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Glamorous Bertha Payne, Glamorous BERTHA PAYNE

"Diamond" Jim Greene, Holdin` On

"Glamorous" Bertha Payne, Bedroom Offer

"LGB", Reality Slowly Walks Us Down

"The Duchess" Jureesa McBride, Cookies n Milk

'A Chef named Glenn', Pick a Bale of Cotton

'Doc' Crow, 'Doc' Crow featuring...

.44 Pistol, Live At the Vaults

112 North Duck, Flat River Blues

12 Gage & The Deep Blues Band, Compensation For Betrayal

12 Story Fall, 5:1 Ratio

145th Street, 145th Street Deluxe Blues Band

145th Street, Money Makin' Machine

145th Street, Where the Blues Lives

1st Note, See Me!

2 Awl Dawg, Smorgasborg

2 Souls, In The Heat Of The Night

24pesos, The Boogie Worm

2B3, The Toronto Sessions

2BLU and the Lucky Stiffs, Goin' Fishin'

2hatjohn With the Clap, Santa's Present

2hatjohn With the Clap, Seriously Disturbed

2hatjohn, Benidorm Blues

2Hatjohn, My Buddy Joe

2hatJohn, Nympho No.3

2hatjohn, Who's Banging My Wife? - Single

2Hurt, Heaven Isn't Gold

2Me, Schizophrenic Love Songs

2nd Story Band, Blue Shades World Beat Blues Fiesta

3 Green Windows, Deep Green Blues

3rd Try Lefty, Bring Me The Monkey

46 Long, Off the Rack

46 Long, Tennessee

46 Long, Time`s Right

49 Ford, That's How We Roll

4some Blues, 4some Blues

5 Royales, Good Looking Woman

505 Blues, Fortified

55 Rose Street, Misery

601 Blues, 601 Blues

601 Blues, Ole Man

6svs, Tall Walkin' Stick

7, Man of Sorrows

8 Ball Aitken, Behind The 8 Ball

?? ?, ?????? (Usonomakoto)

???? ???, ?? ????? ???

????? ????????, ? ????? ????!

????? ????????, Made in Ukraine

A Circle for Sunday, 10 Ways to Scare a Ghost - EP

A Different Take, "Blues"

A Joyful Nation, Girls, Pearls & Twirls

A Lad from Tad and The Train Crash Shakers, Iraqattack

A Monterey Tribute to Ray Charles, For the Love of Ray

A New Light, The Experience

A Submitter, Two Horns Mix

A Ton of Blues, Crooked Avenue

A. S. Angelo, Snappy

A.C. Myles, Rush to Red

A.D.D. TNLC, Thursday Night Laundry Club

A.J. Fullerton, Don't Wait

AAQUI, What Can He Do - Single

Aaron Alnight, Devil in Disguise

Aaron Bishop, Perfect Place

Aaron Burton, aka Peetie Whitestraw

Aaron Burton, Recession Blues

Aaron Burton, Rising Sun

Aaron Burton, The Return of Peetie Whitestraw

Aaron Curtis, I`m Going To Tell You

Aaron G. Vann, Dark Angel

Aaron Hamre, Gotta Keep On Tryin

Aaron Holder, Hideaway

Aaron James, Into Dye

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, Feed the Meter

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, Grow

Aaron Keith, Immortal Soul

Aaron Lordson, Please don´t leave me

Aaron Lyon, One Saturday

Aaron Minter, Cortez Blue

Aaron Randolph, Cavaco

Aaron Robert, The Aaron Robert LP

Aaron Russell, It Don't Get No Better Than This

Aaron Shneyer, AutoRetrato (Have You Heard)

Aaron Spiro, Scribes

Aaron Spohr, A Dreamer's Disease

Aaron Vann, Rise of the Pheonix

Aaron West, The Trans-Tasman Quartet

Abbie Smith, Delicate

Abdoulaye Samb and Minnjiaraby, Wouty

abdulfez, In The Lounge With abdulfez

Abe Ovadia, Three By Three

Abe Parker, Ninety Percent of Reality

Abel & Rawls, Next Town

Abel Josephson, Border Trash

Abel Josephson, Pooty-Tang

Abel Josephson, Postcards from Westbound

Abiyu Berlie, Miraculous Village - "Tameregna Mender"

About Time, Aint Nothin Like a Good Man

Abstract Ensemble, Water and Light

Abtmelody, Minecraft Songs II - EP

Ac Revue, Short,Dark and Handsome

Academy of Chess and Checkers, this is the fire

Acantha Lang, Know Your Name

Achilles Tenderloin, Blind Oedi and the Case of the Secret Carnival

Acie Cargill & Honeyboy Edwards, Bubbly Creek, Chicago

Acie Cargill & Tom Gurney, Blind Dog and Lightning Boy

Acie Cargill, Blues-Grass

Acme Blues Company, I Think I Made It

Acme Jazz Garage, America the Beautiful

Acoustic Buzzhookah, Sold Oats

Acoustic Smoke, One Kind Favor

Acoustihoo, Acoustihoo

Adair, The Heartest Truth

Adam Archetype, Energy Exchange Machine

Adam Carroll, Adam Carroll Live at Flipnotics

Adam Dalton & the B-Sides, Eye On the Prize, Pt. 1 & 2

Adam Douglas and The Deacons, Nine Songs

Adam Falcon, The Light Shines

Adam Gussow, Southbound

Adam Holt, Who I Am

Adam Irving, Sobeit

Adam Murphy, Green Blues Black Ballads and Some Normal Songs for Guitar and Piano

Adam Murphy, The Hoping Door

Adam Naylor, Parades

Adam Rodowicz, No Strings Attached

Adam Solomon, "Rocket Express II " African Renaissance Blues

Adam Solomon, Closer to Me

Adam Solomon, Time Goes Things Change

Adam Tanner, Sure As You`re Born

Adam Toronczak, Mr.A.T.My Girl

Adam Traum, Just Like Home

Adayas, New Age Vintage

Adeah Rose, Miss Me

Aden Harrell and Friends, New Baby's in Town

Adina, Here You Are

Adithya Srinivasan, Gham E Duniya

Adon, I Got A Woman (inspired by Ray Charles)

Adrian Duke, Live In New Orleans

Adrian Duke, Never Find Another

Adrian Kosky, The High Side Of The Low End

Adriana Evans, Nomadic

Aerosol, Tu Pie al Ritmo

Affinitia, Do We Go Wrong?

African, Perfect Woman

Afro Brick, Afro Brick

After the Lounge, Never Again

Afterhours Experience, Volume 1

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Fighting and Onions

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, St. Hubert

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Ten Thousand

Agony`s Child, Tenshon Release

Aidan Ward, Breathe

Ainara LeGardon, Forgive Me If I Don´t Come Home To Sleep Tonight

Ainslie's Vibes, Standing Ten Feet Tall (and Raging Like a Bull)

Ainslie's Vibes, The People Have Spoken

Airwave Patrol, Across Carbon County

Airwave Patrol, Down the Wires

Airwave Patrol, Going the Distance

Aisha Peters, I Wanna Love You

AJ and the Flip Flops, Life Lessons

AJ Diggs, Already In Progress

AJ, Nuthin' but a Man

Ajay Shughart, Tied Down

Aki Kumar, Don't Hold Back

Akiko Tsuruga, NYC Serenade

Akiko Tsuruga, Oriental Express

Akiko Tsuruga, Sakura

Akiko, Commencement

Akoustic Express, Freight Train

Al and The Coholics, Goin` Down Slow

Al Anderson, Al Anderson and His Rock & Soul Revue

Al Basile, At Home Next Door

Al Bell and the E.O.A., Hard Luck Blues

Al Caldwell And The Travelin Black Hillbilly`s, Hillbilly Soul

AL Caldwell, Banjo Blue

Al Carmichael, Life Number Nine

Al Clarke, Deadpan Rendition

Al Dickinson, Whatever Next?

Al Grigg, Blues and Other Things

Al Hill and the Love Butlers, Willie Mae

Al Hughes, Dancing in the Minefield

Al Hughes, Sad Songs and Tall Stories

Al J Heid, I'll Be Damned It's Halloween

Al Keith, Asthma Blues

Al La'grey, Shades of Al La'grey

Al Lerman, Crowe River Blues

Al Miller, American Love

Al Miller, Better Blues and Ballads (Remastered)

Al Monti, Sure Glad

Al Petteway, It's Only the Blues

Al Rivers, Inside Out

Al Rowe, Briter Daze

Al the Push and Pullit Man, Put It Up for Me

Al-C., Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn!

Alabama Blues Machine, Must Be Love

Alabama Gravy Soppers, Yellowhammered

Alabama Mike, Day to Day

Alabama Mike, Tailor Made Blues

Alabama Women in Blues, Blues Babes of Alabama

Alain Tambay, Back 2 Square 1

Alan L, Knucklehead

Alan 'Bones' Davis, Enjoy It While You Can

Alan Arena, Where`s the Rainbow

Alan Barrington, Country Blues

Alan Curtis Tripp, America the Beautiful

Alan Gerber, Blue Tube

Alan Gerber, Chicken Walk

Alan Gerber, Fools That Try

Alan Gerber, Live, For A Limited Time Only

Alan Gerber, The BoogieMan

Alan Hager & Dave Fleschner, Live from the Vault (Hager/Fleschner Duo)

Alan L., Every Single Day

Alan Lewis Silva, Gypsy Songs

Alan MacLeod, Hey Lover

Alan Newbery, Blueberry

Alan Newbery, Prophecy

Alan Newbery, Too Many Hands

Alan Payette Band, Alan Payette Band

Alan Petterle, The Skeleton Sessions

Alan West Brockman, Bullsh**, Ballads, and Beer Drinkin`

Alan Wright, Ain`t Gonna Be Your Dog

Alastair Greene Band, Walking In Circles

Alastair Greene, A Little Wiser

Albert Ashkenazi, Ride the Tide

Albert Rogers, Albert Rogers

Albert, The Audacity

Alberto Colombo, Never Look Back

Aldis Blues Band, Low Shirts, Big Money

Ale Ravanello Blues Combo, Haunted

Aledo, The Rail

Alejandro Monsalve, The Lie Is My Chaperone

Alek Razdan and the A-Train Orchestra, Lamb Chops

Alemão Abstrato, Nadando em Cerveja

Alessandro Florio, Pat Bianchi & Carmen Intorre, Roots Interchange

Alex Arguello, Only Dreaming

Alex Athy, Destined

Alex Belden, ... Every Human Need.

Alex Belden, Athena's Robe

Alex Belden, Isis Moon

Alex Bergan, Someday

Alex Harvey, Parachute

Alex Harvey, The Songwriter

Alex Jenkins & the Bombers, Voodoo You

Alex Jones, I Remember When

Alex Kiskachi, Unfaithful Syncopations

Alex Legg, The Best-laid Plans of Chocolate Mice

Alex Maryol, Make Everything Alright

Alex Patterson, Ain't No Sunshine

Alex Patterson, Crazy He Calls Me

Alex Perez & The Rising Tide, Resurrection

Alex Rossi & Greg Wilson, Acoustic

Alex Rossi, The Root City EP

Alex Story, Pulling the Plug

Alex Tintinalli Band, Live At The Gig Theatre

Alex Usai Blues Band, Blues Tale

Alex Yacovelli, Electri-Fi

Alexander Javan, Between the Lines

Alexandra McCullough, I Love You So

Alexandre Thollon, Diamond Silk (Play Along)

Alexia Vassiliou, Sacred Whispers

ALF, Cajun Wolf

Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian, Come On in My Kitchen

Alfie Smith, Sometimes the Rain

Alflen & Fest, Fusion You Can Feel

Algorhythm Sky, We Don't Look Up Enough

Ali Blake, Ali Blake

Ali DuMars, You Can Always Pray

Ali Manion, Reflections

Ali Penney & the Money Makers, And On It Goes

Ali Penney and The Money Makers, Wait a Minute

Alice Ashley, A Time Will Come

Alice Avenue, Unreliable

Alice Genese, Sticks and Bones

Alice Stuart and the Formerlys, Live at the Triple Door

Alice Stuart, All the Good Times

Alice Stuart, Can`t Find No Heaven

Alice Stuart, Crazy With The Blues

Alice Tatum, Dumpster Divin' Blues (feat. Kelly Athena)

Alien Blue, An Alien Blue

Alien Blue, Virtual Light

Alien Music Club, Welcome To The Future

Alisa Randolph & Rod Martin, Alisa Randolph With Rod Martin & Friends

Alison Joy Williams, Blonde Hair Blues

All American Revival, On The Rocks

All Good Things, Just Passing Through

All Good Things, South of the Border

All Hands On Jane, Your Wizard Ways EP

All the Little Pieces, If You Fall

Allan E. Harrington, Whatever Floats Your Boat

Allan Garry, A Blue Point of View

Allan Harrington, Nothing But Trouble

Allan Harrington, Solid As a Rock

Allan Jaffe, Rags For Guitar

Allan Ray Reed, One Hell of a Ride

Allen Hinds, Falling Up

Allen-Lamun Band, All in the Numbers

Alligator Blues Band, Lovin' Season

Alligator Nail, Alligator Nail

Allison Thrash, Solitude

Allison Thrash, Talking Thrash

Allon, Small Steps

Ally Kemp, The Strangers You Know

Ally Venable Band, Train Wreck Blues

Alma Micic, Tonight

Alonzo (Lonie) Levister, Lower 9th Ward Lowdown Blues( A Song For Katrina ) The Single

Alpha Male Gorillas, Backflips and Burnouts

Alphonso Sanders and Bill ''Howl-n-Madd'' Perry, Twice As Nice ''Down In Mississippi''

Alphonso Sanders, Mississippi Influences

Alska, Alska

Alter Ego-Incognito, That Ant' Right

Alter Ego-Incognito, Wen I Grow Up

Althea Grace, Running the Show

Alton and Sue Watson, My Other Side

Alvin Draper, You Just Can`t Keep Me Down

Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Blues Band, Milk and Cookies

Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Blues Band, Wet My Beak

Amadeus, American Romance

Amanda Bocchi, Cereal Box Murder

Amanda Brown, The Amanda Brown

Amanda Wilkins, Off the Cuff

Amateur Trash, Oliveto Blues

Amateur Trash, On a Mission

Amazing Amar, Having Second Thoughts

Amazing Amar, Merry Xmas, Happy New Year

Amber Aiken & Jim Beeman, Take Two

Amber Estrada, A Sleep To Dream

Amber Lynn Nicol, Nothing Better Than Love

Amber Sweeney, Lone Sailor

Amberjack Rice, New Roots

Ambrosius, Ambrosius

Amedee, Creole Man

Amelia Profaci, I'm Christmas Dreaming

American Gypsy, Let Me

American Gypsy, Safe Place

American Nomad, Country Mile

Amirabbas Golab, Divooneh

Amos W. Drummond, Urban Folk: My Origin

Amy & Freddy, We Get Along

Amy Trail, Amy Trail

Amylee & the 2nd Line, October

Ana Divins, Land of Hope

Anders Nilsson, Night Guitar

Anderson/Sloski, Footwork

andre balazs, Bipolar Jukebox

Andre Bisson, Bad Scene

Andre Bisson, Beyond the Covers

Andre Bisson, Rhythm & Blues Christmas

Andre Bisson, Rhythm and Blues Experience

Andre Bisson, Till the Real Thing Comes Along

Andre DeVito, One Day at a Time

Andre Floyd & Mood Iguana, Project 2o12

Andre' Brice, To Catch A Thief

Andre' Lee, Cheating with the Man in the Drawer - Single

Andrea Carlson, Drivin' Myself Wild for You

Andrea Dawson, Left With The Uptown Blues

Andrea Louise, So Far

Andrea Pizziconi & The Oriente Lopez Jazz Ensemble, Learning to Live

Andrea Smith, Sweet Embrace

Andreas PÃ¥lsson Trio, Scrabble

Andreas Sobczyk Quartett, like it is

Andrei Krylov, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Blues Archives from Russian Immigrant Music Circles

Andrei Krylov, Songs from Leningrad - St.Petersburg, Russia. Romantic Ballades, Blues and Rock

Andrew Boniwell and the Uncertainty Principle, Boomerang

Andrew "Hacksaw" Harney, Carnival of Groove

Andrew "Jr Boy" Jones, Jr Boy Live

Andrew Black and the Naturals, 14th & Crescent

Andrew Clayton Austin, Whitewalls

Andrew D. Gordon, Boogie-Woogie and the Blues

Andrew Diehl & The Nightmen, Chill

Andrew Durnien, The Last Exit

Andrew Goldring and The Rosedale Power Co., Andrew Goldring and The Rosedale Power Co.

Andrew Green, Relaxing Melodies

Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown, Bumpallister

Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown, Nasty Groove

Andrew Hacksaw Harney, Tri Tonal Transition

Andrew Hall, Coconuts and Blues

Andrew Papas, Say Goodbye

Andrew Swann, 11th Street Shakedown

Andrew Swann, Nasty Cook

Andrew Swann, Southside Blues

Andrew Swann, The Braves

Andrew Williams, Meaning of Life

Andrey Dobrovolskiy, Mannerheim' Street' Blues

Andy Balcon, Andy Balcon Band

Andy Bridge & the Jam Factory, Life Journey

Andy Broad, Every Penny of the Deal

Andy Coats, Folk the Blues

Andy Coats, Song and Pony Show

Andy Coats, That`s What they Call the Blues

Andy Cohen, Ridiculous Instrumentals

Andy Del, Different Point of View

Andy Friedman and The Other Failures, Live at the Bowery Poetry Club

Andy Grant Trio, Champagne On Beer Budget

Andy Irvine, Diggin' That Funky Blues

Andy Irvine, Soul Clap

Andy Just, Smokin' Tracks Live at Muddy Waters

Andy Kimbel, Blues and Other Moods

Andy Layfield, Change My Hat

Andy Lesters Bluetrain, Weatherman

Andy Lindquist, Voodoo-a-Do-Do

Andy Parker and the Internationales, Lala La Na-Na (feat. Julie Chauffier)

Andy Parker and the Internationales, Moment in Time

Andy Robbins, Proceed With Caution

Andy Rodrigues, Andy Rodrigues

Andy Small, 24 Hour Closing

Andy Squint, Down By the River

Andy Squint, Goin` to the Racetrack

Andy Swindell, Living in the Baby Boom

Andy Twyman, Blues You Haven't Heard Before

Andy Westcott, Footprints

Angel Annie, Love Is Forgiveness

Angel Blue and the Prophets Band, Bottom Of The Bottle Blues

Angel Heimerl, Just Like Bonnie & Clyde

Angel Rissoff & Cracked Ice, A Lover Like You (feat. Susan D)

Angel Rissoff & The Jr. Mintz Blues Machine, Christmas Kisses (For My Baby)

Angel Rissoff, Nu Soul Stories

Angel Rissoff, Soothe You

Angel Sent, Sugar Daddy

Angelina, My Gift To You

Angie Kay, Honky Tonk Rock N Roll

Angus Barclay & Gary Boyle, We Can Do the Work of One

Anitra Jay, Crown & Glory

Ann Armstrong, Lucky Charm

Ann Kelly, Petals and Thorns

Ann Kelly, Promises

Ann M. Wolf, Nothin' but the Blues Without You

Ann Parenti, Man Huntin' Blues

Ann Rabson, In a Family Way

Anna & the Diggs, River Girl

Anna Givens, Mixed Nuts (feat. Johnny O'Neal)

Anna Gutmanis, Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes

Anna Gutmanis, Lately It's Cold

Anna Montgomery, Lyin` In The Face of Love

Anna Troy, Ain`t No Man

Anna Warr & Giant Blue, Anna Warr & Giant Blue Live in Scottsdale

Anne DeBrie, Take Me Home

Anne DeMille, The Last Hoorah!

Anne McCue, Blue Sky Thinkin'

Anne McCue, Things You Left Out in the Rain

Anne Weiss, Where Folk Gets the Blues

Annette Hollander, When I Get the Blues

Annette Homann, Heimatgefühle

Annette Sendak, Annie & Les Deux Rons

Annette Sendak, First Light

Anni Piper, Chasin' Tail

Anni Piper, Jailbait

Anni Piper, Texas Hold `Em

Annie Mack, Fool to Believe

Annie O'Dee and the Hot Shots, Little Trouble Maker

Annie Siegal, Back In Blue

Annika Chambers & the Houston All-Stars, Making My Mark

Anodyne Blues Band, It Just Ain`t Right

Another Kind of Magick, Wakin' Up to the Blues

Anouschka, My Kind of Heartbreak

ANR, Back to School

Anson Funderburgh, Zac Harmon & Gentleman John Street, Going to Bluesville

Anthony "Swamp Dog" Clark & The Blues All-Star, Raw

Anthony Geraci, Serendipity

Anthony Hugh, Silent Night

Anthony Keys, Truth About Love

Anthony Lovano & The L.A. Project, Inspirations

Anthony Lowery, Thats Alright Mama

Anthony Paule, Big Guitar

Anthony Paule, Hiding In Plain Sight

Anthony Pirro, Anthony Pirro

Anthony Shinault & Keynote, Taken Care of Bizzness

Antics, We`re Just Bad Boys

Antonio Molina, Nebula

Antonio Ray Gomez, Blues-Town

Antonio Rosales, Sacrifice To Survival

Antony Reynaert, Spirits in Revolution

Anuj Rana, Pure Imagination: Prelude

Anya Rose, Have You Seen My Hat?

Anyhow Blues Revival, Songs of Narration, Dedication & Imagination

Appleby Reinhardt Mahfoud, Echoes in Time

April aka Mz Pantheress, Xmas With MzPantheress

April Spencer, Christmas in April

ARay Maddy, ARay

Arch Hooks, Back Seat Oracle

Archer, Superlative

Archie Shepp & Jimmy Sizzle, Money Blues

Ari Borger & Igor Prado, Lowdown Boogie

Ari Gold, Ari Gold, Space Under Sun 783707825526

Aria Morgan, Lonely Place

Ariel Bavly, Ariel Bavly

Arielle Verinis, Chess Ep, Vol. 1

Arielle Verinis, The Most Wonderful Time...

Arion Babybell, Hamburger French Fry (Kinda Guy )

Arion Babybell, Severe Thunderstorm

Arlen Tackett, Same Way

Arman Srsa, Underneath the Sun

Armand St. Martin, Last Time in Texas

Arnesen Blues Band, Arnesen Blues Band Live

Arnoux Desir, Only for You

Around Midnight, Around Midnight

Art Bernstein and Chuck D`Aloia (ABCD), Christmas Time Is Gears Partial Album

Art Bernstein, Luna`s Lunch A Two Drum Set Solo

Art Elle Quartet, Half of Infinity

Art Foxall, Blue Fox

Art James Wilson, City Project

Art James Wilson, The Company I Keep

Art of Blues, Steve Arvey & Bill Buchman, Art of Blues

Arte Tedesco, Florida Dream

Artese N Toad with the Radio Pharaohs, Meet the Pharaohs

Arthur Adams, Feet Back in the Door

Arthur James, Me, Myself & I

Arthur Migliazza, Laying It Down

Arthur Migliazza, Pumping Ivories

Arthur Moore, Blues Harp Legacy #1

Arthur Samuel Barker, Somewhere Under the Radar

Arthur Walton, Shades of Blue

Artie Tobia, Five O`clock Shadow ~ Still in The Way

Arum Rae, Arum Rae

Aruspika, At Last

Aruspika, Non Sono Io

AS Mcqueen, Arizona

Asa Welle, Dirocie Was Her Name - Single

Asaf Finkel, The Pass

Ashford Gordon, Nothin` But Trouble

Ashley Marsé, A Gift for You

Ashley Sankey, Into You

Ashley Sankey, Man of My Dreams

Askimbo, A Stranger in the Alps

Ass Pocket of Whiskey, Based On A True Story

Atomic Road Kings, Ark - EP

Atta Girl, Ants of the Desert

Atticus Stovall, My Soul

Aubrey "Bluesdog" Dunham, Now I Am Singing The Blues

Aubrey Chuck Wallace, Mean to Me

Aubrey Grant, Thinkin Bout You

Audergang, Blues for the Blues

AudioAvi8r, Deep Downtown

Audiomasher, Mutations

August Heat, Closer

Aunt Kizzy`z Boyz, It`s Tight Like That

Aunt Kizzy`z Boyz, trunk full of bluez

Austin Breeze, Tunes From the Hill Country

Austin Kolb, The Simple Things

Austin Ray, Three More Songs

Austin Staley, Burning

Automatics, The Jukebox of Human Sorrow

AV8, Working Man

Ava DuPree, Blues for Sistah Dupree

Average Joe, Ray of Sunshine

Avery Sommers, You`re Gonna Hear From Me

Avril Smith, Do You Love Me (Demo)

Awesome Distraction, Stuck in the Rain

Ayanday, Hey Mama

Ayanna Hobson, `Looking For A Home Too`

Aye, Atmoscene

Aylius, Crashland On My Face

Aylius, Street Songs

Aza Fattah and Mohamed, Tayuga

Azul De Noche, Alistando El Viaje

Azul de Noche, Azul de Noche

光山虎夫, ひとり歩く

B and the Buzz, B and the Buzz

B and the Buzz, Live from the Vineyard

B for Humanity, Para Cuatro

B J Andersen & Brad Karow, Obama Cowabunga Boogie White House Blues

B Street Blues, B Street Blues Live


B-Team Blues Band, Bungalowlita

B-Team Blues Band, Cadillac Cruise

B-Team Blues Band, Tales of Lust and Consumption

B-Town House Band, Chicago Blues

B. Goodwin, Blue Christmas

B. Lawrence Keys, Follow The Money

B. T. Mullin, When I Get Over You

B.Alvarson, That's Me

B.B. Dogg, One Blue Shoe

B.C. Read, 1,000 Miles

B.C. Read, Bowl of Sugar

B.C. Read, My Tunes

B.D. Eyz, Somewhere in the Middle

B.Doddy, Get Dat

B.J. Allen and Blue Voodoo, Heartless

B.T. Richardson, Don`t Sing No Blues For Me

B4U, Dusty Corners

BA Cohen & Billy O'Con, Happiness Is Like a Stick of Dynamite

BabaJack, Rooster

Babajack, The Maker

Back Alley Blues Band, Boxcar Tourists

Back Pack Jones, Betsy's Kitchen

Back Pocket, Kreugsmith

Back Porch Blues Band, One More Before You Go

Backbeat Drivers, The Emperor`s New Blues

Backbeat Drivers, True Blues Confession

Backing Tracks, Minus Drum: Blues in the Pocket, Vol. 1 & 2

Backsight, Back to the Wild

Backslide Cats, Only Good For The Blues

Backward Collective, Bedlam and Then Some

Bad Bob Bates, Bridge Street

Bad Boyz Boogie, Bad Boyz Boogie

Bad Boyz Boogie, Bad Boyz Boogie & Friends

Bad Brad & the Fat Cats, Take a Walk With Me

Bad Brad, I'll Come Back

Bad Dog No Biscuit, ...Feels So Right

Bad Influence, Tastes Like Chicken

Bad Influence, Under the Influence

Baggerz, Paper or Plastic?

Baja Blues Band, By the River

Baja Blues Boys, Gone Away, Someday

Bake West, Man for Every Old Day

Baker-McClaren Band, Live At The Tap Room

Bald Bros Blues Band, Double Header

Bald Chicken Brown, Corn Sqeezen

Bald Chicken Brown, Scissor Man (Aka Mail Bag Blues)

Bald Chicken Brown, Stray Dog

Bamdad Khoshghadami, Dareneh Jan

Band of Bones, Band of Bones

Band of Brothers, Taking It Slow

Band of Clay, Getting Out of Here

Band of Oz, Let It Roll

Band of Oz, Over the Rainbow

Bane Shaman, Acustic Christmas

Baptist & the Rebels, I Got a Tear

Bar Fly Blues Band, Alcohall of Fame

Barb and Salo, Barb and Salo

Barb And Salo, BS In Fresno

Barb and Salo, Bullet Bra Betty - Single

Barb Maxey, Face to Face

Barb Maxey, Zamar

barb mitchell, low down blues

Barbara Anderson, Believe

Barbara Blue, Out Of The Blue

Barbara Blue, Royal Blue

Barbara Blue, Sell My Jewelry

Barbara Chamberlin, Of Ice and Men

Barbara Dennerlein, Barbara Dennerlein Plays Classics

Barbara Dennerlein, Solo

Barbara Ford, Blue Earth

Barbara Healy & Her Groove Too Band, Shades of Blues

Barbara Healy, Mama Told Me Not to Look

Barbara Healy/ Tim Danforth, Lullabies For A Troubled Planet

Barbara Lea, Our Love Rolls On

Barbara Martin and Mac Walter, Touch the Sky

Barbara Martin, A Different View

Barbara Morrison, Live at the 9:20 Special

Barbara Parker & The New Patio Players, Emergence

Barbarian Conversion, Searching for the Center

Barbeque Bob Maglinte, Barbeque Bob Maglinte & the Rhythm Aces (Live At the Waterfront)

Bare Wires, Sanctuary Highway

Bare Wires, Won`t Be Lookin` Back

Barebones, 35 Orange

Barebones, Funhouse

Barrelhouse Bob Page, Smokin` 88s

Barrelhouse Bonni, Barbershop Blues

Barrelhouse Chuck & Kim Wilson's Blues All-Stars, Driftin' from Town to Town

Barrelhouse Chuck and The All-Star Blues Band Featuring Kim Wils, Got My Eyes On You

Barrelhouse Chuck, 25 Years Of Chicago Blues Piano Vol. 1

Barrelhouse Chuck, 25 Years Of chicago Blues Piano Vol.2 Instrumentals

Barrelhouse Chuck, 25 Years of Chicago Blues Piano, Vol. 3

Barrelhouse Chuck, 35 Years of Chicago Blues Piano Vol. 1

Barrelhouse Chuck, Detroit Junior, Erwin Helfer, Pinetop Perkins, 8 Hands on 88 Keys Chicago Blues Piano Masters

Barrelhouse Chuck, Prescription for the Blues

Barrelhouse Chuck, Salute To SunnylandSlim

Barrelhouse Chuck, Slowdown Sundown

Barrelhouse, Feels Like Home

Barrett Anderson, The Long Fall

Barrett Holmes and the Pseudonyms, Got My Mobile Working

Barrie Glover and Courtney Scaife, Murdered in Little Rock

Barry "the fish" Melton & Rich Hopkins, Duel in the Desert

Barry Brown, Roots & Wings

Barry Charles & Haggis Maguiness, A Cordial Collision

Barry Charles, Barry Charles & the Deeper Beat (Live @ Solbar)

Barry Charles, Self Induced Cause

Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band, Live At the Hummingbird!

Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band, Mr. Slim... He's a Dude

Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band, Mr. Slim...He's A Dude

Barry Harvey Music Texts, Barry`s Gift To Jazz And Blues

Barry John Connolly, Never Thought It Would Be Like This

Barry Mack, Pray to the Father, Pray to the Son

Barry Mc Cabe, Absolutely Live Vol. 1 (European Import)

Barry Mc Cabe, Absolutely Live Vol. 2 (European Import)

Barry Mc Cabe, Beyond The Tears (European Import)

Barry Mc Cabe, The Peace Within (European Import)

Barry Ray Heflick, Please Don't Let it End

Bart Bryant, Bart

Bart Bryant, Commander~ Bryant

Bart Bryant, Feel Thing

Bart Vogel, All Right

Baryonyx, Lucky Stars

Bash Artists, Blind

Basil Kagan and the BluesCasters, The Granite Hills of East County

BAT, Down Under Sky

Baté Atabong, Let's Talk About Love

Bayat Pour, Land's Breath

Bayou Butch, Come On Over

Bayou Roux, Pass The Rice

Baza, Good Time Blues

BB Chung King and The Buddaheads, Go For Broke

BB Lyngs Blues Band, Blues På Blå Resept

BB Queen, I Can Play Da Blues

Bc and Lea, BC and Lea Live at Godfrey Daniels

BC and The Blues Crew, Creole Etouffee

BC and The Blues Crew, Unfinished Business

BD Mylo And The Go Daddys, I Can`t Lose

BDL, The Reason

Be Be, Everybody Must Get Medicated (Sunny Day Men #4 & 20)

Beacon Music Ministry, Beacon

Bear Claw Bob, Parking Lot Afternoon

Beau Hall, Unh!

Beau Shelby, All My Talking

Beaus of Holly, Bodacious Holidays

Beautiful Bobby Blackmon, I'm Dialin 911

Beautiful Bobby Blackmon, Travelin' Home

Beautifully Mad, Beautifully Mad Live @ the Basement

Bebatron, City Lights

Beboppinblue, Jump in Go

Beboppinblue, Keep Movin

Beboppinblue, Plutonium Butterfly

Beboppinblue, Tengo Nada

Beck Black, American Mister

Becky Barksdale, Christmas Time Is Here

Becky Barksdale, Close to You

Becky Barksdale, Easy

Becky Barksdale, Limited Edition - EP

Becky Barksdale, New Year's Resolution Blues

Becky Barksdale, Out of the Blue

Becky Barksdale, Real Live

Becky Barksdale, Rollin' and Tumblin' (Single Version)

Becky Barksdale, Under My Tree

Becky Boyd & Tim Matson, Becky Boyd &Tim Matson

Beezythabandit, Lift-Off: Streetmix, Vol.2 (Off Tha Block Records Presents)

Bellevue Cadillac, Black And White

bellevue cadillac, take out ,out takes (live at chan`s)

Bells of December, Too Civilised

Ben Asaykwee, 38:14 On the Keys

Ben B. Beckendorf, Blues Cafe

Ben B. Beckendorf, Light In My Darkest Hour

Ben B. Beckendorf, VooDoo Moon

Ben Carroll, Lover Undercover

Ben Catley, Move Fast

Ben Coulter, Cuzz IV - They Call me an Outlaw - Single

Ben Coulter, I'm a Razorback Fan

Ben Daniels Band, Comin' From The C

Ben Farrant, Outlawed Music, Pt. One

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, Take Yo Time

Ben Jansson Trio, Your Soul (feat. Randy Napoleon)

Ben Knight, Breaking the Keys

Ben Powell, New World Blues

Ben Powell, Rise Up Singing

Ben Rice & Lucy Hammond, Destination Clarksdale

Ben Rice, Pour Me Some Whiskey

Ben Rogers, Live From Cedar Studio

Ben Siems, Sun's Gonna Shine

Ben Small, Passing Through

Ben Sures, Son of Trouble

Ben Wasson, Sweet Rockabilly Blues

Ben Weaver, Living In The Ground

Ben Weaver, Stories Under Nails

Ben Wilcock and the Jelly Rolls, Sneaky Weasel

Ben Wiley Payton, Diggin` Up Old Country Blues

BeniKings, Beni Bluze

Benj Heard, Whatever Doesn't Kill Me (Better Run)

Benjamin Akira Tallamy, The Teignmouth Electron

Bennett Harris, Ragged and Dirty

Benny Coricidin, Three Headed Dog

Benny Ferander, Layin' Down the Line

Benny Turner, Blue and not so Blue

Benny Turner, Tore Down (feat. Otis Clay & Marva Wright)

Benson, Darker Nights

Bernadette Munn, Love Mutual


Bernard Purdie, Gene McCormick & Jack Hoban, Jersey Blue

Bernie Bremond, Lost and Found

Bernie D. Metz, Songs of Life and Love

Bernie Fawcett, Back To The Start

Bernie Pla, I'm Going to be a Master of Disguise

Bert Deivert, Kid Man Blues

Bert Smith, solo, but, never alone

Bert Wills, Mr. Politician

Bert Wills, Pavones Sunset

Bert Wills, Special Session

Bert Wills, Tell Me Why

Bertha Payne, It's the Blues in Me

Best & Blues Power, The Walkin' Man

Best of South FL. Blues Bands, Showcasing The Blues - Vol. 1

Bet Williams, Live At The Point

Beth King and the Hemingway Collective, Powerfully, Silently

Beth Trepagnier, A Sin Coming On

Beth Ullman, We've Got Tonight

Bethany Joy Johnson, Games

Bethany Larson, Sticks and Stones

Betsy Olson, Lonely Woman Blues

Bett Butler, Short Stories

Better Off Dead, Girls, Guns and Money

Better Off With the Blues, Mean Old World

Better'N Soup, Must Be Reno

Better'N Soup, Set Me Right

Better'N Soup, Tales From the Soup

Bettie Mae Fikes, How Blue Can You Get?

Betty In Black, Bisquit Bones

Betty Johnson, Say It Ain't So, Joe

Betty Padgett, I Didn't Take Your Man(You Gave Him to Me)

Betty Padgett, That Down South Kinda Blues

Betty Pride, Cold Hearted Woman

Betty Semper & The Surfing Zebras, Get Me Some Soul

Betty Semper & The Surfing Zebras, Let It Show

Betty Semper & The Surfing Zebras, Veil of Life

Between Worlds, My Captain (Demo)

Bev Zizzy, Bev Zizzy

Bev Zizzy, If My Life Were a Song

Bev Zizzy, Woman in Black

Beverley Skeete, 'Woman Got Soul'

Beverley Skeete, Good Times

Beverly Guitar Watkins, Back In Business

Beverly Bremers, Been There, Done That - Prime Cuts

Beverly Lewis, All Shades of Blues

Bexley, Fall Away Up

Bey Paule Band, Not Goin' Away

Beyond Blue, Bring it Home

BeyondBlue, The Wanderer

Beytoevn, Jasmine

Bharath and his Rhythm Four, Friday Night Fatty featuring Junior Watson

Biber, Point of No Return

Biff Gore, How Priceless

Biff Scarborough, Biff Scarborough Live on the Promenade

Biff Scarborough, Lingering Showers

Biff Scarborough, Six Figure Blues (Live)

Big Bones, So Low

Big $tack, Work Dat Back

Big Al & the Heavyweights, Hey Hey Mardi Gras

Big Al and the Heavyweights, Late Night Gumbo Party

Big Al and the Heavyweights, Live Crawfish

Big Al and the Heavyweights, Nothin` But Good Lovin`

Big Al and the Heavyweights, That Ain`t Nice

Big Al, Soul Blue

Big Apple Blues, Brooklyn Blues

Big Apple Blues, Energy

Big B and the Magic Bullets, 11 Shots

Big Bill Morganfield, Blues With a Mood

Big Boss Blues, Melting Pot

Big Boy Henry (and Friends), Carolina Blues Jam

Big Boy Little Band, Live from the XM Satellite

Big Brass Bed, Big Tent

Big City Breakout, The Cost of Living

Big Clayton, Boogie Woogie Man

Big D and the Good News Blues, Big Time

Big D and the Good News Blues, Live @ the Lighthouse Official Bootleg

Big Daddy & Authorized Personnel, Are You Ready

Big Daddy 'O', Used Blues

Big Daddy and Red Hot Java, Firebrewed

Big Daddy and Red Hot Java, The 24th Hour

Big Daddy and The Accelerators, Storm Brewin Outside

Big Daddy and the Blue Notes, Blue and White

Big Daddy Blanchard, For Every One of Ya'll

Big Daddy Blues, Big Daddy Blues

Big Daddy D and the Dynamites, Down, Boy!

Big Daddy D and the Dynamites, Love Jones

Big Daddy D and the Dynamites, That`s `D` Blues

Big Daddy `O`, Deranged Covers

Big Daddy `O`, That`s How Strong My Love Is

Big Dang Theory, Big Dang Theory

Big Dani Perez R&B Band, Honkin' Fever

Big Ernie Thomas, A Man, His Voice, His Horn

Big Frank and the Healers, Sparky's Lounge

Big G, Last Pay Check

Big G, Last Pay Check (The Comeback)

Big G, Nothin but a Party, Vol. II

Big G, Special Delivery

Big G, Yellow Ribbon

Big George Brock, Club Caravan

Big George Brock, Round Two

Big Gilson, Bring It Back Home

Big Gilson, Cab Driver Blues

Big Gilson, Live At The Bamboo Room - Florida

Big Gilson, Live At The Blue Note - New York

Big Gilson, Live in Texas

Big Gilson, Puro Feeling

Big Hands Colvin Band, Rainy Days

Big Hands Colvin, It's Ok I'm With the Band

Big Hands Colvin, Overnight Low

Big Harmonica Bob, Home Brewed Blues

Big Harmonica Bob, Straight from the Harp

Big Harp George, Chromaticism

Big Hollers, Burn Your Bridges

Big House Blues Band, Live! No Room To Move

Big House Blues Band, We Knew Them When...

Big House Blues Band, We Knew Them When...

Big Jack Johnson With the Cornlickers, Katrina

Big Jake Daddy, Make Your Peace

Big James, Now You Know

Big Jay Cummings, Can We Ever Go Home Again

Big Jay McNeely, Martijn Schok & Rinus Groeneveld, Party Time, Vol. 2

Big Jay McNeely, Party Time

Big Jay McNeely, You Don't Have to Go Home, (But You Can't Stay Here)

Big Jim & The Twins, The Deck Is Stacked

Big Joe Bone, Blues Grass Kicks Ass

Big Joe Shelton, I'd Never Let Her Down

Big Larry and the Gangsta Blues Band, American Gangsta Blues Halloween Songs

Big Llou Johnson, They Call Me Big Llou

Big Man Clayton, Barrelhouse Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano

Big Man, Ain't Easy Bein' a Man

Big Mike and The Booty Papas, Keep your hand out my pocket

Big Mike and the Booty Papas, Risky Bid'ness

Big Mike and The Booty Papas, The Best of Big Mike and The Booty papas

Big Mo, Full Circle

Big Mo, Torn

Big Mouth & The Power Tool Horns, Satisfied

Big Mouth & The Power Tool Horns, What It Is (Live @ Jimmy Seas)

Big Mouth, Blow My Top (feat. The Power Tool Horns)

Big Papa and the T.C.B., Dance with the Devil

Big Pete Pearson & The Gamblers, Choose

Big Pete Pearson, The Screamer

Big Poppa Stampley, Universal Bluesman - EP

Big Ran Feuers, Bear Creek Blues

Big Ray & Chicago's Most Wanted, Travellin' Lite

Big Red and the Soul Benders, Under the Delta Moon

Big Rolling Wheel, Big Rolling Wheel

Big Rude Jake, Blue Pariah

Big Rude Jake, Butane Fumes and Bad Cologne

Big Rude Jake, Christmas Bootleg - Live at Lee's Palace 1994

Big Rude Jake, Live Faust, Die Jung

Big Rude Jake, Quicksand

Big Shanty, Collection (Two Disc Set)

Big Shanty, Ride With the Wind

Big Shanty, Sold Out

Big Shoes, Shoes' Blues

Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders, Roundhouse Blues

Big Skin, Moon Over Tuesday

Big Skin, Sandancer

Big Swiss, Big Swiss

Big Walter Clemons, Walters Boogie Stomp

Big Wes and The True Blues Band, Gail-Marie and Big Wes, Ike and Big W, Sunrize Moonrize Sampler 2007

Big Wes, Back in the Alley

Big Will & the Bluesmen, Hard Times (feat. Peter Struijk)

Big Willy, Out For Trouble

Big Woody, Goin` Home

Bigfoot Joe, Bare Bones

Bigg Hamp, Can't Let Go

Bigg Robb, The Bigg Woman Cd

BigJerry, I Got The Blues For You

BigMoandThe Full Moon Band, Mo Love

Biker Joe Warren, Biker Joe Warren...Rides Again

Bill Abel, One Man Band

Bill Ande, Start of the Blues

Bill Armstrong, Different Hues (Living Room Sessions)

Bill Armstrong, Slippery Shoes

Bill Armstrong, Wayfarin' Stranger

Bill Arnold, Blusica In Retro II

Bill Bergin, Camel Land

Bill Blue, Mojolation

Bill C Ireton, Credit Card Blues

Bill Campton, Firebug

Bill Coday and Karen Wolfe, Christmas With Bill Coday and Karen Wolfe

Bill Coday, Jump Start

Bill Coday, The Best Years

Bill Colgate, when dinosaurs ruled the earth

Bill Davis, Another New Year of the Blues

Bill Deiz, Rock Steady

Bill E Shaw, Double Monkey Time

Bill Earl, Rockin' the Blues

Bill Edwards, That's What I'm Talkin About

Bill Elliott, Building the Wire

Bill Farrow, Under the Influence!

Bill Flood, Mama Drama and The Blues

Bill Flood, Trust Somebody

Bill Frandino, Monticello Blue

Bill Helferich & Keni Lee Burgess, Long Row to Hoe

Bill Helferich, Bluer Than You

Bill Hooper, Copy Cat

Bill Hooper, How We Play Together

Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry, The Way of Blues

Bill Kurzenberger, Solitary Road

Bill Liggett & Ruddy Nickel, North On 51

Bill Lupkin, The Bill Lupkin Blues Band Live, Vol. I

Bill MacKechnie, Hum, Hiss, Crackle and Pop: the Early Demos of Bill Mackechnie

Bill McLees, If I Lose Your Love

Bill Noteman and the Rockets, Cream of the Crop

Bill Price, The Circus & The Gallows

Bill Rhoades and the Party Kings, Voodoo Lovin`

Bill Rich, Can U Pheel it

Bill Schaeffer, I Want to Know

Bill Scholer, Haunted Highway

Bill Sheffield, 1 Cent Candy`

Bill Sheffield, Hearing Things

Bill Sibley, Ain't Your Kinda Man

Bill Spann, Bill Spann and Friends

Bill Stevenson, For The Record

Bill Toms and Hard Rain, Deep in the Shadows

Bill Ward, Trying to Get Out Alive

Bill Zerbe, Bluesin' Again

Billie Joyce, Love Tone

Billy "Harp" Hamilton and the Lowriders, Campesino Blues

Billy Barnett Band, dysfunctional family

Billy Blue, Blue Roots

Billy Blue, Blues in My Room

Billy Bruso, Is Everybody Happy?

Billy Chapman, Sweet Nothings

Billy Crawford Band, Memphis City Limits

Billy Dunn Bluesway, My Feet Is Achin`

Billy Dunn, Lottery

Billy Dunn, Swang Thang

Billy Flynn, Billy`s Blues

Billy Flynn, Blues Drive, Vol. 1

Billy Flynn, Blues Drive, Vol. 2

Billy Flynn, Chicago Blues Mandolin

Billy G and the Blue Zone, No Time For The Blues

Billy George & Mo'lightnin', Comin' Down With the Blues

Billy Goodman, Blues

Billy Goodman, Walk the Street Alone

Billy Green, Loanesome Road

Billy Green, Waiting For You

Billy Hanks Band, Peace of Mind

Billy Hector, Hard to Please

Billy Hector, Mixed Bag, Vol. 1

Billy J Bryan & the Ax Grinders, Enthralled

Billy Joe Howard, Rich Man's Dream

Billy Jones Bluez, I'm a Bluesman

Billy Jones, Prime Suspect for the Blues

Billy King, Life Ain't Easy

Billy King, Mean Woman Blues

Billy Nunn, Nunn@one Special Edition

Billy Peek, Can A White Boy Play The Blues?!

Billy Peek, The Answer

Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band, Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band Live

Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band, Free at Last

Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band, Is It Over/They Found Me Guilty

Billy Price, Can I Change My Mind

Billy Price, Danger Zone

Billy Price, East End Avenue

Billy Price, Sworn Testimony: The Billy Price Band Live

Billy Price, The Soul Collection

Billy Ray Hatley and the Showdogs, More Years Than I Got

Billy Roberts, Full Moon Callin'

Billy Sheets, Please Tell Me Why

Billy the Kid, She Got a Hold On Me

Billy Thompson, A Better Man

Billy Thompson, Area 51

Billy Thompson, Tangerine Sky

Billy Tojo Carter, Its Rhythm and Blues Time

Billy Williams, Down That Road Again

Billyblues, Third Shot

Billyphone, Too Pretty to Cry

Bimini Rd., And Then Some

Bing Futch, Unresolved Blues

Bird Dog Bobby, Woof

Bird Mancini, Bird Mancini

Bird Mancini, Year of Change

Birdlegg and the Tight Fit Blues Band, Meet Me on the Corner

birkbeck kelliher and delk, two

Bishop Baby Ray and the Loose Gravel Band, Love and Confusion

Bitz and Bobz, St. James' Infirmary

BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton, II

Bj Estares & Route 61, Easy Street

BJ Estares & Route 61, Full Time Student of the Blues

Bjørn Skjetneli, Alt har si tid

bjbleu, American Salvation

Bk T-Dub, New Skool Floozie

Black & White Group, Zebra Logic

Black and blue, at home...

Black Bears, Black Bears - EP

Black Cat Bone Blues Band, Blues italiano

Black Cat Bone Blues Band, Too Blues to Succeed

Black Cat Bone featuring Paul Deslauriers, Bone-ified

Black Cat Bone Featuring Paul Deslauriers, What a Way to Make a Living

Black Cat Bone, Drinkin' Alone

Black Cat Symphony, The Quiet Interim

Black Cherry, A Tree for Christmas

Black Crown, Sea of Cloud

Black Paintings, Milk and Honey

Black River Bluesman and the Cockroach Combo, Ants in my Kitchen

Black Shep, Live Your Dream

Black Shep, Ram It

Blackhawk Blues Band, Indian Casino

Blackrose, Hey Little Darlin

Blacktop Deluxe, Super Sessions: Live At Cligga

Blacktop Deluxe, Turn Up, Be Nice, Play Hard

Blackwater Mojo, Cold Holler

Blaire Reinhard Band, Don't Pass Me By

Blake Daymond, One Take Sessions

Blake Mackey, Hermetic Tradition VOL. 1

Blake Weibert, From the Hood to the Woods

Blakester, It`s About Time

Blanc Canvas, Blanc Canvas

Blassticks Brass Band, auf und ara goaß noch

Bleeding Harp, Gotta Have

Bleeding Harp, I Can't Get Next to You

Blew Munday, Ride On

Blind Dan Smullyan, Volume 1: A Shadow on the Wind

Blind Fret, 20 Past & Future

Blind Fret, Feel n' Hear

Blind Fret, Free from Your Spell

Blind John Davis, Sunnyland Slim, Willie Mabon, Jimmy Walker, an, Heavy Timbre Chicago Boogie Piano

Blind Lemon Pledge, Evangeline

Blind Lemon Pledge, I Would Rather Go Blind

Blind to Reason, The Road Home

Blodwyn Pig, Pigthology

Bloodbird Harrington, Stained Glass Memories

Bloodshot Eyes, Night Walk Boogie

Blud Bros, Not What You Think

Blue Acid Grass Band & Kevin Vilen, Nothing

Blue Baby and Hired Guns, Angels With No Faces

Blue Baron, Broken Radio

Blue Bergeron, That's Not My Style - Single

Blue Box Set, Blue Box Set

Blue Cat Alley, Every Day: Originals Collection 1

Blue Collar Way, Night Shift

Blue Coraline, A Different Kind of Hell - EP

Blue Cotton, Nublooze

Blue Diablo, Metropolis

Blue Dice, Let It Shine

Blue Dice, One Way Street

Blue Dice, Why Now

Blue Embrace, Feel the Blues (Live)

Blue Fox, Dream

Blue Gators, Amazing Blue

Blue Hawk, Blue Hawk

Blue Hawk, Electricity

Blue Hawk, Lonesome House

Blue Hawk, Mister Boogie Man

Blue Hawk, Two Face

Blue Healin`, Bark and Roll

Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns, At the Pit (Live)

Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns, Shake Your Butt

Blue Island Trio, Beachglass

Blue Jay Slim & the Tone Blasters, Leaving the Cold Behind

Blue Jay Slim, They Call Me The Boogie Man

Blue Largo, Still In Love With You

Blue Lotus, A Thousand Other Things

Blue Love Monkey, A Crooked Mile

Blue Merlot, Blue Merlot

Blue Note Shuffle, The Way Home

Blue on Black, In Transit

Blue on Black, Suckin Out Venom

Blue On Green, Love That You Want

Blue Onion Band, Live At The Garden (CD)

Blue Planet, Out of the Blue

Blue Plate Special ©, No Place To Fade

blue radio, Blue Radio

Blue Room, Blue Room

Blue Room, Everything But The Blues

Blue Room, Great to Be Alive

Blue Room, Into the Night

Blue Rose, Detroit Boogie

Blue Rose, Rock Me Low

Blue Shoe Sole Revue, I Want A German Woman

BLUE SIERRA feat Tim Gaze, Rob Grosser and Damian Kennedy, Blue Sierra

Blue Steel 44, Drugstore Messiahs

Blue Steel 44, The Horn Sessions

Blue Stew, Destination: The Blues

Blue Stew, Headed South

Blue Stew, Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones

Blue Sun, Rise Up

Blue Swamp, Live At the Grand

Blue Tantrum, Blue Tantrum

Blue Taxi, Step Aside !

Blue Thump, Blue Thump

Blue Toothpick, Pickin' the Blues

Blue Velvet Highway, Blue Velvet HIghway

Blue Velvo, Blue Velvo

Blue Voodoo, Hot Wire (My Heart)

Blue Voodoo, The Storm

Bluebirds, Laughing Boy

Blueblood, Only Time Will Tell

Bluebone, Devil Keep Chewin`

Bluebone, Live @ Cape May

Bluebone, Radio

Bluebonnets, Play Loud

Bluedog, A Little White Lie

Bluedog, From All Directions

Bluedog, Just Living the Blues - EP

Bluefrog and His Band, Soulful of Blues

Bluephonic, Don`t Let The Door Hit Ya`

Blues Alliance, Two Things for Sure

Blues Attitude, Paintin` the Blues with a PHAT Brush

Blues Attitude, Show Time Groove

Blues Balls, 3

Blues Boy Bo, Beautiful

Blues Boy Willie, Back Porch Blues (feat. Johnny Reverb)

Blues Boy Willie, Can't Deny the Blues

Blues Buddha & Wendy May, Light the World On Fire

Blues Buddha, A Sides

Blues Buddha, Buddha's Real Deal Band

Blues Buddha, She Gets Dangerous

Blues Bug, And the Silent Partner

Blues Buster, BluesBusters Memorial 2008

Blues By Two, Room With A View

Blues Chaser, I'm Free

Blues Chaser, Swimming in Circles

Blues Chaser, The Harder the Fall

Blues Co-Op featuring John Jaworowitcz, Muddy Water Fever

Blues County Sheriff, New Sheriff in Town

Blues De La Escuela De Música, Estilos De Blues Acompañamiento

Blues Delight, Open All Night

Blues Dog, We Play Moore

Blues Element, Halfway Home

Blues Evolution, BE

Blues Feline, Leave On Them Pumps

Blues Fever, Made in Chicago

Blues Galaxy, Spiral

Blues Is Truth, Live In London

Blues Jammer, Blues Backing (Jam Tracks Song Series)

Blues Jammer, Blues Backing Tracks

Blues Jammer, Blues Backing Tracks, Vol. 2: Real Band

Blues Jammer, Full Band Blues Loops (Real Instruments) [Live]

Blues Jammer, Live Blues Jam Tracks

Blues Jammer, Real Band (Blues Backing Tracks)

Blues Jordan, Guitar Blues

Blues Juice, Drippin' Water

Blues Man Revival, I Can't Turn You Loose

Blues Martin, Talk With Birthe

Blues Planet Project, It Is What It Is

Blues Plate Special, Back For Seconds

Blues Plate Special, Basic Ingredients

Blues Plate Special, Hot `n Tasty

Blues Point, At a Crossroads

Blues Prophets, Keep On Jukin'

Blues Religion, Bad Side

Blues Remedy, Front Porch Blues

Blues Rush, Bring it on!

Blues Society of Central Pa -A Blues Compilation, In Our Backyard

Blues Spice, Get That Spice!

Blues Union, The Man

Bluesball, Bluesball

Bluesbox, Boxing Day

Bluesdusters, Bluesdusters

Bluesguy Schwartz & the New Jack Hippies, Blueswriter v.6.0

BluesHammer, Set One

Blueskillet, Cure These Blues

Bluesland, Down in New Orleans

Bluesman Tom Malafarina, Bluesman Tom And Friends

Bluesman Willie and Da Boys, The Sexy Butt Raggdy Blues

Bluesman, E. Z. STREET.....Goin` Down To Memphis

BluesMix, London Nights

BluesPower, Spare Parts

bluespower, wall of thunder

BluesPower, Who Says We Ain`t Blues

BluesRoot, Live. Real. In the moment.

Bluestate, Duracool

BluesTrain, Rock The Blues

Bluesville Station, Castlemaine Sessions

Bluesville Station, Rolling Stock

Bluesville Station, Snakebit 'n' Boogie

Bluesville Station, The Essential Collection, Vol. 1

Bluetown, Bluetown

Bluezanne, Django By Bluezanne

Bluezanne, Look Closer

Bluford Birdsong, Eleven More

Blurok, The Legacy Set

Blute & Kent Parkstreet, Blues, Not Art

Bo & the Bluesdrivers, Bo & the Bluesdrivers

Bo Dollis Jr & The Wild Magnolias, New Kind of Funk

Bo Grant, Crossroads

Bo Ramsey, In The Weeds

bo ramsey, stranger blues

Bo Roberts, Bo Roberts and The Port City Allstars -LIVE-

Bob Abramo, A Night in Utopia

Bob Atchley, Bob's Blues

Bob Atchley, Life Lessons

Bob Balsley, A Little Light a Little Dark

Bob Bogdal, Underneath the Kudzu

Bob E Lee, Pieces Of Blues

Bob Eike, Happy Little Songs About Futility and Despair

Bob Fox, Blues Makes Me Happy

Bob Gonzalez, Hey, Little Girl Rock, Rhythm and Blues

Bob Hebert, Come to the Dance Floor

Bob Hiltunen, Nice Things

Bob Hines, Other Worlds Than Ours

Bob Hollywood Band, Reggae Blues Song

Bob Holz, Pushin

Bob Huston, Blues for Michael

Bob McCarthy, Satisfied Mind

Bob McCarthy, Star of the Sea

Bob Pace, Bob Pace Live At Blues On Grand

Bob Page, Cash Is A Problem

Bob Paltrow & Burn Clover, Always Here for You

Bob Pellegrino, Bob Pellegrino

Bob Petrocelli, Shanghai Shuffle

Bob Piorun, The Blues Keep Rainin' Down On Me

Bob Rasero, Not Gonna Worry

Bob Rasero, Smooth Blues

Bob Sass, Greatest Hits

Bob Sass, Group Sax

Bob Simmons, Scrapbook #1

Bob Steele, Life With Women

Bob Steele, Yo Dress Is Too Short: Chapter 2

Bob Warren, Clear Connection

Bob Woods, This Town

Bobby "Hurricane" Spencer, I Got The Blues

Bobby and the Blisters, Saving the World Before Last Call/Live At City Limits

Bobby Boudreaux & the Thibodeaux's, Easy Town

bobby bowens, it`s all about love

Bobby Bowens, The Rump Shakers

Bobby Breaux, Riverboat Ride

Bobby Cameron, Emotional Drift

Bobby Cameron, Hearts Collide

Bobby Dielman, What Were You Thinking?

Bobby Flurie, Alternative Universe

Bobby G Blues Band, Bitter Cup

Bobby G., Smokey Mountain Blues

Bobby Hespen & Doc o' Rock, Blues Debut

Bobby Hinton, My Time

Bobby Hinton, Singing The Blues

Bobby Hurricane Spencer, Big Maybelle

Bobby Joe Neely / One Man Band, Muscle Control

Bobby Jones, Bobby Jones Sings to Las Vegas

Bobby Lawson, Blues At Your Door

Bobby Lee Murphy & STPH, Blues STPH

Bobby Lounge, I Remember the Night Your Trailer Burned Down

Bobby Lounge, Somethin’s Wrong

Bobby Mack, Texas Guitar (Highway Man)

Bobby Manriquez, Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)

Bobby Messano, That's Why I Don't Sing the Blues

Bobby Murray, Finders Keepers

Bobby Murray, I'm Stickin' With You

Bobby Murray, Live and Lowdown!

Bobby Murray, The Blues Is Now

Bobby Nathan, I'm Ready

Bobby Nathan, Twas The Night Before Christmas

Bobby Parris, Bucket of Blues

Bobby Rex, Brand New Freak - EP

Bobby Rush, Night Fishin

Bobby Rush, The Essential Recordings Vol1

Bobby Sansom, Don't Leave

Bobby Thompson, Conveyance

Bobby Thompson, Good Things That We Have

Bobby Thursby W/Arthur Walton, Grease in my Gravy

Bobby Thursby with Arthur Walton, Burn in Hell Blues

Bobby Thursby, The Blues Makes Me Feel Good (feat. Arthur Walton)

Bobby ``Slim`` James, Brand New Man

Bobo Golem Bobogolem Soylent ~ Greenberg, Gonna Build Me a Graveyard of My Own

Bodikin, Let's Party

Body And Soul, Music From Body And Soul

Boister, Some Moths Drink The Tears Of Elephants

Bolt Upright, Up For Grabs

Bondi Cigars, 12 Lies

Bondi Cigars, 32 Premium Quality Cuts 1990-2006

Bondi Cigars, After Closing Time

Bondi Cigars, Bad Weather Blues

Bondi Cigars, Universal Stew

Bones Bach, After All These Years

Bonfiglio, Live At the Grand Canyon

Bongos Ikwue, Historic Collection Disc 1 (Still Searching / Something Good)

Bongos Ikwue, Historic Collection Disc 2 (Bongos ikwue / You Can't Hurry the Sunrise)

Bongos Ikwue, Historic Collection Disc 3 (Cock Crow At Dawn / Tear Drops)

Bongos Ikwue, Historic Collection Disc 4 (Tell My Girl / Lagos)

Bongos Ikwue, Historic Collection Disc 5 (Otachikpokpo / Bongos Sings In Idoma Ihotu)

Bonne Musique Zydeco, Gumbo Mix

Bonne Musique Zydeco, Keep On Dancin`

Bonne Musique Zydeco, Smokin` Zydeco

Bonnie Bailiff, Even Folk Singers get the Blues

Bonnie Meadow, In the Middle of Life

Bonnie Wheat, Have Blues, Will Travel

Bononia Sound Machine, Funky Dreams!

Bononia Sound Machine, Stuffunk

Boo City, Midnight Folklore

Boobie Browne and the Onions, Birth of the Chickenpick

Boogie Bone, Boogie Bone

Boogie Bone, Pro-Bone-O

Boogie Bone, Tears for Christmas

Boogie Boys, Hey You!

Boogie Patrol, Groove On or Bug Out

Boogie Patrol, I Try and I Try and I Don't Know What To Do... The Plan Was Set Some Time Ago, And We Must Follow Through

Boogie Woogie Kid, Rainmaker

Booman, I Got My Own Thang

Boon, Only Self

Boondock Gypsy, Hangover

Boondock Gypsy, Sweet Tea and Cornbread

Boonie J, Mind Your Step

Bootyshakers, Soul Power Blues

Booze Monkey, Savannah Colors (Live at the Hungry Dog Cafe)

Booze Monkey, Sippin' Pretty

Bordeaux Ensemble, Open and Blue

Border Blasters, The Sun Session

Boris Gardiner, The Meaning of Christmas

Born Broke, 2007

Borrowed Time, Love Is Not Blind

Boss Pee, Boss Pee`s Best

Boss Pee, Uptown Shuffle

Bossard / Greaves, within reach

Bottleneck, Diversions

BoulesBluesBand, Big bad boy

Bourbon & Schwartz, Weed At Walmart

Bourbon Blues Ensemble, Bourbon Blues Ensemble, Vol. 1

Bourbon Street Blues Band, Rockin & Rollin

Bouts, Railroad Angel

Box Fox, Primarily Blues

Boy Barley, X keyboard

Boyd Street Brass, 'Sup Sucka

Boyd Williams, Deep in the Pocket, Disc 1

Boyd Williams, Deep in the Pocket, Disc 2

Boykin, G / P.m. / N.o.k.

Bozorius and Bluestorm, The Wild Cat Ranch Sessions

Brad Kelsey, Just A Step Away

Brad Absher & Swamp Royale, Lucky Dog

Brad Henty and Bradford Station, Welcome To The World

Brad Perkins, Just Another Traveler

Brad Tallman, Just Struck

Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans, Dallas Blues (feat. Charles Burnham)

Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans, Traveling Fool

Brad Wilson, Blues Thunder

Brad Wilson, Cryin' Lonely Teardrops

Brad Wilson, Something Goin' On

Brad Wilson, Wintergreen

Bradford, Take Heed

Bradley Buxton and the Backwords, Dark Train

Bradley Buxton and the Bunch of Bastards, Dirty Dirty Dog

Brady Clampitt, Things Are Different Now

Brady Israel Trio, Iron City

Brady Israel Trio, Zoom

Brainbell Janglers, Ageless Remastered

Branch Gordon, Jams

Brandon Ayre, The Golf Album

Brandon Miller Band, Slow Train

Brandon Santini, Songs of Love, Money, and Misery

Brandon Strickland, Dirt Road Melodies

Brandon Taylor, Wild Blue

Brandon Warner, Genius Is a Lie

Brano Likic, Spontani Blues

Bravuras, Ain't No Doubt

Brazos Brothers Band, Chump Change

Breadfoot, i`m ok, yer uk breadfoot live in the uk 2002-2003

Breakaway State, Welcome To Planet Lonk (Music from "The Firefly And The Bride")

Breakaway, Live at The Viking

Breezy Rodio, So Close to It

Brenda K. Russell, What I Do Best

Brenda L. Howard, Cotton Candy

Brenda Marie, Something Hot (Live Session)

Brenda Marie, Two Lonely Souls (Live Session)

Brenda Rosh, Brenda Rosh

Brendan Kelley, Quicksand

Brendan MC Kinney and the 99 Brown Dogs, My Dad's Car

Brent Blount, Jazz Machine

Brent Blount, Jazz Machine

Brent Kimbrough & Company, The Big Flip

Brent Kimbrough & Company, Wandering

brent mason, gloryland

Bret Alexander, River Common (Theme)

Brett Beardslee, Rubber Tramp Road

Brett Fuentes, Reprogram

Brett Hardwick And The Sometimes Band, From Now On

Brett Hardwick, Alligators Under My Bed

Brett M, Ok, I Will!

Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts, Big City Beat

Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts, Boot Leg

Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts, Keep On Moving

Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts, The B.B.C. Sessions, Vol. 1

Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts, Unchained

Brett Marvin Presents Graham Hine, Graham Hine

Brett Wellman & the Stone Cold Blues Band, All I Had Was Gone

Brett Wellman & the Stone Cold Blues Band, Rooted in the Blues

Bri Ferrtone, You Can Count On Me - Single

Brian "Dr. Mojo" Robertson, Big Ass Buick

Brian and the Bluestorm, Bluesman from New Brunswick

Brian and the Bluestorm, Mes blues passent pu dans porte

Brian Ashley Jones, Out of the City

Brian Ashton, Fall Away

Brian Black, Silk N` Steel

Brian Blain, New Folk Blues 2.0

Brian Bonhomme, A Manly Hauling of Levers

Brian Brickeen, I Sure Ain`t Mr. Right

Brian Carpy, Rockin' Bollocks

Brian Chevalier, Heavy Chevy

Brian Cober, Austin Wired

Brian D. Wilson, Elevator Man Blues (feat. Dan Dial)

Brian Dorn, The Christmas Time Blues (Lost Session)

Brian Hall, 3 Putt Blues

Brian Hebert and Friends, Crossing the Bar

Brian Hemsey, Doing Fine

Brian Ho, Organic

Brian Holden, East Village Blues

Brian Horton, Brand New Day

Brian K Anderson, Change

Brian K Anderson, My Woman

Brian K Anderson, The Dash

Brian K Anderson, Wasted Time

Brian Keith Wallen, Truth Is...

Brian Kramer, Full Circle

Brian Kramer, I Want My Illusion

Brian Kramer, Myself and Mine

Brian Kramer, The Nights of Blu-topia, Live at Club Stampen

Brian Langlinais, Rock and Fire

Brian Langlinais, Tonight I Might

Brian Lavelle, Everything Changes

Brian Lee & the Orbiters, In Orbit

Brian Leneschmidt and Edge of Soul, Brian Leneschmidt and Edge of Soul

Brian Lucas, Get Something Started

Brian Lucas, Love Day - Single

Brian Myers, January Sunshine

Brian Olen Kious, Red Dirt Blues

Brian Parker, Rough and Ready

Brian Prendergast, From This Valley

Brian Russell, Living in the Aftermath

Brian Sharp, Deep in My Bones

Brian Sutton, Hallelujah

Brian Templeton, Bloozin`

Brian Thomas & Alex Lee-Clark Big Band, Superhero Dance Party

Brian Tingle and Blue Thunder, Tryin to make a livin

Brian Turner, Lube Room Blues

Brian Wendt, One Man One Guitar

Brian Witts, Demo Tapes from the Coal Shed EP

Briana Stewart, Hero of Fools

Brick Alley Blues, Nothin' to Lose but the Blues

Brick Fields & The Chosen Ones, Go Ahead and Sang the Blues

Brickyard Blues, Naughty

Bridget Kelly Band, Back in the Blues

Bridget Kelly Band, Forever in Blues

Brimble Collins, Circadian Rhythm

Brinson"Doc"Reed, A Downhome Circus

Britny Lobas & Red Coral, Britny Lobas & Red Coral

Brittle Sun, Brittle Sun

Brock Reimer, Anvil & Steel

Brock Sound, Springtime Changes (feat. Qua Lawson)

Broda, For You

Broda, Runaway

Broke Toe Rezo, I Shoulda Gone to the Hospital

Broken Feather, Together for Multiple Sclerosis

Brokenhorn, 40 Years In The Making

BroMan, Self To Soul

Bronkenstein Connection, Bronkomania

Brook, The Great Blues Sea

Brooklyn Jazz Warriors, In Service of the King

Brooks Palmer, Brooks Takes His Time

Brooks Palmer, Shake the Sun

Brooks Williams, Baby O!

Brooks Williams, Live Blues - EP

Brooks Williams, More New Everything

Brooks Williams, New Everything

Brophy Dale, Night Hawkin`

Brother 2 Brother, Lookin` for Texas

Brother 2 Brother, Texas Blues Rocks (feat. Sandy Hickey)

Brother Bagman, Rise Above

Brother Chunky, And Stuff

Brother Dege, Folk Songs of the American Longhair

Brother Dege, How to Kill a Horse

Brother Dege, How to Kill a Horse

Brother Dege, Scorched Earth Policy (Deluxe Edition)

Brother Dege, The Black Sea

Brother Dege, Wehyah

Brother Jacob, Blues from Below

BROTHER K., Claws and Stripes Forever

Brother Lou, The Devil In Me

Brother Magnum & The Razor Bumps, Fire and Steel

Brother Magnum, Meet Me in My Day Dream

Brother Red, Kickin` It

Brother Yusef, Blues By Request (Second Edition Remaster)

Brother Yusef, The King of Organic, Deep Fried, Fattback Blues Collection, Vol. 1 - EP

Brothercat, One Life Left

Brothers N Blues, That`s Alright

Brownbird Rudy Relic, Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues

Brownbird Rudy Relic, Chicano Dynamite

Brownbird Rudy Relic, I Am the Juke!

Brownbird Rudy Relic, My Plea

Brownbird Rudy Relic, Nothing Left to Give

Browne & Taylor, The Browne & Taylor Project

Bruce Creeper Kurnow and Bobby Stinger Schnitzer, Full Circle

Bruce Arnold & Mike Miller, Dakota Gumbo

Bruce Arnold, The Art of the Blues

Bruce Barron, Won`t You

Bruce Brownfield, And Friends

Bruce Bruiser Rummenie, This Noise in My Blood

Bruce Gaitsch, Aphasia

Bruce Goldish, The Bar Mitzvah Blues

Bruce Gombrelli, Bruce Gombrelli - Single

Bruce Innes, Nothin` But The Blues

Bruce Jepson, A Year and a Day

Bruce John T, Acoustic Etchings: Volume 1

Bruce Kurnow, Harp the Herald Angels Swing: Holidays in Harmonicaland

Bruce Lesnick, Start from Scratch

Bruce Lev, Live On Alabama Drive

Bruce Ley, Bruce Ley Collection One: The Peacock, The Deer, And the Moon

Bruce Marshall Group, Kalispell

Bruce Mattson, Crescent City Swagger

Bruce McCabe, The Elevator Man

Bruce Williams, Blues At Red Barn

Bruh Stockton, Hard-Leg for Eternity

Bruise In Blues, Procession

Bruno Felix & Voodoo Kings, Nothing but the Blues

Bruno Rodrigues, A Melhor Parte de Mim

Brutally Honest, Flooded During Storm

Bryan and Lola, Bryan and Lola

Bryan Anthony, Cold, Hungry And Blue

Bryan Dean Trio, Sobriety Checkpoint

Bryan Himes, Lookin` For RL

Bryan Marleaux, Amazing Grace (Instrumental)

Bryan Roberts, Pick It Up

Bryan Russo, Next Big Thing - EP

Bryce Janey, Bare Wire

Bryce Janey, Burning Flame

Bryce Janey, Down Home Blues

Bryce Janey, Heal The Night

Bryce Janey, Live at J.M. O`Malleys

Bryce Janey, Practice What You Preach

Bryce Janey, Sweet Baby Jane

BSQ - Bob Schwartz Quartet, 'Tain't what'cha do

Btrax, Without You

Bubba Coon & The Phatbubba Band, Red Hot Red Sox 21st Century (feat. Rich Niles)

Bubba Coon, Eternity Road

Bubba Groove, This Great Sin

Bubblin' Toorop Trio, Laughin' in Rhythm

Buck Adams, Buck and the Drifters

Buck Shamus, 00 Buck

Buck69, When She Whispers Your Name

BUCK69, When She Whispers Your Name

Buckwheat Shaker, Rumboogie

Buckwheat Shaker, Sin Talk

Bucky Halker, Step `N Blue

Bucky Lindsey, Back Bay Blues

Bud Duncan, jr., Just Listen!

Bud Duncan, jr., Rainy Night In Georgia

Bud Summers, Bud Summers Live in Chicago

Buddaheads Featuring Bb Chung King, Real

Buddwa Mambo`s, Work Songs

Buddy Flett, Rough Edges

Buddy King Band, Kansas City (Live)

Buddy Mack and The Heart Attack, Now Hear This !

Buddy Miles & Deacon Jones, Let's Talk About the Blues

Buddy Parker Band, Qualified

Buddy Ray, Apples

Buddy Ray, I Ain't Got Nothing

Buddy Ray, Red Headed Women

Buddy Zapata, Swine King

Buenos Diaz, The Love Balloon

Buffalo Blues Band, One Last Look

Bullfrog Brown, With Steve Lury

Bullfrog Willard McGhee & Tad Walters, Stealin' Gasoline

Bullit, Hey Ho (Single)

Bump Kitchen, big ol` bones

Bumper Jacksons, Too Big World

Bunny Thomas, Melancholia

Burl Whitis Jr., Duplicity

Burning James and the Funky Flames, I Like It!

Burnshee Thornside, Blues and misc.

Burnshee Thornside, Rock This Moon

Burnshee Thornside, The Art Of Not Blending In

Burnt Island, Music And Maths

Burton Gaar, Home Of The Blues

Burton Zimmer, Burton Zimmer

Burton Zimmer, Burton Zimmer III

Burton Zimmer, Burton Zimmer Volume II

Bus Seven, Don't Skip The Previews

Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment, Hellfire and Brimstone

Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment, Mennist To Society

Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment, Pacifist's Revenge

Busha, Pray for Peace

Bushmaster, Drowning On Dry Land

Bushmaster, Live and Blue

Buskin Cuffs, Domesticats

Busload of Blues, Crumble Roots

Busload of Blues, Sooner or Later

Butane MacLane, Seven Songs From Arkansas

Butch Mudbone, End of the Trail

Butch Williams, How Do You Like Me Now??

Butch Williams, Introducing "Butch Williams".

Butterbeans and Susie, Butterbeans and Susie

Buzz Carlton, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Buzz Clifford, Golden Pipes, 50 Years of Buzz Clifford

Buzz Clifford, Norse Horse

Buzz Holland, The First 21

Buzz Peele, Guitar Piano Vocals

Buzz, Let Go

Buzzy Jones, Female` Delight

Byron Blocker & The Offbeats, Pre-Mustard - EP

Byron Blocker, The Art of A Murder Ballad

Byron Boo Fuller, What Do I Know

C Alan Byrd, Behind My Eyelids

C C Bronson, Bluesarella

C C Bronson, MY Soul/My Blues

C C Bronson, Thank You

C C Bronson, You Said You Would

C Posse, Emotions in Motion

C R Burgan, All Shades, All Hues

C W Colt, Legends and Treasures

C-Philes, Life is Like A Poo Poo Platter

C. Henry Woods Troupe, The Unidentified Sound

C. J. Henry, Meat on the Bone

C. J. Henry, Synapse Lapse

C. J. Henry, Thunder`s Coming

C. Vaughn Leslie & Boys' Night Out, My Tennessee

C.B.Cane, All In Time

C.E. Cash, Spoil the Foil - Single

C.H. Ellingsworth & Jimmie G, Turning Blue

C.J. Henry, Synapse Back

C.J. Smith, Retrospective 1995-2010

C.W.STONE, Campfire Songs Gone Wild!

Caddens Road, The Sattler Tackle

Cadence, Kisses Before the Sun

Cadillac Angels, Kicks Like A Mule

Cadillac Driver, The One That Started It All - EP

Cadillac Flambe', Eli's Porch

Cadillac Johnson, KneeBone Station

Cafe Randb, BlackandWhite

Cafe Randb, Blues and all the Rest

Cal Williams Jr, King Billy

Cal Williams Jr, Little Black Crow

Calabash Blues and Boogie Band, Driving Away the Blues

Calabash Blues and Boogie Band, Truckin' the Blues

Calabash Flash, Bluesman Flash

Caleb Cruise, Golden Slumbers

Calep Emphrey Blues Band, Handcuffed To the Blues

Call Box St. Denis, Ecliptc Un-electric

Call Box, In The Blues

Call Box, Suspect

Calling Sister Midnight, Collaborator

Callingmary, On the Horizon

Cally Krallman, Some Kind of Magic

Calvin B. Streets, He Ain`t Done With Me Yet

Calvin B. Streets, Love Hangover

Calvin B.Streets, Where Will I Stay? - Single

Calvin Brown, My House

Calvin Hutchinson, The Best Of Calvin Hutchinson

Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra, The Best Of Calvin Owens

Calvin Owens, The Calvin Owens Show

Cameo Blues Band, All Play and No Work

Cameo Blues, 10,000 Hours

Cameraboy, Pop4mom

Camero Jones, Pretty Little Thing - Single

Camero Jones, Wash You Down - Single

Cameron Austin, Seems To Me

Cameron Continuum, The Girl with the Golden Eyes

Cameron James Henderson, Distorted Hope Blues

Camie Leard, Come Out of the Blue

Camille Ferrier, The Blues

Campbell Fry, Blue Bottle Full Throttle

Canaan & Jr, Stay Awake

Candye Kane, Best of Candye Kane

Cannibal Ramblers, Do the Slaw

Capdepon, Freedom`s Call

Captain Carl's Tuesday Nite Blues Band, 12 Bar Bridge

Captain Jack Watson, That Right Kind of Loving

Captain Mike and the Sea Kings, I send the Ca$h to my Baby

Captain Nemoff, Das Wohltemperirte Cigar Box Guitar

Captivation, Finally

Carey B Grant, Come Save My Soul - Single

Carey B Grant, Fire Burnin' Now

Carey B Grant, Fire Burnin' Now

Carey B Grant, Free To Fly

Carey B. Grant, Trust Me (Almost Live) [Acoustic]

Carey Brazil, The Traveler

Carey Ott, Muddywater

Carie & the Soulshakers, Carie & the Soulshakers

Carl Ayotte, Atlantic Coastal Blues

Carl Gustave, Let's Stay Together - Single

Carl Gustave, Searchin`

Carl Gustave, Still Rolling

Carl Gustave, Too Hard

Carl Marshall, Jus' Blues

Carl Slack, Turning The Worm

Carl Weathersby, Hold On

Carl Wyatt & the Delta Voodoo Kings, Live At the Entr´pot

Carl Wyatt & The Delta Voodoo Kings, Texas Twister (feat.Archie Lee Hooker)

CarlBlue, Blue Leaf

Carlos Castelli, No Encontro do Sol e a Lua

Carlos Chavira, Los Diputados

Carlos Childe, More Nights Than Days

Carlos Guitarlos, Hell Can Wait

Carlos Guitarlos, Straight from the Heart

Carly Jamison, Oh No Santa Claus

Carmela Tal Baron, A Girl With a Curl

Carmela Tal Baron, Not A Crash Landing

Carmenne, Top Ten Reasons (Valentines)

Carol Bean, Read The Road Signs

Carol Chase, Blue Highway

Carol Greco-Cardinale, The Sentimental and Fun Side of Carol

Carol Lockridge, You Make Me Blue

Carol Sloman, Ordinary Pleasure

Carole Alston, Tribute to a Blue Lady

Caroline Bohbot, Shame

Caroline Doctorow, Will If You Want Me To

Caroline Dourley, Songs from the Heart

Caroline Luxton White, Don't You Let Him In

Caroline Trettine, Tears

Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, Bad Taboo

Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, Original Sin

Carolyn Kelly, Keep All My Secrets

Carolyn Kelly, Slow Cooking on Hot

Carolyn Kelly, Somebody Told Me

Carolyn Lochert, She's Lookin' Back

Carolyn McCormack, Livin` Dangerously

Carolyn Waters, Count Me In

Carolyn Waters, On The Verge

Carolyn Wonderland & the Imperial Monkeys, Truck Stop Favorites Vol. 2

Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys, Groove Milk

Carolyne Swayze, Speechless Blues

Carrie Alice Williams, A Bird In Hand

Carrie Lyn Infusion, Stages

Cary Morin, Streamline

Cary Morin, Tiny Town

Cary Windham, The Man in Me

Caryn K, The Way We Get By

Case and Davidson, 20 Years

Case and Davidson, Barely Alive (volume 1)

Case and Davidson, Barely Alive Volume 2 "Take Cover)

Casey James and the Flames, Destination Unknown

Casey Redmond, Front Porch Revolution

Casey Redmond, Superman's Cousin Larry

Casey Rush, RAW

Cash Box Kings, Black Night Fallin`

Cash Box Kings, Cuttin' Heads at the Cuda Cafe

Cash Box Kings, The Royal Treatment

Cashman, Snake Feast

Cashman, Texassippi Stomp

Cashman-Montalbano Project, Forever Young

Cass Harris, Less of Me

Cassady Southern, Don't Ask Me

Cassius King, A Smattering of Applause

Cat Rhodes & The Truth, Mouth Watering Blues

Catahoula Brown, cur dog blues

Catapil-Flux, Sona

Cate Fierro, Legacy

Catfish Hodge, Bare Necessities

Catfish Keith, Cherry Ball

Catfish Keith, Fresh Catfish

Catfish Keith, Honey Hole

Catfish Keith, If I Could Holler

Catfish Keith, Jitterbug Swing

Catfish Keith, Live at the Half Moon

Catfish Keith, Pepper in My Shoe!

Catfish Keith, Pony Run

Catfish Keith, Put On a Buzz

Catfish Keith, Rolling Sea

Catfish Keith, Sweet Pea

Catfish Keith, Twist It, Babe!

Catfish Kray, Splash

Catfish Stephenson, Heart, Mind and Soul

Catfish Voodoo, Catfish Voodoo

Catfish Willie, Tea Party Demo

Cath Butler's Joynt Venture, Dangerous Desires

Catharine Hess, Songs from Serenity

Catherine Taylor Dawson, Soulmate

Cathie and the Comets, Cathie and the Comets

Cathryn McGill, From the Inside

Cathy Cook, Stephen Harper Hates Me

Cathy Grier, Retracing

Cathy Grier, What Fools Do

Cathy Jean, I Want

Cathy Jean, In the Remains

Cathy Jean, Little Sick Twist

Cathy Jean, Marshall Road Apocalypse

Cathy Lemons & Johnny Ace, Lemonace

Cathy Lemons Blues Band, Dark Road

Cathy Ponton King, Quartet/Duet

Catskin, Catskin

Catya, Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Original Blues

CC Jones, Goodbye Demons

CC Miles, Simply The Best

Cecil Reynolds, Pawn Shop

Cecilia Kirtland, Heart Like a Buick

Cecilia Kyllinge, Bengt Kyllinge & Anders Larm, Tag Det Rätta!

Cecilia Kyllinge, Get Back! Step Back!

Cecilia Kyllinge, Good Girl

Cecilia Kyllinge, Gör ingen vana av det

Cecilia Kyllinge, Lille Reines Blues

Cedar Avenue Big Band, Double Bogey Blues (feat. Bruce Henry)

celeste, Fallen Angel

Celine, Blackjack

Celluloid, Spring Weather

Cengiz Yaltkaya Trio, a.k. steps out

Central Avenue Revue, New Old Stock

Certified Blues Band, Certified - Jake Mackey

Certified Fools, Melvin Moody

Cécile Doo-Kingué, Anybody Listening, Pt.1: Monologues

Cg & the Hammer, Something Good: The Memphis Sessions

CG and The Hammer, Blues Heaven

Cha, Why'd You Leave Me

Chacho & Brance, Not a Riddle

Chacho & Brance, Saturday Night Downer

Chacho & Brance, Soulful Rider

Chad Browne-Springer, The Wonders of the Wanderer

Chad Coe & Peter Leitch, Sympatico

Chad Mason, Burning Candles

Chad Richard, Veteran's Grocery

Chain, Red Shoes, and Stone, Emma-Liz Sings the Blues

Chainsaw Curtis and the Creepers, Pantloads of Fun

Chainsaw Dupont, Bourbon St. Breakdown

Chainsaw Dupont, Hoodoo Ya

Chainsaw Dupont, Lake St. Lullaby

Chance!, Just Throwing This Out There

Chaquis Maliq, Patience

Char Vinnedge, Death Wish (Acoustic)

Char Vinnedge, Death Wish With Electric Bass

Char Vinnedge, I Never Sing the Blues

Charla Tanner, Please Come Home for Christmas

Charlena Russell, Sticks & Stones

Charlene Howard, Charlene My Christmas Angel

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, At the Club

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, One Night Lover

Charles Atkins and Paul Montgomery, Reunion

Charles Big Daddy Stallings, Call Me Big Daddy

Charles Davis, 24 Hour Blues

Charles Mack, Next Generation Blues

Charles Shay, Creation

Charles Shearer, Runaway

Charles Walker Band, Used and Defiant

Charles Wilson, Pay to Play

Charles Wilson, Sweet & Soul Blues

Charles `Big Daddy` Stallings, Blues Evolution

Charley & Jesi, With Love

Charley B and the MelodicTones, Lavender in Blue(vocal)

Charley Crockett, A Stolen Jewel

Charli `, Can I Dance 2Nite

Charlie & the Fez Kings, Play Me Some Blues

Charlie A'Court, Come On Over

Charlie and the Fez Kings, It's Good to Be the King

Charlie Apicella & Iron City Jazz, Big Boss

Charlie A`Court, Color Me Gone

Charlie B Dunn, Be the Change

Charlie Bessette & Michael Stock, White Balloon

Charlie Bonnet III, Hazardous to My Wealth (The Living Room Remasters)

Charlie Bonnet III, One Car Funeral (The Living Room Remasters)

Charlie Bonnet III, Robbing Peter to Pay Les Paul (The Living Room Remasters)

Charlie Bonnet III, Working for the Man (The Living Room Remasters)

Charlie Brady, House Of Cards

Charlie Brown, The Strongest Man

Charlie Butts and the Filter Tips, More Peas

Charlie Dechant Band, The Moon At Noon

Charlie Dennard, 5 O'Clock Charlie

Charlie Karp & Rafe Klein, Rock & Roll All Over Again

Charlie Keating Band, Slide On Over

Charlie Love, So Happy I Could Cry

Charlie Morris Band, Live in Fribourg

Charlie Morris Band, Still got 'em

Charlie Morris Band, Ten Tall Tales

Charlie Morris Band, What A Scene!

Charlie Musselwhite, I Ain't Lyin'

Charlie O. and The Houserockers, Trouble in The Southland

Charlie Owen, Worth the Wait

Charlie Roth, Broken Ground

Charlie Sayles & The Blues Disciple, Charlie Sayles and the Blues Disciples

Charlie Sayles, Green Peace

Charlie Sayles, New Day Coming

Charlie Singer, Blues Mandala

Charlie!, Naked Songs for Shower Singers, Vol. 2

Charlotte Marshall & the 45s, Miss Jane

Charu Puri, Tools in My Pocket

Chas, Chas

Chase Cameron, Liar

Chase Cameron, See Her Again

Chase Garrett, Lluis Coloma, Ricky Nye & Bob Seeley, Chase Garrett's 1st Annual Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Stomp

Chastity Brown, Do the Best You Can

Chaz DePaolo, Another Christmas Without You

Chaz Humley and the Effects, Only the Blues

Chazzz, Up 2 Me

Che Pizaro & the Mill City Growlers, Questionable Sentiments

Cheatwood, Tonight

Cheeky Spanks, Smart Meter Blues

Chelsey Nicole & the Northside Vamps, The One Thing They Don't Tell You

Cher & Gene Klosner, Lonely

Cheri Adams, Make Somebody Happy

Cheri Adams, Something's Pushin' Me

Cherry Casino and the Gamblers, Lets Play Around

Cherry Lee Mewis, Heard It Here First

Cherry Lee Mewis, Little Girl Blue

Cherry Lee Mewis, Southbound Train

Cheryl Aruda, Unrequited Love Songs

Cheryl Fare, Springfield

Cheryl Lescom, Apply Within

Cheryl Lescom, Cheryl Lescom and The Tucson Choir Boys

Chess, Open the Sky

Chester Parks, Party, Party, Party

Chet Cannon and The Committee, Don't Get Me Started!

Chet Lott, Erased It

Chevy Ford Band, Greatest Misses

Chic Street Man, Beau-ti-ful

Chic Street Man, Guns Away

Chicago Blues Harmonica Players, Chicago Blues Project

Chicago Bob Nelson, Flyin` Too High

Chicago Carl Snyder, The Blue Keys

Chicago Kingsnakes, Holiday Boogie

Chick Roberts, Blue Turning Gray

Chick Willis, I Did It All

Chick Willis, What's to Become of the World

Chick Wren's Rollin' River Band, Hoodoo River

Chicken & Dumpling, Feel Like Goin' Home

Chickenhouse, Wild Child

Chickentown, Doggies Don't Ride the Train

Chico Freeman 4-Tet, Spoken Into Existence

chico rey, from this moment

Chicos Bail Bonds, Bust`n Out The Blues

Chidge, The Jonah Complex

Chief Billy, Beef Chili & The Con Carne Bros., Five Brothers Rhapsody

Chief June, Brutally Honest

Chiefs of the North, Tributaries

Chihana, Sweet Nothings

Chikuwabu, All of me

Chikuwabu, Honeysuckle Rose

Chikuwabu, It's only a paper moon

Chili Sauce, Free

Chip Mergott, DaVinci Code Blues

chip vandiver, the secret is out

Chittenden Hotel, Checkin In

Chivaree, The Garden

Chocolate Thunder, Barkin Up The Wrong Tree

Choppa Law, After Party

Choppa Law, Boom Shaka Laka

Chordslinger & Lola, Who's Going to Clean Up BP - Single

Chris & Mike, Nightlive

Chris & Mike, Pianopopuläär

Chris & Mike, These Are the Days

Chris & Mike, These Are the Days - Live

Chris Aaron & The Bruder Brothers, Bowling Pin

Chris Allen, Blue

Chris and The Roughnecks, Chris and The Roughnecks

Chris Bergson & Neal Miner, Play Date

Chris Bergson Band, Another Day

Chris Bergson, Blues

Chris Bertram/ AlienSexCult, Clubs and Saucers

Chris Bonoli, Out for the Night

Chris Brubeck's Triple Play, Live at Zankel Music Center (feat. Joel Brown, Peter Madcat Ruth, Dave Brubeck & Frank Brown)

Chris Burkhardt, Taken Time

Chris Cain Band, Late Night City Blues

Chris Cain, Hall Of Shame

Chris Cain, So Many Miles

Chris Cain, Unscheduled Flight

Chris Canas, C

Chris Canas, Pure As Gold

Chris Canas, Shades of Blue

Chris Canas, She's Breaking Me

Chris Canas, Sunshine

Chris Chandler, King Ivory

Chris Chavez, Sweet Mother Nature`s Child

Chris Collat, The Road Home

Chris Conz Trio, Drivin' the Boogie

Chris Conz, Boogie Woogie Breakup

Chris Cook, Remembering

Chris Crown, The Sun's Gonna Shine

Chris Daniels & The Kings, Funky to the Bone (feat. Freddi Gowdy)

Chris Daniels and the Kings, 10

Chris Daniels and The Kings, Stealin` The Covers

Chris Dollar, Acoustic Currency

Chris Durbin, Wonder

Chris Durham, Like a Mad Cow in a Floral Print Dress

Chris Durham, On My Way

Chris Dylan, Chris Dylan - debut album

Chris Eliot & Dave Hall, It's Gonna Be Raining

Chris English, Lowdown in the House

Chris Farlowe & The Excellos, I'm Going Upstairs

Chris Farlowe The Excellos, Tell Me Mama

Chris Fender Black, Take Some Time Out In the Blues

Chris Fender Black, Teddy Girl From Hell

Chris Field, Come Out And Play

Chris Fitz Band, Chris Fitz Band "Live at Dodge Street"

Chris Foreman, Now Is the Time

Chris Harper, Four Aces and a Harp

Chris Ho Band, Quartets, Vol. 4

Chris Holcombe, The Trouble With Loving Hurricanes

Chris Kalogerson, Blues Music - The Soul of America

Chris Kenny, Something So Right

Chris Lange, Back Door to Your Soul

Chris Larose, Switchblade Blues

Chris Leamy, The Start

Chris Lord and Cheatin' River, Chunkabilly Blues

Chris Madsen, Over the Years

Chris Madsen, Swamp Water Blues

Chris Manning, Texas Smoke

Chris Mannion, Waiting

Chris McDermott and His Wild Combo, Trippin` Out

Chris Michie, Seven Rivers

Chris Michie, Tough Love

Chris Murphy, Hotwired

Chris Nole, Little Rum Boogie

Chris Rhodes, Naturally Blue

Chris Rico, Reflections from the Heart

Chris Ruest, No 2nd Chances

Chris Ruest, Too Many Problems

Chris Shofner, Chris Shofner EP

Chris Simmons, Set Me On Free

Chris Stevens, Bankshot

Chris Sutton and the Whoop De Doo Orchestra, Whoop De Doo

Chris Walker Band, Junior's Blues

Chris Webbe, Folkin' Blues

Chris Weston, Burn the Ashes - EP

Chris Weston, Halfway Home

Chris Winters Band, Chris Winters Band Blue Fever

Chris Yakopcic, Done Found My Freedom 'Fore My Technique

Chrissy Dowd, Change of Luck

Chrissy Dowd, It`s Just A Matter Of Time

Christi Grace, Snakeskin

Christian Collin and Molasses, Molasses Disaster

Christian Collin, Spirit of the Blues

Christian DeWild Band, Needle and Thread

Christian Dewild, Fool No More

Christian Dozzler & Robin Bank$, Livin' Life

Christian Masser, 15 Country Songs

Christian McMahon, Magickal Forest

ChristiAna Perez, ChristiAna

Christiane Claude, CC Club - Reincarnation

Christie Brooke, First Love - EP

Christie Cook, One Sock Blues

Christina Grace, That's What You Think

Christine Campbell, Christine Campbell

Christine Donovan, Rain Down On Me

Christine Hayley, Rebound Guy

Christmas Tree-O, Christmas Tree-O

Christoph "Boogie Wolf" Steinbach, Live Faster Than His Shadow

Christoph Steinbach & Nicolle Rochelle, Bisous De Boogie

Christoph Steinbach, Rabbid Run

Christopher Ames, Officially Unauthorized Bootleg

Christopher Carlson, Walkin' Cain

Christopher Dean Band, Call Me Later

Christopher Horne, Bird of Paradise

Christopher James, When the Moon Gets High Tonight (The Blues Mandolin Experience)

Christopher North, Everything's Jake

Christopher Robin, 949 Steiner

Christopher Schlegel, 12 Bar Blues In All 12 Keys Bass and Drums Backing Tracks

Christopher Schlegel, Jingle Bell Blues

Christopher Schlegel, Red & White Blues

Christy Craig & James Evans, Sugar Blues

Christy Hathcock, Trouble in Mind

Christy Rossiter & 112 North Duck, Gone Fishin'

Christy Rossiter & 112 North Duck, Gone Fishin' (With Billy "The Kid")

Christy Rossiter & 112 North Duck, Stand Up & Raise Some Hell

Chrisyd, Invisible (Remix)

Chronic Tendencies, I Lie Awake

Chuck Bernstein, Delta Berimbau Blues

Chuck Butterworth, Some Kind of Blues

Chuck Colbert, I Don`t Do That

Chuck Colley & Erik Wendelken, Wood & Steel

Chuck Colombo, My Cat Is a Zen Master

Chuck Glass, From Beyond the Mighty Get Go

Chuck Hanselmann, Carmelita

Chuck Leavell, Back to the Woods

Chuck McCabe, Burgers and Champagne

Chuck Poole, Step Out of the Blues

Chuck Rhine Stone Band, Epic Demon

Chuck Rogan, One or the Other

Chuck Steak Blues Band, First Time

Cindy Peress, The Magic of Music

Cinged Blues, Accidental Genius

Circe Link, Let`s Go Together

Cisco Herzhaft, Cisco`s Cooking

Cities of Enemies, Coe

City Hotel, Savannah Grass

City of Rivers, Blue Away

Cj Fletcher, Ghost Town

Cjmbaljna Blues Band, Shout It Out!

Ck Blues, Blues Backing Tracks for Guitar, Vol. 1

Ck Blues, Blues Backing Tracks for Guitar, Vol. 1 (Bass & Drums Version)

Claes Cleeve & Sasquatch, Claes Cleeve & Sasquatch

Clangin' & Bangin', Clangin' & Bangin' With Hot Air

Clare Free, Dust and Bones

Clare Free, How It Is

Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner, Pay Day

Clarence Carter, Dance to the Blues

Clarence Carter, I Got Rhythm

Clarence Carter, Sing Along With Clarence Carter

Clarence Chavers III, "It's Getting To Me"

Clarence Chavers III, Humbly Yours

Clarence Chavers III, Tales From the Landing Strip

Clarence Daniels, Music For All Seasons

Clarence Dobbins, The Uprising

Clarence Williams, Bad Bourbon Blues

Clarence Williams, Reflection Blues

Clarence Young, Manger

Clark Vreeland, Defender of the Faith

Clas Yngström and Sky High, Bluester

Clas yngström and Sky High, Sky Highlights

Clas Yngström, Fat Guitar

Classic Jimmy and the Gentlemen, Classic Jimmy and the Gentlemen

Classie Ballou Sr., Pickin'-N-A Grinin'

Claude Diallo, Nothing to Prove

Claude Diamond, Trouble On Memory Lane

Claude Hay, Kiss the Sky

Claude Hay, Live At the Clarendon

Claudette Miller, All In Time

Clay Campania, I Try

Clay Cotton, SpeechLess

Clay Hammond, I Kissed Her Gone

Clay Hughes, Burn

Clay McClinton, Livin' Out Loud

Clay Micallef, For a Reason

Clay Swafford, Rooster

Clayton Mabin, It's Over

Clayton Severson, Stockholm Syndrome (feat. Caity Krone)

Clearstrings, Kirtan Blues

Clela Errington, Corazon

Cleveland Fats, The Way Things Go

Cleveland Grease-Pit Orchestra, Two Dollars and a Half-Pint

Cliff Stevens, Cliff Stevens

Clifford and Michaels, Standing Tall With The Blues

Clifton Davis & Doug Pitts, Deter Road

Climax Course, Climax Course - EP

Clint & Laila, Pick Me Up If I Fall

Clint & Laila, Take It Easy On Me Baby

Clint Hoover Trio, On This Day

Clint Miller, Ballad of a Modern Day Cowboy

Clint Williams, I'm In Love

Clio & the BluesHighway, My First Blues

Cloud 8, Feel No Evil

Clusterfunk, Songs from the Satchel

CMD & Friends, Whatever (feat. Manny G)

CMD & Friends, When My Guitar Speaks (feat. Calvin Brown)

Coastal Soul, Blue Ideal

Coastline, Against All Flags

Cockroach Park, Devil In the White House

Code Blue, Blue Millenium EP

Code Blue, Blue Millennium

Code Blue, Code Blue featuring Bobbie Lancaster

Cody J. Martin, Somewhere You'd Rather Be

Coen Wolters Band, As the crow flies

Cohorts, Cohorts in Cahoots

Col Ray & The Scary Cats, Feather

Col Ray Price, Col Ray Price

Col. Mike Tyler, Rug Burn

Colby James, Colby James

Cold Dog Soup, Song Peddler

Cold Fish, Longway Home

Coldtrainblues, Coldtrainblues II: Funkin' Da Blues

ColdtrainBlues, The Party Train

Cole Fonseca, Back from the Shadows

Cole Prior Stevens, Out Of The Blue

Colie Brice, Chasing September

Colie Brice, Haunted

Colie Brice, Live in Asbury Park

Colin Clyne, Songs From The Cold Store

Colin McKay & Co., Colin McKay & Co.

Colin Moore, Colin Moore and Two Friends

Colin Newcomer, Quiescent Contemplation

Collide, Collide, Vortex 808458300020

Colm Fitzpatrick, Simple Loving

Comme Vous Voudrez, Ton Regard

Conductor Kelly & the Underground Railroad, Conductor Kelly & the Underground Railroad

Connie Hawkins and the Blueswreckers, Wired Up and Fired Up

Connie Townsend & the Ginsangers, Feast of St. Martin

Connor Corkill, Deaf Man Blues

Conrad James, High Time in the Rockies

ContrAddiction, How a Hearts Made

Cook and the Case, Paper Rose

Cookie, What I Has to Has

Cooktwins, Who Let the Cats Out

Cool Hand Luke, Bottle of Sin

Cool Ricky Blues, My Blues My Soul

Cooper DeVille, Rent Party Tonight!

Copper Mountain Stringband, Midnight Train

Cordon Blues, Bluesifyin`

Cordray-Robinson-Campbell, C R C

Corey Armstrong, From the Soul

Corey Harris, Fulton Blues

Corey Harris, Rasta Blues Experience Live

Corey Hunley, Where I'm Supposed To Go

Corey Mathew Hart, Christmas On the Isthmus

Corey Medina, Old Dog Cryin'

Corey Medina, Want It All

Corey Stevens, Albertville

Corey Stevens, Mean and Lean

Corey Stevens, The Dreaming Man

Corky Newman, Still Burnin' Hot

Corn-bred, Mother Earth

Cornelius Boots, Mukyoku: Compositions for Giant Zen Bamboo Flutes

Cornfield Encounter, Road to Anywhere

Corte', Seasoned Soul

Cortez & the Killers, Blues Doctor

Cortez & the Killers, Drinkin Out the Bottle

Cortez & the Killers, Rumba With CJS

Cortez & the Killers, The Black Album

Cosmic Shakedown, Mammoth Sessions

Cosmo St. Clair, Now Blues For Now People

Cotton Blossom Band, Soulshining

Cotton Gang, Live At Clamores Jazz Club

Country Boy, Bye Bye Blackbird

Country Lou Watson, The Blues Is a Good Woman Feeling Bad

Country Mary, The U. S. of A.

Countryboy, C B King

Cous and the Brotherhood, III Decades

Cousin Curtiss, What's in the Water?

Covered Bridge, Damned Ole Blues

Cowboy Hat & That Fuzzbox Voodoo, Gangs of Los Angeles

Cowboy Hat & That Fuzzbox Voodoo, Tale of the Boston Tea Party

Cowboy Hat & That Fuzzbox Voodoo, That's Chicago

Cowboy Surfer, Original Sin

Coyote Kings & Mush, Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets

Coyote Kings, Coyote Kings' Large Band Extravaganza!

Coyote Kings, Move

Coyote Slim & Colin Teurfs, California Delta Blues

Craig Barr, Infinite Jam

Craig Blackwell, Clarity

Craig Brenner & The Crawdads, Live to Love

Craig Brenner, Live At the Old Mint

Craig Brenner, Window On the Soul

Craig Dawson and Simone Olding, Let Isabelle Out (Double CD)

Craig Einhorn with special guest Mason Williams, Craig Einhorn with special guest Mason Williams, Obras 619981044721

Craig Einhorn, If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain)

Craig Erickson, Rare Tracks, Vol. Two

Craig Hughes, Losers and Bastards

Craig Robert, Tales of Charlie Romeo

Craig Shaw & The Backbones, Craig Shaw & the Backbones

Craig Shaw & the Illuminators, I Believe

Craig Shaw, Hear My Train No. 1

Craig Smith, New Orleans Rising

Craig Wisda, Los Blues

Crankshaft, Suckin' Gas & Haulin' Ass

Crash Kole and the BlueSouls, Two Weeks Notice

Crashed Giraffe, American Ghost

Crashland, DarkSide Cafe

Crayon, Sketch!

Crazy Kyle and the Folk Revival, Tears of Our Fathers, Sins of Our Sons

Crazy Texas Gypsies, Blues For The Soul

Crazy Texas Gypsies, Too Much Fun

Creepin' Six, Extended Play

Creighton Lindsay, Round by Round

Crickett Allen, Born in Georgia

Crickett Allen, Holding On

Crimson Blues, Live and Kickin'

Cripple Carpal Clint Lavens, This Goes Up To 11

Cris Cuddy, Come Along Carmelita

Cris Torres Strother, Blue Fever

Cristyle Renae, Signature of Love


Crook & the Bluff, Down to the Styx

Crooked Brothers, Deathbed Pillowtalk

Crooked Eye Tommy, Butterflies & Snakes

Cross Genre Singers, The Cross Genre Project

Crosscut, Half Alive

Crossroad Featuring JP Stingray, The Early Years

Crossroads Band, Crossroads

Cruise Street., Naked City.

Crush Collision Trio, Cold In Hand

Crush Collision Trio, Crush Collision Trio

Cry Baby and The Hoochie Coochie Boys, Salt Glazed Blues - EP

Cryin` Shame, Unfinished Business

crystal witch, crystal witch

Cullen Knight, Blue Ice (How Kool can you get?)

Cuong Manh Nguyen, A Lonely Night

Curl, All My Fault

Curly "No Shoes" Jr., Make Your Dreams Come True

Curt Brash, I'll Be Drunk for Christmas - Single

Curtis King Band, Curtis King Band LIVE - Caught With Our Pants Down

Curtis Lawson, Ain`t No Cure For the Blues

Curtis Lawson, Legend in My Own Time

Curtis Oddo, Lost Dreams

Curtis Oddo, Nueva Vida

Curtis Robinson, Change The World

Curtis Salgado and Terry Robb, Hit It 'n Quit It

Curtiss Lowe & The Reverb Kings, Inside Out

Curtiss Lowe and The Reverb Kings, Now..... With Twice The Reverb

Cybill Shepherd, Cybill Shepherd: Singles, Vol. I

Cyndi Boste, Home Truths

Cyndi Cresswell Cook & Paul Doolittle, Chance of Rain (Demo)

Cyndi Sultana & The Boztones, Your Proctologist Called

Cynthia Jordan, Pearl

Cyril Lance, Live from the Outskirts

Cyril Lance, Stranger in My House

Cyrus Hayes and Lady Lee, Mr. President

D Man, Blues... Off the Neck

D' Hanna 'm, Power of Rain

d'Arc of Mystique, Chocolate Thong

D'Mar & Chris Gill, Real Good Friend

D'Mar & Gill, Take It Like That

D. Gross, Juggernaut

D.B. and the Dynaflow`s, The Road I Go

D.B. Walker, Stage Road Blues

D.B., Goin' Full Speed

D.C. and Co., Ain`t That Somethin`

D.C. and Co., Alive

D.C. and Co., Katrina

D.C. and Co., Somethin` Definately Goin` On

D.C. and Co., Somethin`s Happenin`

D.K. Stewart, Olympia: "Live" For the Troops

D.L. Franklin, Live At Dante's

D.O.G. Trio, Organ Freeman

D.T., Under The Influence

Da Ditkas, The Packers Suck

DaBluz Crew, Gonna Get Ya

Dadá, Dadá

Daddy Long Legs, King for a Day

Daddy Mabanza, Kinsiona Blues

Daddy Rich, Clarksdale

Daddy Rich, Pay Your Dues

Daddy's Funclub, Daddy's Funclub

Dagger One, Dagger One

Dai Pritchard Band, Killin Time

Daina and The Tribe, Bad Man (Live)

Daina and the Tribe, Rain On a Cruel World (Live)

Daina and the Tribe, The First Time I Saw You (Live) [feat. Daina Shukis, Paul Ramsey, Lee Finklestein & Butch Cambell]

Dalannah Gail Bowen, Them Menz

Dale Arning, Southtown Hood

Dale Howard, Wings

Dale LeRoy Perry, Moan My Name

Dale Miller, Cubby Town

Dale Rieger, Stories You Think You've Seen

Dale Williams, Heaven's Got the Blues

Dale Zeffertt, Computer Boy

Dallas Hodge, Reelin`

Dallas Quinley, The White Album

Dallas Reese, World of Drums

Dalton Mullins, All Lies

Dalton Mullins, Woogie Boogie Man

Damian Coen, Six Lane Highway

Damian Coen, We Gotta Move

Damien Nash, It's How You Use It

Damien Nash, Perched

Damien Nash, Straight Up Lovin'

Damn Fine Gentlemen, Damn Fine Gentlemen

Damon Foreman, The Truth

Dampvamp, Pagan Vegas

Dan & James, Get to You!

Dan & James, Rob the Bank

Dan Andrade, Sentimental You

Dan Big Hands Colvin, Real Strong Stuff

Dan Bosworth, coastin`

Dan Cafferty, Dan Cafferty

Dan Doiron, Even My Guitar is in Love With You

Dan Engelland, She Is So Fine

Dan Fisher, Leaving On the Next Plane

Dan Granero, Can`t Stand to Lose

Dan Hayes, California

Dan Holmes, Acoustic I

Dan Holmes, Acoustic II

Dan Holt, Pleasure & Shame

Dan Holt, Resonator

Dan Kaplan, Bus Window

Dan Kennedy, Commit to the Bit

Dan Kennedy, Seems Like Forever

Dan King, Light City Live

Dan Kirby Blues, Carolina Blues - Single

Dan Kirby Guitar Blues & Island, Together

Dan Lange, Streetwise

Dan Lawson Band, In the "Nick" of time

Dan Mason, What Love's Been Doing to Me

Dan McKinnon, As Sharp As Possible

Dan Moretti, Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys "Live At Chan's"

Dan Peart, Truth Be Told

Dan Phelps, Broke Down Engine

Dan Phelps, Going Home

Dan Phelps, Matchbox Blues

Dan Sell, At the Sight of You

Dan Sell, Something More - Single

Dan Sinasac, Burnt Piano

Dan Sinasac, Goin' Back

Dan Sinasac, Street Corner History

Dan Sowerby, Milestone

Dan Stevens, Road to Memphis

Dan Treanor and African Wind, Mercy

Dan Treanor and Richard Ray Farrell, `Keepin` Good Folks Joyful`

Dan Treanor, American Primative

Dan Walsh, Tomorrow's Still To Come

Dan Wilensky, Group Therapy

Dan's Acoustic Garage, Autumn Rust

Dana Hubbard, Lightnin's Cadillac

DanCarlos, I Think I Like It

Danco Jack, Lift

Dane Hinkle & Ashley Bean, State of Mind

Dane Hinkle, If You`re Leavin` Tennessee

Dane Hinkle, My Guitar Has the Blues

Dane Meade, Songs of Love and War

Dane Phillip Smith, I'll Carry On

Danforth Blues Band, Neighbourhood Dogs

Dangerous Darryl, Blue Baby

Dani, Outside the Lines

Daniel Boobyer, Time Killed the Clock

Daniel Dworsky, Stubborn Naiveté

Daniel Eriksen, Ya Ya

Daniel Moore, The Wolf and the Chicken

Daniel Raffo, Es la Guitarra de Raffo

Daniel Raffo, Guitar Jump

Daniel Taylor, Acoustic Funk

Daniel, Blue Glaciers

Daniela DeMaria, Blue Letters

Daniele Scochet & Pietro Spanghero, Tramonto Arancio

Danielle Jun, Be Your Own Hero

Dank Sinatra, Papa Mountain

Danny Bastos, Hit the Road

Danny Beirne, Live In Columbus

Danny Blew and The Blues Crew, Howl No More

Danny Blues, Danny Blues

Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi, This World Is Not Your Friend

Danny Brooks, It's A Southern Thing

Danny Brooks, No Easy Way Out

Danny Brooks, Soulsville Rock This House

Danny Brooks, Soulsville Souled Out `n Sanctified

Danny Childress, Man in the black hat

Danny Clayburn, From Nowhere

Danny Click & the Hell Yeahs!, Captured Live!

Danny Cowan Group, Drivin` Back to Texas

Danny Cox, Danny Cox`s Troost Avenue Blues

Danny Dichotomy, Joy's Denial

Danny Django, Child Indigo

Danny Eyer, Boxes Of Blues

Danny Fong, Da-Dat-Da

Danny Gilley, Bad, Bad Feelin'

Danny Gilley, Chitlin' Blues

Danny Gilley, I Need A Sign

Danny Gilley, Shout Out to You, Jesus

Danny Heslop, Danny Heslop

Danny J. Buck, The Troutwood Sessions

Danny Kyle, Easy Street

Danny Kyle, Rag 'n' Bone Blues

Danny Lemmon, Home Boy

Danny Lynn Wilson Band, Look`n Up

Danny Lynn Wilson Band, Primal Blue

Danny Lynn Wilson, Adventures of the Rooftop Jammers

Danny MacIntyre, No More Cocaine

Danny Moon and Roadhouse, Smooglie Groove

Danny Moon, To Good To Be Bad

Danny Morris Band, The Golden Prize

Danny O'Connell, Call it Stormy Monday

Danny O'connell, King Bee

Danny Rhodes and the Messengers, Welcome to the Night

Danny Rhodes, Cairo to Cottonwood

Danny Rood, You Shine Like the Sun

Danny Thomas Future Movement, Never Give Up (feat. Crystal Drummer)

Danny Thurmer & The Uptown Road House Devils, A Rockin Blues Album

Danny Watson, The Other Side

Dany Franchi Band, I Believe

Darcy Miller, I Love My Money

Darin Bennett, 20 Scarlet Monkeys

Dario Margeli, Dentro Un Vortice

Darius Scheider, Soundcheck Faces

Dark State Lines, Live At the Rendevous

Darla Day, Darla Day, These Are The Days 634479543524

Darlene Lady in Motion, Technology (Is to Blame)

Darrell Aquino, Live Love, Love Life

Darrell Mansfield, Best of Darrell Mansfield Vol. 1

Darren Chandler, Empty People...Are Full of Themselves

Darren Fletcher, Everyday I Love you

Darren Giles, In Em...

Darren Giles, Reasons To Be Quiet

Darren J, Bluesman USA

Darren J., Back to Me

Darren Price, It Must Be Me!

Darryl Hill, Hootin The Blues

Daryl Davis, Greatest Hits

Daryl Hance, Hallowed Ground

darylectones, fools for love

darylectones, i heard the beating heart of the world

Darylectones, Of All The Things That Never Was

Darylectones, Sad Old Beautifulworld

Daunielle, Daunielle

Dav "Fathead" Davis, Second Chances

Dave Anthony, Starline Episode

Dave Bader, Pura Vida

Dave Bell, Feeling Blue

Dave Bell, Mixed Bag

Dave Blanco, Love Will Be Back (Trumpet Version)

Dave Braulick, A Thousand Horses

Dave Braulick, Sevens

Dave Channell, It`s A Hard Life

Dave Constantino Band, Bump In The Road

Dave Cross & Sue Cross, Songbook, Vol. 1

Dave Cross, Live at the Renaissance Cafe

Dave Duncan, I Don`t Know If Its True..but it Happened To Me

Dave Duncan, I'm Not Made of Stone

Dave D`angelico, The Blues According to Texas Son

Dave Ellis Blues Band, Long Time Gone

Dave Emmett, Dice With Aces

Dave Emmett, Restless Highway

Dave Ender, Everything for Christmas Blues

Dave Foraker and True Blue, Blues With A Message

Dave Foraker and True Blue, In All You Do

Dave Foraker, Thank The Lord

Dave Gee, Spectrum

Dave Gerard, The Zoomy Trail

Dave Greenwald, Rough Around the Edges

Dave Gross, Take The Gamble

Dave Hanlon's Cookbook, Hot & Sweet

Dave Hannon and Band, Blues Canon

Dave Hannon and the Solid Sinners, Solid Sinnin`

Dave Howard and the Highrollers, Sure Bet

Dave Hunt, Whiskey and Demons

Dave Keller, Play for Love

Dave Keyes, Right Here Right Now

Dave Keyes, Roots In The Blues

Dave Lambert, Broken Wings

Dave Lambert, Live at Piggy Blues

Dave Laycock, On That Train and Gone

Dave LeMieux and House of Soul, Long After We're Gone

Dave LeMieux and House of Soul, More Kindness

Dave Lennox, Before Beyond and Blue

Dave Lennox, Crosscut

Dave Luxton, Acoustic Artifacts, Vol. 1

Dave Mack, Return of the Mack

Dave Mell Blues Band, Rollin` Man

Dave Mell, Blues with a Feeling

Dave Miller Band, Blowing the Blues Away

Dave Mullany, Little Wonder

Dave Munkhoff, Amazing Grace

Dave Munkhoff, Dave Munkhoff

Dave Perkins, Deadline: Music From the Movie

Dave Perkins, Pistol City Holiness

Dave Plaehn, CrazyMan

Dave Rimelis, Jazz Is Just A Child Of The Blues

Dave Robinson, Beach Break 35

Dave Sadler, People Get Ready

Dave Sadler, Po Monkey

Dave Schmidt & Shot Down Blues Band, Shot Down By a Woman

Dave Shepley, Taste the tears

Dave Specter & Joel Frankel, Got the Bulls Game On

Dave Steffen Band, Second Wind

Dave Thrift Band, Feel the Wind

Dave Thrift, Do What You Want

Dave Thrift, Downtown Blues

Dave Thrift, Heatwave

Dave Thrift, I Love You

Dave Thrift, I Tried I Tried

Dave Thrift, Jazz Funk

Dave Thrift, New Color

Dave Thrift, Short Time

Dave Thrift, The Right Time

Dave Thrift, You Make My Day

Dave Tucker, Inductive Reasoning

Dave Wendelin, Deep in the Moonlight

Dave Widow and The Line Up, Waiting for the World to End

Dave Youngman, New Year's Day

Davey and the Blu Dog, Play Your Blues Away

Davey Pattison, Mississippi Nights

Davey Pattison, Pictures

David Aaron DeSoto, Hoo2: The Devil and Gasoline

David Allen Coe Junior, After Midnight

David Allen Coe Junior, I Thank You

David Allen Coe Junior, Pride and Joy(Texas Blues Rock)

David and Roselyn, Carnivale

David Anthony, The Other Side of The Black Hills

David Asman, 21st Century Nation

David Asman, From Blues to Insanity

David Batt, October Night

David Batt, Parallax

David Batt, Riptide

David Bennett Cohen, At the Piano

David Bennett Cohen, Cookin` With Cohen

David Bennett Cohen, In The Pocket

David Bentley, Last man Standing

David Blenkhorn & Sebastien Girardot, Way Down

David Bonderov, Dog Name Joe

David Bosier Project, Hollywood Sindrome (feat. Dan Johnson & Kevin Simnacher)

David Brewbaker, A Sign of Life

David Brinston, Back On Track

David Brinston, Mississippi Boy

David C Perreault, Test of Time

David Cedea±o, America United [remembering 911]

David Cooper, Just Something I Do

David Coppa & Scrapple, Make A Change

David Dover, Dover Soul

David Dover, Mississippi Mud

David Dover, Seal of Approval

David Elliott, Acoustic Soul

David Fisher, Music From The River Bend

David Gerald, Hell and Back

David Graybeard, One More Shot of Blues

David Hamburger, Wild Texas Weather - Music from the Motion Picture

David Harris, Normal Conversations

David Hay, Down in Belmont

David Hay, Wintersun

David Head, Brownie's Blues

David Hendley, Changes

David Hooper, Suspended in Dreams

David Hull Band, Out the Blue

David in the South, In France They Speak French

David Isam, Water

David J, Let's Dance

David James Heckmann, Half a Buck

David James, King Kong Blues/The Return of Rock N Roll Vol. 1

David James, King Kong Blues/The Return of Rock N Roll Vol. 2

David James, My Best

David James, Storm of the Century

David John Ricci, The Chameleon King

David Kasch, Changes In Time

David Kowal, Vital Organs

David Krull, Can`t Let Go

David Lee, Since Pangaea

David M'ore, From the other Side of the River

David Malachowski, The Secret Life of Colonel David

David Mark & Keith Hardin, Midnight Sunrise

David Marks, I Think About You Often

David Mauro, Throttle Up

David Maxwell & Otis Spann, Conversations in Blue

David Maxwell, Blues In Other Colors

David Maxwell, Maximum Blues Piano

David McCulloch, Tick Tock

David Michael Miller, Same Soil

David Munyon and Mary's Band, Meanwhile, Back in Japan

David Orbach & Lazer Lloyd, King Of Blues

David Papa, Shy

David Paulik, Here I Sit Alone

David Pinsky & Phil Newton, Over the Moon

David Polk Project, Almost Live (feat. John Blasucci, Bob Baglione, John Blasucci & Tim Seisser)

David Raitt and Jimmy Thackery, That`s It

David Ralston, The Lucidity of Insanity

David Ramsey, Listener

David Regan, Tu·Mul·Tu·Ous

David Reo, David Reo`s Greatest Hits - Volume 2

David Reo, David Reo`s Greatest Hits Volume 2 -REMASTERED

David Reo, Hell of a Guy

David Reo, Life Is Good

David Rex Quartet, Tour of Fate

David Senn, Dont Stop Now (feat. Robben Ford, Oscar Seaton & Hussain Jiffrey)

David Shelley & Bluestone, That's My Train

David Shelley & Bluestone, Trick Bag

David Sinclair & Keith Bennett, Alchemy

David Snyder, (almost) Live from the EazeOn Inn

David Stopp, The Number One Man

David Streeby, Tomorrows Become Yesterdays

David T & Friends, Bus Ride Rocks

David Tasse, Essence of Soul

David Tucker, Endangered

David Vidal, Everybody Loves Me But You

David Vidal, Nasty Habit

David Waddell & Hellbound Train, Lone Star Over Texas

David Watson, Shagpoke

David Wells, Blue Groove

David Wells, Blue Lover

David Williams, All Wrapped Up

David Woje, Hope Never Runs Dry

David Wright & the Wright Touch Horns, Mr. Cleanhead Funk

David Zee, Can`t Sit Still

David Zyle, Blue Christmas

David Zyle, Les Yeux Ouverts / Dream a Little Dream of Me (Radio Mix)

David, Bad Dog

David, Long Drive Home

David, Use The Blues

Davide Floreno, One Thursday Evening

Davide Mocini, Tè Della Sera

Davide Pannozzo, Blues in the Pocket, Vol.1 (Play Along With Real Musicians)

Davide Pannozzo, Blues in the Pocket,Vol.2(Play Along With Real Musicians)

Davide Pannozzo, Guitarlab (Blues Backing Tracks for Guitar)

Davis Coen, Can`t Get There From Here

Davis Coen, Ill Disposition

Davis Coen, Magnolia Land

Davis Raines, Mockingbird

Dawn 'n Blueclover, the Celtic Blues Project

Dawn Boudreau, Inhibition Free

Dawn Faith, Messed Up Heart

Dawn G. Crist, Thinkin'

Dawn Madsen, A Shoe and a Stone

Dawn O`Keefe Williams, Dawn O`Keefe Williams

Dawn Richey, The Life, the Legends, and the Lessons Learned

Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters, Voodoo You

Dawn Tyler Blues Project, Ten Dollar Dress

Daze of Blue, Not Too Late To Start Anew

Da` Twinky Man, Im N Love With A Crackhead

Dōjō, Road Trip

dc and the capitols, all night long

DC Riders, Good At Bein` Bad

DC3, The Chase

De Andersons, Blues För Fatumeh

De-U Records, De-U Records, Multiplication Hip Hop 675604660129

Deacon John, Deacon John`s Jump Blues: Music From The Film (CD)

Deacon Jones, Jonesen For Money

Deacon Jones, Makin Blues History

Dead Guy Blues, Cold Wind in Cleveland

Dead Guy Blues, Dead Guy Blues

Dead Guy Blues, I Can Be Your Buddy But I Can't Be Your Guy (Buddy Guy Blues)

Dead Tuna, Know You Rider

Deadwood (Blues), Halfway There

Deadwood (blues), In The Heartland

Dean Hall, Shed My Skin

Dean Reichert, Misty`s Joint

Deann Merchant, Shelter Dog (Helping Animals, One Song at a Time)

Deb Antari, Christmas Star Blues

Deb Brown, Deb Brown & Blonde Faith

Deb Callahan, Grace and Grit

Deb Callahan, If The Blues Had Wings

Deb Callahan, Tell It Like It Is

Deb Callahan, The Blue Pearl

Deb Seitz, Another Promise

Debbie Bond & The Trudats, That Thing Called Love

Debbie Bond, Hearts Are Wild

Debbie Hennessey, Please Come Home for Christmas

Debbie Henning, Shades of Blue

Debbie Henning, Still Burning

Debbie Liske, This I Know Is So

Debby, Broken Hearts and Guitars

Debe Gunn Song Sketches, Jazzscapes

Debie Robbins, Who`s To Say

Deborah Magone, Blues, Boogie, and More..........

Debra Farris Band, Blues Cat

Debra Farris Band, Gotcha Covered

Debra Farris, LIVE at Kraftbrau

Debra Hope Miller, Cat Walk Boogie and Blues

Debra Lyn Neufeld, Bootleg

Debra Lyn Neufeld, Lock Up Your Sons

Debra McCray Hill & Charles H. Hill, Fronting, Pt. 2

Dee Dee Williams, Music to Wine by

Dee Hodge, Slice O` Life

Dee Lavell, Mama Told Me

Deejay Gosper & The Hot Flush Blues Band, The Driver's Seat

Deejha Marie, Carpet Rde

Deelee Dubé, Rainy Day Blues

Deelee Dube, Rainy Day Blues (2014 Version)

Deena Chappell, The Continuing Story of Roses in Crazyland

Deena Goodman, Hard To Get To

Deep Tree Mantra, Passage

Deeper Blues, Dig The Hole

Deirdre Fellner and The Whole of Soul, Soul

Deja Blues, Killin` the Grass!

Deja Blues, Nothin' But The Groove

Del Rey & Suzy Thompson, Hen Party

Del Rey, Four and Six

Della Reese, Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues

Delmar Donnell, I Feel Your Pain

Delmondo Fox, Nothing You Choose to Do

Delta Joe Sanders, Another Saturday Night

Delta Moon, Howlin`

Delta R, He Knows Where the Bad Girls Live

Delta Roux, Dirty Shoes

Delta Roux, Only A Fool

Delta Wires, Take Off Your Pajamas - Live in S.F.

Delta Wires, them that`s got

Demargeo, Moon Sunday

Demetris Alce, Almost Frozen (Dubstep Remix)

Demian Band, Tattoo'd Fish

Demini, Junky 4 Ur Luv

Demonstrators, Hanukkah Blues

Demonstrators, Songwriter`s Choice

Dendee, I`ve got a feeling in my water.

Deni Rose & White Hot and Blue, Dirty Little Secrets

Denice Franke, Comfort

Denilson Big D Martins, Denilson Big D Martins

Denis Farley, Moodswing Woogie

Denis Mazhukov, Boogie Woogie

Denis Mazhukov, Rockin' All Day and Night (Radio Edit)

Denis Viel, Sunset Blues

Denise Dalmacchio, Até Quando

Denise LaSalle, This Real Woman

Dennis Bolten, The Full Rundown

Dennis Callanta, Bluzin` For You

Dennis Callanta, Still Bluzin` For You

Dennis Cavalier, Blue Orleans

Dennis Clifton, The Blues Highway

Dennis Darling, Standards & Blues I

Dennis Derby, Can You Spare Some Change Mate?

Dennis Dullea, Gwitar Player

Dennis Geyer, Fall In Love...Then Try Fallin' Out

Dennis Glen Avina, The Blue Side of My Soul

Dennis Gruenling & Richard Sleigh, Vol. I

Dennis Gruenling, Up All Night

Dennis Herrera Blues Band featuring Julie Long, Blues Well Done!

Dennis Herrera Blues Band, Livin' Life Not Worryin'

Dennis Jones, Falling Up

Dennis Jones, Passion For The Blues

Dennis Jones, Pleasure and Pain

Dennis King, Stinkin Dead Buffalo

Dennis M. Cooper, A Boy and His Harmonica

Dennis McClung Blues Band, Prisoner of the Blues

Dennis Taylor, Steppin' Up

Dennis Walker & Pete Herzog, Waiting for the Rain

Dennis Wels, Digging for Gold

Dennis Williams, Never Again

Denny Driscoll, Find Your Dance

Denny Newman, Is It Any Wonder

Denny Newman, LIva La Regulars

Denny Newman, Noah`s Great Rainbow

Denny Newman, Sleepwalking With You

Denton Perry, The Lights Are On

Derek Cooper and the Minis, Candies

Derek Cooper and the Minis, Cool Blast

Derek Cooper and the Minis, Groovin On

Derek Cooper and the Minis, Menlo Blues

Derek David, I'm At the Mercy of Your Love

Derek David, The House Is On Fire

Derek Gladding, Good Enough for You

Derrick "Hott Soss" Cummings, King Dingaling

Derrick Semler, It's the Blues (feat. Bubba Coon)

Des Kennedy Blues, Here Comes Trouble

Deserie, I Miss You So

Deserie, I Miss You So

Desert Dragon, Desolation

Desert Family Business, Put Me Over

Desi Valentine, Final Warning - EP

Designer Jam Tracks, Peach Jam Blues Vol. 1, Pt. 2 (Texas Boogie)

Designer Jam Tracks, Peach Jam Blues, Vol. 1

Desire Street, Going Down to New Orleans

DeSoto, To My #1 Fan

Detroit Frank DuMont, Live Blues

Detroit Slim and City Heat, Aces Kings and Fifi Queens

Deuce 'n a Quarter, Take the Journey

Devil's Hollow, See My Baby

Deville, Money Ages

Devils River, Dead Man`s Canyon

Devin Leigh, Music For the Sole

Devon Alves, Across That River

devon alves, four directions

Dexter Allen, Bluez Of My Soul

Dexter Allen, Bluezin` My Way

Dexter Allen, Coming Home to Mississippi

Dexter Allen, Trilogy of My Bluez

Dexter Carson, 911 We Won't Forget

DG Mattingley, 101 Del Ray Ave


Diablo's Horns, Burnin'!

Diamond Dac Charnley, Got These Blues

Diamond Dust, Diamond Dust

Diamond Joe Siddons, Smokin` In Public

Diamond Joe Siddons, Wasted Dayze And Twisted Nights

Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley, Blues Stories

Diana Cantu, You`re All I Ask

Diana Jacobs & Midnite Mood, Diana Jacobs and Midnite Mood

Diana Wolfe, Rutherglen Road

Diane Durrett, Chill

Diane Scanlon, Devotion

Diane Scanlon, Diane Scanlon

Diane Wollan, Never Too Late to Bloom

Dianne Nola, Queen Bee

Dianoh Wills, Put It in Writing

Dick Clark, Time After Time

Dick Hyman & Ken Peplowski, Dick Hyman & Ken Peplowski ...Live At the Kitano

Dick Siegel, Snap!

Dickie Manshatz, Urethane House Ball

Dicky James and the Blue Flames, Hard Rain

Dicky James and the Blue Flames, The Blues Taste Good

Dieci Corde, This Life

Diedra, Livin The Bluz

Diedra, Red Shoes

Diesel Dog, Year of the Dog

Diggin' Roots Band, Muddy Water

Dilpreet Bhatia, Rabba Es Dil Nu (Acoustic)

Dino Pazzanese, Misbehave

Dino Soldo, Long, Quiet Weekend

Dino, Reslo Point

Dionn Anzulovich, I Choose Hope

Dip Ferrell & The Truetones, Get Ready For the Truetones

Dirty Cello, Dirty Cello (Live)

Dirty Pesos, Whiskey Angel

Dirty York, Say Goodbye To Diamonds

Diunna Greenleaf, Trying to Hold On

Divas On Fire, Divas On Fire

Dixie Peach, Blues With Friends

Dixie Peach, Butta

Dizzy Blues Band, Time Is The Ruler

Dizzy G Gillespie, The Crossroads

DJ DX, This Is My Fight

DJ Gosper, Hot Flush Blues

Dj Speng, Just Imagine

DJ Zai, Futurist

DK Jones, Chasing Shades of Gray

DK Stewart, DK-4 "In The House

DK Stewart, Don`t Call Home

DL Franklin, Cloudy Days

DL Franklin, Hell to Pay

DLO, Let`s Get It On

Dobie Toms, Hold On

Doc Bell, Why Hurt Somebody

Doc Bowling and His Blues Professors, Black Country Boy

Doc Bowling and His Blues Professors, Down Home Blues

Doc Holloway, Doc

Doc MacLean, Narrow House

Doc Ryan, The Texas Blues Road Show

Doc Ventura, Box of Kenosis

Doc West with Lucky Lloyd, Made In The USA

DocRoc, Eggs y Tocino

Doctor Dupree, Oil City Hitmen

Doctor E and the Mississippi Voodoo Kings, The Doctor Is In

Doctor G & FunkFusion, Black Is Back, Again

Doctor G & Funkfusion, Save the Hotties

Doctor G & FunkFusion, Second Life

Doctor Mongo, Grease and Smoke

Doctor Nick and the Rollercoasters, Blues... Straight Ahead

Doctors and Their Guitars, Holiday Blues in Greens

Dog House Kitchen, Second Sight

Doghouse Daddies, Doghouse Daddies

Dogs Singing, Dogs Singing the Blues

Dogskin Suit, Diggin' Up the Yard

Dollar Bill and His One Mand Band, I Ain't Got But a Dollar

Dollar Bill, That Don't Worry Me

Dolly Rappaport, You Don't Know Me

Dom Turner & Ian Collard, Mama Says We're Crazy Too

Dominic Kearne, Buffalo

Don and Steve White, Daddy Bo

Don Baker, Almost illegal

Don Baker, Duckin` n Divin`

Don Baker, Miss You

Don Baker, Rain On The Wind

Don Brewer Blues Project, Voodoo Soul Blues

Don Carroll, "Who's Making Love"

Don Carroll, One of the Fortunate Few

Don Celenza, It`s In Here Somewhere

Don Cobb, A Heart As Big As Pittsburgh

Don Cobb, Big Top Baby (feat. David Schrader)

Don Dunn, Voices From Another Room

Don Edwards, The Music That God Give Me

Don Hall, Trailer Park Blues

Don Hoffman Bluz, Unfinished Business

Don Hooper, Mr Songman

Don Johnson, It Ain`t Easy Being Blue

Don Krametz, Say Goodbye

Don Latarski and Rue de Blues, Deep Play

Don Latarski, Don Latarski and Rue D`Acoustic

Don Leady, Hillbilly Boogie Surfin' Blues

Don Lee, Cold Cold World

Don Morrison, Waiting

Don Ohman, Auctioneer Cowboy Blues" Mac"

Don O`Brien, I Been Bamboozled

Don Ray Band, Lonesome Rider

Don Ray Band, On Top of the Heap

don scott, some other day

Don Shortt, Hula Girl (feat. Linda Maze & Kofi Baker)

Donald Endriss, Crazy Mojo

Donald Primer, 30 Years of Foreplay

Donald Ray Johnson, It's Time

Donald Ray Johnson, Travelin` Man

Donald Robinson, Without Love (There is Nothing)

Donald Rubinstein, Time Again .

Doni Harvey, Deeper Into the Blues

Donna Hall, It`s Never Too Late

Donna Herula, The Moon Is Rising: Songs of Robert Nighthawk

Donna Hopkins Band, Donna Hopkins Band Live

Donna Hopkins, Free To Go

donni and clout, monkey paw

Donnie McCormick, Invisible

Donnie V, Ain't Talkin' Religion

Donnie V, This Ain't Heaven Yet (feat. Jack Baum & Steve Rios)

Donny Snow, Thru My Eye

Donovan Mixon, We Play When We Play

Donovan Roberts, Are You Alone

Doomsayrz, Lost Souls

Dora Hall and Deluxe, Cruisin

Dorea, Part-time Lover - Single

Doris Spears, 9 Fold Muse--Blues For Grown Folks

doris spears, Doris Spears-The Duchess:Jazz and Juke Joints

Dorle & Band, Oktoberlicht

Doron Zor, A New Fusion

Doron Zor, Kongo S`qaure

Dorothy Guinn, Badshape (Live at the Edge Memphis)

Dorothy Moore, I`m Doing Alright

Dorothy Moore, Please Come Home For Christmas

Dorothy Prince, Legendary Dorothy Prince Memories

Dosey Smith, Sitting in Silence

Doug Adair, Put It On That Donut There (Zombie Donut Burger Song)

Doug Adams & The Elastic Band, Cool Cat

Doug Adamz, Christmas Candy

Doug Adamz, National Steel

Doug Cannon, Go With the Flow

Doug Cash, Game Called Life

Doug Cash, Love Thicka Than Blood

Doug Cash, When We Were Here - Single

Doug Cash, When You Feel

Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones, Falling Through the Cracks

Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones, Double Down

Doug Duffey, Changin` Times

Doug Duffey, The Solo Sessions 1988-1992 Volume 1: Louisiana

Doug Ebert, Trials & Tribulations

Doug Gallob, Flesh Magnet

Doug Gibson, Post Card

Doug Hamblin Jan Fanucci, Doug Hamblin Jan Fanucci

Doug Hart, Reckless Life

Doug Hawes, Doin' The Blues

Doug Johns, Weed Card

Doug Krause, On A Roll - EP

Doug Legacy and The Donkey Biters, Sittin` On Top Of The World

Doug Munro, Loop-Mania!

Doug P. Lamb, grey

Doug Prescott Band, Karma & the Big Caboose

Doug Rodrigues, Unforgiven Stones

Doug Rott, The Night To Come

Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell Band, Beyond Blue

Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell Band, Defiant Ones

Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell Band, Feel Loved

Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell Band, Namaste!

Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell Band, The Love Project

Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell, Bankers

Doug Simmons and Glen Mitchell Band, Hellbound

Doug Smith, Smitty Blues

Doug Steigerwald, Three Months...

Doug Swindell, Big Blue Sky

Doug Voice, I`ve Come A Long Way

Doug Wamble, Rednecktelectual

Doug Warner, Sail Me Away

Doug White Quintet, Doug White Quintet Live At Tapeworks

Dougie Burns, California Cadillac

Douglas King, Bach And Blue: The Milwaukee Concert, Vol. 8

Douglas Watson R&B Revue, Broken Hearted Man

Douglas Watson R&B Revue, Broken Hearted Man

Dov Hammer, Going Deep

Dove and Boweevil, Getting Somewhere

Downriver Dan, Without You

Doxter S, Mister Ed

Doxter S, Stink

Doyle Tucker, Christmas Memories

Doyle Tucker, The Blues

Dr BenDix, Life Is A Rocky Road

Dr BenDix, White Lies

Dr Charlie, Prodigal Son

Dr Goodvibe, The New Bohemia

Dr Harp`s Medicine Band, Doctor, Write Me a Prescription for the Blues

Dr J, Black Cloud

Dr Pickup Blues Band, 3

Dr Zog, Growin' Up Wild In East Texas

Dr. Bob and the Cox-2 Inhibitors, A Whiter Shade of Blue

Dr. Bobby Rodriguez, Christmas Time Baby (feat. Barbara Morrison)

Dr. Buck & The Bluesbangers, Bluesbanged

Dr. Dion Carter, Evil People

Dr. Dion Carter, I Need Your Love

Dr. Dion Carter, On a Night Like This

Dr. Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio, Greatest Hits Volume 2

Dr. Fong and Friends, E Pluribus Bluezum

Dr. Fong, Nasty White Boy

Dr. Harpo & 2 the Moon, Fat Man

Dr. Harpo & 2 the Moon, On the Radio

Dr. Harpo & 2 the Moon, On the Radio

Dr. Harpo & 2 the Moon, On the Radio

Dr. Harpo & 2 the Moon, Toolbox

Dr. Ika, The City Blues

Dr. Joel Rudinow & Rude Notes Galore, The Ears Are On Strike

Dr. Joel Rudinow, On Your Way Down

Dr. Joel Rudinow, Rude Notes Galore

Dr. Jules and the ZydaBlues Revue, The Cure For The Common Blues

Dr. Lee and the Terminally Chill, Dr. Lee and the Terminally Chill

Dr. Norman and The Blues Specialists, Hurricane Blues

Dr. Phil & The Blues Concession, There's Something Going On!

Dr. Pickup, Georgia Skyline

Dr. Porkchop, I Got All The Blues

Dr. Prof. Leonard King, Extending the Language

Dr. Richard J. Strachan, Grown Folks Music

Dr. Rob Norman & The Blues Specialists, Skin

Dr. Rob Norman and The Blues Specialists, Florida Blues

Dr. Rob Norman and The Blues Specialists, Renaissance Man

Dr. Robert Koser, Good Lovin' Doctor

Dr. Slide, Slidin` By

Dr. Steve Kraemer and the Bluesicians, Money Don`t Hurt

Dr. Tom Butt, The Wonderful World of Dr. Butt

Dr. Waº, "Texas Blues" Project

Dr. Wu' & Friends, An Evening With Dr. Wu' and Friends: Live from Texas (feat. Buddy Whittington Band)

Dr. Wu' and Friends, "Slow Rollin' Train" (Movie Version) [feat. Buddy Whittington]

Dr. Wu' and Friends, Hangin' With Dr. Wu': Texas Blues Project, Vol. 4

Dr. Wu' and Friends, Texas Blues Project Vol. 2

Dr. Wu` and Friends, "That Ain`t Right" (single)

Drawback Slim, Blues from the Wild West

Drawing Straws, As Luck Would Have It

Dre Mazzenga, EP

Dre Vanhaylen & Simly Danny, My Message to God (feat. Simply, Danny, Tashanne & Cody)

Dread Engine, Take Me to Church

Dreaming Bull, Dreaming Bull

Dred D. Scott, Trials and Tribulations

Dred Scott, Dyslexics

Dren Abazi, Mbret I Nates

Drew De Four, Bartillery

Drew Gibson, Letterbox

Drew Landry, Keep What`s Left

Drew Malcolm & Lindsey Walker, Prairie Nights

Drew Nelson, The Other Side

Drew Paralic, The Sweetest Crime

Drew Womack, Watermelon Willie

Drink Small, Blues Doctor: Live and Outrageous!

Drink Small, Living in a Barbecue World

Drink Small, Tryin` to Survive at 75

Drinkin' Hoppys, Domestic Jump Blues!!

Drivin' Dreams, Adventure Road

Dry Run, Spilt Milk

Drye & Drye, Open Letter

Duane Funk, Let's Go Bears!

Dubious Blues Trio, Dubious Blues Trio

Dud & 'Nem, Smooth Talking Woman

Duff Dorrough, If It Ain't One Thing It's Another

Duffy Bishop, Find Your Way Home

Dugan Thomas, Avante

Dugan Thomas, Sky High

Dugan Thomas, Treading Water

Duke And The Drivers, Check Your Bucket

Duke Jones, Catfish Reef

Duke Redford, Blame it on the Blues

Duke Sharp, Pickin After Midnight

Duke Street, On the Fly

Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio, Picks & Sticks (The Instrumental Album)

Duke Tumatoe and the All Star Frogs, Red Pepper Hot!

Duke Tumatoe, Greatest Hits, Volume One

Dull Boy Jack, Sweet Sassy

Duncan Cook, No-Chicken Blues - Single

Duncan Morrow & Delta Curve, Coming Home

Duncan Street, Baptized By the Blues

Dust & Chrome, Money in the Bank

Dust, Dust Raps the Blues

Dustbin Trolley, Lil` Blues Riff

Dustin Perkins Band, The Next Step

Dustin Schmidt, Demo - EP

Dusty & the RoboDrum, For Your Leather

Dusty Blue Socks, Mr. Snow Angel

Dusty Leer, Dusty`s Attic

Dwayna, Las Nubes de la Feria

Dwayne " Metronome" Nelson, Princess Natty

Dwight Edwards, Heart Of The Blues

Dwight Edwards, Out Of The Blue

Dwight Edwards, Rivers Of Blues

Dylan Charles and the Border Crossers, Scorpions, Sickles and Skyscrapers

Dylan Meek, Gregory Hutchinson & Ben Wolfe, And When

Dylan-Thomas Vance and Griff Bear, Live at Biddy McGraws

Dylan-Thomas Vance, Cowboy Soul and Country Blues Vol. 1

Dynagroove Allstars, Brand New Key

DynamoJump, DynamoJump Tear`n it up

Dynatones (featuring Charlie Musselwhite), Curtain Call

DZ, Is As Does

D`Normand, So Near So Far

E, Blues... A Healer

E, Five Long Years, A Tribute to Carey Bell

E, Mississippi Reminiscence

E, Southern Style: Blues Sessions

E. Jaye Brown, A Funky Good Time

Eagle Park Slim, Northwest Blues

Eagle Park Slim, Northwest Blues Volume 2 Back in School Again

Eagle Park Slim, Unplugged/Plugged In

Eardrumz, Pain

Earl Knightwood, Cocaine

Earl Knightwood, Pork Chop - Single

Earl Oliver and Friends, The Walkin` Blues Man!

EARL THOMAS, Introducing The Blues Ambassadors

Earl Thomas, Soulshine

Earl Thomas, Unplugged At Caffe Calabria

Earle Douglas, Slide Rule

Earma Thompson, Just In Time

Earnest "Guitar" Roy, Ain`t Going Down That Road by Myself

Earnest "Guitar" Roy, Going Down to Clarksdale

Earnest Ernie's Pan Fried Blues, Simmerin'

Earnest Stanberry JR, Memories of Yesteryear

Earopener, Catch the Starlight (Acoustic Version)

Earopener, Dien

Earth.Boy, Eclectic Circus

East River Blues Band, High Tide

Eastside Willy, Baby Boomer Blues

Ebben & Smit, Het Schip In!

Eblueshighway, Eblueshighway

Ecce Homo, Beginning

Eckhard Gerdes and Friends, Blues for Youse

Ed Alstrom, Gettin' Organ-ized

Ed Anderson, Kept

Ed Briggler, Atomic Heart

Ed Deane, 7

Ed Deane, Slideshow

Ed Du Bois, Pain and Gain - Retribution Song

Ed Earley Band, Going On Blue

Ed Earley Band, Raggedy Old Car Blues

Ed Jones, She's Out Tonight

Ed MC Dade, Radio Song

Ed Muirhead, Day Job

Ed Pierce, Jazz Guitar Blues

Ed Porkchop Meyer, I Got What You Need

Ed Rome, Day Release: Innocent Civilian, Pt. 2

Ed Rome, Play: Innocent Civilian Part 1

Ed Teja, Union City Blues

Ed Vadas, Eatin` Time

Eddie and Denise and the Good Time Band, Sexy Senior Citizen

Eddie B, Eddie B's Greasy Blues Bash / Got to Move

Eddie Charles, My Kansas City Blues

Eddie Cotton, Here I Come

Eddie Crowe, A Man`s Gotta Eat!

Eddie Hall, Texting

Eddie Hall, Texting Blues

Eddie Hall, Want Your Love

Eddie Kirkland, Booty Blues

Eddie M, Eddie M and Blueshound

Eddie Mathews and Maz, Blues (Backing Track) Vol. 3

Eddie Mathews and Maz, Blues (Backing Tracks)Vol. 4

Eddie Mathews and Maz, Shake Blues (Backing Tracks)

Eddie Matthews and Maz,

Eddie Matthews and Maz, Blues Backing Track Series

Eddie Matthews and Maz, Blues Backing Tracks

Eddie Matthews and Maz, Blues Jam Tracks, Vol. 2

Eddie Matthews and Maz, Jam Track Series: Blues Backing Tracks (All Slow)

Eddie Saylors, Daddy Can I Ride My Bike - Single

Eddie Seville, Cocaine Blues

Eddie Seymour, Eddie Seymour

Eddie Stash, The Ditch

Eddie Vuittonet and the Time Travelers, Beyond the Sea

Eddy and the Bluetones, Blues Departure

Eddy and the Bluetones, Blues Express (Extended Set)

Eddy Hughes, Red White and Blues

Eddy Shin, Grey Skies Clear

Eddy the Chief Clearwater, Soul Funky

Eden, Unwritten Guide

Edgar Lacey, Star Crazy

Edi Fenzl & Jörg Danielsen, Whiskey, Women & Jelly Beans

Edward Jenny, Blues in the Key of Peace

Edward Kibbee, Ellie B Bop

Edward Rekers, Red, White and Blue

Edward, Man on Stairs

Edward, Turn On To Me

Edwin Guitar, Edwin Guitar and the Zircon Encrusted Tweezers

Edwin Holt, Good Money After Bad - Single

Eeco Rijken Rapp, Boogielicious

Eef, All Rivers Run to the Sea

Eef, Bluesalicious

Eef, I Ain't Gonna Wait Forever

Eef, Life Without You

Eff & Timpo, Pete & Peet

EG Kight, A New Day

EG Kight, Come Into the Blues

EG Kight, Southern Comfort

EG Kight, Trouble

Ego Libido, Too Much Information

Eight Ball Down, Come Take A Ride

Eileen Howard, Blues in the Green Room

Eileen Joyce, Bluesman, A Tribute

Eileen Joyce, No More Blue Tears

Eileen Lagasse, Twisty2blue

Eisenhauer Band, Kashmir

Eisenhauer Band, Paint It Black

Eisenhauer Band, Under the Influence

El Chupacabra, Smooth

El Colonel, When It Rains

El Michael and the Moving Blues, One Good Vibe

El' Willie, Story Teller

Elad, Alias From An Alias

Elam McKnight and Keith Carter, The Last Country Store

Elam McKnight, Braid My Hair

Eldorado and the Ruckus, Planet of the Vampires II

Electric Alice, The Whore Called Civilization

Electric Church, Book of Life

Electrofied, Bad Case of the Blues

Electrofied, Sunday Morning Blues

Elephant Shelf, In Trouble again

Eli Westin, Freezer Burn

Eli Yamin & Evan Christopher, Louie's Dream

Eli Yamin Blues Band, A Healing Song

Eli Yamin Blues Band, I Feel So Glad

Elias Krell, Elias Krell & the No Good

Elisa Hale, Merry Christmas Baby (feat. Teddy Kumpel, Shawn Murray & Bob Stander)

Elisha St. James, Gensis

Elizabeth Carpenter, Emergency Love

Elizabeth Cunningham, MaevenSong

Elizabeth Seward, Gray

Elizabeth Zimmerman, Suspended

ella pennewell and julien vaught, color me beautiful

Ella Woods, Ella Sing's

Elle Casazza, For Your Pleasure

Ellen Sturm, Good Fate

Ellen Sturm, Movin On

Ellen Sturm, So Blue

Ellen Whyte and Reflex Blue, Different Point Of Blue

Ellen Whyte and Reflex Blue, Here and Gone

Ellen Whyte and Reflex Blue, Standing At The Sunrise

Ellen Whyte, Four Way Stop

Ellen, Gene & Jean, Take One

Ellie Leighton (author), Flame Of Love

Elliot Dyson and a Buncha Cool Cats, Rockin' Levi's Bar and Grill

Elliot Dyson, Can`t Stop Rockin`

Elliot Essman, Blues Cookbook

Elliot Sneider, Dusty Cover

Elliott And The Untouchables, Voodoo Stew

Elliott Chavers, Bad Mudda Strutta

Elliott Chavers, Elliott Chavers Christmas Party

Elliott Chavers, Elliott Chavers Performs The Music Of Louis Jordan

Elliott Chavers, Elliott Chavers...Live "Clef Club Jazz Festival Los Angeles"

Elliott Chavers, Elliott Chavers/Digital Download Only

Elliott Chavers, Soulful Sax Jazz and Blues

Elliott Sharp's Terraplane, Yellowman: A Play By Dael Orlandersmith (Original Score)

Ellise Steglinski and Thomas Swenson, Jazzy Blues/Bluesy Jazz

ELM, Saturday Sessions

Elmer Ferrer Band, Fango Dance

Elmo Parsley and Lio Safflower, Still Porchin`

Elnora and Sumpthin` Cookin`, Servin` Up The Blues and other delicacies

El` Willie, Situations

Em Drew, Gone Fishing

Emanuele Tucci, Sophisticated Sound Machine

Emerson Caruso Trio, Strange Times

Emilio & Los Bluzanos, The Blues Had a Baby...

Emilio Crixell, One Roadhouse Away

Emilio Festevez, Night At the Biltmore

Emily Dieffenbach, Breathe

Emily Dieffenbach, Code Blue

Emily Hurd, Potent One

Emily Hurd, The Barefoot Session

Emily Musolino, Emily Musolino

Emma Stevenson, For the Blueprints

Emma Wynters, Mississippi Madness

Emmanuel Rivera, Via Dolorosa

Emme Kemp, The New! Some One to Sing To

Emmett Wheatfall, Them Poetry Blues

emperor jones and the demolition crew, Heart-N-Soul

Empty Can Band, Still Alive

Endless Sounds Band, Variety Mix

Energy 2000, South Pacific Sunrise

Epic Tales In Time, The Passion

Equinox, Face the Music

Eran Troy Danner, LUCKY DAY

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore, Fat Daddy

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore, Music Café

Eric Ahlgrim, Written On

Eric and the Wreckage, Eric and the Wreckage

Eric Darnas, Living on a Lifeline

Eric Deaton, Gonna Be Trouble Here

Eric DiSanto, Drive Me Crazy

Eric Fontana and The Ultra Fine Reducers, Studies in R + B

Eric French & Mr. Hyde, Old City Blues

Eric Hanke, Factory Man

Eric James Band, Twisted Life

Eric Jerardi Band, Budweiser Presents

Eric Jerardi Band, Had Enough

Eric Jerardi Band, Restless

Eric Jerardi Band, Virtual Virtue

Eric Jerardi Band, Waukesha Blues Festival

Eric John Kaiser & Tisdass, Paris, Portland, Niamey

Eric John Sawyer, Peace Dove

Eric Madis, The Dues Will Never Be Paid in Full

Eric Madis, Wood, Wires & Bone

Eric Nelson, Bewilderbeast

Eric Noden Band, Solid Ground

Eric Patton, North Pole Blues

Eric Pierce Quintet, The Spill

Eric Quincy Tate, Thirty-Seven

Eric Sanders, Premature Evacuation

Eric Sanders, The Yearning Curve

Eric Stanglin and the Juke Joint Heroes, Whistling Past the Graveyard

Eric Steckel, Dismantle the Sun

Eric Steckel, The California Sessions

Eric Street Band, The Route to The Blues

Eric Tollefson, The Sum of Parts

Eric Tweed & The Devil's Advocate, Eric Tweed & The Devil's Advocate

Eric Two Scoops Moore, Big Buffet Combo Platter

Eric Two Scoops Moore, Clean Plate

Eric Weiler, New Day

Eric Williams, Doghouse

Erica Falls, Soul's Expression

Erica Townsend, Looking Forward from here

Erich Boboš Procházka & Marek Wolf, Diversion

Erick Hovey, Blues Farm

Erick Hovey, Prairie Dance Music

Erick Hovey, What You Blue About?

Erik Lamberth, Candlewood Blues

Erik Lamberth, Three Guitars

Erik Lee, Trial By Fire

Erik Trauner, A Scarecrow's Moan

Erik VanHorn, Brother`s Medicine

Erin & The Project, Erin & The Project

Erin Harkes Band, Posthaste

Erin Jaimes with John McVey and the Stumble, You Had to Go

Erin Jaimes, Soul Garden

Erin McCallum and Roadtrip, 5 A.M. Blues

Erin McCallum, Common Ground

Erin McCallum, Complicated Woman

Erin McCallum, Feel This

Erin McCallum, It's Time

Erin Smith, Swagger

Ernest McFadden, Five Aces

Ernesto Cevallos, Los Monigotes

Ernie Hawkins, Bluesified

Ernie Hawkins, Mean Little Poodle

Ernie Payne, coercion street

Ernie Vincent & The Top Notes, Party On the Bayou Live at D.B.A.

Ernie Vincent, Bayou Road Blues

Ernie Vincent, Louisiana Magic

Erwin Helfer Trio, Careless Love

Erwin Helfer, Erwin Helfer Way (feat. Barrelhouse Chuck, Bugs Cochran, Lou Marini, John Brumbach & Skinny Williams)

Erwin Helfer, I`m Not Hungry But I Like To Eat - Blues!

Eryn Shewell & Pat Ruh, Children At Play

Escelade, Escelade.

Esoteric Ramblers, Keg of Love

Essie The Blues Lady, Shape Up

Etta Britt, Etta Does Delbert

Eugene Morgan, Enough Is Enough!

Eugene Smiley, Sr., Heritage

Eugene Smiley, Sr., Legends

Eugene W. Hairston, A Musical Rainbow

Eunah Cho, I Get It Now

Eunel Nueva Era, El Mismo

Eunel, Alma de Carton

Evan Lipton, Karmic Shift

Even Steven Moore, The Official CD

Even Without It, The Stained Glass Mind EP

Everett Dennis, Songs from the Blues Radio

Evonne Rivera, What If

Exeter Blues Groove, Let It Flow

Exeter Blues, The Road and the Rail

EXIT 33, The Journey

Eye in Queue, Next In Line

Eye in Queue, Wait and See

Ezekiel Kelly, Joseph

Ezra Charles and The Works, Drive Time

Ezra Charles, Beaumont Boy

Ezra Charles, King of Texas Blues

Ezra Charles, Return Of The Radio Avengers

Ezra Charles, Texas-Style

F X Project, Bustin Out Live At The Cellar

F&G, Grease Up Yo' Strutt (feat. Edlene Hart)

fa poindexter, Refugee in a Cardboard Town

Fab, Incursions Ostentatoires

Fabrice Collette, Rouge Et Blues

Face The Music, Face The Music

Fade to Blue, In the Dark

Fade to Blues, Born With the Blues

Fairlady, Locals Only

Falisa Janaye, Can You Stand Up in It

FALL, Bloodrain

Fancy Dancers, Sex Camper Weekend

Fango Dumatt Gigerz, Vinile 2012-2014

Fantastic Negrito, A New Beginning

Fantastic Negrito, Fantastic Negrito EP

Farid Wahid, Traveller

Farlow-Kirch band, Alligator Crawl

Fat Paw, illusions of the west

Fatback Circus, Dark World

Fathead Davis, Paindrops

Faux Pas, Extra Cheese

Faye Patton, Dangerous Loving

Faye, Dreaming

Felix Cabrera, For Green

Felix Cabrera, Pressure Cooker

Fellowcraft, ... The Singles

Felonius Smith, Before That Rooster Crows

Felony Blues Band, Come`n Get it...while it`s Hot!

Fenzl Experience, Fenzl Experience

Ferguson & Fontaine, Portland Blues & Jazzz

Fernandez and Wright, Unsung

Fernando Jones, American Bluesman

Fernando Jones, Stranded

Fernando Jones, The Slaves Eat First

Fernando Noronha & Black Soul, Meet Yourself

Fernando Perez, Blues & Roots

Fernant Zeste, Drama

Festoonery, The Years Before...

Fiddlerick, Swing Shift (feat. Tawl Pawl)

Field of Kings, Dust on the Ground

Field of Kings, The Fishin' Blues (acoustic)

Fifi Smart, Only He

Fifth of Bourbon, Voodoo Woman

Fifty Dollar Dynasty, Prisoner EP

Filadelfo Castro, Blues Revelation: Blues Guitar Backing Track

Final Step Blues Band, Out The Door

Fingers DelRey, Hold Tight

Fingers DelRey, I'd Rather Be Up Than Down

Finn, 10 years old

Fire Band, Rhythm'n'Blues & Live

Firebird Smith, A Place in My Heart

Firebird Smith, River of Heartache

First Swede..., To Walk Around With a Fortune in the Brain

Fish Pierce & Friends, West Coast Sessions

Fistful of Bacon, Memphis Bound!

Fistful of Grits, Live from Ground Zero Blues Club

Flamethrowers Blues Band, Table Songs

Flat Broke Blues Band, FB3

Flat Broke Blues Band, Worth the Weight

Flat Top Reed, Junction

Flavio Paludetti, First Love

Flight 426, High Octane Hammond

Flint Westrock, Lovers and Heroes

Flo Dreyer Quintet, American All Girl Band In Quebec City, Canada

Flood Switch, Twitter Feed Me (Dance Version)

Flophouse, Get Loose

Floyd Braggs, Doing It Just For You (Brother of The Legendary Al TNT Braggs)

Floyd Brown, Raising Cane On the Bayou EP

Floyd Lee Band, Mean Blues

Fly Amero, Fly Solo

Fly Amero, Paint It Blue

Fo'Reel, Heavy Water

FOB Sound Company, Things Are Getting Ugly

Fogdan, Boogie Chillen

Follu Gee, My time has come

Fonograph, I'm Into Fonography

Ford Blues Band, Another Fine Day

Ford Giesbrecht, Phat Cat

Forest Marek Beutel, If You Label Me, You Negate Me

Forrest and Kaylon McDonald, Theres Nothing Wrong With Dreaming

Forrest Baldwin, God, Guns, and Firewater

Forrest Lee Jr., Mr. Classified

Forrest McDonald, A Decade of Blues

Forrest McDonald, Certified Blue

Four Finger Lid, Four Finger Lid

Four Man Band Team, Up In Lights

Fox Street All Stars, Welcome to Mighty Pleasin'

Foxy Blues, Sugar (Live)

Fragadagadagada, Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Fran & Paul Calo, Get the Blues

Fran May, Pink Blues

Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke, Restless

Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke, The Road That You Believe In

Fran McGillivray Band, Some Luck

Fran Mcintyre, Lucky In Love

Fran Swinn Trio, Every Dog

Franc Robert & The Boxcar Tourists, Goin Down to Florida

Franc Robert, 49x61

Franc Robert, Ride the Iron Road

Franc Robert, Why Do I Never Win?

Francesca De Fazi, Roman Blues Woman

Francesco Vinci and Bootleg Band, Boot Tip

Francis Quarter, Arthur

Francis Schulte, For-ever-more

Francis Schulte, Motoring Stars

Francisco Lam, Blues For You

Franco Esteve, iBoogie

Franco Morone, Miles of Blues

Franco-Sampedro, F S

Frank Ace, A Egg & A Biscuit

Frank Ace, It`s About Time

Frank Ace, Live In England

Frank Bey & Anthony Paule Band, Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday

Frank Bey & The Anthony Paule Band, Soul for Your Blues

Frank Bey, Blues in the Pocket

Frank Blackfield, No Class Blues

Frank Cane, 5 Years Is a Long Time Ago

Frank DeSalvo, The April Narrative

Frank DuMont, Let Me Be Frank

Frank French and Scott Kirby, Live in Concert

Frank Gomez, Under The Influence

Frank Greathouse, One Way Ticket

Frank Huskins, No Purchase Necessary

Frank Inscore, Heavenly

Frank Inscore, Robert Johnson (Just Played the Blues)

Frank James, Blank Pages

Frank Jurgens, Last Call At the Tiki Bar

Frank Lucas, American Bluester

Frank Maraday and Friends, Mixed Bag: Reminiscing With Old Friends

Frank McKinney, Gotta Get My Groove On Tonight

Frank O`Hagan, Another Day

Frank Piombo, Spooky

Frank Portolese, Plectrum Jazz Guitar Solos

Frank Raven Band, Chicago Breakdown

Frank Salvato, Blues On My Trail

Frank Salvato, Lookin' for Blues

Frank Schwinn, Songs of Hope, Desperation and Love

Frank Tanton, Blues You Could Use

Frank Tuma, Island Bars

Frank Varela, Grandma's Revenge (feat. Rick Marshall and Bob Laramie)

Frank, The Demonstration

Frankie and the Furters, Wheels Within Wheels

Frankie's Blues Thang, Frankie's Blues Thang Featuring: Cheryl Wilson

Franklin and Baytop, Searching for Frank

Franklin and Harpe, Doin` The Dozens

Franklin, Harpe and Usilton, Hokum Blues

Fred Canaglia e i Malinquenti, Malinquenti

Fred Christoffer, Amazed (feat. Lindsay Mazza)

Fred Gatchell, Second Life

Fred Gross, From Here To There

Fred Gross, Weathering the Storm

Fred Haas, Samantha's Blues

Fred Kaz, Change : The Album

Fred McDowell, Come and Found You Gone

Fred Sokolow, Night Owl

Fred X, Wonderful

Fred Yoder, Bitter Clinger

Fred-Ex, If You See K....

Freda Fry, Stormy Weather

freddy jr., Victim of Circumstance

Freddy Koella, Minimal

Freddy Pink, In Search of Blue Water

Frederick W Doerr IV, Jamie's Song

Fredrik Löfdahl, Creditcard Blues

Freebird, Freebird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Freedom 1, Fire

Freedom Kerl, Free Fallin

Freeloader Project, Getaway (Up Close and Personal) [Acoustic]

Freight Train Deluxe, Women, Music And Trucks

Fresh Goat, About You

Frets Nirvana, Life is Too Short for One Groove

Freya Roy, Tomorrow

Friar's Point & Bev Conklin, Live At Sun Studios

Friedrich Zur Heide, Blues Boogie Ballads

Friendben, Reluctant Conversation

Friendben, Women are like Snowflakes - Single

Frikus and the Hooligans, Good Thing

Frode Larsen/larsen`s Last Chance, Hard Luck and Trouble

Front Porch Swing, The Back Room Sessions, Vol.1

Frustrerte Fedre, Mørket

Fruteland Jackson, Fruteland Jackson Is All I Crave

Fulton Glass, Where Did I Go Wrong?

Fulvia Consuelo, Bluesomenada

Funkdawgs- World's first Virtual Jazz Group!, Dawg tracks

Funky Blu Roots, Barn Burnin' Live

Funky Blues Messiahs, Reverend P.P.Pettibones Traveling Tent Revival

Funky Butt Brass Band, Cut The Body Loose

Fuzzz, Fuzzz

Fynne, Day and Night EP

G Soul, G Soul

G'Jai, I Got The Blues… All Because of You

G's, Meeting

G. J. Lingus, ACES DOWN

G. J. Lingus, Hanging Around

G. J. Lingus, Riding Through the Blues

G.S. MacLeod and MacLeod 9, After the war with Hannelore - A Berliner war child`s testimony 1945 to 1982

Gabe Ford, Gabe Ford

Gabe Morales, Gabe Morales and Friends

Gabe Soriano, Demo 2005

Gabriel Delta, Brothers

Gabriel, Still Remains

Gabysan, Devenir

Gaetano Letizia & The Underworld Blues Band, Voodoo Doll and Other Blues Lessons

Gail Jo and the Criminals of Love, Appointment With The Blues

Gail Muldrow, Cleen Spirit

Galaxy Whales, Hesitation Blues

Gallery Circus, Hollywood Drip

Gallery Circus, Supercell

Gang Chen, Your Eyes Have Told Me Everything (Instrumental Version)

Garland Burnette and the Cinders, Big Dog

Garland Dance Jr, When It Rains

Garneau, Road With No Signs

Garr1son, After Hours

Garr1son, Such Is Life

Garrett Mason, Love and Sound

Garrett Morris, Black Creole Chronicles

Garrison, My Empty Room

Garry Cogdell, Over the Years

Garry Cogdell, What's a 45: 001

Garry Gust, A Sole Full of Blues

Garry Meziere, Born with the Blues

Garth Webber, Get A Grip On The Blues

Gary Applegate, Gray On Gray

Gary Black, Eclectic Conversion

Gary Brooks, Lost in the Shuffle

Gary Brown, Loves From The Heart

Gary Brown, More Love

Gary Cavico, Spillin' My Guts

Gary Dean Smith, Backbone Sessions #1

Gary DeBerry, Time Out

Gary DeCarlo & Steam, Kiss Him Goodbye

Gary Decarlo, Hot Stuff (feat. Steam)

Gary Fletcher, In Solitary

Gary Gordon, I Live the Life I Love

Gary Gramolini, MMXII

Gary Graves, Till the End of All Time

Gary Gray with Funky Blues, Beautiful EVIL

Gary Gray, Gotta Have Love

Gary Hall, Winning Ways On Losing Streaks

Gary Hendrick Experiment, All Because of You

Gary Kendall, Dusty and Pearl

Gary Lee Wingard, Hangin' With You Blues (feat. Donna McGee, Rob Peck, Josh Salestrom, Alex Loach, Ty Cowell & Ivan Smith)

Gary Lomax, Gazzertunes

Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot, Playin' With Fire

Gary Mendoza Band, Keep `em Dancin` - Live at Mission Plaza

Gary Mitchell Gray, Grog The Boogieman

Gary Negbaur, Let me explain

Gary Nichols, Subject To Change

Gary Nicholson, The Sky Is Not The Limit

Gary Reed, Guitar - 1977

Gary Rex Tanner, Feel the Heat (feat. Mississippi Slim)

Gary Sellers, Soul Apparatus

Gary Sevelen & Ann Lau'ren, Dream

Gary Sevelen & Ann Lau'ren, Streets of Love

Gary Shipley, Bustin Out

Gary Sizemore, Each Passing Day

Gary Small, The Coyote` Bros., Blues From the Coyote`

Gary Smith, David Barrett & Aki Kumar, It Takes Three

Gary Walters, Gary Walters Sings Classic Oldies

Gary Wayne Morris, How Do I Tell Her

Gas Wylde Band, Last Man Out

Gashouse Dave, Hot Rod

Gashouse Dave, Valhalla Rusted Shut

Gaslight District, GD

Gaslight District, Sleep Deprivation

Gaspo Harmônica, Doze Compassos De Blues

Gator and Mudcat, Back in the Game

Gavan Andersson, Youth in Asia

Gavlyn, No Reason (feat. Soul Scratch)

Gay Marshall, Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night

Gaye Adegbalola, Blues in All Flavors

Gaye Albright -Rock, Mountains

Gayla Drake Paul, Broken Blues

Gayle Wendell, Gayle Wendell's Christmas Arrangements

Geanie Stout, Geanie Stout

Geanie Stout, Love & Le Vin

Geezer Young, Hard Times - Live

Gema Pearl, Belle On Wheels

Gene Bush, Made In Mississippi

Gene Deer, Everybody Knows (The Blues Got Soul)

Gene Deer, Livin With the Blues

Gene Deer, Soul Tender

Gene Evaro Jr. & The Family, Deeper (Live Version)

Gene Evaro Jr., Keep On Happy

Gene Hamilton, Things That God Don't Like

Gene Mitchell and The Big Coconut Band, Tropical Jazz

Gene Walker, Holidays in Red

Generation Blues Experience, Private Angel

Genericpeople, Genericpeople

Geno Stroia II, Hoopie Do

Geno White, Rear View Forward Live

Gentlemen`s Blues Club, Shotgun Wedding

Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers, Little Big Men (Remastered)

Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers, Live at Guitars Across the Bay

Geoff Achison, Live At Burrinja Cafe

Geoff Achison, One Ticket, One Ride

Geoff Arsenault, Voodoo Baby Rattle

Geoff Aymar, The Trio, Vol. One

Geoff Aymar, The Trio, Vol. Two

Geoff Carne, For You

Geoff Carne, For You, V2

Geoff Hartwell, Hate To See You Go

Geoff Johnson, Silent Sam

Geoffrey Code, Slideways

George Breakfast, I'm Your Man

George Cahill, Hero

George Caldwell, My Baby She Gets Around

George Davies, The Gate

George Griffin, The Time Has Come

George Gritzbach, Whoa Yeah!

George Grosman, Water and Wine

George John Larson, Testosterone

George Kahn & Jazz & Blues Revue, Jazz & Blues Revue

George Kilby Jr & Phil Wiggins, You Never See the Hand Throw the Stone

George Kilby Jr, Road Dog`s Holiday

George Scherer, Scherersongs

George St. James, You Can Never Go Home

George Terry, Guitar Drive

George V Richards, GVR

George Washburne, Songs Written Before Bed

georgia possum, headlight suprise

Georgie Bonds, Sometimes I Wonder

Georgie Bonds, Stepping Into Time

Georgie Fisher, Playground

Gerard Maunick, Soul Kreol

Gerard Maunick, Voodoo Brew

Germanium Sky, Jumpin' On the Bed - Single

Germano Seggio, Life Box

Gerome Durham, Blues After Dark

Gerome Durham, I`m Not That Strong

Gerome Durham, Stepping Out

Gerry Barnum, Step On in

Gerry Dryden, Blues Today, Blues Tomorrow

Gerry Dryden, What Goes Around Comes Around

Gerry Hundt, Gerry Hundt's Legendary One-Man-Band

Gerry Hundt, Since Way Back

Gethsemane, Gethsemane

GG Amos, GG and The Magic Band "Gotts Ta Go"

ggdavies, Man of Straw

Ggdavies, Prayer of a Broken Man

Ggdavies, Prodigal Son

Ggdavies, Struggle

Ggdavies, what doesnt kill u...

Ghost Quartet, Ghost Quartet

Ghost Train, Below The Delta

Ghost Train, Delta Moon

Ghost Train, Hammer Ring

Gianfranco Ferri, Luce

gianfranco segatto, Drivin` by the blues ocean

Gianni Chiarello, Entwined

Giannis Vasiliadis, Prisnanie V Lybvi

Giannis Vasiliadis, Serdche Pokorila

Gilbert's Basement, Skin n Bones

Giles, blood from a stone

Giles, blue funk

Giles, coming home

GILES, Dancing With Dolores

Gin Mill Jane, No Rest for the Weary

Gina DeLuca, Angel with Dirty Wings

Ginger Corbett, Pure Blues

Ginger Pickett, Blues Picked Me

Ginger St. James, Tease

Ginni Clemmens, Underneath Hawaiian Skies

Gino Federici, Rough Joint

Giordano Grossi Quartet, Old Stories

Giordano Grossi Quartet, The Title Isn't Important

Giorgio Cordini and Reno Brandoni, Anema e Corde

Giovanina Bucci, The Road Home

Giovanni Pirozzi, Apples of Gold

Gitlo Lee, Comin Out the Hole

Giuseppe Piol, A Wrong Kind of Blues

Glass House, Long Way Down

Glass House, Turn Away

Glass House, Where I Belong

Glen Delpit, Been Here and Gone

Glen Doll, Los Angeles Blues

Glen Eddy Band, Fire Storm

Glen Fortinberry, Moment of Truth

Glen Keys, How2sratcha7year1tch (Limited Edition)

Glen Nelson, Down At the Landing Zone

Glendale One, Live At Asylum Artists

Glenn Cardier, Exiles From Eden

Glenn Cardier, Rattle The Cage

Glenn DeLaune, Road to Redemption

Glenn Gordon, I Can`t Live Like This

Glenn Hardy, Blue Shades

Glenn McDonald, Media Baby

Glenn Patrik, Mr. Blues Jr.

Glenn Patrik, Nuthin' But A Thang!

Glenn Patrik, Original Blues

Glennwood, Woody and Friends, HodgePodge

Global Karaoke, At Last (Karaoke Backing Track) [In the Style of Etta James]

Global Karaoke, You Know I'm No Good (In the Style of Amy Winehouse) [Karaoke Backing Track]

Gloria Thompson Rodgers, GLORIA

Gloria Thompson Rodgers, Liberated

Glow In the Sun, Glow In the Sun

Gnarlene and the Frisky Pigs, Party On Uranus

God Tiny, The Angel Headed Outsiders

Goffe Ness Brown, Black And White Album

Goffe Ness Brown, Blue Album

Going Barefoot, One Night

Gonstermachers, Gonstermachers

Good Friend, Like It or Not

Good Humor Band, Good Humor Band

Good Men & Thorough, Tensions

Good Rocking Sam, Luxury Life

Good Rocking Sam, Other Side of Time

good thing, good thing

Good2go, C'Mon

Goodness! Gracious!, Goodness! Gracious!

Googie, Faded Rainbow

Googie, Not any More

Googie, Own back on You

Gordon Bonham Blues Band, Notes from Underground

Gordon Bonham, Get Back Home

Gordon Bonham, Soon in the Morning

Goshorn Brothers, Live at Tommy`s

Grace Askew & The Black Market Goods, Self-Titled

Grace Askew, Scaredy Cat

Grace Lougen, Grace Blues Project

Grace, Grace

Gradual Taylor, All I Got for Christmas Was the Blues

Grady Champion, 2 Days Short of a Week

Grady Champion, Back In Mississippi (Live)

Grady Champion, Dreamin'

Grady Champion, Goin` Back Home

Grady Champion, Payin' for My Sins

Grady Champion, Shanachie Days

Grady Champion, Weight of the World (Unplugged)

Graham Greene, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Graham Guest, Relief

Graham Hine, You`ll Be Hearing From Me Real Soon

Graham Smith, Aki

Graham Smith, Now

Grahame Hedley, Mr Melody

Grant Cook, Live at the Hide-A-Way

Grant Dawson, Spellbound Way

Grant Dermody, Crossing That River

Grant Dermody, Sun Might Shine On Me

Grant Parker, The Vampire Gumshoe

Grant Sabin, Anthromusicology

Grant Tunbridge, Onwards And Upwards

Grant Van Leuven, RiverTown Warning

Gravel Road, Gravel Road

Graveyard BBQ, The Raw, the Rippin, & the Righteous

Graveyard Jackson, A Cold Day in Hell

Gravity is the Enemy, Newton - EP

Gray Gregson, Live From Austin

Great Swamp Blues Band, Come Together

Green Sunshine, Soular Power

Greg Nagy, I Won't Give Up

Greg Allen, Get Ya Wood

Greg Allen, Sweet Lou

Greg Barker, Greg Barker and Highway 61

Greg Boerner, Prophetstown

Greg Boerner, Wishing Well

Greg Bowman, A Little Sexy`s Alright

Greg Bowman, Blue Roses

Greg Burgess, Brother Blues and Me

Greg Cooper, Cousin Harrison

Greg Cooper, Quartricity

Greg Cross, North Dakota

Greg Guitarska, Cold Cold Day

Greg Hale Jones, Crossing the Willamette

Greg Hale Jones, Now There Is A Tree of Ghosts

Greg Izor & the Box Kickers, Close to Home

Greg Jackson, Another Part of Life

Greg Jones Band, Featuring

Greg Koch Band, Plays Well With Others

Greg Koch, 4 Days in the South

Greg Lewis, Organ Monk: Uwo in the Black

Greg Lyon and the Hip Operation, Groovin'

Greg Mattern, Golden Days

Greg Nagy, Stranded

Greg Osgood, Let The DJ Turn Me On - Single

Greg Rosano, Feel the Blues

Greg Stephenson, Shades of Blue

Greg Trenouth, Feature Presentation

Greg Vincent, A Lovin' Woman

Greg Wood, Look At Her Dance

Gregg A. Smith, Forever Young (Single version) [feat. Bobby Rush & Lucky Peterson & Carl Marshall]

Gregg Giarelis, Five Years of Trouble

Gregg Kingsolver, Official SPUD Music

Gregg Smith, Forbidden Fruit

Gregg Wright, King of the Rockin' Blues!

Gregg Wright, Lightning Strike!!!

Gregor Hilden & Bluesnight Band, Greg's Bluesnight (Live in Concert)

Gregor Hilden, Guitar DeLuxe (2006 New Edition with over 30 min. Bonus Tracks and High End remastered)

Gretchen and the Pickpockets, Gretchen and the Pickpockets

Gretchen Troop Band, Live at Blues & Greens

greydog, midlife crisis

Greyhound George, All You Can Eat!

Greyhound George, Delta Dog

Griffanzo, Dubya Speak

Grimshaw, Diddlin'

Grimy Diner, Songs from Winterfearon

Grittlesnakes, Kingdom of Dissent

Grittlesnakes, Out from Under

Groove Corporation, Record Prophets

Groove Doctors, Highlife

Groove Kings, Blood Red

Groove Witness, Wandering Soul

Ground Score Willie, Misery

Grubstake, Ghosts of Arkadelphia

Grunky Funk, Sundown Blues

Grunky Funk, The Year of Defeat

Grup 74, Din Nou Impreuna

Gtr Gyro, The Far-Out Sounds of the Fretless Guitar

Guano, Bat Out Of Smell

Guernica, Bridges Burn

Guillermo Sevilla, A Life On the Street

Guillermo Sevilla, Did My Best

Guillermo Sevilla, Paradise Lie

Guitar Backing Tracks, Blues Backing Tracks

Guitar Bob, Kids On the Move

Guitar Dan, That's It Baby

Guitar Gene Reuscher, Al and Kevin

Guitar Jack, Losin` Hand

Guitar Jack, Private Tears

Guitar Mikey And The Real Thing, Jam Zero I


Guitar Player, Rhythm Of The Blues

Guitar Red, Don`t Forget The Love

Guitar Slim Jr., Nothing Nice

Guitarbo', Heavy Love

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Blues Essentials (Backing Tracks)

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Blues Extended Package (Backing Tracks)

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Blues, Vol. 1

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Blues, Vol.2 (Backing Tracks)

Guitarteamnl Jam Track Team, Jam Tracks for Guitar: Smooth Blues

Guitarworks, House of the Rising Sun - Single

Gunn, Resonance Road

Gunter Stern, Without You Is Without Love

Guru, Guru

Gus Collins, Soul Social

Gus Geeter, I'm Tired of Being Alone

Gus McKay, All About Flight

Gus McKay, Grinn

Gus Stagg, New Songs For Old Souls

Gus Stagg, Recipe For the Blues

Guss Wright, After Everything

Guy Cardinal, Images Mentales

Guy Davis, The Adventures of Fishy Waters: in Bed With the Blues

Guy King, I Am Who I Am and It Is What It Is

Guy King, Livin` It

Guy Milan, Sundowner

Guy Schwartz, Flying Solo Over Bong Island Sound

Gyle Waddy, Since I Fell for You (The Eclectic Album, Vol. II)

Gypsy and the Night Riders, Highway 40 Blues

Gypsy Mobile, All Over Town

Gypsycabco, The Sydney Augmental

H-Town Jukes, Long Time Comin'

H.G. Hustla, Hustlin Ass Ni**a

H.G. Hustla, Ran Out of Game to Spit

H00doo Wax, Midnight Stories

Hadden Sayers Band, Hadden Sayers Band

Hadden Sayers, Retrofutura

Hagalicious, Ides of March

Hai Yen Truong, Live in Studio - Acoustic Version

Hailey Niswanger, The Keeper

HAK, Greg Minds Think Alike

HAK, In Too Deep

Hal Newman & The Mystics of Time, America's Party Band

Halengray, Rough Charm

Hall, Crosswell & Huston, Forever Triangle

Hambone, Elizabeth Rose

Hambone, Lightning In My Hands

Hamhock and Slide, Cracker Blues

Hamilton Loomis, A Woman Like You

Hamilton Loomis, Build Me A Castle

Hamilton Loomis, Live In England

Hampton Duo, Hampton Duo

Hands Down South, Blues, Boogie & Honky Tonk

Hania Yiska, Don't Give Up On Love

Hank and Nick, the vegas tapes

Hank Donahue, Another Phase

Hank Donahue, Next Level Vol.1

Hank Mowery, Account to Me

Hank Shreve Band, Loosen Up

Hank Smith, Dreams

Hank Stone, Until I Saw That Train

Hannah Williams, Bare Bones

Hannah, On My Own

Hannes Otahal, Boogie Woogie Walker

Hans Annellsson & Mats Öberg, En Kvinna I Gränna

Hans Olson, Best Of -Volume 2

Hans York, Heard or Herded?

Hard Bargain, Hard Bargain

Hard Bargain, More Than You Bargained For

Hard Luck blues band, Unfinished business

Hard Luck Blues Band, World of trouble

Hard of Working, I Hate My Job

Hard Pushin` Papa, Hard Pushin` Papa

Hard Tymz, The Power of the Blues

Hard Tymz, Thinking About You

Hardline Blues Band, Nowhere Left to Run

Harley White Jr Orchestra, Cupcake

Harmonic Tribe, THe Awakening

Harmonica Buzz, Long Way to Memphis

Harmonica Hinds, Anything if I could

Harmonica Hinds, Harmonica Hinds-Finally

Harmonica Hinds, The single is titled " Walking down the Street"

Harmonica Willy, Finger Lickin` Good

Harmonicadave, Chicago Blues

Harmony Theresa Kiefer, I Don't Care

Harold "Jukebox" Robinson, Chapter Two

Harper & Motor City Josh, Bare Bones

Harper, Red Velvet Cake

Harpoon, Harpoon

Harrington Brothers, Shades of Blue

Harrison Brown, Ain't Goin' My Way

Harry Athanass, Blues Licks

Harry Athanass, Funky Stuff

Harry Knickerbocker, I See the Circus Passing

Harry Knickerbocker, Stolen By a Smile

Harry White, The Hits Of Harry White

Harvey Band, Harvey Band Jazz

Harvey Charles, False Profits, Love, & Border Towns

Harvey Charles, Here and Now

Harvey Charles, Only Thing I'll Ever Miss

Harvey Reid, Blues and Branches

Hassell Thomas and the Redwood Band, The Last Ride

Hatchetmen, Tight Black Dress

Hattie Wilcox, Red Bird Tattoo

Havana Malibu, Black Boy Dream

Hayley Dees & Michael Dees, Hell...It's Christmas

Haywood Gregory & Jeanne C. Gregory, Shadez of Da Bluz

Hazel Miller, I`m Still Looking

Hazy Lazy, Blue Balls Blues

Ha¶ka¤lla Bluesgrupp, Ha¶ka¤lla Bluesgrupp, Happy Birthday Funk

Heart 2 Heart Band, Mind Your Business

Heartflight, Bittersweet Mixed Emotions

Heather "Lil' Mama" Hardy, Get Out of the Road

Heather & Marty, Back to Me and You

Heather Luttrell and the Possumden, Boatpaddle

Heather Luttrell, Live From the Kirkwood Public House

Heather O'Neill, A Feminist Manifesto

Heather Whaley, Steppin' Out

HeatherSong, Lost My Destination

Hector Qirko, Field Notes

Heet `N` Koolin` Sistm, It Grows On You

Heggen, Maass & Pertiet,

Heidi Siegell, Growth Spurt Grumpies

Heinrich Ma¼ller, Chain of Pearls

Helen Mead, I`m Dreamin`

Helena Nerone, Left Hook

Hellboppers, Hellectricity?

Hell`s Kitchen, City Streets

Hennessy Blues Band, Carpenter Blues

Henning Taylor Band, At Journey's End

Henry Bloomfield, Henry Bloomfield

Henry Carpaneto, Voodoo Boogie

Henry Cooper, Autumatic Trouble

Henry Cooper, The Gin Years

Henry Correy and The Correydors, Heat Of The Moment

Henry Correy, Self Made Man

henry oden, henry oden

Herb Lacy, Best of Herb Lacy

Herbie D and the Dangermen, Dangerous With Blues

Herby & the Mudcats, Gimme Coffee!

Herd of Blues, Heavy Tracks

Herman Bennett, Pay Attention

Herman Matthews, Home At Last

Hermann Posch, Stephan Rausch & Peter Müller, Dove House Blues

Hermon Hitson, I Should Have Kept My Big Mouth Closed

Hero Campaign, Seasons

Hey Gringo, Funky Car

Hey Gringo, I Was There

Hey Moist!, T-Bone Shuffle

Hi Tide Harris, Too Good To Be True

Highway 61, Long Way from Home

Hilary Kuhlmey, Sing Loud

Hillstomp, Darker the Night

Hilton Ruiz, A New York Story

Hip Pocket, Kicked Back

Hipps N Ricco, Liquor & Smoke

Hipps N Ricco, MudStomp

Hipps-N-Ricco, Commit 2 Groove

Hiromi Motomiya, Breath

Hiromu, Radical Fable

Hitman Blues Band, Angel In The Shadows

Hitman Blues Band, Blooztown

Hitman Blues Band, Live At Stonybrook University

Hitman Blues Band, Pale Rider

Hjortur, Basic Road

Hodgson Lee Project, Live From The Athens Theatre

Hold On Photon, Everything Depends

Hold Tight, Standards and Deviations

Holden, Holden

Hollow Vibe, Everyone Needs a 'lil' Bit of Loving

Holly and Jon, 1929: The Summit Sessions

Holly Benton, Real

Holly Kane, Another Night in the City - Single

Holly Roberds, Crystal Ball

Holly Roberds, Merry Melodies

Home By Midnight, Doing Alright

Home By Midnight, Heart Like A Diamond

Home By Midnight, Lost Baggage

Home By Midnight, Rockin' Down the House

Home By Midnight, Uncle Eddie's Blues

HOMEBOY and THE COL featuring Cecil Homeboy Lyde, I`LL MAKE IT ON MY OWN

Homeless Betty, Not Quite Live Blues

Homeless Bluez Band, Smokin Bluez From The Heart

Homemade Jamz Blues Band, Mississippi Hill Country

Hometown Glow, Hometown Glow (Self-Titled)

Honey & the 45s, Mad

Honey Davis, Prince Of The Blues

Honey Roy, 40 oz of Funk

Honey, Love Land

Honeybee Jackson, Death Steers the Train

Honeybee Jackson, Honeybee Jackson

Honeyboy and Boots, Mississippi Duo

Honeygene, A Beautiful Place to Get Lost

Honeytribe featuring Devon Allman, BOOTLEG : Live in Florida + bonus tracks

Hoodoo Papas, Past Due

Hoodygoode, Everything Burns

Hook Jaw Brown, Life I Lived

Hook Jaw Brown, My Best X

Hook Jaw Brown, Parking in L.A.

Hook jaw Brown, Pickin an a Fishin

Hook Jaw Brown, Time Will Tell

Hooka Hey, Untamed

Hookers On Stilts, Nobody Is Listening but Me

Hoppin' Mad, Hoppin' Mad

Hornbuckle, Virtue & Vice

Horoscop-Music, Taureau: Taurus: Tauro

Hoss & the Juggernauts, Hoss & the Juggernauts

Hossein Bayat Pour, ??? ???

Hot and Bothered, Moustache Song

Hot and Heavy, Under the Covers

Hot Cheeze Soup, Goodbye Lost Fly

Hot Club Sandwich, Live On The Verandah

Hot Monkey Love, Primate Blues

Hot Politics, Get Loose

Hot Souse, Say When

Hot Taco, Hot Taco

Hot Wire, You Messed Up (feat. Jeff Floyd)

Hound Dog, Recovery & Blues

House of Dues, Cross That Line

House of Tunes, Back to the Good Life (feat. Stephan Wilkinson & Jan De Bruijn)

House of Tunes, Just A Little jamming

Houston Jones, Queen of Yesterday

Howard Acoff Jr, Big Hearty

Howard Fishman, I Like You A Lot

Howard Levy's Acoustic Express, Time Capsules

Howard Wade, Leave the Blues Behind

Howlin' Dan and the Riondelics, 5 Lb. Hammer

Howlin' Dogma, American Music

Howlin` Bob, Turn Up The Guitar!

Howlin` For You

HP van Killrite, Passy Cemetery Blues

Hubert Emerson Ortis, Sahar Miller & The GroWiser Band, Old School Soul, Belize Style

Huckleberrys, Cold Black Sea

Huckleberrys, Huckleberrys Volume II

Hudu Rising Blues Band, Hudu Rising Blues Band

Hugh Feeley and Talk is Cheap, Cool Shoes Power Blues

Hunt for Hunter, Hunt for Hunter

Hunter & The Dirty Jacks, Mixed Company & the Midnight Hokum

Hurricane Jerry and Stormfront, Blues You Can't Disguise

Hurricane Ruth, The Power of the Blues...Feels Like a Hurricane

Hurricane Sam & the Hotshots, Once or Twice a Week

Hurshy Kalsi, All for You

Hydraulic Woman, Ouija Park

I Cospiratori, Scarecrows

I Reverendi, Wooden Boobs(The Secret Tale of Maury Zarsa)

I Tell You What, What Would You Do?

Iain Hearfield, Nouveau Noir

Iain Hearfield, Nouveau Noir 2: Hardbacque

Iain Hearfield, Red

Iain Mclennan, Faith

Ian Howells, Blue Balls

Ian McFeron Band, A Long Way To Freedom

Ian Miller, Ian Miller

Ian Petillo, Azure

Icepack Jackson, Bk2dabayou

Idlewilde, Full Throttle

Idyll Rigamarole, ...All of Life Is A Foreign Country...

If You Will, Shallowness for Hire

Ignition Overdrive, Ignition Overdrive

Igor Demeter, Dancing Planets Blues

Igor Prado Band, Watch Me Move!

Iheart, Iheart

IIJuicy, The Beginning

iKalvi, Music 4 Highways

Ike and Val Woods, Christmas, Chocolates and You

Ike and Val Woods, Spinnin` `Round and `Round

Ike Moriz, At Last

Ike Moriz, Forevermore

Illinois Payson, The Eccentric Country RandB of Illinois Payson

IMA, IMA-changes comin`

Imani Uzuri, Gathering

In Between October, In Between October

In Retrospect, Wanderlust

In the Pocket, I Got News!

Inadina Blues, Nothing to Hide

Indecision, Reservoir

Indiana, Remeber When We Held It Together

Indigo Riff, In Love With Love

Indra Aziz, Pembohong

Infamous Crow, Dreaming of a Breakup

Ingrid Gerdes, High Priestess

Inky Glass, Miss Fit

Inlyn Gruve, Hold On Baby

Inner City Bluez, Wild Bluez

Inner Gypsy, Past Lives of Somebody, Everybody & Nobody

Instrusaurus, Instrusaurus

Interstate Gypsies, The Impossible Road

Intrepid Adventurers, Cos' That's How We Do

Investigators, Trash Can Blues

Iquadro, Melancholic Dick Serenade

Ireedman, Throw Me Under the Bus (feat. Jack Jr.)

Iris, Adicta

Iron Horse Express, Blood On the Sand

Iron Horse Express, Play for Two

Iron Horse Express, Time Don't Mean Nothing to Me

Isaac and Blewett, Fingerprint

Isaac and Blewett, Redhead

Isaac Farr Trio, Blue Highway

Isaac Scott, Isaac Scott Posthumous Blues Live

Isaac Watts, Face Down in the Deep End...

Isaiah B Brunt, Nursery Rhyme Blues

Isaiah Campbell, Live At Hebrews Coffee

Isaiah Campbell, Tennessee (Live)

Island of Black and White, Ibw

Isreal Hagan, Stay On That Funk

Ist, From Here to Hear

Ist, Full Moon Beach

Ist, Full Moon Beach

Ist, Sticky Sweet

Itamar Ziegler, Itamar Ziegler

Ivana, Sticky

Ivas John Band, Street Music

Ivie, The Blue

Ivory Arrows, On the Way

Ivory West, David Stillson & Alexia Arias, Rollin in the Deep

Iyuhishi, we you they

Izzy Chait, Winds of Change

J A Forster, Blue

J A Forster, Blue Gas

J Edwards, LuLu's House

J Edwards, Whatcha` doin` ?

J Gilton, Zeus's Woodshed

J Hogan, Ark of Sound

J Houston Band, Year After Year

J R Clark and the All Star Blues Mob, When It All Comes Down

J R Clark, Icicles On My Ceiling

J-PO and the V.A.B, J-PO and the V.A.B.

J. Åsling Roots, The Stockholm Sessions (feat. Sven Zetterberg)

J. Hankins/Rene` Dawn, Revealing Hidden Treasures

J. Hansen, Give the Drummer Some

J. Harmony, All Gone

J. K. Rost, Lonely Avenue

J. K. Rost, Sarah's Blues

J. Klein, Path Thru the Low Tide

J. Lomheim, In Good Company

J. Randy Krauss, No Covers Allowed

J. T. Butler & The Horizon Blues Band, Baby I'm Just Window Shopping

J. T. Butler & The Horizon Blues Band, JT's Blues/Thank God I've Got the Blues

J. W. Smith, 24 Hours With Dr. FeelGood

J. Walsh, The Way You Groove

J.B. Kline, Belvidere Line

J.B., Birdsong (Gabe's song)

J.B.Kline, Music Mountain

J.C. Rico, First Offense

J.C. Smith Band, Defining Cool

J.C. Spires, DEEP

J.D. Arneson, Moving Forword

J.D. Slim, Slide Guitar Man

J.P. Reali, Bottle of Blooze

J.P. Reali, The Road to Mississippi

J.Sintoni, A Better Man

J.Sintoni, The Red Suit

J.t. Summertime, Blues Resurrection

J.T. Summertime, Boneyard II (Paying My Dues)

J.W. Smith, 24 Hours With Dr. Feelgood

Jacalyn Wilson, Something Deep

Jacinda Jones, Live In Tampa

Jack Butler, Drownin` in Crazy

Jack Edery & UltraSuede, Fried Chicken & Whiskey

Jack Evans, Spy Song

Jack Falk Project, 2015 Vacation

Jack Falk Project, 21st Century Blues

Jack Falk Project, Jack Falk Project 2014

Jack Falk Project, Theres a Guitar Party Going On

Jack Hadley, Deeper

Jack Hoban and Rogues on the run, Somethin`s Cookin`

Jack J Hutchinson, Flick the Switch

Jack Kelley, Against The Grain

Jack Law, Take a Second Glance

Jack Scholze, Kailua Bay

Jack Spade, Love in Vegas

Jack Strobel, Jumpin' Jack

Jack W/ The Permutations, Anthology Of A Northern-looking Southern Town

Jackie Gray, Gray Skies & Emerald Cities

Jackie Moonshine, The Walrus Revelations

Jackie Rogers, Ohh Somebody

Jackie Scott & The Housewreckers, How Much Woman Can You Stand

Jackie Venson, Rollin' On - EP

Jackie Venson, Texas Night

Jacks Last Dollar, II

Jacob Cummings, Hopeless Love Songs

Jacob Deaton, Tribulation

Jacob Haller, Circumstantial Evidence

Jacob Haller, Covers EP

Jacob Haller, Mistaken Identity

Jacob Haller, Time to Break Up the Band

Jacob Jones, Why

Jacob Jones, Yanki Boi

Jacob Levy, Love Playing the Blues

Jacquelene Ambrose, Then To Now - Rough Cuts

Jacques Van De Wal, The Heart Grows Fonder

Jade Jackson, Jade Jackson

Jade Jackson, Vintage Heart

Jaden Row, Equinox Blues

Jaden Row, Live At the Blue Moon

Jaime Macleod, Rain

Jaimi Faulkner, In My Fathers Boots

Jaiye Bynoe, Make That Change

Jake and Gate, I Got Your Back

Jake Curtis and the Loose Jacks, In My Kitchen

Jake Davis & the Whiskey Stones, Live & Learn

Jake Green Band, Jake Green Band live @ malmo festival 2011

Jake Hill, Nobody Loves Me

Jake Jewell, Lonely Nights

Jake La Botz, original soundtrack to my nightmare

Jam Along Tracks, Blues, Vol. 2 (Blues Backing Jam Track Play Alongs)

Jam Along Tracks, Blues, Vol.1 (Blues Backing Jam Track Play Alongs)

Jambandboozle, Carmen Mirandas Rights

Jamblasters, Living The Blues

Jambodians (Multi Artist), Jambodians

Jamell Richardson, Gulf Coast Blues Boy

James Armstrong, Blues At The Border

James Armstrong, Guitar Angels

James Bell, Sweet Candy Man

James Boogaloo Bolden, Playing To The King

James Booker, The Lost Paramount Tapes

James Boyd Johnson, Mile Post 12

James Britton, Cliché

James Buddy Rogers, My Guitar's My Only Friend

James Clem, Road's Gettin' Muddy

James Clem, Sugar Moon

James Covell, Execution

James Crouch, Lost Souls

James Crouch, Simple Complexities

James Crowley and the Top Hat Orchestra, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

James David Gabriel, Words In Blush

James Deborde, I've Got Jesus

James Delia( o}===;;;, A Blue Day`s Dawn

James Ferris Group, Out Back With the Dogs

James Funk Band, Got A Funny Feeling

James Goodwin, Back to Barrelhouse

James Goodwin, Blue-eyed Devil: Solo Blues Piano

James Grant Mythology, Indigo

James Grant, Blues Mythology

James Henderson, The Confession

James Howard, Electric Rain

James Howard, Live in Seattle, Vol. I

James J B Blues Broussard, Nickle's Worth of Blues

James Kennedy, Off The Record

James Kole, Paths of the Just

James Louis Reeves, My Other Life

James Medeiros, Christine

James Nelson, The Blues and Elsewhere

James O'Neill and the Silver Shadows, Take Back the Radio

James O'Neill and the Silver Shadows, The Coolest Spot in Town

James Patrick Gallagher, Piper's Plains

James Robert Davis, Ain't Life Funny

James Rogers, Wanna Go Home (Live)

James Spencer, Blue

James Swinamer, The Bikerway

James Thomas Band, The Courthouse and The Redemption

James Van Buren, From The Beginning

Jamiah On Fire & the Red Machine, Winners Never Quit

Jamie Bassett & R. Johnson, Hillbilly Hippies

Jamie Bluesboy Powell, Crazy

Jamie Eubanks, Am I Too Young To Play The Blues

Jamie Evans, Take Off (Acoustic)

Jamie Harper, Blue Smoke and Silver Lining

Jamie Holcombe, Anarchy Bureau

Jamie Jeffries, Whiskey Row

Jamie Lockhart, Songs for the Brave

Jammin Joe Buck, Anger Management

Jammin Joe Buck, Blues, Jazz & Funk 2012

Jammin Joe Buck, Careful Where You Stick It

Jammin Joe Buck, Feelin' Good

Jammin Joe Buck, Gettin' Down

Jammin Joe Buck, Lettin' Loose

Jammin Joe Buck, No Hurry

Jammin Joe Buck, Runaway Train

Jammin Joe Buck, Slow Cool Blues

Jammin Joe Buck, Stripper Serenade

Jammin Joe Buck, Tearin' It Up

Jammin Joe Buck, The Amazing 1 Man Groove Machine

Jamon, Take It as a Good Sign (feat. Jimmy Lewis & Mr. Slick)

Jan Celt, Lookie Tookie

Jan Fox, Kaleidoscope Dreams

Jan Hauenstein, Dreams and Nightmares

Jan James, Ring Around The Moon

Jan King and Medicine Ball, Things to Hide

Jan Spillane, 2nd Nature

Jan Spillane, gut feeling

Janae Rose, Lies

Janae Rose, Slimebag Pig

Janae Rose, Tea Party Jam

Jane Andrä, Righteous Woman

Jane Laws, Highway Heaven

Jane Lee, She's the Girl

Jane Lewis, Storm Blowin'

Janesville, Real Real Man

Janet Robin, Live in France

Janet Thompson, Good Girl Blues

Janet Walsh, Pinup Girl

Janet Z, Whisper

Janos Nagy, Janos Nagy in London (feat. Arnie Somogyi & Winston Clifford)

Jarred Wilen, Footsteps in the Atmosphere

Jarrett Fenlon, Blues and Soul

Jarrod Turner, The Uncivil War

Jasmine, I Won't Give Up On Love

Jason & Ginger, Jokerville

Jason Ager, Born to Surf

Jason Burnstick, Where the Blood Mixes

Jason Cooper, Trippin On Me

Jason Cooper, Trippin' On Me - Single

Jason Fickel & Ginger Curry, New - EP

Jason James, Hey Brother

Jason King Band, Blue Skies and Black Shoes

Jason Overton, Jason Overton

Jason P Yoder, Oh That Wall

Jason Prover & The Sneak Thievery Orchestra, Jason Prover and the Sneak Thievery Orchestra

Jason Ramsey, Move To Strike

Jason Ring, Patchwork

Jason Samuel, Abstract

Jason Samuel, Covenant Of Rainbows

Jason Schroeder, Wreckage

Jau Vau, Instruments

Javier & the Innocent Sons, Born to Ramble

Javier & The Innocent Sons, Lost in Loretto

Jawbone, dang blues

Jay Bowcott, Constant Rain

Jay Bradshaw, 12 Odd Bars

Jay Faires, Time

Jay Fraser, Sketches of a Renegade

Jay Gaunt, Harmonicopia

Jay Gordon and the Penetrators, Gold Rings Silver Bullets

Jay Gordon Band, White Heaven Powdered Black

Jay Gordon, Broadcasting The Blues

Jay Gordon, Live On The Sunset Strip No Quarter Given

Jay Gullo, The Blues Love Me

Jay Harden and Greenville, Yoller Innit

Jay Harden, Get Serious

Jay Marion, JazzyJay

Jay Purvis, Blues Maker

Jay River & Marga Sol, Be With Me

Jay Robinson, Blue Logic

Jay Scott, Life in a Hurry

Jay Stewart, Enjoy the Ride

Jay Willie Blues Band, Johnny's Juke Joint

Jay Willie Blues Band, New York Minute

Jay Willie Blues Band, Rumblin' and Slidin'

Jaydub and Dino, Eclectic Ain't No Cussword

Jayl, Rocky Road

Jazz Connection, Good Morning Judge

Jazz House Blues Band, Deep City Blues

Jazzmeat, Sessions At Martha Lake

Jazzy Blue the One Man Band, That Ain`t All I Wanna Say

Jazzy Jeff Baldori, No Genre

Jéricho, Le Septième Jour

JB Hendricks, Things That Make a Man Cheat

JC Dook, Creepin'

Jc Holmes Jr, The Limits

Jc3, Out in the Cold

Jealous Bone, I Ain't Superstitious

Jean McGowan, Itch

Jean Paul, Rock Out

Jean Roca, Shoot For the Moon

Jean Shy and The Real Climax Band Cologne, The Night Time Is The Right Time

Jean Shy, Blow Top Blues

Jean-Marc Belkadi, Just for the Fun

Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Rhythm Boogie

Jean-Pierre Klifa, Soldiers of Ashes

Jeanette Baker, Finally Make a Stand

Jeanne Lozier, Queen of your Dreams

Jeanne Page, Reboot

Jeannie Gagne, Must be Love

Jeanny Has Had a Nightmare, On Christmas

Jeanny Has Had a Nightmare, Treasures

Jed Sparks, It Is What It Is

Jed Sparks, Too Many Lies

Jeff James and His Blues Unit, Checking On My Baby

Jeff "Cadillac" Aker, New Mississippi Blues

Jeff Baird, Under the Wine Tree

Jeff Bell, Artisan Hands

Jeff Bell, Rome

Jeff Bell, Turned Every Screw

Jeff Bell, Wasted Hours (To Be Cont.)

Jeff Binkley, Kaleidoscope

Jeff Caponigro, Stormy Monday

Jeff Chapman, Big Jeff's Blues, Vol. 2

Jeff Chapman, Big Jeff`s Blues, Vol. 1

Jeff Daniels, Live At The Purple Rose

Jeff Denny Band, Stolen Heart

Jeff Frankel, Sometime In The A.M.

Jeff Gates Band, Colorblind Blues

Jeff Gladstone, Hell of a Girl

Jeff Hayman, Sir Chameleon

Jeff Howell, The Tree

Jeff James and His Blues Unit, Engine Baby

Jeff Jensen Band, Self Titled

Jeff Jensen, Morose Elephant

Jeff Kollman & Jeff Big Red Marshall, Electric Overload

Jeff Kollman, In the Hills of Granada

Jeff Kollman, Old Kentucky Thunder

Jeff Kollman, Waiting in Dark Places

Jeff Larson, Leeds Devil Blues

Jeff Laurain, Midnight Groove

Jeff Liberman Project, Jazz N' Blues

Jeff Liberman Project, Love Is Worth the Blues

Jeff Liberman, Fantasy

Jeff Liberman, Nothin' But the Blues

Jeff Lofton Quartet, Compared to What

Jeff Marrs Band, Marrs Attacks

Jeff Martini & the One Two Soul Revue, What You Didn't Say What You Didn't Do

Jeff Michaels, Long Live Texas Blues

Jeff Norwood, Awendaw

Jeff Palmer, Devin Garramone, John Abercrombie & Victor Lewis, Lovebirds

Jeff Philips & Tru Blu, First Church of Sin

Jeff Philips & Tru Blu, Something Wrong in My House

Jeff Plankenhorn, The Speed of Hope

Jeff Randall and the Sunday Best, Number One

Jeff Rosedale, String Theories

Jeff Sampson, Floating World

Jeff Saxon, Truthteller


Jeff Stone, 3 Faces of the Blues

Jeff Strahan, Blue 'til I Die

Jeff Strahan, Monkey Around

Jeff Turmes, Five Horses, Four Riders

Jeff Turmes, The Distance You Can Travel

Jeff Valdez, Spirits Of The Grass

Jeff Wagner, Halfhearted Woman

Jeff Williams & Sy Winnie, Soulful Holiday

Jeff Williams, Art and Emotion

Jeff Williams, Fuzzy Was A Bong Hit - Single

Jeff Wyatt, Heaven Knows

Jeff Wyatt, Mind the Time

Jeff Wyatt, Oh Holy Night

Jeff Wyatt, The Bullfrog Session (1994) [ Remastered]

Jefferson Goncalves, Conexa£o Nordeste “GRa‰IA AO VIVO”

Jefferson Goncalves, Gréia

Jeffrey L and Shirley, Daddy`s Girl

Jelly Jar, Currant Jelly

Jenda Derringer, Hot and Cool

Jeni Day, Three Cheers and a Tiger

Jeniblue, Scarlett Road

Jenn Cleary, Back to the Wheel

Jenn Cleary, Breakin' Loose

Jenna & Her Cool Friends, I'm What You Get

Jennie DeVoe, Radiator: The Bristol Sessions

Jennifer Cameron, Tell Me

Jennifer Hartswick, Ocean Floor

Jennifer Ligaya, Money

Jennifer Nichole Porter, 40 West (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jennifer Silverston & Armando Arce, Covers from Love

Jenny Gamble, Born Guilty

Jenny Johnson, Paint My Heart

Jenny Lee & The Hoodoomen, Pretty Gritty City

Jenny Swope, Fire & Gold - EP

Jeno L Sarzo, Ambergold Eyes

Jeno L Sarzo, In the Past

Jeno L Sarzo, Latin Blues

Jeno L Sarzo, Messing Around

Jeno L Sarzo, More Then Meets the Eye

Jeno L Sarzo, Seems Like

Jeno L Sarzo, Stare in to the Sun

Jeno L Sarzo, Tomorow Is a Mistery

Jens Hausmann, Back On the Track

Jerah Templo, Ikaw Lamang

Jeramy Norris Band, BluesMan

Jeremiah and the Red Eyes, Home

Jeremiah Jones, Chocolate Covered Hope

Jeremy Lyons and The Deltabilly Boys, Death Of A Street Singer

Jeremy Lyons, Make It Better

Jeremy Rourke, It's Strange The Things That Happen To Your Friends

Jeremy Vasquez and Ronnie Shellist: The Shuffletones, Chicago Sessions

Jerett Samples, Just Gotta Mean It

Jerome Clinton Thompson, JCT

Jerome Edmonson, Jerome Edmonson

Jerome Edmonson, The Blues Book

Jerome Godboo, Humdinger

Jerome Godboo, Rooting Out My Devils

Jerónimo Jonás, Medicine Guitar Fusion

Jerry and the StageHogs, Jerry and the StageHogs

Jerry Bolduc, Black Wolf

Jerry Brown, You Are Thunder

Jerry Ferguson, True Blues

Jerry Forney, Hard To Catch

Jerry Forney, Midnight On the Water

Jerry Green, Do that to me Baby

Jerry Harris, Oprah Winfrey The Legend

Jerry Jakala, Audio Mobile(New Edition)

Jerry Jemmott & Souler Energy, Feel This

Jerry Johnson, Right Now

Jerry Johnson, Show me some action

Jerry Mack and the Terraplanes, She Loves Me (Live Version)

Jerry Mack and the Terraplanes, Well Tuned

Jerry McCann, What it Is & What it Was

Jerry Michelsen Trio, I Cried Last Night

Jerry Vivino, Brian Charette, Bob Devos & Andy Sanesi, Back East

Jerry Zollman & Troy Seele, Unplugged

Jersey Slim, Tattooed White Trash

Jersey`s Talkin, Jersey`s Talkin - Live

Jesse Anderson, Funk N Blues

Jesse B, Blues at 9 Oh Clock

Jesse Braswell, Lottery Game

Jesse Braswell, Prince of Peace (A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.)

Jesse Braswell, Shake It Mrs. Claus

Jesse Byers, Reflections of Things to Come

Jesse Gagnon, At Camp

Jesse Garland, Without Change

Jesse Giles, Dear Santa, I Need a Job

Jesse Giles, Where I`ve Been

Jesse Graham, Soul Music 101

Jesse Grimes, The Passage (Live at Beachwood, 8-14-11)

Jesse Holmz, Cabin Fever

Jesse James, EP 2012

Jesse Meade, Jesse Meade

Jesse Meade, Soul Helps

Jesse Noll, Till the Bottom Hits the Ground

Jesse Rivest, Seventeen Oh-Two Oh-Six

Jesse Robinson, Stray Star

Jesse Scinto and Big Jay McNeely, The Clutch

Jesse Sublett, Girl from Armageddon

Jesse Yawn, Forever More

Jesse Yawn, Tired of Sleeping By Myself

Jessica Marie Porter, When We Last Kissed

Jessica Paige, You and Your Brother

Jessica Pyrdsa, Whistler's Daughter

Jessica Riippa, Calm My Nerves

Jessica Roemischer, Haven

Jessie Clay, All I Want Is My Wife to Come Home

Jesus Hooligan's Vein, A Little Bit of Sweat

Jet Black Pearl, A Little Song

Jet Black Pearl, Slug Song

Jeter Jones, The Cowboy Slide

Jethro Clarke, Short of the Mark

Jewel Stone Prophets, Jewel Stone Prophets

JHL, Mysticgumbo

Jill Newman, Lovestruck Blues

Jill Sharpe, Pet My Kitty

Jill Sissel, Tell the Truth

Jill Wickham, Burn, Baby, Burn

Jim Almand, Between the Lines

Jim Almand, Dancing in the Church

Jim Almand, Going Home

Jim Almand, If I Could Sing Your Blues

Jim Almand, Live At 'el Meson (Live)

Jim and the Extra Terrestrials, Sand

Jim Bennett, Jim Bennett (Still in the Game)

Jim Buettner, Cold

Jim Cheval, My Love Is Quiet

Jim Condie, Distant Cousins

Jim Diggett Sr., Guitar Strings and Other Things (Remastered)

Jim Doval and The Gauchos, Real...Good `N Bad

Jim Faupel, Reinventing the Wheel

Jim Foster, 6 Foot Ladder

Jim Glass Blues Band, Liquid Glass

Jim Gustin and Truth Jones, Can't Shed a Tear

Jim Hayes Band, Amazing Years

Jim Henman, Shame Shame Boogie (feat. Myles Goodwyn)

Jim Hobson, The River's Invitation

Jim Hunter With Mph, Coastlines

Jim Kirkpatrick, Changed Priorities

Jim Kohler Band, What` Ja Do With the Money?

Jim La Forte, Catfish Pizza Breakfast

Jim Laslett, Hey Lord

Jim Liban & The Joel Paterson Trio, I Say What I Mean

Jim Manns, Not Too Old

Jim Marcotte, Own It

Jim McCarty & Mystery Train, Jim McCarty & Mystery Train (Live)

Jim McCarty, Jim McCarty and Friends

Jim Murphy, Jump and Shout

Jim Neary, Rhythm and Dues

Jim O'Keeffe, Door

Jim O'Keeffe, Nights of sweet red wine

Jim O'Keeffe, Riverfolk

Jim O'Keeffe, Torment

Jim O`Keeffe, Slow Night On the River

Jim Palmer & Devaney Pendleton, You Said You'd Call Me When You Got There

Jim Poppy Boyd, Outta Whack or Crazy (But Nobody Know Which One)

Jim Preen, Don`t stare at the celebrities

Jim Preen, Shopping in bed

Jim Ragland, When I Grow Up

Jim Reeves & U.S. Gringos, I Ain't Superstitious

Jim Reeves & U.S. Gringos, Pride and Joy

Jim Reeves & The Soul Baptizors, Lil Red Rooster

Jim Reeves, Bring It On Home

Jim Reeves, I Thank You

Jim Reynolds, Dream On

Jim Rorie, My Home Is Memphis, Tennessee

Jim Schomann, The Jackson Square Sessions

Jim Sellers, Playin'

Jim Shaneberger, Work in Progress

Jim Singleton, 8 O' Clock in the Afternoon

Jim Spruell, Clayton and Ann`s Kid

Jim Stephens, A Man Named Adam

Jim Taft, Me, Too

Jim Tisdall, Three Men In a Boat, Vol. Two (Three Two)

Jim Vegas, Strange World

Jim Vegas, The Bullfight Is in Our Heads

Jim Wallis, A Real Nice Time

Jimbo & Griff, Reclaimed

Jimbo Ross, Driven By The Blues

Jimbo Ross, Steady Rollin` Man

Jimbo Scott, Weekends At the Madhouse

Jimbo-Delta, Hypnotized

Jimi Bott, Bott and Paid For!

Jimi Ruccolo Band, Girl With the Heart of Gold

Jimi Ruccolo Band, Jimi Ruccolo Solo - SIngle

Jimmi Accardi, Cry of the Wild Guitar

Jimmi Accardi, Good Rockin' Tonight

Jimmi Accardi, Good Rockin' Tonight

Jimmi Accardi, Live Jive!

Jimmi Accardi, Rhythm and Blues

Jimmi Langemo and Tim Eggebraaten, Blue Wren Sessions, Vol. 1

Jimmie Bratcher, Honey in the Rock

Jimmie Bratcher, LIVE on the 4th of July

Jimmie Bratcher, RED

Jimmie Bratcher, Something Better

Jimmie Ja, You Got It Going On

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Ain't It Lonesome

Jimmy "Preacher" Ellis, Red, Hot & Blues

Jimmy & the Sleepers, C'est la vie

Jimmy Adler, Midnight Rooster

Jimmy and the Sleepers, Cryin' On My Shoes

Jimmy Anderson Blues Band, Long Train a Comin`

Jimmy Bryant & Buddy Emmons, Dave Burleys Jamfest Live At Rogers Musicland

Jimmy D Warren, Roadside Crosses

Jimmy D, This is My House

Jimmy Dormire, Premonition

Jimmy Griswold, Body Language

Jimmy Griswold, Drama for Sale

Jimmy Guitar Smith, Almost Home

Jimmy Haggard, Live At the Aviator

Jimmy Haggard, Two Steps

Jimmy James, Solace in the Sun

Jimmy James, Wild Wild Spirit


Jimmy Johnson, The Great Cardinal Nation Song

Jimmy Lloyd Rea and the Switchmasters, Cruzin` For A Bloozin`

Jimmy Mack, Sometimes I Get It - Sometimes I Don`t

Jimmy Maddox, Bloomingdale (feat. Dennis Maddox & Bobby Hanson)

Jimmy Maddox, Boogie Woogie Gospel 3

Jimmy McIntosh, Jimmy McIntosh And... (feat. Ronnie Wood, John Scofield & Mike Stern)

Jimmy Mcintosh, Orleans to London Featuring Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck (aka Hot Rod), The Neville Bros

Jimmy Nick & Don't Tell Mama, Whiskey 'N' Rain

Jimmy Nick & Don't Tell Mama, Who Ya Kiddin'

Jimmy Norman, Little Pieces

Jimmy Norman, Tobacco Road

Jimmy O'Keefe and Friends, American Archetypes

Jimmy Phillips (Ryan), Skydancing

Jimmy Reed, Easy Blues

Jimmy Taylor, Experience

Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers, Wide Open

Jimmy Thackery, Feel the heat

Jimmy Thackery, Someone Who's Crying

Jimmy the Finger, Gambler's Life

Jimmy the Hat Hobbs, The Company You Keep

Jimmy Tillman, I Love You More Than Words Can Ever Say

Jimmy Velvit, River Bottom Blues

Jimmy Voegeli, "F" is for Blues

Jimmy Wolf, I`ve Been Driftin From Door to Door

Jimmy Z and the ZTribe, Missionary Man

Jimmy Z and the ZTribe, That's the Way I Roll

Jimmy Zee, Jimmy Zee

Jimmys Jupiter, Times Like These

JJ Ball, Black & White

JJ Burner, Roll On

JJ Soul Band, Bright Lights

JJ Soul Band, Hungry for News

JJ Soul Band, Reach for the Sky

JJGunn, Who I Am

JK Rockets, Just Playin... The Blues (feat. Johnny Kay)

Jo Ann Hudson, Kick Out Some Blues

Jo Bywater, Cycle Grace Pulse Break

Jo Jamez, Pressing On

Jo Jo Blues, Somewhere in Long Beach

Jo' Blues, Bet Your Ass I Got the Blues

Joan Randall & Denny Slawn, My Whole World Turned to Blue

Joan Wallace, Don't Mess With the Blues

Joanie and Combo Special, It Is What It Is

Joanna Connor, Mercury Blues

Joanna Melas & Phil Tweed, Liver Bird

Joanne Crabtree, Free and Easy Blues

Joanne Leblanc, Found & Lost

Joanne Tramonte, That One Time

Joanne Tuohey, Cry Me a River

Jocelyn Arndt, Here to Stay

Jocelyn Arndt, Strangers in Fairyland

Jochum Juslin Trio, Serenity Now

Jodie Levinson, Strong Enough

Jodie Melissa, Goodbye

Jody Blackwell, Come and Gone

Joe Bargar and the Soul Providers, Two Sides

Joe Bear, My Conscience Is Clear

Joe Bucher, Beale Street

Joe Bucher, Blues for a Rainy Day

Joe Bucher, Bluesy Groovin'

Joe Bucher, Good Bye Blues

Joe Bucher, Sweet Finessin' Blues

Joe Bucher, The Stalker

Joe Bucher, Thunderstorm

Joe Cantor, Puzzle Pieces

Joe Caruso, Back Porch Blues

Joe Draper, This Is My Holiday

Joe Escobar, Who's Got It Better Than Us

Joe Eslick and the Darkhorse Band, Tale of a Broken Arrow

Joe Filisko & Eric Noden, I.C. Special

Joe Filisko & Eric Noden, On the Move

Joe Filisko, David Barrett & Dennis Gruenling, History of the Blues Harmonica Concert

Joe Fingas, Tales of Love and Coffee

Joe Gorfinkle, Take a Chance

Joe Hutchinson, Daylight In The Swamps

Joe Izen, My Father's House

Joe Jaber and The Last Divide, Both Sides

Joe Kedda, Ledge Cat Blues

Joe Kenney, Afflictions and Remedies

Joe Krown, Exposed

Joe Lesky, No Direction

Joe Lewis Band, Good News Blues

Joe Lewis Band, Grace, Faith, & Blues

Joe Lewis, Three Black Bungalows

Joe McMurrian, Get Inside This House

Joe McMurrian, Rain of Days

Joe Metzka, Some Kinda Blue

Joe Meyer, A Slice of Life

Joe Modifica, Casting Shadows

Joe Paice, Johnny Came Marching Home

Joe Pitts, Ten Shades of Blue

Joe Poirier, Good Times

Joe Price, Rain or Shine

Joe Sanford, Memories

Joe Saunders, The Maxim List

Joe Shannon, Brought to Light

Joe Silva, Guy Like Me

Joe Solo, A Revolution in an Empty Room

Joe Solo, Forwards Is Just Backwards In Reverse

Joe Steil, Rehab

Joe Sublett, Subtones

Joe Sun, Dixie And Me

Joe Survival Caruso, I Gotta Tell Somebody

Joe Thomas, Mr. President

Joe Whiting, Have Love Will Travel

Joe Wood and The Lonely Ones, BLUES OUT OF LONG BEACH, CA

Joe Zaklan, There Ain't No Better Time

Joe.e, So Many Questions

Joel Carpenter, Dirty Words

Joel DaSilva and the Midnight Howl, Joel DaSilva and the Midnight Howl

Joel Fafard, Cluck Old Hen

Joel Lederer, The Light of the World

Joel Mabus, Thumb Thump

Joel Martin Quintet, I've Got A Crush On You

Joel Martin, Resolution Wall

Joel Peters, Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing, Vol. 2

Joel Schwankl, Signs in the Sea

Joel Sulman, Chinese Whispers EP

Joel Tatangelo Band, Heavy Hands

Joelle Kittrell, Christmas Without You

Joey Gilmore, Brandon's Blues

Joey O, Joey's Blues

Joey Ryan, Dusk

Joey Stuckey, Blind Man Drivin' (Radio Edit) [Live]

John "Broadway" Tucker, Somebody New

John "Juke" Logan, The Chill (Re-Chilled)

John Altenburgh, Generations (feat. John Greiner & Mark Ladley)

John Altenburgh, Old City

John Altenburgh, Vol. 2

John and Andrew Eastmond, I Will Call

John Baab Trio, Renegotiations

John Baldwin, Six String Slinger

John Bannister and the Charisma Brothers, John Bannister and the Charisma Brothers

John Benjamin, All Alone

John Bohlinger, John Bohlinger and His Amazing Mood Swings

John Bolduan, Can't Fight Fire with a Match

John Boling, Better Late Than Never

John Bolivar, History of the Blues, Vol. 1: Roots of the Blues

John Bolivar, History of the Blues, Vol. 2: Evolution of the Blues

John Bolivar, History of the Blues, Vol. 3: Future of the Blues

John Brady, Snake in the Valley

John Brim, Jake`s Blues

John Cain, The John Cain Jazz Trio (Live)[feat. Marly Waak & Grant Clarkson]

John Cee Stannard & Blue Horizon, Bus Depot Blues

John Childers, Thrillin'

John Christian Kane, Who Do You Think You're Foolin?

John Cocuzzi, FOR ALL WE KNOW

John Cog, Bay Blues

John Cog, Bay Blues Fools

John Collins, Heart On the Mend

John Craigie, Leave the Fire Behind

John Craigie, Make Your Own Legend

John Cummings, Good to the Last Drop

John David Gravis, 8-0-8

John DeBortoli & Paulo Coimbra, Rock'n Dablues

John DePatie, Black Boots

John Drendall & B.A.Thrower, Papa Never Let Me Sing the Blues

John DZ, Is As Does

John DZ, Unsung

John E Dosher, What'll They Say

John E. Todd,Sr., The Will of God

John Earl Walker Band, People Are Talkin`

John Earl Walker, Go Wild!

John Earl Walker, Mustang Blues

John Edward Croker, Prelude I (Steampunk Cut 1)

John Emil, Roots Future Sounds

John Estes, Cool River

John Farias & One Good Eye, Jingle Bells

John Flinchum, My Blue Guitar

John Ford, Injection of the Blues

John Ford, Southern Comfort

John Garr, 331

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