Double Ignition Trax, Take Back the Night (A Tribute to Justin Timberlake)

Double Ignition Trax, Tom Ford (A Tribute to Jay Z)

Double Ignition Trax, Tunnel Vision: A Tribute to Justin Timberlake

Double Ignition Trax, Wings (A Tribute to Birdy)

Double Igntiion Trax, Take It Easy On Me (A Tribute to Robin Thicke)

Double R, Ashey to Classy

Double R, The Drop

Double Trouble Twins, Double Trouble Twins

Double Trouble Twins, Puzzles

Double-A, Unstoppable

Double~O and The Bay Area Bad Girlz, Vol. 1 A-Team

Doug Cash, Hodgepodge 2

Doug Gazlay, The Bond Between You And Me (feat. Rev. Carolyn Mobley & Adrain Bowie)

Doug Gray, Redneck Hooterville

Doug Gurwell, The Cookie Jar

Dougie Hendrix, Show & Prove

Dougie, Im Gone

Douglas Lyons, Why Can`t We Fly?

Dougy Mo, Someone

Doussou Bagayoko, Dayele

Dove Hagan, Invisible

Dove, I'll Rise (feat. Kaleidoscope Kids Hawaii & Rainbow Childen's Choir of Maui)

Down Bottom, Self Employed, Vol.1

Down To Us, Hanging On (Tonewood Mix)

Downlow, Hear Me Out

Dox (Doxamillion), Streets Anthem, Vol. 2

Dox, Google Me Baby (Instrumental)

Doxter S, Universe

Dozier Fly, Dozier Eyes

Dozjak, I Can Make You Feel (Alright)

Dp!, Butterflychology

DPB David P Brooks, Born to Worship, Vol 1

Dpj Milkyway, Purified

Dr J Funk and the All Stars, Mo Do Yo Thang

Dr JeebFabro, Take The First Step

dr jones, groovelution

dr jones, sugar

Dr Libido, El comienzo de la Utopía

Dr Souc, Be My Girl

Dr Willie A Naylor, Anthology of Soul Classics

Dr. B, By the People: For the People

Dr. Carl Bentley & The Carl Bentley Singers, Here Am I (Isaiah 6:8)

Dr. Cent, Fuzzy

Dr. E, "Real Life" Album Sampler

Dr. E, Elevated

Dr. Funk, Who Brings the Funk

Dr. Illenstein, Listen While I Tell You Of The Clones

Dr. J Funk & Bobby G Summers, Love Is!

Dr. J Funk and the All-Stars, Video Phone (feat. GetDown & Unknown)

Dr. J Funk, Do Yo Thang, Pt.1

Dr. John E. Bell, Dr. John E. Bell Special Occasion Tribute From Soul to Soul

Dr. John E. Bell, Man Looking for Love

Dr. John E. Bell, On My Mind

Dr. John E. Bell, Special Occasion Tribute from Soul to Soul

Dr. Knockboot, In My Bed

Dr. Mink, Let's Play Hoop

Dr. Sheila L. Johnson and Young People for Christ, Resurrection!

Dr. Theopolis, Astronomical

Dr. Theopolis, The Voice of the Future

Dr. Yes!, The Body Electric

Dr. Zog, She's Got the Glow

Dr.bump, She's Better Than Money

Dr3w Creative, For Real

Dr3w Creative, Inspired

Dra Karr and an Experience, Southside Step

Draft Pick, Feel Good Music

Dragan Tesla, Psy Electro Funk

Drake Austin, Back To Cool

Drama City, Empire

Drastiko, From the Bottom Up

Drawn Out, 400 Pixels

Dray, Neocentric


Dray, Neollusion

Dré Banks, Got Me Goin'

Dre Allen, Ghetto Rockstar

Dre Butterz, Boss (feat. Icewear Vezzo)

Dre Butterz, The Time Is Now

Dre Duvall, I Can Move On Too

Dre Kay, Common Thread

Dre Malik, Guap-A-Holic

Dre Mazzenga, Do Me Right

Dre T. Turner, Tasty

Drea Rhenee', Finally Free

Drea, Call Me

Drea, Hooked

Dread Fury, The Voice of Faith

Dread Fury, Welcome to the Darkness EP

Dream B.I.G. Entertainment., Punchline Summer, Vol. 1

Dream Team Stars, Louder

Dream Team, Dream Team Soldiers

Dred D. Scott, Trials and Tribulations

Dreemtime, New York Lounge Funk

Drell-A & Dre-Go, A Tale of Two Halfs

Drese, Girl Pantz

Dreshon, First Steps

Drew Allen, Shoot Me Down (feat. Black Knight)

Drew Ayers, The Emergence Of Drew Ayers

Drew Dewitt, The Studies

Drew Esco, Slow Motion

Drew K, All the Old Stuff Complete

Drew Schultz & The Funk Machine, Live: The Dovetail Tapes

Drew Schultz & The Funk Machine, Why Should I (This Christmas)

Drew Schultz, Back to Class

Drew Schultz, Fairytale (feat. Mark Scott)

Drew Schultz, Please (Don't Give Up On Your Dreams) B/W Waiting Game

Drew Schultz, So Long (feat. Thornetta Davis & Buddy Smith)

Drew, Dreamin`

Drew, Love Unleashed

Drew, Papis Dance

Drew, Player

Drew, Tell Me (I Want 2 Know)

Drew, Why Did You Leave?

Drex, Emotions

Dre` Medlock, Divorce (EP)

Dri, Rif And Vagaz, Franchiz-new Jack City

Drina, 8 Years In the Making

DriNeal, A Bigger Picture

Drineal, Beautiful Love (feat. Douglas Sheppard)

Driving Vegas, EP

Drock, My South

Drop Boi Deezy, 808's-n-Faith, A True Story

Dropscrystal, Happy

Dru Blast, Be What You Is

Dru, What's Real

Drumlordz, Push It

Drumprince, Your Arms

Drunken Monkey, Diggin' Pony (feat. Chrys-Anthony)

Ds of M, 1st & Last

Dshon, Sofrito

DT-DoubleTrouble, Dance 4 Me - Single

Dtk & Daveth3king, Up Next

Dtk, Baby This One Time

Duane Harris, Amerika (We Are the Revolution)

Duane Scott, New Luv

Duane Thomas Project, Hey God

Duante, Hallucinating

Duétté, I See You!!!!

Dub Fuego, Prosper

Dub Marta, Love Warrior

Dub Turbo Drums, 40 Hot Beat Samples from Dub Turbo Drums!

Dub-L, Feel Good

Dubb20 & Young Will, There You Have It, Vol.1 (Streetz Is Callin)

Dubley, I'm D.O.P.E, Vol. 2 (The Original Edition)

Dubnasty, I Am The 260

Dubsac, Dubsac, Release Hell on my call

Dubz, Crashlanded

Duce 5, Aint No Friend (feat. Druhova & Bigg Huff)

Duce 5, All For her

Duce 5, Cali Iz My Turf

Duce 5, I'm Out There (feat. Jay Tee)

Duce 5, The Bank Book Celebrities

Duce 5, Top Notch

Duce, Download Me (feat. Motorcidy & Knak)

Duce5, Faded (feat. Mistah F.A.B)

Duce5, Tomorrow Never Comes

Duceplaya, Zero Gravity

Duchie Rodgers, Heat

Duck Puppies & The Menneez, Hold On I'm Coming

Dudez of the Century, "Pressure"

Duet Lane, Ready For Me

Duff, Duff's Motel

Duhart/Katz, The Brandon Project

Duke of Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy and Casual Friends

Duke, Duke The Songwriter

Duly Noted, One More Day

Duly Noted, Something to Say

Dumb Ent., Good Love

Dumisani, Can I Get With U

Duncan Daniels, Blindly in Love

Duncan Daniels, Ready for Love - Single

Duo Pr, Don't Wantchya Baby

Dupp, Light in the Darkness

Duprice, Shattered

Durant Searcy, The One 4 Me

Durrell Daniels and Soul, Release

DurtySol, I can see clearly now

Dushyanthi, Many Men

Dusky Diana, Hero How To

Dustin DeBoer, Rage!

Dustin Kendricks, Make You Famous

Dustin Robinson, Proper Introduction

Dustyle, Project Soul: The Revival

Dutch Groove, Some Day (feat. Britt Lenting)

Dutchess Vaughn Allen, The Answer I Want

Dutchess, Cherry Bomb!

Dutchess, Dutchess

Dutchess, Good Bye

Duv, Urban Artistik

DVo, Dayze Off

Dvon, DvonMusic

DW Edwards, Scuze Me!

DW3, Christmas Dream (feat. Kyle Wolverton & Paul Brown)

Dw3, Vintage Truth

Dwan, Dreamland

Dwani, My Boo'Thang

DWarren with Rhythm n Motion, Digiology

Dwayne Baby Son Byrd, Get Up Detroit (feat. Tony Horne)

Dwayne Barnes, Soulful Motivations (Mind Medicine)

Dwayne Fredricks, The Invitation

Dwayne Omarr, Remix Your Life Tour

Dwayne, Reason

dwayne., Looking Glass - EP

Dwight & Nicole, Nicole Nelson & Dwight Ritcher, !Signs

Dwight Adams, Soul Master

Dwight Adams, Too Hot Ta Trot

Dwight Ritcher & Nicole Nelson, On Top of the World

Dwight Ritcher & Nicole Nelson, On Top of the World

Dwight Ritcher Band, Drive Around Town

Dwight Ritcher, Radioman

DXB, Rise Up! (The Falcons Song)

Dxp bka//dxposure, This Is Not A Game

Dyane, Estar Contigo

Dyce Dylli, Code Red : Im Here

Dyelow, The Archives, Vol. 1

Dyelow, The Archives, Vol. 2

Dying Seed, Suit & Tie

Dylan C, Elevater Action: Invasive Species

Dylan Finley, The Unknown King

Dylan Reese, Patience

Dynamic Sounds Orchestra, D.S.O.

Dynamic, Complicated

Dynamic, Dynamic feat. Kimiko Joy

Dynamic, It's for You

Dynamite Jive, Bagadope

Dynamite Showdown, Dynamite Showdown

Dynasty M, Levons-Nous (Pour Le Congo) [feat. Benedicte Simoneau, Fiona Sheryl Gahila, Joël Mbenza & Herléo Muntu]

Dynez Dennis, Tru Story - Single

Dynna Williams, Love My City Pt 1 - Single

Dyverse, Stereo Type

d` Kalendars, Hotter Than Heat

D` Poitt, Introducing D` Poitt

D`MAR, The Truth

D`maurice And Armageddon, Fly

D`Menace Stahr, Memoirs Of D`Menace Stahr Part 1

D`metrius, It`s Time

D`mystro featuring Maa-trixz band, Live in Concert

D`Mystro, True Seed Single

D`natural, RnB TRUTH

D`Shon, The Definition of D`Shon

d`Syre, d`Syreous

Юлия Паршута & Pashapg, Жизнь В Реальности

E C Aka Ol' Skool, The Rookie

E Claud (JPA), Pain In Your Eyes - Single

E Dummy, 2000 New Sh*t

E Melody, Funk Party

E the R&b Hip-Hop Rockstar, #Teamthickncurvy

E the Randb Hip-hop Rockstar, The Prelude

E'letrick Warbabyz, Dogfight

E'ly, Let's Give Love a Chance

E, "Time For Leaving"

E-6 Music, The Magic in U

E-Boy, African Woman (feat. Deng)

E-Code, 2+2 Is 17 (Two Plus Two Is Seventeen)

E-Jay Mills, Everyday (Give Your Love)

E-Jay Mills, Eyes Lie

E-Modest, My Story

E-Money & Cataz, Affiliated

E-Money, From A Corner Store Gritter To A Boss

E-Money, Plan, Plot, and Strategize

E. Dive`s "The Family ", Another Day - a self compilation

E. FaShawn Washington, He Would Not Cheat

E. Jaye, Slow Dance Under the Mistletoe

E. Jones, I Am A Champion

E. Redmond, Heartbroken

E. Redmond, Put You in the Lights

E. Walter Smith, Tenderness

E.Ceasar, Smooth Groove Radio

E.D Estrella, Got Your Back (feat. Fancy)

E.Dot, 1 Love

E.M.G., Until We Meet Again

E.M.P., Magic Potion (feat. Supafly)

E.O.T., From Love to Life

E.O.T.U.S & Rimshot, Soul Kisses (Chili-Bo Presents)

E.V. Baby, Joyride

E.William, Apocalyptic Love

E.william, She's All I Need

E3, One Soul

Eardrumz, Remembering

Eardrumz, Song 456

Earl DeWitt, Some Different Things

Earl Dwayne, Nflow

Earl Russell, Should I

Earl Swindell, Introducing Third World Earl

Earl Young & Darryl Grant, Don't Underestimate the Power of Love

Early Clover, Live, form Las Vegas A Tribute to Legends and Motown

Early Clover, Live, from Las Vegas A Tribute to Legends and Motown, including Love Man

Early Clover, LoveMan

Early Clover, You`re Gonna Need A Backup

Earnest Stanberry JR, Hurry and Bring your Sweet Loving on Home Remix

Earthatone Music, Baby You're the Only One 4 Me (feat. Taneisha Black)

Earthbound, Earthbound

Easi B, Stories Untold

Easiest Solution, The Easiest Solution

East Harvest, Do What We Do

Easy Company, Easy Company

Ebanie, Pandora's Box

Ebedoz, Ebedoz

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