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"Wizzrd", For Her wsg Drew Krawiec

(6), 6

(De)absolve, Out of the Void EP

(in theory), I Witnessed the World End Through my Rear View Mirror

(N)ception, Letters Of (N)tent

...And Stars Collide, The Courage to Start Again

.bipolar., Amor Fati

.bipolar., Valley of Fire

1 Sick Unit, Evil Machine

1000 Suns, The Body the Mind

1000 Suns, The Spirit Molecule

11:11, You've Been Warned

11th Dimension, Odyssey - EP

11th Hour, Blame

12 Step Program, Degradation Portrait

12:06, 12:06 Am

12:06, Compulsion/Control

13 Days, Bleeding Unfortunate

13 Faces, These Bloody Hands

13 Killings, Serenity`s Ebony Dream

13 Lashes, 13 Lashes

13 Winters, Bring Back the Snakes

13 Winters, Dark Palace of Waterfalls

13 Winters, Dead Giveaway

13 Winters, Down Below Zero

13 Winters, Where The Souls Wander

137, Force Controlled Culture

13even, Handshakes and Casualties

13miles, 13 miles

14 Feet Wide, P.O.R.N.

15 Reasons, The Art of Commitment

151, Poisoning the System

16 Second Stare, So Hi

16 Second Stare, Thank You

16 Stitches, In the Tunnel

18 Wheels Of Justice, Deceive Them All

18 Wheels of Justice, Execution

1833 AD, My Dark Symphony

19 A.D.D., Dead River

19 A.D.D., Gaia

1945, Stunde Null

19tildawn, The Evil We've Created

1eternalpsyche, Beam Me Up

1M1 Music, Pop Rock Christmas

1ronic, Back On the Streets

2 Headed Chang, Dead City Rodeo

2 Headed Chang, Deliver Us...

2 Minute Hate, 2 Minute Hate

2 Years to Apocalypse, 12/21


21 Grams, Multiple Traces in the Sensory World

21 Lucifers, In The Name Of...

222, One Night Stand

23rd Grade of Evil, What Will Remain When We Are Gone

24seven, 24seven, Not Like You

24Seven, Chain Of Events

24unity, 24unity

24unity, 24unity, Lifeshines

26 Miles Per Hour, Apathy

26 Miles Per Hour, Redefine

26 Miles Per Hour, Walk Alone

29 Needles, The Letter

2faces, Noema

2loose, Hollywood Whore

3 Days from Dying, Feed My Darkness

3 Headed Monster, Three Headed Monster

3 Quarters Dead, Between Angels and Demons

3 Quarters Dead, Blueprint of A Strange Mind

3 Quarters Dead, Once Upon This Broken Glass

3 Quarters Dead, The Cycle Of Dust

3 Quarters Dead, The Enemy

3 Quarters Dead, Tribulation

3 Ring Funeral, Play Dead

3 Steps From Sanity, Admission

3 Tall Tales, Solstice 1

3.5 White, Sorry You Hate Us

300ted, 6 Saint

31.10, Время

3110, Оттенки Серого

3110, Fакты

38DD, 38DD

38DD, More Than A Handful

3align, In the Beyond

3D House Of Beef, SImilar Attack Pattern

3rd Degree Burn, Crown

3rd Machine, The Egotiator

40 Dead, Totally Fucked

425 Gang, Bake Some Apple Pies

44 Venom, 44 Venom

44mag, Outlaw Psychosis

44Mag, Past Sins

454, Death Rides A Horse

454, Pound

4Order, Drops of Blood

4Order, Frozen Ground

4Order, The Journal

4th Level, Dreams and Nightmares

4th Wall, No Contest

4ways2fall, Forgetful Memories

5 Star Grave, Corpse Breed Syndrome

50 Six Feet, It Doesnt Look Good

6 Aside, Home

60 Grit, Dimensional Black Mass

60 Second Crush, Seven

66crusher, A Place to Hide (Short Edit)

66crusher, Blackest Day

66crusher, Wanderer

7 Days Dead, Beyond Within

7 Months, In Time

7, Strings & Circuits

708, Mondays

7seven7, He>i

800lb Gorilla, Cow Punk Rebel Rock

85bears, The Late Heavy Bombardment

88, Watch You Burn

89%, Self-Titled

99 Smokin Hot Drum Loops, Beats, Fills and Songs, Pop Rock Drum Loops

99 Smokin Hot Drum Loops, Rock Drum Loops, Guitar Loops and Bass

::Thinkstandard::, The Age of Execution

????, One Yottabyte of Hate

??????? ? ???????, ??????

????????, ????? ???

A Band of Orcs, WarChiefs of the Apocalypse

A Banda de Joseph Tourton, A Banda de Joseph Tourton

A Beautiful Oblivion, Secrets She Wrote - EP

A Bloodbath Ensues, Never-Ending Search for Sleep

A BloodBath In Boston, Man-Made Apocalypse

A Bloodbath in Boston, Odium

A Body Divided, The Rescuer

A Body Divided, [D]elusion

A Borrowed Life, EP

A Boy and His Dog, Forbidden Flesh

A Boy Named Su, Borom Soccer Adventures

A Breach of Silence, Dead or Alive

A Break in the Storm, Metanoia

A Broken Code, Retribution For the Afflicted

A Brutal Confession, A Brutal Confession SPECIAL EDITION REMIX

A Bullet Well Spent, Black Sea of Trees

A Bullet Well Spent, The Vicious Cycle

A Capital Negation, A Capital Negation

A Cascade Dream, The Looking Glass

A Cloud Forest, Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

A Constant Battle, A Constant Battle

A Constant North, ...And Hell is a Heartbeat Away

A Cosmic Trail, II: Mistral

A Cosmic Trail, The Outer Planes

A Crime of Passion, Ouroboros

A Dark Place, Suffering

A Days Confession, Honesty & Alibis

A Death On Main Street, Chase (feat. Orion Stephens)

A Different Breed, Crutch

A Dinner With Captain Murderer, I Can't Sleep Tonight

A Distant Calm, Disguised Signs

A Distant Calm, The Narrator

A Doom, A Doom

A Dying Man, A Dying Man

A Fall to Break, The Man in the Mask

A Fallen Mind, The Human Error

A Few Askew, Off the Beaten Path

A Fire Burns Beneath, Nights in Hell

A Fleeting Farewell, Forget Me Not

A Future Corrupt, Decay

A Gathering of None, Nothing Left to Lose

A Ghost, Somber Illustrations

A Glimpse of Utopia, Eviscerate

A Gruesome Find, Of Blood And Nobility

A Gruesome Find, Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse

A Gruesome Find, The Fire that Burns in Hell

A Haunted Mantra, A Haunted Mantra

A Hero for the World, On Fire

A Hero for the World, Winter Is Coming (A Holiday Rock Opera)

A Hill to Die Upon, Holy Despair

A Hill To Die Upon, Infinite Titanic Immortal

A Hill to Die Upon, Manden Med Leen

A Hill To Die Upon, Omens

A Human Costume, Exhume, Behold, Defenestrate

A Hundred Ghosts, Legacy

A Living Burden, Look Away...

A Messenger & A Fire, A Messenger & A Fire

A Million Souls, Rise

A Minor Error, Suds for Spuds

A Mirror's Embrace, Revive the Phoenix

A New Awakening, Survival

A New Awakening, The Heart of a Saint

A New Definition, Relentless

A New Machine, Kill the Dream

A Plague Upon Us, A Plague Upon Us

A Plague Upon Us, I, Deceiver

A Plea for Purging, Quick is the Word ; Steady is the Action

A Plea for Purging, self-titled E.P.

A Prodigal Son, Portals

A Red Sky Collapse, Observer

A Risk Worth Taking, The Short Circuit EP

A Road Eternal, A Road Eternal

A Sad Bada, White Rivers and Coldest Chains

A Sense of Purpose, Become One

A Sin for a Prayer, Conception

A Sleepless Malice, A Sleepless Malice

A Sonnet to Silence, Give All, Gain All

A Sonnet To Silence, Your Cross To Bear

A Sound of Thunder, A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder, Metal Renaissance

A Sound of Thunder, Out of the Darkness

A Sound of Thunder, Queen of Hell

A Sound of Thunder, The Lesser Key of Solomon

A Sound of Thunder, Time's Arrow

A Stained Glass Romance, A Stained Glass Romance

A Stained Glass Romance, The Romance Revival

A Storm At Sea, The Wanderer

A Sun That Never Sets, Solaromancy

A Taste Like Chicken, A Taste Like Chicken

A Temple of Mirrors, Human Erace

A Thousand Dead, Portals

A Thousand Times Goodnight, Elephants

A Torn Dilema, Tainted By Birth

A Tragic Setback, Chasing the Light

A Trigger to Forget, Never to Return

A Troop of Echoes, Golden Gears

A Vision Grotesque, King of the Massacre

A Vulgar Picture, The World I Found

A Wake in Providence, Insidious

A Wake in Providence, Psycho (feat. Davis Rider)

A Wake in Providence, Serpents

A Walk to Golgotha, Press Start!

A Westward March, Alekto

A Wolf. A Liar., Persevere

A World Without, Perdition

A Worse Case Scenario, Blood, Sweat and Beards

A. Bitter Mahn, Ain`t Nothin` Left But The Casket

A. Mortalis, Heavy Hymns (Songs for the Ages)

A.D.D., 19 Minute Attention Span

A.D.D., Elements of Emptiness

A.D.D., Elements of Emptiness (Re-issue Full Length)

A.lostfield, Human Algorithm

A.lostfield, Internal Affairs

A.W.S., 1st EP (5 songs)

A2athot, Trust Your Ear

Aand?, Aalbum?

Aardvark, Subterfuge In Disguise

Aaron Frank, Eternal Journey

Aaron Guerrero, From Within

Aaron Kusterer & Jennifer Batten, Fireflies

Aaron Kusterer & Jennifer Batten, The Melting Pot

Aaron Kusterer, Language of Emotion

Aaron Links, No. 4087 in E

Aaron Pearson, Ridin` the River

Aaron-Christopher, Home

Aarsen, Home

Abaddon, The Bringer of Light

Abandon Tomorrow, Equilibrium

Abandoned By Light, This Is Where It Ends...

Abandoned Elysium, Unmasked

Abandoned Souls, Circle of Shadows

Abandoned Stars, Fragments

Abandoned, Killed By Faith (feat. Angus MacMannus & Tony Cadena)

Abazagorath, The Satanic Verses

Abby-G, The Fkn!! Uprise

Abdicate, Forged In Ruin

Abeastnence, Below the Surface

Abel Vegas & April Gibson, Rise of a Kingdom

Abercion, Rise

Abhey Sharan, A New Miracle

Abhorrance, Lowering The Spirits Of A Narcissistic Superhero

Abhorrance, Lowering the Spirits of a Narcissistic Superhero

Abigail, Live At Road to Hell, Vol. 3

Abijah Gupta, Chantal

Abijah Gupta, Rorschach

Abinchova, Handgeschrieben

Abinchova, Versteckte Pfade

Abinchova, Wegweiser

Abinormal, Abinormal

Ablaze, Ablaze

Abledsoul, Songs For Artificial Intelligence

Abnormal Thought Patterns, Abnormal Thought Patterns

Abnormality, 2007 Demo

Abnormality, The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion

Abolishment of Flesh, Decimation

Abomnium, Coffinships

Abomnium, Rites Like Chains

Aborted Existence, Sunken Eye View

Aborted Existence, Until Then, What's To Believe?

Abounding, Abounding

About Sky and Earth, Reaching Hands

Above Saturn, Lunar Eclipse

Above This Burning Sky, Somnium Bellum

Abracadabra, Forbidden Magic

Abraham Amador, Sacrifice

Abrasantia, Conjuro de Amor

Abraxis, s/t

Abreu Project, Megabeats, Vol. 2

Abroad Experiments, Meadows of A Grand Design

Absence of Despair, In Dark Times

Absence of Remission, Found

Absence of Remission, To the Death

Absence of the Sacred, Come Hither O Herald of Death

Absence of the Sun, The Aurora

Absent Society, The Plastic Parade

Absent/Minded, Earthtone

Absent/Minded, Pulsar

Absentia, Our Bleeding Sun (Import)

Abserdo, Raising A Pervert

Absinthe Junk, Death in the Afternoon

ABSINTHE ORCHARD, dial "m" for chickens

Absolace, Fractals

Absorbing the Pain, Absorbing the Pain

Abstract Rapture, Earthcrush

Abstraction, End of Hope

abstracts, abstracts

Abstrakteur, Alternate Reproduction, Vol. 1

Abstrakteur, With Murder in the Eyes

ABstraXT, Bring The Pain

ABstraXT, Next Victim

Absynth Aura, Unbreakable

Abusive Process, Ruins of the Forgotten

Abuzed-1, Life Sentence

Academy of Chess and Checkers, the penguin diaries

Acantha, Eternal Punishment

Ace of Space, The Grand Tour

Ace of Spades, The Pain Before You Die

Acelsia, Quietude

Acera, Acera

Acera, The Hallowed Combatant

Acero, En Pie De Guerra

Aces Load'd, The Dealer

Achenar, Sacred Duality

Acherontas, Amenti: Ψαλμοί Αίματος Και Αστρικά Οράματα

Achren, The Forgotten King

Achren, The White Death

Achymer, The New Species

Acid Buffalo, Disorder

Acid Buffalo, Obliviette

Acid Buffalo, Sick Inside

Acid Empire, Would You Do It Again

Acid FM, Justified American Music

Acid Sun Kings, Bound for Glory

Acid Sun Kings, Keeper of the Flame

Acid Witch, Stoned

Acidmyers, Paint the Sky

Acidmyers, Worlds Unknown

Ackley Kid, Crash Two

Acoma, Journey to Eternity

Acoma, New World Order

Acorea, The Manifestation of Duality

Acrania, An Uncertain Collision

Acrania, Fearless

Acrania, Unbreakable Fury

Acrimonious, Perdition Gospel

Acropolis, The Aftermath

Across the Abyss, Silhouettes of a Perfect World

Across the Snow, The Valley

Acryptylyse, Oktober Myst

Act of Aggression, First Blood: Attack of the Chubby Rubber Death Squad

Act of Mercy, Act of Mercy Ep

Act of Metal, Act of Metal

Act of Violence, Self Titled

Action Replay, Going Undercover

Actions Speak Louder, Another Lesson Learned

Actions Speak Louder, Self-Discovery

Acts of Tragedy, Cursed Words

actual time, force of patterns

Actually, Krampus Redux

Ad Astra, Open Wide

Ad Astra, Sledgehammer

Adagio, A Band In Upperworld

Adagio, Dominate

Adaira, Adaira EP

Adam B. Young, SupahGeniosity

Adam Candela, Moon Bound

Adam Flint, Love Stands Still

Adam Flint, Lovelorn Blues

Adam Hansbrough, Infestation

Adam Ironside, Kayleigh

Adam Johnston, In Solitude

Adam Johnston, Visions

Adam Koopmans, At Doom's Gate

Adam Koopmans, I Sawed the Demons

Adam Koopmans, The Demons from Adrian's Pen

Adam Larson, Good Day Without You

Adam Larson, Simple Beauty

Adam Law Jeffrey Hunt, Thrive

Adam Law, Resonance

Adam Law, Thinking Out Loud - EP

Adam Law, Thinking Out Loud II

Adam Moore, Neil Skeletor's Song (The Great Library #3)

Adam Moore, Rain On the Skylight (The Great Library #2)

Adam Moore, Regent

Adam Moore, We One Are Two (The Great Library #1)

Adam R. Bissing, Believing Is Seeing

Adam Remy, Partly Cloudy

Adam Rey, Meat & Potatoes

Adam Rich, Virgin Freak

Adam Stern, Twang Shui

Adam Thometz, Sonic Landscapes

Adam Tripodi, Travel Through My Dream Places

Adam Welch, Undying Fire

Adam Werner & Adam Howe, Beyond Within

Adame, Phyllotaxis I

Adamind, Balance

Adamu, Only the Beginning

Adan Bonilla Morales, Buba's Adventures (Original Soundtrack)

Adastra, Corroder of Minds

Adastra, Deadlock

Adastra, Rvltnbgns

Adastra, The Last Sunset


Addiction Factory, Operation Freedom

Addiction Theory, Born

Addicts Of Affliction, Asylum Awaits

Addison Nimrod, Leatherthroat

Ade, Spartacus

Adebisi Shank, This Is the Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

Adelaide, Adelaide

Adelaide, Pergamum

Adelaide, Slugtrail

ADH Music, Pink Glove

Adiastasia, Life War (Collector's Edition)

Admiral Browning, Battle Stations

Admiral Browning, Give No Quarter

Admiral of Black, Blood & Fire

Admonish, Den Yttersta Tiden

Admonish, Insna¤rjd

Adonis Decay, Messenger

Adora Vivos, Toward the Empyrean

Adordorath, The Very Essence to Fire

Adorned in Ash, The Dead Walk Among Us

Adramelch, Opus

adrenachrome., adrenachrome.

Adrenal, As Paradise Burns

Adrenaline in the Vein, They All Fall Down

Adrenelin, Adrenelin

Adrenicide, War Begs No Mercy

Adriaaan, Adriaaan

Adrian and the Sickness, Adrian for President

Adrian and the Sickness, Criminal / Dog Days

Adrian English, A.D.D.

Adrian English, Total Chaos

Adrian Galysh, Earth Tones

Adrian Galysh, Stripped (Jam Tracks)

Adrian Galysh, Tone Poet

Adrian Raso, Pull the Switch (feat. Marco Minnemann)

Adrian Van Den Broëck, Alchemist Hans Blomberg

Adrian von Ziegler, Across Acheron

Adrian von Ziegler, Lifeclock

Adrian Von Ziegler, Spellbound

Adrian Weiss, Easy Game

Adrian, Let's Drive

Adulam, Fuego

Advent of Bedlam, Behold the Chaos

Advent of Bedlam, Flesh Over God

Adversary, Discern

Adversary, Hidden Disease

Adyta, Rose of Melancholy

Aechoes, The Human Condition

Aemlo, Loev Dnal

Aenea, Perennial E.p.

Aenigmata, Alchemy This Night

Aeolian Tribe, Killer Instinct

Aeon Zen, A Mind's Portrait Instrumental Soundtrack

Aeon Zen, Enigma

Aeon Zen, Ephemera

Aeon Zen, Self Portrait

Aeon Zen, The Face of the Unknown

Aeon Zen, Time Divine Single Edit

Aeon's Fall, Echoes of Remembrance

Aeondrift, Spirits Encased Within ..

Aeons of Ashes, Shutdown

Aeons of Eclipse, The Hour of Desolation

Aequus Nox, Scala Paradisi

Aersion, Cronos

Aesma Daeva (Symphonic Metal), Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water 2009

aesma daeva, Dawn of the New Athens

Aesma Daeva, Tisza's Child (Instrumental)

Aesth, Deep Within the Core

Aesth, The Fall of Illusions

Aethara, Disconnected

Aether Drop, Mannequins

Aether, Hide & Seek

Aetherius, All That I Need to Survive

Aethra, Time And Eternity

Aetranok, Grande Invokation

Aeverium, The Harvest EP

Afflicted, Mirror

Afformance, A Glimpse to the Days That Pass

Afformance, Through Walls

Afraid So, Alien Autopsy

aFREUDIANSLIP, Temporary Solution


After Ascension, Life(Less)

After Oblivion, Stamina

After the Fallout, Chaos Unleashed

After the Fight, Horse Jamz

After the Minor, Structure Fire

After Therapy, Torn With The Teeth

Afterbirth, Foeticidal Embryo Harvestation

Afterblack, Schismogenesis

Aftereffect, Free Your Mind

Afterimage, Codex: Triumph In The Eschaton

Afterimage, Unveil the Unseen

Afterlife, The Negative Rapture

Aftershock, Through The Looking Glass

Aftershok, Burning Chrome

Aftershok, Metal Xmas

Aftershok, Unfinished Business

Aftertayst, Hell Inside

Aftertayst, My Sweet Parasite

Aftertayst, Self Execution

Ag2r, Bajo Cero

Agah Bahari, The Second Sight of a Mind

Against a Broken World, Macbeth

Against a Broken World, Read Between the Lines

Against All Hope, For Teh Lulz

Against the Dark, Gallows

Against the Grain, Road Warriors

Against the Grain, Surrounded By Snakes

Against the Greyn, Raise Some Hell

Against the Plagues, Architecture of Oppression

Against Their Will, American Stratofortress

Against Their Will, Dawn of the Black Sun

Agapanthus, Pretty Blue Glow

Agartha, V

Agate, Black Soul

Agónica, A New Onset

Age of Artemis, Overcoming Limits

Age of Distrust, Whispers of War

Age of Evil, A.O.E.

Age Of Evil, Get Dead - EP

Age of Evil, Last Man Standing

Age Of Evil, Living A Sick Dream

Age of Nothing, Give It Away

Agency Dub Collective, Boss Dub

Agency Dub Collective, Boss Dub (Radio Edit)

Agent 22, First Witness (Live at the Belly Up)

Agents of Revelation, Apocalyptic

Aggressive Sound Painters, Colour Collision

Aggressive Sound Painters, The Path of Least Resistance

Aggressor, Beyond All Reckoning

Aggressor, Pure Canadian Aggression

Aggressor, Rape The Willing

Aggressor, Staring Down At You - EP

Aggro or Die!, Summer Dies

Aggro-Fate, This Aggressive Destiny

Aghonya, Oxygen

Aghora, Aghora

Aghora, Formless

AGHORA, Transitions

Agincourt, Angels of Mons

Agitate Thy Labyrinths, Draw the Veil Over

Agnezmoorhead, Antimoorhead

Agnezmoorhead, Cradle to the Grave

Agnezmoorhead, Dilla

Agnezmoorhead, Song 13

Agnezmoorhead, The Great Barnzini

Agnosia, A Blot On the Landscape

Agnosia, Trace Decay

Agodunknown, Fulfill the Dream - EP

Agonal, Dead Down WInd

Agony Column, Way Back in the Woods

Agony of Defeat, AlienNation

Agony of Defeat, Through the Eyes of the Fallen

Agora, Regresa al Vértigo

Agora, Segundo Pasado

Agora, Vértigo Vivo

Agora, Zona De Silencio

Agrat, Agrat

Agrippa93, Beneath the Cypress Tree

Agrippa93, Dichotomy

Ague, Powered By Effluvia

Agula, Curiosa

Ahoora, All in Blood with You

Aidan, The Relation Between Brain and Behaviour

Aihvhia, Turritopsis Nutricula

Aim for the Day, Bloodcry

AINARIKIAR, Solemn Reign

Air & Air, A Time to Break the Silence

Airacobra, Fuck With Fire

Airborn, Demos & Rarities Collection

Airborn, Legend of Madog

Airborn, Metal Nation

Airplane Hero, 30 Rack Band

Aittala, Bed of Thorns

Aittala, Effigy

Aittala, Haunt Your Flesh

Aittala, Selling Heaven

Ajeossi, Calm

AKA Sugarlips, Harmonican Idol

AKA Sugarlips, WTF

Akaitsuki, Purpose of the Moon

Akem Manah, Children of Evil

Akem Manah, Death & Darkness: 2010-2012 (Remastered)

Akem Manah, Demons of the Sabbat

Akem Manah, Funeralopolis

Akem Manah, Reign of Terror

Akem Manah, The Devil Is In All Of You

Akem Manah, Witches Ride

Akem Manah, Worship in Fire

Akis Androutsopoulos, Moving Forward

Akoyo Band, Temperamental

Akribi, Black Morning Sun

Akyrviron, Dreamscape Requiem

Akyrviron, Light of the Ages

Akyrviron, World Beyond

Al Candello, Shades and Shadows

Al Dowlatshah, A Love So Strong

Al Estrada, Radiation Man

Al Greenwood, Dark Energy

Al Iblis, Hashmadat Goyem

Al'maculate Conception, The Altruistic Misanthrope

Al-Namrood, Ana Al Tughian

Al-Namrood, Astfhl Al Tha`r

Al-Namrood, Atba`a Al-Namrood

Al-Namrood, Estorat Taghoot

Al-Namrood, Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq

Al-Namrood, Jaish Al-Namrood

Al-Namrood, Kitab Al Awthan

Alain Galarneau, Well...It's About Time!

Alan Taylor, The Motley Crew

Alas Negras, BellaMorte

Alas Negras, Facing the If

Alas Negras, Solo Dos Monedas...

Alas Negras, The Slasher Show

Alastor, Day of Decay

Alaya's Curse, The Escapist

Albatross, The Kissing Flies

Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus, Deus Volt

Albert Montano, Birth of a Dream

Albert Montano, Solar Wind

Alberto de Almar, Bent Marble

Alberto Nirel & Anirel, 13

Alcahtéia, Em Cima de Mim

Alchemia, Insanity

Alchemist Corpse Rite, A True and Faithful Relation

Alcoholator, Coma

Aldrine Guerrero, Suite 409

Alek Darson, Panopticon

Alessandro Benedettelli, Waiting 2012

Alessandro Cossu, Pensieri

Alessandro Ubriaco, Arcane Contract

Aletheian, Apolutrosis

Alex Criminger, Close Your Eyes, Open Your Ears

Alex Diáloga, Uno

Alex Diáloga, Digital Pop

Alex Diáloga, Prima Particella

Alex Diáloga, Vientos de Rhodenia

Alex from Hell, 2012

Alex from Hell, Moths / Pimples of God

Alex from Hell, Release the Serpent/ I am Powerful

Alex From Hell, The Revolt of One Billion Brains

Alex from Hell, X

Alex Hughes, Alex Hughes - EP

Alex Masi, Danger Zone

Alex Masi, Theory of Everything

Alex Rosselli, On the Beach

Alex Saba, SobTodosOsAspectos (UnderAllTheCircumstances)

Alex, Everyone Is a Nigger

Alexandro Schillaci, Flussi

Alexei Bocharov, Black Moon

Alexios Schandermani, Hello New York

Alfonso Siino, Alf's enough

Algol, Complex Shapes

Algos, The Death of Seasons

Ali Manhoubi, Leyla (instrumental)[feat. Maneli Jama])

Ali Tarik, Saye

Ali, Grace of Doves

Alice in Darkland, The Evil's Entrails

Alice Through the Windshield Glass, Brutalis Australis

Alice`s Garden, Alice`s Garden

Alien Artifact, Question of Life

Alien Dream, Lucid Dream

Alien Guitar Abduction, Escape to Heaven

Alien Guitar Abduction, The Path Least Taken

Alien Orchestra, Fall of Mars

Alien Sex Cult, The Bitter End (Extended Remix)

Alienheadband, Hubots

Alienheadband, iProbe

Alienheadband, Real Love

Alienheadband, Synthroidians

Alienheadband, Way of Wha

Align the Sky, Mankinds Mistakes

Alina Yudaeva, Third

Aliquid, Aliquid

Alister Hag, Man of the House

Alive and Well, Clean Getaway

Alive and Well, Open Your Eyes

Alive Is The Architecture, Departure

Alkira, Red Devil EP

All Angels Massacre, All Angels Massacre

All Angels Massacre, Time Frame

All Consuming Black, From Rage to Regret: Demo

All Else Fails, Against the Darkening Sky

All Else Fails, Fucktropolis

All Else Fails, The Oracle: What was, is, and could have been

All Hallow`s Evil, This Faustian Flesh

All Hallow`s Evil, With Regrets...

All Has Fallen,lofat,prayers For The Dead,cyaegha,sounds Of War, Underground Assault 2

All Heads Rise, No Hope No Cure

All Hell, The Devil's Work

All I Lost, All I Lost

All Life Ends, Lightbringer

All Life Ends, Of Sulphur and Suicide

All My Sins Remembered, All My Sins Remembered

All Shall Be Well (and All Shall Be Well and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well), Roodblauw

All Shall Die, The Inferno

All Shall End, To Have Loved and Lost

All That Bleeds, Of Blood and Machine

All That, With Me

All the Dead Pilots, Everything Created Must Be Destroyed

All the Dead Pilots, Nevermore

All the Dead Pilots, Sinister

All the Dead Pilots, The Fire Inside

All the Fools, All the Fools

All the Hellbound, Black Death

All The Hellbound, Sin Never Sleeps

All the King's Horses, Eye of the Liger

All This Filth, 11 Past

All This Filth, Programmed to Suffer

All Tomorrows, Opilion

All Tomorrows, Sol Agnates

All Tomorrows, Undying Seasons

Allegaeon, 2008 EP

Allegro From My Requiem, Chapter I

Allen Marshall, A Guitarist`s Christmas

Alliance, Stand in my Way

Allout Helter, Ruins

Allowance, Unbreakable

Alltheniko, Back in 2066

Alltheniko, Fast and Glorious

Alluvion, Scream the Void (1999-2005)

Ally the Fiddle, Red Unicorn

Ally the Fiddle, The Crumbling Autumn

Allyn Miller, Chronicles

Almah, Edu Falaschi

Almah, Fragile Equality

Almah, Motion

Almah, Motion Playback Band

Almah, Raise the Sun

Almah, Unfold

Almah, Within the Last Eleven Lines

Almost Dead, Internal Chaos

Almost Dead, Mindfucked

Almost Is Nothing, Almost Is Nothing

Almost Is Nothing, Scavengers Remain

Almost Undone, From Behind Glass

Alphabet Insanity, Alphabet Insanity

Alpharist, Point of Departure

Altar of Oblivion, Grand Gesture of Defiance

Altar Of Oblivion, Sinews of Anguish

Altar Shadows, Speckledy Falcons

Altars of Madness, Cast in Stone

Alter Reign, American Carnivore

Alterity, Demo

Altermutz, 57 Especies

Altertape, Glasstic Drops

Alto Reed, RockHits

Alumni, Decohesion

Alustrium, An Absence of Clatity

Always At War, The "F" Bomb

Amalgama, Amethyst

Amalgama, When the Dust Settles

Amalgamation, Factual Reality

Amalgamation, Therefore

Amantyde, Madchen

Amaranthine Skies, Days Gone By, Volume One

Amaranthine Skies, Enveloped

Amargore, The Bloodshot Arrival

Amarna Sky, Rising Heresy

Amarna Sky, Under Sekhmet's Breath

Amarok & Pyramido, Split

Amazon, Immortal

Ambassadors to Earth, Our Counterfeit Ideology

Ambcrave, Mind On Sale

Amber bullet, Over dose

Amber Town, Chrysalis

Ambielance Project, Disco In the Zoo World

Ambielance Project, Firefish

Ambielance Project, Suspencific

Ambielance Project, The Long Walk Home

Ambient Death, Time Eclipse

Ambient Death, Transmigration of Souls

Ambiguity, Strum & Drum

Ambition Brings Fire, Dreams on Fire

Ambrazura, Body

Ambrotype, The Revelations

Ambulance For The Fallen, Ambulance For The Fallen

Ambush, Demo Tape

Amelioration, Admin Rights

Amenoské, Aztlan

Amerakin Overdose, Amerakin Overdose

American Babylon, Crisis in the Game

American Crisis, American Dream

American Dog, Hard

American Epidemic, American Epidemic

American Gunfight, Red, White, & Blood

American Party Machine, Never Forget

American Roulette, Warpath

American Sinner, José Arcadio Is Dead

American Sinner, Revival

American Standard H.C., Decay of our Nation

American Witch, Burn the Crow

Ameted, Journey to the Frozen Sun

Amethyst Hammerfist, Machine Gun Wizard EP

Amidst the Withering, The Dying of the Light

Amiensus, Ascension

Amiensus, Restoration

Amiensus, The Last - EP

Amillion Pounds, The Long Journey Back From The Brink

Amit Riff, Riffeel

Amken, Adrenaline Shot

Ammas, Ammas

Ammonoosuc River Shuffle Band, 603

Amoeba Transfer Station, The Zero Hour Single Edits (Serenity and Torn Apart)

Amon-Ra, In the Company of the Gods

Among The Decayed, A Perfect Day For Terror EP

Among the Decayed, Dead Rising

Among the Fallen, Penumbra

Among the Ghosts, Step One Instrumental

Among Thieves, Envision Revision

Amongst Carrion, We That Should Not Be

Amongst Pariahs, Outcasts

Amongst the Thorns, The Rebirthing

Amplified Emotions, Vicarious Dream

Amplified Hate, Once Upon a Time

Amplified Memory, The Ever Spinning Wheel

Amplitusion, Darth Brutalus

Amputation Effect, A Permanent Solution EP

AMUZA, Dear Perfect Hysteria

Amy Louisa, Butterflys Ribbons N Colours

An Astonishing End, An Astonishing End

An Autumn Sunrise, Look Toward Tomorrow

An Danzza, Fallen Heroes

An Danzza, Gods of My Fathers

An Danzza, Gorgon Queen

An Danzza, Open Your Eyes

An Isotope, Glass Bridges

An Ocean Between Us, Drowning

An Ocean Between Us, The Failings

Ana Kefr, The Burial Tree (II)

Ana Kefr, Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn - Single

Ana Kefr, Volume 1

Ana Sapphira, Edge Walker

Anacrusis, Hindsight, Vol 1: Suffering Hour Revisited

Anacrusis, Hindsight, Vol 2: Reason Revisited

AnAkA, Down Devil's Road (10th Anniversary Edition)

Anaka, Into the Great Unknown (The Acoustic Sessions)

Anaka, The Father Time Trilogy (The Ultimate Tribute) [feat. Warrior]

AnAkA, The Glorified Crusade

Anaka, The Ultimate Return

Anaka, The Unwavering

Anal Vomit, Peste Negra, Muerte Negra

Analog & Names Without Numbers, Names Without Numbers vs. Analog Split

Analog Hartlo, Monster

Analog Kidz, α+

Analog, The Contention

Anamnesis, Prometheus

Anaphase, Connectivity

Anaphase, Evolution

Anaria, Into the Flood

Anaria, Into the Flood (Instrumental)

Anaria, Seasons of the Mind Vol. 1: Inception

Anatma, Fun Guys

Anatolian Wisdom, Where the Iblis dwells

Anatomy of I, Substratum

Anatomy, Decay, Foundation

Anatomy, Decay., Existence

Anatoth, Burn Your Wings

Anavey, Mindsets

Ancestral Legacy, Trapped Within The Words

Ancestry, Revelations

Ancesttral, The Famous Unknown

Anchored At Sea, Wanderer

Anchors of Empires, Closure - EP

Ancient Creation, Moonlight Monument

Ancient Realm, Walden

Ancient Tale, Desire To Burn

Ancient Wind, The Chosen Slain

Ancillary Theorem, Infinite

Ancora, Too Late

And All the King's Men, Sleeping, Cycles & Circles

And All Was Lost, Futile Existence

And Hell Followed With, Domain

And One for All, A1FA: 2011

And One for All, And One for All

And The Hero Fails, Empire Smile

And The Hero Fails, The Mistake That Cost The World

And There Stand Empires, And There Stand Empires

And Utero Dominae, Bleeding Machines

Andare, Diamond Sonata

Andare, The Mechanical Sunrise

andifiperish, War On Every Front EP

ANDRAKO, Mental Holokaust

Andraste, The Secret Valley

André Martins, Harlem

Andrés Melguizo Vélez, Caminando a Través del Tiempo

Andre Araise, Andre Araise

Andre Lafosse, The Hard Bargain

Andre Marins, Electric Road

Andre Marins, Powerful Changes

Andrea Gail, The Rope

Andrea Quartarone, Elektrio

Andrea Quartarone, Guitar Academy

Andrea Quartarone, Presentation

Andrea Ruta & Paulie, Where is the Song !?

Andreas Charalambous, Personal Race

Andreas Lidberg, Russian Tourette

Andres Osorio Toledo, Eternal Love

Andrew Baena & Brian Storm, Wrecking Ball (Metal Tribute to Miley Cyrus)

Andrew Craker, Camelot

Andrew Danso, Blue Hat Thinking

Andrew Derec, Esgyn (Ascend)

Andrew Gibson, Little

Andrew Hapka, Attack of the Galloping Steed

Andrew Mary Hicks, Grains of Sand

Andrew Ruddock, Stormchaser (Guitar Edit)

Andrey Gankovich, Dive With Me in Love

Andrey Veselov, The Endless Game

Andro Coulton's ZXY, Evolvalution

Android 16, Endless

Android 16, The Language We All Want to Speak

Android Lucy, Beautiful Death

Andromeda, Shock

Andromega, Still Life of a Stillborn

Andrus Dewayne, Cupid Lovers

Andy Campos, Tpf2013

Andy Cymerman, From Living Rock

Andy Cymerman, Mostly Nonfiction

Andy Dalby, It's About Time

Andy Garrett, The Legend of Levi

Andy J. Fredes, 180 Degrees

Andy J. Fredes, Praising Jesus At the San Andrea's Fault (Inst)

Andy J. Fredes, The Avenger

Andy J. Fredes, This Will Hurt

Andy Lindquist, Shine By Lightning

Andy Montgomery, Happiness is a State of Mind

Andy Mowatt, An End to the Means

Andy Salvanos, Morn's landing

Andy Scott, Fire at High Sea

Andy Smith, Andy Smith

Andy Timmons Band, Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt. Pepper

Andy Timmons Band, Resolution

Andy Timmons, Ear X-Tacy

Andy Timmons, Ear X-Tacy 2

Andy Timmons, The Spoken and the Unspoken

Andy Webster, Therapy Sessions

Andy Wood, Caught Between the Truth and a Lie

Anek, Bella

Anesthetized, Sinister Omnipresence

Angband, Rising From Apadana

Angband, Saved from the Truth

Angband, Visions of the Seeker

Angel 7, The Last Revolution

Angel Dissection, Necrogenesis: Machines of Divinity and Dismemberment

Angel Forte, Sunburst

Angeldark, Anga©lique

Angelical Tears, The Eleventh Hour

Angelize Project, Between Heaven and Earth

Angelmaker, Dissentient

Angelo Galiazzi, Spectrum of Intensity

Angels Can Kill, Black Angels

Angels of Deception, Pestilence

Angels of the Apocalypse, The Impending Nightmare

Angels Revenge, Blood Sweat and Fears

Anger of the Lamb, Extrovert

Anger Radio, Rise of Anger

Angercure, Arguing in Dichromatic Days

Angercure, Through Soreful Harmony Demanded

Angerkill, New Light's First Kiss

Angie and the Car Wrecks, No Room in Helheim

Angmar, Angmar EP

Angrified, A Year of Knives

Angrified, Warcry

Angus Clark, Your Last Battlefield

Animality, Blood Spattered Brain Matter

Animals On Coke, When Comedians Have Abortions It's Not That Funny

Animated Dead, Etching the Flesh

Animated Dead, Tombs of Carnage

Animating Oceans, Bizarrchitecture

Animist, EP

Animistic, Sundrowner

Animus Divine, Novo

Animus Divine, Sorrow

Animus, Paint Me a Murder

Ankhelgloknar, Mortuus Deus

Ankla, Persistence

Ankor, Get On the Winner Horse!

Ankou Awaits, Crog Buidhe

Ankou Awaits, Lebor Gabala Erenn

Ankou Awaits, Oberour Ar Maro

Ankou Awaits, Sobrwydd a Disgyblaeth

Ankou Awaits, Wyllt

Annabell Leigh, 2012 EP

Annúlond, Battles, Singing and Ale Drinking

Annúlond, Divine Vale

Annero, Annero

Annero, To the Bones

Annex Theory, Beneath the Skin

Annexed Asylum, Combustion

Annihilationmancer, The Involution Philosophy

Anno Zero, The Next Level

Annodomini, ????? ???????? ????

Annunaki, Throne of the Annunaki

Anomaly, Amethyst Sun

Anomy, disquietude

Anon, Derailing the Train of Thought

Anonymous Horses, Neigh! Sayers

Anoreksi, Rise of Infinity

Another Anthem, Uncertain Future

Another Day Drowning, Cycles EP

Another Day Drowning, Don't Stand Against Me

Another Dead Hero, I Don't Care

Another Failure, Another Failure In the Making

Another Secret Told, Beneath The Veneer

Ansem, By Hell or High Water

Ansgar Feicht, Breaching the Horizon

Antagony, Rebirth

Antarctic Sun, Dreamcatcher

Antarctic Sun, Importune Melody

Antekhrist, Carved Upon the Flesh of Satan

Antekhrist, Fukked By God

Antekhrist, La bite du Diable

Antekhrist, Légions anticatholiques

Antekhrist, Malleus Maleficarum

Antennas to Heaven, I Remember the World Begin to Sway

Antestor, Omen

Anthem for a Massacre, Pull the Trigger

Anthem Life, Sins of Salvation

Anthill, Volume II (Passing Through the Aircastle)

Anthony Berlin, Unity

Anthony Daniel Skodinski, Sunset On the Rappahannock (Instrumental Guitar 2)

Anthony Garone, Harnch

Anthony Hines, Anthony Hines

Anthony Lehmann, Ten

Anthony Rufo, Passionate Presence

Anthony Tyler, Senza Voce

Anthriel, The Pathway

Anthropia, Non-Euclidean Spaces

Anthropia, The Chain Reaction

Anti Aaron Campos, Martha's Victim

Anti Aaron Campos, My World Order

Anti Aaron Campos, The Dark Void

Anti-Hero, Volume 1

Anti-Hero, Volume 3

Anti-M, Damage (Instrumental Version)

Anti-M, Positively Negative (Instrumental Version)

Anti-Social Music, Greatest Hits... Live (Ish)

Antica Arcana, Awaken

Anticlockwise, Carry the Fire

Anticosm, Against the Cosmos

Anticosm, The Wreckoning

Antidemon, Apocalypsenow

Antidiocese, Ritus Sanguineum

Antietam 1862, Life, Death Entwined

Antigama, Meteor

Antigama, The Insolent

Antikythera, Antikythera

Antikythera, Pantheon

Antioch, Antioch

Antipathy, Removal Of The Mind

Antithesis, Dreaming Reality

Antithesis, Dying for Life

Anton Johansson, Galahad Suite

Antonamasia, Coming Apart Together

Antonello Giliberto, The Mansion of Lost Souls

Antonio Moretti, Ivan Moni Bidin & Antonio Petris, Andplay (Soundtracks)

Antwarp, Just You Wait

Anubis Gate, Anubis Gate

Anubis Unbound, Doors of Redemption - EP

Anubis Unbound, Through Cursed Eyes

Anubis Unbound, Treachery

Anuryzm, All Is Not for All

Anuryzm, Depolarized

Anuryzm, Humanoid

Anvil Chorus, The Killing Sun

Anything Once, Words of Wisdom

Aonia, City of Shadows

Aonia, Sunchaser

Aonoma, Metagenesis

Apassionata, Apassionata "Live"

Apate, Pandora's Box EP

Apathy Cult, Won't Last

Apathy Syndrome, Demo

Apathy, Beneath the Ashen Sky

Apehanger, Forgotten Knowledge

Apehanger, Resurface

Apes With Hobbies, Breakfast On Europa

Apeyga, Apeyga

Aphasia, Live Through / Live On

Aphonic Threnody, First Funeral

Apocalyptic Raids, Only Death is Real...

Apokalyptic Raids, The Return of The Satanic Rites

Apokalyptic Raids, The Third Storm (World War III)

Apokalyptic Raids, Vol. 4 - Phonocopia

Apolar, The Design

Apostasy, An Empire Will Rise

Apostasy, Nuclear Messiah

Apoteom, Alienation

Apothecary, Not Just Loud

Apothys, Advent: Doom

Apparatus, Evolution

Apparitions, Part 2: The Inferno

Appeal to Reason, The Soundtrack of You

Appearance of Nothing, All Gods Are Gone

Appearance of Nothing, Wasted Time

Apple Of The Bitch, Humans

Approaching Dawn, Evolution of Reality

April Divine, We Are Rangers

Apsis, Lie Back and Think of England

Aqatuki, Aqatuki

Aquafire 53, London 2012: Official Music (Pop & Circus Dance)


Aquila, Imperium

Aquiles Priester & Gustavo Carmo, Our Lives, 13 Years Later...

Ara, Devourer of Worlds

Arabella, Through the Motions

Arabesque, The Union

Aramaic, The Fallen

Aranya, A Violent Birth

Aranya, Cutthroat Spiritual

Arapacis, Netherworld


Arastou Delshadi, Break Down the Fate

Arbiter, Never Gonna Give You Up

Arbiter, Unreleased & Forgotten

Arbitrator, Indoctrination of Sacrilege

Arbitrator, The Consummate Ascendancy

Arbogast, I

Arc Angel, Un Holy

Arc of the Aurora, Siren Song / I Am the Mountain

Arcadia, Roy Philip Nohl

Arcane Dimension, The Becoming

Arcane Haven, Alignment

Arcane Haven, Passages

Arcane Haven, Where Were You

Arcane Sugar, Footprints On Divinity

Arceye, The Divide Between Chaos And Order

Archaios, The Distant

Archaize, Liberation

Archelaos, Serenity

Archer, Archer

Archers, Bag of Bones

Archillusion, Desolate Dreamscape

Architechnique, End of the Beginning (Instrumental)

Architect of Evolution, Global

Architects of a Broken Design, The Great Reflection

Archon Legion, March of the Inquisitors

Archon November, Sol Invictus + Andromidous Demo

Archon, The Ruins at Dusk

Arcosolium, Brutal Assertion of Authority

Arctic Flame, Declaration

Arctic Flame, Guardian at the Gate

Arctic Sleep, Mare Vaporum (re-issue)

Arctic Sleep, Passage of Gaia

Arctic Sleep, Passage of Gaia

Ardent, Young and Yours (feat. Joey Varela)

Arduous Task & Gravewurm, Spawn of the Sacrilege

Area51, Daemonicus

Area51, Goddess

Arent We All Dead, The Empire. The Sun.

Ares Kingdom, Firestorms and Chaos

Ares Kingdom, Incendiary

Ares Kingdom, Return To Dust

Ares Kingdom, Veneration

Ares, Dawn of Destruction

Argent Void, Neutronium EP

Argos, Dark Life

Argus, Argus

Arhythmatik, Redcloud & Spoken Nerd, Peaceful Destruction - Single

Aria Infuriata, De Bronce

Ariel Eshcar, Extreme Supreme

Aries, Rise

Arise From Oblivion, Does Time Have an End?

Arise the Titan, Our Collective Destroyer

Arisen from Nothing, In Nothing We Trust

Arisen From Nothing, Prototype

Aristotle's Paradox, Chronicles of the Damned - EP

Aristotle's Paradox, Fables

Arithmus, Solitude of Self

Arjun, Core

Arjun, Core (feat. John Medeski)

Arjuna's Eye, The Invisible Landscape

Arkana, Expelled From Paradise

Arkarion, Lessons in Futility

Arkgabriel, Donde Mueren los Sueños

Arkham Witch, Demos from the Deep

Arkham Witch, Get Thothed, Vol. I

Arkham Witch, Legions of the Deep

Arkhan, Primal

Arkhon, Arkhon

Arm the Hopeless, Alcohol, Drugs, Firearms & Monster Trucks

Armada S/A, Overdose

Armageddon III, Armageddon III

Armageddon III, The Warning

Armageddon, Egyptian suite

Armagedon, El Imperio del Mal

Armahda, Armahda

Armath Sargon, Under the Moon and the Sun

Armazilla, Texas Weed

Armifera, Eradication

Armifera, Eradication

Arming the Architect, Arming the Architect

Armitage Skanks, Mental Project

Armor Column, Maximum Collateral Damage

Armored Assault, Call the Beast

Armored Assault, Dead Before Dawn

Armored Theory, A Fact You Can't Deny

Armory Infirmary, Live Again

Armory, Empyrean Realms

Armory, The Dawn Of Enlightenment

Armstrong, Rise

Arno Dorian, Noairplay

ArnoCorps, The Fantastic EP

Arogard Flamewing, Of All the Time Past

Arouradrop, Arouradrop

Arphael, Guided By Light

Arqum Iqbal, Polished

Arrakada, Arrakada

Arriver, Simon Mann - EP

Arrow, Diary of a Soldier

Ars Irae, Unter Der Erde

Ars Irae, Verwelkt

Ars Magna, Dehumanize the Nation

Arsenica, Arsenica

Arson Party, Fall of the Rising II

Art Form Rejects, Blood Written in Ink

Art in Exile, Aeon Somnia

Art Labriola, Winter Day

Art of the Enemy, Devastate EP

Art of the Flesh, Aalakaa

Art of the Flesh, Redemption

Art of the Flesh, With Devils Speed

Artëma, El Pacto

Artefacts, Exordium

Artep, Black War

Artep, Fires of Mortal Deception

Arteries, Arteries EP

Arteries, Layers

Artifacts, Perceptions

Artificial Heart, Broken Bones & Buried Dreams EP

Artik Music School Rock Orchestra, I Knew You Were Trouble

Artillery Breath, Inhuman

Artisan, Road to Khitai

Artists of War, Artists of War

Artizan, Ancestral Energy

Artizan, The Furthest Reaches

Arvins Garden, In Our Blood Demo

Arx, Ordo Ab Pax

ARYA, Honeycomb EP

As A Heart Attack, As A Heart Attack

As a Heart Attack, The Fearless

As Amigas de Plástico, Tschuess

As Autumn Calls, Cold, Black & Everlasting

As Bold As Lions, Deliverance

As Bound With Them, A Safer World

As Colour Fades, In Division EP

As Days Fade, Carpe Noctem

As Empires Decay, The Palpability of Human Suffering

As Forever Fades, Re: From Tragedy

as I you, Gave Blood. Gave Life.

As Kingdoms Fall, The Rise of Ruin

As Life Fades Away, Ignite

As Sick As Us, As Sick As Us

As the Kingdom Falls, Mind Parasites

As They Looked to the Sky, Valde Interitus

As We Are, Orientation EP

ASA, The Brutal Poetry of Existence

Ascension, Alchemy

Ascension, Deathless Light

Ascension, Shaping Structures

Ascension, The Dead of the World

Ascension, With Burning Tongues

Ascent to Power, World Order

Aschmicrosa, incubus black metal

Ash & We Are Scientists, Washington Parks

Ash Lee Blade, Suck the Blade

AshandElm, The Death of Compassion

Ashcorn, X-Spleen-8

Ashen Horde, Echthros

Ashen Horde, Obcisus

Ashen Horde, Sanguinum Vindicta

Ashen Reign, An Angels Burden

Ashen Relic, Prelude to Eternal Night

Ashent, Deconstructive

Ashent, Flaws of Elation

Ashent, Inheritance

Ashentide, Ashentide

Ashes Fall, No Love Lost

Ashes Forever, Her Repressed Memories

Ashes of Chaos, Eye

Ashes Of Erin, This Somber Eve

Ashes of Serenity, Beneath The Crushing Tide

Ashes of Your Enemy, Anthem

Ashkira, The Honor of Defeat

ASKA, Fire Eater

Asper, Asper

Aspherium, The Fall of Therenia

Aspire, In Defiance of Fortune

Aspire, Quest Eternal

ASPIRE, The Age Of Reckoning

Assailant, Requiems for the Lost

Assassin, Blown Away

Assault FYC, Hate Fueled Sin

Assault On the Living, The Global Purge

Assault the Silence, Assault the Silence

ASSEMBLENT, Equilibrium

Assimilate, EP

Astaroth, Chaosatanas

Astaroth, The End of Silence

Asthma, Gasping for Sanity

Astra, From Within

Astraeus, Mirrors

Astraeus, Wanderlust

Astral Affect, Collision

Astral Cult, Astral Cult

Astral Travel, The World Wakes With Her

Astral, Antimatter

Astral, Formula of Love

Astral, Radiation method

Astras, Maze of Time

Astringency, The Horrors I Beheld

Astronomikon, Dark Gorgon Rising

Asuwa Band, Ecstasy

Asuwa Band, This Too Shall Pass

Asylium, An Architecture of Human Desolation

Asylium, Global Decomposition

Asylum, 1-800-Squawk

Asylum, The Earth Is the Insane Asylum of the Universe

Asylus, Dear Old Friend

Asymmetry, Redacted

Asyria, Visions

Asystole, Untitled EP

AT Band, Second Act

At Death's Behest, Prospect

At Home In Hell, At Home In Hell

At Home In Hell, In Home Hell

At Night I Fly, September Kills

At No End, Building The Rebellion

At No End, From the Rust

At Our Heels, Misanthropy and Godlessness

At Radogost's Gates, Reflection of a Lunar Eclipse in the Stained Mirror of Time

At the Lake, Maya

At the Left Hand of God, The Apocalypse Tapestry

At the Mercy, Hold Out Hope

At the Seams, In Shadows of Giants

At Times Of Madness, Self Titled

At Wars End, Fistbreaker

Atacontrol, Synapse

Atacontrol, Visitation

Ataraxia, Melodious in Absentia

ATG, Revolution of Adolescence

Athanator, Architect of Disaster

Athanator, Savior of God

Athanator, The Perfect Enemy

Athaxia, El Fin de la Inocencia

Athena's Grace, Cardinals

Athena's Slaughter, Song, Destroy, The Desire / Lost My Life (Type S)

Athura, A Hand in Death's Design

Athura, End of An Era

Atisa, The Beginning

Atius, Gods of Science

Atlanta Is Burning, Welcome to the Notley Abbey

Atlantes, Atlantes

Atlantis Chronicles, Ten Miles Underwater

Atlantis Quartet, Lines in the Sand

Atlas Dying, Images Inward

Atlas Fire, Catching Hunger

Atlas, The Lost Boys

Atlas, Wake Me When I'm Famous!

Atom Eve Eclipse, No Suspension of Disbelief

Atom Grad, The Front is Always Propaganda

Atomic #94, Thrash Your TV

Atomic Aggressor, Sights of Suffering

Atomic Chamber Ensemble, King for a Day

Atomic Head, March of the Urban Zombies (Deluxe)

Atomic Playground, Atomic Playground

Atomizer, Inexorabilia

Aton, Stories of Another World

Atra Universum, Anti-Life

Atra Universum, Atra Universum

Atra Universum, Bloodlust Symphony

Atreides, Cosmos

Atrophy, Out and Through This

Atropos Project, Equator

Attachment, Solarise

Attack of the Giant Squid, (ver.)

Attack With Style, Interrogate This

Attacker, Battle At Helm's Deep

Attacker, Giants of Canaan

Attacker, Soul Taker

Attacker, The Second Coming

Attacker, The Unknown

Attalla, Attalla

Atten Ash, The Hourglass

Attentat, Alt Kan Brenne

AtteroTerra, Humanicide Directive

Attic Of Love, Lessons

Attic of Love, Zazen

Attica Rage, Ruin Nation

Attick Demons, Atlantis

Attila, Soundtrack to a Party

Attractha, Engraved

Attractha, Unmasked Files

Au Revoir, Black Hills

Audible Silence, Three's Crowd

Audio Construction Lab, Flack

Audio Construction Lab, Hacked

Audio Construction Lab, Trackway

Audio Weapon, Chaos Matrix

Audiometry, Audiometry

Audionauts, Fatamorgana


Auditory Armory, The Awakening

Audrey Fall, Mitau

Audrey Rose, A Sunken Ship

Aura Azul, Tetrad: The Four Blood Moons

Aura of Aurelia, Echoes of Light and Sound

Aura Surreal, Sanity Awakes

Aura, Make It Burn

Aural Method, Let Us Face the Evening Skies With Child-Like Eyes

Aural Method, Let Us Face the Evening Skies With Child-Like Eyes

Aural Method, When I Drifted I Heard a Faint Melody

Auras, Panacea

Aurelio Voltaire, Riding a Black Unicorn Instrumentals

Aureon, All My Love (Instrumental)

Aurora Black, And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow

Aurora Black, Burial in the Sea

Aurora Empire, Royal Straight Flush

Austerymn, Sepulcrum Viventium

Austhral, Tocado a Vento

Austin Hale, Walking Dead Man

Austin Martin, Itinerant

Austin Shafer, Austin Shafer

Austin TV, La Última Noche del Mundo

Australasia, Notturno

Australis, Lifegiving

Author & Punisher, Ursus Americanus

Author & Punisher, Women & Children

Autism, The Crawling Chaos

Automag, Backin' It Up

AUTOMAG, Hellbound

Automatic Evolution, Countdown

Autopsya, Thrash Metal Army

Autumn of Aeons, Aeon of Awakening

Autumn Rapture, Five

Autumn's Descent, Autumn's Descent

Autumn's First Fire, A Hope for Dreams

Autumns Eyes, Abandoned Expression

Autumns Eyes, Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Autumns Eyes, Downfall of Giants

Autumns Eyes, In a Sense

Autumns Eyes, Please Deceive Me

Autumns Eyes, Remember the Victim

Autumns Eyes, Surrender the Fire

Autumns Eyes, The Awakening of the Sleeping King

Autumns Eyes, Unless Nothing

Autumn`s End, Act Of Attrition

Autumn`s End, Autumn`s End

Auvernia, Afraid Of Me

Auvernia, Towards Eternity

Auvryana, Six Years of Sorrow

Ava Rose, I'm Ava Rose (Live)

Avalanch, Caminar Sobre El Agua

Avalanch, Días De Gloria

Avalanch, El ladrón de sueños

Avalanch, Las Ruinas del Eda©n

Avalanch, Llanto de un Héroe

Avalanch, Malefic Time Apocalypse

Avalanch, Mother Earth

Avalanch, Muerte y Vida

Avalanch, Un Paso Ma¡s (grandes a©xitos)

Avalon Steel, Ascension

Avalon, Incognito

Avana, Sargijeh (In A Daze)

Avarice, Evil Hour

Avarin, Requiem

Avelion, Falling Down

Avelion, Follow Me

Avelion, Liquid Breathing

Avenie, Sombre Embrace

Aversion, Aversion

Avian, Ashes and Madness

Avian, Ashes and Madness (Special Edition)

Avian, Eyes of Sin

Avian, From The Depths Of Time (Special Edition)

Avian, The Path - EP

Aviation Weather, Fires and Accidents

Avishay Mizrav, Forgotten Melodies

Avocast, Paper Fish

Avoidance of Doubt, Science of the Mind

Avoidance Of Doubt, Through My Eyes

Awai, Electric Blanket/Past, Present, Funeral

Awaiting the Apocalypse, At War With the Dead

Awaiting the Apocalypse, Locutus

Awake The Suffering, Inside the Mind We Die

Awake, Forever More

Awake, Illumination

awakebeyondknowing, awakebeyondknowing

Awaken Demons, From Heaven to Hell

Awaken the Bride, Keep Your Graves

Awaken the Sky, A Call To Repentance

Awaken, Awaken

Awe.some, Ad Astra

Awjita, The Ingestion Session - EP

Axe Cane, Axe Cane

Axe Cane, Cure Me

Axe Ripper, Hell Is Real

Axe Shredder, Analog Gothic

Axe Wielding, Instrumentals in My Destruction

Axecuter, Anthology

Axecuter, Metal Is Invincible

Axecuter, Raise the Axe

Axehammer, Marching On

Axemaster, Overture to Madness

Axemunkee, Sidewalk Mary

Axemunkee, Vortex

AXIA, Charge It Up and Blast it Out

Axiom, A Means to an End

Axiomatic, Save Yourself

Axis Disrupt, Axis Disrupt

Axis Disrupt, Mortality

Axon, Tension Headache

AXSTASY, Oblivion

Axus Bliss, As She Fell Away

Axus Bliss, Lotus

Axus Bliss, Triaxus 2012

Axxicorn, War of the Giants

Aygan, Plastic City

Aythyr, Through the Ages

Azazello, Megadrea

Azhirock, Lucifer : Annihilated

Aziola Cry, Ghost Conversations

Azrael's Bane, Modern Day Babylon

Azrael`s Bane, Wings of Innocence

Azreal, Cease to Be

Azreal, Premonition

Azure Agony, Beyond Belief

Azurica, Warriors Don't Die

Ágona, Homo grotescus

¡Pendejo!, Atacames

¡Pendejo!, Cantos a la vida

ミサルカ, Ancient Reborn

ミサルカ, Episodes-Merrow-完全盤

Ænimus, This Illusion

Ãœberstout, Common Sense Ain't Common No More

Černá, Restoring Life

Å kan, The Old King

Æternal Requiem, Invictus

B Chaos, Omen

B-Dub, Mental Pain

B.I.T., 8 Bit Tekno

B.O.S.C.H., Einsam

B.S.T., Die Illusion

Baazar, Rising Knight

Baboon Rising, A Space Oddity

Baboon Rising, Gyroscope

Baboon Rising, The Rising Cost of Metal

Babyjane, Make It Sick

Babylon A.D., Live in your face

Babylon, Armageddon

Babylon, We Never Die

Back from Earth, Back from Earth

Back to Chaos, Hold Your Breath EP

Back to the Sea, Vol. 3: Decree of Disdain

Backback, Backback III

Backjumper, White, Black and the Lies Between

Backwater, Take Extreme Forms

Backwoods Heathens, Blood and Soil

Backwoods Heathens, Get Up

Backwoods Heathens, Time I Got

Bad Action, The Monster from the ID (Special Edition)

Bad Axe, Contradiction to the Rule

Bad Boat, Blues Gone Black

Bad Gilbert, Shiny Chromed Southern Metal

Bad Mamasan, Jeanine the Wolverine

Bad Omen, Dawn of a New Age

Bad Pollyanna, Hollow (Single)

Bad Salad, Puzzled

Bad Seed, Go Greens

Badass, Bad Dream

Badass, Hot (To the Touch)

Badass, Slam That Shot

Badmotorfinger, It's Not the End

Bag: Theory, Tap Dancing in a Mine Field

Bagga Bownz, Addictive (feat. L Rock)

Bagga Bownz, Done With The Pain

Bahal, Nostos

Bahal, Shahat

Baht, In My Veins

Baiju Dharmajan, The Crossover

Bail Easy, Bail Easy E.P.

Bail Easy, Deadlands (feat. Daniel Simpson)

Bakken, Death of a Hero

Bakteria, Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate!

Balaam's Ass, Crime Scene

Balaam's Ass, Magnum Falsi Implevit

Balaam's Ass, Things in the Dark (Ages)

Balances, Moirai

Bald Red Lady, Volume 1: Deadworld

Baldrs Draumar, Forfedres Fortellinger

Baldrs Draumar, Noardseegermanen

Balero, After the End

Balescream, Mark of the Revenant

Ball Dozer, The Pain Will Be Agonizing

Ball Noir, Bitter Dreams

Ball of Mayhem, Gameplan

Ball of Mayhem, H - Part One of H.A.T.E

Ball of Mayhem, Obliteration Imminent

Ballard Train Wreck!, Derailed

Ballet, Ballet

Balmain, S / T

Balsa & Sei Hexe, Split

Band Bunker Club, Popolo Bue

Banda Alefla, End of the World

Banda Rullifrulli, La ciurma

Bane of Isildur, Black Wings

Bane of Winterstorm, The Last Sons of Perylin

Bangladeafy, The Briefcase

Bangtower, Casting Shadows

Banish the Omen, A Daydreamed Nightmare

Bannister White, All Night Long

Banshee, Grvd EP

Banshee, Mindslave

Baphobia, Taos Hum

Baphomet, Death in the Beginning

Baramyu, Demo

Barbarian Fist, The Whorelord Cometh

Barbarian Swords, Hunting Rats

Barbarian, Death Will Tremble to Take Us

Barbaros, Godoff

Barbelith, Mirror Unveiled

Barbiturate, Deep

Barbiturate, Surrender EP

Bard Hoff, A Curious Day

Bare Infinity, Race of Destiny

Bare Knuckle Conflict, Imperium

Barefoot Barnacle, Barefoot Barnacle

Barish Kepic, Addiction

Barish Kepic, Sensitive Crush

Barishi, Barishi

Baritoner, Broke Out

Barnyard Ballers, Nudie Bar Blues

Baroquen Bass, A Four Stringed Sonata

Barra Brown Quintet, Dreaming Awake

Barracks, Ghosts

Barrett Tagliarino, Throttle Twister

Barrows, Imprecari Island

Barrun/Runes, The Runenation

Barry Brooksby, The Experience

Barry Phillips, Summer of Cello

Barry the Mortician, Barry the Mortician

Barry the Mortician, Forced Out Fetus

Barshasketh, Ophidian Henosis

Bartek Beben, Achilles

Bartron Tyler Group, Bartron Tyler Group

Bartron Tyler Group, Yesterday Never Knows

Basca, Resucita

Basement Torture Killings, The First Cumming

Basement Torture Killings, The Second Cumming (Gagged And Stuffed Edition)

Basic Survival Mode, Dystopia

Bastard Chain, Church of the Damned

Bastard Child, Run For Your Life

Bastard Priest, Under the Hammer of Destruction

Bat Castle, The Book

Batillus, Concrete Sustain

Batillus, Furnace

Battalion, Generation Movement

Battalion, Resilience

Battalion, Seasons

Battalion, Set the Phantom Afire

Battalion, Underdogs

Battlerage, Blood, Fire, Steel

Battlerage, True Metal Victory

Battlestations, In a Cold Embrace

Bay of Pigs, Irchin

Ba«at In Za«n, Fifth Victory?

Be Driven, Machine Awakes

Be Not Idle in Preparation of Thy Doom, Disappointments

Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom, Sermons From The Unwelcome / Saturnine Malediction

Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom, Slow Acting Poison

Beacons Ablaze, Standing Strong EP

Bear the Mammoth, Yamadori

Beard, The Twin & the Beast

Bearstate, Phases

Beast Warrior, None Shall Be Saved

Beast Within, World Class MMA Fight Music

Beastmode, Find Your Demons

Beat Down Sound, Echo Box

Beat Maker Pros, Rock Band Drums (Hot Drum Loops and Solos)

Beat Master Troy, Guitar Hero

Beat Smasher, Beat Smasher

Beat the Red Light, Salt the Lands

Beautality, Providence

Beautiful Murder, The Aztec Highlands

Beauty In The Suffering, Juliet

Beauty In The Suffering, The Crazies (The Zombie Song)

Beauty of Decay, Lullabies for the Aborted

Beauty, Automatic Killfest

Because of Tomorrow, Portrait of a Plague

Becoming, Sonic Revelations

Bee vs. Moth, Shelter in Place

BEESTSPAWN, Nature of the Beest

Before Eden, A Realm Reborn

Before I Forsake, Traces

Before the Damned, Unanimosity

Before Tomorrow, Before Tomorrow

Before You Fall, By Your Side

Before You Fall, Through Our Eyes

Before You Fall, You Looked Better On Facebook

Before You Fall, You're Haskin for Trouble

Beg for Mercy, Beg for Mercy

Begets of Autumn, Keep

Beggarz Fixx, Rouse the Rabble

Beguile, Diabolus Eternus Sceptrum

Behead the Dead, A Dying Age

Behead The Dead, Unleash The Deceased

Behead Thy King, Special #2 Challenge

Beheading Of A King, Beheading Of A King

Behind the Revolver, Stagnant Water

Behold the Kingdom, The Eyes of the Wicked Will Fail

Behold the Throne, Merchants

Beholder, The Order of Chaos

Being, II: Nyx

Belhor, I Am the Nails

Belial's Bride, Worship!

Beliefs, An Axe to Grind

Beliefs, Continuum

Bell Tower Sniper, The Cold Within

Belladonna, Belladonna 03

Belladonna, Deadly Night Shade

BelleEve, Forget

BelleEve, Tempest

Belliciste, Sceadugenga

Bells & Whistles, Bells & Whistles

Bells Bells Bells, A Ghost Could Live Here

Bells, Our Forest, Our Empire

Belly Full of Eggs, Cigarette Tree

Below the Tide, 2010 - Ep

Below the Tide, Below the Tide

Belt, Cause & Infect

Beltfed Weapon, Peacekeeper

Ben Kuzay, A Celebration of Life

Ben Levin Group, Departure

Ben Levin Group, Invisible Paradise

Ben Rogers` Instrumental Asylum, Welcome to the Instrumental Asylum

Ben Usher, Dead West

Ben Vermill, Sail Around the World

Ben Woods, Flametal Priest

Ben Woods, Flametallica

Bendida, Prince of Ice

Bendida, The Farthest Shore

Beneath My Feet, Wake Up, Stand Up

Beneath the Embers, Depths of Insanity

Beneath the Surface, Deservant

Beneath the Surface, Oceans

Beneath the Tides, A New Beginning

Beneath the Veil, Circle City

Beneath the Veil, The Movement

Benevolence, Benevolence

Benevolence, Scanderbeg

Benevolence, The Grand Story

Benevolent, The Covenant

Benighten Empire, An Age of Eclipticon

Benighten Empire, Awakening of the Old Gods

BeniKings, Hot Stuff

Benjamin Galster, Shirley Heights - Single

Benjamin Gibert, A Confident Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Benjamin Wallin, Death of a Midnight Ritual

Benjy Johnson, A Vast Tight-String Conspiracy

Benoit Martiny Band, Benoit Martiny Band

Bent, Pulling

Bent., Brotherhood Of Want

Beorn, The Chest of Deadman

Beowulf, Jesus Freak

Beringia, Beringia

Bernie Rogers, Get in the Loop

Bernie Rogers, Surface Tension

Bernie Rogers, Voyager

Bert Elliot, Asylum In Playland

Bertrand Hahn, Syllabus

Besra, Primum

Bet the Devil, Bet the Devil

Betashelter, Plagium

Betashelter, Plagium

Betatt, Antophobia

Betatt, Fyrer For Kråkene

Betray Your Own, Mammoth

Betrayal, Always the Underdog

Betrayer F.T.M., No Life Till Fury

Betrayer, Betrayer

Betrayer, Rusted Icons

Betrayer, Shadowed Force

Betrayus, Shedding Skin

Better Left Unsaid, The Silencing

Between Days, All the Water; It Flows Out to Sea

Between Hope and Tragedy, Kiss the blessings goodbye

Between the Devil, 1,734 Kings

Beverly Ann Smith, Dreams and Fascinations

Beverly Beer Bellys, Loaded with Experience

Beyond Agony, Embrace the Inferno

Beyond Agony, Loaded Pistol

Beyond Agony, The Last of a Dying Breed

Beyond Dishonor, Generations

Beyond Dishonor, Signs of a Struggle

Beyond Dishonor, travesty.

Beyond Dreams, Beyond Dreams

Beyond Fallen, Machines of Corruption

Beyond Fallen, Mindfire

Beyond the Gallows, Pestilence

Beyond the Lies, As the Sun Spills Over

Beyond The Red, Beyond The Red 2010

Beyond the Scar, Ruination

Beyond the Structure, Nauseating Truth

Beyond the Throne, Scriptures Fade

Beyond the Vortex, One

Beyond the Wayside, The Way You Live

Beyond Threshold, Revolution

Beyond Twilight, For The Love Of Art And The Making

Beyond Violet, Frozen Words

Beyond Vision, Fire Is Coming

Beyond Vision, War Cry

Bezerker, Lost: Remastered

Bfg, Over the Top

Bfg, Warriors Glory

Bfg, When the Hammer Falls

Bhayanak Maut, Bhayanak Maut

Bible Of The Devil, Brutality Majesty Eternity

Bibster, Demon Barber of Main St.

Big Box of Paints, Voranzherei

Big Coffin Hunters, Drive Another Nail

Big Daddy Project, Who`s Big Daddy?

Big Ed and the Cartoon Mafia, I Summon You

Big Ed and the Cartoon Mafia, In the Park

Big Guitars from Texas, Trash, Twang and Thunder

Big Sky Conspiracy, Lights from the Shadow Factory

Big Stall, American Terrorist

Big Steel Shit, Borderlifeline

Big Steel Shit, Shit Happens

Big Time Kill, Big Time Kill

Big Ugly Production, Conversations in your Mind

Bigfoot, Carry the Cross

Bigtalkahh, Love Is Dead

BILE, Hate Radio

Bile, Regurge:a Bucket of Bile (Best Of........)

Bile, Sex Reflex (Remastered)

Bill Berends, In My Dreams I Can Fly

Bill Bruce, Acoustic Sides

Bill Bruce, Carol of the Bells

Bill Evans, Bill Evans Vans Joint (feat. Dave Weckl, Mark Egan, Michael Abene & WDR Big Band Cologne)

Bill Fanciullo, Once More With Feeling

Bill Hallett, Out of the Blue

Bill Haskell and the Dollar Beale Experience, University Parkway

Bill Pitts, The Adventures of Dr. Mumbai

Bill Pound, Spring Forward

Bill Roller, Africa Drum

Bill Roller, Fun Song

Bill Roundtree, Opus Inevitus

Billy Capuano, Watching Over Me

Billy Dolan, Do_ist

Billy Holiday, Am I Evil

Billy Pezzack, Shredbop

Billy Pezzack, Your Blue Sky

bilo'u, Muzjyou

Binky, Bloodbath and Beyond

Biogenesis, The Mark Bleeds Through

Biogenesis, The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood

Biogenesis, The Rise, the Fall, the Rebirth

Biomortal, Genesynthesis

Bionicore, Never Know

Biosystem55, By My Side

Bipolar Nympho, Bipolar Nympho

Bipolar Nympho, Into the Night

Bipolar, All Remembering Was in Vain...

Bipolar, Capacity for Change

Birch Hill Dam, Colossus

Birdmen Of Alcatraz, Focus

Birds of Paradise, Vices & Virtues

Birth And Burial, Birth And Burial

Birth of Depravity, The Coming of the Ineffable

Bishop Lake, The Meritocracy of Hell

Bishop Saynomore, My Soul

Bishop, Torment

Bitches On Acid, The Force Behind the Wall

Bitches Sin, No More Chances

Bitches Sin, The First Temptation

Bite Wound, Hallowed Grind III: Season of the Wound

Bitforce, A New Force

Bittencourt Project, Brainworms I

Bitter End, Burning Bridges

Bitter End, Have A Nice Death!

Bjarne O., Only One

Black Actress, Walk of Shame

Black Alice, Endangered Species

Black Angels, 1981-2009

Black April, Rise and Rot

Black Aurora, Polar Night

Black Beings, Endless Winter

Black Beings, Paranoid

Black Beings, Road To Death

Black Birds, Elliptical Flight Patterns

Black Box Found, Black Box Found

Black Crown, Harsh Reality

Black Curtain, Reflections of Fear

Black Empire, 2000 AD

Black Gasoline, She Gave Us Magic

Black Harvest, White Light Came Down

Black Hate, Kazudijirzu

Black Hawk, A Mighty Metal Axe

Black Hawk, Straight to hell

Black Hawk, The Invasion

Black Horizon Plague, Infected Nation

Black Japan, Albatross

Black Label, Blood Money

Black Leather, State of Freedom

Black Light Discipline, Against Each Other

Black Light Discipline, Death By a Thousand Cuts

Black Light Discipline, On Fire

Black Light Discipline, Serene

Black Light Discipline, Under the Knife

Black Light Discipline, Walls Inside Us

Black Lily, I Stand Alone

Black Magik, Providence

Black Magik, The Apocalypse

Black Magik, The Conjuring of Three

Black Magik, Words of Prophecy

Black Market Ministry, Voices of the Coming Plague

Black Mass & Defile, Defiling The Masses

Black Mass, Hymns For The Sabbat II

Black Materia, Black Materia

Black Materia, Still the Mind

Black Noize, Welcome to Hell... Are You Ready to Fight?

Black Northern Reign, Berzerker

Black Northern Reign, VIII

Black Northern Reign, Winterlude

Black Ocean, Sea of Darkness

Black On High, Gnomad

Black Overdrive, Discord

Black Pajent, Black Pajent

Black Pasture, Thinning the Herd

Black Pestilence, In Defiance

Black Pestilence, Tradition Is Obsolete

Black Pestilence, Vice

Black Plague, Bring Out Your Dead

Black Rage, Silent Scream

Black Rain II, Circle of Blood

Black Rain, Black Rain

Black Rain, Requiem for a Killer

Black Rattle, Highway To Helmo

Black Ritual, 1000 Yard Stare

Black Shep, Instrumentally

Black Snake Moan, Tension

Black Spell, Black Spell (Abbey Road Mix)

Black Squirrel Rebellion, Ballistic

Black Standard, Something to Stand For

Black Stone Ritual, Black Stone Ritual

Black Sun Alchemy, Smells Like Hell

Black Sun Ensemble, Bolt of Apollo

Black Sun Ensemble, Live At Kxci, Vol. II

Black Sun, Sacred Eternal Eclipse

Black Swan Theories, Dark Matter and Other Songs

Black Table, Sentinel

Black Tar Prophet, Deafen

Black Thai, Seasons of Might

Black Thorn Halo, Texas Fucking Metal

Black Tractor, Someone Call A Priest

Black Trial, Big Break

Black Trip, Heart of the Dream

Black Water Pollution, Fallen Society

Black Web, Old Habits Die hard

Black West, Lonely Crowd

Black Widow U.S.A., Soldiers From Hell

Black Widow, Satan`s Playground

Black Winter, In Cosmic Installation

black wolf, polaris

Black-Tape, When the Sun Goes Out

Blackbreaks, Blackbreaks

Blackbrew, Blackbrew

BlackBrew, War

Blackdrawn, Blackdrawn

Blackened Angel, Chronicles of Damnation (Deluxe Edition)

Blackened Angel, Chronicles of Damnation, Pt. 1

Blackened Angel, Chronicles of Damnation, Pt. 2

Blackened Heart, Blackened Heart

Blackest, As the Sun Sets

Blackhand, Long Road To Nowhere

Blackheartcleansed, Constant Battle

Blackholicus, Variations in Death Minor

Blackout Frenzy, 2004

Blacksmith, Strike While the Iron's Hot

Blacksoul Seraphim, Alms and Avarice

Blacksoul Seraphim, Hymns for the Vanquished

Blackthorn, Araneum

Blacktop Recess, Second Wind

Blackwater Prophecy, Echoes

Blackwater Prophecy, The Meridian Hour

Blackwülf, Royal Pine

Blade Of The Ripper, Taste The Blade

Blaine the Mono, Jellyfish

Blaine the Mono, Vices in Verses

Blakcpullet Grimoire, Eating Whole Villages He Threw Up From The Bitter Taste Of Concrete

Blame It On The Wind, Blame It On The Wind

Blank Shot, Sail Away

Blansfield, Bionic Evolution

Blansfield, Time & Space

Blasphemous Creation, Battle of the Ancients

Blast Off, World of Lies

Blasted, Alchemy

Blasted, Blast the Studio: Burn the Stage

Blasted, Curtain Call

Blastmat, Broke Life, Working Class

Blastmat, National Policy

Blasts Atomic!, Blasts Atomic!

Blasts Atomic!, Trainwreck EP

Blatant Disarray, The Harbinger

Blatherskite, Where the Wasteland Ends

Blazing Clash, Blazing Clash (Princess of Rock)

Blazing Dog, Deus Ex Machina (Maxi Single)

Blazing Dog, Metallic Beast

Bleed the Freaks, Faded Lie

Bleed the Man, Ashes from the Past

Bleed, Seven Billion Demons

Bleeding Tears, Brother Wolf

Bleeding, Behind Transparent Walls

Blend71, Inside Your Cage

Bleoag, Live As Though You'll Die Today

Blessed Curse, Blessed Curse

Blessed Death, Hour Of Pain

Blessiddoom, Dystopium

Blew Vein, We Are Animal

Blind Fire, Victim of Silence

Blind One Came, Remnants

Blind Race, Come and Get It

Blind Witness, I Am Hell

Blinded By Rage, Green Mountain Beatdown "Volume 1"

Blinded By Rage, Here`s to the Wreckage

Blinded in Chains, Smile

blindseven, incisions

Blindspott, Blindspott

Blindspott, End The Silence

Blissed, Death Is Not the End

BlitzKill, Metal Techno

Blitzkill, Sinnestäter

Blix, Det Som Vi Alle Mangla

Blizzard Hunter, Heavy Metal to the Vein

Blkvampires, Blkcula - EP

Blocks of Seven, I Can't Take It Anymore

Blod, Lassettebil

Blood & Banjos, Blood & Banjos

Blood & Iron, Voices of Eternity

Blood and Brutality, Destructive Path

Blood and Brutality, Piecing Together the Ruins

Blood and Brutality, Sick of It All

Blood and Brutality, Sick of It All

Blood and Brutality, The Blood and the Brutality

Blood and Brutality, Torturous

Blood and Brutality, Unheard Screams

Blood and Brutality, Unrestrained Aggression

Blood and Thunder, Chaos Unrelenting

Blood and Thunder, Dawning of the Ancients

Blood and Thunder, This Faceless Odyssey EP

Blood Culprit, Sinister Thought Process EP

Blood Dead Sky, The Dead Among the Dying

Blood Dead Sky, The Ghost Remains

Blood Dead Sky, This Eternal Solitude

Blood Haven, Religious Suffocation

Blood Industrial, Blood Industrial

Blood Motorcycle, Blood Rainbow

Blood Red Dawn, Strength Within - Ep

Blood Revolt, Indoctrine

Blood Rooted, The Oak Shade

Blood Stain Child, Epsilon

Blood Storm, Qliphothic Necromancy

Blood To Dust, Blood To Dust

Blood, Bathory

Blood, Elizabeth

Blood-Stained, Infected

Bloodgood, Dangerously Close

Bloodline Severed, Countdown to Desecration

Bloodline Severed, Visions Revealed

Bloodlyne, Bury the Crown

Bloodpig, RX

Bloodrain, Meng-Âmok

Bloodscorn, Through The Gates Of Hell

Bloodseal, Silence In Heaven

Bloodshed Walhalla, The Battle Will Never End

Bloodshot, Demons, Addictions and Confidence

Bloodsilo, Reaper

Bloody Hollys, Cheer Up- It Gets Worse

Blotted Science, The Machinations Of Dementia

Blowtorch Sodomy, Blowtorch Sodomy

Bludge, You Probably Suck

Bludgeon, Crucify the Priest

Bludgeon, World Controlled

Blue Aside, The Orange Tree

Blue Box, Outside the Box (feat. Mick Coste, Jim Cribby, Dave Melo)

Blue Claw Philharmonic, Metal Dubstep Classical Remix (Epic Classical Music Remixes)

Blue Rage, Blue Rage

Bluebloodred, Fill The Void

Blues Jamm Project, Blues Jamm Project

Bluestone Company, Supernatural Delight

Blukomet, Dekade II

Blukomet, Kolob

Blunt Force Trauma, Let Them Eat Lead

Blurry, Better Late Than Never

Blurry, King of the Fallen Angels

Blurry, Snake Wine

Blurry, Unholy Epitaph

Blylod, Serendipity

BLyND, Static

BMR, No Se Perder

BMR, Sombras y Arena

Boanerges, Recobra el Fuego

Boarders, R-Existence (Deluxe Edition)

Boarders, The World Hates Me

Bob Noble, Beethoven's Symphonies 1 to 9: Heavy Guitars and Synths!

Bob Ross, After the Storm

Bob Smith, No Mas Palabras (the Instrumentals)

Bob Spalding, Transitions

Bob Sprowston, Chunky Rock (feat. Trevor Cutting & Michael Williams)

Bobby Choo Choo, Bobby Choo Choo

Bobby Midnight, Midnight Marauder

Bobby Phillipps, Set Me Free

Bobby Phillipps, Stop the War!

Bobby Sick, Crossroads

Bobby Trates, Perplexing Bend

Bobby Vega, Sketches of Bob

Boddickers, Circadian

Bodies We've Buried, Rise

Bodragaz, Symphony

Body Of Scars, Body Of Scars

Body Part Rain, 383

Body Part Trophy Case, Killing Without A Motive

Bog-Morok, Industrialypse

Bogdan Radovic, Keep Going On

Bogdan Radovic, Night Vibe

Boggart, Damnatio Perpetuus

Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord, Blood of the Prophets

Bohemian Grove, A False Vision

Bohemian Grove, Eternal Ruin

Bohemian Grove, Silence of Decay EP

Boize & Emissary, Lost Tapes

Boize, Boize

Boize, I'll Still Love You

Boize, The Bug

Bolero, Voyage from Vinland

Bologna, No Food for Worms

Bolt, Beautiful To Me

Bolt, By Design

Bolt, I Am

Bolt, Just Breathe

Bolt, The Unseen

Bomb And Scary, Black Wishing Well

Bomb and Scary, The Blood

Bombardier, You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

Bomber, Falsche Freunde

Bombs Over Rome, Evolution Is Chaos

Bond, Alfred Vogel & Lucien Dubuis, Hang Em High

Bondage, Thong

Bonecracker, To the Bone

Bonedust, Prototype

Bonejackal, Bonejackal

Bones in the Well, The Cost of Loss: Paid in Full

Boneworm, Boneworm

Boneyard, Fear of a Zombie Planet

Bongripper, Miserable

Bongripper, Satan Worshipping Doom

Bongripper, Sex Tape / Snuff Film

Bongripper, Zero Talent

Bonk, Midnight Poetry

Bonk, Unfortunate inspiration

Bonn Witty, Cosmosian

Bonney & Buzz, Play Rough

Bonnie Blue, Attack of the Lot Lizards

Bonnie Griffiths Pantely, Oboe Rocks

Bontrager, Decibel

Book of Reflections, Chapter II: Unfold the Future (Remaster)

Book of Reflections, Relentless Fighter

Boom, Kleesch

Boomslang, Insanity

Booze Control, Heavy Metal

Booze For Darla, Boozy Treats

Bordertracks, Bordertracks

Borealis, Fall From Grace

Borealis, World of Silence

Borelia Mass, Corruption

Borgazur, 2P3: Alchemists Earth of Aeon A.C.

Borislav Mitic, The Absolute

Born from Ashes, Born from Ashes

Born from Ruins, Save Me

Born In Winter, Paper and Roses

Born of Ashes, Progress

Born of Fire, Dead Winter Sun

Born to Conquer, Adonai

Born to Conquer, Whatever I Have Left

Borracho, Know My Name

Borracho, Oculus

Borracho, Splitting Sky

Borric, Boom

Boss Keloid, The Calming Influence of Teeth

Boston's Lane, System

Boston's Lane, Unlabeled Title

Bothers, No Way Out

Botolph Dissidents, Sounds of the Revolution

Botolph Dissidents, Trails of Treason

Bottom, MMXII

Bound by Entrails, For Valhall's Sorrow

Bound by Entrails, The Oath to Forbear and the Burden of Inheritance

Bound By Entrails, The Stars Bode You Farewell

Bound By Fate, Aftermath

Bound By Fate, Steadfast

Bound For Pain, Await Your Judgment

Bound for Pain, Through Exile

Bound For Severance, A Perfect View

Bound for Severance, Identity

Bound for Severance, Truth and Perception

Bound, Bound

Bound, Sabbath in My Blood

Boundaries, Earth Movers

Bowneck, Dialectic Disorder

Boxwave, Broad Street Grease

Boyd Scott Kulick, Strings of Sanity `Marching From Mars`

Boyd Scott Kulick, Strings of Sanity `X Special FX`

Boys With Xray Eyes, Boys With Xray Eyes

Boys With Xray Eyes, Oh My! How We Terrify

Bölzer, Roman Acupuncture

BrackenField, 3 States 6 Rooms

Brad Bailey, Isabella's Song

Brad Laird, My .223

Brad Sayre, Unspoken

Bradford Erickson, Metal Film

Bradford, The Ninth Ring

Bradley J. Smith, Root Chakra

Bradley Tatum, It's a Beautiful World

Brain Drill, The Parasites

Brain Surgeons NYC, Denial of Death

Brandon Campbell, Trilogies

Brandon Wolfe, Unspoken

Brass Knuckle Surfer, Sin Palabras

Brave the Vertigo, Oppenheimer Quoting Vishnu

Braveheart, This House in My Head

Braveride, Rise of the Dragonrider

Bravery Branded, Southern Steel

Brazen Angel, Metal For Eternity

Bråket, Helvetesdrøm

Bråket, Null Håp

Breach the Void, The Monochromatic Era

Break The Chair, Bound By Aggression

Break the Dark, The Mirror

Break Your Fist, Break Your Fist

Breaking Conspiracy, Cover Conspiracy

Breaking the Blade, Abstract Girl

Breaking Violet, Digging Up Old Bones

Breakthrough Even, Legacy of Dreams

Breath of Lilith, Something Wicked This Way Comes

Breathe Atlantic, Skylines and Skyscrapers

Breather, Stitched With a Kiss

Breathing Theory, Parasite EP

Breed of Burden, The World Is Sick

Brendan Noble, Nobility Isn't a Birth Right

Brennan Allee Munoz, B.A.M.

Brent Hlady, 1613

Brent Hlady, Dancing Eh's

Brent Hlady, First Cruize

Brent Hlady, Heartbeat

Brent Hlady, Midnight

Brent Spiegel, Without You

Brent Sutton, Inception

Brent Thompson, Stratosphere

Brethren of the Loudness, Brethren of the Loudness

Brett Garsed, Dark Matter

Brett Hale, Blind Faith

Brett Low, Burn

Brett Miller, Beast Sides

Brett Miller, Constant

Brett Miller, Druid Green

Brett Miller, Metal

Brett Starczewski, Sounds from the Music Room

Brewhemoth, Brewhemoth

Brian Berns Ultimate Evil Ending, I Am a God

Brian Berns, 2012

Brian Berns, Battlefield

Brian Berns, Break the Rule

Brian Berns, But They Lie

Brian Berns, Electro-Lift

Brian Berns, Focus

Brian Berns, Hell's Noise

Brian Berns, Madness

Brian Berns, The Mad Monk

Brian Berns, Vlad the Impaler

Brian Cachia, Gabriel (Original Score)

Brian Cox, Blue Eyes Forever

Brian Dorn, Isabelle

Brian Estey, 1994

Brian Fagerburg, Dancing in the Dark

Brian Henke, The Nature of Light

Brian Hunsaker, Across the Galaxy

Brian Larkin, Far Enough Into the Void

Brian Maillard, Reincarnation

Brian Matthew Lee, Bittersweet Journey

Brian McBride, Steep Thrills

Brian Morrison, The Edge of Forgotten Dreams

Brian P. Rickard, Luminosity 7.0 "The Hubble"

Brian Patterson, Seventh Kind

Brian Potts, Secret Agent Man (Instrumental)

Brian Skiff, Breaking Point

Brian Town, To the Mojave

Brian Tsao & Nicole Russin-McFarland, The Eyes of Old Texas (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Brian Vadimsky, The Memoirs of Mr. Howling

Briar Rose, Dark Lord

Briar Rose, Roses Are Rare, Violence Is True

Brice Frillici, Maximum Saw Basement

Brick Sun, Inside

Brickfall, Regret

Bricktop, 4

Bricktop, Side A

Bride, Incorruptible

Bride, Live To Die (The Originals: Disc Two)

Bride, Show No Mercy (The Originals: Disc One)

Bride, Silence Is Madness (The Originals: Disc Three)

Bride, Skin for Skin +2 (Collector's Edition)

Bride, Snakes Alive

Bride, The Lost Reels, Vol. 2 (Retroarchives Edition)

Bride, The Lost Reels, Vol. 3 (Retroarchives Edition)

Bride, This Is It (Collector's Edition)

Bridge Burners Union, One

Bridges Out, Between Two Points

Bridges Out, Hello Disquiet

Bridges, BFF

Bridgeshadows, Bridgeshadows

Bridgeshadows, Pray for Rain

Bridgid Bibbens, Sugar & Steel

Bright Like the Sun, Coda Fin

Brighter By the Hour, Loaded Gloves!

Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, The Demon Haunted World

Brilliant Coldness, Poisoned Reality

Bring Back Pluto, Underneath

Bring Me to Chaos, Rebirth

Bring Out Your Dead, Just Stay Asleep

Bring the Antidote, Spin Zero (Original Version) - Single

Britt Warren, Dance of Broken Chains

Bro Jovi, Songs to Crush Beers To, Vol. I

Broad and Sharp, Abusos

Broad Noodles, Broad Noodles

Broadening the Daylight, Kelly Abrams

Brocas Helm, Black Death

Brocas Helm, Defender of the Crown

Broken & Burnt, Let the Burning Begin

Broken Autonomy, Innocence Lost

Broken By the Burden, Running of the Fools

Broken Flesh, Stripped, Stabbed, And Crucified

Broken Silence, Discerning the Times (Retroarchives Edition)

Broken Smile, Someone Else

Broken Strings, Dismantle & Deliver

Broken Window Theory, What Would You Do?

Broken, Darkness Falls

Bronson, Blood Brothers

Bronson, Bronson

Bronze Fawn, Life Among Giants

Bronze Honey, Free

Brook Keppler, On the Prowl

Brook Keppler, Vertigo

Broomhandle, The Path

Brother Iota, Flood Stage

Brotherhood, 400 Milligrams of Venom

Brothers Edwards, Taste of Rob (feat. Rob Edwards)

Brothers Fighting, Hostage

Brought By Giants, Contingency

Brought By Giants, The Risks You Take

Brought By Giants, Through Hearts - EP

Bruce Anderson & Rich Stim, Bar Stool Walker

Bruce Arnold, Heavy Mental

Bruce Bouillet, Interventions

Bruce Bouillet, The Order of Control

Bruce Bowser, Electrical Problems

Bruce Bowser, Out of Breath

Bruce Kaphan Quartet, Bruce Kaphan Quartet

Bruce Reynolds, Dedication

Bruce Swanson Bass Man, Big Bottom

Bruce Swanson Bass Man, Big Bottom Shorts

Brunanburh, Brunanburh

Brundlely and the Swede, Cabin Music

Brunno Henrique, Searching Voices

Bruno Lara, Crunching

Bruno Lara, Positivo

Bruno Marshall, Beginning

Bruno Marshall, Transgression

Bruno Masquio, Brainstorm

Bruno Pittelli, Get Up and Dance

Brutal Cross, The Perfect Storm

Brutal Cross, Trilogy

Brutal Hand, Purgatory's Rage

Brutal Horizon, Burn in the Fury

Brutality, Ruins of Humans

Brute Force, Force Fed

Brute Forcz, Out for Blood

Bruxing, Bruxing

Bryan Beller, Thanks In Advance

Bryan Beller, Wednesday Night Live

Bryce Goertzen, But a Fragment

Bryon Thompson, Current Conditions

Bucket Busters, Bucket Diddley

Bucket of Trouble, Psycho-Phrenic

Bucket of Trouble, Psychological Graffiti

Bucket of Trouble, There Shall Be More Death

Buckshot Facelift, Elder's Rasp

Bucovina, Duh

Bucovina, Sub Stele

Buczek, Wonder

Buffalo Crows & Paul Mario Day, The Tempest

Buffalo Crows, Defenders (feat. Paul Mario Day)

Buffalo Grillz, Manzo Criminale

Bull Thistle, The great escape of a hypocrite

Bulldoggs, Never Means Maybe

Bullet Course, She's Looking for Flowers Under City Light

Bulletsize, Bulletsize

Bulletwork, Depths of Reality

Bumblefoot, Forgotten Anthology

Bumblefoot, The Pink Panther Theme

Bunk Dope, Sores

Bunky Moon, Schtuff We Like

Burhan Kulle, Electric

Burial Mound, With Honor

Burial Ritual, Tower of Silence

Burial, Divinity Through Eradication

BurialGround, Born Into Extinction

Buried in Alaska, Alpha Omega

Buried in Leather, We Are Gone

Buried in Verona, Circle the Dead

Buried in Verona, Saturday Night Sever

Burlak, Burlak

Burlak, Cold War

Burn Blue Sky, Burn Blue Sky

Burn Both Ends, Buried In Ash

Burn Infinite, En Fury

Burn the Boats, From Under the Waves

Burn the Remains, Cutthroat

Burn The Ruin, Burn The Ruin

Burn the Sky, 3 Songs

Burn Tomorrow, Silence

Burning Caskets, To Burn a False Prophet

Burning Circle, Ruins of Mankind

Burning Down Alaska, Brighter Days

Burning Down Alaska, Monuments

Burning Down Alaska, Savior

Burning Fair Verona, A Glimpse of Hope

Burning of I, Nowhere is a Destination

Burning Shadows, Gather, Darkness!

Burning Shadows, Into the Primordial

Burning Shadows, Oathbreaker

Burning Solace, In Darkness We Prevail

Burnplastic, f**k This sh**

Burnstitch, A False Satisfaction

Burnstitch, Human Condition

Bury Me Head First, When the Music Stops

Bury Me in Lights, Eyes Like Anchors

Bury Me Standing, Bury Me Standing

But a Thought, But a Thought

Butcher Capone, War Without Reason

Butcher Shop Candy, The Theory of Revolution

Butt, Butt Revisited

Butt, Still Here I Think

Butt, The Stuff Vol. 1

Buttafüko, Acoustifüko: Lawnchair Lesbians Live!

Buttafüko, The Black Album

Butterfly Corpse, Chrysalis

By Blood Alone, Eternally

By Blood Alone, Seas of Blood

By His Blood, And Every Eye Shall See

By the Blood, Agap? EP

By the End of Tonight, a letter to the sandbox.

By the Stone, By the Stone

Byfrost, Black Earth

Byrd, Flying Beyond the 9

Byron Fry, Combustible

Byron Fry, Explosive

Byron Nemeth Group, 100 Worlds

Byron Nemeth Group, The Force Within

Byron Nemeth, Anthology: The Cassette Years (Rewind)

Byron Nemeth, The Video Chronicles

C.E.Cash, Cannonball Ride- Single

C.E.Cash, Heather - Single

C.I.A., Attitude

C.I.A., Conspiracy

C.I.A., In the Red

C.I.A., Search & Seizure

C.J. Schrieber, Reflections

C4fighter, Tears of Pain

Cable, Origins, Vol.1

Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop, Choose Your Delusions Part I

Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop, Neverminded

Cacotopia, Inhuman Agitation

Cadaveric Spasm, I Hope You're Horrified

Cadaverous Condition, Burn Brightly Alone

Cadaverous Condition, The Lesser Travelled Seas

Cadaverous Condition, To The Night Sky

Caerimonium, Caerimonium EP

Caerimonium, ChaosFear

Cage, Astrology

Cage, Darker Than Black

Cage, Hell Destroyer

Cage, Science of Annihilation

Cage, Supremacy of Steel

Cage, Unveiled

Cage9, How to Shoot Lasers from Your Eyes

Cainomen, Whispering Darkside

CainSalt, Amalgamate

Cairn, Time Won't Wait

Caïna, Setter of Unseen Snares

Caje, Caje

Calamitous Intent, Exordium

Calamity Islet, See the Colourless

Calamity, Let 'Em Burn

California Smile, Roof Came Off House

Caligator, Homeland Security

Caligvla, Bukkake Baptism

Calissa Knox, Forgotten Road

Call Me Savage, Mercury Retrograde EP

Call of the Bison, Call of the Bison EP

Call of the Wild, Young Wolves

Calling All Gods, Redeem Yourself

Callomania, Beast Within

Calm Hatchery, Fading Reliefs

Calo, DeLiberato

Camel Toe, Bitsy's Snake Dance

Camelspur, Stool

Cameron Allen, Between the Lines

Cameron Meadows, Cameron Meadows

Camori, Ethereal

Can of Soul, Hearreality

Can Ünlü, My Time

Cana, Last Goodbye

Cana, Yeah Yeah!

Cancerslug, Rootwork

Cancerslug, Seasons of Sickness...

Cancerslug, The Unkindest Cut: 2000-2013

Cancrena, Hidden Depravity

Cancrena, Underneath

Candy Striper Death Orgy, Nitromethane

Cannibal Nursery, Rage and Revenge.

Cannon, Metal Style

Canobliss, Demon Angel

Canobliss, Liberation Of Dissonance

Canobliss, Man Is The Enemy

Canobliss, Psychothermia

Canthana, Cellmate

Canvas Black, Canvas Black

Capillaries, Into the History of Light

Capricia, Fooled By the Hush

Captain Dirt & the Skirt, The Adventures of Captain Dirt & the Skirt

Captain Funnybone, Angel's Torment

Capuchin Punks, Metal Dalla Cripta Dei Monaci

Car Bomb, 'w^w^^w^w'

Car Bomb, Third Revelation

Cara Neir & Ramlord, Cara Neir/Ramlord Split

Carbide, Temptations

Cardinals Folly, Strange Conflicts of the Past

Cardinals Folly, Such Power Is Dangerous!

Cardona, Seasons

Cardona, Sentencing of a Heretic

Careless Juja, Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher

Carfree, Depolariced

Carl Black Project, Reflection

Carl Clark, Tales from the Clark Side

Carl Roa, Lord of the Strings

Carl Schonbeck, Expo

Carl Schonbeck, Sound On

Carlos Quefrem, Black Silk

Carlos Quefrem, Guitar Vox

Carlos Quefrem, Interview

Carlos Soto, Tribal Behavior

Carlos Urquidi, A New Perspective

Carm Grasso, Soul Stealer

Carmelo Medina, En Vivo

Carmeria, Awakening

Carnage Cafe, First Punch EP

Carnage Cafe, Uncontrolled

Carnage Krew, Front Kick to the Face

Carnal Demise, The Crown

Carnal Forge, When All Else Fails

Carnavarice Breath, The Black Cloud

Carneia, All Tongues of Babel

Carnifex, Carnifex

Carnival of Flesh, Stories from a Fallen World

Carnivean, In Todes Banden

Carnivora, Eternal

Carolina Chupacabra, Birth Of The Beast

CAROLINE BLUE, Slave to the Hourglass

Carpeduke, Carpeduke

Carpeduke, Hell Gothic Ride

Carphatya, Dimensiones del Vacío

Carrier Flux, Introspective Nightmare

Carrier Wave, Blue Lotus

Carrion Kind, The Collapse of All to Come

Carrion Witch, Those of Whom I Speak

Carrion Witch, Uncomfortable With Her Body

Carrion Witch, Vestal

Carrion, Evil Is There!

Carry Your Ghost, Decisions

Carson Stevens, You're Doing It Wrong

Carved Kinship, Rebellion

Carved Out, Reflect & Respond

Cascading Liquid Rainbows, Cascading Liquid Rainbows

Casey Fogg, At Your Feet (Instrumental)

Cashmier, Sexy Bitch

Casket Architects, Skull Persuasion

Casket Robbery, Blood Bathory

Cassandra Syndrome, Of Patriots and Tyrants

Cassandra Syndrome, Satire X

Castaways, Nothing's Set in Stone

Castigare, Regarder Sans Voir

Castillo, Initiation

Casting Skies, Trendsetter

Castle, Lithic

Castra, Judgement of the Damned

Castrofate, IV - Systematic Suicide

Cat Nights Begin, La Chanson du Chat

Cat O' Nine Tails, Wrecking Ball

Cat Who Will Eat Planets, For Those Who Don't Have a Record Player Yet, Vol. One

Cat Who Will Eat Planets, Organism

Cat Who Will Eat Planets, Paint and the Footprints It Caused

Cataclysm, Visions of My Grave

Catalytic, The Voice of Reason

Catamount, Public Displays of Private Delusion

Catamount, Seven Million Years Too Late

Catarsis Incarne, Presbere

Catatonik, Rushing The Flame

Catch 22, Monumetal

Catch 22, Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution

Catechist, The Colors Repainted

Category VI, Fireborn

Catharina Z Project, Supercharge

Catharsis, Decyclical EP

Cathartic Cat, The Strange Black Cat (the Witch's familiar)

Cathartic Cat, The Trappings of Wealth...

Cathedrals, Brave the Cold

Cathis Ord, The Far Shore

Catler Bros., Crash Landing

Cattleist, Indulge in the Butchered

Caught In the Crossfire, Leading the Blind

Cauldron, Tampering with the Unnatural

Cause Of Affliction, Freedom Is A Lie

Cause of Affliction, Time to Rise

Cause of Denial, Everything We Don't Believe

Causeway, Arise

Caustic Lye, That that is is

Caustic Notions, Studio `B` Sessions

Cautiva, Human

Cautiva, The Archangel of Omega

Cavalcade, Into Bolivian

Cave of Swimmers, Reflection

Caveman, totem

Cavern, Cavern

Cavernous, Certain Angels

Caves of Steel, Revisioned

Cínica, Transparente


Cedric Kohler, Universal Language of Music

Celebrity Sex Scandal, Integral

Celestial Crown, #she

Celestial Crown, A Veiled Empire

Celestial Crown, Ascending

Celestial Crown, Suicidal Angels

Celestial Dawn, Disorder

Celestial Wish, Our Creation

Celestis, Aurorae

Celestis, Beautiful Nightmare

Cell 13, Sometimes I Wake Up Evil

Cellador, Honor Forth

Cellador, Honor Forth

Cellbound, Monstrum

Celldweller, Celldweller

Celldweller, Celldweller

Cello Fury, Cello Fury

Cello Fury, Symphony of Shadows

Cellpan, 3rd Impression

Cellpan, Conception

Celtibeerian, Keltorevolution

Celtibeerian, Tirikantam

Celtic Legacy, The Lie of the Land

Celtica, Suenos De Gloria

Cement Rain, Escaping from the Apocalyptic City

Cenon Mallari, Jr., Summer Jam

Cenotaph, Neo

Centaurus, Pulse

Centenarian, Centenarian

Centimani, Aegaeon

Centimani, In the Mountain's Shadow (Live At Kglr)

Centimani, Usurping the Throne of Flesh

Centiment, Streets of Rage

Centralia, Grimoire

Centre the Image, Big (Instrumental)

Centre the Image, Keys (Instrumental)

Centre the Image, P.C.S. (Pigeons, Crows,& Sparrows) [Instrumental]

Centrifuge, bipolar

Centuries Apart, Malachi -- EP

Cerbero, Official Bootleg: Live at the Rainbow, SP, Brazil 1983

Cerberus, The Cage of Existence

Cerberus, What Have We Become?

Cerebral Engorgement, Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Cerebral Noize, Process

Cesar Cueto, Distorted Reality

Cesar Huesca, Cesar Huesca

Cesar Huesca, Dark Energy

Cesar Huesca, Soledad

Cessation Of Life, Kill You Again

Cessation Of Life, Path Of Totality

Cessation Of Life, The Glory Of The World Is Passing

Cetus, These Things Take Time

Chad Christian, Burning Embers

Chad Frey, Audiorape

Chad Frey, Begging For More

Chad Frey, Let`s Bomb The World (Tribute To Life,Sex and Death)

Chad Huskey, On My Own

Chad Laniewski Band, Cattle Herd Shuffle

Chad Wackerman, Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations

Chained, Chained

Chainfire, Details

Chainreaction, A Game Between Good and Evil

Chainsaw Dissection, Human Internecion

Chainsaw Dissection, Manic Disemboweler - 8 CD Set

Chainsaw Dissection, Mutilate The Decapitated (4 CD

Chainsaw Dissection, My Chainsaw Still Executes

Chainsaw Dissection, Remnants Of The Slaughtered

Chainsaw Dissection, River of Blood and Viscera

Chainsaw Sculptor, plugged...

Chainsaw, War of Words

Chainsaws Vs. You, They Call Her One Eye

Chainsnap, Hollow

Chalman, Operation Iron Door Breakdown

Chambered, Chambered

Chambers of Insanity, Morningstar

Chamfer, Let It Roll

Chance McColl, My Own Southern Anthem

Chance Raspberry, Ariel (Single Version)

Chance Raspberry, Friends (Tribute to Dragon Sound)

Chancecold, Waiting

Chaos Crew, Piece By Piece - EP (2013)

Chaos, Violent Redemption

Chaoswave, Dead Eye Dreaming

Chaotic Resemblance, Get the Hell Out

Chaotic Theory, Carnivale

Chapel Grove, Gun Metal Grey Sky

Chapelblaque, Hymnals of the Lastdays

Chaplin, My Squall

Chapter II, Angelface feat. Natalie Chandra

Chapter Seven, Chapter Seven

Character Assassins, Only in Your Head

Character Assassins, World Gone Crazy

Character, Running for Success

Charan Pagan, Jihad

Charles A. Wolschon, Con Artists (Original Motion Picture Score)

Charles Holcomb, Charles Holcomb's Road Not Traveled (Rock Symphony)

Charles Rick Garrett, Intrinsic

Charles Wiley, Amadeus

Charles Wiley, Voices

Charlie Arnott, Fiery Storms

Charlie Pugliese, Christmas Classics With a Twist

Charlie Pugliese, Donkey Stomp

Charlie Pugliese, Shanghai Junction

Charlie Pugliese, Singapore Slam

Charlie Pugliese, Stuff In My Head

Charlie Pugliese, The Great Escape

Charlie Pugliese, Theme From 'Shaft'

Charlie Wayne, The Best of Charlie Wayne-The Metal years 1985-2005

Charlie Wheeler Band, Line 'Em Up!

Charlie Wheeler Trio, Rewind

Charlotte Abel, Jonathan's Song

Charly Sahona, Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos

Chase the Wind, Scratching the Surface

Chasing the Coroner, Sleep When You're Dead

Chastain, Surrender to No One

Chastisement, ...But Lost We Are

Chastisement, Alleviation Of Pain

Chastity, Ten Years in the Making

Chava Hernandez, Eterno Deseo

Chaz DePaolo, Eclectic Impressions

Cheap Shot, When Hope Dies...

Cheapshot, In Your Face

Chema Herrero, Hero

Chemic, Burning in the Fields of Glass

Chemic, I'm Open...

Chemic, The Fuck U.P. EP

Chemic, The Information War

Chemical Burn, Bury Your Demons

Chemical Burn, Raining Anvils

Chemtrail, Sounds Like Ghosts EP

Chemtrail, Your Frequencies Have Been Missed

Chemtrail, Youth Obsessed Death Culture

Cheo, Darkside of

Cheo, Supersonalize

Cher Nobyl, A Witness Between Us

Chernoblank, Verse of the Desperate

Chernobog, Pain Within

Cherry Dreams, Forbidden Love

Cherry Red Rocketship, The Hunt Is On

Cheryl Alexander, Let Me Out

Cheryl Alexander, Tear Down This Wall

Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups, Destroy All Humans

Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups, Slay to Kill (Kill to Slay)

Chewcut, Disaster 9.5

chickenLab, The Lone Star Scam

Chik'nhood, Keep Calm and Listen to Chik'nhood

Children of Aries, The Sands of Time

Children of Dragon Maiden, Mirá Que Negro Que Soy

Children of Eve, Children of Eve

Children of October, The Risen Dead

Children of the New Sun, Children of the New Sun

Children of the Reptile, Children of the Reptile

Chileanmetal, Against Their Will

Chileanmetal, Give Help To Yourself

Chileanmetal, Reign of Terror

chILL, controlled chaos

Chilled Monkey Brains, Apeocalypse

Chimères, Rouge

China Shop Bull, Public Disorder: Act 1

Chinawhite, Challenges

Chinga!, Relentless Culinary Assault

Chingalera, Dose

Chingalera, In The Shadow Of The Black Palm Tree

Chingaso, 2nd

Chipocrite, Wordplay

Chock Ma, 自在本性 Dharma Bums

ChoiceFatal, The Fall

Choices, Paradise Lost

Choir of One, Enjoy the Aftertaste (Tone Deaf Soup)

Choir of One, Station and Frequency

Chokeout, Flatline

Chokeslam, Chokeslam

Chokeslam, Hillbilly

Cholera Ad, After Death

Choose to Find, Songs Without Words

Choose, Choose

Chop Shop, Hollywood Extinction

Chopstick Suicide, Lost Fathers and Sons

Chorea, A Day in the Life of Dementia

Chorica, Exorcist

Chorica, The Facility

Chosen Blood, Chosen Blood

Chris Allen, Rock Machine

Chris Allen, The Power of Chris Compels You

Chris Allen, Trouble On the Horizon.....

Chris Boss, Evolution

Chris Brooks, Axiology: A Decade of Fire 2002-2011

Chris Brooks, The Axis of All Things

Chris Brooks, Unruly Elements

Chris Brooks, Velvet Claws

Chris Brungardt, Are We Done Yet?

Chris Brungardt, End of the Adventure

Chris Brungardt, Three of Five

Chris Calhoon, Dumbification

Chris Calhoon, Unfinished Business

Chris Cooper, Lines

Chris Farrar, Winter

Chris Gramazio, Freebassing

Chris Gusewelle, Forest of the Eye

Chris J Zeiner, Ashes to Dust

Chris Joye, Colorado

Chris Juergensen, Nostalgia's Fate

Chris Lang, Step to Call

Chris Leahy, Amateur Hour

Chris Leahy, Arcade Jam '84

Chris Lord Ideal, Seven Dwarves

Chris MacMaster, On the Move

Chris Malley & Bob Schlesinger, Split Shot

Chris Manning, Forever November

Chris Manning, Symmetry

Chris Manning, Texas Smoke EP

Chris Maras, Unicorn

Chris Muzzey, Inspired

Chris Olson, What I Remember

Chris Opperman, Studio House

Chris Opperman, The Lionheart

Chris O`Neill, Truth is...

Chris Picton, See Me Thru

Chris Poland, Return to Metalopolis Live

Chris Ribaudo, Time Passes

Chris Richter, The Greatest Alternative Songs Ever: A Classical Guitar Tribute to Nirvana, R.E.M., Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, The Cure, U2, Oasis, Pearl Jam, & Radiohead

Chris Schulze, Atmosphere

Chris Surma, Ride to the Red Sun

Chris Surma, The Relative Sequence

Chris Tain, Stories of Harmony

Chris Walker, The Pine Cone Incident

Chris Ward, When All Else Fails

Chris Washburne & The Syotos Band, Low Ridin'

Chris Williams, Instrumental Music Beds, Vol. 1

Chris Williams, New Beginnings

Chris Williams, Oddtimes

Chris Williams, Opportunity in Time

Chris Young, Hurt

Chrissy DeRado, More Guitar Please

Chrissy, Majestic

Christian Asplund, The Anatomy Series

Christian Älvestam, Waiting Out the Storm

Christian Housel, After The Rain

Christian Koresh, Lead Us To The End

Christian Muenzner, Timewarp

Christmas at the Devil`s House, Christmas Music / Metal Madness 2: The Nutcracker Suite Arranged for Electric Guitar and Rock Orchestra

Christo Mesoloras, Sleep With Your Eyes Open

Christophe Marchand, Evolutions

Christophe Marchand, Synergy

Christopher Hayes, Christopher Hayes

Christopher Lipscombe, Grind. Silence

Christopher Schlegel, Hammerhead

Christopher Schlegel, Prometheus

Christopher Thompson, Earth Souls

Christopher Thompson, OME Version 1.0

Christopher Woodall, The Riddle of Steel

Chromosome Damage, Chromosome Damage (s/t)

Chronic Fatigue, The First Burn

Chronic Underground, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Chronolyth, Behold the Tyrant's Fall

Chronolyth, Bitter Reflection - Single

Chronolyth, Sovereign

Chrysalis, Chrysalis

Chrysalis, Focus On the Center

Chuck Burnham, Blue Pearls

Chuck Disse Project, Bad Addiction

Chuck Earling, Beginnings

Chuck Lee Bittle, Earth To Sky

Chuck Marcovecchio, Borders

Chuck Marcovecchio, Rain

Chuck Renshaw, So Sad

Chuganaut, 11:11 One

Chuganaut, Wolf

Chugger, Scars

Chum, Super Not Cool

Chum, Verbally Raped

Chump Change, Trust in Me

Chunk, Phil

Chyld, Lite the Nite

Chyld, Tell Me a Lie

Chyld, Ye Morlok

Ciatti, Winter's Ocean

Cicada, Cicada

Ciconia, The Moon Sessions

Cilice, Deranged Headtrip

Cilice, Left / Right Hemisphere - (Special Revox featuring Bryan Ramage)

Cimarron Lys, Libre y Salvaje

Cincinnati Kid, Beat Circus

Cinerary, Rituals of Desecration

Cipher X, Cipher X Demo

Circaic, False Prophetic Roads

Circio's Rapture, Another Gutar Album?

Circio's Rapture, Best of Circio's Rapture, Vol 1

Circio's Rapture, Sounds Like . . .

Circio's Rapture, Syndronius Elements

Circle of Chaos, Black Oblivion

Circle of Chaos, Twoheaded Serpent

Circle of Eyes, Self Titled

Circle of Fate, The Other Side of Me

Circle of Signs, Circle of Signs

Circle of Violence, The Cleansing

Circled in Black, Circled in Black

Circuit of Suns, Circuit of Suns

Circuitry, Circuitry

Circus Dawn, Between The Lines Of Gray

Circus of Dead Squirrels, Happy Birthday Jesus!

Circus of Dead Squirrels, Outdoor Recess

Circus of Dead Squirrels, The Pop Culture Massacre and the End of the World Sing-A-Long Songbook

Circus of Fools, Ikarus / Obsidian Black

Circus Veil, Freakin' Out

Ciribus, Crossing the River Styx

Cirith Gorgor, Cirith Gorgor

Cirith Gorgor, Der Untergang... / Победа!!!

Cirith Gorgor, Firestorm Apocalypse (Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn)

Cirith Gorgor, Unveiling the Essence

Cirse, Bi-Polar

Cirse, Pulsiones

Citadel Besieged, Barnabas Collins

Citadel Besieged, Creation / Damnation

Cities on Fire, Cities on Fire

Citizen Pain, A Season in Hell: The Lost Recordings

Citron, In Search of Higher Ground

City of Homes, City of Homes

City of Seba, Laws - EP

City of Stages, Harboring Destruction

City Weezle, The Leprechaun(Taboo Sessions)

Civil Unrest, Ravaging the Purity

Ckg, Fallen Heros

Clandestine, The Invalid

Clarke, Tomorrow's Train

Classical Blend, Chopin-Waltz and Roll

Classicals Rocked, Classicals Rocked

Clawerfield, Circular Line

Clawerfield, Engines of Creation

Clawhammer Abortion, Biological Cacophony

Clay Foster, A Voice in the Wilderness

Clay Withrow, Dissonance Rising

Claymation Horror Show, Claymation Horror Show

Claymation Horror Show, Does Not Play Well With Others

Clayton Morell, An Overcast Day

Clayton Wright Ensemble & Clayton Wright, Cosmic Dances: Featuring Flute

Cleanse Kill, Aegis

Cleanse Kill, Demo 2009

Clear Convictions, New Seasons

Cleobury, A Series of Ones and Zeros

click, rE:construKtion

Cliffjumper, Wolf Valley

Cliffs of Insanity, Demonstration of Devastation

Climate Control, Tidal Wave

Cline`s Mind, Evil Within

Clint Bierman & The Necessary Means, Click.

Clint Martin, Burning Bridges



Clitgore, The Final Cuntdown

Clive Murray, Fairytale of New York - Single

Clive Murray, Gunslinger - Single

Cloak & Dagger Dating Service, Invidia (Dark Version)

Cloak & Dagger Dating Service, Invidia (Light Version)

Cloakwheel, This Crooked Path You`ve Drawn

Clock Strikes XII, Enter In

Clocks & Clouds, Aliantha

Clocks & Clouds, Life Beyond Reason

Clocks & Clouds, Madness

Clocks & Clouds, The Creation of Matter

Clocks, Hardwiring the Human Mind

Clocks, The Dividing Line

Clonus, Revolution

Close My Eyes, Robot Retardation

Closed Access, Better to Be Pissed Off Than Pissed On

Closed Casket, Hell At Capacity

Closer to Infinity, The Ghost of You

Closure, Closure

Cloth, Cloth

Clouds Over Midgar, Clouds Over Midgar

Clouds Taste Satanic, To Sleep Beyond the Earth

Clouds Taste Satanic, Your Doom Has Come

Cloudscape, Cloudscape

CLOUDSCAPE, Crimson Skies + 1 Bonus Track

Cloudscape, New Era

Cloudscape, Share Your Energy

Cloudsplitter, Reevolution

Cloven Hoof, Contagion

Clover, Split

Clover, Vultures

Clubhouse For Ivy, Whats Meant To Be

Clurichaun, House of Cards

Clutch Jones, Clutch Jones

Clutch Jones, Dare Say Conspiracy

Clyde, Metal Homes and Gardens

CM Perritt, Boney Halloween

Coal Fire Band, Let Me Know

Coat of Arms, A Shade of Red

Coat of Arms, Silence the Sensor

Coat of Arms, Sun & Satellites

Cobra Venom, Extinction Reality

Cobzweb, Deathtober

Cocytus, Excruciation

Code Atom, At The Edge Of Reason

Codec, Bifurcate

Codec, Zeroth

Codex Alimentarius, The Hand of Apophis

Codex Alimentarius, The Hand of Apophis, Pt. 1: Trajectory

Codex Alimentarius, The Infinite Growth Paradigm Verses Finite Resources

Cody Calhoun, Space Men - Single

Coиstructive Chaos, The Dragons Smile

Coerced Into Battle, Enemy Mine

Coffin, Coffin

Coffins, Perpetual Penance

Cognition, Black Horizon

Cognition, Cognition

Cognition, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Metal

Cognition, Spiral of Deception

Cognition, Viva Mexico

Cognitive, The Horrid Swarm

Coilback, Love is Dead

Cointet & Vitamin Drums, Pictures of Louis Pasteur

Cold Blue Mountain, Cold Blue Mountain

Cold Cold Ground, Tourist

Cold Cold Ground, Welcome to Hell

Cold Colours, Cold Colours

Cold Colours, Somnium XIII

Cold Colours, The Burden of Hope

Cold Grows the Season, From Hell's Heart...

Cold Grows the Season, Needs of Ignoble Gods

Cold Grows the Season, The Imminent Deadly Breach

Cold Shadow, Pillars of Lies

Cold Sore for Kentucky, Buzzbomb

Cold War Crisis, Paradise Lost EP

Cold War Survivor, Bloodworth

Cold+Sleep, Sadistrick

Cold+Sleep, Sex, Drug, Rock'n Roll

Cold+Sleep, Share the Freedom

Cold+Sleep, Sick Boy

Cold+Sleep, Sleepers

Cold+sleep, Solid State Sadness

Cold+sleep, Soul Hacker

Cold+Sleep, Spinal Column

Cold, Cold Heart, Megan

Coldsteel, America Idle

Coldsteel, America Idle

Coldwar, In the Suns Dead Rays

Cole Rolland, Catabasis

Cole Rolland, Desistance

Cole Rolland, Time You Left Behind (feat. Eric Calderone & Bryce Goertzen)

Coleccionistas, Preludio

Colepitz, No Tomorrow Tonight

Colin Ayres, Let It Shine

Colin Edwin, Third Vessel

Colin Gailey, Lucid Dream

Colin Hoover, Mental Instruments

Colin John Band, Venus Rising - Single

Colin Robinson, Bonzo

Collapse Under the Empire, Grade Separation

Collections, Collections

Collider Theorem, Deconstructing Evolution

Collider Theorem, This Comsmic Vortex

Collisionkorse, Collisionkorse

Colonize the Rotting, Composting the Masticated

Colony Collapse, Colony Collapse

Colony, Colony

Color Me Valiant, Secrets - EP

Color of Aum, Color of Aum

Colosseum Thesis, Marvelous

Colossick, The Seed

Colosso, Abrasive Peace

Colosso, Thallium

Colossus of Rhodes (US), I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - Single

Colourfast, Counter Blast

Colourfast, The Art of One

Colours of Autumn, Symphonies Born Through Silence, Pt. 1

Colpolscopy, Ready for Gore

Colporter, Despite The Battle

Colporter, Sovereign Mind

Colten & the Gardners, Radiation

Columbyne, Wicked As They Come

Coma Lies NC, The Great Western Basin

Coma Lies NC, The Great Western Basin - Single

Combat Astronomy, Earth Divided By Zero

Combat Astronomy, The Dematerialised Passenger

Combat, Mission of Mayhem

Combaticus, The Worst of One World

Come to Dolly, Dolly Grip

Comedy Ringtone Factory, Instrumentals for TV Productions, Podcasts, Movies, and Jingles Vol. 6

Comes the Horsemen, Fragile Masks

Comets Ov Cupid, Metalgazer

Comma Command, Rocking Dead (The Walking Dead Theme)

Command Our Strength, The Paradise Lost EP

Common Bond, Transitions

Common Dead, Allegorize

Common Dead, Diatribe

Common Dead, Interim Flesh (EP)

commonfaced, Delineate

Commotio Cordis, Commotio Cordis

Commotio Cordis, Oklahoma

Compact Deity, Evil Eye

Compact Deity, Trancemantra

Compass & Knife, Break the Bow, Shatter the Spear

Compelling Boredom, Between the Lines

Composer Meet Corpse, Prozium

Compulsion, Compulsion

Compulsive Slaughter, Compulsive Repulsive

Concave, Time Is the Fire in Which We Burn

Concealed in Clouds, Hearkener

Concealed in Clouds, Northern Star

Concealed in Clouds, What We See With Our Eyes, What We Feel With Our Hands

Concealing the Sun, The End of an Era

Conceived By Hate, Pestilence Reborn

Conception Complex, Face Your Enemy

Conception Complex, Liberation Key

Conception of Being, Unearthed

Concerto Moon, Angel Of Chaos

Concerto Moon, Savior Never Cry

Concrete Icon, Perennial Anguish

Concrete Icon, Through Agonizing Past

Concrete Prophet, Concrete Prophet

Concrete, Catatonic

Concrete, Solipsist

Condemn the Infected, Deny Existence

Condemned?, Steamed Punks

Condenados, A Painful Journey Into Nihil

Condition Critical, Scripture of Ruin

Condition: Critical, Assault/Battery

Conditioned Response, In Flagranté Delecto

Conditioned Response, Pavlov`s Dog

Confederate Psycho, Call to Arms

Confession of A Sinner, Skeleton City

Conflagrator, Inevitable Punishments

Conflagrator, Knowledge (Is Madness)

Conflicted, In the Water

Conflicted, Never Be Tamed

Confliction, Blue Disc

Confliction, Turning Point

Conflux, Spark

Confronto, Imortal

Confusion Gods, Nails

Confusion, Collection


Congression, If Only

Connecticut White Bread, Horton Smears A Poo!

Connecticut White Bread, If I Want Any Lip Out Of You I`ll Shove My Hand In Your Pants

Connelly, The Inevitable Truth

Conniption, Kamikaze

Conniption, Time Has Come

Connor Nishijima, Attack

Conor Mulroy, The Glass Ocean (feat. Ches Smith & Jordan Alegant)

Conquer By Supremacy, True. North. Strong

Conquering Dystopia, Conquering Dystopia

Conqueror, Gone

Conquest of Steel, All Men Must Die

Conquest of Steel, Conquest of Steel

Conquest of Steel, Hammer and Fist

Conquest of Steel, Of Fire and Steel

Conquest of Steel, Storm Sword - Rise of the Dread Queen

Conscender, Opus Dei (2004)

Conscender, Victims of a Movement (2005)

Conscious Control, Feed the Machine

Consfearacy, Consfearacy

Consinity, Awaken the Fallen

Consinity, Habits (Stay High)

Conspiracion Urbana, Discordia

Conspiracy Hand, Blame Me

Conspiracy Of Four, V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

Conspiracy, Conspiracy

Constant Seas, Cycles

Constrictor, Shake Your Snake

Constructive Chaos, Society and Logic

Consumned, MANipulation

Contagio, Requiem for the Undead

Contagion Effect, Grace Of Eternity

Contingence, Necropolis

Continuum, Seven

Contra-J, Red Fire Machine (Extended Edition)

Contraddiction, Garage Days Unvisited

Contrarian, Predestined

Contrary, Constructing Chaos

Contrast in Motion, Signals - EP

Contrasts, Recluse

Control the Storm, Beast Inside

Controlled Demise, Dream. Create. Destroy. Rebuild.

Controlled Demise, Failure Is Not an Option!

Control_Z, System Failure

Convent, Arsenic

Convent, Vicious Moments of Clarity

Coral, Arrecho

CoraLeigh, the Pledge

Coram Deo, Death Is Dead

Coraxo, Starlit Flame

Core Device, Our Fellowship Eternal

Core, Hurt

Core, Killing Machines

Corelia, Nostalgia

Corelia, Nostalgia (Instrumentals and Extras)

Corey Conrad, Cold Conditions and Hearts the Same

Coriolis, Coriolis

Coriolis, The Endless Funeral

Cormorant, Dwellings

Cormorant, Earth Diver

Cormorant, Metazoa

Corona de Espinas, Hasta la Eternidad

Corona de Espinas, Sin Corazón

Coronach, Mountain Kings

Corpse Ablaze, Ritual Fire

Corpse Garden, Burnt by the Light

Corpse Garden, Entheogen

Corpse Light, Without Form

Corpse Machine, Annihilate

Corpse Machine, Depths of the Abyss

Corpse of Delight, Executive Luxury Exclusive

Corpse, Pentothal

Corpses and Cadavers, We Party In Maths

Corridor, Planet Green

Corrosion, Report of Exploitation

Corrupt Defile, Death Inherit The Earth

Corrupt the Righteous, Hell Of a World

Corrupt Within, Echoes of Silence

Corruptable, Theory of Evolution

Cortex Complex, The Final Great Awakening

Cortez, Cortez

Corvo, TERROREYES: The Demos

Corvus, An Affair With Tragedy

Corvus, Fragile Moments

Corvus, Never Forget

Corvus, Never Forgive

Corvus, The Comfort of Home

Corvus, We All Fall Down

Cosmo the Band, Más Allá de Tú Galaxia

Cote D'aver, Proboscis Strangulation

Count Markus Cross, Cmc

Count Markus Cross, Discovers

Count Markus Cross, Sonic Adventures

Counterhold, All of Them Slain

Countess, Sermons of the Infidel

Countime, Broken, Blinded, Betrayed

Countless Goodbyes, Broken and Shattered

Countless Goodbyes, Taking This World

Countless Shadows, Maturity Through tragedy

Countless Skies, Countless Skies

Course of Ruin, Dominion

Couvertier, Temptations

Coven, Destiny of the Gods

Coven, Jinx

Coven, Witchcraft

Coven, Worship New Gods

Co_Conspirator, Unknowing

Código Séptimo, Atado a Ti

CPR, Live At Fuzion

Cr 1202, Xzilliration

Craar, In Solitary Minds

Crack House, The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Crack Voodoo, Renaissance

Crackdust, Dented Reality

Crackdust, Return of the Gods

crackerjack tattoo, Twisted

Crackjaw, Stiff

Cradle Fallz, The Next Level

Cradle Fallz, Toxic

Cradle Fallz, Wake Up

Cradle To Grave, Cradle to Grave

Craig "Iceman" Proffer, Scumbag

Craig "Iceman" Proffer, White Washed Tombs

Craig Barr & Grill Band, Instrumentals for Making Love

Craig Bonno, It's Hard to Text & Drive On Ice

Craig Collins Turner, Coming Home

Craig Iceman Proffer, Slaughter of Innocence

Craig Morrison, Atlantis

Craig Morrison, Favorites

Craig Morrison, Philly

Craig Siegelbaum, Day One

Craig Voxx, Darkest Morning

Cranely Gardens, Locust Valley

Cranium, Phantasmagoria

Cranium, Pragmatics

Crank, Overdrive

Crap Detectors, Thirty Second Time Is a Charm

Crash Alley, Loud `N` Ugly

Crash Alley, Swag

Crash Alley, The "Lost" Sessions...

Crash Compass, Dawn of a Fragile Season

Crash Empire, EP

Crash of '64, Ghost Notes

Crash!, The Oz That Woz

Crashdeath, Between Love and Hate

Crashdeath, Black Snake

Crashdeath, Evil Lies

Crashdeath, Welcome

Crashing Funerals, The Classics

Crashkill Six, In for the Ride

Crashkill Six, Six Ways til Sunday

Crashtackle, Hammerfall

Crawling Quiet, Crawling Quiet

Crazy Lixx, Heroes

Crazy World Big Sound, Brave New World

Crazy World Big Sound, Road to Dundalk

Crazy World Big Sound, Tracks for Guitarists

Crânula, Paralaxe

Creation's End, Metaphysical

Creation's Tears, Methods To End It All

Creative Pain, Scarred

Creative Waste, Slaves to Conformity

Creature Feature, Retrodemon 263

Creature From...., Creature From....

Creepatorium West, Escape from Ward 69

Cremator, Winter Solstice

Crepitus, Crepitus

Crepitus, The Vile Vortex

Crepuscolo, Revolution Evilution

Crestfallen, Haunted

Crestfallen, Haunted

Crime and the Forces of Evil, Dick Tracy Must Die

Crimix, The Local Support - EP

Crimson Bride, A Tale of Sorrow

Crimson Cult, Tales of Doom

Crimson Falls, Downpours of Disapproval

Crimson Falls, Ruins 2K5

Crimson Falls, The Dead

Crimson Falls, The True Face Of Human Nature

Crimson Hill, Denied

Crimson Moon, The Choice of Spirit

Crimson Orchid, A Chosen Path

Crimson Orchid, Ascension

Crimson Orchid, Chapter XIII: Nightmares and Fairytales

Crimson Orchid, Watching the World Burn

Crimson Reign, The Calling

Crimson Sun, Towards the Light

Crimson Valley, Halls of Victory - EP

Crimson Zephyr, Dreamscapes - Single

Cringer, Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo

Criptofonia, Hazlo o Muere

Crisis of Confidence, Revelation

Critical Bride, Neurosis

Critical Mass, Wasted Sentence

Critical Solution, Evil Never Dies

Critter, Apocatastasis

Critter, Binary

Croatan, The Drunken Masters

Croatan, There Can Be Only Two

Crocell, Come Forth Plague

Crochetcatpause, Bravery Boys

Crom Cruach, Awaken in Darkness

Crom Cruach, Rebirth

Crom, Of Love And Death

Cromb, San Francisco Fog

Cronic, Noi

Crops of Green, Crops of Green

Cross Rising Fog, Following Orpheus

Crossed Streams, A Cold Memory

Crossed Streams, Hollow

Crossed Streams, Lunartic

Crossed Streams, Somniphobia

Crossing Rubicon, In Pains of Sleep

Crossing the Rubicon, Ascension

Crossover, Promo 2K

Crosswind, Vicious Dominion

Crow Black Sky, Pantheion

Crow, Self Titled E.P.

Crowbra, Prologus

Crowhaven Farm, Crowhaven Farm

Crown for Ashes, The Key and the Door

Crown of Earth, Born Again Warrior

Crown of Earth, Crown of Earth

Crowned By Fire, As The World Burns

Crowned By Fire, Prone to Destroy

Crowned By Fire, Space Music for Cave People

Crowned in Earth, Visions of the Haunted

Crowned, Home

Croyal, Croyal

Croyal, Insanity Divine

Crucervix, Blood

Crucervix, My Dark Angel

Crucible, Forthcoming

Crucifix Doll, f**k This Flower

Crucifixion Br, Destroying the Fucking Disciples of Christ

Crucifuge, Vestri Animus est Mei

Crucify the Hopeless, Days Into Darkness

Crud, Crud On Monster Island

Crud, Devil At The Wheel

Crud, Murder of Crows

Crud, New Hell Rising

Cruella, Special Double CD

Cruelty's Heart, A Dream of Ænglaland

Cruelty's Heart, Rex Anglorvm Saxonvm

Cruelty's Heart, Rex Anglorvm Saxonvm

Cruentis, Cold Stone

Crush Groove, Straight Outta Options

Crushing Ground, Rite of Passage

Crushpile, 457

Crushpile, The Battle of Syracuse

Crutch, Hope Prevails

Cruxiter, Cruxiter

Cruxiter, Madness of the Void

Cruxvae, Through Hell Until the End

Cryogen, Continuum

Cryogen, Despara

Cryogen, Premonition

Cryogen, Psalms of Deceit

Cryogen, This Nightmare

Cryptic Abyss, Into the Abyss

Cryptic Affection, Betrayed

Cryptic Affection, Obsessed (Demo)

Cryptic Age, Concepts of Eden

Cryptic Age, Delicate Taste of Possession

Cryptic Embrace, Towards the Tree of Death and Life

Cryptic Fate, Bichchu

Cryptic Memoirs, Weight of the World

Cryptic Oath, Inciting Insurrection

Cryptic Veil, Broken Tethers

Cryptic Veil, Dipped in Blood

Cryptic Veil, Oracle

Cryptic Warning, New Rebel Rising

Cryptik Howling, Synthetic Ascension Design

Cryptik Howling, Them

Cryptik Howling, Vitium Intus

Cryptonomicon, The Devil's Dance

Crystal Fogg, Crystal Fogg

CTOE, Simply Live

Cue, A Glimpse of Color

Cue, A Thousand Shards of Sun

Cuff, Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth

Cuff, Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere

Culdera, The Dawning

Cull the Heard, Reap the Harvest

Culling the Weak, Self-Titled

Cult 45, On High

Cult Ceavers, The Experiment Has Gone Awry

Cult of Herodias, Cult of Herodias

Cult of Herodias, Greyvein

Cult of the Lost Cause, Cult of the Lost Cause

Cultura Tres, El Mal del Bien

Currents, Life // Lost

Currents, Victimized

Curse at 27, The Departed

Curse of the North, Revelations

Curse of the North, Sleep While You Can

Curse the Gods, Seeking the Frostfire

Curse, Curse

Cursed As Angels, The Hanging Tree

Cursed By Moonlight, Retribution Through Illumination

Cursed From Birth, Sins and Sacrifices

Cursing Stone, Falling

Curt Shaw, Curt Shaw

Curt Shaw, Silent Assassin

Curtis, Daddy Longlegs

Curtis, Shreddin' Like 1987

Curtis, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Curtis, The Star Spangled Banner

Curtis, Turn 3

Curtis, Welcome Home

Curvature, Believe

Custard, Infested By Anger

Cut Throat, Slave

Cut Throat, ST Debut

Cut-Express & Emergency, March of the Damned (Album Intro)

Cut-Express & Emergency, No Security (Bullet-Time.mix)

Cutter Lang, Empowerment

Cutthroat Capitalist, In Capitalism We Trust

Cwn Annwn, The Alpha and the Omega

Cyaegha, Steps of Descent

Cyanic, Litanies of Lust Unholy

Cyanide Scream, Unfinished Business

Cyanide Smile, Manifesto

Cyanide Sunrise, Cyanide Sunrise

Cyanide Sunrise, Say Goodbye

Cyberia Organica, Domini Machina

Cyberscape, Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Guitars?

Cyberspacecowboys, Fist of Gadget

Cyberspacecowboys, Touch the Digital Souls

Cyclone Me, Ok (Songs Without Words)

Cygnus, Liquid Mirrors

Cynic (uk), Suburban Crisis

Cynonyte, Dead Dream Gallery

Cypher, Acid Kiss

CypherSeer, Origins

Cyphilis, Buff Shined Scars

Cyphilis, Manifest

Cyric Blackmore, Roses of Hell

Cyric Blackmore, The Mark

Cyril Achard, Violencia

Cyrish, Pay The Piper

Cyst, Concussion Symphony

Cyurus Razor, Slutgarden

D S G, Ashes to Ashes

D S G, Hellborn

D'stort, Coma

D-Lucca, Focus

D-Tached, Lamb

D. Bane, Into the Outbreak

D. P. Richardson & The Starlight Shifters, Pickin', Twangin', Strummin', Playin', Vol. 1

D.A.M, Tales of the Mad King

D.A.M, The Awakening

D.Ï.N.G.Ö., Love Hurts - Single

D.B.O.I., Darkness Binds Our Innocence

D.O.M Destruction Of Mankind, Necktie for a Noose

D0ublezer0, 00

D3vilmaycry, The Pawn That Took the King

D9, Nothing Is Real Now

DA 27, Gallows

Da Gof Rockerz, Live From Da Boot

Da Gof Rockerz, Orkasmatron

Da' Skulls, Demo, Vol.1

Daarchlea, Suns

DaBom, Reverie

Dad Maria, Sequences

Daddy Shotgun, Hell to Pay

Daddy Shotgun, The Gun is Family

Daedalean Complex, Daedalean Complex

Daemonic Angel, The Beast Within

Daevidius, The Demon and the Angel

Daevidius, Valley of Death

Dagger, Dagger

Daggers, It's Not Jazz It's Blues

Dagon, Terraphobic

Dagon, Vindication

Daimonic Grey, Daimonic Grey

Daiquiri, Babies Making Babies

Daiquiri, Box Office Poison

Daiquiri, Third World Budget

Daisy, Suck It.

Dajjaf, The Change

Dakota Project, Dakota Project

Dakrya, The Urban Tribe - Single

Dali's Llama, Autumn Woods

Dali's Llama, Raw is Real

Dallas Quinley, The Black Album

Dallton Santos, The Inner Things

Dama, Echoes

Dama, eirwen

Dama, Eliot (Dreamlike Version Remix)

Damaged Gods, Barcode Crucifix

Damaged Spiral, Endless Cycle

Damager, Abomination

Damager, Undertaker

Damcyan, Damcyan

Dame Fortune, Both Sides of Midnight

Dame Fortune, The Great Cosmic Scheme

Dame Fortune, The Secret Art

Damian Hagger, Made Up of Nothing

Damian Hagger, Robot in Love

Damian Hagger, Rockstar from Mars

Damian Hagger, Urban Cougar

Damian Hagger, Yoga Soldier

Damián Salazar, Desert

Damien Deadson, A Warm and Dark Embrace

Damien Deadson, Crown Me, Destroyer

Damien Storm, Entities

Damien Storm, Horror on St. Lime`s Hill

Damien Thorne, Haunted Mind

Damien, Say Your Prayers

Damir Simic Shime, tOne Addict

Dammaj, The Grind

Damnaged, Agression Therapy

Damnation Plan, The Wakening

Damnation Winds, Tomb

Damnations Day, Invisible, the Dead

Damned By the Pope, Son Ov the Dawn

Damned Empire, Dead-End Road

Damnweevil, Human Auditory Torture Experiment

DAMNZAL, Damnzal

Dan & Frank Johansen, God Factory: Wingmen (Original Soundtrack)

Dan Bressler, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Dan Bressler, Musical Gifts - A Dan Bressler Christmas

Dan Bressler, On My Own

Dan Coyle, Strings Attached

Dan Dubois, Break Me Down

Dan Johansen, Life Systems

Dan Johansen, Power Suite

Dan Johansen, The Tablets Of Gilgamesh

Dan Lorenzo, Cut From A different Cloth

Dan Lorenzo, Dan Lorenzo

Dan Lorenzo, Nice Being Alone

Dan Mervis, For: Mom, Dad, & Justin

Dan Mervis, Kitchen Counter Culture

Dan Mervis, Requiem for Masha

Dan Morrissey, A Moment in Time

Dan Morrissey, A Shadow On Your Back

Dan Morrissey, Adrenaline

Dan Morrissey, Black Marauders

Dan Morrissey, Chimera

Dan Morrissey, Dark & Twisted

Dan Morrissey, Discovery

Dan Morrissey, Electrify

Dan Morrissey, Freakshow

Dan Morrissey, Hyperdrive

Dan Morrissey, Incendiary

Dan Morrissey, Intergalactic Transmissions

Dan Morrissey, Khamaseen

Dan Morrissey, Secrets & Dreams

Dan Morrissey, Still Life

Dan Mumm, Metal Minuet (Minuet In G)

Dan Phillipson, Turn the Page

Dan Phillipson, We Can Make It

Dan Richards, Quiet Is Loud

Dan Warren, We Got Em' (Order of the President)

Dana deChaby, DNA

Dana Mora, Freedom Sounds Like Gunfire

Dana, The Ancients Return

Dana, The New Age

Dane Bryant Frazier, Back When...

Dani, Libero

Daniel Band, Rise Up (25th Anniversary Edition)



Daniel Bonasso, The Solemn Festival of Knowledge, Pts. 1 & 2

Daniel Bonasso, Upsidasium in Four Nozzles: Daybreak in Jesus Land / Waiting for the Storm to Blow Through / Ballad for No One / In the Hereafternoon

Daniel Cikohu, Wide Open

Daniel Clayton Farnsworth, 6710

Daniel D, instrumentally speaking

Daniel Dion, 13 Chances

Daniel Dion, I Have to Get Out

Daniel Franco, Azure Ruination

Daniel Gilbert, Before the Sunrise

Daniel Karlish, Gain / Tone

Daniel Realpe, Compulsive

Daniel Taylor, Progressive Edey

Daniel Tidwell, Versus Video Games

Daniel Trigger, Personal Asylum

Daniel Velazquez, Bowls of Wrath (The Rebels Plight)

Daniele Liverani, Eleven Mysteries

Daniele Turani, Seven Deadly Sins

Danila, Swallow Your Tongue

Danny Django, Zombie

Danny Page, Just Let It Ride

Danny Praz, Betrayer

Danny Ramsey, Hot Guitar

Danny Stein, Time Machine

Danny Tanner, The Never Ending Process

Danny Timko, Indivisualize

Danosongs, Being: Best of Rock Instrumentals I

Danosongs, Declaration: Best of Instrumental Rock II

Dante`s Lounge, Transparent Scars

Darik Peet, Tripped up by a Pipe

Dario Imaz, Musik Language

Dark Avenger, Tales of Avalon: The Lament

Dark Catalyst, (Metal)Back II the Basics

Dark Center Light, Cephalopod Sequence

Dark Center Light, The Fairytale Machine

Dark Center Light, What a Wonderful Dangerous Place

Dark Century, Days of the Mosh

Dark Century, Murder Motel

Dark Embrace, Dark Embrace

Dark Empire, From Refuge to Ruin

Dark End, Grand Guignol Book I

Dark Explorer, The Long Trip Into the Unknown

Dark Forest, Aurora Borealis

Dark Haven, Fallout

Dark Haven, Your Darkest Hour

Dark Horse and Phoenix, Spiritus

Dark Horse and Phoenix, When Buffalo Are Calling

Dark Horse, Guts Before Glory

Dark Intentions, Destined To Burn

Dark Karma Soul, Remember Me - Single

Dark Karma Soul, Theory of Karma

Dark Karma Soul, Welcome To Tomorrow

Dark Lay Still, Through Hell...

Dark Legacy, Ad Extremum Epilogue

Dark Mass, Dark Mass Medium

Dark Matter, The Ultimate Killing Machine

Dark Mind's Shadow, Once More for the Memories

Dark Mirror, Portrait of Evil

Dark Monarchy, Seven Visions into the Epoch of Holocaust

Dark Mourning, Dark Mourning

Dark Nation, Land of the Dead

Dark Reign LA, Dark Reign the EP

Dark Relic, Succubus

Dark Relic, Up in Flames (feat. Chris Themelco)

Dark Revenant, Dark Revenant

Dark Ring, Reborn From The Inferno

Dark Sacrament, Realm of Unlight

Dark Sky, Initium

Dark Symphonica, Chains of Misfortune

Dark Symphonica, Scream and Bleed (Single)

Dark Upside, A Taste of Unknown

Dark Waters End, Comatose Dreamscape

Dark Waters End, Comatose Dreamscape (Instrumental)

Dark Waters End, Empty Skies

Darkarma, Darkarma

Darkemist, Entrainment

Darkemist, Relief

Darkempire, The Art of Persuasion

Darkening, Augür

Darkenium, Demon of Despair

Darker Half, Duality

Darker Half, Never Surrender

Darker Shores, Hail Sarnia!

Darker Shores, Majestically Terrifying

Darkest Agony, Anti-Natural Evolution

Darkest Era, Severance

Darkest Path, Apostasy of Man

Darkest Path, The Incorruptibles

Darkhour, .ruina.

Darkin, Here & Now

Darkkrad, Fake Eyes

Darkling, Metal Reborn

Darkness Before Dawn, King's To You

Darknote, Walk Into Your Nightmare

Darkside of Daylight, Nowhere Is Safe

Darkstaar, Modern Religion

Darkstaar, Without You

Darksun, Libera Me

Darksun, Tocar El Sol

Darktower, ... Of Chaos and Ascension

Darkwater, Drown

Darkyra Black, Dragon Tears

Darque Carnival, All For Naught

Darrell Deese, Blood From A Rose

Darrell Deese, Rise Of The Dead

Darrell Goode, Lies

Darren Fletcher, Take It

Darren Lock, EchoNET

Darren Lock, Every Thing You Have Ever Owned is Mine

Darren Lock, Fade In/Fade Out [Legacy Edition]

Darren Lock, Pressure Point

Darren R, Instrumental - EP

Darrow, Generation of Builders

Dartanian, Path of Glory

Daruma, Project Devilwood

Darwen's Theory, Retribution (Reissue)

Das Medikament, Operation Parental Adviser

Dash McIvor, Ever the Light

Datum Point, Wake The Dead

Datura, Apotheosis

Datura, Bia Flora

Dav0clure, Reptylz

Dav0clure, Synthecycle

Dave Anderson, Only Against Eternity

Dave Anderson, Surrender The Seasons

Dave Baker, 71 South

Dave Bowmer, Wavedance

Dave Brons, Star

Dave Byron, Legend

Dave Carlson, You'll Get What You Deserve

Dave Celentano, Desert Storm

Dave Celentano, Wicked Music Box

Dave Cross, Arabian Storm

Dave Crum, Cup of Joe

Dave Crum, Project Murc

Dave Danvers, Slipstream

Dave Desmelik, Instrumental Swim

Dave Devine Relay, Relay II

Dave Devine, Relay

Dave Devine, Tell Us Again Exactly What You Remember

Dave Fowler, Groovin' to You

Dave Halverson, 1991

Dave Halverson, Apothecary Charms

Dave Imbernön, Get Up and Try Again

Dave K Project, Resurrection (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)

Dave K Project, True Lies (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)

Dave Kain, Raising Kain

Dave Munkhoff, Bach Concerto in A Major

Dave Munkhoff, Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Dave Munkhoff, Funeral March of a Marionette

Dave Munkhoff, Gone With the Wind

Dave Munkhoff, Grab It

Dave Munkhoff, Linus and Lucy (Charlie Brown Christmas)

Dave Munkhoff, Little Drummer Boy

Dave Munkhoff, Moonlight Sonata

Dave Munkhoff, Ode to Joy

Dave Munkhoff, Out Of The Past

Dave Munkhoff, Peter Gunn

Dave Nelson, Logistic Minutia

Dave Paris, Chapter and Verse (feat. Jeff Scheetz)

Dave Paris, Jury of My Peers

Dave Paris, LCD

Dave Paris, Roman's Road

Dave Paul & His Impractical Ensemble, Mezzo Termine

Dave Russo, Overdrive

Dave Shaffer, I Knew You Were Trouble

Dave Sharman, 1990

Dave Sharman, Best Of Vol 2

Dave Sharman, Best Of Vol I

Dave Sharman, Evolution Machine

Dave Sharman, Exit Within

Dave Sharman, Live At the BBC

Dave Sharpe & the Solar Power, Cosmichosis

Dave Thrift Band, A Good Day

Dave Thrift, American Heritage

Dave Thrift, Bike Week

Dave Thrift, Pharmacology

Dave Uhrich, Dave Uhrich

Dave Uhrich, Fretnotized

Dave Weiner, On Revolute

Davey Cakes and the Snuggle Thugs, The Joy in a Memory

David Bach, David Bach Consort (Live)

David Baker, Jingle the Bells

David Barrett Trio, Hollowbody

David Benson, Premonition of Doom (Retroarchives Edition)

David Brewster, Cosmic Mind

David Brewster, The Raven

David Brian Mueller, I Can See U 2 Master

David Brian Mueller, It's Too Late Now (He's Already Doing It)

David Brian Mueller, The Sad and Terrible Saga of David B Mueller

David Cho/Gary Kuhstoss, This Is Your Brain On Guitar...

David Cosgrove, Always Chasing Sunshine

David Cosgrove, Gold in Time

David Cosgrove, Le Bon Oeuf De L'accre Heureuse

David Dave William Stauffer, All Surrender to Rock

David Ellefson, David Ellefson's - Beamz Metal Factory

David F.V. Davison, Science

David Gregorisch, Antonio Vivaldi's "The Fous Seasons" Concerto No. 2 in G Minor: L'Estate / Summer III Movement (A Rock Homage)

David Gregorisch, The Flight of the Bumble Bee

David Hasselhoff On Acid, Eudaimonia

David Hayes, After the Rain

David Ice Stephens, Illusions Of Reality

David Kelly, A Sudden Change

David La Duke, Rock With Balls

David Laffin's Tarmac, Rock of the Tarmac I

David Laffin's Tarmac, Save Your Princess

David Laffin's Tarmac, Save Your Princess

David Larrosa, El Trazo De La Línea

David Lockeretz, Jealousy Lounge

David Louis Fisher, Electronic Countermeasures

David Malinich, Ele-mental Instru-metal

David Malinich, Paint It Black

David Malinofsky, Delirium

David Marshall, Kidd Calico On the Sonic Frontier

David McCabe, Emerald Land

David Meneghello, David Meneghello

David Michael Boyd, GuitART

David Moss, Soundscapes

David Moss, Soundscapes, Vol. 2

David Moss, Soundscapes, Vol. 3

David Myers, Plays More Genesis

David Paul Pfleger, Smoke Signals

David Paul Pfleger, Spirit Movements

David Ragsdale, David and Goliath

David Roos, Currency (Instrumental)

David Roos, Rounded Iron Fog

David Rufes, Assorted Random Notes

David Rupley, Signs You're Alive

David Sáez, Al Extremo

David Shankle Group, Still a Warrior

David Shankle Group, Still a Warrior

David Shew, Song for My Brother

David Spann Band, Shadow the Land

David Stadig, Mrs. K's Rockin' Eclectic Electric Christmas

David Stockden, Giusy

David Stockden, Reflections of Themes

David Stockden, Time Dilation

David Thompson/Rider, Renegade Radio-Xerf and Instrumental

David Wallimann, The Christmas Album

David, Muchos Momentos

Davie Allan and the Arrows, Restless in L.A.

Davie Allan, Retrophonic 3

Davola, Dichotomy

Dawn Awaits, Liberation Through Realization

Dawn of Azazel, The Tides of Damocles

Dawn of Azazel, The Tides of Damocles

Dawn of Mankind, Bones of Contention

Dawn of Mankind, Conquer the Demons

Dawn of the Hero, Juggernaut

Dawn of the Hero, The Last Stand

Dawn Of Valor, Dawn Of Valor

Dawn of Valor, Immortal Flame

Day of Defeat, Epic 1

Day of Ruin, Self Titled

Day Six, The Grand Design

Daybreak Embrace, Mercury

Daybreakers, Daybreakers

Days Left Behind, Outlines

Days May Come, Opport(Unity)

Days of Anger, Rise Above It All

Days of Atonement, It Starts Today

Dayton Colie, Instrumentals for Sailing

Daywalker, Daywalker

Däng, Tartarus: The Darkest Realm

Días de Septiembre, Terminal

Død Beverte, Crucified Babies

Dbeality, Dbeality

DDM, Lucidity

Ddm, Waves of Light

De Jacques Du Nand, Pas Parler / Se Lo Puso a Lord Cochrane

De L'enfer, Wired

De Profundis, A Bleak Reflection

De Profundis, Beyond Redemption

De Rooleros, Tabasco Flow

Dea Marica, Curse of the Haunted

Dea Marica, Ritual of the Banished

Dead Against, Dead Against

Dead Asylum, General Carnage

Dead Birds Adore Us, Dead Birds Adore Us

Dead Buddhas, God Is Not the Author of Stupidity

Dead City Rodents, The Burgess Album

Dead Conspiracy, Abomination Underground

Dead Conspiracy, Abomination Underground - EP

Dead Deities, Invisible Man - Single

Dead Deities, Valley of the Giants

Dead Earth Politics, Men Become Gods

Dead Element, Necrology

Dead Empires, Secret Snakes / Silent Serpent

Dead Empires, Waiting in Waves

Dead End Future, Surgical Delusion

Dead End Track, Dead End Track

Dead Eternity, Fairview

Dead Eyes Open, Apocalypse Through The Eyes Of...

Dead Horse Trauma, Infestation

Dead Horse Trauma, Kill the Precedence

Dead Horse Trauma, Tellus Hodiernus Caducus

Dead Horse Trauma, VI-Ops

Dead Horse, Boil(ing)

Dead Inception, Everything Dead

Dead Infection, A Chapter of Accidents

Dead Infection, Tremors in the Morgue

Dead Injun, Dead Injun EP

Dead Kelly, Bushfire

Dead Kelly, Sons of the Southern Cross

Dead Lane Cross, Falling Like A Bleeding Sky

Dead Lane Cross, Signpost

Dead Light Shines, Fall to Rise

Dead Man's Revolution, Hadean Overture

Dead Mans Dossier, Knives Are Shining

Dead Men's Requiem, By the Dead

Dead Moons Grey, DMG

Dead N' Wasted, Monsters, Sex and Rock N Roll

Dead Nedry, Burn

Dead Nedry, Creatures of the Night

Dead Nedry, Deadly Game

Dead Nedry, Deadly Game (Re-Release)

Dead Nedry, Scream

Dead Nedry, Scum

Dead Nedry, The Twisted Skin

Dead Ocean, Depopulation

Dead On Club, Fight

Dead On Club, Mad On Me

Dead Original, Crazy About You

Dead Original, Never Come Back

Dead Pirates, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Dead Planet, Egoskull

Dead Poets Society, Fire Bolt (live)

Dead Poets Society, Schoenfeld

Dead Rites, Reborn

Dead River, Waste Of Life

Dead Rose Symphony, The Dark Gift

Dead Salvation, Death Is an Artform

Dead Serial Killers, Devils and Demons

Dead Skin, Dead Skin

Dead Sun, Prologue

Dead Syndicate, The Carrion Creed

Dead Things and War, Bone Island

Dead Thoughts Memory, Amongst Titans

Dead to the World, War

Dead Wake, Left to Drown

Dead-Lift, The Struggle

Dead.last, Bastard

Deadcell, Black Rooster

Deadcell, The Dark Side of Light

Deadcell, The Heart of the Sun

Deadform, Delirium

Deadglory, Deadglory

Deadhorse, Loaded Gun

Deadhorse, We Can Create Our Own World

Deadiron, Into the Fray

Deadiron, Out of the Rust and Ruin

Deadiron, Underdog

Deadlands, Evilution

Deadlight, The Demon Inside

Deadly Sins, Old School

Deadnight, Riders of the Black Wind

Deadpass, As1

Deadpool, Idle Hands

Deadringer, Deadringer

Deadringer, Deadringer II

Deadringer, Last One Standing

Deadringers Guild, Deadringers Guild Demo 2008

DeadStar Assembly, Coat Of Arms

Deadstar Assembly, Deadstar Assembly

Deadstar Assembly, Unsaved (Bonus Tracks Version)

Deadstock Co., All Or Nothing

Deadtide, Ephemeral

Deaf Scene, Deaf Scene

Deaf Symphony, Black Garden

Deaf Symphony, Chains of Love

Deaf Symphony, Fear the Night

Deafening, Herize: A Deafening Experience

Dean Douglas, White Wolf - Single

Dean Mason, Golgotha

Dean Shoultz, All the Pretty Horses

Dear Anneliese, Enlightenment pt.2

Death and Taxes, The Alaska 12 Expeditions

Death and the Lament, Between Still Dimensions

Death Arrangement, The Ultimate Act of Retaliation

Death Assembly, Wake Up Its Time To Die

Death Bed Confession, D.B.C.

Death Blues, Ensemble

Death By Starfish, H.O.I.

Death Day, Halloween, October 31st

Death Day, Milagro

Death for Breakfast, Cyclops

Death Immortal, Raise The Stakes

Death in Motion, Dias De Los Muertos

Death Mask, Exhumation

Death Mental, Isolated

Death of a Salesman, The Art of Misdirection

Death of Kings, Crushed Beneath the Steel

Death of Kings, Knifehammer

Death on Demand, Tree of Woe

Death Toll Rising, Defecation Suffocation

Death Toll Rising, Infection Legacy

Deathalizer, It Dwells Within

Deathbed Confessions, Kill The Messenger

Deathbed Dichotomy, Deathbed Dichotomy

Deathead, An Offering to the Gods

Deathember, Going Postal

Deathfare, Shotgun Surgery

Deathfist, Too Hot to Burn

Deathloch, Backstabber

Deathloch, Black Moon Rising

Deathmaschine, The Human Condition

DeathMask, Sitting In The Dark

Deathmocracy, Deathmocracy

Deathpod, Grim Reaper Beach Party Blowout! Pt. 3: Offseason

Deathpoint, Fixation

Deathsquad Demongods, Your New Favorite F**kin' Band

Deaththrob, Deaththrob

Deathtopia, Human Anatomy Show

Deathtrack, Deathtrack

Deathtrack, EP

Deathtrack, True Blood

Deathtrap America, Deathtrap America

Deathwish, Dreams of Fortune

Debon, Debon

Debt Of Nature, Crush, Kill and Burn

Decadence of Cain, Thrill Hammer

Decadent Heroes, Shades of Light (Orchestral Version)

Decades of Despair, Alive

Decades of Despair, Throes of the Wretched

Decades of Despair, Wrath of the Fallen Gods

Decay Of Value, Ramblings Of Incoherent Minds

Decayed AGL, Pitch-Black All Winter

Decaysia, From Chaos to Creation

Deceased, As the Weird Travel On

Deceased, Luck of the Corpse (Remastered)

December´s Cold Winter, Ablaze All Shrines

Deception Theory, How to Stop an Exploding Man

Deceptor, Chains of Delusion

Decerebration, Respawned

Decimator, Heavyweights

Decimatus, Catalyst for Rage

Deconstruct, Sign Of Things To Come

Deconstruct, The Human Condition

Decrepitus, Break-The-Code

Dedkor, Dedkor

Deelay Ceelay, Sunset Drumsets

Deeler, Awakening in Me

Deep End, Sick of It All

Deep End, Wrong Everything

Deep Mountains, Changtu Island

Deep Mountains, Lake of Solace

Deep Subject, Oceans

Deep Switch, Nine Inches of God

Deeply Confused, Isolated

Deepspacepilots, Deepspacepilots

Deepspacepilots, Deepspacepilots

Deepspacepilots, Per Ardua Ad Astra

Deer Hooker, Chipmunk

Deer Pussy, Bloody Red Christmas

Defacement, Shredded Flesh

Defdealer, Age Against the Machine

Defenders of Metal, Volume II - The Darkside

Defending Cain, Dublove

Defending Cain, Elements

Defending Cain, The Perception

Deficator, When the Sh*t Hits the Man

Defiler, Bloodlines

Define Divine, Suffer the Pain

Define, Claim Your Crown

Definition Sane, Psychodelirium


Defying Daedalus, Orbiting A Dying Star

Defying Daedalus, The Possessed - EP

Degola, Tormenta

Degradation, Juggernaut

Degrees of Sanity, Deviation

Dehydrated Goat, Genocide Against the Brain Cells


Deilusia, The Dirt in Everything

Dein Schatten, Das ewige Eis

Deist Requiem, Absence of Faith: The Best of Deist Requiem

Deist Requiem, The Happiness Delusion

Deivos, Theodicy

Deja Voodoo Spells, Bite

Deja Voodoo Spells, Dangerous Knowledge

Dejection, Dejection

Delayge, Delayge - EP

Delia, Recollection

Delirium Tremens, Read My Fist

Deliverance, Hear What I Say!

Delphian, Oracle

Delta, Black & Cold

Delta, Crashbreaker

Delta, Crashbreaker (feat. Consuelo Schuster)

Delta, New Philosophy (feat. John West)

Delta, The End of Philosophy

DeLTronico, The Highlander - Single

Deluc, It Is What It Is

Delusion, The Temple Divine

Delusions of Grandeur, Efficacy

Delusions of Grandeur, Omnipotence

Delusions of Grandeur, Reclamation

Delusions of Grandeur, Theatrophy

Delusions Of, Ep

Demencia, Religion of Sin

Demental, Hatriotism

Demented, The Smell of Decay

Dementia 13, Tales for the Carnivorous

Dementia Senex & Sedna, Deprived

Dementia, The Path To Valhalla

Demetre, Demetrecivilization

Demilitia, Demilitia

Demis, Senspiration (From The Senses to The Soul)

Demise of Sanity, In the Midst of Stones and Fire

Demisery, Hive of Mutation

Demo, Noise Reduction (Techno Mix)

Demo, Sonic Screamer

Demolition, Epochal Upheaval

Demolition, Kill Zone

Demon Dogs, Demon Dogs

Demon Lung, Pareidolia

Demon of the Fall, We Lay in the Same Grave

Demon Racer, Demon Racer

Demonaut, Demonaut

Demonstride, Return of the Scourge

Demontage, The Principal Extinction

Demoraliser, Conveyance

Demoralizer, Demo 2012 and Some Bullshit

Demoriel, Soapfactory

Dendritic Arbor, Romantic Love

Denied By Fate, Dark Skies

Denim Matriarch, Mom Blood

Denis Kalinsky & Rock'o'Co, Rosin

Denis Katasonov, Stereotypes

Dennis Hitchcox, Parallax

Dennis Williams, Ascension

Dennis Williams, Epic

Dennis Williams, Mission Impossible

Dennis Williams, Musica Dementia

Dennis Williams, The First Noel

Denny Goodridge, 10-4

Denny Goodridge, A Walk

Denny Goodridge, Cyclops Island

Denny Goodridge, Whatthe

Denots, Dissonance in D Backwards

Denouncer, Patriot

Denver County Death March, Denver County Death March

Departing Dusk, Autumn's Cold Embrace

Depravitae, Apocalypticusadisticon

Depth of All Things, Crawling

Derail, KFC Apocalypse

Derck Roberts Band, Cosmic Ego

Dereification, 17 7 14

Dereification, ft. JM (Chillout Remix) [feat. Joe Marro]

Dereification, ft. JM (feat. Joe Marro)

Derek Close, In the Christmas Groove

Derek Close, The Metal Drummer Boy

Derek Kortepeter, Stochastic

Derelict, Perpetuation

Derelict, Unspoken Words

Derge, The Sounds Of Rebirth

Derision, The Fear

Des Oya, Bear

Descendants of Beowulf, Descendants of Beowulf

Descended from Wolves, Ghost Town

Descendency, Time-Honored Tradition

Descender, And So We Marched

Descender, Descender


Deschain, Sea of Trees Forest of Gallows

DesDemon, The Awakening

Desecrated Sphere, Emancipate

Desecrated Sphere, The Unmasking Reality

Desecration, Lords of Misery

Desecrator, Live Til Death

Deselectra, What Demons Dream

Desert Sin, Destination Paradise

Desert Sin, The Edge of Horizon

Desert, Assassin's Fate

Desert, Never Regret

Desert, Star of Delusive Hopes

Desesperanza, Desesperanza

Design of Destiny, Beyond the Sky

Desire Before Death, Beyond the Threshold

Desired Response Theory, Domestic Bliss

Desmond Peck, Winds of Youth

Desolate, Sanity Obliterated

desolationance, separate

Desolator, Last Wish

DESOLUTION, Desolution

Desospheres, Desospheres

Desperate Eyecon, Affected Youth & Skulduggery E.P.

Desperate Eyecon, Legacy

Desperate for Compromise, Coalescence

Despite Exile, Sentience

Despite Loyalty, Despite Loyalty

Despite My Deepest Fear, Make or Break

Destination`s Calling, Invisible Walls

Destiny Calling, Destiny Calling

Destiny Heroes, Abandon the Ship

Destrage, The King Is Fat'N'Old

Destrage, Urban Being

Destroy by Design, Destroy by Design

Destroy Louis, Maker

Destroy the Legacy, This Is What We've Become

Destroy the Legacy, To Hell If I Have To

Destroy the Moon, Mesozoic

Destroy the Opposition, Darkened

Destroy the Opposition, Insomnia

Destroy to Recreate, D.I.R.T

Destroyed Beyond Belief, Destroyer

Destroyer & Violated, Outbreak of Metal Vol. II

Destroyer or Liberator, Incoming!

Destroyer Preserver, I

Destruction of a Rose, It's Alive

Destructor, Forever In Leather

Destructor, Storm Of Steel

Destynation, All for One

Destynation, Rising Up

Determination, Sealed In Skin

Deterrence, Good Luck Hate

Deterrence, Great White Depression !

Deterrence, Purpose

Dethcentrik, Early Demos and Singles

Dethcentrik, I Think You Got the Clean Version

Dethlehem, Destroyers of the Realm

Dethlehem, The Ghorusalem Codex, Vol 2: Of Magick & Tyranny

Dethrok, Not Ded Yet

Detonator, Metal Folclore: The Zoeira Never Ends

Detriment, Everyone Must Suffer

Detroit Voodoo, Rise of the Medicine Man

Detroit Voodoo, Tree

Deus ex Machina, I, Human

Deus Ex Machina, The War Inside

Deus Invictus, Staged In Awaiting

Devangelic, Resurrection Denied

Devast, Into Decimated Reality

Devastation Wagon, Lick the Blade

Devastator, Burn the Beast

Devastator, Life and Death

Devastator, The Forked Tongue

Devastator, Unconscious

Deveraux, The Last of Us

Deviance, A New Planetary Perspective

Deviance, Karliah

Devil In the Machine, Bloody Mary

Devil in the Onslaught, A Deadly Pathos

Devil, Magister Mundi Xum

Devil, Nausea Ad Nauseam

Deviljoy, The Fine Art of Failure

Devils Feedback, Bridges Burned and Pages Turned

Devils Paradise, Far from Home

Devil`s Radio, Black Heart Broken

Devine, Fourteen Steps to Stone

Devious, Vision

Devium, Coldest Hour

Devolved, Second Face (2011 Remixed and Remastered)

Devolved, Technologies (2011 Remixed and Remastered)

Dewey and the Peoples, Righteous Lee

Dewey Syntax, Archetype Tricks to Crack Theist Poetry

Dewey Syntax, I Eva Keyed thy Owl

Dewey Syntax, Lark the Ivy On

Deznuke, Alimentando el Fuego

Dia De Furia, Dia De Furia

Diablo Dukes, Brown Jug EP

Diabolical Breed, Compendium Infernus

Diaboliss..., Burn it All

Diagnosis, Sympathy for Disease

Diamond Ablaze, Demonical

Diamond Eye, Sound of the Guns

Diaries of a Hero, Behind the Mask

Diary About My Nightmares, The Mean Hour

Diary About My Nightmares, Vermächtnis

Diary of Destruction, Dark Road to Recovery

Diary of Destruction, That's It !

Dice of Fate, Circus Comes Down

Dice of Fate, Generation of Clones

Dice of Fate, Living for the Thrills

Dichotomy, Paradigms

Dichroi, The Hunt for the Jabberwocky and the Frumious Bandersnatch

Dick Dave and the Devineanites, Jackknifed on the 420 Hiway

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles, A Vulgar Display of Obscurity

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles, Bigger Than Ron Jeremy

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles, Diarrhea (Proper Version)

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles, Pornocopia

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles, We Sold Our Souls for Wet Sloppy Holes

Die Another Day, From Those We Love

Die As One, Para Bellum

Die by the Sword, This City is a Graveyeard

Die Hard Till Death, Die Hard Till Death

Die Hard Till Death, Die Hard Till Death (Re-Release)

Die Hard Till Death, The Will (Remix)

Die Knappen, Glück auf!

Die to Exist, Gothic Demonic

Die to Exist, Maybe We Should Fail

Die Young, ONE

dieAgnostic, emerge

dieAgnostic, You Asked for It

Dieblo, Death

Diego Alex Plautz, The Big Wheel of Time

Diego Rebella, Alaska

Diegrinder, Detroit On Fire

Diegrinder, Goin` Down

Diesel Down, Lay Down Low

Diesel Theory, Diesel Theory

Diesto, High as the Sun

Diet of Worms, To Thine Own Self

Dieuponaday, Dieuponaday

Different Stories, Incoherent Consistency

Dig Ur Grave, Spectrum

Dig Ur Grave, Vagabond

Dig Your Graves, Majesty

Digga DJ, This Town (feat. Cody Johnson & Grace Smith)

Digicore, More Than Just an Ape

Digital Antique, Digital Antique

Digital Antique, II

Digital By Birth, Noise Pollution

Digital Love Sausage, Bacon Grease

Digital Love Sausage, Greatest Hits

Digital Love Sausage, Sausage Level Event

Digital Winter, The Kollektiv

Digmetalworld, Volume 3: The Hell Road

Digmetalworld, Volume 4: Stronger Than Hate

Digmetalworld, Volume One

Digmetalworld, Volume Two: Another Kind of Evil

Dilate, Statement to the World

Dilated Summit, 13 Prophecies

Dilated Summit, quest

Dilidjent, De_Humanize

Dilidjent, Obstinate_Shift

Diligence, Amendment

Diluvium, From Always

DimDreD, Nameless Faces

Dime Fiction, Tide of Change

Dimebag, Twisted

Dimension, Ego

Dimension, Universal

Dimensions Divide, Dimensions Divide

Dimensions, Aurora

Dimensions, Odyssey

Dimensions, Visions - EP

Dimenzion Psychosphere, Collapse

Dimidium, Demo 2010

Dimidium, Passive Aggression

Diminishing Breed, Diminishing Breed

Diminishment, Born Unto Darkness

Diminishment, Brimstone Demise

Diminishment, Echelon 666

Dimitar Nalbantov, Broken Clouds

Dimitar Nalbantov, Sing to the Mountain

Dimitar Nalbantov, There is Something Else

Dimitris Zafeiroudis, Transition

Dimitry, A Clockwork Feeling - Single

Dimitry, Codex Magika

Dimitry, Evolution

Dimtribe, Shadows

Dimtribe, The Definition

Dingus Maximus, Fixated

Dinosaurus, Wrecks

Diocletian, Doom Cult

Diocletian, War of All Against All

DIOSA, Vol.69.69

Diphtheria, To Wait for Fire

Dire Peril, Astronomical Minds

Dire Peril, Queen of the Galaxy

Dire Peril, Through Time and Space

Dire, Dire

Direwolf, Beyond The Lands Of Human Existence

Dirge Era, Amongst the Tides

Dirk Edelhoff, Blues Rock Train

Dirk Edelhoff, Classic Tapp

Dirk Edelhoff, Different Colors

Dirk Edelhoff, Irish Sea

Dirk Edelhoff, Just Blues

Dirk n Kan, Dnk

Dirt Communion, Antique Mechanic

Dirt Merchant, Bad News Travels Fast

Dirt Wizard, No Son of Mine

Dirty Brown Eye, Vol. 1

Dirty Brown Eye, Vol. 2

Dirty Kid Discount, A Life Amongst the Ruins

Dirty Looks, Dirty Looks

Dirty Looks, I Want More

Dirty Looks, In Your Face

Dirty Steve, Hell Or High Water

Dirty Suicide, Down N' Dirty

Disaffected, Social Necrosis

Disaffection, Begin the Revolution

Disarmonia Mundi, Cold Inferno

Disarmonia Mundi, Fragments Of D-Generation

Disarmonia Mundi, Mind Tricks (Extended Version)

Disarmonia Mundi, Nebularium + The Restless Memoirs EP

Disarmonia Mundi, The Isolation Game

Disarray, Bleed

Disarray, Widespread Human Disaster

Disasterpeace, Neutralite

Disastroid, Life or Death

Discharge By Death, D.B.D.

Dischord, The Constant Fear

Disciple, Sacred Knights + Bonus Tracks

Discordia, This Is Who I Am - single

Disease, Ride the Heaven

Disfiguring Jenova, Disfiguring Jenova

Disforia, Our Time Defined

Disforia, The Age of Ether

Disgrace By Design, From The Ashes

Disgust, Crucifu**ed

Disgusting, Disgusting

Disma, Towards the Megalith

Dismember the Fallen, Moving in Dreamscapes

Dismember the Fallen, Structures

Dismemberment, Embrace the Dark

Dismiss the Serpent, Afterlives

Disonic, The Value of Truth

Disorder by Design, Blood Enemy

Disown, Angels and Atheists

Disparager, Timeless, Ageless - EP

Display of Decay, Outbreak of Infection

Disservice, Common Enemy

Dissident Saint, The Rise

Dissidents, Sleight of Hand

Dissipate, The Realization

Dissolution, Natural Selection

Dissolved Horizons, To the Depths

Dissona, Dissona

Dissonant Euphony, The Life After This One

Distant Future, Worlds of Rhythm

Distant Past, Alpha Draconis

Distant Past, Utopian Void

Distant Signal, Shotgun Orchestra

Distant Signals, Resonance

Distopic, Desensitized

Distorminal Deadwax, Distorminal Deadwax

Distorted Cognitions, Incipient (2012 Edition)

Distorted Cognitions, Incipient/Mørkhet

Distorted Cognitions, Memetics

Distorted Cognitions, Reduction

Distorted Cognitions, Synthesis

Distorted Harmony, Chain Reaction

Distorted Harmony, Utopia

Distortion Method, The Illusion of Choice

Distortion MK, Cognition

Distraught, The Human Negligence Is Repugnant

District 9, Schoolahardknox Revisited

Districts, Self Titled 2011

Disturb the Dead, Untitled

Disturbed Angel, Heartbeat From a Nightmare

Disturbing Dorothy, Disturbing Dorothy

Divergence, Standing Over Shadows

Divided By Zero, The Black Sea

Divided We Fall, Dreamcrusher

Divided We Fall, Smiles Only Go So Far

Divides, Departures

Dividing the Masses, A Need for Change

Dividing the Masses, More Than This

Dividing the Masses, My Roots Will Remain

Dividium, The Scourge

Divine Ascension, As the Truth Appears

Divine Disorder, Garden of Dystopia

Divine Era, Dead End City

Divine Era, The Sound of Words

Divine Era, The Sound of Words

Divine Insanity, Feast

Divine Insanity, The Divine Insanity Anthology

Divine Insanity, The Howling Man

Divine Realm, Abyssal Light

Divine Tragedy, Evilution

Divine Tragedy, Final Dawn

Divine Tragedy, Viscera Reaction

Divinity Compromised, A World Torn

Division 1.1, With a Vengeance

Division 12, Division 12

Division Process, The Jesus Horses

Division, Control Issues

Divulgence, Future Seed

DJ Happee, The Renaissance

Django Lumiere, Django Lumiere

Djevara, God Is White

Djevara, The Rising Tide (Part 2) : Hear No Evil

Djevara, Third World War : Cast The First Stone

Djizoes:, Ichi Ten Dai

DJrobertjohnson, I'll Bite Yah!

Dmitry Latyshev, Sax for the One Who Loved Me

DMT, A Shift of Ages

DMT, Activate (feat. Tina Guo)

DMT, Beneath the Surface (Video Edit)

Dnation, Dookie

do it yourself records, volume one-(compilation)

Do You Need the Service?, I Hurl Myself Towards Glory

Dobren Michaels, Rock Adventure

Doc Holiday and the Frankenstein's Monster, Doc Holiday and the Frankenstein's Monster

Docker's Guild, The Mystic Technocracy (Seaon 1: The Age of Ignorance)

Doctor Fonda, White Light

Dodsferd, Desecrating the Spirit of Life

Dog Head, Abomination

Dog Mulch, Ground Hound

Dog Shit Taco, Beef Oxide

Dogbane, Residual Alcatraz

Dogbane, When Karma Comes Calling

Dogfood, MIP

Dogman, Devil Where Angels Play

Dogpile, Broke Upon the First Stress

Dogpile, Broke Upon the First Stress Redux

Dogs On Mars, Dogs On Mars

Dogschool, The body

DoHM, The Circus

DOHM, Watch The Rivers Run Red

Dol Ammad, Cosmic Gods Episode I: Hyperspeed

Dol Ammad, Winds Of The Sun

Dol Kruug, Eat Me

Dol Theeta, Keep Deep

Dolly Hit Dollie, A Struggle Worth Fighting For

Dolly Hit Dollie, Twenty Thirteen

Domain of Dreams, Domain of Dreams

Domain, Last Days Of Utopia

Domain, New Horizons

Domain, Stardawn

DOMAIN, The Artefact

DOMAIN, The Sixth Dimension

Domeringer, A-6

Domesticide, Good Is Dead

Dominate Over, Reverence

Dominator Et Sanctum, Omega

Dominic Caggese, Awaken

Dominic Gaudious, Dance Rock Didjeridoo

Dominic Gaudious, The Dominic Didgeridoo Express

Dominium, War Ritual

Don Carroll, "Strat or MIDI Keyboard?"

Don Depaola, Peaceful Atmosphere

Don Depaola, Soundscapes from Galaxy 64

Don Kenoyer, Compass Flux

Don Mancuso, No Strings Attached

Don Moore, Breathless

Don't Push Me, "Screamin"

Donald John Switzer, Shaka Zulu

Donald Main, Lessons

Donnie Barren Holtzinger, Freedom

Donnie Barren Holtzinger, Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)

Doofus Brothers Band, Doofus Brothers Rock!, The Underground Projects Vol. 1

Doom Architect, Loca Tacentia

Doom of Babylon, Ashes Like Oxygen - EP

Doom Syndicate, Midsummer's Fall

Doom Tiger, A Very Mass Market Christmas

Doom Tiger, Doom Tiger

Doom Tiger, Mass Market Media for the Masses

Doom Tiger, Pelagia

Doomchild, Blest By Sinners

Doomenicus, Endless

Doomsday Anthem, Lose Control

Doomstruck!, Demolition

Doomzday Jezuz, King of A Thousand Eyes

Dorgmooth, Heritage

Dorian Gray, Self Titled EP

Dormitory Effect, About Time…

Dormitory Effect, Wealth of the Disease

Dorsal Atlantica, Imperium

Dorsal Atlântica & Metalmorphose, Ultimatum

Double Chin, We Are Double Chin

Double Devil, Personal Favorite Venom

Double Devil, Personal Favorite Venom

Double Devil, Port of Call

Double Naught Spy Car, Comb in Blue Water

Double Naught Spy Car, Western Violence

Double Square, The Hive

Doublesion, Cannibal Surgery

Doug Astrop, Nightlife: Best of Instrumental Rock Music

Doug Hamer, Rainforest Suite

Doug Hawes, Fragments of Inspiration

Doug Hawes, Raggy and Raw

Doug Hawes, Spectrum of Colors

Doug Stapp, You`re So Yesterday [Digital E.P.]

Doug Webb, Equalibrium

Doug Webb, Reflections of Time

DOV, Kingdom of the Heart

Down Society, Voices in Your Head

Down To Friend, Business as Usual

Down To This, Life Blood

Downfall 2012, A Look Into Every Man

Downfall 2012, Everyman for Himself: Issue 2

Downfire, Damnation

Downspell, 7 Dead, 6 Wounded...

Downspell, Afterbirth

Downspell, The Violent Majority

Downtrend, Novation

Downtrod, Face of Demons

Doyle, Abominator

DoZ', Smart Shredding

Dr Mastermind, Sin Sandwich

Dr. Chunk, Dr. Chunk

Dr. Grind, Speechless

Dr. Jekyll, Clowns In The Closet

Dr. Joyner, Voyage

Dr. Mint, A New Symphony

Dr. R. H. Khawaja, Space Concierto (For Keyboard and Orchestra)

Dr. Snitch, Instrumental Health

Dr. X, Struggle

Dr. Zilch, A Little Taste Of Hell Vol.1 - "The Way Down"

Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk, Why I Am So Wise, Why I Am So Clever, And Why I Write Such Good Songs...

Draaka Rouge, Beneath Thorns & Fog

Dracaris, ... (Dracaris)

Draconis, The Cult of the Dragon

Dracovallis, Kingdom By the Lake

Dracovallis, The Black Tower

Dracula, Help Me

Dradis, Forget It

Draekon, Prelude to Tragedy

Drag Me Under, Dead Dudes On Dead Horses

Drag Me Under, Dead Dudes On Dead Horses

Drag Me Under, The Great Devour

Drag the Corpse, Time to Die

Drag the Dead, Drag the Dead

Drag The Dead, The Saint Louis Murder Sessions

Dragging the Casket, From Hell

Dragging the Casket, Kreation of Time

Dragging the Casket, The Undead

Dragging the Mule, I Have More Than You

draghead, Inertia

Dragomir Draganov, Beyond the Time


Dragonfly, Amplification

Dragonhammer, Time for Expiation

Dragonrider, Tower of Babylon

Dragonsclaw, Judgement Day

Dragonsclaw, PROPHECY

Dragonship, Ride the Wind

Dragonship, Set the Sails (Demo)

Dragonslayer, Dragonslayer

Dragonspoon, Dragonspoon

Dragonwyck, Born into Madness

Drain Life, A Prospect of Despair

Drainage X, Blood On The Cross

Drainage X, Pain

Drained Glory, No Mercy

Drakkara, All Is Lost

Drakonerius, Just Like You

Drakonerius, Strange Feelings

Drakonia, Entre la Guerra y la Traición

Drakonia, Resiste

Drakwald, Resist Fatality

Draliensmith, Phosphorus

Draliensmith, Under Songs

Drastic Way Out, Kicking Aggression

Drastisch, Let Your Life Pass You By

Drawcard, Modern Rivalry

Drawn, Revolver

Drayton Sawyer, The Foundation

Dread Motif, This Masquerade

Dread Nation, Abomination

Dread Nation, Burn the Flesh

Dread Nation, Soul's Portrait

Dread The Forsaken, Unbound

Dread, Cerebal Mutation

Dreadful Minds, Love / Hate / Lies

Dreadful Recognition, Damnation

Dreadful Thoughts, Demise of the Blind

Dreadnaut, A New Design

Dreadnaut, Dreadnaut

Dreadnought, Lifewoven

Dreadnox, Dance of Ignorance

Dream Death, Somnium Excessum

Dream Drifter, Stand Strong

Dream Master, Fourth Key

Dream Master, Spread Your Wings (2011)

Dream or Nightmare, Light Burning Bright Till the Dawn

Dream Quest, The Release

Dream Sequence Gunmen, Sandcastles

Dream Weaver, Mythreal

Dreamon, Asiti (Instrumental)

Dreams in Fear, This Was Never Real

Dreams of Burning, DOB

Dreams of Damnation, Epic Tales of Vengeance

Dreamscape, Dreamscape

Dreamshade, To The Edge Of Reality

Dreamzfate, Dreamzfate

Dredging the Lake, S/T

Drednot, Drednot

Dregs of Pele, Hell In A Good Way

Dreher, Them

Dremora, Martyrs

Drew A, A Cult of One

Drew Miller, Eye of Extremities

Drew Peterson, Zero Mantra

Drew Thieben, Elektrofloyd

Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors, Consequence

Dreyelands, Rooms of Revelation

Drift Effect, Drift Effect EP

Drifted, Sleep

Drive-By Bukkake, Oozing Doom

Drive-In Massacre, Upon Forgetful Seas

Driven by Pain, Peace Out

Driven Livid, Zero 2 Hero

Driving Force, Death Win Money Sin

Drogba, A New Generation of Atrocity

Droids Attack, All Your Chicks Are Belong to Us

Droids Attack, Must Destroy

Drone Hunter, Drone Hunter

Drone the Experimentalist, The Experiment

Drone Unit, Mechanical Corpse

Drones, Vortice

Drop Doubt, New Endings

Drop Forged, Impending Battery

Drop Kick Jesus, Depress the Heart

Drop Kick Jesus, Splatterguts

Drop Off, Escape

Drop Seven, Brutalus

Drop8, Redemption

Drop8, The Score - EP

Dropface, Indignation: A Declaration of Aggression

Dropkick Overtone, Dropkick Overtone

Dropout, Turn Away from the Light

Drought, Drought

Drown Mary, Sentry

Drown the Innocent, A World Apart

Drown the Witness, Town and Empire

Drowning Sound, Sea Of Emotions

Drug Honkey, Death Dub

Drug Honkey, Ghost in the Fire

Druid Lord, Hymns For the Wicked

Drum Loops, 400 Huge Rock Drum Loops

Drumming Raccoon, Chronocatalyst

Drumology Gone Daft, Beat Crazy

Drunk as Shit, Drunk Punk Thrash

Drunk With Pain, Hail the Monsters

Drunkard, Hellish Metal Dominate

Dry Rot, Merulius Lacrymans

Dryrun, All Fear Aside

Drysocket, Broken Visions

Drysocket, Individual Acts Of Violence

Drysocket, Year of Disease

Dryvr, Dryvr 2014 EP

DTA, Invidious

Duality Perspective, Primal Escape

Duarte, Set Fire to the Rain

Dude Offline, Deck the Halls the Scary Version

Dungeon Master, Quest of the Ages

Dunkelheit, Lover In the Soil

Dunwich, Heilagmanoth

Durango 95, Triumph of the ILL

Dush, Dush

Dusk Meridian, Dusk Meridian

Duskmourn, Duskmourn

Duskmourn, Legends

Dusks Embrace, From Idols to Dust

Dusks Embrace, Paradigm Shift

Dusks Embrace, The Twilight Enigma

Dustin Cormier & Matt Begneaud, 8 Bit Oblivion

Dustin Martin, Remembered in Dreams

Dustineyes, Bullet For My Generation

Dustman, Cybershade 7.0

Dustman, D U S T

Dustman, Dust 2 Dust

Dw. Dunphy, Built On the Bones

Dw. Dunphy, Secondhand Home Movies

Dw. Dunphy, Shootout At the Spaghetti Factory (Or: Do Breadsticks Come With That, Hombre?)

Dw. Dunphy, That Never Works

Dw. Dunphy, Tsuburaya

Dwale, Atropa

Dwale, Atropa Special Edition

Dwell in Doom, Above All Else

Dweller, Cut Off from the Universe

Dwight Ashley, Watermelon Sugar

Dyer, Rage... Fury... Alcohol

Dyer, The Evolutionary Process

Dyin Breed, Choose to fight

Dying Blaze, Attera Obscurum

Dying Blynd, To Your Stations

Dying in Degrees, The Darker Side of Reality

Dying Silence, Origins

Dying Silence, Sem Conserto

Dying to Bleed, The Decaying Process

Dylan Furr, Nostalgia

Dylan Panek, Dylan Panek

Dynahead, Antigen

Dynahead, Chordata I

Dynahead, Chordata II

Dynahead, YOUniverse

Dynamis!, The Futility Sessions

Dynamis!, The Paradox Of Commons

Dynamis!, When Rage Becomes Rampage

Dynamite Daniel, Waging War

Dynasty of Darkness, Empire of Pain

Dysfigure, Ashes to Existence

Dysfigure, In the Shadows of Deception

Dysnomia, Dysnomia

Dyspanic, Enuma Elish

Dystrophy, Chains of Hypocrisy

Dystrophy, New Brunswick Death Metal Alliance

Dystrophy, Wretched Host

D_Drive, Accelerator

D_Drive, Something to Drink?

Алина Юдаева, Кыгрокыэко

Волновой Фронт, Северный Ветер

Две Стороны, Белый Мрак

Три Пули, Rapcore Inc.

Умер, Кости В Траве

E-Merge, E-Merge

e-merge, The In-Between

E. X. Vortex, W. A. R.

E.i.n.s., Post

E.Lusion, Cover Your Ears It Sounds Better

E.N.D., Depravity

E1en, The Sickening

Eagle Claw, Poacher

Eagle Claw, Timing of the Void

Eagle the White, Heading to Jerusalem

Earth Died Laughing, Burnt and Broken

Earth Rot, Follow the Black Smoke

Earth Shook Run, Earth Shook Run

Earthborn Deformity, Earthborn Deformity

Earthride, Something Wicked

Eaten By Clowns, And We're Back

Eärendil, At the Gates of Solstice

Ebon Arcanum, Awakening

Ebonvoid, Ebonvoid

Ebonvoid, Ebonvoid

Echidna, Manifests Of Human Existence

Echo Temple, The Fall

Echo's Answer, What Was Now Happening Could Not Last

Echoes Across the Sky, The Growing Distance

Echoes and Signals, Ouroboros

Echoes of the Fallen Messiah, Bleak Future

Echoes, Transcendent

Echoterra, A Sanguinary Greed

Echoterra, In Your Eyes - EP

Echoterra, Sirens of Sinew and Sin

Echoterra, The Law Of One

Eclipse Prophecy, Days of Judgement

Ecliptic, As of Yet Unknown

Ecliption, Ecliption

Ecliptium, So It Begins

Ecliptyka, Times Are Changed

Eco-Shock, Ecö-Shöck - Get Shöcked

Ed Cox Percussionist, Spontaneous Inspiration

Ed Gavotti, Six-Stringed Thoughts

Ed to Shred, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Ed Whitehead, Ground Zero

Eddie Cancel, Eddie Cancel

Eddie Gaspari, Into the Sun

Eddie Gatlin, Playing Your Own Game

Eddie Hermosa, Enchanted

Eden Burns, ...forever yours,

Eden Burns, Eden Burns

Edenial, From the End

Edenial, From The End

Edenial, Innerpretations

Edenshade, Stendhal Got That Close

Edenshade, Things I'll Just Pretend

Edenwar, Depths of Insanity

Edenwar, Edenwar

Eden`s Fall, Harmony of Lies

Edgar Allan, The Antics of a Child

Edge of Paradise, Immortal Waltz

Edge of Paradise, Mask

Edge of Spirit, Edge of Spirit

Edgeface, Animals

Edgend, A New Identity

Edmund Welles, Tooth and Claw

Edrie Hashim, Redha (The Victory)

Edrie Hashim, Transfigurasi, Vol. 2

Eduard Lazarev, Fire

Eduard Lazarev, This Is Life

Eduard Lazarev, War Every Day

Eduardo Toral, Triste Cancion (New Age)

Edward Box, Motion Control

Edward, Fear Your God

Eerie, Delusions

Effen Serious, Du Jour (The Crow Song)

Effloresce, Coma Ghosts

EGH, Not Again!?

Ego Fall, Inner M

Ego Plum, Gidget Gein's Gollywood (Expanded)

EGO, Resistance is Futile

Egypt, Become the Sun

Eidi Kakuno, Evolution

Eidi Kakuno, Inner World

Eight Armed Killer, The Anti-Social

Eight Bells, The Captain's Daughter

Eight of Wands, Eight of Wands

Eight Pictures, Music for a Northern Road Movie

Eightfold Path, timeandplace

Eightysick, Virus

Eikenskaden, There is No Light at the End of the Tunnel

Einvera, In Your Image

Eken Is Dead, Amendment.

Ekkoz, Plastic

El Cuervo de Poe, Auspicium

El Cuervo de Poe, El Cuervo de Poe

El Cuervo de Poe, Ex-Libris

El Cuervo de Poe, Vox Corvus: La Voz del Cuervo

El Diablo Ninos, Into The Night

El Duce/Dr. Heathen Scum, Musical Pornography

El Gotten, Forever March

El Rinio, Fight With Me, Vol. 0

El Schlong, Time/Place

El T Morales, Schleiferrr

El T Morales, Solitary Confinement

El Tacho, V8

El Ten Eleven, It's Still Like A Secret

El Valiente, Daceton

El, Im the One You Want

Elad, A Known Artist

Elüpia, A New Page

Eldar, The Secret Golden Flower

Elders, Worlds Away

Eldjudnir, Angrboða

Eldrimner, Från Mitt Hjärta

Eldrimner, Inom Förloppet Av Ett Liv

Eldrimner, Livsflykt

Eldritch Horror, Untouched By the Sun

Eleanor, A Circle of Lament

Eleanor, Breathe Life Into the Essence

Eleanor, Stargazers

Electric Bird Noise, The Silber Sessions

Electric Earth, Shelter

Electric Earth, Touching The Void

Electric Furnace, Sound & Fury

Electric Hawk, Electric Hawk

Electric Mummy, Electric Mummy

Electric Tea Company, Now Daydream

Electric Wings, Electric Wings

Electric Wolf, Obsessed

Electroprophet, Fuel for the Mind Theme Song

Electroprophet, Mystique of the Millennia

Electroqute, Caution

Electroqute, Fravak

Electroqute, Nashenakhte

Elegy, Creation

Element A440, Whips, Knives, Candles and Quills

Element of the Machine, Ghosts of the Highlands

Element Powercord, Offthecuff

Elements Crashing, 3 Layers...

Elements of Fear, Elements of Fear

Elements, Northern Echoes

Elements, The Greatest Game

Elevator Fall, Carburetor

ELEW, ELEW Rockjazz, Vol. 1

Eli Menezes, Walk the Plank

Eli Nelson, Atomic

Eli, Darkness Will Fall

Elihú Ariza, No Mas Mentiras

Elijah Robert, The Past of Burdens

Eliminator, "The One They Were Waiting For"

Eliminator, And the Brokenhearted Balladeers

Eliminator, Breaking the Wheel

Elina Englezou, Double Personality

Elint, New Space Order

Elisaday, Find the Answer


Elision, A Noose for a Nuisance (feat. Frank Fanelli)

Ellery Park, The Worst of Us Has Yet To Come

Elliot Holden, Eudoknowmi

Elliot Ingber, The The The The

Elliot Rose, The Gospel

Elliott Law, Seti

Ellis, Beyond the Coil

Elm Street, Barbed Wire Metal

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